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Jojuane Porter Brown Shoe Director, Talent Acquisition 2010 Relocation with Wm French

Get a great job acceptance rate - you sell your company, we sell St. Louis

About Wm French

W m French is a team of Relocation Specialists with a unique buyers-

only focus who have been relocating employees and their families to the St. Louis area since 1977. Not only does Wm French assist those relocating with their home purchase, but also with the relocation of their lifestyle. Since its inception, Wm French has worked exclusively with home buyers. Specializing in corporate relocations, Wm French is the oldest and largest exclusive buyer’s agency in the United States. In addition to serving as the realtor for the home purchase, Wm French provides other supporting services, such as rental assistance, international relocation, and group move coordination. Most recently, Wm French added mortgage services to their line of offerings. Now, those purchasing a home have the option of an in-house lender who Bill French, Owner works hand in hand with their Relocation Specialist to ensure the best rates, availability, open communication, and an all-inclusive relocation experience. Wm French is comprised of twenty exclusive buyer’s agents and an office support team. This team takes the time to research the specific needs of each individual and family relocating to the area so they are able to relocate their entire lifestyle. They act as a partner with the family to make the transition to St. Louis an attractive and beneficial change for all.

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Bill French Owner p: (314) 469-2220 e:

Julie Brown Director of Relocation p: (314) 469-2220 x 123 e:

Angie Childs VP, WMF Mortgage Services p: (314) 469-1138 e:

Services to Corporations Recruiting Assistance Many corporate clients have come to rely on us to help them attract the right candidates to the right jobs. While they are selling their top candidates on working for their company, we are selling the candidates on living and working in St. Louis during pre-decision interviews and tours.

Home Finding Our team of Relocation Specialists are all licensed realtors focused on buyers only. Because of this, we have no conflict of interest and are successful negotiators in getting your employees the best price on their home. And this makes any future transfers that much easier.

Rental Assistance Not everyone who moves to St. Louis is ready to purchase a home. Our Rental Assistance program is a perfect fit for those looking to rent or lease upon relocating.

International Services Our International Services department knows the ins and outs of international relocation and can help ease the burdens associated with such a move with the help of our bilingual relocation specialists.

Group Moves Are you looking to relocate a group of employees? In many cases, our assistance can make the difference in the employees’ decisions to relocate.

Mortgage Services With the addition of an in-house lender, Wm French can now offer a start-to-finish relocation process to your employees.

For Relocating Employees Tour of the City of St. Louis Community Tours Special Interest Appointments Exposure to Homes on the Market Personalized Lifestyle Research Information on Housing Trends Personalized Binder of Information Contract Negotiation Title Coordination Assistance with Financing Attendance at Closing

Recruiting Assistance Our services to you go beyond the real estate transaction for your employees. Often times potential transferees or new hires are reluctant to accept the new position here because they are resistant to the idea of moving. They may have a pre-conceived notion that is inaccurate or unfounded. But we can help. In fact, the vast majority of the candidates who receive a job offer after having had contact with us accept the job and relocation!

What your employees want • a home they like in the price range they prefer • cost savings on the home they select • an knowledgeable advocate throughout the home buying process • information about housing trends and school districts • special interest information (activities for children, places of worship, health care) • information on culture and lifestyle available in St. Louis

Job Acceptance During 2010, we received a total of 124 referrals of candidates who were not job committed. We provided them with tours and housing/lifestyle information. Of those 124, 90 candidates received job offers from the company. Of those 90, 76 candidates accepted the job and moved to St. Louis.

85% job acceptance

• competitive rates for their mortgage

How we meet their needs • experienced realtors focused on buyers only • a team of skilled contract negotiators • exclusive buyers agents who put the buyer first • a personalized binder full of pertinent information • a team dedicated to special interest research • city and residential tours of St. Louis • an in-house lender to work hand in hand with our team of relocation specialists

All our services are based on the specific things we can do to help your employees throughout their entire relocation process to make them feel at ease, all while helping your company attract the best talent to St. Louis to work for you.

Wm French is an extension of our talent acquisition team We see Wm French as an extension of our talent acquisition team and a vital link in our hiring process. Their team makes our jobs easier by helping attract people to St. Louis, and this gives us a competitive advantage in hiring the best people for the job. Plus, when an employee is deciding to relocate, it isn’t always just about the job - it’s about the home and family and lifestyle components. The team at Wm French understands that, so they are able to help our employees feel at home right away. We have confidence in Wm French as our relocation partner! Marian Mahoney

Karen Sczepanski

Director, Talent Acquisition

VP, Human Resources

We are your trusted relocation partner “More than 22 years ago I was relocated to St. Louis for the very first time. I was coming to work for Emerson, and they recommended I use the relocation services of Wm French. I moved away in a few years, but was relocated back again. Each time I moved to town I was fortunate to have the help and support of Wm French. Because I trusted them to be there for me, I now trust them to be there for my employees too. They were the company I used 22 years ago, and they are the company I recommend today.� Don Eichberger VP, Human Resources

Home Finding Once you have the best employee for the job, the next step is to help guide the family through the home selection process. Our main focus is to help them feel at home in St. Louis in the shortest time possible - in a home they select, the lifestyle they maintain, and the activities they enjoy. How do we make this transition a successful one? By offering step-by-step services listed below.

Initial Contact A fact finding conversation between your candidate and our director of relocation to get the relocation process started and create a proper match between the candidate and relocation specialist.

Before the Candidate Arrives • research and previewing of areas homes • preparation of a personalized binder of information • research of any special interests or activities as requested

Upon the Candidate’s Arrival • binder presentation by the relocation specialist • tour of St. Louis and surrounding areas • viewing of homes and neighborhoods • home evaluation and selection • contract negotiation • financing, potentially through an in-house lender

Preparation for Closing • coordination of the title search • ordering of inspections and permits • assisting with loan application • attendance at the final walk-through and closing

Our Negotiating Power

2010 total Wm French list price: $95.7M 2010 total Wm French sale price: $86.4M MARIS difference: 5.3% Wm French difference: 9.7%


10% 8% 6%

Our Wm French Relocation Specialists are skilled negotiators for our clients. Because we have no conflict of interest and are focused on buyers only, we are able to negotiate great sale prices for your employees.



2% 0%

MARIS savings

Wm French savings

Rental Assistance Wm French has been providing home buyers with outstanding buyer representation and relocation services for more than 30 years. However, not everyone who moves to St. Louis is ready to buy a home immediately. Some employees and families choose rental or temporary housing, at least for a short time until they are in a position to buy. Because we are eager to help all of your employees, we are happy to provide a Rental Assistance program. This program is tailored to fit the specific needs of renters while still giving them the same level of excellent service those purchasing a home would receive.

Increased Efficiency On average, our clients secure rental or temporary housing within 48 hours. Because of this, we are able to reduce hotel and incidental expenses for your company and your employees.

The Right Move

Many employees relocating to the St. Louis area choose either rental or temporary housing, either for an extended period of time, for a short-term assignment, or for a few months until they are ready to buy. In 2010, 30% of our referrals were renters and we are more than happy to help them.

All-Inclusive Service We do more than simply locate housing. We also provide our renters with information regarding lifestyle needs, schools, places of worship, sports, clubs, etc.

Excellent Quality We show only quality rentals within the renter’s price range in all areas and neighborhoods in St. Louis City, St. Louis County, and St. Charles County.

Client Follow Up When the rental is selected and the lease is signed, our job isn’t yet complete. We are happy to follow up with your employees to help them if and when they are ready to buy.

30% renters 70% buyers

Your renters will know you care about them when you choose Wm French for their relocation!

* Rental services are fee-based services *

We help find great rental homes and apartments “More than 22 years ago I was relocated to St. Louis for the very first time. I was coming to work for Emerson, and they recommended I use the relocation services of Wm French. I moved away in a few years, but was relocated back again. Each time I moved to town I was fortunate to have the help and support of Wm French. Because I trusted them to be there for me, I now trust them to be there for my employees too. They were the company I used 22 years ago, and they are the company I recommend today.� Husband

& Wife Jones

Summer 2010 Relocation with Wm French

We ease the burden of relocating internationally “When I’m recruiting talent to St. Louis, I want to know all of my relocating employees will have the same personalized service I received when I moved to town in June 2010. My Wm French Relocation Specialist toured me through the city and homes that matched my criteria, and she really knew her stuff. Everything she did provided solutions for my specific needs, and within 30 days I made an offer on a great house. Because of my experience with Wm French, I had confidence that I was making an informed decision. And now my employees can have that same experience.” Husband

& Wife Smith

Summer 2010 Relocation with Wm French

International Moves The dynamics of an international move are different from that of a state-side relocation. The team at Wm French knows this can be a time of transition for not only the employee, but the family as well. Our goal is to offset some of the insecurities of an international relocation. We will make every effort to ensure the transition is easier and try to involve the spouse and family in community activities matched to their cultural background. And to further help bridge the gap associated with international relocation, we offer several relocation specialists who are bilingual.

International Home Buying Services in addition to the standard home buying services

• obtaining a social security card • applying for a driver’s licence or providing information on public transportation • opening a bank account • locating and applying for appropriate apartment or home to rent or buy • starting phone, electric, gas, cable service • locating the local post office and grocery store • ethnic searches, including community outreach, places of worship, etc. Customized • locating language classes for the employee’s family • other needs as requested

International Rental Services • guiding the renter to homes or apartment communities • locating apartments, townhouses, and single-family homes • the same personalized information provided to buyers, including statistics on school districts


Customized International Services could include any of the following:

• Job search assistance for the spouse • Assistance with furniture, housewares • Research for special needs information • Car purchasing assistance • Interpreter, as needed

* International services are fee-based services *

Group Moves Group moves are markedly different from that of a single relocation. Employees are often being relocated for the first time and they have questions about their future community. Wm French has assisted many corporations in moving groups to St. Louis. Large, global corporations have entrusted their employees to our relocation services. In many cases, our assistance can make the difference in these employees’ decisions to move here. In the case of an international relocation, we have bilingual relocation specialists and can employ an interpreter for those who may experience a language barrier.

Our objectives for your Company • to assist in the planning and coordination of your group move to St. Louis • to help ease the fears and insecurities that accompany a group move • to offer an increased likelihood of your employees accepting their moves • to showcase St. Louis as a great place to live and work • to reduction in your time and dollar investment • to bridge the productivity gap during the relocation The Extra Mile

All of our relocations are important, but a group move requires more. And we go to the extra mile to make it successful.

Tour of the City of St. Louis Community & Neighborhood Tours

Our objectives for your Employees • to thoroughly acquaint them with St. Louis and its resources • to promote confidence and enthusiasm about their relocation • to represent them in every phase of the home search • to integrate their lifestyles into the home/apartment selection • to accomplish all of the above in your time frame

Personalized Lifestyle Research Information on Housing Trends Statistics on School Districts Q&A Sessions with the Wm French team

Do you have an upcoming group move? Whether considering the relocation of a group of 10 employees or 100 families, call today for more information on how we can support you and your employees.

We make group moves a cinch “When our company decided to relocate our Famous Footwear office from Madison, Wisconsin to our corporate headquarters in St. Louis, we knew we were facing a large group move. And when we realized we would be relocating 60 families, we knew exactly who we needed to turn to - Wm French was the solution. Their team helped our employees with their relocation questions, and tours of St. Louis and residential areas. They made our employees feel at home. And, with their support, we pulled it off! The Wm French team was instrumental in making our group move a wonderful experience.� Lori Flotte Manager, Talent Acquisition

We offer an in-house lender to make financing easy “The financing part of our move seemed overwhelming to us because we were first time home buyers, so we didn’t know anything about the loan process. But we worked with WMF Mortgage Services there in your office, and our lender held our hands through everything. She gave us confidence and really looked out for our best interest. It was a seamless process because she was right there partnering with our agent, so it turned out not to be stressful.” Andrew Carron

& Anna Vani

Summer 2010 Relocation with Wm French

WMF Mortgage Services Wm French now offers mortgage services through WMF Mortgage Services. Now buyers have access to a mortgage company focused exclusively on home purchase and financing needs. Plus, this also offers the option of working with an all-in-one buyer’s agent and mortgage specialist team to help make a smooth transition.

WMF Benefits and Services • an approach designed to give you peace of mind that you have a mortgage consultant available throughout the process who will listen and make recommendations based on the best products and services that meet the buyer’s individual needs • personalized, effective service to make the loan application process convenient and stress free • financial analysis to integrate the buyer’s financial needs and relocation package in order to help identify the best loan products and rates • an on-site location for easy access to information and clear communication throughout the locan process • direct communication with the Wm French Relocation Specialist to ensure all timelnes will be met • attendance at the closing table to review documentation, answer questions, ensure funding is available, and troubleshoot any issues that may arise

Why buyers choose WMF • fast and free pre-approvals • no up-front fees required • low down payment options • competitive rates and programs • direct bill options • conventional, conforming, jumbo, ARMS, FHA, and VA mortgages

About Angie Childs

WMF Mortgage is fortunate to have the skills and abilities of Angie Childs on our team. She brings more than 10 years of experience in the mortgage industry to

Angie Childs Vice President

WMF Mortgage Services. Angie is on site in the Wm French office so she is available to meet with buyers WMF Mortgage Services 14500 South Outer Forty Road, Suite 114A Chesterfield, MO 63017 office: (314) 469-1138 | cell: (314) 974-5658 email: | fax: (314) 469-7955

personally, process applications, and do whatever it takes to make the process convenient and stress free.

Your Relocation Partners 14500 South Outer Forty Road Chesterfield, MO 63017 p: (314) 469-2220 f: (314) 469-7955 e:

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