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The Saint that is

Just Me

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The Saint that is Just Me

by Danielle Rose Oh I thought I'd be heroic and inspiring. I wanted to offer you the greatest sacrifice. I tried to kneel for hours in the chapel corner, Like all the saints who've gone before me, To persevere like Paul with all my sleepless nights, I tried to prove my love for you and so to gain the prize. To stay awake and trim my lamp with ten wise virgins, To really give the devil a good fight. I thought I'd be a martyr like Cecilia, Refrain I hoped I'd disappear like St Thérèse, Or wear a hidden crown of thorns like Rose of Lima, Bridge: To heal the sick and raise the dead. Just me, just me, you died just for me Just me, just me, you died just for me Refrain:

You saw that I was perfectly imperfect, When you hung upon the cross looking at me, You didn't die so I would try to be somebody else; O happy fault, the sin of Adam’s pride. That’s the reason that you became man You died so I could be the saint that is just me. And bore the New Eve from your wounded side. I wanted to be poor and free like Francis, If it weren’t for my sins and wounds and weakness, To cut off my long hair like lovely Clare, To be faithful like Mother Teresa in the darkness— Then you wouldn’t have married me upon the cross. Why do I fear being seen naked and broken? Lord, won’t you make me just like her? Copyright © 2010, Danielle Rose Skorich. Published by World Library Publications. That’s why you came—because I need you that much. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is against the law. For reprint permission contact 800-566-6150,

The Saint that Is Just Me - Danielle Rose  

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