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Considering Faith and Finances



Christian Academic Character Top 10 Building Females Through Sports


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WLHS Grads Help Lead School Bret Hopf Assistant Principal

Meet Bret Hopf (‘96)

Meet C.L. Whiteside (‘06)

Mr. Bret Hopf, an alum who married his high school sweetheart, is starting his fifth year as assistant principal at WLHS.

Mr. C.L. Whiteside is starting his sixth year at WLHS and was previously director of the Extended Learning Center for five years. He earned his degree in physical education from the University of Wisconsin – Steven’s Point where he also played football.

In his role, he’s the point person for two grades— this year it’s the senior and sophomore classes. Hopf loves getting to know the students and helping guide them through their teenage years.

“WLHS has such a strong culture of caring and love for Jesus,” says Bret Hopf. “Everyone has a place at this high school. There’s a group and activity for each and every student. My advice is to get involved. Surround yourself with kids who have your same interests and passions, and connect with them.” Hopf and his wife, CiCi (Grayson) (’96), have three children—two of whom are at WLHS. Their oldest, Isaiah, is a sophomore, and their daughter, Jaiah, is a freshman.

“I know that students who come to Wisco will have the best learning experience possible. By the time they graduate, they’ll understand that this is a place where success means more.”

—Mr. C.L. Whiteside (‘06), assistant principal



C.L. Whiteside Assistant Principal

“By becoming a teacher, I realized I could be a role model and have a significant impact on students and their future,” says Whiteside. “Every single day, I get to establish a connection with kids, show them love and share God’s love with them.” Often, Whiteside is at WLHS from sun up to sun down. He runs the spring and summer weight training programs, is an offensive coordinator for the varsity football team and assistant coach for varsity boys basketball.

Author C.L. Whiteside Mr. C.L. Whiteside recently released #ChampTalk, an ebook that encourages, inspires and challenges readers through unforgettable, original quotes. Chapter 3: “You can only know what’s shaping your thoughts when you know what you’re feeding your mind.”

Meet the Admissions Team

Brad Wetzel (‘98) Director of Admissions 414-453-4567 ext. 1322 or

Brad Wetzel Director of Admissions

Parents who have questions about WLHS, its academics, co-curriculars, tuition, tuition assistance, scholarships, on-campus housing and other areas should contact Mr. Brad Wetzel.

Mark Ricke Director of Enrollment 414-453-4567 ext. 2024 or

Mark Ricke Director of Enrollment

Mr. Mark Ricke is the liaison to area WELS grade schools. You’ll often find him visiting a 5th or 6th grade classroom, welcoming students to the Math Track Meet or talking with parents during the grade school basketball tournament at WLHS.

Admissions Calendar Early admissions for 2019-20 (for incoming 9th graders) October 1 • Open House for 6th-8th grade families October 7 • 6 p.m. Scholarship applications available January 1-31 • Tuition assistance applications available at January 1-February 28 Milwaukee Parental Choice Program enrollment period, apply at February 1-20 Wisconsin Parental Choice Program enrollment period, apply at February 1-April 20



Family of Seven Considers Faith and Finances

Jesse and Jenny (Gauer) Treuden from the class of ’95 had a significant decision to make. Their second child, Eli, was halfway through his freshman year at a local high school but was encountering some negative situations. “After Eli switched to Wisco, we got our son back. His personality returned to being happy. He talked a lot about the religion teachers. He told us how he looked up to them, admired them as role models and could ask them questions about his faith.” —Jesse and Jenny (Gauer) Treuden (’95) The couple felt it was important to transfer Eli but were concerned about the cost of tuition at WLHS, especially since they have three younger children. “We prayed about it and talked with Brad Wetzel a lot,” says Jesse. “Since we didn’t have much time to make the change and because we had so many questions, we’d often call Brad in the evenings at his house.” Wetzel (’98), the WLHS director of admissions, worked to assemble scholarships and tuition assistance for the family. “Brad never pressured us. Instead, he was reassuring and asked us to trust God and together we could make it possible,” says Jenny. With a package from WLHS and some congregational support, the tuition became manageable. The Guidance Department quickly lined up Eli’s second semester classes, made sure his credits transferred and connected the family with band director Quinten Petersen. Eli was able to jump into the percussion ensemble, steel pan drums and concert and pep bands, which immediately got him involved and paved the way for making new friends. This year, Eli, who’s now a sophomore, is joined by his sister, Emily, a freshman. “After Eli started at WLHS, we just knew it was the right environment for Emily and our two other children who are still in grade school. We feel blessed that Eli and Emily are at Wisco, and our hearts are full with joy and thankfulness. The school really did work with us to make it affordable for our family,” says Jenny.



“The Treudens were committed to sending Eli to WLHS but were deeply concerned about the financial projections of paying tuition for multiple children,” says Brad Wetzel (‘98), WLHS director of admissions. “We kept working until we found a way for them to give their children a Christian high school education.” For questions about tuition assistance and scholarships, contact Brad Wetzel, 414-4534567 ext. 1322 or

Christian Character Building Through Sports Varsity Girls Volleyball – Coach Dave Baacke (‘84)

Coach Dave Baacke

Humility, intensity and mental toughness—those are our core values. The girls developed them and selected words that spell out HIM because we do it “with HIM, for HIM.”

Each Wednesday, the girls volleyball teams gather for a Bible study with Pastor Shevey from Wisconsin Lutheran College. Last year, we focused on Biblical principles of leadership. The message really had an impact on the girls and I was proud to see them model what they’d learned.

Cross Country continued . . .

I’ve seen the song live on. I’ve been to the weddings of former runners where the bride and her bridesmaids will sing “Father We Adore You” together. This July, seven girls from the team traveled to St. Louis for a mission trip. We worked with Pastor Steve Waldschmidt from Christ Alone Church to help with a week-long summer fitness camp for kids. The majority of the children who attended the camp weren’t from the church so the girls got to teach them about Samson and his strength through God. The trip was a hands-on way for them to witness their faith.

Varsity Football – Coach Joel Radue

As a coach, I explain that becoming a better team is a process, and building your faith life is also a process. In both areas, you learn from your mistakes and grow because of them.

First Lord, Second Team— that’s always our focus but this year I wanted to dig deeper.

I take the life-long view of: “How am I helping prepare these girls for a future where they continue to walk with Jesus?”

Last year, the varsity girls volleyball team won its first regional championship in nearly a decade. Girls Cross Country – Coach Blair Schaper

Coach Blair Schaper

The girls live their faith throughout the season. They know God is with them when they step to the starting line. Beforehand, we say a team prayer and the girls sing “Father We Adore You.” It binds them together as young women of faith.

Coach Joel Radue

During the off season, we created a leadership program that focuses on Discipline, Commitment and Integrity.

For each value, we identified behaviors and habits that bring those words to life in our players’ personal lives, at school and home, during the off-season, in practice and during games. For example, we define commitment as the selfless dedication to the pursuit of Christian excellence. It’s fine to say that, but really what does that look like? We put it in writing so the boys live it. In the classroom, it means asking questions, getting homework done, avoiding procrastination, respecting your teacher and encouraging those who complain about assignments. The wins and losses are fine, but the true mission of our program is to build Christian servant leaders.

Every Monday, each football player completes a weekly card with faith, team and personal goals. During the Thursday team dinner and devotion, the teammates read aloud each other’s goals. GUIDED BY FAITH. DRIVEN BY EXCELLENCE.


Female Grads Focus on STEM Careers

The WLHS 2018 Academic Top 10 included seven talented and driven young women.

Five are pursuing STEM majors—two are studying to become teachers

Megan Ludke #2 Salutatorian St. Paul Lutheran Grade School, Muskego

“WLHS helped me get into my dream school. Because my teachers took the time to get to know me, the letters of recommendations they wrote are part of the reason I was accepted into six great schools—Boston College, Boston University, College of William & Mary, Notre Dame, University of Virginia and the University of Wisconsin – Madison.”

Hannah Lukasik #4

Zion Lutheran Grade School, South Milwaukee

Double Major: Preprofessional Studies (Pre-Med program) and Psychology Career: Doctor, considering surgery

Lauren Konkol #3 St. John Lutheran Grade School, Wauwatosa

“A whole new world opened up to me when I started taking Project Lead the Way classes my freshman year. I loved using Autodesk Inventor software to design prototypes and then see them take shape with the 3D printer and CNC machines.”

Madyson Derouin #5

St. Paul Lutheran Grade School, Franklin

Career: Research Scientist

“The AP math and science classes really were impactful and helped me get into the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences. Mr. Gottschalk has so much energy and made learning advanced calculus fun. I’m entering Madison with 18 college credits because of all the AP classes I took.”

Career: Heart Surgeon

Anna Hahm #10

Zion Lutheran Grade School, Hartland


Major: Wildlife Ecology

Major: Biochemistry (Pre-Med program)

Major: Chemical Engineering Career: Chemical Engineer

2018 WLHS Academic Top 10

“At Wisco, I discovered my love for science and math. Mr. Greschner and Mr. Gottschalk brought those subjects to life and showed me how they work together.”

Major: Mechanical Engineering - direct admit into the School of Engineering Career: Aerospace Engineering

“By taking Project Lead the Way and small engines classes, I gained confidence and realized I could be an engineer. At the WLHS Career Fair, I connected with ETW Inc. and secured a well-paying engineering internship this summer. ETW liked the fact that I was familiar with 3D Cad software and CNC machines. After college, I plan to earn my master’s and doctorate in aerospace engineering. Ultimately, my dream is to work at NASA.”

Teachers Make a Difference

Two Top 10 Women Intend to Teach

Lauren Bacik #7

Trinity Lutheran Grade School, Waukesha Double Major: Secondary Education and English

“The teachers at WLHS are great at pointing out students’ strengths; and mine all pointed to education. I’m ready to go to college, but I’m also sad about leaving Wisco because the teachers, friends and Fine Arts activities I participated in had such an impact on me.”

Career: High School Teacher

Kristin Uher #8

Mount Calvary Lutheran Grade School, Waukesha Double Major: Secondary Education and Life Science  Career: High School Science Teacher

“The teachers and classes I took at WLHS helped guide my decision to teach in a WELS setting. My favorite teachers are the ones who started each class with the Word of God or incorporated it into their lessons. I want to be able to do the same thing for students so they have the blessing of hearing God’s Word every day.”

To view photos from the 2018 WLHS graduation service, visit

The WLHS class of 2018 earned acceptance into some of the country’s top, out-of-state institutions.

• Arizona State University • Boston College • Butler University • DePaul University • Harvard University • Indiana University • Iowa State University • Louisiana State University • Loyola University Chicago • Michigan State University • New York University • Purdue University • Rutgers University • Stony Brook University • University of Alabama • University of CA – Davis • University of IL – Chicago • University of IN – Bloomington • University of Louisville • University of Miami • University of MN – Twin Cities • University of Mississippi • University of MI – Ann Arbor • University of Nebraska • University of Notre Dame • University of Pennsylvania • University of Tennessee • University of Virginia • University of Washington • Valparaiso University • Villanova University




330 North Glenview Avenue Milwaukee WI 53213-3379

OPEN HOUSE Sunday, October 7, 2018 Registration at 5:30 p.m. Program begins at 6:00 p.m.

2018 Fall Advantage  

WLHS Grads Help Lead School, Meet the Admissions Team, Considering Faith and Finances, Christian Character Building Through Sports, Academic...

2018 Fall Advantage  

WLHS Grads Help Lead School, Meet the Admissions Team, Considering Faith and Finances, Christian Character Building Through Sports, Academic...