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Proud to be Title Sponsor of Winnstock’s 5th Year Celebration! Coveted for our rich partnership and entrepreneurship culture, Richardson Partners Financial continues to attract the most seasoned Investment Advisors who manage the wealth of Canada’s most successful families. The sterling reputation of the Richardson, name along with the expertise of the Family Wealth Planning Group, assists our advisors in providing leading wealth management solutions to the families they serve. As proud title sponsor of Winnstock, Winnipeg Advisors maintain a strong belief in giving back to our community in which we have a growing presence. As it celebrates its 5th Anniversary, Winnstock is the most successful event of its kind in Canada. We congratulate the efforts of our financial colleagues from firms throughout our city and other individuals who have generously given their time and talents to this worthy cause. Richardson Partners Financial Limited is a member of CIPF.

For Good. Forever. Since it was established in 1921, The Winnipeg Foundation has been built by donors from all walks of life. Thanks to their generosity and foresight, the Foundation was able to grant $19.2 million to a wide range of community organizations last year. In its efforts to encourage community philanthropy, The Winnipeg Foundation works closely with professional advisors who help clients determine their goals for the community and develop a plan for charitable giving. We recognize the important role these professionals play in linking people who wish to make a lasting difference in the community to the options offered by The Winnipeg Foundation. For more information about the tools and resources available please call 944.9474 or visit Congratulations Winnstock – on 5 years of rockin’ for charity!

The Open Access Resource Centre is delighted and honoured to be chosen to partner

with Winn$tock for the second year running. The funds raised from Winn$tock 2008 has had a tremendous impact on individuals with speech impairments.   In the

classroom children using devices are more independent, participate more actively in, and feel more in control of, their environment. There is a decrease in challenging

behaviours as individuals are empowered by their devices and feel a sense of belonging to their community. We are really excited to be a part of Winn$tock 2009 as we

know it will have a transformational impact on the Equipment Loan Program – speechgenerating devices will be purchased and wait times reduced in some cases by half!

Thank you to all the Sponsors, Fans, and the Bands for continuing to rock the world. And finally, a big thank you to The Winn$tock Committee who is to be commended for their

philanthropic desire to make a difference in the community we all live in - what a wonderful way to lend a voice!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Winn$tock 2009 Sponsors and Committee Members for giving us the opportunity to be involved in this

significant fundraiser. The financial impact of Winn$tock is immediately “felt” by the physically challenged clients attending The Movement Centre of Manitoba. Our mission and mandate is to provide physical training to children and adults with a variety of

movement disorders; giving them the opportunity to improve their physical

independence and create a greater self-worth. The proceeds from Winn$tock

enables families to send their loved one to the Centre who otherwise could not

afford to attend. More Manitobans with mobility disorders are reached because of YOU. At The Movement Centre – we subsidize our fees by almost 75%. Winn$tock is a major gift! To date, The Movement Centre has received $209,000 from

Winn$tock. Please visit our website and watch “Our Story” to understand the full impact that Winn$tock makes. (

Thank You Winn$tock!!!! You ROCK for helping our community and directly impacting the lives of children and adults with physical disabilities.

5 Years...5 Years!!! Winnstock has been throwing a rockin’ party for already 5 YEARS!  The greatest event of the year in the financial services industry here in Winnipeg is called Winnstock!  We stand so proud of this event that we have raised over $300,000 for those who need help in improving their movement and communication skills. We are truly blessed to have the greatest friends, supporters and FANS of Winnstock! Thank you so much to all the fans of Winnstock, because it is you that make this all happen...every year!  Let’s celebrate all the good there is in our great industry, our great people and our great city! It is a true privilege to share the spirit of Winnstock with you in 2009! THANK YOU FANS OF WINNSTOCK! for hip to vote c r e k o p r g station *Use you band! Votin able. e it r u o v your fa uction t ar silent a located ne

eUp: Band/EveNt Lin 5: 30 pm

Do ors Open

Opening Band— 6: 00 pm-6 :4 5pm Ex change New York Ro ck gano mics

The Rea 7 :15 pm-7 :5 0 pm timulus m Fiscal S p 5 :4 8 m p 8 :10 O utta Cash eos 9: 0 5 pm-9 :40 pm Presentation /V id

10 :00 pm-1 0 :15 pm


l Fu n 10: 15pm- 10: 55 pm Mutua Cat Bou nce d Dea pm 11:15 pm- 11:50 Encore!! 12:10 am

New York Rock Exchange are not nearly as geeky as their name makes them sound. In fact, the word “rock” probably describes them best of all, because, well, they all rock. And in many

different ways. Four members bring their rocking ways to the world of finance, in one way or another. Two members are gainfully employed at Great West Life, while the other two are

students excelling at the University of Manitoba. The only exception is their singer who rocks the stage... but not the numbers. The only time he even tries to work with numbers is when

he’s keeping track of how many drinks he’s had. However, throw these five guys together and

they bring the entertainment... even though they’ve never played a show before. I guess you’ll just have to trust them.

Andrew Froese - Guitar & Back-up Vocals

Asper Student, Finance/Actuarial Math

Keith Kantautas - Bass & Back-up Vocals

Great-West Life

Shaun McLarty - Drums

Grant Irvine - Guitar & Back-up Vocals Evan Rogalsky - Vocals & Tambourine

Asper Student, Accounting Great-West Life

Musician Extraordinaire

Winn$tock 2009 would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors. Thank you!

event year

Winn$tock total money raised 2005-2008

2005 $25,000 benefitting The Arthritis Society


2006 $65,000 benefitting The Movement Centre


2007 $85,000 benefitting The Movement Centre


2008 $102,500 benefitting The Movement Centre and Open Access Resource Centre

2005 20







thousands of dollars

90 100 11o

Paul Hodgert Reagan – Guitar & Vocals Luke Bergen Reagan– Guitar & Vocals Tom Bryk Reagan – Bass & Vocals Bob Lafond Reagan- Drums

Cambrian Credit Union No Fixed Address – Our “ringer” Cambrian Credit Union Credit Union Central of Manitoba

Kristin Farkas – Vocals Gregg Filmon-Guitar Brad Sarna - Guitar Jerrod Falk - Bass Hal Ryckman - Drums Gary Golden - Keyboards

Value Partners Investments Value Partners Investments Wellington West Financial Asper School of Business EDS Systemhouse (Ringer) Credential Asset Management

Yvonne Burman - vocals,guitar Ken Day - fiddle Ed Byard - banjo(designated ringer) Norm Goodman - guitar Clint Chiarella - guitar Brian Taylor - bass Dave Champion-Taylor - drums Nancy Sedo - accordion

(Great-West Life) (Ken Day,Chartered Accountant) (University of Winnipeg ) (Holukoff Chiarella,Chartered Accountants) (Holukoff Chiarella,Chartered Accountants) (BMO Nesbitt Burns) (Guppy Design) (Investors Group)

Kelly Morris - Drums Jack Morris - Guitar Murray Hill - Vocals Bayne Robertson - Guitar Chris Durston - Keys Brian Boyd - Lead Guitar Patrick Alexandre - Bass

Morris Financial Morris Financial Great West Life Great West Life Investors Group Great West Life Musician

Al Shell - Guitar Harry Blackwood - Guitar David Christianson - Bass Ken Taylor - Drums Dan Taylor - Keyboards

Shell Financial Services Inc. BDC Wellington West Total Wealth Mgmt CIBC RBC

Winn$tock | Winnipeg financial industry battle of the bands for local charity This event would not be possible without the generous financial support of our sponsors as well as the support in time and caring of our many volunteers. And, it is with the support of you, the fans that we can make this event a success for our benefitting partners as well. To make a donation of any size please visit


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If you are a member of the financial services industry and you would like to find out how you can become involved in planning Winnipeg’s biggest battle of the band competition, email Kelly Morris at


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