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4/8/11 4:11:33 PM

if it’s too loud you’re at the wrong charity event.

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4/8/11 4:11:33 PM

Winnipeg Foundation This year, The Winnipeg Foundation celebrates 90 years as your community foundation. Since it was established in 1921, the Foundation has connected donors from all walks of life with high impact opportunities to invest in our community and its future. Gifts to the Foundation are pooled and permanently endowed to generate support for a wide range of charitable projects now and forever. Last year, the Foundation made grants totaling $21 million to almost 700 organizations and, during its 90 years, has now distributed more than $260 million. For more information about the Foundation, to access its resources for Professional Advisors and their clients, or to make a gift, visit

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4/8/11 4:11:34 PM

crank up the kindness and giver on the giving.

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4/8/11 4:11:34 PM

manitoba riding for the disabled association Manitoba Riding for the Disabled Association (MRDA) would like to sincerely thank the Winn$tock 2011 Committee for providing us with the opportunity to be part of such an amazing fundraiser. Each year MRDA continues to advance the cause of helping children with disabilities through therapeutic horseback riding. Through our riding program we have seen many lives changed for the better. The funds raised will enable us to continue to work to help make a difference in the lives of many more families. Each and every family affected has reason to hope because great advances are being made in the area of therapeutic riding. For approximately 95% of our riders, our program is the only program they are able to participate in. As MRDA is the only certified therapeutic riding program in Manitoba it is vitally important that we continue with our work. Many, many thanks to all of the sponsors, the bands, the fans and the Winn$tock Committee for all of your hard work and dedication. It is an absolute privilege to be part of this ROCKIN’ event!!!

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4/8/11 4:11:34 PM

line ’em up and knock ’em down 6:45 the bailouts 7:35 prime +1 8:25 the bottom line 9:15 the wall street and introducing our closing act: 1 for the money/5 for the show

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4/8/11 4:11:37 PM

the esteemed judges

Tracy Koga – Shaw TV

Brad Oswald –

“Backstage” producer Tracy Koga will say the best part of her job are the very interesting people she meets on a daily basis, whether famous or not, they all have a story to tell! Twist’in with Chubby Checker, paw painting with dogs, or slicing and dicing with a samurai sword...those are only SOME of the things Tracy does for her job! In her down time Tracy can be seen in the hockey rink, sitting on the football sidelines, or walking the golf course, NOT as a participant but as a spectator, cheering on her two sons with husband Kevin Neiles.

Winnipeg free press

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When Brad Oswald was a little kid, his mother used to stand crossarmed in the living-room doorway, issuing an oft-repeated warning that went something like this: “If you insist on staring at that IDIOT box day after day after day, you will NEVER amount to ANYTHING in this world!” Funny how things work out, isn’t it? For the past couple of decades, Brad has been the television critic for the Winnipeg Free Press, which basically amounts to staring at that idiot box, day after day ... and drawing a steady pay cheque for doing so. As they say in showbiz ... it’s a good gig.

Howard Mandshein – 92 citi fm Howard Mandshein is a child of the 50’s who was first introduced to music by the mighty KY58 in the early 60’s. Maybe the music was first to seduce him... Elvis, Bobby Darrin, the Everly Brothers but it was the radio and the role that the medium played. That little box became his companion, escape and playground. Howard continued his love for the medium of radio at the University of Manitoba campus radio station in the late 1970’s. Soon, Howard was tapped by Gary “Magic” Christian to join the team at 92 CITI FM just as the fledgling station hit the airwaves. Now, years later, Howard is the quintessential radio DJ and host for nations of classic rock fans in WInnipeg and beyond on 92 CITI.

4/8/11 4:11:38 PM

thank you. goodnight. we love you.

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4/8/11 4:11:38 PM


and what would a financial document be without charts 2005 benefitting The Arthritis Society

Winn$tock total money raised 2005-2009












2006 benefitting The Movement Centre






100 120

140 160 180

200 220 240 260 280 300 320 340 360

thousands of dollars

2007 benefitting The Movement Centre 2008 benefitting The Movement Centre and Open Access Resource Centre 2009 benefitting Open Access Resource Centre and The Movement Centre 2010 benefitting Open Access Resource Centre and Manitoba Riding for the Disabled Association

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hard rock Sponsors: quarter note sponsors

frenzied fans

media friends

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4/8/11 4:11:41 PM

rock & Roll don’t know no rules.

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4/8/11 4:11:41 PM

Did I hear you say “ENCORE”? Some new rules at Winn$tock 2011! Celebrity Judges will decide the winner of the Battle. However, YOU decide the Fan Favourite! The only way you’ll hear your favourite band again is to purchase a poker chip and vote! Judging of the bands is based on five categories: 1. Technical Performance 2. Professionalism 3. Stage Presence 4. Entertainment Factor (Audience Reaction) 5. Audience Vote

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4/8/11 4:11:44 PM

the bailouts Four incredible musicians with terrible business sense invested too heavily in the American Automaking industry. Since being a starving artist doesn’t always pay the bills, they had to form “The Bailouts” and hope that they could one day win “WINN$TOCK” and get the fame and fortune to pay back the money they lost.

Jeff Gagne, Lead Vocals & Keys (Western Financial Group) JP Barnabe, Drums (BDO) Dave Pestrak, Guitar (Deloitte) Scott Greenhalgh, Bass (Asper School of Business)

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4/8/11 4:11:44 PM

prime + 1 Prime Plus One really has nothing to do with Optimus Prime or The Transformers Movie. But, like the Autobots themselves, these seemingly normal professionals transform from boring office suits into raging rock ‘n roll lunatics as they spin, whir, snap, and explode onto the stage at Winn$tock! Sworn to protect the earthling partygoers from the evil deceptacons of boredom, Prime Plus One will sacrifice themselves to ensure that the dynasty of Winn$tock lives on. Trent Simpson, Percussion/Vocals (Entegra Credit Union) Kevin Tillberg, Guitar/Vocals (Credential Financial Strategies) Shaun Proutt, Bass/Lead Vocals (Birchwood Credit Solutions) Rick Yarish, Guitar/Vocals (Ringer)

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4/8/11 4:11:44 PM

the bottom line This band started with two members way back in ’98. Kenny Taylor and Al Shell have stuck together through the thick and thin years and played as many as four gigs together during that time. Following their “extensive” playing schedules, it was impossible to believe they could hit new highs. Well... they did with their performances at Winn$tock in 2009 and 2010. They have been invited back in 2011 with their new band line-up. They scoured the globe over the past year securing valuable new musical assets to add to their “group portfolio”. Their search ended with the additions of Kathy Kennedy, Ron Siwicki and Tim Swynar to boost their... well you know. With just three weeks remaining before this year’s performance, a full rehearsal had yet to be held (can you believe it?). But, The Bottom Line is... they will rock your socks off! (particularly if the crowd is well lubricated before they take to the stage).

Al Shell, Guitar, Keys (Shell Financial Services) Ken Taylor, Drums (Taylor Financial Solutions) Tim Swynar, Bass (RBC) Kathy Kennedy, Vocals (Lupus Society) Ron Siwicki, Guitar (Ringer)

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4/8/11 4:11:44 PM

the wall street After polishing their musical chops in the empty spaces of the dank clubs in Winnipeg’s business district during the happiest days of their lives, The Wall Street broke into the rock scene in 1979 with their debut album, The Wall Street Kerfuffle. The band’s latest album, The Wall Street Crisis? What Crisis?, with standout tracks like “Wink Lloyd, Financial Guy,” has already certified nickel in Thompson MB. The Wall Street appears in the flesh on stage at Winn$tock 2011 to bring their unique style to a new generation of fans because even they know that the show must go on.

Norm Goodman, Lead Guitar (MCHP Ltd.) Clint Chiarella, Guitar (Holukoff Chiarella) David Christianson, Bass, Vocals (Wellington West Total Wealth Management) Nancy Sedo, Keys, Accordion (Investors Group) Dave Champion-Taylor, Drums (champion design) Christy Antony, Vocals (Great-West Life) Yvonne Burman, Lead Vocals (Great-West Life)

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4/8/11 4:11:45 PM

Winnipeg financial industry battle of the bands for local charity This event would not be possible without the generous financial support of our sponsors as well as the support in time and caring of our many volunteers. And, it is with the support of you, the fans that we can make this event a success for our benefitting partners as well. To make a donation of any size please visit


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frenzied fans

media friends If you are a member of the financial services industry and you would like to find out how you can become involved in planning Winnipeg’s biggest battle of the band competition, email Cindy Reid, Winn$tock Chair -

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4/8/11 4:11:32 PM


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