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Winnipeg Foundation The Winnipeg Foundation – For Good. Forever. The Winnipeg Foundation is Canada’s first community foundation. Since it was established in 1921, the Foundation has connected donors from all walks of life with high impact opportunities to invest in our community and its future. Gifts to the Foundation are pooled and permanently endowed to generate support for a wide range of charitable projects now and forever. Last year, the Foundation made grants totaling $22.1 million to almost 800 charitable organizations and has now distributed more than $285 million back to the community. For more information about the Foundation, to access its resources for Professional Advisors and their clients, or to make a gift, visit

manitoba brain injury association Thousands of Canadians every year will experience brain injury. When it happens your life is changed, often forever. The consequences, especially the social ones, are devastating. Imagine loosing all your friends, not being able to work, or not having anything to do each day. Imagine each day struggling to complete simple life activities or engage in social activities because you have memory issues, fatigue, balance issues or difficulty controlling your emotions. Sadly, too many Manitobans don’t have to imagine a life like this. Manitoban Brain Injury Association is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year. Over the years we have worked hard at supporting and creating community for individuals and their families affected by a brain injury. Tonight, we want to recognize your generous support of everybody here. A deep appreciation to the Winn$tock board who made this possible for us. Thank you.

manitoba riding for the disabled association Manitoba Riding for the Disabled Association (MRDA) would like to sincerely thank the Winn$tock 2012 Committee for providing us with the opportunity to be part of such an amazing fundraiser. Each year MRDA continues to advance the cause of helping children with disabilities through therapeutic horseback riding. Through our riding program we have seen many lives changed for the better. The funds raised will enable us to continue to work to help make a difference in the lives of many more families. Each and every family affected has reason to hope because great advances are being made in the area of therapeutic riding. For approximately 95% of our riders, our program is the only program they are able to participate in. As MRDA is the only certified therapeutic riding program in Manitoba it is vitally important that we continue with our work. Many, many thanks to all of the sponsors, the bands, the fans and the Winn$tock Committee for all of your hard work and dedication. It is an absolute privilege to be part of this ROCKIN’ event!!!

tonight’s line up Introducing, our opening acts: 6:00p SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED Special Performance by LEE RAITO - RBC 7:00p The Competing Bands: 7:15p THE BAILOUTS 8:05p ONE CENT 8:55p OCCU-PIE-EYED 9:45P PRIME PLUS ONE

Opening Act I:

Opening Act II:

some assembly required

Lee Raito

Some Assembly Required is thrilled to have been asked to be the opening act at Winn$tock 2012. These gentlemen have been playing music together since late in the last millennium. Back then they were young and handsome. But incredibly, these days they are even younger and better-looking than ever. They promise to rev up the crowd for the real contestants later in the evening.

With 15 years experience in financial services, Lee is the District Vice President for RBC Global Asset Management in Manitoba & NW Ontario. Raito is also an aspiring singer songwriter working on his debut CD, and just independently released his east coast rock infused single, Alexander Keith, in February 2012. You can find out more about Raito and his music at his website:

Rob Baker - Drums, Percussion

Who says finance guys are boring?

Ross McGowan - Bass Don Mulder - Keyboards, Guitar, Harmonica Eric Vogan - Lead Vocals, Guitar Mark von Kampen - Vocals, Guitar

AND, announcing OUR CELEBRITY EMCEE CHRISSY TROY – morning show host, hot 103 fm

the esteemed judges

KENNY SHIELDS – STREETHEART That’s right... THE Kenny Shields. Winn$tock 2012 welcomes Kenny to our distinguished judging panel. When one speaks of rock music and western Canada in the same sentence, there is a good chance that Kenny Shields may be the subject of that sentence. Kenny is best known to us as the lead singer of Streetheart, whose songs include “Action”, “Hollywood”, “One More Time”, “Tin Soldier”, and “What Kind of Love is This”. In Sep. 2003, Kenny Shields and Streetheart were inducted into the Western Canadian Music Hall of Fame. We are elated to welcome Kenny to Winn$tock 2012!

Howard Mandshein – 92 citi fm This is rock radio legend H’s third year as an esteemed Winn$tock judge. Welcome back, Howard! He is a child of the 50s who was first introduced to music by the mighty KY58 in the early 60s. His knowledge of music and the Winnipeg rock scene is unparalleled. Howard is the quintessential radio DJ and host for nations of classic rock fans in Winnipeg and beyond.

Brad Oswald – TV Critic, WINNIPEG FREE PRESS Winn$tock judge since 2010, we are thrilled to have Brad back to share his combined love of music and love of critiquing with us once again. When Brad was a little kid, his mother used to stand cross-armed in the living room doorway, issuing an oft-repeated warning that went something like this: “If you insist on staring at that IDIOT box day after day, you will NEVER amount to ANYTHING in this world!” Funny how things work out, isn’t it? For the past couple of decades, Brad has been the television critic for the Winnipeg Free Press, which basically amount to staring at the idiot box, day after day... and drawing a steady pay cheque for doing so. It’s a good gig!

2005 benefitting The Arthritis Society

and what would a financial document be without charts

2006 benefitting The Movement Centre









2007 benefitting The Movement Centre >






Winn$tock total money raised 2005-2011

20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 200 220 240 260 280 300 320 340 360 380 400 420 440 460 480 500 510

thousands of dollars


2008 benefitting The Movement Centre and Open Access Resource Centre 2009 benefitting Open Access Resource Centre and The Movement Centre 2010 benefitting Open Access Resource Centre and Manitoba Riding for the Disabled Association 2011 benefitting Manitoba Riding for the Disabled Association

Whole note partner:

half note partners: lead partners: quarter note sponsors

hard rock Sponsors: frenzied fans

big rock room sponsor

media friends

crank it loud for the organizers Winn$tock 2012 Committee Cindy Reid & Yvonne Burman - Co-Chairs (Great-West Life) Alexa Richardson (Great-West Life) Melissa McRae (Great-West Life) Nicole Megarry (RCMP) Kevin Tillberg (Credential Financial Strategies) Peter Kobar (CIBC Wood Gundy)

Did I hear you say “ENCORE”? don’t forget the new rules at Winn$tock! Celebrity Judges will decide the winner of the Battle. However, YOU decide the Fan Favourite! The only way you’ll hear your favourite band again is to purchase a poker chip and vote! Judging of the bands is based on five categories: 1. Technical Performance 2. Professionalism 3. Stage Presence 4. Entertainment Factor (Audience Reaction) 5. Audience Vote

the bailouts Four incredible musicians with terrible business sense invested too heavily in the American Automaking industry. Since being a starving artist doesn’t always pay the bills, they had to form “The Bailouts” and hope that they could one day win “WINN$TOCK” and get the fame and fortune to pay back the money they lost.

Jeff Gagne, Lead Vocals & Keys (Western Financial Group) JP Barnabe, Drums (BDO) Dave Pestrak, Guitar (Deloitte) Scott Greenhalgh, Bass (Bison Transport)

one cent We all have great ideas, and some of us have glimpses of brilliance. Lucky people get rich from moments, and who’s to say they are less talented or worthy than people who produce a lifetime of quality work? Well, most of us would say that, but musically, you have to admit that some of your favourite listening moments have come from that unique form of expression, the One Hit Wonder. Luckily for the audience of Winn$tock 2012, this group of musicians of genuinely endearing talent have come together again, this year to celebrate the best One Hit Wonders of all time. From everyone’s favourite lighterthan-air antiwar anthem, to odes to the complexity of womanhood, excessive drinking, and the innocence of youth, no one will remain unmoved. Bridget Char, Vocals (Great-West Life) Clint Chiarella, Guitar (Holukoff Chiarella) Dave Champion-Taylor, Drums (Champion Design) David Christianson, Bass (Wellington West Total Wealth Management) Lindsay Pawlyk, Vocals (Great-West Life) Nancy Sedo, Keys (Investors Group) Norm Goodman, Lead Guitar (MCHP Ltd.) Yvonne Burman, Lead Vocals (Great-West Life)

Occu-pie-eyed Occu-pie-eyed came together in late September 2011, when the band members met each other while huddled around a bin fire in Itchykoo Park. In the coming months, lacking a plug in for their amps and being unable to play guitar with mitts on, the group needed to move indoors to work on their craft. With assistance from the Winn$tock committee, they packed up their tents and through the financial backing of a generous benefactor, the group found a Charleswood basement practice facility complete with a fully stocked beer fridge. They bring their show to Winn$tock 2012, willing to squeegee your windows after the gig, in exchange for your support.

Murray Hill, Vocals (Great-West Life) Brian Boyd, Guitar (Great-West Life) Chris Durstan, Keys/Guitar (Investors Group) Dave Hill, Bass (Ministry of Finance) Kelly Morris, Drums (Morris Financial)

Prime Plus One These undercover super heroes of Rock ’n Roll relentlessly work to save local citizens from high lending rates. They brazenly rush into lenders’ offices and blast them with EPIC rock music until they give in and let the customer off easy with a great rate on their mortgage! Dubbed by supporters as “PRIME PLUS ONE”, they have earned their spot in pop culture not only as advocates for fair rates, but as a legendary rock band as well.

Trent Simpson, Percussion/Vocals (Entegra Credit Union) Kevin Tillberg, Guitar/Vocals (Credential Financial Strategies) Shaun Proutt, Bass/Vocals (Birchwood Credit Solutions) Rick Yarish, Guitar/Vocals (Ringer)

Winnipeg financial industry battle of the bands for local charity This event would not be possible without the generous financial support of our sponsors as well as the support in time and caring of our many volunteers. And, it is with the support of you, the fans that we can make this event a success for our benefitting partners as well. To make a donation of any size please visit


Whole note partner:

half note partners: lead partners: quarter note sponsors

hard rock Sponsors: frenzied fans

big rock room sponsor

media friends If you are a member of the financial services industry and you would like to find out how you can become involved in planning Winnipeg’s biggest battle of the band competition, email Yvonne Burman, Winn$tock Chair -


March 15, 2012 at Cowboys, Canad Inns Windsor Park. Winnipeg Financial Services Industry Battle of the Bands for Local Charity - event progr...

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