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3 Letter From the Executive Director and Board of Governors Chair 4-9 2012-2013 Fundraising Year in Review 10-12 Salute to Volunteers 13 Did You Know?


15 Financial Statement of Activities 16-27 WCH Supporters 28-29 Around The Block 30 Wish List & Planned Giving

Letter from the Executive Director and Board of Governors Chair Dear Friends, We have completed a wonderful year at Winnetka Community House. The success of our mission to provide a wide variety of educational, cultural, social and recreational opportunities is made possible due to the efforts of our dedicated and energetic staff, volunteers and instructors. Volunteer involvement on the part of so many made it possible for the organization to have a successful year of fundraising activities, and the generous contributions and commitments we received from families and friends continue to help us build a bigger and better variety of offerings for individuals of all ages. The outstanding community-wide support we receive makes all that happens at Winnetka Community House possible. We are committed to connect our own goals with the wants and needs of our constituents who see WCH programs as a means to enrich life for themselves and their families. With your ongoing support, we will continue to thrive in our second century of service to the community. Once again, on behalf of the thousands served annually at Winnetka Community House, thank you for your gifts of time, talent and treasure. Sincerely,

Timothy P. McCabe                                                                            Carrie Healy Executive Director 2012-2013 Chair Board of Governors


YEAR IN REVIEW annual fund

Winnetka Community House would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all who contributed over $818,000 to the 2012-2013 fundraising programs. This tangible expression of their confidence in Winnetka Community House’s ability to enrich the lives of others is truly appreciated.

total restricted board designated funds

other theater groups woman’s board

TOTAL GIVING: $818,727 (Up 14% over 2011-2012)


Annual Fund. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $297,897 Board Designated Funds. . . . . . . . . $250,000 Woman’s Board. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $115,246 Theater Groups. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $54,017 Other. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $12,451

Total Unrestricted. . . . . . . . . . $729,611

Restricted. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $89,116







Annual Fund

Through donations of time and resources, friends and staff of Winnetka Community House have helped strengthen the institution’s foundation and enriched the lives of others. At the close of the year, over $297,000 in unrestricted and restricted gifts were received from 808 donors. Many thanks and gratitude to Board of Governors, Woman’s Board and all who participated.

Woman’s Board Activities

The Woman’s Board made significant contributions to Winnetka Community House through their countless hours of volunteer work and their generous financial support. Antiques + Modernism Winnetka is the Woman’s Board’s primary fundraiser. Proceeds are used to fund needs throughout the Community House, including capital purchases. Chair Kristin Lolli and Co-Chair Laura Reynolds – along with donations of financial support, goods and services from individuals, organizations and businesses – made the event a huge success, raising over $106,000! The 2012-2013 Woman’s Board kicked off the holiday season with Breakfast with the number of Santa. Over 300 guests in children and parents attendance at wch’s BREAKFAST visited Winnetka WITH SANTA Community House to get a glimpse of Old St. Nick. In March, 150 guests attended the Wine and Beer Tasting Event. Patrons were able to taste-test over 60 varieties of flavorful, well-priced wines and beers, while learning new secrets of the trade.


Thanks to the Woman’s Board’s generosity, Winnetka Community House netted over $115,000 from these wonderful events during the 2012-2013 fiscal year. We are extremely grateful for their hard work and generosity.


Winnetka Community House received $12,000 in honor of WCH’s 100th Anniversary and in memory and honor of loved ones. These gifts, often directed toward the general unrestricted fund, can also be a good starting point for a memorial and honorary league gift, endowed scholarship or for the purchase of a special gift for the facility. Over $89,000 was received in restricted gifts to support programs and projects of WCH. They document not only specific knowledge of special facets of the institution’s operations, but also the dedication and commitment of donors who have made these gifts in consultation with the Executive Director and the Director of Development. Children’s Theatre of Winnetka and Village Follies activities the amount provided over WCH received in $54,000 in support restricted gifts for our theater productions and programs and the needs of Matz Hall. In addition, a leadership gift of $250,000 was received during the fiscal year for the Board Designated Endowment.




HOW DID THE COMMUNITY HOUSE USE YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS? To make needed physical plant improvements To purchase ceramic studio equipment and upgrades To purchase new folding chairs for facility events To purchase early childhood program equipment To enhance current computer technology To refinish hardwood floors in seven locations To purchase a new LCD TV for daily schedules To purchase a dance floor and chinaware for events and wedding receptions To purchase new equipment for the Fitness Centre and Group X classrooms To fund a new part-time Graphic Designer and full-time Development Associate To ensure the long-term stability of our organization by increasing our endowment

IN ADDITION TO ACCOMPLISHING THE ABOVE, THE FOLLOWING RESTRICTED PROJECTS WERE ALSO FUNDED: Contributions to scholarship funds Second Century Campaign renovation project of the Legacy Building Upkeep and improvements in the Garden Under the Arches Enhancements in Matz Hall




So much of what happens at Winnetka Community House is dependent upon a dedicated and talented support group of volunteers. We recognize and thank all those listed below who have given their time for the benefit of the mission we serve. In addition, we would like to thank our many instructors, parents of students and theater volunteers, who unfortunately are far too numerous to list individually, for making 2012-2013 so memorable. Endowment Board Harvey H. Bundy John H. Ellwood Mark A. Fuller III Robert J. Stracks Paul C. Weaver Lawson Whitesides, Jr. Christopher Wyner

Life Members

On Wednesday, May 15, 2013, over 80 guests attended the 3rd Annual Life Members Society Cocktail Reception at Winnetka Community House. The 2013 inductees included: Byram and Suzanne Dickes, Scott Ellwood and Suzanne Timble, John and Brenda Gude, Charles and Jana Sample, Jean Sampson, and Tom and Irene Smith. The designation of “Life Member” was created to recognize and honor past Board of Governors and Woman’s Board members who, over the years, have given unusually outstanding leadership, service and support to Winnetka Community House. 


David and Ellen Abell Walter and Sally Bissell Elaine Bovaird Kenneth* and Georganne Chalmers James and Timmey* Challenger Margaret Coladarci Dewey and Nancy Crawford Byram and Suzanne Dickes Tom and Sara Donahoe Scott Ellwood and Suzanne Timble Richard and Mim* Golden Roger and Mary Ann Grabowski Walter and Nan Greenough John and Brenda Gude Jim and Carol Hansen John and Margaret Hart Pete and Jean Henderson Bill and Jackie Ieuter Stephen and Cindy Kardel David and Susan Loveland John and Martha Mabie Robert and Cicely Michalak Luvie Owens Dale and Rachel Park Charles and Jana Sample Jean Sampson Tom and Irene Smith

John and Ann Snyder Robert and Julie Stracks Richard and Elaine Tinberg Tuck* and Rita* Weaver William and Roberta Weinsheimer Lawson and Jane Whitesides Jean Wright Norman and Ann Zimmerman *Deceased

Board of Governors Jack Coladarci Joan Evanich Laura Glick, Treasurer Mike Golden Leslie Grant Nan Greenough Ed Harney Carrie Healy, Chair Louise Holland Bob Horne Stuart Larkins Jim McGee Melissa Mizel Linda Pedian David D. Peterson, Jr., Secretary Marian Powers, Past Chair Jeff Reynolds Yale Rieck Addie Ruey Kris Schriesheim Matt Tritley Paul Weaver Christina Webb Pam Westin Clyde Willian Christopher Wyner, Vice Chair Connie Yonan

2012-2013 Woman’s Board OFFICERS Kate Ancell Raheela Gill Anwar, Secretary Amy Pope Brock Erin Budington Mercedes Caruso Susan Cellmer Carin Chapman Elizabeth Christopher Ah Young Cho

Wendy Ferguson Jennifer Frient Kim Half Natalie Hamm Christine Holland Sarah Holm Noelle Hunken Joyce Bruce Jiaras Sally Jones Kristin Kalter Kate Kligora Kathleen Knaus Kim Knaus Anne -Marie Lee Dania Leemputte Kristin Lolli Dee Macey Anne Malone Julie Mangan Claudia Miquelon, Treasurer Susan Nelson Laurie Nielsen Gwen Oelerich Beth Ann Papoutsis Susan Patterson Cristina Persico Karen Peters Laura Reynolds Alicia Schafer Kris Schriesheim, Chair Irene Smith Molly Stamer Julie Stracks Amy Swartchild, VP of Membership Karen Tragos Karen Vorwald Rachel Waimon Lisa Weis Connie Yonan

Woman’s Board Sustainers Barbara Aquilino Judy Archambault Susan Baby Phyllis Berning Linda Best Christine Botica Elaine Bovaird Kathie Carlson Georganne Chalmers Marcy Champagne

Dee Dee Chesley Melanie Cody Paula Danoff Kirsten Darnton Terry Dason Sue Dickes Sara Donahoe Kathy Elliott Joan Evanich Leslie Farmer Mady Fern Cindy Fuller Jan Funk Julie Gagnon Rita Gardner Mary Ann Grabowski Cindy Gentles Mary Goodrich Betsy Graham Nina Gray Nan Greenough Brenda Gude Judy Gurley Valerie Hall Carol Hansen Margaret Hart Ginny Hilton Louise Holland Sue Jackson Barbara Klein Marcia Krohn A.G. Krone Dale Krone Fleury Linn Stefanie Livolsi Susan Lumpp Luvie Myers Ellen Moore Sandi Plochman ArLynn Presser Susan Rammelt Carole Read Pam Reed June Reimer Jana Sample Jean Sampson Jeanne Schoder Laura Schriesheim Joan Senko Susan Shabica Sally Sprowl Janet Stevens Nancy Stevens


Karen Templeton-Fell Linda Welch Pam Westin Jane Whitesides Lynn Wood

TheatER Groups Children’s Hour Children’s Theatre of Winnetka Village Follies

4th of July Parade Dick Golden John Maxson Linda Pedian & Family John Roberts

Fitness Centre Julie Rudenburg


Haunted House Connor Flatley Haley Wahl Kim Wahl Riley Wahl

Bike Sale Kathy Schmidt Haley Wahl Riley Wahl

Basketball League Julie Bailey Reb Banas Chris Boehm Trent Bonnell David Burden Patricia Buck Brian Caponi Rich Czyznski Brent Dobsch Pat Fox

Jim Gray David Hawkins Neil Hayes Rick Hielscher Matt Huff Matt Hulsizer James Jaworski Jim Karabas David Kreisa Joe Lambert John Livingston David McCoy Dave McGranahan Leslie McLamore Bill Newlands Mark Nicholson Dan Nolan Ryan Patterson Bill Rohner Jay Saccaro Jordan Shackelford Kate Smith Adam Werner Andy Worth Phil Zoloto

247participants took part in the winter Dance session. 194 dancers prepared for one of the two recitals offered to accommodate everyone. Nearly

20 new

Youth Enrichment classes were offered.


children attended birthday parties at WCH.

Our tenants have a combined 328 years of not-for-profit status. All tenants utilize WCH for meeting space, hosting special events and office space. Winnetka Community House was home to 50 special events last year, including weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, memorials and anniversary parties. Over 7,000 guests attended these memorable events. WCH offered more than 200 educational, cultural, social and recreational programs for people of all ages.

$3,554 was awarded

in program scholarships to several families. We continued to partner with Children’s Theatre of Winnetka, Children’s Hour and Village Follies, who presented 21sold-out plays in our historic Matz Hall. Over 300 guests attended the Closing Ceremony of the Centennial events. The Fitness Centre received more than 92,000 visits. Over 250,000 individuals visit WCH annually. 13


financial statement of activities







Unrestricted Annual Giving Annual Fund Contributions Contributions to Board Designated Funds (See Note 2) Restricted Giving Total Contributions

297,897 250,000 89,116 637,013

7.7% 6.5% 2.3% 16.5%



Special Events




(A) COMMUNITY SERVICES (See Note 1 ) Programs and Facility Usage



$2,390,464 66.5%

2013 2012 Excess Excess Rev (EXP) Rev (EXP)





297,897 250,000 51,367 599,264

290,805 250,000 2,104 542,909






(185,783) 595,195

(155,167) 543,482

294,783 10,648

8.2% 0.3%

(294,783) (10,648) (305,431)

(279,387) (11,661) (291,048)






77,171 246,178 (426,483)

68,695 (100,463) (448,475)


Fundraising Expense Total Fundraising - Net of direct expenses

(C) ADMINISTRATION (See Note 3) General Expenses Loan Interest Total Administration Expenses Excess Revenue Before Non-Cash Items (See Note 4)



77,171 246,178

2.0% 6.4%


Investment activity, Board Designated Endowment Funds Investment Dividend & interest Income Reinvested Net Unrealized & Realized Losses Depreciation






100% $272,763 $(163,245)

Note 1: Community Services Expenses include Annual Giving allocations of Building expenses. Unrestricted Annual Fund . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $297,897 Note 2: Board Designated Funds are Contributions to Board Designated Funds. . . . . . . . . . . . . 250,000 unrestricted contributions that have been put (See Note 2) aside for specific purposes by action of the Restricted . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 89,116 Board of Governors. Total Annual Giving. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 637,013 Note 3: No Administrative Expense is allocated Programs and Facility Usage – 66.5% to Community Services in above schedule. Restricted Funds / Expenditures – 1% Excess Revenue, Fundraising Events Note 4: For year ended 2013, $250,000 of Woman’s Board. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $115,246 Revenue was designated by BoardFundraising as Board – 5.2%

Theater Groups. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54,017 Designated Funds, $55,169 of Revenue Specialwas Events – 6.9% Other . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12,451 used for Capital Improvements and $14,504 Depreciation – 11.9% of Revenue was used for Loan principal Total Excess Revenue, Fundraising Events . . . . . . . . . . 181,714 payments. Administration (General) – 8.2%


Total Giving. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $818,727

REVENUES = $3,865,371 Programs and Facility Usage – 64%

EXPENSES = $3,592,608 Programs and Facility Usage – 66.5% Restricted Funds / Expenditures – 1%

Contributions – 16.5%

Fundraising – 5.2%

Special Events – 11.1%

Special Events – 6.9%

Investment Activity, Board Designated Funds – 8.4%

Depreciation – 11.9% Administration (General) – 8.2% Loan Interest – 0.3%


Winnetka Community House gratefully recognizes the following individuals, businesses, corporations and foundations who supported its mission in Fiscal Year 2012-2013. Founding Father’s Society -- $20,000+ Anonymous (2) Kemper Educational & Charitable Fund Paul Bechtner Foundation

Stewardship Society Jim Bovaird Circle -- $10,000-$19,999 Mrs. James Bovaird Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Greenough Northern Trust Company

Douglas Smith Circle -- $5,000-$9,999 Anonymous (1) Mr. and Mrs. Clay Brock Mr. and Mrs. James G. Hansen Ms. Kathryn A. Mikells and Mr. Edward J. Harney North Shore Community Bank & Trust Company

Rudolph Matz Circle -- $2,500-$4,999 Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Delaney, Jr. DeWitt Stern Group, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Evanich Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Healy JP Morgan Chase Mr. and Mrs. C. Alex Moore Dr. Marian Powers and Mr. Belverd E. Needles Mrs. Donald W. Sampson Secure Futures Insurance Agency

Timmey Challenger Circle -- $1,000-$2,499 Anonymous (1) Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ashley Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Botica Mr. and Mrs. William A. Brandt, Jr. Mr. Daniel J. Callahan Mr. and Mrs. Dewey B. Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Donahoe The Ender Family Foundation (Jon and Linda Ender) Mr. Mark Ferguson and Ms. Elizabeth Yntema Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Fuller III Dr. and Mrs. Jason Glick Mr. and Mrs. Mike Golden Mr. and Mrs. Roger J. Grabowski Mr. and Mrs. William W. Graham Mr. and Mrs. David Grant Mr. and Mrs. John Gude


Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Heekin Mrs. J. William Holland Mr. and Mrs. William C. Ieuter J & H James Foundation (Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. James) Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Jones Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Larkins Mr. Richard J. Loewenthal Mr. and Mrs. John D. Mabie Ms. Melissa Mizel and Mr. Michael C. Edwards Mr. and Mrs. William P. Moffitt II Nanex LLC Mr. and Mrs. John D. Nichols Mr. and Mrs. Dale Park, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. John S. Ruey The Satter Foundation (Mr. Muneer A. Satter and Ms. Kristen H. Hertel) Mrs. Margaret F. Scott Mr. and Mrs. Adam Sichol Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Smith Mr. and Mrs. John B. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. David Spinney Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Stracks Ms. Katie Stuart Mr. and Mrs. Bert O. Sullivan, Jr. TransUnion Mr. and Mrs. Matthew B. Tritley Vail Family Foundation (Sylvia and James Vail Family) Mr. and Mrs. David A. Waimon Warwick Foundation (Mr. and Mrs. Scott Patterson and Mrs. Constance T. Patterson) Mr. and Mrs. Luke Webb Mr. and Mrs. Lawson Whitesides, Jr. Mr. Clyde F. Willian Winnetka-Northfield Rotary Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Wyner

Stewardship Society Gifts-in-Kind -- $1,000+ Catered by Design The Grand Food Center Ms. Kathryn A. Mikells and Mr. Edward J. Harney Northwest Mailing Service

Benefactor Society Sustainers Circle -- $500-$999 Anonymous (1) Mr. and Mrs. M. Naveed Anwar Mrs. Beatrice K. Bateman BMO Harris Bank N.A. Blakely and Harvey Bundy Mr. and Mrs. Fred Caruso Mr. William Coe Dr. and Mrs. Roger B. Cole Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Coley Mr. and Mrs. Mark Crane Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Crane




Mr. Daniel L. Creamean D & J Hirschmann Family Foundation (Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Hirschmann) Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Danoff Mr. and Mrs. David Durning Mr. and Mrs. John H. Ellwood Mr. and Mrs. Jim Farmer Mr. Gary S. Feinerman and Ms. Elizabeth Kohl Feinerman Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Finnerty First Bank & Trust – Winnetka Mr. and Mrs. Alan W. George Ms. Leslie Graham and Mr. Louis Kenter Mr. and Mrs. Elisha Gray III Beverly and Warren Hayford Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hines Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Horne Mrs. Nancy Witte Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Jast Ms. Elizabeth M. Landes and Mr. Barry Levenstam Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Leemputte Mrs. Nancy S. Lipsky Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Lolli Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Lyman, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Maguire Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. McCabe Ann and John McDermott McDonald’s Restaurant Morgan Stanley Morrison-Shearer Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Scott Myers Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Nielsen Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Papoutsis Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Petersen The Prudential Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Lon W. Ramsey, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David H. Resnicoff Mr. and Mrs. Yale Rieck Mr. and Mrs. Barry M. Sabloff Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Schriesheim Ellie and Frederick Schwimmer Dr. and Mrs. Charles Shabica, Ph.D. Mr. and Mrs. David Shelton Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Stevens Mr. and Mrs. Creed Tucker Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vorwald Mr. and Mrs. John B. Weber Mr. and Mrs. Brian Weis Mr. and Mrs. Ted Weldon Dr. and Mrs. Craig Westin Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. White Mr. and Mrs. William Wise Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Yohanan

Friends Circle -- $250-$499 Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Aland Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Albertson Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Alcorn Mr. Mark Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Baade Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Baird Mr. and Mrs. Brit J. Bartter Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Bechtel

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Berner, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David B. Birkenstein Bratschi Plumbing Co., Inc. Mr. James Brittingham Mr. Jack Buffington Mrs. Barbra Bukovac Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Cahill Mr. and Mrs. Michael Canmann Dr. and Mrs. Charles Carroll IV Dr. and Mrs. James L. Cavanaugh Mr. and Mrs. Faris F. Chesley Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Chesley Citibank Mr. and Mrs. John Christopher Mr. Jack Coladarci Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Conklin Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Cox Mrs. Edith A. Dunne Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Egan Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Ehmann Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Eisen Mr. Scott Ellwood and Ms. Suzanne M. Timble Mr. and Mrs. Mark Eskandari Mr. and Mrs. Ward Farnsworth Dr. and Mrs. John C. Ford Mr. and Mrs. Kevin B. Forman Ms. Nancy Gerrie and Mr. Richard Bowen Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gjertsen II Mr. and Mrs. David B. Golder Mrs. Joan J. Golder Dr. and Mrs. Leo I. Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Elisha P. Gould III Mr. and Mrs. John A. Hagenah Mr. Philippe Hans Ms. S. Ann Hartlage Mrs. Lois R. Heald Mr. and Mrs. Rob Healy Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Henner Ms. Barbara Hermansen Mr. and Mrs. James M. Herrmann Mr. and Mrs. Frederic W. Hickman Mr. Brian Higgins Ms. Michelle Hodalj Ms. Lisa Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Wade W. Judge Mr. and Mrs. John R. Keller Mr. and Mrs. George D. Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. James D. King Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kish Mrs. Kathryn Kligora and Mr. Scott Sognefest Ms. Kathleen Knaus Mr. and Mrs. Philip S. Krone Mrs. Penfield S. Lanphier Mr. and Mrs. Ian Larkin Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Lee Mr. and Mrs. Jon R. Lind Mr. and Mrs. Wayne P. Lockwood Loving Care Mr. and Mrs. James D. Lyons Mr. Joseph Manzi Mr. and Mrs. E. Davison Massey Mrs. Kathryn S. McCausland Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. McClenahan


Mr. and Mrs. John V. McClure Mr. and Mrs. Jim McGee Mr. and Mrs. John S. Mengel Ms. Jacqueline Miller Mrs. Claudia E. Miquelon Mr. and Mrs. John R. Montgomery III Mr. and Mrs. David Murdoch Mr. and Mrs. Chris Nielsen Ms. Pamela G. Paez Ms. Linda Pedian and Mr. Thomas Perraud Mr. and Mrs. David D. Peterson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Piekos Ms. ArLynn Presser Mr. and Mrs. John Puth Mr. and Mrs. A.M. Reynolds III Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Robitaille Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Rocap Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Rosenberg Mr. and Mrs. Jay Schiff Mr. and Mrs. Joe Senko Mr. and Mrs. Frank Serrino Mr. David J. Shanahan Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Silberman Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Robert Spencer Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Stuhley Mr. and Mrs. John B. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. James H. Swartchild, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William E. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. John T. Thomas Mrs. Suzy Falk Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Tinberg Mr. and Mrs. Ken Urbaszewski Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Viellieu Ms. Diane Walston Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Weaver Mr. and Mrs. William C. Weinsheimer Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Weller Mr. and Mrs. R.S. Wetoska Mr. Robert B. Zdenek and Ms. Elena B. Dreiske Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Yonan Mr. and Mrs. Norman Zimmerman

Contributors Circle -- $100-$249 Abbott Laboratories Fund Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Adler Mr. and Mrs. Khalid Alagel Mr. and Mrs. Ken Alt Dr. and Mrs. Proctor Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Vincent M. Aquilino Ms. Jacqueline Babb Dr. and Mrs. Carl Backer Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Bannon Mr. and Mrs. Wesley A. Baumann Mr. and Mrs. Eric Beatty Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Beemer Mr. and Mrs. Barry M. Berish Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Berning Mr. and Mrs. Loren Berry Mr. and Mrs. Robert Best Betty S. and Robert B. Frank Charitable Foundation


(Dr. Charles E. Frank and Ms. Karen Peters) Ms. Ann Bihrle Mrs. Mary Lou Bilder-Gold Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Bissell III Ms. Katherine Bliss Bliss Salon of Winnetka Mrs. Joyce Bottum Ms. Jean W. Brainerd Mr. and Mrs. Tom Brown Ms. Cassie Buccellato Mr. and Mrs. Dave Burden Mr. and Mrs. Michael Buscher Mr. and Mrs. Peter Butler The Canvasback Ltd. Center Street Foundation (Mr. and Mrs. Ernest MacVicar) Mr. and Mrs. Craig Chapman Ms. Ah Young Cho and Mr. Jim Chiu Mr. and Mrs. Marc Christman The Classic Stitch Mr. and Mrs. Frederick G. Coggin Mrs. Margaret R. Coladarci Mr. and Mrs. Luke M. Collins Mr. Jonathan R. Copulsky and Ms. Ellen C. Barreto Country Shop Mr. and Mrs. Colin Cross Mr. and Mrs. William T. Darnton Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dearborn de Giulio kitchen design Mr. and Mrs. Byron A. Denenberg Deutsche Bank Mr. and Mrs. Byram A. Dickes Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Dowding Mrs. Clarissa Y. Downey Mrs. Elizabeth Dustman Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Egan Ellen’s on Elm Dr. and Mrs. Theodore Eller Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Elliott Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Ferguson Mrs. Madeleine Fern Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Filippini Mr. and Mrs. John H. Fiore Alana Flatley and Family Mr. and Mrs. Marshall A. Fleischman Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Fragen Mrs. Zollie S. Frank Mr. and Mrs. John E. Freechack Dr. and Mrs. Willard A. Fry GE Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Robert Geraghty Mr. and Mrs. Ron E. Gilley Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Glenn Mr. and Mrs. Shea Goggin Mr. and Mrs. David Gordon Mr. Harry H. Grace III and Ms. Ingrid Anderson Grace Mrs. Penny Greenspahn Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hamm Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harre Mr. and Mrs. David Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Helle



Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Hill Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Hindsley Mrs. Florence A. Hollweg Mr. Michael J. Holmberg and Ms. Louise Berner-Holmberg Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Holme Mr. and Mrs. Walter V. Holt Jane Hopper, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Horwich Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Hossack Mr. and Mrs. William W. Howell Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Hoyt Mrs. Anja Hummel Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hunken Mr. and Mrs. John Iberle Indepth Graphics & Printing International Silver Plating, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Howard E. Jessen Mr. and Mrs. M.J. Jiaras Mr. and Mrs. James M. Johnson Mr. Robert S. Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Anthony L. Kambich Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Karmin Mr. and Mrs. Kurt B. Karmin Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kasten II Mr. and Mrs. John J. Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Kenyon Ms. Sharon L. King Mr. and Mrs. William T. Kirk, Jr. Mrs. Maureen L. Kleiderer Mr. and Mrs. D.S. Knaus Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kohler Mr. and Mrs. Sanfred Koltun Ms. Liz Kunkle Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Kurz Mr. and Mrs. David L. Landsittel Dr. and Mrs. Alan E. Lasser Mr. and Mrs. William J. Lawlor III Mr. and Mrs. Steven H. Lesnik Ms. Elizabeth Lewis Ms. Terri Lorenz Mr. and Mrs. Roger E. Lumpp II Mammel Foundation (Mr. and Mrs. Brian Balusek) Mr. and Mrs. James I. Marcus Mr. Timothy G. Martin and Ms. Kathryn C. Botica Mr. and Mrs. J. Kent Mathewson McCall Family Foundation (Mr. and Mrs. Matthew B. McCall) Ms. Katherine McCorkle Mr. Stuart McCrary and Ms. Nancy Davis Mr. and Mrs. Bradford McLane Mr. and Mrs. James D. McNitt Mr. and Mrs. Bruce McWhirter Dr. and Mrs. Richard N. Messersmith Mrs. A. Gerson Miller Mrs. Elinor E. Miller Mr. and Mrs. James A. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Michael Miller Mr. and Mrs. Roger H. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Eric Mogentale Mr. and Mrs. Tull Monsees Dr. and Mrs. E.D. Murphy

Ms. Karyn Murphy Mr. and Mrs. John W. Myers Dr. and Mrs. Charles F. Nadler Dr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Nielsen III Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nelson Mr. Leo P. Niemiec Mrs. Judith Oberman Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Oelerich Mr. and Mrs. David G. O’Neill Mrs. Luvie Owens Mr. and Mrs. Karl Palasz Mr. and Mrs. John S. Palmer Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Patterson Mrs. Cristina Persico Dr. and Mrs. David Peters Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell A. Petersen Mrs. Kay L. Pick Ms. April Potterfield Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Purcell Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Pyott Mr. and Mrs. John Raitt Mr. and Mrs. G. Alan Ramsay Mr. and Mrs. Edwin L. Read III Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Reed Mr. and Mrs. Bernard B. Rinella Drs. Paul Ringel and Michele A. Lorand Mr. Nat Roberts and Ms. Laura Zung Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Robinson Mrs. Elizabeth Rothermel Susan B. and Myron E. Rubnitz Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Sample Mr. Steve Sanders Mr. Robert P. Scales and Ms. Mary E. Keefe Mrs. Virginia O. Schoder Ms. Jean B. Schreiber Mr. and Mrs. David Schultz Mr. and Mrs. Walter D. Scott Mr. and Mrs. Robin Selati Mr. and Mrs. Sean Sell Ms. Mildred Shemluck Mr. and Mrs. James L. Sheridan Mr. and Mrs. William A. Shiel Mr. and Mrs. William N. Sick, Jr. Drs. Joseph and Edith Skom Mrs. Suzanne T. Smart Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Smith Mrs. Ann Smith Mrs. Virginia B. Sonnenschein Mr. and Mrs. Vernon T. Squires Ms. Lois Stanley Mr. and Mrs. E. Rowan Steinschneider Mr. and Mrs. Mark Stephan Dr. and Mrs. John H. Stone Mr. John W. Straub Mrs. Laura Summers Mr. and Mrs. Bernard M. Susman Ms. Amy Swartchild and Mr. Tom Gardella Mr. and Mrs. Carson Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Van Tassel Mr. and Mrs. John E. Townsend Mrs. Barbara M. Tubekis Mr. and Mrs. Gary T. Walther Mr. and Mrs. Todd E. Warnock


Mrs. Gwenyth B. Warton Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Weil, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David Weinberg Mr. and Mrs. Mark Westhoff Whole Beauty Institute (John Q. Cook, MD) Mr. and Mrs. Floyd E. Wike Ms. Judith Wilkinson Mrs. Erin Wilson Ms. Julie Windsor Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Wood Mr. and Mrs. William Worth Mr. and Mrs. William C.B. Wright Mrs. Theron Wright Mrs. Janice Yohanan Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Young Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Zemel Mr. and Mrs. Jay H. Zimbler

Donors Circle – Up to $99 Mr. and Mrs. Clinton S. Abbott, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. David L. Abrams, MD Mrs. L.R. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Mark Agnew Mrs. Lynn Aldape Dr. and Mrs. William C. Althoff Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Marius Andreasen Anonymous (2) Mr. Kenneth Arenberg and Ms. Susanne Swisher Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Ball Mr. and Mrs. Ron Baur Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Bendix, Jr. Mrs. Joyce B. Bishop Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bransfield Mr. and Mrs. Andy Brewer Mrs. Patricia H. Buehler Mrs. P.R. Caldwell Mr. and Mrs. James Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Chandler Ms. Debra Chuk Mrs. Cathy Compa Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Connor Mr. and Mrs. William H. Cooley, Jr. Ms. Maureen R. Creed Mr. Mark A. Crosley and Ms. Sheila B. Cohen Hon. Richard D. Cudahy and Dr. Janet S. Cudahy Ms. Sarah Cunningham-Warren Mr. and Mrs. David S. Curry Mr. and Mrs. John DiCola Mrs. Gina Sich Mr. and Mrs. Richard Doub Mr. and Mrs. C. Ronald Drucker Mr. and Mrs. William H. Eager Mr. and Mrs. William G. Eckart, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Tod Egan Mr. and Mrs. King C. Embry Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ennuso Mr. and Mrs. Ommid Farashahi Ms. Nikee Fellows Mr. and Mrs. Brian Flanigan Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Fox Dr. Charles Frank and Ms. Karen Peters


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Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Montgomery Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mulvaney Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Nagel Mr. E.M. Nevins and Ms. Nancy H. Nevins Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. O’Hara Ms. Betsy Owens Mrs. Charles W. Packer Mr. and Mrs. Robert Patin Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Pearson Mr. and Mrs. Richard Peterson Mr. and Mrs. David Pierce Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Pinaire Mr. Sean Pinney and Ms. Anne Malone Ms. Grace Poe Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Portland Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Prentice Mr. and Mrs. Craig Randall Mr. and Mrs. David Rasmussen Mr. Gordon A. Raymond Mr. and Mrs. James Robinson Mr. Dan R. Roin Mr. and Mrs. Jason Roney Mrs. Christine Ross Mr. and Mrs. Fred. C. Rusch Mr. and Mrs. James Russell Mr. Donald C. Rycroft Mr. and Mrs. Jay Saccaro Dr. and Mrs. John M. Sachs Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Samuels Mr. and Mrs. Chris Saponari Mr. and Mrs. Erik Scheier Mr. and Mrs. Steven D. Scherer Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Schneider Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Schuldt Mr. and Mrs. David Shpiz Ms. Rachel E. Sikich Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Smith Ms. Angeline B. Sopranos Ms. Sarah D. Sprowl Ms. Heather Stepan Dr. and Mrs. Neil J. Stone Mr. and Mrs. Lewis G. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sutter Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Sweeney Ms. Jacqueline Swenson Ms. Lynn W. Swenson Ms. Karen Templeton-Fell and Mr. Joe Fell Mr. Frank J. Tenbrink and Ms. Jeannine M. Cleary Mr. and Mrs. Scott Trench Mr. and Mrs. Don C. Trossman Ms. Jennifer Tucker Mr. and Mrs. Timothy H. Ubben Dr. and Mrs. Zalman P. Usiskin Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Van Arsdale Ms. Joan Vesselinovitch Mr. and Mrs. Peter Wade Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Wahl Ms. Christine K. Walker Mr. and Mrs. Eric Walker Dr. and Mrs. Sherwyn E. Warren Mrs. Jack Weinstein Mr. Orrin R. Williams


Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Willian Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wilson Ms. Carol Woodhead Ms. Deborah Wright Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Zabel, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Zielinski Mr. and Mrs. Albert Zimbler

Benefactor Society Gifts-In-Kind – Up to $999 Mrs. Mercedes Caruso Chalet Landscape Company Grand Food Center HomeMade Pizza Co. Mrs. M.L. Jast Ms. Joyce Bruce Jiaras Mrs. Ellen Moore Mrs. Susan Nelson UPS Store Viccino’s Pizza Mrs. Rachel Waimon Windy City Linen The Winnetka Wine Shop

Corporations, Foundations and Organizations Abbott Laboratories Fund Betty S. and Robert B. Frank Charitable Foundation Bliss Salon of Winnetka BMO Harris Bank N.A. Bratschi Plumbing Co., Inc. The Canvasback, Ltd. Catered by Design Center Street Foundation Citibank The Classic Stitch Country Shop de Giulio kitchen design Deutsche Bank DeWitt Stern Group, Inc. D & J Hirschmann Family Foundation Ellen’s on Elm The Ender Family Foundation First Bank & Trust – Winnetka GE Foundation Google Matching Gifts Program The Grand Food Center Indepth Graphics & Printing International Silver Plating, Inc. J & H James Foundation Jane Hopper, Inc. JP Morgan Chase Kemper Educational & Charitable Fund Lakeside Foods Lance L. Knox and Mary E. Lambert Family Charitable Foundation Loving Care Mammel Foundation Mark Vend Company McCall Family Foundation McDonald’s Restaurant Morgan Stanley Morrison-Shearer Foundation Nanex LLC

Northern Trust Company North Shore Community Bank & Trust Company Paul Bechtner Foundation The Prudential Foundation The Satter Foundation Secure Futures Insurance Agency TransUnion Vail Family Foundation Warwick Foundation Whole Beauty Institute Winnetka-Northfield Rotary Charitable Foundation

Matching Gift Businesses and Foundations Abbott Laboratories Fund BMO Harris Bank N.A. Deutsche Bank GE Foundation Google Matching Gifts Program The Prudential Foundation TransUnion Winnetka-Northfield Rotary Charitable Foundation

Endowment Anonymous

Garden Under the Arches Mrs. James Bovaird

Stephen Dustman Memorial Scholarship Fund Mrs. Elizabeth Dustman

In Memorium

S. Richard Kaplan Timothy P. McCabe and the Winnetka Community House Staff Jan Keogh Timothy P. McCabe and the Winnetka Community House Staff Bill Kerrigan The Village Follies Frank Kirschbraun Mrs. L.R. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Connor Ms. Maureen R. Creed Mr. and Mrs. Nels B. Huse Ms. Anita M. Jeske Mr. and Mrs. David E. Koslakiewicz Mr. and Mrs. Gary G. Kubesch Mr. and Mrs. Jack T. LaBlonde Mr. and Mrs. Allan G. Lorge Mr. and Mrs. David J. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Rusch Ms. Rachel E. Sikich Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Smith Ms. Jacqueline Swenson Ms. Lynn W. Swenson Mr. and Mrs. Peter Wade Ms. Deborah Wright Mr. and Mrs. William C.B. Wright Patricia Loftis The Village Follies

Ruth Abelson Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Jones Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Papoutsis Mr. and Mrs. Jay Schiff Timothy P. McCabe and the Winnetka Community House Staff

Gary Modes Timothy P. McCabe and the Winnetka Community House Staff

Alvina Breckel Timothy P. McCabe and the Winnetka Community House Staff Woman’s Board of Winnetka Community House

Everett P. “Tuck” Weaver Mr. and Mrs. Barry M. Berish Mr. Mark A. Crosley and Ms. Sheila B. Cohen Ms. Patricia A. Gerding Mr. Charles H. Ingram Mr. Robert S. Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Philip S. Krone Mr. and Mrs. Lon W. Ramsey, Jr. Timothy P. McCabe and the Winnetka Community House Staff Mrs. Suzy Falk Thompson Mr. Clyde F. Willian

J. David Brock Mrs. J. William Holland Timothy P. McCabe and the Winnetka Community House Staff Lowrece Ceasor Timothy P. McCabe and the Winnetka Community House Staff George Fait Timothy P. McCabe and the Winnetka Community House Staff Ray Haase Timothy P. McCabe and the Winnetka Community House Staff William Jauss Timothy P. McCabe and the Winnetka Community House Staff

Nancy Polydiris The Village Follies

Robert Wilkinson The Village Follies

In Honor Carol Hansen Mrs. Joan Evanich Timothy P. McCabe, Gina Sich and Louise Holland Mrs. Barbara M. Tubekis Connie Yonan Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Hirschmann


Winnetka Community Nursery School

By providing a rich and creative curriculum, highly qualified staff, opportunities for parental involvement and partnership and a sense of school community, Winnetka Community Nursery School (WCNS) strives to be a model of excellence in early childhood education. Preschool classes are offered for children ages two through four in addition to afternoon enrichment programs for children ages three through kindergarten. WCNS was founded during World War II and continues to be a thriving educational institution in the community. WCNS runs the Winnetka Children’s Fair, a 67-year-old community event held each year in June, kicking off summer for local children. Please visit our website,, for more information.

North Shore Art League

The second floor of Winnetka Community House has been home to the League for over 89 years. Art classes, workshops, lectures and special art events are held in both the sky-lit studio built for the League in 1932 and in the fully-equipped print room. As the only art center in Winnetka, NSAL fills a strong educational and cultural need in the community. The League maintains strong ties throughout the community. Last year, NSAL partnered with Winnetka Community House on its 100th Anniversary Reaching for the Stars Art Project. Among other collaborations were the New Trier Township Peer Jury Program, providing volunteer opportunities to youth identified as being “at risk” and participation in various Winnetka Park District events. The League also offers annual scholarships to graduating New Trier High School students who exhibit excellence in the arts. Visit or for more information.

The Junior League of EvanstonNorth Shore

The Junior League of Evanston-North Shore is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. To learn more about the JLE-NS, or if you are interested in becoming a member, visit





(Winnetka Youth Organization) The Winnetka Youth Organization (also known as The YO to its teen participants) continues to be the only youth serving agency of its kind in Winnetka. We are proud to report another year of popular programming and services to over 1,000 of the area’s young people. The organization offers a variety of safe, substance-free activities after school and on the weekends that range from recreation, social service, education, and leadership opportunities that take place in addition to our open drop-in center hours. Our popular monthly concerts and open mic nights not only offer our teen musicians and performers an outlet for positive self-expression, they also serve a vital role for our attendees who choose to spend their weekend nights in our positive, substance free space. In addition to our monthly service projects, we also take an annual summer service trip and have worked with Habitat for Humanity the past two years to give teens a meaningful community service experience in a different part of the country. We have a great Youth Board who is very engaged and committed to the success of the center and our programs. By offering a variety of programming and continuing to build a strong community of teens who love the “YO,� we are thrilled to share that over 80% of teens we have surveyed identify that our services have allowed them to gain or improve upon their community involvement, responsibility, and generosity. To find out more about our events and services, please visit our website at or find us on Facebook!

Open Communities

Founded by local activists in 1972, Open Communities is a leading voice for housing, economic and social justice in north suburban Chicago, working to promote inclusive communities that are welcoming to all. Its membership includes local residents and over 60 congregations and civic organizations. A not-for-profit organization, its wide array of free and confidential services includes investigation of housing discrimination and landlord/tenant complaints, foreclosure and predatory lending counseling and prevention, Homesharing, immigrant leadership development, education justice, fair housing education and advocacy, and grassroots organizing.


Help WCH Grow With Your Generous Donation! Decorator’s Dream Purchase new furniture for the lobby. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $25,000 Bring in the Performers Sponsor a Performing Arts Event. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $10,000 No Pain, No Gain! Sponsor new equipment in the Fitness Centre. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $5,000 You’ve Got Mail Underwrite the mailing of one issue of the Program Guide . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $3,500 Say “Boo!” Underwrite the cost of our annual Haunted House. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2,500 Plant A Seed Underwrite planting of Pachysandra in the Garden Under the Arches. . . . . . . . .$2,500 Face-lift Anyone? Refinish the gym floor. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,500 Cute as a Button Sponsor a Dance Recital. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,000 School’s Out! What do we do with the kids? Sponsor a WCH Showcase. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $500 Mid-summer’s Dream Underwrite an Animal Show for Cornflakes Summer Camp . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $500 Service With A Smile Purchase serving platters, bowls and utensils for general use. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $500 Warm and Cozy Fund the laundry bill for a month in the Fitness Centre. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $250 For more information, contact Director of Development Alana Flatley at (847) 881-9316 or e-mail

Do You Have a Valid Will? Recent statistics reveal that of the 2.5 million persons who die each year in the United States, only 30 percent have a will, and many of those are not valid. A will can ensure that your desires are fulfilled. If you have dependent children, you can designate who will care for them. You can specify who will handle the closing of the estate. You can time the distribution of gifts to children and grandchildren. You can designate the giving of


specific items to family members and friends. You can make provisions to support charitable organizations. A will puts you in control and allows you to make decisions according to your concerns and commitments. We encourage you to call your attorney and make an appointment to have your will prepared or updated. Regardless of whether or not you include Winnetka Community House, please do this for yourself.


Winnetka Community House 620 Lincoln Avenue Winnetka, IL 60093


Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Permit No. 50 Winnetka, IL

2012–2013 WCH Annual Report  

Annual Report of activities and fundraising at Winnetka Community House

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