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Victorian Order of Nurses

Community Health Guide



Your source for information about VON Canada programs and services, as well as other services available in the community.

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VON QUICK FACTS: • The Victorian Order of Nurses for Canada – VON – is a non profit charitable organization founded in Ottawa, Ontario Canada on January 29, 1897. • History – VON was founded by Lady Aberdeen, wife of Canadian Governor General – Lord Aberdeen, while visiting Vancouver British Columbia in 1896. While in BC Lady Aberdeen heard many stories of women and children alone in remote parts of Canada with basically no access to health care. While at a meeting of the National Council for Women in Halifax Nova Scotia she was asked to create an order of visiting nurses for Canada. This was to be a memorial for the 60th anniversary of Queen Victoria’s ascent to the throne of the British Empire. • In 1897 the 1st nurse training program was established at VON in Ottawa, Ontario. The 1st 12 VON nurses graduated in November 1897. • In 1898 one of the first high profile projects was a call to women to join the VON Klondike contingent. Candidates had to be unmarried, at least 28 years old and be a graduate of a recognized nursing school. They were warned they would have to dress very plainly and not curl or crimp their hair. Four nurses were selected from Canada, one from England. When


they reached Dawson they found their skills desperately needed to care for the many victims of the typhoid epidemic that was raging through the Klondike. • The First VON sites were quickly organized in the cities of Ottawa, Mont real, Toronto, Halifa x, Vancouver and Kingston. • VON nurses have helped Canada through many incidents including the Halifax Explosion in 1917, Influenza Epidemic in 1918, The Great Depression, and World Wars 1 and 11. • VON continues its courageous legacy of building community capacity, creating opportunities for people to work together to meet their needs and those of their friends and neighbours. • VON Canada has more than 13,000 staff volunteers in 52 sites across Canada • 4,500 staff (Simcoe County – 65) • 9,000 volunteers (Simcoe County – 175 volunteers – donate 6,255 hours/year with a system cost saving of $147,235) • VON’s sites provide over 75 different home nursing, corporate health, volunteers, personal/home support and other services to Canadians in thousands of communities from coast to coast.


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Table of Contents: About VON in Canada & Simcoe County.................................... 4

- Early History of VON Simcoe County - VON Vision/Mission - Core Values - Philosophy

Community Support Services................... 7

- - -

Adult Day Program & Weekend Respite Home At Last (SMART) Seniors Maintaining Active Roles TogetherÂŽ

Home Support Services........................ 10

- In Home Respite and Enrichment Program

Volunteer with VON............................. 12 Help VON Care for Others................... 15 Index of Community Advertisers........... 16 Community Health Guide

For more information regarding any of our programs or services, please contact: VON SIMCOE COUNTY SITE 14 Cedar Pointe Dr., Unit 1501 Barrie, ON L4N 5R7 Phone: (705) 737-5044 or 1-800-565-4145 www.von.ca Charitable # 88702 7514 RR0001


Early History of VON Simcoe County In Simcoe County, and specifically in Barrie, a group of people who were interested in forming a community nursing association met at the Police Court on June 6, 1921. Almost two years later at a public meeting on Monday January 15, 1923, the first by-laws for the Barrie branch of the Victorian Order of Nurses were adopted. One nurse was hired to provide care for Barrie. Gradually nurses were added to the roster with one nurse in Orillia being added in 1935 and ten years later one nurse being added in Collingwood. For almost 20 years there was little growth in the county and these branches remained as one nurse and treated people in their own communities. Types of visits made by these nurses included post-surgical, pre-natal instructive, post-natal instructive, infant welfare, and social service. They administered to patients suffering from Typhoid, pneumonia and tuberculosis. Nurses worked eight hours daily and only attended to urgent cases on Sundays. Members of the Orillia, Collingwood and Barrie branches met on September 10, 1968 to consider and finalize amalgamation of these three branches into VON Simcoe County Branch. By 1969, the amalgamation was completed and VON service was extended into the Alliston area. The year following, services were extended into Midland.



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VON Vision/Mission Vision – Health Starts at Home: VON will be Canada’s leading charitable organization, addressing community health and social needs.

Mission – VON works in partnership with Canadians for a healthier society: VON, a charity guided by the principles of primary health care, works in partnership with Canadians for a healthier society through: 1. Leadership in community – based care. 2. Delivery of innovative, comprehensive health and social services. 3. Influence in the development of health and social policy.

Community Health Guide


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Core Values:

• Respect • Participation • Responsiveness • Courage

Philosophy: VON, a national registered charity, addresses the health needs of people in Canada through services provided by; nurses, other health professionals, support service workers and volunteers. As a major provider of nursing and other services, in the home and community – VON believes that: 1. Individuals have primary responsibility for their own health. 2. The maintenance of health directly and positively affects the quality of their lives. 3. The value and dignity of human life is respected. 4. Individuals have the right to accept or refuse health care and to participate with health professionals in making decisions about and plans for the provision of their care. Individuals and families are supported, so as to enable them to live and to meet death in comfort and with dignity. 5. Access to comprehensive, compassionate, family and community centered health care is the right of all individuals regardless of their ability to pay. 6. Health care providers work in partnership to develop, implement and evaluate services which respond to the expressed needs of individuals, families and communities in keeping with the principles of primary health care.



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Community Support Services Community Support Services are offered through a variety of professional and volunteer programs.

VON Simcoe County site offers:

Adult Day Programs (ADP) – VON Adult Day Programs are designed to provide respite for family caregivers and to support and maintain client health, ability and independence. These programs are an opportunity for older adults who are frail, isolated, or who may have a disability, cognitive impairment or chronic illness, to socialize with others in a safe, supportive environment. Members of the ADP enjoy two daily nutritional breaks as well as lunch. Members benefit from a structured predictable environment that supports independence. The VON Adult Day Programs in Simcoe County are dedicated and committed to delivering quality programs that meet the needs of participants through therapeutic recreational programs based on Montessori principals. Members are given the opportunity to achieve their optimal level of intellectual, physical and social capabilities. Activities are tailored to meet the individual needs and to promote participation as well as personal enjoyment. Activities include but not limited to: Community Health Guide


von simcoe county • Exercise routines • Horticultural • Billiards • Health promotion • Crafts • Music programs

Adult Day Programs- Overnight Respite WeekendsThis program is designed for established Adult Day Program participants. The participants stay at the ADP from Friday to Sunday and enjoy homemade meals, social and recreational activities and are assisted with personal care if required. The program is offered at the Barrie, Beeton and Collingwood Adult Day Program sites. There is a reasonable cost for this program. VON Adult Day Program – Barrie 10 Brooks St, Barrie, ON L4N 5L3 705 720-2532 VON Adult Day Program – Beeton 5988 8th Line, Beeton, ON L0G 1A0 905 729-0700 VON Adult Day Program – Collingwood 49 Raglan St. Collingwood, ON L9Y 4X1 705 444-2457 VON Adult Day Program - Orillia 4337 Burnside Line Unit 10 Orillia ON L3V 6J3 Tel: 705-326-7505

Home at Last (HAL)

Phone (800) 565-4145 x 223 or (705) 737-5044 x 223 Home at Last is a free service that provides worry – free patient transition from hospital to home for seniors. Personal Support Workers (PSW) can assist the client with picking up groceries, prescriptions and medical supplies/ equipment if required. While at home, the PSW can perform light housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation and assist with personal care. This program services all hospitals within North Simcoe Muskoka.



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SMART (Seniors Maintaining Active Roles Together) The VON Canada SMART program provides support to adults 55+ who wish to improve their strength, balance and flexibility regardless of their current ability level. SMART exercise classes are facilitated by exercise leaders who receive specialized training and ongoing education to deliver safe, appropriate physical activities designed for successful aging. The exercises can be modified, allowing participants to exercise safely within their own ability and comfort levels. Healthy Aging and Falls Prevention classes are available to individuals wishing to learn strategies to maintain their independence safely within their home. The classes cover a variety of topics including bone health, nutrition, medication, home safety and brain health, among others. SMART group exercise classes are held in retirement homes and community sites across Simcoe County and Muskoka. The SMART in-home exercise program is available to individuals who are unable to leave their homes to join a group class. Participants can enrol themselves or be referred by healthcare providers, family or friends. To register for classes, or to find out more information about these programs, please contact your local VON SMART office: Barrie (705) 737-5044 x221 Orillia (705) 326-7021 Collingwood/Wasaga Beach/Midland/Penetanguishene (705) 355-2200 Muskoka (705) 787-1996

Community Health Guide


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Home Support Services Home Support is provided to millions of Canadians each year by VON. VON Simcoe County site offers:

In-Home Respite and Enrichment Program

Phone (705) 737-5044 x 224 or (800) 565-4145 x 224 The Respite and Enrichment Program is an in-home service that provides periodic short-term care for an individual who is unable to stay home unattended. The service provides an interval of relief to caregivers, allowing them an opportunity to rest, take holidays, go shopping, attend meetings, go to medical appointments and visit with friends or any other social activities. The service is available to individuals who are caring for a person with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia. Pre-scheduled respite shifts are a minimum of three hours, extending to a maximum of 13 hours. Service is available based on program funding and staff availability. The Respite and Enrichment Program is based on a fee for service model. The service is billed on a monthly basis.



von simcoe county The Respite Care Workers can provide personal care assisting with dressing, toileting and bathing. Planning and preparing nutritious meals and snacks. Monitoring and maintaining household and client safety. Assist with pre-poured medications and assist with local outings including shopping, hair cuts and restaurant visits. In addition, our Respite Care Workers provide a variety of meaningful activities including; listening to music, reading, playing games and light exercise and companionship. A client service plan will be tailored to fit the specific needs of the client. All Respite Care Workers are certified Personal Support Workers (PSW’s) are registered with Personal Support Network of Ontario (PSNO). VON PSW’s have experience working with cognitively impaired individuals and some are trained in Activation Techniques. The role of the Respite Care Worker is meant to be seen as an extension of family caregivers. .

Community Health Guide


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Volunteer With VON A Community Team Volunteers are central to VON’s Mission, working partnership with VON staff to develop, implement and deliver services that meet community needs. We have a role for you!

VON Volunteers are: • Warm and caring • Dependable, patient and trustworthy • Good communicators • From all walks of life • Willing to give back to their community through sharing their time and talents

Discover the Joy of being a VON Volunteer Here is a sample of the exciting volunteer opportunities that may be available to you:

SMART Group Exercise Program SMART Exercise Program volunteers receive extensive training through the VON SMART Program Coordinator in order to be qualified Senior’s Fitness Instructors. The Program Coordinator at VON mentors volunteers during this process until



von simcoe county they are comfortable in leading the weekly exercise groups on their own. VON provides all the training at no charge to the volunteer. Please contact the SMART Program Coordinator in your area, if you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Seniors Fitness Instructor or playing a supporting role by welcoming participants and helping to keep our groups running smoothly.

Smart In-Home Program SMART In-Home Volunteers receive a one-day training session in carefully designed exercises to assist older housebound adults to maintain or increase their level of fitness. Volunteers then visit a participant’s home on a weekly basis to lead them through this series of exercises and encourage them toward their goal of improved mobility. The SMART Program Coordinator mentors the volunteers and VON provides all the training at no cost to the volunteer. Administrative Support Administrative volunteers assist during regular business hours at the VON office or other off site locations. Volunteers assist with filing, photocopying, faxing, bookkeeping, data entry, etc. Adult Day Programs Do you have talent or a skill you would like to share with our Adult Day Program participants? Become a Volunteer!

How to Become a Volunteer with VON It is as easy as calling the VON office and expressing your interest in becoming a VON volunteer. VON will ask that you: • Complete a confidential application form. • Attend an interview with the Manager or Coordinator of the Program that you wish to volunteer with and successfully complete our screening process. • Participate in training and orientation appropriate to your Volunteer position. After completing these steps, you will become involved with a program that suits your interests, skills and experience.

When you become a VON Volunteer, we will: • Match your strengths, interests and available time to a volunteer role that’s right for you. • Give you a clear picture of the position requirements and the training to do it well. Community Health Guide


von simcoe county • Support you in your volunteer role through regular contact. • Provide ongoing educational opportunities to assist you in your role and to introduce you to new opportunities and friends. • Give you the care and appreciation you deserve.

“Volunteers are central to VON’s Mission.”



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Help VON Care for Others You can help VON provide care that supports people to remain at home and deal with health crisis with dignity. Your generous donation will directly help people in your community who need it most and insure that VON (Victoria Order of Nurses) will be there to care for you and your family when you need us. VON Simcoe County helps many individuals and their families each year through community – based programs developed to help people of all ages cope with illness, injury, isolation, disability or the end of life, while living as independently as possible in the comfort of their own homes. Today’s realities are tough. Hospital stays are shorter; chronic diseases such as diabetes are on the rise; and our population is getting older as people are living longer than ever before. Families are pressured, absorbing more and more responsibilities in caring for loved ones with fewer resources. Many older people are isolated and do not have access to adequate care. VON’s caring programs were designed to meet community health needs. For more than 112 years, VON Simcoe County has been by the side of those in need, providing high quality and compassionate home care and community services. As a national organization, VON is the largest and most respected registered charitable healthcare organizations, with a network of more than 16,000 staff and volunteers who provide services in 1,300 communities from coast to coast. All donations made to VON Simcoe County remain in the communities served by the site since 1897. If you wish to support the work of VON, or learn more about how you can make a difference in the lives that follow, please write or call: VON Simcoe County 14 Cedar Pointe Drive, Unit 1501 Barrie, ON L4N 5R7 Phone: (705) 737-5044 / 1-800-565-4145 Secure on-line donations may be made at: www.von.ca

Until There Is A Cure THERE IS VON CARE

Community Health Guide


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Community Health Guide


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Community Health Guide


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Community Health Guide



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Your Health Care - Be Involved


Community Health Guide


VON Simcoe County 14 Cedar Pointe Drive, Unit 1501 Barrie, ON L4N 5R7 Phone: (705) 737-1903 / 1-800-565-4145 – Fax: (705) 737-1903 Secure on-line donations may be made at: www.von.ca Until There Is A Cure THERE IS VON CARE

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Victorian Order of Nurses Simcoe County, Ontario - Community Health Guide  

Victorian Order of Nurses Simcoe County, Ontario - Community Health Guide

Victorian Order of Nurses Simcoe County, Ontario - Community Health Guide  

Victorian Order of Nurses Simcoe County, Ontario - Community Health Guide