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PATIENT SERVICES DIRECTORY brought to you by The Patient Education Program

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Apply soap

Wet hands

Se sécher les mains 抹乾雙手 Seque as mãos Séquese las manos

Dry hands

Rinse hands

Se rincer les mains 沖洗雙手 Enxague as mãos Enjuáguese las manos

Prendre du savon 塗肥皂 Ensaboe Aplíquese jabón en las manos


Fermer les robinets à l’aide d’une serviette de papier 用抹手紙關閉水龍頭 Feche as torneiras usando o papel toalha Cierre la llave de agua con una toalla de papel

Turn taps off with paper towel

Se frotter les mains pendant 15 secondes 洗手15秒 Lave as mãos por 15 segundos Enjabónese las manos por 15 segundos


Cómo lavarse las manos

Wash hands for 15 seconds

Como lavar as suas mãos

Se mouiller les mains 弄濕雙手 Umedeça as mãos Mójese las manos




Comment se laver les mains

How to wash your hands


Table of Contents About UHN

UHN’s Purpose, Values and Principles.............................................5 myUHN Patient Portal..........................6 Patient Bill of Rights & Responsibilities................................7 Health Questions You Need to Ask.....8 Six Things You Can Do to Take Part in Your Care.................................8 Patient Partnerships............................9

General Information for Patients & Visitors

Getting to the Hospital..................10-12 • Directions (including Public Transit) & Map......................(10) • Parking.................................(10) • Getting around at TGH - Maps .................................(12) Admission to the Hospital..................13 • General Information..............(13) • What to Bring and What to Leave at Home........(13) Your Health Care Team................14-16 • Clinical Nutrition...................(15) • Nursing.................................(15) • Occupational Therapy..........(15) • Pharmacy.............................(15) • Physiotherapy.......................(16) • Social Work..........................(16) • Speech-Language Pathologists..........................(16) • Spiritual Care Department....(16)

Protecting Your Privacy......................17 • How We Handle Your Information...........................(17) • Sharing of Personal Information...........................(17) • Your Rights & Choices.........(17) Patient Accounts & Billing..................18 Visiting Hours & Guidelines...............18 Discharge Planning & Patient Resources....................................19-20 • Social Work & Discharge Planning Office.....................(20) • “My Surgery” Patient Education Guide...................(20)

Services at Toronto General Hospital

Accommodations...............................21 • Out-of-Town Visitors.............(21) • Additional Option for Princess Margaret (PM) Outpatients...(21) • Hospital Inpatients................(21) Food & Retail Services .....................22 • Inpatient meals.....................(22) • Food Court, Ground Level, Norman Urquhart Building....(22) • Retail Services.....................(23) • Tutti Fruitti............................(23) • TGH Gift and Health Shop...(23) • Vending Machines................(23) • Bank Machines (ATM)..........(23) For Your Safety..................................24 • Delirium................................(24) • Infection Prevention & Control..............................(24) • Medication Safety.................(25) • Patient Identification Safety..(25) • Security................................(25)

PLEASE NOTE: We are constantly changing to meet your needs. The information presented here may be subject to change.



• • • • • • • • •

Disruptive Behaviour............(25) Fire Precautions...................(25) Flowers & Plants..................(25) Service Animals and Household Pets....................(26) Wheelchairs and Assistive Devices.................................(26) Smoke-Free Environment....(26) Scent-Free Environment......(26) Appliances............................(26) Balloons................................(26)

Other Services...................................28 • Information Desk..................(28) • Internet Access.....................(28) • Navigator Service.................(29) • Lost and Found....................(29) • Mail Delivery.........................(29) • Newspapers.........................(29) • Patient & Family Education Program at Toronto General Hospital................................(29) • Patient Relations / UHN Patient Ombudsman....(31) • Reading Material..................(31) • Telephone Services..............(31) • Bedside Services..................(31) • Cellphone and other Device Usage.......................(31) • Information Telephones (Locating a Patient)..............(32) • Television Service.................(32)

Transportation....................................32 • Ambulance Services.............(32) • Wheel Trans Services..........(32) • Canadian Cancer Society Volunteer Transportation......(32) • Taxi Service..........................(33) • UHN Medical Interpreters.....(33) • Intérpretes médicos de UHN.................................(33) • Gli interpreti medici dell’UHN...............................(33) • Intérpretes médicos da UHN.................................(34) • ............................................ (33) • UHN Shuttle Bus Service and Schedule.......................(34) • UHN Website........................(35) • Volunteer Resources............(35) • Peter Munk Cardiac Patient Visiting Volunteer Services ...35)

Please Donate to the Hospital Foundation

The Foundations of University Health Network (Donation Information).........36 • Patient Education Donation Form.....................................(38)

Contributing Advertisers Community Vendors..........................40

Need help? Hospital Contact Information

Toronto General Hospital 200 Elizabeth St. Toronto, ON M5G 2C4 Main Telephone line: 416 340 4800

Donations/ Foundation

TGH Foundation: 416 340 3935

Web site

Administrative Offices

General Inquiries: 416 340 3111 Emergency: 416 340 3946 To reach a patient call Patient Inquiry: 416 340 3131 Patient Relations Complaints/Compliments: 416 340 4907 Public Affairs: 416 340 3895 Lost Articles/ Security: 416 340 4111

UHN’s Purpose Transforming lives and communities through excellence in care, discovery and learning

Our Primary Value and above all else, the needs of patients come first

Values Safety, Compassion, Teamwork, Integrity, Stewardship


The needs of patients come first

When I live these words… SAFETY

I take personal responsibility for patient and workplace safety by: • self-checking, double-checking and partnering with colleagues to avoid errors • communicating clearly and accurately • asking questions and expecting questions to be asked about practice • speaking up for safety without fear of retaliation, intimidation, harassment or discrimination


I have care and concern for others by: • showing interest and concern and actively listen to understand the views and needs of others • greeting others, and speaking in ways that are easily understood • listening and responding in a calm, compassionate manner regardless of the situation • living up to UHN’s standards for customer service by making those we serve my highest priority


I am committed to supporting my colleagues by: • viewing all my colleagues as valued and trusted members of the team, regardless of position, experience, role or title and always communicating honestly and respectfully • contributing to my work group in positive ways and supporting the efforts of others to build our team • treating all colleagues with respect and dignity; valuing differences in background, culture and ethnicity • listening to and considering constructive feedback provided by others


I conduct myself with integrity by: • being trustworthy and behaving ethically • taking concerns raised by others seriously and seeking resolution • respecting privacy and confidentiality of patients and employees and adhering to UHN’s policies and regulatory requirements • taking responsibility for resolving problems and asking for help when issues go beyond my ability, scope or authority


I use resources wisely by: • carefully managing the use of healthcare, research, teaching and operational resources • developing and employing our health human resources for optimal quality and safety • holding myself and others accountable for achieving performance expectations • working efficiently and effectively to eliminate waste (time, supplies, natural resources, etc.)

Safest healthcare for patients and staff

Kindness and respect in every interaction

Collaboration, Cooperation, and Diversity

Ethics, Respect, and Responsibility

Optimize our resources for the greater common good

...I am living UHN’s values.


Patient Portal myUHN Patient Portal is a secure website that lets you: ›

see your appointments and results as soon as they are ready

find education resources

share your information with others

Get your health record online to: ›

prepare for appointments with your health care provider

track and manage your care

Sign up today! Ask for your registration code when you check in for your next appointment


If you have any questions, please contact myUHN Support:

Phone: 416 340 3777 Email:




Patient Bill of As Rights and Responsibilities a Patient, you have: Patient Bill of Rights and Responsibilities As a Patient, you have: As a Patient, you have:

RIGHTS RIGHTS CARE AND COMMUNICATION ANDhigh COMMUNICATION • CARE To receive quality patient care that is from discrimination, abuse care or harm •free To receive high quality patient that is free from discrimination, abuse or harm • To be treated with compassion and respect • To be treated with compassion and respect • To give input about your plan of care and •toToget give about your ofto care and theinput information youplan need make to get the information you need to make informed decisions informed decisions • To have your privacy respected • To have your privacy respected • To know the name and role of the members •ofTo know the name and role of the members your health care team of your health care team • To expect that the members of your health •care To expect thattalk thewith members of your to health team will one another make careyou team talk withcare one another to make sure getwill consistent sure you get consistent care • To get the right information and education • To get the right information and education about your diagnosis, treatment and about your diagnosis, treatment and prognosis in a language you understand prognosis in a language you understand • To share your concerns and get answers to • To share your concerns and get answers to your questions your questions CHOICE CHOICE • •ToToaccept, accept,ask askfor forororrefuse refusetreatment, treatment,to to the the extent extentpermitted permittedby bythe thelaw law • •ToToexpect expectthat thatyour youradvance advancedirectives directives for for end of life care will be followed end of life care will be followed • •ToTohave havevisitors, visitors,unless unlessthis thisinterferes interfereswith with the the well-being, rights or safety of you or others well-being, rights or safety of you or others

RESPONSIBILITIES RESPONSIBILITIES CARE AND COMMUNICATION AND COMMUNICATION •CARE To understand that verbal or physical abuse of patients and willphysical not be abuse tolerated • staff, To understand thatvisitors verbal or of staff, patients and visitors will not be tolerated • To be respectful of other patients, visitors, and staff • To be respectful of other patients, visitors, and staff • To take part in your treatment plan to the best • of To your take part in your treatment plan to the best ability of your ability • To understand that a treatment you ask for may • not To understand that ask for may be provided if itaistreatment medicallyyou or ethically not be provided if it is medically or ethically inappropriate inappropriate • To understand that the needs of other patients • may To understand needs of other sometimesthat be the more urgent than patients your own may sometimes be more urgent than your own • To understand that because UHN is a teaching • hospital, To understand that because UHN a teaching supervised students willisbe helping to hospital, supervised students will be helping to care for you care for you • To be honest about your personal health • To be honest about your personal health information information CHOICE CHOICE • To give valid Power of Attorney documentation • To give valid Power of Attorney documentation to your health care team, in case you become to your health care team, in case you become incapable of making treatment decisions for incapable of making treatment decisions for yourself yourself •• To take part part in in your yourdischarge dischargeplanning planningand andinin To take your transfer to to another anotherfacility facilityififyou yourequire requirean an your transfer alternate level of care alternate level of care •• To keep track track of of and andlook lookafter afteryour yourpersonal personal To keep property and valuables property and valuables

age. epage. Created byby Patient Relations (Patient Created Patient Relations (PatientOmbudsman), Ombudsman), UHN 416-340-4907 / UHN 416-340-4907 /



HEALTH QUESTIONS YOU NEED TO ASK 1. What is my main problem?


2. What do I need to do?



3. Why is it important for me to do this?



Adapted from Ask Me 3 TM

SIX THINGS YOU CAN DO TO TAKE PART IN YOUR CARE 1. Write down your questions when you see your health care provider. Ask them to explain in “plain language”. 2. Tell your health care provider about your past illnesses and any new or different symptoms you are having. 3. Bring all of your medicines, including vitamins and any over the counter or herbal remedies, when you go to the hospital or when you see your health care provider. 4. Tell a member of your health care team if you ever have had an allergic or bad reaction to any food or medicine. 5. Take a family member or friend along to help you remember what your health care provider says. 6. Make sure you know what to do when you go home from the hospital or from your doctor’s office.

Patient Experience Patient Partnerships

Patient Partnerships Program Are you a patient or family caregiver who has had care at UHN, and wants to partner with us to help shape care and service?

Become a Patient Partner

Join the Virtual Patient Focus Group

Patient Partners are patients and family caregivers who partner with UHN leaders and staff on different projects to improve care and service.

The virtual patient focus group is an online forum of UHN patients and family caregivers. They share their ideas by completing surveys about important UHN projects.

You may: • Take part in committees and hiring panels • Join focus groups • Share your story and care experience with others To apply to become a Patient Partner please contact us.

Contact us:

416 340 5085

As a member you can: • Share your opinions from anywhere • Choose which surveys you wish to take part in • Help make a real difference in patient care at UHN To join the virtual patient focus group, contact us.

At UHN we are committed to accessibility, diversity, and equal opportunity



GETTING TO THE HOSPITAL Toronto General Hospital is located in the centre of Toronto, near Queen’s Park, just south of the intersection of University Avenue and College Street. It is easily accessible by public transit. The main entrances are located at 200 Elizabeth Street and 585 University Avenue.

Public Transit:

If coming by subway: Exit at the Queen’s Park Station on the UniversitySpadina line. The hospital is located south of College Street and east of University Avenue. If coming by streetcar: Exit at the corner of College Street and Elizabeth Street or College Street and University Avenue. If coming by car from the north: Drive south on Avenue Road, around Queen’s Park (Avenue Road becomes University Avenue south of Queen’s Park, the Provincial Legislature). Turn left onto Gerrard Street, and left onto Elizabeth Street. From Lakeshore Boulevard or the Gardiner Expressway: Take the York/Bay exit and go north on York Street, which bends into University Avenue. Turn right on Gerrard Street and left on Elizabeth Street. A hospital parking garage is located on Elizabeth Street with a pedestrian exit to the hospital. Another patient-only underground lot is located west on Gerrard Street at the corner of University Avenue.


Parking is limited in and around the hospital. We suggest that, when possible, patients and visitors come by public transit. TTC subway and streetcar stops are located along College Street. Our visitor parking is located off Gerrard Street on Elizabeth Street and offers a variety of rates, which do change from time to time. Underground parking also available off Gerrard Street near University Avenue. To get information on Accessible parking at UHN, please call Standard Parking Services at: 416 595 7136. For current information on parking go to and search “parking.”

As of May 2017 the rates are:

Monday to Saturday Cars entering after 7:00 am and exiting before 7:00 am the next day: • ½ hour or less.......................................................................................$4.50 • 1½ hour............................................................................................... $13.50 • 2 hours................................................................................................ $18.00 • Daily Maximum (at Gerrard Street lot and all other lots)......................$25.00 Night Flat Rate Cars entering after 6:00 pm and exiting before 8:00 am (the next day) • Monday to Saturday..............................................................................$6.00

Flat Rate • Sundays and Holidays...........................................................................$6.00 Lost ticket pays maximum daily rate. UHN offers frequent patients, families, and visitors discounted parking passes at the Toronto General lot. • A discount of 50 percent off the daily maximum rate is applied. • Five, 10, and 30-day parking passes are available. Passes are available to purchase Monday - Friday. Visit the information desk at Toronto General (Elizabeth Street entrance). When exiting the hospital, pick up your pass from the parking office. There are also several public parking lots nearby which offer competitive pricing, such as the Murray Street parking garage near the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. Please do not park in hospital driveways. Vehicles parked in unauthorized areas will be ticketed and/or towed. Meter parking is available on:

University Avenue

Elizabeth Street and University Avenue (not available between 7:30 am and 9:30 am, or between 3:30 pm and 6:30 pm), and Gerrard Street West (but not between 7:30 am and 9:30 am).



Elizabeth St. & Gerrard St. Entrances Level G (Ground)

University Entrance Level 1 & Level L (Lobby)

ADMISSION TO THE HOSPITAL (Centre for Admitting, Registration, and Discharge Services) Located on the Ground Level of the Eaton Building.

Hours: Weekdays 7:00 am to 11:00 pm; Weekends 8:00 am to 11:00 pm During other hours, admitting is handled by the Emergency Department. When you are admitted to the hospital, please tell us your preferred language for communication (please see “Interpreters” on page 33 for more information). Once admitted to the hospital, if you want to upgrade to a semi-private room or private room, please call Admitting at Ext. 3921 or Ext. 3917.

What to Bring and What to Leave at Home:

What to bring to the hospital • Your health card (OHIP card) As of November 28th, 2016 you must bring your government issued (OHIP) health card to every appointment at UHN (the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Toronto General Hospital, Toronto Western Hospital, and Toronto Rehabilitation Institute). If you do not have an OHIP card, you will need another form of government issued identification. • Your personal insurance policy or certificate (if you have insurance) and a credit card (for a semi-private or private room). • Your current medications in their original bottles (prescription and nonprescription, over the counter medications). This includes any vitamins, minerals and herbal remedies you are taking. Include the dose and when you take each medication. • Any CDs or DVDs of imaging studies (like x-rays, MRIs or ultrasounds) that you have had or a printout of your test results. • A list of questions to help you remember everything you want to ask your health care team. Other items: • Money for newspapers, magazines, coffee shop, etc. • Toiletries and personal items (toothbrush, comb, etc.). • Slippers, pajamas and a bathrobe. • Reading material, telephone calling card or cellphone, or any other communication device (see page 31 for more). • If you use hearing aids, dentures or glasses, please bring them with you in their cases, labeled with your name. • A change of clothes for going home. What to leave at home To protect against theft or loss, do not bring these items to the hospital: • Jewelry or other valuables. • Electrical items, unless checked by hospital staff. • Large sums of cash, credit cards, large computers.



Please note that the hospital is not responsible for lost or damaged valuables or personal items. If you cannot send your valuables home with a friend or family member, please sign them over to 2 authorized hospital employees for safekeeping. Our Security Department is involved with this process. Ask your staff nurse if you need more information.

YOUR Health care TEAM Like most hospitals, University Health Network uses a team approach to delivering health care. This means that patients are examined and treated by a variety of medical and allied health professionals rather than by a single doctor. This team may include any of the following: • Doctors – Staff Doctors, Medical Fellows, Medical Residents, Clinical Associates and Medical Students • Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Nursing Coordinators and Nursing Students • Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants • Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians • Physiotherapists and Physiotherapy Assistants • Psychologists • Respiratory Therapists • Registered Dietitians and Diet Technicians • Social Workers • Speech Language Pathologists • Spiritual Care Professionals • Technologists • Many other professional staff This team approach may lead to patients being asked the same questions by different health professionals. University Health Network, in addition to its affiliation with the University of Toronto, is a partner in training health care professionals with over 50 institutions of higher learning. Each year, more than 3,500 individuals come to learn and work at UHN. Therefore, during your stay, you can expect to be seen by trainees in virtually every health care profession. You may meet medical students, residents and fellows. • Medical students are not yet doctors but are learning the art and science of clinical medicine. • Residents have graduated as doctors and are now spending three to seven years developing a specialty. • Fellows have completed their specialty training and are spending an extra year or two learning an area of highly specialized care. All clinical trainees are supervised by one of the professional staff at UHN. As a patient, you play an important role in the training of our future doctors, nurses and

other health professionals. This assures the highest quality of health care for all of us in the years to come.

Clinical Nutrition

Who We Are – Dietitians at the University Health Network are registered with the College of Dietitians of Ontario, the provincial regulatory body. We are also members of the national organization, Dietitians of Canada. The practice of dietetics and nutrition at UHN adheres to the standards of care, legislation and conduct as mandated by both these organizations. Our Role – Clinical Nutrition provides comprehensive nutrition care for our patients by translating the complex science of nutrition into practical dietary advice.

Responsibilities include:

• Assessing nutritional status of patients with a medical condition, illness or injury • Identifying specific nutritional concerns • Developing individualized nutrition care plans • Applying the appropriate intervention, including modification of therapeutic diets and nutrition counseling and education for patients, families and caregivers • Monitoring clinical progress


“We are ever present and crucial to patient and system outcomes” At UHN, nurses provide competent, compassionate, collaborative care to patients and their families through a commitment to patient care, education, research and innovation. They provide care to patients across the continuum: in acute care, rehabilitation and long-term care, and community settings. Nursing’s most critical contribution to safe and effective patient care is the ability to coordinate and integrate multiple aspects of quality within the care provided by nursing and across the care delivered by others. Using a spirit of inquiry, nurses connect knowledge to care!

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists may assess your physical, cognitive, and functional abilities while you are in the hospital to assist you to recover to your full potential. Therapy is focused on increasing your level of function and independence in daily living activities.


Pharmacists in the hospital work with your health care team to ensure that you receive the best medications. They provide you with information about your drugs and their safe use.



Be sure to stop by the TGH Outpatient Pharmacy, located on Level 1 of the Norman Urquhart Building. Here, our staff provides medications customized to your needs that are often not readily available at your local pharmacy. Our unique services and customized formulations facilitate a smooth transition from your stay at the hospital to your return to home. Former patients of the hospital, from all over Ontario, continue to depend on our pharmacy for their medications. For your convenience, we can make special delivery arrangements. We welcome you to experience the customized services of the Toronto General Outpatient Pharmacy. Hours: Weekdays 8:00 am – 6:00 pm; Saturday 9:00 am – 2:00 pm; Closed Sunday. Telephone: 416 340 4075


Physiotherapists are available on all inpatient units. They may be part of your health care team. They are specialists that provide assessments, treatments, and education to assist with secretion clearance, improving and maintaining functional independence and physical performance, preventing and managing pain, and improving overall health and fitness. A doctor’s referral is required to be treated by physiotherapists in the hospital.

Social Work

Social workers work in most areas of the hospital and are trained to help patients and family members deal with financial, social and emotional problems that relate to illness and hospitalization. If you or your family is having difficulty coping with your illness, or if you have concerns about how you will manage when you leave the hospital, talk to a social worker. Your health care provider can arrange for a social worker to see you.

Speech-Language Pathologists

The Department of Rehabilitation Services has 12 Speech-Language Pathologists (S-LPs) who are members of patient-centred inpatient and outpatient teams across all sites. S-LPs assess and manage swallowing disorders and communication difficulties. S-LPs are integral members of the tracheostomy (“trach”) teams at each site. Your health care provider will arrange for a S-LP to see you, if needed.

Spiritual Care Department

Spiritual Care assists individuals and families to:

• Explore spiritual significance and meaning experienced in times of sickness • Examine the implications in one’s life, family, and community as a result of the medical experience • Assist staff in evaluating and understanding their vocation as they provide care to patients and families • Provide bereavement support • Facilitate the link between spiritual and faith based activities

Spiritual Care Professionals are part of the interdisciplinary team that provides care to patients and families at UHN. For general information contact 416 340 4055. We are available from during the hours of 8:30 am – 11:00 pm 7 days a week. Pager: 416 719 1234. Outside these hours, you can leave a message at 416 340 4800, Ext. 6937.

PROTECTING YOUR PRIVACY At UHN, we recognize that patients’ personal health information is private and must be treated with respect and sensitivity.

How We Handle Your Information:

Your personal health information may be used to:

• Identify you at each visit and help make treatment decisions • Maintain a record of the care you received • Comply with legal requirements (for example, to get payment for health care) • Make our health services better and more efficient • Support research & educational programs

Access to your information is limited to those who provide or support your care, such as doctors, nurses, technicians, therapists, and other health professionals. Sometimes, we ask outside health care professionals for information about you if we need it to provide care at UHN.

UHN may share your personal health information with:

• Your next of kin or a legal representative – a person you choose • Your other outside health care providers as part of your care • Health regulatory agencies (for example, agencies that track wait times) • Public authorities (for example, Public Health to track infections)

Your Rights & Choices:

The hospital protects your information with safeguards and works to make sure that all records are as up to date as possible. If you would like to see your health record, ask one of your care providers to arrange a time to review your record with you. Once discharged, you may also request a copy of your record from the Release of Information department at 416 340 4771.

Please let us know if you would not like your information to be shared with: • Visitors and callers • A religious or spiritual advisor from the community • UHN Foundations (please call 416 946 2114)

The UHN Privacy Office can tell you more about how the hospital protects privacy and will respond to any questions or concerns. Contact the Privacy Office at 416 340 4800, Ext. 6937.



PATIENT ACCOUNTS & BILLING During your stay, you should expect to incur some additional costs that will not be covered by OHIP or other insurance. When this occurs, the hospital will keep track of the charges and bill you when you are discharged to go home. Usually, these are charged to your credit card imprint, which is taken at the time of admission.

The following list is not complete but contains some of the expenses not covered by OHIP: • The cost to upgrade to a private or semi-private room • The cost of walking aids such as crutches, canes or walkers • The cost of ambulance services • The cost of cosmetic surgery and other surgeries not covered by OHIP

Please make sure our Billing Department knows what your OHIP coverage is and any extra insurance coverage you may have. This information should have been collected when you were admitted. If we did not get your OHIP number when you were admitted, you may be billed the full uninsured rate. Bills may be paid at the Cashier’s Office in the Robert R. McEwen Atrium of the Munk Building at the University Avenue entrance to the hospital. You may pay by cash, debit or credit card. Hours are Monday to Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm For further information or inquiries, please call our Billing Department at: 416 340 3060 or Ext. 3060. You may log on to and enter the words “pay your bill” in the search box and click on the word “Search” to get more information or to pay online.

VISITING HOURS & guidelines University Health Network encourages you to visit friends and family while they are healing. Having loved ones nearby makes patients more comfortable and speeds up their recovery.

Visiting hours can vary depending on the unit so please call before visiting the hospital. At the hospital, we ask both patients and visitors to: • Wash their hands at the handwashing stations near the entrances when they come in • Self-screen for symptoms of illness before coming into the hospital (see page 19)

Visiting Guidelines

At UHN, we have Visiting Guidelines to help us protect patients’ right to privacy and confidentiality. Our guidelines also help protect everyone from infections.

If you are visiting a patient at UHN we ask that you:

• Please do not visit the hospital if you or your children are feeling sick, have a fever, a new or worsening cough, or have diarrhea or vomiting. • Please clean your hands when entering the hospital, before entering and after leaving a patient room, and often during your visit with us. • Please make sure that no more than two visitors are at the patient’s bedside at any one time. Some critical care areas may allow only one visitor at any one time • Please make sure that children under 12 are with an adult at all times. • Please help us to maintain the privacy and healing environment of all our patients and their families.

Please know that, at times, we may ask your visitors to leave so that we can give you or your roommate(s) care in privacy. For unit specific information about flexible visiting, talk to the health care team on the patient care unit or department for details. Patient visiting is also subject to possible exceptions due to concerns around communicable diseases.

Also see the visiting website at or contact: UHN Information Line..............416 340 3388 PMH Information Line..............416 946 4501 Ext. 4558 TGH Information Line...............416 340 4800 Ext. 4570 TWH Information Line..............416 603 5800 Ext. 5702

DISCHARGE PLANNING & PATIENT RESOURCES Discharge time from the hospital is 11:00 am. To avoid extra charges, please leave your room by 11:00 am so it can be prepared for the next patient. If possible, arrange for someone to take you home before you come to the hospital. If needed, you may wait for your ride home in the patient lounge located on your nursing unit. When you leave the hospital, please make sure that you have all your belongings and hospital card, as well as the other information that is important to you. If you are unsure about anything ask your health care provider before you leave. If needed, a social worker will help you plan for when you go home. While most patients return home without needing extra services, there are many options available for care after you leave. Your health care providers and social worker can help you decide which level of care is best for you and explain your options. You may be eligible for professional services in your home after your hospital care. As well, you may wish to pay for homemaking services to help you in your first few days at home. If your care at the hospital is complete and you are waiting for a room in a Long Term Care (Nursing Home) or a Complex Continuing Care facility, you will be charged a co-payment fee while you wait in the hospital. As of July 2018, that fee



has been set at $60.78 per day, with a maximum monthly rate of $1,848.73. Since this rate is based on income our finance department may be able to reduce the rate so please call them at 416 340 3061.

Social Work & Discharge Planning Office

For more information about discharge, please ask your health care provider to refer you to a social worker or call the Social Work & Discharge Planning Office at 416 340 4800 Ext. 5969.

“My Surgery” Patient Education Guide

The time leading up to surgery can be an anxious time for you, full of questions and concerns. To help, UHN has a userfriendly Surgery Patient Education Guide (3rd edition, 2015)— a free tool for you to record information about your surgical process and learn about each stage of your care. During your surgery experience, your “My Surgery” guide may be customized with information to suit your individual health information needs, including treatment-specific brochures, booklets, information sheets and other materials. You may also add in any information that is right for you. • To get a “hard” copy of the guide, please talk to your health care team. • To download a copy of the guide, go to and click on “Our Programs” (top left) and select “Surgery and Critical Care Program”. Scroll down the page and click on the blue “My Surgery” box on the right hand column. You will see many choices to download the guide. • You can also search through our health information pages, view a series of surgery-related videos or find help to plan your discharge home after your surgery at

Accommodations Out-of-Town Visitors

There are a number of hotels available within walking distance. For information on local hotels, call the Toronto Tourism Information Line, 416 203 2500 (toll-free line, 1 800 499 2514), or check the sponsor pages at the back of this directory. Some hotels offer discounted prices for out-of-town family members and visitors of hospital patients. Usually, a letter from a social worker at TGH is required. You may contact the Social Work office at 416 340 4800 Ext. 3616. Please check with the hotel you choose to confirm details. For more accommodation options, please visit our website at and click on “Patients and Families” then “Visiting Patients”.

Additional Option for Princess Margaret (PM) Outpatients

The Princess Margaret Lodge, located at 545 Jarvis Street, offers accommodation for patients being treated for cancer on an ongoing basis, as well as family members subject to availability. Lodge accommodation is based on double occupancy with two people to a room. Lodge fees are $30 per person per night. Fees include 3 meals a day and shuttle bus service to and from the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre or Sunnybrook Hospital Monday to Fridays. The Lodge shuttle runs from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday-Thursdays, and 7:30 am to 5:30 pm Fridays There is 24 hour security at the Lodge. There are no nurses or medical staff at the Lodge.

Hospital Inpatients

Residents of Ontario are covered by OHIP and are entitled to standard unit care (4 or more beds in one room). You may upgrade your room to: • Semi-private room: two beds in one room, at an additional cost of $280 per day (as of May 2017). • Private room: single room, at an additional cost of $380 per day (as of May 2017). When you make your request for preferred accommodation, you will need to sign a room request form and you will be asked to provide a credit card imprint for any balances not covered by your insurance. If you have additional private insurance, it may cover some or all of the upgrade cost. If not, you will have to pay the extra daily charges. Please check your insurance coverage before you are admitted to the hospital.



The hospital cannot always meet a request for a semi-private or private room. If your choice of room is not available when you are admitted, you will be moved into one as soon as one is available. If you have any questions about your accommodations, please contact the TGH Revenue Analyst at 416 340 4800 Ext. 6861 Monday to Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm. On evenings and weekends, contact Admitting Department at 416 340 4800 Ext. 3921. For questions about paying for an upgraded room, please call Corporate Billing and Accounts Receivable at 416 340 3060.

Food & Retail Services Inpatient meals

At University Health Network, we provide approximately 2,000 meals to patients every day. Nutrition Services collects likes and dislikes for patients within 24 hours of your admission. We then enter them into our computer system. The computer then selects your meals keeping in mind your personal preferences, food allergies, and the diet plan ordered by your doctor or dietitian. Meals and menus are planned to provide balanced nutrition. TGH Food and Beverage Locations & Hours: Note: Hours are subject to change without notice.

Food Court, Ground Level, Norman Urquhart Building

This food court offers a variety of dining options including: • Druxy’s Hours: Weekdays 6:00 am – 10:00 pm Weekends & Holidays 6:00 am – 9:00 pm • Booster Juice Hours: Weekdays 8:00 am – 9:00 pm Weekends 10:00 am – 6:00 pm Closed Holidays. • Hero Burger Hours: Weekdays 11:00 am – 9:00 pm Weekends & Holidays 11:00 am – 8:00 pm • Lettieri Espresso Bar & Café Located on the Ground Floor, Eaton Lobby, near the Elizabeth St. entrance. Hours: Weekdays 6:00 am – 7:00 pm Saturday 6:00 am – 4:00 pm Sunday & Holidays closed. • Lotus Leaf Hours: Weekdays 10:15 am – 6:00 pm Saturday 10:45 am – 3:15 pm Closed Sundays & Holidays. • Mega Wraps Hours: Weekdays 7:00 am – 10:00 pm Weekends & Holidays 9:00 am – 9:00 pm

• Soup it Up Hours: Weekdays 11:30 am – 6:30 pm Weekends & Holidays Closed. • Starbucks Located in the Robert R. McEwen Atrium of the Munk Building, University Avenue entrance. Hours: Weekdays 5:30 am – 9:00 pm Weekends & Holidays 6:00 am – 8:00 pm • Subway Hours: Weekdays 7:00 am – 11:00 pm Saturday 8:00 am – 11:00 pm Sunday & Holidays 9:00 am – 11:00 pm • Sushi! by Bento Nouveau Hours: Weekdays 10:00 am – 7:00 pm Weekends & Holidays closed. • The Bagel Stop Hours: Weekdays 7:00 am – 5:30 pm Weekends & Holidays. • Tim Hortons Coffee Bar - 2 locations 1. Located near the first floor entrance of the R. Fraser Elliott Building by the Elliott elevators. Hours: Weekdays 6:00 am – 5:00 pm Weekends & Holidays closed. 2. Located on Level 1 of the Norman Urquhart Building near the TGH Outpatient Pharmacy. Hours: Weekdays 5:00 am – 12:00 am Weekends & Holidays 6:00 am – 9:00 pm • Wing Machine Hours: Weekdays 11:00 am –9:00 pm Weekends & Holidays 11:00 am –8:00 pm

Retail Services Tutti Fruitti

Hours: Weekdays 10:00 am –6:30 pm Weekends 11:00 pm – 6:00 pm

TGH Gift and Health Shop

Located in the Eaton Lobby, the TGH Gift and Health Shop is open Monday to Friday 8:30 am – 6:00 pm, Saturday from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm and Sunday it is closed. The shop has a large selection of gifts, snacks, flowers, cards, magazines and other items.

Vending Machines

A variety of snack and beverage vending machines are located in areas throughout TGH. The TGH Food Court on the Ground Level of the Norman Urquhart Building has a large selection. The machines are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Bank Machines (ATM)

TGH has four, 24 hour bank machines located in the, Eaton Lobby, the Robert R. McEwen Atrium Lobby (Ground Level, Munk Building), in the Food Court (Ground Level, Norman Urquhart Building) and in the Emergency department.



For Your Safety Delirium

Delirium is a condition which causes a person to become confused in their thinking. At University Health Network (UHN), our focus is on patient safety. This includes preventing delirium from happening to any patient. We carefully screen (check) our patients for factors that may cause delirium. We then address these factors early to help prevent it. Signs and symptoms of delirium include: • Disorganized thinking • Difficulty concentrating • Memory changes • Hallucinating • Having delusions • Feeling restless • Changing energy levels Family members, caregivers and friends have an important role to play in delirium prevention, identification and treatment. 1. Family, caregivers, and friends should talk to the health care team about how to prevent delirium and how to help their loved one during a hospital stay. 2. If family, caregivers or friends notice any one of the signs of delirium or see changes in their loved one’s behavior, they should talk to the health care team right away.

Infection Prevention & Control

“Scream Clean” is the name of University Health Network’s hand hygiene campaign. This campaign reminds staff, patient and visitors that hand hygiene is one of the most effective ways of preventing the spread of germs and is a top priority at UHN . Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) provides many hospital-wide programs for the prevention and control of infections including providing education to our patients and their families. At UHN, all staff receive infection control training to safeguard our patients from germs and diseases. For this reason, you may see staff wearing protective equipment when caring for certain patients. Our patients play an important role in reducing the spread of infectious diseases. Please wash your hands often during your stay, and ask your visitors to do so as well. If family members are unwell, please ask them not to visit you while in hospital. The IPAC team is always available to answer your questions. Please contact us at

Medication Safety

At UHN, medication safety is about making sure that we give: 1. The right medication 2. To the right person 3. In the right amount 4. In the right way 5. At the right time It is important for you to know all you can about your medication. Every time you visit the hospital, you should bring all your medications and a list of them. Also, let your doctor, nurse or pharmacist know if you are allergic to any medications. If you have any questions about your medications, ask for more information.

Patient Identification Safety

In order to keep you safe, your health care team will confirm your identity (your name and date of birth or medical record number) each time you are getting medications, having your blood taken, an x-ray or test done. This is done to make sure we match the right patient with the right treatment. Expect your health care team members to check your hospital identification (ID.) wristband or ask you to say your full name and date of birth every time you get your medication, having blood taken or getting an X-ray or test done.


All hospital staff are required to wear an identification badge showing their name, job title and department. Hospital security officers are on duty 24 hours, 7 days a week. If you notice any suspicious individuals, call hospital security at Ext. 4111 and tell your nurse or any other hospital staff member.

Disruptive Behaviour

Visitors who demonstrate disruptive behaviour will be limited in their ability to visit. Children who are disruptive or disturb other patients may be asked to leave.

Fire Precautions

Every effort is made to protect the hospital against fire. Our staff practice fire safety procedures regularly. Do not worry if you hear a fire alarm bell. Should a real emergency exist, we will tell you at once and our trained staff will help you. Fire exits are clearly marked throughout the hospital.

Flowers & Plants

Flowers and plants are not permitted in patient rooms in any intensive care unit, on multi-organ transplant units, or on malignant hematology units for patient safety reasons. Visitors are asked to check with the unit manager before bringing plants or flowers to the hospital.​



Flowers may be purchased at the TGH Gift and Health Shop in the Eaton Lobby or at the Toronto General Outpatient Pharmacy on Level 1 of the Norman Urquhart Building.

Service Animals and Household Pets

A Service Animal is a working animal that is specially trained to support people with disabilities. Your service animal is welcome to accompany you during your visit at UHN. In case you are admitted to hospital, other plans will be made to help care for your service animal while you are in hospital. Service animals can be brought into any area of UHN where permitted by our Infection Prevention & Control Department. Please note that household pets are not service animals. Please ask any staff member if you have any questions.

Wheelchairs and Assistive Devices

Wheelchairs are kept at the Information Desks that are near the main entrances of each hospital. If a wheelchair is not available at the time of your visit, please visit the Information Desk and the staff there will try to help you. You may bring your own wheelchair and other assistive devices to the hospital (an assistive device is any piece of equipment, such as a cane or walker, which helps a person with a disability.) Please note that UHN is not responsible for wheelchairs or other assistive devices that are lost or stolen. You may wish to label your device with your name before coming to the hospital.

Smoke-Free Environment

Smoking and second-hand smoke is the leading cause of preventable death. Smoking is not permitted anywhere at UHN – inside, outside, or in parking garages. If you smoke on UHN property, you can be fined up to $5,000, and UHN could be fined $300,000.

Scent-Free Environment

Strong perfumes or scents may cause severe allergic reactions in other people. Please do not use them in the hospital.


For safety reasons, no plug-in electrical appliances other than CSA approved hair dryers and electric razors are permitted in patient rooms. Self-contained battery-operated items, such as media players with earphones, are permitted.


Latex balloons are not allowed in the hospital, as some people may suffer severe allergic reactions. Visitors may bring Mylar balloons to the hospital.










other services Information Desk

Information desks are located in the Eaton Lobby, in the Robert R. McEwen Atrium Lobby, Munk Building, and in the Gerrard Street Entrance. Hours of Eaton Lobby desk: Weekdays 6:00 am – 8:00 pm Weekends & Holidays Noon – 8:00 pm Telephone: 416 340 4800 Ext. 4049 or Ext. 4050. Hours of Robert R. McEwen Atrium Lobby desk: Weekdays 6:00 am – 8:00 pm; Weekends & Holidays Noon – 8:00 pm Telephone: 416 340 4800 Ext. 4570. Hours of Gerrard Street Lobby desk: Weekdays 8:00 am – 4:00 pm; Weekends closed Telephone: 416 340 4800 Ext. 5906.

Internet Access

Computer terminals and Wireless service: All UHN Patient & Family Libraries have computers and tablets for public use. UHN also offers free wireless Internet access to help patients stay in touch with family and friends while in hospital. The wireless is available in most locations at Toronto General and Toronto Western Hospitals, Toronto Rehab, and the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. • If you have a wireless enabled laptop, you can connect to the Internet by choosing to join the “UHN-Guest-WiFi” network. • No password is required, but you must open your web browser to read and accept the Terms of Usage before you can surf the web. Tip: Internet proxy must be DISABLED. Refer to your web browser’s manual on how to disable the Internet proxy. • If you have trouble accessing your email, contact your provider. UHN has a number of automated filters and security measures in place to protect our network and users. As a result, Guest Wireless users may have difficulty accessing some websites. Guest Wireless Network is generally available all day, every day, but there may be unplanned outages. Please be aware that UHN staff cannot provide technical help. It is the user’s responsibility to make sure their equipment is working, properly configured, and protected against potential abuse such as viruses, malware and breach of privacy. UHN assumes no responsibility for any direct or indirect damages arising from the use of its connection to Internet services. To prevent theft, never leave your device(s) unattended. Send related comments to

Navigator Service

A companion is available if you need someone to help you during your visit to any of our hospitals. When you arrive at the hospital, let a staff member at any Information Desk know that you would like a companion. They will then try to arrange for a volunteer who will help you get to your appointment, test or procedure.

Lost and Found

If you have lost an item or you want to report a found item, please contact Security at 416 340 4800 Ext. 4111, or drop by the Security office in the basement. A found item can be turned in to any staff member, who will make sure it is sent to our Security office for safekeeping. Unclaimed items will be held for up to thirty (30) days.

Mail Delivery

Incoming mail is delivered once a day. Please ask your friends and relatives to address your mail as follows: Your full name Building, Room and Floor Number: Toronto General Hospital 200 Elizabeth Street Toronto, ON M5G 2C4 Outgoing mail with proper postage may be left at your nursing station. Canada Post mailboxes are also located outside many of the hospital lobbies. Mail received after you go home will be forwarded to your home.


Newspaper boxes are located in the lobbies of most hospital buildings, as well as outside main entrances. Newspapers are also available in the gift shop on the Ground Level of the Eaton Lobby.

UHN PATIENT EDUCATION PROGRAM Patient Education Program at Toronto General Hospital

“Improving health through education”

At the University Health Network, we value patient and family education and will try to get you the information you need to be informed about and manage your health. Patients and families have access to health information from a variety of sources: • One-on-one discussions with your health care provider • Attending a class or educational session • Pamphlets or booklets



Peter and Melanie Munk

Patient & Family Learning Centre and Library The Patient & Family Library offers: • Pamphlets and factsheets on many health conditions, procedures, treatments, and overall healthy living • Books, videos and audiobooks for you to borrow • Information on community resources and supports • Tailored health information packages just for you done by our Information Specialist • Computers and a tablet with free Internet access and assistance to find quality health information online • A space to sit and relax while you wait for your appointment

All of our information and services are offered for free. Visit, call, or e-mail us to find out how the Patient & Family Library can help you to learn more about your health! Location: Level 1, Norman Urquhart Building Next to the Outpatient Pharmacy and Tim Hortons

Hours: Monday to Thursday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm Friday 8:30 am – 4:00 pm Phone: 416-340-4800 ext. 5951 E-mail:

To learn more about the UHN Patient and Family Education Program, and the UHN Patient & Family Libraries’ services, please visit:

• Reviewing or borrowing books, eBooks, DVDs or other resources at the Patient & Family Library • Using the website We encourage you to ask for the information you need and speak with any member of your health care team.

Patient Relations / UHN Patient Ombudsman

At any point in your care, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Patient Relations (Patient Ombudsman). They work with you to understand your rights and listen to what you have to say about UHN’s services, policies, and procedures. Call: 416 340 4907 E-Mail: Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Reading Material

Volunteers at Toronto General Hospital maintain a library of books, paperbacks and magazines for our patients. Please call Ext. 4114 to gain access to this library.

Telephone Services

Bedside Services

Patients can ask the unit team members for information on how to get service on the telephone at their bedside

Cellphone and other Device Usage

You are welcome to use your radio-frequencytransmitting device [cellular phone, PDA (personal digital assistant) with radio transmitter, two-way pager, walkietalkie] in our lobbies, food court areas and other places that do not involve direct patient care. We ask that you turn your phones off whenever you are in an area where our patients receive care. This is important because radio-frequency devices have been shown to interfere with the proper operation of certain medical equipment at close range. Affected areas of the hospital will be indicated by signage. We appreciate your cooperation as we work to ensure the safety of your loved one and all our patients. For the privacy and safety of our patients, we ask you not to use the camera feature on your phone to take photos, including those of your loved one, while at UHN.



Information Telephones (Locating a Patient)

Information telephones are located at all major entrances. These phones connect visitors to our switchboard to help them locate patient rooms. Public pay phones are located throughout the hospital.

Television Service

Patients can ask the unit team members for information on how to get service on the television at their bedside.


Ambulance Services

Please be aware that there is a fee for ambulance services even if you did not request the ambulance. The charge is $45 for OHIP insured patients, and $240 for uninsured or Out of Province patients, or if the use of the ambulance was not a medical emergency. There is no charge if the ambulance is used to transfer you to another hospital. The fee is usually collected in the Emergency Department, or it may be invoiced to you later.

Wheel Trans Services

You may call the Wheel Trans reservation line at 416 393 4222 to make arrangements for drop-off and pick-up at UHN. You should let them know if you are travelling with a service animal or, with a support person. Wheel Trans pick-up and drop-off locations at TGH The Wheel Trans service can pick you up or, drop you off at the following hospital entrance: • 585 University Avenue: Gerrard Street entrance

Canadian Cancer Society Volunteer Transportation

The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) provides transportation to and from the hospital for people with cancer. A one-time $100 registration fee is required for patients in Ontario. Patients who qualify for the Northern Health Travel Grant, or who are 18 years old or younger, do not have to pay a registration fee. There is also a compassionate program to ensure no patient is denied a ride due to their inability to pay the entire registration fee. To learn more, call 1 888 939 3333 or email When arranging for a Canadian Cancer Society driver to pick you up at the hospital, be sure to allow for possible delays with your appointments. Let the Patient Flow Coordinator at your clinic know if you have made pick-up arrangements with a Canadian Cancer Society driver.

Contact: For more information or to book transportation in the Toronto area, call 416 480 7901.

Taxi Service

Taxi cabs are usually available outside the Eaton Lobby facing Elizabeth Street, or outside the Gerrard Building facing Gerrard Street. A free direct telephone line to Royal Taxi is located in the Eaton Lobby.

UHN Medical Interpreters

University Health Network is committed to ensuring effective communication throughout the continuum of care for patients with limited English proficiency and patients who are deaf, deafened and hard of hearing. The department of Interpretation and Translation Services offers professional medical interpreters (face-to-face and phone interpreters) in over 150 languages, including American Sign Language, to help patients communicate with their health care team. If you would like an interpreter, please ask your care provider to contact Interpretation Services. This service is provided free of charge.

Intérpretes médicos de UHN

University Health Network está entregada a garantizar una comunicación eficaz durante todo el proceso de atención médica para aquellos pacientes que tienen un nivel limitado de comprensión del inglés, y para aquellos pacientes que tienen problemas auditivos en variados grados. El Department of Interpretation and Translation Services (Departamento de Servicios de Interpretación y Traducción) le ofrece intérpretes médicos profesionales (en persona y por teléfono) en más de 150 idiomas, incluyendo el lenguaje de señas americano, para ayudar a los pacientes a comunicarse con su equipo de atención médica. Si desea obtener los servicios de un intérprete, pida a su proveedor de la salud que se comunique con el departamento de Servicios de Interpretación y Traducción. Este servicio es gratuito.

Gli interpreti medici dell’UHN

L’University Health Network si dedica ad assicurare la comunicazione in tutta la sfera di cura per i pazienti con competenza limitata d’inglese e per i pazienti che sono sordi, assordati e duri d’orecchi. Il dipartimento dei Servizi di Interpretariato e Traduzione offre interpreti medici professionali (a quattr’occhi e interpreti via telefono) in più di 150 lingue, inclusa la American Sign Language, per aiutare i pazienti a comunicare con la loro squadra sanitaria. Se Lei desidera un interprete, chieda al Suo medico curante di contattare il servizio di interpretariato (Interpretation Services). Il servizio è gratis.



Intérpretes médicos da UHN

A University Health Network está empenhada em garantir uma comunicação eficaz durante todo o processo de cuidados médicos para aqueles pacientes que têm um nível limitado de compreensão de inglês, e para aqueles pacientes que tem problemas auditivos em graus variados. O Department of Interpretation and Translation Services (Departamento de Serviços de Interpretação e Tradução) oferece intérpretes médicos profissionais (em pessoa e por telefone) em mais de 150 idiomas, incluindo a linguagem de sinais americana, para ajudar os pacientes a se comunicarem com a sua equipa de cuidados médicos. Se deseja obter os serviços de um intérprete, peça ao seu provedor de cuidados da saúde que se comunique com o departamento de Serviços de Interpretação e Tradução. Este serviço é gratuito.

UHN Medical Interpreters 大學健康網絡醫學傳譯員

在為只懂有限英語以及失聰、聽力受損和弱聽病人提供的一連串醫護服務中, University Health Network (大學健康網絡)致力確保雙方能夠有效地溝通。 傳譯和翻譯服務部提供超過一百五十種語言,包括美國手語等專業醫學傳譯(面 對面和電話傳譯),幫助病人與醫護人員溝通。如果你需要傳譯員幫助,請要求 你的醫護人員與傳譯服務聯絡。傳譯服務是免費提供的。

UHN Shuttle Bus Service and Schedule to Toronto Western Hospital

For patients and staff who need to travel to Toronto Western Hospital, we offer a free shuttle bus service. The bus normally leaves from the University Avenue entrance at Toronto General Hospital (TGH) and drops passengers off at the Leonard Street entrance of Toronto Western Hospital. Note: At times, the shuttle bus pick up and drop off locations may change for an extended period (for example, during construction). Ask at any hospital Information Desk or check the UHN public website at for any updates on shuttle operations.

Additional Pick-Up and Drop-Off Locations:

Please note, the shuttle bus only picks up and drops off passengers at the Toronto General or Toronto Western sites. There are no other drop off or pick up locations.


The schedule for travel to Toronto Western Hospital is: Leaving TGH (University Avenue entrance) • 6:15 am - 8:15 pm: Leaves every 15 minutes; last bus is at 8:15 pm There is no shuttle service on weekends or holidays.

UHN Web Site

For more information on Toronto General Hospital and University Health Network, please visit our Web site at On our website, we offer our Health Information Pages. Here you will find information on many of the health conditions that our patients have as well as useful information to help you understand your care and keep you safe while you are with us. You may also log on to for a quick link to these pages.

Volunteer Resources

Each of the hospitals at University Health Network has a Volunteer Resources Department that coordinates the placement and scheduling of volunteers in partnership with staff. We help to provide exemplary customer service and excellence in patient-centred care. Volunteers at University Health Network (UHN) are valued and visible participants within UHN’s interdisciplinary team providing a wide range of services across the 4 sites. You will recognize our volunteers by the burgundy-coloured vests and jackets they wear while on duty. For information pertaining to programs and services, which are also listed separately within this directory, or to request a volunteer for your area, please contact our Volunteer Resources Departments at: Toronto General Hospital Volunteer Resources........416 340 4115 If you would like to become a volunteer or would like information on volunteer opportunities, please visit our website at and click on Volunteering at UHN. University Health Network Volunteer Recruitment.....416 340 4114

Peter Munk Cardiac Patient Visiting Volunteer Services

This service is for patients undergoing cardiac (heart) care who have questions about what to expect and how it will affect their everyday life. Patients who have had similar procedures are available to listen and offer valuable insight. Please call our Volunteer Resources Department at 416 340 4800 Ext. 4115 for more information or to schedule a visit.



The Foundations of University Health Network The Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation raises funds to support world-class research, education and patient care at Toronto General and Toronto Western Hospitals. TG&WHF is also the corporate foundation of UHN and raises funds in support of interdisciplinary services such as nursing, surgery, education, medical imaging, pain management, anesthesia, emergency medicine, clinical evaluative sciences, and women’s health. The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation is dedicated to achieving its vision: To Conquer Cancer. The Foundation’s purpose is to raise and steward funds to deliver breakthrough research, exemplary teaching, and compassionate care at Princess Margaret, Canada’s cancer research hospital. The Toronto Rehab Foundation proudly supports Canada’s leading rehabilitation sciences centre. Generous donor support enables superior patient outcomes. Community philanthropy facilitates pioneering solutions for: traumatic brain injury, including concussion, stroke, musculoskeletal disease and injury, cardiovascular disease, spinal cord injury and complex continuing care. While the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care covers a portion of UHN’s operating costs, it is the generosity of our donors who enable the purchase of state-of the-art equipment, fund innovative research, and refurbish or build new facilities. The support of our community is vital to our success. UHN’s foundations are committed to supporting initiatives that will transform health care for our patients, our community and the world. Here are some of the many ways you can support UHN: • A gift “in honour” or “in memory” is an especially meaningful way to support breakthrough research, state-of-the-art equipment and education initiatives. Weddings, birthdays, Bat or Bar Mitzvahs, anniversaries - any occasion is the perfect time to pay tribute to family, friends, co-workers or health care professionals you appreciate. • Make your giving “tax-smart” and establish a legacy that will help generations to come. Contact us to learn more about gifts from wills, gifts of life insurance, retirement savings, property or securities. • Events including lotteries, gala dinners, golf tournaments and community activities both large and small-scale, raise awareness and urgently needed funds for priority hospital programs. You can also fundraise online and involve others to reach your fundraising goal! For more information, to make a donation, or to become involved with our fundraising efforts, please call or visit our web sites today!


416 946-6560

416 597-3040

UHN respects the privacy of its donors. We do not sell, rent or trade our donor lists. The information we collect is used to process donations, keep our donors informed about the activities of the hospitals and foundations, and ask for their support. If at any time you wish to be excluded from such contacts, please call 1 877-846-4483. You are welcome to view the Privacy Policies of the foundations online.

Is there anything we have missed in this publication that would have been valuable to know? Please let us know! Contact Patient Education at 416 340 4800 ext. 5084. ~ We’re constantly changing to meet your needs. Therefore, the information presented here may change before this directory is updated.


“My caregivers explained things, really listened to me, and gave me solid information that helped me take control of my health. My treatment and what they taught me truly saved my life.” Brian Comeau, Grateful Patient

UHN Patient Education Program – Improving Health through Education University Health Network (UHN) is committed to providing you with reliable, accurate health information about your condition, treatment and ongoing care – and we want to make it easy to access and understand in your own language. Knowledge helps you make informed decisions about your health. With it, you can answer questions about your condition, participate in managing your own treatment and reduce some of the anxiety that often accompanies illness. Please help us continue to improve health through education! Your donation today will help us provide vital information to you, your family and community. Please visit for directories, health information and links to helpful resources ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----

 Yes, I would like to support Patient Education at the UHN. Here is my gift of:

 $25

 $50

 $100

 Other $____________

Please direct my gift to Patient Education through:  Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation  The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Foundation

 Toronto Rehab Foundation

Name: __________________________________________________________  Mr.  Mrs.  Ms  Miss Address: ______________________________________________________City: ___________________________ Province :_______________________________________________________ Postal Code: ___________________ Telephone (Home) : ___________________________________(Bus): _____________________________________ E-mail address: _____________________________________________________  I would like to pay by cheque (make cheque payable to the Foundation selected above)  I would like to pay by credit card  VISA  Master Card  AMEX Credit Card No.______________________Expiry______________Signature______________________

For donations less than $20, tax receipts will be issued only upon request. TGWHF 21570500 PED / PMCF 39819408

You are welcome to complete this form and mail it or bring it in person to: At TGH: in the Robert McEwen Atrium; At TWH: in the Main Pavilion, Ground Floor., Room M410; At PMCC: on the Main Floor, Room M-702, across from the Chapel; At TRI: on the 3rd Floor, Room 145, 550 University Avenue OR, please complete and mail to: Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation: R. Fraser Elliott Building, 5 th Toronto ON M5G 2C4 Ph. 416-340-3935 The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Foundation: 610 University Ave, Toronto ON M5G 2M9 Ph. 416-946-6560 Toronto Rehab Foundation: 550 University Ave, 3 rd Floor, Room 145, Toronto ON M5G 2A2 Ph. 416-597-3040

Thank you for your support!

Disclaimer: The University Health Network (UHN) thanks all the advertisers whose support has made this publication possible. The appearance of the advertisements in this publication should not be taken as an endorsement by UHN of any particular goods or services and UHN cannot be responsible for the goods and services which appear in those advertisements.

Community Vendors Accommodations Corporate Suites..............................................................................41 DelSuites......................................................................................... 43

Alzheimer Care Home Care Assistance....................................................................42

Home Health Care Home Care Assistance....................................................................42 Home Instead Senior Care............................................................. 45 Infinite Care.................................................................................... 45 Integracare..................................................................................... 45 Senior Homecare By Angels............................................................42 Spectrum Health Care.................................................................... 44 VHA Home HealthCare...................................................................42

Patient Transportation

Spectrum Patient Services.............................................................. 44

Respite Care Home Care Assistance....................................................................42

Senior Care Infinite Care.................................................................................... 45 Seniors for Seniors.......................................................................... 44

Senior Living Davenhill Senior Living................................................................... 40

Transportation Services


iRide Plus........................................................................................ 40



Disclaimer: The University Health Network (UHN) thanks all the advertisers whose support has made this publication possible. The appearance of the advertisements in this publication should not be taken as an endorsement by UHN of any particular goods or services and UHN cannot be responsible for the goods and services which appear in those advertisements.

From Hospital To Hospitality

At Davenhill Senior Living we offer our valued residents transitional guidance and support from the hospital and provide exceptional accomodations to suit their independent and assisted care needs — all in a nurturing and secure environment.

Call 416.923.8887 to book your personal tour today or visit us at

Senior living in the heart of Toronto 877 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario M4W 3M2

iRIDEPlus will pick you up, drop you off, and bring you home again Safe, affordable, door-to-door transportation to medical appointments, social outings, grocery shopping and more. Our government-subsidized transportation service helps older adults get around safely and affordably. We offer: • • • • •

Less expensive than taxi!

Scheduled rides Fares based on distance – no running meter Wide service area, including downtown Toronto hospitals Clean, comfortable vehicles; friendly, trained drivers Monthly billing (subsidies may be available; conditions apply)

To book a ride, call 1-844-IRIDE-01 (1-844-474-3301) Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Lead agencies:

Funded by:

Disclaimer: The University Health Network (UHN) thanks all the advertisers whose support has made this publication possible. The appearance of the advertisements in this publication should not be taken as an endorsement by UHN of any particular goods or services and UHN cannot be responsible for the goods and services which appear in those advertisements.

Furnished one and two bedroom condominium residences.

We set the standard for service in Toronto.

Actual view from rooftop garden

Full amenities with 24 hour concierge and maid service Rooftop Gardens • Fitness Centre Squash Courts • Business Centre Special Hospital Value Package from:

Winter Months $119 Summer Months $139 Short and Long Term Stays

633 Bay Street

(Just north of City Hall)

416-340-VIEW (416-340-8439) Email:



Disclaimer: The University Health Network (UHN) thanks all the advertisers whose support has made this publication possible. The appearance of the advertisements in this publication should not be taken as an endorsement by UHN of any particular goods or services and UHN cannot be responsible for the goods and services which appear in those advertisements.

• • • • • • • •

Up to 24-Hour Care Meal Prep/Kosher Available Errands/Shopping Hygiene Assistance Light Housekeeping Respite Care for Families Palliative & Chronic Care Joyful Companionship

• Home, Hospital or Nursing Home Support • Alzheimer/Dementia/Parkinson /Diabetes/Cancer Care • Provider for Veteran Independent Program • Weekends/Holidays • Temporary or Long Term • Day/Night - Live-in/Live-out

See this publication and more at:

patient directory .ca

Helping people live with independence, dignity and in comfort since 1925.

• Nursing • Rehabilitation services • Personal care & support • Homemaking • Palliative care • Caregiver relief • Mental health support


Quality Healthcare Publications

Home Care Assistance Is the Industry Leader in Post-Hospitalization Care & In-Hospital Companionship Don’t settle for anything less than your loved one deserves. Home Care Assistance offers a proprietary Transition Home™ Package designed to reduce hospital readmissions by helping families manage the discharge process and ensuring effective rehabilitation at home. Visit our website for an overview of the challenges associated with post-hospitalization care and our resources to aid in the transition from hospital to home. Call to schedule a FREE consultation!

416-488-8777 355 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON, M5N 1A3

We’re here for you. When someone you love needs support, it’s important to be close by. Located near major hospitals and transit systems, DelSuites furnished accommodations provide a convenient and comfortable place to stay. 10% Off Medical Stays. 1-3 bedrooms / Housekeeping / Healthcare services / Recreational facilities / Fully equipped kitchens



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As Ontario’s leading provider of client centred health care solutions, we are committed to providing clients with integrated services that seamlessly adapt to their current and future health care needs. Our diverse health care solutions include: Home Health Care Services Our home health care division, Spectrum Health Care, can provide you or your loved one with: • Nursing

• Physiotherapy

• Personal and Home Support

• Foot Care

• Palliative and Advanced Illness Care

• Family Caregiver Support • Immunization Clinics

• Wound and Ostomy Care • TORONTO 416.964.0322 • PEEL 905.272.2271 • YORK 905.771.2766 Patient Transfer Services Our non-urgent patient transfer division, Spectrum Patient Services, can provide you or your loved one with: • Stretcher Transfer Services

• Dialysis Transfer Services

• Pediatric Transfer Services

• Bariatric Transfer Services

• Wheelchair Transfer Services

• Hospital and Patient Shuttle Services • 1.866.527.9191 Companion Services Our non-medical seniors home care division, Seniors for Seniors, can provide you or your loved one with: • Driver Companions • Live-In/Drop-In Companions • Overnight Companions • 1.844.422.7399

• Hospital Bedside Companions • Handypersons • House Cleaners

Disclaimer: The University Health Network (UHN) thanks all the advertisers whose support has made this publication possible. The appearance of the advertisements in this publication should not be taken as an endorsement by UHN of any particular goods or services and UHN cannot be responsible for the goods and services which appear in those advertisements.

To you, it’s about making the right choice... To us, it’s highly personalized care.

Yo u r H o m e H e a l t h c a r e Provider of Choice

If you, or a loved one, needs a few hours a week of support, or more comprehensive assistance, Home Instead Senior Care can help. • Homemaking • Overnight Care • Alzheimer/Dementia Care • Supportive Care • 24-Hour Care • Palliative Care

Providing quality, experienced healthcare professionals wherever you call home.

Call for a free, no-obligation appointment:



Each Home Instead Senior Care office is independently owned and operated. © 2010 Home Instead Inc.

1235 Bay Street, 7th Floor, Toronto, ON M5R 3K4 416-642-1264 • “Infinite Care provides private care services specialize in senior care. We are available 24/7. In the event of urgent matter, staffs available to dispatch within 3 hrs. Our mission is to provide the most Kind, Compassionate and Caring experience. Please call us to discuss further on your personal needs”. Thank you and take care. Yours,

Infinite Care

We are available 24/7 at 647-295-1571.



Disclaimer: The University Health Network (UHN) thanks all the advertisers whose support has made this publication possible. The appearance of the advertisements in this publication should not be taken as an endorsement by UHN of any particular goods or services and UHN cannot be responsible for the goods and services which appear in those advertisements.

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&web ...if you can THINK it, we can INK it! Tel.: 613-475-2927 • 800-339-5662

15681 Hwy 2, Brighton ON K0K 1H0 •


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UHN Toronto General Hospital Patient Services Directory  

UHN Toronto General Hospital Patient Services Directory

UHN Toronto General Hospital Patient Services Directory  

UHN Toronto General Hospital Patient Services Directory