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97 MOUNT PLEASANT STREET, BRANTFORD, ON N3T 1T5 TELEPHONE: (519) 756-2920 • FAX: (519) 756-7942 •


Welcome! We would like to take this opportunity to extend to you a warm welcome to our Home. The John Noble Home is founded on a Mission of working together to enhance the quality of life for those we serve, by providing LOVE, CARE, and DIGNITY within a safe home-like environment. The John Noble Home (JNH) has a proud and long standing care-giving tradition, dating back to 1881. Today, we offer outstanding programs devoted to senior housing, care, and services that operate within our care campus. All meet and serve the needs of both Brant County and the City of Brantford and their respective constituents as we are a municipally operated and governed facility. It is our hope that we meet your expectations. Through its long history, the John Noble Home has maintained an excellent reputation in our community and province for providing the highest standard of care for our residents. This reputation is founded in evidence based best practice and respect for the individual in all we do. You will find the Home offers a number of medical and support services that are specifically designed to make the life of our residents comfortable and enjoyable. As well, you will find our staff to be caring and dedicated. Each member of the team has been carefully selected and educated in the skills required to provide the care our residents deserve. Sincerely,

John Noble Home Committee of Management, Residents, Staff and Volunteers



Table of Contents Our History............................................5 Guiding Principles...............................6 Ownership and Governance............6 Residents’ Bill of Rights..................... 7 Resident Council................................ 10 Family Council..................................... 11 Responsibility and Liability.............. 11 Privacy Policy..................................... 12 Resolving Issues – Complaints and Concerns............... 12 Serving You - Family Notices and Important Information Bulletin Board..................................... 13 Services Provided: Your Medical Team..................... 14 Nursing Services......................... 14 Laboratory Service...................... 15 Radiology Service....................... 15 Pharmacy Service....................... 15 Respiratory Services................... 15 Physiotherapy Service............... 15 Living Classroom......................... 15 Recreation Programs.................. 16 Recreation Programs Calendar........................................ 16 Spiritual Care................................ 16

Business Office: Office Hours...................................17 Accommodation Rates................17 Resident Basic Payments...........17 Admission Agreement.................17 Trust Fund Availability................ 18 Change of Address, Telephone Number..................... 18 Government Financial Assistance Programs.................. 18 Health Insurance Card............... 18 Valuables....................................... 19 Legal Documents........................ 19 Veterans Affairs Priority Access Beds................................. 19 Donations...................................... 19 Gratuities, Tips and Gifts........... 19 Soliciting........................................ 19 Support Services: Housekeeping Services........... 20 Laundry......................................... 20 Maintenance Services............... 20 Nutrition Services........................ 21 Services – Optional................... 22 On Admission: Room Assignment...................... 23 Interdisciplinary Care Conferences................................ 23 Resident Identification.............. 23 Identification................................ 23 Resident Outings........................ 24

Please note that we are constantly changing to meet your needs. The information presented here may be subject to change. UPDATED JULY 2023



Accommodation: Air Conditioning.......................... 25 Bedding and Linen..................... 25 Clothing Labels........................... 25 Clothing Repairs......................... 25 Clothing Suggestions................ 26 Clothing Storage......................... 26 Telephone.................................... 26 Television...................................... 26 Electrical Equipment in a Resident’s Room..........................27 Resident Furniture.......................27 Call System...................................27 Carpeting.......................................27 Safety Procedures: Universal Codes......................... 28 Fire Alarm/Drill (Code Red) Role of Residents....................... 28 Infection Control......................... 29 During an Outbreak................... 29 Screening and Vaccinations.... 29 Latex – Latex Free Home......... 29 Scent Free Home....................... 30 Zero Tolerance of Abuse and Neglect of Residents................. 30 Whistle-Blowing Protection..... 30


Helpful Information: Mobility Aids - General Information Canes, Walkers and Wheelchairs.......................... 31 Personal Assistive Service Devices and Restraints.............. 31 Smoking Policy............................ 31 Parking........................................... 31 Pets................................................ 32 Visiting Hours.............................. 32 Skylight Café............................... 32 Memorial Services...................... 32 Family Rooms.............................. 32 Cyber Lounge.............................. 33 Volunteer Service....................... 33 Community Resources: John Noble Home Day & Stay Program........................... 34 Notes............................................. 35 Community Supporters Index.............................................. 36


Our History The John Noble Home is conveniently located on approximately 25 acres of land on Mount Pleasant Street in West Brantford. Its grounds include two beautiful courtyards and access to outdoor space for all residents. It takes its name from John Noble, a City Council Alderman who served on City Council between the years 1937 and 1958. Alderman Noble was best known as the driving force behind expanding and enhancing the Brantford Home for the Aged. He played a leading role influencing the Province, City of Brantford and County of Brant to fund this much needed long term care facility. The original John Noble Home was built in 1954 and accommodated 78 residents. It expanded in 1961 to accommodate 210 residents and in 1965, a two storey addition was added raising the number of beds to 302. A final two storey addition was added in 1969 bringing the Home’s capacity to 406 beds. In the fall of 1990, the Home underwent major renovations, resulting in a capacity of 361 beds including three (3) respite beds and three (3) dedicated veterans’ beds. In 1999, a partnership was formed with St. Joseph’s Health System and 205 beds were transferred to St. Joseph’s Lifecare Centre in the fall of 2004. The John Noble Home currently operates 156 long term care beds including three (3) dedicated veteran’s beds. A phased redevelopment of all beds ensured they meet the highest standard. Phases one and two of the redevelopment, completed in 2009 and 2010 included the renovation of a vacant wing of the Home. Davis Court and Mohawk Terrace opened in October 2009. The renovation included a state of the art communication centre, and spa area for Grand Terrace. The third and final phase, completed in February 2013, saw the redevelopment of the remainder of Grand Terrace which included resident rooms and the completion of a three floor tower housing the units Cockshutt Place, Costain Court and Brant Terrace. Our campus of services is proud to include the John Noble Home Day and Stay and the Bell Lane Terrace Apartments for Seniors. The John Noble Home Day and Stay is a community support program for seniors with memory loss, offering an adult day program as well as an overnight respite program. The Bell Lane Terrace Apartments is a senior’s only building serving those who are 60 years of age or older. Priority is given to spouses of individuals who are current residents of the John Noble Home in order to promote spousal reunification.



Guiding Principles OUR MISSION… “Working together to enhance the quality of life for those we serve, by providing LOVE, CARE and DIGNITY within a safe home-like environment.”

OUR VISION… “As leaders, we strive for continued excellence, now and in the future.”

OUR VALUES… To further support and facilitate the growth and development of exemplary housing, care and services within our caring community of Brantford and Brant County.

Ownership and Governance The John Noble Home is a Municipal Home for the Aged jointly owned and operated by the City of Brantford and the County of Brant. The Home is governed by a Committee of Management consisting of four (4) Council members from the City of Brantford and four (4) Council Members from the County of Brant. Monthly meeting agendas and minutes are posted on the John Noble Home website www.



Residents’ Bill of Rights RIGHT TO BE TREATED WITH RESPECT 1.

Every resident has the right to be treated with courtesy and respect and in a way that fully recognizes the resident’s inherent dignity, worth and individuality, regardless of their race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin ,citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, marital status, family status or disability.


Every resident has the right to have their lifestyle and choices respected.


Every resident has the right to have their participation in decision-making respected.


Every resident has the right to freedom from abuse.


Every resident has the right to freedom from neglect by the licensee and staff.


Every resident has the right to communicate in confidence, receive visitors of their choice and consult in private with any person without interference.


Every resident has the right to form friendships and relationships and to participate in the life of the long-term care home.


Every resident has the right to share a room with another resident according to their mutual wishes, if appropriate accommodation is available.


Every resident has the right to meet privately with their spouse or another person in a room that assures privacy.


Every resident has the right to pursue social, cultural, religious, spiritual and other interests, to develop their potential and to be given reasonable assistance by the licensee to pursue these interests and to develop their potential.


Every resident has the right to live in a safe and clean environment.




Every resident has the right to be given access to protected outdoor areas in order to enjoy outdoor activity unless the physical setting makes this impossible.


Every resident has the right to keep and display personal possessions, pictures and furnishings in their room subject to safety requirements and the rights of other residents.


Every resident has the right to manage their own financial affairs unless the resident lacks the legal capacity to do so.


Every resident has the right to exercise the rights of a citizen.


Every resident has the right to proper accommodation, nutrition, care and services consistent with their needs.


Every resident has the right to be told both who is responsible for and who is providing the resident’s direct care.


Every resident has the right to be afforded privacy in treatment and in caring for their personal needs.


Every resident has the right to, i.

participate fully in the development, implementation, review and revision of their plan of care, ii. give or refuse consent to any treatment, care or services for which their consent is required by law and to be informed of the consequences of giving or refusing consent, iii. participate fully in making any decision concerning any aspect of their care, including any decision concerning their admission, discharge or transfer to or from a long-term care home and to obtain an independent opinion with regard to any of those matters, and iv. have their personal health information within the meaning of the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004 kept confidential in accordance with that Act, and to have access to their records of personal health information, including their plan of care, in accordance with that Act. 20. Every resident has a right to ongoing and safe support from their caregivers to support their physical, mental, social and emotional wellbeing and their quality of life and to assistance in contacting a caregiver or other person to support their needs. 21.


Every resident has the right to have any friend, family member, caregiver or other person of importance to the resident attend any meeting with the licensee or the staff of the home.


22. Every resident has the right to designate a person to receive information concerning any transfer or any hospitalization of the resident and to have that person receive that information immediately. 23. Every resident has the right to receive care and assistance towards independence based on a restorative care philosophy to maximize independence to the greatest extent possible. 24. Every resident has the right not to be restrained, except in the limited circumstances provided for under this Act and subject to the requirements provided for under this Act. 25. Every resident has the right to be provided with care and services based on a palliative care philosophy. 26. Every resident who is dying or who is very ill has the right to have family and friends present 24 hours per day.


Every resident has the right to be informed in writing of any law, rule or policy affecting services provided to the resident and of the procedures for initiating complaints.

28. Every resident has the right to participate in the Residents’ Council. 29. Every resident has the right to raise concerns or recommend changes in policies and services on behalf of themself or others to the following 30. persons and organizations without interference and without fear of coercion, discrimination or reprisal, whether directed at the resident or anyone else: i. the Residents’ Council. ii. the Family Council. iii. the licensee, and, if the licensee is a corporation, the directors and officers of the corporation, and, in the case of a home approved under Part IX, a member of the committee of management for the home under section 135 or of the board of management for the home under section 128 or 132. iv. staff members. v. government officials. vi. any other person inside or outside the long-term care home.



Resident Council Established in 1978 the John Noble Home Resident Council is a voice for ALL residents. Resident Council is founded on the premise that the resident can and should play a part in the organized life of our Home and all its activities, planning and contributing whenever possible in harmony with the total program of the Home. All residents are welcome to attend Resident Council meetings even if not a member of the Council.

The Resident Council: • • • •

Welcomes new residents to the Home Invites and/or includes the Administrator or any staff member to attend the meetings of the residents Assists with Memorial Services, Fundraising, Sponsors for Birthday Parties and Special Entertainment events Provides information to all residents on all activities of the Council and encourages residents to keep informed of current events and issues and promotes growth while in the Home Provides a venue for all resident suggestions and concerns to be addressed by Senior Administration. Specific resident concerns should be raised in a private discussion to ensure confidentiality Provides a representative to relevant committees i.e. Food Committee

How Does a Resident Become a Member? •

Elections start in November and voting takes place the first week of December. All residents in the Home are eligible to vote and positions are held for one (1) year. (January-December) • Twelve residents (two from each home area if possible) are elected to Council in December and in January those twelve residents nominate and vote on the Executive positions The Resident Council meets monthly. Please contact the Director of Programs for more details.



Family Council The John Noble Home Family Council is composed of families and friends of residents. It is a support group and liaison between family and staff. The purpose of the Family Council is to inform, educate, explore concerns, share ideas, act on issues and communicate effectively. The Council is dedicated to the promotion and improvement of the health, welfare and happiness of all Home residents and their families. However, individual resident specific concerns should be addressed with the appropriate Manager to ensure confidentiality.

The Family Council: • • •

Welcomes and supports families and friends of residents Advocates on behalf of residents for their care needs Gives families a channel through which to express ideas, concerns and seek solutions • Fundraises for the benefit of our residents The Family Council is a non-elected volunteer group of concerned and caring people. You can forward your interests or concerns by contacting the Director of Programs. You may access the meeting minutes by referring to the Family Council Binder on the Family Notices and Important Information Bulletin Board located near Reception. The Family Council meets monthly. Please contact the Director of Programs for more details.

Responsibility and Liability The resident will release and indemnify John Noble Home, its officers, agents and employees from all claims and liability resulting from: a) the loss of money, valuables and personal effects unless these were respectively deposited in the trust funds or held in safe keeping by John Noble Home b) the loss or destruction of clothing or personal effects, unless the loss or destruction occurred as a result of negligence on the part of John Noble Home c) any responsibility related to his/her welfare and care requirements which occur off the premises of John Noble Home, except when such absence includes a staff escort



Privacy Policy The John Noble Home will adhere to the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) (S.O. 2004, c.3, Schedule A), The Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (1991), and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (2004) to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of all resident information. We will request permission from our resident/Substitute Decision Maker (SDM) as appropriate to collect, use or disclose personal health information. The John Noble Home shall make a reasonable effort to ensure that the individual is advised of the purpose for which the information will be used.

Resolving Issues – Complaints and Concerns As in any living arrangement concerns may arise from time to time. The management of the John Noble Home is interested in addressing your questions and concerns. A management representative shall respond to all written or verbal complaints made to the Home or a staff member concerning the care of a resident or operation of the Home. To assist you in having your questions/concerns addressed promptly, the following procedure should be followed: •

Discuss the situation with the registered Staff (Registered Nurse or Registered Practical Nurse) on your Resident Home Area. If your concern is not resolved: • Contact the Manager for the appropriate area of concern. • If your concern remains unresolved - Contact the Administrator. • Concern Forms are also available at Reception or from Registered Staff if you prefer this to speaking with staff directly. All complaints shall be investigated and resolved where possible and a response provided within 10 business days of the receipt of the complaint. If at any time, an issue is not being addressed to your satisfaction or you feel the issue requires the attention of The Ministry of Long-Term Care, the contact information is as follows: Long-Term Care Inspections Branch Long-Term Care Homes Division Central Intake, Assessment and Triage Team (CIATT) 119 King St. W, 11th Floor Hamilton ON L8P 4Y7 Or: Call the Long-Term Care Homes ACTION Line: toll-free 1-866-434-0144



Serving You - Family Notices and Important Information Bulletin Board Our Family Notices and Important Information Bulletin Board is located near Reception. Here you will find information about the Home as well as current meeting minutes from Resident and Family Council. Also posted is a “Telephone Resources” list of our interdisciplinary team to help answer your questions or concerns. The Home also has a website and Facebook page which is updated regularly to keep you informed. If at any time you wish for copies of our policies and procedures, please contact Reception and they will gladly supply you with these documents.



Services Provided Your Medical Team The John Noble Home has a Medical Director, who is responsible for all medical care provided in the Home including the care provided by any Attending Physician, and the Nurse Practitioner. A resident may have the physician of their choice, but the physician must have approved privileges to practice medicine in the John Noble Home. The Medical team includes a Nurse Practitioner who works in the Home during the week. The Nurse Practitioner is able to provide many aspects of the medical care within the Home. When the care is outside the scope of the Nurse Practitioner, the physician may be contacted. The physician and Nurse Practitioner work closely together as the medical team for the Home.

Nursing Services The Director of Care is the senior nursing position responsible and accountable for the overall delivery of nursing care to the residents. The Resident Care Coordinator attends to the day-to-day management of the Resident Home Areas.

The nursing staff on each Resident Home Area includes the following: • Registered Nurse • Registered Practical Nurse • Health Care Aide/Personal Support Worker • Restorative Care • Quality Improvement and Risk Coordinator Each staff member has a specific job description and collectively they form the nursing care team. In collaboration with members of the interdisciplinary team, each resident is assessed, has an individualized care plan developed and implemented and the results evaluated on an ongoing basis. There is a Registered Nurse in the Home at all times who is able to follow up on any concerns.



Laboratory Service A mobile laboratory service provides full medical laboratory services as requested by a medical practitioner. Phlebotomy services are provided by a qualified technician and the testing laboratories and specimen collection centers are licensed by the Ministry of Health. Most lab work is covered under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP).

Radiology Service A fully equipped mobile radiology service provides x-ray service to the Home. A registered medical radiation technologist performs the service and the interpretation of the radiographs is done by a qualified radiologist. Any resident requiring an x-ray that is non urgent will have the service done on site. Any urgently required x-rays will be done at the hospital. All x-rays are covered under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) and must be ordered by a physician/ Nurse Practitioner.

Pharmacy Service John Noble Home has a contracted Pharmacy Service under the direction of a Registered Pharmacist. The resident is responsible for paying charges and co-payments for goods and services that are not covered or funded under Government programs, such as the Ontario Drug Benefit Plan, or the Ontario Health Insurance Plan.

Respiratory Services A licensed respiratory service provides respiratory services such as the provision of oxygen and respiratory support services as well as oxygen and respiratory medical equipment and supplies. This 24 hour service includes resident assessments, the delivery, set up and the maintenance of all therapy equipment.

Physiotherapy Service A full range of rehabilitation programs and services are provided in the Home through a Registered Physiotherapist and Physiotherapy Assistant. All new residents to the Home receive an assessment by our Physiotherapist to identify baseline information on mobility, strength, function and independence. Individual Physiotherapy programs will be setup by the Physiotherapist based on their assessment. Our Physiotherapy Assistant assists residents with a variety of therapeutic services/programs.

Living Classroom The Home proudly partners with Grand Erie Learning Alternatives to create a living classroom. This innovative program allows personal support work students to learn in the environment where they will work. The program has many benefits for students, staff and residents alike. For more information, visit our website.



Recreation Programs The Recreation Department provides a variety of recreational programming and services. Each Resident Home Area has a dedicated team of Recreation Programmers. The programs are unique to each Resident Home Area and to each resident based on the needs, likes and interests of the residents that reside in that area. The programs are designed to enhance the psycho-social, spiritual, emotional and physical well-being of the resident. The Recreation department has access to a bus for resident outings and provides a variety of trips throughout the year. See your Recreation Programmer to sign up for a trip. Residents and family members are encouraged to give input into programming ideas. This may be done through the Recreation Programmer.

Recreation Programs Calendar A monthly calendar of all programming offered in your Resident Home Area and throughout the Home is posted on the Bulletin Board near the Recreation Rooms. The calendar may also be accessed on the John Noble Home website (

Spiritual Care When required, our staff provide palliative care visits, spiritual programs, and emotional support for all residents and families. Non-denominational worship services are provided each month. These services offer familiar hymns and a short message to best accommodate the needs of the residents. A multi-faith program provides spiritual and religious care in the Home. Regular weekly and monthly church services of various denominations are held. The Home is partnered with many community ministers for residents wishing to remain connected with their faith outside the home. At the time of admission to the Home, each resident is assessed to determine the spiritual needs of the resident. Community clergy will be contacted at the request of the resident or family member to facilitate ongoing support from their community place of worship.



Business Office Office Hours The Business Office has hours from Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. (except for statutory holidays). Trust account hours are 10am-12 noon and 1-3 p.m. Monday to Friday. Office staff will assist you with all aspects of monthly billing and trust accounts.

Accommodation Rates Resident accommodation rates are set and standardized by the Ministry of LongTerm Care for all long term care homes in the Province of Ontario. Rates are set for Basic (Ward/ Standard), Semi Private and Private accommodation. Residents have the right to choose to reside in a semi or private room. Rates for semi and private accommodation are above the basic daily accommodation rate.

Resident Basic Payments Residents are responsible for the basic accommodation costs as their income permits. If your monthly income does not meet the monthly accommodation rates set by the Ministry of Long-Term Care and you reside in a basic accommodation room, you and/or your Power of Attorney for Property should contact the Business Office for income testing. An annual income test is done on all residents in basic accommodation to determine their applicable rate. Rates are set on July 1st of each year or otherwise as determined by the Ministry of Long-Term Care. Within 30 days of admission, the resident or their Power of Attorney of Property, are required to sign an authorization for monthly accommodation co-payment. The John Noble Home utilizes Advanced Automatic Billing. On the first of every month the accommodation for the entire month will be deducted. If the resident is discharged from the facility, fees paid in advance will be returned. Preauthorized debit is preferred; however, cash or cheque is accepted for monthly payments. A monthly statement will be issued to the resident or designate. Questions about your statement can be directed to the staff in the Business Office

Admission Agreement The resident or their Power of Attorney for Property will be asked to sign an Admission Agreement. You will be provided with a copy of the agreement and will have the opportunity to review it annually or at your request.



Trust Fund Availability Upon admission, a Resident Trust Account may be set up for a Resident’s personal use. Trust Account authorization must be signed by the responsible person authorizing the Home to release funds and manage the account. All Resident Trust Account funds will be held in a separate account at a chartered bank. John Noble Home cannot hold more than $5,000.00 in trust for any resident at any time. Individual receipts will be provided to the Resident or person having Power of Attorney for Property, for each deposit made. Individual records will be maintained for each resident which will show balances, deposits and withdrawals. Monthly statements will be provided to all residents who hold a trust account with John Noble Home. Deposits and withdrawals may be made during our regular trust account hours.

Change of Address, Telephone Number The Financial Services Department requires the name, address, phone number and relationship of the next of kin or responsible person for finances for a resident as well as a copy of any documentation identifying the Power of Attorney for Property for the resident. Should the person listed as your next of kin or contact person change a telephone number or address, it is imperative that the change be reported by you to the Business Office and the Registered Nurse. In order to contact the next of kin in emergency situations, staff must have accurate information on your record.

Government Financial Assistance Programs Government financial assistance programs are available to residents aged 60 years and over who do not have income sources sufficient to pay the established basic accommodation rate and are seeking accommodation in a basic room.

Health Insurance Card A resident’s Ontario Health Insurance card is required upon admission and is added to the resident’s chart on the Resident Home Area. It can be signed out by the resident or attendant when going to the doctor’s office, for medical testing, on discharge, or on vacation leave. The Home orders replacement cards, required due to loss, damage, or expiry on behalf of the resident. New cards are automatically issued when a resident who has a green health card is admitted to reflect the new address. Upon death, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care is notified and the card is destroyed as required. John Noble Home automatically notifies service providers of health card changes.



Valuables It is not advisable to carry or keep in your room large sums of money (no more than $5.00 or $10.00). We encourage you to set up a Trust Account in your name in the Business Office. It is not advisable to bring expensive jewelry or objects that have sentimental value to John Noble Home as they can be easily lost.

Legal Documents If a lawyer or other business advisor is coming to John Noble Home to do business with a resident who does not have a private room, please contact the registered staff to arrange the use of a private room for consultation. Staff members are not permitted to witness legal documents, even at the request of a lawyer or other visitor. All such matters must be referred to the Administrator or their designate.

Veterans Affairs Priority Access Beds The John Noble Home has three (3) dedicated beds for veteran access. Admission to these beds is done through Home and Community Care Support Services. Resident’s on DVA may also qualify for financial assistance from the Royal Canadian Legion Ontario Command: 905-841-7999.

Donations The John Noble Home graciously accepts monetary donations. These funds are managed separately from the Home’s operating budget and are used to purchase items or equipment for resident use that otherwise would not be financially possible to attain. The Home will issue a receipt for income tax purposes. In memoriam cards are available on request. The Home is unable to accept donations of personal belongings such as furnishings, clothing, electronics, or wheelchairs.

Gratuities, Tips and Gifts John Noble Home is proud to provide you with service. Gratuities, tips and gifts are not accepted.

Soliciting Soliciting or canvassing for funds is not permitted at John Noble Home without written permission of the Administrator.



Support Services Housekeeping Services Housekeeping staff are responsible for the overall cleanliness of the resident rooms and the common areas of the Resident Home Area and other areas of the building. As a safety measure, residents and family members are encouraged to assist in maintaining a tidy and uncluttered resident room. Any item not needed or in need of repair should be removed. All personal items must be labeled.

Laundry Laundry service is provided for resident’s personal clothing. It is important that clothing be washable and dryer safe, thus avoiding shrinkage or damage to clothing. Please avoid bringing in clothes that contain wool, are delicate fabrics or require dry cleaning. The Resident’s laundry is collected and sent for laundering on a daily basis. Laundered items will be returned to the resident’s room when completed. Family and residents may choose to launder a resident’s clothing themselves. We encourage all clothes to be labeled by the laundry in case clothing gets placed in the facility laundry by mistake.

Maintenance Services John Noble Home employs Maintenance Staff responsible for all maintenance in the Home.



Nutrition Services Nutrition Services provide a full range of food services and specialized nutritional services. Meals are prepared in a central kitchen and transported to each Resident Home Area. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided daily along with three snacks between meals and before bed. The menus are planned following Canada’s Food Guide, Ministry of Long Term Care regulations and the resident’s food preferences. The Resident Food Committee provides a forum for resident input into the menu and to plan “Resident Choice” meals. Two choices of meals are offered at lunch and dinner. Specific dietary requirements are considered in the meal preparation. On admission, a nutrition consultation will be arranged to discuss food preferences and dietary concerns. Resident’s diets are monitored regularly to ensure nutritional needs are being met. A Registered Dietitian is on staff to address the individual nutritional needs of residents. Menus are posted in the dining room on each Resident Home Area. Breakfast is served daily at 8:30 am, lunch at noon and supper is served at 5:00 pm. Residents are encouraged to eat their meals in the dining room setting. A nourishment area is located on each resident home area for additional drinks and snacks if needed.



Services – Optional Other services are available to residents at John Noble Home for which there is additional cost. Optional services and associated costs include: •

Over-the-counter medications and treatments not covered by Ministry of Health Government Stock Program

Prescription medications or treatments not covered under Ontario Drug

Benefit Program

Cable TV, Telephone, Internet connection and monthly charges for resident’s personal use – please contact a service provider

Dental services – service available on site

Optometry Clinics- available on site

Foot care services and specialized foot care- available on site

Hairdressing services available on site

Newspaper subscription delivered to the Nurses Station in the Resident’s Home Area – through service provider contract

Personal clothing and special toiletries

Preferred accommodation

Special social events such as supper club, bus trips/restaurant meals

Transportation or Staff if family unable to accompany the resident to discretionary medical appointments, other outings requiring the use of Brantford Lift, Taxi, Ambulance.

Rates for these optional services are set by an outside service provider. The resident or the person having Power of Attorney for Property must authorize in writing purchase of, or arrangement for, any of the above list of optional service. There is no obligation for a resident to use any of these services.



On Admission Room Assignment John Noble Home offers private, semi-private and basic accommodation. We also provide basic accommodation in semi-private rooms for couples. On admission you are assigned a room according to availability. There are 42 Private rooms, 17 Semi-private and 96 Basic accommodation rooms. John Noble Home cannot guarantee room changes requested by residents, but will make every effort to meet wishes. Requests for room changes are recorded and can be made at any time following admission.

Interdisciplinary Care Conferences Each resident will have a post admission care conference within six (6) weeks of the date of admission and yearly thereafter or as necessary. The purpose of the Interdisciplinary Care Conference (IDC) is to assist in the development of an individualized care plan for the resident. The resident, Substitute Decision Maker or the resident representative of choice and members of the interdisciplinary team that provide the care to the resident are present. The IDC provides a good opportunity for the resident representative of their choice to ask questions, raise concerns and review the resident’s care plan. Residents or Substitute Decision Makers will be notified by letter of the date and time of the Interdisciplinary Care Conference.

Resident Identification Upon admission, each resident is provided with an identification bracelet. In addition, a staff member will ask for permission to take your picture. A recent photo is important for use by staff as resident identification and to provide to local authorities in the case of an emergency. The ID bracelet and photo are important parts of safe medication administration. Please show the nurse your ID bracelet and state your name if you are able every time you are receiving medications. Please have glasses, hearing aids and dentures clearly and permanently marked with your personal identification at the time of admission. All clothing will be labeled. Should an item become lost, please speak to a nursing staff on the Resident Home Area. We will endeavor to locate any missing article.

Identification To ensure the safety of our residents, staff and volunteers, John Noble Home staff and volunteers are required to wear an Identification Badge at all times while at the Home



Resident Outings Families are encouraged to take their resident out of the home. The resident or family member should sign out the resident at the Communication Centre on the Resident Home Area prior to the resident leaving the Home or the Resident Home Area. The staff at John Noble Home should be aware, for emergency purposes, of all residents who are out of the building. Some residents will require medication to take with them while away from the Home. The Home does not assume responsibility for the care of the resident while signed out of the Home and the staff of the Home will not transfer a resident in and out of a vehicle. Please notify the staff on your Resident Home Area of any upcoming medical appointments. This will allow time to prepare the required medical documents you may need.



Accommodation Air Conditioning The John Noble Home has a Tempered Air System. Therefore, residents cannot adjust the temperature in their individual room. In order to maintain a consistent temperature please keep the windows closed.

Bedding and Linen Bedding and linen, including a comfortable mattress with a waterproof cover, pillow, wash cloths and towels will be provided at no cost to the Resident. Bed frames with adjustable head/foot mechanism will be provided. Bedding is changed on a regular schedule and as necessary.

Clothing Labels On admission and when new clothing is purchased, it should be sent to the laundry for labeling. Clothing should be dropped off at Reception or at the Resident Home Area Communication Center to be labeled. All clothing items are to be labeled by the John Noble Home staff. Labeling is provided at no cost to you. The label indicates the resident name. Clothing purchased as gifts should be labelled prior to giving. Please leave gift items to be labelled at the main reception desk. Clothing can be picked up at the reception desk for wrapping, within the week.

Clothing Repairs Residents are responsible to keep their clothing in good repair. John Noble Home does not accept surplus clothing. Mending services are available. A volunteer will complete mending of clothing items as needed. Items can be given to the Director of Programs for mending



Clothing Suggestions The supply of each clothing item should cover a four (4) or five (5) day span to allow for the laundering process. When purchasing clothing for a resident, consider comfort and ease of dressing and undressing to assist the resident in maintaining independence and dignity. Fabric should be machine washable and dryer safe. Family members are requested to monitor the clothing needs of the resident and replace items as required. Family members are encouraged to assist the resident in maintaining the closet and dresser drawers. Safe comfortable foot wear is very important. Non-slip soles on well-fitting shoes and slippers will help with safe mobility. Unless ill, or a personal preference of a resident, all residents are dressed in street clothes daily. Nursing staff may suggest some residents require modifications made to their clothing items to make dressing easier for the resident. These suggestions may be to have the clothing item split at the back or have Velcro closures. The Home may be able to make adjustments, but will require prior authorization before this will take place. Specialized clothing companies visit the Home on a regular basis to make shopping easier for the residents. Any clothing purchased by a staff member on behalf of a resident requires prior written approval.

Clothing Storage Out of season clothing should be stored with the family due to the limited closet space. There is no additional storage for off season clothing on site.

Telephone In order to obtain telephone service, contact Bell Canada or Rogers directly. The Resident or Power of Attorney for Property will be responsible for any costs associated with the hook-up as well as the monthly payments. The resident/ Power of Attorney for Property is responsible for notifying the Financial Services Department of the telephone number once the telephone is connected.

Television There are televisions located on each Resident Home Area for all residents to enjoy. You are welcome to bring your own television into the Home; however, the size is restricted to no greater than 32 inches. If you are living in a shared room, we ask that you purchase earphones in order for your roommate to enjoy their privacy or perhaps watch another channel on their own television. Only cable television is offered in the Home. In order to obtain cable service, contact Rogers directly. All charges associated with the hook-up as well as monthly payments are the responsibility of the resident or Power of Attorney for Property.



Electrical Equipment in a Resident’s Room Residents may have electrical equipment in their rooms that is in accordance with our policies and governing laws and maintains the safety of all residents. All appliances/electrical equipment coming into the Home must be inspected by a facility Maintenance Technician on arrival and minimally annually thereafter.

Resident Furniture The John Noble Home supplies and maintains furnishings for each resident room which includes bed, bedside table and wardrobe. Residents may bring personal furnishings and belongings whenever possible based on the size of the room and which meet the requirements set out in our policies and governing laws. All beds and mattresses provided by the Home meet the requirements of the Ministry of Long-Term Care. Prior to bringing in any furniture please consult the Admission Coordinator or designate.

Call System Each resident room, common area, and bathroom is equipped with a call system. When the call button is pushed, the light outside the resident’s room lights or a tone sounds. Upon seeing or hearing either of the signals John Noble Home staff will respond to the resident and their request for assistance.

Carpeting Mats/area rugs are not permitted in resident rooms or any other area of the home for reasons of resident safety and hygiene. They are a primary cause of resident falls, and the fibers can hold harmful bacteria and odours.



Safety Procedures Universal Codes



All codes are announced using the overhead paging system. The John Noble Home has an Emergency Response Plan for each of the above codes. Residents and visitors will be instructed by staff on any action that is required in response to a code announcement.

Fire Alarm/Drill (Code Red) - Role of Residents The John Noble Home wants to ensure that residents and visitors respond appropriately in the event of a fire emergency. If you discover a fire remember the word RACE:

R - Rescue A - Alarm C - Contain E - Evacuate Do not run, panic or yell fire. • • • •

Evacuate the person(s) in immediate danger, beyond the fire doors or a safe area, if able and safe to do so Activate the alarm by using a manual pull station near each exit. Do not pull the station if fire bells are already ringing Notify staff and take instruction from staff Close the door to the room in which the fire is located

If you hear an alarm:


Stay where you are

Staff will instruct you as to what to do and will assist you in moving to another unit/area if it is necessary

Do not enter or leave the building during a fire alarm. Staff will be stationed at the main doors of the facility during an alarm and will request that you do not enter or leave. You must be accounted for in an emergency situation

When the alarm is over, you will hear the words “Code Red, All Clear” three (3) times and you may resume normal activities


Infection Control Visitors who are ill are asked to refrain from visiting. We strongly urge all families who visit to receive all recommended vaccines each year to reduce the possibility of spreading any virus to our residents who are susceptible.

During an Outbreak Public Health will determine restrictions based on the type of outbreak. If visiting is permitted, we recommend: • If you do choose to visit, please go directly to your loved one’s room and remain there for your visit. Wash your hands before and after visiting • Do not go for walks or visit other residents • Ensure you wash your hands often during your visit • Do not spend time in common areas

Screening and Vaccinations The Ministry of Long-Term Care requires that all residents of long-term care facilities be tested for past exposure to tuberculosis (TB). This may require a TB test or chest X-ray. Public Health recommended vaccinations are offered to residents on admission and each year. Your Physician/ Nurse Practitioner will order the vaccine for you if he/she feels it is appropriate for you to have.

Latex – Latex Free Home The use of latex can cause certain residents and/or staff to suffer breathing problems, sometimes severe enough to require hospitalization. Because of this, residents, family members and visitors are asked to cooperate with John Noble Home staff in the following ways: • •

Refrain from the use of latex gloves or medical products Avoid the placement of latex balloons in the residents’ rooms or other amenities within the Home



Scent Free Home The use of scents can cause certain residents and/or staff to suffer breathing problems, sometimes severe enough to require hospitalization. Family and visitors are asked to cooperate with John Noble Home staff in the following ways to minimize this risk: •

Refrain from wearing perfumes, perfumed hairsprays, aftershave or perfumed personal hygiene products e.g. hand lotion when visiting the John Noble Home • Do not bring aerosol products to the Home • Do not bring air fresheners in resident rooms • Consider scent free gifts/ hygiene products Please report to the nursing staff if there are odours in a resident’s room so that an investigation of the source may be completed and corrective action initiated. Unscented odour elimination is provided by John Noble Home when needed

Zero Tolerance of Abuse and Neglect of Residents The John Noble Home has zero tolerance for abuse and neglect of any resident. Any staff, volunteer or student witnessing an act of resident abuse/neglect is to report it immediately to the Supervisor, or during the evening and nights, the Registered Nurse delegate in charge of the Home. For all disciplines, the failure to report an act of abuse or neglect is subject to discipline up to and including termination.

Whistle-Blowing Protection No person shall retaliate against another person, whether by action of omission, or threaten to do so as a result of reporting an incident of abuse or neglect of a resident.



Helpful Information Mobility Aids - General Information - Canes, Walkers and Wheelchairs Mobility aids such as walkers, canes and wheelchairs should be clearly labeled with your name. Should you require the use of a mobility aid (and do not have your own) you will be assessed for your needs following admission by the Registered Physiotherapist. If a wheelchair or walker assessment has already been completed and the paperwork started for purchase of a walker or wheelchair prior to admission, residents are asked to inform the Registered Physiotherapist during the initial assessment. The cost for the acquisition, repair, or replacement for these aids is the resident’s responsibility. Financial assistance is available through the Ministry of Health Assistive Devices Program (ADP) to qualified applicants

Personal Assistive Service Devices and Restraints The Management and staff of the John Noble Home are committed to improving the lives of residents and providing them with love, care and dignity by adopting the philosophy of Least Restraints. The John Noble Home believes any device that has the potential of restraining a resident even if it is used to facilitate activities of daily living will be assessed and monitored, and only the device with the least amount of restraining properties that meet the resident ability to perform activities of daily living will be used. The device will be removed once assessment by the Registered staff and Physician indicates it is no longer necessary.

Smoking Policy It is the policy of the John Noble Home to not discriminate against anyone’s lifestyle or behaviour in regards to smoking. The Home will be compliant with all governing laws regarding the use of tobacco, cannabis and vaping. Residents that choose to use any of these products must be able to transport themselves to and from the designated smoking areas and must be deemed safe to smoke. The Home has the right to determine a resident’s ability to smoke safely without supervision. Please follow posted signs throughout the property. Smoking is prohibited in undesignated areas, regulations will be strictly enforced.

Parking Visitor and designated handicap parking is located at the front of the Home. Additional parking is also available for visitors at the side of the Home. The Home is not responsible for the theft or vandalism of any vehicle parked on site.



Pets Due to care needs of our residents, the John Noble Home cannot accept residents’ pets. We do have a well supported pet therapy program that brings a variety of pets into the Home on a regular basis. Families may bring in their pets for short visits. All pets entering the home must be on a leash or in a carry cage, under the owner’s control at all times, and must have current vaccination documented. The pet policy package is available at the front desk. When visiting with your pet, please ensure you sign in at the front desk. Unfortunately, due to allergies within the Home, pet restrictions are in place. Please see the Director of Programs for more information.

Visiting Hours John Noble Home does not have set visiting times. Families and friends are encouraged to visit throughout the day and evening. Children are encouraged to visit, but must remain under the supervision of the accompanying adult at all times. Family members of ill or palliative residents may visit 24 hours a day. Note: For security, the main entrance is the only entrance to the Home for visitors. To gain access to the Home, press the doorbell located inside the first set of doors. Reception is present at the main desk until 8:00pm seven days a week for visitor assistance.

Skylight Café The Skylight Café is conveniently located in the front lobby of the Home for use by residents, families, staff and visitors. Snacks and beverages are available. The Café is operated by volunteers and the hours of operation are posted. The Skylight Café offers a pleasant environment for residents to enjoy a friendly visit and a snack with a family member or visitor. The John Noble Home residents receive two (2) complimentary coffee or tea beverages per day. Visitors will be charged a modest cost for a beverage and snack. Complimentary Wifi is available in the Café for visitor and resident use. The password for the Wifi is prominently posted.

Memorial Services Memorial Services are held periodically throughout the year in remembrance of residents who are deceased. Families and residents are invited and encouraged to attend a celebration of life for our residents that have passed away when possible.

Family Rooms There are a variety of rooms available to residents and their family members at no cost to use for private functions such as birthday parties, anniversaries, etc. Rooms do require a reservation, which can be made by contacting reception.



Cyber Lounge Residents have access to internet and computer equipment in the Cyber Lounge. Residents may keep in touch with family members far away using Skype services, as well as surf the net and enjoy information at their fingertips. For use of services of the Cyber Lounge, enquire with your Recreation Programmer.

Volunteer Service Volunteers play an important role in enriching the lives of our residents. Many volunteers from the community assist in various activities. They supplement and extend the work of the staff with their valued contributions of time and skills. Volunteers share their experience, talents, hobbies and interests with others. The Home has a large contingent of volunteers who assist in making the life of the resident more enjoyable. All volunteers are under the direction of the Director of Programs. All volunteers are interviewed, screened and required to have a Criminal Reference Check as well as a 2-step Mantoux test completed prior to beginning service in the Home. Volunteers can be identified by their John Noble Home name badges. In addition to volunteers, the Home provides clinical placement for community college students in a nursing, recreation, clerical, nutrition and social services programs. Family members and friends are welcome and encouraged to volunteer at the John Noble Home. For more information, please contact the Director of Programs.



Community Resources John Noble Home Day & Stay Program The Day & Stay Program is a community wellness program for seniors with memory issues. It is housed in the John Noble Home with a separate entrance on the south end of the building. The area is designed and built for persons with dementia and projects a warm, caring, home-like environment. Socialization and recreation are provided through, activities and therapeutic programs within a secure environment. The Day and Stay offers three Programs. There is a Day Program operating 6 days/ week, an Afternoon Program that operates Monday to Friday afternoons, and the Overnight Program. Overnight respite programs are offered 7 nights/week and the three semi-private rooms offer comfort and privacy. The Centre is wheelchair accessible. Dates:

All year. Closed Statutory holidays

Areas served: Open to residents of Brantford, Brant County and HNHB wide Eligibility:

Ages: 18 year(s) and up Persons over the age of 18 with an Ontario Health Card, are able to weight bear (need to be able to transfer independently or with minimal assistance of one person), have a diagnosis of dementia which includes Alzheimer Disease or other types of dementia and memory issues.



Contact the Day and Stay Coordinator at 519-756-2920 x 4286


Affordable user fees for all programs


Service provided in English but persons of all Nationalities are welcome.





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