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HISTORY Mush Comb was founded by Mr. Matthew Holtermans. Mr. Holtermans had an own mushroom farm in the 70’s and 80’s. In the early 90’s, with tons of growing experience, he started the business in mushroom machinery. Place of residence is Horst in the Netherlands, the capital of the mushroom industry. Mr. Holtermans was involved in the development and sales of new machinery. For example the first phase 3 headfilling machines sold to the UK market were done by Mr. Holtermans. From the beginning the focus was also on second hand mushroom equipment. Revising and adjusting used machinery to an almost new condition. Mush Comb has always been the market leader in this industry. In the year 2004 Matthew’s son, Bob Holtermans, joined the company. This has given the company an extra energetic boost to grow. In this time Mush Comb build up an one of a kind knowledge on all the other brands in the market. We have 25 years experience in repairing and servicing other brands. As such, we are fully aware of all strong and weak points of these brands. Based on that knowledge we produce our new equipment. Mush Comb is the only company worldwide with this unique background.

Mush Comb is also the only supplier worldwide which offers 3 choices of machinery: • Premium • Economy • Reconditioned The Economy line is price orientated between our state of the art Premium machinery and the price interesting reconditioned machinery.

MAIN AIM: We are in the market to build up long term relations with our customers. We can do this only by getting satisfied customers. The satisfaction of the customer depends on a variety of factors: • Advise where you can rely on. • Our commitment towards our customers. • Listening to the requirements of our customers. • The quality of product we deliver. • Good balance between product and price. • Proven SERVICE written with capital letters. These are the rules wherefrom we run our business. This to be able doing business with you now and in the future.

Mush Comb products can be divided in the following main groups: • Filling machinery • Emptying machinery • Shelving • Picking lorries • Composting machinery • Casing handling machinery • Custom build projects • Climate control • Turnkey

Since 2017 Mush Comb developed an extra specialism in exotic mushrooms, mainly oyster growing. For oyster growing we can deliver: • Growing racks • Climate control • Climate units • Panels

(Satisfied customer = Satisfied supplier)


SPECIFICATIONS: • Filling speed 5-11m/min. • Lifting with a scissor lift for best stability • Whole frame can independantly move 30cm forwards and backwards • Belt speeds, swivel timers, chain speed, chain height, etc. are all settings which can be made on our machine. • Completely hydraulic driven. • Central greasing points. • Practical cleaning based on experiences of growers for the highest hygiene. • Extra water protection implementations. • Items like weighing system, contractor version, etc. are also available.

Pictures shown are from: Company: Mercajucar Country: Spain Growing area: 42 rooms of each 422m² Filling phase 3 compost and casing at same time


SPECIFICATIONS: • Filling speed: 4 ,5m/min. • Lifting with 4 posts, each post contains a hydraulic cylinder. • Moving with forklift. • Up to 6 beds high. • Filling phase 3 compost and casing at the same time. • Economy is the price alternative for Premium. Not every customer is looking for extra luxury and actually prefers a machine with as less as electrics and hydraulics as possible.

Pictures shown are from: Company: Tas Valley Mushrooms Owner: Mr. Tim Tumov Country: England Company: 6 growings of each 1020m² Filling phase 3 compost and casing at same time

Supplementing Unit

Compost / casing conveyor.


Getting your growing rooms filled properly is essential for your further growing process. Quality filling means better growing results. Growing rooms are filled with compost and casing. Our machinery enables our customer to fill phase 3 compost and casing at the same time. The Premium and Economy headfilling machine work in combination with: • 2 conveyors • 1 pulling winch • 2 storage hoppers/trailers for compost and casing. The controls of this whole set of machinery is done with 1 single remote control.

Pictures shown are from: Company: Paccu Owner: Mr. Carlos Alcantara Country: Peru Company: 12 growings of each 352m2 Filling phase 2 compost and casing separately.

6-arm pulling winch, also available in 1-arm self lifting version.


SPECIFICATIONS: • Complete galvanized frame. • Stainlesss steel electric box. • Including frequency control for automatic speed adjustment. • Will be matched with the speed of your filling machine. • Including remote control.

Each filling machine is used in combination with a pulling winch. We offer 1-arm self lifting winches and multiple arm winches. A single arm winch is easier to move around your farm. A multiple arm winch is more efficient during filling.

Compost hopper for walking floor trailer.


To reach a quality filling with your headfilling machine you need a regular supply of compost and casing. To achieve this we offer storage and dosing hoppers which work in combination with the headfilling machine. The casing hopper is suitable to directly unload casing big bags. The compost hopper is suitable to work directly with a compost walking floor trailer.

Casing hopper

Pictures shown are from: Company: Ezquerro Vicioso S.L. Owner: Mr. Eduardo Ezquerro Country: Spain Growing area: 8 growings of each 480m2 Filling phase 3 compost and casing at same time. Automatic harvesting farm.

EMPTYING GROWING ROOMS Pictures shown are from: Company: Champignonkwekerij Peeters-Luyten Owner: Mr. Marcel Peeters Country: The Netherlands Growing area: 4 growing rooms of each 288m2

After harvesting all the mushrooms, the growing rooms need to be emptied to make it ready for a new growing cycle. The spent compost and casing is pulled out with the growing nets. Pulling out the nets is done with an emptying winch. In general emptying of your growing rooms can be done with one of following solutions: • Emptying winch + emptying conveyor • Emptying unit • Emptying unit with casing separator

Pictures shown are from: Company: Champas Owner: Mr. Paul van Asseldonk Country: The Netherlands Growing area: 2 farms, new farm has 20 growing rooms of each 554m2

Emtying unit


Separating the compost from the casing during emptying is a development done by Mush Comb. The application areas for separated compost and casing are diverse. Since the first introduction of this new technology the advantages have been: • Addition for potting plants or seedlings. • Burning of the separated compost. • Creating possibilities of re-using the casing in the mushroom sector. • Less transport costs. • Fertilizer for agricultural land.

1-arm casing separator

You can get this technology on every desired level. In general this can be divided in 3 main groups: • 1-arm casing separator, can be placed between existing shelving and emptying winch. • Emptying unit with 1-arm casing separator. • Contracting machine with multiple arm casing separator.

Pictures shown are from: Company: Gesitrans Owner: Mr. Gerard Sikes Country: The Netherlands Contracting company for emptying. Emptying and separating 30.000m² per week.


Our new shelving is complete made from aluminum. It is perfect quality shelving with many advantages. Through these advantages a lot of customers from all over the world ordered this shelving already

Pictures shown are from different projects worldwide.

Galvanized lorrie

Automatic lorrie


Quality picking is essential for your mushroom business. To assist in picking there are many items which are of use. In picking lorries we can make the following selection: • Galvanized picking lorrie • Aluminium picking lorrie with hand winch • Automatic picking lorrie up/down • Automatic picking lorrie

1. Automatic lorrie 2. Aluminium lorrie 3. Picking wagon with rack and chair. 4. Automatic picking lorrie up/down.





RUFFLING MACHINE For mixing the top layer of the compost with the casing soil. Main purpose is to optimize the structure of the compost and casing soil. To mix the water and to create more activity.


NET WASHER For cleaning the growing nets which have been used in the shelving.

SPAWNING MACHINE These days mostly used for pressing phase 2 compost after filling it into the shelving.

MACHINE LIFT Lift with telescopic posts to move the ruffling machine or similar from one growing bed to the other.

CASING MIXER Made for bringing export casing back to structure and to mix in the water.


When using phase 2 compost then you have to fill the compost and casing separate into the shelving. On the other hand when you fill compost blocks you will also add the casing afterwards. For this kind of work we developed a basic machine which does all this work. Besides this basic machine we also have an upgrade available for this way of working.

Pictures shown are from: Company: Forest Mushrooms Owner: Mr. Rob Stewart Country: South-Africa Growing area: 18 growing rooms of each 379m2 Filling phase 2 compost and casing separately.


When making your own compost you need to transport the ready to fill compost from your compost facility to your growing rooms. Mush Comb delivers compost wagons which you can hang behind your (small) tractor. The compost wagon takes care of transport, storage and dosing of the compost towards the filling machine. The same goes for your casing soil. You can prepare it 1 day in advance and store it overnight in the casing container so the filling of your growing rooms can start directly the next morning.

Pictures shown are from: Company: Adelaide Mushrooms Owner: Costa Group Country: Australia Growing area: 30 growing rooms of each 778m2


The bunkers can be filled with a bunker filler. The bunker filler drives inside the bunker and spreads the compost in an even surface in the bunker. Supplying the bunker filler with compost is done by a loader or similar. The size of your bunker filler mainly depends on the width of your bunkers and the requested capacity per hour. Alternatives can be found in a top filler. But this is an expensive investment with high weekly maintenance costs. But if you require bigger volumes we do have an alternative. Please ask our sales person for advice.


The phase 2 and phase 3 composting is done in compost tunnels, both 3m and 4m wide. Making quality compost begins with a good selection of your raw materials. After your phase 1 process in the bunkers the compost moves to the tunnels. Filling your tunnels is done with a filling line or filling cassette. This filling line makes sure the compost is filled in layers. The compost is unloaded on a tunnel net, this enabling to empty the tunnel in a later composting stage. When opening the tunnel door you look against a wall of compost. The tunnel winch is placed in front of the tunnel. The tunnel winch then is connected to the tunnel net enabling the winch to pull out the tunnel net with the compost laying on top of it. The tunnel winch is made accordingly to the length of the tunnel.

The Mush Comb composting machinery are engineered on such a way that easy cleaning is always of high importance. A clean environment is in the end essential in your composting process.

Pictures shown are from: Company: KazEcoFood Owner: Mr. Anuar Serik Country: Kazachstan Facility: 3 phase 1 compost bunkers and 4 phase 2/3 compost tunnels.


Besides working with shelving some customers choose to work with trays. This can be for several reasons. Mush Comb supplies traylines for filling compost, filling casing or filling compost and casing. We also offer the possibility to supply traylines for emptying and cleaning the trays.

Pictures shown are from: Company: Mushroom Place Owner: Mr. Enzo Sciacca Country: Australia Facility: Growing with trays.


You might be looking for a solution which is not standard available. Mush Comb is a specialist in looking for your solution. We have an own 3D engineering department which takes care of the first 3D drawings. Custom build can be any request. All machinery from growing, composting, exotics, etc. etc. can be made by Mush Comb staff.

Pictures shown are from: Company: Suter Champignon Owner: Mr. Daniel Suter Country: Switzerland


Mush Comb has a long history in revising machinery So if you’re looking for an extra machine or you simply want your investment to be lower then second hand can be an alternative. Our stock changes on weekly bases so if you have a request always ask if you have a request always ask for availability.


This brochure gives you a good insight in the machinery we deliver. Don’t forget that Mush Comb can also assist in your turnkey projects. Beginning from advice in the best set up to engineering and delivering the total package. Our delivery package includes: • Climate control • Climate units • Engineering • Panels • Filling doors and working corridor doors • Machinery • and more.


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