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May/June 2021


Willamette Living Magazine May/June 2021



Mercedes-Benz of Salem Presents The C-Class



Exquisitely crafted details add highlights and underscore the

intelligence. The vehicle's appearance is defined in particular






modern character. The C-Class is now equipped with LED

by its redesigned front and the new design of the LED

headlamps and taillamps as standard. An LED Intelligent

headlamps and taillamps, now standard.

Light System with High Performance headlamps and ULTRA WIDE high beam is optionally available.

The front and rear bumpers have been redesigned and the vehicle equipped with AMG-Line features a diamond radiator

The redesigned C-Class comes with extended Active Brake

grille as standard. These new designs render the vehicle's

Assist as standard. Depending on the situation, this can help

exterior even more expressive and lend an even more

to mitigate the consequences of rear-end collisions with slow-

dynamic character. The rear bumper on the Sedan has a new

moving, stopping or stationary vehicles ahead. This function

lower section; geometry, trim and tailpipe trim vary according

operates even with crossing pedestrians and cyclists or

to the selected equipment.

prevents collisions altogether.

Mercedes Benz of Salem 2405 Commercial St. SE Salem | Sales: 800.336.4148


1450 Greenwood – 1759 Sq. Ft. | .24 Acre Lot | 4 Beds / 2 Baths Excellent Location in a quiet cul de sac, versatile space and move in ready! No need for a car, in just minutes you are at the Coop, schools, campus, parks and recreation. New appliances, new floors, fresh paint. Enjoy the spacious, open concept kitchen with direct access to the beautiful yard.

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Nicole Willamette


Cooking Like Mom

May/June 2021


Water-Wise Gardens

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Sten: On the Money Real Estate Update Kris on Health Lookin’ Good! Gardening With Brenda Style


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Willamette Living Magazine May/June 2021




Your Dreams

kitchens | bathrooms | additions | remodels | new construction www.powellconstruction.com

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From the Home Office in Corvallis...

Publisher's Update At last we’re seeing all sorts of signs of a return to normal life!

Trivia fact: I’m a huge vintage racing fan. This photo is from the 2019 Rose Cup Races with Steve, buddy from way, way back – like when vintage cars were just, cars. The races are on again this summer at Portland International Raceway, and we’ll be there, at last!

In the valley we’ve been lucky to have a quick taste of the summer to come. The warm spell we just had was a record for the longest number of sunny days in April in the valley. Although that doesn’t bode well for drought and fires, it sure felt like we’ve turned a corner. People were out in droves to hike, eat, and just see blue sky again. It was like summer had started, and we’re all so ready for that! Los Angeles posted zero deaths a couple of days ago after a long stretch of really not so great news. Things are reopening, and the national news all points to an economic boom on the horizon. Finally, some good news! It’s been a heck of a year for some (all) of our local neighbors; two of whom are featured in this issue. Nicole at the Clothes Tree who was in her store soldiering on through whatever came her way all year, and Christina Carmichael an ER nurse at Samaritan – we can only wish we had her strength. People are champing at the bit to get out, go places, do things, see each other, and revel in everything we’ve missed. I am ready for all of it!

The time to vote for your “Best of the Valley” is almost over! Show your favorite local business’ some love at: www.WillametteLiving.com

If you haven’t been paying attention, the local real estate market is red hot, and that means home equity is up, way up, for a lot of local homeowners. And with home equity comes home improvement. Check out this issue’s home improvement suggestions from some of our local pros. Heidi at Powell Construction has some fantastic bathroom suggestions – who needs a Hyatt when we have Heidi and Co.? For our recipe suggestions this time, we’re going with super easy. I think we’ve all had enough of trying to challenge ourselves in the kitchen for now, after mass-hysteria events like the “sourdough phase.” Try Kris’ Turmeric Hot Chocolate, healthy and delicious with almost no effort. Or pasta salad to pair with an Emerson Muscat, or Grilled Chicken to enjoy alongside a Compton Chardonnay. Welcome back to life. Thanks for reading Willamette Living, and have a great spring!


Way ahead of the curve… the immortal Stirling Moss, Team Lotus, New Zealand, 1962, wearing a prototype COVID mask.

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Willamette Living Magazine May/June 2021

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The Clothes Tree A Corvallis landmark, in business since 1964 This has been a heck of a year Nicole; how did it affect your business?

store, and the fashion industry as a whole?

focus on my main and longest standing location.

It was a very challenging and more stressful time than I could have ever imagined. I had not only one brick and mortar store but two at the time of the shutdown. I needed to really focus on doing something I could control and that was to reach out to my customers. I had to quickly change my focus on the goods coming into the store. I ordered things like gifts, locally made items, and casual wear.

We lost some wonderful vendors. Everyone was in the same boat so working together was pretty important. I don’t think anyone expected the shutdown to last as long as it did but it affected the whole world. Everything from production, shipping, and the way we sold products changed. I saw a lot of companies flex to what they believed the customers would be looking for during the pandemic…wear to work looks were becoming stay at home looks. More lounge & sleepwear. Lot’s more gift giving (thinking of you gifts).

How did you adjust your business for the situation?

Were you open throughout the whole year? During the shutdown I was closed but I was in the store offering curbside pickup, delivery, & free shipping. How has your health been throughout all of this? Other than stress and a few grey hairs, I’ve been pretty good. Mentally some days were draining but I’ve been hopeful this whole time. What kept you going? My customers and the community. How did the pandemic affect your

Have suppliers been steady, or are some things hard to get? I’ve had an easier time to get product than I thought I would. I mostly order 6 months out and companies will produce shortly after orders are in. I think it’s helped that I sell bridge to better goods. For the most part it’s been much better this Spring. The store is full! Were you able to keep your employees on-board? I was able to keep some of my employees (most all from the Corvallis store). I never opened my Eugene location back up after the shutdown. I really needed to

I really looked to social media and I wasn’t fast but I knew my website needed some attention. This past year…I’ve been uploading new products so I have a lot more products now. Online sales are improving. I wore an extra lot of hats during the slow times…I just dug deep on the relationships that we built with our customers. I cut back on expenses and tailored my orders. I focused on making my display windows better so it could be appealing to window shop. How are things looking now that we have the vaccines coming online, is business picking up? Business seems to be picking up and my stress level is way down. I am just grateful! Are you looking forward to this year’s holiday shopping season? I am looking forward to this holiday season and I didn’t hold back on my orders. We have some really fun things coming in. I even ordered some sparkly things. I don’t think get togethers will huge, but I think it will be done on a smaller scale.

Visit Nicole at The Clothes Tree - 204 SW Madison Ave. Corvallis, OR 97333 • 541-752-5518 • www.clothes-tree.com


Willamette Living Magazine May/June 2021

The Barn At Hickory Station

e, n of beEr, win Great selectio coholic drinks toO! al cider and non-

Looking for “almost post-pandemic” dining options? If you haven’t been, you owe it to yourself to go check out The Barn at Hickory Station. Finally in the mid-valley a food truck experience to be happy about. Tons of options, and the food, although we haven’t tried every food truck, – yet, looks all to be top shelf. There’s even a crab boil cart that offers crab legs and lobster tails!

From sushi to pulled pork, there’s something for everyone in your party. There are picnic tables outside, or if you prefer there is indoor seating as well. There’s a great atmosphere, kids and dogs are both welcome, and the food appears quickly. It’s a nice in and out, zero hassle option.

Scio Hardware and Mercantile, your local hardware and general merchandise store for the novice and experienced DIY’er. 6,000 square feet of your home, garden, ranch and farm needs.

We have Burpee seeds, soil amendments, tools and more for your blue-ribbon vegetable garden!

Firehouse Melt from The Local Bite, with potato salad. Mmmm, spicy!

Pho from Family Pho. Lots of shrimp and noodles in there, and a delicious broth. The Barn at Hickory Station 640 NW Hickory St NW Albany, OR 97321 541-666-2974

Scio Hardware and Mercantile 38737 N. Main St. Scio Oregon 97374 503.394.3824 Keys, Fax, ODFW and UPS too!

Pulled pork with slaw on the bun, and on the side, with beans. From High on the Hog

facebook.com/sciohardware www.willametteliving.com


THE BOOK REPORT stories of fellow passengers on a long subway ride.

Hill Women : Finding Family and a Way Forward in the Appalachian Mountains by Cassie Chambers Cassie Chambers spent much of her childhood in the Appalachian mountains in Kentucky, where women face domestic violence, the opioid crisis and a world that seems more divided by the day. But they are also community leaders, keeping their towns together in the face of a system that continually fails them. With nuance and heart, Chambers uses Appalachian women's stories paired with her own Ivy League journey to break down the myth of the hillbilly and illuminate a region whose poor communities, especially women, can lead it into the future.

How Fascism Works : The Politics of Us and Them By Jason Stanley A Yale philosopher and author of How Propaganda Works reveals the fascist politics behind today's ethnic, racial and religious divides, identifying 10 key examples of fascist politics that are used by today's leaders to hold onto power.

The Molecule of More : How a Single Chemical in Your Brain Drives Love, Sex, and Creativity– and Will Determine the Fate of the Human Race.

By Daniel Lieberman

In the Quick : a novel by Kate Hope Day (Corvallis Author)

George Washington University professor and psychiatrist Daniel Z. Lieberman, MD, and Georgetown University lecturer Michael E. Long present a potentially life-changing proposal: Much of human life has an unconsidered component that explains an array of behaviors previously thought to be unrelated, including why winners cheat, why geniuses often suffer with mental illness, why nearly all diets fail and why the brains of liberals and conservatives really are different.

A young and ambitious woman astronaut’s life is upended by a fiery love affair that threatens the rescue of a 12-years-lost spacecraft and its crew of survivors. By the author of If, Then.


By Katrina Leno Moving from sunny California to a dilapidated old house in her mother’s New England hometown, Jane navigates memories, old books, new friends and a local bully before her mother’s spiraling emotional imbalance leads to the discovery of a long-ago child’s preserved bedroom. 12

Willamette Living Magazine May/June 2021

Milo Imagines the World by Matt de la Peña The team behind the Newbery Medal-winning Last Stop on Market Street follows the experiences of a little boy who creatively imagines the

The New Adolescence : Raising Happy and Successful Teens in an Age of Anxiety and Distraction by Christine Carter From expert sociologist and Senior Fellow at UC Berkeley, Christine Carter, author of The Sweet Spot, The New Adolescence is a small, engaging, solutions-focused book that gives time-starved parents simple strategies for raising healthy,

Selections From our friends at the Corvallis-Benton Co. Public Library happy teenagers-in spite of the social forces working against them.

through the eyes of the right-wing protestors, Native Americans, ranchers, environmentalists and federal officials caught up in the flashpoint of the moment.

An Ivy League-educated DACA beneficiary reveals the hidden lives of her fellow undocumented Americans, from the volunteers recruited for the 9/11 Ground Zero cleanup to the homeopathy botanicas of Miami that provide limited health care to non-citizens.

One by One by Ruth Ware When an offsite company retreat is upended by an avalanche that strands them in a remote mountain chalet, eight coworkers are forced to set aside their corporate rankings and mutual distrust in order to survive.

Terrariums : Gardens Under Glass : Designing, Creating, and Planting Modern Indoor Gardens by Maria Colletti Provides information on how to create a terrarium using a few simple techniques and the proper glass vessel.

Wolfpack : How Young People Will Find Their Voice, Unite Their Pack, and Change the World by Abby Wambach Updated with stories that trace the Olympic gold medalist’s journey from youth soccer to the Hall of Fame, an adaptation of the bestselling Wolfpack inspires readers to harness their inner strength, forge their own path and band together with teammates to make the world a better place.

Shadowlands : Fear and Freedom at the Oregon Standoff by Anthony McCann

Librarian’s Picks

The story of the 2016 occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge led by Ammon Bundy as told

Corvallis-Benton County


The undocumented Americans by Karla Cornejo Villavicencio


SECOND GLANCE 3 1 2 S W 3 R D S T. 541-753-8011 www.willametteliving.com



Christina Carmichael BSN, RN From the way tougher than you department: Tell us about your job(s): Oregon Nurses Association Executive Committee Chair and Intensive Care Unit Nurse at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center in Corvallis, OR Your work history?: Social Worker 1998-2009, Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) 20102015, Registered Nurse (RN) 2015 - Present Why did you become a nurse: I love to advocate for vulnerable populations. I have a knack for communicating well during difficult situations. I wanted to use those traits to help patients and improve health outcomes. Can you tell us a little about what the past year has been like: The last year has been a roller coaster of emotions and stress. Nurses carried the brunt of it and had to dig deep to find the tools to cope with the incredible sadness, loss, fear, and pressures all around us. Early in the year we experienced terror as we faced an unknown and unseen virus without proper personal protective equipment (PPE) or access to COVID-19 testing. We felt betrayed when our (U.S.) N95 masks were sold to other countries. The shortage of N95 masks put pressure on employers to lock up their supply and ration them. Nurses made our own masks. The community made us masks and encouraged us to be brave. The stress was incredible. Some nurses have left the profession as a result. The fear of the virus led to lockdowns which caused economic devastation to our community and coworkers. The community saw mental health issues skyrocket and nurses were tasked with caring for some of the most violent and sick patients I have ever seen in my career. This added to our stress and stretched our coping skills to the breaking point. I am grateful we have PPE now and COVID-19 testing is more readily available. Having the tools to do our job has made this virus somewhat more manageable. Looking back on this year, I can’t help but feel a trauma bond with my coworkers. We made it through and we’re stronger for it. 14

Willamette Living Magazine May/June 2021

Thank Yo u Christina!

Worlds Away

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Art in the Mid-Valley By Brian Egan

Have you ever visited a museum or gallery and felt overwhelmed? Like sometimes you just don’t “get” works of art, particularly the abstract variety? You are not alone as this is a common response to an art form that doesn't jump out and declare "THIS is what I'm all about." Instead, abstract art requires you to have an open, inquiring mind; you must enter the painting and see where it takes you.

Understanding abstract art does not come naturally for everyone. It is the kind of art that makes some people scratch their heads and say, "My 5-year old could do that." What people don't realize is that the best abstract artists have excellent drawing skills, a finely honed sense of composition, and a deep understanding of the workings of color. Most abstract artists have the ability to draw a perfectly rendered rose or a realistic portrait, but they choose not to. Instead they choose to express their creativity by creating a visual experience that is free and unencumbered by the weight of objects. Understanding abstract art requires an inventiveness that invites you to discover for yourself the meaning behind the work. It is not easy to grasp, like still lifes, portraits, or other form of representational art, because it is open to interpretation in a way that representational art is not. So next time you see abstract art, take a harder look at the work and search out the formal qualities of form, lines, pattern, composition and process. You may find a meaning of the piece that you did not see at first glance.

Chi Meredith, Delicate Balance, acrylic on canvas 16x40


Willamette Living Magazine May/June 2021

THE ART SCENE creative expression of artists. The purpose of the exhibit is to show working artists from many backgrounds and origins, and bring emerging and established artists together. Each year The Arts Center invites a different guest juror from outside our immediate area, to bring his/her/ their different sensibilities. The Around Oregon Annual also recognizes and encourages excellence by awarding cash prizes selected by the juror. V Maldonado, a Portland-based multidisciplinary artist, freelance curator, as well as a writer, is this year’s juror. The Around Oregon Annual 2021 opens on June 24th and runs through August 7th at The Arts Center The Benton County Museum in Philomath opens the Corvallis Art Guild's second major show in its 75th Anniversary year with a theme of Here Comes the Sun, opening on April 16 and running through May 29th. Will outdoor art festivals return this year? With so many Oregonians receiving Covid 19 vaccines restrictions are easing but a 4th wave of the virus could change plans. Many event organizers are getting excited about the possibilities for this year but are being cautiously optimistic. My hope is that by our next issue I can have good news about the Clothesline Art Sale, Arts Alive and Fall Festival. ARTS CENTER HOURS Noon to 5pm Wednesday through Saturday (at time of publication, please check website for updates) Jamila Clarke, Uprooted, photo In May, in collaboration with guest-curator Tammi Jo Wilson, The Arts Center presents BLACK MATTER, an exhibit showcasing contemporary Black Oregon artists in an effort to address an imbalance in representation. “Their voices should be heard,” says Wilson, “not because they are Black, but because they are talented artists with unique life experiences. It is essential to lift up the contributions of Black artists above systematic oppression in life and in art. Black artists should be recognized as individuals, without the filter of what the Western art canon tells us Black art is or should be."

Phone 541-754-1551 www.theartscenter.net

The artists in this exhibition are important Black and African artists living and working here in Oregon. The goal of the exhibition is to broaden cultural awareness of and appreciation for art by Black artists. This exhibit offers Black artists the opportunity to share artwork that expresses what's in their hearts and minds without the requirement of a political agenda. Black artists are continuously expected to make art about race, racism, and social injustice. The artwork in this exhibition expresses more than their experience of living in a state and country rooted in systematic racism; their work speaks to the experience of being human. FEATURING ARTISTS: Jamila Clarke • Jeremy Okai Davis • Christine Miller • Maya Vivas • Mosley Wotta BLACK MATTER opens on May 6th and runs through June 17th at The Arts Center. The Around Oregon Annual Exhibit 2021 is a chance for people in the Mid-Willamette Valley to experience artworks by contemporary artists living in all parts of Oregon. The exhibition recognizes the quality and diversity in the

Brian Egan, Owl Galaxy




River Gallery 184 S Main St, Independence, OR 97351 (503)-838-6171

Clock - Ann Durley

Gourd Art - Anna Mallard

“Birdhouse # 1” - Christine Hannegan

Duet Focus Exhibit at River Gallery in May + June 2021 - Barb Meyer and Christine Hannegan

and hummingbirds make their homes in the hillside .

Celebrate the beautiful imagery created by these two artists in their Duet Focus Exhibit. Both of these artists usually feature nature in their compositions either with bird life, fauna, flowers or landscapes. Stop by River Gallery to delight in their visions of the nature that surrounds us all.

Barb Meyer Artist Reflection: Seemingly empty space on the backroads of the western states is a continuing draw for me. These paintings stem f rom a once in a lifetime visit to the Ruby Mountains in Nevada. A different sort of peace found in muted colors, so different f rom the Willamette Valley.

This exhibit begins May 1st, 2021 and continues until the end of June 2021. Our hours are Thursday - Sunday f rom noon-4:00pm. Christine Hannegan Artist Reflection: I call this group of Flashe’ ( vinyl ) paintings , “The Bird House Series .” They were all inspired by the changing view of the hillside outside my bedroom window coupled with the unobtrusive visitors. White-crowned sparrows, chickadees, pine siskins 18

“Nevada Backroads” - Barb Meyer

Willamette Living Magazine May/June 2021

Ann Durley Artist Reflection: I have now made over 1600 clocks and still have lots if ideas for more clocks to create. This show will be exciting to see the many new clocks, but also furniture and some new pieces that I have been artistically exploring.

Thursdaythru Sunday Noon to 4p*

GALLERY Aftervisiting RiverGallery, treat yourself toa stroll through town toenjoythe newbanners.

* Please check our website and Facebook page for current hours.

184S. Main St., Independence, OR

5038386171 www.rivergalleryart.com

Mid-W illametteValley

ART Trail Member

Scheduling 2021 Interior Painting Eco-Friendly Sustainable Business

541.753.0434 www.equilibriumpainting.com

Art By Appointment 541-456-4971 beatrice.artwork@gmail.com www.willametteliving.com


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20 Willamette Living Magazine May/June 2021

w w w. s a n t i a m p l a c e .c o m

Celebrate Mom! Last year mothers day fell at the beginning of the COVID 19 Pandemic and local food entrepreneur and enthusiast Michele Colomb (of Crepe truck fame) had just started Corvallis Culinary Connections on Facebook, a social media campaign and advocacy group for local restaurants. Corvallis Culinary Connections turned out to be a great idea and now enjoys a membership that has surpassed 3,000 like-minded food fans. It’s a great resource for local restaurants to announce specials and special events, and for locals to post their foodie f inds. Last year when the group was just getting started, Michele and her husband were talking about food that their moms had made for them as children – comfort food. An idea was born to organize a facebook event to showcase Benton county restaurants by asking them to create a dish that reminded them their own mothers culinary creations, home, or comfort food. The 2nd annual event is taking place over several days – may 5 th to the 9 th 2021. Hours and options (dine in, take out , delivery) vary per restaurant. For more info, search for Corvallis Culinary Connections on Facebook, and click “Announcements.” Local chef ’s are channeling their mothers and creating the comfort foods of their childhoods for you to try. This should be good!



The most current state-of-the-art fitness equipment, and trained staff available to answer your questions. More than 120 hrs. per week of group exercise classes including Zumba, Nia, Pilates, 3 types of yoga, Step, Cardio, Goup Power (weights) and even Line Dancing!

Aquatic Exercise Classes

2 indoor pools for classes and lap swimming Warm water pool for therapy fitness for arthritis, fibromyalgia and orthopedic type issues Connect with us on Facebook for current events, specials and more!


2855 NW 29th St. in Corvallis Call Us Today at 541-757-8559

WWW.TIMBERHILLAC.COM www.willametteliving.com


The Grapevine

Just minutes from Corvallis or Salem!

Pasta Salad! An easy, summery dish that goes well with Emerson Vineyards Muscat.

VISIT EMERSON The winery is open to visitors daily from noon to five. If you’d like to come out at other times, we’d love to have you. Please email or call to arrange a visit. For our safety, and yours, we’d appreciate it if you wore a mask when you enter. We’ll also ask you to give us your contact info so we can provide information to Polk County and the Oregon Health Department if needed. We’re excited to welcome you back!

Phone: (503) 838-0944 www.emersonvineyards.com

We’ve all had about enough milling around the house trying to experiment with recipes, at this point. So for this issue, we’re going with simple things that can be taken to go - outside, at last!

Pinch of Italian seasoning (to taste)

Spring Pasta Salad

Top with shaved parmesan

Make enough for a couple ‘a days.

Willamette Living Magazine May/June 2021

Cracked black pepper (to taste)


Cook the pasta as per instructions on the bag – don’t let it get mushy!


2. Drain and rinse under cool water

1 bag Rotini

3. Put everything in a bowl and mix

A handfull of Kalamata olives (sliced)

4. You’re done!

1 chopped cucumber 1 chopped bell pepper ½ Cup finely chopped red onion A handfull of cherry tomatoes - halved Dressing: 1/3 cup red wine vinegar ½ cup virgin olive oil


½ Tsp salt

Pasta salad will keep for a week or more in the refrigerator, in fact it gets better by the second day! Serve with grilled fish or chicken, or as side with a sandwich. Close your eyes, pretend you’re on the Isle of Capri!

The Grapevine

Le Patissier

Wine Pairing Suggestion: Lemon-Pepper-Ginger Grilled Chicken Pairs well with Compton Family Wines Garden Series Chardonnnay Ingredients: 4 Boneless chicken breasts 1 Medium lemon 1 tsp Fresh Black Pepper 3 Tbsp chopped ginger 3 Tbsp chopped garlic ¼ Cup soy sauce Directions: A nice, long marinade is the key here. Slice chicken breasts in half – horizontally – be careful! Peel the lemon with a potato peeler and then julienne the peels (zest). Cut the remaining lemon in half and squeeze the juice into a large ziploc bag.

Place chicken breasts and all other ingredients into the ziploc bag and ref rigerate for 24-36 hours. After marinade, remove breasts f rom the bag and place on a hot grill. Grill on both sides until done. Serve with a green salad, and maybe a rice pilaf, or just simple sourdough bread. And of course, plenty of wine!

* The grilled chicken breasts are also great sliced and served on a green salad!


French Pastry Savory Dishes Wedding Cakes Special Events

All prepared in-house from the freshest ingredients available.



Vive la France ! www.willametteliving.com


r e s s e r Natty D The

Purveyors Of Quality Menswear Your locally owned menswear shop

Dress well, be Confident, Find Success! Casual • Business • Special Occasion • Formal 124 Broadalbin St. SW. Albany, Oregon 97321 www.TheNattyDresser.com • Phone: 541-248-3561

Locally owned and operated since 1962, The Clothes Tree provides exceptional quality merchandise and excellent customer service for all ages and sizes.


A Sampling of the Quality Brands We Carry...

Eugene 323 Oakway Rd. Suite F 458-210-2827


charlie b

Corvallis 204 SW Madison Ave. 541-752-5518




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Hobo Bags



Charlie B


UGG Apparel


Uno de 50


Joseph Ribkoff

Not just Chinese food! Our Asian fusion menu will delight you. You’ll love our chic new restaruant, and our delicious menu items presented with style. Many reviewers have called ours “the best asian food in Corvallis,” come find out why. www.queenschops�ck.com 11:00 am 10:00 pm Sun-Wed 11:00 am 11:00 pm Thurs-Sat 2329 Kings Blvd Corvallis

del Alma An exci�ng menu of new La�n fusion cuisine. Fabulous riverfront bar, special events, extensive wine list. A truly memorable dining experience.

Dining Guide

Queen’s Chops�ck

Menus and more at: delalmarestaurant.com Open for dinner Mon - Thurs 5:00 -- 9:30 Fri & Sat 5:00 - 10:00 136 SW Washington Ave Suite 102, Corvallis 541-753-2222


Novak’s Hungarian Opened in 1984 by Joseph and Ma�lda Novak, Novak’s is Oregon’s only Hungarian restaurant! Today, locally sourced ingredients, sustainable prac�ces, and the same love from the “old country” goes into every dish. Mon, Wed & Thurs: 8:00 - 8:00 Friday: 8:00 - 9:30 Saturday: 7:30 - 9:30 Sunday: 7:30 - 4:00 Closed on Tuesdays 208 2nd St. SW in Albany 541-967-9488 www.novakshungarian.com

New Morning Bakery A local landmark for over 30 years. Our bakers and chefs are at work around-the-clock preparing all your favorite dishes and baked goods using only the finest ingredients. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or anything in between. Now offering catering too. Mon-Sat 7:00 - 9:00 Sunday 8:00 - 8:00 219 SW 2nd St. Downtown Corvallis NewMorningBakery.com 541-754-0181

Kaiyo Sushi Albany’s new sushi sensa�on. Kaiyo Sushi is the place for a quick lunch mee�ng, date night, or family night out. Watch as expertly prepared sushi floats past your seat on our conveyor, and pick your favorites. Sashimi, sushi, vegetarian and vegan op�ons -- even dessert. A taste of Japan, in Albany. Come by today and have some sushi! Open 11 am to 10 pm 2826 San�am Hwy SE, Albany, OR 97322 (Next to Elmer’s) (541) 497-2622

Delicias Valley Cafe Owners Lupé & Carlos invite you to come have breakfast, lunch or dinner. Delicious, authen�c Mexican foods prepared in-house. Fresh ingredients & skilled chefs combine to bring you savory dishes your whole family will love. Mon - Sat: 8:00 - 9:00 Sunday: 8:00 - 8:30 Breakfast Buffet Sat & Sun Only: 9:00 - 12:00 933 NW Circle Blvd in Corvallis (Across the street from Market of Choice)

541-753-0599 www.deliciasvalleycafe.com



Turmeric Dark Hot Chocolate By Kris Denning


In case youʼre noticing, yes, fitness columnist Kris!


My morning cup of goodness, is turmeric dark hot chocolate. I used to love coffee, and still get swept away by the smell of it. But unfortunately, my body stopped enjoying it before my mind was ready to give it up. Migraine headaches would hit me if I didn’t have my coffee by a certain time the next day. Plus I would get edgy and irritable by afternoon on days I had coffee. So years ago, after a few days of detox, I let it go. Still, having something hot in the morn‐ ing to sip on as you begin the day is so nostalgic and comforting. I tried teas, which were okay, but they didn’t have the richness I craved. Then I stumbled upon a bag of Elements Truffles Turmeric Dark Hot Chocolate at my local natural foods store. I knew the anti-inflammatory power of turmeric, and I love anti-oxidant rich dark chocolate to no end, so I had to try it. And OMG I fell in love. Talk about a guilt free indulgence with only positive side effects…

Trust me, Itʼs Good! Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant that helps to not only block cell damaging free radicals, but also helps the body to stimulate it’s own antioxidants. Turmeric is a highly effective and side effect free anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral, which is 26

Willamette Living Magazine May/June 2021

why I take this supplement every day. I stopped taking NSAIDS years ago, be‐ cause I knew that overusing them in my 20s is what contributed to my intestinal damage which led to my auto-immune issues. My favorite turmeric supplement for pain and pain prevention is Turmeric Curcumin with Bioperine. Dark chocolate has it’s own accolades to be proud of… Quality dark chocolate, 70% dark or higher, is rich in fiber, iron, mag‐ nesium, copper, manganese and a few other minerals. It is also one of the high‐ est antioxidant rich foods on the planet, even more antioxidants than blueberries and acai! Flavanols from cocoa improve blood flow to the skin, helping to protect you from sun damage and helps de‐ crease blood pressure as it improves blood flow to the arteries. Studies reveal that people who eat more dark chocolate show a drastic decrease in heart disease, which is great, because I allow myself to snack on these little Belgium Bouchard dark chocolate pieces daily. They are gluten and dairy free and so very deca‐ dent! And healthy! I was happy to have them when one day I ran out of my turmeric dark chocolate mix, and had to make my own! I com‐ bined 2 or 3 of the dark chocolate pieces

(depending on my cup size), and sprinkle in some turmeric powder, and pour my favorite almond milk over it to the top! I heated it up and it turned out perfectly. I hope you fall in love with this magical and comforting elixir just as much as I have. Try it out and let me know what you think! Cheers to your health!

Lots of Chocolate at First Alternative Co-Op 100% of the chocolate sold at First Alternative Co-op is fair trade. We carry a number of brands, many of which are or‐ ganic, and in our bulk & baking sections a few favorites are the Equal Exchange and Agostoni Chocolate. We carry white, milk, dark, bittersweet, and even chocolate liquor which contains no sweetener at all (like baking chocolate.) In the candy section, of course, there's an even bigger selection of brands.


hat could possibly top a fresh, local, organic straw‐ berry? How about some 100% fair trade chocolate? Fair trade certifications ensure that producers and growers in the developing world aren’t subjected to inhumane conditions or inadequate compensation. Buy chocolate with confidence at First Alternative Co-op, knowing they only sell source-verified, fair trade chocolate. Fair-Trade Chocolate-Dipped Organic Strawberries You’ll need about 6 oz of chocolate chips/chunks to make 1 lb of dipped strawberries. You can choose from dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate. Or try all three for a variety of options! Wash and dry the strawberries and place them on a clean towel. Using skewers or toothpicks, pierce the straw‐ berries at their green tops enough that the stick can be used as a handle. Melt the chocolate either using a microwave (use a sequence of 20 second bouts on “high” with some stirring in between) or double boiler on the stovetop (stirring occasion‐ ally.) Set out a piece of parchment paper on a baking sheet. Dunk the tip of each strawberry carefully into the melted chocolate, staying clear of the green tops and allowing some of the red of the strawberry to show. (At this point, if you’d like, you could also dunk the chocolate strawberry in sprinkles or shredded coconut.) Carefully lay each strawberry down on the parchment and allow chocolate to harden. When all strawber‐ ries are dipped, refrigerate the baking sheet. When all the chocolate has hardened, pull skewers/toothpicks out of straw‐ berries and arrange them on a plate. Return to the refrigerator until time to serve.




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Should You Pay Off Your Home Mortgage Early? Compliments of Sten Carlson

MANY PEOPLE WHO CARRY A HOME MORTGAGE DREAM OF THE DAY WHEN THEY WILL NO LONGER FACE THE BURDEN OF A MONTHLY HOUSE BILL. They want the financial freedom – and the satisfaction – of own‐ ing their home outright. Does that mean you should make pay‐ ing off your mortgage early a priority? The answer depends on your circumstances and goals. One question you should ask yourself is, “Would the money you spend on your home loan be better spent on or invested in another financial opportunity?” Getting a different perspective on debt Reducing debt as early as possible could help you avoid costly interest rate charges. You may have experience with this princi‐ ple if you’ve eliminated credit card debt or a car loan. While your home mortgage is a type of debt, the same concept may not ap‐ ply. In certain instances, staying true to your repayment terms may be best for your financial situation for these reasons: • The interest rates on mortgages tend to be more reasonable than other types of credit, and the terms often provide more certainty (30-year fixed rate mortgage). • The interest you pay can potentially be deducted from your taxes. This deduction makes a mortgage much more cost-efficient on an after-tax basis than most other forms of debt. If mortgage interest is part of your tax strategy, consider if you’ll be able to itemize deductions once you own your home outright. On the other hand, the earlier you pay off your loan, the longer you could have the opportunity to invest the money each month. This additional investment could help you achieve a more secure financial future. To see if investing may make sense, compare your interest rate to what you could reasonably expect to earn in market returns.

Factoring in time As you evaluate your situation, you should consider the time you expect to stay in your home and how close you are to retire‐ ment. Those who are approaching retirement or are already re‐ tired may prefer to be done with the monthly expense of a mort‐ gage. Since this is also a stage in life when your investment ap‐ proach may be more conservative, the tradeoff of reducing your balance rather than investing may not be as significant. Those who are in this position may want to consider if accelerating payments today would help reduce housing expenses in retire‐ ment. The same is true for those who plan to stay in their homes for a long time. Reducing your loan may be appealing if it results in years of living without a house bill. Younger homeowners should explore methods of accelerating their mortgage pay down. Among the strategies to consider are contributing more money each month, refinancing your mortgage over a shorter term (i.e., a 15-year mortgage instead of a 30-year one) or occasionally making a larger, lump sum payment to reduce the balance. Considering the emotional side Deciding if you should carry a home mortgage is not only a ra‐ tional decision, but an emotional one as well. Your home is where you raise your family, create memories and return to each day. How important is it for you to know that you will own your home free and clear? As you think about your decision, be sure you’re in a position to not jeopardize your financial security today by putting additional funds toward your home. Adjusting your monthly bill will impact your cash flow, and you’ll want to have flexibility in your budget to cover unexpected expenses. Review your financial circum‐ stances carefully before you decide what’s right for you.

Sten Sten Carlson PacWest Wealth Partners in Corvallis, OR. Contact him at Sten.E.Carlson@ampf.com 541-757-3000

Sten Carlson, CFP®, CLTC, CKA, MBA, is a Financial Advisor with PacWest Wealth Partners, a financial advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. in Corvallis, Oregon. He offers fee-based financial planning and asset management strategies and has been in practice for 25 years. To contact him, visit the team website at www.PacWestWealthPartners.com or call at 541-757-3000. Office address is 2396 NW Kings Blvd., Corvallis, OR.

Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. and its affiliates do not offer tax or legal advice. Consumers should consult with their tax advisor or attorney regarding their specific situation. Investment advisory products and services are made available through Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc., a registered investment adviser. Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA and SIPC. © 2019 Ameriprise Financial, Inc. All rights reserved.

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What is Gap Coverage?


PROFESSIONAL HELP: Tips from local leaders in their industry

By Annette Sievert

In our red-hot market (and that seems to be everywhere right now), heated bidding and sky high offers are the norm. Pretty much every decent house will have multiple offers, and some will go for 70-100K over asking price. As a listing agent, I see these high offers regularly. How do these offers come together? Here is where gap coverage can come into play. Gap coverage refers to the potential gap between appraisal and sales price. For example, while the market might agree that a house is worth $500,000, an appraiser might not, and in turn appraise the house for $480,000.

Often, there will be a back up offer in place, somebody willing to step in with similar terms if the sale is being terminated, thus the negotiating power of a buyer is low. As seller’s agents we will often ask for gap coverage as part of an offer being accepted to assure the seller, that the presented offer is actually worth what the offer was written for and does not put the risk of the house not appraising at sales price on the shoulder of the seller. So, if you want to write a great offer, make sure you have the funds to back up your offer price.

In this scenario, the solution theoretically could be: Best of luck! 1: seller lowers price to appraised value 2: buyer and seller come to an arrangement and split the difference


3: transaction is terminated 4: buyer pays the “gap” in cash Of course, it depends on what specific situation applies, or perhaps one could get the appraisal reviewed with better comparable sales than the appraiser used, but realistically one has to have really exceptional comparables that the appraiser has for some reason not found or find blatant mistakes in the appraisal, both of which are rare.

Do you have a real estate question? Ask Annette, at Coldwell Banker Valley Brokers in Corvallis 541-207-5551

If your property is listed with a real estate broker, please disregard. It is not our intention to solicit offerings of other real estate brokers. We are happy to work with them and cooperate fully. ©2018 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. All Rights Reserved. Coldwell Banker® is a registered trademark to Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity. Each office is independently owned and operated. ©2018 Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. All Rights Reserved. Coldwell Banker® is a registered trademark to Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. An Equal Opportunity Company. Equal Housing Opportunity . Each office is independently owned and operated. Information deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.




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Intentional Living By Kris Denning Setting an intention each day may very well be the most important thing we do. I don't know about you, but at any given time I could make a list of dozens of things I could do each day. And those to dos are in addition to all the other daily chores like cleaning, cooking, and attending to my kids and pets. In addition, I just began painting the interior doors and trim inside our home. And of course, gardening season is upon us now so... This is where the vast majority of us lose ourselves. I almost lost myself thinking about it. We prioritize all the chores and tasks in our daily lives before ourselves. Therefore setting an intention each day for self-care is everything. Sure, it would be great if I'd gotten all my painting done in one weekend, but I know what the cost of that would be. Exhaustion, of course. Irritability at those around me, resentment that anyone would ask me for anything, considering all the work I've been doing! Then as Monday approaches I'd be running on fumes with little to give anyone, let alone myself. Does any of this sound vaguely familiar?

If your intention is to eat healthier foods, then state that intention in the morning. Perhaps write down your snack options or plan out your meals the day before. Write an affirmation like, "I will eat foods that nourish and fuel my body so I may be strong and healthy." Repeat this intention every morning and maybe every time you plan to eat, or post it on your fridge. Program your mind to reflect this intention until it becomes second nature. If your intention is to exercise every day, I recommend on Sunday evening, to set your calendar for the week of workouts! Just as you would for a doctor, dentist, or any other appointment, write it down and commit to it! Write out your intention with an affirmation like, "Today's workout will fuel my body and give me energy and balance for the rest of the day." Read the affirmation to yourself every morning. In case you haven’t realized it yet, let me just say -- your primary purpose here is to live YOUR life to its fullest. It doesn't matter how many roles you have taken on in life, NONE of them can be authentically fulfilled if you haven't honored and taken care of your SELF first. Taking on too much without first ensuring we have all we need, makes us less. Less of ourselves for us, and less of ourselves for everyone and every task around us.

Bottom line, you must be your number one priority. And it is important to set your intentions every morning with that in mind. How do you want to feel each day? What are some things you could do for yourself that would make your life better? Eat healthier? Drink more water? Exercise each day? Meditate? Create? Finish a project? Take a Daily Nap? Whatever it is, you must take the time to make the time for it. Train your mind to believe that this will get done regardless of what life throws at you. Turn your intentions into affirmations, and those affirmations will literally reprogram your subconscious mind.

So, dream of what you want to do and how you want to feel and set your intentions daily. Have any affirmations that reflect your goals and intentions bedside and look at them first thing every morning. Visualize what you intend to do for yourself and imagine how it will feel. Be as specific as possible. Begin each day programming your intentions into your subconscious, and selfcare will become second nature!


Kris Denning is a Yoga and Pilates teacher, Wellbeing coach, Reiki healer and Holistic Nutritionist. Find her online at healthytothesoul.com

Contact her at healthytothesoul.com

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Allergy Season is Here By Cheryl Lohman Yahoo allergy season! (said no one ever). We live in an absolutely beautiful area, but if you suffer from seasonal allergies, you may not be looking forward to the next couple of months. The grass seed fields in the Willamette Valley, coupled with pollen from trees, can make spring in the Corvallis-Albany area a time of sneezing, sniffling and red, itchy eyes for many residents. These seasonal allergy symptoms can make you feel less than attractive. Weepy, red eyes can make the use of eyeliner really difficult -- you may have trouble applying it, or it may run or fade quickly. That's where permanent makeup can come in. As an allergy sufferer, permanent eyeliner can help you look and feel your best, even when your symptoms are at their worst. Permanent eyeliner doesn't make your irritated eyes feel worse like traditional cosmetics can, and it helps your eyes look naturally beautiful no matter how you feel. What’s more, many people who suffer from one type of allergy also have other sensitivities, including to traditional cosmetic products. Your itchy or bloodshot eyes may actually be caused or worsened by a mild reaction to

your eye makeup! Many people who have permanent makeup applied find that they’ve stopped having these symptoms all together – and their eyes feel a lot better. Permanent makeup isn't limited to eyeliner. You might also choose to have your brows or lips done to save you time by dramatically simplifying your morning routine. Application of permanent makeup is safe, comfortable and can last without touchups for 2 to 5 years. The key to having permanent makeup that looks great, saves time and makes you feel more attractive is using the services of a qualified permanent makeup artist. Take the time to ask questions, look at before-and-after photos of previous clients and make sure your artist is properly licensed and certified. Most professional permanent cosmetic artists are members of the world's leading, not-forprofit society devoted to this field, the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP). This organization sets standards of practice for its members, which assures the public of the highest levels of professionalism and safety. After permanent makeup — you’ll be among those who enjoy a carefree natural look that lasts a long time and breeze through allergy season!


Cheryl Lohman CPCP, is a Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional and owner of Oregon Permanent Makeup. Contact her at 541-740-1639


Learn More at www.OregonPermanentMakeup.com




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“I must have flowers, always and always.” -Claude Monet

By Brenda Powell It’s garden planting time. Growing up it was a family affair and we each had our tasks. At some point I became the one who chose and planted the flowers. Perhaps it was because I wanted beauty in the vegetable garden. Don’t get me wrong. Vegetables, artfully arranged with beautiful colors, can be pretty, too. My favorite bean, Emerite, besides being tasty has pretty lavender-purple flowers. Yet, my soul longs for flowers. The vibrant colors of zinnias, the airy simplicity of cosmos, the sunny cheerfulness of marigolds make me happy. Guess what? Those flowers that are pleasing to the eye are also helpful to the garden. They attract pollinators (necessary for crop production) and beneficial insects which attack bugs that eat our vegetables. Some repel or serve as a trap crop for destructive insects. Many herbs attract beneficials, too. Most of these plants are easy to grow from seed and like sun.

Marigolds: I love the cheerful, shorter varieties. Attracts: B, HF, LB, and PW. Slugs love them. Nasturtiums: The foliage is unique and a nice contrast to fine leaved veggies. They serve as a repellent to whiteflies and a trap crop for aphids. If you do get a lot of aphids on them, you’ll probably end up tossing them. The flowers are edible. Snapdragons: I love the spiky blooms and the light fragrance. They are great in arrangements. They attract bumblebees. Mexican Sunflowers (Tithonia): Different than the typical yellow sunflower. I like them better. Tall plants with bright orange flowers are a huge butterfly attraction. Also attracts: B, HF, minute pirate bugs and syrphid flies.

So what flowers and herbs do I like to grow in my garden? There are a myriad of options to add to your garden. These are my favorites:

Sweet Allysum: Scented, tiny white flowers on short plants. A trap crop for flea beetles. Attracts: B. Dill: Attracts B, HF, LB, LW, and PW.

Cosmos: Pretty pink, dark pink, white, yellow, or orange flowers. They are great cut flowers and their petals are edible. Varieties vary in height from 18”-5’. Attract: B, HF, LW, and PW.

Borage: Beautiful blue, edible flowers. Attracts: B and LW. Key: B=bees, HF=hoverflies, LB=ladybugs, LW=lacewings, PW=parasitic wasps, Bu=butterflies, HB=hummingbirds.

Zinnias: The flowers come in a rainbow of colors and heights from 18”-4’and are great for cutting. Attracts: B, HF, LB, PW, and Bu.

Brenda Brenda Powell is a fourth generation owner of Garland Nursery in Corvallis.

Follow her writing at garlandnursery.wordpress.com


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Back to Enjoying Life By Oscar B. Hult In-person weddings, festivals, and events… Whoever would have dreamed that we would have been deprived of them for so long? Thankfully we are starting to see a return to these kinds of social gatherings, even though they are still “socially distanced” gatherings. We love visiting our local wineries and have been lucky to have been able to do so through most of the past year thanks to some inventive outdoor solutions, even in an Oregon winter. We have seen an increase in wedding parties getting ready for their ceremonies, many of which were postponed for as much as a year.

Downtown Albany businesses are also back to holding First Friday events, so there are a lot of opportunities to get out and do some socially distanced socializing. With the loosening of the governor’s guidelines, and the fact that the most vulnerable people have been inoculated, we are poised to have an event filled summer. So, dig out that sportcoat, brush off your hat, polish your shoes and get back to enjoying life! Dress Well, Be Confident, Find Success!


The Albany Parks Department has announced that the outdoor concerts will return this summer, as will the Downtown Association’s outdoor movie series.

Natty Events in May and June May 7: First Friday Wine Walk! - 4-9pm

May 15: National Straw Hat Day

May 8: FridayAlbany Tweed Ride – 10:30 am

May 24: SE Young Building Tours – Noon & 4pm

May 8 : Deluxe Brewing Vintage Bike Show

June 4: First Friday Celebrate Dad

May 12: First Avenue History Tour – 6pm

June 14: National Bourbon Day

May 13: Second Avenue History Tour – 6pm

June 20: Fathers’ Day

New Location!

124 Broadalbin St. SW Albany, Oregon


Oscar B. Hult is a co-owner of The Natty Dresser in Downtown Albany. 541-248-3561 Contact him at www.thenattydresser.com



Historic Nye Beach

*Mecca for the literary, scholarly and artistic.


232 NW Coast St. Suite B

Nye Beach Wine Cellar


255 NW Coast St.


A Taste of Ireland on the Oregon Coast Traditional Irish Fare, Imported Irish Beers on Tap, Full Bar, Minors welcome until 10pm, Patio Seating, Live Music. Winter Hours Sunday-Thursday 11am-9pm Friday and Saturday 11am-10pm

www.nanasirishpub.com 613 NW 3rd St.


Queen of Hearts

Gifts & Lingerie 708 NW Beach Dr.


Special Section

L o c a lc e s r Resou our F o r Ym H o cet ! Proje

Spring 2021

in Corvallis, Oregon


Legend at

Russell Gardens =Model Home =Availalble =Sold -Pending =Closed Updated 03-25-21

RussellGardens is... • Ready forsummer with roomy, fenced-in backyards • One hour to the Oregon Coast • Near 60+miles of multiuse trails • Close to exceptional wildlifeand birdingareas • In a desirable Corvallis location, which offers award-winning livability and bike-friendliness

Dare to Compare

Here isa shortlistof the many features Legend Homes offers: • One year Energy Bill Guarantee

• Behind-the-siding photo documentation

• House tightening & air • 100% LED lighting sealing • Composite engineered • R-23polar blanket wall wood materials insulation (code R-21) • Local vendorsand • 96% efficient furnace, suppliers in conditioned space • Whole home freshair • Tanklesswater heater ventilation system • Water saving fixtures/ systems

• 3rd Party Certifications • & More!

• A great fitfor your lifestyle!

Builtby Legend Homes. CCB# 55151See sales representativefordetails. Alldetails including prices, amenities and availability are subject to change withoutnotice. Room sizes,square footage and ceiling details vary fromone elevation to another. Stated distances are an approximation.

455NW TylerAvenue, Corvallis 541-757-1781

Summer Lighting Trends for 2021 Just like the light throughout the year, home décor styles change with the seasons, here’s what we’re seeing for this summer’s decorating season. Home lighting ideas are where we see several new trends both in function and design. Let’s start outdoors and discuss some outdoor lighting options, f rom the soft glow of recessed incandescent lighting to the high-tech brilliance of LED units. You can’t go wrong by choosing sconces, hanging lights, or string lights for your home. The aim with all external lighting is to provide inviting accents and illumination while also offering safety and security. Make sure what you are considering falls into all four categories! Now, let’s head indoors and consider some options. We see that bold and unique designs are popular, such as dazzling chandeliers. You can also count on seeing more and more pendant-type f ixtures, some with traditional styles and some dramatic and modern. Regardless of what is trending, make sure you choose quality overall in whatever style works for your personal style. It’s a safe bet that no matter your taste and fashion sense, the summer of 2021 is going to bring along designs you will love. As always, you can f ind all the lighting solutions your heart desires at J&J Electric in Albany. 885 22 nd Ave SW in Albany 541-928-8488 www.j-jelectric.com “Since 1965” 38 Willamette Living Magazine May/June 2021

Pump or Water Issues?

Relax... Midway

is your local go-to, family owned, full service plumbing resource. Whether you’re a contractor in search of a sub-contractor, a home owner looking for upgrades or repairs, or a farmer who needs to make it rain, Midway is always your logical answer. In business in Albany since 1964!

Google Reviews, 5 Stars!

“Professional, competitive, respectful, flexible.” “Polite, and nice to my dog!” “...would recommend them in a minute.”

Yes! We can solve your well pump and water treatment challenges!

homeowner, contractor, designer friendly! Mid-Valley Tile & Design, Inc. 907 NW Sycamore Ave. Corvallis, Oregon mid-valleytileinc.com mid-valleytile.com

2428 Three Lakes Rd. Albany, OR 97322 Residential • Commercial



CCB: 180409

Elegance. Comfort. Style.

Spring is in the Air Lighten up your life, with J&J Electric

CCB# 193250 Carpet • Hardwood • Vinyl • Countertops • Tile & Stone • Area Rugs Window Treatments • Cabinet Hardware • Decorative Sinks

541-757-8553• BensonsInteriors.com • 415 NE C i r c l e Blvd • Corvallis

Local & Family Owned

Celebrating over 50 years of business in Albany!

www.J-Jelectric.com 885 22nd Ave. SW in Albany • 541-928-8488 www.willametteliving.com


Drought Toleran nt ✔ Fragra l fu ti u a e B ✔ assle H w ✔ Lo




By Brenda Powell


fter a long day at work, the last thing I want to do is spend an hour watering plants. In my previous small yard, we had drip irrigation, dense plantings, and a well-established landscape. Now my husband and I are farming/gardening 4.5 acres. We desire a lush landscape and farm, but we want to be sustainable. Thankfully my dad landscaped part of the acreage and used a lot of drought-tolerant plants. We are trying to imitate his sensibilities as we move forward. Beyond saving time and work, there are many reasons to reduce water usage: benefitting the environment, conserving so others have enough and what we have lasts longer, and cost savings, to name a few. My husband and I are making an effort to reduce water usage by doing the following things: • • • • •

Adding compost to new beds to help water holding capacity. Mulching: 2 inches of mulch can reduce evaporation by 75%, according to OSU Extension. Water deeply but less often. Using Treegators or other slow-release water devices for newly planted trees. Experimenting with hulgelkultur-a planting mound created with decaying wood and branches that are supposed to provide longer-lasting moisture.

40 Willamette Living Magazine May/June 2021

• •

Using drip irrigation and soaker hoses. Planting more native and drought-tolerant species.

Once established, drought tolerant plants may need little to no water. However, they will require deep watering at least the first growing season and possibly two. Native plants adapt better to our soils and climate. The Willamette Valley receives most of its moisture in late fall-early spring and can be very dry in the summer/fall. Choose plants adapted to a particular site. To best establish them before our hot, dry summer, plant droughttolerant and native species in the fall or early spring. To get plants off to a good start, I like to mix compost into the existing soil when I plant. I use Espoma Bio-tone Starter Plus to inoculate the soil with mycorrhizae and add a low-dose fertilizer. I water the plant before planting, loosen the root ball, making sure there are no circling roots, plant, water in the plant, and then put down mulch. I go as thick as 2 inches between plants, but taper down the mulch to a thin layer right around the trunk or stem. There are many different lists to consult, including those at my business Garland Nursery, but these are the shrubs and perennials that I have personally found to be drought tolerant:

nt Landscaping Rosemary



Natives: Latin name Aronia melanocarpa Ceanothus thyrsiflorus Gaultheria shallon Mahonia spp. Myrica californica Oemleria cerasiformis Philadelphus lewisii Achillea millefolium Arctostaphylos uva-ursi Asclepias speciosa Polystichum munitum Sedum oreganum Tellima grandiflora

Common name Black Chokeberry Blueblossom Salal Oregon Grape Pacific Wax Myrtle Indian Plum Mock Orange Common Yarrow Kinnikinnick Showy Milkweed Western Sword Fern Oregon Stonecrop Fringe Cup

Comments Edible fruit. Clay and wet tolerant Evergreen. Blue flowers attract bees Tolerates sun-shade, taller in shade Clay tolerant. Attracts beneficials Needs good drainage Grows under deciduous trees Fragrant, white flowers Attracts beneficial insects Evergreen ground cover Butterfly attracting Tolerates shade to part shade Clay tolerant Spreader. Takes part shade-sun

Non-natives: Latin name Arbutus unedo ‘Compact’ Camellia spp. Caryopteris clandonensis Cistus spp. Deutzia spp. Hibiscus syriacus Spiraea spp. Vitex angus-castus Acanthus mollis Calamagrostis Calluna vulgaris Echinacea purpurea Geranium spp. Helleborus spp. Lavandula spp. Miscanthus spp. Nepeta Penstemon Rosmarinus Salvia spp. Solidago

Common Name Strawberry Tree Camellia Bluebeard Rockrose Deutzia Rose of Sharon Spirea Chaste Tree Bears breech Feather Reed Grass Heather Purple Coneflower Hardy Geranium Lenten Rose Lavender Maiden Grass Catmint Beard Tongue Rosemary Sage Goldenrod

Comments Evergreen, attractive bark Evergreen. Part shade. Flowers Blue flowers, attracts bees Pretty flowers. Not as long-lived Attractive flowers. Sun-light shade Summer flowers. Clay tolerant. Attractive flowers. Good drainage Part shade. Bold leaves Clay tolerant Summer flowers Flowers attract bees. Good drainage Native and non-native. Flowers Early showy flowers. Part-full shade Evergreen. Attracts beneficials Large growing Blue flowers attract bees Native and non-native. Flowers Blue flowers, attracts beneficials Edible & ornamental types. Bees Attracts pollinators. Summer flowers


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Fantastic Bath

Heidi is a co-owner at Powell Construction in Corvallis. www.powellconstruction.com 541-752-0805 42 Willamette Living Magazine May/June 2021


By Heidi Powell


or many of us our surroundings can make a big impact in our day to day lives. A beau�ful and well thought out bathroom can make the morning rou�ne so much more enjoyable. But when it comes to bathroom remodels, there are a unique set of challenges. Spaces can be �ght in many bathrooms leaving limited layout op�ons. Some bathrooms may have adjacent rooms or closets that allow for a bathroom expansion while others do not. In some bathroom remodels all the fixtures may be relocated for improved func�onality, whereas in others the focus may be on upgrading finishes to limit the cost of moving fixtures. No ma�er what the challenge is, there is o�en a solu�on that reveals itself with some discussion and planning. Three Bathrooms, All On Point Upda�ng their 1970s home had been a long-�me dream for these homeowners. Over 10 years ago we built an addi�on for this family and remodeled their kitchen. Since this is

their forever home, the homeowners came back to us wan�ng to remodel three bathrooms, the basement living space, and basement laundry room. With dark, cramped, and dated bathrooms they felt that a fresh new renova�on was needed. Plumbing in basements can some�mes pose a major challenge. The pipes are typically poured into the concrete so reloca�ng them is very difficult. Addi�onally, there is o�en a major plumbing wall that houses the plumbing going to a basement and in this case that wall needed to be moved. With careful planning we were able to work with our experienced plumbing team to come up with solu�ons and sa�sfy all the goals of the homeowners. This mul�ple bathroom renova�on completely transformed all three bathrooms into bright and stylish retreats. Black slate �le floors, cool blue frosted glass �le, walk-in showers, quartz countertops, frameless shower doors, and new fixtures were introduced to create a �meless contemporary look. www.willametteliving.com 43

1930’s Classic Bathroom This renovated 1930’s bathroom captures the charm of the era. The fixtures stayed in the same place and even the original cast iron tub was kept, yet it is a completely updated and fresh look. Seafoam green plas�c wall �les were removed, and in their place, we added a more contemporary wainsco�ng with a tradi�onal 1930’s chair rail. Due to the �ght squeeze between the toilet and the original vanity, we felt a pedestal sink was the best fit. The style of the chrome fixtures and the cross shaped faucet handles is a nod to the original bathroom while s�ll being func�onal and cleanable for the modern day. The floor �le is also a classic 1930’s look in contemporary colors to keep things feeling tradi�onal without being outdated. Some�mes upgrading finishes is all a bathroom needs for a completely new makeover. Whether big or small, we love a stunning bathroom renova�on. Each bathroom is so different and poses unique challenges, but the end result is oh so worth it.

44 Willamette Living Magazine May/June 2021

Newly Configured Suite

These homeowners hoped for an elegant bath and dressing suite, but the question was how to achieve it? The ultimate design converted three small, dark rooms into two lightf illed spaces. A built-in tub area was turned into a large shower, while square footage taken up by an existing shower cubicle was incorporated into much-needed closet area. The result feels much more spacious, though the total square footage remains the same. Every aspect of the remodel was carefully considered and detailed, lending the whole a ref ined air of quality and calm. The vanity features quartz countertops with rectangular undermount ceramic sinks. The polished chrome faucets f rom Restoration Hardware have a rectangular base,

echoing the shape of the sinks. The vanity combines open towel storage with enclosed drawers and cabinets, providing ample personal storage. The new custom closet features plenty of built-in storage and specif ically designed hangers for slacks and shirts. Open shelving helps keep items visible and organized. The color palette is mostly white and off-whites, creating an ambience that is f resh, bright, and clean. Well-designed spaces and custom cabinetry combined with high-end bathroom f ixtures and f inishes, and heated floors evoke the feeling of a spa-like retreat. It’s the elegance of a hotel with all the comfort of home.

Multi-Purpose Bathroom This bathroom’s main challenge lay in the need for it to serve as the master bathroom and the main guest bathroom. Our empty nester client wanted to relocate the master suite to the main floor, but this dimly lit, plain bathroom was the only one on the main level. Without adding any square footage to the existing bathroom, we were able to reconstruct the space into a serene refuge. The existing bathroom had a fiberglass shower with a frosted glass door, making the space feel small and dark. We built a tile shower in the same location and used a clear glass door. Light-colored materials and glass visually breathe life into the space. The new custom vanity varies the counter and cabinet depths to add visual interest, while maintaining the light and bright feel the client craved. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the end results of this dual-purpose bathroom. www.willametteliving.com 45

Choosing the Right Flooring to Fit Your Lifestyle By Teri Wilkinson


With so many flooring types on the market, choosing the right fit for your home and family life can be overwhelming. But don’t worry! Asking yourself the following questions will help narrow down your search: ARE YOU A PET OWNER? We love our furry friends, but they don’t always love our floors. Between scratches and stains, you need a floor that can handle the mess. Waterproof luxury vinyl flooring is one of the most durable on the market. This affordable flooring type combines style with function! With its scratch and stain resistant technol‐ ogy, waterproof luxury vinyl is an easy choice. If you’re a home‐ owner who loves carpet, you’re in luck! STAINMASTER ® PetPro‐ tect ® is color safe and fade resistant. The carpet fibers also re‐ lease pet hair when you vacuum and reduce pet odors. DO YOU HAVE KIDS? Life with a little one can keep you busy, and you want a floor that can keep up. Carpet will cushion the fall of babies and toddlers learning to walk. Meanwhile, luxury vinyl flooring can withstand the dirt, water and other debris kids can bring into your home. However, for empty nesters who are growing older, soft surfaces may be the right choice for you. Low-pile carpeting is soft and flat, which helps prevent falls and makes it easy to maneuver with medical equipment. 46 Willamette Living Magazine May/June • Home & Garden 2021 2021

HOW OFTEN DO YOU HOST? If hosting holiday get-togethers or weekly game nights is your thing, choose a floor that’s still standing after the party is over. Engineered hardwood takes the beauty of wood floors and in‐ creases its durability. However, if you like the look of hardwood without the high price tag, luxury vinyl plank and tile is the way to go. Luxury vinyl and engineered hardwood can withstand the high foot traffic and spills that occur during a get-together. DOES ANYONE IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD HAVE ALLERGIES? Certain types of flooring are a breeding ground for dust mites and mold. If someone in your household has allergies or condi‐ tions like asthma, it might be best to steer clear of most carpet options. However, if you desire carpet, styles made from wool fibers are recommended. One of the best floors to install in your home would be Cleo flooring. This product has been certified al‐ lergy friendly by the AAFA. Another great option would be hard‐ wood floors, as they are easy to clean and less likely to hold on to allergens. We hope this article helps with your next flooring project! If you have any questions, stop by or call Benson’s Interiors in Corvallis for expert advice and quality flooring. (541) 757-8553


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