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SUMMER Your Summer Garden

• Use your fresh basil and mint, just add salmon • Grilled Veggie Pizza Recipe from Market of Choice • In the Cucina With Regina! The next best thing to a trip to Italy, Iovino’s Tips for Tomatoes

Out and About

• Day Tripper - Nye Beach • April’s Restaurant • The Oregon Country Fair

Kate At Home

• Kate Rivera - The Buzz about Backyard Bees

Complimentary Copy EUGENE | CORVALLIS | ALBANY | PHILOMATH | LEBANON | SALEM | MCMINNVILLE | PORTLAND w w w . w i l l a m e t t e l i v i n g . c o m


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Shelly R. Svoboda, M.D. Neurology

HEALTH What botox can do for severe muscle disorders is truly beautiful



Long before botox was a laugh line on late night television, it was – and still is – a wonderful weapon in the fight against painfully crippling neurological disorders. The good news is FDA approval of botulinum toxin injections for treating severe muscle stiffness and spasms due to neurological disorders. Even better news is that this extremely effective treatment is now available right here in the midWillamette Valley, at The Corvallis Clinic. And it’s being provided by one of this treatment’s best practitioners, Dr. Shelly Svoboda. Dr. Svoboda has been using botulinum toxin injections to treat certain neurological disorders for 15 years. If you or a loved one suffers from severe muscle stiffness, spasms or other painful neurological disorders, ask your primary doctor to refer you. It won’t make you look young again, but as Dr. Svoboda has found for most patients, it has been life-changing. And that is truly beautiful. NEUROLOGY SERVICES The Corvallis Clinic Aumann Building 444 NW Elks Drive | 541-754-1274 The Corvallis Clinic at Waverly Drive/Albany 1705 Waverly Drive SE | 541-967-8221

2855 NW 29th St. in Corvallis Call Us Today at 541-757-8559



Annette Sievert

Annette, licensed broker with Coldwell Banker Valley Brokers, immigrated from Germany 10 years ago and moved to Corvallis from New York. She lives in Corvallis with her husband Frank, a family practitioner with The Corvallis Clinic, their two sons, Carl (11) and John (9), two dogs, 4 cats, 7 hens and 1 rooster - at last count.

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Mike Waters

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Comments, Corrections, Questions, Etc., Mike is the Director of Health motion for Timberhill Athletic Club in Corvallis A lifelong student of fitness Mike was the director of athletic programs at HP for years, and has coached college level football About Our Paper and Ink:

Jennifer Bucolo

Jennifer lives with her husband, their children and their many black (and red) dogs in the foothills of the Coast Range. She is a writer, photographer, artist and curious traveler. Her work has appeared in numerous publications around the country and across the pond.

Kate Rivera

Kate’s Twitter Bio says: “I take pictures, keep chickens, and make yarn. Sometimes I work at OSU, sometimes not.”

Marissa Matsler

Find us on

Marissa is a native Oregonian who currently tends bar at Enoteca Wine Bar in Corvallis. She examined the often convoluted relationship between business and ecology throughout her studies, graduating with a master’s degree in Environmental Management. She continues to be amazed by Oregon’s commitment to advancing sustainability.

Just click the Facebook link at

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Dog-Gone It, A Correction!

In our last issue, we incorrectly credited our story “Hot Dog” to Sue Faria, patient care coordinator at West Hills Animal Hospital. The article was actually written by Dr. Steve Amsberry, DVM, Owner of the vetrinary practice. Sorry Steve!

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August / September

In This Issue... Love to Live Here

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Mike on Health

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Annette Sievert

Mike Waters

Aquatic Life in Corvallis

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April’s at Nye Beach

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Meet Your Neighbor

Pg. 12

What’s happening at Osborne?

Nancy Kneisel

Day Tripper - Nye Beach Pg. 14 Fair-Thee-Well Pg. 20 Jen Bucolo


Backyard Bees

Frame Studio & Gallery

Pg. 26

Kate Rivera

Dining Guide Pg. 28 Original Work Custom Framing Art Restoration

341 SW Second Street Corvallis, OR 97333

(541) 757-0042

Sirius Wine Pg. 29 Marissa Matsler, Enoteca Wine Bar

In The Cucina (With Regina)

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From The Home Office...

As I write this, I am recovering from an evening with my wife and kids at the Benton County Fair. We had a great evening communing with the goats, and the deep fried twinkies. I managed to avoid the horrifying rides, but was not so successful in sticking with my efforts to eat well. So this morning, up-n-at em’ ... cheerios and a banana. I think I’ll need to walk my dog -- to Utah and back to recover. But, like all things summer -- I love it!

fan, so I haven’t made it to the fair -- yet. But fortunately, we have our woman in the field (literally) in Eugene to cover the scene. Jen Bucolo has submitted a great article and photos for this issue. Looks like I might have to attend next time, see you there?

This issue has been our best yet to assemble, we spent some time at Nye Beach -- which was just what the doctor ordered to cure our wintertime blahs. Sun, sand, salt water, salt water taffy... oops, did I mention eating well? We encourage all of you to find a day to go over to the Nye Beach area of Newport, hit the beach, have a snack, check out some of the great shops, and just hang out with the seagulls. Very relaxing.

We also had a good time with Regina from Iovino’s, who was gracious enough to open her kitchen and reveal some of the secrets of “real” Italian cooking. And our host of regular contributors like Annette, Mike and Marissa have their usual great input -- they’re all on a roll.

Every year, I hear about the Oregon Country Fair. And so far, since our move to Oregon, the Vintage Auto Races in Portland have fallen on the same weekend. I’m a big car

We have our new contributing writer Kate Rivera out scouting the valley for interesting stories too. This time, she’s brought us the buzz on backyard bees. I think I might need to give that a try too. See what you think.

This magazine project just keeps getting better and better. Thanks to you for reading, and helping spread the word. Don’t forget to take a look at the web site, and please, “Like” us on Facebook. Until next issue...

Scott & Gayanne

Santiam Place Wedding & Event Hall

Private Park • Seating for 100 indoors, 300 outdoors • Stocked Kitchen • Dressing Rooms Lights • Arch • Shown By Appointment

Book Early to Guarantee Space

Lavender, Lace, Etc. An eclectic mix of beautiful things. New summer clothing, light and fun. Indonesian kites, garden inspired metalwork, herbs, scents, jewelry and more. Come see what’s new.

311 First Ave. West, In Albany

p. 541-979-2000

139 Main Street Lebanon, OR

541-259-4255 6 w w w . w i l l a m e t t e l i v i n g . c o m

Love to Live Here Annette Sievert

Ah, Summer. Even with the clouds I am looking at right now, the time when we wear light clothing, when the children are more out- than inside, when the animals are frolicking, when the calves on the pastures at the foot of our hill are having a play date and the mother cows are laying in the grass, enjoying a moment of peace (just like in the human world), when the grass fields swaying in the wind look like the surface of a green lake, when our sons climb the big old cherry tree in our backyard and eat ripe cherries until their tummies hurt and the chickens are dust bathing, when I drive down our hill and look into a clear blue sky with the Cascade Mountains and the still snow covered Three Sisters in the distance – it is just glorious. Ok, our weather has so far not been perfectly summery BUT we do not suffer from sweltering 110 degrees plus humidity as most of our fellow countrymen are facing in the south and east of us. So we actually should enjoy mid 70s and mostly sunny, giving us great days for tennis, soccer, gardening and all kinds of outings. The omnipresent phrase “how are you?” (and I catch myself answering it sometimes even before somebody asks, automatically anticipating that it will come) is something that was irritating to me when we had just settled in the US. For the efficient and straight to the point German in me it felt (and often still feels) like a waste of time. After all, come on, how often do you really want to know how somebody actually is doing? So I started to answer the

question in a different manner, instead of “fine, thanks, how about you?”, dragging out the exchange (and waste of time) even further, I now often answer “it could be worse”, getting a somewhat startled reaction (yes, I admit, it is not a time saver…). But if you think about it, it actually really can always be worse. Besides our currently comparably mild weather and the fact that we are overall living very well in this country despite our economic plight, we have so many luxuries that counting blessings instead of complaining is truly warranted. We have food on the table. Actually great food, since we live in Landscaping Zone 8, most crops will grow here, supported by good soil, good amounts of water and a temperate climate. With small farm animals, a garden and maybe a fish pond we can be self-sustainable. We have shelter (for most of us actually really nice shelter compared to what could be…), we are dressed well. Yes, for a lot of people times are tough. But tough compared to what? Yes, I have to work harder, be more creative, have to invest more money in my business and the times when my dog could sell real estate at the height of the bubble are over, in my opinion for good. But I am still doing well and thoroughly enjoy my work, not least because success in these times is well and hard earned. Our children thrive and are healthy. We live in peace. There are so many things we are so very thankful for and yes, it can always be worse, very much so, including the weather. Another reason why I love to live here.


Osborn Aquatic Center is a great place to be a kid. Find the activities you and your kids love at Corvallis Parks & Recreation.

Safe supervision, great memories, super values.

w w w . w i l l a m e t t e l i v i n g . c o m


Mike on Health

Mike Waters “Savoring summer and finding health along the way”

This is a magazine that talks about and promotes fun, entertaining, ways to enjoy life. So this will be an article that does the same thing. The only thing I’m going to slip in to your thinking here is the word health. Summer in the pacific northwest, western oregon is one of the healthiest, fun times of the year. We as a region (state?), and local communities really get out and get moving. And we have fun doing it. Our level of what we call in public health, “all causes of physical activity” increases dramatically when the sun comes out. Our consumption of fruits and vegetables goes up because this is the season for fresh, local agriculture. Fruit stands farmers markets, and “you pick” farms are packed throughout the Willamette valley and in many other pacific NW areas. ( Should we call this the “summertime diet”? ) In the biology of health and disease prevention consistent, various forms of MOVEMENT, and the increased consumption of fruits and vegetables ( for more on this see ) act as “health protectants”. These types of “behaviors” protect a high percentage of the population from heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers. The neat thing is you don’t have to be perfect and extremely disciplined to be healthy. This time of year is an great example of that. Bringing up an old term... ”Recreation” Some of you reading this magazine, and hopefully this

Rod Terry

article, will remember a long long time ago. Well before fitness clubs, we had recreation programs. We still do. Most towns and cities in the NW have fantastic parks and recreation programs. When we do bike rides to wineries, or with our families, when we camp, and hike, maybe a little fishing, or hit the water canoeing, or water skiing we are doing physical activity -- recreation. Fun forms of movement that we look forward to doing. And did I say we have fun doing it? Getting the kids or spouse / partner motivated. This time of year is also a great time to get loved ones going. The nice weather is the first enticement. Plan activities, which include food selections that have more summer fare. Plan short bike rides, or hikes in scenic areas. Play non-competitive games that all skill levels can participate in. Don’t make it hard, or a “workout.” Don’t even mention that this is “good” for them. The positive experience of just being outdoors, moving, tasting foods in their raw state, or nicely prepared in a nice area restaurant, lodge or BnB will provide a positive experience they may carry into the colder months. In the next issue I will talk about making that transition into the colder weather and how to keep yourself and family motivated as the days get shorter and busier. Mike Waters is the Director of Health Promotion for Timberhill Athletic Club in Corvallis OR email him at or call 541-207-4368 for any comments, feedback, or ideas on helping our communities to be healthier. Follow Mike’s tweets at or check the Facebook page, just search for “TAC Your Health” Visit the new web site at:

Learn More at Or Give Rod a Call at 541-754-0059 New Construction Remodeling Design consultation Green Homes Healthy Homes Beautiful Homes

Thoughtful, Functional, Environmentally Sound, Beautiful Homes 8 w w w . w i l l a m e t t e l i v i n g . c o m

Walk with the Doc The Corvallis Clinic’s Walk with the Doc Returns to Bald Hill this Summer CORVALLIS — Invigorate your day with a walk along the Corvallis greenbelt with women’s health specialists from The Corvallis Clinic. Walk with the Doc is a weekly summer walking series on Wednesday mornings, June 1 through Aug. 31, 2011. Walks begin at 7:30 a.m. at Bald Hill path west of Corvallis. Participants meet at the Oak Creek

Aquatic Life in Corvallis

Upgrades are taking place at the Osborne Aquatic Center Drive entrance to the park. on the corner of Circle and The 45-minute walks are Highland! The indoor pool led by Amy Card, M.D., recently received a new Michelle Curtis, M.D., pumping system that will Amey Lee, M.D., Carol save energy by running at Morcos, M.D., and Zoryana lower speeds when possible. Thompson, PA-C of The Corvallis Clinic’s OB/GYN Upgrades are also going on Department. Participants in the showers. Old shower can enjoy the surroundings valves are being refitted while walking at a comfort- with efficient new ones able pace. For information, that will allow swimmers please call The Corvallis to adjust water temperature Clinic Marketing Departeasily with sleek new knobs. ment at 541-758-2747 The new shower valves will save the center a lot of water and energy. The old valves were installed during the last

pool remodel in 1999. Since then, upkeep has become costly due to leaks and years of use. Recent tests showed one leaky valve to waste up to a full gallon of water in 12 hours. The new valves are also metered, they shut off automatically to prevent accidentally being left on. No one ever thought Mark Spitz’ record would be broken, until Phelps. Is the next olympian at your house?

See you at the pool!




w w w . w i l l a m e t t e l i v i n g . c o m


April’s At Nye Beach

For starters, we shared the smoked trout, and a salad offered on the evening special April and Kent Have a Good Thing menu with pears, prosciutto and Going On At the Beach! gorganzola -- topped with an edible nasKent and April Wolcott are the owners of turtium. Both were April’s at Nye Beach -- a great little restaujust delicious and rant on the coast. 14 years in, they are going loaded with fresh strong, and everything is coming up roses... produce, again the and tomatoes... and garlic! color on the plates Smoked Trout to Start was striking. The April is more than a chef, she’s an artproduce could not have been better! ist. With a pallet of colors from the vegetable gardens at Buzzard Hill Farm, she creates edible works that are bursting with the vibrant colors of just-picked produce. Buzzard Hill Farm is the greenhouse Kent and April own just inland from April’s Garden Basket the coast a bit -being just five or so miles east of the beach allows for ripe, delicious produce for the nightly dinner service.

We arrived at April’s cozy oceanside eatery early in the evening and were able to shoot a few photos and have a look around. The restaurant has a great feel, and is beautifully appointed with works of art by Diane Devine (www., fresh flowers, and crisp tablecloths. Formal, but casual at the same time -- no tie required. There are no bad seats in the house, although the north end of the dining room affords a view of the beach. But chances are, you’ll be looking at your plate, and not out the window.

The main course arrived and was just as appealing as our appetizers with edible flowers, and the vibrant colors of food that is as fresh as can be. Not wanting to miss a thing, we shared our entrees too. We split an order of Cannelone, and an order of Scampi.

Pears, Prosciutto, Yum!

Figuring they are two pretty standard menu items at April’s, these were likely to give us a good read on the day in day out food -- not just the specials. We discovered we would have no problem eating these entrees -- day in and day out. The Cannelone is a vegetarian item, with options to add house-made turkey and sun-dried tomato sausage or linguica. We opted for the vegetarian version which was delicious with it’s filling of ricotta, provolone, parmesan, spinach, roasted garlic, sundried tomatoes, toasted peppers, basil and grilled portabella mushrooms. Topped with a zesty red arrabbiata sauce and mozzarella, the cannelone was very hearty and we didn’t miss the meat at all -- the mushrooms offered a very “meaty” presence to the filling. Delicious. The Scampi was also superb. With a tangy, white wine, buttery, yet light sauce mixed with lemon and capers, this dish is a perfect end to a day on the coast. The prawns were cooked to perfection, and the dish included a host of fresh veggies and some very nice little pastine (pasta in the shape of little beads). Delicous again.

10 w w w . w i l l a m e t t e l i v i n g . c o m

Buzzard Hill Farm

Scampi - So Good!

April is not stingy with her portions, and we were full by the time the dessert menu came around, but we were there to review, and didn’t want to disappoint our readers with an incomplete accounting! So, loosening our belts, we forged ahead.

A Dining Room With a View

Who’s Ready? April’s is a great place to eat, and we recommend it as a must for your next trip to the coast.

Creme Brulee -- A Must Have!

The desert menu includes a list of house-made desserts that are hard to choose from. All of them looked delicous, so after much deliberation we arrived at a decision; “one Creme Brulee, and one Chocolate Silk Torte please.”


may have been the best ever! The glazed sugar crust was perfect, the warm custard below also perfect, and topped with a fresh strawberry -- in my book (cookbook?) it was a perfect end to a perfect meal. The Chocolate Silk Torte, was also very nice atop a quick swirl of chocolate, with fresh whipped cream, shaved chocolate and another fresh strawberry. It doesn’t get much closer to chocolate Nirvana for the chocophile.

Again, my thinking, ordering the Creme Brulee, was that it’s a pretty standard dessert menu item for better restaurants and would offer a good measure of comparison. I’ve had many versions before, but this

Price Points Starters about $9 to $15 Entrees from about $16 to $24 Desserts $5 or $6 -- and well worth it! Reservations recommended. 541-265-6855 April at Work

w w w . w i l l a m e t t e l i v i n g . c o m


Meet Your Neighbor

Nancy Kneisel

Nancy is a pioneer in the fashion recycling industry. In her early twenties, she noticed that well-made garments were often very costly -- out of her price range. So in 1984 she opened Second Glance in Corvallis, and she’s been the maven of green fashion in Corvallis ever since. Best Fashion Advice She’s Been Given: “To be honest, I can’t single out one piece of advice,” Nancy says, eyes squinting as though she’s trying to remember a conversation from the past. “Honestly, I look at our own website most mornings when I need a bit of inspiration. Our site is curated by one of my stylists, and I know this sounds biased, but I read it every morning for advice and inspiration! The internet has done amazing things for creativity in the fashion community.” Favorite thing about summer: Being able to sit on my back patio on a warm night next to my husband enjoying the quietness and beauty of an Oregon summer. Nancy’s favorite thing to do when she’s not working? (does that happen?) Hmm... working is kind-of my favorite thing . But when I’m not at the shop, I love to cook. I’m a bit of a foodie. Drinks? Depends on the time of year, sometimes it’s a lovely glass of wine, sometimes a sidecar, other times a dry martini.... Beatles or Rolling Stones? Billy Idol. Books? Love them all. Seriously, I read about 2 a week on my Kindle. I loved the Sookie Stackhouse novels before True Blood ... the last piece of fiction that I read and loved was ‘The Help.’ Summer Grilling? Whatever my husband decides to make. He’s an expert grill master. Movies? Oh, I so rarely go, I’d rather spend the evening at home curled up with a good book or lingering over a fabulous dinner. I am looking forward to the final Harry Potter, though. Chocolate or Vanilla? Both! Husband, Gary; daughters Jenny-Anne and Jessica (Jenny-Anne’s a lawyer in Portland, Jessica manages Nancy’s second location); and Westies, Maddie & Matilda.

12 w w w . w i l l a m e t t e l i v i n g . c o m

Treml’s Jewelry

Le Patissier

Experience the Real Thing Gifts • Repairs • Watches • Collectibles • Custom Work 722 S. Main St. Downtown Lebanon • 541-258-2888

Layers of perfect pastry given life by baking-in cold, sweet butter. Baked fresh, every morning.



Tuesday - Friday, 10:00 -- 5:30 Sat & Mon by appt. Closed Sunday

Fresh Cut Lavender, Potted Lavender, Gifts, Specialty Foods, Soaps, Lotions, Classes, Events

Womens Consignment & Resale

Fashionable and fun styles that look and feel great. Shoes and boots. Accessories and bags. We pay cash for designer labels.

Two Locations

Second Glance Call: 503-838-2620 3395 Pacific Hwy in Independence

312 SW 3rd Corvallis


The Annex

214 SW Jefferson Corvallis


Now at The Golden Wishbone Salon and Spa

Gluten Free Hair Care

The Golden Wishbone Salon and Spa now carries Framesi gluten free hair care products. Available only at finer salons, Framesi leaves you looking and feeling fantastic! The Golden Wishbone 312 SW Jefferson, in Corvallis



w w w . w i l l a m e t t e l i v i n g . c o m


Day Tripper,

Nye Beach

14 w w w . w i l l a m e t t e l i v i n g . c o m

I remember peaceful white sand beaches,

playing in the surf with friends,

bonfires at night...

Just when I thought they were gone... I found them again The Fire is Still Burning, in Oregon.

Text and photos, Scott Alexander w w w . w i l l a m e t t e l i v i n g . c o m


be a kid. Now even the “quaint village” of Carmel is corporate insanity, the traffic is everywhere, and if you want to buy a beachside home, and you’re not Clint Eastwood -forget it. Around the age of 20 I moved to Mendocino on the Northern California Coast. Mendocino is still beautiful, and you CAN find yourself alone on the beach -- it’s still pristine, and remote, and expensive -- very expensive.

The Entrance to Nye Beach

Knowing of “always on” internet service, cell phone coverage on every square inch of the earth (they tell us) events like the recent “carmageddon” in Los Angeles -during which we were assured that closing the 405, also known as the San Diego Freeway, would be the end of life on Earth as we know it, it pains graying Californians like myself who remember the days when the freeways were NOT insane, the days of innocence, when the Beach Boys were “surfing USA.” Or to think back further, a little before my time, say to the days of San Diego in the 30’s. It must have been a paradise. The days when MGM was a small business, oranges and avocados were free for the picking, and there was just no one around -- no one had even ventured into the surf -- except for that weird make-out scene in that old movie where they were getting soaked by the rising tide -- whatever that was about! All of that is long gone. Now the beaches of Southern California are wall to wall people, just getting there is almost impossible. I lived in Santa Monica as a young child, and remember riding my bike to the beach. I have memories of vacant lots, the big slide at the pier, and walking on the beach -- ALONE. I made a trip to Santa Monica about 10 years ago, and was sad to discover that I must have been among the last to enjoy those sweet days at the beach. When I was in 4th grade, we moved north to Carmel. I admit it’s hard to beat that, and don’t want to sound like a complainer, but even famous Carmel went through a change as I grew up there -- 4th grade through high school. When we first moved to Carmel, it was still a quaint little village, no streetlights, no hassles, beautiful beach. But as I got older, all the small business in Carmel started to disappear, one being the “Mediterranean Market” where we used to buy a roll for ten cents, and get the “ends” from the salami slicer for free, a mayo packet for five cents, mustard -- also five cents, and we had one of the best sandwiches ever; gone. We’d skateboard to the beach and hang out with our friends. It was really an idyllic place to

So expensive in fact, that we moved the family to Corvallis about 3 years ago and hadn’t spent much time checking out the beach -- work seems to take up a lot of our time as of late. I hadn’t really thought much about the beach. I’ve lived on the beach my whole life, been there, done that, no big deal. But... I started to really miss the ocean, the salt air, the “positive ions,” -- something intangible. I just had to go to the beach this summer to taste some salt water, get some sun (not too much), and see just what’s up with the Oregon beaches. I’d always kind of envisioned the beaches of Oregon to be too far north to be hospitable. I’d assumed the water was even more freezing than Northern California, and that the lost beaches of Southern California could only be matched somewhere in a tropical locale, like the Bahamas, Chile, Cuba? I don’t know -- is Orca waiting to eat me off the Oregon Coast? Most likely. After spending a few days at Nye Beach, I now think to myself: “Dude, no, totally wrong.” (That’s what thinking in Californian is like.) The historic Nye Beach area of Newport has long been a summer vacation hotspot for Oregonians, and it’s easy to see why. With a beautiful white sand beach, and a charming little historic village full of great shops and food, today’s Oregonian would do well to follow in the footsteps of the Valley forefathers. Actually, it was the Valley foremothers who spent summers in the surf. Back in the day, Mom would take the kids to the beach for the summer, and dear old Dad would ride over on the train for the weekends. Must have been nice. It’s still nice. We made a trip over recently, not for the entire summer unfortunately, but it was a delightful, and relaxing getaway.

16 w w w . w i l l a m e t t e l i v i n g . c o m

The Beach

If I may suggest, here’s a few things you might enjoy on your trip to the coast. First we stopped in the most unlikely surf shop -- in Philomath Oregon. What? Yes! The owner is a surfer from way back and has some really great surf memorabilia in his shop -- a signed Endless Summer Poster! Cool. Robert Rube (like ruby) owns Pura Vida Surf Shop in Philomath. He’s been surfing the Northwest for 20 plus years, and knows his sport. We entered the shop and there was all the cool surf stuff I’m so familiar with from California: Dewey Weber Longboards, Hotline Wetsuits, and of course, the classic “Sex Wax” (it’s for surfboards). Robert is an accomplished shaper, and board repairman. He was working on a Gerry Lopez board when I visited. You don’t get any bigger in the surfing world than Gerry -- now a resident of Bend I was told by Robert - wild. We rented two boogie boards, and a longboard - the squishy foam kind. Very reasonable and very fun. Robert even does guided surf lessons -- we need to look into that, urgently.

Food: There are some great options in the Nye Beach district like Savory Cafe & Pizzeria. It’s Hawaiian style meets great food, owner Mike Bowers used to live in Hawaii and has surfed 40 foot waves, and is still around to tell you about it. The surf decor isn’t just decor, it’s a lifestyle for Mike. Great vegan and gluten free options can be found on the menu alongside the areas best pizza, fish tacos, felafel, meatball sandwiches, grilled fresh fish and more. Savory indeed! If artistic dining is your pleasure, you MUST visit Cafe Mundo. It’s a very-cool, bi-level artists retreat that also happens to serve great food. There is a stage in the courtyard for live theater, music and the like, with open fire pits to keep things cozy when there’s a chill in the air. The inside is a work of art in itself with bold colors, objects d’art everywhere you look, great light, plants, and a delightful staff. Follow the aquamarine staircase to the top level, and find yourself in an airy perch with a translucent roof -- the

Waiting For You!

servers tell us it’s really cool when it rains, but let’s not think about rain for a while longer. If sit-down, white tablecloth style is more your pleasure, then the choice is an easy one: April’s. See our feature restaurant for this issue for the whole story. Delicious food, the owners are great, and great service (ask for Amber), but we can’t spill the beans here! If you are looking for gourmet treats to go, and perhaps a good bottle of wine, stop in at Nye Beach Wine Cellar for luxury, “foodie” treats you don’t see every day, and a great wine selection. And of course, what’s a trip to the coast without chowder? Might we suggest the aptly named Chowder Bowl. It’s a Nye Beach classic with indoor and outdoor seating, and a great lineup of coast lunch favorites. Of course, a drink (maybe two) might be in order? Visit the Sandbar & Grill, another coastal classic. Shoot some pool or belly up to the bar and chat with your bartender -- who has been there for years! With a very friendly and “Beachy” atmosphere, you’ll want to stay for years too!

Antique Streetlight On the way back to your room, maybe some ice cream to finish off your gastronomic tour of Nye Beach? Indulge Sweets is the place, lots of ice cream selections, candies, and they even have white chocolate dipped dog biscuits for your 4 legged friend!

w w w . w i l l a m e t t e l i v i n g . c o m


Lodging: The Waves is a good value motel at the top of the hill overlooking Nye beach. With multiple options, The Waves can comfortably accommodate every traveler from singles, to large family groups, and they have a pool in case the water at the beach isn’t your speed. The environmentally conscious traveler will want to take respite at the Greenstone Inn -- a “green” inn that is just above the beach. The new Greenstone is a great, modern hotel that is easy on the environment, and a fantastic retreat for beach goers. The rooms are very spacious, and in the case of the two bedroom suite, they are more like your own apartment with a fireplace and front row seats to the ocean view. All of the rooms have a key card that activates the power in the room, so nothing is left burning energy when you depart. All of the appliances are EnergyStar rated, and there is PV Solar on the roof. The Greenstone also does double duty as a gallery with art available for purchase throughout, very nice!

Shopping: When you’re all “beached out” or while the rest of the group is amused with surf, sun and sand, there are some great little shops in Nye Beach offering everything from souvenirs for friends and family, to personal care items, to pieces of art to take home and enjoy for years. Here are a few we found: Illingsworth’s Gifts -- a great mix of “gifty” treasures, everything from presents for baby to home decor. Our favorite: a little sign for your vacation home that reads “Guests of guests may not bring guests” -- so true. Charisma Gifts -- A beautiful selection of home decor, potpourri, objects d’art, and more.

Jovi - Mysterious, and inviting Jovi has, among other things, a fantastic collection of fine soaps. Check out their French grapefruit soap, we’ve had this one before and it’s just the best! Someone at Jovi not only has an eye for great gifts, but a nose for great scents. A must visit! The Peerless Puffin - Offers a great collection of beach inspired gifts, soaps, decor and more. Right above the large public parking area, this shop might warrant a few visits as you are bound to pass more than once! Take a look at the cool little “vintage bathers” sitting around the shop. For Art’s Sake -- a co-op gallery of art. Nice pieces, many selections from beautiful hand made clothing & hats, to sculpture, wall art, jewelry, and more. Stop in and select your next treasure. Anasazi Salon & Gallery -- Cure the “beach hair” and pick up some really cool western-inspired art while you’re at it. A new gallery on the coast that is definitely worth a visit. Queen of Hearts Lingerie -- Spring, when a young man’s thoughts turn to love. Even if Spring is over and it’s Summer -- this little shop has what it takes to keep him on track. While you’re there, check out the exotic chocolates sure to ignite fiery passion! Our beach trip was an overwhelming success and Nye Beach gets two enthusiastic thumbs up. Cruise on over and take a look for yourself. You’ll be glad you did! Oh, and the water is, strangely enough, noticeably warmer than Northern California, and no killer whales were in sight.

Be sure to check our web site for the scoop on all of the business’ mentioned here. Click: “Nye Beach”

Gulls Hoping for Kids with Food! 18 w w w . w i l l a m e t t e l i v i n g . c o m




Nye Beach Wine Cellar 541-265-3292

Cafe Mundo 541-574-8134


Find all these cool things in Nye Beach

For Art’s Sake 541-574-9070

Greenstone Inn 541-574-9070

Chowder Bowl 541-420-7939

Charisma Gifts 541-265-4657

Only about an hour from Corvallis

Peerless Puffin

Indulge Sweets Illingsworth’s Gifts




Anasazi Salon & Gallery 541-574-1963

A beautiful drive through the trees!

Waves Motel 541-265-4661

Queen of Hearts Lingerie 541-265-2118

Sandbar & Grill

Savory Cafe

541-265-6032 541-574-9365 w w w . w i l l a m e t t e l i v i n g . c o m


20 w w w . w i l l a m e t t e l i v i n g . c o m


ust, glitter and random feathers here and there dot the parking lot roadway as nearly 50,000 people make the journey to the front gates of the 42nd annual Oregon Country Fair (OCF). With temperatures in the high 80s, ticket holders were relieved to get inside, to the cool shade and a forest of tree house vending booths, gourmet foods and 18 performance stages. The OCF began as a school fundraiser in 1969 and has blossomed into a fullblown extravaganza for children of all ages to enjoy the arts to the fullest. Upon arriving, just beyond Dragon Plaza, fairgoers pass an elvin mud-daubing pixie, gleeful in her pile of cool, moist earth. With big grins, ticket-takers say hello and hand out the Peach Pit (the visitors’ guide) complete with highlights, history, schedules and a layout of the land. A large, infinity-shaped trail starts past the Blue Moon Stage, Kids’ Loop, and the Morningwood Odditorium, on the way to the wide-open Chela Mela Meadow. Giant Chinese dragons, hula hoops, jugglers and belly dancers swish and giggle in the bright summertime sun as the band Opal Creek plays on the Monkey Palace stage.

Stilt-walkers take a break atop high benches on the outskirts of the Meadow before adventuring up the path, around the bend at Dharma Garden Yoga toward Spirit Tower, where soulful wisdom flows in abundance. An accordion’s wheezing drifts past and clothing is optional as colorful muppet-like characters file through the dusty pathways with rainbow colored hair and a spring in their steps.

patiently reading runes to curious passersby. Local yokels, the Conjugal Visitors cause a traffic jam with their homegrown, old-timey musical stylings, complete with guitars, standup bass, banjo and washboard.

A stroll up Strawberry Lane leads to the Drum Tower where tribal beats enrapture those in tune with their roots, as they gyrate and spin to the drumming intensity.

In the shade of the tall trees, the Fair Library poses a quiet space to kick back and thumb through some pages, no library card required.

At the crux of the pathways, it’s time for lunch. Flowery, exotic waitresses beckon with delight from the Park Street Café. Vegetarian food never tasted so good and a special iced mint tea hits the sweet spot in the balmy afternoon sun.

Step aside to make way for the OCF parade, with a full brass band, kazoos, a giant slug, and an entire fleet of audacious flamboyance in a blur of black and white.

Around the bend on Abbey Rode, past the Utilikilts dealer, a mad genius sits and spins his tales. The Dr. Vortex Traveling Medicine Show brings folks back year after year for his marvelous mind medicine and his words of wisdom. “Time exists so everything doesn’t happen at once and space exists so that it doesn’t all happen to you.” He says with a sly grin to onlookers. Eager listeners buy unique bottles filled with colored liquids that turn into hypnotizing gossamer reflections when spun with fun.

Along the cool Long Tom River, the bend takes us around on Shady Lane. At Altared Space, prayer flags wave hello in the light breeze and the smells of sage and incense welcome quiet reflection on embroidered meditation pillows amidst the Buddhas, Egyptian Gods and other ethereal relics.

And then, there are the Meeps.

After a break in solitude, heading toward the Daredevil Palace Vaudeville Stage, a druid sits

“Oooh!” “Ahhh! “Turning ‘round to see what all the fuss is about; one hears a “Meep, Meep!” A

w w w . w i l l a m e t t e l i v i n g . c o m


crowd flocks to the feet of a curious pair of skyhigh meeping cosmonauts, with inquiring minds of their own. Heading back down the other side of the loop, the trail opens up to a wide space and the Main Stage extraordinaire. The Grateful Dead once played this spot but today it’s the Everyone Orchestra, a full-on interactive improvisational experience. Bubbles and the smells of patchouli, ice cream and body odor waft as the field is packed with a giddy audience, clowns, tigers, and tie-dyed zealots wandering throughout. A jaunt past Community Village and the Junction, Energy Park shows fairgoers the way of the future by being friendly to the Earth. The Park educates the masses in renewable energy sources, recycling, organic/sustainable food sources and how to be effective in saving the planet.

After a long, hot day at the Oregon Country Fair, the exodus begins to flow toward the exit gates. Satisfied fairgoers file past the gypsies, the Rabbit Hole, the History Booth and souvenir stand, their bellies full of organic cuisine, and their heads spinning from cosmic overload. Passing Dragon Plaza once again, that gleeful pixie, otherwise known as Amira Mudfaery, sits pleased as punch amidst her myriad of newlyformed earthen friends and creatures, delighted with the day’s work. As the sun drops beyond the tree line, security does its’ final sweep to usher fairgoers out and on their way home or to any of the neighboring campgrounds for the evening. Vendors pack it in for the day, relax and let their hair down. For after dark, a whole new fair emerges…

I Say, Have you ever met a Meep? 22 w w w . w i l l a m e t t e l i v i n g . c o m

The Chela Mela Stage

The Conjugal Visitors Parade

The Altared Space

Dr. Vortex

Park St. Cafe

Razzle Dazzle

Prayer Flags

w w w . w i l l a m e t t e l i v i n g . c o m


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Gluten Free RN

Celiac disease isgut the #1 misdiagnosed Go with your autoimmune disease

Is your doctor listening? We are. We know the symptoms. We can help. Consulting, Presentations, Seminars



Tents • Tables • Chairs • Arbors • Arches Linens & Overlays • Dance Floors • Vases China • Glassware • Flatware and More!

™ Nadine Grzesowiak (541) 602-1065 -- 215 SW 4th St Corvallis OR

1435 NW 9th St. Corvallis Phone: 541.752.7255


The Art of Sam Briseño & Guests

• Business Tax Planning

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404 Main St Toledo, OR 541-336-1315

24 w w w . w i l l a m e t t e l i v i n g . c o m

6735 SW Country Club Dr. Suite 103 in Corvallis

541-929-5555 •

Fitness • Events & Seminars • Café • Friendly, Helpful Staff

615 So. Trade St. in Amity p.503-835-5600

Once On This Island

Wellness, Preventative Care, Rehabilitation, Pain Management, Avian & Special Species Care, Dentistry, Surgery & Internal Medicine, and More!

Directed by Amaya Egusquiza Musical & Vocal Direction: Jerome Monaco Choreography: Claire McMorris


Corvallis High School Theater August 5th, 6th, & 12th at 7pm August 6th & 13th 2pm

ProudEARTH to be one of only 15% of Vetrinary Hospitals in the country who have achieved AAHA certification! SMART




280 NW 1st St. in Corvallis 10:00 - 5:30 Monday through Friday 10:00 - 4:00 on Saturday or shop on-line @


To Advertise in Willamette Living, Please call: 503-608-4846

430 SW STORE 53rd St. In Corvallis • Near the Fairgrounds w w w. w e s t h i l l s a n i m a l h o s p i t a l . c o m

Tickets available online at https:// php?ticketing=csd for ticket fee of $2 per ticket, at Gracewinds Music downtown Corvallis, and 1 hour before each show at the box office at CHS. No will call. Adults $10, Students & Seniors $8, Youth 11 and younger, $5 each With its poignant story and catchy Caribbean flavored score, ONCE ON THIS ISLAND JR. is a feast for the heart, mind, and soul. The highly original and theatrical Caribbean adaptation of the popular fairy tale The Little Mermaid garnered eight Tony nominations for its Broadway run, including Best Musical, Book and Score. In almost non-stop song and dance, the show tells the story of Ti Moune, a peasant girl who rescues and falls in love with Daniel, a wealthy boy from the other side of her island. When Daniel is returned to his people, the fantastical gods who rule the island guide Ti Moune on a quest to test the strength of her love against the powerful forces of prejudice, hatred and death.

w w w . w i l l a m e t t e l i v i n g . c o m


Backyard Bees

Contemplating our mysterious little helpers

Kate Rivera Cherry blossoms are beautiful. The first blushes of red on the strawberries elicit a smile. But I think there is no happier sight for a gardener than bees in the backyard, heralding the growing season with their gentle buzzing. I have been counting on bees from who-knows-where to visit my garden each year, and so far I have not been disappointed with their numbers. But I have wondered, what would it take to have a hive in my own backyard? What would my neighbors think? Would they sting me, unmercifully? (The bees, not the neighbors.) Regardless of how much reading I have done, beehives have remained mysterious and romantic in my eyes; viewed from afar, collections of boxes in an orchard or at the edge of a clover field. Through some mutual friends, I learned that Monique Schaefers and her family have a beehive in their backyard, situated smack-dab in the middle of a neighborhood in Corvallis. Monique’s yard is generously sized and surrounded by trees, but this is no farm or sprawling orchard. Because bees will fly up to a mile, however, a single hive in a backyard can be beneficial for an entire neighborhood of gardeners. Factor in the reward of honey, and keeping one’s own hive is an alluring prospect. Monique first started tending bees around the age of 18 while living in North Portland. She has attended the annual Portland Metro Beekeeping Association Bee Day, held at Foothills Honey Farm in Colton, Oregon, and about four years ago decided she wanted to bring a hive to her backyard in Corvallis. She purchased her hive and supplies from Ruhl Bee Supply and set it up under a tree – set apart from walkways, the garden, and the children’s play area -- where it gets plenty of morning sun, but is protected during the warmest parts of the day. The bees fly up and out, over the trees and the house, and have not raised any concerns for neighbors. After losing the previous bees due to cold temperatures in January, Monique noticed a swarm in her backyard one day late in May. A queen moved into the hive, and the swarm soon followed. Aside from some annual medicating, and feeding during colder months, the hive is largely self-managing. “They don’t need a lot of fussing,” says Monique. She estimates that it can cost between $300-$400 in initial supplies and setup, but not much cost thereafter. And about that honey? Extraction is usually done mid-to-late July, although this year might be a little later due to the cooler weather. Last year, Monique extracted about three gallons of honey from her hive, and that was even with leaving some behind for the bees. She loves her bees’ honey, and come holiday time, “we filled jars with this beautiful golden liquid to give as gifts.”

Photos, Kristi Crawford

26 w w w . w i l l a m e t t e l i v i n g . c o m

Interested in bees, but not sure a full hive set-up is right for you? You might consider Mason bees, or beehive placements. Mason bees are solitary nesting bees, and each queen is fertile. They do not produce wax or honey, but they will pollinate thousands of flowers in their life cycles. They nest in small holes, and you can attract them with nesting boxes made of drilled wooden blocks, or containers filled with straws. Another option is having apiarists place beehives in your area. This requires a bit more room, as “sometimes practical matters make it hard to deliver or recover just one or two hives,” according to Karen Finley of Queen Bee Honey and Apiaries. This works well in rural or semi-rural neighborhoods on the edges of towns, where a number of hives – usually around 20 – can be placed. Hives can be hosted in fields, side yards, or vacant lots, and the bees serve as pollinators in gardens for a wide area. Karen advises, “keeping lots of wild, brushy edge habitat is really important to bees, so ‘messy’ unmown areas are actually beneficial for promoting healthy insect communities.” Karen can be contacted at, for more information.

Backyard Beekeeping Resources Ruhl Bee Supply 503-657-5399 Oregon State Beekeepers Association

Garland Nursery (Mason bees and bee-attracting plants) 541-753-6601 Glory Bee Foods Queen Bee Apiaries

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Willamette Living’s Dining Guide


Dine with us, or let us cater your event. Full table service Tues - Fri Lunch 11:30 - 2:00 Dinner 4:00 - 8:30 Catering Services Available Everyday. Big table cooking class dinners. Classes hosted by Regina Iovino.Soups, Salads, Pastas, Italian Hot Sandwiches.

Middle Eastern and Moroccan foods. Hummus, Baba Ghanouj, Felafel, and baklava! All made fresh every day. Be sure to browse our store filled with international specialty items, rices, teas, and more. Let us cater your next event! Open for lunch and dinner 11:00 -- 9:00 M-F 12:00 - 9:00 Sat. & Sun.

Al Jebal / Bazaar


1835 SW 3rd St. Corvallis 541-738-9015

2240 SW 3rd St. Corvallis 541-207-3478

1848 NW Circle AND 1597 NW 9th St.


Welcome to El Sol de Mexico. Corvallis, Oregon’s finest traditional Jalisco Style Mexican restaurants. We offer a great selection of entree’s the whole family can enjoy including select American dishes and a complete vegetarian menu. Open 7 days a week. For lunch and dinner. 2 locations in Corvallis.


Queen’s Chopstick

Not just Chinese food! Our Asian fusion menu will delight you. You’ll love our chic new restaruant, and our delicious menu items presented with style. Many reviewers have called ours “the best asian food in Corvallis,” come find out why. 11:00 am 10:00 pm Sun-Wed 11:00 am 11:00 pm Thurs-Sat

2329 Kings Blvd Corvallis


Be Sure to check the web site for maps, more photos, and special offers at our featured eateries! *click: ‘Dining Guide’

del Alma

An exciting menu of new Latin fusion cuisine. Fabulous riverfront bar, special events, extensive wine list. A truly memorable dining experience. Menus and more at: Open for dinner Tues. - Thurs. 5:00 -- 10:00 Fri. & Sat. 5:00 - 11:00

136 SW Washington Ave Suite 102 Corvallis


The Blue Goat

April’s At Nye Beach

FIRST THURSDAY FARM DINNER (First Thursday of each month) Enjoy a four course family style dinner at our large farm table. Featuring special preparations of dishes not regularly on the menu. Share good food and conversation. reservations required and limited to 14 seats (the capacity of the table) reservations must be made by the Wednesday before. $24 per person 506 So. Trade St. in Amity

Produce, herbs and flowers grown on the owners’ Buzzard Hill Farm combine to create an intensely personal, flavorfully vibrant meal. The food is alive with this justpicked garden goodness. We like to think of it as “Farm to Fork” dining at its best. It doesn’t get any fresher than this! Dinner from 5 pm Wed -- Sun Reservations Recommended. 749 NW 3rd St. in Newport’s Historic Nye Beach district



28 w w w . w i l l a m e t t e l i v i n g . c o m

Want to see your restaurant in the guide? Give us a call at: 503-608-4846 You’ll love the buzz, at a pallatable price.

“Sirius” Wine Marissa Matsler Enoteca Wine Bar Sustainability Consultant The Dog Days of summer are marked by the rise of Sirius, the brightest star in the sky. For millennia, it has been blamed for hot, sultry weather that makes humans, as well as dogs, a bit wild and crazy. But the bumpy start to summer this year in the valley has Oregonians wondering if Sirius has lost its touch. Troon Vineyard “This has been the coolest vintage across the board,” Chris Martin, Vintner at Troon Vineyards in the Applegate Valley, comments. He describes viticulture in Oregon as farming “on a razor’s edge,” and cooler years, like this one, really bring this edge to light. Without heat in the summer, vineyards need a hot fall to ripen their fruit. Right now, grapes are not quite to the point of veraison, or changing color. But, throughout the vineyard, Martin explains that there is a “palpable sense that it will happen.” After veraison, there are only about six weeks before the height of harvest is reached. Martin says there are some techniques that can ameliorate the effects of the weather, but makes it clear that they “aren’t just making widgets here.” Winemaking is a nuanced and dynamic process that ultimately is at the mercy of Mother Nature. “And that’s the beauty of it,” he says – no two years are exactly the same, making each wine a unique experience.

Another Great Summer Recipe Local Wine Tastings We recently tasted two excellent examples of this nuanced process when Troon visited Enoteca:

From Market of Choice

2010 “The River Guide” Dry Riesling: A popular summer white, this citrusy wine is perfect for a summer picnic. 2007 Humbug Fire Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon: Named for a 2007 fire that nearly consumed Troon Vineyard itself, this collector level reserve cabernet is the third in a sequence of ‘fire wines’ that aim to “support the people that protect the land” – a portion of the proceeds are donated to the local fire department. At Enoteca, we enjoy sharing the variety that Oregon weather creates. Every Wednesday night at 7pm, Enoteca hosts a different winemaker at an informal, family-style event. Over cheese plates, and a selection of about four to six wines, winemakers share stories and insights into the winemaking process. Shake up the Dog Days of summer with lively conversation and new tastes! Hope to see you at a tasting soon.

Seared Salmon

with Olive Gremolata

Fresh herbs provide a punch of flavor in this Northwest dish created by Market of Choice. Ingredients: 4 – 6 oz salmon fillets, skin off 2 T olive oil 1/2 bunch Italian parsley (2 oz) 1/2 bunch basil (2 oz) 1/2 bunch mint (1 oz) 1/4 c olive oil 1 T sliced garlic 3 T capers, drained 1/4 c Nicoise olives, pitted 1 T Dijon mustard juice of 1/2 lemon salt and pepper to taste Season salmon with salt and pepper. Heat oil in large skillet and sear top of salmon. Turn and finish in 350° oven for 7 min until done (flakes easily). Meanwhile, combine all remaining ingredients and adjust seasoning. Serve Gremolata over salmon with toast and sautéed vegetables. Toast: Slice a baguette thinly, brush with olive oil, and toast under broiler quickly, turning halfway through, about 2 min.

In the Cucina, With Regina


Fresh Tomato Cous Cous

3 cups cooked/chilled Cous Cous 2 lemon 1 cup parsley 3 diced tomatoes (any garden tomatoes) 1 small white onion 1/2 cup virgin olive oil (or to taste, to moisten the cous cous) 1/8 cup White Balsamic Vinegar ¼ cup sugar S & P to taste. 2 TB Tangerine, mandarin or blood orange infused virgin olive oil 3 Avacados (ripe and cut in ½ to use as individual serving bowls)

Check out Iovino’s on the previous page!

Regina Iovino, owner of Iovino’s Cucina in Corvallis is the next best thing to having a cool Italian aunt -- who can cook really well. She recently shared a couple of great recipes with us. Of course, you can have the real thing at Iovino’s or have her cater your next event. Regina has been called the best caterer in Oregon!

Follow instructions on cous cous box. (boil for about 3 minutes then turn off heat and keep covered for five minutes). let cool, toss some olive oil in with cous cous before chilling it so it won’t stick, then refrigerate. Toss in all of the above ingredients after cous cous is chilled. Scoop mixed cous cous into avocado halves and serve. If you are able to find a tangerine, mandarin or orange infused olive oil, drizzle it on top of entire serving platter. It is not necessary to mix this olive oil into the mix, but it adds the finishing taste when drizzled on top. Any extra cous cous can be arranged on the platter with some fresh lemon wedges. Serves 6 (1/2 avacado per person)…you may want to double this recipe as it is hard to eat just one!

Grilled Vegetable Pizza with Chèvre

1 large eggplant – cut into ¼” cubes (skin on) – no salting required 2 cups grape, cherry or garden pear tomatoes – cut in 1/2 (or combination of all your garden tomatoes) 3 sticks Celery diced small ½ medium white onion diced small ½ cup pinenuts ¼ cup chopped parsley 2 fresh lemons 1 TB white balsamic vinegar, or rice vinegar ½ TB dry oregano S & P to taste Toss cubed eggplant in olive oil, with salt and pepper. Place on baking sheet sprayed with a pan coat, or use a piece of parchment paper to line bottom of pan. Place in oven at 375 to 400 degrees and brown eggplant, turning occasionally so both sides are browned. Let cool in refrigerator. Saute diced celery and onions in olive oil with salt and pepper until slightly softened. Refrigerate to chill. Roast pinenuts slowly in dry sauté pan, without burning. When eggplant, celery and onions are chilled, toss with cut fresh tomatoes, virgin olive oil, two fresh squeezed lemons, white balsamic or rice vinegar, parsley, oregano, roasted pinenuts, salt and pepper. Mix well and refrigerate. Add more squeezed lemon to taste, or serve with lemon wedges. Drizzle olive oil to moisten the mix without drowning it. Serves 6 as an appetizer or salad course. GARLIC CRISPS – Use your favorite baguette bread. Sliced as thin as possible keeping the slice in a whole piece. Brush with garlic oil (chopped garlic that has been marinated in olive oil for a few hours) sprinkle with garlic salt. Bake on baking sheet at 350 to 400 degrees, for a few minutes….stay close to the oven to turn them. Remove from oven when they are starting to brown and getting crisp. A parchment paper lined baking pan works well to avoid sticking or burning. Serve with Caponata.

Invite friends over and spend an evening outdoors with this grill creation from Market of Choice. Grilled vegetables, fresh pesto and tangy chèvre, a goats’ milk cheese, gives these pizzas a little extra zip. Makes two medium pizzas.

Ingredients: 1 sm red onion, quartered 1 sm red bell pepper, quartered 1 sm yellow bell pepper, quartered 1 sm zucchini, quartered 1 1/2 T garlic, diced 2 sprigs fresh rosemary, chopped olive oil salt and pepper 16 oz pizza dough ball 2 T semolina flour 4 oz basil pesto 4 oz Laura Chenel’s Chèvre (specialty cheese) 1/2 c mozzarella, grated

*Recipe compliments of your chef at

Market of Choice

Preheat grill to med heat. Toss veggies, herbs and oil with a pinch of salt and pepper. Grill veggies until crisp-tender; remove and cool for handling. Cut quartered veggies into thin strips and set aside. Reduce heat to medium-low. Cut pizza dough in half. Gently stretch dough using your hands, turning until rough circles form. Do not overwork dough or it will toughen; simply stretch or toss until uniformly thin. Brush with olive oil and sprinkle with semolina flour. Carefully place on grill, cooking 2-3 min until crust is golden; turn and cook 2-3 min more. Spread pesto over crusts. Divide cheeses, sprinkling half of each over pesto-covered crusts. Top with veggies and finish with remaining cheeses. Grill covered until melted. Remove, slice and serve immediately. Add your favorite cooked meats, if desired, such as grilled sausages or roasted chicken. Tip: If using a pizza grill stone, simply follow manufacturer directions and place raw dough on hot stone surface, top with grilled veggies and remaining ingredients, cover, and cook until crust is golden and cheese is melted.

30 w w w . w i l l a m e t t e l i v i n g . c o m




Have you Tournamr own ent!

ys a w ore

m r o F play visit

Fun & ch allenging at any ag e! MA




m o c . e l g g a





Games Bringing People Together Find Pajaggle at these fine retailers Ancient Wonders • Tualatin, OR 866.966.6612

Guardian Games OR 2851 NW 9th Street, Suite•C,Portland, Corvallis 97330 The Inkwell • Corvallis, OR

The Toy Factory • Corvallis, OR Matt’s Cavalcade of Games • Corvallis, OR MADE IN OREGON Or shop 24/7 at

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