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In the kitchen talkin’ food WINE, DINE, PICKIN’ GOOD FISH, MAKIN’ THE PERFECT SAMMIE, COMFORT MEALS AND THE PEOPLE BEHIND THE YUMMY IN LAKE COUNTRY A Reflection of Life on Lake Gaston and Roanoke Rapids Lake




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On the cover... King’s Seafood Market co-owner Tommy King has fish to offer in his Littleton shop. On page 22, King offers what to look and feel for when purchasing fresh fish. That is, if you can’t catch it yourself.


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Pairing to enhance flavor of wine, food


ines by design are meant to be enjoyed with food. Pairing the correct wine with food enhances not only the flavor of the food, but also it can enhance the flavor of the wine. The next time you have a dinner party, head to a wine shop and try a new pairing out on your friends! Here are some of my favorite pairings: Carménère with French Onion Soup Carménère is not a wine most people are instantly familiar with. It is a wine predominantly from Chile, and in one of my tasting classes in Napa, my assignment was to pair the Carménère with a food of my choice. BY JUSTIN ROSE At the time I was not very familiar with the grape, so I asked a chef at one of the local restaurants what he preferred. His top pick: French Onion Soup. The saltiness, earthiness and meatiness of the soup pairs beautifully with the soft tannins and smoky flavors of the Carménère. Sauternes & Foie Gras While this is something you probably won’t be making at home, we were introduced to this pairing one night when we were celebrating Aubrey’s (Rose family member) birthday. The sommelier paired their rich and buttery foie gras with a bright yellow, sweet-honey flavored Sauternes and we were shocked. The balance of the meat, butter and syrup of the wine were a match made in culinary heaven! Vintage Port & Stilton Trust me. It’s not what you were thinking, but a stinky blue cheese paired with a fruity, alcoholic vintage Port is the perfect dessert course. These two work together because they help balance each other out — the cheese is no longer so stinky and the Port is not so sweet. All you end up with is a mouthful of cherries and cream. Not feeling so adventurous and would rather just know what to pair with dinner tonight? Here are some easy tips on easily pairing your meals and wine, without all of the hassle: • Starting with a salad? Choose a wine with higher acidity, like a Pinot Grigio. • White meat goes with white wine. Red meat goes with red wine. • If you have an earthy meal, like mushrooms, pair with an earthy wine, like Merlot. • Rich, meaty and fat foods pair best with a wine with high tannins, like Cabernets. • For dessert, your wine should be sweeter than your dessert. Justin Rose is Head Winemaker at Rosemont of Virginia Vineyards and Winery, 1050 Blackridge Road in La Crosse, Va. Rose’s wines have won numerous awards, including Best in Show at the 2010 Atlantic Seaboard Wine Competition.


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Crab Stuffed Peppers with Marsala Shrimp Sauce

Lawson sectionaL $ 2,749

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1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees 2. Peel 2 medium large bell peppers, preferably 1 red and 1 yellow. (Peppers may be peeled by either charring on open flame or brushing with oil and broiling until the skin blackens and blisters, then placing them in a plastic bag and sealing. After 20 minutes, the peppers should peel easily). Cut in half lengthwise and remove seeds. 3. Make stuffing 1 c. cooked rice 1 c. cooked crabmeat 2 t. level fine chopped onion 4 t. level fine chopped peppers (green, red &/or yellow) 2 t. level fine chopped celery juice of 1 lemon 1/2 t. Old Bay seasoning 1/2 c. mayonnaise Gently mix all ingredients. 4. Fill peppers with stuffing. Brush with melted butter and dust with paprika. Cook on sheet pan in oven approximately 15 minutes until heated through and medium brown. 5. While peppers are cooking prepare sauce. 3 T. butter 3 T. all purpose flour 1 1/2 c. water 1/2 c. heavy cream 1 c. medium peeled and deveined shrimp 1/2 t. Old Bay seasoning 2 oz Marsala Wine a pinch of paprika Make a roux of butter and flour. Add liquid ingredients, cook until thick on medium heat. Add shrimp and seasoning, cook until shrimp are no longer opaque. Serve 2 stuffed pepper halves per person topped with shrimp sauce and garnished with vegetables. We used fresh okra from John Haverstock’s garden and steamed summer squash. David H. Watson is chef and owner of david’s Restaurant and Gourmet Catering, 1011 Roanoke Ave. in Roanoke Rapids. He is a Carolinas Club Manager of the Year recipient and three-time winner in main course competition at the Virginia Peanut Festival.

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Kitchen organization with panache


rganization is the best way to make your kitchen a pleasurable and efficient space. Whether you are contemplating a new kitchen or re-organizing your existing one, here are some lessons I recently learned from my interior designer/daughter-inlaw, Elif. The planning of this kitchen started over two years ago. During one of our visits to California, Elif and I explored options for their future kitchen re-model.  We spent a number of hours at the local IKEA store playing with their design program to rough out a design. We perused the cabinet styles, finishes and accessories. I was particularly interested in the cabinet organization tools. Elif tweaked and retweaked the kitchen design many times over to make the most efficient use of the existing space. Moving a wall was not an option. Because of the limited footprint, most of the appliances had to remain in the same location with one exception. The sink and dishwasher were moved about two feet to improve function and access for multiple cooks. Keeping appliances in the original location also saved some expense.  

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We have just returned from California where the new kitchen has been unveiled! Jake and Elif did not post any pictures of the finished product before our visit so we could see for ourselves. (Thanks guys!) After arriving at their place, the kitchen was my first stop. All I can say is WOW! The sleek design fits the open loft feel of the contemporary condo. The tour of the new kitchen included the nifty options such as BY MARY SHERWOOD LED lighting, touch-latch wall cabinet hardware, self-closing drawer glides and the amazing organization tools. Elif’s well-planned placement of all the essentials in all the right-size compartments is the best I have ever seen. Here is her mastermind organization! Everything has a place. Appearance of the kitchen is usually the first and foremost thought when redesigning. But kitchen organization has really proved its importance after using this efficient space. Beauty inside and out is the way your newly organized kitchen should be!  Mary Sherwood is owner/designer at Mary Sherwood Lake Living, 326 Lizard Creek Road in Littleton. She has been practicing interior design for more than 25 years. Mary is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers and is nationally certified.


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Patillo m a x i m a l

a r t

john wind

signature collection

Lake Country comfort in Jeanette’s dishes

Abundantly More 283 Premier Landing at Amy's Hallmark Roanoke Rapids, NC 252-533 -1841 • Monday - Saturday 10am - 8pm



Closed Sunday for worship


Lake Gaston’s COBALT Dealer Lake and dock service to Lake Gaston | 336.599.0135 3400 Durham Road | Roxboro, NC

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In business since 1968 COBALT dealer since 1984

he unofficial best cook on Lake Gaston, Jeanette Patillo at Washburn’s Marina, said it’s all about loving what you do. “I’ve been cooking well over 30 years,” she said. “And we’re going to leave it at that,” she joked. Patillo said she learned to cook from her mother, who handled the meals for Patillo and her 10 siblings. “We had a big family,” she said. “Mama did the cooking. We all had to learn how, but I loved watching her. She could make a meal out of just about anything. I guess it stuck.” Patillo said she never goes by a recipe and she never tastes the food she cooks. She said whenever anyone asks her for a recipe, she can’t give it because no two dishes she makes are ever the same. “But when you cook with passion most of the time it turns out good,” she said. Patillo commented her mother never used the same ingredients each time she made a meal. “She used what she had,” Patillo said. “She’d add a little of this and a little of that.” She said being in the kitchen makes her happy. “To be honest, if I’m in the kitchen, I don’t have a bad day,” she said adding, “If I’m out of the kitchen, I might get a little cross.” Patillo said she doesn’t know of any favorite foods she likes to make. “I just love cooking,” she said. “But my husband’s favorite is fried cabbage with corn bread and baked chicken. As long as I’ve got a spot to cook, pots and pans and some

has passion for cooking Opposite page, customer Mike Diacont samples some of Jeanette Patillo’s cooking in the kitchen at Washburn’s Marina. At left, Jeanette Patillo says cooking is her passion. Below, Jessica and Randy Broady sample Jeanette Patillo’s chicken and dumplings. Bottom, Jeanette’s chicken and dumplings are a favorite at Washburn’s Marina.

spices, I’m good to go.” Patillo said her customers at Washburn’s Marina bring her a lot of joy, and she enjoys feeding them. She said many like to pick and joke with her. “Oh Lord,” she said. “I have a lot of customers who come in just so they can pick at me about what I don’t have.” She related one customer comes in fussing one day because she doesn’t have a certain dish, then when she cooks it the next day for him, he

fusses because she doesn’t have another. She said another regular customer knows the Marina opens at 6 a.m. but it takes an hour to have breakfast ready to serve. He arrived early and picked at her about not having breakfast ready. “A man gets out and works hard all day,” she said. “He doesn’t want to see a long face. As long as you’ve got a smile and you’re joking with them, you’ve got it made.” Randy Broady and his wife Jessica are regu-

lars at Washburn’s and said they are great fans of Patillo’s. They stopped by to sample her chicken and dumplings. “It’s outstanding deliciousness,” Jessica said as she closed her eyes and savored a bite. Randy just grinned broadly. “It’s real good,” he said. Patillo flashed a warm smile of satisfaction.

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Swan Songs delight the fall garden


wan songs are plants that are in the garden year round but burst into color in late fall. They are drought resistant and once established require little attention but are showstoppers when in bloom. Butterflies delight in their nectar as they flutter from bloom to bloom. I’m sure there are many plants that fit this description but I’m going to write about four that are in my garden. Sedums are robust textural plants that prefer full sun and welldrained soil. They are perfect in a dry area and pair well with Purple Heart. Planted in mass the 18-inch tall Autumn Joy sedum grows in thick clumps and produces chartreuse flower umbels that open to rosy-rust colored flowers in late fall. Purple Heart is a trailing succulent that pops against the grayish green stalks of sedum. These are flowers that you can plant in your garden and forget about. Dendranthe mum is an old-fashioned mum that spreads. I use it in several areas of the garden as a low growing ground cover. It has green foliage year round, but when it blooms in late fall it is a show stopper. The blooms are a beautiful salmon pink color atop 12-inch stems. This was a pass along plant from one of my herbal friends (thanks Gail) years ago. If you prefer a taller plant Sheffield Pink is a taller mum (2-3 feet tall and wide) with a similar bloom. Both grow in full sun and well-drained soil.

Goldenrod is another favorite that lights up the fall garden. Goldenrod got a bad rap when it was thought to cause hay fever but we now know that the culprit was ragweed, a weed that blooms at the same time. So enjoy Goldenrod in your garden without fear of sneezing. There PRACTICAL GARDENER are several varieties of Goldenrod availBY CAROL MOSELEY able for garden use. I chose Fireworks, a tall variety with yellow blooms that looks like its namesake. You can never have too much yellow in a fall garden. Russian Sage is a member of the mint family but it is not invasive. It is a medium height (1-3 feet) plant that has wispy wands of lavender/blue flowers and silvery foliage. Its unique flower color makes this plant a must have and if you are still in doubt it is deer resistant.





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Gardening tasks for October: Bring in house plants before the temperature drops to prevent shock. Continue to dead head spent flowers. It is time to plant Pansies, perennial seeds and daffodil bulbs. Carol Moseley learned the love of gardening from her mother and father. Both were avid gardeners, his focus was vegetables and hers were flowers and shrubs. Carol has been gardening since 1969, and in 1999 completed the Master Gardening Training Course through the N.C. Cooperative Service. She said she was very fortunate to learn how to grow and use herbs from her dear friend, the late Diane Morris, the Herb Lady.

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Wildwood Nursery..............................................12

Bakery & Simply Divine Cakes............................9

Interiors By Design..............................................20

Shell Furniture.......................................................18

Wood ReNew.................................................15, 21


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October Fishing Tips STORY BY ROGER BELL


Above, Brenden Watts, of Darlington, shows off a large catfish he caught in Roanoke Rapids Lake with him is his grandfather Walter Watts, of Roanoke Rapids. At right, Brenden Watts has yet another large catfish from the waters of Roanoke Rapids Lake.

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ocal fisherman Brenden Watts, of Darlington, said October can be a good fishing month, but with the weather changing anglers need to be patient. “It really depends on what you’re trying to catch,” Watts said. “Try a bunch of different kinds of bait and stay out there a long time.” Watts, who prefers fishing for catfish, said always fish on the bottom for the cats, and cast away from the shore. “I cast as far out as I can and let it sink,” Watts said. “Then I just wait until they hit it.” As for bass, Watts said a varied approach is advisable for October. He said to start with top water baits to see if the bass are hunting up high, but if that doesn’t yield bites, look for “beds.” Beds, he said, appear to be holes in the bottom of the lake close to shore the bass have dug out to lay their eggs, and in October the bass like to hang out near the beds and look for food. Any break in the dead leaves or the dirt in the bottom could be a sign of bass activity. Watts also said the Valley’s two biggest lakes can fish differently when it comes to October bass fishing. “On Lake Gaston they’re close to the edges,” Watts said. “On Roanoke Rapids Lake you can catch them a little deeper.” Watts said even those without a boat can be successful by casting along the shoreline and working their bait. He said his greatest successes this time of year for bass come from artificial worms, but he said other anglers have reported good success using shad as bait.

Cough Cold & Flu Season

Voted “Best Watercraft Service” in Lake Country

inter to W

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The perfect sammie



arly preparation is the key to making the perfect sandwich. For Tammy Carroll, co-owner of Tammy’s Place in Littleton, quality ingredients are what makes a great sandwich. It starts with:

BREAD “You have to have good breads,” Carroll said. The bread is the foundation for the sandwich. In her deli, they use swirl-rye bread, wheat and kaiser rolls. “Our wheat and rye is very soft and is good bread,” she said.

CONDIMENTS Fresh condiments like tomato and lettuce make a big difference in taste. “No one wants soggy lettuce on their sandwich,” she said. Other condiments include deli mustard, horseradish, mustard and mayonnaise.

FILLER Carroll said Boar’s Head meats and cheeses are used in all of their sandwiches. “It is top line,” she said. And the meat has to be sliced correctly for the sandwich. “We put .25 to .30 ounces meat on each sandwich,” Carroll said. “It makes the sandwich thicker, but easier to eat.” She offers Italian meat, turkey, ham, roast beef, corn beef, pastrami, Cajun roast beef, honey turkey and honey ham. The cheeses at Tammy’s Place include provolone, Swiss, Muenster, white American, yellow American, cheddar and jalapeno pepper.

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i s

i a w

s p t

s l w

R S l


r f t


PRESENTATION Overall, Carroll said, quality is the key to the perfect sandwich. “If you have good quality bread, meats, cheeses and vegetables, it comes out well,” she said. And, Carroll added, the sandwich should be open so a person can see each piece of the sandwich. “Presentation is important,” she said. “If you see it and it looks good on the plate, you will think it will be good.” Her favorite sandwich is the Reuben. It is corned beef with Swiss cheese and thousand island dressing on rye bread. “It is all grilled including the bread,” she said. Tammy Place is a restaurant and a deli, and is open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday through Saturday. For more information, call 252-583-3354.

Tammy Carroll, co-owner of Tammy’s Place in Littleton, says quality ingredients are what makes the perfect sandwich.

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Seasonal investment strategies

all is here and giving way to raking leaves and other rites of autumn, as does with your investment activities. Here’s how these scenarios might look: Phase one: When you’re starting out in the working world, your most immediate financial concerns may be to pay off student loans, then maybe save for a down payment on a house. At this stage of your life you should start thinking about saving for retirement, because time is your BY BONNIE CAUDLE biggest ally. If you work for an employer who offers a retirement plan, such as a 401(k), contribute what you can afford. At the least, put in enough to earn your company’s matching contribution, if one is offered. You may also want to open an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Phase two: As life continues and a family blossoms, you’ll likely develop other financial goals. You may want to consider investing in a tax-advantaged college savings vehicle, such as a 529 plan. Also, it’s important to have enough life insurance to protect your young family. Phase three: When you reach the mid-to-later stages of your working life, you may have more financial resources, as your earnings may have increased significantly, your children have grown and your mortgage may even be paid off. If you are not already doing so, “max out,” if possible, on your 401(k) and IRA. And if you still have money to invest, you may want to look for other tax-advantaged retirement vehicles. Phase four: Now it’s time to enjoy the results of your lifetime of hard work and years of investing. You may have to tap into your retirement accounts, so you’ll need to choose a sustainable annual withdrawal rate. The amount you withdraw each year from your IRA and 401(k) depend on how much you’ve saved, the lifestyle you’ve chosen, your estimated longevity, how much you have available from other sources and so on. Phase five: During your retirement years, if not sooner, you’ll want to review your estate plans so you can leave the legacy you desire. You’ll need to make appropriate investment decisions at many times over the years. With diligence and discipline, you can discover the paths to take as you move through the seasons of your life. Bonnie Caudle has been a financial advisor with Edward Jones, 195 Old Farm Road in Roanoke Rapids, since 2000. She has served on Halifax Horizons and is a member of the Roanoke Valley & Lake Gaston chambers of commerce.


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The Boat Lift Store, Inc.

The Boat Lift Store, Inc. has been in business, manufacturing DOOZIE Boat Lifts, since 1984. In the past 29 years we have provided quality, dependable DOOZIE Boat Lifts to Lake Gaston residents, and waterfront property owners worldwide. We manufacture lifts for boats up to 14,000 pounds. The Boat Lift Store, Inc. was one of the pioneers in Jet Ski specific lifts, and have manufactured DOOZIE jet ski lifts to mount on the side of the dock as well as inside a boat house for 25 years. Come by and visit us at Lake Gaston. We’ll be happy to show you our full line of lifts and dock products that make it easier to take care of your boat. Better lifts allow for more time on the water. Let us help you enjoy your boat and time at the lake more! 1557 Hwy. 903 • Littleton, NC • 252-586-5437 •

Daughtridge Gas Company “Celebrating 84 Years”

Daughtridge Gas Company provides propane for residential, commercial, and agricultural locations throughout Halifax and Northampton counties and the Lake Gaston area. Not only do they deliver gas, but their qualified technicians can also service your gas appliances. Their showroom features several working fireplaces to allow you to find just the right one for your home. They also offer gas appliances including stoves, grills and accessories, tankless hot water heaters, gas logs, outdoor cookers, and outdoor heaters for your patio. Stop by to see Ben Jones, store manager, or any of his staff to find out how gas can make your home a cozy, warm environment for you and your family.

Ben Jones, Manager

1728 East 10th Street • Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870 • (252) 533-0101 •

interiors By Design

Interiors by Design fi rst opened in Lawrenceville, Virginia in 1992 and opened a second location at Lake Gaston in 2005. In 2010 we moved our Lawrenceville store to South Hill, Virginia.We have been involved in the residential construction business for many years and in 1990 found the opportunity to expand and offer better selections of quality fl ooring and interior fashions.We offer a vast selection of fl ooring to include hardwood, natural stone or porcelain tiles, top name brand carpets, such as Mohawk and Shaw, top name brand resilient fl ooring – Armstrong, congoleum, Mannington and Tarkett. Our selection of custom window fashions includes wood blinds, plantation shutters, woven woods, cellular and designer shades. You’ll be amazed at our variety of fabric selections and design choices for customizing your windows. Our knowledgeable staff is well aware of the challenges that come along with remodeling or building a house. Since we are usually the last in line on projects, tensions are high and budgets are low – we stay very mindful of this and still help our clients make their dreams come true. Thank you for many wonderful years! Ken and Mandi Hughes

1565 NC Hwy. 903 N. • Littleton, NC • 252-586-2583 & 1021 W. Atlantic St. • South Hill, VA • 434-447-3066

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Jones Fence & Custom Vinyl, LLC

Jones Fence & Custom Vinyl is owned and operated by Rex and Marcia Jones and their son, Travis. When the opportunity arose to purchase a local fence business back in 1998, they bought it with the intentions of having a family-owned business that their two sons, Travis and Brian, could help them build and carry on. The business has since expanded to offer all types of fencing and custom built vinyl fence and rails. They also build decks, porches, carports, and vinyl screenporch enclosures. Other services include vinyl siding, replacement windows, concrete drives, patios, and sidewalks. Rex, Marcia, and Travis enjoy working with their clients from the planning stage to the end result. They take great pride in their work and have worked hard to uphold the reputation they have built in the area. View our portfolio at

(252) 534-1430 • • Like us on facebook: Jones Fence and Custom Vinyl

Lake Gaston Awning

Crystal Cantrell and Kenny Cales have lived and worked in the Lake Gaston area for over 35 years, and know how important it is to you to protect your property from damage caused by sun and weather. Family history of melanoma dedicates them not only to high quality products and workmanship, but also to helping their clients protect the lives of their loved ones, visitors, and customers. Their products include Solar Shades and Screens as well as enclosures that Block the Sun, not the View. They also offer Umbrellas and replacement Sling Fabric for outdoor furniture. Aluminum welding and repair is done on-site. Lake Gaston Awning provides you with premium products at a fair price that help you reduce energy costs and consumption. Call them today to see how a custom awning or solar shade can enhance your property.

“When Quality Counts...You’re Covered with Us”

5965 Highway 903 • Bracey, Va • 434-636-3848 •

Renew Crew Renew Crew (formerly Wood Re New) owned by Keith Quinn, cleans & protects decks, docks, cedar siding, & log homes throughout Lake Country. We have a 3-step process that includes a pre-soak foam, low pressure clean and the application of only high quality, commercial grade stains. The professionals at Renew Crew use an environmentally friendly foam cleaner that does not harm your plants or pets. We also offer pressure washing services for your vinyl, siding, stone, cement, brick and gutters. Let us do the hard work and enjoy your weekends again! For a free quote - please call 434 636 5540. Keith Quinn, Owner, and Zoey

136 Blackridge Road, Bracey, Va 23919 • (434) 636-5540 •

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King of fish in Littleton STORY & PHOTOGRAPHS BY ROGER BELL

22 | Lake the Magazine

Tommy King, of King’s Seafood Market in Littleton, with a salmon in his store. Next page, this flounder, says King, shows signs of being fresh simply by looking like a live fish.

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he loss of the textile industry is Lake Country’s gain. Tommy King, co-owner of King’s Seafood Market, 106 Main St. in Littleton, never pictured himself going into the fish business, but it’s a twist in his life’s path he’s found quite rewarding. “I always wanted a business of my own and I knew this business,” King said. “I’m an outdoor person anyway and I just liked it.” King worked for decades in the textile mills, but when the mills closed, he had to go to work in Boykins, Va., at another textile mill. After three years, he no longer wanted to commute. He then took a job at the Caledonia Correctional Center in Tillery, where he remained for two and a half years, waiting, he said, to turn 62 and open his own business. “My wife was working part-time at Atlas Fish Market in Roanoke Rapids,” King said. “I helped out there part-time and learned a lot doing that.” After turning 62, Tommy and Ann used money from their 401(k) accounts to open King’s Seafood Market in December 2008. “It’s worked out pretty good,” King said. “Business is slow now because of the economy, which is terrible, but people have got to eat and as long as you put a good product out there, you can survive an economy like this.” As for the product itself, King advises consumers of fish to be careful to choose their fish fresh from a market they trust. King said fresh fish will have a clearer look in their eye, and the skin will appear the way it did when the fish was alive. To ensure the market has taken care of the fish, King said, make sure the skin isn’t slimy — slimy skin on a market fish usually means the ice around the fish hasn’t been changed for a while. King said once the ice melts around the fish and sits a while, the slime will form and will hurt the taste of the fish when it’s prepared. Simply put, to make a good choice buying fish, just make sure the fish most closely resembles a live fish, King said. Ann King, who co-owns the business with Tommy, said her husband puts in a lot of work making sure the fish at King’s Seafood Market is fresh for the customers, and when it comes to business, the couple lives by a simple rule. “We don’t want to sell a product we wouldn’t eat ourselves,” Ann said. Tommy King said his market is more than just a place to buy fish, he’s got chairs for people to sit and hang out, and the place has become something of a social center, and that’s how he likes it. “We’re definitely planning on sticking around for a while,” King said. “You don’t make a whole lot of money doing this, but it’s the kind of place for the guys to hang out and I enjoy it.”


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n a studio overlooking Lake Gaston, Ev Wesson creates mixed-media paintings and illustrations that give a glimpse into nature as well as the faces of children. Wesson was born in northern Virginia, then moved to Wake County. She taught many art enrichment classes there to children and worked as a media specialist. She has been living in Henrico since 2010. As a child, Wesson’s mother gave her art supplies to keep her busy. When she was in first grade, she learned to draw a face in profile from one of her mother’s seventh grade students. “I learned how to draw a face so that got me interested in drawing more.” At age 16, Wesson visited her aunt in New Mexi-

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co and began painting the cliffs and red rocks that make up the landscape. Her senior year of high school, she won an award for a painting of an old grist mill and at that point, she knew she wanted to go into art. Much of Wesson’s work features waterfowl and lake scenery. “I look out the windows of my studio and get inspired.” she said, adding she is newly interested in illustrating for children’s books and will soon be attending a conference in Charlotte to share her work with other people in the field. Wesson teaches art classes to children aged 10 and older as well as to adults. She is willing to take on more students at her home studio. Wesson will also be selling some of her work, including tiles featuring her artwork, at the Adventurers’ Craft Fair Nov. 2 at Lake Gaston Baptist Church. Wesson can be reached at

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Kids from Camp Willow Run having fun in the sun out on Lake Gaston.

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