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Local ag business looks for sustainable loop between plants and fish P.33

Some business names just speak for themselves. Others have more creative monikers. We searched for some that were a little unusual and learned a little about their origins.

all in the family Clothing company has roots on the Coastside P.26

WHAT’S IN A NAME? Trevor Bridge from Costanoa

We have for the monthGREAT of May. Withpricing an on bamboo, h, come in and check out our sisal, marmolium and other l and grasses, as well as our environmentally-concious pets. We’re sure find our carpet sale for the monthyou’ll of May. With an the ! Stop by fl oors end this month, come in and check out our your needs. our ng, wools, sisal and grasses, as wellshowroom as our


patterned carpets. We’re sure you’ll find the ering to meet your needs.

d me.


green Natural... organic... Green builder

Need a change?


We have a huge selection of natural flooring options that are sure

certified we’ll introduce you to many new and exciting flooring materials. Eco-friendly flooring options togood fitto beallhome.your lifestyle needs. It’s to bring a welcome change to your life. Stop by our showroom and




WeWe have have GREAT GREAT pricing pricing on bamboo, on bamboo, sisal, cork, sisal, marmoleum, marmolium and other hardwood and other environmentally-concious environmentally-conscious floors! Stop by floors! Stop by our our showroom showroom today! TodAy!

ABSOLUTE FLOORING ABSOLUTE FLOORING Monday–Friday: 10–5 Saturday by appointment only Licence #751718

650.726.8141 green builder ABSOLUTE ABSOLUTE FLOORING certifi ed FLOORING 510 Kelly Ave., HMB (650)726-8141

e 9:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m.

510 A Kelly Avenue | Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

Our new Saturday hours are 9:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. e available by appointment. After normal showroom hours we’re available by appointment.

License #751718

510 A Kelly Avenue | Half Moon Bay, CA 94019 License #751718

SUMMER IS HERE! Don’t let it pass by without a HotSpring Spa!


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When in Drought‌ There are actions you can take to reduce your water use. Consider these simple tips to save water at your home or business. CHECK FOR LEAKS. Make sure your faucets, toilets and showerheads are not leaking and check your irrigation system. If you find leaks, fix them – leaks can waste nearly 1,000 gallons of water each month. CONSIDER AN UPGRADE. If you are thinking about a bathroom upgrade, now is a good time to replace fixtures with high performing WaterSense labeled models. These high efficient fixtures are independently certified to use at least 20 percent less water than standard models. Rebates are available for customers of Coastside County Water District for purchasing and installing high efficient WaterSense labeled toilets. SAVE WATER OUTDOORS. As much as 50 percent of water used for irrigation is wasted due to evaporation, wind, or runoff caused by inefficient irrigation methods and systems. Further your water savings by using regionally appropriate plants to create a water smart landscape that is both beautiful and efficient to achieve the curb appeal you desire. Once established, native plants require little water beyond normal rainfall. WaterSense labeled irrigation controllers tailor watering schedules to local weather conditions. The average single family home can save nearly 9,000 gallons of water annually by replacing a standard clock timer controller with a WaterSense labeled irrigation controller. GO THE EXTRA MILE. If you have done all you can to be waterefficient, you can get creative by collecting water from dish washing or other uses and reusing it to water your plants.

Coastside County Water District | (650) 726-4405

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To grow a better tomato, farm looks to fish


A Who’s Who of local businesses and what makes them successful.

DIAL GLASS AND WINDOW COMPANY Family owned & operated • Serving the Peninsula since 1962 • Skylights • Store Fronts • Quality Energy Efficient Windows & Doors • Shower & Tub Enclosures • Glass & Mirror Products “We Sell Direct or Provide Professional Quality Installations; No Subcontractors.”


Best of Pacifica


Guest columns What does customer service mean to you?

Preview Fun stuff to do in July





1704 Palmetto Avenue, Pacifica







Ever wonder how some businesses pick a name? Here are a few answers.

Coastside Original builds on family tradition.

Coastside Real Estate Trust these knowledgeable agents with your next real estate transaction Helen Aragoni Service, Honesty and a Smile.


Ara Croce, C.R.S. Ara’s your advocate! Since 1974 she has represented her client’s best interests in real estate matters. Ara’s a CRS (Certified Residential Specialist), and has achieved numerous awards while helping clients achieve their real estate goals. For prompt, professional results, call Ara and let her skill and creativity work for you.





Half Moon Bay






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Publisher Bill Murray Editor Clay Lambert Writers Mark Noack Stacy Trevenon Mark Foyer Sonia Myers COPY EDITOR Julie Gerth Photographer Charles Russo design Bill Murray, Mark Restani Business Office Barbara Anderson

Circulation Sonia Myers Advertising Sales Linda Pettengill Louise Strutner Susan Verlander Barbara Dinnsen Find us 714 Kelly Avenue Half Moon Bay, CA, 94019 (650) 726-4424 HALF MOON BAY is published the first week of every month and inserted in the Half Moon Bay Review. The entire contents of the magazine are also available online at

Publisher’s Note

It’s all about the staff


t one point, our cartoonist Marc Hershon, who also happens to be a screenwriter, namer of things (ever heard of a Blackberry device?), stand-up comedian and best friends of Dana Carvey, threatened to pitch a reality show based on the workings of the Half Moon Bay Review. While others have said that in passing, it was scary when he said it because he’s the kind of guy who could make it happen. While I have to think it would make for some of the most boring TV ever produced — watch now as publisher Bill Murray tries to figure out how to merge cells in a crazy long spreadsheet! — we do have some pretty unique characters on staff who would certainly provide some interesting episodes. Pilot: Welsh Ad Manager Linda Pettengill spins her ghillies around the office teaching the staff how to do a Scottish Highlands dance number while arts writer Stacy Trevenon twists her ankle trying to interview her for an entertainment story. Episode 1: Editor Clay Lambert crushes his iPhone with his bare hands as he discovers on Facebook what his teenage daughter wore to a recent concert. Biz Manager Barb Anderson snickers in a “been there, done that” kinda way. Episode 2: Photographer Charlie Russo, who moonlights as a San Francisco bartender, invents a new drink in the office breakroom. The flaming beverage singes both designer Mark Restani and assistant Sonia Myers. News writer Mark Noack is compelled to include it in the police log. Episode 3: Sports writer and Don Rickles aficionado Mark Foyer sets record for number of 1960s TV show references in one conversation with newly minted Stanford grad Julia Reis. Julia asks what our work-from-home policy is. Episode 4: Staff ridicules Publisher Bill Murray as he works half the morning with his bike helmet still on – again. Episode 5: Season canceled. I am very lucky to have an office of talented and dedicated employees. But much more than that, I’m lucky to be surrounded by interesting people who make the 9 to 5, Monday through Friday a pleasure. That’s what many of the businesses on the following pages have in common — a staff of unique individuals who make coming to work fun. See if you recognize any of them.

©2013, Half Moon Bay Review

Bill Murray, Publisher J U L Y

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Support for the multi-faceted human being with acupuncture, bodywork, life coaching, clairaudient sound and deep listening.

EST. 1917

(650) 574-5740 720 So. Amphlett Blvd. San Mateo Contractors State License #286582


Prepared for your own coming years? Think and Plan Ahead!

Strategic Elder Planning, Assessments, Care Management and Counseling/Support to help families work through life transitions.


Co-creative, intuitive healing rooted in Eastern, Western, and cross-cultural traditions. 455 Avenue Alhambra, El Granada | 650.726.5179 |

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Half Moon Bay Review 714 Kelly Ave. HMB 726-4424

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Air Condition & G N TI Installation • Service • Sales ing A . HE

Dining Out

delicious treats in half moon bay Authentic Mexican flavors in every bite Eat in or take out: • Breakfast Burritos • Taco Salads • Enchiladas • • Tacos • Fajitas • Soups • Desserts

Happy Taco Taqueria 726.5480 • 184 San Mateo Road, HMB


H a l f

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Breakfast, Lunch & Pastries GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE! 20 Stone Pine Road (corner of Stone Pine & Main St.) Half Moon Bay • 650-726-3664

PREVIEW h a l f

m o o n

b a y

r e v i e w

things to do

JULY 2013 m a g a z i n e



Pride in action

Have a blooming good time It’s that time of year when Coastside nurseries and growers open their doors wide so the community can get behind the scenes and learn growing tips from the pros. The annual Tour des Fleurs, presented through the Half Moon Bay Coastside Chamber of Commerce and Visitors’ Bureau, also opens the doors for ecotourism opportunities for Coastside visitors and residents alike. It’s simple: The tours are individual packages of three Coastside nurseries or growers, and you drive yourself to each of them from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The day allows plenty of driving time. This year’s lineup encompasses flowers, organic produce, fruits and vegetables, local history, the harbor, rare and carnivorous plants and a goat dairy! Some of them are familyowned. On the list is Bay City, the Coastside Farmers Market, Green Oaks Farm & Retreat, Harley Farms Goat Dairy, Jacobs Farm/Del Cabo, Nurserymen’s Exchange, H. Pastorino & Son Company, the Johnston House, Figone Nursery, Pie Ranch, Yerba Buena Nursery, Pillar Point Harbor, Ouroboros Farm, Markegard Ranch, World’s Rare Plants and Echo Valley Farms. Advance purchase of tickets at $20 per ticket is required. 726-8380.

4 Celebrate Independence Day All of Half Moon Bay turns red, white and blue today. Begin the day with a pancake breakfast at Mac Dutra Park. Cheer for dignitaries, mounted units, and children decked in red, white and blue as the parade winds down Main Street at noon. Then enjoy a barbecue lunch with entertainment at the Coastside Adult Day Health Center (645 Correas St., Half Moon Bay) or American Legion (470 Capistrano Road, Princeton). 726-8380.

5 Little League set to swing The Half Moon Bay Little League will host the District 52 Junior All-Star Tournament, at Half Moon Bay High School. Times for the games have not yet been announced. It’s a two-team, doubleelimination tournament. The winner of the tournament advances to the section tournament. There’s no admission charge. For further information go to

Half Moon Bay Pride presents a “Drag Show” with lively entertainment and personal pride, at 4 p.m. at the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company. Hosted by Connie Servative of Montara and Raquela of San Francisco, it features performances to Top 40 popular dance numbers or to original songs, by Pristine Condition, Mama Dora, Sheena Rose, Tweaka Turner, Connie Servative and Raquela. Free, though tips are appreciated. Visit

13 Acoustic minds strum alike “A Meeting of Acoustic Minds,” from 3:30 to 6 p.m. at the Old Princeton Landing at 460 Capistrano Road in Princeton, is a youth-friendly, concert-style event. It features topflight, Marin acoustic guitarist Matthew Montfort playing Indian/Balinese styling, Steve Baughman of Marin who specializes in Celtic, Appalachian and clawhammer styles, and the Coastside’s Mark Kostrzewa. The fee is $10/advance and $12 at the door. 728-7096.

19 The Age of Aquarius 7/19 Hippie counterculture, rebellion against authority, Vietnam War protests, trying to make sense of life — things that defined the 1960s — come to tie-dyed life in Coastal Repertory Theatre’s “Hair,” a love/rock musical running through Aug. 10 in Half Moon Bay. Come sing, dance and clap along. 569-3266.


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aq Ouroboros Farms employee Jessica Patton picks various herbs from their aquaponic crops in Pescadero. 8

H a l f

M o o n

B a y


2 0 1 3

 business

aqua ponics Riding the wave of


By Mark Noack

Photos by Charles Russo

ny shopper sampling the produce grown by Ouroboros Farms of Pescadero can easily be wowed. The farm’s five varieties of tomatoes each taste succulent, same for the 10 types of lettuce and a plethora of spices that explode

“Aquaponics is one of the industries on the cusp of going from the backyard to commercial viability.” — Ken Armstrong, Ouroboros Farms owner

greenhouse formerly used for growing carnations, the South Coast operation is making a sizable investment and banking on the future of aquaponics. “Aquaponics is one of the industries on the cusp of going from the backyard to commercial viability,” said Ken Armstrong, Ouroboros owner and founder. “But it’s actually not a new technology. Even the Aztecs had floating gardens.” A spin on hydroponic farming, aquaponics involves setting up plants over nutrient-rich water to allow them to grow more quickly and abundantly, with less waste. For example, a seedling of lettuce grown this way doesn’t need to spend its energy expanding roots to seek out nutrients, so the edible part of the plant develops more rapidly. But, while hydroponics requires adding fertilizers that can create harmful byproducts, aquaponics seeks to make this system sustainable by keeping it balanced with farmed fish. Fish waste makes for great fertilizer, so the same water they swim in can be piped and filtered to nourish the plants. For aquaponics enthusiasts, the holy grail of the craft is to create what is known as a closed-loop system: an equilibrium between the fish feeding the plants and the plants producing enough harvest to feed the fish and surplus for human consumption. After only one year of business, the

To grow a better tomato, farm looks to fish

with flavor. The produce from Ouroboros tastes just the way stuff grown from the earth should — but that’s actually where the farm makes a radical departure from traditional agriculture. Now entering its second year, Ouroboros is farming food as one of the largest aquaponics operations in the United States. That means the tomatoes, lettuce and other crops grown at the farm never touch any soil. Instead they’re getting their nutrients from tanks of fish. Taking its name from the symbolic snake devouring its own tail, Ouroboros Farms is trying to foster its own cyclical system. The farm is at the forefront of a larger experiment by trying to harness the advantages of aquaponic farming and bring it in a sustainable fashion to the commercial level. Located in a 100,000-square-foot


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H a l f

M o o n

B a y


Kenji Snow tends to one of the large fish tanks with in the Ouroboros Farms greenhouse in Pescadero.

company isn’t to that point yet, but the crew believes it can achieve this as a long-term goal. A solidly built 43-year-old, Armstrong sits at his desk — a folding table set up in the middle of the greenhouse growing floor. He had beads of sweat on his forehead from the heat, but for his visitors he flipped a switch to open the ceiling panels to let some cool air into the hothouse. He walked with a pair of crutches and explained that his knee was inflamed from a case of recurring gout. His condition was partially what led him to aquaponics, he said. Gout, a disease caused by elevated blood acid, is primarily linked to diet, and it led him to closely consider what he was ingesting. “The idea of where food came from became really important to me,” he 1 0

H a l f

M o o n

B a y


2 0 1 3

said. “But I had never really grown anything before.” He originally helped manage a family line of organic pet shampoo, but he began researching agriculture, aquaponics in particular, with a newfound fervor. It seemed like “the evolution of farming,” he said. His early education came from YouTube videos produced to demonstrate the basics to backyard growers. Through a friend at his church, he met someone who shared his passion. Kenji Snow, a 50-year-old, technically minded, U.S. Coast Guard veteran, had fiddled with his own aquaponics setup in his backyard. In Snow’s first attempt at fish-farming, his modest 4-by-4-foot growing area was wildly successful, producing all the vegetables his family needed for most of the year. “I thought, if I could expand this 1,000 times, then maybe I could make

a living doing something I’m passionate about,” Snow said. The two hit it off, and they ended up enrolling together in a Florida seminar to learn the finer points of aquaponics. Joining with hydroponics expert Jessica Patton, the three decided to try their collective hand at a commercial aquaponics operation. Snow estimated the equipment, facility and other costs could surpass $250,000. He recalled Armstrong’s response: “That’s it?” Armstrong put forward the seed money, and the team last year leased an old greenhouse off Pescadero Creek Road and began designing much of their own setup. Today, the growing area occupies about one-third of the cavernous greenhouse with the remainder planned for future expansion. Four Jacuzzisized tanks running down the center of

the building each house hundreds of carp, catfish, bluegill and trout. The green, turbid water from each tank is piped through a filter system before flowing underneath raised growing beds. Crop seedlings are wedged in holes in racks that can slide along the raised beds, letting the plant roots dip into the water swimming with fish. After an initial learning curve, the Ouroboros system is today bearing fruit. The fish-farming system can produce a head of lettuce in about eight weeks, roughly one-third faster than field agriculture. More impressive, the system uses 90 percent less water than soil farming. “This is the purest way to grow your food, pure and simple,” Patton said. The farm is today harvesting about 700 pounds of crops weekly, although it is only selling about two-thirds of its produce. The rest is composted and added back into the system as fertilizer. Armstrong and his colleagues describe their main challenge now as marketing their produce to new buyers. Snow has been occasionally walking into restaurant kitchens unannounced with a case of produce and the Ouroboros business card. Ouroborous’ greenhouse system is streamlined for ideal growing conditions, but it still encounters many of the same challenges facing traditional growers. The location tucked back in the Pescadero hills sometimes blocks out the sun in the winter. The Ouroborous team also must keep a close eye to ensure aphids or disease doesn’t ravage the crops. George Armanino grew flowers in the same greenhouse the old-fashioned way for 25 years, and he was a bit skeptical when the newbie growers explained how they would fertilize crops off tanks of fish. “It was completely new to me … it sounded like something dreamy and out there,” he said. “I saw these guys growing crops in a completely different way.” Today, Armanino is very impressed with the results. He’s been growing and eating basil his whole life, but he says a sample batch from Ouroboros was the richest he’s ever tasted. “Their product is fantastic. It’s top quality,” he said. “Quite honestly, it’s a little contagious. It makes me want to try (aquaponics) also.” 

Scenes from within the Ouroboros Farms greenhouse in Pescadero, clockwise from top: Kenji Snow shows off one of the many fish integrated into their aquaponic system; rows of chard growing in the water; the Ouroboros Farms trucks waits outside the greenhouse; local volunteers tending to the crops in early June, freshly cut sage and thyme.


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H a l f

M o o n

B a y

1 1

1 2

H a l f

M o o n

B a y


2 0 1 3

 profiles

who’s who I

t's likely that those who provide your insurance, or do your dry cleaning, or grow your vegetables, or figure your taxes are friends and neighbors as well as business owners and employees. In this special section of business profiles, you can take a look at the faces behind the storefronts, learn about their businesses and discover how they got started. These businesses help shape the Coastside and nearby communities by providing goods, services and vital employment for our citizens. Tell them you saw them in the magazine, and thank them for what they do!

Look for a directory of more than 50 local business profiles on page 31

The staff of the Half Moon Bay Review Top Row Arts Writer Stacy Trevenon Editor Clay Lambert Sports Writer Mark Foyer Publisher Bill Murray Advertising Representative Louise Strutner Advertising Manager Linda Pettengill Business Manager Barb Anderson Advertising Representative Susan Verlander Administative Assistant Barbara Dinnsen Bottom Row Photographer Charles Russo Designer Mark Restani News Writer Julia Reis News Writer Mark Noack Copy Editor Julie Gerth Administrative Assistant and Contributing Writer Sonia Myers


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H a l f

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Accent Homes SINCE 1971 Accent Homes has been offering affordable coastal living. Accent Homes is located in Cañada Cove, a tranquil 55+ community, and specializes in the sale of new and pre-owned manufactured homes. At Accent Homes, we’re here to serve all of your manufactured housing needs to help in providing you with an incredible lifestyle where you can be as active or relaxed as you desire, right here on Northern California’s gorgeous coast. Accent Homes invites any interested parties to call for more information, or to visit and tour our brand new, state of the art, model home.

Accent Homes staff

Hwy. 1 & Miramontes Point Road • Half Moon Bay • • (650)726-5503


Alborzi Orthodontics SINCE 1990 The fantastic, confident smile that you’ve always dreamed of awaits you at Dr. Alborzi’s office. Patients will find several types of comfortable and almost undetectable braces. Custom, computer-generated designs make it possible to complete precision treatment in less time. Using the latest technology through Damon Braces and Invisalign, visits are significantly fewer, more comfortable, with superior results. The friendly Alborzi Smiles staff is specially trained to assist patients and answer many questions they may have about their orthodontic treatment. The fun- loving atmosphere gives patients and their families a feeling of comfort and confidence every time they visit. In addition to practicing orthodontics, Dr. Alborzi also volunteers at Sonrisas Clinic and does pro bono work for the needy.

Dr. Alexa Alborzi

705 Purissima Street • Half Moon Bay • • (650)726-6321





Alifano Technologies Inc SINCE 2000 Alifano Technologies Inc is a computer sales and ser-

vice business. It is family owned and operated by Mike, Cortney and Allan Alifano. Visit them at 225 Main Street, which combines a retail store with their service operations. They provide installation and service from home wireless networks to business class solutions including networking and servers. They are authorized sellers for Apple, Dell, HP, Cisco and others. Dell computers, laptops, servers and peripherals are always in stock. They also specialize in Data Recovery, Home Theater, Phone and Security Camera Systems. Save yourself a trip over the hill and check out their one stop tech shop. Mike, Cortney and Allan Alifano

1 4

225 Main Street • Half Moon Bay • • (650)560-0000 �

H a l f

M o o n

B a y


2 0 1 3



All Animal Mobile Veterinary Clinic SINCE 1998 All Animal Mobile Veterinary Clinic makes house calls for dogs, cats, exotics and large animals. Procedures, surgeries and dentistry are performed at your home for your convenience. Overnight hospitalization is also available. Dr. Susan MacInnes has been practicing on the Coastside for 19 years. Now offering: laser therapy for anti-inflamatory and pain treatment.

Sue McInnes

Half Moon Bay • (650)726-3445

b u s i n e s s

s e r v i c e s

Androc Business Services SINCE 1988 Androc Business Services is celebrating its 25th

year! Mary “Rocky” Law, CFP® and Andre Franco work with small businesses to provide full-service off-site bookkeeping, including financial statements and payroll preparation, business consulting, financial planning, tax preparation, and accounting software setup and training. Additionally, they are Checkmark and QuickBooks Consultants. Both Rocky and Andre are Tax Preparers, while Rocky is also a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER� Professional. Andre is a past President of the HMB Chamber and past Treasurer of the Rotary Club of HMB. They also sponsor and coordinate the “Friday Night Social Hour,” and received the Lifetime Volunteer Award from the HMB Coastside Chamber in January 2012. Mary “Rocky” Law and Andre Franco • • (650)726-2359






Audrey Perry, CKD SINCE 1997 You can save money, time and reduce the stress involved in remodeling a kitch-

en, bath or any other special room in your home when you hire a professional designer. I am a National Kitchen and Bath Association certified designer with 20 years of experience creating that beautiful AND functional room that is perfect for your family’s lifestyle. The key is having a plan! I will assist you every step of the way, clarifying the process, assessing your needs and establishing a budget. I’ll help in finding other professionals that can build our creation. I provide construction drawings ( good for permits ) floor plans, elevations and perspectives. Cabinets are my specialty. Lighting is so important. There are lots of technical details to work out but I can make it simple and fun. Call me for a complimentary “in home” consultation. It’s time to take the ideas you’ve been collecting and turn them from a dream into a reality. Audrey Perry • • (650)728-8015

a u t o

r e p a i r

Auto Medics SINCE 1987 At Auto Medics we’ve been providing quality auto repair &

Back row: Kyin, Mike, Jose & Robert Front row: Tatsuko, Amy, Kris, Rocco & Buddy

service to San Mateo County residents since 1987. Our family-owned shop is conveniently located in downtown San Mateo, close to CalTrain, Highway 101 and the Century movie theater. We offer detailed invoices, shuttle rides, loaner cars, and appointments while you wait. Whether you drive a Honda, Acura, Toyota, Scion, Lexus, Nissan, Infiniti, Subaru, Mazda, Hyundai, Kia, Mitsubishi, Isuzu or any Hybrid, you can trust that our ASE certified technicians have the expertise and training to repair your vehicle correctly the first time. And our maintenance programs are sure to keep your new car warranty in effect. The quality of our work at an affordable cost has kept our loyal customers coming back for over 26 years. We pride ourselves on having one of the cleanest auto repair facilities in the San Mateo area. Check our reviews on Yelp or Angie’s List, or the Google certified reviews on our website at At Auto Medics, we maintain your peace of mind.

330 S. Claremont Street • San Mateo • • (650)342-8480


Bay World Travel SINCE 1980 We are here to serve you before, during, and after your

trip. Getting to know you is important and helps us customize your vacation based on your hobbies and interests to maximize your travel experience. Let us save you time and money by working to find the best values to suit your expectations and budget. We specialize in providing unique experiences and our goal is to help you plan the dream vacation you’ve always wanted to take. Call a travel professional at Bay World Travel today or visit us in Shoreline Station to see why we firmly believe that travel is not just a hobby, it’s a way of life. “Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer” Back: Chris, Susan, Toni, Daniel; Front: Ginger, Geena, Mary CST#2034794-10

225 S. Cabrillo Hwy. • Half Moon Bay •• • (650)726-7345


Cabrillo Family Dental Care SINCE 1964 Dr. Ryan Henspetter has been practicing dentistry in Pacifica since July, 2001. Joining Dr. William Kirkham in practice on Crespi Drive, Ryan met several generations of Coastside families from grandparents to three year olds on their first office visit ILLIAM R. KIRKHAM, D.D.S. to have their ‘teeth counted’. Dr. Henspetter graduated from Boston University Magnum RWYAN A. HENSPETTER, D.M.D. Cum Laude and completed a one year residency at the Veterans Hospital in Palo Alto. In 2008, Doctors Henspetter and Kirkham partnered and changed the practice name to Cabrillo Family Dental Care. In his off-time, Dr. Henspetter enjoys playing in a rock band, spending time with his wife and two children and practicing Muay Thai, a martial art. Gentle, friendly care with state-of-the-art techniques have kept families coming to 669 Crespi Drive for over forty years. From cosmetic dentistry to simple restorations and sealants, we take We pride and care in Care About Your HealthyappointSmile! all phases of dentistry. A skilled, friendly staff will be happy to care for you and your smile. Convenient ment times include evenings and Saturdays. We’d love to see your SMILE soon! 669 CRESPI DR., SUITE F

Dr. Ryan Henspetter

PACIFICA, CA 94044 PHONE (650) 359-1646


669 Crespi Drive • Pacifica • • (650)359-1646 1 6

H a l f

M o o n

B a y


2 0 1 3

– We Welco New Patie

– State of th Art Equip & Techniq – Cosmetic Dentistry

– Gentle & Friendly C

– Evening & Saturday Appointm Available

– We're glad help with insurance

– Convenien Location (Right Off Hwy 1)

m aya n

C u i s i n e

Café Capistrano SINCE 2001 Café Capistrano serves Mexican cuisine with a Mayan flare. Chef and owner,

Artruo Mul, reigns from the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico. When opening his restaurant, he wanted to introduce the flavors and food from his hometown. Mul brought in family recipes to help create the menu and specialty items. One of the most distinctive flavors found in Mayan cooking is achiote. Achiote is a paste made from seeds of the annatto tree and is used in the preparation of house specialties such as cochinita pibil, which is a slow cooked pork that has been marinated in an achiote sauce with lime juice. Other specialties of the house include the fish taco plate, panuchos, salbutes, poc chuc, and enchiladas. Open on weekends for breakfast, offering Mayan specialties and American favorites.

M-F 11am-8pm, Sa-Su 8am-8pm • 523 Church Street • Half Moon Bay • (650)726-7699


CB Showers SINCE 1986 When Bruce Downs founded CB Showers, he was

pioneering a trend in upscale bathrooms that prevails to this day. In 1999 he brought in Diamon-Fusion—an effective nanotechnology glass treatment that cuts maintenance time and effort in half. Today, the company specializes in elegant, high-end shower enclosures that can be customized for any design plan and budget. An expansive showroom, updated frequently to reflect the latest trends, spotlights the company’s vast variety of design options, as well as an array of exceptional products, including standard shower enclosures, vanity and wall mirrors. This family business has earned the prestigious Diamond Certification each year since 2003 for top-rated customer service. The exemplary standard of customer care, coupled with high-end products, has earned CB Showers a remarkable reputation among its ever-growing clientele. Just as its honesty, professionalism and personal touch has been the winning formula for a company that has always led the way.

1160 Industrial Rd #10 San Carlos, CA 94070 • • (650)593-6997



Coast Transmissions SINCE 1983 For 28 years, Coast Transmissions has been a vital part of the vibrant

Cande, Rigo, Eladio

local community. Located in Bel Moon Park, (behind Ocean Shore Hardware) Coast Transmissions prides itself on quality transmission repair; thorough electronic and computer- controlled diagnostics by ATSG and ATRA trained and certified technicians. Whether a simple fix on a commuter car or a transmission rebuild on a vintage vehicle, Coast Transmissions’ trustworthy and well-trained technicians provide quality labor and a solid work ethic that puts clients at ease. The character of the shop is evident when entering the ‘busy’ but organized locale. You’ll often find owner Candelario Ruiz, busily working on a transmission, speaking with clients while songs and sounds of his native Mexico play in the background. For all your transmission needs, visit Coast Transmissions; they’ll greet you with a smile. Proud member of the Half Moon Bay Chamber of Commerce.

141 Main Street • Half Moon Bay • (650)726-7507 J U L Y

2 0 1 3

H a l f

M o o n

B a y

1 7



Coastside Eye Care Optometry SINCE 1983 Come visit our full service optometric practice spe-

cializing in contact lenses and visual training. As primary eye care practitioners, we provide eye examinations for all ages with our state-of-the-art equipment. We also provide a wide variety of frames and lenses and are willing to help you with all of your eye care needs. We currently accept the following insurances: VSP, Medical Eye Services (often part of Blue Shield) and EyeMed. We look forward to seeing you soon and giving you our Expert and Personal Service.

Top from left: Michael, Krissy, Bianca, Emma Bottom from left: Dr. Lam, Dr. Gould, Dr. Yee

210 Main Street • Half Moon Bay • • (650)712-1234





Coastside Healing Arts SINCE 2007 Lisa Mandelbaum, M.S., L.Ac,

Dipl. O.M., is a California licensed acupuncturist and a nationally certified Diplomate in Oriental Medicine. Lisa’s mission is to provide a caring environment where acupuncture and Chinese herbal therapy are used to treat a wide range of medical conditions including fertility and pregnancy care. Specializing in women’s general health and wellness, she offers a myriad of services: acupuncture, massage, heat therapy, cupping, and nutritional coaching. Patients not only receive outstanding holistic medical care, but they also learn ways to empower their lives and play an active role in their health and well-being. Lisa Mandelbaum

625-D Purissima Street • Half Moon Bay • • (650)726-2900

C o m m u n i t y

A s s i s t A n C e

C e n t e r

Coastside Hope SINCE 1976 neighbors like you have helped our low-income neighbors by do-

nating time, money, skills, and food to Coastside Hope. You help more than 10% of all Coastsiders – more than 3,000 people – every year. In 2012 we distributed more than 325,000 pounds of food with your help. Thanks to you, we provide: food; emergency rental and utility assistance; free tax preparation; immigration assistance; citizenship classes; Christmas adopt-a-family program; and much more. Our client base consists mostly of the working poor. We also help low-income seniors, the homeless, and other neighbors in need. We couldn’t do it without the kindness of you, our neighbors.

Thank You.

“Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest you.” – Mother Teresa

Top, L to R: Ali, Fatima, Lorena, Violeta Bottom, L to R: Julie, Keith, Judith

99 Ave. Alhambra • PO Box 1089 • El Granada • • (650)726-9071 1 8

H a l f

M o o n

B a y


2 0 1 3

d e n t i s t r y

Sheppard Family Dentistry SINCE 1978 Cutting edge technology is delivered in a warm, friendly manner. Your comfort is our first concern. From preventative treatment to the smile of your dreams, our goal is to give you exceptional care.



Sh y epp tr ard f tiS amily den a profeSSional corporation

Donna Murphey, Chris Granahan, Sandy Genochio, Carol Sheppard, Ileana Lopez, Brian Sheppard, DDS, C. Ray Sheppard, DMD

890 Main Street, Suite A • Half Moon Bay • • (650)726-3355

F L O O R I N G / P E S T


Floors To Go/Premier Termite SINCE 1989 Tired of running from one store to another to get

your remodel jobs accomplished? Most of us are short on time and not too thrilled with unnecessary gas consumption. Let’s keep things easy. Kitchen or bath remodel? Talk with Kevin and let him help you with the design. Then walk next door and select your floor covering. Dry rot repairs involved? We fix those problems. Water damage repairs? We’re your team for that. Getting ready to sell your house? Order an inspection. Is your deck becoming a hazard? Our crew does beautiful decks and landscaping projects. Check out our slate for a natural look for walkways. Whether indoors or outdoors, we’ve got you covered. Kevin Palmer

116 N. Cabrillo Hwy. • Half Moon Bay • • (650)726-6386 • (650)726-7756

b at h


b e a u t y

Garden Apothecary SINCE 2009 Garden Apothecary has been creating indulgent and organic bath + beauty products for the face and body. Being featured in Vogue magazine, People magazine and Sundance Film Festival helped bring our all-natural products all over the world - but we love making and shipping right here out of Half Moon Bay! Garden Apothecary is rooted in nature, and the high-quality botanicals used, make for a completely different bath + beauty experience. Our products give you everything you need for the most relaxing and restorative bath experience, including bath salts, tea, scrubs, face masks, massage oils and more!

P.O. Box 1015, Half Moon Bay • • (650)726-5883 J U L Y

2 0 1 3

H a l f

M o o n

B a y

1 9


Fish ‘n’ Frites SINCE 2013 Now open in Zaballa Square, in downtown Half Moon Bay! We offer a wide array of the

freshest fish, with choice of batter, cooking oil and sauces to create the perfect fish for your taste buds… and all come with exquisitely created house frites and zingy coleslaw.

328 Main Street #101, Half Moon Bay • • (650)712-1520

Fish ‘n’ Frites staff

Gherkin’s Sandwich Shop SINCE 2011 Hungry for a great sandwich? Hot and cold gourmet sandwiches, hamburgers and salads

made to order. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a kid’s menu offering fun, healthy food. We are a happy, friendly group of guys who love working and living on the coast, and are always pleased to have you enjoy our great food. Nobody leaves hungry! to order online, or give us a call.

171 - 7th Street, Montara • • (650)728-2211

Gherkin’s staff



Half Moon Bay Building & Garden SINCE 1972 Founded in 1972 by the Andreini Family, our first yard was

where First National Bank now stands on Main Street. In 1976 we moved to our current location at the end of North Main Street in Bel Moon Industrial Park. Still a family owned business, we serve the entire bay area. We offer special concrete mixes and colors as well as “green” concrete! Other products include: bagged products, ready mix, masonry, erosion control, stone, steel and epoxy/ sealers. We also offer landscape supplies such as tools, pavers, brick and sod. We are pleased to offer home and business delivery. We have a recycling facility for broken concrete, asphalt, wood products such as tree limbs and construction debris. Bring us your recyclables! Come in and talk to our friendly and knowledgeable staff about any project — no job is too small or too large — from a bag of concrete to the Ritz Carlton at Ocean Colony, we can serve your building and garden needs.

Eddie, Manuel, Jason and Rob

119 Main Street • Half Moon Bay • • (650)726-6696


Half Moon Bay Brewing Company SINCE 2000 In July 2000, several Half Moon Bay families envisioned a family friendly restaurant and brewery with drop-dead ocean views, great food, live music and dancing, and of course fresh beer brewed onsite. Since its inception, the Brewing Company has served fresh California Coastal Cuisine and award winning hand crafted beers to more than one million locals and visitors. The Brewing Company is dedicated to giving back to the coastal community that has helped us grow over the past 13 years. We are a business that supports education, coastal and regional nonprofits, and is proud to be a Bay Area Certified Green Business. Since our inception, The Brewing Company has donated beer, food, event sponsorships, gift certificates and products in our community. Since 2005 the Brewing Company has given $10,000 dollars each year in scholarships to graduating students at Half Moon Bay High School.

Half Moon Bay Brewing Company staff

2 0

H a l f

M o o n

B a y

390 Capistrano Road • Half Moon Bay • • (650)728-2739


2 0 1 3

r e s ta u r a n t

Half Moon Bay Joe’s SINCE 1999 The Oropeza family welcomes you to Half Moon Bay Joe’s! Chef Pablo Oropeza Sr., chef at Woodlake Joe’s in San Mateo for over 10 years, and at Original Joes in San Francisco for over 15 years, has owned and operated Half Moon Bay Joe’s since 2002. They offer a wide variety of menu items, specializing in Italian-American cuisine in hearty portions at reasonable prices. Open from 7 a.m.-10 p.m. every day, they offer daily specials for every meal, and feature live jazz by Luis Rojas Jazz Ensemble on Fridays from 6-8 p.m. Try one of Pablo’s Coastside specialties marked “a la Pablo” on the menu. They use the finest, freshest, local products and produce available. No one goes home hungry at Half Moon Bay Joe’s. Short on time? Order a pizza to go!

Chef/Owner Pablo Oropeza, Sr.

2380 S. Cabrillo Hwy. • Half Moon Bay • • (650)560-9260



Haynes, Beffel & Wolfeld SINCE 1999 Haynes Beffel & Wolfeld LLP is an in-

dependent intellectual property counseling and patent prosecution firm serving corporations, startups, emerging technology companies and prominent investors in Silicon Valley and around the world. The firm has in-depth technical expertise in computer-related technologies, computer architectures, semiconductor manufacturing, electronic commerce, integrated circuits, software, communications, electronics, bulk and integrated optics, lasers, photovoltaic systems, medical devices, chemistry and materials, and biology. Left to Right: Eric Alcantara, Nicole Nowak, Katie Marley, Warren Wolfeld, Jim Hann, Amy Jonsson, Sikander Khan, Alex Chou, Ernie Beffel, Jaclynn Garcia, Leslie Gale, Alexandria Balidio, Kelly Huber, Marianne Holland, Mathew Otts, Joel Gray. Not Pictured: Mark Haynes, Wei Cho Foo, Daphne Simmons, Arnie Wernick, Yiding Wu 637 Main Street, Half Moon Bay • • (650)712-0340

P R O PA N E D E L I V E R I E S , S U P P L I E S & S E R V I C E S

Kamps Propane SINCE 1969 Kamps Propane is locally owned and operated and has

been serving California since 1969. With our network of twelve locations, we are able to offer local service and efficiently keep our customers satisfied. All of our employees are professionally trained and dedicated to excellent customer service. Kamps Propane strives to give the highest level of respect to our customers with a commitment to honesty and integrity. Kamps Propane is also pleased to offer our customers the SMART System Monitor. The SMART System reports the level of propane in your tank to Kamps Propane daily while ensuring your propane is being used safely. The SMART System Monitor is available at no additional cost to our customers. For all your residential, commercial and agricultural needs for the entire Coastside area, call Kamps Propane at 800-795-4427. • (800)795-4427 J U L Y

2 0 1 3

H a l f

M o o n

B a y

2 1



Klaws Paws & Hooves SINCE 1994 Klaws Paws and Hooves has

been giving our four-legged and two-legged clients peace of mind since 1994. Attentive supervision ensures fun and safety at our Kamp K9 Doggie Day Care facility. We offer underfoot boarding or drop-in visits for your vacation, holiday or workweek needs. We’re available for behavior consultations for dogs of all ages. Find out how we’re Making Tails Wag from Montara to San Gregorio!

Katheryn Weaver with Diva and Tyson • (650)728-8070



Kuk Sool Won SINCE 1997 We are educators. We teach hard to get items like confidence,

integrity, fitness, self-defense, success and much more. Don’t take our word for it, listen to your neighbors: “Kuk Sool is amazing! I want my Black Belt.” — Joy Dardanelle, Moss Beach, Principal of Faralone View Elementary School. “A family that kicks together, sticks together.” Sam, Laura, Sammie and Diana Martin, Half Moon Bay.

Master Paul Carmody and daughter Megan Carmody

Success breeds success, most of our students get better grades and go on to college. Improve your grades, improve your health, improve your life, while having fun! Try us for the summer, you’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose.

432B Main Street, Half Moon Bay • • (650)726-4132


Main Street Goldworks SINCE 1987 “We Enjoy Making You Happy” is their motto. For 26 years

Main Street Goldworks has been combining craftsmanship and creativity by designing special one of a kind pieces for “one-of-a-kind” people and repairing sentimental treasured pieces of jewelry and watches. Their wedding rings have been at many weddings and gifts of jewelry at even more anniversaries. The little gold box has made hearts beat faster on Valentine’s Day, and even helped a lot of guys get out of trouble, go fishing, hunting or golfing. Jay and Patti started the business in 1987. Since then each of their sons has contributed their own unique talent as they serve generations of satisfied customers. For the Warshauer family, the sentiment of jewelry is what it’s all about. We are grateful for the privilege of sharing so many special occasions with our customers and friends. It doesn’t get better than that!

Patti and Jay Warshauer

542 Main Street • Half Moon Bay • • (650)726-2546 2 2

H a l f

M o o n

B a y


2 0 1 3


Mazzetti’s Bakery SINCE 1974 Our secret ingredient is LOVE… Your one-stop bakery, where everything is baked daily: breads, muffins, donuts, Danish, cookies, birthday cakes, wedding cakes and specialty items, using only the freshest ingredients. For our very popular “The Derby” — our fresh strawberries and banana cake — we clean 350 pounds of strawberries and 300 pounds of bananas for weekend orders alone! We are “Your One Stop Shop” for Wedding Cakes on your special day. Custom cakes uniquely decorated and made with LOVE. We pride ourselves on the best quality for the most affordable price. Make an appointment today for your Wedding Cake consultation! Mazzetti’s bakery will be celebrating 40 years in business in 2014. Over many of these years, we have proudly supported Bay Area charities in their fundraising efforts – and we are pleased to be able to continue our support looking forward. When it has to be special…it has to be Mazzetti’s!

Like us on facebook for monthly specials!

101 Manor Drive • Pacifica • • (650)355-1007



Mid Peninsula Health Care SINCE 1993 Mid Peninsula Healthcare, Gary S. Toig, MD, M. Ali Parsa, MD, and

Camille Andronache, RN, BSN, are proud to announce the grand opening of our second office for the convenience of our patients at 248 Main St. Suite #100, Half Moon Bay. Our physicians admit patients to Stanford Hospital, El Camino Hospital and Sequoia Hospital. Our surgical and obstetrical patients have the choice of one of these hospitals. Our philosophy is to provide compassionate, state of the art medical care for women and men. Gary S. Toig, MD., has been practicing Primary Care, Infertility, Obstetrics and Gynecology, in Redwood City, for over 20 years. M. Ali Parsa, MD., practices general Obstetrics and Gynecology. Dr. Parsa is also Stanford fellowship trained in Advanced Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery. Gary S. Toig, MD, and M. Ali Parsa MD

248 Main St. Suite #110 • Half Moon Bay • • (650)365-9997


The Music Hut SINCE 1989 THE LITTLE STORE THAT COULD... that’s how owner Barbara Campbell refers to her store. Located in the same place on Main Street for 24 years The Music Hut offers a surprisingly deep selection of rock, plus a broad range of jazz, blues, country, and soundtracks, all new and used. Boxes line the floor with used LP’s as more and more customers are interested in the quality, and nostalgia. There is a knowledgeable staff, and if you do not see what you are looking for, it can easily be ordered and delivered in a few days. The stock is always rotating and lovely gifts can be found around the store, most MADE IN AMERICA. Look for turntables and headsets to be in the store soon. Optimism, hard work and a love of music is what keeps this store going.

329 Main St., Half Moon Bay • (650)726-8742 J U L Y

2 0 1 3

H a l f

M o o n

B a y

2 3





Oddyssea SINCE 2012 Oddyssea is a curated and interactive experience

for people interested in science, art, technology, and nature products and projects. The word odyssey means “epic journey” and we would like you to experience the spirit of exploration, creation, and discovery at our store. We offer many different products, kits, and raw materials to help you “get your geek on” — ranging from agates to Z-flags. Oddyssea is the only place in town you’ll find a sea-rrarium, a narwhal horn, a trebuchet, a praxinoscope, or a gentleman’s walking stick outfitted with a telescope. We invite you to come have some fun with us at 617 Main Street in Half Moon Bay. Ellen Harding and Mike Harding

617 Main Street • Half Moon Bay • • (650)440-4555

B a r


m u s i c

h o u s e

Old Princeton Landing SINCE 1992 With a major overhaul of the bar, the restaurant, and the clientele Pete

and Brian Overfelt take their bar and entertainment knowledge deep into El Granada. “We’ve been hanging around here a long time and we felt a change would be the best thing.” Brian has been working in the bar/music/nightclub business for over 22 years. In his first job at a bar he was 16 dumping ice and barbacking at The Miramar back when it was an amazing music venue. “Seeing those musicians on stage playing their hearts out is a memory I will never forget and one that I’m using to my advantage.” If you notice the schedule on the Overfelt Bros. are bringing in everything from Blues to Rock to Reggae to Soul to Metal to Hip Hop to Country to Folk and everything in between. In addition to the music, the OPL is a great place to watch sports on the big screens, have a drink, and enjoy food from the Silver Star Grill. Old Princeton Landing staff

460 Capistrano Road, Princeton-By-The-Sea • • (650)728-7096


Palladino Painting Inc SINCE 1989 Palladino Painting Inc believes in the

value of customer service. Our consultations, craftsmanship, and ability to meet deadlines are the foundation on which we build our company. All of our employees are full-time, professional painters and have been trained to produce quality, detailed and durable work in both interior and exterior residential and commercial environments. Our goal is to respectfully and professionally implement our work to create a final result that will exceed your expectations. We specialize in residential interior and exterior painting, cabinet finishing, natural wood staining and varnishing and detailed surface preparations. From small to large residential and commercial projects, we are committed to your satisfaction.

Palladino Painting staff

P.O. Box 3126 • Half Moon Bay • • (650)728-4000 2 4

H a l f

M o o n

B a y


2 0 1 3

a u t o

r e p a i r

Phil’s Tire & Auto Care



SINCE 1981 You’re on the “Right Side of the Hill” with


Tire & AuTo

Phil. Voted favorite auto repair shop 2012. The best place to buy your tires, and don’t forget: The best place for automotive maintenance and repairs. The “Auto Care” in our name means that we are experts at alignments, brakes, general maintenance, shocks, tune ups, and – of course – tires! We provide quality service, 12 month/12,000 mile limited and national warranties. Plus, we have a great team of ASE qualified technicians waiting to serve you. Look for us on Facebook at Phils Tire and Auto Care.

Jason Peters (far right), Manager, with the team at Phils Tires.

422 Purissima Street, Half Moon Bay • • (650)726-5153






Record Low Rates! Record Low Rates! Lowest in 60 years.

SINCE 1998 For more than 15 years, Puente has provided vital


Dick Charnock President



Patrick Charnock Brian BrianMcNamera McNamara

Record Low Rates! • Refinancing

• Refinancing • • Purchase Purchase • •F Fiixed xed Rates Rates 620 North St., P.O. Box 554, Pescadero • • (650)879-1691 • ss • Refinancing • ARM’ ARM’ • • Purchase • Jumbo’s Jumbo’s Deborah “DJ” Johnson • Responsible Lendin “DJ” Johnson g • FDeborah ixed Rates • Responsible Lendin g Real Estate Funding Service • ARM’sRecord Record Low Rates! Low Rates! SINCE 1981 Real Estate Funding Service has Lowest in 60 years. Lowest in 60 years. • Jumbo’s been arranging financing for residential and Refi now and treat yourself commercial With offices in Half Moon Patrick Dick Charnock, Refi now and properties. treat yourself PatrickCharnock Charnock Call now! Dick Charnock• Responsible Lendin Patrick Charnock Call now! President Bay and San Diego, they are approved with over 20 lenders and can find the most comg Presidentto lower payments

R Brian E A LMcNamara E S TAT E

Deborah “DJ” Deborah “DJ” Johnson Dick Charnock President Johnson

services for men, women, children, and families living in the rural Lowest in 60 years. San Mateo South Coastand communities Pescadero, La Honda, Refi now treatof yourself Dick Charnock Refi now and treat yourself Loma Mar, and San Gregorio. Puente provides a single point of President Dick Charnock lower payments President entry forto men, women, and children to have access to safety net to lower payments services, health and wellness services, youth employment, leadership development, and community engagement and action. Puente is the only community resource center for the South Coast. The individuals and families served by Puente face wide-ranging challenges that are Lowest in 60 years. often compounded by the isolation that stems from living in rural communities, language barRefi now and treat yourself riers, and difficulties with negotiating a new cultural and social landscape. Puente is a catalyst Brian McNamara to lower payments for inclusive new solutions and opportunities in our own rural community and beyond. Brian McNamara

to lower payments petitive rates for purchase, 726-2179 refinance and home improvement depending on your specific


700 Mill Street needs. “Repeat clients and personal referrals have been the core of our business for over 700 Mill Street 30 years,” says president DickHalf Charnock. “WeBay are extremely proud of our reputation for Moon Half Moon responsible lending, professional integrity andBay fast personal service. We are always availemail: email: able for personal consultation without any obligation.” Call now! Located in the historic Debenedetti building.

• Refinancing • Refinancing • Purchase Lori Wisner • Purchase Lori Wisner Rose Riegal Lori Wisner Brian McNamara • Fixed Rates 726-2179 • Fixed Rates 700 Mill Street • ARM’s •Half Moon 700 Mill Street • Half Moon Bay • • ARM’ s Bay email: • Jumbo’s • Jumbo’s J U L Y

2 0 1 3


H a l f

M o o n

B a y

2 5





Rice Trucking-Soil Farm SINCE 1975 Rice Trucking-Soil Farm is operated by Jim Rice and

his family and employees. The Yard at 2119 S. Hwy. 1 is open to contractors and individuals, Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. We specialize in custom soil mixes, “awesome” boulders, water feature kits, retaining wall systems, pavers, sod, and many other landscape and construction materials. Come in and see our display areas for inspiration! We deliver and run a variety of trucks to handle all of your hauling requirements.

2119 S. Cabrillo Hwy. • Half Moon Bay • (650)726-4354 or (650)726-0100


Chris Ridgway, Architect SINCE 1985 Each building embodies a dream. It starts with a vision of a perfect place in which to live, work or play. As an Architect, it is my role to take your ideas and mold them into reality. I custom tailor each design to meet functional needs, aesthetic tastes, while working within monetary constraints. Established in 1985, I have completed over 200 projects consisting of new custom homes, remodels and commercial projects.

Chris Ridgway

670 Poplar Street • Half Moon Bay • • (650)622-6301



San Carlos Elms SINCE 1996 When you choose San Carlos Elms you are selecting the

Independent + Assisted Living • Memory Care


finest in retirement living with supportive services. You will delight in the wonderful dining experience with meals served three times daily in the beautiful Elms dining room. Weekly housekeeping and linen service allow you extra time to enjoy making new friends or catching up with what’s new with old ones. Energize your day with a gentle workout or stroll to the lobby to find out what’s on the calendar of events for the day. Our full activities program and shuttle service allow you to explore new programs, excursions and adventures. 2010Each Bay Area Top Workplace Choose from 89 attractive apartments, many with it’s own balcony or patio. studio one or 2010 Assisted Living of the Year two-bedroom apartment comes with a full appointed bath, wall-to-wall carpeting, convenience 2010 Volunteer of the Year kitchenette, 24 hour call system and connections for your telephone, cable tv and wifi. 2010 Bay Area Top Workplace 2009 Administrator of the Year

2 6

)595-1500 707 Elm Street San Carlos, CA 94070 • • •2001(650 HUD Secretary's Commendation �

H a l f

M o o n

B a y


2 0 1 3

2001 Humane Society's Paws for Applause Award



Senior Coastsiders SINCE 1977 Senior Coastsiders has been offering opportunities to support successful aging. A case manager is available on staff to consult and advise Coastside seniors and loved ones. A wide variety of classes are available including exercise, writing and oil painting. Hot lunch is served Monday through Friday at noon. Hot meals are delivered to homebound clients. We provide transportation to our center for senior residents from Half Moon Bay to Montara. A minor home repair program is available for eligible clients. A wide array of exciting volunteer opportunities are available.

Senior Coastsiders new home coming in 2014.

535 Kelly Ave. • Half Moon Bay • • (650)726-9056



Shamrock Ranch SINCE 1943 Run by a family of true animal lovers, Shamrock

“Roger welcomes you to Shamrock”

Ranch has been a part of the Bay Area community since 1943. Fondly remembered by some Pacifica residents as a dairy farm, Shamrock has long since evolved into the perfect doggie home away from home. Taking advantage of the spacious property, Sham- rock provides dog boarding, grooming and training in a refreshing rural setting—no big indoor warehouses or cramped kennels here! This summer, Shamrock offers a breath of fresh air for you and your pets. Dogs can enjoy services like walks around the scenic property, one-on-one playtime with their favorite attendant and a selection of toys, bones and treats to help pass the time and, as always, the level of care that comes from a staff who loves your pet as much as you do. Don’t forget to ask us about our grooming and training services, too!

100 Shamrock Ranch Road • Pacifica • (650)359-1627

r e t i r e m e n t

c o m m u n i t y

Sterling Court SINCE 1990 Sterling Court is a full service active independent and assisted-

living retirement community located just two blocks from downtown Burlingame and only a short drive from Half Moon Bay. We offer apartment rentals with a rare combination of independence, security and comfort. All apartments are available on a monthly basis which makes moving in easy. We also offer a furnished rental apartment — on a space available basis, if you would like to sample fine living among an active and friendly community of seniors. No purchase, buy-in or long term contracts are ever required. Spacious relaxing common rooms, twice-weekly social hours, a rich and varied activity program offers much to do. Our chef-prepared gourmet meals, peaceful courtyard with friendly and professional staff create a warm and personal environment. One visit and you will see the Sterling Court difference! We invite you to drop in for a brief tour, to join us for lunch, dinner or our next exciting event. Call us about our 2 bedroom move-in special!

850 N. El Camino Real • San Mateo • • (650)344-8200 J U L Y

2 0 1 3

H a l f

M o o n

B a y

2 7


Studio 4 Pilates SINCE 2004 Catherine Anderson and Amy Hoffmann,

both certified Pilates teachers and former professional dancers, joined forces in 2004 to open Studio 4 Pilates, which now boasts eleven teachers with more than 80 years of combined teaching experience. The studio’s focus is Fletcher Pilates®, but offerings include yoga, Feldenkrais®, the Franklin Method, pre- and post-natal Pilates, ZHealth, and workshops featuring other movement modalities. Studio 4 Pilates is proud to serve students from ages 10 to 85 at every level of fitness. Photo courtesy of the Half Moon Bay Review

Catherine Anderson and Amy Hoffmann

213 San Mateo Road • Half Moon Bay • • (650)726-7200



Susan Hayward School of Dance SINCE 1979 Susan Hayward School of Danceis located in the small coastal town of Montara, in the former Montara Schoolhouse. Susan and her daughter, Heidi Patterson, are co-directors. Susan heads the ballet program and Heidi heads the tap program. The school’s mission is to bring the highest quality of dance instruction to the Coastside community. All teachers are qualified by the Royal Academy of Dance, London. The Royal Academy of Dance is one of the world’s largest dance examination boards. The exams are designed to motivate and encourage students of all ages and levels of ability through a systematic measurement of progress and attainment. We believe that the creative, musical and performance aspect of dance is important and we nurture our students to express themselves. We work together with students and parents to promote a positive environment. Our hope is that our students learn to love the arts, and also to strive - wherever life takes them. Pre-Fall Registration starts August 1st. Fall 2011 classes start Tuesday, September 4th. Please call the school for more information or visit the school’s website.

Heidi Patterson & Susan Hayward

496 6th Street • Montara • • (650)728-7519



The Posh Moon




SINCE 2001 In this lovely boutique mother and daughter

team Carol and Monica celebrate their French heritage and love of all things romantic. They have put together an enchanting collection of stylish yet sensibly priced clothing, dazzling jewelry, delectable soaps and lotions, fabulous hats and wonderful décor; enhanced by friendly, never pushy, service. Because of their close relationship with many local and several French designers, the vast majority of The Posh Moon’s delights are made in the USA or fabriqué en France. Come see why locals and visitors alike keep returning to this exquisite shop. Carol Patin-Gipe and Monica Eblovi with Posh greeters Deaglán and Junuh

2 8

519 Main Street • Half Moon Bay • (650)726-3821 �

H a l f

M o o n

B a y


2 0 1 3

m a i l


p r i n t

s e r v i c e s

Carlos and Gabriel Garcia

The ups store SINCE 2000 Come to the UPS Store for our services, and you’ll come back because of our people. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you with a multitude of projects. Yes, we pack and ship via UPS and the US Postal Service — but we also do so much more! Send us your printing job via email, we’ll get it done and let you know when it’s ready. Presentations, Brochures, Flyers and Menus are just some of the items we’ve printed. Have a big poster project? Want a favorite photo enlarged and printed on high quality paper? We’ve got some beautiful samples to show you. We bind proposals, make blueprints, provide color copy services and make rubber stamps. Need something notarized or a private mailbox with a street address or to use a quality fax machine? Bring us your project, we look forward to serving you. Locally owned and operated by Carlos Garcia (& family).

Strawflower Shopping Center • Half Moon Bay • • (650)726-3091



The staff of Three Bells of Montara

Three Bells of Montara SINCE 1993 Three Bells of Montara is a locally owned and operated assisted living facility located in the beautiful and serene coastal town of Montara. The facility features spacious and decorative private and semi-private rooms with bathrooms. Most rooms have views overlooking one of four gardens, many with patio access. A full range of services is offered including three delicious meals plus a snack served in the sky-lit dining room, daily maid and laundry services for each resident, planning and scheduling of transportation services, beauty shop and barber shop on site, activity and exercise programs, as well as a wellness nurse on staff. The facility is approved by the Department of Social Services for the care of residents with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, and to provide hospice care. Three Bells of Montara has a dedicated and caring staff whose major concern is to provide support and assistance in a professional, compassionate manner. If you are looking for a facility that will care for you or your parents as you would, Three Bells of Montara is the place.

1185 Acacia Street • Montara • • (650)728-5483


Tokenz SINCE 1982 Tokenz founded in 1982 at 300 Brannan Street, San

Francisco. Relocated to the coast in 1990 and happily serving the Coastside community ever since. Browse our lovely store to find the following: Earrings. Sterling jewelry. Gemstone pendants and pendulums. Masks and treasure from Nepal, Bali, India, Japan, Israel, Africa and the Americas. Casually elegant clothes, sarongs and wraps. Beads and basic craft supplies in the back. Dogs and humans welcome!

Sheila Edwards-May

524 Main Street • Half Moon Bay • Open 10-6 daily • • (650)712-8457 J U L Y

2 0 1 3

H a l f

M o o n

B a y

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United American Bank SINCE 2003 United American Bank is a full-service commercial bank

headquartered in San Mateo, California. The bank has offices in San Ma- UNITED AMERICAN BANK teo, Half Moon Bay and Redwood City and is recognized as a financial services leader in the Bay Area nurturing client-focused relationships. UAB has a talented team of branch managers and relationship bankers. We offer affordable home mortgages, Freedom Home Equity Lines of Credit, and a new rewards credit card. Soon, we will launch a new and improved online banking suite of services. As a community bank, with local directors who are community leaders, we help businesses expand and bring jobs to the community. We work with our clients to turn their dreams into reality. We are committed to building you better communities. For simply better banking in Half Moon Bay see Teresa Adam, she has over forty years of banking experience. Call Teresa at 650.712.5015 or email Member FDIC

Teresa Adam

40 North Cabrillo Hwy Half Moon Bay • • (650)712.5015 Community Banking I N S U R A N C E

Weller/O’Brien Insurance Services SINCE 1961 Weller/O’Brien Insurance

Services is a full-service independent agency, offering insurance products I chose Weller/O’Brien becauseauto, … to Coastside clients. Our specialty is family and small business programs, including “they have greatcompensation. customer service andWe home, rental dwelling, umbrella liability, businessowners and workers great rates. I speak to a true, live person also provide coverage for farms and ranches, mobile homes,any motorcycles and boats. time I have a question. Thank Kevin you so much Weller/O’Brien! O’Brien, Adam Underwood, Barbara Guaraglia and Claudia Lopez are long time”residents of Angela Bolton, D.C. Half Moon Bay, committed to serving the needs of our customers with quality– Dr.products and Newbold Chiropractic competitive prices. Thank you to all of our customers! Contact us today to start saving on your personal and business insurance.

Kevin O’Brien, Adam Underwood, Barbara Guaraglia and Claudia Lopez

We’ve Moved!

720 Kelly Avenue, Half Moon Bay 726-6328 |

720 Kelly Avenue, Half Moon Bay • • (650) 726-6328 Kevin O’Brien, Adam Underwood & Barbara Guaraglia

License # 0C17330

l a n d s c a p i n g

Wildflower Farms SINCE 1999 Wildflower Farms has been happily serving the Coastside with organic and sus-

tainable garden design and consulting. We offer conceptual landscape and garden drawings and hourly consultation to help with the following projects: • garden restoration • edible landscapes/veggie gardens • perennial flower beds • succulent gardens

• native plantings • vertical gardens (indoors and out) • potted garden design & sourcing

P.O. Box 1015, Half Moon Bay • • (650)726-5883 3 0

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Half Moon Bay Thank you to the following businesses for being included in the Business Profiles Special Section: Accent Homes Alborzi Orthodontics Alifano Technologies All Animal Mobile Vet Androc Audrey Perry Auto Medics Bay World Travel Cabrillo Family Dental Café Capistrano CB Showers Coast Transmissions Coastside Eye Care Coastside Healing Arts Coastside Hope Dr. Sheppard Floors To Go Garden Apothecary Gherkins/Fish ‘n’ Frites Half Moon Bay Bldg. & Gdn. Half Moon Bay Brewing Co. Half Moon Bay Joe’s Hanes BW Kamps Propane Klaws Paws & Hooves Kuk Sool Won Main Street Goldworks Mazetti’s Bakery Mid Peninsula Healthcare, Dr.Toig Music Hut Oddyssea Old Princeton Landing Palladino Painting Phil’s Tires and Auto Care Puente Real Estate Funding Rice Trucking Chris Ridgway Architecture San Carlos Elms Senior Coastsiders Shamrock Ranch Sterling Court Studio 4 Susan Hayward The Posh Moon The UPS Store Three Bells Tokenz United American Bank Weller O’Brien Wildflower Farms

 ideas

Branding 101 B

uilding a brand is essential for small businesses hoping to thrive in a competitive business market. Because consumers are still pinching pennies and looking to stretch every dollar, today’s market is as competitive as ever, but a brand can be used to effectively explain to potential customers what you and your products provide as well as how you and your products differ from those offered by competitors. When building a brand, one of the first things owners of a small business must do is define his or her brand. Defining a brand is essential, but it isn’t always easy. The following are a few tips to help small-business owners define their brand. Understand and explain your mission. Small-business owners clearly want to make money, but the mission of your company should go beyond padding your bank account. This mission should define the company’s reason for being. Try to write why the company exists in a few short sentences, and then ask others in the company to do the same. For example, if your company is making an eco-friendly alternative to a popular product, then explain that your mission is to provide consumers with eco-friendly alternatives to traditional products. Explain your philosophy and keep in mind that your mission might change as your company evolves. Explain why your product is beneficial. Another step to defining a brand is to explain why it’s necessary. This includes describing the your company’s product’s features and services provided. You want to separate your product and your company from its competitors, so be as specific as possible.

they want. Thanks to the Internet, customer feedback and consumer opinion is now easier to attain than ever before. While direct feedback on your product is beneficial, you can also visit online forums in which consumers discuss their experiences, both good and bad, with other products and other companies. Use that information to your advantage, and never assume you know what your customers want. Understanding your customers is an ongoing process, as their needs and wants are likely to evolve over time. Stay on top of knowing what your customers want, so you can continue to meet those needs. Think about what you want your company’s reputation to be. Branding also involves managing your company’s reputation. You want existing customers to react positively when thinking about you, your company and your products. Courteous, attentive and professional customer service goes a long way, as does adhering to your company’s mission. You not only want customers to be return customers, but you also want them to speak positively of you to their friends and family. 

Know your customers. It helps to know who your customers are and what J U L Y

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H a l f

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B a y

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 soapbox

GUEST COLUMNS Half Moon Bay Magazine asks locals who interact with the public to weigh in on a single topic. This month: Customer Service



Don Godshall is an El Granada resident and owner of Jersey Joe’s Coastside in Stone Pine Center.

Mike Harding is co-owner of Oddyssea, which he describes as “an interactive retail experience” on Main Street in Half Moon Bay.

ustomer service. Wow! That’s a moving target. I think that there is a subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle negotiation going on in every transaction. It’s all about how your expectations match up to the performance of a stated product or service. If you feel that your expectations were met and the producer did everything in his power to provide his advertised product or service, then I’d call it good customer service. If, on occasion, you get something that you didn’t know was part of the deal, and it was above and beyond what you were expecting, then you feel like that was a great experience and an exceptional level of customer service. The most famous customer service axiom “the customer is always right” gets a little hard to follow when a customer wants something that is outside the mission statement or abilities of the supplier. Then, that statement gets misused and comes off as a little unreasonable. Overall, I think the people who we deal with on a daily basis are just trying to do their jobs, and it’s more a question of the training that is given to those people who are dealing with the public.

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H a l f

M o o n

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he truth is, I’ve never liked the terminology “customer service.” Think about it for a minute: when do you most frequently hear the term “customer service”? When something has gone wrong in your relationship with a business, right? Just hearing the term conjures the feeling of being on hold with some faceless monolith after navigating a voice response system to correct an error that was inflicted during the most recent billing cycle. I’ve always preferred a different view that has to do with the experience a person has when he or she interacts with your business. It starts the moment that person becomes aware of the business (and he or she is not yet a customer, by the way) and carries on through each interaction. At some point, over time, that person may choose to become a customer by transacting business with you. At Oddyssea, we view people through this lens. Our objective is to provide the best possible experience for people who choose to interact with us and carry that throughout the relationship. When a person has a problem, we respond in the context of the whole experience we’re trying to craft. Could this be termed “customer service”? I suppose so, but I believe it’s something a bit broader, the customer experience. We don’t always succeed at providing the best possible experience for people, but it’s not for lack of effort or care when we fail. We learn from those situations, we improve, and we strive to provide a better experience at the next opportunity.

Photo illustrations by Clay Lambert

Don Godshall



y customer service philosophy can be viewed metaphorically through one of my personal obsessions, theater. Local government employees are “in the spotlight” all the time. We perform our duties on behalf of the public, therefore our actions are visible and subject to constant reviews. In my mind, it’s my job to “set the stage” for those who reach out to the city, so to speak. The old theater saying about there being “no small parts, only small actors” applies to customer service. Listening to citizens, determining the nature of their problem and directing them toward a solution — this is an important role. Compiling a great staff is crucial to good customer service. It’s like casting a play. You take the group of actors you have, each with their own special skills and apply those talents to the right role. You need narrators, straight men, comedians and offstage workers who do the “heavy lifting.” Most people don’t interact with local government just for fun. When people arrive at City Hall, it’s usually because they are in need of a solution. It helps to have a script (policies), dress rehearsals (training) and a strong sense of character. Of course, good costumes and makeup can’t hurt. Oh, and jugglers. Jugglers are good. And, just as at the end of a great show, you hope to get a resolution and maybe a little applause. Siobhan Smith is city clerk for Half Moon Bay.

KRISTEN YOUNG I am old school and like doing business face to face. For instance, the superior customer service I receive at my bank brightens my day. I am always greeted with a smile and by name. They are courteous and the experience is consistent. I appreciate their attention to detail. If they notice something that would create value for me, as a small-business owner, they are sure to let me know. ATM or online banking might be more convenient, but I enjoy the interaction and relationship-building with people. Kristen Young is a State Farm insurance agent in Half Moon Bay.

From French Eclectic and Modern to Ranch and Spanish Colonial, the Andersen® Architectural Collection featured at Dolan’s provides historically accurate looks in windows and doors or lets you create a style all your own. And when Mother Nature has a throw down, even in coastal communities in the Bay Area, these windows and doors stand up to harsh sea air day after day. Before you build, remodel or restore your home, visit one of our showrooms in Burlingame or Walnut Creek, or our full service lumberyards in Concord and Pinole. Discover the amazing elegance and stamina of Andersen Windows & Doors. We've been serving Bay Area building industry professionals and home owners for more than fifty years with lower prices, better service and higher quality.

Open Mon - Sat Burlingame Showroom 1410 Broadway Burlingame 94010 650-401-3500 Open Mon - Sat Walnut Creek Showroom 2750 Camino Diablo Walnut Creek 94597 925-927-4662 Lumberyards are open 7 Days J U L Y

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 uniquely coastside

What’s in a name? Business owners put lots of thought into their moniker


hen William Shakespeare’s Juliet famously sighed from her balcony, “What’s in a name?” she wasn’t speaking of corporate branding, but she might have been. Would Apple Inc. know the sweet smell of success if it bore any other name? Business owners the world over put a lot of thought into choosing a business name. They want to pick a name that is quirky or catchy so shoppers will remember it, but also may want to integrate a piece of their family history. They don’t want any negative connotations and they have to avoid confusion with existing businesses. The Coastside is home to many interesting business names. Here are the brief stories behind just a few of those momentous business decisions. — Julia Reis Photos by Charles Russo

3 4

H a l f

M o o n

B a y


2 0 1 3

Business name: F


Location: Half Moon Bay What they do: Fa bric store In business for: 13 years  Name origin: “My

husband helped us pick the name for the store. He’s from a Greek back gr ound and ‘fengari’ means ‘m oon’ in Greek. It’s a connection to Half Moon Bay.” – Ann Gevas, co-ow ner with granddaugh ter Kim McFall

e: Big Fish

Business nam


ising Location: Pri sign and advert de ic h p ra G : What they do r: 17 years ) started In business fo usiness partner b y (m a en “T : in at in Moss  Name orig ars prior to th

couple ye near the the business a g out, we were n ti ar st as w e sh ig fish in a Beach. When iring to be a b p as lf se er h w sa to this ocean and she San Francisco om fr g in m co fit, small pond. It Watts .” rtner with Tena rural area pa ss ne si bu , ft le r, — Lisa Gilmou J U L Y

2 0 1 3

H a l f

M o o n

B a y

3 5

Business name: G


Location: Moss Beach What they do: Sk in care and cosmet ics In business for: 10 years  Name origin: “Qui

te simply, ‘Gaia’ m eans ‘Mother Earth’. It’s funny how many people think Gaia is my name. I make ever ything from scratc h and ever ything I use is organic.” — Debby Icide, ow


e: Costanoa

Business nam


cade Location: Pes : Hospitality What they do r: 14 years of the In business fo an adaptation is e am n e h in: “T eric Span Name orig hich is the gen

‘costenos,’ w ion. It means Spanish word native populat l ca lo e th r fo ish name er r.’” e, general manag ‘coastal dwelle — Trevor Bridg

3 6

H a l f

M o o n

B a y


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Busine ss

name: Q

uail Run

Locatio n: Half Moon B What th ay ey do: G arden gif In busin t shop ess for: 21 years  Nam e origin : “We c bec

, Inc.

ause the hose the quail is na wanted t h e Califo me Quail Run the logo r n ia state to reflec come fr bird t om all o ver the w California beca , and we use peop orld to — Susan le Nako, co see the coast.” -owner w ith husba nd Allen

 Do you know of any really uniquely named businesses on the Coastside? We’d love to share them. Send in ideas to J U L Y

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H a l f

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B a y

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 business

Coastside Original builds on family tradition

It may have been one man’s dream to create a clothing line that represented what he held dear in his heart, but he soon realized he shared the ambition with many others. Whelen discovered he was in likeminded and talented company. Whelen knows good work is often a group performance. All involved say businesses such as Old Princeton Landing and Bike Works have been extremely supportive, as well as the former surf shop Aquaculture. In addition, Whelen said he couldn’t have done it without his family. “These are the people who deserve the recognition for this creation we call Coastside Original,” he said. It’s only been eight months since the venture started, but already the company is booked with events and large orders. It has created unique designs for the fter cleaning up a demolition at Mac Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin Festival, Mavericks Dutra Park, Fred Whelen’s pickup Invitational and Half Moon Bay Coastside Chamber truck was weighed down in the back of Commerce and Visitors’ Bureau events like Rock with 26-foot beams. The weight in the the Block. Coastside Original has been invited to back end caused his front wheels to lift street fairs across California and is making shipments off the ground and he drove down Main Street doing to as far as New York. The Coastside Original crew is a wheelie. It was so much fun that he kept the beams largely parents. With nine children around, the need in the bed of the truck and became known for often for stylish kids’ clothing was apparent. That was the pulling the stunt. inspiration for “Sidekicks.” The year was 1939 — the year Whelen Construc“Everyone helping everyone,” Whelen said, “It’s all tion got off the ground. a value to the community.” Whelen Construction employs Part of their sales is a result of the same vigor, if not the downFacebook announcements letting town car tricks, to this day. Fred’s New clothing line is reallyan extension of people know the shop will be open if grandson, Ryan Whelen, took on entrepreneurial past anyone wants to stop by. They always the family business when he was get customers that way, Santos said. 23 years old, just after graduating If it feels homey in the shop, that’s college. He hasn’t forgotten the because it is literally the living room of Whelen’s sense of teamwork and community that has always home. been part of the business. “It can be difficult to keep up with the demand,” “This community has taken care of my family,” Santos said. Whelen said. “I believe it deserves the favor in reThe goal isn’t to open a formal clothing store, but turn.” rather to get the company’s clothing out to other Now Ryan has embarked on a new business, this stores. The principals would like to export their idea time in retail. Whelan has dreamed of a Coastside— unique, locally designed clothing — to all coastal based clothing line for years. He has in mind a line towns. They would like to see each town find a local that conveys the history and evolution of the town. artist to create a design that personally means someThat is how Coastside Original was born. thing to each community. Whelen called upon another Coastside original, “Coastside Original,” Santos explained, “is excluBrooke Santos. She has over 15 years of retail experisive, fresh, local art.” ence, and together they are working on comfortable Whelen said part of the fun is seeing the clothes clothes for all ages. Whelen describes their products around the coast. “We weren’t prepared for the feeling as “a celebration of what makes us Coastsiders.” of seeing others in our creations,” he said.  There is a strong cast of local characters who have been instrumental in fashioning the brand. Matt Medeiros does the graphics, Brendan Foster creates designs, and Kristjan Higdon is working on the business side.


By Sonia Myers Photo by Charles Russo

3 8

H a l f

M o o n

B a y


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Coastside Original available at The Bike Works, 520 Kelly St., Half Moon Bay; Cunha’s Country Grocery, 448 Main St., Half Moon Bay; Hassett Hardware, 111 Main St., Half Moon Bay; and Old Princeton Landing, 460 Capistrano Road, Princeton. Also at or by calling 726-6161.

Left to right, Tyler Whelen, Sienna Santos, Payton Whelen, Spencer Heath, Vince Santos. J U L Y

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H a l f

M o o n

B a y

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join in

on scene

Do you have an event coming up? drinks Make sure to bring a camera and get at least 10 shots of the attendees! Then, give us a call at 726-4424 or drop on by.


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8 1. Claudia Brancart, Isabelle Pisani 2. Shawn Williams, Alec Hodgkinson, Hannah Harwood 3. Nick Curran, Lindsay Curran 4. Aldo Flores, Isabelle Pisani 5. Max Talbot and family 6. Corina Rodriguez, Francisco Rodriguez 7. George Aranda, Cecilia Aranda, Javier Aranda 8. Claudia Brancart, Connor White 4 0

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Pescadero High School graduation An educational milestone: On the evening of June 7, 21 seniors walked down the hallway for the last time as Pescadero High School students. Little more than an hour later, 11 boys and 10 girls had graduated. The graduates, all of whom plan to attend college in the fall, received a combined $35,000 in scholarships and grants in order to continue their educations.








For nearly a quarter century, Alain Pinel Realtors has adhered to the principles that have contributed to our reputation and marketshare. Our agents uphold our high standards allowing us to measure the success of real estate transactions in human, not just monetary terms. We are dedicated to excellence and our association with these professionals is a bright example of our continued commitment to the ultimate in client care.

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