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Valley Union

Graduation 2014

Bruce Whetten/Douglas Dispatch

DHS Honor Students Karina Palomares, Meghan Maddux and Samantha Gonzales place their hands over their hearts during the playing of the national anthem Friday.

Trisha Maldonado/Douglas Dispatch

Mariana and Raul Montano are both very proud of their son Raul “Ruly” Montano.

Douglas High School Trisha Maldonado/Douglas Dispatch

Jessica Quinonez helps fellow classmate and friend Melissa Escarcega with her gown before the start of the 2014 graduation.

RIGHT: Barbara Jordan sings the national anthem at the graduation.

Trisha Maldonado/Douglas Dispatch

Maria Palacio, Andrea Parra and fellow students waiting for their names to be called at the 2014 graduation.

Trisha Maldonado/Douglas Dispatch

Friends and family show their love and support with posters, cutouts and banners at the 2014 DHS graduation May 23.

Bruce Whetten/Douglas Dispatch

Bruce Whetten/Douglas Dispatch

There were plenty of hugs going around Friday following the graduation.

Trisha Maldonado/Douglas Dispatch

Antoinette Da La Torre receives a standing ovation as she walks to the platform to get her diploma Friday. De La Torre’s father unexpectedly passed away the night before she was to graduate.

Bruce Whetten/Douglas Dispatch

Oscar Rivera does a celebratory flip prior to walking up to get his diploma Friday.

Bruce Whetten/Douglas Dispatch Trisha Maldonado/Douglas Dispatch

Bruce Whetten/Douglas Dispatch

Raul “Ruly” Montano receives the Carlson Cup from Superintendent Sheila Rogers.

Several DHS graduates played in the band prior to Friday’s graduation.

Selfies were the thing of the night Friday night. Alyss Gutierrez takes a selfie with Superintendent Sheila Rogers just after she received her diploma Friday.



Douglas dispatch

wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bruce Whetten/Douglas Dispatch

Alberto Hinojosa shows the “S” under his gown as he walks to the platform for his diploma Friday night. Danny Morales/Douglas Dispatch

DHS Graduate Aylinn Amaya smiles with her Soldier, SPC Alexis Fragoso,present for her big night.


Bruce Whetten/Douglas Dispatch

DHS Student Council Advisor Martha Alonso was the recipient of many hugs from what are now her former students. In the photo above she poses for a photo with some of those students.

Trisha Maldonado/Douglas Dispatch

McKenzie Kimbro receives the Huber Cup from Superintendent Sheila Rogers.

Bruce Whetten/Douglas Dispatch

Ariana Machado gives flowers to her boyfriend Nick Ortega following Friday’s graduation. Bruce Whetten/Douglas Dispatch DHS David Perez-Rios does the bunny hop on his way recruitto receiving his diploma Friday night. ers Sgt. Kasper and Sgt. Schmidt salute the flag at the 2014 DHS graduation.


LEFT: Friends, family and loved ones wait to congratulate the class of 2014. photos by Trisha Maldonado/

Trisha Maldonado/Douglas Dispatch

Alan Rubio gets ready for his high school graduation.

Douglas Dispatch


to the 2014 Graduating Class of Omega Alpha Academy

It has been our honor to watch you learn and grow into the college and career ready students you are. Go forth and make us proud!

Francisco Duran

Toto, no choice is made in secret as God is always with you, choose wisely and you will live without regret, because real and lasting happiness has nothing to do with material possession. It is a result of living your values, even in difficult situations. We are very excited for you to embrace this next phase of life. Congratulations, have fun, work hard and enjoy every single day. Don’t forget to always put God before anything in your life and you will always be successful. Love you Toto we are very proud of you,

Congrautlations class of 2014 Dad, Mom Evelyn and Paulette.


Pahola Hernandez

CON Victor Guzman Salutatorian

Yajaira Selig

Stephanie Urquijo

Magaly Cornejo Valedictorian

Nora Vasquez

S E T A U D 014 GRA



Alberto Quintana

Bianka Hernandez gives MacKenzie Kimbro a big congratulatory hug.

When I look at you, tall and strong, I don’t only just see an eighteen year old man. I see you in all of your life’s stages at once. As much as you have learned from us we have learned from you. You have taught us so many things as you grow. Toto, we could not be more thankful to God, for having you, so proud of the man you have become. Your accomplishments and goals are a satisfaction for us.


Sandra Castro

Trisha Maldonado/Douglas Dispatch


Danny Morales/Douglas Dispatch

Aylin Gonzalez beams golden with her diploma and blue dressed Marine escort, Sgt Sean Kaspar, USMC.

1200 N. G. Ave | Douglas 364-2424 | XNLV156500


wednesday, May 28, 2014

Douglas dispatch


Bruce Whetten/Douglas Dispatch

Family and friends for Jessica Quinonez show their enthusiasm when her name is called for her to receive her diploma Friday.


Bruce Whetten/Douglas Dispatch

The DFD Color Guard presents the colors at the start of Friday’s graduation.

Trisha Maldonado/Douglas Dispatch

Alondra Gonzalez gets a lift after graduation. LEFT: Bobby Long gives his youngest son Dustin Long a congratulatory spanking before the DHS 2014 graduation. RIGHT: Board member Natalio Sabal congratulates Samantha Torres after she receives her diploma Friday night.

Bruce Whetten/Douglas Dispatch

Trisha Maldonado/Douglas Dispatch

Sydnea Estrella and boyfriend Danian Solis showing her personality with a very goofy but sweet cutout of herself. Trisha Maldonado/Douglas Dispatch

Trisha Maldonado/Douglas Dispatch

Sheila Rogers, Randy Walker and Andrea Overman listening to the valedictorian given her speech at the 2014 DHS graduation.

Bruce Whetten/Douglas Dispatch

Araceli Franco and her daughter Yasmine Vasquez pose for a picture following Friday’s graduation.

Bruce Whetten/Douglas Dispatch

Elizabeth Aguilar gets a hug from a family member following her graduation Friday night.

O F S 2 S 014 A L C

Trisha Maldonado/Douglas Dispatch

Ulises Villalobos gets a big smooch from his mom Carlet Villalobos after graduation. Villalobos will have his pick of universities after receiving scholarships from both U of A and ASU.

Bruce Whetten/Douglas Dispatch

Karla Loreto dances on her way to receiving her diploma.


CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 2014 on a job well done

ATTENTION DHS SENIORS emory of m r u o y e rv e s re Don’t forget to ploma on graduation night ur dip you getting yo le

A DVD of


ail v a e b o ls a l il w the ceremony Picture & DVD for just



364-2460 or visit




Graduation prepares you to a new stage in life. Walking in the path of your dreams, you are half way through. Work harder and dream further. You are Douglas’ hope and future. Never give up.




1009 N. G. Ave




Douglas dispatch

wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bruce Whetten/Douglas Dispatch

Ricardo Rosales, Diego Campas, Martin Campos and Martin Molina pose for a quick picture prior to Friday’s graduation.


Bruce Whetten/Douglas Dispatch

Project Graduation Friday night Raul Montano and Karina Palomares battle each other for a chair during musical chairs. Bruce Whetten/Douglas Dispatch

Students danced into the early morning hours at Project Graduation. LEFT: Tone DeLaTorre lost her father the day before graduation. The class of 2014 gave her a special award and their condolences. BELOW: Marco Durazo of the IT Department monitors the live feed that was being shown to those watching the graduation online. Bruce

Bruce Whetten/Douglas Dispatch

Sara Altamirano, Raul Hernandez and Abi Nieblas are all smiles prior to graduation. Trisha Maldonado/Douglas Dispatch

Whetten/Douglas Dispatch

Bruce Whetten/Douglas Dispatch

Longtime DHS coach Ron Ellsworth talks with now former athlete Karla Loreto prior to Friday’s graduation.

RIGHT: Irasema Barco and Dustin Long have a very emotional embrace. Trisha Maldonado/Douglas Dispatch

DHS band member and 2014 graduate Alma Chavez talking on the phone with her mom making sure she is there to see her graduate.

Trisha Maldonado/ Douglas Dispatch

Bruce Whetten/Douglas Dispatch

Submitted Photo

Bruce Whetten/Douglas Dispatch

James Briseno, who is headed into the U.S. Army shows off his continuing education check for $67,328.

Angel Vega (left) was the winner of the $1000 grand prize at Friday’s Project Graduation.

s n CONGRATULATiONS, o i t a l u t a r g n o C DHS Class of 20r1ta4do B&D LUMBER | HARDWARE

Meztli Garcia-Luque adjusts her medals prior to graduation.


CLASS OF 2014.

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class of 2014

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Congratulations CLASS OF 2014

Class of 2014



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wednesday, May 28, 2014

Douglas dispatch


PPEP Tec celebrates commencement “Fol low you r pa s sion and you will never work another day in your life,” PPEP Tec Raul H Castrol Principal Will Fisher said to t he 4 8 PPEP Tec Dou g l a s a nd Sier ra Vista students. “That sounds great but who here really knows what that means?” The two hour ceremony celebrated the completion of one chapter of these young adults’ lives and the beginning of the next. They sat in the Bisbee Auditorium surrounded by friends and family some teary-eyed and some anxious to get the ceremony over with and start their own celebration. But b efore a ny of them could leave the guest speakers Judge Alma Vildosola, Cochise College Ben Berry, board member Maria Chavez and their beloved pri ncipa l M r. Fisher had some words of advice to give. “My mother told me tough is when you can get up at five in the m o r n i n g a n d wo rk u nt i l n i ne at n i g ht being on your feet all day and then getting up in the next morning doing it all over again, day a fter day, week after week, month after month, year after year, decade after decade, until after four or five decades your bodies don’t function so well and you still continue to work like this,” Fisher said. “That is real. You k now a l l k now someone like this, your mother or father, your grandmother or grandfather, uncle or aunt there has been someone in your life like this. Some have done this so you can have what you needed. Why would they do this? Nobody want to do backbreaking labor their entire life. Most work is ti ri ng a nd sweat with few spiritual rewards. It’s something, something that needs to be done either its cleaning floors or a toilet in a hotel, a busboy in a restaurant, taking care of someone in a hospital or taking care of a not her p er son’s child. The reality is we do these jobs for a paycheck. Is that all if is about? Is this why we do what we do?” Fisher went on to explain to the students what passion was, “to feel passion means that you care about what you are doing for others and how they feel about you. As you become adults I hope that all of you in your future endeavors inquire passion for whatever it is you may be.” F i sher presented s p e a ke r Jud g e Vi l dosola who d rove from Douglas for this special occasion. “We al l know that life is full of gifts we haven’t received but we also know that it isn’t easy. Know that you have a whole life ahead of you to do t hi ngs right. Everything that is worthwhile requires extra effort. I want to remind you that if you

have plans to reach your goals if something doesn’t work stop and try and correct it and start all over again,” she said. “If you don’t pass a class i f your boyfriend or girlfriend breaks up with you if your parents are mad and they scolded you because you did something wrong the world does not come to an end. Don’t go looking for excuses not to do things find motivation to do everything that is good for you and your future. There’s not limits to what you can do.” Vi ldosol a f i nished with an inspirationa l ph ra se by C esa r Chavez, which had the crowd cheering. “Class of 2014 Sí, se puede,” she said. Berry told the students in his speech, you deserve everything you want and work for, you are going to have trials and tribulations. Some trials will try to break you, but you will have to overcome these trials. “ T her e a r e a few things I ask of you, don’t make the world any worse, network, beware of social media and success is never stop learning,” he added. “Nothing compares to those loved one who are your greatest suppor t system,” board member Chavez said. “We are here because of you r accomplishments, we are here because of you.” “Sometimes fate is like a small sandstorm that keeps changing directions. You change direction but the sandst or m ch a s e s you ,” Douglas student speaker Roxana Solano said. Solano hersel f had many storms to endure in her short life. She began her freshman year at Douglas High School. By her sophomore year she felt more lost than accomplished. At this point she decided to move to Phoenix with hopes that a change of scenery would help clear her mind and find her way. This wasn’t so, Solano felt more alone and lost than ever before. She returned to Douglas and at this time also finding out s h e w a s p r e g n a nt . She gave bi r t h to a b e auti f u l baby boy, Dominic Garcia. “My son i s ever ything to me he is the reason I want to succ e e d ,” S ol a no s a id . “And once the storm is over you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure, in fact, whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the stor m you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.” Sierra Vista student sp e a ker wa s M a rc o Ortiz, “PPEP Tec has done something I have never seen other schools do and that is create a place where everyone can really be who they are.” But over all I will never forget my time at PPEP Tec and the les-

photos by Trisha Maldonado/Douglas Dispatch

sons I’ve learned from the faculty and my fellow students. It’s hard to believe that we are all really sitting here for the last time as high school students. We are done, for now. Now we are tittering on the edge of the rest of our lives having to grow up and head into the real work. The thought might be scary to some people but the truth is we’re ready we have all the necessary tools.” Ortiz, once read that life is sometime represented as a pea rl deep within an oyster. The pearl symbolizes each person’s potential or things that are going wel l for them in life.  Just as a mere grain of sand that enters an oyster that can grow into something of value. There is a fragment of excellence in each and every person that over time can shape an individual into someone who can change the world. The presentation of diplomas were presented by principals Fisher and Geraldeen Levi. Once the diplomas were handed out Fisher keeping with tradition asked the students to take the white rose t hey r e c eive d w it h their diplomas and give them to the one person in their lives that made this day happen. T he st udents took 10 minutes to give out their roses and emotional hugs and thank yous to their loved ones for all of their support. Presidential awards were given to Douglas st udent s : Pe d ro F ierro, Estela Hurtado, Raul Lugo and Roxana Solano. Sierra Vista students: Rueben Levario, Fitisuela Malepeai and Cody Pieren. Outstand academic excellence awards went to Douglas students: A lma Flores, Elaine F r i s by a n d D e n i s e Villa. Sierra Vista students: Sabina Castillo, Diana Fig ueroa and Johnathon Givens. E ve r y ye a r P P E P Tec gives out two $500 schola rships. T his year’s scholarship recipients were Dougl a s E s t el a Hu r t ado a n d S i e r r a V i s t a’s Yanez Flores.

Denise Villa celebrates the night with her grandfather Bernardo Villa and father Nano Villa both are very proud of her.

PPEP Tec Douglas students Guadalupe Nieblas, Luis Meza and Diva Mercer waiting for the 2014 commencement to begin on May 19 at the Bisbee High School auditorium.

Fitisuela Malepeai receiving the Presidential Award from Superintendent Randy Kempton.

Congratulations Graduates!

Bocanegra, Kathia Carranza, Jose Fierro, Pedro Flores Madrid, Alma Frisby, Elaine Gallego, Exar Guerrero, Hector Hernandez, Jasmine Hoyos Mendoza, Graciela Hurtado, Estela Jimenez, Francisco Leyva-Rascon, Debanhi Lugo, Raul Luzania, Ernesto Mendez, Oscar

Mendoza Soto, Joanna Mercer, Diva Meza, Luis A. Nieblas, Guadalupe Oviedo, Raul Paz, Jesus Peralta, Ana Quezada, Myrna Rodriguez, Jaime Rodriguez, Isidra Sarahi Rodriguez, Maria Erica Solano, Lourdes Roxana Trahin Lozania, Aylin Valenzuela Verdugo, Mayra Villa, Denise

Raul H. Castro Learning Center 530 12th St. Douglas, Az 85607 P:520-364-4405 F:520-364-1405 XNLV156898

By Trisha Maldonado Douglas Dispatch



Douglas dispatch

photos by

CAS seniors Brian Moreno and Alejandra Moran check out an image at the school’s graduation ceremony Tuesday.

wednesday, May 28, 2014

CAS senior Luis Gonzalez has math and science excellence pins added to his graduation gown by the school’s math department chair, Danitza Moreno, prior to Tuesday’s commencement at Bisbee High School.

CAS students celebrate graduation Students thank family, faculty for success By Shar Porier wick News Service

BI S BE E — T he D ou g las and Sierra Vista Center for Academic Success held the 2 014 g raduation ceremonies at Bisbee High School Tuesday evening to a packed crowd. For many of the students, it has been a long road to success, for others not so much. But, one thing was very evident watching the young men and women in their caps and gowns walk on stage and get that diploma – they made it through the curriculum, passed and are now on their way to hopefully brighter futures and great successes. Alexander Laskie, Sierra Vista class valedictorian, made it clear that without the help and love of his family, in particular his brother, he would not be standing on stage delivering the valedictorian speech. Instead, he may have ended up in a Las

Vegas gutter without an education and without family support and love. “Many of you have told me that you wish you had someone as dedicated to directing you to success as he was to getting me on a path towards winning at life. I have to say that I am forever grateful to whatever twist of fate led me to have such an amazing sibling tossed my way. All I have to say about him is that he inspires me every day to work harder, to push myself more. To better myself and try to do the same for those people I consider friends. Thank you Johnny, without you I would never have gotten the chance to come down here and make something of myself.” Laskie also gave credit to the faculty, whose foresight in determining the classes he needed to graduate and impressing on him the importance of graduating was instrumental in getting him to that stage as well. “We are not just features in a sea of faces, we are individuals with aspirations, and the teachers at CAS

were determined to help us succeed, all we had to do was ask,” he said. Shelia net te Rod riquez, Sierra Vista salutatorian, said that “most of you may enter the workforce, join the military or continue on to college, but no matter what you do, remember, it is up to you to decide what your future will be and what you will become. Today begins a new journey of self-exploration filled with endless possibilities.” She, too, commended the faculty and said that, before she took an economics class, her goal was going to be in communications. “Thanks to Mr. Barkley, I noticed that business may be my actual calling. Although I’m still incorporating communications, your class really helped me make my decision. Supply and demand couldn’t have been taught b et t er by a nyone el s e,” Rodriquez said. “Mr. Estrada, thanks to your class I learned a lot about staying out of debt in the future and being smarter with my money. You were the cool-

est and funniest teacher and extremely helpful when it came to doing those long equations I hate.” Rodriquez also emphasized the help and support of her father and family for getting her through school and into a new life. Sierra Vista class representative Daniel Escobar learned many of life’s lessons, one of which is to be a leader and not a follower at school and at home. “I learned very valuable lessons that I will carry on with me for the rest of my life. I learned to be a leader and not mind those who try to bring me down. I learned to be a motivator and help those who want to be helped. I learned to be a good citizen and lend a helping hand whenever I am capable, to whom ever may need it. I learned to not judge nor be jealous of others’ achievements, but to congratulate them and use them as inspi ration to achieve my goals. Most impor tantly, I learned that in life you have to make the time that you are in this world memo-

rable and filled with good deeds,” Escobar said. The 41 students from the Douglas and Sierra Vista schools were honored by a rousing applause from f r iend s, fa m i ly a nd t he teachers who had helped these young people find a way through life that will open doors of opportunity.  Douglas graduates  Juan Carlos Insunza Aguayo Laura Jeanne Blair Guadalupe  Stephanie  Burruel Mariel Jyssel Bustamante Jose Brian Moreno Contreras Ivan Cruz Juan Carlos Diaz Deanne A. Flores Durazo Tanya Guadalupe Garcia Luis Gerardo Gonzalez William Eduardo Lopez Griego Christian A. Hambrick-Lucero Angel Hernandez Miguel Angel Villalobos Molina Alondra Guadalupe Moran Alejandra Moran Maelene Morishige Jose Peralta Ortiz Silvia Cervantes Sanchez Jorge  Rafael Silva Noel Edgardo Vasquez Jimenez Jasmin Alexis Veliz Grecia Castillo Villegas


Top Boys: From left to right Juan Carlos Insunza Aguayo Jose Peralta Ortiz Angel Hernandez William Eduardo Lopez Griego

Juan Carlos Diaz Christian A. Hambrick-Lucero Luis Gerardo Gonzalez Jose Brian Moreno Contreras Noel Edgardo Vasquez Jimenez

Bottom Girls: From Left to right Silvia Cervantes Sanchez Alondra Guadalupe Moran Deanne A. Flores Durazo Laura Jeanne Blair

Guadalupe Stephanie burruel Alejandra Moran Tanya Guadalupe Garcia Grecia Castillo Villegas Jasmin Alexis Veliz Mariel Jyssel Bustamante



wednesday, May 28, 2014

Douglas dispatch


Photos by Danny Morales/Douglas Dispatch

The Class of 2014 takes a sentimental journey down each of their memory lanes during the senior slideshow.

Valley Union Luis Sonke proceeds to Pomp and Circumstance at Valley Union’s graduation on Friday night, May 23.

Guest Speaker Zack Port challenged the Class of 2014 to reach their full potential. Director Sarah Graham and Valley Union band members hit all the right notes in the Star Spangled Banner.

A silly string party erupts on stage as graduates decorate each other for the recessional.

Ashley Wingler smiles her way passed a cheering crowd on their feet.

s n o i t a l u t a CongrRADUATES OF G

4 1 0 2

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Class of 2014

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Alejandra Sosa



Douglas dispatch

wednesday, May 28, 2014

Salutatorian Abigail Estelle expressed appreciation for those who invested in the graduating class. Photos by Danny Morales/Douglas Dispatch

A night to remember with friends – pictured left to right are: Yesenia Gamez, Casandra Samaniego, Claudia Villa, Terra Gerald, and Lillian Bigelow-Lundin.

Valley Union

ABOVE: Valentin Bojorquez smiles wide as a brim during Valley Union’s processional. ABOVE RIGHT: Greg Wood glides down the recessional line with a diploma and a few extra tassels. ABOVE: A newly graduated Kim Hahn flashes a smile as she makes her way off stage.

RIGHT: Thumbs up from Joey Zamora as he passes by with diploma in hand.

TOP LEFT: Katelyn Landwerlen gets a big graduation hug from her brother Jordan.


LEFT: Alex Cabral was first in line for a diploma and handshake with Principal Steve Yoder.

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20 14

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Graduation 2014  
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