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Christina started working in Media twelve years ago and enjoyed a happy and varied career, but with three daughters aged five and under, work needs to be flexible these days, and the IMP gives Christina the chance to balance work and family, as well as covering a subject she loves - Whitstable!

CONTRIBUTORS Liz Crudgington

Liz has spent the last eight years writing about Whitstable for one of the town’s newspapers and is excited to be involved with The Whitstable IMP. She’ll be working on news and features, and is looking forward to making sure the whole town knows what’s going on. Now a freelance writer, Liz is available for media, marketing and more contact 07766 735 940 or

Chris Haydon

Chris is 19 years old and has lived in Whitstable his whole life. Currently studying Film at the University of Brighton, Chris is an avid film fan and buff, and plans to go to the National Film School after University to study Directing Fiction Film and Documentary. He loves writing film reviews and has always wanted to be a critic, and will be writing reviews for the IMP between course work and writing for the university’s paper, ‘The Pebble’.

Stephanie Shanti

Stephanie has been practising yoga for 12 years and teaching since 2000. She trained at the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in Montreal, Canada, and has taught classes to a wide variety of clients. She lives in Italy with her partner and two sons on their yoga retreat -

Dominic Brice

Dominic has lived in Whitstable most of his life. He started out working for a landscape company 17 years ago and after 5 years decided to start his own company, Tranquil Earth Natural Garden Design, which specialises in creating traditional and contemporary gardens, built with respect for the environment and to encourage wildlife. Visit for garden ideas.

Malissa Taylor

South African-born Malissa is passionate about three things; Mamahood, Music and Mother Earth. She spends most of her time consumed by these and feels that her responsibility is to ensure that each is celebrated by everything that she does. She recently moved to Whitstable, and she hopes to submerge herself in the community, something which she believes is essential for her wellbeing and that of her family. SALES: Mel Birkett FREEPHONE 0800 44 88 309 DESIGN: Adam Boreham

Welcome to the May issue of

The Whitstable IMP!


he economy is on the turn (or so we are told); we have had two consecutive months of houses price increases, and the sun is starting to shine - so we are right to feel optimistic! And while we’re on the subject of good news, The IMP is delighted to have been selected as Media Partner of the Oyster Festival 2009. We will do our utmost to keep the local community abreast of what’s on and where in the run up to the festival. Our newly-appointed Town Co-ordinator Chris West has hit the ground running and is busy meeting with local retailers and businesses. He has told the IMP that he has some exciting plans for the town but as yet is not ready to reveal them – watch this space, we’ll keep you posted. If you are wondering what’s going on within the scaffolded cocoon that surrounds our beautiful castle you can keep up to date with the Whitstable Castle Trust Newsletter, which is available from the castle gatehouse, and while you are there we would welcome your comments on the one-way system which is being trialled on Tower Hill. Enjoy this issue and, as always, let us have your comments and feedback at the usual address. The IMP Team The Whitstable IMP is a is a monthly magazine distributed free of charge to homes and businesses in Whitstable. A monthly minimum 90% of our 16,000 circulation is delivered via letter-box distribution, the balance being made available to locals and visitors through a variety of outlets including Whitstable and Swalecliffe libraries, The Horsebridge Centre, various dentists and doctors surgeries as well as other suitable outlets. Advertising is booked in the IMP is on the basis that 16,000 magazines are printed and made available in this way, anecdotal evidence that specific addresses have not been delivered to will not be grounds for full or partial refunds.


PRINTING: Headley Brothers PUBLISHERS: IMP PO Box 290, Whitstable, CT5 9AH


EDITOR Christina Birkett


CHESTFIELD GOLF CLUB email: - Website:



(with PGA Level III Head Professional)

FOR ANYONE THAT JOINS BEFORE 30TH JUNE 2009 7 DAY MEMBERSHIP ONLY £67.45 PER MONTH (when paying by direct debit)








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Gardening Tips for May

This month Liz talks to Jon Carter, volunteer lifeboatman

Projects to get your little ones out in the fresh air

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How the parish council challenged policy... and won

Swing your hips in May

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A DAY IN THE LIFE OF... JON CARTER One job is more than enough for most people - but not Whitstable’s Jon Carter. The 37-year-old is a self-employed education consultant; a demanding role which takes him all over the country inspecting schools. But at night, weekends, school holidays and whenever he’s working around Whitstable, he’s also an on-call helmsman for the town’s RNLI lifeboat, the Oxford Town and Gown. After a few hours work, the lifeboat volunteers are free to go home but many choose to spend time together chatting and relaxing around the station, particularly if the sun is shining. And on this Sunday it’s lucky they did because their services are soon required. A woman runs over to the station to report that a lady has collapsed on the beach. Jon and two crewmembers are on hand and use their skills to treat her until an ambulance arrives and they can set off for home. But before he can enjoy a leisurely lunch, the strident sound of his pager blares out and he grabs his car keys to set off back to the station again. All the volunteers live within about five minutes of the lifeboat station and are quickly ready for duty. This time it’s a yacht that has lost its mast in strong winds and the crew contacted the coastguard for help. Jon gets details from the lifeboat’s operations manager, Mike Judge, and briefs the first two crewmembers who reached the station. Others who arrived after them prepare the lifeboat for launching, start the tractor and make sure the crew have all the supplies they need. The 7.5 metre lifeboat is surpringly stable in the choppy seas and they are soon alongside the




t’s an entirely voluntary position that sees him take to the seas dozens of times each year to rescue people and keep them safe, whenever they need help. “Whenever the pager goes off we respond,” Jon said. “If it’s an emergency, the first helmsman and two crewmembers to reach the lifeboat station will take the call but if it’s less urgent we try to operate a rota system so it’s a bit more fair.” The reward of helping someone in trouble makes up for early starts and ruined dinners, according to Jon. There is no ‘typical day’ as such because of the nature of the work but, as the group of eight launchers, 12 crewmembers and six helmsmen are such a close-knit team, he spends a lot of his free time at the lifeboat station. They train together twice a week, on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, and Sundays begin with breakfast together before getting down to work. Jon is training co-ordinator for the station so has to make sure all the crew have the skills they need to save lives. Among the topics they cover are first aid, navigation and operating specialist equipment such as salvage pumps.



vessel, facing their next challenge of retrieving the mast. “We had to drag it from the water and onto the boat in the pitching and rolling sea,” said Jon. “It really was a case of holding on tight and picking the right moment, and remembering that although it was challenging for us, the people on the yacht needed our help. Often when we are called out it is a last resort and we always give every shout 100 per cent. It can be exciting and it can be nerve-wracking and although it’s a cliche, the best bit is being able to help when people need us.” The yacht is towed back to shore where the coastguards are waiting and the lifeboat volunteers return to the station to clean the lifeoat and make sure it is refuelled and restocked ready for the next call. They won’t have long to wait - last year the Oxford Town and Gown responded to 62 calls, with many during the busy summer period when the volunteers base themselves at the station every weekend to ensure the fastest possible response. Jon said: “It is a commitment, and it’s really not something you can try for six months then drop. The training alone takes between one and


two years before you are an operational member of the crew and it’s ongoing because there is always something new to learn. But there is a fantastic team spirit at the station with great friendships and a real family feel. We wouldn’t be involved unless we loved it because we are all volunteers but I can’t imagine not being a part of Whitstable Lifeboat Station.” The station is looking for more volunteers to join the team, particularly people who can provide cover between 9am and 5pm on weekdays. Potential recruits should be able to get to the station within about five minutes and previous maritime experience is not essential as full training is given. Volunteers should be aged between 18 and 40, reasonably fit and able to demonstrate dedication, common sense and the ability to work as part of a team. For more information, visit www.whitstablelifeboat., contact operations manager Mike Judge on 01227 275911 or visit the station in the harbour on Sunday mornings. Liz Crudgington

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he issue is listed as a priority for many areas of Whitstable, with residents fed up of taking their lives in their hands each time they try to cross the road. Villagers in Chestfield went one step further, by setting up a Speedwatch scheme which sees volunteers record details of speeding drivers in the 30mph zone to pass on to police. And when they discovered no action was taken unless motorists were almost one third over the limit, it triggered a David and Goliath-style battle with Kent Police. Parish council chairman Bob Brown said: “The volunteers were all convinced that anything exceeding 34mph would be recorded and the police would act. When it emerged that 38mph was the actual cut off point, we said it simply wasn’t acceptable, not least because of the consequences of pedestrians being hit at 40mph, which 38 basically is, versus 30mph. We do have a lot of elderly people and children in the village, as well as children who have to cross the road to get to the playpark, and it seemed that the most vulnerable people could be at risk of motorists.” The Government’s own figures reveal that at 40mph, 85% of people hit by vehicles die, compared to 20% at 30mph, and just five% at 20mph. An average family car travelling at

35mph will need an extra 21 feet (or six metres) to stop than one travelling at 30mph - no matter how good the driver is. And the force of an impact on a cyclist or pedestrian at 35mph is one third greater than if the vehicle that hits them was travelling at 30mph. If drivers are caught by police officers, they are generally allowed to exceed the speed limit by 10 per cent, plus two mph, in what is known as a tolerance level. In a 30mph limit, this means it may be possible to escape with a warning at 35mph. But when civilian volunteers like Chestfield’s Speedwatch group record speeds, the tolerance level is increased to 20% plus two mph, which equates to 38mph. The parish council, which represents just 3,000 residents, decided to write to Kent’s chief constable, Mike Fuller, demanding that the policy allowing drivers greater leeway if their speeds are recorded by civilians rather than police officers be changed. Despite assurances that the force would look into it, weeks turned into months and the council decided to try to get others to join their fight. Cllr Brown and his colleague Cllr Len Claisse put a motion forward to the Kent Association of Local Councils and won support, first from the area committee then at the annual meeting. Cllr Brown said: “I spoke at the meeting and 200 councils were




Speed kills. It’s a message drummed into us all by hardhitting television, radio and newspaper advertisements. Yet thousands of people each year are still caught exceeding the limit, many in residential areas where children play close by.



there and almost every single one of them backed us. One objected because they wanted the limit even lower, but it was as near to unanimous as you can get.”


That backing added weight to their argument and in January this year, eight months after the council first contacted authorities, the issue was discussed by the Kent and Medway Safety Camera Partnership, who agreed to change the policy. Cllr Brown said: “It does show that persistence pays off. We owed it to the residents of Chestfield who see speeding as one of the main problems in the village. It is the vulnerable people who are the victims of speeding. Whenever we have done Speedwatch, we can see vehicles doing excessive speeds and braking heavily when they come up to the Speedwatch equipment. What speed would they be doing if we weren’t there? That is what has got to be changed.” Not all motorists are appreciative of the volunteers’ efforts, and many are verbally abusive or gesture as they drive past. But Cllr Brown said the same amount took the time to say thank you. “That makes it all worthwhile,” he said. “I take the view that if you don’t like the speed limits in Chestfield, use another route. “When I look back on it, it does look like a David and Goliath situation. I was astounded no one else had challenged it. Maybe they didn’t know or maybe they thought it was a hill too far to climb. This was nothing to do with local policing, and our PC and PCSO were very supportive. It was about a policy set by someone in an office somewhere. But despite the time it took it was very worthwhile and common sense prevailed in the end.” The Speedwatch team welcomes new volunteers. For information or to get involved, contact parish council clerk Linda Livingstone on 01227 773121. Liz Crudgington


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ife can be hectic, and it sometimes feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day. Many of us are very busy people rushing around from one thing to the next, and often we don’t spend much time out in our gardens or walking down the streets where we live. Perhaps we go out in the car to save time, and when we return we hurry indoors again. Consequently we may not know our neighbours or the people who live a few doors down the road - and even if we know them by name, we might not stop to chat with them very often. But there are many elderly people living in the Whitstable area who don’t have the energy left to rush around, or to go out much. These people are often extremely lonely, spending much of their time indoors and not chatting to anyone. Age Concern Whitstable is very concerned about these people and has set up The Tea For Two Befriending Scheme. Run by Eve Knowles (who is based at Whitstable Age Concern Centre in Vulcan close) the aim of the scheme is to provide social contact and friendship for older people who are isolated or lonely. Eve organises a group of volunteers who have a little time to spare to visit an older person for a cup of tea and a chat on a regular weekly or fortnightly basis. The befriending volunteers generally visit for an hour per week, providing confidential support and a sensitive ear for lonely or housebound individuals over the age of 60. If you or a family member are housebound and would like to join The Tea For Two Befriending Scheme to have a regular visit from a volunteer befriender, please contact Eve Knowles on 01227 281189. If you have a little time to spare and would like to find out more about becoming a volunteer befriender and being involved with something really worthwhile and rewarding, please contact Gill Ball on 01227 787313 or 07735 556811.


The Whitstable Age Concern Centre is open weekdays from 9am to 4.30pm and offers a social environment in which people can meet. A meal which is cooked on the premises is provided, along with teas and coffees. Transport can be arranged, subject to availability. The following services are also offered: bathing, chiropody, hairdressing, laundry, and exercise groups; in the community they offer a support service for the carers of those suffering with dementia; if you have just left hospital they can help with light housework and shopping; and on Thursday and Friday mornings a registered podiatrist attends for those in the community that can get to the centre. For further details on any of the services call 01227 272055.

DO YOU OR A FAMILY MEMBER NEED ASSISTANCE WITH PERSONAL OR DOMESTIC CARE? Tender Loving Carers was founded in 1994 by Kim Grutzmacher, who’s mission was to provide care into the community to the highest of standards, and to provide care in a way she would want her own mother to be cared for, whilst maintaining Service User’s independence, choice and dignity and keeping them in their own homes.

SERVICES AVAILABLE Personal Care Services Include: a Assisting with bathing / showering a Assisting with washing a Hair Washing a Shaving (wet or electric) a Assisting to access the toilet / commode a Dressing / undressing Domestic Care Services Include: a Meal preparation a Bed making / changing a Shopping / pension collection a Basic household domestic needs such as dusting vacuuming a Washing and ironing a Blitz’ cleaning (spring clean) Other Care Services Include: a Sleep or wake over a Peace of mind visit / companion service a Dog walking a Escorting the Service User to appointments, outings and visits a Assistance in organising bills and paperwork a Sit in service a Any other service requested would be considered. To arrange care or free no obligation assessment please do not hesitate to call the main office.


All of our care workers and office staff, are trained in aspects of care up to NVQ level and above.

In our rece nt inspection (Apr the Care Q il 09) Commissi uality on ga a quality ra ve us tin of ‘excelle g nt’


Due to the continual demand for people to stay in their own homes there are always employment opportunities in this sector. We can provide our employees with training (ongoing), supervision, a professional recruitment and induction process and a friendly working environment. If you are interested or would like any further information please contact the office on the number below.

TENDER LOVING CARERS DOMICILIARY LTD 108-109 John Wilson Business Park Whitstable, Kent CT5 3QT Tel: 01227 772515 Fax: 01227 772527 Web: Email:


BUBBLE BITS AND BOBS Finlay, Martin Shaw and a certain Laurence Olivier. Some of Whitstable’s finest will take the roles for this production under the watchful eye of director Larry Dobin and tickets are on sale now from the box office. The production runs from June 2 until June 6 with performances at 7.45pm. For more information or to book online visit http://www. or call the box office between 10am and noon on 01227 272042.

Just four expressions of interest have been lodged for the redevelopment of Whitstable Harbour. Despite national advertising in Property Week and Estates Gazette, and 39 inquiries, the port’s bosses have only received a handful of proposals. The management board was due to meet to discuss their next move as the IMP went to press but a report to members admits the response has been disappointing. “The level of response is not strong but is in part a reflection of the poor state of the economy and the difficulty in procuring development finance from banks,” it says. However, most of the response has been from local businesses and the board will now decide how to select from the four received. Among the criteria they are expected to use are the concept, how the proposals conform to the development principles and the team’s financial standing and track record. Shortlisted developers will then be asked to submit more detailed plans.

Congratulations to everyone at Joy Lane Primary School for their recent Ofsted inspection, which returned a verdict of good in all areas inspected - including the new Oyster Bay Nursery School. The inspectors were with the children observing classes for two days and wrote a lovely letter to all pupils, thanking them for sharing their time, and congratulating children and staff alike on their school and learning environment, as well as the very good behaviour of all children. Head-teacher Debra Hines said: “We are very proud of the children and it shows what a committed and talented teaching staff we have.” Previously Joy Lane consisted of three separate schools - Infants, Juniors, and the Autism Unit. Amalgamated into one primary school in 2007, this is Joy Lane Primary School’s first Ofsted report and really seems to show that the hard work which has been going on behind the scenes has paid off.


A Taste of Italy will be on offer at Whitstable


Playhouse in June with the latest offering from the Lindley Players. The town drama group is staging Saturday, Sunday, Monday, a riotously funny play written by Eduardo de Fillipo and translated by Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall. Set in Naples, the play follows preparations for the Sunday ‘ragu’ prepared by Mama Rosa, to which both family and neighbours are invited. But as well as the usual family tensions there are some outrageous allegations made by the father of the house which all come to a climax during the meal itself. The play enjoyed a long and successful run in the West End where the cast included Joan Plowright, Frank


Credit: Amy Bailey

If you fancy something a bit different this May, why not investigate ‘a night of live psychedelia in Whitstable’ at the Brewery Bar

on May 15th? Local band CROW have recently reformed and are putting on a big evening of live music and DJs. CROW used to play a lot and the old Whitstable Assembly Rooms before they split up in 1995. Since reforming in 2007 at the request of a promoter friend of theirs who died, they have done a couple of gigs around Canterbury and Margate, with London on the horizon, but for them the special one is playing back in their home-town of Whitstable, and they’re hoping to see as many friendly faces as possible on the night. The four-piece band consists of guitar, base, drums and didgeridoo, and will be bolstered on the night by the Kent Circus School (also based in Whitstable) who are going to perform some of their specialities including UV juggling and hopefully fire activities on the beach. Live DJs and visuals will be provided by the BlueTribe Sound System, also based in Whitstable. Music from 8-11pm, tickets are £5 and can be bought in advance from www. For more details call band member Christian on 01227 264 916.

have another chance to learn more about the pioneering Railway at the launch party for a new DVD called ‘The Canterbury & Whitstable Railway’. Made and released by a local couple through their company ‘Harbour Heights’, the official launch is on Saturday 23rd May from 7pm at the Horsebridge Centre, and will include an illustrated talk, a celebratory glass of sparkling wine and Master of Ceremonies will be Tony Blake, Whitstable’s own archive film expert. Tickets £4, call 01227 772552 for more details.

The Joy Lane Children’s Centre had its Grand Opening on April 22, and Malissa Taylor was there: “My son Jacob is a pupil at Joy Lane Primary School. Attached to this wonderful school is a children’s centre which, I am sure, will become the heart of our community. The official opening on April 22 proved to be a fantastically eventful day, which was enjoyed by all of us. We were entertained by a delightful juggler from the Kent Circus School, and taught the joys of African drumming. Our children were offered face painting and provided with cleverly crafted balloon shapes. As we wandered around our lovely centre, I felt so proud that I am a part of this invaluable community, which provides support in so many ways.”

3rd 1830 and SPOKES, the East Kent Cycle Campaign, organised a ride, walk and picnic to celebrate the Crab & Winkle 179 years on, on Sunday May 3rd. With a simultaneous start at 10.30 from Canterbury West or Whitstable Station (South side), and a picnic at the mid-point, the Winding Pond, with The Sheriff of Canterbury from 12.30, stalls, music, Bikeability and Go Ride Demos (cycle training for children and adults) were due to be there, as well as the launch of a new DVD about The Canterbury and Whitstable Railway. If you didn’t make May 3rd, you’ll


The Crab & Winkle Line first opened on May

Credit: Malissa Taylor




A brand new Children’s Centre within the

IMP writer Liz Crudgington will join thousands

grounds of Swalecliffe Community School is almost complete, and should be ready to open by 1st June. Acting as a one-stop-shop for all families to find services for children aged 0-5, Children’s Centres try to help ensure every child in the area can get the best and surest start in life: through family support and advice services – including Job Centre Plus and Adult Education services; children’s health services (e.g. ante-natal and special provision for young mothers) quality early learning facilities and social events such as mother & toddler groups, messy play, art and music, and a visiting toy library. David Stanley, who also manages the Joy Lane Children’s Centre, is busy discussing partnerships with Home-Start and Family Action to run sessions to help with other issues such as post-natal depression or domestic violence, parenting, self-development, smoking, food and nutrition and behaviour management - with the children’s centre crèche looking after the children for a couple of hours whist the parents meet and chat or receive training.  It is hoped that a special group for single fathers and male cares can also be offered to give an opportunity to meet as well as receive support and guidance. Local health visitor and mid-wife teams are keen to operate at the centre as soon as possible to run a clinics and support groups and sessions, and local NCMA registered child-minders will be able to meet together with their charges in the fully-equipped play room to help the children socialise with other children. Future plans include a new pre-school nursery within the centre for 3-4 year olds; Job-centre plus services and training on an appointment basis; and ‘surgeries’ for Credit Union to offer loans and Christmas and other savings schemes, and for family money and budgeting advice. Clare Turner, local mum of three, is the new CIW (Community Involvement Worker) for the centre and is looking forward to meeting everyone.

of women to Race for Life this summer. The journalist and mother of one decided to take part in the charity run to mark her 30th birthday and has enlisted the help of personal trainer Nicci Glasson to prepare. But previous knee surgeries and new injuries mean she is finding the three mile run, which raises money for cancer research, more challenging than she expected. “At the moment, running half a mile seems unlikely and three miles is just impossible,” she said. “But running, even with enough bandages on my joints to cater for several Egyptian mummies, is nothing compared to the hell that cancer patients go through every day. I’m determined to continue with the training and to do my absolute best and raise as much money as possible to help the fight against this horrible disease.” The run is from Hampton to Swalecliffe on July 12. For more information visit To sponsor Liz, visit


Congratulations to Copperfields on their wonderful Easter window display, which scooped top prize in this year’s competition!

News has reached The IMP that someone has been going into shops asking for money on behalf of Whitstable Harbour Watch when they are not authorised to do this. We’ve been asked to let our readers know that authorised collectors would always have the Whitstable Harbour Watch badge and carry photo ID.

The Whitstable Society has informed us that the council now provide an alert service, where you can specify which committees are of interest to you and you will then be advised of any new minutes or agendas. To sign up go to: ieRegisterUser.asp?RPID=320419

FURNITURE PURCHASED From full house clearances to quality single items KCC Licensed Express Haulage Contractor and Specialists in Irish and European Removals

Tel: 01227 261758 Email: Web: www. Diamond Road, Whitstable, Kent CT5 1LN

Music Review TRUE

Sometimes life affords us the pleasure of time alone without the daily distractions. At times like these, Whitstable local and single mother of two, Samantha Gloria’s album ‘True’ would serve as a perfect companion. Essentially a poet, Samantha, having suffered death and divorce, decided to marry her haunting words to her gentle guitar music and bless them with her lovely voice. Autobiographical in nature, the songs on this album describe her tough journey through a traumatic life and her perception of life in this town of ours with all its idiosyncrasies. While the songs are her words, they give voice to some of our own difficulties and certainly have the capacity to offer support for all of us moving though our own eventful, wonderful lives. Girls, pour yourself a lovely glass of deep red wine, and sit quietly and contemplate. Boys, listen carefully and try to understand… Track Listing Lonely house, Good kings, Love songs, Aeroplane, Three sad face, Superstition, Mozambican dancer, Reborn, Silver ribbon, Darling boy, Gentle people This compelling album is available for £9.99 from Gatefield Sounds, 70 High Street, Whitstable, Kent, 01227 263 337.




We live in a world where few people seem to care about their neighbours. Many people are more interested in making money than making memories, and our planet is fast becoming very sick. Two incredible men, however, have decided to change the world and everybody in it. They are Jamie Catto and Duncan Bridgeman. These incredible minds have taken on apathy,

indifference and disrespect with the most powerful weapon of all – Music!: “The primary theme of the project is ‘unity in diversity’ – the assertion that, regardless of one’s circumstance and experience, our similarities vastly outweigh our differences. 1 Giant Leap explores simple but universal concepts that touch all of us, no matter where we come from or where we are going.” Catto and Bridgeman have travelled to 20 countries and collected music and stories and have married these in a unique and beautiful way. In one song, you will have an opportunity to hear a Grammy Award-winning artist sing with a virtually unknown somebody from a remote area in India, culminating in the most awe-inspiring music you will ever hear. I first heard this album in 2002. I have listened to it thousands of times and I hear something new and beautiful each time. It has become the soundtrack to my life. I listened to it throughout all my three pregnancies, and it was the first music that each of my children heard as they entered our wonderful world. Track Listing Dunya Salam (feat. Baaba Maal), My Culture (feat. Robbie Williams & Maxi Jazz), The Way You Dream (feat. Michael Stipe & Asha Bhosle), Ma’ Africa (feat. The Mahotella Queens & Ulali), Braided Hair (feat. Speech & Neneh Cherry), Ta Moko (feat. Whirimako Black), Bushes (feat. Baaba Maal), Passion (feat. Michael Franti), Daphne (feat. Eddi Reader, The Mahotella Queens & Revetti Sakalar), All Alone (On Eilean Shona), Racing Away (feat. Grant Lee Phillips & Horace Andy), Ghosts (feat. Eddi Reader). Produced by Duncan Bridgeman & Jamie Catto. I urge each and every person to go onto the 1 Giant Leap website www.1giantleap. tv immediately and order it so it can enrich their life as much as it has mine. Malissa Taylor


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Monsters vs Aliens CERTIFICATE: PG




very holiday season sees a collection of films that flood the Box Office. Notoriously, the summer is the time for Hollywood to shine, but this Easter has made home for a few films that will soar at the flicks. Richard Curtis’ new film ‘The Boat That Rocked’ has been released, along with Disney’s new sequel to 70’s ‘Witch Mountain’ franchise, ‘Race to Witch Mountain’ which will go down a treat for the kids, but as the all-round Easter film to see this year, it has to be DreamWorks Animation’s, ‘Monsters vs. Aliens’ (dir/s: Robert Letterman/Conrad Vernon). Shot in beautiful 3D, this CGI Sci-Fi fest will leave you laughing and gob-smacked. Susan Murphy (voiced by Reese Witherspoon) is a love-struck young woman about to be wed. Her big day arrives but is ruined when she is hit by a small meteorite which causes her to grow 50 feet tall. She is drugged and taken to a high-security prison with every other monster that’s surfaced across the United States. Shortly afterwards, a series of attacks from space flood San Francisco, aliens from above have realised that the meteorite that hit Susan was full of ‘Quantonium’, a rare and highly dangerous chemical, and they want it back. The US Government is forced to release the monsters from their cells to fight off the aliens that are destroying their land, resulting in mayhem. Sounds pretty ridiculous right? It is, but that’s what makes it so special. It pays homage to classic ‘Vs’ Movies, like ‘King Kong vs Godzilla’ (1962); it makes fun of those themes and ideas. The film is filled with loveable characters, such as B.O.B (voiced by Seth Rogan), a hilarious blue blob who loves eating and dating Jelly; Dr. Cockroach (voiced by Hugh Laurie), a typical mad-scientist who happens to be a cockroach; and The Missing Link (voiced by Will Arnett), a fish-man who’s a ‘bodybuilder’, apparently. ‘Monsters vs. Aliens’ has something for everyone: its humour appeals to children and adults alike. If you’re a film buff, you’ll crease at the hidden gags, if you’re not, you’re laugh along anyway. The animation is just mindblowing. Pixar usually leaves DreamWorks in the dust, but this film swings a good hard punch at its nemesis. I recommend this film to any parent who wants to keep their little ones occupied, for any couple who want a film to see that they can both actually agree on seeing, and in general, anyone who likes a fun 90 minutes of solid entertainment. It’s a grand achievement and it’s one of the best films I’ve seen this year. ‘Monsters vs Aliens’ is on at the Royal Cinema, Faversham at 3pm and 7pm (Fri, Sat and Tues), 3pm and 8pm (Wed and Thurs), however it won’t be presented in 3D there due to their screens. The closest 3D supporting cinema in Kent currently is Cineworld, Ashford. Chris Haydon



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THE LETTER BOX that harbourmaster, in Dear IMP, Weir, Whitstable’s arkets, pubs or words from Mike g rm pe gin su ura y co an en of lp It is certainly been fits without the he termination have ecasting record pro our beliefs and de t the harbour is for tha d ource pe ho res is al It tur a-life centres. become a huge na manufactured se ting in mething that has so era is op m w ris no tou rs, t de tra of tha received from the rewarded with pro ts ren pefully the Ho t ty. tha fitabili must assume the increased pro for the town. We ment lop cant proportion of ve nifi de sig a the to ed h vid ac pro and positive appro the harbour, have ic list rea the in re ht mo rig a translate into tential for tourism these figures will re exists a huge po this. It is evident that the ay. that contribute to qu s tor uth so fac the of of the should be mindful le living in north op we d pe an for n a tow se heart of the contact with the ago nificant point of alysts a few years It is the first sig by leading city an ted uc . This nd led co y ea rve rev re rne out in a su a huge marina we Kent, a factor bo eet ambitious plans for str h n’s hig so ck the Ja ive ter rev Pe t ployment and when local architec ch in terms of em ite having several would provide mu These plans, desp s. ed ne is a scheme that ple sta the in ed government olv the inv m ts tle ut fro trade, especially ou lude significant inp inc uld wo , tag tisfy the criteria ject’s price ents required to sa noughts on the pro ce all the compon bra em uld a. wo are nt me ces in the since the develop ency for sea defen m Europe the Environment Ag velop tourism fro de to d recommended by ce pla y all ide is the positive nt On Ke e. of rop The S.E. corner ve to and from Eu mo s ller ve tra Euro for as ’ the of op off point 30% rise in value and is a natural ‘st e advantage of the reversal of a tak ing uld tic co no we n are s side of the recessio and ferry operator ies an mp now not co is l is ve Th . Many tra arch of bargains. travellers in the UK ed to Europe in se their fuel ad up he fill ts to ris nd tou gla UK En past activity when eans to come to rop Eu for r pe ea probably ch ing. the case and it’s to Euroland rejoic e I can confirm al and trot off back me a festivals in Europ ve ny ha , ma ks the tan of me so in rt pa vide a significant o takes s time would pro As a musician wh here in Kent at thi re ltu cu l ll-placed, is also tiva we fes ally being geographic that developing the e, urs co of le tab rated Oyster omy. Whits beyond the celeb boost to our econ od-based festivals afo se e events te ytim mo da pro d to en ideally structured small-scale week easy to organise so be uld wo it d Festival an uple of ar. emporia drew a co throughout the ye and two fresh fish fés ca potential lls, the sta te ft few cra ur this must indica If the interest in a ekend to the harbo we r ste nt. Ea me the lop er ve ov rbour’s de thousand people in terms of our ha should be heading and direction we



Mike Peters (Muz


Dear Ms. Birkett The Whitstable IMP is a well presented informative magazin but I do have one crit e icism and that is the incorrect use of a conjunction. The lack of awareness of grammar by ma of the young is lam ny entable and it is irrit ating to daily see in print a plethora of commas, the disap pearance of adverbs together with senten ces beginning with But or And. The three writers in Letter Box in the Ap ril issue have got it right but perha ps they too were ed ucated at the time when such things were considered imp ortant.

Mrs. Madeleine Cr oll


Any letters or emails sent in to the IMP may be included in The Letter Box – if you would not like your letter published, please state this clearly.


It’s nice to have our own piece of history in the Crab and Winkle Way, reopened as a walk and cycle path. The operative word being PATH. I and my neighbours are getting a little tired of the number of adults cycling along the footpath between Millstrood road and Brooklands Farm. Many of the properties bordering this footpath, donated 4 foot of front garden to enable this to be made, so to get abuse from these adults when we point out that it is a footpath is not welcomed. We received no recompense from the council for this land. The second pont on this is the inconsiderate drivers who insist on parking along South Street, usually opposite or across driveways, and then cycling off along the Crab and Winkle Way. Again, we get abuse from these people when we ask them to park, say, on the industrial estate a few hundred metres away. Many cycle along the footpath and then turn their cars around in private drive ways. We have no legal recourse to these inconsiderate people other than to get into slanging matches. Several times I have been threatened by these drivers when pointing out that some very large farm vehicles operate along South Street. Please can you point out that cycling along a footpath is against the law (children excepted), and that driving into private driveways and parking to cause an obstruction is anti-social behaviour.

A South Street resident

Write in with your points of view, questions or feed-back, email or write to: The Whitstable IMP, PO Box 290, Whitstable CT5 9AH We print as many of your letters as we can each month, but cannot guarantee to include all letters we receive, and may not be able to print letters in their entirety. The views expressed in the Letter Box are the readers’ own and not necessarily those of the Editor or Publisher.

Free to Wee Something delivered through your front door for free Such interesting reading it works for me With the IMP’s Poets’ Corner and rhymes Better circulation than the Whitstable Times Up to date Harbour topics and views Maybe you could include some local fishing news Something delivered through your front door for free Needs a street map on the Town’s whereabouts to wee. Robert Bergin

Hi Robert, good idea, and I think David has solved the problem rather neatly for us: Dear IMP, I submit the following reply to Alan Edwards’ poem. Hoping it meets the high literary standards of your excellent publication. David Lewis

Go In Peace Dear Alan, I was sad to read Your search to find a loo, Could only find a single one, So here’s advice for you. Behind the Ship Centurion, You’ll find a comfort station, While further east, to have a pee, To Horsebridge you should hasten. Then opposite the Gorrell Tank, Conveniences await, And generally, I think you’ll find, They’re in a well-kept state. And lastly, just before the Slopes, Where beach-huts stand in ranks, You’ll find a loo to make you say; “For this relief, much thanks!”.



Dear IMP,



May is a great time to get kids interested in the garden, whether planting out some veg or just helping water the plants, getting them outdoors and involved in your garden is both educational and healthy. So this month’s offering from Garden Designer Dominic Brice is packed with ideas to get the kids outside! Mini gardeners Children love to grow plants, which gives them an excuse to play with dirt, something else kids love! Growing veg never fails to capture the imagination of children, seeing seeds they have planted turn into food for your table helps them understand about the importance of natural food and where it comes from. During May it is still possible to sow vegetables indoors. Young plants can be planted out once conditions are suitable and when danger of frost is past. If you have limited space, use growbags they are great for all kinds of vegetables. Simple, fun things for kids to grow include: Flowers - Marigolds , Sunflowers & Snap dragons Vegetables - cherry tomatoes, lettuce, corn, and of course pumpkins! After regular watering and care, your little ones will be rewarded with wonderful blooms and a harvest of vegetables.

Gardens for kids


The best garden for kids is one that is natural with bushes, trees and lawns, places to hide, places


to explore and lots to discover. Whether they are playing football, bouncing on a trampoline or playing in a sandpit, children love to be outdoors in the garden and we should encourage this as much as possible. Here are some ideas to keep things interesting: 1 – Create a wild area with a log pile in a corner of your garden. Simply leave it to go wild - no weeding! Kids can then discover a whole multitude of mini beasts and learn about them. 2 – Have a den or a playhouse in the garden. Let the children design it, and listen to their ideas. They may surprise you! 3 – Create a sensory area. Use plants that have unusual textures, relaxing fragrances, rustling leaves and striking colours, as well as wind chimes, spirals and ribbons. 4 – Encourage wildlife into the garden. Put up bird nesting boxes, bat boxes and perhaps even a wooden hedgehog home. Your children can then keep an eye on your wild neighbours’ progress throughout the year and learn about them. 5 – Sandpits and trampolines. These are the

If you have any questions, feedback, or interesting g email or write theimp

top two for kids’ garden entertainment, with paddling pools being the next best thing.

What’s looking good in May Aquilegias Aquilegias are truly fantastic late spring herbaceous plants. The first green shoots usually appear through the March soil and their attractive foliage often does not die down until November. Aquilegias come in a wonderful range of lively colours, they bloom in late spring and early summer and are ideal for cottage gardens as they self-seed freely throughout a border. Planting them at the front of the border is best so they can be fully enjoyed. Weigela Weigela Bristol Ruby is a very hardy shrub that will bring a vivid splash of colour to your garden. Covered in trumpet-shaped red flowers during May, June and into early July, it is a very useful and rewarding plant. Weigela should be pruned immediately after flowering in early summer. As with many shrubs that flower at this time of


year, they produce flowers on wood made in the previous season (year). If you prune your Weigela late in the year, then it will not have time to grow mature wood for flowering next summer.

Quick Tips for May n Control weeds to prevent them competing for moisture and nutrients. Hoe regularly between rows on hot days to make sure the weeds dry up and die without re-rooting. n Apply a liquid fertilizer to spring bulbs after they have flowered, to encourage good flowering next year, and help prevent daffodil blindness n Allow the foliage of daffodils and other springflowering bulbs to die down naturally rather than tying in knots. Only remove it or mow it once it has turned brown and floppy. n Keep tubs, hanging baskets and alpine troughs well watered. n Add grass clippings to the compost heap in thin layers – too much grass all at once is likely to be very wet and poorly-aerated, resulting in smelly slime rather than compost. Dominic Brice

gardening stories or tips, please share them with us – e to PO Box 290, Whitstable, CT5 9AH theimp





Swing your hips in May


ay can really make you want to swing your hips, dance, and get into summer mode. Here are a few ways to bring flexibility and tone to your hips, loosen up your lower back and shake your booty ready for those beach days! A rigid pelvis is not a healthy one: self esteem, creativity, your emotions and all the pelvic organs suffer when you limit the movement and flow in this area. To increase flexibility in your hips and pelvis, allowing fertility and creativity to flow, try walking like the African with something balanced on your head that cannot move and allow your hips to swing. Ladies, why not see if you can find


Hip Stretch: Lie on your back, with both feet on the floor near to your buttocks. Cross your left ankle over your right knee and let the left knee fall out to the side of you as much as possible, making a hole between both thighs. Then lift your right foot off the floor and bring the knee towards your chest. Put your The Butterfly

a belly dancing class nearby‌ Belly dancing can really help you to gain control of (or grow to love!) those love handles and teaches you to swing your booty gracefully and beautifully. Of course it is not just women who need to swing their hips! Men can be particularly stiff in the hip region and can benefit a great deal from hip stretches. Below are some simple yoga hip openers that will bring tone and flexibility in no time‌



The Butterfly: Sit with the spine straight and the soles of the feet together, then knees falling out to the sides. Take hold of your feet and pull the heels in towards your pelvis. Try to keep the shoulders down and back. Start bouncing the knees up and down like a butterfly. Find a rhythm that is comfortable for you and keep it going, breathing deeply.



left arm through the hole and take hold of your right shin. Your your right hand can take hold of the shin to and you can clasp your hands together. NOTE: If your head and shoulders are coming off the floor then this stretch is too much for you and you need to clasp your hands around the back of the knee instead. Try to keep the chin tucked into the chest and breathe deeply a few times. Then pull the leg in towards the chest as far as you can and hold the stretch, breathing deeply about 5 times. Repeat on the other side then relax, hugging both knees into the chest.


Pigeon pose: Start on all fours, and then bring your left knee in between your hands. Move the knee towards the left hand and

gradually wriggle the left foot towards the right hand. Gently lower your body down over the left leg, allowing your right hip to lower towards the left foot. Let the right leg go behind you as straight as possible and lower your upper body down towards the floor, walking your hands forward. Rest on your elbows a while and then try to go further still until you are stretching forward in front of you as far as possible. Hold the pose for a minute or two, allowing your hips to open up and let go as you breathe deeply. This pose can feel rather uncomfortable at first so try to let your exhalations relax you as much as possible. Gently walk your hands back up and come out of the pose gracefully, then repeat on the other side. Stephanie Shanti

Hip Stretch


Pigeon pose


Please check that the positions Stephanie describes are suitable for you before you begin. Check with your Health Professional if you are unsure.


SUMMER EVENTS & DATES FOR YOUR DIARY LOCAL EVENTS • June 14 - Whitstable Rotary Club’s Pantomime Horse Races returns for the third year. Tankerton Slopes. Fundraising for good causes. • June 21 - Whitstable Umbrella Centre’s Fun Day Tankerton Slopes. Stalls & entertainment to support the Community Centre in the heart of town. • July 18-26 - Whitstable Oyster Festival details to be confirmed • August 1 - Whitstable Carnival details to be confirmed • August 8-9 - Whitstable and Herne Bay Lions Club Annual Regatta. fireworks on the Saturday evening (weather permitting) as well as fairground rides, live music and stalls. • August 22 - Harbour Day - details to be confirmed • Saturday June 6, Saturday July 18 (Oyster Festival) and Saturday August 15th, 10am-5pm - Rustic Seaside Chic from ‘Seaside Brocante’ - St Mary’s Hall, Oxford Street (The Umbrella Centre). Come and browse the stalls: Furniture - Homeware - Vintage/Designer Clothes Jewellery/Accessories & Haberdashery. Bigger stands in vintage garden. Marquee (weather permitting) as well as hot and cold food and drinks. Stall space can be donated for fund-raising for any worthy cause in Whitstable, subject to availability. Call Cindy Mainwaring for further information on 01227 773037, 07778 318319.




• Creepy Crawly! The Amazing World of Minibeasts Community showcase 13 June to 31 August 2009 Explore the fascinating world of insects and other minibeasts.from the deadly tarantula to the humble honey bee. With specimens from museum collections, stunning close-up photographs, artwork by local children and a range of exciting hands-on activities!


Whitstable Museum and Gallery, Oxford Street, CT5 1DB Telephone: 01227 276 998 • Creepy crawlies under the microscope Hands-on science event Saturday 20 June 10am to 12.30pm Investigate amazing minibeasts in close-up detail, including cockroaches, butterflies and fleas! Age 2 to adult. Whitstable Museum and Gallery, Oxford Street, CT5 1DB Telephone: 01227 276 998

SCHOOL FAIRS • JOY LANE PRIMARY SCHOOL SUMMER FAIR Saturday 13th June, 12-4pm Children free, adults 20p The fair will be opened by a KMFM Radio personality and will include: Dalek and Cyberman, Driving School, Inflatable fun, raffle tombola, barbecue, treasure hunt, face-painting, live music, Karate and Dance demos and much much more! • WHITSTABLE JUNIOR SCHOOL SUMMER FESTIVAL Saturday 27th June 11am-3pm FREE entry Food area, entertainments, activities, merry-go-round. Samba Pelo Mar will be playing outside the library from 11am and the school samba band will also give their debut performance at the fair. Community stalls and information. Stalls are still available from £5 - if you are interested or for further information call Fiona on 01227 272385. • ST MARY’S PRIMARY SCHOOL June 27th 11am-2pm • ST ALPHEGE INFANT SCHOOL Saturday 4th July 10am-2pm • BRIARY PRIMARY SCHOOL SUMMER FAIR Greenhill Road West, Greenhill Sunday 7th June 12-4pm Donations welcomed for entry! Traditional Fair with a French theme - fancy dress competition, face painting, various stalls, tombola, ‘la coconut shy’ bouncy castle & rides, virtual pet show (send in your pictures) and the emergency support services will be there on display. For further information, call Debbie on 373 095. The IMP will keep you informed about all these events and more as we move into summer, and don’t forget to check out ‘What’s on?’ to find out what’s happening this month.

from the sublime to the everyday, there’s a cake for every occasion... • WEDDINGS • CHRISTENINGS • PARTIES Fast turn-around, personal service

All cakes hand-made with quality ingredients – free range, organic or fair trade where possible Gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free available on request – everybody deserves cake!  

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AQUARIUS January 21 to February 19 This month you may be called into working with the children around you. They need your childlike qualities and care more than ever. On a social level, you will feel a jolt of energy this summer, taking you to a very happy and sociable place. There maybe a a loss coming to you too, so keep an eye on what you have got and try to remain positive throughout. You need to repair your self esteem.

GEMINI May 21 to June 22 May is a month of transformation for Geminis. New romance is imminent, either with a newcomer or through re-ignited passion in your existing relationship. Try to stay open to giving and receiving love as much of the time as possible. You are on the cusp of a change of heart, a seasonal shift. May will bring new feelings of attachment, beginning with the feelings of self love and respect.

LIBRA September 22 to October 23 You can feel this month that you are on a real adventure, created by your own soul. What do you want in life? Where do you want to go? Visualise the answers clearly and you will find strength to make it all happen. Negativity will block your progress. Try to be more aware of symbols and signs that mean something to you, bodily aches and pains, emotional reactions and mood swings and use them to progress on your way towards happiness.

PISCES February 19 to March 21 This moth you can enjoy a renewed sense of belonging, either in a relationship, marriage or in part of your family. You can be content with ordinariness this summer, enjoying normal everyday pleasures as if they are luxuries. One phase of you life is coming to an end, you need to let it go and this will enable the next chapter of your life to start.

CANCER June 22 to July 23 You need to travel through May with awareness, faith and hope because there is something positive on the horizon that you cannot yet see. You are at the turning point, coming out of a period of suppression and turmoil, moving towards a spring of hope and renewal. Bright prospects await you this summer, and inspiration and guidance will come, you only need to stay open.

SCORPIO October 23 to November 22 Your time of isolation is coming to an end and May will begin to melt your icy exterior. You have been asking for help lately, now you can relax and be open to help as it comes from all directions. Your period of being the hermit is over and you can once again enjoy a full social calendar and a even perhaps major shift in your life path

ARIES March 21 to April 20 You need to take some time out this month and seek inner guidance rather than instruction from those around you. You alone know which path you need to take, so spend some time alone in nature dwelling on the things of the heart. Travel, learning and spiritual experience are on the cards for you this summer, but try not to be thoughtless and reckless in initiating this journey.

LEO July 23 to August 22 You may feel your life is a bit of an illusion lately, with nothing seeming real. Don’t worry, you are going to spring into May with a sense of reality. You need to try to study and learn a little more as you go along to find this sense of reality though. May is the month that will breathe new energy into your social circle, and you will be able to see what is on the horizon much more clearly in time.

TAURUS April 20 to May 21 May sees a month of stillness and tranquillity for you. Get your head down and take time to study, read and find out where life is taking you at the moment. With attention to detail, persistence and dedication you can find what you are looking for. This month you can feel like you are the apprentice, learning whatever it is that life is teaching you.

VIRGO August 22 to September 22 You may feel that your experiences in the past are coming back to haunt you this month. But don’t worry, it is just an opportunity for you to clear some unwanted emotions and start afresh this summer. Some situations need caution, look deeper before proceeding, especially in the realm of money. You need to forge a successful relationship between commerce and creativity, work and play, striking the perfect balance between yin and yang.


SAGITTARIUS November 22 to December 22 May heralds a sense of maturity in your world, you are becoming a light to shine on your friends and family, spreading happiness and joy. Others may think you are a fool, acting suddenly and unexpectedly, but you are you are just ready to take risks and learn lessons that need to be learnt. This month heralds movement, change and a fresh start, a turning point perhaps and the answers to questions that have been on your mind for a long while. CAPRICORN December 22 to January 21 You are studying hard and preparing to cut through any political situation in your life with a sharp sword. You will have the chance to separate the men from the snakes and see clearly the difference between right and wrong. Clarity and discrimination are needed, the old way of doing things is being called into question by you. The result is that everything will feel a little uprooted this month, but by summer the situation will have calmed and will be more successful than ever. Stephanie Shanti

Specialist home pattern service for all carpets, vinyls, laminates, woods and rugs Call us for a free Free underlay, grippers, door bars and fitting ON ALL CARPETS

estimate on: 01227 265544 or 07860 358552 Family-run business Est.1971






t’s an overcast and chilly morning in Broadstairs, and Whitstable-based photographer Tim Stubbings is busy photographing another of his FREESTYLE photo-shoots. “It’s so simple really,” he says, “in that for years there have been photographers like myself working on location for commercial clients, finding innovative ways to work - and yet the high street studio’s offering to the public has mainly consisted of jumping around in front of a white background. Some people find a studio setting can be both sterile and daunting – but getting away from that can be great fun and a lot more relaxing. So all I’m doing is opening up the magazine-style shoot to everyone else, not just commercial clients. It really is a magazine-style shoot in which the model is you.” For Tim, this style of photography lends itself particularly well to Whitstable and the surrounding coastal towns. “It’s all about breaking out of the studio and using the beach, woodland or some great urban locations as well. The key to these sorts of pictures is both the lighting and the location, and we’re spoilt for choice along the Kent coast. A lot of fashion and magazine work will deliberately use locations which are neutral – and they can be anything, from a car-park, to a shelter on Tankerton slopes.” Tim completed a shoot just before Christmas,around the East Quay and Continental Hotel in Whitstable, and revealed: “There you have at least 3 or 4 great backdrops to work with, not even counting the sea or the views!” Taking part in the current shoot is Sophie, a student at UKC, who is working with Tim on the training courses he offers both commercially and to students (he coaches as a guest lecturer on the photography degree course at Christchurch). Tim explains: “We’re shooting here on what is effectively an industrial estate – but by being careful and selective we can find some great backdrops which act as our set.”




Anyone booking a FREESTYLE shoot in April will have a glossy 20-page book of their pictures (worth ÂŁ95) included absolutely free, in addition to a free 10x8 print. For more information on FREESTYLE see or call Tim on 01227 460604



STOP WASTING YOUR MONEY ON INEFFECTIVE ADVERTISING – YOU KNOW WE ARE IN A RECESSION! There are many ways to promote your business. BUT DON’T DO ANYTHING without measuring the results.


Stop any advertising that isn’t working Test your ads. If you cannot effectively test the ad you are running then stop advertising. That may sound obvious but many people are running ads just because that’s what their business has always done. They don’t really know whether the ads are working or not.


Look at how much you are spending. A good basic rule for comparing rates or calculating what you should pay for an ad is ‘cost per thousand’. That is what it costs you for every thousand people who might see the publication. So, an ad that costs you £100, in a publication which is read by 5,000 people, has a cost per thousand of £20.


Only run ads that are going to produce a response. There is no point in running an ad at a really low cost per thousand if the readers of that publication are not in your catchment area. The size of the catchment area varies from business to business. Bluewater draws customers from over hundred miles away,


whereas a local retailer may generate 90% of their turnover within a 3 mile radius of their location.



Get your ad right. The most important element is the headline. This needs to grab people’s attention. Use powerful, emotive words like FREE, Exclusive, terrific, exciting, staggering,


amazing. Then we come to what you’re selling. You need to interest the reader, communicate the benefits of your product, why it’s better than your rivals’ product and, most importantly, give a reason to act NOW!


You have to shout loudest. Unless you have a vast marketing budget and can afford to pay for the biggest, most striking ad, there is little point in going into a publication with pages and pages of other advertisers. They are all vying for the readers’ attention. You can’t shout louder than all the others put together!


Don’t put all your eggs in the one basket. Relying solely on advertising is not always the best idea. Consider Direct Mail, Telephone Marketing, Direct Sales, email, Internet, or referrals.


Advertising works, if it’s done correctly. If you do it well, and test and experiment, then advertising can become a highly profitable element of your marketing mix. It’s easy to do well, if you know how. Make your business more successful, NOW. To get advice and guidance on any of the topics covered here, or any other aspect of sales or marketing please call Mel free on 0800 44 88 309 or email

the gig guide This information is intended as guide only. Please check with the venues before you go as details or dates may change after printing - contact details are provided.

1 - The Duke of Cumberland - JAZZ BRUNCH WITH BERT BUTLER’S JAZZ PILGRIMS - 12.30-3pm; G ‘N’ T EXPERIMENT - 9-11pm, FREE entry, 01227 280617 1 - Whitstable Brewery Bar HULLABALOO - doors open at 7pm, £7.50. 01227 280280 1 - Horsebridge Centre - KIT CURTIS AND THE SCENE - show starts 7.45pm, £5. 01227 281174 1 - The East Kent - BODEGAS 9pm, FREE entry. 01227 272018 1 - The Old Neptune - TBC 9pm, FREE entry. 01227 272262 2 - The Old Neptune - JIM LEVERTON - 9pm, FREE entry. 01227 272262 2 - The East Kent - 70s DISCO 9pm, FREE entry. 01227 272018 2 - Deco5 - FLC - call for details: 01227 770079 3 - The Old Neptune - TOBY BARRELLI - 5-8pm, FREE entry. 01227 272262 4 - The Duke of Cumberland - BLUES BANDITS - 3-5.30pm, FREE entry, 01227 280617 6 - The Smack - OPEN MIC NIGHT 9pm, FREE entry 01227 273056 7 - The Ship Centurion - BULLDOG DUO - starts 8.30-9pm, FREE entry. 01227 264 740 7 - Whitstable Labour Club - FOLK MUSIC EVENING, MAGGIE BOYLE - 8-11pm, £7 (£5 club members), 01227 277670

8 - The Old Neptune - STEVE BOLTON - 9pm, FREE entry. 01227 272262 8 - Whitstable Brewery Bar CHILLBILLIES - doors open at 7pm, £7.50. 01227 280280 8 - The Duke of Cumberland - JAZZ BRUNCH WITH BERT BUTLER’S JAZZ PILGRIMS - 12.30-3pm; SMILER 9-11pm, FREE entry, 01227 280617 8 - The East Kent - BLACKSTAR 9pm, FREE entry. 01227 272018 9- Horsebridge Centre BOUGARABOU - THE RETURN! show starts 8pm, £12, £10 conc. 01227 281174 9 - Deco5 - BRENDAN POWER TRIO call for details: 01227 770079 9 - The Old Neptune - TBC - 9pm, FREE entry. 01227 272262 9 - The Smack - TBC - from 9pm, FREE entry 01227 273056 10 - The Old Neptune - MATT BROOKS - 5-8pm, FREE entry. 01227 272262 10 - Deco5 - JAZZ JAM call for details: 01227 770079 13 - The Smack - ZINTA AND THE ZOOTS - from 9pm, FREE entry 01227 273056 14 - The Ship Centurion - LEIGH HIGHWOOD - starts 8.30-9pm, FREE entry. 01227 264 740 15 - Whitstable Youth & Community Centre - FUZE - doors open 7pm, £3.50 on the door

15 - The Old Neptune - GREAT MATES - 8.30-11pm, FREE entry. 01227 272262 15 - Whitstable Brewery Bar - ‘A Night of Live Psychedelia in Whitstable’ – Music from 8-11pm. Local band CROW, with performances from Kent Circus School including UV juggling, Live DJs and visuals by BlueTribe Sound System. Tickets £5, available in advance from 01227 264 916 15 - Whitstable Town Football Ground - BANDS AT THE BELMONT - RUBBER BISCUIT & HULLABALOO - Gates open at 6pm. Tickets £10 in advance or £15 on the gate. – 01227 266440 15 - Horsebridge Centre - BLUE RHYTHM KINGS - show starts 8pm, £8, £6 conc. 01227 281174 15 - The Duke of Cumberland - JAZZ BRUNCH WITH BERT BUTLER’S JAZZ PILGRIMS - 12.30-3pm, FREE entry, 01227 280617 15 The East Kent - LEFT OF THE DIAL - 9pm, FREE entry. 01227 272018 16 - Horsebridge Centre - SATURDAY OUTING - show starts 8pm, £6, £4 conc. LGBT social - all gay-friendly people welcome. 01227 281174 16 -The East Kent - GET CARTER 9pm, FREE entry. 01227 272018 16 - Deco5 - AVA LA PUTIN - call for details: 01227 770079





16 - The Old Neptune - LIVE MUSIC - 8.30-11pm, FREE entry. 01227 272262 17 - The Old Neptune - GLENN BARNES TRIO - 5-8pm, FREE entry. 01227 272262 20 - The Smack - OPEN MIC NIGHT from 9pm, FREE entry 01227 273056 21 - The Ship Centurion - MEL HARRIS - starts 8.30-9pm, FREE entry. 01227 264 740 21 -Deco5 - STRODE PARK SUMMER SOIRE WITH HULLABALOO - call for details: 01227 770079 22 - The Duke of Cumberland - JAZZ BRUNCH WITH BERT BUTLER’S JAZZ PILGRIMS - 12.30-3pm, FREE entry, 01227 280617 22 - The East Kent - SNEAKING SALLY - 9pm, FREE entry. 01227 272018 22 - Horsebridge Centre - The Legend that is... Wilko Johnson! 01227 281174 22 - The Old Neptune - SLAKEY JAKE & JUSTIN FIRMIN - 8.30-11pm, FREE entry. 01227 272262 23 - The East Kent - LOST WEEKEND - 9pm, FREE entry. 01227 272018 23 - Deco5 - THE JAZZ IN PARIS PROJECT - call for details: 01227 770079


23 - The Old Neptune - SHILLELAGH - 8.30-11pm, FREE entry. 01227 272262 24 - The Old Neptune - GEZ GOLD 5-8pm, FREE entry. 01227 272262 25 - The Duke of Cumberland - JIM LEVERTON & GEOFFREY RICHARDSON 3-5.30pm, FREE entry, 01227 280617



27 - The Smack - CAMINE - from 9pm, FREE entry 01227 273056 28 - The Ship Centurion - THE FLING - starts 8.30-9pm, FREE entry. 01227 264 740 29 - The Old Neptune - LIVE MUSIC 8.30-11pm, FREE entry. 01227 272262 29 - The East Kent - THE HOOCHIES 9pm, FREE entry. 01227 272018 29 - The Duke of Cumberland - JAZZ BRUNCH WITH BERT BUTLER’S JAZZ PILGRIMS - 12.30-3pm, FREE entry, 01227 280617 29 - Horsebridge Centre HORSEBRIDGE COMEDY CLUB - 01227 281174 30 - The Old Neptune - LIVE MUSIC 8.30-11pm, FREE entry. 01227 272262 30 - Deco5 - CORINA BOSSA & JAZZ - call for details: 01227 770079 31 - The Old Neptune - OPEN HARP SURGERY - 5-8pm, FREE entry. 01227 272262

JUNE 3 - The Smack - OPEN MIC NIGHT from 9pm, FREE entry 01227 273056 5 - The Duke of Cumberland SNEAKING SALLY - call for details: 01227 280617 5 - The Old Neptune - LIVE MUSIC 8.30-11pm, FREE entry. 01227 272262 5 - The East Kent - SLUG PIXIES 9pm, FREE entry. 01227 272018 6 - Deco5 - FLETCH - call for details: 01227 770079

6 - The Old Neptune - FAT RIVER BAND - 8.30-11pm, FREE entry. 01227 272262 6 - The East Kent - BLUES FUSION 9pm, FREE entry. 01227 272018 7 - The Old Neptune - BRENDAN POWER - 5-8pm, FREE entry. 01227 272262 10 - The Smack - THE TIMPARETTES - from 9pm, FREE entry 01227 273056 12 - The East Kent - THE CRASH TONES - 9pm, FREE entry. 01227 272018 12 - Whitstable Brewery Bar - LOOSE CHANGE - –£5. Call for details 01227 280280 13 - Horsebridge Centre JONI MITCHELL PROJECT 01227 281174 13 - Deco5 - FLEUR DE PARIS - call for details: 01227 770079 13 - The East Kent - LEE FROM THE G’n’T EXPERIMENT - 9pm, FREE entry. 01227 272018 17 - The Smack - OPEN MIC NIGHT from 9pm, FREE entry 01227 273056 19 - Horsebridge Centre - BLUE RHYTHM KINGS - 01227 281174 19 - The East Kent - EQUILIBRIUM 9pm, FREE entry. 01227 272018 20 - Deco5 - GROOVE CHASERS call for details: 01227 770079 24 - The Smack - THE BOXING OCTOPUS - from 9pm, FREE entry 01227 273056


26 - The East Kent - HENRY’S ROCK BAND - 9pm, FREE entry. 01227 272018


6 - Canterbury Singers - St Paul’s Church, Church Street, Canterbury. Music by Benjamin Britten and Lennox Berkeley. http://www.

20 - Folkestone Choral Society Holy Trinity Church, Folkestone: Bliss - Pastoral, Lie strewn the white flocks; Hurd - Music’s Praise; Poulenc - Concerto for organ. http:// or call Denise on 01303 251 559

13 - Rochester Choral Society Rochester Cathedral, 7.30pm, Handel 250th anniversary celebration. Handel: Samson. Catherine Bott, Soprano David Allsopp, Counter-Tenor. Details at or 01634 401049


9 - RSCM COME AND SING ‘MESSIAH’ - St Mary’s, Canterbury Road, Wingham, Kent, 3-7.30pm. For more details: 01233 820298 or

20 - Canterbury Choral Society Canterbury Cathedral, 7:30 pm, Verdi’s requiem. Box office: 01227 378188

If you would like to publicise your gig here please email or write to the usual address.


26 - Horsebridge Centre HORSEBRIDGE COMEDY CLUB - 01227 281174









TicketS ON SALE NOW - £ 10

To be entered into a draw to win 2 free tickets, simply send an email to including your name and address.












TICKETS ON SALE NOW ONLY £10 @, Kent Estate Agencies, 10/12 High Street, Whitstable







what’s on? what’s on? www.theTHE MONTH AHEAD... Saturday May 2, Saturday June 6, Saturday July 18 (Oyster Festival) - 10am-5pm St Mary’s Hall, Oxford Street (The Umbrella Centre) - Seaside Brocante Rustic Seaside Chic. Bigger stands in vintage garden. Furniture - Homeware - Vintage/Designer Clothes - Jewellery/Acessories & Haberdashery. Call Cindy Mainwaring: 01227 773037, 07778 318319. Space can be donated for fund-raising for any worthy cause in Whitstable - call Cindy to discuss. Monday May 11- Transition Town Whitstable Book Exchange - 8pm at the Duke of Cumberland. Contact our general number 07960 492 307 or the website www. Tuesday May 12 - DIABETES UK CANTERBURY & COASTAL DISTRICT VOLUNTARY GROUP - The Marine Hotel, Marine Parade Whitstable.

Don’t forget to check out the gig guide on page 39 for local gigs this month! ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT Samba Pelo Mar - Whitstable’s own community samba band rehearses Tuesdays 7-9pm at Whitstable Junior School. Call 01227 281838. www. CHILDREN’S ACTIVITIES

Tuesday May 20, 7.30pm, Methodist Church Argyle Rd. Meeting of The Whitstable Society: Whitstable Building Best and Worst. Open to the public. An examination of what may be thought of as the best and worst in Whitstable with expert comments from architects.


Saturday May 23, 9am-12pm Whitstable & District Horticultural Society coffee morning with sales stalls at St Alphege Church, High Street, Whitstable, in aid of Society funds. 01227 265503 for further details

Baby bounce and rhyme – Whitstable Library, Oxford Street, first Tuesday of each month, 11-11.20am. Call 01227 273309

Whitstable Museum - Green Colour exhibition Continues to 30 May. An exploration of the colour green in art, nature and society - from green grass to the Green Belt, and from ‘eat your greens’ and the Green environmental movement, to serpents, superstition and poisoning. Call 01227 276 998 for further details.


Last Wednesday of each month, 1.30-2.30pm - Little Oysters Pre-school storytelling and craft activity Whitstable Museum. A fun storytime and art/craft activity for the under 5s and their carers. Admission £2 per child, adults free. Materials and refreshments provided. Advance booking 01227 276 998.

Friday May 15 - Sing-along-a-Briary Night! - Singalong version of Mama Mia being shown, lyrics on screen, dress up as the cast or Abba. Admission by ticket only, £5 adults, £2 children. Tickets available from Debbie at Briary Primary School, Greenhill Road West, on 01227 373095

Saturday May 23 7.30pm, launch of ‘The Canterbury & Whitstable Railway’ DVD at the Horsebridge Centre, including an illustrated talk, a celebratory glass of sparkling wine and Master of Ceremonies Tony Blake, Whitstable’s own archive film expert. Tickets £4, call 01227 772552 for more details.


meat, fruit, vegetables, drinks, cakes, crafts and with a Fair Trade cafe on site. Becky Richards 01227 770836

Saturday 23 May - Be Nice to Nettles Day! at Whitstable Museum - Age 4 to adult: 10am to 1pm - Discover fun facts about nettles and take part in hands-on activities including nettle rope-making and weaving, a touch if you dare feely box and quiz. Adults and children age 8 plus: sessions start at 1.45pm, 2.30pm and 3.15pm. Meet the expert - Roy Vickery shares his knowledge of nettles in traditional medicine. Numbers limited. Advance booking 01227 276 998 to avoid disappointment. Second and fourth Saturdays of each month Whitstable Farmers’ Market - St Mary’s Hall, Oxford Street (The Umbrella Centre) 9.30am- 2pm, selling


Many of these activities may be term-time only, and some have waiting lists or need to be booked. Contact details are included for each listing, so please check before you arrive! Enjoy Your Baby – Joy Lane Children’s Centre – Tuesdays – New mums should receive an invite through their Health Visitor. Call Carol Fellowes on 01227 594417 for more info

Breastfeeding Clinic – Joy Lane Children’s Centre – Tuesdays, monthly, by appointment only, through midwife Ursula. Call 01227 263998 Drop-in baby clinic – Joy Lane Children’s Centre - Thursday mornings, 9.30-11, no appointment necessary, just call in to see the health visitor for a chat and have your child weighed. Call 01227 263998 Baby Massage – Joy Lane Children’s Centre - Thursdays: 12-1pm appointments only; 1.302.30pm drop in. Call Jo on 01227 594419 Baby Massage – Whitstable Health Centre – 5-week courses, Friday mornings. 50p per session, bring your own massage oil. Call Carol Fellowes on 01227 594417 for more info Locomotion – Joy Lane Children’s Centre - Friday mornings 10-10.45, ages 2-5 years; 11-11.30 ages 6 months - 2 years. For more information call 01227 263998 PIPS - Joy Lane Children’s Centre - for families with children 0-5 with additional needs - Friday mornings 10:00 - 12:00. For more information call 01227 263998 what’s on? what’s on? Parent and Toddler

Chatterbox Baby and Toddler Group – St John’s Church Centre, St John’s Road, Swalecliffe. Friday mornings, 9.30-11.30, 50p per person including drink and biscuits, open to all with babies or pre-schoolers, call 01227 792835

Twinkle Twinkle music group, fun action songs and instruments for children up to 3 years. Fridays 9.30 and 10.30am, the parish social centre, 15A Castle Road, Whitstable. Call Ava for more info on 01227 772893

Story time – Whitstable Library, Oxford Street. Friday afternoon, 2-2.30, call 01227 273309

Button Tots – Lucerne Neighbourhood Centre, Faversham Road, Seasalter. Monday mornings 10-12, call Jane 01227 282732 3 Years Plus Family Group – Westmeads Infant School, Cromwell Road, Monday afternoons 1.452.45. Children can play while parents chat and the sessions provide a gentle link to school. Call 01227 272995 Little Alfies – Seasalter Christian Centre, Faversham Road, fortnightly on Monday afternoons at 1.45, call 01227 276795 Story Time – Swalecliffe Library, Herne Bay Road, Swalecliffe, Monday afternoon 2-2.30, just come along or call 01227 792645 Messy Play Sessions – Monday afternoon 12.452.45. Old clothes a requirement! Term time only. Free of charge. Joy Lane Children’s Centre – 01227 263998 Playmates – Christian Fellowship Hall, Harbour St – Tuesday mornings 9.15-10.30 or 10.30-11.45. 50p per family. Currently full but spaces expected in New Year – call Diane Wilkin 01227 263393 Tots @ TEC – Tankerton Evangelical Church Hall, Northwood Road, Tankerton, Tuesday mornings 1011.30, £1 per family, open to children from 0-5, call 01227 794328 Seasalter Christian Centre parent and toddler group – Faversham Road, Seasalter, Tuesday afternoons, 1.30-3, £1 per family, call Jane Myhill 01227 770257 Little Lights – St Alphege Church, High Street, every Tuesday afternoon 2-2.30pm, call 01227 770221 All Saints Parent and Toddler Group – Shirley Hall, Church Street – Wednesday afternoons, 1.15-2.45. 50p per family. Term-time only – Call Sue Smith 01227 471325   Little Oysters Pre-school storytelling and craft activity, Last Wednesday of each month, 1.30pm to 2.30pm. A fun storytime and art/craft activity for the under 5s and their carers. Admission £2 per child, adults free. Materials and refreshments provided. Advance booking 01227 276 998. Whitstable Museum and Gallery, Oxford Street, CT5 1DB. Telephone: 01227 276 998. Parent and Toddler Group – Joy Lane Children’s Centre – Thursday mornings, 9-11.30 in the large crèche room. All welcome. Free of charge – 01227 263998

Friday Fun Group – Middle Wall United Reformed Church – 9.30-11.30am. £1 per family. Waiting list, spaces from Spring/Summer ’09 – Contact Pat 01227 771766 or Rita 01227 263959

After-School Clubs

Whitstable Majorettes and Pom Teams - 5 years and above at St Peters Church Hall, Cromwell Street, Whitstable, Monday 4-6pm, £2 per session. 07900 478863 FITNESS Badminton courts at the Community College, Whitstable, are now available to hire at weekends. The courts are open to the public between 9am and 5pm on Saturdays and 10am to 1pm on Sundays. For more information or to book call Kelly Litchfield on 07880 902367 Yoga/Pilates Fitness - Mornings: Monday 10.30am, Wednesday 9.15am; Evenings: Wednesday 8pm, Thursday 8.15pm. Contact Helena Griffiths at Tankerton Dancing Academy for more details or to book your place, on 01227 275375 Salsa-Fit - Fridays 10.20am and 8pm. Contact Helena Griffiths at Tankerton Dancing Academy for more details or to book your place, on 01227 275375 Adult Ballet - Tuesdays 8pm. Contact Helena Griffiths at Tankerton Dancing Academy for more details or to book your place, on 01227 275375 Low impact keep fit - Mondays 12.15-1.15pm, Whitstable Umbrella Community Centre, Contact Suzi 07702 386176 Yoga and Relaxation with Chrissie - Monday and Tuesday evenings 7-8pm and 8.15-9.15pm, Longfield Court Garden Room, Swalecliffe. Thursday mornings 9.25am. Whitstable Youth and Community Centre, Tower Parade. Friendly drop-in classes £6. Please ring Chrissie on 01227 275000 Yoga - Mondays 1.20-2.20pm, Whitstable Umbrella Community Centre, Contact Suzi 07702 386176   Walk and talk - Wednesdays 10.30am from Whitstable Umbrella Community Centre – enjoy a walk, some fresh air and lively conversation! Contact centre 01227 274880   Keep Fit for over 50s and less active - Wednesdays 12.30–1.30pm, Whitstable Umbrella Community Centre, Contact centre 01227 274880



Baby Ballet - Fridays 9.30am at Tankerton Dancing Academy. Activities, dance, and nursery rhymes. Contact Helena Griffiths for more details or to book your place, on 01227 275375


what’s on? what’s on? www.theCOMMUNITY GUIDE


Arts and crafts for adults - Thursdays 10am-12, Whitstable Umbrella Community Centre, Contact centre 01227 274880 Book club - informal, fun reading group. First Thursday of each month, 6.30-9pm, Whitstable Umbrella Community Centre. The group watch a Movie every other month. Contact centre 01227 274880 East Kent Model Railway Society - Wednesdays 7.30pm, at Club house in the Old Dairy (by Castle Stores), Castle Road, Whitstable. Large OO scale layout for members’ use. New members welcome, children (from 11+) should be accompanied by responsible adult. Open Day Saturday 18 April. Info: 01227 275157, Flowers and Crafts Club - Tuesdays 7-9.30pm, Whitstable Umbrella Community Centre, Contact 01227 281138   Needles and natter - Thursdays 2.30-4.30pm, Whitstable Umbrella Community Centre, Contact centre on 01227 274880 Oyster Lacemakers - Mondays, 4–7pm, Whitstable Umbrella Community Centre, Contact Kay 01227 276921 Reading Group - at Swalecliffe Library - are you interested in joining? We need a minimum of 6 people. If you’d like to take part please call the library on 01227 792645 Samba Pelo Mar Whitstable’s own community samba band rehearses Tuesdays 7-9pm at Whitstable Junior School. Call 01227 281838. Scrabble Club - Mondays 10.30-12.30pm, Whitstable Umbrella Community Centre, Contact centre 01227 274880 Short Mat Bowls - Friday and Sunday evenings, Whitstable Umbrella Community Centre, Contact Eddie 01227 794600


‘Stitch and Bitch’ Knit Club - Wednesdays 6.308.30pm at The Archive Film Cafe, 39 Oxford Street. Call Sue Allen on 07592 020120


Walk and Talk - Wednesdays 10.30am from Whitstable Umbrella Community Centre – enjoy a walk, some fresh air and lively conversation! Contact centre 01227 274880 Whitstable and District Horticultural Society. Meetings at United Reformed Church, Middle Wall, at 7.30pm: May 8th, Mr L. Manser will speak on Herbaceous Perennials; June 12th, Julie Coleman will speak on Bees. May 23rd 9-12 Coffee morning with sales stalls at St Alphege Church, High Street, Whitstable, in aid of Society funds. 01227 265503 for further details.


The Whitstable Short Mat Bowls Club is currently looking for new members. Friday evenings 7.30pm throughout the year and also Sunday evenings September to April at the Umbrella Centre. They run two ‘competitive’ teams and one ‘friendly’ team. Call Eddie on 01227 794600 Whitstable Stroke Club - Fridays 3.30-5.30pm, Whitstable Umbrella Community Centre, Contact Avril 01227 266827 Whitstable Twinning Association - contact Gillian Godley, Secretary, on 01227 793212 or


Chestfield Medical Centre – 0844 477 3073 Saddleton Road Surgery - 01227 272809 Seasalter Surgery - 01227 772327 Whitstable Health Centre – 0844 477 2566 Seasalter Community Pharmacy - 01227 277744 Out of Hours service – 0844 800 1234 NHS Direct - including Out of Hours Dispensing Pharmacies - 0845 46 47 Blood Donation – 08457 711 711 Stop Smoking Service - NHS Eastern and Coastal Kent - 0800 849 4444 NHS Patient Advice and Liaison Service - do you have a health-related problem and don’t know where to turn? For help finding your way through the local NHS - 0800 085 6606

Information and Advice

Dial Kent - information and advice for the disabled people of Kent - Disability Information and Advice Line - Tel: 01227 771155, Minicom: 01227 771645, Fax: 01227 772631, email:, website: NHS Patient Advice and Liaison Service - do you have a health-related problem and don’t know where to turn? For help finding your way through the local NHS - 0800 085 6606

Local Policing

Police surgeries and meetings: Inspector for Whitstable: Gordon Etheridge, with Sergeant Dave Brenchley on 01227 868028 Chestfield - PC: Steve Pope 01227 868028; PCSO: Mark Harriott 07772 226106 Gorrell - PCSO: Abi Symons 01227 868028 Harbour - PC: Andy Camp 07980 683530; PCSO: Aaron Pedwell 07772 226035 what’s on? what’s on?

Swalecliffe & Tankerton - PC: Steve Pope 01227 868028; PCSO: Graeme Downes 01227 868028

Volunteer Services

Are you elderly or disabled and can’t access public transport? Call the Whitstable Volunteer Car Scheme on 01227 264743

Volunteers Needed

Whitstable Volunteer Car Scheme - Volunteer drivers needed to take elderly or disabled to appointments they can’t miss. If you have time to volunteer please call 01227 264743 Whitstable Volunteer Centre - Volunteers recruited to work in many different charities. Contact or call 01227 772248 Do you have a little time to spare? Age Concern Whitstable are looking for volunteers who could help with any of the following: befriending, escorting on their mini bus, day centre helper or lead a health walk. Call Gill Ball on 01227 787313  or 07735556811, or email LOCAL SERVICES

Alternative Therapies

Acupuncture - Nathalie Bachet - Member of the British Acupuncture Council - Gift vouchers available for acupuncture and facial revitalisation acupuncture. Please call Nathalie on 01227 265 708

THE ACUPUNCTURE PLACE, WHITSTABLE Acupuncture for pain relief, migraines, sciatica, back pain. Specialising in gynaecogical, fertility and IVF support. Member of BAcC. Contact: Amanda Thomas Tel:01227 265082 Mob:07763 566710 THE HOLISTIC HEALTH PLACE, WHITSTABLE - Treatments available for adults & children. Homeopathy, Craniosacral Therapy, QX Allergy & Health Testing. Contact: Annette Stein - Tel:01227 265082 Mob:07813778027


Bbeautiful - your local mobile beauty therapist. Facials, Waxing, Manicures, Pedicures and Lash/Brow Tints in the comfort of your own home. Bridal make-up and occassional make-up packages, Pamper parties and gift vouchers are available. Contact Rachel on Tel: 01227 272 579  Mob: 07784 223287


Tender Loving Carers Domiciliary Ltd – Providers of Personal and Domestic Care to the elderly and younger less able within the community. For a FREE, no obligation assessment and enquiry, please call on 01227 772515. For employment opportunities please also call the number above.


Chrissie’s Kitchen - cakes, cookies, cupcakes and more. Beautiful, delicious cakes for birthdays, weddings, christenings - any special occasion, or just because you fancy a treat! Call Chrissie on 07511 009 757


Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Swedish Massage, Ear Candles, Hot Stone Massage, Indian Head Massage. In the comfort of your own home or in Debra’s therapy room. Call Debra Maybourne, Holistic Therapist, 01227 276 881 or 07872 622 023

Jo Jo’s Day Care Nursery – Full Day care for 2–4 year olds. Open Monday – Friday 08:00 – 16:00 for 47 weeks of the year. Sessions and Full day care available. For a no obligation visit, please feel free to come to a ‘Play and Stay’ session. Call: 01227 264213 or 07834421171.

Holistic Massage, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage. Treatment room in Whitstable; home visits within 3 mile radius. Gift vouchers, taster sessions and pamper events. Contact Liz Compton on 07931201148 or email

Whitstable Computer Repair - All types of help with your PC, no call-out fee within 10 mile radius of Whitstable. Very competitive rates. www. or call 0800 224 8824

Hypnotherapy at Q Hypnotherapy, based in Whitstable. Details at Call Lisa Barnett on 0800 612 8153 Hypnotherapy for Smoking is the least expensive within a 20 mile radius. Based in Chestfield. Call Peter Corrigan on 01227 792359 or email: Reflexology at Body Mind and SOLE - Denise Fasulo, MAR (Member of the Association of Reflexologists). Professional treatment in pleasant surroundings. Call Whitstable 01227 275855

Computer Repair


Whitstable Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre. Feeling unable to cope and need somebody to talk to and think things through? Contact Deborah Gibbons on 01227 261159. Reduced rates for unemployed or those on low incomes

Curtain Making

Affordable bespoke curtain and blind making service. Free estimates and measuring service. Co-ordinated soft furnishings, kitchenware and fabric gifts. Fabric also available to buy. Call Karen Mansfield Originals 01795 535348 or 07903 193390



Seasalter & Yorkletts - CSO: Aarron Newell 01227 868028


what’s on? what’s on? Dress Making

Silver Belles and Cockle Shells - Bespoke couture, beautiful and elegant gowns for every occassion; for all ages, shapes and sizes. Fancy dress (eg Abba costumes) also available. All hand-made to order. Contact or call 07864 112294

Garden Design

Tranquil Earth Natural Garden Design Specializing in creating traditional and contemporary gardens, built with respect for the environment and to encourage wildlife. Visit for garden ideas


Candles and Home Accessories? Quality fragrant candles in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes. Tri-Glow Reed Diffusers. Have an evening/coffee morning with friends and host a candle party. Monthly Hostess/Guest specials. Call: Karen 07956 575980 Bbeautiful - your local mobile beauty therapist. Facials, Waxing, Manicures, Pedicures and Lash/Brow Tints in the comfort of your own home. Bridal make-up and occassional make-up packages, Pamper parties and gift vouchers are available. Contact Rachel on Tel: 01227 272 579  Mob: 07784 223287

Recycling/Waste Reduction

Help with all aspects of recycling at home, school and in the workplace, including electrical items, go to The Freecycle Network - an entirely non-profit movement of people who are giving (& getting) stuff for free in their own towns. It’s all about re-use and keeping good stuff out of landfills. See more details at Real Nappy Helpline 0845 850 0606; Nappy Finder: Council Services - Recycling Information: 01227 862 247; Recycling Collections, Banks, Sacks; Domestic Refuse Collection; Dog Fouling: 0800 031 9091; or email

Silver Belles and Cockle Shells - Bespoke couture, beautiful and elegant gowns for every occassion, for all ages, shapes and sizes. Hand made to order. Contact or call 07864 112294 StuArt Photography - Available for weddings & special occasions; studio bookings or in the comfort of your own home. Call for pricing or booking on 07922 535 438 FURTHER AFIELD

Holiday Lets

Spain - spacious holiday bungalow to rent in Torrevieja Costa Blanca. Sleeps 6 (3 bedrooms). Fully-equipped, close to town and beaches, 50 yds from communal swimming pools and bar serving hot food till 2am. For more details ring Carol, 01227 770581 Italy - B&B and Self Catering accommodation, near to the beaches, mountains and hilltop towns of Abruzzo. Go to or call 003 908 587 08 273 for further information

Relaxing breaks

ONE space remaining on the special HALF PRICE yoga holiday at Shanticentre, Italy in September. £225 for a week of yoga, sunshine, delicious home grown food and tranquillity. To book, go to www. or call 003 9 08 587 08 273 Art of Living Foundation (Sri Sri Ravi shankar) Part One Course at Shanticentre, Italy led by Craig Pruess, world-renowned musician and composer (who wrote ‘Sacred Chants of Siva’, ‘Mother Divine’, the score to ‘Bend it Like Beckham’, ‘Bhaji on the Beach’ and has arranged music for Madonna, Massive Attack, Sir Cliff Richard and many more) September 6-9. For all info please go to and click on ‘contact us’, or call 003 9 08 587 08 273 Luxury yoga holiday at Casa Mimosa with Stephanie Shanti. A week of yoga and relaxation in a beautifully restored farmhouse in Abruzzo, the unspoilt region of Italy, with stunning views of the mountains and luxury swimming pool. To book, go to www.houses-in-italy and click on Activity Holidays.


Sunlock Blinds - Blinds for home conservatory or office. Made to measure, vertical, venetians, wooden, rollers, fly-screens, outside canopies. Home visits arranged, free no obligation quotes. Free fitting service. Family-run business 32 years, 01227 281191; 07828 564082




Classical Wedding Singer - Make your day really special with beautiful classical music - available for weddings, christenings and any special occasion. Call Christina on 07511 009 757 or listen at www.myspace. com/christinabosanko Club Class Carriages - Bentleys and Jaguars or the vehicle of your choice, for weddings and special occasions, with a Prestige service all year round. Call 0800 6118 528 or go to for more details


Listings of 40 words cost £15 for one month, £30 for 3 months or £50 for 6 months. Non-profit organisations are listed free of charge. To be included please email or write to the usual address. Please do let us know if any details change so we are not publishing out-dated information For display advertising please contact or call freephone 0800 44 88 309. In all cases, if you would rather write, our address is: The Whitstable IMP, PO Box 290, Whitstable, CT5 9AH. Deadline for listings in the June issue will be Wednesday May 20

Save energy, save money, save the penguin.


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Mini-Lynx Compact



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