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CHARACTER STUDY Meet Meryl Franzos, local fashion blogger whose distinguishing style reflects elements of the unexpected Writer Meryl Franzos’ love for characters is reflected in her own distinctive fashion sense — she’s self-diagnosed it as “multiple personal-style disorder.” She utilizes the space on her blog, Mrs. Franzos, to hash out all of its elements, from the edgy, to the vintage, to the pieces that combine all of those aspects (she cites her grandfather’s bell bottoms from his Navy days as a wintertime favorite). An exploratory collaboration with her husband, photographer Joshua Franzos, whom she married last May, the blog’s title serves as a tribute to her late mother-in-law. She says, “When you get married, there’s this expectation, overt or whatever. It’s a new role, and how do you dress around that? What happens to your personal style when you add somebody else into that equation? It’s experimental for me. Not that I’m dressing for men. But, I like his opinion, and I like to look nice around him. I also have my own opinions, so the meshing of the two is complicated.” Though Franzos is new to the blogosphere, she’s happy to have already received a great response from her audience. In her deliberate, yet gentle voice, she offers this advice for other bloggers just starting out: “Write on a schedule, so that your readers know what to expect from you. And, pictures drive everything. They’re so important, more so than the writing — well, some people think so. The writing is paramount to me.” As beautiful as her husband’s photos of her are, Franzos’ witty posts demonstrate fashion’s integral role in culture by marrying each outfit with engaging and informative (bet you weren’t aware of the history of the bed jacket!) writing. Up next, she’s completing a novel based on her seven-year stint working at a Pittsburgh auction house. We’re hanging on to her every word — and ensemble! Meryl Franzos, 

A FEW OF HER FAVORITE THINGS Sarah Loertscher earrings. “I bought these at the Carnegie Museum of Art gift shop and I love the architectural quality,” says Franzos.

Vintage Furla envelope clutch. Franzos says, “I found this for $1 at an estate sale and cut off the straps.”


W hi r l / Novem be r 2 0 1 4

Stubbs & Wootton smoking slipper with rabbit embellishment. “I’m always looking for white rabbits. They’re rare, but not as rare as you would think. I’m obsessed with them.”

Alexander McQueen skull print scarf.

By LIZ PETONIAK • Photographs by Michael Fornataro

WHIRL Magazine: November 2014  

In this issue: Troy & Theodora Polamalu, Chef's Best Dish, nonprofit guide, winter skincare.

WHIRL Magazine: November 2014  

In this issue: Troy & Theodora Polamalu, Chef's Best Dish, nonprofit guide, winter skincare.