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issue sixteen

issue sixteen Editor / Founder: Melanie Doncas Editorial Assistant: Cecile Blackmore

Contributors: Luma Bogado, Virginia Greco, Planet ABODI, Natalia Naa, Holly Moore, I found Lucy., Angie Candell, Vivienne Mok

Cover: Photographer: Anthony Tran Contact: Website:

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Editor’s Letter Hello and welcome to Issue 16! We’ve spent the last few months slowly putting together another creativityfilled issue, in the hopes that these beautiful images and insightful interviews inspire your own work. After the success of our last issue (our most-read to date after being selected by to feature on their homepage), we were excited to jump back on the horse again. It might’ve been months and months in-between issues, but we’re still incredibly passionate about bringing you the latest and greatest work from inspiring creatives all around the globe. Among the next 160+ pages, you’re sure to find something you love. As always, we want to extend a big thank you to those who took the time to submit their work to our publication, as well as to those of you who have chosen to give Issue 16 a read (that’s you!). We know that there are literally thousands of other online magazines, so the fact that you’re dedicating even a small portion of your day to Whim makes us truly grateful

Love, Melanie

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Whim Loves Photoshoot: Luma Bogado + Virginia Greco Interview: Stylist Virginia Greco Interview: Photographer Luma Bogado Lookbook: Planet ABODI Playlist Photoshoot: Natalia Naa Interview: Photographer Natalia Naa Photoshoot: Holly Moore Interview: Photographer Holly Moore Interview: I found Lucy. Photoshoot: Angie Candell Interview: Photographer Angie Candell Photoshoot: Vivienne Mok Interview: Photographer Vivienne Mok Thank you

Whim Loves


Wander Love

If you too have stumbled upon this brilliant pom pom planter on Pinterest, then there’s no doubt that you’ve already heard of Leif. The store was founded in 2011 by Stacy Anne Longenecker and is based out of Brooklyn, New York. On it’s website, you’ll find stunning items spanning across categories such as art, paper, living, and apothecary.

When this book was released back in mid-April, it quickly shot to the top of our reading lists. Wander Love: Lessons, Tips & Inspiration from a Solo Traveller is a beautiful pictorial book by travel blogger and photographer Aubrey Daquinag. As its blurb explains, it’s “the perfect mix of style, substance and travel adventures to inspire your own”. Count us in.

Protea Prints We’re in love with this South African native, which has been making an appearance in plenty of wedding bouquets of late. Along with bouquets, we’re also enjoying seeing the flower pop-up on printed fabric, jewellery, and in home décor. Whilst searching for the perfect protea print to adorn our wall, we stumbled upon so many on Etsy (including this pretty one by Mac By the Sea). Isn’t it fantastic?

Hazel + Folk We recently spotted the latest Hazel + Folk lookbook on The Cool Hour and we instantly fell in love. Featuring floaty wrap dresses, the straw basket of our dreams, and a rural setting that makes us want to escape to the country, it’s safe to say that it’s a good one. The label aims to create garments that are “comfortable, timeless and elegant designed to be worn day to night, season to season, year after year, gathering memory after memory, for generations to come…” See more at

Pottery for the Planet Reusable coffee cups have truly made their mark in recent times, and here’s another idea you’re going to love. At Whim, we’re obsessed with all things pottery-related, so these reusable cups from Pottery for the Planet made us squeal with delight. At $35 each, they’re a small price to pay for helping to protect our Earth.

Wunder Weave We’ve been following @wunder_weave on Instagram for years now and never cease to be inspired by Rachel’s creative endeavours. The snapshots she shares from her weaving workshops are our particular favourites, as they have us wanting to hop on a plane to Melbourne just so we can take part! Visit the Wunder Weave website for more info.

She dreams in pastels Photography & art: Luma Bogado (@lumabogado) | Styling: Virginia Greco (@virgrec) | Model: Lucia Avalos (@avaloslu) from Jump Managemet (@jumpmodels) | Make up: Lesly Yithan (@leslyyithan) | Assistant photographer: Mauro Vargas ( | Garments / jewellery: Luis Castelli Donnet (@luchocatdonn), Gallery Gang (@gallerygangbsas), Lyon Petite Boutique (@lyonpetiteboutique) and Zara.

An interview with fashion stylist

Virginia Greco

Q: When did your love of fashion styling first blossom? A: When I was 11 years old, I used to spend all my afternoons with my best friend looking through magazines and talking about fashion and designers. Actually we work together in our brand, Lyon. Q: What inspires your creativity the most and why? A: I am inspired by the people I work with, travel, a good movie, music, magazines and especially actresses and models from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. I love them! Q: Please tell us about the experience you had styling this beautiful photoshoot? A: It was a great experience! Luma is very professional, we love working together! It's a great team and working with good vibes is very important. Q: What advice would you offer to those also wishing to become a fashion stylist?

A: It’s important to be persistent and observant, focus on the detail, be different. Above all, look for inspiration and try to be unique. See more of Virginia’s work below:

An interview with photographer

Luma Bogado

Q: When did your love photography first blossom?


A: From a young age I've always liked to take photographs. I remember always taking my camera with me everywhere I went because I like the idea of capturing moments, places, people‌ I was always curious to know how a camera worked and after my graduation, I bought a camera and began to study photography and never stop. Thanks to that, I discovered what I really love. Q: What inspires your creativity the most and why? A: I don't think that there is only one source of inspiration, I think that I take small inspirations from lots of different things. Sometimes, music inspires me, or the perspective of a film director or a movie. Other times, the beauty of nature inspires me. I really enjoy travelling and getting to know new places, acknowledging their history and observing the architecture. These are things I like to take inspiration from also.

Q: Please tell us about the experience you had planning and capturing this beautiful series? A: It was a marvellous experience. This is the first time I put together a production from scratch, so I was a little nervous, but we made a great team. I really like working with Virginia and I feel like I can trust in her, and that we have a good understanding. This was also made possible thanks to Lucia, Mauri and Lesly. Q: What do you hope to achieve with your photography career in the not-too-distant future; do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? A: I hope to continue creating many more productions so that people can get to know who I am, because behind my work I think that my photos are a representation of me as a person. Virginia and I are also planning a trip to work on an editorial with the latest collection of Lyon. See more of Luma’s work below:


ABODI Interstellar Congress Spring-Summer 18 View more at

playlist Baudelaire - Angus and Julia Stone Exactly How You Are - Ball Park Music Kansas - Gang of Youths List of People (To Try and Forget About) - Tame Impala Turn Up Your Light - Boo Seeka Chasing Stars - Alice Ivy Solid Gold - Elk Road ft. Julia Stone California - Grimes In the City - Nyxen


Photographer: Natalia Naa (@natalianaa) | HMUA: Shonal (@makeupartistrybyshonal) | Stylist: Kat Arnott ( | Models: Jacinta (@jacintasworld) and Lauren (@laurenemmabird)

An interview with photographer

Natalia Naa

Q: When did your love photography first blossom?


A: I would say it first blossomed during my junior year in high school. I had to learn how to use a camera since I was part of the yearbook team. But gosh, back then, I had no clue on what I was doing. I remembered that I found it hard to understand the concept of aperture and f-stops. Those were the good days haha. I took a “break” from photography in my senior year because life was super hectic. When I left for university, I had my camera with me so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to start again; and fast forward, here I am today, (still) learning and experimenting with different genres of photography. Q: What inspires your creativity the most and why? A: I draw my inspiration mainly from nature (hence this Butterfly series) and from day dreaming. I love shooting outdoors and experimenting with different types of natural light, photo props, and themes/concepts. Most of my photoshoot ideas—believe it or

not—come from my alone time in the bathroom. And by alone, I mean, without my phone too. The time I spent staring at the wall or taking a warm bubble bath allow me to think. I find that doing nothing really helps me to keep my creative juices flow. Q: We love your series 'Butterfly'! Please tell us more about the experience you had planning and shooting these images?

A: I am so glad that you love them! This particular shoot took a few months to plan since we had to wait for the warmer weather in order to shoot outdoors. I got the idea when I went to the Butterfly Kingdom in Sentosa, Singapore. As I was wondering around the garden, I thought that it would be super cool to have the butterflies as a photoshoot concept. After the trip, I immediately bought the butterflies, posted a model call, had a make-up artist and fashion stylist on board too. We booked in a date and location that would work for everyone, and voila! Here is the result!

Q: We understand that travel and adventure play large roles in your life too. What have been some of your most memorable travel journeys or experiences so far, and what places do you plan on visiting in the near future? A: I went to Dubai recently and IT. WAS. AMAZING! The sand dunes and the sunset are just so beautiful. I also had the chance to see the Dubai skyline from the top of the Burj Khalifa. It was just so different than the other countries that I’ve been to before. My next travel destinations would be the rest of Australia and also Europe!

Q: Lastly, what do you hope to achieve with your photography career over the course of the next 12 months? A: I’ve never given this much thought actually! I think I’ll definitely be doing a lot more creative work. I also hope to do more studio work and wedding photography in the near future. See more of Natalia’s work at the following links:

Purple haze

Photographer: Holly Moore | Creative Director: Beth Poulter | Model: Scarlett Archibald-Wright | MUA: Amy O’Connor | Hair Stylist: Bonnie Rae | Fashion Designer: Charlotte Kathleen

An interview with photographer

Holly Moore

Q: When did your love photography first blossom?


A: I have always been a very creative person and I grew up with a camera and loved taking photos of everything when I was a child! Q: What inspires your creativity the most and why? A: I recently wrote my dissertation on 'The Female Gaze’. I am very interested in all the creative female photographers out there such as Petra Collins and Juno Calypso helping female photographers having something to look up to in the photographic industry. My work also sometimes takes the form of a dreamy, somewhat 'feminine' aesthetic which is also what I am drawn to within my work.

Q: We love your series 'Purple Haze'! Please tell us more about the experience you had planning and shooting these images? A: The creative director of this shoot was Beth Poulter who is also a student at NUA studying Fashion Communication. She sourced Charlotte Kathleen’s beautiful designs for us to be able to use for

the shoot and the theme and aesthetic was created by Beth and we worked together to create this 'Purple Haze' aesthetic. We wanted to try and create a bold and purple themed shoot to show off Charlotte's beautifully-designed garments using different techniques to try and create the 'haze' effect and also working with hair stylist Bonnie Rae and Makeup artist Amy O'Connor to create a striking look for Scarlett. Q: We understand you're in your 3rd year at Norwich University of the Arts studying photography. What advice would you offer to those also wishing to pursue photography at a tertiary level? A: I have now finished my degree and would highly recommend studying photography at University as it really helped me develop my work further and widen my skills in lighting, photography equipment itself and retouching. It also helps you understand what it is like to be working to deadlines and responding to briefs much like working in the photographic industry.

Q: What do you hope to achieve with your photography in the nottoo-distant future; do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? A: Eventually it would be perfect to be a freelance photographer far in the future. I do have my degree show exhibition to look forward to which starts on the 28th June 6pm-10pm and it's on till the 2nd of July at The Old Truman Brewery F Block G5, 91 Brick Lane, London. It will be really exciting to be showing my work and speaking to professionals in the industry on the night too! I plan to start assisting photographers after we have graduated to help me get more experience as I am always keen to learn more. View more of Holly’s work at the following links:

I have given myself the licence to create the most beautiful things

An interview with Lucy, fashion designer at

I foundLucy.

Q: How did you find your way into fashion design?

A term I used to believe signified vulnerability and little in strength.

A: I found fashion design after spending my entire childhood drawing and painting. I am really fortunate to have been brought up in a crafty environment as well as the right school where I really got the chance to learn many foundations that then helped me to get to a place of experimenting different mediums, which ended up being fabric!

Q: Are you inspired by any media with your work? Books, art, movies?

Q: What does being "unapologetically feminine" mean to you as a designer? A: In the process of researching and experimenting with what I wanted I found Lucy. to say, as well as feel, (through personal experience of course), I acknowledged the journey I have come through as a girladolescent-woman and what ‘femininity’ has meant to me. So as a designer I believe that femininity is one of the strongest of all natures. It is light (warmth and brightness), it is strength, it is cleverness and it is empathy. Basically I have given myself the license to create the most beautiful things on my mind and no longer fear being shoved into a category of ‘girly’.

A: I am always inspired by period set films of which I love to take little details and include them in my work, whether it be the cut of a corset, the ruffle of a sleeve or the high neck ruffle. I love paintings like The Swing. The movement of the dress, the femininity of the women in the darkness of the forest. I like images like that as well as modern artists like Kathryn Del Barton. I am inspired by music of different types of femininity, to name a few relevant to my brand I would say Warpaint, The Jezabels, Petite Meller, Lykke Li. I also am a huge podcaster. I love listening to pop-culture conversations and interviews with amazing entrepreneurs whether they be designers or not, just relating to other creatives and women has really helped me feel a little more sturdy on my feet in the chance of I found Lucy. having a place in the world of growing confident women.

Q: We hear you're working on a showcase in September (and possibly a new collection?) - can you tell us more about that? A: This is true!! I am really quite excited about it and the new opportunities that it will bring! The collection will consist of 12 looks for the showcase which will possibly ALL be available in various places online! It is somewhat the sister of my previous collection in the fact that I was inspired by the results of some truly amazing collaborations that happened last year and early this year. It is full of soft sheers and textured velvets and of course, romantic contrasting details! Q: We've been very lucky to feature you on Whim several times throughout the years - how do you feel your work has grown since we featured your Etsy store back in 2013? Wow! Yes, so long! I will say it has been hard in the way that having my own label and pushing it forward to being a brand. I have learnt sooo much and am excited to continue in doing so. I have now collaborated which creatives all over the world, including Hollywood, LA, London and France to name a few. And through these connections I have learnt so much. I can’t wait to dress more vibrant, strong and clever women!

View more of I found Lucy. at the following links:

Photo credits, in order of appearance: Image 1 - Photography: Rosie Harper (@rosieharperphoto), Model: Quincie (@quinciezari), Stylist: Kristen Milford (@styledbykristenmilford) Image 2 - Photography: Celine Urena (@celthecat), Model: Ornella (@ornelladucos) Image 3 Photography: Ashley Armitage (@ladyist), Model: Magdalena

Image 4 - Photography: Ashley Holloway (@ahollowayphoto), Model: Taylor (@taylorvarvil) Image 5 - Photography: April Maxine Stead (@whitewillow_fashion), Model: Sadie (@hello_claricee).

Interview by Cecile Blackmore.


Photography: Angie Candell | Gown: Chantel Lauren | Bridal Salon: Blanc de Blanc Bridal | Model: Bella Davison | Hair Stylist: La Pomponnee Beauty Artisans | Makeup: Brazil Raine Makeup Artist | Accessories: Kata Banko Couture

why must you sing when I want to sleep?

oh, siren, take my soul to keep.

An interview with photographer

Angie Candell Q: When did your love photography first blossom?


A: I've loved photography ever since I was in elementary school. I was a shy kid, so having a camera in my hands kind of helped me to open up! Q: What inspires your work the most and why? A: I've always loved fairytales, and I feel like that really drives how I do my sessions. But, I don't like to just re-create the fairytales that have already been written....I like to create my own fairytale-concepts! Q: Please tell us more about the experience you had planning and capturing this dreamy series? A: We did the photoshoot at Presque Isle in Erie, PA, and started the photoshoot super early in the morning. (Wayyy earlier than I'm used to!) I wanted that pretty, misty morning light for the photos. It wasn't easy to get the model out on the rocks while also keeping the dress looking pristine, but somehow we did it! Q: What emotions or messages did you want to convey in this series?

A: For this session, I wanted it to be a nod to the Sirens in Homer's The Odyssey. The one photo of her out on the rock is actually a composite photo. I wanted it to look like she was alone out on the sea waiting for sailors. Q: Lastly, what do you hope to achieve with your photography career in the not-too-distant future; do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? A: I'd love to be shooting the collections/campaigns full-time for high-end bridal designers! View more of Angie’s work at the following links:

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.�

- Robin Williams

Call of the flowers Photography / Styling: Vivienne Mok (@vivienne.mok) | Hair / Make-up: Vivienne Mok | Model: Natascha Lisa (@nataschalisastamm) at Fotogen

An interview with photographer

Vivienne Mok

Q: What is it about photography that you feel most passionate about? A: Photography is for me a way of expression; I could not quite imagine my life without it in the moment. I love to create, to capture the beauty that I see, and it makes me happy even if it can be hard at times. I photograph because I am passionate about it, not for the fashion, the others or the money. I really want to create images with a narrative, with feelings, that are out of time. Q: Please tell us more about your beautiful series; what was the experience like planning and photographing this shoot? A: Those who know me well, know that I love flowers and springtime is my favorite time of the year for outdoor photography. I get very inspired just by seeing the beautiful nature around me blossoming and flourishing! This year especially it was warm and dry and extremely beautiful. I am lucky to live in an area in Switzerland with beautiful fields, and gardens. The last two years I was away during this beautiful season and so this year I could not wait for spring to come (and to shoot...!). I had also wanted to work with my

model Natascha for some time. The planning wasn't complicated, but I needed good weather (and luckily mother nature was on our side, we even had the perfect amount of wind for extra dreaminess) and to shoot before they cut the fields (the buttercup field was cut just a day later..!). Q: What emotions or messages did you want to convey in this series? A: This series was mainly about capturing the beauty of spring flowers and blooms combined with Natascha's (the model) atypical beauty. I wanted something very dreamy, moody, ethereal, and her to look a bit like a fairy. She has the perfect combination of a child-like face and feminine features for that. I wanted the images to look quite timeless, like classic paintings... Q: What advice would you offer to those wishing to follow in your footsteps and become a photographer? I think there is not a “perfect method� for becoming a photographer, and every person has different goals, but from my personal experience I can give these few

pieces of advice for those who want to pursue photography:

View more of Vivienne’s work at the following links:

Do it because you are passionate about it and it makes you happy. Be patient as it takes time and experience to build something durable. Throughout your “career” it will be normal to make mistakes, but they are there so that you can learn from them, don't give up at the 1st little stone in your way. Don't be afraid to work hard. Respect all the people that you work with, we all do better work when we work in a good mood, harmony and respect. Sometimes when things aren't flowing, it is better to step back and take a break to avoid just going straight into a wall. Be faithful to yourself in your art.

Q: Lastly, what do you hope to achieve with your photography career in the not-too-distant future; do you have any exciting, upcoming plans you'd like to share with us? A: Currently I am working very hard on my Clothing and Accessories eshop ( which is very time consuming as I do everything by myself, but which I am also very passionate about. Hope to share more about it in the near future!

“There is no greater gift

you can give or receive than to honour your calling.It’s why you were born.”

- Oprah Winfrey

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Whim Online Magazine Issue 16  

Featuring whimsical and dreamy photoshoots, art and creative writing, as well as interviews with inspirational bloggers, artists, photograph...

Whim Online Magazine Issue 16  

Featuring whimsical and dreamy photoshoots, art and creative writing, as well as interviews with inspirational bloggers, artists, photograph...