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THE BRIDAL ISSUE Editor / Founder: Melanie Doncas Contributors: Cecile Blackmore, Ashley Holloway, Sara Toscano, Danniellajaine, Stefanie Kaspari, Kalindy Williams, Alina Autumn, Lisa Schroder, Naomi Peris, FASHFEST

Cover: Photographer: Ashley Holloway | www.ashleyholloway.com Photographer's Assistant: Kaylin Amabile Venue: Casa Lantana | www.CasaLantana.net Hair: Nereida Padilla | www.HairandMakeUpbyNereida.com Dresses: Sandra Hagen | www.etsy.com/shop/sandrachagen Flower Crowns: SerenityCrystal | www.etsy.com/shop/serenitycrystal Model: Charlotte @ Modern Muse Orlando | www.modern-muse.com Floral Archway: Foo-tes Flowers Gifts Events | www.footesflowers.com Tiered Cake: Petite Madelyn's Custom Bake Shoppe | www.petitemadelynsbakery.com

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Editor ’ s Letter Hello and thank you so much for opening up this special ‘bridal edition’ of Whim Online Magazine! We thought we’d dedicate a whole issue to ethereal and dreamy bridal-inspired work, especially since we had been receiving a number of incredible submissions celebrating this theme. I hope you’re filled with awe by each of these creatives – I know I certainly am!

This will also be the final digital magazine issue from us for 2016, but don’t worry – we’ll be back into it next year! Didn’t that come around quickly? Until then though, we hope you have a lovely time looking through this issue, and as always, your feedback is welcome! You can find me at whim.online@gmail.com. Enjoy!


Contents 6…. Photoshoot: ‘Secret Garden’ by Ashley Holloway 54.. …Interview: Ashley Holloway 56.… .Interview: Artist Lisa Schroder 62… ..Photoshoot: ‘Where They Wander’ by ..Danniellajaine 76… ..Interview: Danniellajaine 78. ….Photoshoot: ‘Fields of Gold’ by Borkh Photography 96… ..Interview: Stefanie Kaspari of Borkh Photography 98…. .Photoshoot: ‘Half Moon’ by Kalindy Williams 120… Interview: Kalindy Williams 122… Naomi Peris Bridal FASHFEST ’16 Showcase 127 …Interview Naomi Peris 130… The Photography of Alina Autumn 138… Interview: Alina Autumn 140… Photoshoot: ‘Dawn Rose’ by Sara T Photography 148… Interview: Sara Toscano 150 …Thank You!

Secret Garden Photographer: Ashley Holloway | www.ashleyholloway.com Photographer's Assistant: Kaylin Amabile Venue: Casa Lantana | www.CasaLantana.net Hair: Nereida Padilla | www.HairandMakeUpbyNereida.com Dresses: Sandra Hagen | www.etsy.com/shop/sandrachagen Flower Crowns: SerenityCrystal | www.etsy.com/shop/serenitycrystal Model: Charlotte @ Modern Muse Orlando | www.modern-muse.com Floral Archway: Foo-tes Flowers Gifts Events | www.footesflowers.com Tiered Cake: Petite Madelyn's Custom Bake Shoppe www.petitemadelynsbakery.com

Ashley Holloway Is a bridal shoot different to a regular editorial shoot at all? I think this depends on the style you're going for! For bridal shoots, I always aim for romantic, soft, and carefree images that have a happy feeling to them. For editorial, I'm sometimes showcasing different emotions / feelings, such as strength, attitude, or even sadness. And of course the styling and how you're showcasing it can be quite different as well. Was it a challenge capturing the different looks and locations on one shoot? It was challenging working with the different lighting throughout the day to create a cohesive look. That's something I always struggle with. You might get one look that looks amazing, but keeping the same look/feeling throughout is very important to me. Your bio says you do shoot small events - have you / would you ever shoot a wedding?

I do shoot small events, but portraits will always be my specialty. I've shot one wedding by myself and a few more as a second shooter, and while capturing the genuinely beautiful emotions on a wedding day is a wonderful feeling, it's also not something I feel that I excel in consistently enough. I enjoy the more leisurely paced speed of a portrait or editorial shoot instead of the fastpaced speed of shooting a wedding. I would never forgive myself for not capturing a special and unique moment in somebody's wedding, so I leave it up to the professionals that are more suited to that genre! However, I've photographed several couples' after wedding portrait sessions recently and I can firmly say that this is something I really love photographing! It's especially a great option if you're just doing a small courthouse wedding but still want beautiful photos of you both in your wedding finery.

What are your favourite bridal trends at the moment? I adore the romantic, vintage, and bohemian decor included in a lot of weddings right now! I also really love outdoor weddings incorporating fairy lights and vintage furniture. Those trends have been around for awhile, but I think they just really work and create an intimate and unique feeling. What would your dream wedding - as a guest or as a bride - involve? I've never given this much thought actually! As a bride, I suppose I would love an outdoor wedding in a wooded area with an enchanted forest theme, very soft and ethereal with a magical, fairytale feel. I love photographing that look, so being a bride in it would be quite memorable, I think! I love nature, so that would be a very important element to me. My parents got married in my grandparents' Florida backyard on this gorgeous arched bridge over top of their pond with the woods surrounding them, and I think I could see myself doing something similar if I ever get married. My grandfather actually just rebuilt the bridge, as it was getting very weathered, in

hopes that one of his grandchildren would get married on it in the future. So, perhaps if I don't, one of my brothers will. My parents have been happily married for over 30 years, so I'd like to think it would be a bit of good luck! What are you up to next? I'm never quite sure what I'm up to next until I'm doing it! However, I think I'll be doing a lot more creative work as the weather gets a bit less intense heat-wise in Florida. I haven't shot a lot of personal work this year, and I've really been missing it. I write a lot of ideas for photoshoots in my notes app on my phone, and I was going through them recently and thinking there was a lot of good stuff in there that I haven't used yet! For example, one of the notes says "A man who found a butterfly in the woods and saved her from her sorrow." I really liked that one and think I might need to use it as a shoot concept soon! For more, visit: www.ashleyholloway.com

Interview by Cecile Blackmore

Lisa Schroder www.lisaschroder.com

What was the catalyst that made you switch from your work in textiles and the fashion industry to starting your own brand? I absolutely adored working as a textile designer. I’m not just saying that. I couldn’t believe that someone was paying me to go to work and paint and create beautiful patterns everyday. I spent 7 years managing a team of designers and we did absolutely everything. Prints, embroideries, packaging, photo-shoots, ad campaigns and branding. It was a really exciting time for me. When I left to start my own freelancing business as a graphic designer, I had this idea that I would end up doing all of the regular ads and brochures that you get as a designer. But what was amazing was that so many of my clients ended up being some of Australia’s biggest retailers. I did love working with them and don’t get me wrong it was a huge privilege, but there is only so many “30% off store wide” sale posters that you can do. I had a bit of a revelation moment last year that what I loved the most was those beautiful patterns and prints that I used to do. I have always been attracted to very feminine things and I really missed creating those beautiful, intricate

patterns. Sometime you have to pursue what makes your heart sing. So I pulled all of my paint brushes out from the cupboard and went down to the art shop and bought my self a brand new set of watercolours and just started painting things that were beautiful to me. At the start I just wanted to see if there was any interest in my work and sure enough I have had a great response to my range.

What’s a normal working day for you? There is no normal working day for me. I guess that is what I love about what I do. I have three little girls at home most days so if I’m not playing mummy then you can find me hiding away in my office doing some sneaky work. On the days when I do get to spend it “in the office” I usually start with any emails or admin work that I need to do, then I will make myself a super large pot of tea and get stuck into the more creative parts of my job. For example this week I pulled my office apart and turned it into a little photo studio so that I could get some new product photography. I try and do any of my painting on the days when the girls are at school/day care. But most nights you will find me with my paint brush in hand.

I’m a Brisbane girl too! How do you find Brisbane in terms of fostering your creativity? I have found the creative community here in Brisbane so incredibly welcoming and encouraging. There is a lot of support for people starting their own thing and a great culture of appreciating beautiful things. Brisbane has a lot of talented people and it has been a wonderful environment to work in.

At the moment I’m working on some new nursery prints which I hope to launch soon. It has been a really fun little project. But I also want to put together an adult colouring-in book. It’s pretty fun to do.

View more www.lisaschroder.com

Interview by Cecile Blackmore What cues do you take from your Swedish heritage in your designs? It has been a huge influence. Growing up I was surrounded by hand-painted and embroidered designs. I remember my mother had a collection of traditional Swedish embroidery patterns that I used to spend hours admiring. Christmas time with all of my Swedish Aunties was one of my favorite times. Every corner of their houses seemed to be decorated with the most beautiful prints and embroideries. There are lots of pieces in my range which reference those shame shapes and colours that I grew up with. What’s a favourite project you’ve been working on lately?


Where They

Wander Photography: Danniellajaine www.facebook.com/storytellerpicturemaker Model: Jess Louise Garment & Accessories: The Ivory Dolls Wings: Under The Ivy Hair & Makeup: Victoria Thomas

Danniella Jaine Can you tell us more about the Ivory Dolls shop and why they're a brand you love working with? Of course. Like many of the traders I work for, The Ivory Dolls are an independent brand all hand-made by one very special little faerie Hollie Andrews. Located in the mythical Vale of Avalon, Hollie lovingly creates accessories and garments from delicate fabrics and antique laces founded on her wonderings about vintage stores. Creation is such a personal process and I believe so much of the makers’ self shows in what they create. I enjoy working with brands such as The Ivory Dolls as its unique style that inspires the personality of the characters in my stories. Why do you think so many people are now turning to vintage and handmade brands over massproduced wares? That’s a good question. I think now days we are becoming a lot more mindful about what we purchase as we’re not only more

educated, but interested in where our produce comes from. We are very lucky in our generation because we quite literally have the world at our fingertips which has made it possible for artist and makers all over the globe to be able to market their work and trade with others. The location for this shoot is stunning - it reminds me of the fairy illustrations I loved so dearly when I was a child. How do you go about finding such locations for your shoots? Thank you, I love that you said that. I first stumbled across this location visiting Manchester's Botanical Gardens out of interest. After stumbling through the hidden gates into the area called ”The Rockery” I began to well up with nostalgia. It was very much like my Grandmother’s garden, only... much, much bigger! Just like remembering it from when I was little. I never stop looking for locations and I never stop seeing pictures, even when I don’t have my camera.

I enjoy hiking and I’m always exploring new places. When I am taken by my surroundings I listen to the message that has been placed before my path and seek what there is to be found. My work is very personal to me and a very spiritual process, everything is significant especially the location as so often the magic is a gift to the moment, it comes from the land. What inspires your literature, art, film?



Nature, most definitely. I’m just as, if not more so inspired by the branches that frame the girl than her identity - which that she must to some extent let go of in order to be truly convinced by the moment, then the photograph is created. I move in the way the moment takes me, I’m fascinated with beauty, movement, colour and shapes. I’m not very well-read and I rarely have the attention span for film. As a child I was pretty feral, too busy digging up worms and finding insects underneath the rockery to sit with a book. My mother was a brilliant storyteller, I listened to her as she would use many voices. It was so expressive.

What would be your idea of a perfect wedding (as a guest or as a bride)? Some sort of woodland wonderland I suppose, with a few relatives and close friends that wouldn’t be too particular about picking their baked potato from the fire pit. Of course it would be beautiful and very decorative, but we’d make it all ourselves or trade with friends. I’m quite traditional really when it comes to romance but I couldn’t justify needing a big fancy wedding or something so formal. Too many lovers don’t marry because of money and it’s sad that such a thing should matter. Be creative, use what you have and ask your Grandmother for a good cake recipe!

See more at: www.facebook.com/storytellerpic turemaker

Interview by Cecile Blackmore.

Fields of Gold Photographer: Stefanie Kaspari of Borkh Photography www.borkh-photography.de Model: Mea Carena www.facebook.com/Mea-Carena-Model-274674832717968 Make-up: Kristina Neuhäuser www.kristinaneuhaeuser.com Flowercrown: Manousche www.manousche.com

Stefanie Kaspari When did your love photography first blossom?


It happened about 10 years ago, at the tender age of 15. I was into many creative activities around that time (like drawing, felting, sewing...), trying to figure out what I'd like to do for a living later on. But the moment I discovered photography for myself, it all became clear. Sounds pretty cheesy, but it was like love at first sight. What is it about bridal themed photo shoots that particularly inspire you? I absolutely adore capturing the delicate beauty of a bride-to-be. Since I'm into nature, flowers and beautiful but not overloaded dresses, bohemian bridal or wedding shoots are my favourite. Following the slogan “I'd rather wear flowers in my hair than diamonds around my neck”. Please tell us more about the experience you had planning and capturing this gorgeous series?

To be honest, it was a pretty spontaneous photo shoot, so we decided to keep it simple. Shortly before, I went on a hiking trip where I discovered this gorgeous field of furze on a clearing in the woods – and I immediately knew, that I had to capture its beauty. I got in touch with my model, make-up artist and the designer and was happy to hear, that they all were on board right away. Fortunately, I had been working together with all of them before, so the planning was pretty easy and we had lots of fun during the shoot. It's always a pleasure to work with such awesome people! What advice would you give to those also wishing to photograph a dreamy, bridal inspired photo shoot? First, I would tell them not to care too much about what's “in” at the moment, but to rather focus on their personal style and vision. There will be lots of people trying to tell you how to take pictures, how to decorate scenes and how to edit your images.

Though there will surely be helpful tips included, you can only bring a round series to life if you stand fully behind it and feel comfortable in your setting. Second: If you are planning a complex shooting, try to work with people you already know and can rely on. Being able to delegate tasks and responsibility makes things so much easier. You don't need to be a lone fighter! And last but not least, something that's especially important when photographing a groom and bride: don't focus too hard on perfect poses, but on emotions. What do you hope to achieve with your photography in the not-too-distant future; do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? I don't ask for much, I just hope that I will stay able to subsist on my work – and I would love to participate even more in the business of wedding photography. There are lots of awesome photo shoots, projects and cooperations in progress. Without revealing too much, I can tell you that it's going to get autumnal, winterly and – of course – very romantic!

See more at: www.borkh-photography.de

Half Moon Photography: Kalindy Williams www.kalindyannewilliams.format.com Stylist: Petrova Hammond using Lady Petrova Bridal Collection ‘As You Wish’ | www.ladypetrova.com Jewellery by Emgee |www.etsy.com/au/shop/TheLittleShopOfEmgee Shell Crown by Sneaky Peek | www.shopsneakypeek.com Model: Bridie Goold | @bridiegoold Make Up and Hair: Frankie Hopkins | @frankiehopkinshmua

Kalindy Williams We're frothing over Half Moon (and I want every dress in it as day wear) - can you tell us a little about how that shoot came together? I love shooting with Lady Petrova's beautiful designs and when I found out about her new wedding dress line I knew I had to shoot with them! I had worked with Bridie once before and knew she would be perfect for the shoot. I then roped-in the very talented Frankie Hopkins on make up and hair. One sunny and very windy day Petrova, Bridie, Frankie and I all piled into a tiny car driven by my partner Kurt to Half Moon Bay. We wanted the shoot to have an ethereal mermaid feel so I think the setting was perfect. You're a visual artist as well as a photographer, mostly drawing women - do you base them on IRL people or make up a character in your head? My illustrations are a combination of both; I base my illustrations on cool women on the internet,

people I've met in real life and sometimes on shoots I've done to create a whole new imaginary babe. What do you look for in a natural setting for shooting? Colour or lack of colour, I love bright flowers and trees but sometimes an empty field or beach can spark an idea. Lots of light and space create a beautiful feeling in photographs so any place that is bright and sunny with lots of space to move around is great. What do you think the Australian landscape has to offer a photographer? We are really lucky in Australia to have so many great locations in one country and often so close together! I've lived in Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane and Melbourne now and they all have an incredibly unique feeling I think would be hard to find anywhere else.

What's your favourite thing about shooting with film? Film is so unpredictable, but in a good way. It’s really exciting shooting with film, because you never 100% know what you're going to get, there could be light leaks or film mistakes or accidental double exposures which all make film so unique and fun. View more at: www.kalindyannewilliams.format. com

Interview by Cecile Blackmore

Naomi Peris Bridal

Find out more about this label at www.naomiperis.com and be sure to visit the FASHFEST website at fashfest.com.au Photography: Images 1 – 6 by Martin Ollman | Images 7 + 8 by Studio Vita | Hair: Matrix | MUA: Harlotte Cosmetics | On location: National Convention Centre Canberra

Naomi Peris What was it like to showcase your designs at Canberra’s most prestigious fashion event? It was incredible to showcase for the first time at FASHFEST! I launched my Spring/Summer Collection for 2017. The show itself is amazing, and feedback even before the event was fantastic, not to mention afterwards. It is really the best platform for any designer wanting to showcase their work in Canberra. What is it about bridal fashion that you are most drawn to or inspired by and why? This collection was inspired by an Egyptian Tribal Princess. I chose slim and strong silhouettes, detailed laces, and ostrich feathers. I used mostly new season fabrics that are rare or hard to find. But what draws me to bridal is that brides come to me to make that one special gown for them. That one gown that they will remember for the rest of their lives. It's such a special day and to

be a part of that with someone is so amazing. I fell in love with your ethereal bridal gowns on the runway. What sort of woman do you have in mind when you design your gowns? Our gowns target the modern, sexy bride. As I have designed for brides for more than seven years now, I really believe the market is changing. Fewer brides want a traditional gown. So the Naomi Peris collection captures a confident, modern bride, who wants something different, something that matches their personality and highlights their beauty. What advice would you give to those also wishing to pursue a career in bridal couture? Don't do it!!! Only kidding ... But, honestly, only do it if you really love it and are 100% passionate. You have to be prepared to work really, really hard.

You also need to be a perfectionist and master at what you do if you choose bridalwear. And what many people don't tell you is that you will fail so many times that you will think you just can't do it. But if you always keep learning from mistakes, and perfecting your craft, one day it will work. Lastly, what do you hope to achieve with your label, Naomi Peris Bridal, in the not-toodistant future; do you have any exciting, upcoming plans that you would like to share with us? The Naomi Peris Bridal label is about showcasing our perfect cuts and new fabrics, but mainly about what we can create for brides. Most brides want an individual gown designed just for them, so this collection is a great showcase to designing the perfect gown, which is our main business (perfectgown.com.au). I’ve already had brides come and either buy directly from the collection, or pick elements of gowns they love which we would then design something individually for them. Over the next few weeks we’ll formally launch the new collection we showcased at FASHFST on our

website naomiperis.com. The collection will also be available to view at our studio, The Perfect Gown in Kingston, ACT.

Find out more at www.naomiperis.com and fashfest.com.au/designer/naomiperis-bridal

“Whatever our


are made of, his and mine are the same.�

Alina Autumn linazhidovinova.wixsite.com/autumn

Alina Autumn When / why did you make your move into photography? I became interested in photos from a teenager, but then I was attracted by nature and its inhabitants: butterflies, lizards and birds. I began to photograph people more than three years ago. Everything happened unexpectedly for me. I try to show beauty in simple things in the photos. It is pleasant not only to photograph to me, but also to create images - to choose clothes, to think about a hairstyle and make-up. I like vintage clothes and I am glad that it became fashionable again. How does a shoot begin for you? With a story, a model, an outfit...? I needed several months to learn to interact with people on photographings, to understand them. Through each photographing, meeting with the new person, good luck and failure taught me. So my style in the photo arose. I try to be faithful to myself to this day, however, I like

to experiment. For example, to try fashion photography, to photograph children. Thanks to such experiments, I meet remarkable people and I learn to see the world from a different angle. In my photographings, a very important role is played by the model and clothes. I like womanly images: white lacy dresses, vintage blouses, long skirts. I carefully watch that everything is in harmony. I like to take a series of pictures united by a story. Often stories are created by the viewer. It is very pleasant to me when people see in the photo even more than you planned to tell them. What is it like working with animals in photography? It is hard to photograph with animals. I always very much worry. Most of all I liked to photograph with a swan. This surprising creation! I just monitored the movements of a swan and was inspired by his grace. The model was in harmony with a swan, I felt their spiritual bond.

Your fashion photography is breathtaking - which designer would you most like to work with, and why? Thanks! I acted as the stylist and bought all of the clothes. I can't tell you that I fixedly watch fashionable tendencies, but I definitely like a mix of the present and classics. Moreover, I very much love vintage wedding dresses. I like dresses of the designer Diana Pavlovskaya, the YOLAN CRIS brand and the designer of Vera Wang.

and also to meet personally. You have to feel that you are understood. If speaking about clothes, then I very much would like to see myself in a vintage wedding dress. It has to be rather simple, by all means with lace. For the groom I would like to choose a plaid shirt, a tie butterfly and trousers on braces. I consider that the wedding is a very disturbing day and it is important to create a comfortable atmosphere for you two.





What would your dream wedding (as a guest or as a bride) look like? I am excited about weddings in boho-style. I like silent and cozy weddings with only the closest people. In my dreams, I imagine a wedding in a beautiful wood with a lake. A fabric tent for guests, classical music, clothes of guests is sustained in uniform style, ornaments from a natural tree and there are a lot of sparks. Obligatory attribute is beautiful photographing for the newlywed. It seems to me, it is a very important point. At the choice of the photographer it is necessary to examine carefully his works,

Interview by Cecile Blackmore

Dawn Rose Photography / Styling: Sara Toscano from Sara T Photography www.saratphotography.com Make-up and Hair: Kaja Dobron Model: Dawn Rose

Sara Toscano How and why did you start your career in photography? My love for photography began when I was a little girl; it runs in the family, my grandfather and mother are also photography lovers. When I was two years old I started to play with my parents’ camera and later on my mother had to hide my camera because I wanted the prints and it was too expensive to have all the rolls developed. Shortly after I moved to Holland in 2008 I met Robbert Beck and he allowed me to assist some of his shoots, gave me assignments and critiqued my work. It was then that I started to read light and searched the old masters of painting - this is how I started my company. What was your inspiration behind this beautiful shoot? My inspiration for this shoot came when I was walking in the park at sunset and saw all those lovely flowers and the light was so soft I had to do a shoot there. Then the team came together perfectly in

sync, the make-up artist / hair stylist Kaja Dobron made a gorgeous work and Dawn Rose’s look and grace made it all possible. Very innocent, ethereal and soft. The first part of the shoot was in the studio with natural and studio light and then we went for a walk in the park. Some of your shoots are very intimate - do you find it easier working with strangers or with people you know? The most important thing to me is for the person I’m capturing to be at ease and comfortable - their trust in me and their attention to my guidance is the key to achieve great results. I feel comfortable working with friends and with total strangers. When I’m working with clients there is always a preconsultation so I get to know them and their wishes for the shoot before hand. When I work with models, sometimes we meet at the set and it’s all good. I earn their trust and make them feel good and look their best.

When I work with clients and a make-up artist and/or hair stylist is required, I always know my team. It’s imperative that my clients get the result their expecting; I always like to top their expectations and I trust my team to help me achieve it. When I work with new makeup/hair stylists, wardrobe stylists, etc. it all goes well (till now at least) I speak my mind and let them do their magic. You offer a styling and a portrait service - when did you start? Is it fun turning people into their "dream look"? I started my company Sara T Photography in 2009. My work is my life, I love what I do, my studio is a playground and everyone has a great time before, during and after the shoot. Before the shoot I meet my clients in the studio and I give them my advice for the outfits, colours, accessories, etc. They can always use the studio wardrobe that includes a lot of wedding dresses and accessories. I try to get the clients as involved as possible, my goal is for them to feel good in their own skin and see how stunning they are. No words describe what I feel when my clients fall in love with the images I create of them, it’s

wonderful to see them looking at themselves and really seeing how amazing they are. What would your dream wedding (as a guest or as a bride) look like? My dream wedding would be small (in the number of people but huge in the amount of love), simple and classy, only with the people that are close to me and the man of my life, my boyfriend. It would take place in autumn at sunset in a resort (because of the wind it has to be an indoor location) near a beach, with views to the ocean decorated with gorgeous flowers, candles and chandeliers to the sound of the waves together with violins, piano and violoncello. The decoration would be made in pastel tones, very soft and romantic. The first dance would be “Por una Cabeza”, my favourite of all times tango by Carlos Gardel (composer) and Alfredo Le Pera (lyricist). My dream dress is a lace fitted dress, floor length with long sleeves and shoes would be elegant with lace and high heels. For more, visit: www.saratphotography.com Interview by Cecile Blackmore.

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