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2 - W&W Spring 2012


Located next to the NEW Great Escape 14 IMAX 3-D Theater in Dickson City where every night is Movie Nite at the Lube! Spin the PRIZE WHEEL for your chance to win FREE IMAX Movie Gift Cards! Show your Movie Ticket Stub for daily discounts and specials. Movie Meal Deal only $15! Includes Any Lube Burger, Side & Soft Drink, Plus a Movie Pass. * Regular movie ticket not valid on IMAX or 3-D.


REV UP & RE-CHARGE! Many BIG screen TV’s that always have YOUR favorite sport on. Auto-themed décor includes COOL Classic Cars, NASCAR theme on walls and motorcycles that hang from the ceilings. There’s ALWAYS something happening at The Lube! From Tuesday’s All-You-CanEat Wing Night, Bike Nights, Family & Kids Nite to Car Cruise-Ins & much more!

3 - W&W Spring 2012


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5 - W&W Spring 2012




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6 - W&W Spring 2012




Spring 2012

Vol 47 No 2

10 10. PA Artisan Trails

Take a pleasant drive along one of PA’s six artisan trails where the journey is part of your experience.

22. Explore NW PA’s Great Outdoors A mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, PA’s Northwest is home to multiple state parks, rivers, lakes and rare stands of virgin forest.

33. Pennsylvania State Police Museum

More than a century of history is displayed at the little-known museum where law and order is more than a TV show.

40. Kids’ Roadtrip

Help your kids shake off the winter doldrums with a roadtrip designed just for them!


Regional Events 14. North 25. South 36. East 42. West

Plan Your Visit 47. Visitor Information Request Form Want to know more about what’s going on in PA? Fill out the form and receive information about the places that interest you.

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PA Saint Patrick's Day Parades March 10 • Bucks County March 10 • Conshohocken March 10 • Scranton March 11 • Jim Thorpe st-patricks-day-parade March 11 • Philadelphia March 17 • Indiana March 17 • Pittsburgh March 17 • York March 18 • Allentown March 24 • Girardville March 24 • Harrisburg March 25 • Stroudsburg

Charter Day

March 11, 2012

Each year, museums administered by the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission celebrate William Penn’s 1681 charter from King Charles II of England. Admission to PHMC museums is free from noon until 4 pm on March 11, 2012

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8 - W&W Spring 2012

Let’s get serious. Who doesn’t like the longer, warmer days that are upon us? Just makes you feel good all over, doesn’t it? Makes me feel like a kid again! Growing up, I spent a lot of time with cousins. Our families were close-knit. Both my parents’ families grew up within a couple miles of each other. Everyone congregated at the farm after chores and dinner to play baseball on a piece of level land that had been a cow pasture. Mom and Dad had turned it into lawn, adding another half hour to my assigned chore of mowing the grass. (We’ll leave that story for another time!) Spring is always a time of new beginnings, changing our winter habits into more physical activity after being inside for months. Just like our spring ball games got us all pumped, there are so many interesting and entertaining things going on in our beautiful state to take advantage of. We need to get out and enjoy them, stretching our imaginations and learning new things. And while you’re out there having fun and learning, make sure the venue you are enjoying knows you found them through Where & When. The first step is always the hardest. But just do it! You know that once you do, you’ll have so much fun and wonder why you dragged your feet! With a renewed and energized outlook, you know summer can’t be far behind!

9 - W&W Spring 2012


With names like Wyeth, Cassatt, Eakins, Oakley and Warhol, the works of Pennsylvania artists have left an indelible mark on the world. With genres that range from the fiber arts and glass blowing to vibrant watercolors and exquisite jewelry, the Commonwealth continues to nurture and inspire a new generation of artists. Fortunately, it’s never been easier to visit many of the state’s most talented artisans, thanks to the PA Artisan Trail Alliance. Currently, there are six active trails that allow us to experience the work of artists in quaint villages and historic towns along some Pennsylvania’s most picturesque roads.

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By Wendy Royal

Stretching across the Northern Tier of the state, the Route 6 Artisan Trail takes visitors on a journey along one of PA’s most scenic routes. From Erie to Milford, you’ll experience Watercolor by Meadville artist and author a variety of handmade treasures. Debra Harrison of the Route 6 Artisan Trail. painting. Although his talent was recognized when he was just a child, Artisan Spotlight: Paluh didn’t explore the depth of his Midway along the trail you’ll find artistry until he was recovering from colorful hand-dyed yarn by Olga Sny- the fall. Today, Paluh combines his der of Coudersport, Potter County. loves of wildlife and painting at his Visiting Olga’s gallery is like standing Waterford, Erie County, art studio. inside a rainbow. Her yarn creations share the gallery space with vibrant ROUTE 15 BYWAY OF THE ARTS paintings, prints and hand-painted glass. Running North/South, this artisan Jack Paluh is a study in turning a trail will take you through towns like bad situation into something amaz- Williamsport, Lewisburg, Harrisburg, ing. In 1982, the avid outdoorsman Carlisle and Gettysburg. Having the took a 25-foot fall from a tree stand opportunity to see the artists at work and cracked a vertebra in his back. in their studios enhances the experiDuring his recuperation, he began ence for visitors. 10 - W&W Spring 2012

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metal with whimsy, but much of Larry’s work embodies just that. From his Magic Bubble Wands to copper butterflies and Kinetic RollArtisan Spotlight: Artisan Spotlight: ing Ball Sculptures, Larry infuses Larry Larry andand Jane Jane Shull, ofShull, Landis-of Landiswarmth to a County, material that is often Larry Shull’s giant stainless steel ower with butburg,Perry Perry County, have proven burg, have proven considered to be cold and unfortercrafty y is just one example of metal sculpture created themselves be one very themselves to beto one very crafty couple. Larry creates metal sculpcouple. Larry creates metal sculpgiving. by the award-winning artisan. tures, while Jane’s artistry lies in tures, while Jane’s artistry lies in Jane creates felted purses, fiber. You not always fiber. You maymay not always connect connect totes and mittens using methmetal with whimsy, but metal with whimsy, buttwo much of much of ods. One includes repurposing Larry’s work embodies just that. Larry’s work embodies just that. old From Magic to From hishis Magic Bubble Wands toWandsRichelle wool blankets, and the Bubble other method Leigh Walk is a Harrisburg copper butterflies andRollKinetic Rollcopper butterflies and Kinetic involves knitting and crocheting from goldsmith who uses her considerable ingBall Ball Sculptures, Larry infuses ing Sculptures, Larry infuses 100% wool to giant create beautiful warmth to awww.shullsmetalfab. material that is talent often warmth to ayarn. material that is often Larry Shull’s stainless steel owerjewelry. with butLarry Shull’s giant stainless s considered beand cold and considered to betocold unforterunfory is just one example of created tery is metal just sculpture one com Diamonds and precious gemsexample set in of met giving. giving. by the award-winning by artisan. the award-winning artisan. magnificently handcrafted 14kt gold Jane creates purses, Jane creates felted felted purses, or sterling silver make her pieces very totes and mittens using totes and mittens using two meth-two methods.One One includes repurposing old ods. includes repurposing old exceptional.

wool blankets, and the other method wool blankets, and the other method Richelle Leigh Walk Richelle Leigh Walk is a Harrisburg involves knitting and crocheting from involves knitting and crocheting from goldsmith who uses he who goldsmith uses her considerable THRIVES ON to 45 jewelry. 100% wool www.shullsmetalfab. 100% wool yarn.yarn. www.shullsmetalfab. talent create be talent toART create beautiful com com Diamonds and Diamonds precious gemsand set inprecio magnificently handcr magnificently handcrafted 14kt Route 45 has been known as agold lot sterling silver or sterling silveror make her pieces very make of different names over the centuries. exceptional. www.rlco exceptional.

The Iroquois called it the Karondinah ART THRIVES THRIVES ON 45 Path, andART stagecoach drivers named it Penn’s Creek Path. More recently, Route Route 45 has been known45 as ahas lot been it has beennames called the the Purple Heart of different names ove of different over centuries. The called it The Iroquois called Highway because ofit Iroquois the Karondinah large numPath, and stagecoach Path, stagecoach drivers named ber ofand recipients of the award. But Penn’s Creek Path. it Penn’s CreekitPath. More recently, today, 100-mile stretch of road is it has been called th it has the been called the Purple Heart known forbecause the artists andlarge craftsmen Highway because of Highway of the number recipients of t ber recipients of of the award. But who of extract inspiration from the area. today, the 100-mile st today, the 100-mile stretch of road is known the artists known for the artists andfor craftsmen

who extract inspiration who extract inspiration from the area. www.artthriveson45.or Artisan Spotlight: Artisan Spotlight: Artisan Spotlight:

Susan Nicholas Gephart is an Susan Nicholas G Susan Nicholas Gephart is an award-winning pastel and oil painter Plein Air artist Susan Nicholas Gephart award-winning pastel award-winning pastel and oil painter of impressionistic landscapes. You will Plein Plein Air Air artist Susan Susan Nicholas Gephart strives to capture notartist only theNicholas obvious Gephart but also oflandscapes. impressionistic of impressionistic You will land strives strives to to capture capture not only not theonly obvious the butobvious also but more also than 200 of her creations find find more than 200 o find more than 200 of her creations the intangible of her subjects. the the intangible intangible of herof subjects. her subjects. displayed the displayed throughout displayed throughout throughout the Bellefonte Bellefonte 11 - W&W Spring 2012

home where she keeps her studio. Gephart’s love of Plein Air (open air) painting is evident as she uses all her senses to bring her paintings to life.

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Along the Rt. 45 artisan trail, you’ll definitely want to stop at the Green Drake Gallery and Arts Center in Millheim. Regional works of jewelry, sculpture, paintings and photography are all displayed. The center offers workshops and classes in a variety of artistic categories.

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heART OF THE ALLEGHENIES heART of the Alleghenies artisan trail covers approximately 90 miles from Johnstown to Huntingdon. The artists who make up this trail reflect the heritage of the region in their creations. Artisan Spotlight: Whether he is creating a sprawling landscape or an edgy abstract, Steven Gilbert’s medium of choice is oil painting. Decades of experience perfecting his craft have made him a highly respected and active member of the arts community of central Pennsylvania. You can view his art at the Brownstone Art Gallery in Roaring Spring, Blair County. Rachel DiAndrea combines her love for animals with her love of painting. Using mainly pastels

Steven Gilbert’s abstract painting, Heat of the Day.

and graphite, DiAndrea has achieved national recognition for her ability to capture the personality of her canine subjects. Her colorful renditions of pets bring a life and joy to each creation.

Wonderful example of the intricacy of Kathy Trexel Reed’s papercutting designs. 12 - W&W Spring 2012

HANDMADE ALONG THE HIGHWAY The Handmade Along the Highway Artisan Trail links two very historic roads, Rt. 30W, the Lincoln Highway, and R t. 40, the Nationa l Road. The juried artisans that make up this trail work in media ranging from textiles to ironwork/blacksmithing. For your convenience, you will find two itineraries already set up for you on the trail’s

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Artisan Spotlight: Whether she’s teaching one of her classes in the Somerset Area School District or at the Touchstone Center, Bridget Mayak uses her love of art to influence a new generation of artists. Mayak is well-known in the region for her whimsical clay garden birds. Each is a one-of-a-kind creation made for indoors or outdoors.

Ceramicist Steve de Perrot works in his Pots by dePerrot studio behind his home in Lititz, Lancaster County.

Kathy Trexel Reed is carrying on the centuries-old craft of Scherenschnitte, a German style of paper cutting. Her amazing skill and attention to the smallest detail make her designs truly remarkable. Kathy’s work can be seen at Laurel Arts in Somerset. PA ARTS EXPERIENCE The PA Arts Experience trail follows the eastern portion of Rt. 30 and Rt. 113. This trail features behind-thescenes tours of some of the artists’ studios in towns from York to New Hope, home of the Pennsylvania Impressionist Movement. Visitors will travel along the countryside that inspired many works by the Wyeths of Chadds Ford, Chester County.

birdbaths can be purchased at his gallery, Pots by de Perrot. Sue Reno is an award-winning fiber artist whose works have been featured on the covers of multiple trade magazines, as well as an episode of “Simply Quilts” on HGTV. Reno immerses her creations with her Lancaster County surroundings using hand-painted fabrics, hand and machine stitching and beadwork. For more information on the PA Artisan Trails logon to paartisantrails. com

Artist Spotlight: Steve de Perrot has been fueling his penchant for working with clay for 30 years. His Lititz studio is where you’ll find him working on functional stoneware pottery and tile creations. Anything from gorgeous tile tables to

Talented jewelry artisan, Melissa Colucci of Carlisle created this cast and fabricated Mexican Lace Agate ring.

13 - W&W Spring 2012

Photos courtesy of PA Artisan Trails

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• Bradford Pittsfield •

• Warren Wellsboro • Nicholson • Tunkhannock •

Johnsonburg • Williamsport • Clearfield •

Lewisburg •

State College •

• Boalsburg

Check out all the events on

May 19-20 Big Spring Festival Bellefonte

April 13 Jungle Jack Hanna Community Arts Center, Williamsport Use your smartphone to scan this QR Code and gain access to more than 900 PA events! 14 - W&W Spring 2012

Northern Region calendar of events

March Mar 2. Performance: Cirque Dreams. Community Arts Center, Williamsport. 570-326-2424, Mar 2. Golden Eagle Voyage Package. During the peak of the annual golden eagle northern migration, spend a weekend in central PA viewing these majestic birds soaring overhead. The Nature Inn, Bald Eagle State Park, Howard. 814-625-2879 Mar 3. Geisinger Humdinger Trail Run. A 7.1-mile trail run that has been designed to test the early season stamina of its participants. Nearly 2,000 feet of climbing, and some of it is steep. Race starts and ends at the Pine Barn Inn, Danville. Mar 3-11. Central Pennsylvania Builders Association Home Show. Penn State University, Bryce Jordan Center, University Park. Mar 13. Performance: Spirit of Uganda. The performers, age 8 to 18, share the music and dance of their lush and diverse East African homeland, while serving as ambassadors for Ugandaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 2.4 million orphans. 7:30pm. Adm. Eisenhower Auditorium, Penn State University, University Park. 814-863-0255, events/uganda.html Mar 8-25. Murder at the Howard Johnsonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. Set in the late 1970s, this farce by Bobrick and Clark will make you laugh hard. Alvina Krause Theatre, Bloomsburg. 570-784-8181, Mar 10. Tussey Teaser 1: Laurel Run. Leg 1 of the Tussey Mountainback 50 course. 10am. Free. See website for other legs of the series. Start and finish near Tussey Mountain Ski Area, Boalsburg. Mar 10. Lecture: Critters Beyond Your Back Door With Jack Hubley. Hubley, who has more than 20 years of experience, will be accompanied by a variety of live animals. 6-7pm. Free, but preregistration is req. Nature Inn at Bald Eagle State Park, Howard. 814-625-2879 Mar 13-Apr 19. Exhibit: Out of This World: The Landscapes of Our Solar System. The Gallery at Penn College, Williamsport. 570-320-2445, gallery Mar 15. Performance: ImaginOcean. This one-of-akind black light puppet show is a magical undersea adventure for kids of all ages. 7pm. Bromeley Family Theater, Blaisdell Hall, University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. 814-362-5113, aspx Mar 16-18. 3rd Annual Bluegrass Festival. Continuous bluegrass music by the top regional musicians. Free adm. Holiday Inn, Clarion. 814-226-8760,

Mar 16. Performance: Dance Theatre of Harlem. One of the leading dance institutions in America. 7:30pm. Bromeley Family Theater, Blaisdell Hall, University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. Mar 16. Performance: Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra With Wynton Marsalis. 7:30pm. Adm. Eisenhower Auditorium, Penn State Main Campus, University Park. 814-863-0255, Mar 17, Apr 21. Discovery Space Saturday Story Time for Babies & Toddlers. Penn State librarian Ellysa Stern Cahoy will host a special story time. 11-11:30am. Free with paid adm. Discovery Space of Central Pennsylvania, State College. 814-234-0200, Mar 18. Performance: The Fresh Beat Band. Community Arts Center, Williamsport. 570-326-2424, Mar 18. Performance: American Stage by Southern Tier Symphony. Enjoy the American sounds that range from Gershwin to Porgy and Bess to Lord of the Rings. 3pm. Bromeley Family Theater, Blaisdell Hall, University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. www.southerntiersymphony. org Mar 21. Performance: MASS Ensemble. An internationally renowned group that combines unique musical sculptures and installations with traditional instrumentation, creating an unforgettable multi-sensory theatrical experience. 7:30pm. Wellsboro Area High School, Wellsboro. 570-724-4939, Mar 21. Performance: CATS. 7:30pm. Adm. Eisenhower Auditorium, Penn State Main Campus, University Park. Mar 21. Birds & Bagels. Stop in for a hot beverage, a bagel and, most importantly, the birds. Learn about feeder birds. 10-11am. Adm. Meet at the Nature Inn lobby, Bald Eagle State Park, Howard. 814-625-2879 Mar 23. Performance: Travis Tritt. Community Arts Center, Williamsport. 570-326-2424, Mar 23-25. Performance: The Ant & the Grasshopper. Community Theatre League, Williamsport. 570-3271777, Mar 24-25. Che-Hanna Rock & Mineral Club Show. Museum exhibits, demonstrations and dealers selling minerals, fossils and jewelry. Athens Township Volunteer Fire Hall, Sayre. 570-928-9238, www.chehannarocks. com, Mar 24. Mystery Theater Dinner. Death on the Range will be the feature show with mystery writer Lisa Lepovetsky. 6pm. Coudersport Fire Hall Annex, Coudersport. Mar 24-25. 8th Annual Maple Weekend. A traveling festival that allows visitors to observe tree tapping, sugar boiling and other maple-related activities in Potter and Tioga counties. 15 members of the Potter/Tioga Maple Producers Assn will open their sugar shack doors for a deliciously educational experience. 10am4pm.

15 - W&W Spring 2012

Northern Region calendar of events

events subject to change Mar 24. Deer Lovely Ladies Tour. Ladies can enjoy a wine tasting around downtown. Preregistration required. Clearfield. 814-765-6000, 814-765-5734 Mar 24-25. Clearfield County Pennsylvania Outdoor Show. Hunting and fishing products, plan outdoor sport and camping retreats and shop for supplies, gear, boats, RVs, ATVs and more. Clearfield County Fairgrounds, Clearfield. Mar 25. Performance: Jim Gaffigan. Community Arts Center, Williamsport. 570-326-2424, Mar 31. Cook Forest Half Marathon & 5k Run. 13.1-mile and 5k runs along the picturesque National Wild and Scenic Clarion River. Registration/start area at Shelter 2, Cook Forest State Park, near entrance to Tomâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Run, Cooksburg. 814-393-2081, Mar 31. 6th Annual Kettle Creek Outdoors Show. Everything for sports and outdoor enthusiasts. Demos, speakers, a NWTF sanctioned turkey calling contest, and great food. 9am-4pm. Kettle Creek Hose Company, Cross Fork.

Mar 31. Red Moshannon Race. Participants in this 44-year-old race, which is the oldest downriver canoe/ kayak race in PA, will experience the backwaters of Clearfield County firsthand. Starts at Peale Bridge near Grassflat. Ends at the Route 53 Bridge near Moshannon.

April Apr 1. Performance: The Magic School Bus LIVE! The Climate Challenge. An all-new musical adventure. 2pm. Eisenhower Auditorium, Penn State Main Campus, University Park. 814-863-0255, events/bus.html Apr 4. CRPR Flashlight Egg Hunt for Teens. Not your little sister or brotherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s egg hunt, this event is bigger, better, darker and extremely cool for kids in grades six to eight. There will be prizes, food, music and more. 8pm. Free. Advance registration required. Rain or shine. Millbrook Marsh Nature Center, State College. 814-2313071,

800 East Park Avenue State College, PA 16803



The Arboretum at Penn State, Pennâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Cave by boat, bike miles of trails, visit historic attractions & shopping districts. Save money with our Fun Pass! 6


Rt. 322 â&#x20AC;˘ Boalsburg â&#x20AC;˘ History â&#x20AC;˘ Museum Shop & Book Store

â&#x20AC;˘ Speaker Series â&#x20AC;˘ Individual, Group & School Tours

Scan the QR code with your smartphone to see our upcoming events or logon to

Administered by The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission

16 - W&W Spring 2012

Northern Region calendar of events

events subject to change Apr 7. 38th Annual Cameron County Canoe & Kayak Classic. Preregister by March 29. Start across from Emporium Country Club, Emporium. 814-546-2011, Apr 7. 54th Annual CRPR Easter Egg Hunt. Featuring more than 7,000 eggs. There will be prizes and a chance to meet the Easter Bunny. Four age group areas will be provided for ages 2-9. 2pm sharp. Free. Rain, shine or snow. Orchard Park, State College. 814-231-3071, Apr 8. Easter Sunrise Service. Plan on arriving early at about 6:30am to ensure a good seat. Attendees should bring their own lawn chairs. 7-8am. Cook Forest State Park, Ridge Campground, Park Amphitheater, Cooksburg. 814-744-8407, Apr 11. Performance: Young Frankenstein. Have a monstrously good time at this spectacular new production. 7:30pm. Adm. Eisenhower Auditorium, Penn State Main Campus, University Park. 814-863-0255, www. Apr 12-15. Performance: An Evening of Stories by Edgar Allan Poe. Audiences will be guided through dreams and nightmares freely adapted from Poeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s stories. Reservations recommended. University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. 814-362-5113, www.upb.pitt. edu/TheArts.aspx, Apr 13. Lecture: Jungle Jack Hanna. Community Arts Center, Williamsport. 570-326-2424,

Apr 13. Performance: The Corral. Community Theatre League, Williamsport. 570-327-1777, www.ctlshows. com Apr 13-15. Performance: Seussical. The Academy Theatre, Meadville. 814-337-8000, Apr 13. Lecture: The Butterfly Guy Rick Mikula. Attendees will be spellbound and amazed at his fastpaced and high-energy performances. Rickâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s slide programs will show the beauty of butterflies on his rainforest tours and wonderful creatures that live nearby. 7-8pm. Nature Inn at Bald Eagle State Park, Howard. 814-625-2879 Apr 14. Spring Heritage Days. Exhibitors will display everything from jewelry to furniture. Lunch will be available. Pine Creek Inn, Galeton. 814-435-2652, www. Apr 15. Performance: Chinese Acrobats of Hebei. 2:30pm. Wellsboro Area High School, Wellsboro. 570724-4939, Apr 15. Steelers Footballers Basketball Game. Tickets and seating are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Clearfield Area High School gymnasium, Clearfield. 814-577-0983, 814-765-4121, Apr 18. Performance: Merle Haggard. Community Arts Center, Williamsport. 570-326-2424,







17 - W&W Spring 2012



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Northern Region calendar of events

events subject to change Apr 19. Belle Boyd Civil War Dinner Theater. The audience will enjoy stories from Belle herself, played by Susan G. Thomas of Butler. Dinner will include a salad bar, a Confederate dinner menu and dessert. If desired, attendees may wear period clothing. 6pm. Adm. Call to order tickets. Court of Angels, Smethport. 814-887-5142 Apr 19. Performance: Diavolo. Company members are dancers, gymnasts, actors and athletes, but they are first and foremost teammates. 7:30pm. Adm. Eisenhower Auditorium, Penn State Main Campus, University Park. 814-863-0255, Apr 20-22, 26-28. Performance: How I Became a Pirate. The delightful picture book is now a musical with a cast of adults and one boy that will delight all ages. Deaneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Center, Wellsboro. 570-724-2079, www. Apr 20-22. First Chainsaw Carvers Roundup & Auction. Chainsaw demonstrators will showcase their special carving talents in beautiful Cook Forest. Sawmill Center for the Arts, Cooksburg. 814-927-6655, Apr 20-21. American Heritage Crafters Spring Celebration. The day will be packed full of fun with a car show and great food. Milton. 570-742-0721, www. Apr 20-22. Penn State University Blue/White Weekend. The Blue/White game is the annual football scrimmage amongst the PSU football players. Free adm. Beaver Stadium, University Park. 800-833-5533,

Apr 21-22. Tropical Rainforest. Clyde Peelingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Reptiland, Allenwood. 570-538-1869, Apr 21-22, May 19-20. Coolspring Power Museum. Open to the public. More than 250 historically significant internal combustion engines depicting 125 years of development of Industrial America. 10am-5pm. Adm. Coolspring Power Museum, Coolspring. 814-849-6883, Apr 21. Maple Syrup Festival. Pancake breakfast and tractor wagon rides to Sugar House. Adm. 9am-2pm. Riverstone Farm, Foxburg. 412-867-1816, Apr 21. 37th Annual Kids Fishing Derby. For kids up to and including 13-year-olds. The lake will be stocked, so there will be plenty of fish for little ones to try to catch. 9-11:30am. Parker Dam State Park, Penfield. 814-2363621, 814-577-1869 Apr 22. Special Olympics Beaver Stadium 5k Run. Beaver Stadium, University Park. Apr 24-25. Performance: Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour. Cirque du Soleil. 8pm. Bryce Jordan Center, University Park. 814-865-5555, www. Apr 27-May 11. Exhibit: Design: 2012. The Gallery at Penn College, Williamsport. 570-320-2445, Apr 27-28. Performance: Metamorphoses. Stories of change and transformation told through dance. 8pm. Clarion University Little Theater, Clarion. 814-393-2787, 800-672-7171, Apr 28. CRPR Birds & Bagels. Start with refreshments and then venture out into the marsh for a bird walk. Then, back inside for an informational bird presentation. 9am. Free. Millbrook Marsh Nature Center Spring Creek Education Building, State College. 814-231-3071, www.


Apr 28 - Oct 31. Butterfly House. Clyde Peelingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Reptiland, Allenwood. 570-538-1869, Apr 28 - Sep 3. Exhibit: Dinosaurs Come to Life Exhibit. Clyde Peelingâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Reptiland, Allenwood. 570-5381869,






1-866-Go Wilds

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18 - W&W Spring 2012



32" Flat Screen Televisions

Northern Region calendar of events

events subject to change

May May 1. Exhibit: Komodo Dragon Exhibit Opens. Clyde Peeling’s Reptiland, Allenwood. 570-538-1869, www. May 4. Performance: Simply Sinatra. Community Arts Center, Williamsport. 570-326-2424, May 4-5. Performance: Susquehanna Valley Chorale Pops Concert: Give My Regards to Broadway. The Broadway star Ted Keegan, who played the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, will share musical favorites. Adm. Weber Chapel Auditorium, Susquehanna University, Selinsgrove. 570-547-0455, May 4-6. 46th Annual Potter/Tioga Maple Festival. A sweet weekend in God’s Country with fun, festivities and all things maple. Events will include a parade, a kiddie carnival, a pancake breakfast, vendors, craft booths, live music and entertainment. 9am. Coudersport Courthouse Square, Coudersport. May 5. Clear Creek Fishing Derby. The kids will have so much fun learning about fishing, baiting their hooks, cleaning their catch and more. There will also be refreshments. Clear Creek State Park, Sigel. 814-7522368, }findapark/clearcreek/index.html

May 5. River Towns Marathon & Half Marathon. A long run on rural roads with three bridge crossings. The course, which is like no other, will showcase this beautiful rural Pennsylvania setting. This race is a sanctioned USATF qualifier. Danville. 570-271-1055, http://web.!.html May 5. Stinkfest. Devoted to the odorous leek, or ramp. The outdoor event includes food vendors, craft vendors, Kiddyland, entertainment, a leek dip contest, the Lil Stinker Contest and an outhouse race. East Main Street between South Kendall Avenue and Fisher Avenue, Bradford. May 5-6. Central Pennsylvania Orchid Show. Snider Ag Arena, Penn State University Campus, University Park. May 5. Moonlit Movie & Lunar Viewing. Short film about landing a man on the moon and returning safely. After the movie, observe the lunar landscape through telescopes. 8-9:30pm. Cherry Springs State Park, Coudersport. 814-435-5010


May 5-Sep 30. Live Music at the Winery. Various musical guests each Saturday and Sunday to suit all musical tastes. 2-5pm. Foxburg Wine Cellars, Foxburg. 724-659-0021,

May 5. Run for the Son. Ride through Pennsylvania’s countryside with prayer and a picnic along the way provided by Christian Motorcyclists Association. 9am. A bike blessing will be held the next day on Sunday, May 6. Meet at Brookville Motorsports, Brookville. 814-8490004, May 5. Wine & Herb Tour. Have a unique shopping experience, touring retail shops, tasting wines and collecting herbs that are ready-to-plant in home gardens. Must be age 21 and up to participate. Downtown Ridgway. 814-776-1424,

19 - W&W Spring 2012

Northern Region calendar of events

events subject to change May 8-9. Performance: Beauty & the Beast. Community Arts Center, Williamsport. 570-326-2424, www.caclive. com

May 11-13. 7th Annual Trout Derby & Geocaching Fish Run Fish for tagged fish for prizes. All ages. Camping avail. Adm. Fishing at 6am. Geocaching at 3pm. Ridgway Fireman’s Grounds, Ridgway, and Elk Creek between Ridgway and St. Marys. 814-773-3636,

Central PA’s Susquehanna River Valley: Every Turn a Treasure Request our spring festivities brochure: 6 877-717-9933

Discover the Outdoor Treasures of the Susquehanna River Valley � Shikellamy State Park � R.B. Winter State Park � Milton State Park � Buffalo Valley Rail Trail � Anthracite Outdoor

Adventure Area

� 6 Golf Courses

� PPL Montour Preserve


Request Our Free: 2012 Official Planning Guide Top 20 River Spots Brochure Spring Festivities Brochure 877-207-6698







April 27 - May 12 S728881

U.S. ROUTE 15, LEWISBURG, PA 17837 Take I-80 to Exit 210A to U.S. Route 15 800-329-7466 • Fax # 570-524-4667 (570) 523-1171 Daybreak Breakfast


Market Street Arts Show April 28

Lewisburg Live! May 12

For overnight accommodations logon to

20 - W&W Spring 2012

Northern Region calendar of events

events subject to change May 12. Woodsy Owl Workday. A volunteer day for painting, clearing trails, raking leaves, planting flowers and seedlings and more. 8am-1:30pm. Volunteers may camp this weekend free of charge from 3pm Friday to 3pm Sunday. Cook Forest State Park Maintenance Complex, Cooksburg. 814-744-8401, 814-752-2368

May 12. 5th Annual Milton Cultural Festival. International food court, crafts, children’s activities, educational and nonprofit vendors and entertainment. Downtown Milton. 570-742-0379

May 12. International Migratory Bird Day Festival. Enjoy a guided birding walk, spend time watching bald eagles through spotting scopes or take part in other fun bird-related crafts and activites. 9am-2pm. Sinnemahoning State Park Wildlife Center, Austin. www.

May 12. 11th Annual West Branch Susquehanna River Wild Canoe/Kayak Race. Experience the backwaters of the West Branch Susquehanna River as you partake in 11 of the 102 miles that run through Clearfield Co. Race starts at 11am. Starts at Rolling Stone Bridge in Karthaus. 814-263-4418, 814-263-7321 May 12. Old Town Sportsmen’s Association Annual Fishing Derby. 8am-1pm. From Hyde Bridge to the Moose Creek Inlet on the West Branch of the Susquehanna. Lower Witmer Park, Clearfield. May 13. Kids Mini Fishing Derby. Noon-3pm. Ridgway Firemen’s Grounds, Ridgway. 814-773-3636, May 15-26. Performance: Rumors. Presented by State College Community Theatre. Boal Barn Playhouse, Boalsburg. 814-234-7228, May 18-31. Exhibit: Cathy Breslaw: Illuminations. The Gallery at Penn College, Williamsport. 570-320-2445,

Find Your Own Trail TRAIL CENTRAL

800-473-9370 •

Flickerwood Wine Cellars & Lounge 309 Flickerwood Road, Kane, PA 16735 12th Anniversary FlickerFest 2012

TRAIL CENTRAL Allegheny National Forest Region

MAY 26th, 27th & 28th NEW WINE - “Kinzua Journey” dedicated to the Kinzua Skywalk

Live Music, Local Artists, Wine, Food, Prizes, Raffles, Discounts, Home Winemaker Competition Enjoy Our Fabulous FLICKERWOOD WINE LOUNGE. Bring Friends, Lawn Chairs & RELAX!!! Call 814/837-7566 or


Allegheny National Forest Kinzua Bridge State Park



OPEN HOUSE JUNE 23 Display Gardens Garden Decor RD

Herbs ❧ Scents ❧ Teas ❧ Plants ❧ Unique Gifts School Street, East Kane, PA (814) 837-7704 S728880

Enjoy camping, fishing, and scenic drives along Route 6. As Trail Central we offer over 600 miles of trails for hiking and biking! Experience the scenic vistas from the Kinzua Sky Walk, extending over 600 feet into the Kinzua Gorge. Call for FREE Visitors Guide & Map


or visit us online at

21 - W&W Spring 2012


Festival featuring Leek cuisine! Food • Crafts • Entertainment

Parks and Forests: Heart of the Allegheny National Forest

Parks and Forests: Gateway to Cook State Park

Lakes & Waterways: Clarion River HIGHLIGHTS: Allegheny River Fishing and boating onTionesta Lake Tionesta Creek Kayaking the Tionesta Creek, one of PA’s most scenic waterways Buzzard Swamp is an important stop on the Atlantic Flyway waterfowl migration route

Lakes & Waterways: Clarion River Allegheny River HIGHLIGHTS: Old-growth forests and great fishing and boating Brady’s Bend Overlook in East Brady gives an amazing 1,500 ft. panoramic view of the Allegheny River

For more information and links to the destinations mentioned, log on to and click on the PENNSYLVANIA’S GREAT OUTDOORS link. 22 - W&W Spring 2012

Parks and Forests: Southern gateway to the Allegheny National Forest Lakes & Waterways: HIGHLIGHTS: Clarion River Largest elk herd east of the Rockies near East Branch Lake Benezette Elk Country Visitor Center, Winslow Hill, Benezette

Parks and Forests: Gateway to the Cook Forest Clear Creek State Park

Parks and Forests: Bucktail State Park Sizerville State Park Sinnemahonning State Park

Lakes & Waterways: Clarion River

Lakes & Waterways: West Branch of the Susquehanna

HIGHLIGHTS: Old-growth forests

HIGHLIGHTS: Scenic 75-mile Bucktail Trail which meanders along the West Branch of the Susquehanna

Great hiking, biking, fishing, canoeing and camping

Home to elk and bald eagles among other numerous wildlife 23 - W&W Spring 2012

Northern Region calendar of events

events subject to change May 18. Clarion Wine Walk. Attendees may enjoy wine tastings, appetizers and specials while shopping and experiencing all the town has to offer. 5-9pm. Downtown Clarion.

May 23-27. Bluegrass Festival. Enjoy gospel and bluegrass music all weekend long. Mosser Park, Westover. 814-247-8294

May 18-20. Middlecreek Valley Antique Association Antique Show. Free parking and adm. Showgrounds, Selinsgrove. 570-374-9420,

May 25-27. ISSDC Dog Show. Three dog shows, seminars, food, on-site camping and more. 9am-5pm. Jefferson County Fairgrounds, Brookville. 410-5907765,

May 18. Philipsburg Veterans Parade. Philipsburg Towers, downtown Philipsburg. May 18-20. Susquehanna Antique Machinery Association Spring Gas Up Show. Grounds at Luthersburg. 814-236-0173, 814-591-2215, http:// May 19. Springfest. Kayaking, canoeing, geocaching, birding displays, self-guided hikes, a kids’ biking loop, adult bikes to sign out, kids’ crafts and kids’ fishing. Hills Creek State Park, Wellsboro. 570-724-4246 May 19-20. Upper Pine Creek Trout Tournament. From Galeton to the Ansonia Bridge, approximate 13-mile stretch. Headquarters at the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon Snowmobile Clubhouse, Wellsboro. 570-724-6424, May 19-20. Spring Gas-Up Show. Gas engine show. Northwest Pennsylvania Steam Engine and Old Equipment Association. 9am-5pm. Portersville. 724452-8656, w w w. p o r t e r s v i l l e s t e a m May 19-20. Tour De Forest (SpringRide). Organized ATV ride through the Allegheny National Forest benefiting the volunteer fire department. Allegheny National Forest, Marienville. 814-227-9503, May 19. Mifflinburg Buggy Day. A living history event. Open house with demos, buggy painting, chair caning, needlework and more. Take a buggy ride through historic Mifflinburg. 10am-5pm. Free adm. Buggy Museum, Mifflinburg. 570-966-1355, May 19. Kids Fishing Derby. Children age 12 and under can compete for prizes and enjoy a free lunch with registration. Registration at 9am. Derby from 10am-1pm. No fee. Lyman Run State Park, Galeton. 814-435-5010 May 19. Upper West Branch Triathlon. The course takes participants through some of central Pennsylvania’s most scenic and breathtaking areas. 10am. Curwensville Lake, Curwensville. May 20. Spring Mud Fling. All kinds of mud racing, including classes for ATVs, cars, 4x4 street trucks and professional trucks. When it comes to mud, the raceway has it all. Muddy Run Raceway, Smoke Run. 814-3785723, May 22-25. Project Healing Waters. The God’s Country Chapter of Trout Unlimited provides this unique weekend-long outdoor healing experience for wounded, injured and disabled veterans to experience fly fishing in the serenity of God’s Country free of charge. Austin/ Costello.

May 25-26. Anthracite Heritage Festival of the Arts. Shamokin. 570-850-9121, May 26-28. Roy Kane Memorial Rendezvous & Pow Wow. Native American dancing and drumming, a cookoff contest, a re-enactment (mock battle) and a tomahawk throwing contest. Trout Run. 570-377-0385 May 26. 5th Annual Blues Festival. See great local talent perform live on stage and enjoy great wine, great food and fabulous entertainment at the scenic winery. Spyglass Ridge Winery, Sunbury. 570-286-9911, www. May 26-28. Flickerfest. A three-day event that includes wine, food, artisan vendors, a wine making competition and live music. Flickerwood Wine Cellars and Lounge, Kane. 814-837-7566, May 26. Planetary Watch. View Venus as it sets and Saturn as it rises. Attendees will enjoy a laser-guided tour of the constellations and hear the legends that surround these patterns in the night sky. 8:30-10pm. Cherry Springs State Park, Coudersport. 814-435-5010 May 26-28. Curwensville Remembers. A celebration in honor of the men and women who have served the country in the armed forces. A variety of community activitie. Downtown Curwensville. 814-236-8328 May 27. Memorial Day Weekend Sunday Barbecue in Cook Forest. Kick off summer with a classic barbecue including smoked ribs and chicken, sides, dessert and a beverage. Call for reservations. Noon-6pm. Gateway Lode, Cooksburg. 800-843-6862, www.gatewaylodge. com May 28. Memorial Day Parade. Honoring those who have served in the armed forces. 10am. Fourth Street to the Big Flag Memorial, Emporium. 814-546-2835, www. May 28. A Day in Towne - Memorial Day Celebration. Boalsburg.

24 - W&W Spring 2012

Check out all the events on • Pottsville

• Lewistown

• Altoona • Hesston

• Johnstown

rg bu ris r a H • Hershey

• Reading

• Lancaster

York • Gettysburg • • Hanover

May 18-20 Dirtfest 2012 Mountain Bike Festival Raystown Lake, Hesston

March 11 - April 29 Exhibit: Titanic Fashions: High Style in the 1910s Warheim-Myers Mansion, Hanover 25 - W&W Spring 2012

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Southern Region calendar of events

March Through Mar 31. Lecture: Mid-Winter Talks at Gettysburg NMP: The War in 1862. Free winter lecture series will explore events and personalities that figured prominently in 1862, as well as perspectives on the Gettysburg Campaign and Battle. Sat and Sun only. 1:30pm. Gettysburg National Military Park, Gettysburg. 717-334-1124, ext. 8023, Mar 1. Performance: Wynonna. American Music Theatre, Lancaster. 800-648-4102,

Mar 10-12. Springfest 2012. The whole weekend will be packed with lots of decorations, exciting events and, of course, plenty of skiing and boarding. Liberty Mountain Resort, Carroll Valley. 717-642-8211, Mar 10. Central Pennsylvania Aeromodelers Show. Lebanon Valley Expo Center and Fairgrounds, Lebanon. 717-258-8566, Mar 10-11. Gun Show. Produced by Appalachian Promotions. Saturday 9am-4pm. Sunday 9am-3pm. Adm. Leesport Farmers Market, Leesport. 610-9261307,

Mar 3. Performance: Peking Acrobats. American Music Theatre, Lancaster. 800-648-4102,

Mar 11. Performance: Michael W. Smith. American Music Theatre, Lancaster. 800-648-4102,

Mar 3-4. Celebrate Spring Break on the Slopes. A weekend filled with spring break activities in the snow and on the slopes. Liberty Mountain Resort, Carroll Valley. 717-642-8211,

Mar 11. Capital City Spring Stamp Show. Featuring a 15-dealer bourse. 10am-4pm. Free adm and free parking. Linglestown American Legion, Linglestown.

Mar 3-Apr 1. Tour de Tanks Event. 14 Mason Dixon Wine Trail wineries offer exclusive tank and barrel tasting on Saturdays and Sundays. Meet the winemakers, enjoy tasty treats and chat with fellow enthusiasts. York. 888-858-YORK, Mar 3. Hoedown. Sponsored by the Appalachian Snowmobile Club. Leesport Farmers Market, Leesport. 610-693-5627, Mar 4. 2012 York-Hanover Train & Toy Meet. 100 table spaces are available for hobbyists to display, sell, or trade all gauges and makes of trains and train accessories, as well as old and new toys. 9am-1pm. Adm. Porters Fire Hall, Porters. 717-632-3157 Mar 4. Toy Show. 7am-1pm. Leesport Farmers Market, Leesport. 610-926-1307, Mar 9. Performance: Dervish. Since hitting the scene, this group has paved new roads, expanding the limits of what Irish/Celtic music can encompass. 8pm. Carlisle Theatre, Carlisle. Mar 9-10. Performance: CATS. American Music Theatre, Lancaster. 800-648-4102, Mar 9. Performance: Moms Let Loose. America’s funniest moms and grandma will perform the family-oriented, clean comedy show. 8pm. Majestic Performing Arts Center, Gettysburg. 717-337-8200, Mar 9-11. York Campers World RV Show. York Expo Center, York. 610-767-5026,

Mar 13-18. Celtic Classic Dog Show. More than 150 different breeds strive to be top dog. York Expo Center, York. 416-409-1491, May 13. Olde York Street Fair. A Mother’s Day tradition for more than 36 years, featuring artisans, entertainment and food vendors. Downtown York. 717-8492217, Mar 16. Performance: Neil Sedaka. American Music Theatre, Lancaster. 800-648-4102, Mar 17. Performance: Spring Doo Wop Cavalcade. American Music Theatre, Lancaster. 800-648-4102, Mar 17, Apr 21, May 26. Lecture: An Evening With the Painting. Learn about the history and conservation of the Cyclorama painting and enjoy the opportunity to spend time viewing the Cyclorama. 5-6:30pm. Gettysburg National Military Park Museum and Visitor Center, Gettysburg. 877-874-2478, Mar 17. Penryn Fire Company & Limerock Parochial School 7th Annual Mud Sale. Auction begins at 8am. Homemade food will be available. Penryn Fire Company, Manheim. 717-664-2825, BECKY & KEN KRAMER Owners


Formerly the PA Herb Festival, now expanded to include more plants & products for gardeners while continuing to offer all things herbal. Speakers, workshops, plants, herbal/ garden products, crafts & more!

Manager: JanMichael Kramer Mon. - Fri. 8:00am - 5:00pm Business: 717-684-0252 Fax: 717-684-0252 Email:



725 POPLAR STREET COLUMBIA, PA 17512-2134 or 717-503-2305

26 - W&W Spring 2012


manufacturer / wholesaler / retailer of tobacco lath crafts

$SULOWK1RRQWR30‡$SULOWK$0WR30 Memorial Hall at York Expo Center 334 Carlisle Ave., York, PA

Southern Region calendar of events

events subject to change Mar 17. Performance: Seussical. Kids will love this romp through the Seuss classics. Two performances: 11am-noon and 2-3pm. Recommended for children age 4 and older. Luhrs Performing Arts Center, Shippensburg. 717-477-SHOW,

Mar 24-25. 10th Annual Juried Spring Fine Arts & Craft Festival. International and regional master craftspeople and artisans, a Kutztown University student gallery, refreshments, live music and door prizes. Kutztown University, Keystone Hall, Kutztown. 610-678-6650,

Mar 17. 29th Annual York St. Patrickâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day Parade. Along Market Street from Penn to Duke streets. Downtown York. 717-578-0146, www.

Mar 24, Apr 2. Genealogy Workshop. Designed by Cumberland County Historical Society to share the joys and frustrations of genealogy. The instructor is a local genealogist. Cumberland County Historical Society, Carlisle. 717-249-7610,

Mar 18. Performance: Sandi Patty & Friends. American Music Theatre, Lancaster. 800-648-4102, Mar 18. Performance: Celtic Nights - Journey of Hope. Direct from Ireland, this show features the finest male and female voices of the Celtic world, showcased against a thundering backdrop of expert dancing and musicianship. 3pm. Majestic Performing Arts Center, Gettysburg. 717-337-8200,

Mar 24-25, Apr 28-29. Performance: Juniata Theatre: Senior Capstones. Students are partnered with professional designers, and their work is documented through photography and video. Juniata College, Suzanne von Liebig Theatre, Halbritter Center for the Performing Arts, Huntingdon. 877-586-4282, departments/theatre/season.html

Mar 20, Apr 17, May 15. Lecture: Underground Railroad Tours of Gettysburgâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s McAllister Mill. 7:30pm. Free program. Historic GAR Building, Gettysburg. 717-334-5185,

Mar 24. Performance: Juniata Music Department: Concert Choir Ireland Tour Homecoming Concert. 7:30pm. Juniata College, Rosenberger Auditorium, Halbritter Center for the Performing Arts, Huntingdon. 877-586-4282, music/concert.html

Mar 20-24. Lebanon County Builders Show. Lebanon Valley Expo Center and Fairgrounds, Lebanon. 717-2726252,

Mar 24-25. Easter Craft Fair. 9am-3pm. Free adm and free parking. Leesport Farmers Market, Leesport. 610926-1307,

Mar 22. Performance: Travis Tritt. American Music Theatre, Lancaster. 800-648-4102,

Mar 25. Performance: Charlie Daniels Band. American Music Theatre, Lancaster. 800-648-4102,

Mar 23. Performance: The Texas Tenors. Weaving effortlessly from John Denver to Puccini to West Side Story, this trio takes their audience on a musical ride. 8pm. Luhrs Performing Arts Center, Shippensburg. 717-477-SHOW, Mar 24, 31. Lecture: John Scott Adams Seminar Series. The program will focus on the controversial Gettysburg Electric Trolley, which operated between 1893 and 1916. Gettysburg National Military Park Museum and Visitor Center, Gettysburg. 877-874-2478, Mar 24. Performance: Mark Nizer: New 3-D Show. Using comedy, 3-D lasers, special effects and even toilet paper, juggler Mark Nizer is one of the greatest family entertainers performing today. 3pm. Majestic Performing Arts Center, Gettysburg. 717-337-8200,


27 - W&W Spring 2012


1820 N. 4th Street Harrisburg, PA 17102



Southern Region calendar of events

events subject to change Mar 29. Performance: Mayhem & Majesty by Squonk Opera. Don’t miss this rockin’ opera. 7:30pm. Ursa Minor’s Cafe at the McFarland Student Union Building, Kutztown University, Kutztown. 610-683-4092, www. Mar 31. Performance: The Oak Ridge Boys. American Music Theatre, Lancaster. 800-648-4102,

April Apr 1. Performance: Three Dog Night. American Music Theatre, Lancaster. 800-648-4102, www.amtshows. com Apr 1. Performance: Copland’s Appalachian Spring. A Music, Gettysburg! program. 3pm. Free and open to the public. Lutheran Theological Seminary Chapel, Gettysburg. 717-338-3000, ext. 2197, Apr 3. Lecture: J.R. Martinez. An inspiring lecture by injured Iraq War veteran and Dancing With the Stars winner. 7:30pm. Luhrs Performing Arts Center, Shippensburg. 717-447-SHOW, Apr 4. Performance: Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance. A mesmerizing blend of traditional and modern Celtic music and dance. 8pm. Luhrs Performing Arts Center, Shippensburg. 717-477-SHOW, Apr 4. Visit the Easter Bunny. Coloring books for all children. Bring cameras. 4-6:30pm. Leesport Farmers Market, Leesport. 610-926-1307,

Apr 13-21. Gettysburg Restaurant Week. Discover and enjoy the area’s exceptional dining through multi-course prix fixe menus. Gettysburg., Apr 10. Performance: Riverdance. American Music Theatre, Lancaster. 800-648-4102, Apr 11-May 6. Performance: Forever Plaid. A heavenly musical with a mix of ’50s and ’60s rock and roll tunes and dance music. Allenberry Resort Inn and Playhouse, Boiling Springs. 717-258-3211, Apr 13-15. Lecture: Gettysburg in History & Memory. Classroom and field programs, a Saturday evening reception and tours. Gettysburg National Military Park, Gettysburg. 717-334-1124, ext. 3251, Apr 13. Performance: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Wildy popular swing band in classic ’40s-era suits and fedoras. 8pm. Luhrs Performing Arts Center, Shippensburg. 717-477-SHOW, Apr 13-28. Lancaster County’s Best Kept Secrets Tour. Visit 35 off-the-beaten-path businesses hand-picked for their uniqueness during this shopping, food and fun adventure. Adm. Lancaster. 717-721-1750, 717-7219409, Apr 13-14. Pennsylvania Herb & Garden Festival. Speakers, workshops and numerous vendors of plants, herbal crafts and products for the gardener, cook and crafter. York Expo Center, Memorial Hall, York. 717-5032305,






28 - W&W Spring 2012

Southern Region calendar of events

events subject to change Apr 14-15. Gettysburg Heritage Trail Hike. Walking tour conducted by Gar Phillips, Licensed Battlefield Guide. Gettysburg National Military Park Museum and Visitor Center, Gettysburg. Register online or by phone at 717-339-2161. 877-874-2478,

Apr 18. Performance: Best of MOMIX. Known internationally for presenting works of exceptional inventiveness and physical beauty. 7:30pm. Majestic Performing Arts Center, Gettysburg. 717-337-8200,

Apr 14, May 4. Civil War Walking Tour of Carlisle. A walking tour led by Civil War guides. 10am on April 14. 1pm on May 4. Call Cumberland County Historical Society for reservations. Carlisle. 717-249-7610, www.

Apr 21-Oct 21. Living History Weekends on the Battlefield. Experience ranger programs and walks, campfire programs, living history and events that assist in preserving and interpreting the Gettysburg Battle. Gettysburg National Military Park Museum and Visitor Center, Gettysburg. 717-334-1124, ext. 8023,

Apr 14. National Dutch Rabbit Show. Lebanon Valley Expo Center and Fairgrounds, Lebanon. 717-867-1684, Apr 15. Performance: Jungle Jack Hanna. American Music Theatre, Lancaster. 800-648-4102, Apr 15. Performance: The Four Freshmen. Multiple Grammy-nominated quartet known for blending openharmony jazz arrangements with big band vocal sounds, founded in the barbershop tradition. 3pm. Luhrs Performing Arts Center, Shippensburg. 717-477-SHOW, Apr 15. Flea Market & Toy Show. 7am-1pm. Leesport Farmers Market, Leesport. 610-926-1307,

Apr 21. Performance: Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet & CPS Present Giselle. Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet unveils Alan Hinelineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s dramatic staging of a tale of love, betrayal and forgiveness. Two performances. Whitaker Center, Harrisburg. 717-214-ARTS, Apr 21. Performance: Colin Mochrie & Brad Sherwood. The duo from Whose Line Is It Anyway have teamed up to present an evening of extraordinary improvisational comedy. 8pm. Luhrs Performing Arts Center, Shippensburg. 717-477-SHOW, Apr 21. Raystown Lake Cleanup Day. Calling volunteers to. spend the day cleaning up remote areas of shoreline. Free lunch provided for volunteers. Raystown Lake, Huntingdon County. 814-658-6812,

Apr 17. Lecture: Agnes Flood 1972. During the 40th anniversary year of the flood, Dr. Noel Potter will show the effects of this historic event on Cumberland County. 7pm. Cumberland County Historical Society, Carlisle. 717-249-7610, Apr 17. Performance: Merle Haggard. A country music legend whose caliber will long provide a standard for all country artists to follow. 8pm. Luhrs Performing Arts Center, Shippensburg. 717-477-SHOW,



Apr 14. Performance: Juniata Music Department: Jazz Ensemble. 4pm. Juniata College, Rosenberger Auditorium, Halbritter Center for the Performing Arts, Huntingdon. 877-586-4282,





ZZZR]]\VIIFFRP  29 - W&W Spring 2012



Southern Region calendar of events

events subject to change Apr 21. Fun Fly Kite Festival. A fun fly will be held in conjunction with the American Kitefliers Association. Bring kites to fly, and watch professional kitefliers. The Markets at Shrewsbury, Glen Rock. 717-235-6611, Apr 22. Taste of River Towns. Taste the food and beverages of this region held in a historic venue. 4-7pm. Tickets are available for two time slots. Union Meeting House, Marietta. 717-684-5249 Apr 22. Performance: Gettysburg’s Children’s Choir. 4pm. Free to the public. Lutheran Theological Seminary Chapel, Gettysburg. 717-338-3000, ext. 2197, www. Apr 27. Performance: Kathy Mattea. From a small town in West Virigina, Kathy went on to have five number-one hits and a remarkable 39 songs become Top 40 Country hits. 8pm. Carlisle Theatre, Carlisle. Apr 27-28. American Odyssey Relay. In this race through history, teams of 12 will run 200 miles from Gettysburg to Washington, D.C. Gettysburg. www. Apr 27-29. 14th Annual Greyhounds in Gettysburg. Dedicated to celebrating the adoption of retired racing greyhounds. The Outlet Shoppes at Gettysburg. www., www.

Apr 27-28. Huntingdon Quilt Show. Featuring 90-100 locally made quilts with a wide variety of sizes and techniques represented. Demonstrations, workshops and items for sale. Huntingdon Community Center, Huntingdon. 814-542-2017 Apr 27-28. Martin’s Carriage Auction. Lebanon Valley Expo Center and Fairgrounds, Lebanon. 717-354-6671, Apr 28. Mayfest of Huntingdon. Stroll through history with a different historical theme each block. Mayfest presents living history programs with period-correct dancing, music, re-enactors and demonstrations. 9am5pm. Free adm. Historic downtown Huntingdon. 814-3862638, Apr 28, May 26-27. Voices of the Confederacy. A Civil War living history group encamps on the grounds of Gen. Robert E. Lee’s Headquarters in Gettysburg, providing demonstrations of Civil War tactics, displays of Civil War artifacts, first-person portrayals and more. 9am-3pm. Gen. Lee’s Headquarters, Gettysburg. 717-334-3141, Apr 28. Annual Mifflin County Kid Connection. Free fun and activities for children all day. Rain date is May 5. Downtown Lewistown. 717-247-5255, Apr 28. Underground Railroad Walking Tour of Boiling Springs. Presented by Cumberland County Historical Society, this walking tour will focus on the role of abolitionists and freedom seekers. 10am. Reservations required. Parking lot by the Furnace, Boiling Springs. 717-249-7610,

Christian Homeschool Association x +HDU,QVSLULQJ6SHDNHUV of Pennsylvania



invites you and your family to

Southern Region calendar of events

events subject to change

Apr 29, May 5. Raystown Lake Fish Structure Building Days. Help the Corps of Engineers improve underwater fish habitat by volunteering to build artificial habitat structures. Training, tools and materials will be supplied. Volunteers of all experience levels are welcome. Raystown Lake, Huntingdon County. 814-658-6811, Apr 29. Auto Parts Flea Market. Sponsored by the Hawk Mountain Region Ford Club. 7am-2pm. Free adm. Leesport Farmers Market, Leesport. 610-926-1307,

May May 2-Jun 30. Performance: Country Classics. American Music Theatre, Lancaster. 800-648-4102, May 4-6. Raystown Lake Home & Outdoor Show. Indoor exhibits and vendors displaying new building materials, flooring, landscaping, home improvement ideas, home plan ideas and more. Adm. Huntingdon County Fairgrounds, Huntingdon. May 4-5. Shaver’s Creek Annual Birding Cup. Contest among teams to identify the largest number of bird species in a 24-hour period in the central PA region. 7pm7pm. Shaver’s Creek, Petersburg. 814-863-2000,

May 11-14. Performance: Alice in Wonderland Jr. Live theater performance. Carlisle Theatre Company. Carlisle Theatre, Carlisle. May 11. Performance: John Tesh: Big Band Live! Tesh and his big band of 14 performers. 8pm. Majestic Performing Arts Center, Gettysburg. 717-337-8200, May 12. Performance: The Temptations & The Four Tops. American Music Theatre, Lancaster. 800-6484102, May 12. 21st Annual Microfest. Featuring 14-plus of the finest microbreweries in the United States. Samplings, a buffet with chef specialities and live music. Stoudt’s Black Angus Bier Garden, Adamstown. 717-484-4386, ext. 204, May 12. Spring Craft Fair. 9am-3pm. Free adm and free parking. Leesport Farmers Market, Leesport. 610-9261307, May 13. Performance: Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons. American Music Theatre, Lancaster. 800-6484102, May 17-20. 64th Semiannual Bluegrass Festival. Features top bluegrass and traditional country musicians performing on the main stage, presenting informative workshops and meeting and greeting fans from all over the world. Granite Hill Camping Resort, Gettysburg. 717-642-8749, www.gettysburgbluegrass. com

May 4-6. May Day Fairie Festival. A celebration of spring featuring fairies and other nature spirits. Spoutwood Farm, Glen Rock. 717-235-6610, www. May 5-6. 57th Annual Apple Blossom Festival. Live entertainment, free orchard bus tours, wine tasting and sales, 100s of arts and crafts, wagon rides, ag exhibits and more. Kid’s activities will include free apple pie eating and apple bobbing contests, a petting zoo, pony rides, puppet shows and magic shows. South Mountain Fairgrounds, Arendtsville. 717-677-7444, http://tinyurl. com/AppleBlossomFestival May 5-6. East Broad Top Railroad Opening Weekend. Ride a steam or diesel locomotive and step back in time. Visit the train station that is over 100 years old. East Broad Top Railroad, Rockhill Furnace. 814-447-3011, May 9-Jun 24. Performance: Honky Tonk Angels. The story of three women who dream of becoming country music stars and meet on the bus to Nashville. Allenberry Resort Inn and Playhouse, Boiling Springs. 717-2583211, May 9. Performance: Engelbert Humperdinck. 8pm. Luhrs Performing Arts Center, Shippensburg. 717-477SHOW, 31 - W&W Spring 2012


Visitor’s Center 80 Rocherty Rd. Lebanon, PA 17042 717-273-3670


Apr 29. Opening Day at Delgrosso’s Amusement Park. Two hours of free rides from 11am-1pm. Delgrosso’s Amusement Park, Tipton. 866-684-3538,

Southern Region calendar of events

events subject to change May 18-20. Dirtfest 2012 Mountain Bike Festival. Highlights include bike toss, mud bog, kidsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; events and race, gals-only rides and events, demo zone, lake jump, live music and more. Allegrippis Trails, Raystown Lake, Hesston.

May 19-20. Army Heritage Days. Living history event that examines nearly every era of U.S. Army history. The bulk of activities will occur on the outdoor Army Heritage Trail. 9am. U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center (USAHEC), Carlisle. 717-245-3972,

May 19. Spring Outdoor Antique Show. Featuring 125 antique dealers from 13 states displaying unique pieces on the sidewalks. 7am-4pm. Lincoln Square, Gettysburg. 717-253-5750,

May 21. Jennie Wadeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Birthday. Celebrating Jennie Wadeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s birthday. Cupcakes will be served. 11am-1pm. Jennie Wade House, Gettysburg. 717-334-4100, www. May 23. Carlisle Indian Industrial School Walking Tour. Noon. Reservations req. Barbara Landis will lead a tour of the Carlisle Indian School grounds at the U.S. Army War College, Carlisle. 717-249-7610, May 24. Ashland Cemetery Walking Tour. A guide will discuss changing burial customs in the Civil War time period and several prominent Carlisle citizens who served in the war. 10am. Reservations req. Cumberland Co. Historical Society, Carlisle. 717-249-7610, www. May 25-27. Folk College. Three days of folk music, workshops, concerts, dance and jam sessions for musicians and listeners of all ages and abilities. Concerts are held in the von Liebig Theater. Open to the general public. Workshops require registration. Juniata College, Huntingdon. 814-643-6220, May 25-Sep 1. Raystown Lake 2012 Summer Amphitheater Series. Every Friday and Saturday evening from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Seven Points Recreation Area, Raystown Lake, Hesston. 814658-6812,

May 19. Theatre Fun Fest 2012. Special season sneak peak preview with the cast and crew, plus a look backstage, kidsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; games and crafts, face painting, clowns, a magic show, a huge yard sale, a costume display, live music, theater workshops for children, stage combat, a gigantic bake sale and lots of family fun. 9:30am3:30pm. Totem Pole Playhouse, Fayetteville. 888-8057056, May 19-20. 44th Annual Mifflin-Juniata Arts Festival. Annual community event featuring food, displays, oldtime demonstrations, vendors, entertainment, horse and wagon rides and more. Rain or shine. Rec Park, Lewistown. May 19-20. Spring Weekend. Saturday - spring consignment sale including tractors, gas and steam engines, farm implements and tools. Sunday - 6th annual spring car show. Williams Grove Show Grounds, Mechanicsburg. 717-241-0444,

May 26. River Run. The 12th annual 5k run crosses the Susquehanna River via the Veterans Memorial Bridge (Route 462) between Lancaster and York counties. Begins at 8:30am. Wrightsville to Columbia. 717-6845249, May 26. Country Memories Day. Food, displays, oldtime demonstrations, entertainment, horse and wagon rides and more. 9:30am-4pm. McVeytown. 717-8997450, May 26 - Nov 3. Ghost Bus Tours. Designated Saturdays only. Ghost Bus Tour to Sachs Bridge and Herrâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Ridge. The ghost host will entertain participants with chilling tales as they travel the countryside. Walk on some of the most haunted soil in the area. Reserve early. Adm. Gettysburg. 717-334-6296, May 26-27. Rockhill Trolley Museumâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 51st Opening Weekend. Rockhill Trolley, Rockhill Furnace. 814-4479576,





$8&7,21+286( (YHU\7KXUVGD\SP






May 28. 145th Memorial Day Parade & Ceremonies. The parade will proceed thru town before entering Gettysburg National Cemetery. 2pm. Service at the Soldiers National Monument in the cemetery will follow. Gettysburg. 717-334-6274, May 28. Memorial Day Fireworks on the Lake. Lake Raystown Resort, Lodge and Conference Center, Entriken.

32 - W&W Spring 2012

to the facility. The entrance to the museum takes you into the gift shop, where visitors can purchase everything from apparel to typical souvenir merchandise proudly displaying the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) emblem.

IN THE LINE OF DUTY Immediately upon entering the main exhibit area, you come face to face with the sacrifice made by so many. The Wall of Honor displays plaques with the names of 1,850 troopers who lost their lives in the line of duty. The earliest dates back more than a century. The Sept. 11, 2001, exhibit features a piece of one of the steel beams from the World Trade Center, as well as photos and letters from the Flight 93 crash site in Shanksville, Somerset County.



ast spring while attending the Tourism Rally at the Capitol in Harrisburg, I met Jessica Dietz, operations manager at the Pennsylvania State Police Museum in Hershey. Our conversation was very enlightening given the fact that I didn’t know that the museum even existed. Located just minutes from Hersheypark, the museum is eclipsed by the State Police Academy that sits adjacent

What at first glance looks like a crowd of troopers is actually a display showcasing the evolution of the PA State Police uniform. I was a bit surprised to see that the original female troopers, who graduated from the academy in 1972, were required to apprehend criminals in a skirt that fell just below the knee.

CRIME & PUNISHMENT The display that really captured my interest was the exhibit of some of the PSP’s most infamous investigations, including the case of the Mountain Man of Shade Gap, which garnered national attention in 1966. William Hollenbaugh, a.k.a. “Bicycle Pete,” was a former mental patient and paranoid schizophrenic who kidnapped 17-year-old Peggy Ann Bradnick at gunpoint after she got off the school bus. During the eight-day ordeal, The Wall of Honor is a somber reminder of the ultimate sacrifice made by many troopers over the years.

33 - W&W Spring 2012

Hollenbaugh wounded a deputy sherTHE RODEO iff and shot and killed an FBI agent beThe center of the main exhibit area fore he was killed in a gun battle with police. Suffering from severe dehydra- showcases the Pennsylvania State Police Rodeo, which tion, Bradnick was toured the state for returned to her more than 50 years family in relatively before it was disgood physical concontinued in 1974. dition otherwise. The rodeo was very The museum’s popular, as it showdisplay on the incased the skills and cident includes expertise of the the bicycle used by PSP troopers. Many Hollenbaugh in adof the skills were dition to newspademonstrated on per accounts and horseback because artifacts from his mounted troopcave hideout in the ers were very comTuscarora Mounmon during the tains of Huntingfirst half of the 20th don County. century. Events inAnother case cluded fancy saddle featured in the exdrills, trained police hibit is the 1980 dogs, motorcycle “666 Lottery Fix” The evolution of the state troop- drills, rescue races, that was the basis for the John Tra- ers' uniform is a good example of mounted balloon tricks, volta film “Lucky how function has replaced form as a shooting rough riding and Numbers.” Next priority. burning hoops. to the mugshots The star attracof the men behind the crime is that of the notorious Al Ca- tion was Weary Willie, the rodeo clown pone, who served time at Eastern State portrayed by trooper Richard McGowPenitentiary in Philadelphia. Below his en. Willie wasn’t just a humorous specmugshot and fingerprints, the display tacle; he was a talented sharpshooter. case holds a Prohibition Era Tommy Crowds loved his act and rewarded him with laughs and applause. Weary Wilgun.

DISSECTING THE CRIME Often a favorite of children who visit the museum, the interactive Crime Scene Forensics Exhibit allows visitors to “investigate” a homicide using fingerprinting and ballistic techniques. A tribute to the 9/11 tragedy includes a replica of the original makeshift memorial at Shanksville, site of the Flight 93 crash. 34 - W&W Spring 2012

serve as a memorial. The center would include a chapel and space for meetings. On Saturday, April 28, the eighth annual PA State Police Soldiers of the Law Memorial (motorcycle) Ride will raise funds for the new facility. The ride is open to all active and retired State Police members, State Police employees and friends of the PA State Police. Registration information can be found on the museum website at With the popularity of TV shows like "CSI," visitors enjoy playing amateur detective at the crime scene exhibit.

lie’s original costume and other rodeo memorabilia take center stage at the museum. Other exhibits, including those focusing on the Camp Hill Prison riots and the State Highway Patrol, as well as a multimedia education area, make use of every possible inch of space at the museum. Space is a constant challenge for the museum. In addition to the artifacts on display, the PSP Museum has two storage facilities to house its entire collection.

PA STATE POLICE HISTORICAL, EDUCATIONAL & MEMORIAL CENTER There are plans for a new museum to be built on the 10-acre site adjacent to the academy, but funds earmarked by the Commonwealth to get the project off the ground are now frozen due to state budgetary concerns. Currently the museum is funded entirely by donations, fundraising events and proceeds from the museum store. The Pennsylvania State Police Historical, Educational & Memorial Center would have three main components: to offer exhibits, to serve as an educational facility, and to

GENERAL INFORMATION: Museum tours are free, but donations are appreciated. Tours are given Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., closed weekends and holidays. Call ahead 717-534-0565 before visiting. GETTING THERE: 187 Police Academy Dr., Hershey, PA 17033 If you plug in the museum address into your GPS, it will certainly take you there, but the route will take you through the Police Academy campus, which can be confusing. Here are the directions I would suggest you follow: Follow the directions to Hersheypark. Once on Hersheypark Drive/Route 743 going north, take a slight left on Laudermilch Road (the first light after Police Academy Drive). Then take the first left onto Swatara Road, and the entrance to the museum is an immediate left onto Police Academy Drive. The museum is on the right at top of the hill.

35 - W&W Spring 2012

Wendy Royal

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Scranton • Wilkes Barre •


Stroudsburg • Jim Thorpe • Easton• Allentown • • Bethlehem •Doylestown • Valley Forge West Chester • • Philadelphia

May 19-20, 26-27 Farm Animal Frolic Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm, Stroudsburg

April 1 70th Brandywine Hills Point-to-Point Races Myrick Conservation Center, West Chester

36 - W&W Spring 2012

Eastern Region calendar of events


Mar 11. St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Wilkes-Barre. 570208-4149,

Mar 3. Wacky Walks at Morris Arboretum. A version of Wellness Walks developed specifically for people of all ages, including children, these outdoor walks will encourage participants to engage in physcial activity and interact with nature in a playful way. Walks will be led by a guide trained in garden knowledge and Wacky Walks techniques. 10:30am. Free with adm. Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. 215-247-5777, Mar 3. Maple Sugar Festival. Explore the world of maple sugar on this historic 175-acre nature preserve and wildlife sanctuary. Optional pancake breakfast with fee. John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove. 610-666-5593, http://pa. Mar 4-11. 2012 Philadelphia International Flower Show. The theme, Hawaii: Islands of Aloha, will offer a tropical experience that blends next-stage digital technology with the natural beauty and rich culture of the islands. Floral competitions, the world’s largest lettuce wall and internationally renowned speakers. Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia. Mar 4. 10th Annual Chili & Wing Cook-Off. Gets underway at high noon. Ehrhardt’s Waterfront Banquet Center, Hawley. 570-226-3191, Mar 8-11. Super Billiards Expo. The largest consumer-oriented billiards tradeshow in the world. Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, Oaks. Mar 9-10. Safari Overnight. Experience the Academy of Natural Sciences after dark. Ages 7 to 14 years old can enjoy a night of interactive activities and encounters with live animals, refreshments, and sleep next to the lions and tigers or a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Kids will awaken to a light breakfast and more exploration. 6:30pm-9am. Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia. 215-299-1060 Mar 10. St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Downtown Scranton. Mar 10. St. Patrick’s Day Parade Post Party. Scranton Cultural Center, downtown Scranton. www.scranton Mar 10-Jul 1. Exhibit: Have Gags, Will Travel: The Life & Times of a New York Cartoonist. Sylvia Getsler (1926-2009) was a rarity in the cartooning world - a highly successful female gag artist. Pfundt Gallery, James A. Michener Art Museum, Doylestown. 215-3409800, Mar 10-11. St. Patrick’s Parade Weekend. The famous St. Patty’s Day parade. Attendees should arrive early, as festivities will begin early. Downtown Jim Thorpe. 888JIM THORPE,

Mar 11. Charter Day at Graeme Park. Take a free tour of the Keith House in honor of the granting of the Pennsylvania Chater to William Penn. Graeme Park, Horsham. Mar 18. Tea & Symphony. A chamber performance by the Copeland String Quartet in the grand center hall of the Highlands, an 18th-century Georgian mansion. Premium Estate Teas will be served during the intermission. Advance reservations are required. The Highlands Mansion and Gardens, Fort Washington. Mar 20. Global Tour of Junk Food. Andrew Smith has written many books exploring the history of food. An entertaining and humorous presentation on the global history of junk food, while dining on a specially prepared three-course dinner, featuring a bit of junk food. 6pm. Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College, Philadelphia. 610-649-5220, Mar 23-25. Northeast Rod & Custom Car Show. The premier indoor rod, custom and classic car and motorcycle show in the Philadelphia area. Greater Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks. Mar 24-25. Skirmish 29th Anniversary. Skirmish Paintball, Albrightsville. 800-754-7647, Mar 24-25. School of the Soldier. Experience the daily camp life of the Revolutionary War soldiers and camp followers from regiments of the Mid-Atlantic Department of the Continental Line as they prepare for battle reenactments throughout the region. Peter Wentz Farmstead, Worcester. Mar 25. Easter Crafts for Kids. The themes of Easter and springtime will be explored as children create wonderful ornaments and cards to take home and share with loved ones and friends. Pennypacker Mills, Schwenksville. Mar 31. The Mid-Atlantic Porcelain Spring Tea, Show & Sale. Meet the artists and purchase a real porcelain art treasure. 10am-4pm. Free adm and parking. Princeton Presbyterian Church, Springfield. 610-578-0224 Mar 31. Easter Tatting Workshop. In this beginner class, participants will learn the basics of tatting while they create a beautiful Easter ornament to take home. A great how-to tatting book, needle and thread will be provided, and refreshments will be served. Pennypacker Mills, Schwenksville.

April Apr 1. Lackawanna County Coal Mine Tour Opens. McDade Park, Scranton. Apr 9-14. Shriner’s Circus. Kingston. 570-714-0783,

37 - W&W Spring 2012

Eastern Region calendar of events

events subject to change Apr 13. 12th Annual World War II Swing Dance. Featuring the Swing Fever Dance Band/USO Canteen Show, with dancing from 8-11pm. Band members will be dressed in WWII uniforms and play songs from the war years and big band era. The Andrews Sisters, Uncle Sam and Rosie the Riveter will be portrayed. All seats are assigned, and preregistration is req. Proceeds benefit WWII veterans and those currently serving in the military. Sunnybrook Ballroom, Pottstown. 610-323-2229 Apr 14. Sheep Shearing Day. Watch as farmers shear sheep and learn more about many other typical spring activities on a Colonial farm. Colonial toys and games, scarecrow building, storytelling and a puppet theater. Also, open-hearth cooking, farm tours, spinning, weaving, Colonial music and much more. Peter Wentz Farmstead, Worcester. Apr 21-Aug 10. Exhibit: Offering of the Angels: Treasures From the Uffizi Gallery. Oil paintings by legendary artists such as Botticelli, Titian, Tintoretto, and their contemporaries will be on display, along with two tapestries from the same period. Paton, Smith, Della Penna-Fernberger Galleries, James A. Michener Art Museum, Doylestown. 215-340-9800, Apr 21. Flavor Festival in Phoenixville. Sample wine, beer, spirits and gourmet food, while enjoying live music and lots of entertainment including wine trivia with lots of prizes and giveaways. Noon-5pm. Franklin Commons, Phoenixville. 610-291-0873, Apr 21-22. Jim Thorpe Earth Day Celebration. The celebration includes live entertainment, children’s activities, demonstrations, workshops, environmental education and more. Downtown Jim Thorpe. 570-3252079, Apr 21. Open-Hearth Cooking Workshop: Pies & Puddings, Sweet & Savory. One of the manor’s Colonial cooks will teach the art of making pies and puddings, how to make pie crust and both savory and sweet pies and puddings. Pottsgrove Manor, Pottstown. Apr 22. 2012 Valley Forge Revolutionary Five-Mile Run. Run this challenging five-mile certified course or walk three miles to and from the National Memorial Arch. A one-mile youth fun run will wrap up this fifth annual event. Five-mile run begins at 8:30am. No race day registration. Valley Forge National Historical Park, King of Prussia. Apr 28. Steam Season Starts. Steamtown National Historic Site, Scranton. Apr 28. Trolley Rides Start. Electric City Trolley Museum, Scranton. Apr 28. Performance: Two Funny Philly Guys. Listeners to Sports Radio WIP are no strangers to Joe Conklin and Big Daddy Graham. 8pm. Adm. The Colonial Theatre, Phoenixville.

Apr 28. The Essentials of a Proper Etiquette. Guests at an afternoon tea followed explicit rules from the moment they entered the house. Participants will discover etiquette of the Victorian Era during this workshop for mothers, grandmothers and their girls. A special gift for Mother’s Day. Pennypacker Mills, Schwenksville. http:// Apr 28-May 13. Yellow Springs Art Show. This juried art show gives attendees the chance to view and purchase some of the most impressive works of art exhibited in the area. The event will showcase more than 170 artists, ranging from established artists to young emerging talent. Historic Yellow Springs, Chester Springs.

May May 2. Lecture: The Muhlenbergs of Montgomery County. Historian Lisa Minardi will talk about the influential Muhlenberg family, including Lutheran minister Henry Melchior; his son, Frederick, the first speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives; and others in the family who played active roles in Montgomery County’s history. Peter Wentz Farmstead, Worcester. May 5-6. Peddler’s Village Strawberry Festival 2012. Enjoy strawberry treats from chocolate-dipped strawberries, shortcakes and pastries, jams and fritters to smoothies, pies and fresh, unadorned strawberries. Live entertainment, pie-eating contests, artisan displays and demonstrations will add to the enjoyment of this familyfriendly spring festival. 10am-6pm. Peddler’s Village, Lahaska. 215-794-4000, May 5. Annual Colonial May Fair. Bring the whole family out to welcome spring at this annual event. Visitors will enjoy a variety of 18th-century entertainments, and young visitors will have a chance to participate in games and contests. Early American crafters will also be on hand to give demonstrations of historic trades and sell their wares. Pottsgrove Manor, Pottstown. May 12-13. Jim Thorpe Art Weekend. Including everything from free events to tours and shows. There will be great music, art and culture. Attendees may book at package at one of the delightful bed and breakfasts. Historic District, Jim Thorpe. 570-325-0216, http:// May 12. Mother’s Day Workshop for Kids. Kids will make cards and other thoughful gifts for their mothers to celebrate their special day. Pennypacker Mills, Schwenksville. May 13. The Willowdale Steeplechase. A full day of world-class horse racing and family-friendly events, with thrilling steeplechase racing, tailgating, shopping, antique cars and children’s activities. Gates open at 10am. Adm. The Willowdale Steeplechase, Kennett Square. 610-444-1582,

38 - W&W Spring 2012

Eastern Region calendar of events

events subject to change May 17-20. Fine Arts Fiesta. Full-scale outdoor visual and performing arts event with a juried adult and student art show, an artist market, demonstrations, special childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s events, daily entertainment, food and more. Public Square, Wilkes-Barre. May 19. Arts Alive! 2012. Quakertownâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s premier juried artisan/crafter event, featuring a variety of entertainment including childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s rides, live alpacas, strolling entertainers and a food court, plus original music artists. Free adm and parking. 10am-5pm. Downtown Quakertown. May 19. SpringFest. Food, fun and games for the whole family. Noon. Free. Downtown Perkasie. May 19-20, 26-27. Annual Farm Animal Frolic. Family fun at its best with baby farm animals, wagon rides, games, childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s shows, sheep shearing on May 19, an outdoor bake oven and more. Adm. Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm, Stroudsburg. 570-992-6161, http:// May 19. Art on Main. Invite friends and family to celebrate the Pocono Arts Council throughout downtown. Throughout the day, a variety of special performances and fine arts and crafts exhibits will be displayed. Downtown Stroudsburg. 570-476-4460,

May 19-20. Jim Thorpeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Birthday Celebration. In honor of James Francis Thorpe, a Native American, one of the greatest athletes of the 20th century and the townâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s namesake. Many fine crafts, vendors, great food and outdoor and Opera House performances will be in town all weekend long. Downtown Jim Thorpe. 570325-9281, May 20. Annual Pocono Mountains Run for the Red Marathon. A 26.2-mile marathon through Monroe County. Race day also includes a 5k road race and a two-person marathon relay. One hundred percent of the entry fee will go toward disaster relief in Monroe County. Meet at 6am at the Stroudsburg High School Stadium, Stroudsburg. 800-468-2442, May 26. St. Ubaldo Race of the Saints. 5:30pm. Jessup. May 26-27. Shawnee Celtic Festival. Nonstop Celtic music a bagpipers parade, a fiddlers jam, working sheep dogs, Irish step dancers and a variety of Celtic craft and food vendors. 11am-6pm. Shawnee Mountain Ski Area, Shawnee on Delaware. 570-421-7231, http:// May 27. Patriotic Workshop for Kids. An afternoon of patriotic celebration while creating awesome decorations and cards to share. Age 5 and up. Pennypacker Mills, Schwenksville. historicsites May 28. Memorial Day Trolley Rides. Electric City Trolley Museum, Scranton.


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39 - W&W Spring 2012


If the kids were in charge, where would they want to go?


Lehigh Valley Zoo 5150 Game Preserve Rd Schnecksville, PA 18078 610-799-4171 Nov - Mar: 10 a.m. â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 3 p.m. daily Apr - Oct: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. daily


DaVinci Science Center 3145 Hamilton Blvd Bypass Allentown, PA 18103 484-664-1002 Mon - Sat: 9:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. Sun: 12 p.m. - 5 p.m. 40 - W&W Spring 2012

in the Lehigh Valley Scan the QR Code for more info, including dining and lodging on your roadtrip. Or logon to

4Crayola Factory 30 Centre Square, Easton, PA 18042 610-515-8000 Check website for days/hours

photos courtesy of Lehigh Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau


Dutch Springs 4733 Hanoverville Road Bethlehem, PA 18020 610-759-2270 Check website for hours of operation 41 - W&W Spring 2012

• Erie

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Titusville • Oil City • • Franklin

New Wilmington • • Slippery Rock • New Castle • Butler •Smicksburg Indiana • • Pittsburgh • Washington • Somerset • Waynesburg

March 24 The Texas Tenors Orr Auditorium, Westminster College, New Wilmington

March 30 Tap Kids Miller Auditorium, Slippery Rock University, Slippery Rock

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42 - W&W Spring 2012

Western Region calendar of events


Mar 10. Performance: Move! The Power of Black Dance. August Wilson Center for African American Culture, Pittsburgh.

Mar 1. Performance: Fabulous â&#x20AC;&#x2122;50s. River City Brass. Carnegie Music Hall, Pittsburgh.

Mar 11. Celtic Fest. Christian W. Klay Winery, Chalk Hill. 724-439-3424,

Mar 2-11. Performance: Disneyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Mulan Jr. New Castle Playhouse, New Castle. 724-654-3437, www. Mar 2. Performance: Carmelita Tropicana: Homage to Jack Smith & Ole/Ghost. The Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh. Mar 2-4. Conservatory Dance Company at Point Park University. Pittsburgh Playhouse, Pittsburgh. http:// Mar 2-4. Performance: Disneyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Alice in Wonderland. The Academy Theatre, Meadville. 814-337-8000, www. Mar 3, Apr 7, May 5. Amish Wedding Feast. Visitors will hear real-life stories about the Amish and will enjoy a delicious meal served family style. Reservations only. The Country Cupboard of Smicksburg, Smicksburg. 814-257-0192, Mar 3. Performance: Roots of Rock & Roll XXXVIII. Pittsburgh Cultural Trust. Benedum Center, Pittsburgh. Mar 3. Performance: Armitage Gone! Dance in Three Theories. Pittsburgh Dance Council. Byham Theater, Pittsburgh. Mar 3. Performance: Vionlinist Pinchas Zukerman in Recital. Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. Heinz Hall, Pittsburgh. Mar 3, 24. Trash to Treasure. Bring broken jewelry, odds and ends, buttons and beads, and Debbie Kembro will show great ways to repurpose them. Adm. Seating is limited. Preregister. Pocketsize Productions, Greensboro. Mar 8. Performance: The Official Blues Brothers Revue. Cohen and Grigsby Trust Presents Series. Byham Theater, Pittsburgh. Mar 9-11. Performance: A Streetcar Named Desire. Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Pittsburgh.

Mar 11. Crooked Creek ELC Maple Sugaring Program. Witness and learn the process of turning sap into delicious syrup and sugar. Crooked Creek Environmental Learning Center, Ford City. 724-763-6316, www. Mar 13-18. Performance: La Cage Aux Folles. PNC Broadway Across America - Pittsburgh. Benedum Center, Pittsburgh. Mar 14. Performance: Eileen Ivers & Immigrant Soul. Byham Theater, Pittsburgh. Mar 15. Performance: Westmoreland Jazz Society Performance. Westmoreland Museum of American Art, Greensburg. Mar 15-18. Performance: A St. Patrickâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Pops With Natalie MacMaster. PNC Pittsburgh Symphony Pops. Heinz Hall, Pittsburgh. Mar 16-18. Indiana Armstrong Builders Association Home Show. More than 135 booths with 90 exhibitors displaying ideas on home improvement. Plenty of free parking. S&T Bank Arena, Indiana. 724-349-2327 Mar 16-18. Pittsburgh Arts & Crafts Spring Fever Festival. Monroeville Convention Center, Monroeville. 724-863-4577, Mar 16-18, 23-25, 30-31. Performance: Swiss Family Robinson. Updated version of the classic childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s tale by Johann Wyss. Meadville Community Theatre, Meadville. 814-333-1773, Mar 16-18, 23-25. Performance: Always...Patsy Cline. Adm. The Old Schoolhouse Players, Hickory. 724-344-7467, Mar 16-19. 26th Valley Invitational. The largest figure skating competition in the United States other than the national championships, featuring entry-level to worldclass-level skaters. Free adm. Valley Skating Center, Donora. 724-379-6700,


43 - W&W Spring 2012

Western Region calendar of events

events subject to change Mar 17. St. Patrick’s Day Party. Green eggs and ham, as well as traditional Irish fare, will be served all day. Offerings will include traditional corned beef and cabbage. There will also be entertainment. 6am-2am. Free adm. Quaker Steak and Lube, Sharon. 724-981-9464, Mar 17-Apr 15. Phipps Spring Flower Show. Phiipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, Pittsburgh. http:// Mar 18. Performance: Spirit of Uganda. Cohen and Grigsby Trust Presents Series. Byham Theater, Pittsburgh. Mar 23-25. Pymatuning Eagle Weekend. Search the skies for bald eagles, other raptors and various waterfowl. Adm includes two continental breakfasts, two lunches and transportation during the weekend. Res. req. Pymatuning State Park, Jamestown. 724-932-3142 Mar 24, 27, 30, Apr 1. Performance: Tosca. Pittsburgh Opera. Benedum Center, Pittsburgh. Mar 24-25, 28-Apr 1. Pennsylvania Maple Festival. Meyersdale. 866-858-0213, 814-634-0213, www. Mar 24-25. Northwest Maple Association - Taste & Tour. Visit with local maple syrup producers and see first-hand the process of tapping the maple tree, collecting sap and boiling it down to make delicious syrup. Waterford. 814-796-3699, Mar 24-25. Pysanky, the Ancient Ukrainian Folk Art of Egg Decorating. Demonstrations with local artist Tami Hritzay will be free and open to the public. Stonewall Gallery, Campbell Pottery Store and Gallery, Cambridge Springs. 814-734-8800, Mar 25. Washington Antiques Fair. Hundreds of dealers. 8am-2pm. CONSOL Energy Park, Washington. 724-942-0357, Mar 28-31. Performance: Into the Woods. Written by Stephen Sondheim. 7:30pm. Goodwin Performing Arts Center, Waynesburg University, Waynesburg. Mar 29-Apr 7. Performance: Harvest. University of Pittsburgh Repertory Theatre. Henry Heymann Theatre, University of Pittsburgh, Oakland Campus, Pittsburgh.

h 36ntual PITTSBURGH n A PARTS-A-RAMA BUTLER FAIRGROUND, PA I-79 TO EXIT 99, RT. 422 EAST Cars, Parts, Toys (412) 366-7154 BOX 11102, PITTSBURGH, PA 15237


JUNE 15, 16, 17, 2012

Mar 29-Apr 1. Duncan & Miller Glass Museum Open House. 11am-4pm. Free adm. Duncan and Miller Glass Museum, Washington. 724-225-9950, Mar 30-Apr 1. Performance: A Cinderella Suite. BNY Mellon Grand Classics. Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. Heinz Hall, Pittsburgh. Mar 31. Performance: Carnegie Mellon Philharmonic & Choirs - 100th Anniversary Concert. Carnegie Mellon School of Music. Benedum Center, Pittsburgh. http:// Mar 31-Apr 7. Bunny Trolley. Ride the trolley with the Easter Bunny. 10am-5pm. Adm. Pennsylvania Trolley Museum, Washington. 724-228-9256, Mar 31. Peter Cottontail Express. Join Peter Cottontail and travel through Oil Creek State Park on the first ride of the year on the Oil Creek and Titusville Railroad. Board the train at Perry Street Station, Titusville. 814676-1733,

April Apr 3-8. Performance: Disney’s Beauty & the Beast. PNC Broadway Across America - Pittsburgh. Heinz Hall, Pittsburgh. Apr 13-15. Performance: Treasured Stories by Eric Carle. Pittsburgh International Children’s Theater. Byham Theater, Pittsburgh. Apr 13-15. Performance: Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour. Cirque du Soleil. Petersen Events Center, Pittsburgh. Apr 13-22. Performance: Dark of the Moon. Point Park University’s Conservatory Theatre Company. Pittsburgh Playhouse, Pittsburgh. Apr 14. Performance: Kota Yamazaki/Fluid hug hug: (glowing). The Andy Warhol Museum. New Hazlett Theater, Pittsburgh. Apr 17. Arts Series: The Glenn Miller Orchestra. 7:30pm. Adm. Olin Fine Arts Center, Washington and Jefferson College, Washington. 724-223-OLIN, www. Apr 18-29. Annual Kaleidoscope Regional Arts Festival. Numerous performing, visual and literary art presentations and the celebrated Children’s Day Festival on Apr. 21. Slippery Rock University Campus, Slippery Rock. 724738-4586, Apr 19. Performance: Westmoreland Jazz Society Performance. Westmoreland Museum of American Art, Greensburg. Apr 20-21, 27-29. Performance: South Pacific. Succop Theater, Butler County Community College, Butler. 724287-8243, Apr 20-21. 11th Annual Buckin’ B Cattle Championship Bull Riding Competition. Gates open at 6:30pm. Event will begin at 8pm. Greene County Fairgrounds, Waynesburg. 724-627-5648, 724-852-5323

44 - W&W Spring 2012

Western Region calendar of events

events subject to change Apr 21. Spring Amish Quilt Auction. Viewing at 9am. Auction starts at 10am. Lawrence County Fairgrounds, New Castle. 724-654-8408,

Apr 27. Gallery Crawl in the Cultural District. Pittsburgh Cultural District.

Apr 21. Performance: Imagination Movers. Cohen and Grigsby Trust Presents Series. Benedum Center, Pittsburgh.

Apr 27-29, May 11-13. Performance: The Magic of Paris, Part of the Paris Festival. BNY Mellon Grand Classics. Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. Heinz Hall, Pittsburgh.

Apr 21. Performance: Tell It! The Color of American Music. August Wilson Center for African American Culture, Pittsburgh.

Apr 27-28. Brewski Festival. Seven Springs Mountain Resort, Seven Springs.

Apr 21. Party for the Planet. Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium, Pittsburgh. Apr 21. Hammer-In. Blacksmiths come together for a day of demonstrations. Tours of the foundry. Free adm. W.A. Young Foundry and Machine Shop, Rices Landing. 724-774-6757, Apr 21. 18th Annual Greene County Child Fest. Join in for a day of music, arts and crafts, games, prizes and fun for the whole family. 10am-1pm. Free. Greene County Fairgrounds, Waynesburg. 724-852-5277, 888-355-2247 Apr 22. Performance: National Geographic Live: A Camera, Two Kids & A Camel. Cohen and Grigsby Trust Presents Series. Byham Theater, Pittsburgh. Apr 25. Performance: Lily Tomlin. Cohen and Grigsby Trust Presents Series. Byham Theater, Pittsburgh.

Apr 27-28. Mingo Creek Park Observatory Public Star Party. Begins at dusk, weather permitting. Free adm. Mingo Creek Park Observatory/Mingo Creek County Park, Washington. 724-348-6150, Apr 28-Jul 22. Exhibit: The Westmoreland Biennial. Westmoreland Museum of American Art, Greensburg. Apr 28-29. 22nd Annual Ramp Festival. 10am-6pm each day. Free adm. Mason-Dixon Park, Mount Morris. 304-879-5372, 304-879-5500, www.masondixonpark. com, Apr 28-29. Conneaut Cellars Winery 30th Anniversary. Enjoy snacks made with their wines and take a tour of the cellar. Conneaut Cellars Winery, Conneaut Lake. 814382-3999,


Apr 27-May 13. Performance: Grease. Augustine Auditorium, New Castle Playhouse, New Castle. 724654-3437,

Apr 27-28, May 4-6, 11-12. Performance: Side Show. The story of real-life Daisy and Violet Hilton, conjoined twins who overcame a lifetime of pain to go on to become one of the most successful acts in Vaudeville history. Meadville Community Theatre, Meadville.

45 - W&W Spring 2012

Western Region calendar of events

events subject to change Apr 29. Enlow Fork Wildflower Walk. A daylong series of walks, discussions and identification of local plants, birds and insects. Walk begins at 8pm. Enlow Fork of Wheeling Creek. 724-499-5774,

May May 4-5. Performance: Debussy & Ravel’s Bolero, Part of the Paris Festival. BNY Mellon Grand Classics. Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. Heinz Hall, Pittsburgh. May 5-27. Performance: Pop! Rock Musical Murder Mystery. City Theatre Mainstage, Pittsburgh. May 5-Sep 30. Summer Flower Show. Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, Pittsburgh. http:// May 5-6. 12th Annual May Garden Mart. More than 40 vendors will offer all types of plant material, as well as garden and yard decorations and garden-related handmade crafts. Fountain Park, Franklin. May 5. Bradford House Season Opening Celebration. The new log cabin kitchen and the 18th-century tavern will be open. Bradford House, Washington. 724-2223604, May 5-6. Meadowcroft’s Opening Weekend. Discover 16,000 years, all in one day. Enjoy Meadowcroft’s prehistoric Rockshelter, 16th-century Indian village, 18thcentury frontier area and 19th-century rural village. Adm. Meadowcroft Rockshelter and Historic Village, Avella. 724-587-3412, May 9. Performance: The Golden Dragon Acrobats. 6:30pm. Orr Auditorium, Westminster College, New Wilmington. 724-946-7354, celebrity May 12. Colonial Day at the Old Stone House. A handson experience in 18th-century living. Demos in period crafts, candle making, spinning, butter churning, historic cooking, ways of life, blacksmithing and more. Noon5pm. The Old Stone House, Slippery Rock. 724-7384964, May 12. Pittsburgh Sketch Crawl. Pittsburgh Cultural Trust. Pittsburgh Cultural District. May 12-Aug 26. Exhibit: Impressionism in a New Light: From Monet to Stieglitz. Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh. May 13-18. 2012 Intel - International Science & Engineering Fair. Society for Science and the Public. David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh. http:// May 15-20. Performance: Blue Man Group. PNC Broadway Across America - Pittsburgh. Benedum Center, Pittsburgh. htttp:// May 17. Performance: Westmoreland Jazz Society Performance. Westmoreland Museum of American Art, Greensburg.

May 18-19. May Mart Flower & Craft Festival. Flowers, crafts and food. S&T Bank Arena, Indiana. 724-3498763, May 18-26. FIRSTVOICE: International Black Arts Festival. August Wilson Center for African American Culture, Pittsburgh. May 19. Venture Outdoors Festival. Venture Outdoors. Point State Park, Pittsburgh. May 19-20. 2012 Spring Antique Show. 10th annual two-day show. Indoor and covered outdoor. Free adm. Georgian Place, Somerset. 814-443-1244, May 19-Jun 3. Regional Juried Fine Art & Craft Exhibition and Sale. Presented by Uniontown Art Club. Touchstone Center for Crafts, Farmington. May 19-20. Annual Sheep & Fiber Fest. From sheep shearing to blanket weaving. Artisans, sheep herding demos and plenty of good food and family entertainment. 10am-5pm each day. Greene County Fairgrounds, Waynesburg. 724-627-8119, May 19. First Walleye Tournament. Pymatuning State Park, Jamestown. 724-927-6879 May 19-20. National Pike Steam, Gas & Horse Association Spring Show. Dedicated to preserving and demonstrating antique farm and construction equipment used by our forefathers. Centerville Borough. 724-785-6855, May 19-20. National Road Festival. Various towns along the historic National Road. Fayette, Somerset and Washington counties. 724-437-9877, May 22-28. Memorial Weekend Classic Dog Show. Lawrence County Fairgrounds, New Castle. 724-321-9933 May 25-28. Annual Outdoor Extravaganza. Activities, such as hiking, biking, canoeing, kayaking, horseback riding, caving, rock climbing, and fun workshops, plus evening entertainment. Located in Portersville and surrounding areas. 724-526-5407, May 26-27. New Castle Art Festival. Cascade Park, New Castle. 724-971-6960, May 16-20. Pittsburgh International Children’s Festival. Pittsburgh International Children’s Festival and Pittsburgh Cultural Trust. Oakland. May 26-27. Glass Blowing Demonstrations. Demonstrations with master glass artist Herb Thomas. Campbell Pottery Store and Gallery, Cambridge Springs. 814-734-8800, May 28. Mercer Memorial Day 500. Military games, veterans reception, new recruit induction, honoree recognition, Victory Belles in concert, memorial parade and memorial salute. Mercer County Courthouse, Mercer. 724-662-2786,

46 - W&W Spring 2012

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The Woolrich Flagship Store features the latest apparel, accessories and home furnishings inspired by the outdoors.

STORE HOURS: Monday - Thursday 9 – 6 • Friday & Saturday 9 – 7

• Sunday 12 – 5

Take exit 116 of Rte 220 and proceed 3 miles north, following the sign. • 570-769-7401

Where & When, Pennsylvania's Travel Guide - Spring 2012  
Where & When, Pennsylvania's Travel Guide - Spring 2012  

Check out what's going on in Pennsylvania this spring! Events, attractions and unique destinations in the USAs nost historic state.