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Our mission is to engage artists and audiences in an evolving exploration of creativity. This mission is advanced through the interpretation of collections and exhibitions; education initiatives and culturally diverse public programs; residencies and other opportunities for artists. The Museum of American Glass, at the heart of WheatonArts, houses the most comprehensive collection of glass produced in America and is one of only eight institutions in New Jersey to be accredited by the American Alliance of Museums. Artist studios, including the renowned WheatonArts Glass Studio, serve a dynamic community of artists, including international artists awarded fellowships by the Creative Glass Center of America. Regionally, the Down Jersey Folklife Program has provided multicultural programs and educational resources featuring artists and tradition bearers from more than 55 ethnic and cultural groups throughout South Jersey. Other studio programs in ceramics and classes in diverse mediums help demystify the creative process, as artists share their skills and vision while providing unique programming for children and adults. Wheatonarts, also home to four award-winning museum stores and a 10,000 square foot event center, is located on a 50+ acre setting that is its own attraction. Among its many distinctions, WheatonArts has been repeatedly designated as a Major Arts Institution by the New Jersey State Council on the Arts, on the basis of the institution’s “solid history of artistic excellence, substantial programming, and broad public service” and as an “anchor institution that contributes vitally to the quality of life in New Jersey.”


Focus. Continuity. Freedom. Opportunity. These words pop into my head, …a place where glass, and glass making, are as primary as oxygen. My Wheaton experiences are the cornerstone of my life as an artist working with glass.


This two year report on the activities of reflects the focus of our work to build the participation of artists and audiences through expanded community outreach, the development of strategic partnerships and the delivery of artistically excellent programs. We are proud to report that success was realized on so many levels despite a continually challenging and uncertain economic climate. It is with true gratitude that we deliver this report to all who have supported WheatonArts over the last two years as financial patrons, program partners, participating artists and other community members who have invested in WheatonArts with care and value for the work we do.

—artist Walter Zimmerman

While it is impossible to convey two years of true impact, we are pleased to be able to share the many highlights that represent the public benefit provided by WheatonArts to over 100,000 visitors and another 150,000 at offsite demonstrations and lectures. Over 1,200 artists have participated in exhibitions, performances, studio residencies, internships, teaching opportunities and special events such as GlassWeekend and the Festival of Fine Craft. Highlights of organizational achievements over the last two years include the renewal of the Accreditation of the Museum of American Glass by the American Alliance of Museums. As one of only eight institutions in NJ to be accredited by the AAM, we look forward to moving forward with plans to activate the museum galleries with the same inspired creative activity taking place at WheatonArts on a daily basis. Our impact has also been recognized by the NJ State Council on the Arts, with the continued designation of Major Arts Institution, awarded on the basis of our “solid history of artistic excellence, substantial programming, and broad public service” and as an “anchor institution that contributes vitally to the quality of life in New Jersey.” Consecutive “Citations of Excellence” bestowed by the Council are especially meaningful, as they reflect the respect of our peer reviewers. WheatonArts is a “creative placemaker” and has been since before the term was coined. Our diverse events are true community builders, many dependent on partners to whom we are so very grateful. Diverse events ranging from GlassWeekend and the Festival of Fine Craft, to the Community Creative Connections festival celebrating the cultural traditions of communities originating from eleven Balkan nations, all provide a meeting place for artists and audiences; a community energized and inspired by an unusual level of access to the creative process.


An estimated 15,000 students of all ages have benefited from education programs that include interactive field trips, our Glasstown Collective Program for Cumberland County students, professional development programs for teachers, ongoing “make-your-own” program, and classes and workshops for teens and adults in a variety of mediums. Artists gracing our campus as staff, resident Fellows and guests, bring with them an energy that sustains us. This energy was highlighted in 2013, as we celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the Creative Glass Center of America Fellowship program, and the support offered to over 325 artists with generous studio residencies at WheatonArts. The last two years haven’t been without challenges. Fiscal year 2013 began with a destructive derecho storm hitting our region, necessitating the cancellation of our 50/Forward fundraiser, while hosting artists and other guests from throughout the country. A few months later Superstorm Sandy devastated areas just north of us and while we were spared a direct hit, for months afterward attendance was affected by the perception that all NJ destinations were closed. The fact that we were just starting to recover from the worst economic times in the institution’s forty + year history didn’t help. Despite the threats, we’ve been able to protect the organization — what has become known as a “sanctuary” to many — in a world that remains a little less certain and somewhat less safe for arts institutions. In summary, there is no doubt that the creativity and hard work of a committed staff, board, volunteers and our partners have advanced our mission. The inclusion of artists as primary partners, the building of community partnerships, and the deepening of educational experiences have all occurred with excellence. We now enter a new phase of work, deeply informed and inspired by our accomplishments of the last two years. Our recently updated strategic plan will guide us as we create an operating model that further solidifies our identity, maximizes the impact of our collections, improves the accommodation of our visitors’ and artists’ needs all while ensuring the long term sustainability of the organization and maintaining our beautiful campus. With your support we will meet and surpass our goals with a vision to provide an artcentered sanctuary; a place where our guests can explore creative expression, where artists are invited to create in a nurturing environment, and where all may learn from each other. Susan M. Gogan, Executive Director and Keith Ragone, Chair, Board of Trustees


WheatonArts Governing Board Officers Keith Ragone, Chair Ameline Pappas, 1st Vice Chair, Secretary*** Larry Merighi, 2nd Vice Chair Thomas Kavanaugh, Treasurer Henry Wasserstein, Secretary, 1st Vice Chair*** Trustees Barry Ballard Sandy D’Onofrio Steve Drozdow Susan Gogan J.G. Harrington Jeffrey Kesper William Kontes Jack Larimore Peter Leone* Robert Minkoff Rita Moonsammy Ameurfina Nazario Ken Pustizzi Arnold Robinson** Carolyn Seidle** Keith Wasserman Cliff Wheaton Richard Watson* Wheaton Arts Honorary Board Kim Ayres Marie Carley Deborah Dilorenzo* Stan Epstein Paul Farr Donald Fauerbach* Hortense Green* Sharon Karmazin Peter Leone** Judy McLendon Elmerina and Paul Parkman Paul Stankard NJ Senator Jeff Van Drew Richard Watson Frank Wheaton III

*FY13 only ** FY14 only ***FY13 Officers

WheatonArts Staff Senior Staff

Program Staff

Museum Stores and Visitor Services Staff

Susan Gogan, Executive Director/CEO* Cathy Nolan, Chief Operating Officer* Hank Murta Adams, Glass Studio Creative Director* Iveta Pirgova, Director of Education and Cultural Studies* Kristin Qualls, Director of Exhibitions and Collections* James McCann, Chief Financial Officer* Janet Peterson, Marketing and Public Relations Director*

Hyunsung Cho, Resident Glassblower* Hop Edwards, Wood Carver ** Charlotte Erbland, Hostess and Folklife Interpreter Max Lefko-Everett, Studio Senior Assistant* Don Friel, Resident Glassblower* Max Grossman* Pat Hemsley, Curatorial Assistant* David Iams, Museum Docent, Folklife Interpreter** Pauline Kenney, Museum Docent Karin Kozlowski, Studio Floor Manager** Sammy Lightener, Studio Assistant** Joe Mattson, Glassblower* Patrick Meadowcroft, Studio Assistant Andrew Newbold Ed Newell, Woodcarver ** Chikako Ogawa, Studio Assistant Amy Peseller, Studio Assistant Terry Plasket, Resident Potter* Kenton Pratt, Studio Assistant Dorine Quinn, Museum Docent Phil Rubin, Studio Assistant Phyllis Seidner, Potter Zenova Watford, Museum Docent Pamela Annarilli Weichmann, Program Manager/Education and Artist Services* Elizabeth Wilk, Registrar* Dianne Wood, Curatorial Assistant*

Noele Alampi, Gallery Manager* Jaclyn Aron, Retail Associate Lisa Aron, Retail Associate Joshua Bacachia , Retail Associate Sara Benke, Retail Associate Danielle Bergen, Gatehouse Greeter Suzanne Bodner, Retail Associate Steven Brown, Retail Associate Javen Campbell, Retail Associate ** Larissa Ciancaglini, Retail Associate Nicole Daly, Gatehouse Greeter Maribeth Dare, Retail Associate Aileen Diehl, Brownstone Manager* Maria Drogo, Gatehouse Greeter Laura Farley, Retail Associate Hannah Farmer, Retail Associate Sheena Goodwin, Retail Associate Donna Gray, Retail Associate, Gatehouse Greeter Daisy Greenwell, Retail Associate Kellie Haines, Retail Associate Katherine Handy, Retail Associate Lori Johns, Special Event Assistant, Retail Associate* Jeff Johns, Retail Associate Krystina Morton, Gatehouse Greeter Samantha Negron, Retail Associate Elizabeth Ney, Gatehouse Greeter Carolynne O’Neill, General Store Manager* Tessa Peterzak, Retail Associate Felicity Phillips, Retail Associate Helga Ricci, Retail Associate Latisha Santiago, Gatehouse D’Lila Smith, Retail Associate Chelsea Sully, Retail Associate Mary Jo Taylor-Romanik, Retail Associate Kathi Terry, Retail Associate Barbara Vosburgh, Retail Associate Melissa Zellers, Retail Associate

Administrative Staff Doris Abeling, Event and Volunteer Coordinator* Allyson Angelo, Accounting Clerk Charlie Augustin, Accounting Manager* Katherine Landberg, Development Associate* Beverly Narbut, Office Manager Marcy Peterson, Technology and Special Projects Manager* Angela Speakman, Development Manager of Special Projects* Stephani Tesoroni, Development Assistant

WheatonArts operates with approximately 35 FTEs, with many being part-time and seasonal. * Designates full-time/permanent . ** Designates one year only

Physical Plant Staff Brian Cote, Shipping and Receiving* Thomas Hemsley, Grounds and Maintenance James Morris, Physical Plant Manager* Dennis Riggin, Grounds and Maintenance


Affiliated Advisory Boards/Committees

CGCA Fellows (July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2014)

Creative Glass Center of America Advisory Board

Exhibitions and Collections Advisory Committee

Stan Epstein, President**, 2nd Vice President* William Weisberger, 1st Vice President Henry Wasserstein, 1st Vice President* Keith Ragone, 2nd Vice President J.G. Harrington, Treasurer** Larry Merighi, Treasurer* Sharon Karmazin, Secretary**, President* Barry Goldenberg*, Secretary*

Keith Ragone, Chair Hank Adams Susan Gogan J.G. Harrington Jack Larimore Larry Merighi Mary Mills Iveta Pirgova Kristin Qualls Carolyn Seidle Elizabeth Wilk

Hank Adams Penny Bernick Sheldon Bernick Jonathan H. F. Crystal* Peter Denton Paul Farr Jere Gibber** Susan Gogan Ferd Hampson James Harmon Arnold Hoffman* Norm Jacobs Peter Leone Maurine Littleton Joseph T. Marks Donna Mandel* Elizabeth Mears* Merrily Orsini** Sheldon Palley Elmerina Parkman Paul Parkman Dr. Jerry Paulson* Franz Rabauer Duane Reed Thomas Riley Susan Saunders** Larry Sibrack** Dr. Norman Silvers Timothy Tate Lew Wexler Walter Zimmerman

*FY13 only ** FY14 only


Education and Community Outreach Advisory Committe Keith Wasserman, Co-Chair Rita Moonsammy, Co-Chair Kim Ayres Susan Gogan Ameurfina Nazario Iveta Pirgova Kristin Qualls Keith Ragone Folklife Program Community Advisors Jim Albertson Marianne Bagliani Eva Brown Henry Brown Larry Ericksen Dr. Monica L. Heppel Dr. Ralph Hunter Carol Lively Merry May William W. May Carol Nagao Vera Nakonechny Helyn Ostroff Gail Robinson Eevi Truumees

Keunae Song, South Korea Bryan McGovern Wilson, New York, NY Matthew Day Perez, Chicago, IL Damien Francois, France Chris Wolston, Brooklyn, NY Hannah Kirkpatrick, Chatham, NJ Michael Hengler, Honolulu, HI Andrew Bearnot, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY Hyun Jun Im, Seoul, South Korea Max Grossman, Brooklyn, NY Clark F. DeCapite, Jr., Cleveland, OH Misha Kahn, New York, NY Celeste Wilson, Brooklyn, NY Valentin Manz, Germany Maria Bang Espersen, Denmark Stine Bidstrup, Copenhagen, Denmark Deborah Czeresko, New York, NY Karin Forslund, Nexo, Denmark Kyoko Hirako, Nagoya, Japan

Guest Artists GlassWeekend ‘13

Additional Studio Guest Artists

Teaching Artists

Dean Allison Amber Cowan Michael Crowder Andrew Erdos Slate Grove Ben Johnson Beth Lipman Carmen Lozar Harry Pollitt Davide Salvadore Hiroshi Yamano

J. Kenneth Leap, Resident Associated Artist, Demonstrating Artist, 2013, 2014 Kesler Pierre, Haitian Artist Demonstration, 2013 Joyce J. Scott, Guest Demonstrating Artist, 2014 Paul Stankard, Guest Demonstrating Artist, 2014

Hank Adams Alex Alessi Vasil Anastasov Charlotte Carney Deborah Daley Joe Daley Deb DiMarco Stephanie Hryckowian Daniela Ivanova Stanley Kaneshiki Karin Kozlowski J. Kenneth Leap Max Lefko-Everett Mitch Lyons Alexandria Marguccio Joe Mattson Patrick Meadowcroft Bette McCarron Miriam Milgram Angel Nazulmov Janice Olivio Cherelle Oriolo Vaishali Patel Amy Peseller Terry Plasket Cheryl Post Kenton Pratt John Rose Phil Rubin Phyllis Seidner Brandon Smith Bingul Sevimli Paul Trivellini Dochka Ucenova Keiko Warner Lauren Wymbs

50/Forward Hank Adams Tina Aufiero Deborah Czeresko Stephen Paul Day James Harmon Paul Marioni Richard Marquis Pike Powers Paul Stankard Mark Zirpel Paperweight Fest 2014 Rick Ayotte Melissa Ayotte Jim Brown Drew Ebelhare Sue Fox David Graeber Erik Hansen Mike Hunter James Kontes Nontas Kontes Damon MacNaught Colin Richardson Cathy Richardson Ken Rosenfeld Daniel Salazar Gordon Smith Chris Sherwin Paul Stankard Clinton Smith Mayauel Ward

Studio Work Exchange and Special Project Support Mark Azzaro Caz Boyd Steve Boyd Dave Carrow Susan Boyce Chris Chariw Chris Coffman Deborah DiMarco Trish Dufford Emily Lu Dubois Nancy Dubois William Futer CeAnn Hingston James Harmon Amy Lemaire Skitch Manion Flower McPherson Jennifer McPherson Karen Mooney Janice Olivio Tessa Peterzak Michelle Post Erika Pugh Erica Rosenfeld David Utz Sandi Vickers Lauren Wymbs


Guest Curators, Project Consultants, Seminar Presenters and Demonstrating Artists Tina Aufiero Amanda Dargan Andy Dohan Paul Dunlop Maria Hnaraki Daniela Ivanova Nancy Josephson Damon MacNaught Miriam Milgram Tina Oldknow Merrily Orsini Andrew Page Stephen Paul Day Sibylle Peretti Michelle Post Robin Rice Ken Rosenfeld Glenn Rudderow Judith Schaechter Paul Stankard Gay LeCleire Taylor Judith Tannenbaum Tim Tate William Warmus Diane Wright Emily Zilber


Balkan Project


Vasil Anastasov Chrisoula Athans Bosilek Bulgarian Folk Dance Ensemble Dance Group of the Bulgarian School “Rodina” Georgi Doychev Merita Halili and Rait Hyseni Hellenic Dancers of New Jersey Hora Romanian Dancers Ivaylo Koutchev and Petrana Koutcheva Lyuti Chushki Balkan Music Band Alexandria Marguccio Miriam Milgram Ivan Nanev Opa Greek Band Pir Sultan Abdal Cultural Associates Rozafati Albanian Dancers Bingul Sevimpli Elena Stefanovic Sviraj Balkan Band Turkish Dancers of the Alevi organization Dochka Ucenova

La Troupe Makandal of New York New Bethel AME Gospel Choir Package Goods Orchestra South Jersey Community Men’s Gospel Choir Surflight To Go The Whittington Family of Port Norris, NJ Transforming Truth Ministries

Volunteers Daryle Abeling Jim Albertson Betty Aleshire Richard Allen Pat Arbuckel Marianne Bagliani Teresa Ballis Minda Borun Caz Boyd Steve Boyd Cynthia Cooke Gabriela Cuadro Glenn Daisey Genevieve Doris Jim Engleman Charlotte Erbland Karol Foss Melise Gore Carolyn Hankins Marian Hosier Barbara Hughs Ralph Hunter Allen Jackson Brenda Kele Alyce Laufer Karen Ledden Dan Leibowitz Carol Lively Peggy Marks

John Marselis William May Merry May Manya Meyer Vera Nakonechny Ellen Nappen Marie Nicke Helyn Ostroff John Otterson Art Parkin Emily Peterson Adrienne Possenti Ann Ragone Gail Robinson Matt Schooley Jean Smith Justin Specht Nancy Steelman Emma Stien Frank Stubbins, III Marie Stubbins Wes Stubbins Kristina Townsend Eevi Truumees Joan Tuthill Ronald Vorndran Betsy Waltman Eric Waltman Kelly Winters

The gift of time is one of the most important things that can be provided to an artist. Facilities come next, and following that a sense of community. Put these three together and you have the ingredients for a vital, powerful experience which can change one’s life. … Wheaton would be my first choice if I could pick anywhere in the world to spend three months making my work. —artist Mark Zirpel


Engaging Artists

Exhibitions & Programs Our fiscal year 2013 season (beginning 7/01/12) began with Celebrating 50 Years, a nationwide celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the American Studio Glass Movement, initiated by the first glass workshops held at the Toledo Museum of Art in 1962. Activities included the Museum of American Glass exhibition “Celebrating 50 Years: American Studio Glass” (April 1– December 30, 2012), which provided a comprehensive history and understanding of the American Studio Glass Movement. Works selected from the museum’s permanent collection represented the movement’s founders and subsequent generations of artists that have brought esteem to the field. A companion exhibit, Pioneers of American Studio Glass: Edris Eckhardt, Maurice Heaton, and Frances and Michael Higgins (April 1 – December 30, 2012) highlighted pioneer artists who experimented with glass during the 1940s, ‘50s and ’60s.

& Audiences It sounds profound, but the residencies at Wheaton Arts changed my life deeply and played a major role in what I do today. It’s a magical place where you find the freedom and support to realize your visions. —artist Sibylle Peretti

Despite the terrible derecho storm mentioned in the introduction, and the loss of power on most of the campus during a 100+ degree heat wave, a great team of artists participated in a related collaborative studio event, Celebration: 50/Forward (June 30 – July 1, 2012). Participating Artists included Hank Adams, Tina Aufiero, Deborah Czeresko, Stephen Paul Day, Jim Harmon, Paul Marioni, Richard Marquis, Pike Powers, Paul Stankard and Mark Zirpel. Studio glass art was also celebrated with the exhibit, The Artistry of Rick Ayotte: From the Collection of Gordon Park (April 1- October 14, 2012).This exhibit not only reflected the evolution of Rick Ayotte’s work, but also exemplified the commitment of Gordon Park as a supportive collector.


In contrast, and as an example of a mission-based intent to appreciate, preserve and perpetuate the cultural traditions of our region’s incredibly rich and diverse population, we ended 2012 with a special program focus on the Communities and Cultures of the Balkans, the fourth program in our Creative Community Connections series. Major project activities included exhibitions and educational programs, as well as a conference of artists and scholars addressing topics such as comparative studies and historical transformations of the Balkans traditions; adaptation of traditional art forms to the contemporary way of life; and preparation of the Balkan cultural heritage in the multi-cultural context of American society. A day-long festival (September 15, 2012) celebrated the cultural heritage through music, dance and various traditional arts of the Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania and Slovenia. The fiscal year 2014 season opened with the Paul J. Stankard 50th Anniversary Exhibit (April 1 – May 5, 2013). Celebrating his remarkable fifty years as a studio artist, Paul J. Stankard unveiled new work in addition to early work from the 1970s and 1980s. On April 14, 2013 Paul presented a self-narrated demonstration of his working process to an audience of over 200 people. The recognition of important anniversaries continued with the exhibit Wheaton Glass: The Art of the Fellowship, (April 2, 2013 – January 5, 2014), celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Creative Glass Center of America Fellowship Program and the three decades of extraordinary support offered to 325 individual artists who work with glass. Artists continue to benefit from studio residencies that offer the freedom to explore their artistic vision in a warm, supportive and creative environment. The work chosen for this exhibition by guest curators Diane Wright and Tina Aufiero, prompted conversations about the legacy of the Fellows, the traditions of glassmaking, and the evolution of both methods and concepts articulated in glass. Concurrent to this exhibit, Celebrating 30 Years: The Creative Glass Center of America Permanent Collection provided a glimpse into some of these same Fellows’ early work made at WheatonArts during their fellowships.


Additional exhibits organized by the Museum of American Glass, also demonstrated the range of focus from historical glass to contemporary glass, included A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Collections from the Federation of Historic Bottle Collectors (April 1 – September 1, 2013), and Twilight Station – An Installation by Andrew Bearnot (September 2013 – January 2015), offering visitors a light-sensory experience in a “twilight” environment.

It truly is a haven that fosters creativity; the community, museum, studios, and folk life center are sources of continued inspiration. I am indebted to Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center for the evolution in my work at critical points in my journey. —artist Beth Lipman

The biennial GlassWeekend ’13 (June 12–15) brought the world’s leading artists, collectors, galleries, and museum curators together for a three-day weekend of exhibitions, lectures, hands-on glassmaking, artists’ demonstrations and social events. Internationally respected galleries exhibited works of art made by hundreds of professional artists working in glass. Featured guest demonstrating artists included Beth Lipman, Davide Salvadore and Hiroshi Yamano. Judith Schaechter delivered the exceptional keynote speech “Skill and De-Skilling: Does Technique Enhance or Hinder Creativity,” which was highly praised by artists and collectors alike. In 2013, cross-cultural participation was enhanced by a program featuring the traditional arts of Haiti. The exhibit, Remembering Ginen: Haitian Vodou Bottles, Flags and Vévé, was installed in the Museum of American Glass, reflecting a benchmark in our efforts to integrate our folklife program with the Museum. Exquisite glass bottles painted by HaitianAmerican artist Kesler Pierre were displayed with authentic Haitian pictorial flags provided by the avid collector, Nancy Josephson. Accompanying programs that aided in the interpretation of Haitian creativity and artistic expressions included a Haitian Vévé Design Workshop with Kesler Pierre and a special presentation by Nancy Josephson, Spirits in Sequins: Vodou Flags of Haiti. The great performance, Remembering Ginen: Traditional Music and Dance of Haiti, featured La Troupe Makandal of New York and included interactive music and dance workshop for audience members. Fiscal year 2014 also included the beginning of a year-long participation in a state-wide celebration of the 350th Anniversary of New Jersey in 2014 with the installation of NJ 350: Through the Lens of Glass (April 1, 2014 – January 4, 2015). The exhibit explored the relationship between glass and South Jersey through the use of the collection and archives of the Museum of American Glass, oral histories of local glassmakers, and examples of work made by regional artists. A smaller exhibit, Durand: Made In New Jersey (April 1, 2014 – January 4, 2015), featured the creativity and craftsmanship of the local Durand Art Glass, operating from 1924 through 1931 at the Vineland Flint Glass Works. In the Spring of 2014, the biennial Paperweight Fest 2014 was presented in partnership with the Delaware Valley Paperweight Collectors Association. A dealers fair, lectures and panels, and collaborative artist demonstrations in the Glass Studio featuring artist teams David Graeber and Gordon Smith, and Chris Sherwin and Daniel Salazar, drew around 200 weekend long collectors and day visitors.


The Museum Shops at WheatonArts Our unique Museum Stores support the programs and activities with products that reflect our mission, collections and exhibitions. Highlights include an array of one-of-a-kind handmade gifts, including works made by our resident and associated artists. The Gallery of Fine Craft mounts up to five changing exhibits each year featuring both local and national individual artists. Exhibits in the last two years included: Unique Designs for the Home All Gifts Great and Small Creative Glass Center Alumni Biennial Tea Pottery: Handcrafted Pottery for the Avid Tea Drinker with artists: Amy Peseller, Terry Plasket, Erika Pugh and Phyllis Seidner The Paintings of Glenn Rudderow: Reflections On Nature All Good Things Great and Small, Handcrafted Holiday Gifts Keepers of the Flame: A Celebration of Contemporary Flamework In The Frame: An Invitational of Two-Dimensional Works by New Jersey Artists

Education Programs Opportunities for adults and teens over the past two years included spring and fall classes and “intensive” weekend workshops ranging from glass blowing, to Ukranian traditional arts to wood fired pottery to culinary arts. Over 500 people benefited. Another 850 people participated in our one-on-one Make Your Own Program, as they were personally guided through the glassmaking or pottery-making process.

The Big Wood Kiln Project In the spring of 2013, WheatonArts successfully embarked on its first Kickstarter campaign. The Pottery Studio at WheatonArts raised over $12,000 to fund the expansion of the 10-year old wood kiln. The addition of a second chamber to the existing wood kiln, built by hand by our four resident potters, allows our artists to experiment and provides a resource for a growing community of potters.

The Glasstown Collective Program is a group of student programs developed to address interactive arts education and basic skills needs of area students. The Glasstown Partnership in particular addresses the critical social and developmental goals of selected 4th graders from Millville, and all the Glasstown Collective programs align with the State of New Jersey’s Core Content Curriculum Standards and other educational criteria. GrowCreative! is a unique partnership with the neighboring Millville Child and Family Center, a city-wide preschool serving 600+ 3 and 4 year olds. WheatonArts offers free admission to the families of students, teachers and aides. Preschool programs over the past 2 years have included an annual 3-day exploration of butterflies (supported by the Rutgers Master Gardeners), and special environmental programs delivered by our local Watershed Ambassador. All activities are accompanied by art making activities. The school was also our target audience for a presentation by the Centenary Theatre, If You Give a Moose a Muffin, supported by the New Jersey Theater Alliance Stages Festival. Glasstown Field Trips!, another Glasstown Collective program, provides subsidized admission to schools in Cumberland County. Another highlight of our education program in 2013 was artist J. Kenneth Leap’s in-school artist residency at Cumberland Regional High School. As an independent artist and frequent resident at WheatonArts, Ken completed a 10-week residency at Cumberland Regional High School through a partnership with the New Jersey State Council on the Arts. His role was to work with a select group of students, teach them the art of painting on glass, and work with them as a team to create an installation for their school based on family and community traditions. The final product is more than the sum of its parts and will be a legacy and a tribute to the history and folklore of Cumberland County for many, many years. Professional Development Workshops for Teachers in 2013 intentionally aligned with our special programs. They offered educators an introduction to Haitian history, culture and major belief systems coexisting in the Haitian culture—Christianity and Vodou, as well as art forms reflecting this co-existence. Symbolism and aesthetics of the Vodou ceremonies, including music, dance, flags, altars, bottles and Vévé were all topics of focus. In 2014, a special professional development day for teachers was linked to the statewide celebration of New Jersey’s 350th Anniversary, and included visits to the Glass Studio with hands-on experience in glass casting, a guided tour of the Museum of American Glass and a special presentation on Lenni Lenape traditions and culture.


Access to numerous programs and events was expanded by the generous support by PNC Bank Foundation’s PNC Arts Alive! initiative. Wheaton Wide Open, a month-long open house in July 2013, offered free admission for all children and adults. Special programming included guest artist demonstrations, glass bubble blowing for children, family hands-on workshops, performances, PNC Creation Stations, and more. Attendance was 61% higher in July than the year prior. Success in 2013 inspired a similar program in 2014, over eight three-day free weekends. As a partner in the Bank of America Museums on Us program, and the North American Reciprocal Museum Program, many others have received free admission. All these programs have inspired a thoughtful analysis of the financial barrier created by our gate fee, and this will inform strategic planning as we go forward.

13 years ago I had the opportunity to experience WheatonArts’ Make Your Own Paperweight, and it changed my life! …Once I saw a few demos, you could not drag me away! I was like a moth drawn to a flame …. For me, this Make-Your-Own experience led to seven and a half years of glassblowing courses. So, yes, a single hands-on experience like this might just change your life... —artist Tony Patti


Special Annual Events Highlighting our annual events is the Festival of Fine Craft, held on the first full weekend of October. The Festival offers thousands of visitors the opportunity to view the fine work made by up to 140 juried artists, watch artist demonstrations, participate in hands-on family activities and browse our remarkable Glass Pumpkin Patch. Other community-focused events have been very successful due to our fine partners. The events include Paws for Art (in partnership with the Cumberland County SPCA), EcoFair (in partnership with the Cumberland County Improvement Authority), Fantasy Faire (Mystic Realms), A Garden of Quilts (Garden Patch Quilters), HalloWheaton (Mystic Realms), the Antique Fire Apparatus & Muster (Glasstown Antique Fire Brigade), and a Hanukkah Celebration (Cumberland County Jewish Federation). Many of these community events are free and provide a sense of place for our local community. As the leaves fell and the cold winter set in, WheatonArts invited our visitors to Discover the Warmth with winter themed activites and programming. Special holiday activities included blowing the World’s Largest Ornament in the Glass Studio with artist Deborah Czeresko and her team. Other activities included special free arts and crafts activities for children and their families. Additionally, in December of both years, we presented our annual Old Spirituals and Gospel Concert, featuring the South Jersey Community Men’s Gospel Choir, the Whittington Family, and Transforming Truth Ministries.


Behind the Scenes In addition to the many events, exhibitions and activities that WheatonArts provides, the dedicated staff works tirelessly behind the scenes to maintain and enhance our park-like 55 acre grounds and the 18 structures of our physical plant. I Many changes, although not entirely visible to the public, have been happening in the Museum of American Glass, one of only eight institutions in New Jersey accredited by the American Alliance of Museums. In 2013 the roof was replaced, as a critical need due to age and a series of bad weather events. Interior changes have also allowed for displays that focus on the renowned historic glass and art collections. Over 8,000 sq. ft. of exhibit space was reorganized and reinstalled. I Fundraising and Friend-raising was the focus in March of 2014, as WheatonArts partnered with long-time supporters, Skip Schwarzman and Lynn Buono of Feast Your Eyes Catering, at their beautiful catering facility at Front + Palmer, South Kensington, Philadelphia. Over 100 people attended an evening themed on the film, The Big Night, including an elaborate Italian dinner combined with artful entertainment, decor and music. I And then there were lights. In addition to the grueling program and maintenance schedule in the Glass Studio, the staff has made the time over the past few years to add an element of whimsy to WheatonArts’ public events by designing what has become signature lighting. Repurposed and flexible, these beautiful lights lend a fanciful air to our rustic, wooded setting. Additionally, over the winter of 2012, the studio staff embarked on a large project to open up the dimly-lit glass studio with new windows, adding a contemporary ambiance to our beautiful grounds. I Our Sanctuary. WheatonArts is grateful to our partners Allen Jackson, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Citizens United for the Maurice River, Cumberland County Master Gardeners and all of our volunteers in our endeavor to promote the health of the wildlife habitat surrounding Wheaton. This long-term project includes the planting of native plants on the land surrounding the lake in the hopes of attracting new birds, and the installation of vernal ponds to create habitats for frogs. Additionally, our local Boy Scouts worked together to make bat boxes to give native bats a respite on their midnight flights. We look forward to continuing these projects to enhance our campus, a true sanctuary for all creatures.


2013 Contributions Over $100,000 New Jersey State Council on the Arts Ameline Pappas $50,000 – $99,999 City of Millville, UEZ Funding Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation Peter and Judy Leone NJ Historical Commission $25,000 – $49,999 David A. and Helen P. Horn Charitable Trust Karma Foundation Robert Minkoff PNC Bank Foundation National Endowment for the Arts Windgate Charitable Foundation, Inc. $10,000 – $24,999 Bank of America Charitable Foundation Tom and Ro Brady Mark and Sandy D’Onofrio F.M. Kirby Foundation Horizon Foundation for New Jersey Hyde and Watson Foundation Christopher Leone Larry and Suzy Merighi New Jersey Division of Travel and Tourism Ken and Stephanie Pustizzi Richard Watson Henry and Linda Wasserstein Linda and Henry Wasserstein Foundation of The Community Foundation of NJ $5,000 – $9,999 Dean C. and Karen Beeman City of Millville, CDBG Funding Crystal & Co. Peter and Audrey Denton Fund of the Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Peter and Jane Galetto C. Harry Knowles Rita Moonsammy


$2,500 – $4,999 Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass Stanley and Rhoda Epstein Paul and Kym Farr General Mills Foundation Barry and Cheryl Goldenberg Joan and Milton Baxt Foundation Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation Sheldon and Myrna Palley Keith Ragone and Terry Fox Laurence and Rita Sibrack South Jersey Industries South Jersey Cultural Alliance Alden Toeves and Judi Wolf Laur Don Wheaton $1,000 – $2,499 Rick and Lois Abbott Bruce and Ann Bachmann Bruce and Judith Bendoff Sheldon M. and Penny B. Bernick Marie A. Carley Stephen Drozdow Dennis and Barbara DuBois Brian Effron Diane Farber Harlan and Olivia Fischer Norbert and Audrey Gaelen Bruce and Karen Harrison Gary and Ileene Hoffman J.G. Harrington and Jere Gibber John F. Scarpa Foundation Norman and Jane Jacobs Tom Kavanaugh Jeffrey and Susanne Kesper William C. and Kim Kontes Arnold and Marilyn Lampert Mickey and Donna Mandel Paul Marioni Bonnie Marx Metropolitan Contemporary Glass Group Bob and Ellie Miller Barry Morse Ameurfina Nazario Paul and Elmerina Parkman David Pollart Jerry and Gwen Paulson Fred and Susan Sanders

Carolyn Horn Seidle Norman P. and Arlene Silvers Target William and Dina Weisberger Clifford and Tommi-Lynn Wheaton Gerard Conn and Carol Yorke Patricia Young $500 – $999 Baltimore Antique Bottle Club Fay S. Bright Delaware Valley Paperweight Collectors James and Patricia Doherty Mark and Ellen Greenberger David Greene Rebecca S. Hoblin Paul and Ann Lawrence George and Margaret Leone Wes Letz David and Holly Manders Amy Morgan Joseph and Pat Owens Kathleen Palmer Pine Level Foundation PSEG Matching Gifts Program Rick Pugh Bill Sheriff Betsy and Keith Wasserman Frank H. Wheaton III Daniel Wheeler $250 – $499 American Cut Glass Association, Mid-Atlantic Chapter Mike and Annie Belkin Debbie Brodsky Elaine Cafritz Carol Camiener M. Blair Corkran Suzanne Crowell Donald Ehman and Linda Kinsey Boyd England Feast Your Eyes Catering Thomas and Janet R. Gildea Mary Jane Gogan Ann Herr Kelly Klein Rob Laurich Ken and Nancy Miller

Robert Moore Sandra L. Mortensen Susan C. Nurge Tina Oldknow Maryann Patten Michelle Post and Dave Carrow Bruce and Meryl Raiffe Alice Seidner Jack and Leslie Shortlidge Frank Siegel Timothy Viator Frank and Ada Warner Jack Watanabe Luke and Pam Weichmann Sandy Worthington and Glenn Aprill George and Marina Zazanis $100 – $249 Abbey Bradway Associates, LLC Jean Achille Clark J. Adams Allen Associates Kimberly J. Ayres Barry L. Ballard Theresa Ballas Harriet Forman Barrett Larry and Pauletta Berger Joseph and Margaret Bevan Joanna Bittner Rob and Michelle Briles Kenyon and Ann Brown Stanley and Leanna Brown Karen Bulthaupt Thomas and Barbara Carr Versel and Irene Case Michael and Joan Marie Caterina Frank and Nancy Cervino June F. Cobb Elliott Collier William G. Crane Mike Del Duke George and Denise Dendrinos Ruth Denton Diane Driessen and Skeff Thomas Tricia Dufford Reese and Miriam Ewing Kelly Fallows and Carol Fallows Jack Feingold Michael and Ellen Friedman

John and Sally Garrison Mary Lou Garrison Bryan and Susan Garruto Jeff and Donna Gibson Michael Glancy Col. Jerry A. and Dr. Priscilla A. Glasow Glaxo Smith Kline Matching Gifts Program Susan Gogan and Terry Plasket Paula Gourley-Taylor Allen and Mary Grossweiler David Gustafson Ryan Ann Guthrie Ferdinand Hampson Mark and Mari Harrison Frederick Heath and Merrily Orsini Glenn Hudson Clinton Hunter Jan A. Jadrosich Jerome and Roslyn Johnson Samuel and Jean Jones Sandra Kahn Gail Keppler Virginia Klein Nontas Kontes Howard Kreiner Jack Larimore and Helen Pettengill Leonard and Adele Leight Larry and Mary LeMaster Chris Lemcke Mina Levin Jeffrey and Ann Grumet Littman Ralph and Dena Lowenbach Mitch Lyons James R. MacDonald Elizabeth McCutcheon Charles and Christina Merton Robert M. Minkoff Mark Montgomery Mary Ella Morie Joel and Birthe Myers Beth Nazer New Jersey Antique Bottle Club Douglas and Joy Nicoll Carole Ogram Dorothy Oravetz Gerald and Linda Packman Allison Parkes Joe and Antoinette Pedano Teri Pickett

Joseph Pitassi, Jr. Oscar Plasket Charles E. Plymale Jenny Pohlman Alice Ann Previte Robert and Mary Provencher Jong Pil Pyun Constance Raffa Maridel Rippy Steve Ritchey Gene and Mary Ritsert Joseph and Sharon Robertson Robinson Andujar Robinson, LLC Judith A. Schaechter Roger and Judith Scull Richard and Joyce Servis Douglas F. Smith Mary Edith Smith Alma Staehle David W. and Regina A. Surdam Christy Thompson Nancy Thornton Charles and Anne Valentine James Van Deurzen Nathan and Christina Van Embden Maria B. Veghte Eric and Betsy Waltman Carla Washinko Dr. Karol Wasylyshyn and Ken Butera Thomas N. Westervelt Donald and Carol Wiiken Mayda and Kim Williams Woman’s Club of Vineland $0 – $99 Doris Abeling Kimberly Ackerman Alex Alampi, Jr. Beth E. Allen Sandy Alonsoperez Chris and Rebecca Anderson Lilyanna Ann Angelo Charles Augustin Nan Bacon Valorie Bader Carole Bagin Elizabeth and Ralph Barrett Nancy M. Bender Anne Bergamo 19

Freda Birnbaum Ginny Blair Richard Blummer Dudley Bolbat Mark and Linda Bolton Alan and Barbara Boroff Walter and Eleanor Bostick John and Pat Bowman Renee Brecht Dennis and Leslie Briening Herbert and Barbara Brown William and Deborah Brown Jane Bruce Matt Bruton Marcella P. Camp Peter Carney Richard Chappell Joel Chard Christopher Chariw Joseph and Marilyn Chinnici Jean T. Christmann Mimi Chung Diane and Edward Claypoole Bill and Kathleen Coblentz Daniel Collins and Christine Conti-Collins Robert Condon Sharon Coslop Marty Costello William and Marjorie Crane Allen Curran Steve Czerniejewski George and Catherine Daisey Elizabeth Dale Joseph and Debra Daley Steve Daniels Douglass Davidson Gary and Pat Dehass Lyndsey Delano Ruth S. Dengrove Curtis Dentin Deborah DiMarco Susan Dmochowski Susan M. D’Ottavio Dr. Bernard A. Drabeck Dan Dubovsky and Christopher Flegal Helen H. Dyer Margaret E. Emerson William and Julie Entwisle Lawrence Eriksen 20

Barbara Eskilson Exxon Mobile Matching Gifts Program Rich Farrow Allan Feinberg Susan Ferrara David Field Raccoon Fighter Gae Finch Tara Fjellin Meredyth Fogg Joanne B. Fuller Frank Furman J. Brooke Gardiner Kathleen Gaval Sue Gibbons Harvey W. Gleeksman Jane Gogan Kim Gogan David and Tori Goodrich J. Wes Goswick Nancy L. Grant Dianne Gregg Loren Grossman Gladys Hadley John Hanna Kevin Hare Stacey Harris MJ Hartka Frank and Ieva Hartman John D. Hawley James Hayes Tom Hayes Martha J. Hays and Richard L. Horwitz Mae Ann Henderson Linda Henson Bonnie Hicks Mee-Len Hom Horn Janet C. Huckabee Kassandra Huerta Charlotte E. Humes Rosalie M. Hutchinson IBM Matching Gifts Program Arjorie Ingraham Gary and Meira Itzkowitz Roger G. Jacobsen Johnson & Johnson Matching Gifts Program Sherry Johnson Steve Johnson Walter R. Johnson, Jr.

Kathleen Karapckik Lisa Karst Melanie Kenney Eunice Kesper Susan Kimkowski Brenda Kingham Mark Kobasz Brad Kocsis Susan Koefoed Philip and Virginia Koehler Carla Kohoyda-Inglis Leonard Kornit Matina Lagakos Cynthia A. Lambert Mike and Katherine Landberg Carolyn Lashley and David Nicholas David Lee William and Harriet Lembeck Elaine Lerner Robert Lieberman and Ann Sysel Nancy Liebes Lydia Lloyd Robert C. Lockerman Gregg Lyons Judith P. MacArthur Carole Mankin Daniel Markwell Mildred W. Martin Danny Tramp Martinez Barbara Matlaga Joe and Merry May Mary May Sidney Maycook Jim McCann William R. McLean Donna Menz Cheryl Mintel Carol Mosser Jennifer and David Mostoller Kathleen Moyer Marina Muccio Audrey Nagel Laurel Nass Timon Nelson Alex Nichik Louanne Nicotra A. Cesar Nogueira Cathy Nolan Abigail and Kenneth O’Brien

2014 Contributions Jeanne O’Connell Helyn Ostroff Sarah Parviz Joseph and Selma Pastor Tom and Cheryl Patterson Colleen Pentland Lally Jill Perry Richard and Millie Persichetty Chelsea Elizabeth Peseller Dorothy Peseller Carol Anne Peteani Marcy Peterson Susan Petroulas Frances N. Pettersen Ellen and Walter Pfendner Donna and Edward Pio Phoebe Pitassi Caroline Plasket Brenda Potts Renee Pratta Donna and Dave Prelle Leana Quade Kristin Qualls Robert and Judith Qualls Arlene Rabin Frances Radichel Donald P. Raff William and Lynda Randolph Elizabeth Regan Jerry Rhoda Mardie Rhodes Karen Richards Ron and Carol Rieder Donna M Roberts Joseph and Joanne Rosemont Sybil Rosen Ethan Rubin Stephen and Carole Rubins Sherri Rusk Jackie Sandro-Greenwell Janet Scalen Karl and Elaine Scheer David Schepps George and Dixie Sease John Shaw Melanie Shaw Ron Shiber and Amanda Lyons Helen Shillito Rebecca Shoemaker

Debra Simpson Marya Small Douglas and Debra Smith Frau Haag Snyder Gail Snyder Charlotte M. Stetson Kyle Stiffler Ada Strasenburgh Nancy Tamm Joann Taylor Brown David and Stephani Tesoroni Frances Thomas Adolph A. Trinidad, Jr. Ann Tully Raymond Chester Tuthill and Brenda J. Freitag Gary W. Underwood Eileen Unger Joyce Vanaman Kathleen Vignola Jacqueline Vorhauer Ronald and Mary Lou Vorndran Chris Voser Tom Ward Ralph Warnick, Jr. Linda Waters Elisabeth Weatherill William and Carole Weckstein David H. Weis Sara Westermark Felicia Wheaton Carol Lewis White W. Scott and Mary Jo Williams Kelly Winters Robert and June Wolf Dianne Wood Joyce Woodrow Richard K. and Jean M. Woolley Janet Ziffer and Gareth Wells George Zimmermann Johanna Zitto

Over $100,000 New Jersey State Council on the Arts Ameline Pappas Judy and Peter Leone Foundation $50,000 – $99,999 Peter and Judy Leone $25,000 – $49,999 Robert M. Minkoff PNC Bank Foundation Windgate Charitable Foundation $10,000 – $24,999 Bank of America Foundation Centimark Roofing Corning Incorporated Foundation David A. and Helen P. Horn Charitable Trust Mark and Sandy D’Onofrio Larry and Suzy Merighi New Jersey Division of Travel and Tourism New Jersey Historical Commission $5,000 –-$9,999 Cumberland County Improvement Authority Peter and Audery Denton Joseph L. Carley Foundation The Karma Foundation Christopher Leone Sheldon and Myrna Palley $2,500 – $4,999 Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass Bank of America Museums on Us Galetto Family Foundation General Mills Foundation Tom Kavanaugh William C. and Kim Kontes Keith Ragone and Terry Fox Robinson & Andujar, LLC Carolyn Horn Seidle South Jersey Industries


$1,000 – $2,499 Stephen and Linda Drozdow Dennis and Barbara DuBois Gerresheimer Glass Company Gloucester County College John F. Scarpa Foundation Sharon Karmazin Jeffrey and Susanne Kesper Elizabeth Kratovil George and Margaret Leone Metropolitan Contemporary Glass Collectors Rita Moonsammy PPL Services Corporation Matching Grants Program Fred and Susan Sanders Target $500 – $999 James and Patricia Doherty Stanley and Rhoda Epstein Glasstown Antiques Fire Brigade Bruce and Karen Harrison Frederick Heath and Merrily Orsini Rebecca S. Hoblin Norman Jacobs Joan Baxt Paul and Ann Lawrence Robert Moore Ameurfina Nazario Joseph and Pat Owens Maryann Patten Pine Level Foundation Paul and Patricia Stankard Betsy and Keith Wasserman William and Dina Weisberger Clifford and Tommi-Lynn Wheaton Frank H. Wheaton III Whibco, Inc.


$250 – $499 Jean Achille Harvey and Janice Berger The Borowsky Family Foundation Debbie Brodsky Kenyon and Ann Brown Karen Bulthaupt Tim Shannon Daniel Collins M. Blair Corkran Dina Elkins J.G. Harrington and Jere Gibber Gail Keppler David and Holly Manders Elizabeth McCutcheon Susan C. Nurge Jack and Leslie Shortlidge Frank Siegel Alma Staehle Frank and Ada Warner Henry and Linda Wasserstein $100 – $249 Clark J. Adams Richard Allen Kimberly J. Ayres Barry L. Ballard Don Becan Joseph and Margaret Bevan David and Norma Blecker Robert and Janice Bowman Fay S. Bright Joseph L. Butewicz Thomas and Barbara Carr Nanci Chesler and Matthew Daniels William G. Crane Won Cynn Burton and Jeanne Doremus Jay and Micki Doros Tricia Dufford Joanne Dyer Donald Ehman and Linda Kinsey Lillian Elwell Boyd England Jack Feingold Woodrow G. Fields Michael and Ellen Friedman Michael Glancy

George and Arlene Groch Allen and Mary Grossweiler Henry R. Hansen Ray Anita Hemphill Gordon Hubbard John Ianacone and Cynthia D’Ambrosio Susie Jacobson Esther Kaplin Janet Knowles Nontas Kontes Jack Larimore and Helen Pettengill Steve and Jacky Leeds David and Melanie Leppla Ralph and Dena Lowenbach James R. MacDonald Cornwell C. Martin Judy Martin Bonnie Marx James McCann John and Joan McQueeney Bob and Ellie Miller Mary Ella Morie Sandra L. Mortensen Douglas and Joy Nicoll Paul and Elmerina Parkman Joe and Antoinette Pedano Teri Pickett PSEG Foundation Matching Grants Program Jong Pil Pyun Chad A. and Janet Carley Randle William and Lynda Randolph Chris Rifkin Gene and Mary Ritsert Ethan Rubin Roger and Judith Scull Richard and Joyce Servis Robert and Eda Shannon Douglas F. Smith William R. Speer and Raymond L. Bond Kyle Stiffler Ada Strasenburgh Sherry Tomlinson Charles and Anne Valentine James Van Deurzen Maria B. Veghte Eric and Betsy Waltman

Al and Frances Warriner Jack Watanabe Thomas N. Westervelt Donald and Carol Wiiken Laura A. Williamson Woman’s Club of Vineland Mark H. Zorensky $0 – $99 Alex Alampi, Jr. Paul Albrecht and Cynthia Randall Nan Bacon Carole Bagin Theresa Ballas Cyrus and Joyce Baltus Lois H. Barker Ralph and Elizabeth Barrett Harriet Forman Barrett Patricia S. Beakley Freda Birnbaum Ginny Blair Walter and Eleanor Bostick Dennis and Leslie Briening William and Deborah Brown Gustavo and Lisa Calvo Marcella P. Camp Anthony and Rita Christaldi Diane and Edward Claypoole June F. Cobb Bill and Kathleen Coblentz Bertram Cohen Michele Cooke George and Catherine Daisey Douglass Davidson Ruth S. Dengrove Michael and Loretta DiMedio Susan M. D’Ottavio Helen H. Dyer Margaret E. Emerson William and Julie Entwisle Barbara Eskilson Reese and Miriam Ewing Frances Farlow-Thoms Allan Feinberg David Field

Mary Lou Garrison Bryan and Susan Garruto Jeff and Donna Gibson Roger and Polly Graham Gerard and Ellen Grenier Loren Grossman Helen Guastavino John Hawley and Thelma Hawley Martha J. Hays and Richard L. Horwitz Mae Ann Henderson Katharine Holsworth Janet C. Huckabee Rosalie M. Hutchinson Evelyn Iovacchini Gary and Meira Itzkowitz Johnson & Johnson Matching Gifts Program Karen L. Johnson Walter R. Johnson, Jr. Eunice Kesper Loretta King Susan Koefoed Philip and Virginia Koehler Matina Lagakos Cynthia A. Lambert Katherine Landberg Larry and Mary LeMaster William and Harriet Lembeck Elaine Lerner Robert Lieberman and Ann Sysel Jeffrey and Ann Grumet Littman Lydia Lloyd Robert C. Lockerman William R. McLean Merck Partnership for Giving Martin and Sandra Mikelberg Rick and Hanae Mills Joel and Birthe Myers Beverly Narbut Beth Nazer John J. Nolan Helyn Ostroff Joseph and Selma Pastor Donna and Edward Pio

Jenny Pohlman Robert and Judith Qualls Arlene Rabin Frances Radichel Ann Ragone Douglas and Shirley Reed Ron and Carol Rieder Maridel M. Rippy Donna M. Roberts G.S. Robinson Joseph and Joanne Rosemont Sybil Rosen Stephen and Carole Rubins Tara S. Ryan Patti Ann Schmid Katherine B. Shea Thomas and Ghislaine Sheehan Debra Simpson Marya Small Jean Smith Sonia B. Spencer, PhD Carol Stetson and Jean Lanning Justus Straubmuller Jill Swain Nancy Tamm Frances Thomas Nancy Thornton Craig Tucker Thomas and Colleen Valentino Barbara and Peter Westergaard Carol Lewis White W. Scott and Mary Jo Williams Kelly Winters Robert and June Wolf Diane Yaglinski George Zimmermann


Inkind Support Auction Item Donors Hank Adams Noele Alampi Dean Allison Denise Amses Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass Leslie Belcher Giles Bettison Steve Biostrup Jessie Blackmer Carol Brookstone Amber Cowan Michael Crowder Sandra De Clerck Margaret Coffman William Couig Denis Dewey Mark Diorio Deborah DiMarco Laura Donofer Paul Dunlop Andrew Erodos Kim Erixon Damien Francois Takesh Fukunishi Leslie Genninger Karen Gilbert David Gladfelter David Graeber Margaret Gross Slate Grove Jen Gussek Jim Harmon Thomas C. Haunton Ian Henderson Gordan Hubbard Micheal James Hunter Jun Im Hyun Ben Johnson Sharon Karmazin Lucartha Kohler James Kontes Leonard Kornit Sara Sally LaGrand Max Lefko-Everett Amy Levine Bruce Lippincott Carmen Lozar


Special Contributions Binell Martino Elizabeth McClure Karen Mooney Mirinisa Myers Sheldon and Myrna Palley Rita Paul Eileen Perez Matthew Day Perez Anne Petters Harry Pollitt Daniel Salazar David Schepps David Schnuckel Keunae Song Brandon Smith Gordon Smith Elizabeth Reiser Kait Rhoads Paul and Patricia Stankard Timothy Tate Pauline Ungar

Memorials and Tributes Clement Pappas in honor of Ameline Pappas Zachary Pappas in memory of Peter Pappas Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, LLP in Honor of Henry Wasserstein Alvin and Marian Hosier in memory of John Lubrano and of Matthew Quinn Jean Smith in Memory of Matthew Quinn

In-Kind Service/Material Donors Acu-Print Babbitt Manufacturing Deborah Berman Biddle Arthur and Michael Bertolli Steve Boyd Sally Cohill Economic Party Rentals The Glassworks Google Grant Program Harbor House Seafood Keith Ragone Studio, Inc Jack Larimore Max Lefko-Everett Manders Merighi Portadin Farrell Architects Larry and Suzy Merighi Ameurfina Nazario William Nimohay Luba Pirgova Salesforce, Inc Eric Schmetterling SNJToday South Jersey Cultural Alliance Gay Taylor Paul Trivellini David and Anne Van Orden Donald and Sherry Zowader

The Glasstown Collective Donors City of Millville, CDBG Gannett Foundation General Mills Foundation Horizon Foundation for New Jersey New Jersey State Council for the Arts South Jersey Industries Target

Donors to the Stanley B. Kruger Library Fund William and Jill Bauersfeld Donald Formigli Melvin and Eileen Forst Shirley K. Fox Herb and Toby Gubow John and Thelma Hawley Leonard Kornit Lori and Joan Lerner Harvey and Doris Robinson Elaine B. Ruthen

Donors to the Museum Collection

Event Supportors

Stine Bidstrup Jessie Blackmer Sandra De Clerck Dennis E. Dewey Paul Dunlop Damien François Takesh Fukunishi David Gladfelter Jens Gussek Saman Kalantari Hannah Kirkpatrick Leonard Kornit Binell Martino Anne Van Orden Anne Petters Erica Rosenfeld Daniel Salazar David Schnuckel Keunae Song Patricia and Paul Stankard Chris Wolston Donald and Sherry Zowader

50/Forward (Donations for 50/Fwd were primarily received in FY12; the event overlapped FY12 and FY13) Event Patrons Dean and Karen Beeman Mike and Annie Belkin Fay Bright Paul and Kym Farr J.G. Harrington and Jere Gibber Bruce and Karen Harrison William C. and Kim Kontes Peter and Judy Leone Ameline Pappas Edward and Alexis Pappas Jerry and Gwen Paulson Carolyn Horn Seidle Norman and Arlene Silvers

Event Donors Sheldon and Penny Bernick Mark and Sandy D’Onofrio Barry and Cheryl Goldenberg Sharon Karmazin Bonnie Marx Henry and Linda Wasserstein Wheaton Industries GlassWeekend ’13 Patrons Visionary Crystal & Co. Sharon Karmazin Peter and Judy Leone Leader Joan and Milton Baxt Foundation Dean and Karen Beeman Peter and Jane Galetto Barry and Cheryl Goldenberg Larry and Suzy Merighi Ameline Pappas Henry and Linda Wasserstein Partner Bruce Bachmann Dennis and Barbara DuBois Stan and Rhoda Epstein Paul and Kym Farr Harlan and Olivia Fischer Norbert and Audrey Gaelen J.G. Harrington and Jere Gibber Bruce and Karen Harrison Gary and Ileene Hoffman Norman and Jane Jacobs Arnold and Marilyn Lampert Mickey and Donna Mandel Robert Minkoff Sheldon and Myrna Palley Paul and Elmerina Parkman Jerry and Gwen Paulson Norman and Arlene Silvers William and Dina Weisberger Donor Bruce and Judith Bendoff Bonnie Marx Keith Ragone and Terry Fox


Event Supportors [continued] Golf Classic 2012 (FY13) Participants, Sponsors and In-Kind Supporters Presenter, $5,000 Wheaton Industries, Inc. Exclusive Sponsors, $3,000 Boenning & Scattergood, Inc. Crown Pipeline Construction Co. J. F. Kiely Construction Co. Lantier Construction Co. Utility Line Services, Inc. Corporate Supporters, $2,500 Hatch Mott MacDonald JANX Line Systems, Inc. Precision Pipeline Solutions Friend of WheatonArts, $1,500 Capehart & Scatchard, P.A. Henkels & McCoy Supporters, In-Kind - $1,000 Adventure Aquarium Allen Associates B & B Poultry Co. The Nolan Family Chemglass Life Sciences Cisco Systems Clement Pappas & Co., Inc. Connor Strong & Buckelew Cumberland Advisors DeRossi & Son Co. The Diorio Family Dun-Rite Sand & Gravel E. W. Bostick EAM Design Solutions Emergency Preparedness Partnerships English Septic The Espoma Company Falasca Mechanical Sharon Flaim G.E. Mechanical Golf Styles Magazine Information Consulting Services J. Fletcher Creamer & Son, Inc. Kronos Liberty Sales and Distribution McJunkin Red Man Corporation Miller Pipeline 26

Millville Savings Philadelphia Flyers Philadelphia Phillies Philadelphia Technology Park Terry Plasket Presidio Reeves and Melvin Insurance Company Richland Glass Running Deer Golf Club Scalfo Electric South Jersey Industries Stanker & Galetto, Inc. Trico Lift Utiliquest Utility Reduction Analysts Vargo Associates Vineland Construction Co. Henry Wasserstein Waters & Bugbee, Inc. Wilmington Blue Rocks Wood Group Mustang Engineering Worlco Golf Classic 2013 (FY14) Participants, Sponsors and In-Kind Supporters Presenter, $5,000 Wheaton Industries, Inc. Exclusive Sponsors, $3,500 Hatch Mott MacDonald JANX J.F. Kiely Construction Co. Lantier Construction Company Precision Pipeline Solutions, LLC Utility Line Services, Inc. Corporate Partners, $2,500 - $3,500 Boenning & Scattergood, Inc. EMC2 Henkels & McCoy Line Systems Inc. Friend of WheatonArts, $1,000 - $2,500 Capehart and Scatchard, P.A. EAM Design Solutions Fairfield Inn and Suites Presidio Reeves & Melvin Insurance Company

Supporters, in-kind to $1,000 ACC Utility Partners Adventure Aquarium Allen Associates Darren Aullfo B & B Poultry Co., Inc. Thomas Carr Chemglass Life Sciences Cisco Systems Conner Strong and Buckelew Jerry Covella De Rossi & Son, Co. The Diorio Family Dondero Diamonds & Fine Jewelery Dun-Rite Sand & Gravel Co., Inc. Emergency Preparedness Partnerships The Espoma Company Sharon Flaim GE Mechanical, Inc. Golf Styles Magazine Information Consulting Services of the Delaware Valley, Inc. Nauveed Iqbal J.F. Kiely Construction Co. KMT Brrr! Liberty Coating Company, LLC McJunkin Red Man Corporation Mints Insurance Agency Glenn Miller Richard and Marty Milstead New Jersey Motorsports Park John Nolan Oracle Utilities Global Business Unit Philadelphia Phillies Pitman Broadway Theater Terry Plasket Kenneth Pustizzi Richland Glass Company, Inc. Robinson & Andujar, LLC Rossi Honda Scalfo Electric, Inc. South Jersey Industries Stanker & Galetto, Inc. Vargo Associates Wilmington Blue Rocks Wood Group Mustang Engineering Woodard & Curran/Liberty Sales and Distribution

Campaign for WheatonArts The WheatonArts Board of Trustees has initiated a Campaign for Wheaton to raise funds to support ongoing capital and operating needs that align with the institutional strategic plan goals. With the first phase completed (100% board participation), we look forward to moving to the next stage. Projects and initiatives include: • Strengthening our Exhibitions and Collections through the reinvention of the Museum of American Glass facility and ensuring the future security of our collection. • The upgrade and expansion of artist housing in order to accommodate growth in artist participation. • Studio equipment upgrades and replacement to ensure a productive, efficient and safe working environment for our artists. • Technology, essential to the success of business operations, as well as our ability to advance our mission and communicate effectively with our audiences. • Capital Repairs and Maintenance, including deferred capital needs, ADA compliance, public safety and green initiatives. • A spend-down cash reserve, to support growth and stability by restoring the cash reserve impacted by the recession and subsequent slow recovery. The following list reflects the cumulative contributions campaign projects as of the printing of this report:

$500,000 – $999,000 The Pappas Family In Loving Memory of Peter Pappas S100,000 – $499,000 Joseph L. Carley Foundation Henry and Linda Wasserstein Foundation $50,000 – $99,999 David and Helen Horn Charitable Trust Mark and Sandy D’Onofrio $10,000 – $49,999 William C. and Kim Kontes Larry and Suzy Merighi Robert Minkoff Kenneth and Stephanie Pustizzi Corning Incorporated Foundation F. M. Kirby Foundation, Inc. Hyde and Watson Foundation Karma Foundation Windgate Charitable Trust NJ Cultural Trust

$5,000 – $9,999 Peter and Judy Leone Rita Moonsammy Keith Ragone and Terry Fox $1000 – $4,999 Stephen Drozdow Thomas and Stacy Kavanaugh Jeffrey A. and Suzanne Kesper David Pollart Clifford and Tommi-Lynn Wheaton Under $999 J.G. Harrington and Jere Gibber Elizabeth Mears Ameurfina Nazario Jerry Paulson Maridel Rippy Keith and Elizabeth Wasserman


Members List FY13 and FY14 *denotes two years of membership

$2,500 James and Patricia Doherty Collector’s Circle, $1,000 Peter and Jane Galetto * Sharon Karmazin Skip Schwarzman and Lynn Buono Henry and Linda Wasserstein* Daniel Wheeler* Brett Williams and Andrew Dick Patron, $500 Richard Bass and Linda Grossman Dean C. and Karen Beeman * S. David and Norma Blecker * Carl E. Carter and Robert White * Calene Clouse * Norbert and Audrey Gaelen * Daniel Garber J.G. Harrington and Jere Gibber * Maret and James Headley C. Harry Knowles Larry and Mary LeMaster * Jeffrey and Ann Grumet Littman * Richard C. McCarthy * Jill Mortensen * Laurence and Rita Sibrack Jamie Snyder Gregory Theodore Edward Yasuna * Contributing, $250 Donald Ehman and Linda Kinsey * Richard C. and Judith H. Fuller Doris and Arnold Glaberson * Joan Baxt Philip and Virginia Koehler * Chester M. Lovelace * John R. Otterson * Allison Parkes * Joe and Antoinette Pedano * Carmen E. Rodriguez * Lois Rosenberg * Barry Schmidt Carolyn Horn Seidle * Jack and Leslie Shortlidge * Alma Staehle *


Sustaining, $100 James and Anea Ackert * Zelick and Elaine Ashin * James Asselstine and Bette Davis * Susan Babb * Sudipta Basu * John and Harriet Beckerman Bruce and Judith Bendoff Kathleen Besch Fay S. Bright * Herbert and Barbara Brown * James and Kristen Brozina * Christy Kaciuba Michael and Susan Campbell * Karl Carter * Versel and Irene Case * Michael and Joan Marie Caterina * Nanci Chesler and Matthew Daniels Anew and Margaret Chin Jack and Ronnie Cimprich * John and Donna Connelly Tom and Sherry Cooper Frank and Lois Curro * Terry Dailey and John V. D’Agostino * Kate Daniels Brian and Patrice Demartino Rise Dawson Burton and Jeanne Doremus * Nancy Doughty * Diane Driessen and Skeff Thomas Bruce and Sally Durham * Boyd England * Michael and Barbara Erlichman Ryan Feaster Sana P. Firman * Harlan and Olivia Fischer * Michael and Ellen Friedman Bryan and Susan Garruto * Cassana Getts * Kim Gibbons * George and Joanne Gilmore * Wayne and Valerie Groetsch Allen and Mary Grossweiler * Bruce and Karen Harrison John D. and Thelma Hawley * Philip and Vanessa Heck * Ray Anita Hemphill * Gordon Hubbard * Peter and Barbara Hutcheon Laura S. Johnson * Walter R. Johnson, Jr. *

Jerome and Deena Kaplan * Jeffrey and Susanne Kesper * Allen and Marion Kleefeld * Robert and Barbara Kobrin * Ann Koopman and Eric Puoy Alexa Kontes Zoe Kontes William and Elizabeth Korba * Elizabeth Kratovil * Donyea Kummer Arnold and Marilyn Lampert Brian and Suzanne Landis Harvey and Cheryl Lapin Carolyn Lashley and David Nicholas * David Lee Steve and Jacky Leeds * Elaine Lerner * David and Holly Manders * Judy Martin Richard and Eileen Matus * Joe and Merry May * William May * G.W. McClanahan Michael and Debra Mercincavage Larry and Suzy Merighi Fred and Mary Michel * Martin and Sana Mikelberg * Rick and Hanae Mills Charles and Rina Mintz * Mary Ella Morie * Jeffrey and Beth Morrow-Lucas Jennifer and David Mostoller * Joan M. Serpico * Ameurfina Nazario * John and Karin Nurnberger * Thomas P. Oravetz Lois Paolella * Gordon Park * Joseph and Lucille Pauline * Jerry and Gwen Paulson Gregory P. and Wendy E. Pavlics * Marcy Peterson Ellen and Walter Pfendner M. Piszcz-Connelly Joseph Pitassi, Jr. * Mollie Rabin William and Lynda Randolph * Deborah L. Rapp * Gene and Mary Ritsert * Joseph and Sharon Robertson * Robert L. and Linda Robinson *

Michael and Pamela Robison Fred and Susan Sanders * John J. Schultz John and Liz Schwab * Roger and Judith Scull Robert and Eda Shannon * Michael and Vera Sharp Thomas and Ghislaine Sheehan * Bill Sheriff * Norman P. and Arlene Silvers Mary Edith Smith * Elisa and Michael Sormanti * William Speer and Raymond Bond * Samuel and Sana Sterner * Chester and Beverly Szumowski * Gary Tyler David Valaika Thomas and Colleen Valentino * Nathan and Christina Van Embden * Tom and Jane Verba * Chris Voser * Genevieve Waltman Al and Frances Warriner * Martin and Pamela Way * Beth White * Dolores White * Laura A. Williaon Richard K. and Jean M. Woolley * Sandy Worthington and Glenn Aprill * George Zimmermann * Deb Zonies * Donald and Sherry Zowader * Raymond and Joan Zumoff Household, $55 Thomas and Deborah Abra * George and Barbara Alber * Jim and Nancy Albertson Paul Albrecht and Cynthia Randall * Elaine Allen * Elpi Altum Bruce and Robin Anews * Nancy Applegate and Thomas Mayer * Jay and Kathy Appleton Lee Arnold and Neal Demp Herbert and Rita Axelrad Melissa Ayotte and John Kenison Joseph and Kelly Bader Valorie Bader Laurie Baker and Deborah Cornatzer Cyrus and Joyce Baltus *

Paul and Kathryn Banks * Richard and Carolyn Barlow Robert and Valerie Baron * Elizabeth and Ralph Barrett * Leslie Barretta Robert and Debra Barsotti * Robert and Jane Basile * Melissa Bates and Ron Spinelli * William and Jill Bauersfeld * David and Nancy Bazrod Joseph and Christiane Becker Mary L. Harbert-Bell and Ross J. Bell * Sheldon M. and Penny B. Bernick * Neil and Mary Ann Betchner * Dante and Lori Bevilacqua Fred Binter John and Christine Blazina Richard Blummer * Mark and Linda Bolton * Edward and Emily Bonek * Alan and Barbara Boroff Walter and Eleanor Bostick * David Bowman * John and Pat Bowman Gaylord and Nancy Brandt Donald and Nancy Bretherick John and Nancy Brewer Dennis and Leslie Briening Louis and Joan Brigante Stephen Brill Robert Broschart * Kenyon and Ann Brown Richard Brown and Greg Smith William and Deborah Brown * Gerald and Yvonne Bruman * John and Druscilla Bulisky * Shirley Burke * Margaret Burns Gisele Busch * John Buseman * Eric and Samantha Cain Gustavo and Lisa Calvo Thomas J. and Linda Cambria * Carol Camiener * Robert and Pamela Campe Kenneth and Ruiko Carll * Charles and Charlotte Carney * George and Lois Carr * Michael Herrmann Karl Caterina Carl and Virginia Cavagnaro

Aaron and Robin Ceriona Marc Chiappini and Sharon Lind Joseph and Marilyn Chinnici * Anthony and Rita Christaldi * Matt and Jane Christy * Bill and Kathleen Coblentz * Sybil Cohen * Brian and Marion Coker Charles and Claire Collet Daniel Collins and Christine Conti-Collins Margot and Warren Coville * Alice and James Cox Anne Marie Crane and Kathy Wojcik William and Marjorie Crane * James Crawford and Donna Bennett * Loujeanne Cuje and Michael Tretina Richard and Gail Curcio George and Catherine Daisey * Glenn and Judith Daisey Joseph and Debra Daley * William and Tamara F Davis * Herbert and Patricia Deininger * Al and Trudy Dejulio * Albert and Diane A. Dempsey Chris Deraval and Barbara Berger * Muriel Devine Daryl and Jennifer Di Troia Edward L. Dillio * Florence Diorio * Mark and Sandy D’Onofrio Jay and Micki Doros Peter Doulis Marsha and Joel Dowshen Eve Dryer * Phil and Diana Dumont Paul and Karen Dunlop * Marty and Athena Ellner William and Julie Entwisle * Rolf and Sue Eriksen Jeff and Beverly Evans * Susan Evans and Richard Simone Wade and Susan Evans Reese and Miriam Ewing * John and Sarah Fagan * Herb and Beth Fellows * Dave and Sue Fenili * Barbara and Jacob Fidiaj Gae Finch Bernard and Anita Fisher T.J. and Joyce Florist *

William and Marie Flowers * Kevin Fox Heather and Kevin Frank Norman Frank Michael Frankso and Jennifer Garofolo Gary and Patricia French * David and Wendy Fulton Carlo and Maryann Gaboardi John Gainfort Joseph and Kathleen Galler John and Patty Garavento Mary Lou Garrison Gary and Bonnie Geiger Bruce and Kathryn Giangiorgi * Scott Gilbert and Anne Raunio * Thomas and Janet R. Gildea Jim Gillespie Joyce and Edward Gillis Sam Gorrell, Jr. Roger and Polly Graham * Jodi Green Jerome and Myra Greenberg Joanne Gregg Robert and Ann Griffith Christopher and Joy Gross Loren Grossman David and Sharon Guise Marlene and Daryl Gunn * Joshua L. Gurman * Ivan Guzman Bruce and Judith Gwaltney Paul and Judith Hart Frank and Ieva Hartman * William and Anne Hartman Ronald and Terri Harvey * Joe and Caryl Hayden Sally Heffentrager and Michael Shmookler * Michele Heine Ann Heinke and David McCoy Sauna Hewitt * Charles and Evelyn Higman E. Jane Hix Gina and Jason Hoffman Katharine Holsworth * Alvin and Marian Hosier Eric and Gail Houze Jamie Hoydis Richard and Marilyn Hurlebaus * JoAnne and Neil Hurowitz *

Kevin and Mary Beth Inman * Gary and Meira Itzkowitz * Kenneth and Mary Izzo * Marlenda Jackson-Dusz Catherine J. Jankowski * Lois Jenkins * Al Johnson Keith and Elaine Jones Roger and Barbara Justis * Yitzchok Kagan Esther Kaplin * John and Kathy Kapusnick Melanie Kenney * Richard Kepley and Chuck Deets * James and Estela Killmer * Michele Kleinhomer Sherrice Knisely Leonard Kornit Dennis Kosar * Rosemary Kozak Jay and Mary Kravitz Carl and Carolyn Kriebel * Paul Kristiniak and Paula Gourley Taylor * Emmett and Joann Kurtz Allen and Hella Lacy * Claude and Marcia Laforest * Marilyn and Robert Lambert Karen Landers * Ralph and Jane Lane * Dave and Anne Larsson Robert and Robin Lawton Joseph and Denise Ledvina * Joseph Leshay Seth and Ellyn Lehr George and Margaret Leone * Robert Lieberman and Ann Sysel Wade and Terry Linden Ruth and Michael Lipper Pat London Ralph and Dena Lowenbach * Michael and Susan Lowenstein * Sherry Macpherson and Alan Ayars Colin and Deborah Mahoney Ethan and Jennifer Malme Sharon and Mark Manewitz Denise and Ken Marcell Lauren and Leslie Martin Stewart W. Martin * William and Donna Martino Kanoko Masatani 29

Brenda Matsumoto and Tami-Jo Hutchins Debra Mattox and Jeff Larkin Deborah Mazzochi Margaret McIntyre * Dennis and Madeleine McLarney William and Donna McLean John and Joan McQueeney * Jim Megargel Kevin Mendez Rosemary Mennuti Tom and Dawn Mercogliano Charles and Christina Merton * Wayne Meyer * Ken and Nancy Miller * Edward S. Milner, Jr. Robert M. Minkoff Thomas and Bonny-Lee Moleski * Bruce and Theresa Mosley Simon Munk Steven and Gail Munz Irene Musgrave * Dennis W. Myers * Scott and Carol Nagao * Ellen Beth Nappen * Lawrence and Judith Nidorf * Stuart and Carol Ockman Michele O’Flynn Haydee Ogoendo Erin O’Halon Doug Ohm and Jennifer Pagliarini Eric and Aubrey Olson * Kathleen Palmer * Ameline Pappas * Joseph and Selma Pastor * Maryann Patten * Tom and Cheryl Patterson * Ramon and Iris Perez Roland and Claire Perez * Mark and Olivia Peterson Robert and Eleanor Peterson * Donna and Edward Pio Thomas and Auey Pituk * Celestine Pollock Manuel and Nancy Pontes Jim and Sarah Poole Sarah Pope * Ronald and Susan Portadin Michelle Post and Dave Carrow * John and Phyllis Powell * Alan J. Pribula and Linda Watts * 30

Ken and Stephanie Pustizzi * Bill Quinn and Ann Marie Dazzo * Keith Ragone and Terry Fox * Bruce and Meryl Raiffe Anthony and Denise Ragone Michael and Natalie Raey Gregory and Martha Reiff * James and Anne Marie Reilly Brenda and Joe Remm Robin Rice and David Utz * David Rich Michael and Christina Richter Lois and Ted Ridgway * Kenneth and Linda Ridinger * Joan Robbins * William and Patricia Roberts * Matthew Robinson Arnie and Ada Robinson Sybil Rosen * Brian and Brigitte Ross * Chris and Vera Roth Steven and Libby Rothfarb * Ethan Rubin Stephen and Carole Rubins * Deborah and Robert Rudolph Robert and Diana Russell Tara S. Ryan * Francis and Dolores Sabot * Jeanne and Steve Samchuck Paula Santhouse * Claire and Linda Saponaro and Kulp MaryAnn Scampas and Ken Beaukelaer Marilyn Scharf Karl and Elaine Scheer * Steven Scheinberg Bruce and Linda Schoenfelder Neil and Lois Schwalb Chester and Susan Schwartz Dillon Scofield Yisroel and Shoshana Serebrowski Martin and Lina Shane Eve Shapiro * William and Daphne Shaub Donald and Marie Therese Shawver * Gina and David Shearer * Henry and Lea Sherk Robert and Joyce Sherwood * Ron Shiber and Amanda Lyons Rebecca Shoemaker Robert and Deborah Sidell Jose and Larissa Silva

Tom Sim * Robert and Sue Simpkins Brian Slaugh and Giselle Coutinho Douglas and Debra Smith * George and Barbara Smith * Kris Smith Michael and Sana Smith Doug and Beth Smithson * Martha and Arthur Snellbaker Robert Sokoloff and Cheryl Blain Bernard and Arlene Solomon * Paul and Janet Somers * Suzanne Song Neal and Glorya Spero Gino and Janice Spinelli * John Stashkevetch * Larry Steingard James Steinmetz * Carol Stetson and Jean Lanning David and Dorothy Stevens Kyle Stiffler Mark and Karen Stratoti Alan and Susan J. Stultz * David and Janice Stump David W. and Regina A. Surdam * Jill Swain David Sykes Michael and Brenda Tainsky * Art Tatios Hsiao Teng and Larry Peskoff Nancy Weikert and John Tibbetts * Brian and Cynthia Tomlin * James Traber William and Debra Trace * Jeff and Maryann Trinkner * Paul and Jane Trivellini * Paul A. and Jodi L Trivellini * Robert and Cammy Trivellini Kristina Turzanski Jeff and Mary Jane Tyrie * Eileen Unger * Charles and Anne Valentine * David Van Orden * John and Patricia Vandersall Kathleen Vignola Ronald and Mary Lou Vornan * Robert Wagner Chad and Roselyn Walker Francis and Anna Walker * Kenneth and Mary Walling John and Linda Walsh

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Beatrice Beyer Monica Biggs Steve Blake * Paul P. Blejwas Barbara Blumenthal * Steve and Michele Borek Margaret Bozarth * Larry Boze * Robert R. Breault Janet M. Bredlau * David J. Briening * Susan Brown Tracy Brown Brenda Bruton Kerry Buirch * Mary L. Bulman * Brett Buonadonna Marianna Burr * Ray Buttari Tracy Buscham * Marie Butler Marcella P Camp * Barbara A. Campbell * Aaron Carney Stacy Carney Robert Cervini Stephanie Chapman Gabrielle Chinnici-Heyel Marie Christian * Jean T. Christmann * Maria Christmann * June F. Cobb * Louvenia Colon Janice Corbo James Cotock Maria Cotton Arthur J. Cox * Pauline B. Cugino Pat Cummines * Vicky Czyznikiewicz Margie Daisey Michele D’Amico * Richard Davis Thomas and Sana Deane * Alex Deangelis Frank and Grace DeMaio Frank Nicholas DeMaio * Rosemarie Denmead * Charles Dieterich * Charlene Diperi Anew H. Dohan *

Susan M. D’Ottavio * Gloria Du Bouchet Dawn A. DuBois * Eileen Duffy * Michael F. Durand * Judith U. Eber Michael Egan * Mary Jane Eimer * Larry Eisenberg Ellen Emanuel * Anne Feinstein * Angeline Fenton * Antoinette Fierro Janice Fischer * Barbara Fisher Lisa Fleming Lisa Flowers Joe Forcinito Donald Formigli * Robert H. Francois * Sanford and Toby Franklin Mary Anne Fricano Beth Fritz Carol Fucci Joanne B. Fuller * Michelle Gaimari * Wendy Gardner * Dana Gayner Sue Gibbons Lynne Giglio Constance Gillespie * Amy Giuliani Jacob Glass Josephine A. Godown * Kim Goldman Marge Gosin * Mark D. Gouge * Bev Greco Linda G. Greene Darlene Grennon Barbara Grider Beverly A. Grzib * Lisa Haas Lori Haines * Howard Hall Helene Hankin Judith G. Hannold Amy Havens Tom Hawkins Franklin Headley * Rose Healey and Edward Van Hise

Barbara Hehre Michael Herrmann and Charles Cartwright Frances Hill-Tornese Sabrina A. Hirleman Beth Hirsch Marjorie Hiserote John Hudson Rosalie M Hutchinson * Barbara Isaacs Allen and Wilma Jackson * Elisa Jennings Karen L. Johnson * Linda L. Jones * Catherine Julian Sana Kahn Evonne Kaminski Joseph C. Kane * Wasana Khonvay David King Donald Kohaut * George and Norma Kottemann * Tyler Landis Jean Laning Elite Law Tiffany Lee James B. Lefever * Kathleen Leitz Mina Levin Phillip Lewis Morton and Sana Litvin * Jan Dwyer LoBiondo * Robert C. Lockerman * Sana W. Long * Jack C. Looney Uribel Lopez David Lowenstern Jennifer Luciano * Michael J. Lunga * Anita L. Lupcho Ann Lynd Judith P. MacArthur * Stephen Madara Nancy Markley Miled W. Martin * Raymond Martino * Ramona Maziarz Paula J. Mazzochi Elizabeth McCutcheon * Mary McDermott Marcell McDonald

Kirstin McHenry Anea McKenna Eleanore Mesiano * Celest Michelotti * Timothy Mihok Kevin Miller Suzanne Minshall Mary Mintzer Leatrice H. Minzter * Lynn Monteleone * Terese A. Moran Lever David Moreno * Pamela Morgenstern Mary O’Hanlon Dorothy Oravetz * J. A. Oszvart Esther Pacitti Ken Pagliughi Larry Pangle Christopher Pavlou Malka Perl Rosemary Peters David Peterson Kathryn and John Peterson Frances N. Pettersen * Binh Pho Frances Pickett Linda Plusch * Mike Poole Maureen Pratt Donna and Dave Prelle Judy Quinn * Dianne Davison and Elizabeth Radcliff Donald P. Raff * Donna Renzi Catherine J. Revenig * Mark Roddy Janet Roesly * Pia Roper Susan Roush * Paula Rubenstein Daniel Salazar Louis and Rosemarie Sartori Martin Schindler * Patti Ann Schmid * Denise Schnee Ron Schwartz Janet Sepers * Gail Seymour Carol Shaw Mebane D. and George H. Sherman, Jr. 31

Nancy Sherwood Amy Siller * Miklos Sipos * Barbara L. Smith * Barbara Smith Carole Smith * Howard A. Smith * Jane E. Smith Jessica Smith Lori and Don Smith Rebecca Smith Evelyn Souders Sonia B. Spencer, PhD * Dawn Steelman Darleen Stein * Sarah Stengle Fran Stepnowski * Teresa Stratton Helen L. Stump * Roberta Shelling Taber Judith T. Tamagni * Phillip Taylor Frances Thomas * Laura Timberman * Beverly J. Tomlin * Sharon Treffeisen Craig Tucker Cheri Uretsky Jacqueline D. Urow Kathleen Vance * I. Rose Vitale * Karin Vitale Carol Weaver Ruth Weaver Marianne Weil * Connie Wesh Thomas N. Westervelt * Kelly Winters * Louann Winters * Pat Witt Jonathan E. Wood, Jr. * Jacqueline Woouff Carol Wortmann * Donna Wynne Jennifer Zeigler Johanna Zitto *


Senior Adult, $35 Michael and Sana Abraham * Flavia Alaya and Edward Feddema Sandy Alonsoperez Elizabeth Anderson James and Valentine C. Artrong Janet Artrong Catherine J. Arpino Thomas Atkins Eugene Baisch * John Baron * Patricia S. Beakley * Ross Beitzel * Lee Bellarmino Lois J. Bennett Allen Berk and Geiselle Thompson Elisabeth Berkley * Marie L. Bernstein * Gerri Black * Ginny Blair * Linda G. Blom Beverly P. Blynn * Marlene Bohnyak Pat Bokma * Roberta Bramhall Ann Brooks Barbara H. Brown * Clarence E. Brunner * Noel Brunner Paul Buckingham Virginia Campbell Peggy Cantes Peter Carney Thomas and Barbara Carr * Betty Lou Cassidy Mary Cebrat * Florence A. Chatas Anea Christensen * Dorothy Clarke * Susan Cole * Daniel Collins * Nancy Collis * Rich and Lorrie Covolesky Shirlee Cox Cesarina Croce * Margaret Cunningham Joan Curcio Michele Danenhower Allan Dansky Sonny Dellanevea John J. Demmer III

Ruth S. Dengrove * Joanne Denn Kenneth Depew * Hildegard E. Dimond * Daniel Domino Jeannette Donnelly * Chas and Fern Donohue Laurence Donohue Peter Douvres Bernard Drabeck Thomas Driscoll Dan Dubovsky and Christopher Flegal Lorraine Dutta Joanne Dyer * William and Beasana Easton Joan H. Egerton * Janice Elidge Philip and Estelle Elkus Anne English Vincent Esposito Jane Estok * Cynthia Fanslau Helene Feldman * Roberta Ferro Tina Fisher * Patricia H. Flowers * Maryann Fortuna * Karol Foss * Peter Frangakis Joan Freimanis * Alan and Sheila Friedman Jeane Fritz * Martin Froystad J. Brooke Gardiner * Caroline Genna * Carol Gillespie JoAnne Gius * Lee Ann Glanton Elaine Goetz * Marsha Gold * Michael Golla Charlotte Gorman Nancy L. Grant * Sana L. Gray * Helen Guastavino * Monica L. Haaf * Lorraine Haddock Gladys Hadley * Marlene Haffner * William and Eileen Hallissey Alex Hamerman

Mary Hancock Anne Harlan and Jay Nichols Linda Hayes Dolores A. Haynor * Richard Heim * Jean E. Hernandez Aleen Hettich Anthony and Maria Hicks Darlene Birtles Hicks * Donna Higgins * Steven and Gladys Hirsh Kim W. Hitchner * Elise Holtzman John and Nancy Hood Wesley A. Howe * Janet C. Huckabee * Walda Hurley Cathy Hutton * Paul J. Isenburg * Marilyn Ivers Fred Jacob Norman Jacobs * Roberta R. Janel * Linda Jensen Frances Ann Jervis Jean C. Jones * Judith Jones Ted and Stephanie Kadison * Barbara Jean Kahn John and Helen Kappel * Judy Katz Jackie D. Kehrmann Mary Kernan Loretta King * Barbara Klaits Deborah Kless Colleen and John Kollar-Kotelly Janet Krauss Mary Krugman Tammi Kubin Annette T. Lacioppa * Evelyn Laguna Barbara Landes Theresa C. Laviano * Barbara Lipton James Llewellyn Donna Lombardo Marie Low * Jeffrey Lucas Cecelia P. Lyons * Frank Mackay

David and Gaetana Magill Marjorie Mason Frank McAleer George and Diane McDaniels Laurence McKeon John McMillan * John Mellor * Donna Menz * Clay Mikolosy Linda Milano * James Mock Gregory P. Morgan James Morgan Barbara A. Morrow Charles Moses Nona Mullen Deborah Neri * Milton and Linda Ney Patricia Nicholas * Anita Novembre Dorothy O’Brien Larry Olasky Verna Olszewski * Caroline Owens * Neal Owens * Dean and Zoe Pappas Betsy Perlstein * Carol Anne Peteani Dorothy L. Peterson Matthew and Ellen Peterson William D. Pitt * Catherine A. Pollak James S. Potter Sana Prince-Embury Dolores Pringle * Dorine Quinn Freic Rabel * Ann Ragone Kass Ratz * Edgar and Margaret Reeves Barbara C. Regnell * Barry and Donna Rice Donna M Roberts * G.S. Robinson * Linda Rogaczewski Bob and Jane Rogers Camille Rohm Dominic and Tara Romano Loreen Ryan Donna Sacks * Harriet and Kemble Salvo

Jane Sauer Janet Scalen * David Schepps * Leon and Elaine Schiffman Mary Ellen Schwab * Doris Schwartz Anew V. Scott, Jr. James R. Sharp * Joanna M. Shaw Katherine B. Shea * Donna Sheard * Helen Shillito * Barabara Sicherman Gerald Silverstein * Stephanie Simon * David Slack * Richard E. Slavin III Bob Smith Brenda J. Smith * Jean Smith Robert Smith * Steve Smith Judy Spagnola * Jessica Jones-Stasul * Nancy Steelman * Elena Steencken Lance M. Sterman Michael S. Stern * Diana Stover Sowerby Frank Tau Ane J. Thibodeau * Dorothy Torchio Adolph A. Trinidad, Jr. * CK and Al Tugman Kenneth Tyler Donna Underwood-Gess Lauren A. Van Embden John Van Sant Joyce Vanaman * John C. Walters Diane Warning Melvyn Weiner Joanne Weiner-Midkiff Marshall and Lita Weinstein Hannah B. Wesley Sherre Wesley-Davis * Susan Whitehouse Auey Whitman * Leroy G. Wilkerson * Gene Wilkins Lynn Wolfrom

Howard Yares Karen Yeagle Edwin and Linda Young Student, $20 Stephen Chapman Robert Gittis Roy H. Kaneshiki * Abhinav Lingamaneri Scott Manns and Holly Patrick Micah Milner Anne Smith GrowCreative Members Tangeleke Bailey Patrick Belefanti Erin Bereheiko Shannon Burke Terrance Campbell Gwen Cantwell Diane Contravo Jenna Cotton Jackie Daniel Emily Dempsey Jennifer Dempsey Danielle Diangelo Curt Dumbleton Kristi Edmonds * Camille Ennis Mike Faulkner Michelle Fimiani * Marybeth Frankle Jessica Friel Keith Gibson Tamara Glisson Victoria Gould Lois Jenkins Samantha Johnson Debbie Kaeser Debbie Lonsdale Cherie Ludy

Devon Malone * Jennifer Martin Cecelia Maven Erica McLeod Anne Marie McMullen Anea Miller Aubrey Morello Kathleen Nolan Melanie Oliver Amanda Pinto Jeff Radio Cindy Santiago Tabitha Scull Jody Silverman Joseph Thibault Sana Thibault Melanie Truxton Shannon Burke Jacqueline Vallejo Dale Wilden Suzanne Willia Vicky Workman


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Moving Forward Over the next few years WheatonArts will be guided by our most recent Strategic Plan Update. In the planning process, goals were refined and updated based on the success of the last three years. The process revealed continuing “creative tensions,” representing both challenges and opportunities created in part by the evolution of our original institutional identity. The juxtaposition of tradition and history with contemporary art; serving the needs of local, regional, and national audiences; and, adapting the faux-Victorian infrastructure toward one that emphasizes WheatonArts as a creative institution. Over the next few years, with flexibility, authenticity, and creativity, we hope to curate excellent programs and events that reflect the unique interfacing elements that make us unique, and to redefine the institution more fully as a sustainable, contemporary “living museum” to be deeply informed by an artist community. While there is no question that many known and unknown challenges remain, we anticipate success in the next few years as we present inspiring exhibits and programs that invite artists and audiences to explore and discover the creativity of others, as well as their own. Inspired by a basic principle of Creative Placemaking, a sweeping trend in the arts today, we believe “placing artists and art at the center of our planning, execution and activity” is essential in order to engage broader and more diverse audiences, while ensuring the long-term sustainability of WheatonArts.

People Total Visitors – 112,113 Adults – 90,933 Children/Teens – 21,180 Off-site Audiences – 150,000 (est.) Memberships – 1,952 Artists Served – 1,250 Unique Web Visitors – 533,275 Facebook Fans – 5,113 Average FTE staff per year – 35 Average Active Volunteers per year – 98 Current Governing Board Members – 21 Current Advisory Committee Members – 69 Place Acres – 55 Buildings – 21 Total Square Feet of Buildings – 95,088 Airstreams – 2 Program Days Open to the Public – 538 Days with Free Admission – 60 Ongoing Programs (permanent exhibit, studios programs, museum tours) – 6 Museum/Gallery/Folklife Exhibits – 18 Artist Residencies – 20 In-school Artist Residency – 1 Artist Residency Days – 854 Glass Melted – 90,000 lbs. Special Artist Demonstrations – 129 Performances – 14 Family Hands-on Programs – 56 Weekend Special Events – 20 Teacher Professional Development Programs – 3 Changing Exhibits Space (annual) – 9,500 Sq. Ft. Current Collections Glass Collection – 16,386 objects Other Collections – 7,316 Archives/Research Files – 27,000

WheatonArts at a glance 36

In our next annual report, and with your support, we look forward to reporting our success over the next few years. Highlights will include: I Emanation: Art + Process, an invitational residency and exhibition project featuring Mark Dion, Paula Hayes, Carolyn Healy and John Phillips, Donald Lipski, Virgil Marti, Michael Oatman, Judy Pfaff, Jocelyne Prince, Rob Wynne, and Mark Zirple. In keeping with the definition of “Emanation,” an abstract but perceptible thing that issues or originates from a source, this exhibition in the Museum of American Glass will feature the work generated by the artists’ studio experience. The highlight of the public program component of Emanation will be a dynamic two-day studio event, titled “The Glass Yard: Object/not,” featuring many of the exhibiting artists as they collaborate with each other, special guest gaffers, and with a select group of emerging artists who are former CGCA Fellows. The “Glass Yard” event is scheduled for June 13 and 14, 2015 and has been intentionally planned to coincide with GlassWeekend ‘15.

Prosperity Average Annual Budget – $3,066,761 Average Percentage Earned Income – 46% Average Percentage Unearned Income – 54% Total Economic Impact - $7,348,200* FTE Jobs supported by WheatonArts Spending – 228.1* Local Government Revenue Generated – $279,320* State Government Income Generated – $322,252*

I In response to the changing needs of artists due to the economy and the increasing difficulty of leaving jobs, families and studios, in 2015 the Creative Glass Center of America will offer new opportunities to artists. In 2015, a portion of the year will accommodate flexible, short-term and project-based artist residencies. This shift also responds, in part, to the strategic goal of WheatonArts to more fully integrate artist activity with the visitor experience. In addition to traditional residencies, applicants are also encouraged to submit projects that include performance based work, short-term exhibits and installations and use of the Museum of American Glass resources, all of which will increase the public benefit offered. I Education and community engagement remain a priority in our commitment to serve local residents from diverse and underserved communities. School programs, workshops and other educational events, professional development for teachers and accessible hands-on family programs will continue to be inspired by our mission and related projects. I Guided by our Strategic Plan, the board and staff have already begun to embark upon more focused planning initiatives, including interpretive planning that will lead to a new intellectual framework for exhibitions and collections. Additionally, the development of a campus master plan, based on a cohesive mission-based story, will allow WheatonArts to host artists and visitors in a more engaging, efficient and artful institution.

These numbers reflect two years unless otherwise noted *American for the Arts, Arts and Economic Prosperity Calculator

Every attempt has been made to accurately list contributors to Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center. We apologize in advance if there are any errors or omissions, and urge you to contact the Development office at 856.825.6800 so that we may correct our records.

WHEATONARTS 1501 Glasstown Road Millville, NJ 08332

Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center (WheatonArts) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization located in Millville, NJ, the center of the nation’s first glass industry. With a history spanning over four decades, WheatonArts is an arts, historical and cultural treasure known throughout the world for its glass collections and programs while also serving as a vital regional arts center to its local community.


Profile for Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center

WheatonArts Biennial Report  

Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center Biennial Report, 2013-2014

WheatonArts Biennial Report  

Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center Biennial Report, 2013-2014