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Welcome to What’s On Oslo in September and October, lively months with lots of indoor and outdoor activities to keep you on your toes.

A great way to get started is museum hopping, and in this issue you will as usual find our essential Museum Guide to Oslo’s many brilliant museums.

In the same section we also have information about guided boat trips on the Oslo Fjord, one of the city's most traditional and popular sightseeing adventures.

The cooling weather means that while the city’s many parks, beaches, islands and forests are still popular on good-weather-days, indoor offerings are also drawing the crowds.

See oslokulturnatt.no to find out more Team What’s on Oslo.

On September 16th Oslo arranges the mighty Oslo Culture Night, Norway’s biggest one day festival with completely free events all over town. The events are organized under the umbrella terms music and dance, art and culture, exploration, film and theatre, and architecture and design.


Something for everyone, in other words!


Museums with everything from Munchworks and other world class paintings, to a real Viking ship, a medieval stave church, Norway’s polar explorers, world class children’s art, technology, military history, Oslo’s history, ski history, and much more.

04 49 53 FROGNERMAJORSTUAMUSEUMBYGDØYMAP This is a map showing the museums in the official Museum List that you will find in the following pages. The numbers and colours on the map point to museums in the list, where you will find the same numbers and colours for each museum. Tip: A detailed street map with the same numbers is at the back of the magazine. 1 25 29 28 27 26 22 23 2 19 18 20 24



Oslo has about 50 museums covering all kinds of topics, including intriguing stories from the past, classic and contemporary art, scientific and literary achievements, human rights, and much more. Whatever you’re into, chances are high you’ll find it in one of the museums in these pages!


07family=Fpensioner,=Pstudent,=Schild,=Cadult,=Aadmission:Under ASTRUP FEARNLEY MUSEET Founded in 1993, the museum is one of Scandinavia´s most notable museums for contemporary art. The museum holds the extensive Astrup Fearnley Collection, with significant works by some of today’s leading international artists and presents changing exhibitions that both draw on the collection and new commissions by artists from all over the world. The museum is beautifully located by the Oslo Fjord in an iconic building designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano. IGNASEXHIBITIONSKRUNGLEVICIUS: POSSESSOR 02.09.22 – 09.10.22 RACHEL HARRISON: SITTING IN A ROOM 30.09.22 – 12.02.23 ASTRUP FEARNLEY COLLECTION A rotating selection of the collection is always on display. HOURS AND PRICES Tue, Wed, Fri 12–17, Thu 12–19 Sat, Sun 11–17. Mon closed Admission: A: 150,- / S: 100,- / P: 100,C (0-18) free entrance Free with Oslo Pass CONTACT Strandpromenaden 2 Tel: +47 22936060 E-mail: info@ Instagram:facebook.com/astrupfearnleywww.afmuseet.noafmuseet.no @astrupfearnley 1 DRONNING KUNSTSTALLSONJA The Queen Sonja Art Stable THE QUEEN SONJA ART STABLE Exhibitions in the Art Stable vary between art and displays of objects from the Royal Collections. THE ROYAL STABLES Renovated for the opening of the Art Stable, the Royal Stables now appear as they did in their heyday in the interwar years. Where the horses once stood in their stalls, the public now enjoy art and history. CURRENT EXHIBITION UNTIL 13.11.2022 OPEN DOORS The exhibition "Open Doors" is on display with more than a 100 works by 50 artists from Her Majesty The Queen's own art collection. HOURS AND PRICES Thu -Sun 11–17. Admission: A: 125,- / C 60,- / S: 100,- / P: 100,C (0-6) free entrance For more information please visit www.royalcourt.no CONTACT Parkveien www.royalcourt.no50 Transportation: Bus or tram to Solli plass Photo: Øivind M. Bakken / The Royal Court 2

08 THE VISITOR CENTRE AKERSHUS FORTRESS The Visitor Centre is located in the ‘long red house’ from 1774 by the Carp pond. It is the natural starting point for a visit to the grounds. Our staff is up to date on the cultural events at the fortress and offer historical information on this unique monument of Norwegian history. THEEXHIBITIONSPRISONERS AT AKERSHUS – FROM THE MIDDLE AGES TO 1950 OUR MAJESTY, QUEEN MARGRETE A narrative of the Queen of the North and her contemporaries from Akershus to Kalmar. Gift shop HOURS AND PRICES Every day 10-16 Free admission Gift Guidedshoptours of Akershus Fortress grounds (outdoors) Sat-Sun 14.00 Tickets for tours at The Visitor Centre. Combination tickets available. CONTACT Tel: 23 09 39 17 E-mail: akershusfestning@mil.no www.akershusfestning.no 4 AKERSHUS SLOTT Akershus Castle Akershus castle was built as a fortified medieval castle around the year 1300. Since then the castle has been at the centre of events in Norwegian history. Today it is used for state representation and cultural events. A tour of the castle takes you through the Government representation rooms, The Castle Church, The Royal Mausoleum and The Dungeon. HOURS AND PRICES Sat-Sun 12–17 Admission: A: 100,- / C : 40,- (0-6 free) S: 60,- / P: 60,Family (2+4): 250,–Free with Oslo Pass Audioguide included in ticket. Guided tours upon akershusslott.kontaktrequest: @mil.no or 23 09 35 53 CONTACT Tel: 23 09 35 53 E-mail: akershusslott.kontakt@mil.no instagram.com/akershus_slottfacebook.com/akershusslottwww.akershusfestning.no 3

HOURS AND PRICES website for opening hours A: 120,-/C (0-18) free. S: 90,-/ P: 90,Free with Oslo 2 postmottak

The Historical Museum



Pass CONTACT Frederiks gate


TEMPORARY EXHIBITIONS KING HARALD V –HIS HERITAGE AND DUTIES 17th January, 2021 marked Harald V’s 30th anniversary as King of Norway. The exhibition traces Harald V’s heritage and his accession to the throne. WE PRESENT NEW ACQUISITIONS This exhibition tells the story of Fenrik Knut Lindaas and the former District Police Chief Odd Galtung Eskeland Museum shop HOURS AND PRICES Every day 10–17 Admission: A: 100,- / C : 40,- (0-6 free) S: 60,- / P: 60,Free with Oslo Pass CONTACT Tel: 23 09 35 82 E-mail: post.fmu@ Instagram:www.forsvarsmuseet.nomil.no @forsvarsmuseet Facebook: @forsvarsmuseet Photo: Forsvaret / Stian Lysberg Solum 5 HISTORISK

Travel back in time at Norway’s largest collection of artefacts from prehistoric times and the Middle Ages Experience some of the most exquisite objects from the Norwegian Viking Age, such as ornate swords, gold jewellery and a very rare Viking helmet. See our extensive collection of religious artefacts from the Middle Ages. Learn about the Norwegian Stone Age people, explore the Egyptian mummies and gain insight into wonderfully diverse cultures from across the World through our ethnographic exhibitions.

The museum covers Norwegian military history from the Viking era, through the numerous Nordic wars under Danish rule (1400-1814) to the Napoleonic wars, the union with Sweden 1814-1905, the World War II campaign 1940 and the War at Sea 1939-1945. The latest exhibitions cover the Cold war period 1945-1990 and recent international operations. MUSEUM

The Armed Forces Museum



@ www.historiskmuseum.nokhm.uio.no 6 family=Fpensioner,=Pstudent,=Schild,=Cadult,=Aadmission:Under

What do modern hunters and the hunters of the Stone Age have in common? Get a closer look at Norway’s 11,500-year-old hunting tradition and how hunting methods and equipment have changed through time, from the first Stone Age arrowheads to modern hunting rifles. See unique archaeological finds that have been hidden in glaciers and under the mountain snow for thousands of years before the ice melted and they reappeared, such as complete hunting arrows from the Viking Age with shafts and feathers and the skeleton of a dog from the 1500s.


about amazing breakthroughs in cancer research. What are the facts, what are the myths and how can technology help us now and in the future? Our interactive installations allow you to repair DNA strands, mix a safe dose of chemotherapy and play «The Guardians of the Cells », where you help the immune system to kill cancer cells. You can find more information www.kreftforeningen.no/vitensenteretat HOURS AND PRICES See kreftforeningen.no/vitensenteret for opening hours, webinars and other Freeactivities.admission CONTACT Kongens gate 6 (entrance on corner with Rådhusgata) in Oslo city centre. Tel: +47 21494921 E-mail: post@ Facebook.com/Kreftforeningen/www.kreftforeningen.no/vitensenteretkreftforeningen.no Photo: Nicki Twang 7



Cancer Science Centre

Here people of all ages can play their way to more knowledge about cancer. It is challenging, entertaining – and completely harmless. Test your skills as a surgeon and learn

MUSEUM SHOP Explore literature as well as design products in our museum shop.

This autumn, the museum will be transformed into a queer and playful place. Welcome to an installation and exhibition that explores both community and Whatexclusion!kindofsignificance does community have in queer circles? How have ideas about community influenced architecture and urban development? What makes us feel safe in a space? Can architecture help create relationships with others? The Oslo Architecture Triennale is the largest architecture festival in the Nordic region, first held in 2000. In 2022, the festival will focus on the neighbourhood as a community. When the exhibition opens, you will also experience an interactive installation that offers a journey into the Swedish art and architecture collective MYCKET's universe.



The National Museum – Architecture

HOURS AND PRICES Tue–Sun 12–17 Admission: A: 60,- / C: 0,- / S: 40,- / P: 40,Oslo Pass free CONTACT Bankplassen 3. Tel: 21 98 20 00 For updates: www.nasjonalmuseet.no/en 8


TRIENNALE 2022: COMING INTO COMMUNITY 23.09.2022 – 29.01.2023

011family=Fpensioner,=Pstudent,=Schild,=Cadult,=Aadmission:Under THE STATION MASTER’S HOUSE Museum Shop and Bollebar The National Museum The Station Master’s House and Bollebar are located in front of the National museum. MUSEUM SHOP The Museum Shop has a wide selection of childrens books, design objects and products based on the collection of The National Museum. HOURS Tue-Sun: 10-21 CONTACT Brynjulf Bulls plass 2 Tel: 21 98 20 00 For updates: www.nasjonalmuseet.no/en/ BOLLEBAR A Norwegian concept focusing on quality coffee from Tim Wendelboe and Norwegian buns in a modern twist. We serve buns, sweet and savoury, with different fillings and toppings. HOURS Mon–Fri 07.30–18, Sat, Sun 10–17 CONTACT Brynjulf Bulls Plass 2 Close to The City Hall Square and Aker NearestBrygge.tram station: Aker Brygge. Tel: 22 22 30 00 bollebar@bollebar.no For updates: www.bollebar.no Photo: Ina Wesenberg / Nasjonalmuseet 10 NASJONALMUSEET The National Museum On 11 June, 2022 the largest art museum in the Nordic countries opened in Oslo. Here you can experience older and modern art, contemporary art, architecture and design all under one roof and in completely new ways. EASTEXHIBITIONOFTHE SUN AND WEST OF THE MOON 11.06.22 – 31.12.22 PIRANESI AND THE MODERN AGE 09.09.22 – 08.01.23 THE COLLECTION Norway’s most extensive collection THE PILLARS Dedicated to artists who do not live or work in Norway, but who are nevertheless important for the development of Norwegian art history FOOD & DRINK Explore a variety of cafés in The National Museum. MUSEUM SHOP Get inspired by a rich selection of interiors, furniture, books and locally handcrafted products in our shop. HOURS AND PRICES Tue–Sun 10–21 Admission: A: 180,-/ 18-25 years: 110 / C: 0,67 years + : 110,Oslo Pass free CONTACT Brynjulf Bulls Plass 3, 0250 www.nasjonalmuseet.no/en/Oslo. Photo: Børre Høstland / Nasjonalmuseet 9

www.nobimu.cominstagram.com/nordiskbibelmuseumfacebook.com/Nordiskbibelmuseumnobimu.no 12 NOBELS FREDSSENTER


Experience the history of the Bible and the book at NOBIMU. The only museum of its kind in the Nordic countries, with a collection based on more than 6,000 bibles. Admire all the first royal folio editions of the Bible from the time when Denmark and Sweden were empires, a handwritten bible from around 1250, as well as Bibles in indigenous languages such as Sami and Greenlandic. Test out being a medieval scribe, marvel at the miniature Bible collection and bring home a unique souvenir from our museum shop. Webinars on Zoom. See EXHIBITIONS HISTORY OF THE GRENNLANDIC BIBLE Wed 12–17, Thu 11–18 Sat, Sun 11–16 German Norwegian. A: C Oslo Pass Slottsgate Tel: 401 @

90,- /


and see

NANSEN – COMPASSION IN ACTION Learn about the polar





nobimu.no TEMPORARY


The Nobel Peace Center




Guided tours in English,

under 12 free

05 777 E-mail: post

WATCH THE PEACE DOVE FLY Every Friday at 12:00 a peace dove is released from the window above the entrance, with the «Good News of the Week” MUSEUM SHOP Originality, sustainability and fair trade characterize the selection in our Nobel Shop - our products have a story to tell. HOURS AND PRICES Open every day 11-17. Visit nobelpeacecenter.org for tickets, events and guided tours. Free entrance with Oslo Pass. CONTACT Rådhusplassen/City Hall Square Tel: +47 48 30 10 00 Photo: J. Granseth/ Nobel Peace Center 11

02.12.21 – 30.10.22. THE






Celebrating the Nobel Peace Prize Ressa and Dmitry Muratov. explorer, scientist, diplomat humanitarian Fridtjof Nansen, received the Nobel Peace Prize inspiring new exhibition about Alfred Nobel and the history of the Peace Prize. quiet in the Field», a real Nobel Peace Prize medal in the magical Chamber».

laureates Maria

Find peace and


free. CONTACT Nedre

The first Digital Viking Museum in the world with 3D objects from The Museum of the Viking Age first digital museum with many unique experiences based on viking heritage. Viking Planet resurrects the Viking times with VR-technology, holograms, interactive screens and 270-degrees and experience how the Vikings lived, join them on their expeditions, feel the power of the elements onboard a Viking ship, a picture of as a Viking. the Vikings` religion, mythology, heritage. Viking Planet aims to connect with the Viking times in an innovative engaging attraction The museum a Viking themed gift Labour Museum



shop. New Vikingexperiences:Timelineand Viking Wars HOURS AND PRICES: Check our website thevikingplanet.com for opening hours. Adults: Children229,-under 12 years: 100,Children under 6 years: Free VR Game Combination249,-(museum + VR game) 399,CONTACT Fridtjof Nansens plass 4. Next to city hall E-mail: info@thevikingplanet.com Phone: +47 www.thevikingplanet.com46942495 13 Try our VR Game ARBEIDERMUSEET

is available in 12 languages.


way. Every

that line the Akerselva river at Sagene –Oslo’s most vital byway, as described by New York Times. FACTORYEXHIBITIONSGIRLS AND INDUSTRIAL PIONEERS Experience the history of the Akerselva, the industrial adventures and the labour movement. HISTORY WALKS Would you like to become better acquainted with Oslo's industrial and labour history? Free guided tours around Sagene neighbourhood at 12 and 14 pm Saturdays and Sundays. CAFÉ & MUSEUM SHOP The museum shop offers a selection of local literature and articrafts. Enjoy coffee and waffles at Hønse-Lovisas hus across the river from The Labour Museum. . HOURS AND PRICES Wed-Sun 11-16 Admission: Free entrance CONTACT Sagveien facebook.com/Arbeidermuseet/28 Tel: +47 23 28 41 70 E-mail: post@ www.oslomuseum.nooslomuseum.no Photo:

Here you can use all your senses to learn about




films. Learn about

/ Oslo Museum 14

Welcome to a museum suitably located among the former industrial buildings Christina Krüger


and take

ships and cultural






Museum and Experience Center of popular music An engaging and interactive journey through Norwegian music history! Popsenteret is a "must" for music lovers of all ages. Experience popular music and culture in a new way. Get to know your new and old music heroes in exhibitions and engaging installations and enjoy music, movies and much more. Perfect for children and young people. You will find us at urban Grünerløkkaa mecca for those looking for cozy cafes, quaint shops and nice park areas. Special offers for small groups: Book a pleasant tour with your family, friends or colleagues at formidling@popsenteret.no HOURS AND PRICES Tue-Fri FreeMonSat-Sun10-1611-17closedadmission with Oslo Pass CONTACT Trondheimsveien 2 Tlf: 22 46 80 20 E-mail: kontakt@ www.popsenteret.nopopsenteret.no 15 INTERKULTURELT MUSEUM Intercultural Museum Located at Grønland, close to Oslo Central Station, Intercultural Museum explores Norway’s immigration history and cultural changes in Norwegian society. HEARTBEATEXHIBITION An exhibition about love, passion and marriage in the diverse city of Oslo. Why does almost 50 percent of the population in Oslo live alone? How do people meet and establish relations nowadays? HOURS AND PRICES Tue-Sun 11-16 Admission: Free entrance CONTACT Tøynbekken 5 Tel: +47 23 28 41 Instagram:facebook.com/Interkultureltmuseumwww.oslomuseum.no70 @interkultureltmuseum Photo: Rune Thorstein / Oslo Museum 16

nhm.uio.no www.nhm.uio.no



HOURS AND PRICES See website for opening hours. Admission:

gate 1/Monradsgate Tel: 22 85 16 30 E-mail: informasjon





The Museum presents a variety of the matic exhibitions and art projects from around the world - and is a multicultural place where children and adults meet on children's terms. The main goal of the Museum is to promote the UN Conventi on on «the Rights of the Child». tours, art workshops & music 09.30-14 C:

Free entrance CONTACT Naturhistorisk museum University of

Photo: Lars Petter Pettersen

This is where you find dinosaurs and other fossils, crystals, rocks, meteorites, taxidermy animals and other highlights from our collections. Visit our grand new geological exhibitions covering 2300 square meters over four floors. Explore our interactive installations in the Climate House, with exhibitions on climate and environmental issues. The museum also includes a large botanical garden demonstrating the beauty and variation of the plant kingdom. Visit the arboretum with trees from Norway and other corners of the world, and the thematic gardens such as The Viking Garden and The Rock Garden. In the middle of the garden there is a nice café, and our museum shop carries a wide selection of gift items with themes from nature. A: 150,-/C / S: 75,-/F: 400,Free Oslo Pass & Greenhouse: Oslo Sars’ @


activities. Drop in HOURS AND PRICES Tue-Thu


Sat-Sun 11-16 Closed Admission15.08-19.09 : A: 75,- /

40,- /S: 40,- P: 40,Free with Oslo Pass CONTACT Lille frøens vei 4 Tel: +47.22691777 E-mail: mail@ twitterwww.childrensart.comchildrensart.com @ Tram:Instagram:barnekunstchildrensartmuseumFrøenstation


The International Museum of Children´s Art 18

The three basic functions of the Museum are to collect, promote & preserve children’s art worldwide. Film director Rafael Goldin (1920 1994) and his wife, Doctor of Medicine, Alla Goldin (1938 2007), conceived and developed the idea of the Museum & collection.


HISTORY MUSEUM Naturhistorisk museum

The Vigeland Museum is a sculpture museum located next to The Vigeland Park. The museum is Gustav Vigeland’s (1869-1943) former studio and residence. Today, the museum shows a permanent exhibition presenting Vigeland's art, and temporary exhibitions with threedimensional art.

TEMPORARY EXHIBITIONS 18.09.22 In connection with Queer Culture Year the Vigeland Museum has invited curators Bjørn Hatterud and Håkon Lillegraven to take a queer look at the museum’s collection. This has resulted in an exhibition displaying objects that are a bit odd, out of place and not often shown to the public.

VIGELANDMUSEET The Vigeland Museum

17.06.22PARADE –

016 25 BYMUSEET Museum of Oslo Exhibitions of the City’s history. The museum is located in the beautiful old building of Frogner Manor House inside the Vigeland Park, approx. 200 metres south of the sculpture park. CITYSCAPESEXHIBITIONS– CAPTURING OSLO In what ways have artists seen, interpreted and painted Oslo throughout history? Experience the city through the eyes of the artists.. OSLOVE - THE STORY OF OSLO Historical highlights of the city Free Audio Guide in eight languages. EVERYDAY LIFE DURING WORLD WAR II Oslo 1940 –1945 How did the Second World War affect peoples daily life? Personal stories and unique video footage from Oslo during wartime. CAFÉ & MUSEUM SHOP The museum shop offers a selection of local literature and Nordic design. Kafé Mathia offers hot and cold dishes. HOURS AND PRICES Tue-Sun 11-16 Admission: A: 100,- / C (0-18): Free / S: 60,- / P 80,Free entrance every Saturday CONTACT Frognerveien 67 Tel: +47 23 28 41 Instagram:facebook.com/bymuseetOslowww.oslomuseum.no70 @bymuseet 19

HANNE HOURS21.10.22CIRCULATIONFRIIS–22.01.23ANDPRICES Tue-Sun 12-16 Admission: A: 100,- / C: 0,- / S: 50,- / P: 100,Free with Oslo Pass CONTACT Nobels gate Instagramwww.vigeland.museum.no32 @vigelandmuseet Facebook @vigelandmuseum Photo: Ivar Kvaal / Vigelandmuseet. 20

017family=Fpensioner,=Pstudent,=Schild,=Cadult,=Aadmission:Under 25 TEKNISK MUSEUM The Norwegian museum of Science and Technology Voted Oslo’s best experience for children 2021. Explore, play and learn in our family museum in more than 25 themed exhibitions and around 100 tryit-yourself installations. Experience our cultural heritage in industry, science, technology and medicine in the most fun and exciting cultural history museum. Extensive weekend and autumn holiday program filled with activities and workshops. Café and museum shop. NEW PERMANENT EXHIBITION I/O our new AI-driven ICT exhibition is a must. LIFE AND DEATH The engaging exhibition from inhouse National Medical Museum, about being human. HOURS AND PRICES See website for opening hours. Admission: A: 165,- / C: 110,-(over 3 years) / S: 110,- / Family: 490,Free with Oslo Pass CONTACT Free parking at Kjelsåsveien 143. Tel: 22 79 60 Tramwww.tekniskmuseum.no0011og12toKjelsås. Bus 25 and 54 to Kjelsås station. Photo: NTM/Lars Opstad 21


Free with




At the top of Oslo you can visit Holmenkollen National arena, a site where many ski-historical moments have been created. In the heart of the arena towers Holmenkollen Ski Jump and Ski Museum. The world’s oldest Ski Museum is shot into the mountain underneath the ski jump. The exhibits cover the skiing disciplines of jumping, Cross-country and Alpine skiing; there are also exhibits covering important themes such as Norwegian Arctic explorers and the Norwegian Royal family´s passion for Onskiing.the top of the jump tower you can enjoy spectacular views of Oslo and the surrounding areas. Sept. October10-1710-16 A:160,-/ C: 80,Oslo CONTACT: Kongeveien 5 Tel: 22 92 32 00

E-mail: Metrowww.holmenkollen.comskimuseet@skiforeningen.no/T-bane:No1toFrognerseteren


Photo: Andreas Bache-Wiig

as a heritage building by

HOURS AND PRICES 10-17 Admission: A: 110,- / C: 55,-(6-15) Family: (2+2) 300,Group (10p +) 75,- each. C: 50,Please check our website for updates. CONTACT Kongeveien 5 Tel to kiosk: 969-03-665 E-mail: post@ Metrowww.skisimulator.noskisimulator.no/T-bane:No1toFrognerseteren 23 25 VILLA STENERSEN Villa Stenersen was




New Ski Simulator in Holmenkollen. is a Movie-Ride Theatre. Experience Downhill Skiing at 130 km/ hour and Ski-jumping at 100 km/hour. Ski Simulator next to the Holmenkollen ski jump! Jump in “Kollen” and find out what it feels like to head down the world’s toughest downhill ski slopes alongside the world’s best performers on two skis. Technology which used to be available only to pilots and astronauts combines flight simulator movements with an “eye-view” movie to create a unique and realistic feel. Once inside the the Ski Simulator will get the “ride of your life”, when the skiing starts. Up to 12 people can sit in side at the same time and the whole ride lasts about 5 minutes. “Amazing ride, amazing experience. It made me realize crazy have to be to go skiing at 130 km/h and how dangerous it is” designed from 1937 to 1939 by the architect been listed the gradually being carried


Arne Korsmo for the financier and art collector Rolf E. TheStenersen.househas

Directorate for Cultural Heritage, and refurbishments are

out to restore the building to its original colours and materials. HOURS AND PRICES Temporarily closed for refurbishments. WHERE? Tuengen allé 10C Metro: Line 2 or 3 (westbound to Østerås or Kolsås) from the city centre to Borgen Forstationmore www.nasjonalmuseet.noinformation: Photo: Annar Bjørgli / Nasjonalmuseet 24




Bygdøy is a popular peninsula with major museums right outside the centre of Oslo. This is a wonderful place to spend a day (or three!) at the museums, and maybe even explore Bygdøy's beautiful beaches and lush forests.






/ F:

updates Admission: A:140,-


020 22





THE KON-TIKI MUSEUM museet see the original Kon-Tiki balsa raft and the papyrus ship II Thor Heyerdahl’s world-famous adventures! (1947) – across the Pacific Ocean on a balsa-wood raft and Gerd The woman the museum forgot. Ra and Ra II (1969–1970) – across the Atlantic Ocean on a papyrus ship Easter Island expeditions (1955-56 and 1986) Thor Heyerdahl (1914–2002) – his life the the Academy Award-winning documentary film “Kon-Tiki” (English, 67 min) at 12:00. film about Kon-Tiki and Thor Heyerdahl (English, 10 min) all day. design shop. every day 10-17 check for / C(6-17): / S:50,100,- 300,- Group (10p+) with







Oslo Pass. CONTACT Bygdøynesveien 36. Bus 30, Ferry 8 or 9 to Bygdøy Tel: 23 08 67 Facebook.com/kontikimuseumInstagram.com/kontikimuseetwww.kon-tiki.no67 26


our website


Frammuseet Fram is the most famous ship in polar history, known for her amazing expeditions to the North and South Poles. Ride the waves on Fram in our awarded cinematic projection surrounding the ship. Explore the ship below the deck, and see how the crew lived and worked together. Enter the first ship to navigate the Northwest Passage, Gjøa. Feel the spirit of the great polar explorers and their Enjoyadventures!anumber of activities for young and old and find exclusive gifts in our museum shop. HOURS AND PRICES Open every day: 10-17 Please check our website for updates. Admission: A:140,- / C(6-15): 50,- / S:50,- P: 100,- / F: 300,- / Group (15p+) 100,Free with Oslo Pass CONTACT Bygdøynesveien 39 Bus 30, Ferry 8 or 9 to Bygdøy Tel: 23 28 29 50 E-mail: post@ www.frammuseum.noframmuseum.no Photo: Marcus Thomassen 25

Vold Hurum:

OCTOBER Please visit our website for updated daily program and weekend activities.


CONTACT Museumsveien 10, Bus/ ferry to Bygdøy www.norskfolkemuseum.no 28


October: Mon–Sun 11–16 Admission: A:180,- / C: 0,- / S:100,- P: 140,Free with Oslo Pass. Cafes and large museum shop.




SEPTEMBER DAILY. Hosts in traditional costumes welcome you into the Stave Church and historical homes from town and countryside. Join our guided tour in the Open-Air Museum, meet farm animals, try the family-friendly nature trails and outdoor games.


September: Mon–Sun 10–17

In the new restored Boat hall, you can now see our collection of traditional open boats and a shipwreck. AGE BOAT BUILDER one of the original Viking from the Gokstad find. The replica is being built before the audience. exhibition about the boat constructor and designer Jan Herman Linge. from the Viking era today. the Ocean with the Chief and Sally Jones. museum

Norway’s interaction with the seas, from its oldest known vessel to the latest hi-tech offshore



Fjord cafe and

The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History

shop. HOURS AND PRICES Every day 10-17. Opening hours may change – see our web site. Admission: A:140,- / C(6-15): 50,- / S:50,P: 100,- / F: 300,- / Group (10p+) 90,Free with Oslo Pass. Joint tickets with Fram and Kon-Tiki are available CONTACT Bygdøynesveien 37. Bus 30, Ferry 8 or 9 to Bygdøy Tel: +47 24 11 41 www.marmuseum.no50 27


Take a picturesque journey through Norway! The historical wooden farmhouses with fields and townhouses with cobbled streets show homes, life and traditions from the many Norwegian regions. Don’t miss the Medieval Stave Church and the Apartment Building with Oslo-homes 1879-2002.

ON WEEKENDS you can experience baking, listen to fairy tales, and try forging and carpentry for children.

FOR KIDS Explore



INDOOR EXHIBITS Folk Art, Folk Dress, Church Art, TIMESCAPE 1600-1914, the First Parliament Hall and Sámi Culture.





AT SEA! Seafaring

Center and Museum The Norwegian Center for Holocaust and Minority Studies, located in Villa Grande, the former residence of the Nazi collaborator Vidkun Quisling, is a research, education and documentation center. Our work focuses on the Holocaust, other genocides, extremism, antisemitisim, hate speech, and the situation of minorities. PERMANENT EXHIBITION & BUNKER FROM WORLD WAR 2 The story of Nazi genocide and mass murder during World War 2 – with special focus on the Norwegian Jews. TEMPORARY EXHIBITIONS The opening exhibition in our new annex MINO is entitled "In/visible: Everyday racism in Norway". For more information and opening hours, see hlsenteret.no Kafé Villa Grande Tue-Sun 11-16 HOURS AND PRICES Open every day 10-16 Admission: A: 120,- / C (6-16): 50,S: 50,-/ P: 70,- / F: 180,- / Free with Oslo Pass CONTACT Huk Aveny 56 Bus 30, Ferry 8 or 9 to Bygdøy Tel: 22 84 21 00 E-mail: post@ www.hlsenteret.nohlsenteret.no 29




023 FJORD CRUISE Trollcruise OSLOFJORD SIGHTSEEING CRUISES ALL YEAR WONDERFUL MARITIME EXPERIENCES ON ZERO EMISSION VESSELS. 2-hour Oslofjord sightseeing with highlights along the way: Akershus fortress, the Opera House, the new Munch Museum, passing many islands with summer houses, light houses, Fram museum with iconic triangular buildings, fjord saunas, a view to the Holmenkollen ski-jump and surrounding hills. Enjoy nature and the Oslofjord while you take fantastic photos. 360 degree panoramic views. Stay warm inside the comfortable modern indoor climate system. Boat is rigged with an outdoor deck – where you can take in the fresh and cool air and in the cozy indoors you find refreshments and snacks for sale. At the end of this tour we bring you to the starting/departure point. This is undoubtedly an unforgettable experience, whether you are alone, a couple or with friends or family. Meeting point by City Hall Pier no 4. Rådhusbrygge 4. CONTACT Tickets, booking: www.trollcruise.no Mail: booking@trollcruise.no Tel: +47 23 35 55 10 30 FJORD SIGHTSEEING AND MUSEUM FERRY Båtservice Sightseeing AS FJORD SIGHTSEEING At City Hall pier 3 you find “The classic Oslo Fjord Sightseeing” passing through narrow sounds, idyllic bays and islands with small summer houses. Food and drinks sold on board. 2 hours. VIDEO: Youtube. Search for: Oslo Fjord FromSightseeing24.06: 10.30, 11.30 13.00, 14.00, 15.30 From 22.08: 10.30, 13.00 and 15.30 NOK 390 LUNCH CRUISE 2 hours on the Fjord Sightseeing described above, but incl. Prawn plate Naturel, with bread, butter, lemon and mayonnaise. Departures as above. NOK 469 MUSEUM FERRIES TO BYGDØY All day in the museums opening hours Line B9 City Hall-Dronningen-BygdøynesCity Hall. Every 20 minutes Line B8 Timetable:SALT–MUNCH.MUNCH-SALT-Dronningen-Bygdøynes-Every60minuteswww.nyc.no NOK 92 (Day pass) SUMMER EVENING CRUISE 3 LargehoursPrawn Buffet Naturel is included From 23.06 at 19.00, from 31.08 at 18.00 NOK 535 CONTACT Tickets, booking: www.nyc.no and at our ticket office at City Hall pier 3 Mail: booking@nyc.no. Tel: +47 23 35 68 90 Ferry tickets also sold on board. 31

024MAP: CITY CENTRE 3111 1 2 10 9 19 20 2526 27

025Maps from City of Oslo © Agency for Planning and Building Services 3 5 3013 4 7812 6 15 17 16

026 A/SPensjonatEllingsens SportshotellOlympiatoppenLovisenbergGjestehuset HaraldsheimVandrerhjemOslo RadissonBluHotelNydalen HotelSagaOslo Scandic Hotel Vulkan Thon GyldenløveHotelThonUllevaalHotelStadion Gjerdrumsv. BergensgataMogata Risbakken Akersbakken Gråkamveien Almeveien Gladsv. Geitmyrsveien Bergslia Ullevålsalléen Myrerveien GrenseveienSofienberggataDælenenggata JegerveienTennisveien Peder Ankersv. TrondheimsveienBorgenveien Blindernveien KongleveienJutulveien Suhmsgt. Industrigata Holmenveien i Sognsvannsveien Nils Bays v. Kjelsåsveien JohnCollettsalléTrosterudveien CarlKjelsens v. sfGreenveien SUllevålsveienognsveien Nordbergveien Kapellveien Sandakerveien Kirkeveien Slemdalsveien dalsveien Barnekunstmuseet Teknisk Museum Fotball museum NRK Opplevelser Oslo Museum, Bymuseet Sporveismuseet Norsk Telemuseum Emanuel Vigeland Museum Maridalsvannet Fuglemyra Torshovparken PARKENSTENSSofienbergparkenGrünerhagenpark VIGELANDS-PARKEN Birkelunden ST. universitetssykehusHAUGENHANSOsloUllevål RikshospitaletBarnepsykriatisksykehusGaustadklinikk STADIONBISLETT BlindernUiO GaustadUiO idrettshøgskoleNorges Folkehelse-instituttet medisinskeDetfakultet HandelshøgskolenBI Skogstua Elverhøi Engelsrud GRAVLUNDNORDRE KIRKEGÅRDGREFSEN Svartkulp Sognsvann Båntjern Iladalen Keyserløkka Kringsjå Brekke Nydalen Berg Borgen Tåsen Sinsen Ris Bjølsen Storo Disen Grefsen Kjelsås Sogn Studentby Vinderen Kringsjå studentby VETTAKOLLTOPPEN SLEMDAL GRÅKAMMEN VETTAKOLLEN SKÅDALEN CARL BERNERS PLASS MAJORSTUEN BORGEN FRØEN STEINERUD RIKSHOSPITALET GAUSTADALLÉEN FORSKNINGSPARKEN RIS GAUSTAD VINDEREN SOGNSVANN BERG KRINGSJÅ ØSTHORN GREFSEN STADION KJELSÅSALLÉEN HOLSTEIN KJELSÅS STORO DISEN GLADS VEI BLINDERN ULLEVÅL STADION TÅSEN SINSEN NYDALEN Find more maps at Oslo Visitor Centre, Østbanehallen, Jernbanetorget 1. The Oslo Pass offers free entry to most museums and attractions, free public transport including zone 1 and 2 with Ruter and NSB. This includes free metro, trams, busses and local trains including zone 2 in Oslo and surrounding regions. For more detailed information, please see www.visitoslo.com. Maps from City of Oslo © Agency for Planning and Building Services MAP:THE NORTH EAST AREA 21 18 14 24

H ol m e n k ol l en Pa rk H o tel R ic aN AF B og sta d C am p & Tu ri stse n te r ieen kken Gråkamveie Griniveien Jegerveien Setra v TennisveienRøahagan gLandinsveien Skådalsveien Ekraveien OlafBullsv. Måltrostveien ne Frognerseterveien Tr DagaliveienStasjonsveienHolmenkollveien Bogstad Camping Voksenkollveien Ema nu el Vi gel a nd Midtstubakken Skogstua Peisestuen Dalebu B R ø a S l e m d a l S k å d a l e n Styggedalen Holmenkollen Restaurant Ski museum GR Å GK U L L E R Å S E N V E TTA K O L L E N S K Å D A L E N V OK S E N L I A B E S S E R U D MI D TS T U E HN O L M E N K OL L E N (S K I J U M P ) R Ø A E K R A V E I E N S L E M D A L MAP: BYGDØY AREA MAP: HOLMENKOLLEN AREA 252627 28 29 22 23

Fjord Sightseeing NOK 390 2 hours. This is the classic Oslo fjord sightseeing, passing the fortress, the Opera House and idyllic islands with small summer houses. Light food and beverages sold onboard. Norwegian Evening on the Fjord NOK 535 3 hour evening cruise on board a sailing ship. Traditional Norwegian prawn buffet is included in the price.

Attention: Departure from Haakon VIIs gt./street no 1

FROM OCTOBER 3: Winter Fjord Sightseeing NOK 390 2 hours. Fjord Sightseeing, as described over. We sail via the museum peninsula Bygdøy on our way back. Here you find the Polar ships FRAM and Gjøa, the Kon-Tiki raft, the Maritime Museum and Norsk Folkemuseum. You can take the next boat to Oslo after 2,5 hours, or a public transportation bus. The calls at Bygdøy are at 12.15 and 14.45.

1 stop: Norsk Folkemuseum, HL-center One way NOK 58 2 stop: Kon-Tiki Museum, Polar ship FRAM, Norwegian Maritime Museum

Oslo Grand Tour · Coach + boat NOK 900 7,5 hour City sightseeing by coach and boat to Holmenkollen Ski jump, Vigeland Sculpture park, Polar Ship FRAM and Norsk Folkemuseum. Fjord Sightseeing as described over.

09.40 - 18.10 April 8 - Oct 2 Every 20 minute from City Hall 10.30 13.00 15.30 April 8 - Oct 2 18.00 Aug 31 - Sep 25 10.00 April 8 - Oct 2 Except April 23, May 17 and Sep 17 10.30 13.00 Oct 3 - March 30 Sat, Sun, Mon Except Dec 24 and 25 Daily from Dec 26 - Jan 9 Tickets: City Hall pier 3 and www.nyc.no Tel: 23 35 68 90 VIDEO OSLO FJORD SINCE 1946 2022 FERRY to the museums at Bygdøy Day pass NOK 92

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