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From the Headmaster Dear Parents, It’s coming to the end of the Spring Term so it must be ‘Play Time’! I got in the mood on Wednesday by watching my younger son, Joseph, play the part of the Doctor (please, please let that be a pointer towards a future career!) in his school’s production of ‘Matilda’. That was great fun and the opportunity last night to see members of my other ‘family’ in Wetherby Prep’s production of ‘Peter Pan’ was something I was really looking forward to. What a performance that was: it was totally professional, with brilliant acting, amazing choreography and scenery just so entertaining and summed up perfectly by one boy who said to me afterwards, “That was slick!” I have worked on many school plays in my career and can well imagine how Mrs King might be feeling today, after a triumphant evening and a term and a half of hard work, occasional frustration and mild panic. She, together with all supporting staff, did a brilliant job, as did those fantastic boys – there is some genuine dramatic talent amongst that company. I can also empathise with how Miss Twomey might be feeling, 48 hours before her first major school production at Wetherby Senior. In the few excerpts I have seen, it looks fascinating and I can’t wait to see how a production, ‘set in all parts of the school’ is actually going to work. It’s a really ambitious plan but the calm demeanour and glint in the eye of Abbey Twomey tells me not to worry. I have no doubt it will be sensational… Have a good weekend,

Official painting of Marylebone Lane Renowned artist and close family friend, Graham Byfield, has painted the School for us. As you can see, he has captured the building beautifully and the painting will hang in reception and adorn elements of our stationery going forward. Graham is a brilliant artist and author and has a large body of work that spans London, Cambridge, Oxford, Singapore and the island of Menorca. Having painted the Prep School so well six years ago, it means a great deal to me personally to have two Graham Byfield originals that capture the two school buildings in watercolour.

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From the Deputy Head Dear Parents, On Monday and Tuesday in the last week of term, School will finish after tutor period at 1530 and the boys will be free to go home at that time to complete homework assignments. The normal routine of prep and activities on those days is suspended to accommodate performances of ‘Curiosities’, the School show. On Wednesday there is normal School from Periods 1 – 4, followed by tutor period and the Headmaster’s address and distribution of end of term prizes. All boys will be free to leave promptly thereafter at 1300 and no lunch will be served on that day. On this occasion I would be most grateful if all boys could be in attendance on the last day and that early leave is not requested by parents as academic, progress and character prizes cannot be awarded to absentees, merit notwithstanding, and is a great pity when boys miss out. Many thanks and with best wishes to you and your families for a very happy Easter. Yours sincerely David Lawrence

DIARY Sunday 26th Full cast rehearsal happening all day Monday 27th


Rock Choir School Play: Curiosities School Play: Curiosities No activities on this day and prep to be taken home.

13:30 17:00 19:30

Tuesday 28st


Wetherby Brass Ensemble Year 7 & 8 English SPaG Clinic School Play: Curiosities School Play: Curiosities

13:30 13:45-14:05 17:00 19:30

Wednesday 29th Break up for all boys

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Easter Holiday Geography and Classics Trip to Italy: Monday 3rd April - Friday 7th April. The Barometer - 24/03/2017 3

NOTICEBOARD Dates of summer exams for Years 9 and 10 Year 9: Monday 5th June-Wednesday 7th June Year 10: Monday 19th June –Friday 23rd June

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COME DINE WITH WSS Miss Eaves writes... On Thursday 16th March, a number of brave Wetherby parents put their trust in their sons’ teachers and attended Wetherby Senior School’s culinary event of the year; “Come Dine with Wetherby”. Hosted by Mr Baker, these intrepid parents were treated to an evening of fine food, wine and music, all delivered by a team of highly trained teachers and all in the name of charity. Whilst I struggle to admit defeat, rumour has it that the sea bass went down as the winner, (well executed Miss Hoskins) and that the mousse au chocolat was to die for… (We won’t mention just how much chocolate goes into that little beauty!) The waiting staff surpassed that of silver service and the music was so sweet it apparently moved some parents to tears… sigh. The Skype link to the kitchens was a hoot (although I am not sure I have a future in presenting), and the quietly competitive game of “Heads or Tails” was won by Mr Scheerer, (congratulations!) A hugely enjoyable evening was had by all and we want to thank the parents for supporting us in this charitable venture. Thanks to your donations and our great hosting (#cheeky), a total amount of £2875.50 was raised and we look forward to presenting this to our school’s charities at a later date.

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SPRING CONCERT Mr Martin writes... On Wednesday evening 60 boys performed in the Spring concert to a capacity audience at Hinde Street Methodist Church. All the ensembles practise in lunch times so it really is down to the commitment of the boys which makes these concerts work. All of year 7 performed as part of the Wetherby Brass Academy. They all performed brilliantly, especially as they have only been learning since January! Big Band performed a toe tapping version of James Bond! This was followed with performances from Guitar Ensemble, a excellent version of Blue Bossa by Jazz Trio, two pieces by Brass Ensemble solos from Tobi, Harrison, Luca , Alex, Josh and Frejvid. Finishing with Rock Choir performing Viva la Vida. Such a lot of hard work goes into these concerts and I am very proud of all the boys involved. Special thanks to Mr Warwick on the piano and for all is help preparing for the concert

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CURRICULUM NEWS From the Art & Graphic Design Department Mr Meyer writes… Since the Spring Half-Term break, Year 10 have closed their first unit of the course, ‘Natural Forms’ and started their second, ‘Cityscape’. During this process, they have taken first hand photographs of the ‘Square Mile’ to act as a catalyst behind their work and brought these out in a variety of mediums: from soft pastels to a mixed media collage.

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From the Maths Department Mr Bray writes... Last week it was a busy week for Maths competitions. In addition to the UKMT Team Challenge, WSS entered “an exciting competition for students in year 10 testing mathematical, communication and teamwork skills” called the Maths Feast. Hosted at Francis Holland School and attended by some of the most selective independent schools in London, our boys were able to hold their own and were unfazed by some tough problems. Although the teams were not ranked, I was able to have a sneaky look at the scores and we certainly beat many teams in each of the four rounds. Furthermore, I could see that certain individuals dominated some of other the teams, whilst their team mates looked baffled – this was not the case with Manuel, Joshua, Olly and Ed, who worked brilliantly as a team.

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CURRICULUM NEWS Mrs Dunn writes... Last week Wetherby Senior School took part in the UKMT Team Challenge. A team of four boys represented the school; two from Year 8 (Nico and Frejvid) and two from Year 9 (Alejandro and Ethan). The Team Maths Challenge is a competition which gives pupils the opportunity to tackle a variety of engaging mathematical activities while developing teamwork and communication skills. The boys took part with enthusiasm; collaboration and team work were key as they attempted different rounds including a Crossnumber and a Relay which tested their speed and agility as well as their Mathematics skills! The boys should be commended for their efforts and the positive attitude with which they approached the event.

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CURRICULUM NEWS From the Geography Department Mrs Deedat writes... Year 7 geographers have been investigating river processes using sugar cubes. Here, the two sugar cubes knocked together in a bottle becoming smaller, less angular and smoother representing the erosions process of attrition. Junior and Senior Geography Forum This week Fabien and Harrison S spoke in Senior Geography Forum telling us about the Geography of Mauritius and Antarctica respectively. Their presentations were full of detail and very well researched. Junior Geography Forum once again drew a big crown for Matteus and Joao's presentations on Australia and the rainforests. Thanks to all boys who have entered so far; there are plenty more to come!

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SPORTING NEWS From the Games Department Mr Sullivan writes‌ Well done to everyone who took part in any activity, Inter-Trib contest or fixture for Wetherby Senior School - whether competing or simply completing! It has been a great term. Congratulations to Tyburn and Walbrook on winning the Inter-Tribs! We have been very fortunate with the amount of games we have played this term. On average each boy has played six fixtures, 30 hours of games lessons, plus 400 minutes of competitive sport. Well done boys!

I would personally like to thank and congratulate all the parents, coaches, clubs and other members of staff for a fantastic term. Huge congratulations to our boys who are continuously striving to be the best and fully justify their accolades and to the amazing Games Department. They spend countless hours leading training sessions and offering their free time so that the students have so much opportunity to succeed in sport at our great school. The Barometer - 24/03/2017 19

SPORTING NEWS Year 7/8 Inter-Trib Rugby Tier 1 Match 1: Fleet 35 vs. Walbrook 15 The first match was played between Walbrook and Fleet, with Fleet showing their intentions early after a well worked try from Alex PT. Walbrook equalised soon after the restart with a strong run from Manu. Immediately after half time Fleet were on the rampage again, with Joao and Alex PT scoring two tries each in four minutes. Fleet could have scored a few more but Dylan, Billy and Atticus made some fantastic try saving tackles keeping the score line for Walbrook at a respectable level. Match 2: Tyburn 40 vs. Walbrook 5 In the second game, Walbrook looked slightly tired, but the defence held firm for a long period of time. Tyburn had the lion’s share of possession but could not score with Alessandro blistering run. Walbrook almost scored soon after, but Max ripped the ball out of a tackle, then offloaded to George to run in for an easy try. Match 3: Fleet 0 vs. Tyburn 45 Tyburn needed a win and keep a clean sheet to gain the most points from the tournament. The game started off with some frantic passing from both teams, but soon settled into a one sided

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2nd Fleet

Match 1: Fleet 40 vs. Walbrook 25

3rd Walbrook

The first match was played between Walbrook and Fleet. After an even start, with neat passes exchanged between both sides, Fleet started to find holes in the defence and direct runs from Jude, Matteus and Zack shortly before and after the halftime interval put pay to any chance of Walbrook coming back into the game, even with Daniel’s fancy footwork.

Overall I wonderful day of Rugby with much talent on show. Thank you to the entire PTA for an amazing spread afterwards #teamwetherby

Match 2: Tyburn 35 vs. Walbrook 10 The second and penultimate match was between Tyburn and Walbrook. Walbrook looked slightly tired, but the defence held firm. As the game wore on, Tyburn started to come into the match and a great run from Devan put them five points up. This was added to by Beau whose long hot stepping run and handling skills set up Frejvid to score in the corner. Match 3: Fleet 25 vs. Tyburn 25 In the final fixture, Tyburn needed to beat Fleet to become Tier 2 champions. After scoring a quick brace, Tyburn's lead was extended by a weaving run by Lucas, but in the final seconds Zach crossed the line to even the scores up. 1st Tyburn

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SPORTING NEWS Year 9/10 Inter-Trib Football Mr Murphy Writes… Match 1: Fleet vs. Tyburn The tier 1 inter-trib football kicked off with much anticipation and enthusiasm among the boys. All the players were determined to put on a good show on a bright but chilly day at Wetherby sports ground. The match started with Louis J hitting a post early on for Tyburn. The game continued to switch end to end before Louie broke the deadlock with a well hit turn and hit from a corner kick. In the second half Tyburn took control with Elis latching onto a ball played over the top before calmly tucking the ball beyond the keeper. With time running out Arthur A pulled one back for Fleet but in the end the result was 2-1 Tyburn. A cracking start to proceedings. Match 2: Effra VS Walbrook Starting again at a frenzied pace Walbrook came out of the blocks flying with Ethan testing the excellent Henri J in the Effra goal. Walbrook took the game’s possession controlling the game and using the wide channels effectively. Again Ethan struck some fierce drives only to see Henri. J produce some smart saves down low. Eventually the pressure proved too much for Effra with a ball swung in from a corner causing chaos, eventually bouncing off Zack to bundle over the line. The second half proved much the same as the first with Walbrook controlling the ball. Oli Lind coolly converted to make it 2-0 before Nick S’s audacious lob made it 3-0. No way back for Effra the game finishing EFFRA 0-3 WALBROOK.

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SPORTING NEWS Match 3: Fleet VS Effra This was a game both these teams knew they needed to win. The game started tensely with both teams wary of giving away a goal scoring opportunity. Henri J again stood strong to make some excellent saves to keep the scores level. The second half exploded into life when, a couple of minutes in, Seb P came racing out to the onward attacker, Evangelos, only to deny him a clear goal scoring opportunity! Mr Montgomery had no choice but to send him off! Strangely this appeared to galvanise Fleet as they sprung forward for Josh to put the ball beyond the rushing goalkeeper and slot it home after a lovely backheeled assist from Antonio Mendes. With Effra chasing, the game became stretched and Fleet inflicted the damage hitting them on the counter attack, Will B the beneficiary of the space. FLEET 2-0 EFFRA Match 4: Tyburn VS Walbrook The winners of the opening fixtures played out an entertaining game. Both teams kept the ball well, moving with poise and purpose. The game changed when Elis was challenged strongly by Harrison S to give away a penalty. Elis scored the penalty for the opening goal. Just before half time Elis struck again to secure a brace with some great footwork that outfoxed the Walbrook defence. The second half couldn’t match the first for excitement with Tyburn protecting their two goal cushion. Pip Evans had the free kick of the tournament, just curling narrowly over from range. TYBURN 2-0 WALBROOK

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SPORTING NEWS Match 5: Tyburn VS Effra This was a great game of football played by two teams who were really up for it. Sasha found the back of the net showing true poacher’s ability from a rebound, making the score 2-0. Elis showed what a wonderful, and proven, striker he is by scoring a half volley at the back post. Pip killed the game by lofting the ball high into the net to make it 4 -0. Henri made a number of great saves and displayed how far he has come between the posts this term. TYBURN 4-0 EFFRA Match 6: Walbrook vs Fleet This was the deciding game and what an end-to-end match it was. How great it is to see a fully revitalised Nick back from injury and enjoying the freedom of a roaming centre forward. He came close early on and was only denied by the quick hands of Monty. The game was decided by a thunderous halfvolley by Ethan, who rattled the ball into the back of the net. What a goal and what a game. WALBROOK 1-0 TYBURN Tier 2 Mr Betts writes.... Game 1: Fleet - 6 vs. Tyburn – 2 Tier 2 got off to a flyer with a game of extremely high quality. Both teams were determined to get off to a good start in the tournament and this was evident in their style of play. Faisal took control of the game by scoring a phenomenal four goals to give Fleet a commanding lead. Rory and Tobi were able to secure the win for Fleet despite two good goals for Tyburn's Hamoud and Ali.

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SPORTING NEWS Game 2: Walbrook - 4 vs. Tyburn – 0 The second game of the tournament was a very similar game to the first with both sides on the attack from the off. Tyburn defended brilliantly for a long time until Luca was able to break down the defence and score a wonderful hat trick, displaying both class and composure. With a few minutes to go, Alex netted a calm finish to secure the win for Walbrook.

out top of tier 2 with Walbrook closely behind on goals scored! Well done to all the boys and a big thanks to all the parents that came and supported on this tremendous afternoon. Overall results: 1st Walbrook 2nd Fleet 3rd Tyburn

Game 3: Walbrook - 0 vs. Fleet - 0

4th Effra

The final game of the tournament was much more tentative with both sides having won their previous games with conviction. There was a lot riding on this fixture and both teams needed to avoid the loss in order to give their tier 1 Trib a fighting chance. The game was back and forth with both teams working their socks off, but it was a day for the keepers as the score finished 0-0.

Overall a wonderful day of Football with much talent on show. Thank you to the entire PTA for an amazing spread afterwards #teamwetherby

And finally… Well done to Finlay Waters and I for winning Wetherby Senior Six Nations Fantasy League. Awards will be given out soon…

It was a fantastic afternoon and the boys should be delighted with how they played. Fleet came

Sports Quote of the Week:

“Tell me I can’t, then watch me work twice as hard to prove you wrong” Follow us for results and updates on Twitter via @WetherbySSports #teamwetherby The Barometer - 24/03/2017 25

VOTES FOR SCHOOLS Mr Hartley writes…

This week the boys were discussing: Should the UK donate more money to countries in crisis?

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WSS on TV! Mrs Deedat writes... On Monday, Wetherby boys were invited to participate in BBC’s The One Show as part of a small audience of around 20 people. Evangelos, Monty C, Jude B. Luca G and Danny S were selected by Miss Twomey due to their enthusiastic participation in Drama and interest in a career in the media. Before the live broadcast we had to practise our loud clapping, cheering and ‘fake laughs’. Katherine Jenkins was the guest and we were lucky enough to witness her performance in commemoration of Dame Vera Lynn’s hundredth birthday. After the show we met the presenters Matt Baker and Michelle Ackerley and the boys asked them questions about their careers and how the show works. We then went backstage to see the dressing rooms, production areas and Green Room. The boys left inspired by the diversity of potential career paths in the media and we all had a fantastic time. Many thanks to Mrs Grinceri for making this happen!

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CLUB NEWS Pictures from Cricket Club

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ON THE HOT SEAT Hello and welcome to Week 19 of “On the Hot Seat”. Readers, this week it was decided over breakfast to go off-piste somewhat and ask Mr Ricketts, (Michael!) to be subjected to questioning. For those of you that don’t know, Mr Ricketts is the school’s equivalent of

Although he kept this rather quiet, Mr Ricketts also has two cousins that are actresses: Carole Ann Ford (who played Susan Foreman in “Doctor Who”) and BAFTA Award winner Georgina Hale (who has appeared in many films and television programmes including “Hollyoaks” and “The Bill”). So, on that bombshell let us begin… 1) Books or movies? Movies 2) PC or Mac? PC 3) Rugby Union or Rugby League? Union 4) Winter or summer? Summer 5) Wine or beer?

an IT Superman. Forget kryptonite; slowing down our internet speed to a minimum and creating an atmosphere of mass desperation, his worst enemy is “the core switch”! Fear not though readers, we have it on good authority that all will soon be well. When not running around solving all of our IT problems, Mr Ricketts’ life revolves around rugby. He is an avid supporter of Wasps and Chelmsford and is actually going to watch Wasps v Worcester Warriors this coming Sunday. Two of his sons are keen players and all of his spare time is taken up either watching them play and/or driving them miles to away games. Readers that is true dedication #dadgoals. Mr Ricketts claims to have lived a sheltered life but, readers, we have our doubts about this! After all, anyone that lets their mum pack their pyjamas for their first lads’ holiday must be a crazy cat, right? (jokes, obvs he didn’t know she’d packed them but we found this amusing all the same!) He is, however, a big fan of the Canadian rock/pop group BNL and we have a great photo of him sporting a rather fabulous woolly hat of theirs!

That’s a hard one… I’ll go with wine. 6) Sausage sandwich or bacon sandwich? Neither, a cheese sandwich 7) Adventurous or cautious? Cautious 8) Call or text? Call 9) Spicy mild?


Spicy 10) Bond Bourne?


Bond 11) What is the one thing you have always wanted to do? Visit my family in Australia. My family went over in the ‘50s when you were given the option to either pay £10 to go to Australia or have a new house in new town. (#winning #wheredowesignup) 12) If you had access to a time machine where and when would you go? I would go back to when my mum and dad first met. I’d like to see that moment…

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From the Editor On this week’s front cover: On the back: Boys enjoy the sunshine during inter-Trib football For all comments and feedback please email: henry.warner@wetherbysenior.co.uk


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