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From the Headmaster Dear Parents, Alert, Alert! New school initiative coming up…. With my birthday last weekend and Book Week activities still fresh in my mind, I thought I would shamelessly steal an idea that Kate Bailey will be initiating at Wetherby, New York this September. Every birthday, I will buy a book for the School Library. This will be a book, personal to me for one reason or another, and I will donate it to the School for the benefit of anyone who would like to read it. The book will be catalogued and coded in the same way as all other library books but will also have a bookplate (see example below) on the first blank page, identifying it as being donated by me on the occasion of my birthday. I am not mean enough to stop boys bringing in cakes and doughnuts on the Friday nearest their birthday as I very much like the idea of giving on one’s birthday but if boys want to join me in donating a book on their special day, that would be great. I launched this at Wetherby Senior Assembly last Friday and, already, Billy MacPherson has donated a book. It is not obligatory, of course, but if any boy, member of staff or parent would like to develop this into another, great Wetherby tradition, I would love to give you a bookplate and hand it over to the Library. We will even celebrate the week's donations in the appropriate editions of 'Wetherbuzz' or 'The Barometer'. For the Senior School, I have donated a beautiful book by Michael Farr called ‘The Artwork of Tintin’. Tintin is arguably my favourite literary hero and whilst the books are enjoyed by all ages, I thought a scholarly look at the evolution of Tintin as an Art form, through Herge’s career, was more appropriate for Senior School boys. I also bought a collection of Sherlock Holmes' stories. I still read Conan-Doyle to this day and it is the historical aspect, particularly the history of London, that I find most interesting and enjoyable, still very relevant to boys growing up in this great city. The third book (I will see myself as having worked at Wetherby Senior for three years at the end of this academic one) is of a darker humour. I studied Dickens’ 'Bleak House' as a Sixth Form boy during English Literature and found it the most challenging of texts. Its never-ending descriptions of poverty and deprivation in Victorian London was difficult to access and, despite being mightily proud of my B grade at ‘A'-Level in 1991, was so determined that the book wouldn’t ‘beat me’ that I returned to read it in my early twenties. I found it fascinating, similar in many ways to the historical revelations of Sherlock Holmes but at that stage, as a more intellectually curious young man, I could actually understand what I was reading, well just about! For the Prep School, I have bought a copy of 'Moonfleet'. I love the story and it is indeed a classic of children’s literature but this is particularly relevant to my childhood as, at my prep school, we spent an entire term in Year 6 studying the text and every week was spent summarising each chapter and drawing a picture that represented it. It wasn’t ‘education in the round’ exactly but it taught me dedication, standards of presentation and I was so proud of what I eventually produced, that I still have it to this day. Have a good weekend and, if it’s your birthday this weekend or next week, Happy Birthday to you! Have a good weekend...

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DIARY Monday 20th


Monday Clubs Basketball Cricket Film Review Football GSCE Art GCSE Graphic Design Performing Arts (Y7 & Y8) Quiz Club School Play YAD Fitness

Rock Choir Year 7 & 8 Art Exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery

13:30 All Day

Tuesday 21st


Tuesday Clubs

Wetherby Brass Ensemble Year 7 & 8 English SPaG Clinic

13:30 13:45-14:05

Art and Design Bridge Club Climbing Fencing Football Junior Quiz Club MFL Cinema Club YAD Fitness

Wednesday 22nd Year 10 English Intervention InterTrib Rugby for Years 7 & 8 WSS Spring Concert in Hinde Street Methodist Church

Wednesday Clubs

07:55-08:30 14:00 19:00-19:45

Thursday 23rd Year 10 Inoculations InterTrib Football for Years 9 & 10

Duke of Edinburgh Award Performing Arts (Y9) Service

Thursday Clubs


Classics Club Junior Geographical Society Lego Club Table Tennis

Friday 24th Big Band Guitar Ensemble HM Assembly - Hinde Street Methodist Church Private viewing at The Saatchi Gallery Rescheduled to 19th May

13:30 13:30 15:00 16:00-18:00

Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th Sunday: FULL CAST REHEARSAL for the School Show: 09:00-18:00 The Barometer - 17/03/2017 3

NOTICEBOARD Geography and Classics Italy Trip Boys going on the trip will have been given a detailed letter outlining key information about kit, itinerary and timings. In the meantime please make a note of the following key timings: Depart from WSS on 31st March at 02:15 (in the morning) Return to WSS on 3rd April at 15:00 (approx.)

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AN AUTHOR TALKS Mr Chidell writes... Children's author, Sara Grant, visited Wetherby to talk to the boys about life as a professional writer. Year 9 boys performed a crime-mystery based on Sara's novel Chasing Danger, with Miss Kirk (pictured) taking an impromptu starring role as a criminal librarian. Afterwards, the boys asked Sara questions about her craft. She talked about the importance of taking inspiration from one's surroundings, turning the mundane occurrences of everyday life into narrative gold. Next up were Year 10. Sara led a 'group narration' where boys were challenged to produce vivid characterisation, settings and plot. Students learned hints and tips for both narrative and descriptive writing two components of their IGCSE. The English Department is really grateful to Sara for enthusing the boys about creative writing and we look forward to organising similar events for Years 7 and 8 in the future.

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VOTES FOR SCHOOLS Mr Hartley writes...

This week’s topic has been: ‘Does the UK have a drug problem?’

Next week we will be discussing: ‘Does the UK give enough of its money to countries that are in crisis?’ 8 The Barometer - 17/03/2017

WSS ART ON SHOW From the Art & Graphic Design Department

Mr Meyer writes... The first ever Year 9 Art & Graphic Design exhibition took place on Wednesday of this week. From the screen printing to their album covers, this was a wonderful occasion for the boys to proudly show off their work to their parents in a professional and hugely respected gallery on Westbourne Grove, Debut Contemporary.

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FIELD DAY: YEAR 7 This Thursday, Y6ear 7, accompanied by Miss Twomey, Miss Kirk, Miss Webb and Mr McFaul, had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have an acting workshop with professionals at the famous Pineapple Studios. Did you know that Pineapple Studios host over 200 dance classes per week? Even better, boys, were you aware that these rehearsal spaces have been used by celebrities such as Madonna, Beyoncé and Kylie Minogue? Mr McFaul (barely able to contain his excitement) kept a beady eye out all morning but was disappointed to find out that Beyoncé was not there… Regardless, Year 7 were treated to a fantastic workshop based around the recent smash-hit West End Show: Aladdin! After a few fun vocal warm-ups and some drama games, boys got to act out individual scenes from the show. The professional actors were very much impressed by the boys’ work and full of praise… who knows, maybe one day we will see them on the West-End stage!

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FIELD DAY: YEAR 7 Following this, the boys enjoyed the March sunshine breaking through the clouds and headed to Soho Square for a lovely picnic. The boys were even fortunate enough to time their visit at the exact moment that a new brand of crisps were being advertised and given out for free. After excited chatter over lunch added to the anticipation from the Aladdin themed workshop, Year 7 travelled to the Prince Edward theatre to watch the matinee performance of Aladdin. The show itself was truly spectacular. It opened with the Genie setting of the scene in our imaginations of beautiful Agrabar, a city in a far east distant country. Before we knew it, Aladdin was jumping through the market, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor- or his friends. We gasped in wonder as Princess Jasmine and the palace were introduced for the first time, laughed mercilessly as the genie performed the show stopping number Never Had a Friend Like Me and tried to figure out how they made that carpet fly during A Whole new World. The boys were blown away by the dazzling set design and show-stopping numbers. We will all be humming A Whole New World for the next few days! Huge thank you to Miss Twomey for organising such a fantastic, fun and fabulous morning!

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Miss Maroudi writes‌ On Thursday, the Year 8 boys, together with Year 10 community service, went out for a day of exploration around Stratford. Throughout the day the boys used lots of fieldwork techniques; surveys, questionnaires and field sketches, to investigate how the regeneration of Stratford from the Olympic Games has impacted the area. As it was a lovely day everyone really enjoyed the walk around which was 12km, as shown by Mrs Deedat’s app! The boys were fantastic in getting the public to stop and answer their questions. Several people commented on how polite they were and some were even offering to answer the questions. Particularly Olly G. and Maxime were very forthcoming which the public responded very well to. 12 The Barometer - 17/03/2017


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FIELD DAY: YEAR 8 Finally, the boys had the welldeserved opportunity to go on the world’s tallest, fastest and longest tunnel slide on the UK’s tallest sculpture; the ArcelorMittal Orbit. This was a fantastic end to the day and all the boys enjoyed the experience; even watching the boys coming out the end of the slide offered great amusement.

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FIELD DAY: YEAR 9 Mrs Skinner writes... On Thursday, the Year 9 boys went on a joint Art and Biology field day. In the morning, they visited the ‘Wildlife Photographer of the Year’ exhibiton at the Natural History Museum, where they saw some incredible photographs from people of all ages, both amateurs and professionals. The exhibition will stay open at the NHM for a few more months and I would really recommend going! (See http://www.nhm.ac.uk/visit/ wpy/visit.html to book tickets). In the afternoon, the boys went to The Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew, where the boys had a chance to take their own wildlife photographs. The boys will now chose their favourite photographs and use them to enter our own Wildlife Photography Competition, which is being held in memory of Marcos Burnett – who loved wildlife photography. The photographs will be displayed in an exhibition that will take place in school, on the 4th May from 6:30pm, when the winning photographs will be announced on that evening . All Y9 and 10 parents are invited to attend the evening, which will be a wonderful celebration of wildlife and art.

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FIELD DAY: YEAR 10 Mr Dawson writes... On Thursday, the Year 10 Duke of Edinburgh boys headed out to Wendover for a day of navigation training. The boys have now chosen their expedition groups so this was their first opportunity to practise as a team. On arrival at Wendover, we met our instructors and set off into the wilderness (the Chiltern Hills). Every boy had the opportunity to lead legs and check the navigate of others. The standard really has improved from our first map reading session in Regent's Park all the way back in September, boys are now more confident in using their compasses and are much better at interpreting the map. At the end of the day, the boys also got to practice using a Trangia stove to make a cup of tea. This was a great opportunity to see how the equipment works and how to operate it safely. The boys are now prepared to take on their Practice Expedition on the weekend of 20/21 May. We can't wait!

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SPORTING NEWS From the Games Department Mr Sullivan writes…

Please come down and support our Inter-Trib competitions on: 

Year 7/8 Inter-Trib Rugby – Wednesday 22nd March – KO 2pm

Year 9/10 Inter-Trib Football - Thursday 23rd March – KO 2pm

Address: Wetherby Sports Ground, Twyford Avenue Sports Ground, Twyford Ave, London W3 9QB Lost Property The Games Department is always telling boys to look after their kit and ensure it is named. The reality is that if boys’ property is left lying about, in the interests of keeping the school tidy and, sometimes, in the interests of safety, all Games lost property from around the school is gathered up and deposited in the Games Office. Named items of kit will be returned to the owner, however, it is impossible if they are not named. It is astonishing to see the amount of lost property we collect during a term: new trainers, single shoes, tracksuit tops/bottoms etc. Due to the amount of lost property, it will be handled as follows: •

Named items will be returned as quickly as possible;

After 5 days, any items remaining shall be placed into storage until the end of that term;

At the end of each term any unclaimed un-named items will be disposed or given to charity

A fair amount of money is in question here so can I please, therefore, stress the importance of naming items of school kit.

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SPORTING NEWS Year 7/8 Rugby WSS A/Bs vs. St Phillips Mr Montgomery writes.....

score 25-10. Half-time came and went with St Phillips scoring again before Himat scored a welldeserved try after a cracking run, making the score 30-15. George came back on and scored again keeping Wetherby in touch with St Phillips. With only two tries in it, with the score set at 3020, WSS felt they could pull it back in the last ten minutes of the game. The defence from both teams was impressive until the big centre from St Phillips broke the line scoring from a lung burning run. WSS gave it all they had and scored again just before the end of play making the final score 40-30 to St Phillips. Well done boys - you have come on a huge amount since the start of the year and should be proud of your progress.

It was a gorgeous, sunny afternoon at the sports ground as WSS hosted St Phillip’s for their last home game. Unfortunately, St Phillip’s only brought one team for what was meant to be an A/ B fixture so we mixed both teams and endeavoured to get everyone on the pitch at some point. George scored our first try with a strong run after stealing the ball from the St Phillip’s centre. George broke the line again soon after and set up Alex P-T for the second making the score 10-0. St Phillips replied after about ten minutes of play making the score10-5. The game was close and many subs were made during this period of play. WSS came close again with an excellent run from Himat who almost scored just losing the ball over the line. St Phillips started to play some good rugby making the score the

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SPORTING NEWS Year 10 Football WSS As vs. UCS Mr Montgomery writes..... It was the final game of the season for the year 10s and they desperately wanted to end the season with a win. The first half was a bit of a

fantastic game and kept winning the ball from UCS who were beginning to become frustrated. GOAL! 2-1 To WSS with another great goal from Oliver set up from an agile run from Luke. Well done boys; you thoroughly deserved to win today.

WSS B’s vs. UCS Mr Betts writes...

non-event, with both teams trying to keep the ball on a slippery muddy pitch. WSS came close but the defiant UCS keeper kept the ball out with three very good saves. The first half ended 0-0 with few chances created by UCS. Early in the second UCS scored from a corner much to the surprise of the WSS boys. This was probably the best thing that could have happened though as it sparked are boys into life. WSS replied immediately with a lovely goal from Oliver after great play from Pip and Josh.

On Tuesday afternoon, the U15B team travelled away to UCS to play in their final fixture of the term. Having ended up on the wrong side of some very close games in recent weeks the boys were keen to put all their effort into this match and end on a high. The first half was a close contest with both teams testing the opposition keeper. Jack H-G made some impressive saves in goal, but was unable to stop a shot right in the corner of the goal leaving Wetherby 1-0 down. Louis J, having been an instrumental part to our build up play alongside Luca, managed to grab a beautifully struck goal just before the half time whistle to take us into half time at 1-1.

“When you’re about to quit, remember why you started”

The second half was a different story. WSS started to control the game straight from the whistle. The link play and teamwork was outstanding and this lead to the boys gaining a healthy lead of 5-1 after a beautiful penalty by Hamoud and an outstanding hat trick from Rory. Just at the end, UCS managed to grab 2 goals before the final whistle, but the boys could not be faulted for their performance. It was an outstanding victory and the second half, in particular, was the display of champions.

Follow us for results and updates on Twitter via @WetherbySSports

Our MOTM was Rory Lawless with his 3 goals however the whole team had an outstanding day.


A great win. Well done boys!

At 1-1 WSS looked like the better team. WSS had three clear goal-scoring chances but were unable to finish them due to some selfish play and poor decision making. Massi was having a

Sports Quote of the Week:

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ON THE HOT SEAT Hello and welcome to Week 18 of “On the Hot Seat”. Readers, the sun is STILL shining and last week saw the ceremonial drinking of the first glass of rosé. All is well, for the time being. It felt right, after a week with the English department, to head over to Marylebone and rediscover Maths via Ms Dunn! Negotiating the stairwells proved tricky, particularly as we were munching an orange and double chocolate-chip cookie from Prêt at the time, but eventually we found her and coerced her into an interview. Readers, did you know that Ms Dunn used to live and teach in Hong Kong? Yes, Hong Kong… and for eight years! How marvellous. “Why did she come back?” we hear you cry. Good question… we know not, nor did we think to ask, but it clearly had nothing to do with the fact she was offered a job at this fabulous establishment. In fact, we believe it was due to wanting to bring her gorgeous one year old baby, Rafa, home to London. He

has U.K., Australian and Hong Kong citizenship! #welljel #alreadycoolerthanweare Although Ms Dunn lived abroad for so long, she is actually a Londoner through and through and was born and raised in Chiswick #westisbest. At school, she played the saxophone and even managed to reach the dizzy heights of Grade 8! Her New Year’s Resolution for the past five years has been to start playing again. Needless to say dear readers, this resolution remains unfulfilled! Now, this may surprise you but Ms Dunn is from a family of committed and enthusiastic football fans and her knowledge of ‘90s’ football players is second to none. Chelsea fans, I rather suspect it is her family contributing to the horrific traffic around Fulham Broadway on match days #blueisthecolour.

Finally dear readers, it has come to our attention that Ms Dunn has unusually large hands. So, on that bombshell let us begin… 1) Bracelet or necklace? Necklace 2) London or Hong Kong? London 3) Introvert or extrovert? Introvert 4) Winter or summer? Summer 5) Dress up or dress down? Dress up (readers there was a hesitation here as Ms Dunn snuggled into her delightfully cosy cardi…) 6) Dancing or singing? Dancing 7) Chunky chips or French fries? Fries 8) Call or text? Text 9) Still or sparkling? Sparkling 10) Bond or Bourne? Bond 11) If you could be any flavour of ice cream what ice cream flavour would you be and why? Well I was going to say chocolate because it’s my favourite but hmmmm, let me think… Let’s go mint choc-chip because it was my childhood favourite. (Readers, there then ensued a long and in-depth discussion about ice cream and how French vanilla is undoubtedly the best vanilla… we at The Hot Seat would love to know your thoughts). 12) If you were a super hero what would your powers be? Ok, so the winters in England are interminably long so I would like to have the power to change the length of the seasons. I would also have the power to make my son sleep longer in the mornings so I could have lie-ins… (Readers, we thought she would stop here but no, Ms Dunn is super power hungry…). I would also have the power to teach Maths from a beach in the Caribbean. (Readers, we believe this is called Skype).

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From the Editor On this week’s front cover: Year 9 explore Kew Gardens On the back: Come Dine With Me at WSS! See next week’s edition for details. For all comments and feedback please email: henry.warner@wetherbysenior.co.uk


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