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From the Headmaster Dear Parents, Now, there are quizzes and there are quizzes but that was in a league of its own… Thank you to everyone who came last night and to all the boys who contributed with the ‘tour’ or the various video and audio files. That was such a fun evening and great to have so many members of our community involved. Since 2009, my days in the lead up to the Wetherby Prep Quiz have been spent with my door closed to visitors and, just occasionally, popping out of the room to grab a boy to record something. Helen Hodgson would be rushing around finalising PowerPoints and printing off answer sheets then, half an hour before the actual Quiz, I’d be asking Yolanda Noval to pop out to buy new batteries for the microphone and haranguing Dean Bayes as to why the projector in the Hall wouldn’t switch on. He’d then come along and turn it on at the mains with a wry smile. But not this year… The main thanks for last night have to go to the ‘Ant’ to my ‘Dec’, Mr Chris Thorne. The “best quiz ever” was also, as far as I was concerned, the “least stressful quiz ever”. The creativity that Mr Thorne put into that evening was the same as that which he puts daily into his lessons and commitment to the teaching of English to a wider audience. I showed his website to my mum over Half Term and she remarked , somewhat pessimistically, “You’ll lose him to CBeebies at some point.” Not sure that is quite Chris’s ambition but I do know he is firmly #teamwetherby and loves working here as much as we love having him amongst our number. From one creative member of staff at the Prep School to another individual at the Senior School. Frau Kate Eaves (who heralds from the same school, Rossall, as Stephen Blundell) has put together what is going to be a fantastic ‘Come Dine With Us’ event for Senior School parents and staff this coming Thursday. Lots of fun to be had at this occasion and, with a definite sense of Frau Eaves’ character running through the event, I can’t wait… Have a good weekend…

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DIARY Monday 13th


Rock Choir Road safety talk for Y7 & Y8

13:30 15:00

Tuesday 14th


Year 7 & 8 tema to UKMT Maths Challenge at Pimlico Academy Wetherby Brass Ensemble Year 7 & 8 English SPaG Clinic Football Year 10 WSS A/B/c vs UCS (A) APG Art Forum

13:30 13:45-14:05 14:30 16:45-18:00

Wednesday 15th Year 10 English Intervention Author Sarah Grant talk for Y9 & Y10 Rugby U12/13 WSS A/B vs St Philips A/B (H) Parents’ internet safety talk (school) Year 9 Art Exhibition at Debut Contemporary

Monday Clubs Basketball Cricket Film Review Football GSCE Art GCSE Graphic Design Performing Arts (Y7 & Y8) Quiz Club School Play YAD Fitness

Tuesday Clubs Art and Design Bridge Club Climbing Fencing Football Junior Quiz Club MFL Cinema Club YAD Fitness

Wednesday Clubs


Duke of Edinburgh Award Performing Arts (Y9) Service

14:40 18:00 From 18:30

Thursday 16th

Thursday Clubs NO CLUBS - FIELD DAY

FIELD DAY Year 7 Aladdin theatre production and workshop Year 8 Geography regeneration trip to Stratford Year 9 to Kew Gardens and Natural History Museum Year 10 DofE Training or Community Service

WSS Come Dine With Me


Friday 17th Year 10 team to Maths Feast at Francis Holland School Big Band Guitar Ensemble HM Assembly - Hinde Street Methodist Church

13:30 13:30 15:00

Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th The Barometer - 10/03/2017 3

NOTICEBOARD Field Day Year 7 are going to Pineapple Studios for an acting workshop and The Prince Edward Theatre to see the matinee of Aladdin. Boys must assemble at 09:30 in the Drama Studio. Boys should be in full school uniform and bring an Oyster card with at least £5 on it- there will be no opportunity to top up or buy a ticket on the day. We will be returning to school on the tube and, depending on congestion, hope to arrive back to Wetherby at approximately 17:30. Year 8 will be going to the Olympic Park, Stratford to investigate how sport and retail has catalysed the regeneration of Stratford. They will be using various fieldwork techniques to do this. A more detailed letter has been sent out to parents. The day starts at 8:30 and ends at circa 4:30. Boys should come in their own clothes and comfortable shoes for walking. They will need a pencil and pen. Year 9 are going to the Natural History Museum and Kew Gardens. Boys should assemble at 09:00 in the dining hall. Boys should be in school uniform and bring an Oyster card, a small amount of cash and a digital camera or smart phone. Boys can be picked up from Kew Gardens at 15:30, or we will aim to return to school by 16:30. Year 10 DofE Navigation Training 0800 hrs – boys arrive in school 1630 hrs – boys return to school Boys will need suitable walking attire with warm clothing and waterproofs packed in a rucksack. Boys will also be learning to use camping stoves so are asked to bring a plastic mug or equivalent with something to make a hot drink with. Packed lunches are provided by the school but boys are welcome to bring extra food to supplement their lunch.

Internet Safety Talk for Parents Karl Hopwood’s visit to the school to deliver a talk to parents on E-Safety has had to be rearranged for the 15th of March at 6.00pm in the Drama Studio. Karl will talk for 45 minutes and spend 15 minutes on a Q and A session. Unfortunately, this means there will be some overlap between Karl’s talk and the Year 9 Art Exhibition, but with a prompt start at 6.00pm and finish at 7.00pm there should be time for those parents who wish to visit the talk and the art exhibition to do so. Please indicate your interest in attending the E-Safety evening by return to Tessa Stewart tessa.stewart@wetherbysenior.co.uk

Road Safety Talk for Years 7 and 8 On Monday, all of the Year 7 & 8 boys will be attending a talk on road safety, delivered by the Walkabout Foundation. It will be at 15:00.

Save the Date Please Save The Date for the Inaugural Headmaster’s Charity Gala Dinner on Friday 16 June hosted by The Italian Ambassador and Signora Terracciano at the Italian Embassy.

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VOTES FOR SCHOOLS Mr Hartley writes...

This week’s topic has been: ‘Is Donald Trump making us question all news?’

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CURRICULUM NEWS From the Art & Graphic Design Department Mr Meyer writes...

Alex George





Robert Frejvid Lucas K

A new unit has been implemented into the Year 8 curriculum: 'Metal Work Looking at Alexander Calder'. This has allowed boys to look at two defining characteristics of Calder's work: his stabile and mobile sections. At this point, boys have painstakingly created a maquette size version of his work using a range of materials and resources from cutting into 0.3mm thick aluminium with a craft knife to bringing the holes together using a cordless drill.

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From the Chemistry Department Miss Hoskins writes... This week in Chemistry, the Year 8 boys have been investigating different indicators. The boys added water to various fruits and vegetables (cherries, beetroot, red cabbage, purple sprouting broccoli, blackberries, etc) and boiled the mixtures to make coloured solutions. On addition of a strong acid or alkali, the indicators changed colour as shown in the photos.

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CURRICULUM NEWS From the Music Department Mr Martin writes... Year 9 continue in the exploration of film music. This half term they are exploring soundscapes. The word "soundscape" was coined by composer R. Murray Schafer to identify sounds that "describe a place, a sonic identity, a sonic memory, but always a sound that is pertinent to a place." Year 9 boys are producing a soundscape for an abstract video called “futurscape�

The boys have a musical cue sheet with timings of specific events they must respond to and were using Garage Band to create an immersive environment.

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CURRICULUM NEWS From the MFL Department Miss Eaves writes... Foreign Language Spelling Bee is a competition for students in Year 7 to practise and improve their vocabulary, spelling and memory skills in a foreign language (French, German or Spanish). Competitors have to first translate the given word into the Target Language and then spell it out correctly using the alphabet in the Target Language. They will be given one minute to correctly spell as many words as possible. This term we have 10 Wetherby

boys competing for a place in the regional final in May. It is a challenging competition and our boys have begun practising with enthusiasm and determination. Representing German, we have Devan, Danny and Ahmed, in French we have Atticus, Oscar and Jude and in Spanish, Arthur, Ben, Sacha and Luca. Below are some photos from Wednesday’s practice session.

The Barometer - 10/03/2017 11

CURRICULUM NEWS From the Biology Department Mrs Skinner writes... This week in Biology, the Year 10 boys have been learning about the structure of the mammalian eye by carrying out their own sheep eye dissections!

Meanwhile the department’s Spider Plant Breeding Programme is a huge success! Do any boys fancy taking one of these fascinating plants home?

12 The Barometer - 10/03/2017

CURRICULUM NEWS From the Geography Department Mrs Deedat writes... Over twenty boys attended Junior Geography Forum this week to hear Robert and Billy speak about coral reefs and Mongolia respectively. Both boys spoke about their personal experiences with great enthusiasm. Did you know? 

Coral reefs are important flood defences

Mongolia is the most sparsely populated country in the world

93% of the Great Barrier Reef has been hit by coral bleaching

Mongolia only has 3 million people even though it is triple the area of England

Look out for Fabien, Harrison S and Leonid K speaking in Senior Geography Forum on Monday

Miss Maroudi writes... This week in Geography, the boys have been studying how planning and predicting natural hazards can lessen the damage caused. In one lesson, when the boys were least expecting it, I called out "Duck and Cover!" and the boys very swiftly protected themselves under the tables.

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SCHOOL SHOW Miss Twomey writes... ‘In our workshop creating the school play this week, our professional theatre director, Joe Hufton, used the boys’ ideas to devise full scenes and characters. The boys have said how fun it’s been to see their own work now forming the main narrative of the play. As the final script is devised, it’s been fascinating to watch the play come together. Tickets will go on sale soon, so keep a close look out for upcoming announcements in the Barometer…’

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SPORTING NEWS From the Games Department Mr Sullivan writes… We’ve just launched our new Sports Website, which you can see via the address below. Our Sports Website: www.wetherbyseniorsport.co.uk Please see the attached document for more info. Enjoy!

Role models A father, mother or teacher must be there to set an example for our boys; we must be strong and positive models of what to be and how to behave when boys grow up. Being a role model is the most powerful form of education. Boys need good role models more than they need critics. It is one of a parents’/ teachers’ greatest responsibilities and opportunities. To develop the boys’ self-esteem, I came across the below. This could help them through tough decisions and times. If you FAIL, never give up because F.A.I.L. means “First Attempt In Learning”. END is not the end. IN fact, E.N.D. means “Effort Never Dies”. If you get NO as an answer, remember N.O. means “Next Opportunity”. Be positive and look after one another!

FAILURE IS A GOOD THING...NO, REALLY! Failure is a word that people use almost exclusively in a negative context. “I failed so I must be rubbish”, “I can’t do that because I failed at it last time”, “and I’m not trying that because I might fail at it and look bad”. I hear these comments on a daily basis and as a teacher/coach or mentor, and as a person, I completely understand these thought processes. They are natural for a lot of us, if not most people. This concept or thought process is sometimes referred to as ‘fear of failure’. However, what separates successful people from less successful people is the successful people have these thoughts and quickly make the decision (consciously or subconsciously) to ignore these thoughts. By the way, when I say successful people I mean either successful people in school, life, sport or even people who are able to push past a previous failure and accomplish something in any situation, however big or small. So, how does this relate to training? We somehow need to get into the mind-set that this failure, in whatever the task it is, is only temporary, but also remember what our ultimate goal is and how we will feel once we get there.

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SPORTING NEWS Once we understand how passing this particular task will get us closer to reaching our goal then we almost have no choice but to confront that failure head on and keep pushing. For example, let’s say you failed to stay in line with your nutrition plan. It is easy to say “life got in the way”, “I failed” or “this is too hard” and just give up. At this point you need to think back to your ultimate goal and how you will feel when you achieve it. Hopefully that motivation to keep trying will come back and you’ll confront the fear of failure and try again, and again, if necessary. So the next time you don’t quite hit a goal, don’t think, “I failed this is too hard.” Picture the positive feelings you will have WHEN you achieve your ultimate goal, understand how

Sports Quote of the Week: achieving this task will get you closer to that goal, then go out there and smash it regardless of how scared you are by it.

“Will it be easy? NOPE. Will it be worth it? ABSOLUTELY” Follow us for results and updates on Twitter via @WetherbySSports #teamwetherby

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CLUB NEWS From Drama Activities Miss Twomey writes... This week in Year 8 Drama, the boys have been exposing some very tense scenes from their current project on Robert Swindell's Stone Cold. In today's scene, a murderer was on the loose and he had a very dangerous perception of how to 'clean up the streets of London'.

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CLUB NEWS MFL Cinema club The boys are now starting to watch Les Intouchables in French

Junior Quiz Mr Atkinson writes... Junior Quiz Results: Himat, Max and Adam won this week. Inter-Trib Quiz Tournament: Quiz fever hits Wetherby with the first 2 heats of round 1 completed this week. So far it is a clean sweep for Tyburn with 2 teams guaranteed a spot in next round. Congratulations to all boys who are taking part!

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CLUB NEWS Pictures from Climbing Club Climbing Club boys defy gravity in the bouldering room at the Seymour Leisure Centre.

20 The Barometer - 10/03/2017

ON THE HOT SEAT Hello and welcome to Week 17 of “On the Hot Seat”. Readers, the sun is shining and we’ve hit a high of 16°C. This can only mean two things: spring is on its way and it is once again acceptable for Frau and Señor to drink rosé wine. This week, we decided it was time to head back to English and hunt down the awesomely cool Miss Ridley. Readers, did you know that Miss Ridley used to live in Edinburgh? “Where’s her accent?” we hear you cry… Fear not, she is not a fraud, she simply moved down to Canterbury when she was five, where she lost her lovely accent and spent her remaining childhood pining for the mountains. Parents can be cruel. Speaking of parents, Miss Ridley’s father was a Headmaster… and not just any Headmaster, he was HER Headmaster! (How would you like that boys?). He kept a watchful eye over the young Ridley until she reached Sixth Form when he finally left her in peace. It was whilst she was at school that her love for tennis, cross country, netball, hockey and… Destiny’s Child bloomed! At the tender age of 11, she already had dreams of becoming Beyoncé. If anyone can find the tape with the recording of her singing “Survivor” on it we are prepared to pay big money, (by “big”, we mean £10). Sports and Destiny’s Child aside, Miss Ridley also appears to be a big fan of animals. She once found a mole in her garden and kept him for the afternoon, naming him “Moley”, (#original #englishteacherwhat). She tried hard to convince everyone that she could keep him in her sock drawer but to Moley’s relief, she wasn’t allowed and he was released back into the wild to live another day. Her loving attempt to look after Form One’s tadpoles was less successful. Rather than feeding them once a day, young Ridley took it upon herself to feed them three times a day and had finished the tub of fish flakes within a week. Readers, stop reading now if you are a sensitive soul… by Monday the tadpoles were floating to the top and young Ridley, admonished and humiliated, was forced to move to sit with the boys, #shudder. Readers, that’s not our only sorry tale. Miss Ridley spent most of her summers in Malta, where her mother is from. Suppers were spent on her great uncle’s roof where his collection of birds and bunnies were kept. These bunnies

were fawned over by young Ridley and her cousins… A few years ago, whilst indulging in one of these family suppers, Miss Ridley exclaimed “how tasty and succulent the meat is”. The response? “Yes, Fluffy tastes great doesn't she!” Readers, we were horrified, distraught, emotionally overcome… but all Miss Ridley could say was, that she still finds rabbit the most delectable meat! So, on that bombshell let us begin… 1) Ice cream or sorbet? Ice cream 2) Hockey or netball? Hockey 3) Scrambled or fried? Scrambled 4) Books or films? Books 5) Dress up or dress down? Dress down 6) Asking questions or answering questions? Asking 7) Truth or dare? Truth 8) Pizza or pasta? Pasta 9) English language or English literature? English literature 10) Winter or summer? Summer 11) What is the first thing you would do if you won the lottery? If it was a working day, I would still go to the work the following day… (Readers that is the definition of responsible, #respect). I would book flights for the weekend and go away with friends and family. Once back I would re-assess my life. 12) If you could trade lives with anyone for a day, who would it be and why? This could go one of two routes… I am, by my own admission, slightly obsessed with the Obamas. I love them. They are intelligent, interesting, stylish… (Readers, we must admit, we zoned out whilst Miss Ridley continued to list what she loves about the Obamas)… and his shoes, those shoes… her earrings, her dress sense – she is just so amazing… (This is getting weird now…) Ok guys, ok… I also love Roger Federer. I’d take the place of his wife. Whilst he is arrogant, he is just so charming and talented!

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Who’s for a Spider Plant?

From the Editor On this week’s front cover: Let’s get excited about the School Show! On the back: Who wants a Spider Plant? For all comments and feedback please email: henry.warner@wetherbysenior.co.uk


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