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From the Headmaster Dear Parents, What a fun event that was at the Prep School ‘Come Dine With Us’ last night! There was a great atmosphere in the Pioneer Hall with parents and a true sense of comradeship was so evident in the ‘Service Room’ amongst the staff. A really successful evening in every sense. The standard of cooking is best described from the feedback forms: “delicious”, “perfectly displayed”, “garnished appropriately”, with “superb pastry” and the waiting staff, “attentive”, “gracious”, “amusing”, “well presented” and even, for one lucky member of our teaching staff, “handsome”! In fact the only person who let the side down a little was me with my dodgy Skype connection as I attempted to do a ‘live link’ to the Kitchen. I promise to fix that for the Senior School event after Half Term and have my ‘roving reporting’ pixel perfect with fully functioning AV! And to our annual Staff Appreciation Day at the Prep School today. Some wonderful efforts by the boys and you, the parents; they are truly appreciated. The generosity you have shown with this, now annual, event surpasses all before it and, whilst such kindnesses are, of course, appreciated in their material sense, it is the fact that our staff mean so much to you and your boys that moves me so. It is an absolute pleasure to work in these Schools, for all of us, and that unique relationship between staff, parents and boys is what makes it. I wonder also if this is one of the factors that allows us to recruit such high calibre teachers. Candidates called to interview so often comment on the happy and collaborative feel of our school and, whilst waiting at reception, see for themselves that warm relationship between parents and staff. We have some truly excellent teachers joining us in September (details in the final newsletter of this term out of courtesy to their current schools) and they all have one thing in common: they are very ‘Wetherby’. For us, that defines a pleasure in learning, teamwork, high standards and a positive outlook on life in general, in fact the very same values that we seek to bring out in your sons. Have a great Half-Term…

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DIARY Monday 20th


Monday Clubs Basketball Cricket Film Review Football GSCE Art GCSE Graphic Design Performing Arts (Y7 & Y8) Quiz Club School Play YAD Fitness

Rock Choir Chess Club


Tuesday 21st


Tuesday Clubs

Wetherby Brass Ensemble Year 7 & 8 English SPaG Clinic Football Year 10 WSS A/B vs Twyford A/B (H)

13:30 13:45-14:05 15:00

Art and Design Bridge Club Climbing Fencing Football Junior Quiz Club MFL Cinema Club YAD Fitness


Wednesday 22nd Year 10 English Intervention Rugby U12/13 WSS A/B vs WPS A/B (H)

Wednesday Clubs

07:55-08:30 14:40

Thursday 23rd Year 10 Immunisations - Postponed Football Year 9 & 10 WSS A/B/C/D vs UCS (A)

Duke of Edinburgh Award Performing Arts (Y9) Service

Thursday Clubs


Classics Club Junior Geographical Society Lego Club Table Tennis

Friday 24th Big Band Guitar Ensemble HM Assembly - Hinde Street Methodist Church

13:30 13:30 15:00

Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th The Barometer - 10/02/2017 3

NOTICEBOARD Key future dates: Monday 13th – Tuesday 14th Feb : JS9 Football Camp – 10:00-13:00 Wednesday 15th March: WSS Art Exhibition (see page 9 for details) Thursday 16th March: Charity Come Dine With Wetherby (see page 6 for details)

GCSE Options Evening A reminder for Year 9 parents that the GSCE options evening is on Thursday 23rd February at 19:00. We hope to see as many of you there as possible. Please note: boys should not attend.

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VOTES FOR SCHOOLS Mr Hartley writes...

This week’s topic has been: Do we treat strangers differently online and in real life?

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CURRICULUM NEWS From the Chemistry Department Miss Hoskins writes... This week in Chemistry, the Year 9 boys have been studying how catalysts increase the rate of a chemical reaction. The photos show how manganese oxide powder (the catalyst) can be used to speed up the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide solution. The boys did this reaction themselves on a very small scale in the lesson and so I felt it was my obligation to show it to them with slightly stronger concentrations. When the catalyst was added to the hydrogen peroxide an enormous amount of oxygen and water is produced. The reaction is so exothermic that the water boils and water vapour is released (the cloud effect you can see).

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CURRICULUM NEWS From the Art & Graphic Design Department Mr Meyer writes... Year 10 GCSE boys went to Tate Britain on Saturday morning of last week to view Richard Hamilton’s work in a private viewing. Broken into three parts, the boys learnt about how work is restored and kept at Tate’s various sites; thereafter, they evaluated and analysed the work of Hamilton before completing with a drawing exercise. I was impressed with how the boys asked some interesting questions and articulated their thoughts on the work they bore witness to.

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Art Club Mr Meyer writes‌ Art & Design Club this term has seen boys looking one of two areas of Art & Design Department: Technical Drawing and Pottery. More recently, they have been refining their work using a loop tool and kidney. Upon this, they added coloured slip whilst the clay was in a leather hard state.

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CURRICULUM NEWS From the Art & Graphic Design Department Mr Meyer writes...

Daniel S

Luca O

Arthur C

Faisal A

Devan S

Year 7 Art & Design boys, this term, have created a minimalist mug. During this process, they were taught how to draw three dimensionally, add tone and complete using a fine liner. Upon completion, they used St. Ives White Clay to sculpt their mugs into their desired look, and once fired completed using coloured slip and clear glaze. The work looks stunning and possibilities of using clay are endless.

Ishaan B

Daniel B

Jude B

Oscar C The Barometer - 10/02/2017 11

CURRICULUM NEWS From the French Department Mrs Diamond writes… Year 10 bilingual boys have been debating in French this week with the help of Miss Berolatti, our French assistant. The topic was: whether the French school week (four and a half days) is better than the five day school week we have here in the UK.

The two teams were: Nelson and Sean (strongly in favour of the French school week) and, on the other hand, Louis, Vadim and Edouard were in favour of the English school week, which has more and activities included. Special mention to Nelson who did really well and put forward very convincing arguments, while Louis’ strength was in defending the logic of his argument and Vadim who really impressed the class by his charismatic delivery. Bravo les garçons!

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CURRICULUM NEWS From the Maths Department Mr Bray writes...

Number Tricks (explained with algebra by Year 7)

to prove, for example, why the sequence of operations above always gives an answer of 8. We also explored the algebra behind the trick below.

Think of a number. Add 5.

Think of two whole numbers under 10.

Double the answer.

Take one of them and add 1.

Subtract 4.

Multiply by 5.

Add on your original number.

Add 1 again.

Divide by 3.

Double your answer.

Add 6.

Subtract 1.

Subtract your original number.

Add your second number. Add 2.

Year 7 have been using their algebraic skills recently to formulate patterns and solve equations. Once we can understand and manipulate algebra as a language, we can use it

Double again. Subtract 8. Halve this number and tell me your answer.

From the History Department Miss Webb writes... This term Year 7 have been evaluating the achievements of medieval kings. This culminated with a balloon debate. Each boy took on the role of a medieval king, and had to persuade the class to not to throw him out of an overladen hot air balloon. After listing military triumphs, diplomatic expertise and physical prowess, the class decided which king would be thrown from the balloon. Despite a dogged determination to keep England peaceful, Henry I was unable to persuade the other monarchs that he was a worthy king, and was soon ejected from the balloon.

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CURRICULUM NEWS Drama trip to see School of Rock- The Musical

‘It was incredible!’ Tomasso S (Y8) Miss Twomey writes... Back in January, 28 excited Wetherby boys managed to get their lucky hands on tickets to see School of Rock - The Musical - the date finally rolled around, we practised our air guitar and headed to the New London Theatre, Drury Lane, accompanied by Miss Eaves and Miss Webb. The play was about a failed rock star, Dewey Finn, and his attempt to earn some money by pretending to be his substitute teacher housemate Mr Schneibley. When the prestigious Horace Green School try to get in contact with Mr Schneibley to offer him work, Finn intercepts the call and accepts the job. At first, he attempts to have permanent ‘recess’ and is indifferent to the idea of actually teaching the students anything. However, upon realising that they are talented musicians, decides to turn them into a rock band and enter a local competitionThe Battle of the Bands.

‘AMAZING!’ Danny S (Y7)

‘oooh la la la, oooh la lala’ Miss Twomey

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CURRICULUM NEWS The musical was spectacularly performed; all of the children played their own instruments and their talent was incredible to watch. Furthermore, the set and lighting really helped to ‘wow’ the audience - with the use of a revolving stage, flashing lights and gigantic pieces of set appearing as if by magic (although the GCSE students now know that they were actually being lowered from the fly tower). As Dewey Finn transformed from a lazy ‘It was rocking’ Fabien C (Y9) money grabber to an inspiring music coach, we felt like we were really part of his class and all ‘sticking it to the man’ together. We loved to watch the formation of the ‘School of Rock’ band; the character Tamika found her confidence to sing and be part of the group, Lawrence discovered he was cool and Summer managed the group with the finesse of a bossy CEO. By the end of the production, all of the boys (and the teachers) were up on their feet singing along with ‘Rock got no reason, Rock got no rhyme… better get me to school on time!’

‘That guitar!’ Ben W (Y7)

‘So exciting’ Monty C (Y9) keep your eyes peeled for the next Drama Department theatre trip next term. Places available to all on a first-come, first-served basis. The Barometer - 10/02/2017 15

CURRICULUM NEWS From the English Department Miss Kirk writes... What happens when you put an excessively ambitious warrior, still cloaked in the blood of his trail of murdered conquests, in a room with his sleep-walking, insane wife ('out, damned spot! Out I say!'), deeply betrayed best friend, the sons of the King whose father has been mercilessly slaughtered, and a gaggle of sadistic, havoc-wreaking witches? Year 10 sought to find out during a dinner party between the characters of Macbeth. Imagining that all characters have been given one last opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings towards one another before entering heaven or hell, the boys did not break character or hold back... Both Mr Morris and I were highly amused by the improvised scenarios which played out but were also particularly impressed by the boys' ability to embed quotations from the play into their speech with one another and show sophisticated insight into the characters' motives and changing relationships throughout the course of this complex tragedy. As you can see from the varying looks of incredulity (Pip E. as Lady Macbeth), outrage (Armand S. as King Duncan) and heartache (Louis J. as Malcolm) in the photos, the boys' attempt to settle some scores was certainly an animated and fast-paced one. A special mention must go to Jack C., an uncannily convincing witch, whose humorous approach to the soiree ('Gosh it's foggy out there!'), provided comic relief to what was otherwise a highly intense mass altercation! Next time we do this activity, we have our Porter...

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Miss Ridley writes… As another set of half-termly Reading and Writing assessments are completed, Year 9 and I enjoyed two lessons of discussion, deliberation and reflection about the purpose and outcome of reading for pleasure: Why do we do it? Why do some of us not do it? What do the latter miss out on? By articulating our thoughts, and responding to those of others, 9A recognised the multifaceted process involved in reading and the multitude of possible positive outcomes. An example of some of the questions debated are: Should books have age-recommended certificates like films? Can a story ever be out of date? What do we get out of a reading a book in class? Are there some themes too dark or too inappropriate to read about in Young Adult fiction? Finishing our dialogue in the library, ensuring all boys had a book to read over the holiday, the class filled in a ‘Desert Island Book Recommendation’ card – if one was stranded on an exquisitely picturesque, white-sand beach with a panorama of glistening turquoise water, what novel would you enjoy reading? The boys had many enthusiastic suggestions, some of which will hopefully be utilised over half-term!

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SPORTING NEWS Mr Sullivan writes…

Valuables Any valuables (including mobile phones) that are brought into school or to Wetherby Sports Ground are entirely at the boys’ own risk. Wetherby Senior School takes no responsibility for loss or damage to valuables.

6 Nations Fantasy League The 6 Nations has started with an ugly win for England, glamorous victory for Scotland and a walk in the park for Wales. But who is going to win? England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, France, Italy or YOU? At this moment Mr Underwood is storming ahead! Can anyone catch him? Come on Wetherby boys, staff and parents! #winnerswin Come on England! Let’s beat Wales in Cardiff (not sorry Mr Murphy).

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SPORTING NEWS YOUR FITNESS HOMEWORK You know those 15 minutes you spend sitting on the sofa, flipping between social media accounts and asking yourself why there is nothing good on TV? Why not use that time pro-actively and do your “fitness homework”? By fitness homework, I mean doing the little things that are going to keep you and your body feeling fresh and injury free, which in turn is going to make your training more consistent and sustainable. It really doesn’t take that long; all you need is 15 minutes a day. I know 15 minutes doesn’t sound like much, but with some focused attention and the correct selection of drills it is absolutely ample. The odd hip flexor, standing quad stretch and cross body shoulder stretch in front of the TV really isn’t going to achieve much. The 3 main areas we are going to look at are: 1 - Mobility 2 - Core Activation 3 - Glute Activation Mobility Specifically looking at the Ankle, Knee, Hip, Shoulder and TSpine mobilisation. This very simple flow drill will address just about all of the above. Once you know the sequence by heart, you can complete 3 full reps in about 2 minutes. Complete the full drill 5 times. Core Activation Getting the core switched on is always a winner as it plays such a vital role in stabilising your spine. Plus, a functioning core goes a long way towards improving posture and efficiently performing most movements. Glute Activation Glutes are key in terms of activation but because we are sitting down so much our hip flexors tend to inhibit our glute function. We need our glutes to stabilise our pelvis and take some load off our quads which in turn our knees will thank us for. Flow drill x5: 3x 45 seconds dish hold 2x 20 each side, Side Bridge clams 2x 10 each side, crab grabs That's 15 minutes of work, tops! Get that done every day and you will see a marked improvement in the way you feel and move.

Sports Quote of the Week:

“If you have never made a mistake then it means you have never tried something new” Follow us for results and updates on Twitter via @WetherbySSports #teamwetherby The Barometer - 10/02/2017 19

SPORTING NEWS Year 9 Football WSS A vs. Westminster A Mr Montgomery writes…. Our boys took the short trip down to Westminster to play on the impressive Vincent square playing fields. The boys started tentatively: letting Westminster score within 30 seconds of the whistle blowing! A miscommunication in defence let their player place the ball past Leo K. Leo was very busy for the next 15 minutes making some outstanding reaction saves which kept us in the game. Westminster continued to attack our boys passing the ball back to them every time we won it back! Eventually our boys got going and started to play to their potential, moving the ball nicely through the midfield with short, sharp passing which proved too much for Westminster’s central midfielders. Our Captain, Antonio M, set up the

first goal for Ethan E shouldering Westminster’s aggressive central defender out the way creating space for Ethan to fire the ball into the top corner of the goal. The next 20 minutes were very promising with our boys in a real arm wrestle with Westminster, both teams created chances and there were a number of corners. Westminster struck first from a corner after our boys let their large central defender go un-marked in the box, soon after the whistle went for half time with Westminster one goal up. The second half began with Leo L, Tobias T and Arthur A coming off the bench to make an immediate impact on the game. Leo’s pace and Tobias’s passing skills created many chances

20 The Barometer - 10/02/2017

for Wetherby and we equalised early in the second half with Arthur A scoring after an excellent pass from Nacho G. Despite Wetherby’s best efforts they had lost all of their momentum and could not score again. Antonio M came close hitting the bar from a looped effort but Westminster proved too good on the fast break scoring two more goals in the last five minutes of the game. Man of the Match goes to Tobias T for a brilliant second half performance. Have a great half term boys; let’s aim for a win after half term. WSS B vs. Westminster B The first half started very well for the opposition, scoring a free kick from the edge of the area into the side netting. We started the game again with our heads now firmly switched on! The intensity was high, the passing was fantastic and we started to dominate the possession. A few minutes later and Sasha R managed to score a wonderful penalty to make the score 1-1. The first half continued to be a fast paced game and Westminster were able to score one more with a few minutes to go in the first half. 2-1. The second half was a war of attrition. Work rates were high by all members of the team. We continued to maintain possession but struggled to get shots off on goal. The midfield battle continued for the rest of the game and the game finished 4-1. It was an extremely tight game until the last 10 minutes! The Man of the Match award goes to Harrison Sotir: a rock in defence and fierce in attack. Well done!

SPORTING NEWS Year 10 Football WSS A 2 vs. Westminster A 2 Mr Underwood writes.... Wetherby controlled the opening phases of play, with Edouard G and JP applying pressure in the final third of the field, creating small opportunities to attack. Oli L and Sean M controlled the midfield with ease, being strong in tackles and efficient with the ball. As the game calmed, Matthew M and Pip E controlled the back line, emerging with the ball and adding composure to the opening stages. The boys created further chances, with Will B producing a superb save from the opposition goalkeeper. As we continued to advance, Westminster hit us on the counterattack, opening the scoring with a scruffy shot. We retaliated instantly as Phillip A played a lovely pass to JP, who crossed to Nic S to smash home off the crossbar; game on, 1-1. Louis J began to influence the game with neat footwork and intense pressure while Westminster were limited to longrange shooting, easily dealt with by Nelson 'safehands'. After tactical substitutions at half time, Massi M and Joshua G-O entered the fray. Westminster came flying out of the blocks, putting pressure on us and suffocating our play. They took advantage as they scored from a few yards out, taking the lead. The goal alerted the team and we suddenly took the initiative, starting to act rather than react to the ball. Pip E and Matthew M reclaimed control at the back, establishing the calm atmosphere from the first half. Massi M began to attack, releasing Oli L to drive forward into space. After shots from Oli and Will B, the ball fell to JP. The ball was smashed into the goal and the game was level again. We proceeded to control the remaining 10 minutes as Pip E narrowly missed a free-kick and we headed over from a well-worked corner. The boys did the school proud today, drawing the game against an established two-term football

school. Well done, boys! The Man of the Match award goes to Oli L; a calm presence in the game, Oli controlled the attacking areas of the game and narrowly missed out on a well-deserved goal to cap his performance! WSS B vs. Westminster B Mr Betts writes.... On Thursday, the U15B team went up against Westminster at Twyford Academy. It was a cold day so the boys were eager to begin running around as much as possible! The match began slowly for Wetherby with Westminster dominating possession for the first ten minutes. Talal and Manuel were making tackle after tackle in defence while Ben and Rahul were consistently keeping the pressure on the opposition forwards. Jack H-G made some fantastic saves but was also beaten by some stunning finishes from Westminster. The second half was a new wave of energy for the Wetherby boys. We started to generate more possession and began to play down the wide channels, causing problems for the Westminster defence. Rory and Aubrey were essential in our attacking game, creating space and causing trouble with their pace up top and in the mid field. The game was finished and Westminster were the winners, however, you cannot fault the boys for the effort in the second half. If we were able to get off to a better start I believe that this game could have been much closer and that we could have even ended up on the winning side. The Man of the Match for the day must go to Rory Lawless for his outstanding effort up front and his general attitude and energy throughout the game. The Barometer - 10/02/2017 21

KITCHEN NEWS Fair-trade Snack Day Chef Menke writes... On 27th February, the Kitchen will be promoting Fairtrade by making sure that all the break-time snacks on that day are Fairtrade-approved. This will include bananas, oranges, tea and chocolate. This is mainly to help farmers. They get a better deal when they sell their crops by Fairtrade terms. This leads to a better and more stable income and can help them break the cycle of poverty they are trapped in. Fairtrade Snack Time is a moment for all of us to remember that the food on our tables, and the tea and coffee in our mugs, are all from farmers who toil and sweat and yet however hard they work to provide the things we depend on, millions of farmers in developing countries aren’t paid what they deserve. Check out what the boys have been putting on their plates this week:

22 The Barometer - 10/02/2017

CLUB NEWS FILM REVIEW CLUB Review of THE BREAKFAST CLUB written by Alejandro S (9 Effra) The Breakfast Club is a movie released in 1985. It is based in a high school on a Saturday morning, where five students are being held for detention for over 8 hours. During the film the students are forced to talk to each other, and end up getting up to mischief together. By the end of the film, they realise that they have built a strong friendship with each other but as soon as they get back to their normal high school lives, they act like they despise each other. There are five main characters in this movie: a princess (popular girl), a criminal (the bad student), an athlete, a brain (a good student) and a so called weirdo. Five people with different high school friends and lives. Besides them, there are two other characters who play minor but yet crucial roles. The teacher and the janitor, who both end up talking about the future of the “kids” in the next room. I believe that each actor represented their character very well but I must say that one of them (Judd Nelson, the bad student), looked significantly older than the rest. In conclusion, the film is available on DVD and online. It’s considered a classic movie that contains drama and comedy. I highly recommend watching it as it has a very interesting story line, and, of course, the comical characters always give you a good laugh. It should be noted that the movie is rated 15+, but in my opinion it is outdated and I don’t believe that should be the age limit.

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CLUB NEWS Senior Quiz Club Mr Hasthorpe writes... After an unusually hotly-fought quiz featuring some brave (and some foolhardy!) interruptions, the winners were Niclas, Tom B, Tom Z and Michael. Well done to these boys for keeping their cool and remembering the golden rule of Quiz Club... "only buzz if you really do know the answer"! Fancy yourself a Quizzard? This week's theme is art &music: In which city is the composer Chopin buried? Which artist painted the Birth of Venus? In which city is the Manneken Pis fountain?

Junior Quiz Club Mr Atkinson writes‌ After some intense quizzing the winning team to emerge this week consisted of: Dylan Auerbach, Tommaso Savelli and William Piccione Neiss.

The answers: Paris, Botticelli, Brussels. 24 The Barometer - 10/02/2017

CLUB NEWS Pictures from Year 9 Drama Activities Miss Twomey writes... This week, the Year 9 boys in Drama Activities have staged the final section of the play Blackout by Davey Anderson. Their skill in adapting play scripts has been brilliant and they have been a wonderful group to work with. I have been amazed by their genuinely creative ideas; exploring the memories of the character 'James' as he remembers how he has committed a crime have been really gripping. Next half term, the boys who've been doing Drama swap to Music for Activities and vice versa, so keep up the great work boys.

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CLUB NEWS A trib trip to the bowling alley Mrs Deedat writes... Last Friday, 10 Fleet went to All Star Lanes for their annual tutor group trip. The team captains were randomly chosen and included Will B, Thomas T and Mrs Skinner. There were some talented bowlers and some novices but in the end Mrs Skinner’s team (including Nelson T, Alan A, Aubrey E and Mrs Deedat) came out on top with 383 points, Thomas’ came second with 295 points and Will’s team third with 295 points. The top scoring bowlerwas JP with 87 points.

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ON THE HOT SEAT Hello and welcome to Week 15 of “On the Hot Seat”. With half term shining like a bright light at the end of a dark, dark tunnel, we in Languages decided it was time to get all philosophical. As Plato once said, “wise men speak because they have something to say, Hot Seaters because they have to say something.” With that in mind, we traipsed over to Marylebone, meandered down the winding corridors, passed hidden rooms and secret trapdoors until we reached the “Thought Palace”: residence of our very own Head of Philosophy, Mr Atkinson.

2) Tea coffee?


Coffee 3) Dog or cat? Cat 4) Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? Harry Potter 5) Cryptic or quick? Cryptic 6) Lager or ale? Ale 7) Theology or philosophy? Philosophy 8) The Golden Eagle or The Coach Makers? The Eagle

Readers, did you know that Mr Atkinson is from Birmingham…? AND that he supports Aston Villa…? No, we didn’t either. We also can’t decide if that changes anything… Anyway! He also loves coffee and doughnuts and you may find him snacking on these whilst watching one of his beloved disaster movies: Volcano, Twister, (a classic), Dante’s Peak, Deep Impact… you name it, Mr Atkinson watches it! Don’t even get him started on the subject of Harry Potter – he wrote his dissertation on it, (boys, a dissertation is basically a very, very, very long essay!) Readers, what are your thoughts on this? Is he just an ordinary boy? A wizard? Or is he a messianic figure and is the story an allegory for the gospels? Ask for a copy of Mr Atkinson’s dissertation for more information – we have! (Señor McFaul is still struggling on page 2). Mr Atkinson is also a huge fan of crosswords – he even writes his own. However, as a schoolboy himself, he soon realised that being in the “crossword club” wasn’t helping him impress the ladies. He ,therefore, thought it was best he joined an indie band. Yes, we want to see photos too. Funnily enough neither of these helped… But readers, as we all know, love comes to us all when we least expect it (#stillwaiting) and Mr Atkinson met his wife via a blind date! So, on that bombshell let us begin… 1) Chips or mash?


9) Ron Hermione?


Ohhhh, errrrm, no… no, it has to be Ron, hasn’t it? 10) Board games or video games? Board games 11) Do you have any hidden talents? Right, sooo… if someone asked me if I had a party trick I would say, “No. Why am I even at this party?”… I am a dab hand at poker though! 12) What song would play to the soundtrack of your life? That’s really tough… that’s a weekend thinker that one! (Readers, there was a long pause now… a very long pause. We did wonder if he had fallen asleep…) Interpol – Leif Erikson. It has this great line in it – “when my lifeboat sails through the night”…

Chips The Barometer - 10/02/2017 27

Half term challenge This map (left) shows where the Barometer has been read across the globe over the past 30 days. If you are holidaying outside of the UK, why not read the Barometer and see how much of the map we can colour in!

From the Editor On this week’s front cover: Basketball club reach for the hoop On the back: Miss Kirk’s Year 10s explore Macbeth For all comments and feedback please email: henry.warner@wetherbysenior.co.uk


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