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From the Headmaster Dear Parents, Well, there are wins and there are momentous wins and Tuesday’s was definitely the latter. None of your Watford supporting sons or I expected anything other than a loss at Arsenal on Tuesday night but, as I walked towards the Emirates with a Wetherby parent and his son, Mr Morrison and Mr Dean (all supporting Arsenal) and Mrs Deedat (Man Utd but supporting Watford for the night I think?!), the pouring rain and a full strength Watford suggested that this might not just be a routine victory for the home side. So it proved; wave after wave of Watford attacks produced two goals by half time when it could have been four. A come-back of sorts after half time but the damage had been done and even though the clock seemed to tick down FOREVER, a fidgety Mr Baker was put out of his misery for a very private celebration amongst a group of very disgruntled Arsenal fans. Great night! And then to the last two days, in which the Senior School boys and staff were introduced to their new Headmaster for September, Mr Seth Bolderow. It was with immense pride that I accompanied him around the School these past two days. He was as impressed as I am, on a daily basis, with the quality of teaching, the social maturity of our boys and the convivial atmosphere of the building. We spoke at length about the School’s development, in terms of facilities expansion (of which more in the coming weeks), staffing, pastoral management, academic matters and administrative infrastructure. He is as excited as I am about Wetherby Senior, can’t wait to get started and is looking forward to joining our Wetherby family. Have a good weekend…

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DIARY Monday 6th


Monday Clubs Basketball Cricket Film Review Football GSCE Art GCSE Graphic Design Performing Arts (Y7 & Y8) Quiz Club School Play YAD Fitness

Rock Choir Chess Club


Tuesday 7th


Tuesday Clubs

Wetherby Brass Ensemble Year 7 & 8 English SPaG Clinic

13:30 13:45-14:05

Art and Design Bridge Club Climbing Fencing Football Junior Quiz Club MFL Cinema Club YAD Fitness


Wednesday 8th Year 10 English Intervention Rugby U12/13 WSS A/B vs Radnor House A/ B (H)

Wednesday Clubs

07:55-08:30 14:40

Thursday 9th Football Year 9 WSS A/B vs Westminster A/B (A) Football Year 10 WSS A/B vs Westminster A/ B (H) Trip to see School of Rock

Duke of Edinburgh Award Performing Arts (Y9) Service

Thursday Clubs

14:30 14:30

Classics Club Junior Geographical Society Lego Club Table Tennis


Friday 10th Big Band Guitar Ensemble HM Assembly - Hinde Street Methodist Church Half Term Monday 13th-Friday 17th February

13:30 13:30 15:00

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NOTICEBOARD Grades Half term grades for all subjects will be emailed to parents after school on Friday 10th February.

GCSE Options Evening A reminder for Year 9 parents of the GSCE options evening on Thursday 23rd February at 19:00 - we look forwards to seeing as many of you there as possible.

Tube Strike With more planned industrial action taking place on the Underground this week, please ensure that you make allowances and leave enough time to get to school and, where necessary, plan an alternative, Tube-free route.

Breaking up for Half Term Friday 10th February is a normal school day. The boys will be dismissed from Assembly at 1530 as usual.

Instrumental lessons At Wetherby, over 70 boys have weekly instrumental lessons. Many more boys take part in our wide-ranging selection of lunch time music clubs, which are open to all boys. Lessons are available in brass, woodwind, strings, guitar and percussion. If you are interested in learning an instrument, please speak to Mr Martin for an application form: jon.martin@wetherbysenior.co.uk

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VOTES FOR SCHOOLS Mr Hartley writes...

This week’s topic has been: Can money buy Happiness? From 10 Tyburn Mr Dawson writes... The boys found this week’s topic a tricky one as they all quickly agreed that having absolutely no money would invariably lead to a lack of happiness. The tutor group decided to redefine the question slightly so that they could enjoy a debate. The boys rephrased the statement as ‘can you be happy on minimum wage in the UK?’. With some very astute comments from Salem and Sebastian on the role of family and friends in happiness, the vote was swung and the end result was 10-5 in favour of being able to be happy on minimum wage.

Next week’s topic will be: Do we treat strangers differently online and in real life? The Barometer - 03/02/2017 5

GOOD LAD WORKSHOP Mr Hartley writes... On Wednesday afternoon, the Good Lad Initiative visited Wetherby to speak to two groups of Year 10 boys. Riaz Ahmed and Nick Watkin from Good Lad were here to begin a conversation with the boys about the nature of modern masculinity and, in particular, what it means to be a lad. Whilst they aim to help young men develop into 'good' lads, the session leaders were expert at engendering a sense of openness in a discussion which was admirably non-prescriptive. The boys responded thoughtfully and lucidly to the questions they were posed about what they thought was appropriate behaviour. The Good Lad Initiative proposes two sets of standards young men can adhere to when negotiating social situations. The first is the bare minimum: to live within the letter of the law. However, Riaz and Nick explained that this was not enough to ensure that one’s behaviour was in fact good. They suggested that boys should aim to cultivate what they called a ‘positive masculinity’ which focuses on moral values rather than simply not breaking the law. The sessions were an excellent way of opening up discussion around male behaviour towards women, and we’ll be picking up some of these conversational threads in coming weeks in PSHE.

Perhaps the best piece of advice the boys received on the afternoon was that developing a positive masculinity involves being able to consider the experiences of women. Only then will they be in a position to make a judgement about whether or not their behaviour is likely to be acceptable or cause harm. To that end the boys were encouraged at the end of the talk to start a conversation with female family members and friends about what a good lad meant to them.

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CURRICULUM NEWS From the English Department Miss Kirk writes...

Sasha Elgen (Donald Trump) informs reporter, Faisal Albaalkhail, about just how 'great' his America will be.

Danny Barta (Hilary Clinton) passionately attempts to put the world to rights; reporter, Danny Silver, couldn't record 'her' rant quickly enough!

Danny Barta (as Donald Trump this time round) informs his reporters that he needn't answer their 'petty question's: "I'm President of the United States, don't you know?"

Luca Obertelli: competition for the best Trump caption commences! Whatever he has just said, reporter, Oscar Cornaby, does not look impressed...

Taking a calmer approach, Gabriel Tournant (Donald Trump), gently explains his views whilst reporter, Rafael Hajjar, interviews him with insightful and testing questions.

This week, Year 7 classrooms have been transformed into dynamic, fast-paced and highly energised newsrooms. The boys have analysed how the same news story can be regarded from different perspectives in tabloid and broadsheet newspapers, and have then come up with their own fictional, yet convincing 'breaking news' front page story lines. From Trump's secret love affair with Teresa May, to Boris Johnson's decision to train for the Olympic Cycling Team, our newsroom has certainly been an 'interesting' (albeit, in my personal opinion, terrifying) one to observe! These pictures show the boys interviewing one another in a range of roles in order to acquire direct quotations for their written reports. I finish this week confident that at least one of our boys has been shaped into a budding journalist and, if as a profession this doesn't take their fancy, they would certainly succeed as sought after Trump impersonators, or even doubles!

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From the Biology Department Mrs Bennet writes... Year 7 have been learning about the anatomy and function of the digestive system. They tested their knowledge by drawing the organs found in the digestive system onto aprons! They all looked great but Vasco and Danny won the prizes for best digestive system aprons. 8 The Barometer - 03/02/2017

CURRICULUM NEWS Biology Challenge Year 10 Biology sets 1 and 2 have been entered into the 2017 Biology Challenge run by the Society of Biology. This competition is open to pupils aged 13-15 years across the UK and is a junior version of the British Biology Olympiad (BBO). The competition will take place in lessons 1 and 2 on 20th March 2017. The Challenge is carried out as an online competition which consists of two 25 minute papers. Questions will be set on topics covered in the IGCSE. The Biology Challenge will also reward boys whose knowledge of the subject has been increased by reading books and magazines, watching natural history programmes, checking the media for items of biological interest and boys who are generally aware of native flora and fauna. This is an exciting opportunity for Year 10 and an excellent excuse to revise. Boys are encouraged to review their Biology notes from Years 9 and 10 during the February half-term to prepare them for the Biology Challenge.

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CURRICULUM NEWS From the Chemistry Department Miss Hoskins writes... This week in Chemistry, Year 9 have been investigating how the rate of a reaction is affected by changing the concentration of a reacting solution. The boys investigated how long it took for iodine to be produced in the reaction. The solution turned blue-black due to the starch solution in the flask.

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CURRICULUM NEWS From the Drama Department Miss Twomey writes... This half term, I have had the honour of sharing my love of Drama with boys from Wetherby Prep School. Each week, a different Year 6 class has travelled up to the Senior School to take part in a special Drama workshop. In these sessions, the boys have been exploring a story titled 'The Lost Thing' by Shaun Tan. The boys have done a brilliant job of bringing the characters to life and using their imaginations to create their very own ‘Lost Thing’. It was Miss Twomey's pleasure to work with 6B this week- they had so many excellent ideas!

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CURRICULUM NEWS From the Geography Department Mrs Deedat writes... As part of the GCSE course, Year 10 have been learning about the tropical rainforest. Chico Mendes was a Brazilian rubber tapper and became an environmentalist, fighting to protect the Amazon from cattle ranchers, loggers and mining companies. “At first I thought I was fighting to save rubber trees, then I thought I was fighting to save the Amazon rainforest. Now I realise that I am fighting for humanity” (Chico Mendes) On 22nd December 1988, Mendez was killed at his home by a gunshot to the chest. Year 10’s job was to investigate the murder and defend several suspects. The boys decided that Jose Fernandez, who was the Minister for Brazil’s Economy, ordered the murder as he was a ruthless man and Mendez was getting in the way of economic development. However, it was in fact Aldebio da Silva who was the owner of a logging company.

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CURRICULUM NEWS From the Music Department Mr Martin writes... Wetherby Music Department goes to Hollywood: Bernard Hermann With films such as Citizen Kane (1941), The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951), North by Northwest (1959), Vertigo (1958) and Pscyo (1960), Bernard Herrmann is one of the greatest composers of film music. He died in 1975, leaving a collection of fantastic scores, showing the best of Hollywood. In fact, Vertigo is available on Netflix so watch it! He collaborated with some of the greatest names in Hollywood, among them Alfred Hitchcock and Orson Welles. Composing music to match a film scene is a difficult, yet important job, as Year 9 have been learning this term. The boys have been using Bernard Hermann's score to Vertigo as their inspiration for composing an underscore. They have particularly focused on the scene in the museum when "Scottie" notices an uncanny resemblance.... When finished, the boys’ film scores will be available to download so that they can take them home to show friends and family.

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CURRICULUM NEWS From the Maths Department Mr Bray writes... All Wetherby boys are regularly pushed beyond standard textbook exercises and asked to solve problems in unfamiliar contexts. In addition to problems linked to current topics studied in class, all boys attempt five questions at the end of the week taken from the UKMT Maths Challenges, and the average score per trib contributes to the ‘Maths Cup’. So, the UKMT Intermediate Challenge on Thursday was an opportunity not to be missed. This a competition for Year 11 students and below, so Year 10 Set 1 were entered as some of the youngest competitors; however, I am sure that we’ll get some certificates of achievement. We’ll get the results back in a few weeks, so watch this space. Year 8 boys will get their opportunity to shine in the Junior Challenge on 27 April. For the mathematically inclined members of the readership, here’s a question taken from Thursday’s paper:

The nth term of a sequence is calculated by multiplying together all the numbers , where k takes all the integer values from 2 to n + 1 inclusive. For example, the third term in the sequence is


What is the smallest value of n for which the n th term of the sequence is an integer? Hint (which the boys did not get): Start writing the sequence of as improper fractions and you will see that numbers cancel.

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CURRICULUM NEWS From the Classics Department Miss Nash writes…

Theatre Trip to Antigone On Thursday 2nd February, 12 Year 10 Classicists travelled to the Shaw Theatre to watch UCL’s production of Sophocles’ “Antigone”. This is one of the most famous Greek tragedies and tackles wide-ranging themes such as power, religion, gender, and familial responsibility versus responsibility to the state. Given that this is a student production, we were impressed by the quality of both the staging and the acting itself; the main parts of Creon and Antigone were played particularly well. During discussion with the boys during the interval, I was relieved to hear that they were following the plot (although some were slightly unsure who the Greek chorus were supposed to be!) and they were all eager to find out the fate of Antigone and what the fallout of Creon’s actions would be. Without giving away the ending for any readers who may wish to read or watch this play in the future, needless to say the play fully lived up to its classification as a “tragedy”. I hope that the boys’ first trip to see a piece of Greek drama has given them a greater insight into the issues which occupied the Greeks and that they were able to relate such issues to our own times too. A question which the boys could now consider is as follows: “Creon and Antigone are more similar than different to one another.” To what extent do you agree with this claim? I thoroughly enjoyed the Classics department’s first theatre trip and I very much look forward to our next outing. Special thanks must go to Miss Ridley for accompanying myself and the boys last night!

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Tom Zundel (Y10) writes... Given that this was the first Greek play I have ever seen, the experience was thrilling. Although it was a student play, the script was well-written and was a good translation from the Greek. The chorus above the stage was very useful in learning about the play. Fantastic!”

SPORTING NEWS Mr Sullivan writes‌ We are trying to encourage as many boys as possible to watch the upcoming 6 nations. The competition starts THIS WEEKEND with all fixtures shaping up to be fiercely contested matches. All of the Year 7 and 8 boys have had an impressive start to the rugby term and we want to make sure the passion isn't lost over the half term for them or the Year 9s and 10s, who had a great first term of rugby. Starting today, we have decided to commence a Wetherby Senior Fantasy Rugby Competition for the 6 Nations. We will be using the 6 Nations Fantasy Rugby system by ESPN (http:// fantasyrugby.espn.co.uk/ESPN/en/2/ clienthome.do) and the code to join the league is: 1320614-42617 Watching the high standard of rugby within the 6 Nations, the boys will have a greater understanding of the game and the roles within the sport. We believe that having a fantasy competition will encourage the boys to watch the 6 Nations and pay close attention to the key tactics from start to finish, tweaking their team to maximise points per week. We would like to encourage as many boys as possible to enter and we will be giving a prize to the top 'manager' at the end of the tournament. Any help and encouragement you can give them would be greatly appreciated. We understand that it may be difficult to watch all of the matches in a weekend due to other commitments. However, the boys will gain an in-depth knowledge from watching one game alone each weekend. There is no obligation for boys to enter but we hope to see lots of entrants before the weekend! The final entry date for the competition is Friday 3rd February at midnight. Pick your team name, pick your team and watch some quality rugby! Maybe even see if you can beat a few of the teachers.... Good luck boys!

Year 7/8 Rugby WSS vs. Notting Hill Prep On Wednesday, Wetherby Senior School U12/13s went up against Notting Hill Prep School for their second rugby fixture. It was a cold day and boys would have to keep running in order to keep warm. With the type of game that took place, this was not going to be a problem. It was an action-packed match with runs coming from left, right and centre. Notting Hill started well and were able to grab an early try to take the lead. The first half continued in a similar fashion with both teams showing flashes of brilliance and some excellent team play, especially from George Gerson and Joao Correia da Silva. The second half was very similar to the first with both teams really showing what they could do. Wetherby started to pass the ball around even more and were able to generate more opportunities for Himat-Vir Singh Virdee and Alexander Piggott Testa. Unfortunately, despite the boys best efforts, we were unable to pull back the lead. Joao Correia da Silva scored an excellent try but this wasn't enough to bring us back. Despite the loss, it was still a great game of rugby to watch and I'm extremely happy with how the boys have progressed. All the boys are clearly starting to understand the game better, not only in terms of what works, but also what doesn't work for them individually and as a team. Man of the Match - Alexander Piggott Testa for outstanding physicality in attack and defence. Special mention to Haotong Xiong who made his debut. Well done boys! The Barometer - 03/02/2017 17


Year 9 Football

keep the Kingston attack at bay.

WSS A vs. Kingston Grammar A

WSS B vs. Kingston Grammar B

Mr Montgomery writes.....

Mr Underwood writes....

It was the U14s turn to play Kingston Grammar at the WSS sports ground. Kingston had a talented midfielder, who ran rings around our boys for the first ten minutes, making it difficult to get hold of the ball. Wetherby pressed well with Jock Sager and Nour Hammad tackling hard to win the ball back. Leo Leotti had a fantastic first half, distributing the ball well to Elis Mosaku who was playing up front. Many chances passed for Wetherby but the boys were unable to score until Ethan Elliott did. The boys celebrated before realising the linesman had his flat up so the goal was disallowed. Half time score 0-0.

Wetherby controlled the first half of play, with Harrison Sotir trying his luck from distance to test the keeper. Rocco Cairaschi held firm in the midfield, allowing Fabian Cairaschi and Tobi Adesenyo to join the attack. However, Wetherby found it hard to convert the chances that fell their way. The half concluded with a stalemate.

Half time came and went with Tobias Teichman coming onto the pitch with Antony Abrahams. Both boys solidified the attack and gave us better field position but despite many more chances on goal, the boys were unable to score. Full time score 0-0. To break the deadlock, Mr Montgomery decided that a penalty shoot-out would be a good idea! Both teams nervously waited on the half way line as team members took it in turns to shoot. Antonio De Brunner made some fantastic saves, keeping us in the running. Ironically, Ethan Elliot scored the winner which sent the boys into jubilation after a hard fought game. Man of the Match Jock Sager for a cool and calm performance using his pace and power to 18 The Barometer - 03/02/2017

Into the second half, Kingston Grammar took the initiative with high pressure and attacking play. They converted a chance with a wellworked finish by a narrow angle. This caused a reaction from Wetherby, with AJ taking aim from a free kick, only to be denied by the goalkeeper. After an increase of intensity, Alexander Le Marchant found Sebastian Perez in the box. With one touch to control the ball, it was buried in the bottom corner: 1-1. Wetherby continued to pour forward as Kingston Grammar began to panic. The ball fell to Yuvraj Chandok and was smashed into the back of the net! Wetherby had the lead with minutes to go. After switching the mind-set to a defensive format, Sebastiano Butini marshalled the back line to ensure victory. The unbeaten Wetherby train carries on rolling! The Man of the Match award goes to Arthur Aldridge; a calm presence in the game, Arthur controlled the attacking areas of the game and narrowly missed out on a well-deserved goal to cap his performance!

SPORTING NEWS Year 10 Football WSS A vs. Kingston Grammar A Mr Montgomery writes… Kingston Grammar took the long journey over to the WSS sports ground on Tuesday 31st January, on a dry mild day perfect for football. Wetherby were keen to make up for the mistakes made against City of London and started the game with a high tempo with Luke Kirilenko and Oliver Lind being very vocal. Wetherby opened the scoring with a left-footed effort from Captain JP Cairaschi proving too much for the Kingston goalie after around eight minutes of play. Kingston looked rattled and were giving the ball away easily which allowed our boys to control possession. Our boys passed the ball well, making Kingston work hard in defence, with Luke Kirilenko dominating midfield. Wetherby soon scored again with William Bratvedt driving the ball hard across the goal into the back of the net, making the score 2-0. Kingston looked completely out of the game and Wetherby were on form with boys creating a handful of goal scoring opportunities. Despite this, the score stayed at 20. Wetherby became complacent in the last ten minutes of the first half as some boys stopped moving off the ball, which made it more difficult for the midfield to string passes together. Kingston capitalised on this, scoring two in quick succession. The Half time score was 2-2. Substitutes were made in the second half, with Tom Burke making his debut for the A team and Joshua George-Oppong coming on to replace Matthew Monaghan who had had a great first half. There was a tense period of play where both teams tried their best to score but Kingston scored first and Wetherby’s heads dropped. All the hard work they had put into the first half seemed to have gone and some boys gave up chasing their opposite man, which made it impossible for Oliver Lind and Zach Zachariou to defend. Kingston scored three fast break goals in the second half making the final score 5-2.

Senior entertain Kingston Grammar on a gloomy Tuesday afternoon. Wetherby settled into total control of the game, with Thomas Terracciano and Phillip Armstrong forming a solid foundation in midfield. After a good opening 20 minutes, Massi Malgari had begun to influence the speed of play with his skill and passing. The opposition failed to cope defensively from a cross and the ball fell to Rory Lawless, who lashed home to open the scoring for Wetherby. With the game seemingly under control, Kingston began to surge forward with late pressure, winning a penalty with minutes to go. It was dispatched and the half finished at 1-1. During the second half, Wetherby had to put more emphasis on their attack. With new tactics to use the space and exploit the wings, Wetherby began to generate chances. Giacomo Drax and Bennett Dye supplied crosses and only good goalkeeping kept the score level, with chances falling to Hamoud Al-Busaidi, Nicholas Mantafounis, Luca Lobafelo and Talal Hangari. After sustained pressure, Phillip Armstrong played a pass through to Giacomo Drax, who caused confusion in the defensive ranks. The goalkeeper misjudged the flight of the ball and it trickled into the net: 2-1, advantage Wetherby. Kingston Grammar responded with threats of their own but these were neutralised by Manuel Costa, Jack Connolly, Rahul Thacker and Armand Sharda. On the occasion that a shooting opportunity was created, Nelson Tobin proved difficult to beat in goal. The Man of the Match award goes to Phillip Armstrong; a calm presence in the midfield, Phillip controlled the direction of play and broke up numerous opposition attacks!

Sports Quote of the Week:

Man of the match – Luke Kirilenko for an impressive display in midfield.

“Do it yourself, because no one else will”

WSS B 2 vs. Kingston Grammar B 1 Mr Underwood writes....

Follow us for results and updates on Twitter via @WetherbySSports

The second game of the season saw Wetherby

#teamwetherby The Barometer - 03/02/2017 19

CLUB NEWS Pictures from Classics Club

20 The Barometer - 03/02/2017

CLUB NEWS Pictures from Year 9 Drama Activities Miss Twomey writes... In Year 9 Drama Activities, the boys have been exploring the play Blackout by Davey Anderson. The play follows a Scottish teenager named James who wakes up in a prison and struggles to remember what he has done wrong. The interesting thing about the play is that it is written almost like a poem: there is no indication of who says each line. Therefore, the boys have been adapting the play, using their own creative ideas to stage the characters. Particular mention must go to Monty Cortazzi, Anthony Abrahams, Ethan Elliot and Evangelos Megaritis: they were extremely imaginative in showing the horror movies and internal demons that the character of James had been influenced by, and acted this through nonverbal communication with total conviction.

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LIFE BEYOND WSS Update from the Wethergirls Captain Hoskins writes... On Wednesday, the Wethergirls netball team took to the court to compete in their fifth match of the ‘season’. A fantastic start put us four goals ahead but our opposition crept back to level the score going into half-time. Some fantastic defence from the Kirk/Eaves duo enabled us to turn over the ball and get it back into our attacking end where Mrs Deedat and Miss Hoskins scored the goals to keep us ahead going into the final quarter. The whole team worked so hard all game and we were rewarded with a 17-12 win with Mrs Skinner being awarded Player of the Match for the 2nd week running. This win has now pushed us up to 3 rd in the league (7 teams in total).

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ON THE HOT SEAT Hello and welcome to Week 14 of “On the Hot Seat”. Gosh, Week 14… only one more week until Half Term – doesn’t time fly when you are having fun, (said no pupil during an End of Unit test ever!) We so enjoyed our adventure to Geography back in 2016 that we decided to strap on our crampons once more and scale Mount Bulstrode in search of the Head of Geography herself, the illustrious Mrs Deedat. Dear readers, we do not use the word “illustrious” lightly. Did you know that Mrs Deedat has featured on the front page of numerous prestigious newspapers and magazines, including The Times, The Guardian and Tatler? When questioned on this, she looked rather shifty but finally revealed that it was a combination of political drive, A-Level results and a

So, on that bombshell, let us begin… 1) The north or the south? Ssssss NORTH! Obviously… (Readers, as a fellow northerner the hesitation here was somewhat disturbing. She tried to blame it on the blow up globe she was holding but we aren’t convinced…) 2) Netball or basketball? Basketball 3) Winter or summer? Summer 4) Starter or dessert? Starter 5) Still or sparkling? Sparkling 6) Chips or mash? Chips 7) Booths or Waitrose? Booths (trying to redeem herself…) 8) Ron or Hermione? Hermione

previous teaching job that got her there! We have learnt over the past couple of months not to underestimate Deedat – like many of our colleagues, she is a force to be reckoned with. In her youth she represented England junior basketball, county netball and North of England lacrosse. Sadly, her dreamlike sporting career had to come to end at the tender age of 16, thanks to a titanium rod in her spine which is 30cm long! (Señor McFaul visibly shuddered as we typed this.) Still, not one to let a metal rod bring her down, she has more recently started playing netball for the powerhouse team “The Wethergirls”, (if you haven’t heard of them yet, watch this space… #Tokyo2020), she is a 2nd Lieutenant in the British Army and is an avid supporter of all Wetherby Senior School sports teams! She is also a huge Manchester United fan and follows football religiously. She actually met Diego Maradona when she was 5 and on holiday in China and dreams came true when she met her childhood hero, David Beckham, last year, (readers, did you hear him on Desert Island Discs last weekend? What a dreamboat…)

9) Fruit or vegetables? Vegetables 10) Human or physical? Human Readers, it is at this point that we must interject and say that apart from the slip up at the start, Mrs Deedat was rapid. She fired out answers with little to no hesitation. This is a woman who knows what she likes! We were slightly intimidated… 11) What would be your desert island dish? (again, immediate response) Fish curry and rice with salad and natural yoghurt 12) Movie title… (READERS! FINALLY SHE BUCKLED…. The Hot Seat has finally broken Deedat) *wails* I don’t knoooow…. The Geography Teacher (you know, like The Godfather… it would be a dramatic film, with a lot of suspense)

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From the Editor On this week’s front cover: Year 10 enjoy a great performance of Antigone On the back: Table Tennis Club under way For all comments and feedback please email: henry.warner@wetherbysenior.co.uk


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