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From the Headmaster Dear Parents, A couple of staff have asked what I will do with my bike at the end of this year but someone, in their early twenties, with short, brown hair, wearing a green hoodie, took that matter into their own hands last Friday when they brazenly stole my bike as we were dismissing boys from the 11+ assessment. It’s a bike that I’ve had good use out of and it wasn’t very expensive but that’s not really the point. Theft is such a selfish act and it was surprisingly unsettling to watch the thief, on CCTV, speeding off down Marylebone Lane, throwing my helmet to one side. It was broad daylight; there were lots of people around but it happened regardless. Over twenty years ago , I cycled regularly from my home in Archway to Holloway School and back and would leave my bike inside the locked front door. One morning, I woke up to find the bike gone. Admittedly, I had stupidly left the keys in the door and the yappy Tibetan Terriers I had back then made absolutely no noise for once but, even so, it was and is alarming to be at the receiving end of opportunistic theft. To cheer myself, I recalled how a rucksack I had left on the train a few weeks ago was handed in immediately and the station manager called me before I even realised I’d lost it; or there was the time my mother handed a ten pound note in to the police as she had found it on the pavement with a shopping list attached to a post-it note. I think, in fact I know, there are far more decent people out there than the other way around. Anyway, it gave me the opportunity to buy a new bike, one with better brakes, lighter and with narrower handle bars to weave through the traffic. In a funny way, the experience led to a positive outcome. And then I recalled a proverb from Shakespeare that I had heard years ago, so I close this week with its quotation (I admit I had to check it!): “The robbed that smiles steals something from the thief/He robs himself that spends a bootless grief.” (Othello: Act 1, Scene 3) Have a good weekend…

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DIARY Monday 30th


Rock Choir Chess Club


Tuesday 31st


Drama workshop with WPS Wetherby Brass Ensemble Year 7 & 8 English SPaG Clinic Football Year 10 A/B vs Kingston Grammar (H)


13:30 13:45-14:05 14:30

Wednesday 1st Year 10 English Intervention Rugby U12/13 WSS A vs Notting Hill Prep A (H) Year 10 Good Lad Workshop Year 10 Modern Masculinity Talk (Parents only)

Basketball Cricket Film Review Football GSCE Art GCSE Graphic Design Performing Arts (Y7 & Y8) Quiz Club School Play YAD Fitness

Tuesday Clubs Art and Design Bridge Club Climbing Fencing Football Junior Quiz Club MFL Cinema Club YAD Fitness

Wednesday Clubs

07:55-08:30 14:30

Duke of Edinburgh Award Performing Arts (Y9) Service


Thursday 2nd UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge (Year 10 Set 1) Football Year 9 WSS A/B vs Kingston Grammar A/B (H) Year 10 Classics Trip to ‘Antigone’ at Shaw Theatre

Monday Clubs

Thursday Clubs

12:00-13:00 14:30

Classics Club Junior Geographical Society Lego Club Table Tennis


Friday 3rd Big Band Guitar Ensemble HM Assembly - Hinde Street Methodist Church 10 Fleet Bowling. All Star Lanes, Bayswater

13:30 13:30 15:00 16:30-17:30

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Homemade soup & bread


Pea & Mint

Leek & Potato



Fresh Fruit


Red Bean Chili

Chicken Quesadillas

Spaghetti Bolognese

Souvlaki Chicken Pitta

Beef Burgers

Homemade Yogurt

Meat free

Mac and Cheese Bake

Vegetable Quesadillas

Tomato & Basil Sauce

Falafel Pitta

And to go with

Sugar Snap Peas & Baby Corn

Mexican Vegetables Refried Beans

Garlic Bread Tomato & Red Onion Salad

Rice, Tzatziki Green beans




Stewed Fruit With Custard

Sponge Cake

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Vegetable Burgers Chips, Burger Condiments Garden Salad Frozen Yogurt

Salad Bar

Meat & Cheese platters

CHARITY AT WSS Mrs Falkenberg (Luca Y10) writes‌ Dear All, Please see a big thank you from Alejandra and Yemi Magdalena in Guatemala for their brand new chairs, both funded by Wetherby through the French breakfast and the Christmas jumper day. Alejandra, in the photo with me and her dad, is 5 years old and suffers from spina bífida. She is incredibly sociable and clever, has a little brother and her mum is expecting a baby boy. She was proudest of all as she left in her first and brand new wheelchair! The second one, Yemi Magdalena, holding up a thank you note she designed herself for you, was probably the smartest and cutest little girl I've ever seen! She is 10 years old. She suffers from a condition that bends her bones as she grows and prevents her from walking, and needs recurring surgery after which she gains some mobility until her bones grow again. She has an older brother who also suffers from a form of disability but fortunately is mobile. She has gone through three surgical procedures and is awaiting a fourth that may allow her to resume walking; if not permanently at least for a while. In the meantime, she now has a chair and can go to school, where we learnt she is a top student! It was humbling to see her so happy, laughing and joking and "cheating" with her mum's phone when I asked her if she knew her times tables! What a personality! On behalf of Alejandra and Yemi Magdalena, their families and all the Walkabout team, thank you so much for your incredible support!

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Mrs Diamond writes... It was all about the play this week in French. Years 9 and 10 had a go at acting out some short extracts of the play Le Café in class and really gave it their all, brilliant! This morning we watched Le Café in the drama studio. It was a truly fun and French event and both boys and staff had a great time speaking French to the cast. I was really impressed by the boys candid interaction with the cast and their understanding of the plot, action and most of the dialogue. There were not a single word of English in sight! BRAVO!

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Celebrating Chinese New Year: The Year of the Rooster Mr Warner writes… Having set the bar punishingly high with her amazing Christmas Feast and Gourmet French Breakfast, Sam put on a great spread for the boys this week to celebrate the Year of the Rooster. We had delicious Chinese inspired salmon fillets accompanied by pak choi, beansprouts and, of course, oodles of noodles! The room was decked in an assortment of red and gold banners and the occasional Chinese lantern to make the whole thing feel authentic. Sam even dug out her favourite hat for the occasion. It transpires that most of the Year 7s are Roosters so this is their auspicious year (naturally as they have had the good fortune to end up with Sam cooking for them on a daily basis!) A massive thank you must go out to Sam and her team for going the extra mile to not only make our food delicious, but also fun and I am sure both boys and staff will, like me, be drooling in anticipation of the next ‘event’ that the kitchen decide to put on for us. In the mean time I will have to go out and buy a new belt as the current one seems to be approaching its sell-by. 8 The Barometer - 27/01/2017

No Antonio, that is not a Rooster.

KITCHEN NEWS Yes Harrison & Leonid - that is a Rooster!

Everyone loves oodles of noodles.

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CURRICULUM NEWS From the Art Department Mr Meyer writes… The Spring Term is one of my favourite terms of the year. The boys’ skill-sets continue to improve all the time and units of work are in full swing. In Year 7, boys are nearing the completion of their third unit of the year: Minimalist Coffee Mug – this week they have applied a variety of different coloured slips to their bisque fired pieces. In Year 8, they are creating their final design for the unit: Alexander Calder; Year 9 has seen boys carving into their clay slabs this week as they continue to look at the life and works of Barbara Hepworth and Year 10 are finishing their final piece as part of their Natural Forms unit. Right: Year 8 final designs for their Alexander work Below: Year 9 beginning the Barbara Hepworth sculpture work:

10 The Barometer - 27/01/2017

Year 7 adding coloured slip to their work

CURRICULUM NEWS From the Music Department Mr Martin writes... Brass Ensemble has been rehearsing hard this week preparing for it first public performance in assembly in a few weeks time. We are a few players short particularly in the trumpet section. So if you have the dedication, perseverance and talent, please come to the music room on Tuesday 13:30. Rock Choir are still busy rehearsing Viva La Vida on Mondays so if you fancy a sing-along come and join us, we are particularly in need of a few more bass voices. The Music department Instagram page is up and running this week, featuring two short performances by Jack Henniker-Gotley and Antonio de Brunner. Please follow us: wssmusic

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CURRICULUM NEWS From the History Department Mr Warner writes… We have had an exciting delivery in the History Department this week: our Young Quills books have arrived! Every year the Historical Association organises a prize for the best piece of historical fiction, written for young people, published in the preceding year. The judging of the Young Quills Prize is based upon the reviews written by participating schools. We have 17 pristine books sitting in our office and now we need eager volunteers to read them and write reviews. The aim would be for us to have at least two reviews per book, ideally three. I would like the boys to view this as a chance to practice some proper critical writing. Whilst not every title will catch their attention, the point of this kind of exercise is to read something you might not have necessarily tried, and write a good, honest review. The English Department have kindly agreed to give the boys some tips on how to write a good review.

The Shortlist

So how can you take part in the Young Quills competition? 

Come up to the Humanities office and choose a book from our selection (see right).

Alternatively you could buy a copy of one of the books, should you wish, see right for the list.

Read the book (quickly as other boys will need to review the same book).

Type up a review of the book and email it to Mr Warner or Miss Webb.

Potentially receive a Gold Note for services to Historical Fiction.

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Title V for Violet The Hypnotist The Girl in the Blue Coat Beck A Most Magical Girl The Girl From Everywhere Blade and Bone The Last Beginning Why I went Back Eliza Rose The Haunting of Jessop Rise Clover Moon Anna and the Swallow Man Salt to the Sea The Demon Undertaker Strike Lightening The House on Hummingbird Island

Author Alison Rattle Laurence Anholt Monica Hesse Mal Peet – with Meg Rosoff Karen Foxlee Heidi Heilig Catherine Johnson Lauren James James Clammer Lucy Worsley Danny Weston Jacqueline Wilson Gavriel Savit Ruta Sepetys Cameron McAllister Steve Cole Sam Angus

CURRICULUM NEWS From the Geography Department Miss Maroudi writes... Year 7 have been learning about Antarctica and the impact of ozone depletion on explorers from an extract of the book 'Cold' by Ranulph Fiennes. This is Devan Shah's diary entry of an explorer attempting to travel to the South Pole.

The cold hit me as soon as my boots touched the freezing ground. My only belongings were my skis, a camera, 2 litres of petrol, a month’s supply of food, sun screen and a snowmobile. Also my fellow explorer, Jason. Jason brings a whole bundle of joy to this trip, he was the reason I agreed to this 'journey of a lifetime'. -Nov 12 2016 We have only been travelling for 17 days and I feel like I'm about to collapse in the thick snow, we are travelling on our skis because the snowmobiles are not good with crevasses. We still have days worth of food left because Jason speared a few penguins and some fish. I feel dead to the bone because our sleeping grounds are cold and my feet are beginning to get frost bitten. -Nov 29 2016 At last! Only a few weeks time till we get to the South Pole. The UV rays are intense, our sun cream is only 3 days away from being finished. Jason's skin is severely burnt. My camera is destroyed, it fell into the sea (while I was taking a picture of a seal). -Jan 5 2016 We have done it! Completed the to the South Pole. My feet are bitten and Jason's hands completely burned from the exposure, but he is fine.

walk frost are UV

-Jan 12 2016 by Devan Shah

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CURRICULUM NEWS From the Spanish Department Mr McFaul writes... Spanish and Mexican Cinema This week, GCSE Spanish boys have been learning about Spanish and Mexican Cinema. In particular, they have been studying the work of Guillermo Del Toro. Del Toro is a famous Mexican director, and you may actually be familiar with some of his films: These include Blade II, Hell Boy, Mimic and Pacific Rim. However, Year 10 have been writing about Pan’s Labyrinth, GDT’s cult masterpiece which won a total of 76 awards and is arguably one of the most commercially successful Spanish-language films of all time. The film tells the tale of a young girl named Ofelia who moves to the Spanish countryside in the five years of peace following the Spanish Civil War. It is here that she encounters a mythical faun, who tells her that she is in fact a lost princess of a magical, underground realm. The film deals with contemporary issues in Spain and Latin America, particularly those relating to post-Civil War Spain and Spain’s transition to democracy . The film showcases Del Toro’s expertise in blending the worlds of monstrous fairy tales with the actual horrors of war. Year 10 have been writing their very own film reviews in Spanish about Pan and other films (including The Orphanage, Las 13 Rosas, El Espinazo del Diablo and Todo Sobre mi Madre) and enjoying learning more about this integral part of contemporary Iberian culture.

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CURRICULUM NEWS From the Music & Drama Departments Amadeus- GCSE Drama and Music Trip to The National Theatre Miss Twomey writes... On Thursday 26th January, Mr Martin and Miss Twomey took the GCSE Music and Drama students to see a production of Amadeus at The National Theatre. Peter Shaffer’s play is a dramatically fictionalised account of the relationship between child prodigy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Vienna’s Court Composer Antonio Salieri. The play begins with Salieri directly addressing the audience and explaining to them how he had poisoned his enemy, Amadeus. The play then takes us back through their pasts to explore their battles and history, looking at what had lead Salieri to his bitter end. The play was a very interesting combination of naturalistically performed dialogue and excessive ensemble scenes. We saw many

sections from Mozart’s opera’s come to life with flamboyant decoration; sailing ships adorning the hair of the ladies, nightmarish masked ball sequences, and cherub’s hanging from the ceiling. One of the group’s favourite moments in the play was watching Salieri discover the music for Mozart’s latest opera. As he looked at the sheet music, the orchestra behind him began; demonstrating before our eyes the notes that Salieri was seeing. As he became more and more overwhelmed by the beauty of the music, the entire platform the orchestra were standing on zoomed closer and closer to the audience, with Salieri crumbling at the front of the stage, writhing with envy. As the song built to a crescendo, the smoke machines billowed their haze the floodlights upstage were lit, bathing the audience in a blinding light. Amongst the falling sheet music, Mozart is seen joyously directing his musicians whilst Salieri is powerless to compete with his talent. The play was certainly one of epic proportions, and we all loved to hear the beautiful works of Mozart and Salieri within this beautiful production! There will certainly be lots to write about in the Year 10s Performance Analysis essays now…

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CURRICULUM NEWS From the Chemistry Department Miss Hoskins writes... The Year 7 boys have recently been learning about elements, compounds and mixtures in their Chemistry lessons. This week I introduced the boys to a new form of Top Trumps in the form of elements of the periodic table. The boys competed to have the highest melting point, greatest density, the largest number of neutrons and many other physical and chemical properties. This was an excellent way to the make the boys more aware of certain elements and introduce them to some new ones as well.

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CURRICULUM NEWS From the Games Department Mr Sullivan writes… During Games lessons this week, all boys had their fitness levels reassessed ahead of the upcoming year. Each boy took part in the Beep Test, the 30m (Year 7/8) & 50m (Year 9/10) sprints and the Illinois Agility Test. With some fantastic efforts from the boys, all data has been recorded and archived on their profiles. The boys will continue to be assessed throughout the academic year, improving their fitness and staying healthy. KEEP IT UP BOYS! Performance of the Week: High Scores Bleep Test

Illinois Agility Test

Year 7

Raphael Marinof – level 10

Arthur Chung – 17.62

Year 8

Nicolas Sharma – level 10.3

Joao Correia da Silva – 16.88

Benjamin Wieselmann – 4.71 Hao Tong Xiong – 4.55

Year 9

Anthony Abrahams – level 9.2

Younis Al-Saffar – 16.38

Jock Saegar – 5.93 (50 m)

30/50m Sprint

To be completed next week

Year 10

Year 7/8 Rugby WSS vs. Falcon Prep Mr Betts writes..... On Wednesday afternoon, the Wetherby Senior U12 and U13 sides went up against Falcon Prep. There was an A team game, a B team game and a C team game, all of which were fiercely contested. There was a fantastic display of the skills we have very much tried to learn over the first few weeks of this term, with much still to improve on. There was lots of passing and lots of tackling but these two aspects need to be improved on constantly in order to take the standard of rugby to the next level. Atticus, Leo and Zac or outstanding for their teams and lead with great examples. There were many positives

to take from the day and everyone needs to ensure that they keep practicing and training hard over the course of the term in order to improve as much as possible. With the Six Nations coming up in 2 weeks’ time, the Games Department and I cannot not recommend enough that the boys watch as much rugby as possible. The Six Nations is a great opportunity for everyone to learn each rugby position and the role that player has as well as how good and selfless team rugby wins matches.

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SPORTING NEWS Year 7/8 Rugby: WSS vs. Falcon Prep

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SPORTING NEWS Year 9 Football WSS A vs. Twyford A Mr Montgomery writes…. Wetherby’s U14 played the first game of their season against Twyford Academy on a freezing January afternoon in difficult conditions. Wetherby were still on the bus as Twyford tapped in their first goal in the first minute of the game. Fortunately, after ten minutes of poor passing and bad decision making Wetherby woke up and started to play some excellent football with Anthony Abrahams and Ignacio Garricos Garcia dominating the midfield. JP Cairaschi and Younis Al-Saffar were making inroads on the wings causing the Twyford defence all sorts of problems. Wetherby were

pace to bring the ball up from the back. Despite Wetherby’s best efforts they could not draw level, with fantastic play creating chances for Pip Evans and JP Cairaschi. Man of the Match goes to Ignacio Garricos Garcia for a very mature and stand out performance in midfield. This was a very pleasing and positive first fixture with a lot of potential shown, well done boys! WSS B 2 vs. Twyford B 2 The first game of the season saw Wetherby entertain Tywford Academy on a cold Thursday afternoon. In an eventful and high-energy affair, Wetherby took an early lead in the game, forcing an own goal within the first few minutes. Despite Tywford’s best efforts, they struggled to penetrate the final third of play. As a result, Wetherby were comfortable in possession and attacked regularly. As the game progressed into the second half, Wetherby boys raised their standard of play, with a great goal from super sub Louis Jegou. However, Twyford took advantage of a gap in defence and was fouled in the box and scored from the penalty spot. With moments left in the game Twyford scored from the corner with a back heel flick. The Man of the Match award goes to Tobias Teichman. Tobias was a constant threat for us as an attacking force, regularly beating the opposition with his skills and speed. Well done!

creating chance after chance but just couldn’t get the ball to cross the goal line. The first goal came in the final section of the first half with JP Cairaschi using his pace to beat two players before blasting the ball into the goal. The second half started with a quick tempo, with both teams keen to move the ball from wing to wing. Captain Antonio Mendes Esteves moved from defence to midfield providing us with a more direct approach in midfield which helped us create more chances. Twyford scored a contentious goal after 15 minutes of play (after Mr Montgomery realised they had 12 players on the pitch). Despite this Wetherby stayed positive and passed the ball well, using Nour Hammad’s The Barometer - 27/01/2017 19

SPORTING NEWS Year 10 Football WSS A vs. City of London A Mr Montgomery writes.... Wetherby As took on a strong City of London team in the first game of their season on a cold bright Tuesday afternoon. City opted to start with the ball with Wetherby playing into the bright sunlight in the first half. The game started frantically with both teams trying to retain possession without much luck. City made some advances forward, controlling the play well with Wetherby relying on mistakes to regain the ball. Wetherby came close to scoring after some fantastic play from JP Cairaschi but Niclas Stick just missed. City finished the first half with a three goal cushion. The second half began with Wetherby knowing they needed to keep possession of the ball. City came out putting more emphasis on their attack, which left gaps between their defence and midfield. Wetherby counter attacked well and despite valiant defending from Zach Zachariou, were unable to stop wave after wave of City attack. The Man of the Match award goes to Zach Zachariou after some passionate defending. We have learnt a lot from this defeat and are looking forward to our next game against Kingston.

Into the second half and Wetherby had to put more emphasis on their attack. Whilst generating some chances to get back into the encounter, City took advantage of the additional space, scoring their second and third goals with ease. Despite a promising spell on control in the closing 10 minutes, Wetherby were unable to finish on a high. The Man of the Match award goes to Nelson Tobin; a force between the posts, Nelson ensured that the last form of defence remained strong throughout, making numerous saves for the team! WSS C vs. City of London C Mr Sullivan writes… On Tuesday the U15Cs played their last match the term against City of London School. It was an action packed game from start to finish with both sides playing some good football. The first half was off to a flyer with City grabbing an early goal from a breakaway. Shortly after, Wetherby worked hard with Aubrey Eborn and James Hall chasing down every ball. The second half started well with Adin DeCarlucci and Jack Henniker-Gotley holding firm in midfield. Despite City’s second half goals, the boys remained positive to the final whistle. Our Man of the Match for the day was Sebastian Burckle with so many outstanding saves.

WSS B vs. City of London B Mr Underwood writes.... The first game of the season saw Wetherby Senior entertain City of London on a fresh Tuesday afternoon. After the tense opening exchanges, the game settled into a rhythm with City controlling the play and Wetherby relying on the speed of their counter attack. As the first half came to an end, City began to take control and scored the first goal of the game from a corner.

Sports Quote of the Week: “There will be obstacles. There will be doubters. There will be mistakes. But with hard work… THERE ARE NO LIMITS” Follow us for results and updates on Twitter via @WetherbySSports #teamwetherby 20 The Barometer - 27/01/2017

CLUB NEWS Pictures from Lego Club

The Barometer - 27/01/2017 21

VOTES FOR SCHOOLS This week’s topic has been: Should the law require us to speak out if we see people doing something wrong?

Next week’s topic will be: Can money buy happiness? 22 The Barometer - 27/01/2017

ON THE HOT SEAT Hello and welcome to Week 13 of “On the Hot Seat”. Whilst this may be an unlucky number for some, readers I can assure you that we are in fact in luck this week, as we have the privilege of grilling our very own Mr Chidell. There’s more to this tennis racquet wielding, German speaking, English teaching, food loving, (you should see what he has for breakfast each morning!) member of the English Department than might perhaps first meet the eye. Did know, dear readers, that Mr Chidell lived in Thailand for two years before coming here and loved everything about it? That is, other than the horrific traffic jams and, on one occasion, finding surprise chicken feet (complete with mini toenails) in a bowl of soup! Upon one visit to a wildlife sanctuary, he was taken out by a baby elephant, (we are pretty sure he was trying to take a #selfie but the elephant was having none of it, #awkward). Luckily for us this was all captured on video – we are working on procuring a copy of this. Perhaps it could be shown in documentary film club… which Mr Chidell runs! Interesting… Before Mr Chidell was your English teacher, he worked as a journalist on the foreign desk of the Times as an editorial assistant and night editor. In his (long but much needed) holidays he enjoys travel writing and photography and has even had some bits of work published, (we may have googled him… what a talented young chap. We don’t feel inferior whatsoever…). To top it all off, he plays tennis well, speaks good German, “passable” French and “nitnoy” (a tiny bit of) Thai and, oh, hold on, he failed his Grade 4 clarinet, (phew, we’ve finally found his Achilles heel). This man of many talents might even give Mr Dawson a run for his money! Is it any surprise then, dear readers, that when he was about five, on a holiday in Cornwall, a woman tried to kidnap him. She filled his curious little five-year-old mind with stories of her home under the sea and invited him to go and see it. Luckily before she’d taken him too far, Daddy Chidell spotted her leading him away and came to the rescue! So, on that bombshell let us begin…


1) Elizabeth Bennett or Jane Eyre? Jane Eyre 2) Croissant or pain aux raisins? Pain aux raisins

Eaves vs Chidell 3) Murray or Djokovic? (This question seemed to fluster Mr Chidell) Neither, *pouts* ok, obviously Murray. (Some moments later) No, Federer! Can you just put Federer?! #challengechidell 4) Starter or dessert? Starter 5) Wine or beer? Beer 6) Germany or Thailand? Thailand, (sorry Frau Eaves) #cheekychidell 7) Cinema or DVD Cinema 8) Red curry or green curry? (Mr Chidell claps his hands in glee) ooooh red! 9) Call or text?

Señor McFaul and Mr Chidell are ready for their close up

(expletive) I prefer calling, generally… but I love a text, soo…. #chattychidell 10) Landscape photography or portraits? Portraits 11) What was the first concert/gig/play/production you ever went to? I remember as a kid about being really excited about going to see Joseph, (with Jason Donovan) and I sang it for weeks afterwards, (which no one enjoyed…) #childhoodchidell 12) What would you do if you didn’t have to work? I would travel the world, I would play a lot of tennis, I’d write and I’d photograph. When Mr Chidell runs #clichédchidell out of tennis balls… The Barometer - 27/01/2017 23

From the Editor On this week’s front cover: Billy (Y8) makes a run on the rugby pitch On the back: Y7 enjoy some chemical top trumps For all comments and feedback please email: henry.warner@wetherbysenior.co.uk


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