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From the Headmaster Dear Parents, I am proud of our schools every day, of course I am, but there are always some days that reaffirm why we do what we do here. Yesterday was one such example. The Years 3 and 4 Nativity was a very special event. The boys were brilliant, articulating and giving expression to their words and actions so well. Wetherby boys, even our youngest ones, don’t need microphones; their voices are always loud enough! As well as our boys, I am proud of the staff who encouraged and guided the boys to achieve such high standards. Selina King, at the Preparatory School, orchestrated a superb performance, with scarcely any impact on Lower School teaching time, ensuring that all 66 of the boys in Year 4 had a speaking part. That is quite some achievement. Our Music Department, having grown from one in number to three this year, with Zacc Rodwell and the musically talented gap student, Sam Grew, gave fulsome support to the production. What a team they are. Those (unfortunately few) parents who attended Tuesday’s Musical Soirée will have witnessed a quite brilliant duet between Mr Brawn and Mr Rodwell, a truly virtuoso display of talent. Then, later on Thursday, I attended the Christmas Cabaret at the Senior School. The standard and professionalism of the performance was simply remarkable and, with absolutely no disrespect to the boys or Abbey Twomey, I don’t think anyone attending the evening thought it could be as good as it was. Also, as Miss Twomey reminded me at the end of the evening, this was just a precursor to the main school production next term. If last night is anything to go by, I can’t wait. A lot of pressure then on the WSS Staff Panto, also directed by Miss Twomey, next Friday. This is for a ‘boys only’ audience, so parents will have to rely on asking their sons whether or not the staff and I get anywhere near the standard of last night’s performance. Whilst Mrs King organises the Nativity and the School Play in addition to her main role as an English and Maths teacher, Miss Twomey as ‘Head of Drama’ is a new position for us across both schools, though both are perfect examples of how easy it can be to be a Headmaster. If you hire brilliant people, brilliant things will happen; headship is no more complicated than that. Have a good weekend,

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DIARY Monday 5th


Monday Clubs

All Stars Rehearsal School Show Auditions (Year 9 and 10) Year 9 and 10 Choir Cervantes Theatre Trip to see Bodas de Sangre departs school (select Year 10s)

08:40-10:55 13:15 13:30-14:55 18:00

Performing Arts Basketball Cricket Documentary Photo Club GCSE Art and Design GCSE Graphic Design Social Action Club Quiz Club Videography YAD Fitness

Tuesday 6th


Tuesday Clubs

School Show Auditions (Year 7 and 8) Year 10 Inter-Trib Rugby

13:15 14:15

Art and Design Bridge Climbing Football Graphic Design MFL Cinema Club Quiz Club Wetherby Scientists YAD Fitness

Wednesday 7th

Wednesday Clubs

Christmas Lunch No Games for Years 7 & 8 (Rehearsals for Concert) Christmas Concert - Hinde Street Methodist Church

Performing Arts Duke of Edinburgh Award Community Service


Thursday 8th Year 9 Inter-Trib Rugby

Friday 9th HM Assembly - Hinde Street Methodist Church WSS Christmas Pantomime

Thursday Clubs 14:15

Book Club Classics Club Food Chemistry Junior Geographical Society Lego Club

12:00 12:30


Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th The Barometer - 02/12/2016 3

NOTICEBOARD New Math Sets in Year 7 and 9 Next term, many Year 7 and Year 9 boys will be changing teachers in Maths as we put them into sets, based on test results, prep scores and the speed they work in class. We are very pleased with the overall ability of the new boys this year and there will be no ‘low ability’ sets. All boys within a year group study the same topics every week and are set the same prep; the only difference between the sets is the amount of extension work (beyond IGCSE) that is expected and the amount of time spent consolidating understanding. Boys will be told their new sets next week. They should understand that our expectations from all classes is high and the new setting is designed to optimise their learning.

Friday 9th Christmas Jumper Day On Friday 9th December, we will be having our annual Charity Christmas Jumper Day. The boys should wear their school trousers, shirts and ties as normal, however, if they want to wear a Christmas Jumper instead of their blazer, they should bring in a suggested donation of £2. It would be brilliant to see as many boys as possible wearing their Christmas jumpers (or other suitably garish jumpers), as the proceeds will go to The Walkabout Foundation, a charity that provide wheelchairs for people in developing countries.

Parents of all boys in Years 7-9, All Stars, Year 9 & 10 Choir & Guitar Club I am looking forward to welcoming you to the Carol Concert next Wednesday 7th December at 6.30pm in Hinde Street Methodist Church. All boys in Years 7-9 will be performing, as well as any boys in All Stars, Year 9 and 10 Choir and Guitar Club. If for some reason your son cannot attend on Wednesday, please let me know as soon as possible. All the details for the event are in the letter from last week which is reattached this week. Boys should arrive in full smart uniform. Please can all Year 7 boys ensure they have their hippopotamus themed props in school on Monday (5th) at the latest, to be stored in the Music Department until Wednesday.

Week 11 Menu



Homemade soup & Bread

Spinach & Potato

Cream of Watercress

Sweet & Sour Vegetables

Seafood Mix

Meat Free

Pasta with Tomato Sauce

Roasted Vegetables

To go with

Steamed Rice Sweet corn

Steamed Rice


Chocolate Mousse

Fruit Salad

Main Event

Every Day

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Christmas Lunch with All the Trimmings, including a Hot Chocolate Bar!



Tomato & Chickpea

No lunch

Pepperoni Pizza

No lunch

Vegetarian Pizza

No lunch

Chips Garden Salad

No lunch

Dutch Apple Pie & Custard

No lunch

Fresh Fruit, Homemade Yogurt and a Fresh Salad Bar

CHRISTMAS APPEAL Mrs Deedat writes... Social Action Club, Community Service and 8 Tyburn are working together to collect Christmas presents for the homeless people who use the West London Day Centre. We are hoping that as many boys as possible will bring in festively wrapped shoeboxes filled with small presents, such as small, non-perishable food items, socks, scarves, gloves, hats, underwear, small toiletries (which are not too heavy to carry around), tissues, plasters, wet wipes, a non-personal greetings card saying hello. Please bear in mind that most of the clients at the Centre are male and over the age of 25 but there are some women too. Please bring in your shoe boxes to Mrs Deedat, Mrs Skinner or Miss Nash in the last week of term. We will deliver them on Wednesday 7th December. Thanks to Social Action Club for making the poster below and working on the demonstration box!

HELP THE HOMELESS This Christmas In association with the West London Day Centre, Wetherby Senior appeals to you this Christmas to help those in need. In our local community, hundreds live rough on the streets. The darker and colder days What to Include: only make this struggle harder. Donate  Scarves to our -‘Shoebox Appeal’. 



Tins/Packets of food (well within sell by date)

Give your filled shoeboxes to either Mrs Deedat, Mrs Skinner or Miss Nash by Monday 5th December.

The shoeboxes will mainly be given to men over 25 The Barometer - 02/12/2016 5

CHRISTMAS CABARET Mr Warner writes... As the crowd of parents, staff and other assorted well-wishers made their way into the WSS Drama studio the mood was one of jovial and eager anticipation of Wetherby Senior School’s first Christmas Cabaret. None of us know what to expect and I am sure that none of us could have guessed what a treat the next 90 minutes would be. For those who were not there, please bear with me as I try to explain what happened next. First up were Danny Silver and Atticus Cobb: kitted out in sharp business attire and fixed, corporate expressions. What ensued was the most dynamically delivered elevator conversation I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing. Atticus let on that he had been told a snippet of office gossip: that two employees had been fired. Our first bombshell was to learn that Danny’s character was one of the unlucky redundancies. As the scene unfolded the boys drew us in with their slick dialogue, comic timing and confident projection. The audience was laughing out loud from the off and were genuinely taken aback at the final shock news that Atticus’ character was the other redundancy. With such a strong start Miss Twomey must have been confident in those that would follow this. The next actors to march onto the stage were Alejandro Safa and Misha Demichev. Alejandro was quick to take command of the stage with the imperious announcement that he had just killed someone. What followed was a gradual descent into chaos as Misha questioned the wisdom of this action and it was finally revealed that a key piece of evidence had been entrusted into Misha’s care: a mysterious Coliseum ticket. The sense of nervous anguish coming from Misha soon unsettled the prior confidence of Alejandro’s murderous confidence and the rapport between the two boys was powerful from the start ending with the unfortunate news that Misha no longer had possession of the essential ticket.

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CHRISTMAS CABARET The next item on the agenda sought to address one of life’s eternal problems: how does a young buck snare the mate of his dreams? Tobias Teichman’s character presented us with this conundrum and revealed that after countless dates he had never got any further in his amorous quest than a ‘kiss on the cheek.’ Luckily, Harrison Gillingwater was on hand to offer such sound comments as, “what are you doing to these women?” The boys quickly had the audience laughing away, especially when Tobias announced that one of his recent dates had only shaken his hand, failing to even offer a “cheekeroony”. The boys’ interaction with each other was enthralling and had us rooting for both poor, romantically useless Tobias and Harrison, the sarcastic and long suffering friend. The comic denouement came when the exasperated Harrison offered his own cheek to Tobias as a practice ground! Our next installment came from the Year 10 Drama boys delivering a piece they had written themselves. I was very impressed with what they had produced in terms of both dialogue and the stage directions that offered an engaging story exploring the relationship between one’s duty to family, friends, society and career. Sean Masri, Bennet Dye and Pip Evans gave a strong performance of their work with Sean acting the officious and pompous senior policeman, Pip that challenging younger brother and Bennet caught in between them as he found his loyalties challenged and questioned. Well done, boys. As the next pair entered it was hard not to be struck by a certain height discrepancy between Zachary Goodwin & Alex Piggott Testa. This transpired to be an effective extension of the comedy as Alex’s character sought to offer sound advice to the self-confessed idiot, Zachary, on how best to prepare for his date. These two delivered their lines with a quiet warmth that was really quite convincing as one could imagine an almost brotherly relationship with Zachary seeking T-Shirt and conversational advice from a sibling. Alex was initially concerned by the lurid greenness of Zachary’s shirt and the limited promise of his fascination with water as a conversation starter, however on discovering the limited intellectual prowess of his opposite number Alex was able to relax. The Barometer - 02/12/2016 7

CHRISTMAS CABARET Act I’s closing pairing did not disappoint. Monty Cortazzi and Alexander Gabran’s delivery of Text Messages Hurt More When You’re Sitting at the Airport saw the two boys engage in the classic conflict of Baby Boomer vs. Generation Y. On the receipt of a clearly hurtful message from his girlfriend the teenaged Alex is noticeably upset and Monty, the wise man-of-the-world and veteran of three divorces was on hand with advice. The energy of these two actors was palpable and their ability to crank up the comedic tension soon had the audience grinning away. The highlight had to be Monty’s wonderful impression of a man digging his own grave as the unfortunate Alex made the classic error of ringing the source of his romantic pain. As Alex’s grief became more intense Monty cheerfully finished the sketch by introducing the prospect of the ‘the man’ provoking another round of merriment from the crowd. This was the end of Act I and the audience filed up to the Dining Hall in high spirits and genuinely excited to see how the evening would finish. A crisp atmosphere of anticipation could be felt among the spectators as they retook their seats, refreshed for the second half. Our dramatic appetites were immediately whetted on seeing a brace of bikes on stage. Enter Jac O’Connor and Frejvid Gislev clad in biking gear and peddling for all they were worth and with Frejvid offering up a steam of French profanities as the opening gambit. Brilliant, this was already funny. What followed was a wonderful scene with Jac acting the gallant, humble Englishman: veteran bearer of the dreaded Red Lantern (back of the peloton) and, by his side, Frejvid (aka Le Grande) and France’s hope for a Tour de France winner. This was quite literally a tour de force that explored the virtues of resilience and unlikely camaraderie under physical duress. Jonathan Gabra and Antonio Mendes now came on to win us over with their version of Lady Bracknell’s handbagging of poor Ernest. Antonio looked resplendent in his frock and Jonathan provided an appropriately nervy Ernest I the face of Antionio’s convincing matriarchal onslaught. It is not easy to take on such a well-known sketch and these two boys certainly entertained us with their rendition: fantastic stuff!

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CHRISTMAS CABARET Now we found ourselves in a wood with some Year 10 Drama boys. Harrison Phillips, Michael Dimech De Bono and Adin De Carlucci took to the stage to act out their own dramatic creation. The boys quickly drew us in with some quick and witty dialogue between Adin and Harrison about potatoes. As Michael entered he quickly took control of the stage with a commanding and confident demonstration of scout-masteresque leadership. However, all was not to end well: Adin was critically wounded in the eye with a partypopper and the happy walk in the woods was soon every hiker’s worst nightmare that culminated in the wonderfully choreographed fall of Harrison with a second party popper to the eye. What followed can only be described as school comedy gold. You cannot go wrong with a stage full of overblown wigs and chaps in dresses. Daniel Barta, Jude Brazier, Max Hashem and Tommasso Savelli took us on a terrifying journey of what could happen if sleep-texting were a real phenomenon. From under his colossal blonde wig Danny kept walking from one disaster to the next: unexpected proposals from Tommasso, bomb threats and birth mothers. The whole performance was winningly delivered by a group of boys who were totally at home on the stage and clearly having a great time. Happily, so was the audience! It fell to Evangelos Megaritis and Anthony Abrahams to tie up our evening. With the bar set punishingly high by previous acts, you would think these two would be nervous; not a bit. Evangelos finds himself kidnapped by the country’s most incompetent criminal: Abraham. Happily for Evangelos it turned out that Abraham was no criminal mastermind, rather a desperate playwright. The two boys did a fantastic job keeping us in suspense with all the action centered around the one chair and as Abraham pulled a gun we had good cause to think this could be a rather brutal finish. Fortunately, comedy prevailed as Evangelos outwitted and turned the tables on his Sancho Panza style foe and revealed he did not even publish plays. Their efforts were deservedly applauded. Well that is it! I think I will not be alone in offering my most sincere congratulations to both Miss Twomey and the whole cast for putting on such a wonderful show. This production was open to all boys and there was not a weak gazelle in the whole herd. We in the audience finished our evening unable to believe our luck that every act had been delivered with such panache and professionalism. At this juncture I must also mention the compare team: Rocco and Fabien Cairaschi, Sherif Kobt and AJ Thattharit who were the glue that held the whole thing together. The Barometer - 02/12/2016 9

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WSS ABROAD From the Walkabout Foundation Luca Lobefalo and Manuel Carmo Costa write... In Uganda everything is different to London. We both left our homes around 3pm to start our journey. We were supposed to board the plane at 6:30pm but there was a delay which worried us because we had a 2 hour stopover which decreased to 1 so we weren't sure if we would catch the second plane in time. 9 hours later we were in Kenya. The airport was crazy we ran from gate to gate until we found the right one. Later on, due to problems on the runway, we were stuck in our plane for around two hours. After a further 2 hours we finally arrived in the Ugandan airport. However, our journey wasn't over thanks to a 80km car drive which took us 4 and a half hours. When we first saw the car we were going to ride for the next four hours, we were surprised. It was literally a van with sofas stuck inside! The city of Kampala was complete chaos; each house was about the size of a third of the dining room at school. Each road was overrun by motorbikes and each motorbike was carrying between 2 to 4 people. The houses were all painted with similar advertisements and filled with men, women and children. Finally, we arrived in Jinja. We were knackered after a 22 hour journey and not being able to sleep properly for 36 hours. The hotel we are staying at is beautiful and just as we were looking around we were hit by another surprise: we made the discovery that this place was infested with monkeys - every five seconds a jump was being made and there were always close to ten monkeys climbing the trees around the hotel. After a five minute break in the pool, we reminded ourselves that we were here to help and were on a car on our way to the headquarters of our partners who are called Soft Power Health. There, we witnessed the first signs of disability and poor health. During the tour of the place, we learnt about Malaria, its parasites and how to test for it. Luca was then tested and we were happy to see he had not caught Malaria during the car journey! After a late lunch we walked back and met some of the locals.

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WSS ABROAD The second day was much tougher. We woke up at 4:30am UK time and we went straight off to the first distribution. It was a totally new experience for us both. We helped empty the truck which had 15 wheelchairs in it. We then learnt how to prepare them. We spent a long time pumping up wheels in the boiling Ugandan sun. Above all, the biggest experience has been seeing, meeting and communicating with the beneficiaries. After working the whole day, we decided to treat ourselves before the mosquitoes came. We found out that there was a zip line next door and it was free. Captured by the words "zip lining into the river Nile" we hurried to the zip line itself. The third day was similar, however, we had to work harder as there were 40 wheelchairs and it was hotter. Somehow, we found the time to learn a completely new skill (dramatic pause & drum roll)‌. Photography! As we are travelling with an amazing photographer, Thomas Williams and the colours and the light are incredibly vibrant here.

Tyler Merriman

Today we enjoyed a rest day where we went to see the rapids on the Nile. Later today we went on to Lake Victoria and to the source of the Nile. We got on to a boat and took some amazing shots with our photographer's camera. Tomorrow we will be in another distribution and the day after we will take a flight to Kenya so we can see what the charity is doing over there.

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CURRICULUM NEWS From the Art and Graphic Design Department Mr Meyer writes… Year 9 completed their ‘Screen Printing’ unit by printing on top of the collage they had created during their earlier homework. Considering the techniques of one the most famous pop artists to come out of this movement: screen printer, Robert Rauschenberg. As well as this, they also printed on top of their earlier mono-prints creating a finish similar to that of Patrick Caulfied.

Shwan Azeaz

Teagan Whealon-Mortimer

Rocco Cairaschi 16 The Barometer - 02/12/2016

Alex Le Marchant

Ignacio Garricos Garcia

Edoardo Usai

Sacha Ross

AJ Sawangpanich

Wetherby Senior School cordially invites you to the

Christmas Concert Wednesday 7th December at 6.30pm Hinde Street Methodist Church

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CURRICULUM NEWS From the Drama Department Rocco and Fabien Cairaschi (Y9) write... Last week, a group of boys from Years 7-10 went to the Apollo Theatre to watch a hilarious play called ‘Peter Pan Goes Wrong’. This is a classic parody of ‘Peter Pan’, as you may have noticed in the title the words ‘Gone Wrong’. This meant that literally everything goes wrong but, don’t worry, it was all part of the play. This action-filled show contained almost constant humour. I would definitely recommend this play because it was amusing in all aspects. The stage set up and props were very effective because, instead of changing the scenery behind the

curtains, the stage rotated. This helped all of the audience feel as if they were a part of the adventure. Additionally, the movement of the stage also helped create an atmosphere of confusion and chaos. The lighting short-circuited,

18 The Barometer - 02/12/2016

characters were concussed, actors forgot their lines and the entire set broke down. In one scene alone, the bunk beds with the three Darling children in collapsed, pinning Wendy and her siblings inside, whilst the ‘dog’ (an actor in a costume) got trapped in the dog flap. Also lights fell off the lighting rig and characters missed their quick-change transitions. This was all extremely funny. My favourite part of the play was the ending: the stage had gone crazy, spinning into chaos and all of the scenery had been destroyed. It was definitely a play that I won’t forget.

BIG NEWS FROM THE DRAMA DEPARTMENT… AUDITIONS FOR WETHERBY SENIOR SCHOOL’S BIG SCHOOL SHOW ARE COMING SOON! What’s the play and who’s it by? Reputable professional theatre company ‘Les Enfant Terribles’, creators of Alice’s Underground Adventures and Dinner with the Twits, will be coming into Wetherby Senior School to create an exclusive play for us. The cast members will have the chance to work with these professional actors/ directors, be part of creating this ‘never seen before’ play and star in the production.

When will the play be? This play will be performed in the final week of the Spring term, on the evenings of Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th March. Please ensure you are free on these evenings prior to auditioning.

What exactly is Miss Twomey looking for? As all cast members will be involved in creating the play itself alongside the professional actors, Miss Twomey is looking for creative and focused boys. If you love acting, devising plays and creative projects, this is likely to be the best thing you do all year!

Will this play involve a lot of work? Being in a school show is a commitment that must be thought through carefully. Boys will be asked to attend regular rehearsals and it is important that they are dedicated and motivated.

When will auditions be?

Auditions for Years 9 and 10 will be held at the start of lunch on Monday 5 th December at 13:15. Auditions for Years 7 and 8 will be held at the start of lunch on Tuesday 6 th December at 13:15.

What do I need to do to prepare for the audition? You will need to learn the script in the text box at the bottom off-by-heart to perform at the audition. I would like you to use your imagination when thinking about the character. Is he young, old, nice, mean, silly, naïve, sneaky, charming or something else entirely? There is no ‘correct’ answer, just apply confidence and imagination….

I saved my pocket money for three weeks. I didn’t buy anything. No comics, no crisps, no sweets. I went to the pet shop and bought this tiny green snake instead. But, once I got home I realised I could never keep the snake. Not as a pet. So I had to get rid of it. But how? All sorts of things occurred to me. Flush it down the toilet. Bury it. Throw it from a tower block. But all the while another thought was taking place. I was going to eat it.

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CURRICULUM NEWS From the Geography Department

Miss Maroudi writes… This week in Geography we joined up forces with Mr Hasthorpe to look at global atmospheric convection currents. The boys made all the appropriate ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ noises as we saw how hot things will always rise above cool things.

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CURRICULUM NEWS From the Classics Department Miss Nash writes... This week, Year 9 boys have been revising hard for their end of term Latin assessment. One lesson this week took place in the IT room which enabled boys to use websites such as Cambridge Latin Course and Memrise to help with their revision. Activities which the boys completed included wordsorting tasks and using vocab testers.

Hitting The Nail On The Head: Language Idioms of the Week Quedarse de piedra Literal translation: to stay like stone Translation: to be dumbstruck Tomaten auf den Augen haben Literal translation: to have tomatoes on the eyes Translation: to be oblivious to what’s going on around you Coup de foudre Literal translation: to a strike of lightening Translation: to fall head over heels The Barometer - 02/12/2016 21

CURRICULUM NEWS From the English Department

“See” ’t shalt thou never.—Fellows, hold the chair.— Upon these eyes of thine I’ll set my foot." Ironically, as Gloucester lost his eyes, so did the boys, many of whom hid behind their programmes!

Miss Kirk writes... On Wednesday evening, ten budding Shakespeare enthusiasts ventured to the Barbican Theatre to see King Lear. In a bid to broaden their understanding of Shakespearean tragedies and to enhance their appreciation of the Bard, we promised our boys a display of wicked treachery, heart-wrenching loyalty and stomach-churning gore. Gregory Doran's highly acclaimed and now sold out production did not disappoint. Next time, we'll choose a comedy to cater for those of a less blood-thirsty disposition...

They boys' re-enactment of 'tragedy': interesting...

22 The Barometer - 02/12/2016

All smiles after adding an understanding and enjoyment of King Lear to their bow, or, more appropriately, Shakespearean ruff.

SPORTING NEWS From the Games Department Mr Sullivan writes… Well done Tyburn for winning Year 7 & 8 Inter-Trib Football. Lots of amazing football and teamwork on show! Please come down and support our Inter--Trib Rugby on: Year 10 Inter-Trib Rugby – Tuesday 6th December – 2:15pm KO Year 9 Inter-Trib Rugby – Thursday 8th December – 2:15pm KO Address: Wetherby Sports Ground, Twyford Avenue Sports Ground, Twyford Ave, London W3 9QB No Games Please beware that there will be NO Games on Wednesday 7th December for Year 7/8 due to the concert rehearsals. Please wear full school uniform on this day. Lost Property The Games Department is always telling boys to look after their kit and ensure it is named. The reality is that if boys’ property is left lying about it will be collected and taken to the Games Office. Named items of kit will be returned to the owner however it is impossible if they are not named. It is astonishing to see the amount of lost property we collect during a term: new trainers, single shoes, tracksuit tops/bottoms etc. Due to the amount of lost property, lost property will be handled as follows: 

Named items will be returned as quickly as possible;

After 5 days, any items remaining shall be placed into storage until the end of that term;

At the end of each term any unclaimed un-named items will be disposed or given to charity

We are talking about a large quantity of valuable kit here. So can I please, therefore, stress the importance of naming items of school kit. The Barometer - 02/12/2016 23

SPORTING NEWS Year 7/8 Inter-Trib Football – Tier 1

Match 3: Fleet 0 vs. Tyburn 1

Mr Montgomery writes…

Tyburn needed a win to try and keep a clean sheet in order to gain the most points from the tournament. The game started off with some frantic passing from both teams as they tried to win but soon settled into a very close competition. George came close after a break from Alessandro set him up with quite a lot of work to do. Despite courageous defending George still managed to get his shot away but it flew wide of the mark. The deadlock was broken soon after as Alessandro caught another ball on the sweet spot putting Tyburn in the lead.

Match 1: Fleet 3 vs. Walbrook 0 The first match was played between Walbrook and Fleet with Fleet showing their intentions early after a well-worked goal from Finlay. Walbrook were given a golden opportunity to equalise soon after as a penalty was awarded, but a fantastic save from Jude Brazier kept Fleet in the lead. Immediately after half time, Fleet were on the rampage again with Jude Jones hitting the cross bar setting up Joâo for an easy tap in. Joâo scored soon after with a powerful long shot bobbling on the hard ground catching out Dylan in goal. Fleet could have scored a few more but Dylan made some fantastic saves keeping the score line for Walbrook at a respectable level. Match 2: Tyburn 4 vs. Walbrook 0 In the second game, Walbrook looked slightly tired, but the defence held firm for a long period of time. Tyburn had the lion’s share of possession but could not score with Alessandro coming close clipping the side of the goal. Walbrook almost scored soon after but Maxime made a fantastic save keeping the scores level. It was end to end with George hitting the post for Tyburn. At half time with the scores level, Walbrook looked like they could rally and win the game until Alessandro put his laces through the ball putting Tyburn in the lead. The flood gates opened after with Rafi, Haotong and Alessandro all scoring making the final score 4-0 to Tyburn.

24 The Barometer - 02/12/2016


Year 7/8 Inter-Trib Football – Tier 2 Mr Sullivan writes… Match 1: Fleet 6 vs. Walbrook 0 The inaugural Wetherby Senior School Inter-Trib football tournament kicked off under the bright November sunshine and the allure of mince pies and hot chocolate, which was very kindly prepared by the PTA. The first match was played between Walbrook and Fleet. After an even start, with neat passes exchanged between both sides, Fleet started to find holes in the defence and clinical strikes from Himat, Oscar and Zack, shortly before and after the half-time interval, put pay to any chance of Walbrook coming back into the game. Match 2: Tyburn 4 vs. Walbrook 0 The second and penultimate match was between Tyburn and Walbrook. In the second game, Walbrook looked slightly tired, but the defence held firm. As the game wore on, Tyburn started to come into the match and a great strike from Devon put them one nil up. This was added to by Beau whose long range shot dipped and curled into the top right hand corner. A fabulous goal which was applauded by the spectators. Match 3: Fleet 0 vs. Tyburn 2 In the final fixture, Tyburn needed to beat Fleet to became Tier 2 Champions. After scoring a quick brace, Tyburn's lead was extended by a weaving run by Beau before crossing at the bar line and a poacher’s finish from Devon. Overall I wonderful day of Football with much talent on show. Thank you to the entire PTA for an amazing spread afterwards #teamwetherby The Barometer - 02/12/2016 25


Year 9/10 Rugby WSS A vs. Tywford Academy Mr Montgomery writes‌ The battle of Twyford commenced with Wetherby kicking off on a perfect afternoon for rugby. A mixed year 9/10 team took to the field and were fully of confidence after some great training session with Mr Sullivan in the week. The first half flew by with Wethebry on top after some great work from the centre pairing of Antonio Mendes and Nour who caused Twyford Academy a headache in the mid field. Wetherby finished the half 15-10 up after a brace of tries from Matthew. Half time score 15-10 to Wetherby. 26 The Barometer - 02/12/2016

The second half commenced with Wetherby coming slowly out of the blocks giving Twyford the easiest ten minutes of the game allowing them to run in four tries. A spirited come back was on the cards but despite Antonio Mendes scoring Wetherby could not close the gap with the final score ending up as 39-20 in favour of Twyford. It is such a shame that Wetherby allowed Twyford to run in some easy tries in the second half as the game would have been completely different. Man of the match: Antonio Mendes Esteves and Jock Saeger Well done boys for a great first season of competitive rugby.


Captain’s Log – Nelson Tobin Last Sunday I had the extremely rare opportunity to not only meet but have a training session with who I consider to be the greatest rugby player ever. Of course this man was Johnny Wilkinson. I met Jonny early morning on the well-catered pitches of the Royal Holloway University. We started our passing practice as soon as possible. Johnny taught me a lot about my own mind-set when even doing simple things like catching a pass or making a grubber kick and how I should always be relaxed and confident. We proceeded to do some short distance kicks which gradually got bigger and bigger and by the end of this part of the section he was sending me cross-field

kicks and I was trying to catch them. To finish off we went to the drill everyone was waiting for… conversions! As a winger or No. 8 I never normally kick for my team and so I wasn't surprised when my kick went straight for the crossbar, however, Jonny assessed my technique and showed me what I was doing wrong. I took his advice for consideration and now I can kick seemingly professionally and I have complete confidence in it. I think that the one hour journey to London was definitely worth a four and a half hour training session with the Johnny Wilkinson and I know I'll never forget what I learned that day both psychologically or skills wise.

The Barometer - 02/12/2016 27

SPORTING NEWS Coaches’ Corner Name: Nathan Murphy Height: 5ft 9 / 175cm Weight: 11 stone / 154 lbs. Favourite food: Crayfish Sports Coached: Football, Rugby, Cricket Hobbies: 6 a-side football, Sculpture, cooking If you could be one player: Manuel Neuer Achievements: Receiving my Master’s degree in Art. Becoming an artist member of the Royal Society of British Sculptors. Making public sculpture commissions. Cardiff city youth Player. Studied Stone Carving in Florence. Most memorable moment working at WSS: Being introduced to former England youth international James Sullivan. Which fellow staff member would make the best James Bond and why: Tom Dawson but I may have blown his cover. What was the last film, book or TV show you cried at: I don’t cry… I’m welsh. What would the title of your autobiography be: The green green grass of home If you went on Mastermind what would your specialist subject be: Contemporary British sculpture from the 1950’s to the modern day. If you could witness any past, present or future moment what would it be: Watch Wales win the football world cup. What three guests (dead or alive) would you invite to a dinner party and why: Tony Caro (Former British Sculptor) For his chat, Gareth Bale (Best Player in the world) To bring the Beers. Tom Kerridge could cook dinner. If you won the lottery what would be the first thing you’d buy: Build a Large live work Art studio. 28 The Barometer - 02/12/2016

Sports Quote of the Week:

“A trophy carries dust. Memories last forever.” Follow us for results and updates on Twitter via @WetherbySSports #teamwetherby

CLUB NEWS Junior Geography & Classics Consortium

Miss Maroudi writes, This week in Geographical Society and Classics Club, the boys painted and finalised their volcanoes. Stay tuned to see who made the closest replica to Vesuvius!

The Barometer - 02/12/2016 29

CLUB NEWS Food Chemistry Club Miss Hoskins writes... In Food Chemistry this week we investigated the change of state between solid and liquid using sugar as our example. We used a candy floss machine to prove that solid sugar can be melted whilst being spun in a centrifuge. Once molten, it shoots through tiny holes onto the outside of the machine where it solidifies. These are the tiny strands of solid sugar that appear as the candy floss. We collected the candy floss on skewers with mixed success. I will not be giving up my job to join the fairground as a candy floss maker just yet. We also had some dry ice in the Chemistry department that needed using up so we did a few demos showing the sublimation of solid carbon dioxide into its gaseous form. The dry ice is so cold that it causes water vapour in the air to condense forming the white ‘smoke’ that we can see. Almost like forming a cloud.

30 The Barometer - 02/12/2016

CLUB NEWS Junior Quiz Club Mr Atkinson writes: Another win for Adam Ahmed-Mekky. Can he win the Christmas themed final quiz!?

Senior Quiz Club Mr Hasthorpe writes… This week's winners of the Senior Quiz were Vadim, Tom and Niclas. Vadim proudly informed me this week that he had yet to be on a losing team this term... that's certainly a challenge for next Monday this calendar year's final quiz! Fancy yourself a Quizzard? After last week's unexpected sports round, something more arty - ballet! Which ballet tells the story of: (a)

a girl called Swanhilda whose fiancé nearly falls in love with a doll?


a peasant girl whose lover betrays her, and who becomes a ‘Wili’?


a fairground puppet who comes to life?

Answers: Coppélia, Giselle, Petrushka The Barometer - 02/12/2016 31

CLUB NEWS From Year 7 Drama Activities this week:

32 The Barometer - 02/12/2016

WSS PUZZLES Cryptic Crossword 1 Cryptic crosswords can look a little daunting but really they are like a normal crossword once you work out the code! Here are some tips for having a go if you have never tried one before. Normally the answer is at the start or end of the clue. So ‘container is a messed up top’ (3) might be a word for container or top. Anagrams are often indicated by a word like scrambled, chaotic, smashed etc. So ‘container is a messed up top’ (3) might 1 2 3 be an anagram. The answer being POT. 4 6







Often ONE means I, elements are chemical symbols, roman numbers are V, L, M etc.


If the definition is not at the start or the end then it might be because the clue is a play on words or a joke. I have done this in a few cases – see if you can spot them!






When clues say enters, join, back, loses and so on then you might need to play around with the words. For example, ‘I enter backwards lob, growth on face’ (4) gives BOIL as the ‘I’ has entered BOL which is lob backwards.



1 One enters gasping for breath, drawing (8)

1 I read it forwards and backwards and it still makes sense! (10)

4 Take it all in but lose the six-pack. Sphere (3) 6 Lithium and iron join snake with end of cat. Safe place when troubled at sea (8) 8 Mountain made from neat messed up (4) 9 Initially do our underlying beliefs trouble? I’m not sure (5) 10 He is back in Vietnam (3)

2 Chaotic battle provides a modern device (6) 3 Does Batman ask his butcher this and chuckle? (6) 5 Wet weather and was inside outsides of branch make influence (9)

12 Euromillions loses its head and becomes a German man (4)

7 Show off what you’ve got, or at least that is the advice (6)

13 Scrambled magma gives type of radiation (5)

11 Empty or full it is all the same (4)

14 Finish. Edit or change without the morning (3) 15 The bad poker player is also a trout (4)

The Barometer - 02/12/2016 33

VOTES FOR SCHOOLS This week’s topic has been: ‘Are Libraries still relevant?’

Next Week’s Topic will be: ‘Should Schools stop giving out detentions?' 34 The Barometer - 02/12/2016

ON THE HOTSEAT Hello and welcome to Week 9 of “On the Hot Seat”. This week, dear readers, we travelled around the globe, (well, up the stairs) in search of a worthy participant. We scaled mountains, (again, just the stairs) and encountered wild beasts, (ok, maybe it was just Mr Warner (Steady on team Hot Seat! – Ed.)) in our search for Geography’s latest acquisition, Miss Maroudi! Did you know, dear readers, that Miss Maroudi lived in Greece for a large part of her life and can speak the language fluently? Perhaps you should consider greeting her with “kaliméra” one morning! Her favourite Greek dish is Pastitsio it’s like lasagne but with tubed pasta and more béchamel. Yummers! Continuing with the Greek theme, her father has a marble business and many of the marble floors in their living room in Greece are made of the same marble as the Acropolis. Impressive! Like many of our colleagues here at Wetherby, Miss Maroudi can scuba dive. When she isn’t being chased around the Greek Islands by barracudas, (yes readers, this really did happen!) she is braving the cold waters of the UK. In fact on one cold day, clad in a dry suit, she accidently turned upside down so all the air went to her feet and she shot up 20m in about 3 seconds – like a miniature human space shuttle, under water of course! So, on that bombshell let us begin… 1) Pizza or pasta? Pppppp… pasta! 2) Human or Physical? Physical 3) Cinema or DVD? DVD (there was a small moment of panic here, and Miss Maroudi started to question life…) 4) Winter or summer?

Summer 5) Still or sparkling? Still 6) Call or text? Text 7) Mainland or Island? Mmmmmmmmmm mainland 8) Dark chocolate or white chocolate? Dark 9) Dancing or singing? Singing 10) Dog or cat? Dog 11) Which famous actress would play you in the movie of your life? Jennifer Aniston, because she is my most favourite person ever. (It was after much effusiveness, dear readers, that we had to remind Miss Maroudi, that she and Jennifer Aniston are not, in fact, best friends!) 12) What is your favourite TV show? FRIENDS (funny that!) The Barometer - 02/12/2016 35

From the Editor On this week’s front cover: The Cabaret cast take their bow On the back: Year 9/10 give it their all on the Rugby pitch For all comments and feedback please email:

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