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From the Headmaster Dear Parents, In 22 years, I don't think I have ever experienced heat in school buildings quite like we did at both Bryanston Square and Marylebone Lane this week. Normally these buildings ventilate rather well but I think the post 30 degree mark was just too much for even these well designed, grand old buildings. With air conditioning in only a few rooms in both schools, the temperature was, at times, rather unpleasant and the boys certainly appreciated our relaxed approach to uniform in order to minimise discomfort. Whilst relationships with our neighbours and the Bryanston Square community improve with every passing school year, we are not yet at the stage where we can take the boys into the Square for impromptu lessons under a shady tree. We do though, at the Senior School, have the opportunity to walk the few minutes up the road to Paddington Street Gardens, where Latin, English and Geography lessons have all taken place this week, as well as break time for Years 7 and 8, replete with refreshing ice lollies. It's very British to moan about the weather, hot, cold, wet, dry but as long as we can utilise our local area at Wetherby, we will embrace the lot and adapt to all conditions accordingly.

Something else that I perceive as very British (though I'm sure they have them in loads of other countries!) is hot air ballooning and it was a remarkable sight earlier in the week to see one pass right overhead where I live. Patrick and Joseph didn't seem massively impressed and, as you can see below, I couldn't even get Joseph to appear in the photo but I thought it was a lovely thing to witness (and it was a lot closer than it appears in the photograph). A week and a half to go, yet no sign of anyone slowing down and meandering towards the end of term. Both school calendars look busier than ever next week and I know how much the boys love the activities and events that come around at this time of year. Enjoy the next two weeks boys – there are 8 weeks of holiday coming up and I guarantee that, once the novelty of getting up late has worn off after a couple of days, you will be missing Wetherby and already looking forward to coming back to School...possibly... Have a good weekend,


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DIARY Monday 26th Marcos Burnett Wildlife Photography Competition: Year 9 & 10 Boys and Parents


Tuesday 27th Residentials Week for Years 7, 8 & 9



Year 10 Graphic Communication trip to Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising


Year 10 trip to see Hamlet at Harold Pinter Theatre

Thursday 29th

Friday 30th No Assembly - Boys dismissed at 1500

Saturday 1st Year 10 Duke of Edinburgh Qualifying Expedition

Sunday 2nd Year 10 Duke of Edinburgh Qualifying Expedition

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NOTICEBOARD Residentials Week Y7/8 will be heading to Kent with the Bushcraft Company. They are to meet in the school dining room at 09:20 on Tuesday 27 June. Please do ensure that boys have the necessary medication with them. There is no requirement for packed lunches, a hot lunch will be served to the boys on arrival at Bushcraft. We aim to be back by 14:00 on Friday 30 June, at which point boys will be dismissed from the school premises. Y9 are heading to Somerset for the week. All boys are to meet outside the WHSmiths, at Paddington train station, for 10:40 on Tuesday 27 June. Boys will require a packed lunch for the train. Tickets will be provided by the school. Boys will arrive back at Paddington for 13:39 on Friday 30 June, at which point they will be dismissed. Boys in Years 7-9 not going on the Residentials should attend school as normal. Year 10 have normal lessons.

Year 7 & 8 Grades The final set of Year 7 and 8 Grades will be sent home on Monday 26th June.

Prep There will not be any supervised prep after school from Tuesday to Thursday next week, so Years 7-9 can go home at 15.30 on Tuesday and Thursday, and after Games on Wednesday. Years 7-9 will have two combined Games sessions on Tuesday (periods 4-6) and Wednesday afternoon).


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Clubs & Food Clubs & Activities this week: Monday Film Review Club Music Tech Philosophy YAD Fitness Basketball Barre Fitness Book Club Cricket Food Chemistry Football GCSE Art & Design GCSE Drama GCSE Graphic Design Quiz Club




After Monday, there will be no more activities for the rest of term.

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Headmaster’s Gala Mrs Deedat writes... The Headmaster’s Gala Dinner at the Italian Embassy last Friday was a tremendous success. Parents and teachers enjoyed a three course meal prepared by Danilo Cortellini, followed by limoncello and coffee. There was also an auction with some phenomenal pledges thanks to the generosity

of our parent body and London businesses. In total, a staggering £20,706 was raised for the Marcos, Will and Maria Bursary and the Italian Red Cross. All winning bidders should have been contacted by now but do email me if you have not heard anything. Many thanks to the PTA for all their hard work in organising this event as well as Ambassador and Signora Terracciano for hosting.


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Curriculum News From the Art and Graphic Design Department Mr Meyer writes...

Jacques O’C. Max H. Joao C.

Akshay B.

Robert B.

Olly G.

'Coil Pots' were the final Year 8 Art & Design unit of the year, providing the boys with an opportunity to learn how to use the extruder, allowing them to create a perfectly formed clay coil. As well as developing an understanding of extruding the clay they also learnt about scoring and applying slip; adding layers; refining and applying glaze using a ceramic sponge. Above all, the boys enjoyed creating this object that could serve as a whole myriad of different uses from storing Nespresso capsules (other brands of coffee pod are also available—Ed.) to holding stationery...

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Curriculum News Miss Bradley writes... Year 8 have been designing book covers for A Christmas Carol, the novel they studied earlier this year in English. The boys began the project by experimenting with a wide range of manual illustration techniques, creating tonal drawings, continuous line drawing, coloured pencil and collage, as well as creating designs using Adobe Illustrator. The boys then selected their most successful works, developing them into a functional book cover using Photoshop. Boys had to consider composition and aesthetics as well as legibility and ensure that they included all the essential features you would find on a book cover. All the designs are highly original and enticing - which one would you pick up in a book shop?


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Curriculum News From the Chemistry Department Miss Hoskins writes... This week in Chemistry, the Year 8 boys have been investigating Hydrogels. These are solids which absorb up to 500 times their own mass of water. The hydrogels the boys were looking at are found in babies’ nappies. The nappies are made up of a waterproof outside coating, a protective cotton layer and then the middle is filled with hydrogel crystals and some cotton wool. The boys cut out a 10x10cm portion of nappy and then gradually poured water from a 1 litre jug onto the nappy. As the hydrogel began to absorb the water, the nappy swelled up enormously. On average, this 10cm2 portion absorbed 900cm3 of water (sometimes 900cm3 just isn’t enough—Ed.)

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Curriculum News From the Chemistry Department Miss Hoskins writes... This week, the Year 9 boys have been learning about different gases in the atmosphere. This was the perfect excuse to order in a large amount of dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) to ‘play’ with. The boys investigated the different properties of carbon dioxide using a number of simple practical demonstrations. They enjoyed being able to hold the ‘smoke’ (condensed water vapour) that pours off the dry ice when hot water was added and also being able to grow a giant hand from a latex glove and a few pieces of dry ice. In this example the dry ice sublimes to a gas and fills the glove. As more and more gas is formed it starts to inflate the glove.


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Curriculum News

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Curriculum News From the Drama Department Miss Twomey writes... This week, in their Drama lessons, Year 9 have been staging the most famous witches in all historical literature - Macbeth's Witches. We've been out on the stormy heath in the wind, rain and lightning (we put some 'thunderstorm' sound effects on) and have been calling out to a terrified Macbeth and Banquo with these timeless lines: “All hail, Macbeth! hail to thee, Thane of Glamis!” “All hail, Macbeth, hail to thee, Thane of Cawdor!” “All hail, Macbeth, thou shalt be King hereafter!” Well done to 9C, who created some especially threatening witches (pictured here).


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Curriculum News From the Maths Department Miss Dunn writes... Earlier this term our Year 8 boys all took part in the UKMT Junior Maths Challenge. Over 250,000 pupils from across the UK sat the Junior Maths Challenge with roughly the top 6% receiving a Gold Certificate, the next 13% Silver and the next 21% Bronze. Approximately 6800 of the top students are invited to sit a follow-on competition. Congratulations to all of our Year 8 boys for taking part in the competition which challenges problem-solving and logical thinking skills. In particular we would like to recognise the achievement of the boys below:

GOLD CERTIFICATES - Akshay Bhandari (who qualified to go on to take the follow-on competition) and Billy Macpherson SILVER CERTIFICATES – Nico Sharma and Alex Piggott-Testa BRONZE CERTIFICATES – Frejvid Gislev, Dylan Auerbach, Max Hashem and Tommaso Savelli

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Sporting News Mr Sullivan writes...

Sports Day: Wednesday 5th July: 12:30 – 16:00 Come down and support your TRIB! Come on Effra, Fleet, Walbrook & Tyburn! Venue: Parliament Hill Fields Athletics Track, Hampstead Heath, Parliament Hill, London, NW3 2JP. Please come down to support the boys. There is parking available in the surrounding areas. Please see the attached document for further details of Sports Day.

Year 7/8 Inter-Trib Cricket The second annual Inter-Trib cricket tournament took place at Regent’s Park on Wednesday. The ground staff had worked tirelessly in preparing the pitches for the day and the weather was perfect. Overall, this was a wonderful day of cricket with much talent on show. Thank you to the entire PTA for an amazing spread afterwards #teamwetherby Well done to Fleet!

Top Batsman: Jude B. – 25 not out Top Bowler: Finlay W. – 3 wickets Catch of the day: Alessandro G. Sportsmanship Award: Sherif K.

Final Scores: 1st Fleet 2nd Tyburn 3rd Walbrook


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Sporting News

Inter-Trib Highlights

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Sporting News


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Sporting News

Eddie Jones training session Mr Sullivan writes…

it was simplicity itself.

Training started at 3pm with the one of the world’s best rugby coaches. The boys were nervous but excited! When Eddie approached you could hear a pin drop; such was the beauty of this session.

Eddie’s session was: attack focused, hands on the ball early, first receiver always squares to the opposition, runners offering themselves, huge work rate, massive noise levels, ball carrier make it difficult for tackler to get a good shot, as you hit the deck with the ball take an extra roll on the floor so the scavengers cannot attack a stationary target, look after your pal carrying the ball, and get the ball away and play. This went on for 50 minutes. Hearts were bursting out of bodies. Get up, repeat. Train at match intensity. Replicate match days on a training field. Get the lads to solve the problems

Eddie mentioned “We all started rugby at our local clubs or school, the young mixing with the old. While the game has changed the importance and relevance of junior rugby clubs has not.” Eddie spoke to all the boys and was in plenty of photos with the boys who trained. Dads and mums were inspired by the presence of the man who helped their sons improve. And then the training:

themselves. Game based. Eddie’s tone in training was firm and there was no messing about. The demand from the boss that basics are done right every time is absolutely nonnegotiable. Get ball carrying and starting positions right, then earn the freedom to play, to explore, and to take on today’s defence-dominated world. And as quickly as it started it was over. Keep it short, sharp, fun and accurate. Eddie’s final comment was: “You’re creating something amazing here at Wetherby Senior and you all should be so proud of your achievements so far. Look forward to seeing you all again soon”

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Sporting News

Sports Quote of the Week: “There are two types of rugby players, boys. There’s honest ones, and there’s the rest. The honest player gets up in the morning and looks himself in the mirror, and sets his standard. Sets his stall out, and says I’m going to get better. I’m going to get better. I’m going to get better.” Follow us for results and updates on Twitter via @WetherbySSports


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Clubs & Activities Junior Geographical Society Miss Maroudi writes‌. Junior Geographical Society visited the Natural History Museum on Thursday. The boys oohed and aahed as we ascended up the escalator into the earth and through to the Restless Earth exhibit. They explored the formation of volcanoes and the resulting rock formations. They were staggered by the sudden triggering of an earthquake inside a Kobe supermarket and amazed by how it can cause liquefaction where the ground acts like a liquid due to the shaking of the earth.

The Barometer | week 34 | 23/06/2017


From the Editor On this week’s front cover: Who has Mr Sullivan brought in to coach the boys? On the back: Year 9 Chemists enjoy the novelty of dry ice For all comments and feedback please email: henry.warner@wetherbysenior.co.uk


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