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From the Headmaster Dear Parents, As the father of two boys and it being some fourteen years since my teaching at a co-educational school, I have not had a great deal of exposure to the sport of netball in recent times. That all changed on Wednesday though, as I was delighted to be invited by Miss Hoskins and her ‘Wethergirls’ Team to their final match of the season at Pimlico Academy. On an outdoor basketball court, with mixed markings and a swirling wind that affected both sets of players, the ‘Wethergirls’, a team made up of Wetherby Senior female staff and Wetherby Prep’s Miss Kirby, put in a performance I was so proud to witness.

Miss Hoskins shoots….

…. and scores!

As the first ‘centre pass’ was taken, I was completely taken aback by the sheer athleticism, competitive spirit and no little skill exhibited by both teams. The ball was moved quickly from one end to the other until a breathless moment as the GA (Goal Attack) or GS (Goal Shooter) took a few seconds to compose themselves before attempting a goal. I was the lone supporter but my encouragement was echoed across the pitch as the Wethergirls matched the Wetherby boys in attitude in how to support and help out their teammates. Mrs Hannah Skinner was everywhere on the pitch and her aggressive and competitive spirit must be so annoying to play against - so glad she was on our team. Miss Abbey Twomey looked a bit cold pre match but, once on court, her ice-cool composure secured a key goal at a crucial time of the match. Miss Ria Kirby kept Prep School fans happy with a memorable performance and a number of excellent goals, many from an impressive distance! Miss Lillian Maroudi didn’t even know what netball was at the start of the season but has always been there and played with the maturity of a far more experienced pro. What would this team do without a Lottie Kirk on their side? Lottie worked tirelessly in defence, stopped countless goals and was the very essence of a team player, constantly involved and encouraging a colleague (and ever so occasionally berating the bully boy tactics of the opposition!). Miss Kate Eaves was a rock in defence and I lost count of the amount of times she was applauded for a ‘good tip’ (whatever that was). Mrs Dena Deedat brought her nifty basketball skills to the netball court and sold many a dummy to the opposition. Miss Nicki Ridley was quick and nimble down the wings, linking defence to attack and Miss Miranda Nash worked superbly, with effortless skill, yet still always saw the funny side when something didn’t quite go to plan - great attitude! And what can you say about the Captain and Leader, Miss Poppy Hoskins? Her tactical nous and understanding of the game are one thing but her sheer talent, composure and reliability on court brought the gameplay of the whole team up to a new standard. What a player!


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From the Headmaster After the match, we decamped to the tapas restaurant over And into the tapas restaurant for a debrief! the road:12 Wethergirls in their branded kit, Mr Baker in his suit and getting all sorts of funny looks, to award the end of season silverware (netball socks). Much tapas and sangria was enjoyed as we toasted the Wethergirls’ success and regaled stories of the season past. Players’ Player went to Hannah Skinner - great choice - what a good player, always in the face of the opposition; most improved was aforementioned beginner, Lillian Maroudi and Player of the Season to the ever-present and great ball-player, Dena Deedat. The talk was of a potential ‘mixed’ netball team next year but, even so, I wouldn’t get in this side. I might have a height advantage but I would get nowhere near the mobility and energy of this super team. What a fun night and great to be a part of - certainly one of the highlights of my year. After two years of running the Prep and Senior Schools, I truly hope that the partnership and collegiate nature exhibited by the Wethergirls Team is something that will continue for many years to come. Have a good weekend…

Planning Application Thank you to all parents (68 of you at the time of writing) who have submitted your support for our planning application to expand into 47 Bryanston Square. Everyone who works at Wetherby Prep and Senior appreciates your endorsements in this matter. If you have yet to lodge your support, please click the link at: http://idoxpa.westminster.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do? activeTab=summary&keyVal=ONJATERPKWQ00 Search planning applications

idoxpa.westminster.gov.uk Search planning applications online and press the yellow, ‘make a comment’ in the top right hand corner. W1 residents who express support as a ‘local resident’ are the most powerful but everyone’s input is not only valid but extremely helpful. Many, many thanks.

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Headmaster’s Gala Dinner AUCTION NOW LIVE! The PTA have been collecting pledges for the auction at the Headmaster’s Gala Dinner next Friday and we are pleased to announce that the website is now live. Please do have a browse and bid on the items and you are welcome to participate even if you are unable to attend the event itself. All funds are being donated to the Italian Red Cross and the Maria, Will and Marcos Bursary which are very worthy causes and close to our hearts. To bid, simply use this link:

https://www.wetherbyseniorgaladinner.com Thanks to the PTA and the generous parental body and staff. Here is a taste of some of the items up for auction: We have lots of brilliant pledges including:

 6 bottles of Louis Roederer Champagne

 Dinner with Actor Stanley Tucci at Theo Randall’s

 A bespoke 3 hour session with London's best

Italian Restaurant

personal shopper

 A helicopter flight along the River Thames

+Wetherby staff specials including:

 A dining experience at Beast Restaurant

 Personal training with Mr Sullivan and Mr

 Tickets to The Boodles Tennis  Tickets to the World Premiere of "Girl from the North

Montgomery & exclusive Wetherby kit

 Mrs Skinner’s Italian themed vegetable box


 Chelsea Football Club tickets

Mrs Deedat writes… We have a handful of tickets which have just come available for the Headmaster’s Gala Dinner next week. It is set to be a brilliant evening and it would be great if you could join us! Details are below: Tickets: Cost £135 and are sold on a first come first served basis with limited availability. Please email: nick.baker@wetherbysenior.co.uk OR Daniela.simpson@wetherbysenior.co.uk


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Check out the website to see the full list.



Great War living historian presentation to Year 9 historians


PRIZE GIVING, St Mary’s. Bryanston Square


Tuesday 23rd Cricket U15 WSS A/B vs UCS (H)


Wednesday 24th Cricket U13 WSS A vs Notting Hill Prep (H)


GCSE Drama tip to see Woyzeck at the OlD Vic


Thursday 25th Cricket Year 9 & 10 Inter-Trib


Year 7 Biochemistry Open Evening


Friday 26th HM Assembly at Hinde St Methodist Church


PTA Gala Dinner


Saturday 27th Sunday 28th

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Clubs & Food Clubs & Activities this week: Monday Film Review Club Music Tech Philosophy YAD Fitness Basketball Barre Fitness Book Club Cricket Food Chemistry Football GCSE Art & Design GCSE Drama GCSE Graphic Design Quiz Club


Tuesday Art and Design Bridge Club Climbing Club Fencing Football Parkour Quiz Club YAD Fitness

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Wednesday Actor Training & Physical Theatre Choir MFL Cinema Club Biology in the News Duke of Edinburgh Award Community Service

Thursday Fun Run Classics Club Junior Geographical Society Rock School Table Tennis

WSS Election

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Curriculum News From the Art & Graphic Design Department Mr Meyer writes... A new unit has been implemented into the Year 8 schemes of work, ‘Coil Pots’. Split into three sections: artist study; technical drawing and coil building. The boys have recently moved into the latter and enjoyed the kinaesthetic approach to this project with them developing an understanding of scoring & applying slips and adding layers. Next week they will add the base and refine.


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Curriculum News

Theatre Trip to see The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui Miss Twomey writes... On Tuesday 6th June, the GCSE Drama students visited the Donmar Warehouse to see The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui. The production is a parable play about the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party in Germany prior to World War II. It is presented through the metaphor of fictional 1930s Chicago mobsters and follows their dealings with bribes, murders and extortion. Upon arriving at the theatre, the boys were excited to see the police processing wall in the foyer with their heights written on it and enjoyed having their gangster mugshots taken with their best ‘guilty faces’.

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Theatre Trip and jazz being played. The actors were circulating and chatting to audience members, reminding them that it was a show and that they hope they enjoyed it. It was this factor that lead to our first excitement of the evening- all the boys got to meet the lead actor, Lenny Henry! Having studied the playwright in our lessons, the boys knew all about Bertolt Brecht and the style of theatre he created: Epic Theatre. Epic Theatre asks the audience to think about what they are seeing; it prevents them from becoming ‘too emotionally involved’ in the play so that they can remain objective and think about the moral message of the production. To achieve this, the audience are regularly reminded ‘it’s just a play’ by distancing them from the action, which is technically known as ‘Verfremdungseffekt’. Distacing is done in a variety of ways, such as showing a costume change on stage, seeing actors multi-rolling or giving away what is about to happen before it happens. In this Epic Theatre production, directed by Simon Evans, the distancing was done mostly through audience interaction. Upon entering the auditorium, the stage was set out like a 1930s speakeasy, with chairs gathered around little tables 10

During the play, actors would regularly stand at the sides of the stage and speak to the audience members. They would explain in hushed tones something that was due to happen soon and give them cues. Audience members were involved in the play as corpses, gangsters and criminals on trial. Whilst this did serve its purpose regarding verfremdungseffekt it was also extremely funny to witness; it was a great highlight to see Adin called upon twice by actors to participate. The first time he was transporting kerosene to burn down a

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warehouse and the second time he was objecting the gangsters and ‘shot’ as an example. Furthermore, Harrison enjoyed being on stage with Lenny Henry. During the finale in which Hitler/Arturo Ui was reaching out to his people, Harrison formed a ‘resistance’ and was summoned to the stage. Well

done to the Wetherby boys for getting involved and contributing brilliantly to this production. Overall, we did learn a lot about Brechtian ‘Epic’ Theatre, but we also really enjoyed being part of the anarchy of the 1930s Chicago gangster’s world, what a trip!

Theatre Trip

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Sporting News From the Games Department Mr Sullivan writes... Here are the latest updates from the Sports Department at Wetherby Senior...

Inter-Trib Cricket Inter-Trib Cricket will be taking place over the next two weeks: Years 9 & 10 – Thursday 15th June, starting at 13:00 Years 7 & 8 – Wednesday 21st June, starting at 14:00 Come down and support your TRIB! Who will win the treble? Come on Fleet, Walbrook, Effra & Tyburn! Venue: Regent’s Park – Sports Hub. All the RED circled numbers are Regent’s Park Cricket pitches which we will be using. If you intend to watch, please be aware that there is no parking onsite and please use the pre-paid parking bays outside the park.

Years 9 & 10: Must bring own packed lunch to ensure that all fixtures can be played in the afternoon. Departing from school at 12pm.


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Sporting News Year 7/8 Cricket WSS A vs. North Bridge House A On a perfect afternoon, the U13A team played North Bridge House Senior School in their fifth encounter of the term. After winning the toss, we decided to bat and begun the game. Finlay W. and Akshay B. opened the batting and took advantage of any loose deliveries against a very quick opening pair. This promising partnership was disrupted by two near-perfect deliveries, with the bowlers changing the pace of the ball to deceive our opening pair. Oscar C. and Atticus C. arrived at the crease and calmed the innings with a fine batting display, forming a comfortable and assertive partnership for the second game in a row. As the overs ticked by, both boys ensured a steady flow of runs and North Bridge House required two more remarkable deliveries to remove these two from the wicket. Max H. continued this fine work and ensured that the run rate remained high, dispatching the deliveries for quick runs. Nico S. continued his fine form with a top score for the team and, partnered with Alex PT., saw out the innings and added some valuable runs, with WSS finishing on 67 for 7. North Bridge House declared

their hand early with a 6 off of the second delivery. WSS had to adjust the field to manage the run rate, with the team making superb decisions to react to a fine start from NBH. After Finlay W. and Atticus C. removed the opening pair with fine deliveries, WSS began to take control of the game. Managing the run rate, Finlay W. took another 3 wickets (including a wicket maiden!), with fine catches from Akshay B. and Oscar C. to tear through the middle order. Joao C., Rafael H. and Haotong X. managed the deep fielding

superbly, limiting the opposition to low scoring. The game ended with a fine stumping from wicket -keeper Jude B. as WSS won the game by 4 runs. The Man of the Match award is shared between Nico S. (a fine batting performance) and Finlay W. (a superb bowling display). Both boys performed fantastically to help the team bring home a vital win for the team! A complete team performance and we finish the competitive cricket season next week against Notting Hill Prep.

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Sporting News Year 9 Cricket WSS A vs. John Lyon Mr Underwood… This was the final game of the year for the U14A team. After losing the toss, the boys opened the batting. Sacha R. began the game like a rocket and hit two boundaries before being caught in the first over. Monty C. and Yuvraj C. handled the innings at a slower pace, taking advantage of loose deliveries to increase the run total. Monty was on fire, hitting a personal best of 15 runs for WSS, including two consecutive boundaries. Antonio DB. arrived at the crease and added a quick -fire 16 runs, increasing the WSS run rate. Nour H., Sebastian P. and Sebastiano B. all added valuable runs, creating a total of 96 to win for John Lyon School. With Sacha R. and Yuvraj C. opening the bowling, WSS started with intensity and were rewarded after Ethan E. took a fine catch. Ensuring that the run rate remained minimal, Jock S. bowled his first ball and struck after Sebastiano took a tough catch. WSS continued to maintain the pressure with Sacha and Ethan E. taking vital wickets. John Lyon then began to chase the game and hit boundaries on a regular basis, including a huge six! Needing 14 runs off the final over, Ethan 14

bowled superbly and ensured the win for WSS, even taking time to claim one last wicket after a superb catch from Antonio. The Man of the Match award goes to Monty C. for maturely opening the innings for the team and keeping wicket superbly. He performed fantastically and brought home a vital win for the team! A brilliant team performance and a great finish to the competitive cricket season.

WSS B vs. John Lyon Mr Betts… On Thursday, the U14B team travelled to Harrow on the Hill to play their final fixture of the term against John Lyon School. Wetherby lost the toss and were put into bat. Harrison Sortir made one of the best Wetherby batting performances I have seen in a long time, earning himself an impressive 53 Not Out off only 63 balls. A phenomenal innings; well done. The rest of the team were unable to mimic Harrison's performance and we finished with 80. John Lyon batted very maturely and sensibly after conceding some early wickets thanks to some excellent bowling from Leo Khasis. Despite our great bowling John Lyon were able to win the fixture with 6 balls remaining and just one wicket left. It was a great match and the boys have learnt a fantastic amount over the course of season. Bring on Inter-Trib!

Sports Quote of the Week:

“If you do not believe in yourself, no one will do it for you” Follow us for results and updates on Twitter via @WetherbySSports #teamwetherby

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Clubs & Activities Junior Geographical Society Miss Maroudi writes... Following the incredible success of the bake sale where we raised £210 for WaterAid, JGS have been drawing their own choropleth maps of last night’s voting result predictions.

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Clubs & Activities Senior Quiz Club Mr Hasthorpe writes... This week's senior quiz was a smaller affair than usual owing to Year 9 being in their exams. Nevertheless we had a good showing of Year 10 boys and some excellent knowledge displayed by all. The winning teams pictured below, was Tom Z, Rory, and Gulliver.

Physical Theatre Club


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Clubs & Activities Climbing Club

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Clubs & Activities Parkour!


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Clubs & Activities

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From the Editor On this week’s front cover: Junior Geographical Society learn about electoral mapping On the back: Last few Gala tickets! For all comments and feedback please email: henry.warner@wetherbysenior.co.uk


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