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Field Day Fun for all!



Dear Parents, The penultimate week of this half of term was a busy one. There were two major publicity events in the week: the Prep School Head’s Dinner on the Thursday and our Open Day on the Saturday. Both events were very well attended and, at both, the feedback was positive. It was particularly good to hear the positive messages from the Prep Heads that our parents are transmitting about the School and for that I am grateful. The boys who gave up their time to tour guide on Saturday also did us proud and the comments from prospective families were very positive, including one who commented on the friendliness and openness of the boys; another on how articulate their guide had been. The main event of the week for the boys was Thursday’s Field Day. It was with some relief that the Underground strike was averted at the last minute and that all the trips could go ahead as planned. I have always been a believer that pupils learn as much outside the classroom as they do in it and that they learn as much from each other as they do from the adults in their lives so it was good to

see boys learning about the practical application of mathematics and working together to code break at Bletchley Park; Year 10 taking their first steps in navigation with a map and compass (away from Regent’s Park); Year 11 boys collaborating in workshops at the Globe to deepen their understanding of Macbeth and Year 7 were at London Zoo to learn more about how wildlife adapts to its environment. Year 9 visited the Rachel Whiteread exhibition and were encouraged to engage creatively with her sculpture. The boys were all challenged in different ways by their experiences but also enjoyed the opportunity to learn away from the School. Road Safety In recent weeks a small number of boys have had ‘near misses’ on the roads. Please remind your son about good road safety; the area local to the School is partly pedestrianised but not all drivers are as considerate as they ought to be. Given the nature of the roads around the School and some of the drivers on them, I would advise boys not to cycle to School. Those that do must wear a helmet and must not wear headphones while cycling. As the nights draw in, please ensure your son’s bicycle has lights and reflectors so that they

can be seen by other road users. PTA Following on from the meeting of the Parent Representatives held earlier this term, two Co-Chairs, a Secretary and a Treasurer of the PTA have been chosen. They will be in touch with the parent body in due course. The appointments are: Co-Chair: Mrs P. De Carlucci and Mrs I. Falkenberg Secretary: Mrs J. Bektas Treasurer: Mrs K. Virdee Formalising the PTA in this way will continue to strengthen the bonds between the School and the parents and I am greatly looking forward to working with them. It has been a busy six weeks for the School community and I wish you all a restful half term break.



Year 7 e-safety talk, Karl Hopwood 12:00pm Year 9 e-safety talk, Karl Hopwood 2:00pm E-safety talk for parents, Karl Hopwood 6:30pm


31.10.17 French IGCSE Writing Year 10 Parents Evening - Surnames (A-K) 5:30-7:30pm







Year 9 Theatre Trip (Jekyll & Hyde), Ambassadors Theatre 1:30pm HM Assembly at Hinde Street Methodist Church 3:00pm






A big thank you to all Open Day volunteers! Visiting parents were greatly impressed by the tour guides.





Soup: Vegetable & Lemon Broth

Soup: Carrot & Ginger


Main: Lentil & Mixed Vegetable Stuffed Peppers

Main: Bolognese Pasta

Meat Free: Broccoli & Parmesan Tagliatelle Pasta

Meat Free: Grilled Halloumi, Pumpkin & Quinoa

To Go With: Potato Gratin, Steamed Kale, Roasted Courgettes

To Go With: Parsley Linguine, Pesto & Cheese Garlic Bread, Steamed Green Beans

Dessert: Chocolate Pudding

Dessert: Autumn Fruit Salad

To Go With: Caramelised Onions, Mashed Potatoes, Garlic Parsley Mushrooms, Gravy

To Go With: Sautéed Spinach With Lemon, Chilli & Garlic , Sugar Snap Peas, Baby Corn

Dessert: New York Style Cheesecake


Soup: French Onion Main: Cottage Pie

Meat Free: Mediterranean Vegetables, Mixed Beans & Orzo

Meat Free Mixed Bean Vegetable Chili

Meat Free: Breaded Leek, Caramelised Onion & Cheese Sausages

Freshly Made Bread To Go With: Cheesy Nachos, Sour Cream, Salsa, Guacamole, Black Bean Rice, Mexican Vegetables Dessert: Chocolate Brownies

Homemade Salads Vegetable Crudités With Hummus Sandwich & Wrap Selection Meat & Cheese Platters Fresh Fruit Yogurt Pots


Main: Chili Con Carne

Main: British Pork Sausages

Dessert: Vanilla Rice Pudding

FRIDAY Soup: Roasted Sweet Pepper

Soup: Tomato


Year 7 spent their Field Day at the Zoological Society of London, London Zoo in Regent’s Park. They attended two educational talks held by experts at the zoo. During the first talk, boys learnt how different animals adapt and how important this is to their survival. The boys were fortunate enough to stroke a real corn snake and a cockroach! Cockroaches are often deemed as pests but the boys learnt that they are crucial for feeding on

on dead leaves and recycling nutrients. The second talk was about threats to wildlife and conservation. London Zoo had a large collection of items acquired through illegal animal trade. The boys learnt that there are sadly many threats to wildlife but conservation can protect species from going extinct. It was a great day out and the boys enjoyed seeing many animals whilst walking round the zoo.

FIELD DAY: YEAR 9 VISIT TATE BRITAIN Mr. Meyer writes… Field Day saw the third annual Year 9 Tate Britain trip take place. The boys enjoyed seeing and analysing the work of Turner Prize winning sculptor: Rachel Whiteread, whose notable works include ‘Untitled (Trafalgar Square Plinth)’. The boys were also given the opportunity to explore the permanent collection, enjoying the work of JMW Turner, Barbara Hepworth and many others.

FIELD DAY: YEAR 10 DUKE OF EDINBURGH The Year 10 Duke of Edinburgh boys headed up to Princes Risborough for a day of navigational training. The day focused on giving the boys an introduction to map reading and the chance to spend a day walking in the countryside.  The boys all had at least one turn at leading their groups on a leg of their route and the staff were very impressed with how quickly the boys grasped the basics of navigation – Bronze DofE should be no problem for our WSS boys!


FIELD DAY: YEAR 10 COMMUNITY SERVICE Year 10 Community Service boys spent Field Day working as classroom assistants at St. Mary’s Bryanston Square Primary School. The boys were placed in classes ranging from Reception (ages 4 and 5) up to Year 6 (ages 10 and 11) and they helped the children in subjects such as Science and Art as well as with simple counting! Observing the boys working with the children, I was incredibly proud of how kind and patient they were. The day also provided a fantastic opportunity for the boys to experience a day as teachers. It was interesting to hear some of the boys talk about how tired they were by the end of it!

It was clear how much the children appreciated the boys’ efforts, with many of them telling the boys at the end of the day how thankful they were for their help. It was so sweet to hear one of the younger St. Mary’s children saying that the help from a Wetherby boy had made him “happy”. Just how well the boys did was further emphasised when one teacher made a point of coming to find Wetherby staff members to tell us how pleased they had been with the two boys working in his class; he even said they would be welcome back whenever they wanted.

I hope that the boys enjoyed their day and could see how much their support had helped the children they worked with.

‘I enjoyed helping the children but at the end of the day, I was very tired!’ - Jock S

‘I was surprised by how confident the primary school children were.’ - Michael T

‘I enjoyed giving the students confidence.’ Luca V ‘The children were polite and listened very carefully.’ Andrei M

‘I enjoyed seeing the students progress.’ Teagan W

FIELD DAY: YEAR 11 VISIT THE GLOBE THEATRE Miss Kirk writes... On Field Day all 42 Year 11 boys, accompanied by six members of staff, ventured to the Southbank for an educational and fun-filled day at the Globe Theatre. After an informative tour of the Exhibition and a sunny riverside lunch, the boys were split into two groups for a highly interesting tour of the Globe stage and had exclusive access to rehearsals for the matinee performance of King Lear. The actors’ rather unusual vocal warm-ups provided much entertainment for the boys! After the giggles had subsided, the boys participated in an educational workshop on their set text, Macbeth. The Wetherby staff were impressed by the boys’ strong knowledge of the play’s language, characterisation and plot and the way in which they got fully stuck into the performative aspects of the session! We certainly have a few budding thespians in our midst... To finish off the trip, the boys observed a stage fighting demonstration; again, the boys were fully engaged and all seemed to really enjoy the experience. Thank you to all of the staff and boys who made the day such a success.


Football WSS U15 A v Highgate 2-3 Man of the Match: Nour H WSS U15 B v Holloway School for Boys 0-9 Man of the Match: Rocco C WSS U13A v Hill House 1-1 Man of the Match: Oscar C WSS U13B v Hill House 0-5 Man of the Match: Kaan D

Rugby WSS U15 A v St James 56-7 Man of the Match: Sean M WSS U14 A v UCS 32-19 Man of the Match: David T

Please visit the school sports website to see goal scorers: http://www.wetherbyseniorsport.co.uk/

HAVE A GREAT HALF TERM! http://www.wetherbysenior.co.uk

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The Barometer Week 6  

Exciting news from Field Day, plus the calendar for the first week back after half term. Have a lovely break!

The Barometer Week 6  

Exciting news from Field Day, plus the calendar for the first week back after half term. Have a lovely break!