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Dear Parents, Welcome to our final Barometer of the term, which this week focuses on the different ways the boys have been working in the community. What I most enjoyed about reading these articles is that the boys are willing to give their time and share their expertise to help others, whether it be one of the newest boys to the School taking the initiative and leading the sale of poppies in the run up to Remembrance Sunday, volunteering at a local primary school as part of the School’s programme, or finding their own community projects as part of the Duke of Edinburgh’s award. The number of shoeboxes that boys have put together to be given to the West London Mission ( has been impressive and will require a few journeys to take them all there. I have been struck since joining the School by the number of homeless people in our community and I was pleased that the boys have chosen to support this worthwhile cause. The next step is to nominate a local charity to support longer term, and this is being debated by the School Council after taking suggestions from boys throughout the School.

After a week in which had the variety of the Christmas Cabaret, and the competition of the inter-Trib rugby and football, can I remind you that there is still the Christmas Concert on Monday evening, one more afternoon of interTrib sport, the Christmas jumper morning and also the Staff Panto (pupils only!) to squeeze in before term ends? I hope to see many of you there. The final piece of good news is that the School has been elected to membership of the Independent Schools Association (www.isaschools. The association, a member of the Independent Schools Council, supports 440 members by providing training for staff and opportunities for pupils to take part in a range of competitions, creative and sporting. I have greatly enjoyed my first term working within the community of Wetherby Senior School and I am looking forward to the events that are being organised by the PTA next term to further strengthen those links. Thank you also for all the gifts that have been coming into the School, particularly the delivery that came earlier this week for all staff; it put a

spring in everyone’s step and was a thoughtful way of saying thank you at the end of this busy term. I have never had a PTA coordinate it so that no one is left out and it reinforced the message that developing and growing this School is a team effort for all in the community. I hope that you all have a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and I look forward to seeing the boys return refreshed in January. Best wishes,

IMPORTANT NOTICES Hang a Bauble for the Homeless We would like you to help us decorate our Christmas tree for charity. From Monday 4th December, we would like you all to bring in a bauble to hang on the school Christmas tree. To hang a bauble, we are asking for donation of £1, which you can leave in reception. The money that we raise will go towards the West London Mission.

Christmas Jumper Day - Wednesday 13th December If you want to wear your Christmas jumper instead of your blazer, you will need to bring in £1 and hand it to your tutor. The money that we raise will go to Save the Children.

INTER-TRIB GEOGRAPHY COMPETITION Send us a postcard! as please send If you are going somewhere on holiday over Christm to find one which a postcard you find interesting to the school. Try , a landmark or is geographical (e.g. a coastal feature, a mountain ssage on the back anything else you can think of). Write a quick me with your name, then send it to this address: don, W1U 2QU, UK

Wetherby Senior School, 100 Marylebone Lane, Lon


The most geographical postcards will be the win

Set Changes in Maths and Science Next term, there will be some set changes in Maths and Science (independently) based on results this term and performance in class. Boys will be issued with new timetables at the beginning of next term. Boys moving to lower sets should be reassured that all sets study the same curriculum (and will have the same preps in Maths). The main difference between top and bottom sets is the amount of extension material beyond IGCSE. The exception to this are boys moving from Triple Science to Double Science in Year 10, in which case parents will be informed in advance.

The PTA will be starting up a second hand uniform sale next term. If anyone has any donations of school uniform in good condition, we would be very grateful if you could compile it over the holiday and drop it into school after the Christmas break. All donations can be left with Isabella Fateh at reception. The PTA will be in touch in the new year with the date of the ďŹ rst sale. All monies raised will go to the WSS named charities.

Dear Parents, Please can you encourage boys to ensure that they have collected lost items of uniform and other possessions from lost property before the end of term. The PE Department will be displaying some of the large collection of expensive (and unnamed) sporting footwear alongside School sports kit and uniform. Many thanks David Lawrence



Christmas Concert at Hinde Street Methodist Church 6:30pm


12.12.17 Year 9 Inter Trib Rugby
















09.01.18 TERM STARTS FOR ALL BOYS Year 8 OPRO mouthguard fittings at WSS Sports Ground 2:30pm No co-curricular activities



Year 7 OPRO mouthguard fittings at WSS Sports Ground 2:30pm No co-curricular activities





No co-curricular activities

No co-curricular activities HM Assembly at Hinde Street Methodist Church 3:00pm






Soup: Leek & Potato Main: Lemon & Asparagus Risotto Meat Free: Baked Potatoes Served With: Baked Beans or Tuna & Sweetcorn or Bacon & Sour Cream or Mixed Grated Cheese

TUESDAY Soup: Cream of Broccoli Main: Bacon, Tomato & Basil Gnocchi Meat Free: Pesto, Rocket & Goat’s Cheese Gnocchi

To Go With: Sugar Snap Peas, Warm Chickpea, Tomato & Onion Cassoulet,

To Go With: Vegetable Kebabs, Roasted Vine Cherry Tomatoes, Vegetable Rice

Dessert: Apple & Forest Berry Crumble

Dessert: Mango & Passion Fruit Yogurt Pots

Homemade Salads Vegetable Crudités With Hummus Sandwich & Wrap Selection Meat & Cheese Platters Fresh Fruit Yogurt Pots


Freshly Made Bread

MONDAY Soup: Tomato Main: Vegetarian Sheperd’s Pie Meat Free: Baked Potatoes Served With: Baked Beans or Tuna & Sweetcorn orGrated Cheese To Go With: Steamed Mixed Vegetables Winter Greens Dessert: Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Soup: Parsnip and Ginger Main: Chicken Fajitas Meat Free: Vegetable and Cheese Quesadillas To Go With: Mexican Bean Rice, Jalapenos Salsa, Sour Crea,, Guacamole, Steamed Sweetcorn Dessert: Lemon Sponge Cake

Main: Haddock Fish Cakes Meat Free: Spinach and Feta Pie

Soup: Vegetable and Barley Main: Minute Steaks Meat Free: Ratatouille

Soup: Pumpkin Main: Been and Winter Vegetable Stew

To Go With: Oven Roasted Vegetables, Sauteed Courgette, Caramelised Onions

To Go With: Steamed Green Beans, Parsnip Mash Dessert: Apple Pie

Dessert: Chocolate Fudge Brownies

Freshly Made Bread To Go With: Butter and Parsley Mashed Potatoes, Broccoli with Soya and Chilli, Garlic Mushrooms with Parsley Dessert: Pineapple Coconut Dream

Homemade Salads Vegetable Crudités With Hummus Sandwich & Wrap Selection Meat & Cheese Platters Fresh Fruit Yogurt Pots




Meat Free: Baked Gnocchi with Tomato and Mozzarella

THURSDAY Soup: Celeriac




At Wetherby, we think it is incredibly important to regularly give back to the community. We do this in a variety of ways through initiatives such as Community Service, which Year 10 boys can opt to be a part of, as well as annual events such as 9 Tyburn’s Cake Sale for Macmillan. As Tuesday 5th December was International Volunteering Day, we thought this would be a good opportunity for us to reflect on the many ways in which members of our school contribute positively to the world around them. We hope that celebrating such achievements, and providing boys with further opportunities in which they can engage with their local community, will encourage them to think more carefully about how they can make a real difference to those around them. It might also help to encourage a life-long commitment to volunteering! If you have any ideas about how else we can actively engage with the local community, please do let us know.

What else is coming up? Despite there only being three more days left of term, there are still ways in which Wetherby boys and their families can help the wider community. You can pay ÂŁ1 to hang a bauble on our Christmas tree, which is located in reception. All money raised will go to West London Mission Seymour Place. Boys can also come to school on the last day of term wearing a Christmas jumper. Again, we are asking for a donation of ÂŁ1 with money raised from this being given to Save the Children. In addition to this, members of the School Council have this week been discussing which charities our school could support in the future, as well as how we can become even more involved in the local community as a whole - watch this space! Random Act of Kindness Lucas G (Year 9) gave away his pocket money to a homeless person and even went on to buy him a meal. What could you do this Christmas to help someone less fortunate than you?

COMMUNITY SERVICE This term, Year 10 Community Service boys have spent every Tuesday afternoon volunteering at St. Mary’s Bryanston Primary School at their after school club. The boys have been working with Year 6 students, helping them to improve their reading, spelling and maths. It has been lovely to watch the boys interact with the St. Mary’s

children in a kind and friendly manner, as well as witnessing the positive impact they are having on the children they have been working with week in, week out. Here is what some of the boys and St. Mary’s students have said about their experience so far!

Oscar R. and Miranda Oscar: 1. What has been the best thing about working with Miranda? She is always positive about her work. 2. What has been the most challenging aspect? Trying to keep her on topic! 3. What have you learnt about yourself? That I am a good teacher! Miranda: 1. What has been the best thing about working with him? He has been really helpful and kind. He is inspiring and creative. 2. What has been the biggest thing you have learnt? New and interesting words and I’ve become a better speller. 3. Anything else you would like to add? Yes, please make sure I get to work with Oscar again!

Max K., Henri J., and Rafeda Max and Henri: 1. What has been the best thing about working with her? She listens very carefully, she learns from her mistakes and she always wants to do more challenging questions. 2. What has been the most surprising thing? She really cares about her work! 3. What have you learnt about yourselves? We are capable of teaching well. Rafeda: 1. What has been the best thing about working with them? Learning new things such as the questions on multiplying fractions. 2. What has been the most surprising thing? That the Wetherby students are very nice! 3. What is the biggest thing you have learnt? That I need to practise my times tables off by heart!

Andrei M. and Retag Andrei: 1. What has been the best thing about working with them? She is very focused and enthusiastic. 2. What has been the most challenging thing? Teaching fraction division was a challenge but was fun too. 3. What has been the most surprising thing? The good knowledge the students have of maths. 4. What have you learnt about yourself? That teaching is enjoyable. Retag: 1. What has been the best thing about working with him? He is inspiring! 2. What is the biggest thing you have learnt? How to multiply fractions. 3. Anything else you would like to add? I would like to work with Andrei again!

Jock S. and Rayan Jock: 1. What has been the best thing about working with him? He has a good sense of humour. 2. What has been the most surprising thing? That his handwriting is better than mine! 3. What have you learnt about yourself? I have a lot of patience. Rayan: 1. What has been the best thing about working with him? He is very sporty and he makes me laugh. 2. What has been the most surprising thing? Jock explains everything in normal English instead of how adults sometimes explain things. 3. Anything else you would like to add? It has been great FUN!!

Teagan W.M. and Salam Salam: 1. What has been the best thing about working with him? He knows how to teach you and also to have fun at the same time. 2. What is the biggest thing you have learnt? How to spell correctly. 3. Anything else you would like to add? I really improved when I started working with him. Teagan: 1. What have you enjoyed the most about working with her? I have enjoyed teaching her words she did not know and seeing her grow in confidence. 2. What has been the biggest challenge? Teaching her how to do fractions. 3. What have you learnt about yourself? I’ve become more confident in my understanding of maths because of having to teach it to someone else.


As part of the Duke of Ediburgh’s Award, several of the boys are currently volunteering at various charities and non-profit organisations. Volunteering is simple. It’s about choosing to give time to help people, the community or society, the environment or animals: doing something useful without getting paid.

Edoardo U. (Year 10) writes… I serve homeless people food and drinks at my local church in Kensington. There are two stations, one for cooking and the other for tea and drinks. I work on the tea and drinks station and it’s fairly popular. I do this for 4 hours each month on a Saturday.

Rocco and Fabien C. (Year 10) write…. We are currently working at the Oxfam shop on Marylebone High Street. The manager, Tom, is a kind and generous person; no wonder he’s the manager of a charity shop! He gives us many tasks from sorting the CDs or DVDs to cleaning the shop floor. Alongside Tom’s generosity is his support, as he always says ‘well done’ once we complete a task. We usually work for 1.5 hours – 2 hours every Saturday. Working at Oxfam has definitely boosted our organisational skills.


Giacomo D. (Year 11) writes, Last year for my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award, I volunteered for the “Hand in Hand“ group at my local church, St. Francis of Assisi. I volunteered every Saturday for an hour assisting with the pickup service in time for the 6 o’ clock evening Mass. The service picks up the elderly and housebound parishioners in my local community right outside their front door, meaning that even those who are

immobile can attend Mass. My duties involved assisting the bus driver by helping the parishioners on and off the bus, and ensuring that their seatbelts were buckled up before we moved on to the next location. The volunteering itself taught me a lot about elderly pensioners who are less fortunate than ourselves, with one woman being blind and others who struggled to walk.

It was a hugely valuable experience and I was very much welcomed and appreciated by the parishioners, who were delighted to have a younger face on board the bus! Overall, it was a fantastic experience and wonderful to give back to the community by helping out the elderly and those who are less physically able than myself.

More about the Hand in Hand group: The Hand in Hand Group has been active in London since 1981. Its purpose is to allow the disabled, housebound and elderly frail to participate fully in parish and local community activities and thereby relieve their loneliness and isolation. The Hand in Hand Group currently has about 150 members, mostly from the Notting Hill area of London. It is run entirely by volunteers.Â


Edward H. (Year 7) writes... A few weeks ago, I noticed that there were no poppies available in my local shops in Islington. Given the sacrifices made by so many soldiers in war time, I felt sad that the opportunity was not there, to remember these courageous soldiers and donate to help survivors and their bereaved families. I decided to sign up to hand them round to the local shops. When I joined Wetherby, I didn’t know if there had been poppies in school before so I asked Mr Bolderow. It turned out there had been some in previous years but it hadn’t been that big. As well as the usual paper poppies, I decided to bring in various other items that I thought other boys would like to buy in support of the appeal, like key rings and rulers. The stock ran out at school so quickly that I had to ask the Poppy Appeal for some more, but by that point they didn’t have any more left that I could bring in!

Thank you to everyone who helped contribute to the final total, and if you didn’t get a chance this year, I promise to bring in more next year!

In my borough I raised £1027.98 and Wetherby made a total of £216.97, which was the most out of everyone I know!

CHRISTMAS SHOE BOXES FOR WEST LONDON MISSION As well as volunteering at a local primary school, some of the Community Service boys, alongside members of 9 Tyburn, have been instrumental in organising this year’s Christmas Shoebox Appeal for the homeless. From speaking in assembly and designing the appeal poster, to delivering the shoeboxes themselves, the boys have been involved in every aspect of the campaign. As expected, the Wetherby community have been absolutely fantastic at responding to this appeal with boys from every single year group contributing boxes. Some boys, such as Dylan A. (Year 9) have even brought in multiple shoeboxes!

Who will be receiving the shoeboxes? All shoeboxes will be delivered to the West London Mission Day Centre at Seymour Place. WLM Seymour Place has around 100 homeless people visiting them every day. They provide immediate services such as hot breakfasts, haircuts, showers, as well as access to health workers. They also help their clients to build confidence and assist with their social integration by providing a variety of educational courses. When we delivered some of the shoeboxes this week, Grace Hunt, a Fundraising Assistant at WLM, said she was overwhelmed by our generosity, so thank you to everyone who has contributed to the appeal.

When will the shoeboxes be handed out? WLM are planning a big Christmas dinner on 22nd December for the homeless people who use their services. The Wetherby Christmas shoeboxes will be handed out at this event! How else can you help? We will be making the final delivery of shoeboxes at the beginning of next week, so if you would still like to contribute to the appeal, please bring in your box on Monday! If you see any homeless people sleeping on the streets, please contact Street Link (https:// which helps to connect people sleeping rough with local services that can support them.


SHOE BOX GRAND TOTAL: 54 A special thank you to... Tinos P. for designing the fantastic Christmas Shoebox Appeal poster. Tyler M., Teagon W.-M., Adam A., William P. N., and Ali G. for launching the appeal in assembly. Tyler M. and Andrei M. for visiting form groups to promote the appeal.


On Wednesday afternoon, the Brass Ensemble went to St. Mary's Hospital in Paddington to at the turning of the hospital’s Christmas lights in support of the Imperial Health Charity’s Wishing Tree Appeal. The Wishing Tree Appeal is dedicated to raising money to support hospital patients and their families facing financial crisis this Christmas. The boys greatly enjoyed the experience and were able to add their own messages to the tree. Mr Martin commented on how proud he was of all the performers!


AGORA LECTURE SERIES Mr Atkinson writes... On 30th December, Agora met to hear a lecture about the science and maths behind possible time travel. After some inspiring quotations, Mr Hasthorpe took us on a fast (at least 1/10 speed of light!) trip through some fascinating scientific discoveries and history associated with the mind-boggling topic. The delightful ‘failure’ of the Michelson-Morley experiment was followed up by Nelson Tobin trying to catch a ball whilst

moving along on a skateboard (to display Einstein’s Theory of Relativity,t don’t you know!) and these two displays led us neatly on to ponder how massive objects effect time as well as space. Mr Hasthorpe (The Doctor) ensured that we were all still aboard the Tardis as we learnt about how to prop up wormholes and avoid the event horizon. Mr Hasthorpe then deftly answered the many excellent questions fired at the end of the talk. It sounds like time travel isn’t coming anytime soon, but I was

certainly left with a few things to think about. Most pertinently (for me anyway), was Mr Hasthorpe’s brilliant reminder of a line from Jurassic Park: ‘You scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.’ Next up is ‘Get Lost The Weird World of Psychogeography’ - by Mr Hartley. Now, where did I put that Flux Capacitor…

INTER-TRIB Year 7 Football Serpentine vs Whitestone 2-1 Year 10/11 Rugby Fleet vs Tyburn/Effra 22-22 Tyburn/Effra vs Walbrook 27-0 Walbrook vs Fleet 0-12

Overall Winnvers FLEET

MATCH REPORT U14 A vs The American School in London 40-30 Men of the Match: Hugo G. & Pierre-Alexander Z.

Have a wonderful holiday!

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The Barometer Week 12  

This week's edition is all about Wetherby and our local community. It is also the last edition of this term, so please look out for the cale...