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Dear Parents, The events of last Friday caught us by surprise as the School became a refuge not only for a number of our own boys and staff, but also some shop workers and pupils from another local school. I am very grateful to all the staff who stayed, looked after those who stayed with us, supported those who had been caught up in the confusion and helped arrange their journeys home. It was a shocking event but it was a great relief that it was not as serious as first thought. The Christmas tree was delivered a few days ago and will be decorated on Friday afternoon in Reception. As I hope you are now aware, there are a number of festive things planned – the Christmas Concert, the Christmas Cabaret, Christmas dinner on the 8th December and, on the final day, the Staff Pantomime, Peter Pan. The first sign of the closeness of the festive season was the Year 7 & 8 film night, which took place in Hannah House on Thursday, at which the boys enjoyed Home Alone with pizza and popcorn. Thank you to Miss Eaves, Mrs

Skinner, Miss Webb, Miss Nash, Miss Maroudi and Miss Smith. I am grateful to the parents who have written to ask about changes that could be made to the menu. Our chef, Sam, is keen to engage with the boys and Mr Lawrence has asked for volunteers from every tutor group to feedback their ideas on the menu, so that we can provide a range of meals that are healthy and appealing to all students. This week’s edition features the work produced by our boys in Graphic Design and I am now lucky enough to have several pieces featured in this magazine on my office walls. I went to a conference at the beginning of the week and when I returned, the work of boys from all year groups had been hung by the Art department and it has really brightened the office up and is a permanent reminder of the strength of the work the boys are able to produce. I am also looking forward to taking delivery of the School Christmas card produced by Vasco de Noronha in Year 8 who has designed a card that

features our iconic red door. Finally, there are opportunities for the boys to support some very worthwhile causes. We still need as many boys as possible to create a shoebox for the West London Mission; please encourage your son to do this if he has not already done so. Boys can also donate by bringing a bauble to hang on our Christmas tree. On the final day of term, the boys can also wear a Christmas jumper and donate a pound to support Save the Children. Enjoy your weekend,





Rugby U14 WSS A vs American School of London (H) 2:30pm



Year 10 and Year 11 Inter Trib Rugby (H) 2:00pm





HM Assembly at Hinde Street Methodist Church 3:30pm





IMPORTANT NOTICES Hang a Bauble for the Homeless We would like you to help us decorate our Christmas tree for charity. From Monday 4th December, we would like you all to bring in a bauble to hang on the school Christmas tree. To hang a bauble, we are asking for donation of ÂŁ1, which you can leave in reception. The money that we raise will go towards the West London Mission. Christmas Jumper Day - Wednesday 13th December If you want to wear your Christmas jumper instead of your blazer, you will need to bring in ÂŁ1 and hand it to your tutor. The money that we raise will go to Save the Children. Thank you to those of you who have already brought in a shoe box for West London Mission. Please continue to wrap and fill your shoe boxes by the beginning of next week (Monday 4th December). You can give your shoe boxes to either Mrs Skinner or Miss Nash.




Soup: Vegetable & Lemon Broth

Soup: Carrot & Ginger


Main: Lentil & Mixed Vegetable Stuffed Peppers

Main: Bolognese Pasta

Meat Free: Broccoli & Parmesan Tagliatelle Pasta

Meat Free: Grilled Halloumi, Pumpkin & Quinoa

To Go With: Potato Gratin, Steamed Kale, Roasted Courgettes

To Go With: Parsley Linguine, Pesto & Cheese Garlic Bread, Steamed Green Beans

Dessert: Chocolate Pudding

Dessert: Autumn Fruit Salad

To Go With: Caramelised Onions, Mashed Potatoes, Garlic Parsley Mushrooms, Gravy

To Go With: Sautéed Spinach With Lemon, Chilli & Garlic , Sugar Snap Peas, Baby Corn

Dessert: New York Style Cheesecake


Soup: French Onion Main: Cottage Pie

Meat Free: Mediterranean Vegetables, Mixed Beans & Orzo

Meat Free Mixed Bean Vegetable Chili

Meat Free: Breaded Leek, Caramelised Onion & Cheese Sausages

Freshly Made Bread To Go With: Cheesy Nachos, Sour Cream, Salsa, Guacamole, Black Bean Rice, Mexican Vegetables Dessert: Chocolate Brownies

Homemade Salads Vegetable Crudités With Hummus Sandwich & Wrap Selection Meat & Cheese Platters Fresh Fruit Yogurt Pots


Main: Chili Con Carne

Main: British Pork Sausages

Dessert: Vanilla Rice Pudding

FRIDAY Soup: Roasted Sweet Pepper

Soup: Tomato



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Beyond This Point You May Encounter Nude Bathers

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Logan S-B




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Alastair S









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Alex LeM = GameReserves Limpopo PRETORIA


Harry G



Cape Town

Port Elizabeth

Jock S Over the summer holiday, prospective year 10 Graphic Communication students were challenged to create an illustrated map on Adobe Illustrator. With nothing more than a brief demonstration and a sheet of tips to help them, they produced some impressively original artworks. Although all created using the same software, their designs are all very different and show off the boys’ emerging individual styles. Do you recognise any of these locations? Tinos P

I have been really impressed by how diverse their ideas were and the imagination they have shown in desiging them. A lot of the boys moved on from the simple shape tools, investigating Illustrator further to create more complex designs.

YEAR 7 EMOJIS This term, year 7 have been creating a range of emojis. They initially produced original designs by hand, based on their own expressions, and then developed them on Adobe Illustrator. The boys studied colour theory and used it to exaggerate the emotions their emojis were designed to illustrate.



Year 8 have been learning about wallpaper design, looking at Arts and Crafts Movement artists, such as Willam Morris and Charles Voysey, as well as contemporary design companies like Timorous Beasties and Supermarche Studio. They began by designing a range of motifs inspired by the natural world, before selecting their best to develop into wallpaper. They were challenged to create a repeating pattern that connected both vertically and horizontally, and build it on Adobe Illustrator. The boys have created some stunning designs aimed at a broad range of target audiences: from peacock feathers arranged in calming waves, for the sophisticated professional looking to relax; to bright orange pterodactyls flying over a contrasting blue field for a younger market. Many of the boys have shown an impressive progression of skill from last year, and created beautiful, well considered designs. Would you have any of these designs on your walls? Wallpaper by Arthur C.

Wallpaper by Erdem G.

Wallpaper by Gabriel T

Wallpaper by Vasco DeN

Wallpaper by Zachary G.


Max P. Evan H.

Jacques O.

Emile V S.

Beau B.

Year 9 are currently working towards creating an album cover design for their own bands or solo artists. The boys have selected a music genre and developed a logo design, and are now generating artwork that they can use as imagery for their album covers. Over half term the boys were asked to take a range of photographs that they felt reflected the music genre they are trying to communicate. These could be photographs of anything: themselves, other people, landscapes or objects. I was hugely impressed by the efforts that some of the boys went to with their photography, which is now supporting the development of completely original and engaging artwork. Nikolaos P.

Through this process the boys are learning and practising a range of illustration skills. They have been using mark making techniques to create pen and ink drawings, many of which have been based on the reality depicted in their photographs and added to using their imagination. They have also been looking at collage artists, and using found images and materials alongside their own photos to create mixed media designs with interesting texture and depth. After Christmas they will be refining and developing their work into record sleeve designs using Adobe Photoshop. I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

Aryav L.

Jude J.

Artwork by Alastair S

YEAR 10 SPORTS LOGOS Artwork by Tinos P Year 10 are coming to the end of their first GCSE coursework project: ‘Sports Logo Design’. Each boy selected a sport and developed a range of logo designs for a relevant sportwear brand of their own invention. During the project the boys have developed drawing and collage techniques as well as their skills on Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

The variety of sports chosen by the boys ranges from golf and tennis, to ice hockey, rugby and polo and has certainly helped to expand my own sports knowledge! Many of their outcomes are remarkably professional and wouldn’t look out of place on a shop shelf.

Artwork by Harrison G

Clockwise from top left: Luca L, Alan A, Louis J, Hamoud A, Matthew M, Zack Z, Edouard G, centre: Oli L

YEAR 11 CHOCOLATE BOXES As their final coursework project, Year 11 Graphic Communication students have been designing chocolate box packaging. They initially came up with a range of designs for chocolate products that they would like to see on the market, before narrowing their chosen target audiences and developing their designs in line with the Cadbury brand. The boys have come up with original and enticing designs, with some aimed at the luxury adult market, some specifically at children, and others targeting a more universal audience. They have designed their boxes using a combination of Photoshop and Illustrator, with some boys even using the laser cutter to create more complex designs and some convincing mock ups of the actual chocolates (although sadly nothing edible!) The boys are now designing and building point of sale displays which would help to sell their products, and a range of advertising to promote them.


This year, Mrs Bennet and I are running an after school activity focused on understanding and creating scientific illustrations. Each half term, boys have been carrying out dissections and then creating drawings using the kinds of techniques used in real scientific illustration. Last half term, the boys dissected organs and created drawings of them using pen and ink techniques such as cross hatching and stippling. These techniques create the clean, delicate lines required for the an accurate scientific illustration that could be reproduced in scientific journals, with strong areas of contrast to emphasise key features. This half term, boys have dissected flowers and studied their structure. They have been creating botanical illustrations using coloured pencil, and blending different shades together to create the correct colour. Their challenge is to ensure that all parts are shown clearly, accurately and to scale in order to create a drawing that could be used by someone else to identify the same flower. Clockwise from top left: Nicholas P, Faisal B-H Nikolaos P, Yermek A, Harry O

Clockwise from top left: Dominic G-O, Oscar J, Tommaso S, Manu D, Syed H, Mischa D, Albert S, Sherif K.

KEEPING A SKETCHBOOK My sketchbook is a witness of what I am experiencing, scribbling things whenever they happen. -Vincent Van Gogh

It probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that I have long been a prolific sketchbook keeper. My obsession probably started on childhood family holidays, when I would be presented with a notebook and directed to record the trip in my own words, or more often, my own pictures. What I suspect was just a way to keep me occupied while my parents relaxed, developed into a habit which helps to boost creativity and keep observational drawing skills sharp. A sketchbook can be anything really, any book or collection of papers (or even a tablet, for digital drawings!) where you can record, collect and explore your thoughts. The format itself doesn’t matter, it is the process that is important. I would highly recommend keeping a sketchbook to anyone who wants to develop their drawing skills, record their ideas or notice more about the world around them.

Some tips for starting, and keeping, a sketchbook: • Don’t worry about making every page beautiful. Sketchbooks are about recording ideas, or capturing fleeting observations. They are also personal records - you don’t have to show them to anyone else! Mostly, drawings are things I make for myself - I do them in sketchbooks. They are mental experiments - private inner thoughts when I’m not sure what will come out. -Sigmar Polke

• Notice everything around you. Nothing is too mundane to draw. Really observing things you see every day, instead of assuming you know what they look like, will improve your drawings. • Carry your sketchbook around with you. It is a portable studio, and you will be able to record ideas as you have them. You can look back through sketchbooks at old ideas when your creativity runs dry. • Use your sketchbook to try out new techniques and materials.

• Challenge yourself to draw from direct observation every day, even if only for a short time. • Don’t be intimidated by white space. You can always make marks or paint colours on to pages ahead of time, to make starting less frightening! • Try creating abstract drawings as well as representational ones. • Draw objects close up as well as far away. • Try out continuous line drawing - draw something without taking your pencil off the page. • Try a blind contour drawing. Look at the object, but not your page. • Try to resist erasing anything. You can draw over mistakes or draw again next to them. • Keep all your sketchbooks and date your drawings. Sketchbooks can act as record of your progress as well as a visual diary.

If you don’t already keep a sketchbook, try starting one over the Christmas break. If you need any exercises or ideas to help you get started, just come and ask!

Use your sketchbook to draw the things you see around you. You can draw realistically or try out different cartoon styles.

Try out different pens, coloured pencils and paint as well as ordinary pencil. Try creating patterns and see which colours and shapes work well together. Take your sketchbook on holiday with you, or try illustrating stories you have read.

ART AND DESIGN TO FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM As an image sharing platfom, Instagram is perfect for artists and designers to share their work. It can be a great source of inspiration, and a brilliant way to broaden your awareness of the art world. Here are some suggestions to help your get more art and design into your feed.

@dezeen ‘The world’s most influential architecture, design and interiors magazine.’

@designboom ‘the first and most popular digital architecture, art and technology publication.’

@tate Tate Art galleries in UK. See amazing artworks and keep an eye on upcoming exhibitions. ‘Amazing graphic design. Daily art, design and creativity.’

@royalacademyarts Current and past exhibition works from the Royal Academy.

@museumofmodernart ‘discover artists and ideas that surprise, challenge, and inspire you’.

@l_d_f_official ‘London Design Festival celebrates London as the design capital of the world.’

@illustrationhq ‘The UK’s only public gallery dedicated to illustration.’

@theaoi The Association of Illustrators, showcasing the work of illustrators from all over the world.

@csmgraphics ‘The latest from the Graphic Communication Design Programme at Central Saint Martins.’

@nationalportraitgallery ‘The National Portrait Gallery, London, houses the world’s largest collection of personalities and faces.’

@nobrowpress London publishers, publishing ‘beautiful books and products for everyone!’

@yspsculpture ‘Yorkshire Sculpture Park Art Fund Museum of the Year 2014.’

@designmuseum The official instagram of the Design Museum in London.

@dulwichgallery Art and exhibitions at Dulwich Picture Gallery.

@national_gallery ‘Journey through the National Gallery, London. Stop, look, and share with us.’

@museumofbrands Look out for information on upcoming exhibitions, workshops and lectures.


Football U13 WSS A v The Hall School, Wimbledon 0-3 Man of the Match: Santiago E. U13 WSS B v The Hall School, Wimbledon 0-3 Man of the Match: Lorenzo S.

Rugby U16 A WSS v St Benedict’s School 48 - 19 Man of the Match: Eli A-B. and Abdul F.

Profile for Wetherby Senior School

The Barometer Week 11  

It's the graphic design issue this week, with work from all year groups and some tips on keeping a sketchbook!

The Barometer Week 11  

It's the graphic design issue this week, with work from all year groups and some tips on keeping a sketchbook!