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Dear Parents, I write my final Barometer piece of the year the day after Harry Biggs Davison’s moving and thought-provoking talk on the suicide of his son. Some of the statistics that he shared with us were shocking, but there was also much practical advice for parents within his talk. The opportunity to hear the views of the parents on this most difficult issue and talk about the role the School and the family can play have given me much food for thought. As the letter I sent this morning details, the pastoral area of the School, with a growing focus on mental health and wellbeing, is something that we are looking to improve for next year. Providing care and guidance for the boys at the School has always been a priority and these changes will allow us to offer support that truly reflects the challenges that young men face in the modern world.

Included in this issue are the highlights from last week’s Year 7-9 exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery which was a wonderfully well attended event. Mr Burnett remarked on the high quality of the photography that had been entered by Year 9 and many congratulations to Max Hashim whose striking photograph of peacock was chosen as the winner. The review of the Lord of the Flies by Ramzi Kallini is also included. As I wrote last week, the performance by the boys was excellent and on the second night they coped very well with an unexpected fire alarm that saw cast, crew and audience lining up outside the Golden Eagle. The performance resumed and the actors delivered another outstanding evening. There will be a shortened version of the Barometer next week that will focus on the trip to Snowdonia. The boys have been lucky

with the weather and I have been pleased to hear from Mr Dawson that both boys and staff have faced up to the challenges of the trip with commitment and good humour. Best wishes,



NO ACTIVITIES THIS WEEK Sixth Form Induction Day Games Years 7, 10 & 11 14:00- 16:00


03.07.18 SPORTS DAY, all boys expected to attend 11:00-16:30



Games Years 7, 10 & 11 14:00- 16:00



Prize Giving Rehearsals 09:00-12:00 Prize Giving - All pupils - St Mary’s Bryanston Square 14:00-15:30 TERM ENDS 15:30







Barcelona Football Tour departs (returns 11th July)

IMPORTANT NOTICES There will be no activities next week.

A date for your diaries: Speech Day Thursday 5th July, 2:00pm St Mary’s Church, W1H 1PQ





Soup: Courgette

Soup: Tomato


Main: Macaroni and Cheese

Main: Beef lasagne

Meat Free: Jacket Potatoes

Meat Free: Vegetable lasagne

Soup: Roasted pepper and tomato

To Go With: Chilli Baked beans Grated cheese Sweetcorn Tuna mayonnaise Broccoli Florets

To Go With: Garlic bread Peas and carrots Sweet potato wedges

Main: Pork or chicken sausages Meat Free: Pea and parmesan risotto

Dessert: Jelly pots

To Go With: Mashed potato Sauteed onions Gravy Cauliflower cheese

Dessert: Raspberry jelly bowls

Soup: Pea, ham and lentil


Main: Bolognese sauce

To Go With: Roasted vegetables Garlic mushrooms Pasta

Meat Free: Mozzarella basil Gnocchi

Dessert: Eaton mess

Soup: Tomato Main: WSS Signature Burger Chicken burger Meat Free: Falafel burger

Freshly Made Bread To Go With: Oven Roasted Chips Brioche buns Full burger bar Sugar snap peas Dessert: Chocolate brownie

Homemade Salads Vegetable CruditĂŠs With Hummus Sandwich & Wrap Selection Meat & Cheese Platters Fresh Fruit Yogurt Pots



Dessert: Vanilla sponge cake

YEAR 7 MUGS AND PACKAGING DESIGN Year 7 art and design this term has allowed boys to design and make their very own coffee mug, as well as designing suitable packaging in their graphic design lessons. The boys had to be very accurate with their measurements as well as considering considering their target audience when generating their designs. Their final pieces were then exhibited at the recent exhibition that was held at the Saatchi Gallery.

Lorenzo R.

Alec F.

Andreas M.

Charif A.

Oscar T. showing off his Rayquaza-inspired packaging.

for that much needed strees relief

made with love happines and overrall with a possitive mentall attitude :)



Made In WSS!

just like a mug of medicine

for every snake. No matter what type.

Made By DAAN inc

tipping point




Max K. TI P

ghest point e hi Th




Makes any snake smile

Isaac E.

Dan R.

ART & DESIGN: YEAR 8 Mr. Meyer writes‌ Year 8 have continued to look at sculpture this term, this time however, they have moved from clay to looking at minimalist artist Tony Smith. His work is made up of geometric planes and negative spaces; these two areas were the basis for their project. Examples of which you can see below:

Artwork (from top to bottom) by: Luca O, Vasco de N, Ishaan B

ART & DESIGN: YEAR 9 Mr. Meyer writes… Following their earlier mono and dry-point prints, Year 9 boys moved into etching into aluminium, inspired by photos that they took of scenes of London. The boys initally engraved their drawings into the metal, before immersing them into a bath of acid allowing a ‘bite’ to occur in the lines; the longer it was left in the liquid the deeper the line and the crisper the print. Artwork by: Alex Z (right), Killian M (below)


Mr. Meyer writes‌ Last week, Year 10 drew closure on their second unit of the year entitled, 'Cityscapes'. The boys explored a range of media and techniques throughout the project, including collage (by Shwan A, right), dry-point etching (by Miron B, below) and watercolour (Eli A, far right).

GCSE ART SHOW Miss Bradley writes... Thursday 24th May saw Wetherby’s very first GCSE art show open to the public. After two years of hard work, coursework deadlines and steep learning curves, the boys were very excited to be able to exhibit their final works for their friends and families. It was fantastic to see all the work on display in the drama studio and hear the boys and their parents discussing their creations. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend!

YEAR 7, 8 & 9 EXHIBIT AT THE SAATCHI GALLERY For The Education Department at The Saatchi Gallery: ‘The Education Department were delighted to recently host the annual Wetherby Senior School, Year 7, 8 & 9 Art and Graphic Design Exhibition. On display in the gallery’s Education Room, the exhibition showcased a variety of 2D and 3D work including sculptures, prints, and photography, as well as a series of illustrated books inspired by Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men. The exhibition offered students and their parents the opportunity to view the work as part of a private viewing experience. In total the exhibition boasted over 100 individual pieces.

"Year 7-9 boys were fortunate enough to have the annual Art & Graphic Design Exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery. This inspiring setting allowed boys to showcase a selection of work from their portfolio. The gallery was extremely generous in providing us with such a fine space along with a dedicated team of curators who helped hang a magnificent looking display in the hours proceeding the event. We are already planning to work together again next year." Oliver Meyer, Wetherby Senior School.’

YEAR 7, 8 & 9 EXHIBIT AT THE SAATCHI GALLERY As well as the work from Year 7 and 8, the exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery also housed the photographs that Year 9 boys entered into the annual Marcos Burnett Photography Competition. The photos were takenat Kew Gardens as part of the Biology and Art Field Day during the latter stages of the Spring Term. Congratulations to Max H. who was awarded first place!

COMPETITIONS There are a multitude of national art and design competitions that boys are given the opportunity to take part in over the school year, from the Young Art Competition, in Association with Cancer Research UK to the Fourth Plinth School’s Award. These are some of the submissions that we have made over this year to various competitions as well as a new one which we would encourage the boys to consider taking part in!

Nima K-A

To find out more about the interesting concepts behind the boys’ Fourth Plinth entries, visit the online gallery at: what-we-do/arts-and-culture/ art-and-design/fourth-plinth/ fourth-plinth-schoolsawards-2018/gallery?borough= 7606&school=10527

Felix G Ruslan B and Anthony S

Isaac E Thomas S

Francesco R

Max K

For more information on this competition, please see Miss Bradley.

ART EXHIBITIONS TO VISIT Mr. Meyer writes… With summer only around the corner there is no better time to see the many art exhibitions in London. Below gives you a flavour of what is happening. As well as this, Miss Bradley has put together a brilliantly interactive page on Firefly of more galleries in the capital: https://wetherbysenior.

At Tate Modern:

‘This is the first ever solo Pablo Picasso exhibition at Tate Modern. It will bring you face-to-face with more than 100 paintings, sculptures and drawings, mixed with family photographs and rare glimpses into his personal life’ http://www.tate. tate-modern/exhibition/ey-exhibitionpicasso-1932-lovefame-tragedy

At the Design Museum: Hope to Nope: Graphics and Politics 2008-18:

‘Graphic design in the form of internet memes, posters and protest placards is being used by the marginalised and powerful alike to shape political messages like never before.’

At Royal Academy 250th Summer Exhibition:

‘Grayson Perry RA coordinates the biggest, brightest and most colourful Summer Exhibition yet, in our 250th annual celebration of “art made now”. Each summer our galleries are jam-packed with contemporary art made by internationally renowned artists and exciting new talent. This year, Grayson Perry RA and his committee of fellow artists have handpicked over 1,300 artworks in an array of mediums.’ https://www. exhibition/summerexhibition-2018

At Tate Britain:

‘Marking the 100 years since the end of World War One, Aftermath: Art in the Wake of World War One looks at how artists responded to the physical and psychological scars left on Europe.’ http://www.tate. exhibition/aftermath

LOCAL ARTWORK TO LOOK OUT FOR... One of the advantages of going to school in central London is the proximity to amazing examples of public art. Make sure you are keeping your eyes open when walking around and notice the sculptures local to our school. From Hepworth’s winged figures, which can be found on George Street and Oxford Street (right), to the sculptures in Cavendish Square and beside Marble Arch (below).

ART AND DESIGN SUMMER COURSES Mr. Meyer writes… Often parents will ask me about ways in which their sons can continue with their art over the holidays. Eli A in Year 10 has recently been on a slab rolling course and this has helped him develop his skills and add range to his portfolio. Below are some suggestions of institutions that run both day and evening courses – perfect with summer just around the corner…

Heatherleys School of Fine Art: holiday-courses.php

Hampstead School of Art:

LORD OF THE FLIES A review of Lord of the Flies by Ramzi K, Year 7. Lord of the Flies is about a group of young boys who have been evacuated from London abruptly after at the beginning of World War II. The play opens with the boys escaping on a plane which suddenly hits some unexpected turbulence. The plane starts to make unusual noises and the volume of the sound effects is used to illustrate the level of panic and stress rising amongst the boys as they assume the brace position. The plane collapses on what the boys assume is a completely unknown island, and they believe that they are the only living entities left in a world that seems distant and unknowable in wartime. The boys immediately start electing leaders and calling for “meetings” and they decide that whoever is wielding the conch (a type of shell which you blow through to make noise) gets to speak. There are two sides: Ralph’s side which has order, discipline, nonchalance and doing things “prop’ly”, and Jack’s side which promotes a tribal and savage way of doing things.focused on hunting, fighting and killing. They have kill a pig and think everything is playful and fun, but it soon gets out of hand and descends into utter chaos and insanity. Simon is killed in the process and later on Piggy is crushed by a tumbling boulder. The boys get extremely ruthless and they play becomes horribly gory. At the end of the play,

Ralph is about to be killed, but just in time a naval officer appears and is quite shocked by their behaviour (I don’t blame him to be honest!). The naval officer, in immense disappointment, then sends the boys off to a ship to be taken back to London. Lord of the Flies shows the arduous experience of the abandoned boys. I played a character called Perceval in the play. Perceval is constantly perfectly pristine because he grew up with rich parents who taught him manners, but he is also significantly younger than the rest so he thinks the criminal events occurring on the island are just a game. He is only interested in having fun as a break from the uptight background he has. I think he is a symbol of innocence and youth and he looks up to the boys. There are many other characters that symbolise many different things but they all had to take one side, between good and evil, during the play. In my opinion, when on stage my favourite moment was during Act 3 because I had to go from being playful and having fun to being petrified by what was happening. At one point I had to cry. Mr. Giles (our director) directed Piggy’s death in a very moving and dramatic way. Roger who is a very dark character, and Jack’s right hand man stole Piggy’s glasses, leaving him blind. Roger then pretended to be Ralph and

suddenly grabbed him by the neck. Piggy desperately tried to escape his grasp but was so hurt and betrayed that he couldn’t move. There was an abrupt, deadly silence. The smell of regret was almost palpable. Then we showed the passage of Piggy going from Earth to heaven in a heartbreaking way... and he was gone. I think the play was great! It

was extremely hard work diue to the large cast. Mr Giles had to put in many hours to rehearse the play with us and the standard of acting he helped us all to achieve was very impressive. I would like to acknowledge Mr Giles’ effort and diligence towards this production because it is such a big project to direct a show but I believe his hard work, patience with us and passion was evident in this production.

GO APE Year 10 went wild at Go Ape in a very sunny Battersea Park on Wednesday! With the combination of multiple team-building activities and the individual Go Ape obstacle course, all boys tried their very best to work together, to overcome fears, and to motivate one another. Thanks goes to Mr Atkinson, Mr Chidell, Mrs Deedat, Miss Hoskins, Miss Kirk, Mr Patterson and Miss Twomey for helping run a truly wonderful day!Â

BIOLOGY CHALLENGE SUCCESS! The 2018 Biology Challenge is run annually by The Royal Society of Biology. The challenge was spread over two papers and tested boys on their subject knowledge. The challenge rewarded boys whose knowledge of the subject has been increased by reading books and magazines, watching natural history programs, being aware of native flora and fauna and taking notice of the relevant news.

Congratulations to the following Year 10 boys: Eamon O’K - Gold Tyler M - Silver Tobi A - Bronze Logan S-B — Bronze Alex Le M - Bronze Harrison G - Bronze Rocco C - Bronze Ethan E - Bronze Harry H - Bronze Alexander G - Bronze Leo K - Bronze Andrei M - Bronze

BREAD MAKING MASTERCLASS Last week the kitchen held a bread making masterclass. The boys learned about how to make bread and the reactions caused by yeast cells which cause it to rise. The boys were able to mould the bread themselves and were thrilled with the results!

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Lots of arty news this week, including the recent exhibitions held at school and the Saatchi Gallery, as well as some recommendations for ex...

The Barometer Week 10 Summer  

Lots of arty news this week, including the recent exhibitions held at school and the Saatchi Gallery, as well as some recommendations for ex...