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Resource Centre Energy storage disrupting the electricity market Energy storage lies at the heart of grid digitisation and is part of a larger trend of technologies that is disrupting South Australia’s network for the better, according to Terry Teoh, general manager of engineering

What: Australian Energy Storage Conference and Exhibition When: 14–15 June Where: International Convention Centre Sydney Web:

at ZEN Energy. Ahead of his presentation on monetising

The four sites — the Art Gallery, State

storage at the grid edge in Adelaide’s CBD

Library, Adelaide High School and the Adelaide

at the Australian Energy Storage Conference,

City Council works depot in Thebarton — were

Teoh’s presentation at the Australian En-

Teoh said battery storage currently has strong

chosen for their contrasting load and occu-

ergy Storage Conference, ‘Monetising Storage

market potential in South Australia and the

pancy patterns, and their potential to apply

at the Grid Edge in the Adelaide CBD: The

National Electricity Market (NEM).

battery storage in conjunction with solar and

South Australian storage demo project’, will

demand response.

explore the deployment of commercial storage

“Energy storage and the ability to perform

to alleviate their energy price distress in South Australia.”

peer transactions lie at the heart of grid dig-

Teoh said the $1 million project will play

in Australia and, in particular, how storage

itisation and will drive the democratisation of

a defining role in opening up the commercial

can be used to safeguard South Australia’s

energy, just as we are seeing the democrati-

storage market, starting in South Australia.

electricity network.

sation of services, media and R&D,” he said.

“It will provide real implementation expe-

The conference and exhibition will run

Teoh and ZEN Energy are undertaking a

rience and benefit quantification of batteries

from 14–15 June at the International Con-

groundbreaking project demonstrating real-

located in commercial sites, monetising

vention Centre in Sydney. Themed ‘Investing

time optimisation and monetisation of battery

multiple value streams,” he said.

in Australia’s Energy Storage Future’, the

storage in the NEM by connecting four high-

“It will turn a theoretical concept into a

event will feature more than 50 Australian

profile Adelaide CBD buildings to 513 kWh of

commercially executable reality for commercial

and international speakers presenting on the

behind-the-meter storage.

and industrial customers looking for a lifeline

possibilities of storage.

DATA LOGGER WITH TABLET CONTROL The ALMEMO 500 data logger, by Ahlborn, features simultaneous multiuser access via Wi-Fi and tablet control. Users will be able to configure the device via an 8″ tablet with a preinstalled app. A variety of sensor types can be attached to the device due to its galvanically isolated and independent measuring input sockets. The standard version provides 20 measuring input sockets and is capable of synchronously measuring up to 4000 measuring operations/s. The measured values can be displayed as single measurement values, value lists, freely configurable displays or as a line graph. Historical measurement sequences saved on the measurement data storage can be loaded offline as well as during measurement operations. Measurement data is either exported via the program WinControl or via Excel. The device features 3 GB data memory, which allows for up to 600 million measured values, and can be powered by either mains or battery. Bestech Australia Pty Ltd

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