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The board and staff of the West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority (DDA) are proud to present this annual report for the 2018-2019 Fiscal Year. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to build value to downtown, from improving quality of life for residents, to supporting business recruitment and investment, to developing new marketing initiatives. As the Downtown District has continued to grow and evolve, the DDA has tailored its programs and projects to remain in step with the needs of the City’s urban core by expanding and improving the services and programs that support quality of life for residents, enhance the business environment, and attract new visitors to the area.

A more vibrant, active, and safer community is the primary focus of the DDA’s programs, and with the increased residential occupancy in the Downtown, the DDA has been more involved than ever before in ensuring a clean, safe, and inviting environment for residential stakeholders, and through our work with the residential community we have tackled challenging issues impacting residential quality of life. The DDA will continue to refine our plans and programs to improve and enhance Downtown West Palm Beach. A more vibrant, active, and safer community is the sole focus of our work, and with the increased investment and growth in the Downtown, the DDA is more involved than ever in creating positive outcomes for the community we serve.

Board Chairman, Bob Sanders

Executive Director, Raphael Clemente


2018-2019 The past fiscal year has in some ways been unique for the DDA as it was the final year for our 2014-2019 Work Plan and Interlocal Agreement with the City of West Palm Beach and the West Palm Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA)*. Throughout the year we measured the impacts and outcomes of the various programs and projects that the DDA provides for the Downtown Community. We can proudly report that the DDA was able to accomplish the vast majority of the ambitious goals we set forth in 2014. In this annual report we present a summary of the past year’s work. *Interlocal agreement with the City of West Palm Beach and Community Redevelopment Agency is scheduled to be renewed. 1

ABOUT THE DOWNTOWN DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY The West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is an independent taxing district created in 1967 by a special act of the Florida Legislature. Working in close coordination with the City of West Palm Beach and West Palm Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) to deliver the most impactful and value-based outcomes possible to our stakeholders.

MISSION To promote and enhance a vibrant Downtown West Palm Beach. In the following pages, you will learn how the DDA supports 4 strategic goals:

ENHANCE The Business Environment ENHANCE The Physical Environment MARKET The Downtown Area IMPROVE Residential Quality of Life


ENHANCE THE BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT The DDA’s economic development efforts are in harmony with the City’s vision of West Palm Beach as a vibrant, world-class city with a diverse and thriving economy. The DDA’s programs align with the City’s stated economic development goals:

• • • • •






In 2018, DowntownWPB saw several new developments open. Here area few:

CLEMATIS STREETSCAPE REDESIGN BROADSTONE CITY CENTER 499 Evernia Street 8-story 322 residential units


PARKLINE 591 Evernia Street 290 Residential units with ground floor retail


STERLING ORGANIZATION 302 Datura Street Full scale renovation for a new corporate headquarters




ENHANCE THE PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT The DDA has established programs that focus on enhanced maintenance in Downtown. Appearance and perception play a critical role in getting and keeping the attention of residents, visitors, and investors. Maintaining a high quality of life for residents and protecting property values depends upon a well-maintained public realm.

OUTREACH TEAM Launching in 2019, the Outreach Team is a partnership with the City of West Palm Beach and The Lord’s Place that provides professional level homeless outreach to individuals in the Downtown District.  This engagement works to get individuals to take advantage of public assistance including housing, mental health assistance, and other care needed. The friendly, non-threatening discussions build trust and rapport, enabling members to complete an assessment.

VIRTUAL BADGE Recording where and when issues occur can be difficult with pen and paper. In addition, sometimes it’s hard to know if a task got done and how long it took. Virtual Badge allows for a quicker response time in real-time with the agency knowing who reported the issue. Also, uses a turnkey reporting & tasking process to ensure tasks are completed with efficiency and accountability. Collected data is turned into actionable data reports to be used on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

DOWNTOWN CLEAN TEAM In partnership with The Lord’s Place, Inc., this program focuses on assisting our homeless population by providing part-time employment to formerly homeless or incarcerated individuals to assist them on becoming re-acclimated into society and earn a living wage while improving the quality of public spaces throughout the District. Since its inception in January 2018, the team works to keep public spaces throughout downtown clean and tidy, responds to clean up requests, and reports graffiti and other maintenance issues.

NEIGHBORHOOD CLEANING Working with dedicated partners, we are able to provide streetscape cleaning services in the public realm throughout the District for the benefit of Downtown businesses, residents and visitors.

Landscaping: Scott Lewis’ Gardening and Trimming has maintained the beautiful landscape along Clematis Street and other key areas in the Downtown District. This team cleans debris from sidewalks and plant beds daily, maintains healthy trees on Clematis Street with proper maintenance and pruning; as well as various smaller-scale projects throughout the District. The main coverage area for this team is Clematis Street from Narcissus Avenue to Tamarind Avenue.

Pressure Washing: To maintain a clean space, we contract with Green Earth Power Washing to clean Clematis Street monthly. This cleaning is done using steam instead of a traditional pressure wash and an ecofriendly cleaning solution. Also cleaned on a quarterly basis are Narcissus Avenue, Dixie Highway, Olive Avenue and Rosemary Avenue, from Banyan Boulevard to Datura Street. When needed, extra cleaning is executed and this year it included Tamarind Avenue and Sapodilla Avenue, from the Kravis Center to Banyan Boulevard.

SECURITY AMBASSADORS Full-time private public safety force contracted with Professional Security Consultants. This dedicated team works closely with the West Palm Beach Police Department to improve safety throughout the district; essentially the “eyes and ears” for the district –to assist businesses, residents and visitors with information or to contact emergency services. Their presence significantly improves perceptions of safety as they execute routine check-ins at various locations throughout the downtown district, including residential buildings, parking garages, the Waterfront, and other areas. Each team member is trained in CPR and First Aid.

TROLLEY RIDERSHIP The Downtown Trolley serviced over 575,000 people this year on the Yellow and Green lines. The Blue Line Trolley pilot program, which began in 2016 through a partnership between the Palm Beach Outlets, West Palm Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) and the DDA, transitioned to operating year-round after servicing 40,000 people in the previous fiscal year.Â

575,000 people = over 5x the population of West Palm Beach!


MARKET THE DOWNTOWN DowntownWPB is a place where people are surrounded by the walkable amenities and unique experiences that employees, residents and visitors crave. To be effective and efficient in our transformative environment, we shifted our focus to more engagement digitally and within the public realm. The Marketing Department implemented strategic programs, campaigns and events that promoted Downtown businesses, engaged the community and highlighted events throughout the District. We used digital marketing and social media platforms to drive visitors to DowntownWPB.com and to promote Downtown businesses, events, and programs to thousands of visitors, workers, and residents. Our social media increased across all platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), but Instagram followers grew the most significantly at 41.07%. Our email newsletter continued to reach thousands of subscribers each month with an average open rate of 17.75%.

SOCIAL MEDIA Stats of all channels from Oct. 1, 2018

@DOWNTOWNWPB Facebook 27,641; 4.1% increase Total Impressions 5,997,081 Women ages 35-44 Twitter 21,500; 3.88% increase Total Impressions 578,505 Men and people between the ages of 35-44 Instagram 28,765; 41.07% increase Total Impressions 2,204,942 Women between the ages of 25-34

@WESTPALMDDA Facebook: 782; 137% increase Twitter: 443; 46.2% increase Men and people between the ages of 45-54 LinkedIn: 920; 29% increase


ONLINE Boca Life The Palm Beacher Jupiter Magazine Palm Beach Relocation Guide PB Post Art Hive Palm Beach Illustrated Palms West Monthly


TELEVISION RADIO i-Heart Radio Legends Radio

Seeing and hearing about Downtown West Palm Beach’s successes

Art& Culture shows the dedication put forth by our staff and community partners. Art Hive Magazine Here are a few of our favorites: Profile Magazine Guide To The Palm Beaches • Dec 2018 – Sandi the Holiday Sand Tree landed NUMBER 3 among the top 9 most dazzling Christmas trees around the world by Discover the Palm Beaches Visitors Guide Matador Network! Meeting Planners Explore Palm Beach Magazine • Dec 2018 – Narcity, leading millennial publisher in North America, Boca Life names West Palm Beach in 25 Best Places In Florida To Get Into The The Palm Beacher Christmas Spirit Jupiter Magazine Palm Beach Relocation Guide • 2019 – West Palm Beach Food Tours selected in TripAdvisor Travelers’ Palm Beach Post Choice Top 10 Experiences in the USA Palms West Monthly

2018 market survey revealed that 44% of people sought their information from watching television, therefore an aggressive campaign with Comcast was initiated to target consumers through 16 networks. Total Reach - 896,383 Households

EVENTS The DDA attributes much of its success to the relationships we have developed over the years. By working with local private sector and non-profit partners we are able to more efficiently and effectively achieve goals that benefit our community as a whole.

ON THE TABLE October 2018 A civic engagement initiative, organized by the Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties, to bring residents and stakeholders from all walks of life together to share a meal and discuss meaningful ideas to strengthen our community. It provided the perfect opportunity to shape our region into a strong, vibrant, safe and dynamic place to live and work.

HARMONY March 2019 A free public outdoor performance created to engage a community of people who have never been exposed to the cultural offerings in and around DowntownWPB. The 4th annual event featured Palm Beach Symphony and Dreyfoos School of the Arts Dance Department at the Meyer Amphitheatre with a gathering of more than 1,500 attendees.

TRUCKTOPIA March 2019 In collaboration with the West Palm Beach Police Department, the DDA sponsored the 2nd Annual Trucktopia, a free and fun community event welcoming children of all ages to touch, see, and learn about their favorite trucks/equipment on wheels. Promotion and development of event branding was executed by the DDA.

32 Self-Produced Community Events 11 Sponsored Events $62,134.65 in FY 19 Annually, the DDA makes contributions to the Mandel Public Library which offers free classes through studio 411 and the Police Athletic League who offer programming for teens; other partnerships bring a variety of family friendly activities such as the Pumpkin Patch near E.R. Bradley’s Saloon, downtown murals through Street Art Revolution and the weekend antique market.

PAIRINGS May 2019 A progressive sampling tour featuring restaurants, retailers, and live entertainment in DowntownWPB. Attendees attain an all-inclusive pass to participating businesses that paired an appetizer, entrée, or dessert with a specialty cocktail. The purpose of this event is to bring increased traffic, revenue, and positive exposure to Downtown’s local businesses while providing stellar social and cultural experiences for residents and visitors and enhancing Downtown’s brand as THE destination for dining and entertainment.

SUNSET SWEAT September 2019 From kickboxing to yoga, DowntownWPB experienced it all at the first annual Sunset Sweat, fitness block party. Six complimentary classes were hosted with 135 participants led by local gyms featuring fitness experts.


PLACEMAKING Recurring programming for residents, workers and visitors to use the public realm.

In collaboration with Rosemary Square, 1909, and Connect West Palm Beach, the West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority worked together in co-hosting a free biannual speaker experience that featured internationally or nationally known keynote speakers that brought awareness to contemporary urban, architectural, and art practices as it relates to the future of our Downtown. Friday, May 31, 2019 - International Finnish architect Marco Casagrande discussed “Urban Acupuncture.” Friday, September 20, 2019 - Professor Philippe d’Anjou discussed “Design Ethic Intelligence.”

AWARDS FLORIDA FESTIVALS & EVENTS SUNSATIONAL AWARDS 1ST PLACE: 12 for 12 WPB: Pop-up to Rent Business Competition – Multi-Agency Collaborative Program DowntownWPB Social – Twitter DowntownWPB Social – Instagram Einstein Off The Wall – PR / Media Campaign West Palm Beach Arts & Entertainment District Social – Facebook 2ND PLACE: West Palm Beach Arts & Entertainment District Social – Twitter 3RD PLACE: Harmony: An Exhibition of the Arts – Radio

FLORIDA REDEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION Out of the Box Award Winner 12 for 12 WPB: Pop-up to Rent Business Competition

INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL & EVENTS ASSOCIATION A community engagement program that unearths a culture cluster of Downtown West Palm Beach residents, workers, and visitors coming together to share their hidden talents through a storytelling experience over a shared passion. The first installment explored different points of views of photography. From portraiture to cityscapes, presenters told their story on how photography became a passion project by showcasing their work through a quickfire presentation.

GOLD Best TV Promotion – Be Seen Commercial Best Event/Organization E-Newsletter – A&E Newsletter “Discover the Arts” Best Event Program – Harmony Best Miscellaneous Printed Materials (Multiple Page) – 2019 Calendar Best Miscellaneous Printed Materials (Single Page) – Trolley Guide SILVER Best Social Media Site – A&E Facebook

A free outdoor fitness experience to promote a healthier option to happy hour where residents, visitors, and workers can get together to enjoy the outdoors. The current program has two main recurring meetups, Motivational Mondays, which is featured as an outdoor boot camp and Untwist Thursday, a yoga flow for all levels. The duration of the pilot project was from June 2019 through September 2019, hosted at Broadstone’s CityZen Garden located at 400 Datura Street, West Palm Beach. A total of 24 classes were taught and encouraged the use of public space for healthoriented activities. 13

BRONZE Best Event Video Promotion – Pairings

A neighborhood is a collection of intimate,


welcoming public spaces that support a wide range of activities. Good public spaces provide opportunities to “seed” activity in areas where none previously existed. Activating small public spaces allows




planning from the perspective of those who frequent downtown the most – the people who live in here.

“GET TO KNOW YOUR NEIGHBOR” RESIDENTIAL MEETUP A residential meet-up in which the Downtown Development Authority facilitates an introduction of the agency’s responsibilities, programs, and projects to better inform residents of our role in the Downtown and showcase the current events taking place in our growing City. Provides a great opportunity to connect with new residents, provide information about volunteer opportunities, and generate a dialogue that helps us become informed on the wants and needs of residents.

DOWNTOWN NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION The DDA sponsors the Downtown Neighborhood Association (DNA) on their mission to promote a neighborhood feel among downtown residential buildings. At 1340 member supporters and 28 volunteers, the DNA works to keep residents up to date with different programs and projects that impact the Downtown District. Highlight events include: Quarterly meetings with speakers from the City of West Palm Beach and/or West Palm Beach Police; West Palm Beach Candidates Forum; Game Night with the West Palm Beach Police Athletics League; and participation in the Keep Palm Beach County Beautiful “Intracoastal Cleanup.”




The DDA District has increased its taxable value by $832,786,339 since 2015; an

Reserves, 5%

increase of 55%. Downtown Property Tax Revenue has increased by 55% since 2015.

Business Development , 12%

Personnel, 13%

The value of Downtown West Palm Beach continues to grow. • DDA represents 46% of the City’s taxable value on new construction • Revenue per acre is $146,647,220; preliminary 2019 values

Professional Services, 4%

• The DDA tax base and taxable value is less than 1% of the county • Residential properties have increased in value by 63% since 2015

FUTURE PLANS/LOOKING AHEAD Finalized 2019 – 2024 Work Plan In September 2019, the DDA board and staff had the opportunity to review its past work and developed the 2019-2024 Work Plan defining the organization’s overall mission, scope, and plan for community enhancement programs and projects that represents the DDA’s efforts to deliver outcomes above and beyond standard municipal services provided by the City of West Palm Beach within the Downtown District. We have had the opportunity to work on many projects and programs and excited to continue our mobility of being changemakers for public space enhancements, quality of life and development and furthering programming throughout the district.

Operations, 8%

Residential Quality of Life, 2%

Marketing Public Relations, 11%

Phyiscal Environment, 46%


Foreverglades A unique public art installation from award-winning artist Sofia Valiente will open in Downtown West Palm Beach just west of the Palm Beach County Convention Center on Saturday, November 30. Foreverglades, is a remarkable photography exhibit focused on life in The Glade housed in a replica of a 1920’s steamboat docked in the Stub Canal Turning Basin in Howard Park, immersing visitors in the history of long-ago Florida. The exhibition is free and open to the public and runs from November 30 until the end of February 2020.

Rebranding and New Website It is very important for destinations to brand themselves and have the ability to have a say in their story development. A place is a truly immersive experience, and its reputation is dependent on its residents, leaders, merchants, cultural attractions, marketing statics, and normal ambiance. The DDA plans to integrate strategies to reach our various markets in every point of public contact with the launch of these new initiatives. 15

ABOUT The West Palm Beach Arts & Entertainment (A&E) District is a non-profit organization that works collaboratively with local artists and arts institutions to highlight the vibrant creative community in the Downtown area. The A&E grew out of the DDA’s long-time work with the local arts community and now serves as a partner organization. The A&E is also an effective tool to pursue non-tax funds through grants for arts and culture programs and project. The A&E District enhances the appeal of West Palm Beach as a visitor destination, drawing attention to its status as a vibrant city illuminated by its beauty and range of creative expression.

SPONSORED EVENTS TAYLOR MOXEY LIBRARY A new mini-library created from a former shipping container by young entrepreneur Taylor Moxey popped up in West Palm Beach through a partnership between the City of West Palm Beach, the West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority, the Taylor Moxey Foundation and the West Palm Beach Arts & Entertainment District. The project is designed to encourage kids to read and make libraries more accessible for all ages.

URBAN STORIES A two-day storytelling festival in Downtown West Palm Beach which invited families, friends, elders, teens and children to share stories of West Palm Beach – what was, what is and what could be through various events.

ASBURY FILM FESTIVAL Asbury Shorts, New York City’s longest running short film exhibition and touring show, presented their nationally recognized 37th Short Film Concert at Palm Beach Dramaworks. The West Palm Beach Arts & Entertainment District was the presenting sponsor of this unique showcase of world-renowned short films.

BOOKS & MUSIC FESTIVAL A free family event featuring authors who write, musicians who play, and artists who draw for children and young adults. Highlights included storytime with Sherri Duskey Rinker at the West Palm Beach Brightline Station and a street painting festival.

TAIMANE Hawaiian ukulele virtuoso and songwriter, Taimane, made a South Florida debut at Palm Beach Dramaworks leaving audiences amazed and electrified playing everything from Bach to rock, flamenco infernos to tribal hymns, with passion, ferocity, and sensuality.

Promoting Our Diverse Arts, Culture and Entertainment Destinations DowntownWPBArts.com


DDA BOARD Robert Sanders, DDA Chairman Rick Reikenis, DDA Vice-Chairman Lisa Gerard Mary Hurley Lane William Jacobson Cynthia Nalley Upendo Shabazz DDA STAFF Raphael Clemente, Executive Director Teneka James-Feaman, Associate Director Shelly Williams, Director of Administration Samantha Moore, Office Manager Catherine Ast, District Services Manager Tiffany Faublas, Marketing Director Sherryl Muriente, Manager of Urban Placemaking Michelle Barascout, Marketing Coordinator DOWNTOWN PARTNERS Public Relations Private Security Service/Provider Security Ambassador Program Downtown Trolley System Operator


Landscape Maintenance

Square Miles .75 sq. miles

Pressure Washing

Year of Incorporation 1967

Holiday Lighting and Decorations

Median Age 44

Legal Services

Median Household Income $49,231

Annual Independent Audit

According to ESRI’s Business Analysis the median household income in the Downtown is forecasted to grow $55,544 by 2021.

Janitorial and Public Space Maintenance


West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority 300 Clematis Street, Suite 200, West Palm Beach, FL 33401 T: (561) 833-8873 F: (561) 833-5870 @WestPalmDDA DowntownWPB.com

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