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What does the phrase Where Education is Personal really mean? It means that every student receives a personalized education that meets their needs and prepares them for the all important “day after graduation.� It means that every member of the Westminster Public Schools (WPS) staff is personally invested in the success of our children. It means that our community is personally connected and committed to our schools and families.

About WPS Education in Westminster Public Schools is built around what works best for the individual students and uses an innovative Competency Based System (CBS) where students advance to the next learning level only when they have shown mastery, or an understanding, of a learning topic.

CBS does away with social promotion by requiring students to fully engage in their learning. It is the very essence of personalized learning. More details can be found at

WPS Budget In the 2016-17 school year, Westminster Public Schools received General Fund Revenues from local, state and federal sources totaling approximately $86.6 million. WPS also received about $10.5 million in grants, much of which supports Special Education and Title Funded Programs from the Federal Government. Salaries and benefits account for 81.4% of district expenditures. More details can be found at

Superintendent Dr. Pamela Swanson Dr. Swanson came to Westminster 22 years ago as a principal, and then served the District as Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources and Deputy Superintendent. Her varied experiences gives her unique insight into the needs of students, families and staff. More details can be found at

WPS Board of Education






Larry Dean Valente School Board President


Joe Davidek School Board Vice President

WESTY CLASS OF Westminster Public Schools is unique in that all the members of the Board of Education grew up in the community and graduated from district high schools.


All of them are serving on the Board because they view it as an opportunity to give back to a community that gave them so much. More details can be found at

Max Math School Board Director






Ryan McCoy School Board Secretary


Ken Ciancio School Board Treasurer

AdvancED Accreditation Westminster Public Schools is accredited by AdvancED, an internationally renowned and respected institution that evaluates schools and districts around the world. AdvancED complements the District’s Competency Based System (CBS) by focusing on instruction and continuous improvement. WPS entered into a partnership with AdvancED in the spring of 2016 and received the organizations “stamp of approval” after an AdvancED review team visited 215 classrooms across the District and interviewed more than 500 people including students, parents and teachers. WPS is proud to partner with AdvancED in ensuring that every classroom is a place of excellence. More details can be found at

Vision 2020 Strategic Plan


Westminster Public Schools IDENTITY articulates the Mission, Values and Vision that are shared by the District and community, enabling it to demonstrate outstanding quality that transcends the boundaries of the classroom walls and is personified in our staff and students.


Westminster Public Schools is an EDUCATIONAL LEADER whose priority is to seek high academic standards, support innovative instructional programs and practices, increase academic achievement and develop our students’ learning skills.


Westminster Public Schools supports the personal, social, financial literacy, CAREER EXPLORATION AND DEVELOPMENT of our students in order to ensure each is professionally prepared.


Westminster Public Schools provides FUNCTIONAL AND SAFE INFRASTRUCTURE AND FACILITIES, which make a significant contribution to a positive student and workplace experience.


Westminster Public Schools is an EMPLOYER OF CHOICE committed to fostering an environment of eduction innovation through a workplace that attracts, sustains, and inspires great people, working for a great purpose, while promoting diversity, equality, civility and respect. More details can be found at

Communication Communication between WPS and the community is a high priority and staying informed about what is happening in our schools has never been easier.

WHAT’S UP WPS Every two weeks, the District publishes an electronic newsletter called What’s Up WPS that can be delivered to your personal email. The newsletter highlights the accomplishments of our staff and students and also informs you of major developments in WPS. You can sign up for Whats Up WPS at

WPS MOBILE APP Our new mobile app is a valuable tool allowing for instant two-way communication between the District and families. With the swipe of a finger, information can be found about everything from parent teacher conferences to school lunch menus. The app is a critical link when there is a need for emergency messaging or information about weather related closures. The app can be downloaded for free by searching for ‘Westminster Public Schools’ in the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

MASS COMMUNICATION SYSTEM WPS also has a state-of-the-art mass communication system that allows for instant emails and phone calls. For the system to work properly, schools must have accurate phone numbers and email address.


SOCIAL MEDIA If you haven’t done so, please like the WPS Facebook page and follow @WPSNewsNow on Twitter. In addition, each school has its own Facebook page that posts pictures and stories about what is happening in the schools.


More details can be found at

Partners Dr. Swanson is well known for telling people, “No one does it alone.� Westminster Public Schools is grateful for its partnerships with numerous groups and organizations that support our students outside the classroom, so that when they are at school they can focus on learning and making the most of their potential. Thank you!

WPS Vision Preparing future leaders, learners and thinkers for a global community.

WPS Mission WPS will create opportunities to develop competent, agile learners who will contribute to their community and achieve personal success. View this document online at




PHONE & FAX P: 303.428.3511 F: 303.428.2810


ADDRESS 6933 Raleigh Street Westminster, CO 80030

WPS Annual Report 2017 - English  

Westminster Public Schools Annual Report 2017 - English

WPS Annual Report 2017 - English  

Westminster Public Schools Annual Report 2017 - English