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Issue 17, Spring 2013

Dear Parent or Carer,

Each New Year brings with it new challenges, and for Westminster, one of our biggest priorities is to keep our children safe and healthy. The recent tragic events in Pimlico have once again highlighted the importance of the issues of serious youth violence that blight many of our young people’s lives. Our Your Choice gang programme is helping many young people to make the right choices. Our recent work has seen twenty young people from Westminster come together to create a publicity campaign to let young people know they have a choice when it comes to joining a gang (see p12). Abdul, 17, is one of the teenagers who took part in the project and it’s great to hear about what he learnt from the project and that he really understood its importance. With obesity now an extremely important issue, especially among our children and young people, we have an important role in helping them to get and remain active. Our new responsibility for Public Health, which will come into effect later this year, will mean we can start to design services that will tackle these issues from the root of the problem (see p8). The Bupa Westminster Mile is a new running event and Olympic legacy project that will take place in May this year (see p15). Our cover star, Mosun Odegbesan 12, is a shining example of a young person who has discovered that being fit and healthy is something that can be fun, and the Bupa Westminster Mile offers a great way for all the family to get fit together. In this magazine, you’ll also find information about many of the free services that are available to you as a parent. If you know someone who would like to sign up to receive Children First, please ask them to send their address details to 2

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Childhood immunisation – what you need to know


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Tackling gang violence


Active School receives star treatment


Bupa Westminster Mile


Nominate your young community hero


Queen’s Honours for Westminster foster carers

Councillor Nickie Aiken Cabinet Member for Children’s Services

Melanie Smith Director of Public Health for Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea, Hammersmith and Fulham

Westminster Children First, Issue 17, Spring 2013

The latest news from around Westminster



Reducing the time children spend in care The care proceedings pilot we launched in April 2012 with Hammersmith & Fulham and Kensington and Chelsea councils is already proving it is possible to dramatically speed up the majority of children’s care cases, including adoption, to hit the government’s target of six months. Early indications show the pilot has dramatically reduced the duration of care proceedings cases from a previous average of 50-60 weeks to just 20.3 weeks since the pilot launched. As well as providing greater permanency and emotional stability for vulnerable children in our care, the scheme is also expected to save more than £1m a year from the public purse.

Get toddling! Is your child’s nursery, early years group or child minder getting involved in the Big Toddle 2013? The Barnardo’s Big Toddle is the biggest, brightest and best fundraising event for under 5s. It is a short, sponsored walk with around half a million children taking part each year. The Big Toddle 2013 has an optional nursery rhyme and fairy stories dressing up theme, so go ahead and get creative with your costumes! It has never been easier to take part in the Big Toddle: you can register online in minutes at or call 0845 270 9900. All the money raised by the Big Toddle goes to local Barnardo’s projects including family centres, playgroups and parenting support services across the UK.

Local listings for parents

Westminster Children First, Issue 17, Spring 2013

Ride London is coming On 3rd and 4th August RideLondon will be coming to Westminster. This annual cycling festival promises to be an action-packed weekend with something for spectators and cyclists of all abilities. From a family friendly bike ride to a televised race for the world’s elite, RideLondon aims to become the largest annual mass participation cycling event in the world. For more details visit For more info on all the latest events, groups and classes and attractions in Westminster, check out and search Westminster.


Getting into work Paul Jones (pictured right), 19, from Abbey Road, recently found a job in the West End thanks to a Workplace Coordinator. Workplace Coordinators work with a number of organisations around Westminster (including Circle Sports, Job Centre Plus and Vital Regeneration) to find job opportunities in the West End for young people in the city.

“When I went to the interview I felt a lot more confident, especially as Faheem came along too and waited outside for me. It went really well and Primark sent me a contract that same day.

“Last year, I left college and was unemployed for about a month. Someone recommended that I get in touch with Circle Sports, a social enterprise in Church Street. I started volunteering there and they taught me some retail skills, like how to use a till.”

“When I got the contract I wasn’t sure what some bits of it meant so I sat down with Faheem and he explained it all to me. I took the job, and it’s worked out really well.”

“After a while they put me in touch with Faheem, one of the Workplace Coordinators at the Crown Estate. I met with Faheem and he helped me to go for an interview at Primark. “I wasn’t very confident about doing a group interview so Faheem gave me some one-to-one coaching. He spoke to me about what you shoud and shouldn’t say in an interview but his main advice to me was ‘just be yourself’.

Westminster Children First, Issue 17, Spring 2013

“It feels great to be getting some income!” “My advice to any young person in Westminster who’s looking for a job would be to get in touch with organisations like Circle Sports, who can then connect you with Workplace Coordinators like Faheem. He’s helped me a lot.” To find more about job opportunities for young people in Westminster visit


A smokefree home is a healthy home Protect your family from the harm of secondhand smoke The Smokefree Homes project works across the boroughs of Westminster, Hammersmith & Fulham and Kensington and Chelsea, to support families who want to make their home smokefree.

Who is smoking with you? When you smoke inside your home, everyone there is exposed to harmful secondhand tobacco smoke, including children, babies and other adults. People that breathe in secondhand smoke are at risk from the same diseases as smokers, including cancer and heart disease. Babies and children however are at a much greater risk from the dangers of secondhand smoke, as they breathe faster and inhale more pollutants for their body size compared to adults.


They can be at higher risk of developing: • Asthma and chest infections

If you smoke around your children they can inhale the equivalent of 150 cigarettes per year

• Meningitis • Ear infections In addition, pregnant women exposed to secondhand smoke can pass on the harmful chemicals to their unborn child.

Benefits of making your home smokefree • Over 4500 chemicals no longer polluting your home

Make the Smokefree Homes Promise today!

• Your children will be healthier and less likely to miss school through illness

You can choose to receive:

• If you smoke you may find it easier to give up

• Free support and advice to help you make your home smokefree • Referral for a free Fire home safety check with the London Fire Brigade • Referral for free stop smoking support with your local Stop Smoking Service Contact the Smokefree Homes Officer on 020 3434 2530

• Your children will be less likely to start smoking in their teens • Your home will be cleaner and fresher, and it will not need decorating as often • You will be less likely to have a house fire • Your pets will be healthier and live longer

Westminster Children First, Issue 17, Spring 2013

Childhood immunisation What is immunisation? Immunisation makes a person immune or resistant to an infectious disease by the administration of a vaccine. Vaccines stimulate the body’s own immune system to protect the person against infection or disease.

Why is immunisation important for my child? Once we have been immunised, our bodies are better able to fight the diseases we have been immunised against if we come into contact with them. Immunisation controls and eliminates life threatening infectious diseases. Vaccination can prevent an individual from getting a serious disease that can kill or cause long-term health problems.

What is my child vaccinated against? The NHS provides vaccines for: Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis (whooping cough), Polio, Hib, pneumococcal infection, measles, mumps, rubella and cervical cancer (HPV vaccine provided at school by school nurses for 12/13 year olds).

These diseases are still around and are able to cause serious illnesses in those who are not vaccinated. • There has been an increase in the number of mumps cases particularly in older teenagers and young adults. • There has been a rapid rise in whooping cough since 2010 in the UK and other countries. The increase in cases in young babies is particularly stark. Whooping cough is a serious disease that can lead to pneumonia and permanent brain damage. Many babies with whooping cough will be admitted to hospital and they are at risk of dying from the disease. GP practices in Westminster are sending out ‘Celebrate and Protect’ birthday cards to new born babies and children turning 1 and 4 years old reminding parents to book appointments for their young children to receive vaccinations. Look out for your child’s card!

When do I need to bring my child in for vaccination? Your child can start to be vaccinated from two months old. What age does my child need to be vaccinated

What diseases will my child be protected against

Two months old

Diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, Hib & pneumococcal disease

Three months old

Diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, Hib & meningitis C

Four months old

Diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, Hib & meningitis C and pneumococcal disease

Between 12 and 13 months

Hib/Men C & pneumococcal disease & measles, mumps and rubella

Three years and four months or soon after

Diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio & measles, mumps and rubella

For further information, please visit NHS Choices website Westminster Children First, Issue 17, Spring 2013


Changes to health services

Support and advice for your family

From April 2013, responsibilities for public health and some health services will transfer from the NHS to the council. The council will be responsible for providing these services: • sexual health • drug and alcohol treatment • health checks for 40 to 74-year-olds • school nursing programmes • giving up smoking • childhood obesity including the national child measurement programme. You should not expect any major changes to these services and you will continue to receive them from the same people and at the same locations as before. The changes do not affect health care for the treatment of injuries, illness or urgent medical conditions which remain the responsibility of the NHS. Visit health


Swift justice for victims of domestic abuse A new dedicated court offering weekly sessions devoted to domestic violence hearings is now up and running in Westminster. The dedicated sessions will help ensure swift justice is delivered and that victims are better supported in continuing with their case, reducing the number of witnesses who drop out of the process. The new court is part of our domestic abuse strategy, ‘Breaking the Silence’ which was announced in early 2012. Last year, we increased funding for domestic abuse to £760,000 from £440,000 to get a range of new services off the ground.

Domestic abuse surgeries In addition to the new dedicated court, we have launched weekly domestic abuse surgeries at Bayswater Children’s Centre offering abuse victims a range of drop-in support services including police, housing advice and counselling. Surgeries take place every Thursday, 9am – 12 midday, Bayswater Children’s Centre. St. Mary of the Angels RC School, Shrewsbury Road, W2 5PR No appointment necessary Free crèche available Visit: Email:

Westminster Children First, Issue 17, Spring 2013

Does your family need extra support?

Do you know if your teenager is in an abusive relationship? Are you in an abusive relationship? Are you worried that your teenager might be? The word rape is often associated with a violent assault by a stranger, but in most cases the attacker is someone who the victim knows and may even trust such as a friend, partner or someone from school, college or work. Anyone who has been pressured to have sex without giving their consent has been raped. Remember: • abuse in a relationship can happen to anyone • it’s never ok • it can destroy your self-confidence, have a negative impact on your health and wellbeing and leave you feeling isolated and lonely. If you need to talk to anyone call North London Rape Crisis on 020 7619 1369 or visit All calls are treated confidentially. Westminster Children First, Issue 17, Spring 2013

If you are having difficulties with your child’s behaviour, struggling to find work or if you are worried about being evicted, a new service is available to support and help you tackle the big problems in your lives, especially those that have an effect on children. The Family Coaching Service will equip you with the skills you need in challenging circumstances to help you improve your child’s school attendance and manage their behaviour. You will also receive help to develop your skills so you can find work and address your money problems. So how does it work? You will be assigned a family coach who will visit your family in your home at least once a week, but sometimes more, for up to 6 months. Your coach will get to know you and your family to develop an understanding of what issues are important to you. All members of your family will receive support to help you achieve your goals. If you want to know more about the Family Coaching Service, phone: 0207 641 2525 or email: triboroughfamilyrecovery 9

Venue: Paddington Recreation Ground, Randolph Avenue, W9 1PD (tennis, football, cricket and basketball)/ St Augustine’s Sports Centre, Rudolph Road, NW6 5AW (multi-sport) T: 020 7641 3642 E: padrec.sportsdevelopment@ W: Cost: £52.15 for Westminster residents or £27.30 with an ActiveWestminster Passport Nearest tube: Kilburn Park (St. Augustine’s)/Maida Vale (Pad Rec) Wheelchair access Booking required

Spring activities for children and young people

What’s on in the school holidays? Find out what’s on this February half-term and at Easter with our guide to activities for all ages across the city. For the latest updates visit or call the Family Information Service on 020 7641 7929.

Sport and leisure Edutain sports

18 – 22 February Age: 8-13 Pack your half-term full of sport including basketball, dance and parkour. Just turn up on the day at one of the three venues below, fill in a registration form and join in the fun. Venue: Churchill Gardens Youth Club, The Annexe, Churchill Gardens Road, Churchill Gardens Estate, SW1V 3AL/ Academy Sport, Westminster Academy, 255 Harrow Road, W2 5EZ/ St. Andrew’s Club, Alec Wizard House, 12 Old Pye Street, SW1P 2DG T: 020 7641 2012 Cost: £1 per day Nearest tube: Pimlico 10

(Churchill Gardens)/Royal Oak (Academy Sport)/St. James’s Park (St. Andrew’s)

Holiday play scheme

18 – 22 February, 8am-3pm Age: 8-13 years Bring your swimming kit and a packed lunch. Venue: Queen Mother Sports Centre, 223 Vauxhall Bridge Road, Victoria, SW1V 1EL T: 020 7630 5522 Cost: £8.05 or £7.05 with an ActiveWestminster passport Nearest tube: Victoria Booking required

Half-term camps

19 – 22 February, 10am – 3pm Age: 5-15 Tennis, football, basketball and multi-sport camps

Libraries Valentine crafts

13 February, 10.30-11.30am for under 5s, 3.30-5pm for ages 6+ Get colouring, glueing and sticking to create your own valentine cards and pictures. Venue: Victoria Library, 160 Buckingham Palace Road, SW1W 9UD T: 020 7641 1300 Cost: free Nearest tube: Victoria Wheelchair access

Treasure hunt

18 February, 10.30am – 12pm and 2.30 – 4pm Age: 5+ Make a map and find the hidden treasure. Venue: Maida Vale Library, Sutherland Avenue, W9 2QT T: 020 7641 1300 Cost: free Nearest tube: Maida Vale/ Warwick Avenue Wheelchair access

Westminster Children First, Issue 17, Spring 2013

Papier-mâché extravaganza

18 and 19 February, 11am – 3pm (Papier-mâché), 21 February, 3.30 - 5pm (painting) Age: all Help us make our very own papier-mâché penguin! Venue: St John’s Wood Library, 20 Circus Road, NW8 6PD T: 020 7641 1300 Cost: free Nearest tube: St John’s Wood Wheelchair access

Magic crafts

20 February, 10.30am – 12pm and 2.30 – 4pm Age: 5+ It’s magic! Make a wizard’s hat and create your own evil potions. Venue: Maida Vale Library, Sutherland Avenue, W9 2QT T: 020 7641 1300 Cost: free Nearest tube: Maida Vale/ Warwick Avenue Wheelchair access

Mega fun craft session

20 February, 2.30pm Age: 5 – 11 Make your own snakes and ladders board game to take home with you. Venue: Marylebone Library, 109117 Marylebone Road, NW1 5PS T: 020 7641 1300 Cost: free Nearest tube: Baker Street Wheelchair access

the kids, their friends and family. Venue: Victoria Library, 160 Buckingham Palace Road, SW1W 9UD T: 020 7641 1300 Cost: free Nearest tube: Victoria Wheelchair access

666 Harrow Road, W10 4NE T: 020 7641 1300 Cost: free Nearest tube: Victoria (Victoria Library)/ Queen’s Park (Queen’s Park Library) Wheelchair access

Manga Workshop

6 March, 10.30-11.30am Age: Under 5’s Make a special card for your mummy. Venue: Victoria Library, 160 Buckingham Palace Road, SW1W 9UD T: 020 7641 1300 Cost: free Nearest tube: Victoria Wheelchair access

20 February, 4 – 5.30 pm Age: 11+ Learn to draw manga with a professional artist. Venue: Queen’s Park Library, 666 Harrow Road, W10 4NE T: 020 7641 1300 Cost: free, but advance booking is essential as places are limited Nearest tube: Queen’s Park/ Westbourne Park


21 February, 4-5pm for six weeks Age: 6+ (Victoria)/ 8 – 12 (Queen’s Park) Share great books plus games, puzzles and crafts. Venue: Victoria Library, 160 Buckingham Palace Road, SW1W 9UD Queen’s Park Library,

Mother’s day cards

Easter egg hunt

27 March, 10.30-11.30am Age: Under 5’s Songs and stories with an Easter theme and an Easter egg hunt. Venue: Victoria Library, 160 Buckingham Palace Road, SW1W 9UD T: 020 7641 1300 Cost: free Nearest tube: Victoria Wheelchair access

Games club

20 February, 4-5pm Age: 6+ This will be a new weekly ‘board games only’ club for Westminster Children First, Issue 17, Spring 2013


Young people take the lead in tackling gang violence YourChoiceChi






Abdul, 17, is part of a new youth project to help tackle gangs. Twenty young people from Westminster have come together to create a publicity campaign to let young people know they have a choice when it comes to joining a gang. “I found out about the project through my youth club. It sounded interesting so I went along. “What’s good about it is that people my age are coming up with the messages.


Westminster Children First, Issue 17, Spring 2013

Some of us have experienced gangs so we know what to say. There is a lot of gang crime in London, if you’re from a certain area you’re more likely to be robbed. “The message we came up with is that choice is what makes you and you can choose your own destination. You don’t have to be influenced by other people. We wanted people who are thinking of joining a gang to think: where will I be in five years time and how will the choices I make now affect my life?

“Working on the project has also helped me to work in a team. I managed to get involved with people I didn’t know before. There are certain barriers with meeting new people as different people have different experiences so we’ve learnt to compromise. “The work we are doing is important. We saw the riots that happened in summer 2011. They wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for gangs.”

“I’d like to contribute towards the success of the campaign and make a difference. It’s also good for my UCAS form.

Take a look at the video produced by Abdul and the rest of the group at

“We’ve worked with a designer to come up with artwork that will be used on a website and in adverts. We’re also producing a film and that’s what interests me the most. Showing messages through film is a really effective way to reach young people and they will connect with it.

Youth Secure Streets, is the first crossEurope gangs focus and is funded by £10,000 from the European Commission’s Justice Department.

“As well as design and production, I’ve also learnt presentation skills when I presented to other groups who are doing similar projects in Italy and Spain. It helped with my confidence as a lot of eyes were on me.

“I’d like to contribute towards the success of the campaign and make a difference.” Abdul

How are we tackling serious youth violence? The Your Choice gangs programme offers support for young people at risk of being involved in serious youth violence in return for them taking personal responsibility for their actions, or face serious consequences. It focuses on identification of gang members, targeted prevention, intervention, support for young people to leave gangs and family support. Visit Westminster Children First, Issue 17, Spring 2013


Active School receives star treatment

Pupils were taught basket ball skills and drills at the O2 Arena on the 16th January

Winner of the ActiveWestminster School award receives training from top NBA players. Introducing morning fitness routines and an extra eight new after-school clubs has landed Gateway Primary School a top training session with world-class basketball players from US teams, the Knicks and the Pistons. The prize was awarded to the school in Lisson Grove which was crowned winner of the Active School category of the ActiveWestminster Awards. PE teacher, Natasha Hilmi says: “We were delighted to win the award! We knew that introducing short bursts of activity including aerobics, relay races, circuits and skipping first

thing in the morning would feed the children’s minds with oxygen, benefitting both mind and body. “The impact which this has had upon the children’s interest in sport has also been tremendous. They are more focused during morning subjects, such as maths and literacy, increasing educational attainment. “We understand that it can be difficult for parents to access sporting opportunities for their children outside of school, so we started up eight new clubs including street dance, football, cricket, and karate.

“Every child, within each year group, has an opportunity to attend a free after-school sporting club, with the hope of them discovering their own personal interest and shaping positive lifelong attitudes towards fitness.“ The ActiveWestminster Awards recognise the achievements of local people and organisations who are transforming lives through sport and physical activity. For more information about the awards and to read about the other winners visit activeawards Highly commended: • St Luke’s Primary School • Grey Coat Hospital


Westminster Children First, Issue 17, Spring 2013

Dig out your trainers Get the family signed up to take part in the Bupa Westminster Mile, a new one-mile running event around St James’s Park, backed by Paralympic superstar David Weir MBE.

David Weir is encouraging everyone to take part

The series of over 50 one-mile races will be held on Sunday 26th May 2013, starting on the iconic Mall at the same start and finish line Olympians and Paralympians used for the Marathon and Road Cycling events in 2012. There’s a £1 discount for Westminster residents and schools and any profits from the event will be invested in sport for local people as part of our 2012 legacy programme. The Bupa Westminster Mile takes place on Sunday 26th May, 10 – 5pm. To register visit

“The beauty of the Bupa Westminster Mile is it’s a one-mile road race, making it accessible to everyone of all ages and abilities” David Weir Mosun Odegbesan, 12, got into running last year when she joined the Serpies Juniors running club who meet on Wednesday evenings at Paddington Recreation Ground. Mosun says: “I find running fun, especially when I know I’m improving. I’ve told my friends at school about Serpies Juniors and now some of them have joined up. “I’m looking forward to running in the Westminster Mile and hopefully I would have improved even more by then. I hope lots of other kids can join in because it’s only one mile so I think everyone should give it a go.”

There are categories for all ages and abilities so that everyone can take part: • Wheelchair users • Juniors • Visually impaired race • Veteran runners with guide runners. • Elite athletes Westminster Children First, Issue 17, Spring 2013


Young community heroes Volunteering effects the lives of young people in Westminster every day. If you know a young volunteer in Westminster who gives up their free time to help others, make sure you put them forward for a Westminster Community Award. The awards recognise and reward the individuals and organisations who voluntarily give up their time to make Westminster a better place. This year the council has teamed up with Volunteer Centre Westminster to jointly host the Community Awards. These awards are the chance to nominate local heroes and give recognition to those who work hard and dedicate their time to benefit the lives of others. This year’s awards include a category for an outstanding young volunteer in Westminster. The Young Volunteer award recognises outstanding volunteers aged between 16 and 24 who have made a big difference and shown dedication to a voluntary organisation or cause. If you know anybody who fits this category and deserves a nomination visit for further information. You will also find information about how to nominate for all the award categories featuring at the Community Awards 2013.

Nellie Khossousi, 16, volunteers in Westminster. Although she already volunteered her time occasionally, it was the London 2012 Olympics that inspired her to take her volunteering further and sign up to become a City Guide. “I had volunteered at Brownies in the past, have completed my bronze and silver Duke of Edinburgh awards and have volunteered at annual events at the Danish church however that was about it. “Seeing how many volunteers gave up their time to help at the Olympics and Paralympics inspired me to volunteer and help London. “I looked at the volunteering section of the Summer in the City booklet and saw an advert for City Guides. I thought it was a great opportunity to help people who are attending events in our amazing city in the future. “We can inspire a new generation by sharing experience of volunteering with friends and family to encourage them to also take up volunteering.”

Nominations close on the 31st March 2013 and the winners will be announced at the award ceremony in June 2013. 16

Westminster Children First, Issue 17, Spring 2013

Queen’s Honours for Westminster foster carers A Westminster couple have been honoured by HM The Queen for fostering almost 50 vulnerable children – but they don’t see that as the real reward. Over the past 21 years, Churchill Gardens residents Maureen and Tony Coumbe have opened their home to foster 48 young children. In 2012, in recognition of their service to children, both have been made a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) by Her Majesty the Queen, receiving their honours at a ceremony at Buckingham Palace in November. They are keen to encourage more local residents to consider fostering in the Westminster community.

Could you offer a child a home? In Westminster we still need more people like Maureen and Tony to come forward and make a vital difference in children’s lives. We are especially keen to hear from people who can look after teenagers, sibling groups, children with a disability or who can provide a parent and child placement. We are also keen to hear from people who are already approved foster carers. If you are interested in fostering, call on Freephone 0800 169 3497 or email Alternatively, there is a lot of information on our websites: and

“Fostering becomes a way of life and it’s a whole family commitment. It can be a difficult job but it’s also very rewarding, and I would really recommend other local people to consider fostering or occasional respite care. “We have always taken on under-fives, and people ask us the million-dollar question of how we can bear to give them up again. But the way I see it is they were never ours to keep, and you have to love them enough to let them go on to their lovely new families.” “At our party after the MBE presentation we had five of our foster children come back to visit us, and that’s the real reward – to see how they are getting on with their new families and embarking on exciting things like starting school.” Westminster Children First, Issue 17, Spring 2013

f our foster “We’ve had five o ck to visit us, children come ba l reward.” and that’s the rea Coumbe Maureen and Tony


Every Friday we’re highlighting special offers that will help you to make the most of council services such as libraries, leisure centres, schools and adult education. Visit to find out more details about these and other others and sign up to the e-newsletter.

15% off at Rainforest Café this February half-term Valid: 15th February – 21st Feb Offer: Get 15% off your total bill for a party of up to 6 at Rainforest Café, a unique and vibrant restaurant and club that brings together the sights and sounds of the jungle. How to claim this offer: bring in this copy of Children First to the restaurant to claim your discount. Venue: 20 Shaftesbury Avenue, W1D 7EU Tel: 020 7434 3111 Web:

Free X-Box, PlayStation and Nintendo Wii usage for teenagers Valid: ongoing free service Offer: 13-19 year olds can meet friends and try out new games with free usage of the latest games consoles and flat screen TVs at Church Street library How to claim this offer: No need to book, just turn up during the times listed on the website. Venue: Church Street Library, 69 Church Street, NW8 8EU Tel: 0207 641 1300 and ask for Church Street Library Website:

Free parenting skills courses Valid: ongoing free service Offer: Feel more confident as a parent and gain a greater understanding of child development with this free parenting skills course. How to claim this offer: contact Madhu Chauhan on or call 020 7641 7346. Venue: various across Westminster. Tel: 020 7641 7346 Website:

Offers and discounts for Westminster residents

Enjoy a great day out with all the family for less Sign up for Westminster City Save – our new resident discount scheme and you can enjoy more fantastic offers and great savings on some of the leading attractions in Westminster. Ideal for planning a fun family day out. To apply register online at or call 020 7641 6000 (Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm). Members of the old ResCard scheme can visit a Westminster library or leisure centre to fill in an application form and exchange their old Rescard for a new Westminster City Save card on the spot. Please note that ResCards will no longer be accepted from 17th January 2013.


Westminster Children First, Issue 17, Spring 2013

Support for children with special needs Parent Partnership services offer free training to parents and carers of children with special educational needs (SEN) or a disability in Westminster. There are different workshops for parents and carers to choose from, including; “What is a statutory assessment?” and “Appealing to SEN Tribunal”.

Baby proof your relationship According to research 61% of couples experience relationship difficulties after having a baby. If you are a first time parent living in Westminster you can receive a 60% discount on a new service to help you and your partner cope with the impact that becoming a parent can have your relationship.

To find out dates and times of the workshops and to book, please contact:

THE 3 OF US is a government-backed service for expecting and new parents with children up to two years old and there is a choice of face to face and online sessions.

Westminster Parent Partnership Service (WPPS): T: 020 7641 5355 E:

To redeem the 60% discount and for more information visit the website: *Statistic taken from Chapter 3 of the 2010 “Relationships Matter” report © Institute of Health and Society 2010

Westminster Children First, Issue 17, Spring 2013


Open day 28th February!

Adult learning

in the heart of the city

We offer courses at over 80 different locations across Westminster, and with over 1,000 courses from Accounting to Zumba, you are sure to find a course you’ll love. visit NOW ENROLLING FOR 2013 COURSES

Children First Spring 2013  

Children First is the council's magazine and online information service for parents and carers of children and young people in Westminster.

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