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Michael O’Connor, PGA President PGA REACH WNY Michael O’Connor PGA, CPGA, CMAA mjokah@aol.com

Happy New Year! I hope everyone enjoyed the Holiday Season and recharged from a difficult year. As you have repeatedly heard, 2020 has certainly been an unprecedented year, which presented a unique set of challenges. Although we are currently under significant restrictions due to Covid-19, I’m optimistic better days are coming soon. The Board of Trustees met this past November to recap 2020, discuss 2021 and well beyond. A big thank you to Board Members; Tim Fries, Mike D’Agostino, Jeff Mietus, Steve Bartkowski, Jamie Miller, Andy Connor and Ralph Fornuto for their dedication and efforts. The Foundation Board elections will take place this spring and a new “Advisory Committee” will be established. The Advisory Committee will consist of 5 individuals who will be asked for their expertise in Board Meetings and a financial commitment to the Foundation. An exciting concept of the WNYPGA Reach Foundation is to establish facilities in Buffalo, Rochester and Erie. These locations would enhance and add to our Foundation programming, which would be operated by a PGA Professional along side a Veteran and PGA Works Fellow. This is a 5-10 year plan with significant funding attached to it. Currently, we are in the exploratory phase and drafting a business plan. One of the PGA Professional’s goals is to have a positive impact through the game of golf. When establishing your 2021 goals, please add to your list volunteering for a Foundation initiative, or possibly making a financial contribution. The WNYPGA Foundation supports a variety of initiatives that serve our founding pillars - youth, military and diversity in the game. Please pledge to get involved with our Foundation initiatives in 2021, simply contact Steve or Jacob to learn more. Kind Regards, Michael O’Connor, PGA PGA REACH WNY PGA Professional




Steven Bartkowski Executive Director WNYPGA & PGA REACH WNY Steven Bartkowski sbartkowski@pgahq.com (716) 313-2943

Welcome to 2021! I am humbled to be a part of a big announcement that will help to kick start our mission driven initiatives this year (page 4). Myself and 12 others will each be running 26.2 miles in the Buffalo Marathon on May 30th to raise awareness and funds for PGA REACH WNY! A personal thank you to David, Tim, John, Bobby, Brad, Justin, Steve, Justin, Nick, Phil, Joel and Alex. Please consider donating any amount to their fundraising pages for their commitment. Big or small, it all counts! 100 percent of the proceeds will be going to the Youth, Military and Diverse Initiatives that positively impact your community. Their goal is to raise $25,000 which provides free programs for our vets, affordable junior programming for youth and more opportunity to hire PGA Works Fellows. As you will read in this issue of “The Foundation Focus” PGA REACH WNY continues to make an impact on diversity and inclusion in our workforce. You will hear from both Jacob Coles and Hope Warkoczeski from our PGA Works Fellowship program. PGA WORKS is a strategic initiative, designed to diversify the golf industry’s workforce. Funded by PGA REACH, the 501(c)(3) charitable foundation of the PGA of America, PGA WORKS leverages fellowships, scholarships, career exploration events, and the PGA WORKS Collegiate Championship to inspire and engage talent from diverse backgrounds to pursue key employment positions across the golf industry. The nationwide fellowship continues to place diverse individuals full time in our workforce. Jacob Coles is one of those success stories who now is working full-time as an Operations Coordinator for the Western New York Section PGA. Thank you in advance to all those PGA Professionals, corporate sponsors, partners, golf facilities, Foundation Board Members and Trustees that will be giving their time and energy in 2021 to help us Positively Impact the Community Through the Game of Golf. For those interested in getting involved, please take a look at some of the opportunities in this report and feel free to reach out to me directly at (716) 313-2943 or sbartkowski@pgahq.com. Respectfully, Steven Bartkowski WNYPGA & PGA REACH WNY Executive Director




During the annual Buffalo Marathon on Sunday, May 30th, 2021, partners and volunteers with PGA REACH Western NY will be running to raise $25,000 in funds and awareness for PGA REACH WNY initiatives. The funds raised will go to programs supporting our founding pillars: Military, Youth and Diversity/Inclusion. Here is what you can do to help! • Donation: Visit our GoFundMe Page here 2021 Buffalo Marathon • Support: Share our event and follow the journey on • Instagram: PGAREACH_WNY • Twitter: PGAREACHWNY • Facebook: WNYPGA • Website: WNYPGA.com




Thank You for Your Service Featuring Jeff Mietus, PGA, USMC My name is Jeff Mietus. I am a 25-year PGA member, a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran and Secretary on the PGA REACH Foundation board of trustees. I was president of the WNYPGA section in 2013, when the idea of the PGA HOPE (Helping Our Patriots Everywhere) program came to my attention. It immediately became my mission to launch the program here. There were only a couple of PGA of America sections with a program at the time, so we decided to rally our leaders. Talk about an easy task! We went to Erie, Rochester and Niagara County with beers and pizza to get PGA pros to step up and take the lead… so, it began. I have never been so proud of my peers, none of us knew how to get started, but they jumped in and made it happen. Everyone involved is better for it today. I have always felt it is important to appreciate our military and veterans. People will say “Thank you for your service” but that isn’t always enough. If you appreciate them then we should do something... talk is cheap. About 20 PGA professionals did something. And now we have had over 600 veterans participate. It is not just that the vets participate, they heal, make friends, and learn the greatest game ever. They come back year after year. Some have traveled to the greatest courses in the world and attended major championships through PGA HOPE. Many are now avid golfers and play with other veterans weekly. Some foolish ones have decided they want to be PGA pros. I have read many letters from vets that let us know we made a big difference in their life. Some still bring tears to my eyes.

For me, it’s fun. I have a new group of bud’s and look forward to busting chops with the crew every week. I get stupid texts, funny Facebook posts, and laugh and smile all the time I’m around them. I am also proud. Our little program has grown. I remember the first program at Grover Cleveland GC. Maybe 10 participants were there. One woman watched from her car for the first few weeks before she had the courage to join us, but she loved it. We went to Lancaster Country Club, Audubon Golf Course, Transit Valley Country Club, The Dome and Glen Oak Golf Course. While teaching PGA HOPE clinics I became a better teacher. I learned to teach workarounds for serious physical limitations. I learned about adaptive golf. I have met some of the coolest people. I also learned how much damage can happen to those serving in our military and how our what started as a little program has helped in a big way to help our veterans.

If you are not involved, Why? We now have a foundation with supporters like; PGA REACH National, Tee it Up for the Troops, Donald Ross Sportswear, Bunkers in Baghdad, Tee2Green, Custom Turf, Oncore Golf, Lancaster CC, Niagara Frontier CC, Glen Oak GC, Wanakah CC, The Kahkwa Club and Verde Golf. In 2020, we were able to raise over $30,000 to support the HOPE Program. It could be and should be more. Help out! My sincerest thanks go to all the PGA Professionals who help. Also, to Steve Bartkowski and the Section staff who have taken this to the level it is today. We never could have imagined how it would grow. They have truly embraced it and made a huge difference. Oorah!

Jeff Mietus PGA, USMC www.westernnewyork.pga.com/foundation



In 2019, I accepted the position of PGA WORKS Fellow for the WNY PGA Section and I had no idea what the experience would hold. Before joining the WNYPGA I had never participated in a golf event, let alone played the game. It’s safe to say I was a fish out of water when I jumped into the golf industry. Never mind the fact that I had moved to a new city less than a week after I graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. On top of this, I started my first week on the job at Oak Hill Country Club helping run the 2019 KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship. Looking back on this first week, there were some slip ups and a lot of learning experiences. However, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to start my professional career. As the PGA WORKS Fellow for the WNYPGA Section, I split my time between Section activities and Foundational projects. I had the opportunity to help with everything from acquiring sponsors and marketing the section, to running Junior and Professional events throughout the season. I was able to apply everything I had gained in experience and knowledge from college to this position. This wasn’t the traditional “pencil-pushing” internship where all you do are trips to get coffee even though I would grab Tim Horton’s occasionally to thank my co-workers. The environment around the Section has been welcoming since I moved to Buffalo in 2019. Not knowing much about golf or the golf industry, I wasn’t sure how people would feel about having me run events. However, I was embraced with open arms and began to learn industry from everyone I met. Every tournament I went to gave me an opportunity to learn more about the game and the people who play. I couldn’t have asked for a better spot to land in. All in all, the fellowship was a great experience. I have even picked up the game of golf myself since becoming a PGA WORKS Fellow and Foundation Operations Coordinator. This fellowship was nothing like other internships I had in the past. From day one, I got to be a contributing member in our Section and my role here has only grown since. For anyone who is looking for a worthwhile experience, especially right out of school, and loves the sport industry, look no further than the PGA WORKS Fellowship. Since writing this article, Jacob Coles has been hired into a full-time position in the Western NY PGA Section as the Coordinator of Operations. He has continued to be an asset to the section in many ways with his positive demeanor and hard work. The WNYPGA looks forward to the work Jacob will continue to do to grow the game of golf and serve the WNY golf community. Submitted by: Jacob Coles WNYPGA & PGA REACH WNY Coordinator of Operations jcoles@pgahq.com




What is it?




A message from our PGA HOPE Ambassador PGA HOPE National Golf & Wellness Week (NG&WW) is a unique opportunity for Veterans who possess the motivation to excel in their personal rehabilitation journey and represent their local PGA HOPE community on a national level. Over the course of four days in Washington D.C., 20 PGA HOPE graduates who have been nominated by PGA Professionals from their home PGA HOPE programs will receive a tool kit of new skills focused on advanced golf instruction and impactful wellness training. This curriculum is an extension to what Veterans have been learning throughout the years at their home PGA HOPE programs. At the conclusion of the event, the 20 PGA HOPE graduates become PGA HOPE Ambassadors and when they return to their home programs, have new responsibilities to help foster the game of golf through the PGA HOPE Program. The Western New York PGA HOPE Ambassador , Nick Martone, is a Marine Corps Veteran with an energetic charismatic personality. View his video message above as to what PGA HOPE means to him.

PGA HOPE (Helping Our Patriots Everywhere) is the flagship military program of PGA REACH, the charitable foundation of the PGA of America. PGA HOPE introduces golf to Veterans with disabilities to enhance their physical, mental, social and emotional well-being. The program introduces the game of golf through a developmental 6-8 week curriculum, taught by PGA Professionals trained in adaptive golf and military cultural competency. All programs are funded by PGA REACH and supplemented by PGA Section Foundations, so the cost of programming is free to all Veterans. PGA HOPE has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), which enables Recreational Therapists to refer Veterans to the PGA HOPE program as a form of therapy. Through a robust program strategy, PGA HOPE aspires to create a physically and emotionally healthier Veteran community by shaping lives, changing lives, and possibly saving lives through the game of golf. The Hero video to the right featuring Jack Nicklaus, highlights the positive impact that PGA HOPE has on the lives of military Veterans.




Many veterans in our program have encouraged other veterans to join PGA HOPE. Here are a few videos from active veterans in the Section to thank you all for your involvement and to share their stories. You can click the images below to view messages from our PGA HOPE WNY Veterans.

Nick Martone (Marine Corps Veteran) and Scott Smalter (Navy Veteran). View Scott’s message by clicking the image above.

John Osberg, Edwin Andino (Army Veteran) and Steve Bartkowski. View Edwin’s video by clicking the image above.




On October 1st, we began our campaign to raise funds and awareness about PGA HOPE (Helping Our Patriots Everywhere). PGA HOPE is the flagship military program of PGA REACH, the charitable foundation of the PGA of America. The National Day of HOPE WNY campaign helped to raise $9,288 for WNY PGA REACH. Due to generous donations and efforts to raise funds for PGA REACH WNY, we will be able to continue to serve those who have served. Efforts that helped to raise funds for our campaign included the 100-Hole Marathons, Cans for Veterans can drive, and donations from partners. Cans for Veterans raised $1,218.70! PGA National Day of HOPE culminated on Veterans Day on November 11th, 2020 and collectively PGA Sections across the PGA of America was able to raise $154,067 total for PGA HOPE. The funds raised will impact countless Veteran’s lives. PGA HOPE truly saves lives and thanks to all the generous donations we will be able to continue to save lives of Veterans with the game of golf.

We are collecting cans and bottles! PGA HOPE veterans have been working tirelessly to collect cans and bottles for deposit to earn funds for the Western New York PGA HOPE program. Funds raised from cans are for golf equipment, rounds of golf for our veterans, and coaches who instruct during clinics. Veterans are on a quest to return one million cans and raise $50,000. On November 10th, 2020 veterans Nick Martone, Steve Harris, and Scott Smalter helped PGA REACH WNY Staff to take cans and bottles to recycling centers in Western NY. After a week to count all the cans and bottles returned the Cans for Veterans can and bottle drive raised $1,218.70! The Cans for Veterans program will continue as an annual project to help fund PGA HOPE WNY. We are grateful to can and bottle donors, Can and Bottle Retrieval Centers and Glen Oak Golf Course. If you have empty cans and bottles to return, there is a dedicated trailer at Glen Oak Golf Course for collecting cans to deposit. We are so grateful to Tim Fries, PGA and Glen Oak Golf Course for hosting the trailer to collect cans! View a short video about the initiative here: Cans for HOPE




During the off season it can be a challenge to stay connected with the PGA HOPE WNY group. In 2020, we began hosting morning roll calls via video chat to all stay connected. It helps all to stay connected as well as check in on friends. Some meetings will have special guests while most will be used to catch up with friends. We are thrilled to announce we will be starting up our "PGA HOPE WNY Morning Roll Call!" starting January 8th, 2021. We will be using Google Hangout for our weekly meetings. If you have any questions about the, "Morning Roll Call!" or about Google Hangout, please contact Jacob Coles, Coordinator of Operations, at jcoles@pgahq.com.

If you know of any veterans who are interested in PGA HOPE and would like more information or would like to join our calls, please invite them and have them send their email address to Jacob Coles to get added to our call. Join us for the next morning roll call on Friday, January 29th, 2021 at 10AM EST!

Purchase one of our limited edition PGA HOPE shirts created by Verde Golf and a portion of the proceeds will go toward purchasing a golf shirt for our 2021 PGA HOPE Veterans.

Verde golf was created with the intention to make golf fun. “For me golf is about celebrating each other regardless of our differences, wanting to see a complete stranger succeed, and having good wholesome fun with people who are different from you.” - Alex Villafranca, Verde Golf Founder Verde golf has become a partner to the PGA HOPE WNY program and has helped to celebrate our Veterans. By purchasing a Verde Golf shirt you can purchase a shirt for a PGA HOPE Veteran. Every shirt bought will go back to our PGA HOPE program to purchase graduation shirts to celebrate our 2021 PGA HOPE Programs in Buffalo, Erie and Rochester. Limited edition shirts will be available in golf shops of PGA Professionals who volunteered to help with PGA HOPE class instruction. You can find the limited edition polo at these golf shops in Western NY: • Fox Valley Country Club • Glen Oak Golf Course • Niagara Frontier Golf Club • Penfield Country Club • Shorewood Country Club




Wanakah Country Club, under leadership of Tom and Sarah Waring, once again held the annual Tee It Up for the Troops golf event this past September to support active duty and retired military members and their families, fellow patriots, and honored wounded warriors who have given their lives in the defense of our freedoms. PGA HOPE WNY (Helping Our Patriots Everywhere) was honored once again to receive over $10,000 as a beneficiary of this outstanding event that gives back over $30,000 each year to local not-for-profits and over $60,000 to national not-for-profits that support veteran causes. “On behalf of our PGA Professionals and Veterans that we serve we are so humbled that Tee it Up for the Troops, Wanakah CC Members, and local community businesses once again stepped up to the plate in a big way. Many of our businesses and livelihoods may have been on hold this year with COVID -19 but the support that our veterans need should never be put on hold. Thank you to everyone who had a hand in making this possible in 2020.” – Steven Bartkowski, WNYPGA Executive Director PGA HOPE WNY is the flagship military program of PGA REACH WNY, the charitable foundation of the Western New York Section, PGA of America. PGA HOPE introduces golf to Veterans with disabilities to enhance their physical, mental, social and emotional well-being. The program introduces the game of golf through a developmental 6-8 week curriculum, taught by PGA Professionals trained in adaptive golf and military cultural competency. All programs are funded by the support of organizations such as Tee it Up for the Troops, PGA REACH and supplemented by PGA REACH WNY, so the cost of programming is free to all Veterans. This past year, despite restrictions in place with COVID-19, PGA HOPE WNY was able to support close to 100 veterans throughout the region. For more on the Tee it Up For Troops Wanakah event, CLICK HERE. For more on PGA HOPE WNY, CLICK HERE

Prior to the 2020 Tee It Up for the Troops Event, Veterans were given a short clinic from WNYPGA Professionals before participating in the event. www.westernnewyork.pga.com/foundation



Learn about the Youth Programs in WNY PGA Jr. League exists to bring communities together through fun, team golf experiences… plus those experiences that transcend golf itself, like friendships that last for years to come or a newfound sense of confidence. What started as an idea penned on a napkin while watching the Little League World Series has grown to more than 60,000 boys and girls on teams spanning all 50 states in 2019. This unique approach highlights team play versus individual competition and serves as a feeder system to transition youth golfers to existing junior golf programs, such as those offered by local PGA Sections. Watch Carlos stumble into PGA Jr. League while hunting Bigfoot. He quickly learns about the format, what it takes to be a great teammate, and why PGA Jr. League is even more fun than hunting mythical creatures! Click on the video to see our new PGA Jr. League Ambassadors NBA star, Steph Curry, and U.S. Women’s Soccer star Alex Morgan.

In 1999 The WNYPGA Junior Golf Tour was formed to provide an opportunity and atmosphere for juniors to enjoy the camaraderie, friendship, and sportsmanship of competitive golf at a series of premier venues throughout the Western New York Section of the PGA of America. Since the conception of The WNYPGA Junior Golf Tour it has grown from 10 annual events to the current schedule of 36 events. Annually the membership is between 200 – 250 junior golfers that play approximately 2,000 rounds of competitive golf. Players in all divisions will compete in a season-long points race to qualify for the season-ending Junior Golf Tour Championship. Since 1999 it has had over 4,500 members and over 25,000 rounds! It is recognized by Junior Golf Hub and Junior Golf Scoreboard two of the leading Junior Golf organizations in the country. The WNYPGA Junior Golf Tour is the leader; most recognized and respected Junior Golf Competition in Western New York and we will continue to improve “The WNYPGA Junior Golf Tour Experience”. The WNYPGA Section is Most Proud of the fact that we have touched the lives of so many young ladies and gentlemen over the past 21 years. Through the Game of Golf we have instilled the life skills of honesty, integrity, competitiveness and camaraderie. www.westernnewyork.pga.com/foundation



Captain registration for PGA Junior League is open and you can register to help young golfers build friendships, knowledge of the game, and a community. To register as a PGA Jr. League captain you can click here! There are some changes to PGA Jr. League in 2021 as we continue to make the best experience possible to grow the game of golf. Below are just a few changes coming to PGA Junior League to improve the experience but you can learn more by clicking here. PGA Jr. League is focused on enhancing three areas of the program in 2021 as part of a multi-year expansion plan: 1.) Create more flexibility for local leagues to operate in a way that works for them. This includes being able to host a league with 24 or more players, increase or decrease the number of matches per game, and increase or decrease the number of holes played in each flag based on ages and/or skill levels of players. Based on learnings from 2020, higher Net Promoter Scores for in-house leagues, and ongoing Covid-19 health concerns and uncertainty, these adjustments are being made to further empower PGA and LPGA Professionals to design a PGA Jr. League program that works best for them and their facility. 2.) Update All-Star policies to align with American Development Model (ADM) standards and ensure the best possible player experience. This includes establishing a minimum age of 10 years-old to be eligible for an All-Star team and lowering the 13u team size to eight players so everyone plays the full nine holes in each event. 3.) Introduce Section and Regional Championships for 17u to create fun and memorable culminating events for this emerging age division. Last day to register as a captain is April 1st, 2021. Participant registration opens February 1st, 2021.

Create a safe environment at your golf course for families to enjoy quality time together through PGA Family Cup! PGA Family Cup brings PGA Jr. League to life for families in a format all ages can enjoy together. Most importantly, it’s designed to build a vibrant community around YOU, the family expert coach, at your golf course. This program can provide families the opportunity to safely engage in the sports world again and begin the healing process for your community. The program is designed to get families who watch from the cart path of a PGA Junior League event to the fairway with the family scramble format. Learn more with the PGA Family Cup Facility Guide and register as a Family Cup captain and facility.

Click the image above to view a short video about PGA Family Cup. www.westernnewyork.pga.com/foundation



Membership Information: All registered players may register for up to 10 events (full-time) andup to 5 events (part-time). Please note: Entry into each event is on a first come, first served basis and the 10 or 5 events is NOT guaranteed. Partial refunds while in season will only be considered if ALL events are completely booked and/or there are extraordinary personal circumstances. • Membership for Full Time 2021 WNYPGA Junior Tour– Max of 10 events – 18 Hole: $450.00 • Membership for Part Time 2021 WNYPGA Junior Tour- Max 5 events – 18 Hole: $350.00 • Membership for Full Time 2021 WNYPGA Junior Tour- Max 10 events – 9 Hole: $350.00 • Membership for Part Time 2021 WNYPGA Junior Tour– Max of 5 events – 9 Hole: $250.00 Eligibility: The WNYPGA Junior Tour is open to juniors residing within the boundaries of the WNYPGA Section who have reached the age of 10 but will not reach their 19th birthday before August 4, 2021. Juniors will be separated by their age on June 30th, 2021 into the following divisions: • Boys 16-18 • Boys 13-15 • Boys 10-12 (9-Hole) • Girls 16-18 • Girls 13-15 • Girls 10-12 (9-Hole) WNYPGA JUNIOR TOUR MEMBER BENEFITS: • WNYPGA Jr Tour Membership Gift Package Click the logo to get your 2021 WNYPGA WNYPGA Jr Tour Member Bag Tag Junior Tour Membership! WNYPGA / WNYPGA REACH Golf Towel WNYPGA Hat • Junior Golf Hub Account – Free Player Profile – Free 30 Day Trial Premium Membership and Discounted Premium Membership available to our Junior PGA Tour Members. – All the info needed for aspiring college golfers – Digital Golf Resume available to over 750 College Coaches – Detailed information on over 2000 College Golf Programs and more • Enhanced Blue Golf Account – Tournament Planner, Scorecard App & College Finder • College Golf / Careers in Golf Seminar – Included in 2021 Junior Membership to learn from College Coaches and Industry Professionals. • World Golf Handicap for all Members who need one. 2021 WNYPGA JUNIOR TOUR SCHEDULE: 36 Hole Scoring Events for 2021 Event 1: Saturday April 17th Midvale CC, Sunday April 18th Ridgemont CC Event 2: Saturday May 1st Terry Hills GC, Sunday May 2nd Stafford CC Event 3: Saturday May 22nd Chautauqua GC, Sunday May 23rd Shorewood CC Event 4: Saturday June 12th Gowanda CC, Sunday June 13th Elkdale CC **36 Hole Scoring Events are played over 2 days at 2 different locations. Player must register into both individual 18 Hole events and scores will be combined for the 36 Hole Event Posting to Junior Golf Scoreboard. You will not receive additional Player of the Year Points or prizes for the 36

Hole Event Posting. You will receive Points and Prizes for Individual 18 Hole Events. Since you are playing in 2 separate events it will count as 2 events against your membership. To view the full 2021 WNYPGA Junior Tour Schedule CLICK HERE www.westernnewyork.pga.com/foundation



The First Tee - Western New York is looking for coaches and volunteers to join their team for the 2021 season. Help this great organization in its efforts to grow the game in the WNY community! CLICK HERE to apply to become a coach or volunteer today

The First Tee exists to enable kids to build the strength of character that empowers them through a lifetime of new challenges. By seamlessly integrating the game of golf with life skills curriculum, students create learning experiences that build inner strength, self-confidence, and resilience that carry to everything they do. With the belief that all kids deserve the chance to grow in a supportive environment with mentors guiding them, the First Tee is dedicated to building programs that are accessible, welcoming, and as impactful as they are fun. Students in the First Tee program become a better version of themselves because they are surrounded by passionate coaches and volunteers who guide them to see what they are capable of doing. An expansion of programs and an increased number of participants in 2020 means there is a need for more golfers like you to get involved in 2021. In addition to several schools and community centers in Buffalo, Niagara Falls, and Rochester, First Tee – Western NY delivers our full Life Skills Experience program at the following golf facilities: Buffalo Area Facilities: • Brighton Golf Course • Elma Meadows Golf Course • Grover Cleveland Golf Course • Harvest Hill Golf Course • Glen Oak Golf Course • Niagara County Golf Course • Spruce Ridge Golf Course

Rochester Area Facilities: • Churchville Golf Course • Deerfield Country Club • Genesee Valley Golf Course

If anyone on your staff, members of your club, or frequent league members have an interest in getting involved with First Tee – Western NY, please contact Kristen Bromley at kbroley@firstteewesternny.org for more information or CLICK HERE to apply. We also have opportunities to run school and community-led golf clinics which is a great way to stay involved during the off-season! Lastly, if you have junior golf sets you are looking to get rid of, please consider donating them to First Tee – Western NY. While we appreciate the offer of donating adult clubs, we are in need of junior sets. Please contact Tim Frank at tfrank@firstteewesternny.org to donate clubs or additional equipment. Thank you for your continued support an effort in growing the game of golf – we look forward to getting more PGA Members involved with First Tee – Western NY in 2021! www.westernnewyork.pga.com/foundation



Learn about the Diversity & Inclusion Programs in WNY PGA WORKS is a strategic initiative, designed to diversify the golf industry’s workforce. Funded by PGA REACH, the 501(c)(3) charitable foundation of the PGA of America, PGA WORKS leverages fellowships, scholarships, career exploration events, and the PGA WORKS Collegiate Championship to inspire and engage talent from diverse backgrounds to pursue key employment positions across the golf industry. • In 2019 the PGA WORKS Collegiate Championship hosted 189 student-athletes from 41 HBCUs, HSIs, and minority-serving institutions. • PGA WORKS Fellows have worked in 9 different PGA Section offices. • PGA WORKS fellowship alumni have a 100% job placement rate in sports and 77% job placement rate in golf since 2017 • PGA WORKS has awarded 25 Scholarships since 2018. In 2019, PGA REACH WNY had the opportunity to hire their first PGA WORKS Fellow giving golf industry experience to an individual of a diverse background. PGA WORKS encompasses fellowships, the Collegiate Championship, career expos, Beyond the Green programming and scholarships. You can learn more by clicking here. Or click the image below to view a video encompassing PGA WORKS programming!

Some history about Special Olympics New York starts with “Eunice Kennedy Shriver who founded Special Olympics in 1968. Just one year later, Dorothy Buehring Phillips inaugurated the program in New York— and the state sent its first delegation of athletes and coaches to the Northeast Regional Special Olympics competition in Boston, Mass. Special Olympics New York was incorporated in 1970 with Phillips as its first State Director. In June 1970, Rochester hosted the first State Summer Games. Today, Special Olympics New York is the largest program in the United States and one of the largest in the world.” Special Olympics New York’s mission is to “provide year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-style sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills and friendship with their families, other Special Olympics athletes and the community.” The PGA REACH WNY Foundation is excited to help grow the game by partnering with Special Olympics New York.

Learn more at their website: https://www.specialolympics-ny.org/ www.westernnewyork.pga.com/foundation



Throughout the 2020 golf season I had the privilege of meeting many PGA Professionals, Junior Golfers, Veterans and Foundation partners, but I want to formally introduce myself. I grew up in Michigan where I picked up the game of golf in the LPGA Girls’ Golf Program. My mom is a life-long golfer who encouraged me to play the sport she loves, golf. It is because of the LPGA Girls’ Golf program that I went on to play Varsity golf in high school, volunteer to coach junior golf programs (i.e. Junior Golf Camps, Girls and Boys Golf) and work at Fox Hills Golf and Banquet Center for six years. I fell in love with the game. While exploring my options for after high school, I knew playing college golf was not going to be an option (due to my desire to attend a larger school and my average golf scores). Instead, I studied Sport Management at Central Michigan University (CMU) where I worked in the Athletic Compliance Office. During the Summer, I would do double time working at the golf course and golf related internships. Some of my classmates may have thought I was odd for not choosing the NBA, MLB, NFL or NHL, but I knew golf is the sport for me. It was after a chance encounter with the Michigan PGA WORKS Fellow that taught me about the opportunity designed to diversify the golf industry, the PGA WORKS Fellowship. The opportunity appealed to me because of my passion for helping to do just that, diversify the golf industry. Through my many golf experiences, I know golf is a male dominated sport and I would like to help change that. Whether it be through junior golf programs or encouraging more women to play. I was fortunate to have women support me early in my golf career like the two women PGA Professionals who coached me and the two women who own the golf course in Michigan. I know it is my turn to support other women in golf. Following my offer to be the PGA WORKS Fellow in Western NY, I finished my final semester at CMU online and did a virtual graduation with my close family. Next, amid the COVID-19 pandemic I made the move to Buffalo to work in the WNYPGA and was thrown right into the fire. My experience as the fellow has been incredible. The entry-level position has allowed me to captain the Doubles Golf Program here in the Section, be at almost every WNYPGA Junior Tour event and help promote the large PGA HOPE WNY program. I enjoy the many conversations with juniors about their golf round and with veterans about how golf has saved their lives. Professional events are always fun as I get to see our PGA Professionals succeed. Part of my love for expanding the game is learning different teaching styles for golf. During PGA HOPE clinics and other events across the section, PGA Professionals have been so kind as to tell me about their teaching styles. It is the little things like this that make the PGA WORKS Fellowship so special. I continue to learn so much about what happens in a PGA Section and it is such a pleasure to serve the golf community in Western NY. Fire Up Chips! Submitted by: Hope Warkoczeski WNYPGA & PGA REACH WNY PGA WORKS Fellow hwarkoczeski@pgahq.com www.westernnewyork.pga.com/foundation


Junior Bag Recipients: • Tom Bolduc, PGA • Victor Lim • Samantha Plummer


PGA HOPE Bag Recipients: • Brian Becker • Andrew Buczek • Christopher Doldan • Steve Harris • Brian Jacobs, PGA • Ken Kopra • Raul Mercado • Nicholas Martone • John Osberg • Remo Scarsella www.westernnewyork.pga.com/foundation



EmergenceTek Group, a cloud services company headquartered in Western New York, has donated $500 to the PGA REACH WNY Foundation, the charitable arm of the Western New York PGA. ETG’s donation will be utilized in the PGA HOPE WNY Program to help support our veterans this holiday season. “As a Buffalonian, golfer and someone with deep respect for our nation’s military servicemen and servicewomen, it’s special that we at EmergenceTek Group had the chance to contribute to such a great cause in PGA REACH WNY / PGA HOPE, especially around the holidays,” says Brian Lehman, CEO of ETG. “ETG is a proud member of the business community here in Western New York, with our headquarters in Buffalo, employing local community members; so, it is really special to see how their programs use the game of golf to provide support to our veterans.” “It has been a challenging year for many people and businesses alike, especially right now with the holidays quickly approaching. To be able to work with ETG to help support our local servicemen and women during this time of the year is a privilege for our section,” describes Steven Bartkowski, Executive Director of the WNYPGA Section and the PGA REACH WNY Foundation. In 2020, the PGA HOPE WNY Program was able to serve over 100 veterans in our WNY community. This year’s Summer Classes hosted a program-record 50 veterans, who graduated and received instruction from our section PGA Professionals. PGA HOPE WNY is the flagship military program within the PGA REACH WNY Foundation. Its mission is to improve lives through the game of golf and targets three main areas: 1.) Diversity/Inclusion 2.) Military 3.) Youth.

ETG was founded in and headquartered in WNY employing many of our community members.[GH1] ETG has made several donations over the course of the company’s existence as they steadfastly believe giving back to great causes such as PGA REACH WNY are integral to the vitality of our communities and the members who live within them. Additionally, ETG’s leadership and team have a great deal of admiration for our nation’s military both active and veterans. To learn more about ETG & their mission, use the links below to visit their website & various social pages: Website: https://emergencetek.com/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/emergencetek-group-inc-/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/etg_buffalo

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EmergenceTekGroup/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/etg_buffalo/




John Osberg is a long time volunteer, partner and supporter of PGA REACH WNY. Specifically, Osberg loves serving those who have served through our PGA HOPE (Helping Our Patriots Everywhere) WNY program. He has coached PGA HOPE clinics, participated in Doubles Golf at Glen Oak Golf Course then went on to win the Inaugural National Championship, and has formed partnerships between PGA REACH WNY and other WNY organizations. Osberg started his company, OZmosis Consulting Group, to cast a spotlight on brands, community causes, organizations and people serving their communities in amazing ways. OZmosis Consulting Group connects organizations to create more opportunities and awareness for those groups. Osberg has a contagious energy and passion for helping others. John Osberg has used the power of OZmosis to promote various projects his clients are developing through his podcast. During his most recent podcast, Osberg hosted WNYPGA Executive Director, Steven Bartkowski, Verde Golf Founder, Alex Villafranca, and Team F.A.S.T. Founder and PGA HOPE Ambassador, Nick Martone. The group discussed projects happening with PGA REACH WNY and the groups passion for golf. We invite you to view the OZmosis podcast HERE. We also thank John Osberg for inviting PGA REACH WNY to join him on his podcast. To learn more about some of the programs and initiatives of The Wetern New York PGA and PGA REACH WNY contact a Section Staff member at westernnewyork.ppga.com today!

Learn more about OZmosis Consulting Group: LINKEDIN INSTAGRAM

Click the image above to view the OZmosis Consulting Group Podcast featuring the Western NY PGA REACH, Verde Golf and Team F.A.S.T. www.westernnewyork.pga.com/foundation



We are looking for partners to help positively impact the community through the game of golf!

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Brand Recognition inside AND on-course at the PGA REACH WNY Homesite at Glen Oak Golf Course (average 35,000 rounds per year) 10 Hours of lessons, fittings, swing analysis with PGA Professionals Listing on PGA REACH WNY Foundation Website and Newsletter

Brand Recognition inside the PGA REACH WNY Homesite at Glen Oak Golf Course 4 hours of lessons, fittings, swing analysis with PGA Professionals Listing on PGA REACH WNY Foundation Website and Newsletter

Brand Recognition inside the PGA REACH WNY Homesite at Glen Oak Golf Course 2 hours of lessons, fittings, swing analysis with PGA Professionals Listing on PGA REACH WNY Foundation Website and Newsletter

Brand Recognition inside the PGA REACH WNY Homesite at Glen Oak Golf Course Listing on PGA REACH WNY Foundation Website and Newsletter




Friends of the Foundation Learning Center PGA WORKS Fellow FRIENDS OF THE FOUNDATION EQUIPMENT RENTAL PROGRAM In our continuing effort to grow the game and provide resources to our members and facilities, the Western New York Section is proud to offer the Friends of the Foundation Equipment Rental Program. These items can be used at your facility and are great additions to events and programs such as junior camps, member guest tournaments, family golf days, etc. The donations collected through the rental program benefits the PGA REACH WNY Foundation, With a $250 donation, you can have access to ANY of the items to the right for the full year. For an additional $500 donation, you can have access to any of our three (3) PGA HOPE golf carts. To reserve a rental or for more information, please contact the Western New York PGA Section staff at wnewyork@pgahq.com

INDOOR/OUTDOOR LEARNING CENTER PGA REACH WNY has the long-term vision of creating inclusive indoor/outdoor learning centers inclusive to the three (3) founding pillars to be able to provide a space in the to run year-round programming for our youth, military and diverse populations.

PGA WORKS FELLOW PGA REACH WNY has a long-term vision of having a fully funded PGA Works fellow each and every year. The entry-level employment experience offers a taste of what a career in the golf industry can provide. The employment rate post fellowship is over 80% nationwide.










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