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MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR This is the time of year when we expect the weather to be hot in this country and throughout the countries of our nearest European neighbours. The weather since the beginning of the year has not been kind to our farming community. Late lambing and beef animals coming on later, affected the meat supply. Snow and then late frosts, affected planting of root vegetables and brassicas as well as tilling and sowing for cereal and oilseed crops. This country will never be self-sufficient in food simply because we do not have enough land surface to support our growing population. Whilst great steps have been made to improve the yields in cereal grains since the 1950s with the help of our scientists, it is not possible to do the same with farm animals – they still need space. The weather across Europe therefore affects a good percentage of our imports of fresh, chilled and frozen meat, vegetables, cereals, and even cheese and wine. The effect on manufacturers and processors in the UK is uncertain prices and uncertain supply in the coming months. The effect on the consumer depends on the whim of the supermarkets in their battle for supremacy that in turn puts pressure on the food manufacturer and processor. If the weather remains too hot for too long this will exacerbate the problem.

Adrian Binsted Editor

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Produce World new machine installation Brian Turkington, Maintenance Manager at Hilton Meat Products Ltd, (left) and Steve Moultrie, Sales Engineer at Union Industries (right) in front of the Eiger Door at Hilton Meat Products

Eiger freezer door installed at Hilton Meat Products Union Industries, the UK market leading manufacturer of industrial rapid roll doors, has helped eradicate a potentially hazardous freezer ice build-up following its first installation at Hilton Meat Products. The Leeds-based company, which designs, manufactures, installs and maintains its own range of fast acting doors, has installed its innovative Eiger Freezer Door at the company’s site in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. Established in 1985, Hilton Meat Products packages meat products to strict hygiene and quality standards from its modern ECapproved plant in Northern Ireland. The door, which has been designed and made specifically to fit the 1770mm wide x 2610mm high opening, has been fitted in the main freezer area at the factory to replace a damaged traditional sliding insulated door. Hilton Meat Products experienced regular problems due to the build-up of ice around the door frame and floor at the opening, which was a potential health and safety hazard. The company has found Union’s Eiger Freezer Door to be a far more effective alternative to the traditional sliding door, which has solved their problem. On top of which, Hilton’s refrigeration systems are running more efficiently as moisture ingress into the freezer has been drastically reduced.

Union’s rapid roll Eiger Door provides a superior alternative to the traditional sliding insulated type doors and other types of fastacting freezer doors. The door works to maintain temperatures utilising its high-speed opening and closing operation. The innovative dehumidification process, which prevents ice build-up on the door blade, frame and workings, helps eradicate snow and ice forming around the opening and on the floors. After opening at approximately 1.6m/sec, the Eiger Door closes automatically after a short dwell time, which allows for continuous traffic flow without compromising the freezer temperature. Warm air ingress into the freezer is drastically reduced, meaning companies can also benefit from the energy saving aspects of Eiger Door due to reduced cold store defrost cycles being required. Operated via Pullcord activation on both sides of the opening, the door at Hilton Meats is in an ambient corridor to the main freezer and is used by pedestrians and forklift trucks. Brian Turkington, Maintenance Manager at Hilton Meat Products, said: “We are extremely impressed with the efficiency of Union Industries’ Eiger Freezer Door, that has combatted a regular maintenance issue that we encountered on site.”

Contact Union Industries on tel 0113 244 8393 or visit

Produce World continues to lead the industry with the installation a new carrot grading machine that will improve quality control. Working in conjunction with Newtec, the company which provided the grader, Produce World, Yaxley will use the machine to replace on-the-line manual grading. Raw material, labour, and energy costs are all rising and Produce World has invested in the new carrot grading machine to help offset these rises through process improvements. The machine uses cameras to detect defects and takes up to 40 photos of each carrot. The machine takes the images and flattens them out to look for the defect then decides whether the carrot is within the tolerances set. If it is good it passes through the machine, if it is out of specification the machine rejects the carrot. The whole process for each carrot takes around one second. The machine grades approximately 80,000 carrots every hour, taking into account length, shape and colour, and it can detect 10 different quality defects. Jamie Tointon, Factory Manager for Produce World, Yaxley said: “We have a continuous improvement culture and have up to 20 projects on the go at any one time, all of which bring benefits to the business. The machine installation shows our customers that we are committed to improving the business by putting processes in place that will ensure quality continues to be of the highest standard.”

Contact Produce World Yaxley on tel 01733 240253 or visit

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Clegg large-scale bakery expansion Clegg Food Projects has completed a multimillion pound scheme to expand the production capacity for Fletchers Bakeries’ Sheffield site. John Moxon, Business Development Director at Clegg Food Projects, said: “We’re delighted to have completed the work to boost production for our client. “It is reassuring that we have continued to secure a number of significant contracts such as this in the current, difficult financial climate. We have completed many similar projects to this scheme that meant our experience and expertise was ideally suited to carry out the work to the very highest standards. “At Clegg Food Projects we ensure that we can provide our clients with a range of design, engineering and specialist construction and

consultancy solutions. Therefore, we can ensure that we can help our clients, or potential clients, whatever stage they are at with their project,” John added. The work on the Sheffield site involved converting an existing de-commissioned freezer area to improve manufacturing and to increase production capacity for the bakery. There was demolition work involved and modifications to the car park and vehicle entrances were also part of the project. Fletchers Bakeries has four UK locations and has a turnover of more than £100 million. It produces and supplies the highest quality products – both fresh and frozen – that are distributed to major high street retailers and foodservice customers. Fletchers Bakeries has strong relationships with the most high-profile retail companies in the sector.

Contact Clegg Food Projects on tel 0115 841 3121 or visit

WD-40 specialist helps keep factory moving WD-40 Company has introduced a brand new range of targeted products to its portfolio, and they are proving anything but sugar coated to one Black Country factory. Teddy Grays, a confectionary manufacturer from the heart of industrial England, has rated the seven new Specialist products from the country’s favourite multi-purpose maintenance product, as sweet. WD-40 recently launched its WD-40 Specialist range specifically for industrial and more specific intense trade applications, ensuring ‘a tool for every job’ and especially for more demanding tasks. Philip Guest is Managing Director at Teddy Grays, which was established in 1826. The factory, which employs 50 people, operates more than 30 heavy use industrial machines for sweet making and packaging, and has an output of around eight tonnes of sweets a week. He said: “It is vital that all of our machines are expertly maintained in order to avoid breakdowns. As a medium sized family business time is money - we simply can not afford to be let down by poor machinery maintenance or breakdown.” Philip, who has worked in the industry for more than 25 years, used the entire Specialist range on the firm’s machinery and added: “The WD-40 Specialist White Lithium Grease was great at removing oil run off from the machines. It was easy to use, fast acting and long lasting.”

He also liked the Smart Straw application, which he said was very useful at putting the product exactly where it needed to go without any fuss or mess – extremely important when dealing with food products. Philip added: “Like most men of a certain age, I have always been familiar with WD-40, it is good stuff. But now and again you need a little something extra for those particularly difficult jobs, and the Specialist range absolutely fills that gap in the market.” Products in the WD-40 Specialist range are all NSF registered and are made from advanced formulas designed specifically for trades and industry. The range has been ASTM tested and the company’s independent research demonstrates that WD-40 Specialist outperforms the leadings brands. WD-40 Specialist’s Assistant Brand Manager, Kieron Roberts says: “The new WD-40 Specialist range has been designed with professionals in mind. Just like the WD-40 Multi Use product, these new products within the range consistently deliver above expectation performance against the competitors whilst instilling confidence that the job will get done right, first time.” Five generations have worked at Teddy Grays, keeping the traditional method of sweet making alive. Their speciality product is the original herbal tablet, made using a secret family recipe passed down from generation to generation.

Contact WD-40 Company on tel 01908 555400 or visit


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Burton’s Biscuit Company invests £13.5m Burton’s Biscuit Company, a major player in the UK biscuit market is investing £13.5m in its manufacturing operations to enhance production, support new product development, and meet growing demand from domestic and international markets. The company, which produces iconic and market leading brands such as Wagon Wheels, Maryland Cookies, Dodgers and Cadbury biscuits (produced under licence), invested £12.5m in its supply chain in 2012. This second year of significant investment is helping to drive continued growth for the company and its ‘Power Brands’, with international sales increasing year-on-year, and the company achieving record market share of the domestic sweet biscuit market. To help meet such demand, new technology will be introduced across all sites to further reinforce the high standards of consistency, quality and reliability in Burton’s manufacturing process. The company’s facility in Llantarnam will pilot new control room technology, which will monitor the process in real time. A first for the biscuit industry, the technology will be rolled out to Burton’s other facilities throughout the year. Other investment initiatives will focus on automation and packaging technology, which will further improve efficiency and provide additional capacity for the new products and formats that will be rolling off Burton’s production lines in 2013. Neil Grocock, Chief Supply Chain Officer at Burton’s Biscuit Company, said: “Continued investment in our supply chain and manufacturing capabilities is central to Burton’s vision for being a brand-focused business, able to swiftly respond to changing market dynamics and bring new products to market quicker than any other company in the biscuit market.” The £13.5m is being invested across Burton’s facilities in Llantarnam, Blackpool and Edinburgh. Contact Burton Biscuit Company on tel 01727 899700 or visit

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A new partnership is formed at Navarro Just south of Dallas, Texas, in the town of Corsicana, stands one of the world’s largest pecan processing facilities, Navarro Pecan Company. Their plant, which typically handles around 20 percent of US production, processes around 50 million pounds of in-shell pecans each year. To support their mission to “provide pecans of superior quality, safety and value to their customers,” Navarro turned to Buhler for its sorting expertise. The Navarro Pecan Company purchased Buhler’s Sortex E1C optical sorter after extensive production tests, including 10 different sizes of pecan halves and pieces. As a result, the company has improved their efficiency and the output quality of their pecan products. Navarro discovered that the Sortex E1C offers versatility and accuracy in a wide range of sorting applications. Utilizing an array of technologies, including broad-spectrum lighting, visible cameras, InGaAs (true dual-band infrared sensing) and PROfile (shape and structure) recognition, this “allin-one” sorter allows the flexibility to switch from one application to another effortlessly, with minimal operator intervention. Changeover is achieved simply by enabling, or disabling the ‘mode’ or ‘recipe’ of the sorter. Depending on the application, combinations of defect, foreign material, shape and colour can be adjusted independently or simultaneously, making the handling of the sorting process both easy and straightforward for plant operators. Because of the Sortex E1C’s versatility, the entire sorting process is completed in a series of steps on just a single sorter. The first sort removes foreign material and defective product, including discoloured nuts, shell and membrane. Once the

product is free of contaminants, the next step is to focus on the colour grading of the pecans. First, they separate the dark Amber pecans, next, the Choice grade is separated out, leaving Navarro with their high quality, Fancy grade as the finished product. Navarro appreciates that the Sortex E1C has increased their sorting capacities and efficiencies compared to other sorting equipment. According to O. Keith Owen IV, Sorting & Technology Manager at Navarro Pecan, “The Sortex E1C was able to remove all contaminants and separate our pecan grades in fewer than four passes. This is exceptional, if you compare this to other sorting equipment, which could require up to twelve passes to achieve similar results.” Given the fragile nature of the pecans being handled, the soft landing receptacle, along with the ability of the Sortex E1C to provide better results in fewer passes, has a significant impact on their final product quality and yield. The Sortex E1C can also be utilized for unique applications such as, recovery sorts or reverse sorting. Recovery sorts are conducted to reclaim any good product left in the reject material. The sorter’s unique high-speed ejectors guarantee precise removal even at the highest levels of contamination making it ideal for these types of challenging sorts. “Currently the Sortex E1C sorter is placed in the most challenging sort location possible since we also have it sorting rejected product with the objective to reclaim good product. A recovery sort can have contamination of over 50 percent, so I was impressed to see that the Sortex could effectively accomplish the objective of this particular application”, Keith Owen explained.

Contact Buhler Sortex on tel 020 7055 7777 or visit

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Quin make packaging lines run sweeter

Baker Perkins investment in Innovation Centre Baker Perkins has further invested in its product and process development capability for the snack and cereal industries. A new SBX Master twin-screw extruder installed in its Innovation Centre widens the selection of potential applications and end product options. The new extruder, with a 250kg/hr maximum capacity, is ideal for both short runs for initial development purposes, and longer runs to optimise a process and confirm its stability and product quality. Customers from around the world visit the Innovation Centre at Peterborough for a variety of purposes. Creative original ideas for snack and cereal products are explored; processes developed and proven in cooperation with Baker Perkins process technologists. As well as product development, customers use Innovation Centre facilities to evaluate a wide range of process technologies for existing products. This could, for example, be converting snacks or cereals made with a single-screw extruder, to continuous twin-screw operation. Potential benefits include the choice of a wider range of ingredients, greater throughput, improved quality and added flexibility. Companies find that thorough trials, often

using their own raw materials, provide a reliable basis for trouble-free commissioning of new plant or the launch of a new product. The Innovation Centre is used by customers from all regions of the world, who develop high quality end products for their respective marketplaces. It is a secure environment where visitors are assured of total confidentiality. The new extruder can be run in standard or extended-barrel mode, which allows a wider selection of process options including a longer cooking time. Direct expanded, face cut, extruded and formed, and co-extruded products can be made. The Innovation Centre also contains facilities for downstream snack processes including drying, toasting, frying, baking, coating and flavouring. The Baker Perkins SBX Master twin-screw extruder is available in a range of outputs between 250 and 2,300 kg/hour of snacks or cereals. It is the basis for extrusion systems making standard direct expanded snacks, and provides a low cost point of entry to the growing breakfast cereals market. The Baker Perkins modular Snack and Cereal Master concepts means that as a business develops, a line may be extended in stages to broaden the range of products that can be made.

Contact Baker Perkins on tel 01733 283000 or visit


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A radical departure from conventional end-ofline case packing machines, Versapack has beaten off competition from traditional robots to automate end-of-line packaging at apetito. Frozen food manufacturer apetito chose the Versapack from Quin Systems to automate its two desserts hand packing lines because it delivers outstanding return on investment. It is simple to operate and set up for different products and case sizes. It is also faster, more compact and has lower operating costs and maintenance requirements than conventional robotics solutions. Trowbridge-based apetito are facing tough economic conditions. In the drive to improve competitiveness and efficiency, they needed to automate two hand-packing lines - the company's first venture into automated packing. Mike Webb, Managing Director of Quin Systems was delighted that apetito chose the Versapack over the competition. "It was a demanding application, but we knew that our equipment was up to the challenge and would prove to be a better solution than traditional robots. We wanted to show them how good the Versapack is, so within a week we had a demonstration project running with dummy product and actual cases. After a further demonstration to apetito's full board of directors we were awarded the contract." With a packaging-head based upon the Quin Rtheta™ technology, Versapack readily achieves 70 pick and place cycles/min, putting it far ahead of filling machines or packaging machinery in conventional solutions. Plus, the 1.8m square footprint is compact enough to fit easily into existing hand-packing space. The customer's specification for each line was 84 packs/min which equates to just 14 pick and place cycles/min, well within the capabilities of the Versapack. The installation of the Versapack involved far less structural work than would have been necessary with conventional robots and operator training was considerably simpler. The Versapack is also versatile enough to allow apetito to change product, packing format or cases, should this need arise in the future. Over the last nine months the new Versapack packing lines have met all expectations and apetito are very pleased with the installation. Further improvements in line efficiencies have been identified for the future and there are plans to extend automation to the other meal packing lines with more Versapack machines. Contact Quin Systems on tel 0118 977 1077 or visit

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Linkx picks a peck of packaged pepper Increased throughput, greatly enhanced reliability and convenient access for maintenance and cleaning are among the many benefits offered by a bespoke packaging system developed, manufactured and installed by Linkx Systems for a UK leading manufacturer of herbs and spices. A replacement for an existing system that had become increasingly unreliable and was struggling to meet the company’s current throughput requirements, the new system collates small retail tubs of herbs and spices – each tub holds a few tens of grams of product – before transferring them to trays and shrink wrapping them. At present, the system handles 240 tubs per minute, but it is capable of operating at considerably higher speeds, should the need arise. Central to the operation of the new packaging line is servo-controlled clamp system with specially shaped jaws, which was developed specifically for this project. This receives 24 tubs at a time from the manufacturing area. It automatically collates the tubs, clamps them in the correct formation and then sweeps them sideways to accurately position them over a thermoformed plastic tray. The jaws of the clamp then open to release the tubs into the tray. After the trays have been loaded, they are transferred to Linkx RS 500 compact right-angle shrink wrapper, a standard machine that was ‘lightly’ customised by extending the shrink-wrap tunnel to facilitate the labelling of the tubs. A particular benefit of the clamp system developed for loading the trays in this project is that it avoids the need for any kind of overhead equipment in the packaging area, which allows easy access for maintenance and cleaning. In addition, the use of servo-controlled motions enable high operating speeds to be combined with precision and repeatability, while an overall control system based on a programmable controller from Rockwell Automation provides a high degree of flexibility and future proofing.

Contact Linkx Systems on tel 01502 713777 or visit

Oliver Douglas Panamatic cleaning system One of the UK’s leading specialist food producers is now benefitting from a second dedicated washing station from Oliver Douglas. Binghams Food, which has had a leading reputation for the manufacture of high quality fresh meat and fish spreads since 1914, has had a new Oliver Douglas Panamatic 700 installed at its Sheffield premises. Importantly, the unit has been tailored to meet the precise requirements of the company’s processing operation. “The stand-alone Panamatic 700 is a selfcontained system which can feature a front and/or rear loading door for access to the wash chamber, where a wash and rinse solution is delivered via spray arms,” says John Glover, Sales Manager at Oliver Douglas. “It provides highly efficient cleaning that can quickly process a wide range of cookware – from pans and trays to crates and utensils.” The versatility of the Panamatic design is clearly demonstrated at Binghams Food where the unit has been configured with a single door, but to larger dimensions than standard to match the company’s specific pan dimensions. Two pans, each with a capacity of 50 kgs, can be loaded simultaneously with, typically, 40 per day passing through the Panamatic station. “The installation is also ideal for washing and rinsing a wide range of other equipment

and utensils, including 15kg capacity stainless steel trays which are used to hold meat that is cooked overnight as part of our production process,” says Peter Moon, Director at Binghams Food “The racks and baskets, which were also supplied as part of the installation by Oliver Douglas, have themselves been designed to take full account of these varied loading requirements.” This latest installation at Binghams Food – which required only two hours production down time – follows an initial Panamatic 500 unit from Oliver Douglas that was originally supplied in the early 1980’s. “This is still performing extremely well and, indeed, is now dedicated to other operations at the site,” continues John Glover. “Clearly the advances since then in terms of speed and efficiency – which, in turn, translate in to quality results, reduced energy consumption and better manpower deployment – enhance the operation at Binghams Food,” he adds, “but we are delighted that the original unit is still operational and acting as a demonstration of the quality of our build and design capabilities being successfully used.” John Glover points out that the design includes a controlled detergent dispenser that delivers a set amount per hour to maintain the required level of detergent concentration.

Contact Oliver Douglas on tel 0113 279 7373 or visit

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Kern helps Isle of Wight Biltong company

The new line has been largely a one-stop-shop investment and has reduced product breakage, giveaway and cleaning downtime while increasing throughput.

250g tins of Ricola herbal drops leave the filling point. The giveaway per can is less than one third of the weight of a single lozenge.

Ishida solution for throat lozenges The introduction of Ishida equipment at world-famous throat lozenge manufacturer Ricola of Laufen in Switzerland has reduced product breakage during packing, as well as markedly increasing throughput and minimising giveaway. Expansion of other activities within the factory meant that a line packing 100, 250 and 400g tins had to be moved. Ricola took the opportunity to upgrade this line, and asked the Ishida distributor in Switzerland, Itech, to come up with a solution that would improve quality by reducing the level of product chipping and breakage. An original Ricola herb drop weighs about 4.2g and contains extract from a special blend of 14 herbs, including marshmallow, peppermint, thyme and sage. Each lozenge is cut from a warm filament, leaving two ridged surfaces which, on cooling, present many brittle facets. While this gives the product a texture and appearance that is very distinctive and much loved, the pieces can easily be damaged by collision with other lozenges or with metal surfaces. On the new line, product arrives via a conveyor equipped with a suction system that removes dust and debris. It then runs via an

elevator to the top of the multihead weigher. The 12-head Ishida weigher is designed with short drop distances, while the discharge chute is divided into sections to minimise product swirling and reduce collisions. The weighed product passes via timing hoppers and chutes to a special filling station installed by Itech, where the tins arrive on a carousel to be filled two at a time. They then move on for lidding and overprinting with batch data. The 100g tins are being packed at 140 packs/min, the 250g tins at 110 packs/min and the 400g tins at 90 packs/min. Ricola says this represents an increase in throughput of 20 percent across all packing formats. At the same time, the accuracy of the weigher means product giveaway is very low - just 1.5g (or less than one third of the weight of a single lozenge) for the 250g tins, for example. Another aspect that Itech had been asked to attend to was cleaning downtime. The new line complies with IP66 standards, enabling it to be conveniently hosed down rather than individual parts having to be removed. One of the factors making this possible is unique to Ishida: a positive pressure maintained within the body of the weigher renders it watertight.

Contact Ishida Europe on tel 0121 607 7700 or visit


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Isle of Wight Biltong, a specialist provider of the South African delicacy, believes it is on the brink of huge growth and success thanks to the new vertical form fill and seal equipment it has purchased from KernPack. Sarah Greeff, owner of Isle of Wight Biltong, said: “We are a currently a small company but are anticipating huge growth based on vastly increased capacity that the Kern equipment will enable. Our capability will skyrocket and we believe there is a huge market for our unique recipe and natural, additive and nitrate-free ingredients.” Sarah says that they are anticipating benefits in three key areas: “Firstly, the air-tight seal is so good that the shelf-life of products can now be extended from three months to one year which will make us hugely more attractive to big distributors, wholesalers and supermarkets. Secondly, we will be able to produce packs with printed film and date coding which means products look far more professional and trustworthy which is important from a consumer point of view. Logistically, the speed of the equipment is fantastic, in fact the Kern Vertical Form Fill and Seal can pack bags far faster than we can currently weigh.” Pete Jolley, Kern’s General Manager, said: “We will be providing two days of training after installation to ensure that everything goes smoothly for Isle of Wight Biltong. The machine is very simple to operate and has a very small footprint for such a fast piece of kit, making it ideal for the Biltong operation as they have limited space.” The purchase was made possible thanks to an interest free loan from the Isle of Wight Lottery and a generous grant by DEFRA which meant Isle of Wight Biltong could consider the purchase of arguably the best-engineered equipment on the world market. Having reviewed three competing companies it was clear that Kern’s equipment was superior and the Greeffs were happy to support another Hampshire-based company.

Contact KernPack on tel 0845 680 6060 or visit

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Bühler’s Sortex E1D Chiltern’s fuelcleans up frozen efficient New Actros peppers Thanks to the sophisticated optical sorting innovations included in the Bühler Sortex E1D sorter, the Frozen Group Company from Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine has been able to reduce the incoming defect levels for frozen peppers, from an initial 75 percent to an exceedingly low company specification, whilst saving the small seeds for maximum value. The loss of good product in the reject is now significantly less than 1 percent. Key to the sorting success was setting the Sortex E1D to operate in reverse sorting mode.” The Frozen Group Company has produced frozen fruits, vegetables and berries for more than 15 years. However, their intermediate processing product, a range of sliced, cut and diced frozen red, green and yellow peppers could contain as much as 75 percent core and stalk, left over from their automated cutting system. Removing this by hand created insurmountable issues of labour availability and cost, Bühler Kiev was approached to propose a solution to this challenging sorting requirement. Zhanna Zhehet, Area Sales Manager at Bühler Kiev explained: “Based on Bühler’s highly regarded installations worldwide for sorting significantly contaminated products in fruit and vegetables and additional input from our Sortex applications experts in London, we recommended the installation of a Buhler Sortex E1D, fitted with an ice kit, to enable operation in low temperatures below 0°C. Reverse mode allows the Sortex E1D to ‘reject’ the good peppers, permitting unwanted material, including stalk, core and stem, to pass through. This lowers ejector wear and tear with reduced firing rates, whilst dramatically raising overall product recovery. The Sortex E1D performed this complex sort using its two directional viewing and broad-band lighting system, with a simultaneous combination of high definition and InGaAs cameras with PROfile shape technology. Not only was the Sortex E1D able to remove defects found in these peppers, but could also sort the Group’s other fruit and vegetable products efficiently. Zhanna Zhehet concluded: The Frozen Group Company’s sorting process and are delighted with the success and commercial benefit the Sortex E1D has added to their business. Thanks to the partnership between Bühler and The Frozen Group Company, we have helped to secure their whole pepper business by introducing a more profitable and efficient sorting process for frozen vegetables.” Contact Buhler Sortex on tel 020 7055 7777 or visit

A clever cruise control that ‘sees’ the road ahead is contributing to the exceptional mpg returns being recorded by Chiltern Cold Storage’s new Mercedes-Benz fleet flagship. Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC) employs 3D GPS mapping to read three kilometres of topography ahead then responds by controlling speed, braking and the transmission to maximise fuel efficiency. Optionally available at a cost of £1,349 on all New Actros models, the system really comes into its own when the vehicle is travelling up or down hills. The flagship vehicle took to the road in March this year and in the following six weeks covered some 10,000 fully-freighted miles – it spends most of its time on domestic duties at 44 tonnes gcw, but also undertakes regular Continental assignments at 40 tonnes gcw. Pulling a 13.6m Gray & Adams reefer, the New Actros is already returning a highly impressive 10.8mpg average, as measured by the operator’s favoured Proteo telematics system. Chiltern Cold Storage was founded in 2003 and has quickly established itself as one of the UK’s leading providers of temperaturecontrolled storage and global distribution services. The company, which has just completed a major warehousing extension at its Peterborough headquarters, has struck up a burgeoning relationship over the last year with East Anglian Mercedes-Benz dealer, Orwell

Truck & Van. Since May 2012 Chiltern has also acquired two more New Actros BigSpace tractors and seven examples from the previous Actros range. They have joined a fleet of 40 trucks – split evenly between tractor units and 18- and 26-tonne rigids. They have also ordered another four New Actros 2545s, all with Predictive Powertrain Control. The ‘far-sighted’ cruise control makes maximum use of the truck’s standard-fit EcoRoll function when travelling downhill, and applies carefully judged single or double downshifts of gear at an early stage. MercedesBenz claims the easy-to-operate system reduces fuel use by approximately five percent. For Chiltern Cold Storage, however, the saving appears to be considerably greater. The company’s two previous New Actros BigSpace tractors, both of which share the same 450hp engine as the flagship model, are returning around 9.6mpg. Like Chiltern Cold Storage’s other Mercedes-Benz tractors, Slawomir’s New Actros is the subject of a CharterWay contract hire agreement with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services. Orwell has also just supplied Chiltern Cold Storage with a couple of 18-tonne MercedesBenz Axor rigids, both of which are fitted with the latest, aerodynamic, multi-temperature Dolphin bodies by Gray & Adams.

Contact Orwell Truck & Van on tel 01473 618000 or visit

Smurfit Kappa in-line laminator for Italian plant Smurfit Kappa has invested in a new in-line laminator for its Massa Lombarda plant in Italy. This machine is suitable for both solid board and carton board in single and double wave. This is the first installation in the world of an in-line laminator in double wave with the patented system ‘On-The-Fly’; a technology that allows the machine to reach speeds and precision levels of lamination not possible with traditional equipment. This investment confirms the commitment of Smurfit Kappa to develop its business driven by customer needs.

This new machine will improve the quality of print enhancing production possibilities and service to customers at the Massa Lombarda plant. A high quality print along with high performance and light paper will allow customers to create packaging that is more sustainable and stands out against competitors. This investment follows other machines and equipment recently purchased by Smurfit Kappa Italy. It confirms the strategic role that Smurfit Kappa has taken in investment in technology, ensuring it will remain a leader in the paper-packaging industry.

Contact Smurfit Kappa Italia on tel +39 0545 982080 or visit

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P.E.LABELLERS glue labelling for Maggi

Ammonia plant maximises product freshness Natures Way, the UK’s leading supplier of packaged fresh fruit and salads to major retail and food service companies has built a new processing facility and is using natural refrigerants for cooling and optimising product freshness. Natures Way is a major supplier of prepped and ready to eat fresh salads and fruit to many of the high street supermarket chains. Where practical, produce is sourced locally and the same ethos was applied to the building of the plant, materials, labour and equipment including its critical resource – a state of the art central Ammonia/Glycol refrigeration plant supplied by Dartford based J & E Hall International. With no further capacity at its Selsey and Runcton sites, the company acquired a green field site on the outskirts of Chichester which became NWF Merston and went from breaking ground to manufacturing its first customer product in 38-weeks. The project was characterised by Natures Way’s philosophy that requires a green solution for all business activities. The company prides itself on its ‘zero to landfill’ approach where as much as possible is recycled including waste water which is used to irrigate crops. Reducing energy consumption, carbon emissions, energy costs, maintenance and overall costs long term were essential criteria for Natures Way who takes a pragmatic but holistic approach to its business and the

environmental impact that has to be minimal. At the heart of the ‘pack house’ is a refrigeration plant that maintains the required air temperatures in preparation halls and provides chilled water to the processing equipment. The cooling is supplied from an ammonia plant built by J & E Hall which includes two HallScrew HSO 2035 open drive single screw compressors each sized to provide 60% of the total cooling duty and each fitted with a Fridgewatch™ compressor controller (one per compressor pack), two evaporative condensers, two stainless steel plate heat exchanger packs ammonia flooded evaporators sized for 60 percent duty. These indirectly cool the water with a 25 percent propylene glycol solution that is ultimately used as the secondary cooling medium. By using variable speed drive, running costs are reduced by up to 25 percent and offers a payback on the cost of the installation in less than 18 months. Ammonia is a natural refrigerant and a zero global warming potential (GWP) and a zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and requires less electricity, resulting in lower operating costs and efficiencies. “Natures Way chose Ammonia, as it was felt it offered the best compromise between capital investment, running costs, maintenance and environmental impact,” says Richard Sellis, Head of Engineering and Projects at Natures Way.

Contact J & E Hall on tel 01322 394420 or visit


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Maggi is the Nestlè brand dedicated to high-quality instant sauces, rich with nutrients and that are, at the same time, competitive on the international market. For years, P.E.LABELLERS has worked together with this famous multinational company in many countries, providing the best of its labelling technology for the various applications requested. In 2012 the Vietnamese Nestlè plant turned to P.E.LABELLERS to solve a big problem involving labelling: the application of a thick and glossy wraparound label, with cold glue on truncated conical formats at a rather high speed; an almost impossible feat while respecting the client's specifications and the very low application tolerances imposed by them (lower than a millimetre). Thanks to its forty years of experience in the field of labelling, P.E.LABELLERS has won the challenge; it has researched and built a special cold glue labelling machine that is able to solve almost all the problems involving bottles that are practically un-labelable, and that can guarantee high quality performances, without altering the client's specifications and respecting the strict application tolerances. The client's satisfaction for the cold glue labelling machine provided by P.E.Labellers has reached its maximum level with the ordering of the second machine just a few months after the installation of the first one, for an even higher production speed ... and the challenge continues.

Contact P.E LABELLERS on tel +39 0376 389311 or visit


UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY Fully Fitted Ready Meals Factory

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Complete with DCN Cook-Chill equipment

Factory available TO LET equipped for the production of soups & sauces (could be easily adapted for a variety of food products)

CAMBRIDGESHIRE – CLOSE TO THE A1 / SITE AREA 0.959 ACRES • Fully fitted development kitchen • Temperature controlled air handling • High care / low risk areas • Ucrete flooring • Drainage • Reception • Loading bays

• • • • • • • • •

Internal area – 19,631 sq ft DCN steam jacketed kettles Pump fill stations Tumble chillers Stock kettle DD Revorack oven Blast chillers Boilers Offices

Philip Burd – 01534703245

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Cheshire Farm installs n-ice metal detector Award-winning ice cream producer Cheshire Farm continues to invest in its modern factory with the recent installation of a metal detector and conveyor system from Lock Inspection Systems. The family-run business produces over 2,000litres of ice cream per hour, in more than 30 different flavours and a range of tub sizes from 110ml to 5litres. The chosen end-of-line Lock system, which replaces an outdated metal detector, meets the challenges of this very specific manufacturing environment. “Accurate inspection of ice cream can be difficult because the conductive signal varies according to the temperature of the product - even slight changes during production will make a difference. With temperatures of around -6°C at inspection, any unexpected rise or fall in ambient temperature may change the temperature of the ice cream and alter the conductive signal that it generates. Our sophisticated technology can track these fluctuations and make the necessary fine adjustments to ensure a consistently high level of contaminant sensitivity,” explains Rob Gray, UK Sales at Lock Inspection Systems. Installed to inspect the filled tubs, the Lock metal detector and conveyor system also benefits from user-friendly data software which can store and recall over 100 product settings; allowing it to efficiently adapt to the range of different sizes. “We needed to update our detection system and chose Lock’s bespoke system based on its reputation for outstanding performance, reliability and understanding of specific manufacturing issues. It is now a key part of our factory,” comments Graeme Fell, Production Manager at Cheshire Farm. Cheshire Farm’s Real Dairy Ice Cream is made using fresh whole milk and cream which is produced on the farm. Established in 1986, the business was developed as a way to create added value from the milk produced in excess of the farm’s quota restriction. Contact Lock Inspection on tel 0161 624 0333 or visit


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Increased packing capacity at Ardo UK A new bulk packing line has brought increased flexibility to frozen fruit and vegetable specialist Ardo UK. The facility at the company’s factory and cold store in Charing, near Ashford, is able to handle up to 400 cases/hr, packing 10kg or 15kg boxes for industrial customers. “We have an ongoing investment programme to ensure we operate as efficiently as possible and are able to meet the needs of our customers,” said Ardo UK Operations Director, Jim Everest. “This new bulk packing line complements the work we do for our retail customers and is able to handle any of our frozen fruit and vegetable ranges, whether single products such as British peas or vegetable and fruit mixes. “It makes for a more efficient use of space in the factory and will help us provide a broader offering to ready-meal manufacturers and other industrial customers. “The new facility also contributes to our environmental performance as it means product can be brought direct to us for packing rather than via a third party, thus reducing road miles.” A £15m investment saw Ardo UK consolidate its operations onto a single site at Charing in 2009 with the opening of a new state-of-the art food processing plant. The company’s success in reducing waste and energy consumption saw it win the Business Commitment to the Environment Category in the 2012 Kent Excellence in Business Awards. Contact Ardo UK on tel 01233 714714 or visit

Quality assurance is Paramount Paramount 21 a South-Devon family owned frozen food manufacturer, has installed an end of line Loma IQ3 Metal Detector to reliably inspect a challenging new seafood product. Inspection of the new product, large 10kg boxes of frozen seafood, needed to meet all food safety standards, HACCP requirements and Paramount’s high quality expectations. Paramount Production Engineer, Gary Dark explains, “A new Paramount customer required the highest specification from our metal detector ensuring identification of very small contaminants from a large box of seafood.” Reliably inspecting a large box for foreign contaminants in a harsh environment where products are frozen to temperatures as low as 20°C was challenging. Frozen products are well known to cause reading abnormalities on any metal detector and have been traditionally difficult to inspect due to high product effect. In response to the challenges, Loma Systems specified an IQ3 end-of-line metal detector system with a 450x450mm aperture tunnel to easily handle large boxes. Manufactured to IP69K, built in robust stainless steel the system ensures long, reliable performance and exceeds any harsh environment cleaning specification with enhanced protection for high or low temperature washdown.

Most importantly, the IQ3 offers leading sensitivities so that product integrity is not compromised. Its Automatic Variable Frequency feature enables operators to identify the point at which product effect is minimal but contaminant detection is at its strongest. Gary comments: “I installed the machine myself with no problems and it was quickly up and running.” The system has a frequency operation range from 40-900kHz and has the ability to select the ‘correct’ operating frequency in seconds, eliminating past restrictions caused by single frequency and ‘limited frequency’ detectors; a key benefit for manufacturers with challenging applications such as Paramount’s. Gary continues: “It is important to us that we minimise the risk of any possible contaminants getting into our products. However, with our quality inspection equipment we can have complete peace of mind that our food is safe.” At the Devon site, Paramount uses a Loma 6000 Combination Checkweigher and Metal Detector system, which was purchased nearly seven years ago. The reliability of the equipment and Loma’s dependable maintenance service meant that Paramount had no concerns choosing another machine from Loma. “I was impressed with Loma Systems - the IQ3 system was custom-built, and delivered before time and on budget,” concluded Gary.

Contact Loma Systems on tel 01252 893300 or visit




Lorien Managing move North for Fray Bentos Midlands based Lorien Engineering Solutions is working closely with Baxters Food Group to relocate the production of Fray Bentos pies from Long Sutton, East Anglia to Moray in Scotland. The move follows Baxters’ acquisition of the Fray Bentos brand from Princes Foods in November last year. Manufacturing of Fray Bentos products which includes its famous canned pies, is transferring from the Princes site in Long Sutton, East Anglia to Baxters’ production facility in Fochabers. Specialist engineers at Lorien are managing the multi-million pound transition which includes the construction of a 1,500sq.m. extension, all electrical, mechanical and packaging design

elements and increasing effluent handling capacity. Commenting on the project, Lorien’s Phil Colquhoun said: “We are delighted to be working with Baxters on such a well-loved brand. The timescale for a relocation of this size would usually be around 18 months but we are working to a target of 11 months, which has included Planning Approval for the new build and the line commissioned! While we also ensure minimal disruption to the adjacent production lines which have been operational for 100 percent of the duration of the project. “We are pleased to say that things are running to schedule and the transition will be complete

by the end of the year.” Fray Bentos, which was launched in 1899, is best known for its range of canned meat pies, including steak and kidney and minced beef and onion. Baxters produces a range of premium food products, including soups, savoury sauces, sour pickles, sweet sauces, preserves and salad accompaniments.

Contact Lorien Engineering Solutions on tel 01543 444244 or visit

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Moy Park expands remit into Europe Global food company Marfrig has announced that its UK based business Moy Park will take responsibility for the leadership and management of Marfrig’s operations in Europe, as part of a European reorganisation of the Marfrig Group. The new organisation will bring together the European business units of Keystone Europe, Seara and Marfrig under the direction of Moy Park, making Moy Park responsible for business turnover in Europe of around £1.5bn. The restructure that took effect from 15th April 2013 has been introduced as part of Marfrig’s strategy of becoming a leading global food company with a strong presence in its core markets. According to Nigel Dunlop, who has been appointed as Moy Park Europe CEO, the purpose of this new and more integrated organisation will be to build on the core strengths and capabilities of each of the businesses currently operating across the UK, Ireland and Continental Europe for the benefit of its customers and consumers. Nigel continued: “We believe that by bringing together the business units and functions currently operating across Europe, we can make better use of the respective strengths of each to better meet our customers’

expectations for innovative, high quality and affordable consumer products. “These changes will enable us to develop and grow as a strong and profitable business across Marfrig’s entire European Operations and ensure we can compete effectively for the benefit of the business and its people.” Importantly as part of this change, the business has appointed Moy Park’s current Director of Technical and Food Safety, Ursula Lavery to join the Moy Park Executive Board as Technical Director, Europe with responsibility across the new enlarged European business. The current Moy Park headquarters in Craigavon, Northern Ireland will become responsible for the new, combined European business providing central support including Finance, Information Systems, Supply Chain, Procurement and Human Resources. The reorganisation brings with it operational capability for Moy Park in beef as well as poultry production and a range of other food products. Importantly, the new organisational structure will enable Moy Park to open up opportunities for its customers to access the wide range of Marfrig products currently being sold in other international markets.

Contact Moy Park on tel 028 3835 2233 or visit

Blistering start for Packaging Innovations London Packaging Innovations London, which returns to the Business Design Centre this autumn, is already off to a blistering start. Over 130 exhibitors have already signed up for the show, which takes place on 1 & 2 October, a 41 percent increase on this time last year. Matt Benyon, Managing Director at easyFairs UK and Ireland, organisers of the show, said: “As we enter our fourth year, Packaging Innovations London has become the show designers and marketers head to for inspiration. The emphasis is firmly on creativity, branding and marketing – showcasing the latest trends and developments in design and high-end packaging.” The 2013 show will include four key areas: · Brand & Design Village – A hub of the best agencies in the business, who look after the full cycle of a product from concept to creation

· Luxury Packaging – A dedicated area covering everything from stylish bottles, ribbons and braids, to designer and promotional packaging · Packaging Innovations – Featuring all the latest packaging designs, solutions, trends and developments · Contract Pack – The place to meet professional outsourcing partners For those keen to keep up with latest issues and trends, there will be an array of free-toattend learnShops™ seminars, spanning across every aspect of packaging and delivered by world-class industry experts. There will once again be the Lions’ Lair, a show feature where companies pitch their latest innovations to a panel of packaging experts, plus The BIG Packaging Debate where panelists debate a controversial hot topic within the industry.

Contact easyfairs on tel 020 8843 8821 or visit


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Catering equipment associations collaborate The two leading trade associations representing catering equipment manufacturers and distributors have announced plans to work more closely together. Catering equipment manufacturers are represented by CESA, the Catering Equipment Suppliers Association, and distributors by CEDA, the Catering Equipment Distributors Association. The organisations have met regularly over many years but there is now more opportunity to work collaboratively on key issues. The cooperation will have a direct impact on end users – for example, the associations are collaborating closely on a variety of sustainability projects. The two associations have also launched a joint technical conference, which will take place on Wednesday October 2, 2013 at the Hellidon Lakes Hotel, Northamptonshire. “Both the equipment and systems we work with, and the regulations we operate under, are increasingly complex,” says Jack Sharkey, chair of CEDA. “The conference will look at a variety of issues, such as health and safety legislation, servicing schedules and new technologies.” Other joint projects will include ‘Mind the Gap,’ the ongoing research into attitudes to sustainability within the foodservice industry. The two associations will also work together with the FCSI on end-user training, with the jointly funded relaunch of the ‘Shut it! Fill it! Turn it off!’ campaign, which aims to improve best practice in commercial kitchen equipment operation. “There is huge scope for the two Associations to work in partnership effectively,” says Jack Sharkey. “We are already looking at educational programmes, apprenticeship schemes, and developing a code of practice for effective FOG (fats, oils and grease) management.” “Given the economic and environmental challenges the industry faces, we need to focus on synergy and work together,” says Nick Oryino. “Collaboration gives us the strength to meet those challenges successfully.” Collectively CESA and CEDA are the authoritative voice of the catering equipment industry, representing manufacturers, distributors and service providers. Contact CESA on tel 020 7793 3030 or visit Contact CEDA on tel 01386 793911 or visit

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Coombe Castle third Queen’s Award Wiltshire-based Coombe Castle International, the specialist producer and exporter of high quality British and Irish dairy produce, has been given a Queen’s Award for International Trade – the company’s third since 2001. Chairman Glyn Woolley will receive the award from Her Majesty the Queen at a reception in Buckingham Palace on 23 July. Founded in 1980 on the Wiltshire farm of Chairman, Glyn Woolley, the company is based in the Wiltshire towns of Corsham and Calne, employing 30 local people. It exports its own cream and also butter and cheese products from a range of farms, creameries and dairies in the UK and Ireland. Managing Director Darren Larvin said: “This is great news for the team at Coombe Castle who have worked so hard over the years to build this business into something truly special. Receiving a Queen’s Award recognises the effort and dedication of our people and the loyalty shown to us by suppliers and customers in over 40 countries. “We have always believed there is a growing market for top quality British dairy produce. It is our job to put cheese and cream on the plates of customers all over the world.” In addition to producing its own cream, Coombe Castle partners with dairies to export their products. Wellknown brands exported by the company include cheeses such as Stinking Bishop and Colliers Welsh; a range of creams plus butter from Devon, Wales and goats’ butter. In order to win the award, the company had to demonstrate sustained growth in both sales and profits over a three-year period. Darren said: “This has been a very successful period for us with much of our growth coming from our markets in the US and Canada, however we have also been able to open up new markets like Russia and South Korea. This strong growth means we have been able to expand our workforce and appoint a sales manager in the US.” Contact Coombe Castle on tel 01225 812712 or visit

PAI Partners to acquire R&R Ice Cream PAI Partners (“PAI”) have announced the acquisition of R&R Ice Cream Plc (“R&R”), a leading European ice cream manufacturer with a strong portfolio of own-label and branded products, from funds managed by Oaktree Capital Management, L.P. (“Oaktree”) and the other shareholders of R&R for an undisclosed sum. The transaction is subject to certain regulatory approvals and financing conditions. R&R’s senior management team will continue to lead the business and are investing in the company. Founded in 1985, R&R is headquartered in North Yorkshire and is Europe’s leading supplier of own-label ice cream. Oaktree managed funds acquired Richmond Foods Plc in 2006 and subsequently merged it with German ice cream firm Roncadin to form R&R. Since 2006, R&R has acquired a number of ice cream businesses including Rolland and Pilpa in France, Durigon in Germany and Eskigel, Italy’s largest own-label ice cream manufacturer. Today, the company has 11 production sites across the UK and mainland Europe. Revenues for the year ending 31 December 2012 were approximately €600 million. Last month, R&R reached an agreement to acquire ice cream manufacturer Fredericks Dairies for £49 million, subject to competition clearance. Fredericks has the licence to manufacture ice cream and iced refreshment brands such as Cadbury, Barratt’s, Britvic, Del Monte, Vimto and has already launched new products under Mondelez’s Oreo brand.

PAI Partners will support R&R through its next phase of growth, investing in the expansion of the company’s international footprint and renowned consumer brands. The consumer sector is one of PAI’s core target areas for investment, having successfully invested in leading food and consumer businesses including: Yoplait, one of the top 20 global consumer brands; United Biscuits, the largest biscuits manufacturer in the UK; and Chr. Hansen, a leading food ingredients supplier. James Lambert, CEO & Executive Chairman at R&R Ice Cream, said: “We are very excited to be partnering with PAI and working together on our next phase of development as we continue with our growth strategy across our brands. We have benefitted immensely from working with Oaktree and I would like to thank them for their support.” Colm O’Sullivan, Partner at PAI Partners, said: “R&R is a market-leading company with a strong portfolio of innovative products and excellent potential to expand in the UK and internationally. The food and consumer brands sector is a core area of investment focus and expertise for PAI and we are delighted to be investing in R&R. We look forward to working closely with the company’s management and supporting the company’s continued growth.” Barclays acted as sole financial advisor to Oaktree. Rothschild and Credit Suisse advised PAI Partners.

Contact R&R Ice Cream on tel 01677 423 397 or visit

New testing laboratory for Suncream Dairies Ice cream manufacturer Suncream Dairies has invested circa £40,000 in a new state-ofthe-art, food-testing laboratory and development kitchen at its Tamworth manufacturing facility. The new laboratory increases testing capacity and will allow for future expansion of the business. As a leading ice cream manufacturer, Suncream has to meet and exceed regulatory testing criteria through the production day, to ensure full hygiene and compliance and batch traceability. Development of the new laboratory has

also enabled Suncream to establish a new product development facility in order to create and test new ice cream recipes. Managing Director, Rebecca Manfredi says: “We know that in order to grow our business we need to invest in more on-site testing capacity and we also need the capability to develop new products. We have re-configured part of our admin block to allow for this development and we are delighted with the results. We’re hoping that summer 2013 will be sunny and hot so that our new facilities will get maximum use”

Contact Suncream Dairies on tel 01827 282571 or visit

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tna new regional office in Brazil ABB underlines confidence in CKF Systems Packaging solutions specialist, tna, is pleased to announce the opening of a new regional office in São Paulo, Brazil. The move reflects the company’s commitment to meeting increased demand for innovative packaging technology in this rapidly expanding region and further reinforces tna’s leadership position within the international packaging industry. With a population of around 200 million people, Brazil is now one of the world’s fastest growing economies and a key market for the packaging industry. tna’s new office in São Paulo will host both sales and service teams and will enable the company to better serve its growing number of customers, both locally in Brazil, and across the continent. Furthermore, tna’s on the ground team in Brazil will be able to closely monitor market trends and activity across the region, facilitating the development of new, regional-specific technology to better respond to local needs.

“We are thrilled to be taking the next step in our aim of becoming the ultimate global packaging solutions provider”, comments Alfredo Blanco, General Manager - Americas, tna. “At tna, delivering the best service is our primary focus and being close to our customers and able to speak their language – both technically and literally - plays a vital role in this. With a local base in São Paulo, our tna experts can now review real in-country challenges and develop innovations that are tailor-made to the local packaging market. This will enable us to provide even better service to our Brazilian customers, with an emphasis on enhanced technical support, sales and related services”. With an extensive network of 25 offices worldwide, tna’s latest office opening forms part of the company’s global expansion strategy and follows the recent opening of tna’s manufacturing plant in Qingdao, China.

Contact TNA Europe on tel 0121 628 8900 or visit

Ardo’s carbon reduction commitment continues Frozen fruit and vegetable specialist Ardo UK has further boosted its green credentials after reducing its carbon footprint by five percent. The Kent-based company’s long-held commitment to help combat climate change through the adoption of environmentallyfriendly technologies and techniques has seen its CO2 emissions drop to 2,024 tonnes during 2012 – a fall of 103 tonnes year-on-year. Ardo’s latest eco-achievement means that its annual carbon footprint has been cut almost in half in the past five years. The emissions milestone was included in Ardo’s annual corporate responsibility report, which outlines the company’s aims and charts its progress to date. Other key successes include winning the Kent Excellence in Business Award for Business Commitment to the Environment and recording a 40 percent reduction in the company’s accident rate and a 12 percent fall in electricity usage. Stuart Hiscott, Marketing Manager at Ardo UK, said: “We are proud of our achievements, which stem from our commitment to ensuring we use the most cost effective and environmentally-friendly energy and business practices available. “Since we consolidated the company to a single site at the beginning of 2010, we have seen significant reductions in energy use, road mileage and fuel consumption. We have now reduced our CO2 emissions by 48 percent

since 2007. “On a human level, we continue to place a strong emphasis on training. During the past year we supported or instigated 1,882 hours of training to our employees, an average of 15 hours per member of staff.” The corporate responsibility report also examines the trading relationship between Ardo and its customers and suppliers. The company sources 16 percent of its goods and services from Kent and 34 per cent in total from the UK. Ardo also works with a number of regular suppliers from around the world, including growers in Peru, Guatemala and India, and has done so for 20 years. Using the universally recognised SEDEX system (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) Ardo has achieved its goal of having more than 80 percent of its suppliers registered on the ethical index. Jonathan Martin, Procurement Director at Ardo UK, said: “Ardo strives to ensure our suppliers and customers are happy to trade with us. We like to think that we have developed such successful, long-term partnerships with our suppliers because we ensure that they are paid to terms, the terms are fair and that the workers are treated responsibly. “Similarly, we think our long-running relationships with major customers in retail, wholesale, foodservice and ingredients are due to the high service levels we provide and the quality of our food and people.”

Contact Ardo UK on tel 01233 714714 or visit


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ABB's UK robotics business has added Gloucester-based independent automation and robotics specialist, CKF Systems to its exclusive Authorised Value Provider network in the UK. The accreditation was awarded in recognition of CKF's success in delivering integrated robotic solutions to the food industry that improve efficiencies and long term sustainability. Benefitting from a growing trend in manufacturers turning to automation to secure a competitive advantage, CKF recently delivered its 35th solution utilising ABB robots across a range of picking, packing and palletising applications from 3kg to 250kg capacity. As an Authorised Value Provider, CKF Systems will have access to a full range of support and expertise from ABB, including training and will be able to offer automation solutions incorporating the latest ABB robot technologies and software. Alan Spreckley, Channel Development Manager, ABB Ltd, recently visited CKF Systems to present a commemorative plaque and underline ABB's commitment to further strengthening its collaboration with the company. “CKF Systems has played a valuable role in helping ABB to build its presence in the food industry through the provision of integrated robotic solutions tailored to the needs of customers,” says Alan. “From computer simulation of the robot movements through to programming and commissioning, CKF is a totally self-sufficient business underpinned by a commitment to providing the best possible solution to any challenge,” he continues. “The award of Authorised Value Provider accreditation recognises CKF's expertise across all areas of automation, from project management and design engineering through to controls and system integration and on-going customer support.” Responding to CKF's appointment as an ABB Authorised Value Provider, Kevin Staines, Sales Director, CKF Systems, says: “We are delighted that a company of ABB's stature should recognise our work in this way. ABB has an outstanding record of achievement in the field of robotics and our customers rely upon us to work with exceptional products and software, backed by the highest standards of service and training.” Contact ABB on tel 01925 741111 or visit

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PROjEN gains OHSAS 18001 accreditation Specialist Engineering Project Management company PROjEN Plc, based in Preston Brook, Cheshire is proud to announce that it has gained accreditation to the Occupational Health and Safety Standard BS OHSAS 18001:2007. OHSAS 18001 is an Occupation Health and Safety Assessment Series for health and safety management systems and its purpose is to help organisations control occupational health and safety risks. It was developed in response to widespread demand for a recognised standard against which to be certified and assessed. The OHSAS 18001 specification is applicable to any organisation that wishes to establish an OH&S management system to eliminate or minimise risk, both to employees and other interested parties. The latest accreditation gained by PROjEN is in addition to those for ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management) and ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management) held since 1992 and 2009 respectively. During 2012, PROjEN made significant investment in their management system combining the three separate components for Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety into one single Integrated Management System (IMS) before applying for accreditation to BS OHSAS 18001:2007. SGS audited the IMS against all three standards in February 2013 resulting in the continuation of accreditations to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 as well as the new award of OHSAS 18001:2007. David Elliott, Business Support Services Director said: “We are delighted to gain this accreditation which is as a result of the hard work put in to consistently improve our internal systems. We have an outstanding health and safety record at PROjEN and this new accreditation is testament to how seriously we take health and safety in the workplace. OHSAS 18001 is yet another independent endorsement of our approach to Health & Safety and provides further support to why many organisations put their faith in PROjEN to deliver their projects safely”

Contact PROjEN on tel 01928 752500 or visit

New Nestlé factory in the UK Nestlé is continuing to invest in Europe with the inauguration of a new £35m water bottling facility in the UK. The Nestlé Waters factory in the town of Buxton, which bottles Buxton natural mineral water and Nestlé Pure Life spring water, is the latest in a series of investments the company has made in Europe over the last two years. Last year, Nestlé also invested CHF54m to extend its Purina factory in Hungary, CHF300m to build a new Nespresso factory in Switzerland, and CHF265m in a new Nescafé Dolce Gusto factory in Germany. “The Buxton factory is an excellent example of how we are continuing to invest in Europe despite tough economic conditions,” said Paul Bulcke, Nestlé Chief Executive Officer, at the opening event in Buxton. “This factory will contribute to accelerate the development of our bottled water activities and illustrates our capacity for innovation in production facilities via an approach that combines strong and sustainable production efficiency with outstanding environmental performances,” he continued. At the event Mr Bulcke was joined by Lord de Mauley, Environment Minister for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in the UK. “Investments like this in our food and drink industry help generate economic growth and create more jobs,” said Lord de Mauley. “This investment will ensure Buxton remains the home of Nestlé Waters’ bottling facilities

long into the future, which is good news for the local community, the economy and the environment,” he added. John J. Harris, Chief Executive Officer of Nestlé Waters; and Paolo Sangiorgi, Managing Director of Nestlé Waters UK, also attended. The new factory is reducing its environmental impact in a number of ways including cutting energy use and the amount of packaging it uses. For example, Nestlé Waters bottled water products are manufactured using an average of 25 percent less PET plastic across its range, compared to previous products. The factory’s heat recovery system is recycling energy from the production process to help heat the warehouse and offices at the site. A new drainage system is also helping to sustainably manage rainwater. The new factory has already been awarded an ‘excellent’ rating by BREEAM, an independent assessment organisation for sustainable buildings in the UK. In addition, the facility’s ‘zero waste to landfill’ accreditation recognises Nestlé Waters’ efforts to eliminate waste from the factory to landfill. The new factory is Nestlé’s most recent multi-million pound investment in the UK. The company invested £40m over the past few years to create a European centre of excellence for Nescafé Cappuccino in Cumbria. Last year, Nestlé also announced a £310m investment in its coffee manufacturing business in Tutbury, Derbyshire, creating 425 new jobs.

Contact Nestlé Waters (UK) on tel 01923 897700 or visit

Smurfit Kappa scores a baker’s dozen Smurfit Kappa has scored another notable success in the prestigious 2013 European Flexographic Industry Association Awards with a total of thirteen honours, including three gold, three silver, five bronze and two highly commended. The Awards were presented at a Gala Dinner held at the Reebok Stadium, Bolton, UK in March this year and recognised the best of Flexographic print across the world during 2012. The accolades acknowledge the quality of Smurfit Kappa’s international performance in the Corrugated Post Print sector, and its use of Flexography to successfully build brand presence through high-quality printed packaging.

Tony Smurfit, Group COO said: “Consistency is the key to Smurfit Kappa’s continued success, and we are pleased that year on year we are able to build on our achievements. As a global manufacturer of packaging it is important that we share our practical knowledge and expertise across the whole of our organisation rather than creating small pockets of concentrated knowledge for use within domestic markets. With Smurfit Kappa locations from Northern Ireland, across Europe to Germany all being acknowledged as leaders in the field of flexographic printing, our ability to support brand owners with highquality products is testament to our long-term planning and investment.”

Contact Smurfit Kappa on tel 01518 021761 or visit

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Brazil to have its own Alimentaria exhibition Brazil will be the next international edition of Alimentaria, following an agreement by Alimentaria Exhibitions with the country's leading exhibition organizer, Reed Exhibitions Alcántara Machado. The celebration of Alimentaria Brasil in September 2013 in Sao Paulo, will be a decisive step in the internationalization strategy of the company, which already has homonymous fairs in Lisbon and Mexico City, as well as Barcelona. The Alimentaria brand enjoys unquestionable prestige throughout South America. The launch of this new exhibition further reinforces the significant activity of Alimentaria Exhibitions throughout the entire continent. Alimentaria Brasil is the first trade show to be launched by Alimentaria Exhibitions, since Fira de Barcelona, last Decembe took control of the company by acquiring the 50 percent of the shares held by Reed Exhibitions, last December. As part of this operation, Fira and

the British multinational also agreed to work together to strengthen the international presence of the event in areas of strategic interest for the international expansion of the Alimentaria brand. In this line stands the partnership with Reed Exhibitions Alcántara Machado that also reinforces the Alimentaria s policy of alliances with local partners to promote synergies and business opportunities. At its first edition, Alimentaria Brasil to be held 16th – 19th September 2013 at Parque Anhembi in São Paulo, expects to occupy an area of 18,500 sq,m. and bring together close to 300 exhibitors and 50,000 professional visitors. J. Antoni Valls, Managing Director of Alimentaria Exhibitions said: “Alimentaria Brasil represents a further step in Alimentaria's expansion into new markets and its positioning as a catalyst for foreign trade for the Spanish and international agri-food industry.” “Brazil represents a great investment

RWM in partnership with CIWM 2013 Cost savings, compliance and CSR are just some of the reasons to visit the NEC Birmingham in September when the venue opens its doors on RWM in partnership with CIWM 2013, Europe’s premier resource efficiency and waste management show. The three-day event will be a ‘one stop shop’ for professionals looking for solutions to the growing imperative to improve the bottom line, as well as the environmental balance sheet, by adopting more sustainable waste management practices. Covering every waste stream – from food and furniture to healthcare and hazardous waste – it will showcase the latest technologies, services, and expertise on waste prevention, recycling and treatment from over 750 exhibitors. “With government figures suggesting that UK business could save £17bn a year by taking simple waste reduction measures, many companies are already recognising the real cost of waste to their business and putting targets in place to improve performance and reap the associated cost savings,” says Steve Lee, Chief Executive of the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM). “RWM in partnership with CIWM provides the perfect opportunity to obtain the knowledge, contacts and networking opportunities needed to realise these benefits all under the one roof.” Alongside the exhibition, the show also

offers an unrivalled free conference programme. Featuring over 150 resource efficiency and waste experts, it will provide a unique opportunity to find out about the latest issues and developments, hear groundbreaking case studies, and source best practice ideas. With a strong focus on providing targeted access to business solutions and knowledge, popular features introduced at last year’s show will be returning again this year, including the Materials Village, the Social Enterprise Zone and the Energy from Waste and Innovation Trails. And new for 2013 is the Skills Village, sponsored by WAMITAB (Waste Management Industry Training & Advisory Board), which will showcase all aspects of skills, training and career opportunities in waste and resource management, from introductory courses through to bespoke training and professional development. With networking high on the agenda, RWM’s visitors will benefit from 60 plus hours of face-to-face meetings, social events, matchmaking sessions, official functions, debates and informal get-togethers at the show. Working hand-in-hand with the networking events is RWM’s newly launched website, which provides detailed information on all exhibitors, plus the conference programme, show features, tours and trails.

Contact i2i Events Group on tel 020 3033 2182 or visit


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opportunity for international agribusiness,” says Antoni. The country currently ranks sixth among global economic powers and is the leading economy in Latin America. It represents the main gateway to the South American market. The strength of its economy in an international context is reflected in the fact that its gross domestic product increased by 2.8 percent in 2011. According to The Economist Intelligence Unit, the Brazilian economy's real growth rate will be 4.5 percent in 2013 and 5 percent in 2014. The 2014 Football World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games have increased interest in the Brazilian market among foreign companies. Estimated demand for investment is approximately $52bn dollars over the next two years. Contact c/o Reed Exhibitions |SG UK on tel 0208 910 7199 or visit

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Partner Logistics invests in work-based training Partner Logistics are encouraging staff to reach their full potential by offering National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) to help consolidate and develop existing skills into formal credentials. So far, 16 members of staff at the Gloucester site have completed NVQs in partnership with South Gloucestershire and Stroud College, thanks to Partner Logistics’ investment in continuing professional development programmes. Having a highly skilled, knowledgeable and loyal workforce ensures Partner Logistics are able to consistently deliver services to the highest possible standard for the benefit of their customers, maintaining excellent service and reliability. Dan Lane, warehouse operative at Partner Logistics who has recently completed his Level 2 NVQ in warehousing and storage, comments: “Having the opportunity to develop in the trade and get recognised qualifications has helped my confidence and made me more determined to succeed. The support Partner Logistics is giving me to develop to my full potential has been great in building my knowledge and confidence.” Chris Hill, Senior Business Executive, who oversees the NVQ programme at South Gloucestershire and Stroud College, says: “We are delighted to be working with Partner Logistics and commend their ongoing investment in staff training. It is great to see their continued commitment to identifying the skills needs of their workforce and supporting performance through workbased training, which is the perfect practical solution for many organisations.” Those staff members who have successfully completed their NVQs at Partner Logistics include 12 warehouse operatives who have accomplished their Level 2 and 3 shift controllers who are nearing the end of Level 3, NVQ in Warehousing and Storage. The client liaison administrator is also close to completing Level 3 in Business Administration. Contact Partner Logistics on tel 01945 428860 or visit

Vitafoods Asia 2013 has increased in size Demand for space at the exhibition, on 4th – 5th September 2013, at AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong, is being fuelled by international exhibitors who are keen to get their share of the buoyant Asian nutraceutical and functional food market. Market reports across the board agree that the global nutraceutical market is set for major growth in the next few years. And in Asia, trends in nutraceuticals, dietary supplements and functional food and drinks also show positive upward movement, providing a plethora of opportunities for both Western and local manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. Transparency Market Research forecasts that Asia Pacific, including Japan, will have the second largest market share by 2017. Vitafoods Portfolio Director, Mr Chris Lee explains: “There are many factors driving the market not least of all, the Asian consumer who has an increasing awareness of the health benefits of food and disease prevention and, like the rest of the world, concerns about ageing and obesity. This, together with increased disposable income, an increasingly urban population with its inherent demand for convenience foods and need for functional food, sets the scene for phenomenal market opportunities for Western businesses keen to get their stake in the market.”

“Some countries already have a strong nutraceutical and functional food and drinks sector, like China, Japan and Korea; whilst others in the region, like Singapore and Malaysia are slowly emerging. Our event provides an ideal platform to reach out to this exciting market,” adds Chris. Vitafoods Asia, launched in 2011 and now in its third year, is the only dedicated exhibition in Asia for nutraceuticals and functional food and drinks. The premise of the show is to focus solely on nutraceuticals and functional food which is a different strategy to the generic food events. Another distinct difference is that Vitafoods Asia attracts a regional audience. Chris says: “We launched three years ago in response to demand from exhibitors at our flagship event, Vitafoods Europe. Many of our exhibitors expressed a desire to break into the Asian markets and we were well placed to help by providing that platform to launch into this emerging market. In the 2nd edition in 2012, the show grew by 40 percent, and now for our third edition, we have opened up the exhibition by an additional 15 percent, as more ingredient suppliers are looking to come on board. We have built our reputation in Europe by focusing on this niche market sector, and we will continue to do the same in Asia.”

Contact IIR Exhibitions on tel 020 7017 7795 or visit

drinktec goes to Africa "food & drink technology Africa" is the title of a new event which premieres on March 18 and 19, 2014 in the South African city of Johannesburg. This marks a further phase in the internationalization of drinktec, the World s Leading Trade Fair for the Beverage and Liquid Food Industry. The venue for this first food & drink technology Africa (fdt Africa) is the Gallagher Convention Center. The organizers are Messe München International (MMI) and its subsidiary MMI Africa, which is based in Johannesburg. The conceptual sponsor is the Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Association of the VDMA (German Engineering Federation). A two-year cycle is scheduled for this new event, which will initially take the form of a congress with accompanying exhibition, a format that has proven its value and one that was also used in 2007 for the launch of drink technology India (dti) in the Indian city of Mumbai. In terms of content and range, food & drink technology Africa – as the name suggests – addresses not only the beverages industry, but also the food sector. Alongside its function as a technology showcase, fdt Africa will also be a platform for

networking, exchange of expertise and continuing professional development. It will bring mostly global manufacturers of food machinery, beverages technology and packaging machinery together with primarily regional, ie South African, manufacturers of foodstuffs, liquid food and beverages. South Africa is becoming an ever more important gateway to the markets of the whole of the southern part of the continent. In 2012 5.2m tonnes of foodstuffs were processed and packaged in South Africa. The largest segments are dairy products and baked goods, as well as dried, processed foods. Market researchers are expecting volumes to rise in the period from 2012 to 2017 by an average of around three percent per year. Many of the foods and beverages produced in South Africa are also exported to neighbouring states. The rising demand for processed and packaged products, and for beverages, is reflected in rising imports of food machinery and packaging machinery from all over the world. Imports into southern Africa have tripled in the period 2001 to 2011 and in 2011 reached a value of 480m euros.

Contact Messe München International on tel +49 89 949 20112 or visit

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Jigsaw joins the big breakfast

Seafood giant signs three-year ACS&T contract

Breakfast cereal and snacks producer Kellogg has awarded a new contract to managed transport solutions specialist Jigsaw for the delivery of its brands to customers throughout the UK. Jigsaw was awarded the contract because it was able to demonstrate a simplified and scaleable supply chain solution with enhanced service levels and reduced costs to support Kellogg’s evolving business requirement. Central to the service is the management of UK less-than-truck-load (LTL) volumes incorporating direct load consolidation to ensure supply chain efficiency and optimum use of transport resources. Kellogg is the world’s leading cereal company. It supplies a wide range of cereal-based breakfast and snack brands to customers throughout the country from its UK base in Manchester. Sustained business growth, recent acquisitions and the introduction of new products led the company to review its supply chain operations to meet evolving demand from retailers for increased flexibility and shorter lead times. This identified that demand for smaller consignments delivered more frequently created inefficiencies with additional complexity, vehicle movements and costs. The company recognised that managing and consolidating orders to fill trailers completely would make the most efficient and cost effective use of the available transport but this required the expertise of a specialist transport management integrator that could deliver

Food logistics expert ACS&T has announced it will continue to provide supply chain solutions for seafood giant Young’s for a further three years, after an extension to the existing deal was confirmed recently. ACS&T has been working with the Grimsby-based seafood company since the early ‘90s and this latest development means ACS&T will continue to support Young’s offer by providing storage and distribution services to their foodservice division. Managing Director of ACS&T, Malcolm Johnston is delighted that Young’s have agreed to continue working with the business. He said: “Of course we’re thrilled. The aim is to carry on helping Young’s minimise its primary food miles and reduce costs by cross docking the majority of their deliveries to Wolverhampton. “Our experienced transport operations department uses high-tech planning software that identifies which deliveries qualify for cross docking and this has helped us to provide the best possible solutions for making sure that our service meets and exceeds expectations.” ACS&T will continue to assist Young’s in reducing its administration costs by using an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) link between its leadingedge IT system and the Young’s Seafood ordering system. This link enables information on stock levels and orders to be shared between the systems so orders can be passed directly to

across the full drop size range without regional weakness. During the evaluation Jigsaw demonstrated that the scalability and adaptability of its solution offered an effective alternative to major third-party logistics providers. It has implemented a service which combines built-load and groupage components utilising the network capabilities of its eleven Partner Hauliers. To support the service the company has introduced high-cube trailers and other specialist equipment to maximise load size. These larger trailers enable greater flexibility in load composition and reduce total vehicle movements and road miles to help support the customer’s sustainability objectives. Careful planning ensures small consignments and partial loads are brought together to create full loads at the Kellogg distribution centres in Manchester for delivery to retailer warehouses across the UK. The new service provides Kellogg with a solid platform and high degree of flexibility to meet ongoing and emerging business requirements. The planning efficiency, operational flexibility and larger trailers promote enhanced service levels and reduced costs. Jigsaw further removes complexity by providing Kellogg with a seamless, single point of contact for all aspects of the contract from its central network operations centre in Leicestershire. Kellogg and Jigsaw are working together to review and implement best practice as part of an ongoing continuous improvement programme.

Contact Jigsaw on tel 01280 848758 or visit


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ACS&T in real time. This significantly improves and streamlines the order process, saving Young’s time and increasing the accuracy of orders. Chris Law, Logistics Manager for Young’s Seafood, said: “Having worked with ACS&T for a number of years, we were confident in their ability to continue to provide a costeffective and efficient logistics operation. ACS&T pay real attention to our storage and distribution requirements and are always willing to go the extra mile to assist with ours and our customer demands.” As well as utilising EDI technology, ACS&T can also ensure that there is enough stock available in its stores and a daily report is sent back to the customer, who is assured that its own customer requirements can always be fulfilled. ACS&T operates from four centres in Grimsby, Wolverhampton, Tewkesbury and Scarborough. Its extensive estates include 12 cold stores, three ambient stores, comprehensive co-packing facilities and large, dedicated and shared-user multitemperature transport fleets. Committed to delivering a high-quality service, with robust CSR and environmental policies, the company is the only food logistics business in Europe to be accredited with the BRC Storage & Distribution certificate across all sites and temperature regimes, and also holds the ISO9001 and 14001.

Contact ACS&T on tel 01472 358207 or visit




Pesticide controls – guidance from Campden BRI

Interfood Fresh Meat Portioning brochure Interfood Technology has produced a new brochure dedicated to Fresh Meat Portioning. The brochure focuses on the TVI range of systems for which Interfood is the sole distributor in the UK and Ireland and features the GMS 500 and 1200 fresh meat portioning systems. Both the GMS 500 and the GMS 1200 feature TVI’s patented gripper-less press and slice system. Versatility is the key element in the design of the machines, offering the capacity to slice bone-in and bone-less products as well as being able to shingle, dice

and even cut strips all on the same machine. TVI ensures optimum yields with waste-less slicing actually possible. In addition excellent pack presentation is assured with TVI’s clean cut blades. Prior to being sliced TVI’s continuous crust freezers ensure a minimum crust is applied. This in-turn ensures the optimum cut with the very best yield. The running costs of TVI’s crust freezer are substantially lower than traditional methods that use CO2 or Nitrogen. TVI’s high performance grading lines can also be supplied to optimise give-away.

Contact Interfood Technology on tel 01844 217676 or visit

A new guide from Campden BRI, Managing pesticides in the food chain (Campden BRI Guideline No. 19, 3rd edition) will help farmers, growers, food processors, food manufacturers and retailers understand and respond to the legislative and voluntary controls of pesticides in the food chain. It describes pesticide risk management systems, including record keeping, and explains how to implement these in practice. Pesticides are an important part of the food production system - both in improving production efficiency and in minimising post-harvest losses, and ensuring a high quality raw food product. More stringent legislation has been introduced with respect to the mechanisms controlling the authorisation of pesticides, the level of permitted residues and the practical aspects of pesticide application. All in the food supply chain face the considerable challenge of needing to comply with restrictions imposed by statutory and customer-led requirements. This guide will help companies meet these expectations. Contact Campden BRI on tel 01386 842048 or visit Contact BHJ UK on tel 0121 521 4300 or visit pubsID=75

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Incentive boost for apprenticeships Businesses should receive incentives to boost the delivery of high quality apprenticeships, according to a report published recently by the Government’s skills experts, the UK Commission for Employment and Skills. The call came during National Apprenticeship Week and the Prime Minister’s call for apprenticeships to become the new normal for young people not going to university. In their report, Employer Ownership of Skills: building the momentum, the Commission argue that “for too long, employers have been asked to engage with government-led skills initiatives underpinned by unsustainable levels of public funding.” The 28-page document makes eight recommendations for aligning skills investment with growth potential, and developing a training system that is fully focused on its customers - businesses and people. These include: Funding employers, rather than colleges, for the delivery of apprenticeships. Making public and private investment work harder by measuring the impact on people and business performance rather than simply counting qualifications. Bringing trusted Labour Market Information (LMI) together and making it freely accessible to answer questions like “how many of this type of job will be available in the future?” and “what do people doing that job get paid?” Incentivising employers to work collaboratively and with unions to form industrial partnerships, taking end to end responsibility for skills within a sector or

locality by setting standards and defining quality and career pathways. Under the proposals to change the funding system, firms would receive money directly from the government to contribute towards the cost of taking on an apprentice, and would then negotiate a price for training with an approved local college. Charlie Mayfield, Chairman of the John Lewis Partnership and of the UK Commission for Employment and Skills said: “The changes we put forward in this report will challenge us all: employers, government, colleges and unions. But at its heart, what we are recommending is a long term commitment to identifying and investing in the skills and talents our economy really needs. To achieve that, employers must be in the driving seat with the freedom to work collaboratively in their sector, in their local area, within their supply chain, and with colleges and training providers to address the skills gaps they face now and in the future. In return, employers need to take responsibility for generating training opportunities for young people which are more relevant and more valuable. To support this, colleges and training providers will be freed from having to ‘sell’ government’s agenda to employers. And crucially, given the continuing pressure on public finances, there will be significant savings for the taxpayer. None of this will be easy, but I believe it is vital if we are to develop the kind of workforce which will deliver on our shared ambitions for growth and prosperity.”

Contact The UK Commission for Employment and Skillson on tel 01709 774800 or visit

World Palm Oil Industry examined The world’s palm oil yield per hectare is 7.5 times greater on average than other major vegetable oils. Additionally, due to its low cost, relative storage stability, and nutrient value, palm oil is likely to remain the essential constituent of any diet. Palm oil finds use in cooking, in the oleochemical industry for the making of detergents, soaps, cosmetics, glues and lubricants. The global production of palm oil is dominated by Indonesia and Malaysia, which altogether account for over 85 percent of the total share. India, China, the European Union and Pakistan represent the major palm oil importers. Challenges such as restricted availability of land, labour problems and ecological issues have lead to the creation of certified sustainable palm oil, or green palm oil. The trend has appealed to a raft of multinational buyers. Wilmar International

Limited, PT Astra Agro Lestari Tbk, IOI Corporation Berhad and Sime Darby are the world’s four industry behemoths. New market research report: Global Palm Oil Market Report 2013 out by Koncept Analytics provides comprehensive analysis and extensive forecast of the global palm oil industry, focusing on the top two producers, Malaysia and Indonesia; as well as on India and China, the top two consuming geographies. The study examines the industry supply chain, production and consumption situation, imports and export trends, major challenges and drivers of the palm oil industry. Pricing information is accessible as well. The research discloses the competitive pressures within the industry and profiles the top four market players including their financials and strategies for growth.

Contact The Market Publishers on tel 0208 144 6009 or visit


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Research and Markets: Chocolate Confectionery Market Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Chocolate Confectionery in the United Kingdom" report to their offering. Chocolate Confectionery in the United Kingdom industry profile provides top-line qualitative and quantitative summary information including: market share, market size (value and volume 2007-11, and forecast to 2016). The profile also contains descriptions of the leading players including key financial metrics and analysis of competitive pressures within the market. This is an essential resource for top-line data and analysis covering the UK chocolate confectionery market. Includes market size and segmentation data, textual and graphical analysis of market growth trends, leading companies and macroeconomic information. Highlights: - The chocolate confectionery market consists of boxed chocolate, chocolate countlines, chocolate straightlines, moulded bars, novelties and other chocolates. The market is valued according to retail selling price (RSP) and includes any applicable taxes. Any currency conversions used in the creation of this report have been calculated using constant 2011 annual average exchange rates. - The UK chocolate confectionery market had total revenues of $7,665.7m in 2011, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 1.7 percent between 2007 and 2011. - Market consumption volumes decreased with a compound annual rate of change (CARC) of -0.7 percent between 2007 and 2011, to reach a total of 588.6 million kg in 2011 - The performance of the market is forecast to follow a similar pattern with an anticipated CAGR of 1.6 percent for the five-year period 2011 2016, which is expected to drive the market to a value of $8,295.9m by the end of 2016.

Contact Research and Markets on tel +353 1415 1241 or visit

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Coca-Cola and PepsiCo fruit juice domination The fruit juice market grew by 1 percent in 2011, which is an improvement on the 1.7 percent decline witnessed in 2009 and no gain (0 percent) in 2010. Fruit juices consist of 100 percent pure juice made from the flesh of fresh fruit or from concentrates and contain no flavourings, colours, preservatives or any other added ingredients. A few minor exceptions exist in order to ensure that the final product is of an acceptable taste. Prior to the global financial crisis, producers of fruit juice and other beverages enjoyed significant growth. This performance was underpinned by soaring fruit prices being passed on to drinkers, growing health consciousness and consumer desire for convenience and premiumisation. Looking at volumes of fruit juices, the market contracted in 2009, but at a lesser rate than market value. This indicates that heavy discounting was a feature of the market during this time, but seems to have reduced as a practice in 2010 as the economic situation has stabilised. Like all industries in the drinks trade, the market is dominated by brands owned by multinational firms such as PepsiCo and Coca Cola. These companies invest heavily in product development, and this ensures that the market is constantly evolving. New flavours are continually being introduced to the market, as are new combinations and product concepts. While Coca-Cola has seen several of its inhouse brands perform well, most notably its powerhouse Minute Maid Pulpy brand in Asia, acquisition remains the primary path to growth in juices, with the largest global players cementing their positions through a flurry of buyouts in recent years. PepsiCo, for instance, has staked out a dominant position in the fast-growing Russian market through its purchases of Lebedyansky and Wimm-Bill-Dann, while Suntory's additions of Frucor, Orangina-Schweppes and the Western Europe portion of the Sunny Delight brand have allowed it to carve out a powerful presence. Meanwhile, the most consistently impressive performers have been products such as Vita Coco, the largest US coconut water brand, as well as Clover, a line of daily "juice cleanse" products which encourage the use of 100% juices as part of an overall health regimen. Contact Companies & Markets on tel 0203 086 8600 or visit /Fruit-and-Vegetable-Juices-Building-a-BetterBeverage/RPT1151961

UK food industry passing 50,000 Apprenticeships A landmark 50,000 new Apprenticeships have been created across the UK food supply chain over the past 18 months following a major skills push by businesses in every part of the food supply chain, Improve, the skills body for food manufacturing has revealed. David Heath, Minister of State for Agriculture and Food, commended the achievement saying: “The UK’s food and agriculture sector is our biggest employer providing jobs for 3.7 million people and contributing over £96 billion to our economy. I want to see this sector grow and become more globally competitive, creating more job opportunities for young people.” Apprenticeship growth has been evident across all parts of the food supply chain – including a near trebling of the numbers in the food manufacturing sector. “The increase in Apprenticeships in food manufacturing represents a concerted response to the challenge of recruiting 137,000 new staff by 2020 to replace a significant section of the experienced workforce nearing retirement,” said Improve chief executive Justine Fosh. “Apprenticeships are now a proven tool in attracting and nurturing the next generation of food workers as well as supporting existing workers to respond to the twin challenge of automation and new technology.” The Apprenticeship drive was spurred by the 2011 Food Supply Chain report coordinated by Improve which identified a range of common skills challenges shared by businesses across the UK’s farming, food manufacturing, food distribution, food retail and food hospitality sectors. Food Minister, David Heath said it was

vitally important for businesses in the food supply chain to be able to attract new talent with the right skills so the UK can continue to lead the way in developing innovative food sciences and technology. He said: “I will continue to do all I can to ensure Government works with the industry to encourage more apprenticeships for the future.” Angela Coleshill, Employment, Skills and Corporate Services Director at the Food and Drink Federation (FDF), said that as the UK’s largest manufacturing sector and a key player in the UK’s food supply chain, the FDF recognises that apprentices are vital to the sector’s success and achievement of the FDF’s joint vision with Government to grow the food manufacturing sector by 20 percent by 2020. She said: “We strongly believe that apprenticeships are a fantastic way of attracting talent for the future and of bringing many benefits to our businesses including increased productivity, improved competitiveness and a motivated workforce. “Food manufacturers are taking collective action to make food and drink manufacturing a career of first choice for graduates and school-leavers alike, through our targeted campaign: Taste Success – A Future in Food, helping us build the pool of talented apprentices that can be developed and deployed across the industry – building skills for the future." The Apprenticeship numbers across the entire UK Food Supply Chain were collated by food manufacturing skills body Improve using data from a range of skills councils connected with the food industry.

Contact Improve on tel 0845 644 0448 or visit

Smurfit Kappa launches new InnoBook Smurfit Kappa has launched a new and improved InnoBook. The creative ideas portfolio for packaging now has more possibilities than ever to meet customers’ needs. InnoBook offers Smurfit Kappa customers the collective power of over 700 inspiring designers worldwide and is filled with hundreds of internationally awarded solutions. The original InnoBook software tool was launched over 15 years ago, and has been regularly reviewed and updated ever since. InnoBook is consulted over 400 times a day, by more than 250 Smurfit Kappa experts worldwide, to serve the needs of the Company’s thousands of customers. With a constantly stocked portfolio of over 4800 designs, this dynamic tool offers inspiration and innovation, and aids the creative process both for Smurfit

Kappa’s designers and customers. While maintaining the qualities of the original InnoBook concept, the new version, launched in April 2013, is the most interactive yet. Customers can now view designs in 3D, and avail of features such as assembly instruction videos. Tony Smurfit, Chief Operations Officer at Smurfit Kappa, stated: “The new version of InnoBook is an exciting development for us in constantly offering our customers the best possible service and to jump-start the design process for their packaging. It allows our customers to continue to have access to a range of designs, which continues to increase every day, in a more interactive way than before. We hope you are as excited about this as we are!”

Contact Smurfit Kappa on tel 0151 802 1761 or visit

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New report challenges simplistic claims

Catalogue offers complete motion control guide The new ABB motion control catalogue offers a comprehensive guide to ABB’s fully integrated range of motion control products and solutions. It is a useful source for machine builders, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and system integrators looking to bring together components to form a motion control solution. The catalogue covers motion control drives, machinery drives, micro drives, PLCs, HMIs and software, all of which can be seamlessly integrated to achieve a system with exceptional performance, efficiency and reliability. Central to the catalogue is ABB’s offering of motion control solutions and products, which can be used for a wide variety of machine control applications in many industries. The catalogue provides details of intelligent, programmable drives, plug-in controllers for drives, real-time Ethernet controllers, PLCs systems and analogue and stepper based control products. The section on motion control drives gives complete details of their features and benefits and control methods, as well as any specialised applications they are suitable for and a complete list of available options. Also highlighted are a wide range of ABB’s machinery drives, micro drives and general purpose drives for pumps and fans. Whatever the industry, from printing, to food and beverage, and in whatever application from level control to solar trackers, treadmills and whirlpool baths, ABB has the drive to suit. ABB motion controllers include both analogue and Ethernet products, while the MINT Machine Module transforms ABB

Motiflex e100 drives into powerful intelligent drive systems. The AC500 range of PLCs is also detailed, showing how this versatile and highly scalable range can support most industry standard communications protocols, making it an ideal choice for multi-protocol and multi-domain environments. Versions for extreme environments are also offered. With a common CoDeSys-based programming language, the entire AC500 range is easy to program. The catalogue also shows how the AC500 PLC can be combined with the Pluto Manager safety controller to form the basis of safety critical control circuits. Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) are a vital component of any motion control solution and the catalogue gives full details of ABB’s CP600 series HMI, comparing the features of each unit in the range, from entry level to high end versions. All offer easy creation of graphics, low development costs, easy integration with PLCs and fast commissioning. A comprehensive set of software tools help tie the overall solution together, offering a user-friendly way to select, commission and use AC drives. Components such as DIN rails, terminals, switches and power supplies also from part of the ABB motion control offer. By bringing all these components and products together as part of a fully compatible system, ABB ensures that the systems integrator and OEM have the pieces in place to build a complete, compatible motion control solution that works for their customers.

Contact ABB on tel 01925 741111 or visit


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Festo, a global manufacturer of automation technologies, has published a new report that evaluates energy efficiency measures in the automation and positioning technology fields. The report helps manufacturers to better understand and identify methods, tools and the alternative advantages of pneumatic and electric drive technologies for improving energy efficiency in automation processes. It is free to download from and provides a simple introduction to the subject of efficiency with pneumatic and electric drives. The paper has been produced as part of a joint ‘EnEffAH’ project, part of the German Government’s energy research programme, and clearly outlines a broad range of technical and organisational topics. It explores the basic principles and measures for increasing energy efficiency and shows that the correct selection of technology (effectiveness) and the correct operation (efficiency) are critical. “Energy is an ever-more important issue and this guide is an excellent opportunity to become acquainted with pneumatic and electric drives systems as a whole,” says Steve Sands, Product Manager at Festo. “The research shows that the requirements of the application entirely determine the right technology mix for energy efficiency.” “As one of the leading automation technology companies, we have a deep understanding of both pneumatic and electric drive technologies. Through this report we can share our knowledge to help our customers make informed decisions on the correct selection of technology to maximise their energy efficiency.” Steve concludes: “There are no quickfix solutions for increasing energy efficiency, as it must be viewed in an overall context. Trying to save money at a component level without considering the overall system is in-effective and parameters must be looked at in detail to provide lasting efficiencies and savings. Lifetime costs really must be considered; it makes no sense for it to take 10 years to achieve a payback on an initial investment through improved efficiency if the expected life of the machine is only five years! Selecting the right measures and using drive technology correctly, means notable energy and cost savings can and must be reached.” Contact Contact BHJFesto UK on on tel tel 0121 01252521 775000 4300 or visit or visit

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T&D improves FTA Logistics offering in Cloud Report 2013 computing The T&D Corporation, developer of data logger systems for industrial and public demands, is now providing its clients with the opportunity to use an enlarged 20MB web storage capacity. The T&D WebStorage service functions have also been updated. This means that users can conveniently process and manage their measured data remotely, at any time. Data can be accessed via arbitrary internet browsers and can be shared with additional parties, such as partners and colleagues working from different sites. The T&D WebStorage Service and the accompanying software come free of charge. Cloud computing is the technical term for outsourcing computing resources such as hardware and software that are delivered as a service over a network. In the industrial sector, this service can ease workflow and reduce costs. Besides offering the T&D WebStorage Service, the T&D Corporation also supports its clients by providing free software which enables easy processing of measured data. While data loggers safeguard and monitor goods and processes, the measured data, forwarded over a network, can be managed and documented efficiently. This plays an important role, particularly in the field of nutritional industries, where complying with and documentation of HACCP rules and regulations is essential. The server capacity of 20MB allows for storage of, for example, about three years of recorded data when using 10 units of 2-channel (temperature and humidity) data loggers at a recording interval of five minutes, or storage of more than seven months of recorded data using 50 units. With the updated service functions it is now possible for users to change and check alert settings easily over the web. An improved graph illustration delivers an overview of the current readings, alert status, signal strength and battery level of each connected data logger. To prevent unauthorized access to stored data, each user receives an ID and password after registration. In cases where data needs to be shared, access can be established by setting up a “read-only ID” which enables data to be viewed but not modified or deleted. Contact BHJ UK on tel 0121 521 4300 Contact T&D Corporation on tel +49 6034 930970 or visit or visit

The Logistics Report 2013, reviewing the state of the logistics sector over the past 12 months, was launched during a breakfast meeting at the House of Commons hosted by Andrew Bridgen MP. The report brings together research and analysis from the Freight Transport Association (FTA) and PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC), and was presented by FTA’s Chief Executive, Theo de Pencier. The publication of The Logistics Report 2013 is an opportunity to reflect on the highs and lows of what was another tough year for most businesses. Once again, the report has been written and produced by FTA, in association with PwC, allowing the two organisations’ respective knowledge, research and analysis to be combined to produce a unique annual review of the events, data and emerging trends in logistics over the last year. It also considers the economic climate and the key changes that need to be made by government and industry to make the most of opportunities for growth when they arise. The report focuses on the challenges, successes and progress within the logistics sector over the past year. It includes a logistics dashboard, bringing together more than 50 indicators giving different perspectives on the industry and the performance of the wider economy. It is then split into sections - the main areas of focus are: economy and growth, connectivity and adaptability, image, safety and sustainability, people and skills.

Findings from the FTA Logistics Industry Survey 2012/2013 were used to inform the report’s assessment of the performance of logistics in 2012 and sentiment for 2013. In spite of difficult conditions, it was reassuring that many respondents were optimistic that conditions would improve for domestic and international road movements in 2013. On the launch of the report, Theo de Pencier, FTA’s Chief Executive, commented: “Those engaged in logistics have put in place groundbreaking practices and pioneering technologies to make their businesses more efficient and competitive, whilst continuously striving to achieve greater sustainability in their operations. “At a time when government is, of necessity, focusing on stimulating economic recovery, this report also serves as a timely reminder of some of the things FTA believes it can do to improve UK logistics and enable it to adapt to changing needs.” Coolin Desai, UK Transport & Logistics Industry Leader for PwC, said: “Investment, innovation and talent will continue to be critical areas of importance for the logistics sector. It is encouraging that from the report’s findings we will see more firms invest in training and development, recruitment, and exciting new technologies to improve efficiency and sustainability.” For further information or to request a review copy of The Logistics Report 2013:

Contact the FTA on tel 01892 552255 or visit

Müller web move to spark interest Müller UK & Ireland Group has launched a website and social media campaign to further build on ‘substantial interest’ from dairy farmers across the country in joining the Müller Wiseman Milk Group (MWMG). In the first month since Müller signalled its intention to increase the volume of milk it buys directly from dairy farmers, more than 250 producers have registered an interest in supplying the company. The new micro-site aims to give prospective suppliers more information about the company’s plans, its proposition for dairy farmers, details of farmer representation, areas from which the company hopes to recruit farmers and the opportunity to register interest

online. Martin Armstrong, Supply Chain Planning Director at Müller Wiseman Dairies said: “We are pleased with the response we have had so far and are looking to build on this over the next few months. “We are offering dairy farmers simplicity, flexibility and a strong track record, underpinned by a business strategy which will ensure that Müller will be the largest and most competitive dairy in the UK. “In launching a recruitment and incentive package over and above a highly competitive standard litre milk price, we are signalling our intention to ensure that we are the buyer of choice for milk from Britain’s dairy farms.”

Contact Müller Wiseman Dairies on tel 01355 244261 or visit

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World Allergy Week The World Allergy Organization (WAO) launched World Allergy Week in April this year to address the rising issue of food allergy across both the developed and developing world. This year the week’s activities focused on issues under the theme of ‘Food Allergy – A Rising Global Health Problem’, problematic particularly as it appears the condition disproportionately burdens children, negatively impacting nutrition, healthy development and anxiety levels. Foods are amongst the most common allergens, with millions having anaphylactic responses to these. Professor Motohiro Ebisawa, Chair of the WAO Communications Council said: “Food sensitivity is not a simple disease…It has been increasing in severity and complexity. There are complications with food allergies caused by other allergic diseases such as asthma and atopic eczema. Moreover, food allergy can be fatal.” This severe end of allergy is known as Anaphylaxis and is the most extreme type of allergic reaction, although few recognise the extent of its impact. Every year in the UK alone, there were around 20 recorded deaths and tens of thousands of hospitalisations due to anaphylaxis, although these figures are recognised as being under-representative. Symptoms can include swelling, difficulty breathing and an impending sense of doom.

The whole body is affected, often within minutes of exposure to an allergen. Professor Ruby Pawankar, WAO President, highlighted the lack of provision for food allergy sufferers specifically, despite this being a widespread affliction. “Large areas in the world lack legislation on food labelling, standardised national anaphylaxis action plans for food allergy, or access to adrenaline autoinjectors. These circumstances can be improved with the distribution of information and resources for physicians, patients, parents, schools, health ministries and throughout communities and by a call to action to policy makers.” The Anaphylaxis Campaign continues to work tirelessly with healthcare professionals and the food industry to provide resources and support on all these issues, aiming to achieve the ultimate goal of creating a world where allergy sufferers of all kinds and severities are able to lives their lives. World Allergy Week 2013 came ahead of the start of the world’s biggest food allergy study, Integrated Approaches to Food Allergen and Allergy Risk Management (iFAAM), within which the Anaphylaxis Campaign has been a key UK representative. CEO Lynne Regent said: “We want to spread the word and let people know we’re here to help them, especially as anaphylaxis can be such an isolating and misunderstood condition.”

Contact The WAO on tel +1 414 276 1791 or visit

Gilson’s new online ordering and reference website Gilson, industry leaders in liquid handling, purification systems and manufacturers of the legendary PIPETMAN pipettes is delighted to announce the launch of their new Gilson UK website Re-designed in response to customer feedback, the site features enhanced logic driven navigation of over 3,500 products and facilitates easier ordering through their online store. Registered customers can benefit from 30 day invoice payment terms; you simply require a Gilson UK account number or alternatively order via credit card directly without the need to set up an account. The site also includes a new online media library, packed full of product information, specifications, application notes

and handy hints and tips to ensure customers have wealth of technical knowledge at their fingertips when they need it. “We wanted to enhance the overall experience for our customers, making it easier to navigate and order whilst providing more efficient access to improved technical content” says Chris Wingad, Gilson UK’s Sales Director. “ With our level of expertise and experience in liquid handling and purification, we want to impart as much knowledge to our customers, to enable them to optimise their working practices, productivity and applications. Our new media Library is an essential reference site”.

Contact Gilson UK on tel 0845 5196 872 or visit


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New global food safety survey A new survey by Campden BRI and Alchemy Systems, LP in partnership with BRC and SQF, questioned 649 food and drink manufacturers and processors worldwide to identify the needs, effectiveness and challenges of food safety training in the industry. While companies recognised improved product quality and higher employee morale as the greatest benefits of effective food safety training, over 70 percent of those surveyed said finding the time for training was the greatest challenge. Other barriers cited included verifying the effectiveness of training (43 percent), dealing with language issues when delivering a consistent training programme across global sites (28 percent), resource problems (24 percent) and keeping the training curriculum up-to-date (24 percent). The companies surveyed represent a cross section of the industry, drawn from across the world. They ranged in size from under 50 employees to over 1,000 and cover many sectors including cereal and baking, dairy, meats, fish and poultry, and packaging. Laura Dunn Nelson, Director of Industry Relations at Alchemy Systems commented: “With food safety being so critical to the food industry, the importance of adequate training remains vital. The results of this study are an excellent way for food manufacturers and processors to benchmark their performance against their competitors and identify any opportunities for development.” Almost 85 percent of food companies use on-the-job training, which was closely followed by reading policies, refresher courses and traditional classroom-based learning. It is worth noting that e-learning and interactive training were used by 39 percent and 14 percent of companies, respectively. However, with only 66 percent of companies stating they are very satisfied or satisfied with the quality of training undertaken there is clearly room for improvement. The biggest deficiencies identified were a lack of employee understanding and incomplete training records. Bertrand Emond, Head of Membership and Training at Campden BRI said: “The results of this survey provide a complete picture of the current activities and practices in food safety training across the industry. By conducting the survey each year we will be able to track developments and trends, and develop solutions to some of the challenges identified.” To read the full results of the study, which surveyed companies on all areas of food safety from auditing and measuring competency to management of training records: Contact Campden BRI on tel 01386 842000 or visit

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SEPA and NIEA launch revamped NetRegs site The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) have joined forces to launch a new and improved website to help small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) understand their environmental responsibilities and encourage good environmental practice. Developed in partnership by SEPA and NIEA, NetRegs contains guidelines for businesses in Scotland and Northern Ireland to help them comply with environmental regulations. Built with businesses in mind, the website breaks down the information for each specific sector, discarding unnecessary jargon. The service is also completely free and available 24 hours a day. Speaking of the new website, Gillian Bruce, Advice and Engagement Manager at the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), said: “We know that businesses often lack the time or resource to trawl through complicated legislation, so we have created NetRegs to reflect the needs of these businesses by making it as simple and efficient as possible. There is not a lot of plain language information out there for SMEs and we believe NetRegs fills that gap and will help such businesses save time, money and hassle. “Good environmental management and compliance also makes good business sense and the NetRegs site has been developed to help SMEs, in Scotland and Northern Ireland, achieve their targets.” Stephen Aston of the Northern Ireland Environment Agency said: “Many businesses already report that NetRegs is their primary trusted source of guidance on environmental legislation. We hope that the new site will help businesses not only meet their obligations but take opportunities to go beyond compliance” The new NetRegs site replaces its predecessor (, which was run by the two bodies along with the Environment Agency (EA) of England and Wales. Contact BHJ UK on tel 0121 521 4300 Contact NetRegs on tel 01786 457700 or visit or visit Website: []

Index reveals seven percent energy price increase Energy costs for businesses increased by seven per cent in from January 2012 to December 2012, according to the latest data from the Lorien Energy Index (LEI). The statistics also show a five percent increase in electricity and more than twelve percent gas tariffs during the final quarter of 2012. Heavy and gas oil fractions have remained fairly static with little movement. Following this increase, the Index stands at 4.57 for Q4 with an average of 4.38 for the year. This sees the LEI almost back to its previous peak of 2008. There is continued evidence of mounting pressure in the energy supply market for further price increases, which would impact on commercial deals during 2013 and over the longer term. OFGEM are currently predicting wholesale prices for both gas and electric will trend upwards through spring into summer. With falls in both UK oil and gas production of around 12 percent during 2012, a medium to longer term reliance on imports is stimulating the drive for newer technologies such as the controversially viewed ‘fracking’ for shale gas and a push towards new nuclear capacity as resilience and costs become real issues. Increases in the costs of supply and distribution networks alongside environmental policy and support for low carbon and

renewable alternatives have led the the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) to conclude that prices will follow ‘a long term upward trend’. Recently published research carried out by the Government demonstrate that the cost of energy to business will be 22 percent higher by 2020 as a result of these policies alone, on top of an estimated 30 percent of today’s costs. Utilising commercial energy price data gathered over the past 10 years, the Lorien Energy Index monitors the overall cost of energy for business users, and it enables companies of all sizes to make sense of their current energy use and look at ways they can make savings in the future, by being energy efficient and utilising low carbon and renewable technologies to boost energy security. Director of Lorien Engineering Solutions, Derek O’Neill said: “The LEI continues to show an upward trend in 2012 running well ahead of inflation and further significant price rises appear inevitable. Events such as the recent pipeline failure at one of the UK’s terminals, which caused wholesale gas prices to spike temporality, add to the volatility of energy prices within the UK. Further suffering is coming from the weak strength of the Pound, having an additional effect on commodities traditionally traded in US dollars.”

Contact Lorien Engineering Solutions on tel 01543 444244 or visit

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CITB award for FeRFA guidance documents FeRFA, the Resin Flooring Association, has received an award for two of its technical guidance documents. Presented by the CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) the Growth Fund Recognition Award was given for FeRFA’s best practice guidance on Measuring and Managing the Level of Slip Resistance provided by Resin Floors and Static Controlled Flooring. Slip resistant and static dissipative systems are a highly specialist area of resin flooring in terms of technical and skill of application, but are widely used due to the health and safety requirements in the working environments of both industrial and commercial buildings. New testing methods and changes to British Standards make it very important for resin flooring contractors to have up to date guidance on systems and application methods to meet the changing standards and specific client requirements.

The award recognises FeRFA’s valuable contribution towards meeting current and future construction industry training and skills needs. FeRFA’s documents help support the work it does in raising the professional skills of the workforce through apprenticeships, upskilling courses, NVQs, and – newlylaunched for this year – its eLearning programme. Training support is available for all ages and all skill levels, including those new to the industry as well as more experienced workers. Through the CITB Growth Fund, the CITB encourages and supports collaborative working across the industry to ensure the right people with the right skills are equipped to meet the future skills demands of specialist sectors such as resin flooring. All the FeRFA guidance documents are freely available to download from the FeRFA website.

Contact FeFRA on tel 01252 714250 or visit

Bürkert free ATEX selection poster The ATEX directive has been in force for some years now; but the important criteria that must be considered when selecting an ATEX-certified device, such as a level sensor, a valve, a flow sensor, a pump - or any other piece of equipment for use in hazardous, potentially explosive environments, are often misunderstood. Now, Bürkert is helping users across all process markets to overcome this problem with the production of a useful ATEX poster which can be downloaded from the company’s website. Under the 2003 ATEX directive, manufacturers must design and test equipment to prevent or minimise the risk of explosion in explosive atmospheres. As part of this process, every electrical or non-electrical source of ignition must be considered; plus the environments and applications in which a product may be employed. The selection criterion for explosion-proof devices breaks down into four main categories. The first of these is: Zone Classifications. These indicate the type of atmosphere for which the equipment is classified. Zones 0, 1 and 2 relate to combustible gas, fumes or mist. Zones 20, 21 and 22 relate to combustible dust. At the most hazardous end of the scale,

zones 0 and 20 are areas in which there is an explosive atmosphere continuously present over long periods, or is frequently present. By contrast, zones 2 and 22 are areas in which combustible gases are not normally present, or persist only for a short period. Equipment must provide a certified level of protection and will be classified as suitable for one of these environments. The second category is: Gas Groups. Gas that is present in the environment should be classed according to explosion groups and temperature classes. The temperature class (T1T6) gives the ignition temperature of the gas or gas mixture. The penultimate category is: Temperature Classes and Ambient Temperatures. An approved surface temperature of electrical equipment is given, depending on the temperature class of the gas that will be present. Where the maximum ambient temperature is not defined, a value of 40 C is assumed. Completing the four categories is: Protection Principle. This is classed as Ex-I input via barrier; or enclosure of the electrical connections via junction box or encapsulation.

Contact Burkert on tel 01453 731353 or visit


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27 flexible packaging firms braced for takeover The flexible packaging Industry should brace itself for takeovers as a series of curious circumstances begin to shape the industry, argues a new market report from analysts Plimsoll Publishing. The study warns that a combination of stock piling cash, difficult growth, low interest rates and ageing directors has left these 27 companies ripe for acquisition as the sector consolidates, evolves and starts to prosper again. David Pattison, Senior Analyst on project, said: “On the one hand, 33 cash rich companies have been stockpiling cash and their problem is that the built up cash could give them a real headache. Low interest rates mean this cash will be sitting idle on the balance sheet and not generating a return. It really needs to be put to good use and an acquisition seems an obvious option.” Some simple findings from the Plimsoll Analysis found that: · Almost 29 percent of directors will be over 60 by the end of the year · 33 companies have over £5m of cash on their balance sheet · 147 firms are still operating as independents · 43 percent of organisations did not increase in sales · One in 6 companies are running at a loss · 82 of the 372 businesses analysed have seen their debts increase David continued: “Then on the other hand, 27 businesses in the flexible packaging market are showing classic acquisition criteria. They are all declining in financial strength, many have an ageing board and are still privately owned. These companies will need the support of their current owners or investment to ensure they have a future and many have acquisition potential. Given the circumstances, it is quite possible that perhaps some of the directors will be looking to retire or even consider a sale.” The Plimsoll Analysis, which is also available in an online format, provides an individual profile of each of the UK’s top 372 flexible packaging companies. It offers an overall financial rating, a valuation as well as an acquisition attractiveness assessment on each company and helps understand up-and coming-competitors in the market. Contact BHJ UK on tel 0121 521 4300 Contact Plimsoll Publishing on tel 01642 626419 or visit or visit

HE POWDER CHARACTERIZATION COMPANY, FREEMAN TECHNOLOGY 01684 851551 has appointed Doug Millington-Smith in the role of Applications Specialist. Educated to PhD level, Doug has a background in chemistry and considerable experience in supporting the use of high precision scientific instrumentation. He is based at Freeman Technology’s


ÜLLER DAIRY 01630 692000 makers of Müller Corner, Müllerlight and Müller Rice, has confirmed the appointment of Bill Mathieson as Commercial Director. Previously European Vice President Sales & Customer Development at Coca Cola Enterprises, he took up his new appointment at Müller in June having spent five years in key commercial roles with the soft drinks and beverages’ company. Prior to that Bill worked for almost a decade at Nestlé in senior sales & marketing roles across the group, including the Nestlé Chilled Dairy business. Ronald Kers, Chief Executive Officer of Müller UK & Ireland Group said:



headquarters in the UK and will be involved in supporting users of the FT4 Powder Rheometer® right through from initial installation and training to ongoing education and applications support. Welcoming Doug to the team, Managing Director, Tim Freeman said: “FT4 users around the world know they can call on the expertise and experience both of our representatives on the ground and the team working at our UK headquarters, where we continue to invest strongly in our R&D and applications support. The FT4 Powder Rheometer is now used in a diverse range of industrial situations and we are growing our teams to ensure that we continue to develop the customer support excellence for which we are known.” Doug Millington-Smith will be involved in installing instruments at user sites and providing initial user training. Users will then be able to turn to him for remote advice and continued support in all areas including analysis and data interpretation if needed. “The fact that Freeman Technology demonstrates the potential of its products through meaningful research makes it a very attractive company to work for,” said Doug. “I am delighted to now be part of such a successful team and am enjoying helping people across many different areas of powder characterization to make the most of their experience with our instruments.”


HE INSTITUTE OF FOOD SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (IFST) 020 7603 6316 has elected Prof Margaret Patterson its President. Margaret was invested as IFST President during IFST’s Spring conference: ‘Securing the future supply of food’. Margaret commented” ”I am delighted to have been elected IFST President and am looking forward to working with the IFST team and Institute members. We need to do more to raise awareness of food science and technology and emphasise the critical role it plays in ensuring the food we eat is reliably safe and nutritious.“ Prof Margaret Patterson is a Food Microbiologist at the AgriFood and Biosciences Institute (AFBI) in Belfast. Her primary degree is in Food Science and she also has a Master’s degree in Management and a PhD in Food Microbiology. Margaret’s area of expertise lies in the development and evaluation of new food processing technologies to ensure their safety and quality. She also serves on the Scientific Advisory Committee of Safefood – a North-South body that promotes food safety throughout the island of Ireland. She has been seconded to the International Atomic Energy Agency as a food safety expert, and carried out food safety training for the World Health Organisation and the Food and Agricultural Organisation. Margaret has been a Fellow of IFST since 1980 and is a Chartered Scientist. IFST’s Board of Trustees is also pleased to welcome Helen Munday of Coca-Cola Enterprises and Dr Richard Burt, formerly of the Food Standards Agency and IFST Past President, who will re-join the Board as Honorary Treasurer.



“This is an exciting appointment which again underlines our ambition to grow our business in the yogurt and chilled desserts sector. Bill has an excellent track record and I look forward to welcoming him to our management team.”


IEMENS INDUSTRY 01276 696000 has further strengthened its commitment to UK manufacturers with the announcement of a specialist and dedicated team focusing on the needs of the food and beverage sector. The team will provide bespoke support for the sector to address distinct requirements in areas of industrial technology and services. The food and beverage sector team, will be headed by Mark Jackson, who comments: “Siemens Industry understands the issues facing the food and beverage sector. Our specialist team will work alongside manufacturers to develop solutions to meet these challenges, including improvement of operational efficiencies, reduction of waste and ensuring the highest safety and regulatory requirements are achieved.” The sector heads will exploit market potential in high-growth vertical markets across the UK, with a view to bringing intelligence to the entire product development and production process. In doing so, the strategy will also strengthen and

significantly expand the technology-based service business. Siemens Industry will also take the leading position in the merging of virtual and real product development and production structures, whilst looking to identify and grasp growth opportunities in emerging markets. Brian Holliday, Divisional Director, Siemens Industry Automation says: “We understand that the challenges and issues facing our broad spectrum of industrial clients can vary across sectors. For example, what concentrates the minds of food and beverage companies differs significantly from the concerns of the automotive sector. The appointment of the six vertical sector heads places real industry experts at the forefront of Siemens Industry’s focus on assisting our customers. “This approach will enable us to more clearly demonstrate the contributory value of automation and drive technology to our customers in the context of their immediate challenges, whilst passing on the benefit of a broad supply base and the potential for best practice sharing.”


UTOMATED PACKAGING SYSTEM SPECIALIST, SCHUBERT 01676 525825 has further strengthened its UK sales team with the appointment of Ray Daniel as Sales Account Manager. Ray joined the UK sub-

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sidiary in January 2013. Having graduated with a degree in Manufacturing Engineering, he went on to further his academic achievements with an MBA. Ray brings with him more than twenty years of packaging experience, having joined Schubert UK from Scapa UK where he was a Strategic Sales Executive. Prior to this he held roles at Raupack, Doyen Medipharm and Ishida Europe. Ray says: “I am delighted to have joined Schubert UK; it is a great opportunity to contribute and add value to an organisation which has a world-class reputation for innovation and growth”. “Our business continues to develop and expand across the UK and Ireland; we are delighted to welcome Ray to the team. He brings a wealth of previous experience in automated packaging solutions to the business. I am confident his expertise will assist us to further grow Schubert UK”, says Mark Jocelyn, Sales Manager of Schubert UK.


LLIED BAKERIES 01628 764300 owner of market leading brands Kingsmill, Allinson, Burgen and Sunblest, are welcoming Matt Lee to the role of Sales Director. Matt is coming on board as Sales Director to facilitate growth with both new and existing customers. As well as managing Allied Bakeries’ team of Sales Executives, Managers and Customer Directors, Matt will take up a position on the Allied Bakeries board. As part of this role he will work closely with colleagues from across the business, including Marketing, Operations and Supply Chain. Matt explains: “Working with ambient products is a great new challenge. The shorter the shelf life of the product, the faster and more efficient the operation needs to be so that our customers and consumers have the freshest possible produce. It is crucial that all elements of the business are working together in unison to ensure we’re driving growth for our business and the category while delivering above and beyond for our customers and consumers.” Matt continues: “Allied


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Bakeries is by far the fastest paced operation I have been involved in – and it is a great business. There is a solid foundation in place here – our people, infrastructure and products are market leading – and with new service deals and a capital investment programme underway, there is a foreseeable opportunity for Allied Bakeries to put some real space between itself and our competitors”’ Matt Lee joined Allied Bakeries before Christmas, having previously worked as Sales Director for Silverspoon and Commercial Director for their Crusha brand. Matt’s experience in this respect will likely put him in good stead at Allied Bakeries, as he explains: “Allied Bakeries has some of the best category insights in the market. There is a focus on delivering consumer led product innovation to the market – with the simple aim of ensuring that its products are meeting the requirements of shoppers while at the same time driving sales for retailers. Allied Bakeries is here for the long term, and with a solid growth strategy in place, it is an exciting time to join the company.”


LECTRONIC MONITORING and control manufacturer, The IMC Group 0844 815 6227 has appointed Gordon Muscat as Business Development Manager for the food and drink sector. Gordon’s role will focus on extending the profile of the IceSpy wireless temperature monitoring system across the food and beverage supply chain, where a combination of regulatory and economic pressures demand an increasingly rigorous approach to maintaining safe environmental conditions. Having begun his career in hospitality management, with major hotel brands including Trusthouse Forte and the Royal Ascot, Gordon subsequently moved into commercial hygiene services, working with large organisations including major food producers and hotels. This comprehensive experience across the food supply chain was a major factor in his recruitment by the IMC Group, where he will develop client relationships and highlight the benefits of

environmental monitoring to protect corporate reputations. Gordon said: “My background in food and hospitality hygiene means I understand the issues that operators in these industries face. One of the key challenges is around protecting the integrity of food and drinks from manufacture right through to retail or service. Technology has a huge role to play here – and tends to be a very wise investment when measured against the reputational and financial damage that lapses can inflict. I am excited to be joining such an innovative company as The IMC Group at a time of growth, and looking forward to introducing its wide-ranging monitoring technology to more people in the food and drink supply chain.”


ITSUBISHI ELECTRIC FACTORY AUTOMATION European Business Group (FAEBG) +49 02102 486 2150 is pleased to announce that Klaus Petersen has been appointed as Marketing Director for the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) Region, succeeding Chris Hazlewood, who is moving on to Mitsubishi Electric Japan to pursue the next level of his career. Most recently he has been the Business Development Manager for Mitsubishi Electric’s successful MAPS (Mitsubishi Adroit Process Suite) integrated PLC/SCADA programming and management tool for Adroit SCADA and Mitsubishi PLCs and so has an excellent balance of knowledge for both the technical and commercial aspects of marketing factory automation solutions. His skills are not confined to technology only. Originally from Denmark he has lived and worked in Scandinavia, France and Germany and in each case has learned the local language. Along the way he has also become fluent in English. Klaus has taken over from Chris Hazlewood, who led the European Marketing team over the last three years. Chris, who has been transferred to Mitsubishi Electric`s headquarters in Japan, becoming the first non-Japanese

Manager in the Factory Automation Division, joins a newly established group in the planning and marketing section. During his time in Europe he was instrumental in strengthening product marketing and establishing innovative marketing and partnering concepts for growing the power of Mitsubishi Electric’s Factory Automation business in the EMEA region, where expansion still continues. Hartmut Pütz, President of Mitsubishi Electric’s Factory Automation - European Business Group expressed his delight in welcoming Klaus in to the new role: “We would like to thank Chris for his contribution and wish him all the best for his new function, whilst welcoming Klaus to the role. Klaus’ broad knowledge base, insight and creative turn of mind make him an ideal candidate for leading further expansion of our FA business throughout the region.”


ARNAUDMETAL BOX ENGINEERING (CMB ENGINEERING) 01274 846 200 a leading provider of canmaking machinery, has announced the appointment of Marc Hoche as the company’s new Sales Manager. The move cements CMB Engineering’s drive to expand its global sales organization and provide customers with dedicated engineering interfaces to provide guidance and customer support. Marc will oversee three regional sales teams, covering the Americas, Asia and EMEA. In his new role, Marc will focus on reinforcing CMB Engineerings existing relationships with canmakers across the globe, while building its customer base in new emerging markets and sectors. To achieve this, he will leverage his experience of delivering customer satisfaction and sales support, gained through a range of engineering and sales roles throughout his career. Marc will draw on his extensive experience to continue to provide the customer service and knowledgeable sales support both before and after installation that has always been core to the CMB business. Spearheading a strong sales team that combines engineering expertise with an in-

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depth knowledge of each region’s market needs, Marc will drive the continued growth of CMB‘s customer base. Marc Hoche, Sales Manager, CMB Engineering said: “In my new role, I will work closely with the regional sales team to provide our global customers with access to the equipment and support they need while focusing on growing our business globally.” Jim Cozier, General Manager at CMB Engineering said of the new appointment: “To achieve the best possible results with their canmaking technologies, canmakers around the world require expert guidance from their partners at every stage. With Marc’s appointment, we are strengthening our sales team in order to continue to provide this support, while growing our business at the same time.”


EDER HOLK NIELSEN TAKES OFFICE AS PRESIDENT & CEO OF NOVOZYMES +45 4446 0000. “I am proud and honoured to lead this great company forward,” says Peder Holk Nielsen. “Novozymes is in a very strong position, and we will continue with our overall strategy. Our success rests on our ability to bring new innovation to our customers, and our ability to find new ways biotechnology can help them improve their products and make more with less. A key focus for me will be to make sure we bring these innovations to the market even faster than we do today.” Peder Holk Nielsen has played a central role in the development of Novozymes in its current form. His 28-year career in Novozymes and Novo Industri/Novo Nordisk spans management positions across business development, R&D, quality management and sales and marketing. Up until his appointment as CEO, he served as Executive Vice President and Head of Enzyme Business from 2007-2013. Peder Holk Nielsen takes over as Chief Executive Officer from Steen Riisgaard, who steps down after 12 years in the company’s top post and 33 years in Novozymes and Novo

Industri/Novo Nordisk. The appointment of Peder Holk Nielsen as Novozymes’ new Chief Executive Officer was announced on January 21 2013, when the company’s full year earnings were reported. Novozymes’ Executive Leadership Team as of April 1, 2013: President & CEO: Peder Holk Nielsen Business Development: EVP Thomas Videbæk Business Operations: EVP Andrew Fordyce Supply Operations: EVP Thomas Nagy Research & Development: EVP Per Falholt Corporate Functions: EVP and CFO Benny D. Loft The executive management is also joined by Andrew Fordyce, the former Vice President of Sales and Customer Solutions.


RANSPORT SPECIALIST RHYS DAVIES FREIGHT LOGISTICS 029 2081 0587 has appointed Andy Williams as Fleet Operations Manager based at the company’s headquarters in Cardiff. Andy has over 30 years’ experience in the transport industry and previously worked for Rhys Davies as Fleet Engineer in the 1990s. He will be responsible for managing the operations of RDFL’s 180 vehicles and keeping the company ahead of developing compliance issues. RDFL’s Operations Director Paul, Hodgkiss said: “We are delighted to welcome Andy back to our management team, he is one of the most experienced fleet managers in the business and will complement the existing team. Andy brings a high and wide level of expertise which will support our plans to increase the size of our fleet and the number of depots during the coming years. We all wish him well in his new role.” As well as overseeing the dayto-day operations Andy will be looking at improving overall efficiency of the fleet by studying data from the CAN-Bus systems now fitted to the latest vehicles. “The data we capture from the CAN system gives us an accurate picture of how the vehicle is being driven and also where a particular type of vehicle is best

suited to operate,” said Andy. “For example, some perform better on short runs while others are more economical on longer journeys. I will be looking closely at the data to plan how we deploy our vehicles and also to identify any improvements we can make in our driving techniques to improve economy and reduce our carbon footprint.”


ENITH INTERNATIONAL 01225 327900 the world leading specialist food and drinks industry consultancy whose clients include Coca-Cola, Danone, Nestlé and PepsiCo, has announced the appointment of two new Directors, both promotions from within its existing team. Esther Renfrew, Market Intelligence Director since 2010, becomes a full Board Director with immediate effect. She manages a team of 20 market analysts as well as an international network of associates covering over 70 countries. Prior to joining Zenith in 2003, she worked in France, Germany and at the University of Bath. Kathryn Foster, Financial Controller, is promoted to Finance Director with immediate effect. In addition to responsibility for the company’s finances, she also manages the Human Resources and Information Technology departments. She joined Zenith in 2008 as Project/Management Accountant and previously worked with Systems Engineering and Assessment.


TEWART OADES has handed over the presidency of the Freight Transport Association 01892 552255 to Ian Veitch, Managing Director of Yusen Logistics UK, following FTA’s National Council meeting in London in April. Stewart Oades steps down after completing a four-year term as FTA President. After studying biology at University in Leicester, Veitch spent 15 years at British Road Services, which ultimately became Exel Logistics, followed by two years as a director at Christian Salvesen Distribution before joining NYK in 1994 as

managing director of subsidiary company UCI Logistics. He became chief executive of NYK’s merged UK logistics businesses in 2005 and in 2007 was appointed to the Board of Corporate Officers of NYK Group in Japan, the first European to do so. His responsibilities increased and diversified in 2011 with the merger of Yusen Air & Sea and NYK Logistics, forming the new Yusen Logistics UK. He has been a member of the FTA Board since 2008 and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport. Stewart Oades said: “It has been an enormous privilege to have been President of FTA for the last four years. My thanks to the FTA leadership and staff, fellow Board members and the enthusiastic regional committees who have made it a very enjoyable experience. My best wishes go to Ian Veitch, who I know has all the necessary skills to ensure FTA continues its excellent work on behalf of our membership.” Ian Veitch commented: “Stewart leaves behind him an outstanding legacy within FTA for which I am deeply indebted to him. I am looking forward to working with my Board colleagues and the Executive team in pursuing the best interests of our members and promoting our industry as a vital part of our society and our economy.”


ARIEKE BROUWER GRADUATED as fiftieth student who was supervised by the NVC Chair Packaging Design and Management +31 182 512411. This milestone marks the success of the NVC Chair, established in 2006, and is occupied by Professor Roland ten Klooster. After receiving her diploma, NVC gave Marieke a bouquet of flowers and a gift certificate of €500 to emphasize that success. She can use the gift certificate for further development of her knowledge and skills in packaging by following the NVC Course Programme in Packaging I or II. Marieke Brouwer graduated at H J Heinz, NVC-member and member of the programme counsel of the NVC Chair, on the subject: ‘The construction of

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a Technology Roadmap for strategic development, focussed on food packaging and products’. She has developed a technology roadmap and the accompanying processes in order to enable H J Heinz to have better control over projects of different levels. The model was tested and completed through a case study in which the possibilities for applying sustainable materials in packaging were explored.


EEDING TOMORROW, the Foundation of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) +1 312 782 8424, today announced the winners of the Evan Turek Memorial Scholarships. Allie Sivak is the recipient of the Evan Turek Memorial Scholarship and Mondel z International Internship; and Amy Kringle is the recipient of the Evan Turek Memorial Scholarship and Kraft Foods Internship. Allie, an undergraduate student at Virginia Tech double majoring in Dairy Science and Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise (HNFE), with a minor in Food Science and Technology, will intern at Mondel z International this summer where she will apply her passion for food product development and production. Amy, an undergraduate student at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls majoring in Food Science and Technology with a minor in Chemistry, will intern at Kraft Foods where she will have a chance to hone her interest in cheese-making and research this summer. “Feeding Tomorrow is proud to partner with Kraft Foods and Mondel z International on the Evan Turek Memorial Scholarships/Internships. Providing food science students with financial resources and opportunities to have hands-on learning experiences are absolutely critical to ensuring that we have talented scientists contributing to the global food system in years to come,” said Robert B. Gravani, PhD, Chair of Feeding Tomorrow. Evan Turek was an exceptional mentor who was dedicated to helping shape the next generation of food scientists and developing leaders in the field. The Evan Turek Memorial Scholarships are


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awarded to two undergraduate students who embody the scientific and leadership characteristics of Evan Turek. Applicants must be food science students with a 3.0 minimum GPA and a demonstrated commitment to food science and remarkable leadership skills.


EHICLE TELEMATICS COMPANY, ISOTRAK 01908 540700 has appointed Megan Turner as Head of Marketing. Megan Turner joins Isotrak from Microlise and brings valuable marketing experience to assist Isotrak’s management team expand their business into new markets throughout the UK and overseas. Isotrak, which is the primary supplier of telematics to operators of many of Britain’s supermarkets and high street retailers, has just launched in North America. The Milton Keynes based company has also recently announced several new technology developments and Megan Turner will spearhead promotion of these enhancements to Isotrak’s telematics solution. “This is an exciting time to join Isotrak. The company is moving forward globally with its product line and is continually bringing added value to customers that want to advance their fleet operations by driving down cost, reducing environmental impact and improving customer service. Isotrak has a lot to talk about with recent wins such as Allied Bakeries, Arla Foods and Turners Distribution. We’ve also entered into some exciting technology partnerships that enable us to integrate mobile computing, electronic proof of delivery and in-vehicle camera technology with our Active Transport Management System (ATMS),” says Megan Turner. Alan Gunner, Isotrak Sales & Marketing Director adds: “Isotrak is in a period of strong growth for various reasons. Our ability to integrate our solution with other systems seamlessly and to provide a single fleet management platform for any size of fleet is just one example of our capabilities. “The marketing team’s challenge is to ensure that our customers and the rest of the

market understand what we have to offer and Megan is proving to be an asset to the company. We operate in a fast moving market and her skills and experience complement the team. Having a good knowledge of the telematics market is a bonus as she is able to implement strategies quickly and efficiently.”


ACS SOFTWARE 01455 558228 one of the UK’s leading suppliers of warehouse management software, has appointed Kevin Earley as an Implementation Specialist, to provide implementation support to the company’s customers. Kevin has joined MACS from a background in freight forwarding and logistics. He also has considerable experience in software system design and network administration. In his new role he will be responsible for ensuring that customers’ needs are accurately identified and that all special requirements are met. After installation Kevin will be responsible for providing on-going support to customers, guiding them through updates and identifying new requirements as their needs change.

Tony Liddar, the Managing Director of MACS Software, said that Kevin’s appointment was part of the company’s growth programme. “As the company grows it is vitally important that we have specialist staff to keep an eye on our customers’ developing needs,” he said. “Kevin has exactly the right experience and I am sure he will be a great asset to the company.” MACS Software has also appointed Lynn Crews as Customer Support Desk Manager. This is a new role for the company with Lynn being purely dedicated to supporting users of the MACSwms application to ensure that they get the best out of the software and that it continues to meet their WMS needs. Tony Liddar, Managing Director of MACS Software, is very positive about Lynn’s role: “Helping people to make the best use of MACSwms and identifying training needs are very important. Lynn keeps the customers happy and is able to field many enquiries that would otherwise have fallen to development engineers to handle. As our company grows it is essential that we maintain our own efficiency in this way.”


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Ultra-low pressure drop flow meters and controllers

Rupture disc tested to over one million life cycles Pressure management specialist Elfab has tested its Opti-Gard™ range of rupture discs to over one million life cycles. The new service life, over four times longer than previously achieved within the industry, is a significant improvement. Two years ago Opti-Gard™ became the first rupture disc to be protected by a three-year warranty. Since its launch in 2004, the range has proved so robust and reliable in operation that Elfab offers a three-year warranty as standard on Opti-Gard™ discs supplied after 1st January 2011. Opti-Gard™’s improved service life and threeyear warranty now allow customers to more precisely calculate how long their discs will last in service and to better plan their maintenance

schedules following product installation. Opti-Gard™’s three percent performance tolerance has allowed the optimisation of process pressures for many of Elfab’s customers. Apart from lowering re-supply costs, this has reduced disc inventories by up to 65 percent. The Opti-Gard™ system comprises a reverseacting rupture disc, a single-design holder with multi-flange compatibility and a non-invasive, ATEX-approved burst detector, Flo-Tel™+. Featuring an industry-leading tolerance of only three percent across a wide range of burst pressures and a 95 percent operating ratio, Opti-Gard™ offers the highest performance characteristics available for liquid, gas or vapour applications.

Contact Elfab on tel 0191 293 1234 or visit

Alicat Scientific’s new line of mass flow meters and controllers overcome the challenges of low-pressure systems to deliver accurate metering and control. The Whisper series saves time and money in semi-conductor and other process industries with systems using very low pressure differentials or exotic gases. All Alicat meters and controllers are based on its patented laminar flow technology, resulting in fast and accurate responses. The Whisper Series also incorporates a very low differential pressure sensor and redesigned flow body to achieve a differential pressure range of .01PSID to 2.0PSID, depending on flow rate and configuration. Prior to Whisper series instruments, users relied on larger pumps or supply sources, higher feed pressures, or the use of more bottled gas to overcome pressure drop requirements imposed by mass flow instrumentation. Compatible with 30 field selectable gases and gas mixes, Whisper flow meters and controllers can operate as standalone devices or integrate easily into process control instrumentation. In addition to mass flow, a single device quickly and accurately measures pressure, temperature and volumetric flow. For applications requiring precision gas flow control, Whisper series mass flow controllers deliver accurate flow regulation of gases with the ability to respond to upstream gas flow changes, attaining and maintaining flow setpoints in less than 100ms.

Contact Alicat Scientific on tel +1 520 290 6060 or visit visit

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Strain relief with flexible conduit fittings Flexicon has extended its range of FPA and FPAX fast fit flexible conduit fittings to include integrated cable glands that provide cable strain relief when using non-metallic flexible conduit systems. Flexible conduit is installed into FPA and FPAX fittings by simply pushing it into place and twisting to secure. The all round teeth on the fitting provide a secure fit with a high pull off strength of 70Kg with the 21mm FPAH flexible conduit. The system has been vibration and shock tested to EN61373 Cat 2 and is tamper resistant to help maintain system integrity. The new cable gland fittings have an IP

rating of IP68 or IP69k for the FPAX system and IP66 for the FPA system and can withstand temperature ranges of: -40°C - 100°C for static applications and -20°C - 100°C for dynamic applications. They are available in straight, 45 degree elbow or 90 degree elbow derivatives with both of the latter incorporating a swept bore for easy cable installation and to protect the cables when they are installed. These products can be used with either fine or coarse pitch nonmetallic flexible conduit in diameters from 13mm to 54mm. Cable diameter clamping ranges are from 4.5mm to 35mm depending on size.

Contact Flexicon on tel 01675 466900 or visit

Integrated actuator provides simple all-in-one Olsen Engineering has launched the new Exlar Tritex II DC TDM/X integrated actuator in the UK. Already available in AC rotary and linear versions, the new Tritex II can operate from 12V, 24V, 48V and 60V DC supplies in five different motion modes. It features an integrated energy efficient PM motor, high-resolution position controller and amplifier as standard. The Exlar Tritex II’s built-in non-volatile memory stores programmed functions for motion requirements for linear and rotary motion control applications, product configurations and motion parameters. The specifically designed free-of-charge ‘Expert’ software allows very fast commissioning of actuator applications, configuring position or force control using a 0-10V or 4-20mA control signal or digital inputs or now even with the NEW EtherNet IP fieldbus options amongst others. An Onboard RS/485 interface as standard provides control, programming and monitoring of all aspects of the motor or actuator. Exlar Tritex II actuators have Class I Division 2 explosion proof rating for hazardous areas, with ATEX certification planned for next year. Ingress protection to IP54 or IP65 is available – in fact Tritex II even passes IP67 tests. Furthermore, subsea variations that can operate to 10,000ft below sea level are also available. Another option consists of two types of

front-protective bellows: standard and high temperature Teflon-coated fibreglass rated to 260°C. Different coating options include stainless steel housing and main rod, Type III hard coat and food grade white epoxy. There is also the alternative of low temperature grease allowing operation from -40°C. In fact, even all aspects of the mounting and main rod dimensions can be customised specifically to suit the application needs. Piers Olsen, Managing Director at Olsen Engineering UK says: “Tritex II is based on the same inverted planetary roller screw design used on the GSX, GSM and I Series. Because of the annular groove engaging spurs design there is no conflicting friction and load is transmitted evenly across the central pinion resulting in +85 percent high efficiency and five times the travel life compared to an equivalent ball screw. Bearings are preloaded and heat shrunk into the housing avoiding the risk of adhesive issues.” PM Electric actuators have been proved to consume at least 11 times less energy than pneumatic cylinders and 4.4 times less than a hydraulic with little or no maintenance, repeatable smooth positioning/applied force. It is therefore the more modern and reliable method of controlling linear movement. Exlar is one of the worlds largest roller screw linear actuation makers, with a range up to 370kN, 8m travel and max speeds of 1.5m/s with 25m/s Accel/decel.

Contact Olsen Engineering on tel 01686 689812 or visit


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IWM’s waste bin washer handles three sizes Specifically developed for use in food companies, hospitals, and waste treatment plants where HDPE waste bins (wheelie bins) must be washed and where the highest standards of cleanliness are essential, the new ECW cabinettype bin washer from Industrial Washing Machines (IWM) accommodates all of the three main sizes of bin (120, 240 and 600 litre) and offers a throughput of up to 40 bins per hour for the smaller sizes and 20 bins per hour for the largest size. To ensure efficient operation with all sizes of bin, the machine washes two 120 or 240 litre bins per cycle, or one 600 litre bin per cycle. All bins are thoroughly washed on their internal surfaces by a rotary jet nozzle system, and on all their external surfaces by sustained jetting with bayonet type jets. Washing is carried out with water and detergent at a user-adjustable temperature that is typically set between 50 C and 60 C (120-140°F). To minimise the usage of water and detergent, the washwater is recirculated through a highefficiency box filter system that lifts out of the machine for easy cleaning. A user-selectable option is provided for rinsing the bins after washing either with hot water at 85 C (185°F) or with ambient temperature water to which a chemical sanitising agent has been added. When the hightemperature rinse option is used, the bins flash dry and are ready for re-use immediately. The machine is semi-automatic in operation. The operator simply wheels one or two bins, depending on the size, into the loading position, closes the safety gate and presses the load button. The washing and rinsing operations are automatic and, when they are complete, the operator presses the unload button to discharge the bins from the machine. To ensure that the machine has a long reliable working life, all key components are manufactured from high-grade T304 stainless steel. Special care has been taken in designing the machine to eliminate dirt traps and to make provision for easy cleaning and maintenance. The control of waste and the risk of contamination from waste containers is an increasing area of focus for all areas of industry. The equipment has proven successful in operation by minimising risk of contamination from dirty bins into clean areas and has become a well respected addition to IWM’s range of industrial washing equipment.

Contact Industrial Washing Machines on tel 0121 459 9511 or visit

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Cloud to boost manufacturing SME efficiency The efficiency of Manufacturing SMEs across Britain will be boosted by the launch of KeyedIn™ Manufacturing, a 100 percent Cloud-based application designed specifically for the manufacturing sector. KeyedIn Manufacturing provides immediate visibility to all processes. Available at any time on any device, it provides full integration from lead to shipment, streamlining back office operations and delivering immediate cost savings and production efficiencies. Karen Adame, Chief Product Officer at KeyedIn Solutions, says: “From a shop floor employee up through senior management, KeyedIn Manufacturing provides an integrated process to maximize profitability and customer satisfaction.” “Those on the shop floor can see what is coming through the production process and plan accordingly, while the sales team can verify with the customer when their shipment will be available, based on up-to-date knowledge of actual working schedules.” “With a single solution, senior management has access to all company activity and can better manage costs.” KeyedIn Manufacturing is the latest addition to the KeyedIn portfolio of products which has taken the company from launch to more than 30,000 users and 14 global offices in a little over a year. Its focus on SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions has gained rapid acceptance within the SME because they do not require either upfront capital investment or on-premise IT support. Analysts predict that over the next three years, SaaS will grow nearly five times faster than traditional software installations. New technology developed by KeyedIn has enabled the development of levels of customisation and functionality previously unavailable to the smaller enterprise. KeyedIn Manufacturing provides a visual view of the shop floor that allows managers full visibility into the schedule and control of processes. It also integrates with QuickBooks and other applications to provide a seamless view of financial information. The easy-to-use interface and ‘per user’ cost mean that businesses with as few as two people can benefit from state-of-the-art technology. KeyedIn expects typical users to be SMEs or niche manufacturing operations.

Contact KeyedIn™ Solutions on tel 01274 863300 or visit

Fortress develops modern amGard Pro Range Industrial safety specialist Fortress Interlocks has significantly developed its amGard range of heavy duty, safety gate switch interlocks to create amGard Pro. amGard Pro builds on the recognised modularity and robust design of the existing amGard range but with added features and benefits identified by market feedback. Some added features include forward and backward compatibility, stainless steel heads, emergency release options, anti-vibration parts and non-contact technology. The Pro range integrates modern technology to deliver new control functionality but still offers the option for traditional lockout retro-fitting, creating a variety of new configurations not

previously available. amGard Pro has been tested to withstand up to 10KN retention force, making it Fortress’ strongest yet. Tony Baggott, Sales & Marketing Director at Fortress Interlocks, commented: “We have revamped the amGard range as part of a long term programme to ensure our products remain at the forefront of industrial interlock technology. amGard Pro builds on the success of amGard, and the new developments keep pace with changing technology while ensuring compliance with developing global standards. amGard Pro is the ideal safety interlock for safeguarding plant and personnel in heavy duty environments. ”

Contact Fortress Interlocks on tel 01902 349000 or visit

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Donaldson launches OEM hydraulic filtration technology

Therma 20 Plus waterproof thermometer The new Therma 20 Plus waterproof thermometer from Electronic Temperature Instruments is housed in a robust, waterproof, white ABS case offering IP66/67 protection. The thermometer utilises state-of-the-art electronic circuitry, designed for reliability and ease of use and can be submerged or washed under a running tap making it ideal for food processing and food preparation applications where cleaning is paramount. The thermometer features a large easy to read, backlit LCD display measuring temperature over the range of -39.9°C to 149.9°C with a 0.1°C resolution. The unit has a simple, push button operation for ease of use. Max/min, °C/°F, hold, open circuit and low battery indication are all displayed when appropriate. The unit also incorporates an auto power off facility that automatically turns the instrument off after ten minutes, maximising battery life.

The instrument is housed in an ergonomic, ABS case that includes 'Biomaster' additive which reduces bacterial growth. Each unit has an integrated rubber seal, ensuring complete water resistance and helping reduce the possibility of damage in harsh environments. The Therma 20 Plus incorporates an easy-touse waterproof Lumberg screw-locking type connector, allowing a wide range of interchangeable NTC thermistor probes to be used. The Therma 20 Plus answers the needs of catering and foodservice users who do not wish to pay for features they will never use, and simply need a well-designed, robust economically priced food thermometer to check that food temperatures are within defined limits. The Therma 20 Plus thermometer is competitively priced, at £70 exclusive of VAT and carriage.

Contact ETI on tel 01903 202151 or visit


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Donaldson Europe BVBA launched FLK, the newest medium pressure filtration technology in hydraulic filtration for OEMs. Manufactured using Donaldson's industryleading Synteq XP™ media, the FLK system satisfies a variety of performance requirements and is an ideal solution for a variety of applications, including heavy-duty vehicle and mining operations. Donaldson's new FLK assemblies provide higher-pressure fatigue ratings than traditional filters. With its re-usable filter housing and replacement cartridge design, it offers several advantages for disposal of used filters. The FLK's industrial, raised hand-grips make it easy to remove the housing from the head without the need for special service tools. The versatile filter head accommodates multiple filter lengths, while the housing locks the filter cartridge in place, providing a clean filter service process and simplifying positioning during assembly. FLK is manufactured using two of Donaldson's industry-leading filtration technologies – Synteq XP™ and RadialSeal™: Synteq XP media technology takes hydraulic filtration performance to a new level. This resin-free bonded media provides lower operating pressure drop, higher efficiency, superior cold-start filtration, extended filter life (up to 2 to 3 times that of traditional filter media) and versatile and smaller filter packaging configurations. Donaldson RadialSeal™ creates a clean, leak-tight seal – with no metal-to-metal contact – that protects the system from harmful ingressed contaminants, preventing cross contamination of oil. RadialSeal™ provides a robust connection with superior vibration resistance, making it an ideal solution for heavy-duty applications. "As hydraulic fluid cleanliness requirements have tightened and more compact filtration systems are launched, we have seen increased demand for better hydraulic filter solutions that meet requirements for lower pressure drop, higher efficiency and longer service life," said Richard Lewis, General Manager of the Liquid Filtration Product Business Unit, at Donaldson Company. "Our FLK medium pressure hydraulic filtration products with Synteq XP™ media represent a significant leap forward in hydraulic filtration, meeting all of these key expectations."

Contact Donaldson Europe on tel +32 1638 3811 or visit

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Ingersoll Rand EMEIA ARO® force piston pumps The new AFX product line features air motors in five sizes with Progressive Exhaust, a True Link Valve and integrated regulator technology used on 2-ball, 4-ball and chop-check pumps. The product line also features new 20 and 220 Litre rams for ultra-high-viscosity fluid. The unique design and power enables the pump to process a wide range of materials from low to high viscosity (up to 1.000.000 centipoises). The modular AFX range offers a solution meeting most applications while the simple design reduces operation costs and gives the customer benefits of a fast payback. The new AFX product line features 4.25", 6", 8", 10" and 12" air motors along with 20 and 200 Litre rams. Contact Ingersoll Rand on tel +49 209 790 1597 or visit ingersollrandproducts.coma

MQuant™ test for peroxidase in milk Merck Millipore's MQuant™ test detects the presence of lactoperoxidase in milk significantly faster than traditional photometric applications, enabling rapid confirmation of successful pasteurization. The MQuant™ enables detection cost-effectively and colorimetrically for easily readable results. Additionally, the test can be performed right where the sample is taken, decreasing time to outcome. Application of the rapid MQuant™ test is simple: the milk sample is diluted with distilled water and mixed with a small amount of the reagent provided in the test kit. The test strip is then dipped into the solution and a chemical reaction is triggered; an organic Redox indicator is converted to a blue compound if peroxidase is present. The strip's colour can be compared with the colour scale provided to indicate whether there is no, low or significant peroxidase activity. If lactoperoxidase is detected, milk was successfully pasteurized. Contact Merck Millipore on tel 01207 581555 or visit

Eagle serves up premium cut technology Eagle Product Inspection’s Eagle™ FA 720 system uses Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) technology to measure the amount of x-rays that are absorbed by the fat content and lean meat respectively through the use of two specific x-ray energies, accurately calculating the CL value for meat products to within ±1CL. This accuracy is a significant improvement on traditional fat analysis methods and enables meat processors to supply meat at the CL values set by its customers, avoiding costly fat claims and lean meat giveaway. The Eagle™ Validate software is an internal calibration function built into the Eagle™ FA 720 system to verify its accuracy at specific CL values at the touch of a button. This allows meat processors to avoid the timeconsuming, error-prone and costly traditional verification method of regularly passing a reference standard, typically a cumbersome test block, through the system, requiring manual recording of test results. Eagle™ Validate software automatically records each validation in an electronic file to provide essential data to prove traceability in the event of a product recall or retailer queries about fat content. Automating measurement validation encourages best practice by facilitating straight-forward regular, routine measurement validation with minimum downtime. To further enhance meat processing fat management, Eagle have also launched a new

remote touch screen console for the Eagle™ FA 720, which enables full remote system operability and displays the same information as the system’s human machine interface (HMI) to facilitate operator access to information collected on the production line. For example, an operator at the rework station, where rejected cartons of meat are sent, can access the x-ray image of the carton and identify exact location of the contaminant, such as a bone fragment, for quick and efficient removal. Eagle™ has also developed a new light-emitting diode Marquee display - appropriate for viewing across a boning hall - that can be installed earlier on in the production line, such as at the trimming or packing stations, to transmit real-time CL data to personnel upstream. This enables operatives to adjust trimming and packing procedures to maintain tighter control of CL values before meat is sent for packaging or further processing. “The new Eagle™ Validate software is the first of its kind in the industry and this innovation, along with the Marquee display and new remote console, are the result of our significant investment into technology and unrivalled expertise in this sector. These innovations illustrate Eagle™ has a continued commitment to enhance our customers’ fat management procedures and address emerging process control needs”, said Richard Hebel, Product Manager, Eagle™.

Contact Eagle Product Inspection on tel 01763 257900 or visit

Valve position sensors alert operators In the process industries, a valve monitor system performs a vital role as part of an automated valve system. Used in shutdown or modulating control applications, the monitor verifies the actual position of the process valve. Without a monitoring system, significant problems may occur when the process control system assumes proper valve function. With the increasing demand on process control systems, valve monitor systems are being requested that will electronically communicate several valve system parameters and alert operators to potential problems. As a result, traditional valve monitors are being upgraded to valve communication systems and are taking on a greater role in the operation of the automated valve assembly. One example of this is the IMTEX range of valve communication systems that incorporate a 4 to 20mA non-contact feedback transmitter.

When fitted to an automated valve assembly, the device provides a continuous feedback signal to the process controller of actual valve position throughout the travel of the valve 0 percent to 100 percent. Typically, a 4mA signal indicates the 0 percent position (valve fully closed) and a 20mA signal indicates the 100 percent position (valve fully open). By communicating the actual valve position, process engineers are able to check for valve stiction, which can increase operating costs and compromise process quality. Also, by tracking the process flow through the valve against valve travel, maintenance engineers can use the historical data over time to perform predictive diagnostics on valve wear and process system performance, offering a better understanding of the best time to repair or replace process valves.

Contact IMTEX Controls on tel 01732 850360 or visit

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Air Spectrum land key deal

Labcell innovative dip-style digital refractometer Labcell is adding the Atago Pen Pro dip-style digital refractometer to its range of instrumentation for the food and drink industries. This high-quality, fast and accurate instrument is believed to be unique in that it can be dipped into vessels without product samples having to be removed for testing. In non-homogeneous products, the mix can be stirred with the ‘pen’ refractometer until the reading stabilises on the integral display. Very easy to use, the Pen Pro refractometer generates readings in around two seconds and, because readings are continuous, any inhomogeneity can be readily identified. The measurement range is 0.0 - 85.0 percent Brix with an accuracy of +/-0.2 percent.

Temperature-compensated Brix measurements can be made in any liquids, sauces or pastes with temperatures of 10-100°C. Because the entire instrument is waterproof, it can be simply rinsed under the tap before the next reading is taken. A further useful feature is the patent-pending ELI (External Light Interference) technology that provides a simple warning if ambient light might interfere with the reading – in which case, the instrument can simply be shielded by hand. The Atago Pen Pro digital refractometer is available for rapid delivery from Labcell, complete with a calibration certificate if requested. A data sheet can be downloaded directly from the Labcell website.

Contact Labcell on tel 01420 568150 or visit


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Air Spectrum Environmental now provides a complete range of olfactometry products after agreeing an exclusive deal with the world’s premier manufacturer of odour sampling and analysis equipment. The Midlands-based odour-control experts have landed the UK and Ireland ownership and distribution rights for IDES Canada Inc’s Scentroid products, which ranges from an ultra-portable in-field device to a fullyautomated state-of-the-art odour laboratory. Air Spectrum already offer a comprehensive site odour assessment service, olfactometric sampling and analysis and bio aerosol monitoring, which is complimented by extensive odour dispersion modelling and odour management planning. Pete Badham, Air Spectrum’s Research and Development Manager, said: “This exclusive agreement gives us more tools in our toolbox to provide a more relative response to smell, making it a measurable quality. “It is very important for us as it gives us a baseline to work from and we can return to a site a month later and see straight away if there have been any changes. “Because it is a repeatable, measurable quality, you can easily monitor if there have been improvements or deteriorations at the site. “The technology is relevant to a wide range of customers – we have already had enquiries ranging from anaerobic digestion companies to agricultural sites.” “Our equipment also reduces the amount of lab time needed to analyse a sample. An operator can now go along and take a direct sample from wherever necessary – be that a stack or across an ambient or contained area – and they will get a repeatable measurement without the need for sending samples off to a lab for analysis. “The whole process of sending a sample to a lab for analysis will cost a couple of thousand pounds, whereas once you have bought this equipment, the only consumable is the air that is needed for the tank and the carbon filters which will need changing ever six months of so. “It is a very simple bit of kit, but the thing that holds it in good stead is that it is almost at lab-level specification. We can go in and do the analysis for a client or we can sell them the equipment so they can do it themselves.” The IDES Scentroid range that Air Spectrum will be utilising also include in-field data management systems, flux chambers, vacuum samplers, Teflon/Tedlar/stainless steel sample bags and automatic heated purgers. Contact Air Spectrum Environmental on tel 01905 362108 or visit

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Upgraded highperformance air coolers GEA has further developed its well-established Küba market SP and Küba SG commercial air cooler ranges. New motors reduce energy consumption by 30 percent and at the same time increase efficiency to over 90 percent. These developments have significantly increased air throw and simultaneously lowered pressure drop. A newly developed terminal box is now an integral component of the fan, which considerably simplifies installation. All relevant components are simple and easy to clean and are part of the new GEA Hygienic Design concept. From the heat exchanger, including case design, and up to aerodynamic optimized shape of the fans (including full bellmouth): the entire concept now offers optimal intercoordination of all these components. The result is appreciable enhancement of energy efficiency. Both cooler ranges already more than satisfy the future stipulations of the European ErP Directive (EcoDesign Directive), which will go into effect in 2015. Basically, the fans are available in AC or EC technology. The fan unit is hinged and heated and features new, controlled drain of condensation water. In the GEA Küba SG commercial, curved fixed guide vanes pick up the swirl from the blade movement and direct the dynamic airflow into the horizontal. The benefit in complex refrigeration applications: strong, concentrated air flow – with up to 15 percent greater air throw compared to the previous flow straightener – and with less air resistance and greater air volume. As a result, the airflow reaches into the farthest corners of the cold room, to guarantee short cooling times, homogeneous temperature levels for all products, and minimum temperature fluctuations. It is a simple procedure to remove the air straightener, which allows ease of cleaning. Condensate drain grooves are now integrated into the full bellmouth. During the defrost cycle, there is a controlled flow of condensed water through these grooves into the drain pan. The splashguard for the motor is an added safety plus. It guarantees protection of the motor assembly and enables intensive cleaning with high pressure water cleaners. The new S Class from GEA: the GEA Küba market SP is available now, and the GEA Küba SG commercial is scheduled for delivery beginning in the third quarter of 2013. Contact GEA Küba on tel +49 89 7447 3264 or visit

Captivate™ O121 extends immuno-magnetic separation Lab M has extended its immuno-magnetic separation range with the launch of Captivate™ O121. This is for the detection and isolation of Escherichia coli O121, a non-O157 Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli (STEC) that is associated with foodborne infection and is one of the ‘big six’ organisms in meat products for which testing is required in the USA. Although the most common serogroups of STEC in Europe and the USA are E.coli O157 or O26, the incidence of other serotypes is increasing. The six major non-O157 STECs identified in the USA are O26, O45, O103, O111, O121 and O145. One of the challenges with E.coli O121 in particular is that it is not biochemically unique. Therefore it is difficult to isolate from other STEC strains using conventional culture

methods, whereas the use of IMS supports the specific isolation of E.coli O121. Immunomagnetic separation is now written into US Department of Agriculture (USDA) methodology for the detection and isolation of non-O157 Shiga Toxin-Producing (STEC) E.coli in meat products and so there is renewed emphasis in the use of this highly effective technique. Lab M’s expertise in immuno-magnetic separation dates back many years and Captivate™ is one of the company’s best selling product ranges around the world. As well as producing specific sets of antibodycoated paramagnetic particles for separating and concentrating targeted micro-organisms, the company also offers a highly respected consultancy and custom coating service. Contact Lab M on tel 0161 820 3833 or visit

Climate Center expands into cold rooms Climate Center, the UK’s leading refrigeration and air conditioning distributor, has entered into an agreement with top insulated panel manufacturer Kingspan to distribute its range of high performance modular cold rooms and freezer rooms. Robert Franklin, who heads Climate Center’s refrigeration business, said: “We have always supplied coolers for cold rooms, but to date not the actual cold rooms themselves. We believe there is significant potential for supplying the full package, simplifying logistics for our customers and opening up new opportunities for the trade.” Following the agreement, Climate Center will supply Kingspan’s high quality Modular Zone range of cold rooms and freezer rooms across the UK from its nationwide network of branches. The rooms are designed for use by caterers, hotels, restaurants, and in food retail premises such as supermarkets and delicatessens. They are also increasingly being used to house computer and telecoms servers, due to their ability to contain and manage the thermal load generated by IT equipment. The distribution agreement follows research suggesting that refrigeration contractors are unhappy with some aspects of current modular cold rooms available on the market due to long lead times, lack of options and

variable product quality. Kingspan’s modular system is manufactured in the UK and covered by a 25-year guarantee. The Modular Box range is based on LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) approved KS1100 CS wall and ceiling panels, manufactured from polyisocyanurate (PIR) and conforming to the highest industry standards for energy efficiency and fire safety. Panels are joined by an advanced cam-lock or continuous system. They can be installed without the need for cutting or carving, a requirement on some competing systems. Panel thicknesses from 80-220mm are available in seven different profiles, and in widths from 250-1200mm. They are available in multiple colours on a three to five day lead time. Chris Arnold, head of Kingspan’s Modular Box division, said: “We are delighted to be working with Climate Center as a distributor. It provides the company’s refrigeration installer customers with access to our range from a single source, with all ancillaries and refrigerant available from a one-stop-shop. “Climate Center is highly regarded as a specialist in the cooling industry, with excellent service and outstanding technical support. We believe that this, coupled with the extensive geographical coverage of its branch network, provides an unbeatable platform for mutual success in the future.”

Contact Climate Center on tel 0845 270 8210 or visit

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New injectors in liquid chromatography

In-line sampling system for closed processes While NIR is widely used for measuring products transported on open conveyor belts, NDC Infrared Engineering’s improved PowderVision sampling system allows moisture and other constituents to be measured in powders, granules and flakes flowing in enclosed ducts or gravity-fed conveying systems. Food industry applications that can benefit from PowderVision include dairy powder manufacture, coffee powders, instant drinks powders, cereals, flours and meals, sugar and ingredient powders. Designed to work with an NDC 710e NIR Moisture or Multi-component Gauge, PowderVision collects samples every few seconds, with measurement values output via digital or analogue connectivity to a PLC or SCADA system for process control. PowderVision consists of a tube-mounted sampling cup made from 316 stainless steel which slides into a collar that is permanently welded into the appropriate duct in the process. PowderVision is optically coupled to the 710e NIR gauge via a sapphire window.

The cup collects sample as it flows through the duct, allowing moisture and other measurements to be made simultaneously. When the measurement is complete, the cup is emptied using a powerful jet of compressed air and the next sampling sequence begins. Making continual on-line moisture measurements eliminates the need to send samples away for laboratory measurement and allows drying processes to be controlled automatically, helping users to achieve consistent product quality, as well as creating opportunity for increased product yield and reduced fossil fuel consumption through process optimization. User-configurable software in the 710e HMI provides control of the PowderVision’s sampling timing sequences according to the required sample collection rate, and the Gauge’s measurements are automatically synchronised with the filling and emptying cycle. The gauge reading is then held until the sampling process has been repeated.

Contact NDC Infrared Engineering on tel 01621 852244 or visit


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With Hamilton X-Type syringes, a new generation of high-performance injectors for liquid chromatography will soon be available from CTC Analytics. X-Type syringes, developed in collaboration with CTC analytics, exhibit an extremely long life with minimal carryover and low adsorption effects. These syringes are suitable for analyzing sticky samples and have been specifically developed for use in CTC PAL® auto-sampler systems. Because the actual separation process starts when the sample volume is injected into the chromatographic system, injectors are the starting point in liquid chromatography (LC) and the syringe is at the heart of this process. The injection is especially critical in the field of high throughput liquid chromatography used in pharmaceutical analytics where highly efficient, long-life injection syringes are needed, as chemical inertness is a basic prerequisite. Since extremely small sample amounts are being measured, minimal carryover of sample substances and low adsorption effects is a must. X-Type syringes are developed by Hamilton in collaboration with CTC Analytics and fully comply with all the requirements of a CTC system. Even in high throughput processes, the chemically inert syringes offer an extended product life. To prevent adsorption and minimize carryover of sample substances, the internal surfaces of the glass barrel have been smoothed by a special inorganic coating. The inside and outside of the needle are also coated to eliminate sample-to-surface binding. The goal of minimizing carryover drives the syringes’ construction, as the needle and glass barrel are directly attached to each other. Thanks to this adhesive-free and chemically inert bond, dead volumes are eliminated, leaving no voids where sample residues can remain and be carried over to the next injection. To achieve high mechanical stability even in the most demanding processes, the plunger tip is made of a specially formulated PTFE polymer. This new syringe generation is well suited for handling sticky samples such as proteins, peptides, phospholipids and amino acids. XType syringes are available in volume sizes of 25 and 100 microliters.

Contact Hamilton Bonaduz on tel +41 081 660 6060 or visit

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Mitsubishi Electric brings automation to baking Mitsubishi Electric offers a wide range of products and services for the baking industry ranging from the automation of simple inverter-controlled dough mixing applications that can improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by means of a patented algorithm, to robot technology for increasing production. Production, energy and quality data can be communicated continuously without any problems using the MES-IT interface module. In order to do this, production data and test results are recorded during each stage of production, from individual processes to whole production operations, and transferred in real time directly to higher-level systems. Mitsubishi Electric robot technology can also help to reduce energy consumption. "Compared with a typical spider robot, if overhead robots are operated continuously – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – you can save up to around a third on your energy bills", explains Jan-Philipp Liersch, Product Manager Robots at Mitsubishi Electric. As a leading automation supplier to Food & Beverage industries Mitsubishi Electric provide automation technology for modernising production facilities based on the latest developments so that advanced production can be flexible and future-proof. Mitsubishi Electric has gained many years of experience in developing solutions for various branches of industry. "We have a wealth of experience to call upon when working on applications for the baking industry with a view to optimising productivity and flexibility and reducing production and energy costs", explains Stefan Knauf, Corporate Account Manager, Food & Beverage, CPG at Mitsubishi Electric. “In addition to providing a wide range to technologies we can also provide engineering support. A Mitsubishi Electric System Service contract delivers industry-leading levels of service and support providing cost savings, improved machine availability and system uptime. Mitsubishi’s solutions do not only cover Mitsubishi’s own products as you would expect, but also third party products to ensure we deliver a full and complete service for your specific business needs. We can provide a wide range of services from 24/7/365 telephone support through to 24/7/365 full onsite engineering services to include a full inventory and status report, programme code back-ups, annual maintenance visits and bonded on site spares.” Contact Mitsubishi Electric Europe on tel 01707 276100 or visit

Cost-effective solution for inventory measurement The application of the latest non-contact scanning technology to a new range of level measurement systems has resulted in a breakthrough in providing an accurate and cost-effective solution for inventory measurement of dry ingredients and finished food products. The revolutionary 3D Volume Scanner System is available from level and flow specialists Allison Engineering and is designed specifically for food ingredient, bulk inventory measurement applications, where accounting for large quantities of materials has traditionally been largely guesswork. This new system eliminates the problems associated with conventional ‘point-level’ devices which only measure distance to a single point. Whilst this may be adequate for liquid applications it is not suitable for dry ingredients where the product is uneven. Allison Engineering’s new 3D Volume Scanner System is designed to take multiple measurements of the product profile to build a three dimensional map of the bay, silo, vessel

or stockpile. Based on the volumetric measurement and also the product density, operators are able to identify both the total inventory and also the product profile. With this information, which has until now been unavailable, operators can reduce safety stock levels which can have an immediate and beneficial effect on cash flow. The advantages of the system for the food and beverage industries clearly come into focus. For example, with dry ingredients and spent-grain storage, the materials can have a tendency towards product build-up, leading to the incorrect assumption that the silo, or storage vessel is empty. This can result in either product overfill or deliveries being sent away without unloading, each of which is an expensive process which can be avoided. Also, end of week or month stock discrepancies, which can also create considerable friction between finance and operations departments, can be better understood with more accurate and realistic inventory measurement and 3D imaging.

Contact Allison Engineering on tel 01268 526161 or visit

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Aucar-Trailer and Allison Transmission transport solution

Stainless steel coating

Aucar-Trailer, a specialist in the design, purchase, preparation and sale of heavy vehicles, has launched a new Iveco Eurocargo light road tractor equipped with its latest POLICAR® system and an Allison 3000 Series fully automatic transmission. The 16 tonne, 300hp trailer truck has been designed to bring new levels of flexibility and cost savings to the food and distribution sector. Aucar-Trailer recently launched the new design of its renowned POLICAR®bodywork. The innovative “two-in-one” solution converts a trailer truck into a rigid box truck through simple operation of a remote control. The dual-purpose trailer consists of two movable boxes, capable of operating at different temperatures during a single trip, which can be coupled to a tractor unit. Once the vehicle reaches a lorry parking area, it can be converted into a rigid truck to allow easy delivery of the two boxes to different distribution areas. Designed specifically for the distribution sector, this concept offers superior flexibility in the delivery of goods as well as lowering of CO2 emissions and providing savings in fuel, labour and maintenance costs. The POLICAR® trailer can be mounted on all types of vehicle configuration: rigid box vehicles, tautliners, refrigerated trucks, tankers, container trucks and more. As it can be

Researchers in the US have developed a way to modify stainless steel surfaces which dramatically reduces fouling during food processing and improves efficiency. Fouling is a common problem on surfaces that come into contact with food, such as heat exchangers and conveyors. This can lead to biofilm development, reduced heat transfer and a loss of product quality. Jeffrey Barish and Julie Goddard from the University of Massachusetts, USA, say that their technique can reduce fouling from proteins and minerals by 97 percent. Barish and Goddard used an electroless nickelplating process to co-deposit nanoparticles of a fluorinated polymer, PTFE, onto the surface of heat exchanger plates. The modified heat exchanger plates were then used in an 8-hour process to pasteurise raw milk. The processing run was repeated a further nine times to test how robust the coating was. After ten runs, the researchers found that around 0.5mg/cm2 of fouling had built up on treated plates, compared to 13mg/cm2 on the untreated plates. The surface coating has a lower surface energy than untreated steel, and is much smoother, which helps to prevent build-up. According to the researchers, the coating process used can be easily scaled up. The findings were published in Food and Bioproducts Processing, the official research journal of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE); Food and Bioproducts Processing DOI: 10.1016/j.fbp.2013.01.003.

manufactured with isothermal boxes and multi-temperature cooling units, the trailer is able to transport fresh, dry and refrigerated foods in one journey, making it highly suitable for in the distribution sector. As such, the POLICAR®and Allison transmission make a perfect combination. Allison fully automatic transmissions feature Continuous Power Technology™, whereby the transmission uses a torque converter to allow for uninterrupted gear shifts to improve vehicle performance and average speed. This ultimately allows for a higher number of deliveries in a specified timeframe. By achieving an optimal balance between productivity and economy, an Allison fully automatic transmission makes the ideal component for vehicles powered with alternative fuels, such as CNG and LNG. On urban routes and in dense traffic, Allison automatics allow for easy driver operation, ensuring smooth vehicle control. The automated gear changes help achive precise manoeuvring when navigating corners, approaching loading ramps or hitching trailers. With torque converter in place of dry clutch, costly clutch repairs are eliminated and an integral retarder enhances the vehicle braking system to reduces brake wear, helping to avoid the need for regular maintenance.

reduces fouling

Contact EFCE on tel 01788 534413 or visit

Contact Allison Transmission on tel +31 78 6422 100 or visit

Dinnissen Process Technology showcases at Powtech Dinnissen Process Technology has developed a new version of the classic Dima 200 bag emptier for safely and efficiently emptying bags filled with fine powders, particles or granulates. The new model, which makes it possible to automatically empty bags while releasing less than 0.1mg of product per cubic metre of discharged product, is intended primarily for companies that need to create a safe working environment for their operators in a wide range of sectors. The design is based on Dinnissen’s easy-toclean concept which facilitates quick and efficient cleaning. Finally, the new model works with a fully automated cleaning-in-place concept based on air flow and suction, practically eliminating the need for any human intervention during the cleaning process. The new ultrafine Dima 200 has a capacity of between 1 and 120 bags per hour. Dinnissen Process Technology has developed a highly innovative Easy to Clean Feeder Valve with a revolutionary range of capacities. The new Feeder Valve is price-friendly in terms of investment, maintenance and use. The production capacity of this highly


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innovative dosage valve can be easily and quickly set to a value between 6kg and 50 tonnes per hour. The valve has a simple and sturdy design with only a single drive unit, and the compact installation height of only 150mm makes it suitable for integration into a wide variety of production environments. The compact and simple design also minimizes the amount of product residue left behind and facilitates quick and thorough cleaning. It is very energy-efficient in use, thereby minimizing operational costs. Dinnissen Process Technology has now developed a completely new and fully automated sampling system that complies with the most recent criteria of the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) and can be used for the automated sampling of incoming, stationary and outgoing product flows. Dinnissen’s new and innovative automatic sampling system not only improves the reliability and accuracy of sampling processes, it also offers a much less labour-intensive solution when samples have to be taken in locations that are difficult to access, in continuous production processes, and in

other difficult to manage situations. Dinnissen Process Technology has added a new and extremely energy-efficient functionality to its multifunctional Pegasus Mixer for drying bulk solids. This innovative technology, will enable users to realize significant savings in terms of production space and the purchase of separate installations. The new technology also ensures that powders, granules and granulates do not form clumps and are not damaged during the drying process in the Pegasus Mixer. The double-shaft Pegasus® Mixer is one of the most popular products sold by Dinnissen Process Technology, thanks to its double-shaft paddle mechanism which ensures that powders, granules and granulates are gently thrown into the air during the mixing process. This mixing process enables the Pegasus® Mixer to provide the user with some unique benefits. The fluidized zone created during the process allows the multifunctional processing unit to mix ingredients extremely gently, quickly and energy-efficiently.

Contact Dinnissen Process Technology on tel +31 77 467 3555 or visit

MEATUP This exhibition will take place at the NEC, Birmingham.



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IFT Conference and Exhibition This conference will take place at the McCormick Place South, in Chicago, USA.



INTERNATIONAL POSTHARVEST CONFERENCE This event will take place at the Cranfield University, Bedfordshire.


TCS&D The return of the Temperature Controlled Storage and Distribution exhibition will take place at the Peterborough Arena, England.

visit www.TCS&



AGRICULTURE & FOOD EXPO HARBIN This trade fair for food, agriculture and the agriculture technology industry will take place in China.


FRESH MONTGOMERY/IFE This food and drink event will take place for the first time at the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa.




SPECIALITY & FINE FOOD FAIR This exhibition will take place at the London Olympia.

visit www.speciality&



FOOD INGREDIENTS ASIA Serving the whole of South East Asia, this event will take place at the BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand.

OILS + FATS This International trade fair for the technology and trade of oils and fats will take place at the Messe Munchen, Munich, Germany.



Eu’Vend + COFFEENA These events will now take place from the above mentioned date in Cologne, Germany.

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PETnology This 16th PETnology conference will take place in Munich, Germany, in parallel to the first two days of DRINTEC.



iba This leading Bakery Machinery and Ingredients exhibition takes place at the Munich Trade Fair Grounds in Munich Germany.



GLOBOIL INDIA This exhibition will take place at The Renaissance Mumbai Hotel and Convention Centre, Powai, India.



OILSEED & GRAIN TRADE SUMMIT This re-named three-day summit which was first launched seven years ago will take place at the Hyatt Regency in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.


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IEC This conference will take place at the Westin Hotel, Cape Town, Africa.


25-27 visit


Lunch! This exhibition will take place at the Business Design Centre, London.

MacFrut This international fruit and fresh produce exhibition will take place at the Cesena Fiera, Italy.



PACKAGING INNOVATIONS LONDON This event will take place at gthe Business Design Centre, Islington, London.




ANUGA This exhibition of food and drinks products will take place in Cologne, Germany.

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FOODEXPO, FOODTEK, PACKTEK AGRITEK UZBEKISTAN These four exhibitions will take place at the same time at the Uzexpocentre in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.



MAFEX MAGHREB FOOD EXHIBITION This second exhibition will take place at the OFEC exhibition Centre in Casablanca, Morocco.


Sweet & SnackTec China This exhibition on Processing, Manufacturing and Packaging for the Sweet and Confectionery, Bakery and Snack Food Industry will take place in Shanghai, China.



SOY & GRAIN SUMMIT This trade summit will take place in Minneapolis, MN, USA.



WORLDFOOD This exhibition will take place in Kiev, Ukraine.



WORLDFOOD This 16th exhibition will take place in Kazakhstan.



UIB CONGRESS This world congress (l'Union Internationale de la Boulangerie) will take place at the Verona Fiere, Verona, Italy.



Nordic Organic Food Fair This new exhibition which will be colocated with Natural Products Scandinavia will be at Malmo Sweden.

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INTERFOOD & DRINK These exhibition and conference will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria.



SIMEI This international Enological and Bottling Equipment Exhibition will be launching its 25th edition at Fiera Milano-Rho, Italy.





Heler’s Reduced Salt Cheddar and Blue Cheshire Joseph Heler are set to transport the cheese category to another level, as they announce the nationwide launch of the country’s first ever Reduced Salt Cheddar. Helers will be first to market with their Reduced Salt Mild Cheddar, containing 30 percent less salt than standard Cheddar. Recognised by the UK’s leading retailer, Tesco, as a landmark opportunity, they have launched the product throughout the UK into over 600 stores. Tesco continues to champion healthy eating options and Cheese Buyer, David Chamberlain comments: “Our team of buyers spend a great deal of time seeking out cutting edge products for the health conscious consumer that have never been seen before. When we believe in something, we like to give it as much exposure and support as possible and Heler’s Reduced Salt Mild Cheddar is without doubt set to make significant changes within the category.” Angela Pasco, Head of Sales and Marketing for Joseph Heler Cheese commented: “We are delighted that the years of hard work and determination in our research and development department have come to fruition. Consumers are now much more aware of their salt intake and are looking for alternative products. This reduced salt cheese has been years in the making, ensuring that we launched with what we believe to be a truly revolutionary product.” Small amounts of salt are essential for health, but Heler’s were conscious that there

are a number of people within the UK who are watching their salt intake yet still want to continue to enjoy every day foods. Nutritionist Rachael Hill comments: “Any reductions made to salt intake can be beneficial to your health. Similarly, cheese can play an important and delicious part of a healthy balanced diet for all ages, from home cooked meals to the perfect addition to packed lunches. The Cheshire-based cheese manufacturers were the first to produce a cheese with only 3 percent fat content and have continued to develop further low fat, half fat and reduced fat cheese varieties. In recognition of their work, Joseph Heler was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for its pioneering work in the sector. Joseph Heler celebrate the growth in popularity of regional blue cheese with the announcement that their award winning Blue Cheshire has launched in Morrisons stores throughout the North West. Although the likes of Stilton have dominated the market for many years, Joseph Heler has recognised that blue cheese consumers are always looking for exciting new products. The cheese has a distinctively smooth & creamy texture and slightly tangy flavour, making it a must for cheese boards all year round. The multi award-winning Blue Cheshire is handmade in Joseph Heler’s traditional dairy, where a small team of skilled cheese makers produce time honoured classics.

Contact Joseph Heler on tel 01270 841500 or visit

Dell’Ugo success at the FreeFrom Awards Ugo Foods is delighted to announce that its Dell’Ugo Chilled Chickpea Fusilli has won the FreeFrom Innovation Award at the prestigious FreeFrom Food Awards 2013 in April. Dell’Ugo’s Chilled Chickpea Fusilli was one of over 340 products that were entered for the FreeFrom Food Awards, a record 37% increase on last year! A team of 50 expert judges tested FreeFrom products across 15 categories including Plant ‘Milk’, Spread, Cheese & Desserts; FreeFrom Breakfast Cereals; Grocery; Ready Meals; and Savoury Biscuits and Snacks. In order to be eligible to enter the awards the products must be free from one or more of the ingredients (including wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs, yeast, nuts and soya) that trouble so many people. It is estimated that globally between 220 and 250 million people suffer from food allergies (World Allergy Organisation) and this figure is continuing to rise. Head of Marketing Helena Jevons says: “We are delighted that our Chickpea Fusilli has been recognised with such a prestigious Innovation Award. It is brilliant that our desire to make a healthy, low GI, gluten-free pasta from a pulse rather than a grain has received such a warm welcome to the market, not only from our consumers, but from the FreeFrom foods judges’’.

Contact Dell’Ugo on tel 020 8207 0100 or visit

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25 years, new flavours and a shiny Award Purbeck Ice Cream is celebrating 25 years in business making entirely natural ice creams and sorbets, the launch of three innovative new flavours all made with Dorset ingredients and winning the Fresh Ideas Award for the best out of home grocery innovation for one of the new flavours – Dorset Blue Vinny Ice Cream. 25 years ago, Peter and Hazel Hartle farmed 120 acres running 60 head of Friesian cows when the government imposed milk quotas rendering the dairy farm unviable. To stay on the farm, a plan had to be formed pretty quickly and, making ice cream with milk and cream from the farm fitted the bill perfectly. 25 years on, with grim determination, a dedicated and enthusiastic team and a will to succeed, Purbeck Ice Cream is available across the UK firmly putting Purbeck and Dorset on the map. The team have recently launched three unusual new flavours after experimenting with the array of fabulous Dorset foods available and made right on their doorstep using apples, watercress and blue cheese. Apple and Cinnamon is made with apples from the farm. Perfect alone or served with an old fashioned pud, Dorset Watercress is a natural super food grown in Waddock Cross, Dorchester tasting delicious with shredded smoked salmon. And Dorset Blue Vinny is an exceptional blue cheese made at Woodbridge Farm, Sturminster Newton, with an intriguing taste, which is surprisingly good and delicious served with warm poached pears. This particular flavour captured the attention of the judges of the Fresh Ideas Awards who presented the award and commented ‘Great provenance and story, great surprise when tasted, definitely has the wow factor, excellent!’ Chefs sampling it immediately imagined how and with what to serve it as it is incredibly versatile. Everything is made with fun, love and passion by the small and friendly team using fresh guaranteed Purbeck milk, thick Dorset double cream, British sugar and an abundance of only the very best natural ingredients using no artificial additives, no GMOs and no added colours or nuts, everything is gluten free and suitable for vegetarians making this a Great British original indulgence that just about everyone can enjoy.

Contact Purbeck Ice Cream on tel 01929 480090 or visit


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Entries invited for 2013 Quality Food Awards Now in its 35th year, the UK’s most prestigious awards for the food and drink industry are ready to receive entries for 2013. The organisers invite all food producers – from the largest multi-nationals, to the smallest artisans – to submit their best products for consideration by esteemed independent judges and the chance to be crowned the best product on grocery shelves. In the current climate of consumer unease, winning a Quality Food Award is an unparalleled opportunity to convey the calibre of your product in a crowded market place. The Quality Food Awards are considered the ultimate endorsement of grocery products on offer to consumers, earning its reputation by the validity of its judging team; a 100 strong panel of food and drink experts comprising chefs, nutritionists, photographers, packaging experts, retailers, writers and food scientists.

Organised by Metropolis Business Media, its publisher Helen Lyons commented, “What sets these awards apart is the impartiality and robustness of the judging process, which rightly sits at the heart of everything that we do at the Quality Food Awards.” The 46 categories range from ambient, through chilled and frozen products; seasonal goods; hot and cold beverages; meals, snacks and confectionary; sweet and savoury items. New for 2013 is a special category for Small Producers. Sponsored by Harrods, the winner of this category will work with the world famous Food Hall, and have their product stocked on its venerable shelves. Entries will be accepted until 28 June 2013, and judging will commence on 5th August. The winners will be announced at a glittering ceremony at London’s Grosvenor House on 7 November.

Contact The Metropolis Group on tel 020 8253 8707 or visit

Warburtons steps up focus on snacks market Warburtons, the UK’s largest bakery brand, is rebranding its range of snacks, as the business increases its focus on diversification and growth. From March, the baked pitta snacks have been known as ‘Warburtons Escapes’. In May 2011, Warburtons became the first company in the UK to produce Baked Pitta Chips, after investing £5 million in a standalone snacks bakery in Bolton. Since entering the dynamic snacks category, Warburtons’ sales have achieved +175 percent growth YOY Volume growth +175 percent from w/e 4.2.12 – 2.2.13. Net sales value for same period +170 percent growth, and its range has gradually started to build market share alongside other more established brands. The launch of Escapes demonstrates the continued commitment to growth in the snacks category where Warburtons hopes to double the size of its snacks business over the next year to become a £10m retail brand. Attracting new customers to the core bakery range is also a key aim for Warburtons Escapes, which is backed by over £2m commercial investment. Jonathan Warburton, Chairman of Warburtons, comments on the launch:

“The investment in our already popular snacks range demonstrates our long-term commitment to the snacks market and to innovation and diversification as part of our five year growth plan. Focusing on new sectors allows us to reach new customers, while also complementing our core bakery range and the products that families across the UK know and love.” Made from pitta bread and with 45 percent less fat than potato chips, Escapes will be positioned in the Premium Sharing segment, which is worth 29.2 percent of the snacks market Kantar World panel Data 52 w/e 28th October 2012 and is seeing continued growth. They will be available in six flavours and three different pack sizes. The branding is linked to the values of Warburtons’ snacks business, which is grounded in fun and adventure. Martin Garlick, Director of Snacks at Warburtons, adds: “We have set high ambitions for the growth of our snacks business through the launch of Escapes, something that we think is fundamentally achievable thanks to the great tasting range of exciting natural flavours, while being rooted in the brand recognition that comes with the Warburtons family business.”

Contact Warburtons on tel 01204 556600 or visit

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Soft drink Product of the Year Del Monte® Naturally Light, the low-calorie juice drink, has been awarded the hotly contested title of Soft Drink of the Year at the annual Product of the Year awards. Each year consumers vote for their favourite products in various categories including Food & Drink, Health & Beauty and Home. In the biggest poll of its kind, over 10,000 consumers voted and selected Del Monte® Naturally Light as the nation’s favourite soft drink. The juice drink contains 50 percent less sugar, thanks to the addition of a ‘super’ natural new sweetener named Stevia. This sweetener enables juice drinks to be made naturally with a fraction of the calories previously possible. The Stevia plant is indigenous to the tropical regions of Central and South America and has been used as a natural sweetener for centuries by the Guaraní people of Paraguay. Leaves of the South

American shrub are 250 times sweeter than sugar but are calorie free and they are literally steeped like tea to release their sweetness. Del Monte® Naturally Light contains just 50-63 calories per 250ml glass. The juice drink is available in three delicious flavours: Mango and Papaya, Pineapple and Lime and Super Fruits. All are packed with vitamins, providing 100 percent of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vitamin C and 50 percent of the RDA of vitamins B, E and Selenium, which are important to the bodies immune system, energy production and skin. Tony Gill, Del Monte UK Commercial Director, said: “Del Monte® Naturally Light, with its high juice and low calorie content, offers people an easy way to drink more healthily. It is fantastic to know that it is enjoyed by so many and that it is the UK’s soft drink of choice.”

Contact Del Monte (UK) on tel 01784 447400 or visit

New salad pots from Scotty brand Scotty Brand, an umbrella brand for premium seasonal Scottish produce, has extended its product portfolio with the introduction of premium salad pots, which will be listed in Asda stores in Scotland from April 2013. There are two varieties in the new Scotty Brand salad pots range, Scottish Coleslaw and Scottish Potato Salad, both available in 300g tubs. Scotty Brand Scottish Coleslaw Salad pot is a delicious combination of finely sliced cabbage, carrots, onions and mayonnaise. Scotty Brand Scottish Potato Salad features chunky diced potatoes, salad onions, chives and mayonnaise. The salad pots are prepared and packed by Scotia Produce, based in the Clyde Valley in Scotland. The Company was established by the Adams family in Lanarkshire and is run by brothers Craig and Stuart, together with their mother Carole. Made using a traditional 20-year old family recipe, the new Scotty Brand salad pots have real home-made appeal. The Adams family oversees every step of the production process from hand cutting the cabbage for the coleslaw to batch cooking the potatoes in small quantities for the Potato salad. These are then combined with the other seasonal ingredients in custom-built kitchens to create

just the right consistency. Michael Jarvis, Marketing Manager Scotty Brand, said: “The introduction of Salad Pots to our product portfolio is very exciting. We are committed to delivering the very best products grown and packed in Scotland that taste great, and are good value and these new products are a perfect addition to the brand.” Scotty Brand has also nearly doubled the number of Asda stores in which its 2kg bags of Kestrel potatoes will be stocked, increasing the number of stores to 246 across the UK. Scotty Brand Potatoes come from a variety of farms all over Scotland, carefully selected by partner Albert Bartlett who sources the best of the crop. The Scotty Brand product portfolio includes potatoes, carrots, lettuce, prepared vegetables, Ayrshire new potatoes and seasonal berries. Scotty Brand provides traditionally grown Scottish produce at its best - a celebration of the best in-season. Michael Jarvis, Marketing Manager Scotty Brand, said: “The new listings are testament to the quality of the potatoes. We are committed to delivering the very best Scottish-grown produce that is tasty, good value, healthy, and increased listings ensure that our products are available to consumers across the UK.”

Contact Scotty Brand on tel 01236 771740 or visit

Frank and honest approach set to revolutionise Natural ingredients specialist, The Frank Food Company is revolutionising health food with the launch of its new Frank Bar; an honest, healthy and true ‘Free From’ snack - which is genuinely substantial, tasty and has a rich full flavour. Richard Wilson, Managing Director at the Frank Food Company said: “The Frank Bar aims to revolutionise a bland and insatiable health food market. Consumers care about health, but they also want a snack bar that tastes good, has natural unadulterated ingredients and which fills them up. “Our ‘gimmick free’ Frank Bar has some of the best credentials on the market. It uses certain ingredients that are unique and exclusive, has a superior taste, has one of the lowest calorie contents in the sector, is high in fibre and a source protein, is genuinely ‘Free From’ and is ‘Energy Smart’ accredited. It is pure and honest nutritional goodness.” The Frank bar is made from 100 percent natural ingredients. Its recipe incorporates some of the world’s finest ingredients, including certified gluten-free oats, velvety dates, opulent plums, rich natural fruit and full-bodied dark organic chocolate. Many of these ingredients are exclusive to this product in the UK. Developed over many months, a hand crafted recipe and fine natural ingredients make Frank a superior tasting bar. The bar has a cakey fudge-like texture combined with a rich and indulgent taste. Frank is available in five flavours: Double Chocolate, Strawberry & Chocolate, Blueberry & Chocolate, Oat & Chocolate and Orange & Chocolate. Unlike other products on the market, Frank is a genuinely ‘Free From’ bar. It contains no gluten, dairy, nuts and contains no seeds (other than those naturally found in fruits). Frank is the only bar in its class to have all of the attributes of being gluten, nut and dairy free and as such is genuinely allergy and intolerance friendly. No additives, preservatives, colourings, or salt are added. Frank’s range is also vegetarian and vegan friendly. The bar is high in fibre and slow-release carbohydrates with a low glycemic index. As an ‘Energy Smart’ accredited product, it will offer sustained energy over a prolonged period of time.

Contact The Frank Food Company on tel 0800 072 8889 or visit

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Produce World launches consumerfacing brand The UK’s largest grower and supplier of fresh vegetables, Produce World, has launched a consumer-facing brand called Burgess Harvest Veg. The new brand will offer consumers the best-tasting British vegetables, grown in a seasonally simple format. Baby ruby potatoes are the first offering from the new brand, which have just launched on shelves in CoOps nationwide. ‘Growing Goodness’ is central to the Burgess Harvest Veg brand ethos, and the baby ruby potatoes reflect this through their quality and wholesome flavour. The Burgess family has been growing vegetables for decades and the Burgess Harvest Veg brand embodies the family’s passion and knowledge for the fresh produce sector. Consumers want a one-stop vegetable solution and the Burgess Harvest Veg brand aims to meet this need. Locally grown, the baby ruby potato will please consumers who value convenience and consistency. The brand will appeal to foodies who consider taste and flavour essential when purchasing fresh vegetables. Consumer insight has driven the development of the Burgess Harvest Veg brand and the baby ruby potatoes meet consumer expectations with a quickcook time and vibrant colour, which will liven up meal times. Andrew Ovens, Produce World Marketing Director, said: “Burgess Harvest Veg is all about giving consumers the best-tasting vegetables in an easy-to-cook format. Our extensive consumer insight has told us that food preparation time is decreasing and has been for years, so the quick-to-cook and great tasting baby ruby potato is sure to please consumers.” Burgess Harvest Veg baby ruby potatoes are high in fibre and are an essential source of vitamin C. The potatoes contain minerals that contribute to healthy blood and strong bones, and they have fewer calories than bread, rice and pasta offering a nutritional and healthy alternative to consumers.

Contact Produce World on tel 01733 240491 or visit


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Rococo Chocolates Rococo Chocolates has come away from the Academy of Chocolates Awards 2013 with four gold medals. Chantal Coady, founder of Rococo chocolates, remarked; “We are delighted to be recognised for our chocolates, especially in the year when we celebrate our 30th anniversary, and it is an honour to be awarded so many gold medals”. Along with this already impressive haul, they received one silver and two bronze medals. The winning chocolates were created by Principal Chocolatier, Barry Johnson, who has just completed his first year with the artisan company. They are: Salted Chocolate Toffee & Crunchy Praline; Best Filled Chocolate (Nuts); Kalamansi Lime Caramel; Best Filled Chocolate (Caramel); Passion Fruit & Rosemary Caramel; Best Filled Chocolate (Caramel). The fourth chocolate to receive the top accolade in the Best

Unflavoured Dark Truffle category is Rococo’s ever-popular Madagascar House Truffle. Rococo’s Organic Milk Chocolate Rose Otto Artisan Bar received a silver medal and the bronze medals were awarded to the Organic Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Artisan Bar and to the Rococo Advent Calendar in the Best Packaging (Filled Chocolates) category. One of Rococo’s most popular bars, the Organic Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Artisan bar, has now got a dark chocolate sibling. Finding the right balance between the smoked Halen Mon Anglesey Sea Salt and the smooth dark chocolate was a tricky process but they think we have found a really interesting marriage. Rococo's organic milk and dark chocolate blends include cocoa beans from their own Grococo farm in northern Grenada and a little extra cocoa butter for a silky texture.

Contact Rococo Chocolates on tel 020 8761 8456 or visit

Fiddes Payne new range of home baking products Home baking specialist Fiddes Payne has unveiled Cake Angels – a new range of cake decoration products. Launched as a result of advances in innovation, packaging styles and quality of product within Fiddes Payne, and following growth in the home baking category as a whole, the new Cake Angels brand will replace the existing Fiddes Payne name as stock begins to filter in store nationally as the year progresses. Creating a fresh category that injects emotion and creativity back into the sector and focuses on high quality of product, Cake Angels will attempt to capitalise on ‘Baking Britain’, which sees as many as 41 million UK residents baking at home. With almost a quarter of adults baking at least once a week and a further one in 20 doing so everyday, the baking resurgence has been spearheaded by popular mainstream shows such as The Great British Bake Off along with its ambassadors Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. A trend that has converted into sales for retailers, the home baking market rose by 59 percent between 2007 and 2012 to reach a collective £1.7bn value. One of the few sectors to prosper during the recession, Fiddes Payne hopes to capitalise further by introducing a brand that focuses on inspiration and satisfying home bakers’

appetite for experimentation and showmanship. Alex Balzaretti, Commerical Controller, Fiddes Payne, said; “Home baking has changed dramatically, moving away from the stereotypical ‘bake sale’ and into new exciting territory where there is more emphasis on the actual appearance and finished design. “Cakes are being used as a blank canvas, where bakers are using their imagination to create truly unique and unusual designs. This is the purpose of Cake Angels, to stimulate creativity and provide bakers with high quality products that can add different dimensions to their cakes and bring designs to life.” Combining standout packaging with an innovative category persona, the complete Cake Angels portfolio will consist of 2D & 3D icing decorations, mini marshmallows, vanilla sugar sprinkle, occasion candles plus a wide selection of toppings which are all produced to the highest standards. Alex added: “Recent consumer research highlighted that home baking lacked emotion and individuality. With Cake Angels we are attempting to fuse both substance and style. Fiddes Payne prides itself on creating the best products available and now we are combining this with a fresh brand persona that will resonate with home bakers.”

Contact Fiddes Payne on tel 01295 253888 or visit

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Sainsbury’s confectionery is sweet Jaffa Cakes launch the big one Many have tried and failed to create a Jaffa Cake of giant proportions without success. But now it’s finally here! The Big One is the latest launch from McVitie’s and is a Jaffa Cake of epic proportions. The celebration cakes category is worth £142m (+2.0 percent YOY)* and birthday/celebrating and eventing is up 3 percent YOY with over 60 percent of the UK population celebrating their birthday and planning a stay-at-home party which is indicative of an increasing at-home culture. More people now invest in home entertainment and will spend more on cooking and eating in the home.** Perfect as a cake for birthdays, anniversaries, christenings and celebrations of all shapes and sizes. It is a delicious treat for everyone who’s a fan of the original Jaffa Cake whether young or old. The Big One combines three layers of fluffy, light Jaffa Cake sponge with zingy orangey filling, all covered with a thick layer of sensational dark crackly chocolate. Tom Blair, Brand Manager at McVitie’s said: “We have been experimenting and tweaking the Big One recipe for a number of years now. We needed to ensure the sensation of eating the larger Jaffa Cake is similar to the smaller Jaffa Cake so all of our more hardcore fans will enjoy it as much as new Jaffa Cake fans. “This innovative product will give a fantastic boost to the celebration cakes category and will attract new customers to Jaffa Cakes.” The Jaffa Cakes brand in the UK is worth £52m*** and is bought by 15m households. Core buyers are households with children, mostly women aged 25-34 year old, however, the majority of consumption is from children aged 11-16.**** *Source: Nielsen Total Market Celebration Cakes MAT to 23rd March 2013 **Source: Mintel Planned at Home Events report March 2012 *** Source: Nielsen Total Market Sweet Biscuits & Cakes MAT to 23rd March 2013 **** Source: Kantar WorldPanel online MAT to Feb 2013 Contact United Biscuits on tel 0208 234 5000 or visit

Sainsbury’s is relaunching its entire confectionery range with 50 percent of the products either new or improved. The 76 sweetie strong range is fun and unique offering better flavours and textures than ever. Below are some highlights from the new confectionary range. Retro: Fans of retro classics will love the new soft bon bon sweets in caramel, chocolate and strawberry flavours, presented in a traditional boutique jar. Pick ‘n’ Mix: As well as old-fashioned favourites such as Toffees, Liquorice and Fruit Sherbets, check out the new Sweet Shakers – classic ‘pick n mix’ done for you with a Foamy Fruit Mix including Jelly Dots, Shrimps and Gummy Snakes or the Fruity

Fun Mix which offers Fried Eggs and other classic treats. Princess and Pirates: Princess and Pirates is a popular party theme at Sainsbury’s, offering birthday cakes, invitations, paper cups and plates. The range now offers Princess and Pirates confectionary – a great solution for a kid’s party, including convenient sharing tubs and mini treat bagsl. Eric the Elephant: Eric the Elephant has had a makeover. The popular, pink gummy sweets have universal appeal, and along with the original Eric sweets, Eric & Friends and new Fizzy Trunks are available to enjoy as well. Plus new sharing bags have also been introduced into the range from Marshmallows to Sweet Popcorn.

Contact Sainsbury’s on tel 020 7695 6000 or visit

Appy Drinks’ Nickelodeon characters juice range Appy Food & Drink Co. is announcing the launch of a new range of kids juice drinks, featuring Nickelodeon favourites: Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob SquarePants and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The range will be packaged in Tetra Pak cartons, and will utilise interactive digital technology to give families an even more enjoyable drinking experience. To use the technology, consumers will simply scan the back of the cartons with their smartphones to collect fun props, such as items of clothing worn by the Nickelodeon characters. The drinks will also be the first ever UK juice range to incorporate Nickelodeon characters, and will be available in three flavours; Orange & Pineapple, Apple & Blackcurrant and Tropical Vitamin Boost, with further flavours to be revealed later in the year. The range is Schools Approved for nutritional value, and made from 50 percent fruit nectar juice. The drinks provide one of the recommended five a day, contain no added sugar or artificial preservatives and are 100% natural. The range will be available in the Tetra Brik® Aseptic 200ml with straw, making them ideal for school lunchboxes, picnics and drinking on-the-go. Bobby Patel, Director and Co-Founder of Appy Food & Drinks Co. said about the launch: “We are thrilled to be bringing such a fun and innovative product to the UK market. The Nickelodeon characters are loved by parents and children alike, and the interactive technology used on the carton will make

drinking this juice an enjoyable activity for the whole family. “Tetra Pak was our first choice for the range, primarily because the cartons provide a large printable surface area - essential for us as we needed plenty of room to showcase the digital element of our drinks”. Mike Jarvis, Portfolio Manager at Tetra Pak commented on the decision to package the range in Tetra Brik Aseptic cartons: “At Tetra Pak we are always planning for the future; we invest heavily in research and monitor trends closely so we can provide packaging that meets consumer demands and needs. Augmented reality is set to change the face of packaging in the coming years, and we are really excited to be working with a customer that is already incorporating it into their products. The Appy Nickelodeon range is innovative, fun and imaginative, and we are sure it will prove to be extremely popular.” Appy Drinks have also launched a partnership with Panini Stickers to create a range of supermarket multi-packs containing augmented reality activated free stickers featuring the Nickelodeon characters inside each pack. The Tetra Brik Aseptic 200ml carton is made primarily from paperboard, a 100 percent renewable material. Tetra Pak cartons are also widely recyclable and low carbon. From this year it will be even easier to recycle Tetra Pak cartons, following an agreement between ACE UK and Sonoco-Alcore which allows beverage cartons to be recycled at its UK plant.

Contact Tetra Pak on tel 01978 834000 or visit

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Big Sky Ginger Zingers and Maple Infusions Big Sky Brands is expanding its upscale tinned confectionery line with new Ginger Zingers and Maple Infusions candy. Ginger Zingers feature a proprietary formulation including real ground ginger root and all natural flavours. As described by Founding Partner, Steve Yacht, “We love natural ginger for its distinctive spicy sweetness and invigorating kick. That’s why our Ginger Zingers are packed with genuine ground ginger root and carefully selected natural flavours for a delicious and stimulating on-the-go treat.” Ginger Zingers are available in four intensely addictive flavours: d’Anjou Pear, Spicy Chai, Blood Orange and Mango.

Maple Infusions candy is made with pure and natural maple sugar from the forests of Eastern Canada. Mature maple trees are tapped during the brief four to six week spring thaw, when freezing nights and warm sunny days induce the slow flow of sweet maple sap. Once boiled down and caramelized, sixty ounces of raw maple sap produce just one ounce of our treasured maple sugar. We are proud to carry on this Canadian tradition with our new Maple Infusions candy line. Maple Infusions are available in four uniquely delicious Canadian themed flavours: Niagara Apple Spice, Okanagan Peach, Saskatoon Berry and Original Maple.

Contact Big Sky Brands on tel +1 416 599 5415 or visit

Almondy highly commended by FreeFrom Awards Dedicated Gluten-free bakery Almondy has been highly commended in this year’s FreeFrom Food Awards for its Almondy Tårta with Daim. The irresistible almond biscuitbased cake with Daim topping, smooth milk chocolate and hard caramel was one of over 340 products that were entered for the FreeFrom Food Awards; and proved its worth in the Foodservice Sweets Category. The gluten-free market, has gained serious momentum in recent years growing to £126m, with 11 percent of the population choosing gluten-free either for health reasons or from a lifestyle choice^. Managing Director of Almondy, Andrew Ely explains: “For over thirty years we have prided ourselves on baking great tasting cakes that have made us the fastest growing dessert brand in retail and a hit within foodservice, thanks to Almondy’s ability to remove the headache for proactive operators who want to cater for the special dietary market without over complicating menus. We are delighted to have been highly commended in the FreeFrom Awards – it proves that you really can have your cake and eat it when it comes to glutenfree food.” The FreeFrom Food commendation comes hot on the heels of Almondy announcing its

Tårta with Daim is now made with sustainably sourced cocoa from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms – making it an ethical choice for dessert menus too. Supplied frozen, Almondy removes both the hassle and cost for busy operators as they are pre-portioned into 12 slices and defrost in as little as 10 minutes – delivering that just baked taste to the customer. Almondy Tårta are also free from additives and preservatives and Halal-certified. Andrew adds: “Great food aside, we know eliminating costly food waste and speeding up service is at the heart of any successful operation, our dedicated foodservice range does just this. Operators can simply defrost what they need and store any surplus slices in the chiller for up to seven days” With over thirty years of baking expertise, the Almondy range includes the toppings of a number of well-known chocolate brands including the ‘ultimate in chocolate indulgence’ – ‘Almondy Tårta with Toblerone’; ‘Almondy Almond Tårta with Caramel & Peanuts’ and now highly commended by the FreeFrom Food Awards, Almondy tårta with Daim. ^ Coeliac UK *Source: Mintel/YE September 1st 2012.

Contact c/o Central Foods on tel 01604 858 522 or visit


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Puratos’ ready-to-bake cheesecake base Puratos has launched Deli Cheesecake, a ready-to-bake cheesecake base, allowing the making of the perfect cheesecake every single time. It contains 30 percent of real fresh cheese and can be poured straight into the cake form. With no preparation time, Deli Cheesecake delivers a good result with constant quality and no cracking thanks to its patented oven-setting process, Puratos Deli Cheesecake promoted as the perfect convenient cheesecake cake ingredient. It can be used straight from the packaging and has a six-month shelf life in closed packaging at ambient storage. The product is sold in buckets of 5 or 12kg. It is also available in larger packaging for industrial use. The product can be pumped straight from the container into the cake form. The cake base can either be whipped to give it an aerated structure or can be used on its own on a crust. Deli Cheesecake is suitable for any industrial oven. The result is a perfect cake with no loss in volume and no cracking. Deli Cheesecake is freeze-thaw stable, both before and after baking. Once baked, the cake can be used in chilled and frozen distribution channels. Deli Cheesecake is so easy-to-use and versatile that it allows for a thousand creative applications. There is of course the real New York Style Cheesecake with a baked short crust, baked fresh cheese and a decoration or filling on top. But Deli Cheesecake can also be mixed with chocolate, fillings and aromas. The cheesecake can be shaped in different forms, for individual servings or as family dessert. It can be presented in several layers and be decorated with glazes or ganaches. Deli Cheesecake allows for creating an own special cheesecake variation. *First appeared 21st March 2013 eadlines/Puratos-Launches-NovelReady-To-Bake-Cheesecake-Base.html

Contact Puratos UK on tel 01280 822860 or visit

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#ftr #foodtec // FOOD // TRADE TECHNOLOGY REVIEW Email: Unit 40, Second Avenue, Westfield Industrial Estate, Midsomer Norton, Radstock, BA3 4BH, England

Tel: 44 (0)1761 410345 Fax: 44 (0)1761 410332

At Machines 4 Food Ltd we offer reliable refurbished machines with a full warranty and good back up service.


Burger manufacture 400/500 kg per hour of 4 oz burgers • Meat block flaker, mixer grinder, Meatpro 170 burger former with paper interleaver. • Burger plates supplied to suit your production. • Magurit flaker or New Fatosa CBC flaker. • Hobart 4356 mixer grinder or Biro AFMG mixer grinder. • Meatpro 170 burger former.

Burger manufacture line 200/250 kg per hour of 4 oz burgers Meat block flaker, Biro AFMG 48 mixer grinder, Formatic R2200 former with paper interleaver.

Weigher bagging line Screw conveyor to gantry mounted 12-head Ishida weigher discharging into a Rovema 350 bagger producing 2 kg packs of meat mince. If necessary we can supply the Weiler 1109 grinder to take frozen blocks of meat, which can also can be supplied with a nitrogen tunnel. This line is set up in a pet food factory working on tripe mince.

Batter, breading and fryer system Batter and breading machines 640 mm belt width, weir-type enrober. Koppens fryer 6000 mm fry length by 700 mm wide belt, thermal oil heating, heat source required. Top hold down belt, scraped surface sediment removal. This equipment can be viewed here on site.

Batter and breading fryer system Batter and breading machines 300 mm wide, curtain weir-type enrober with pump, standard bread crumb coating machine with recycling auger, Coat and Fry continuous fryer, 300 mm wide belt with electric heating, top hold down belt and canopy.

Cheese grating and weigh bagging line Packing line for 20 kg+ blocks of cheese at up to 2 tonnes per hour, includes Wright Pugson cutter, incline conveyors, tumble drum, powder dispenser, multihead weigher, bagger and gantry. All manufactured 2002-2006. This equipment can be viewed here on site.

Sausage manufacturing line Complete line of frozen meat block flaker, 75 litre bowl cutter, Risco 4000 filler/linker vacuum filler with 120 litre bin hoist and Hycut sausage cutter.

Complete secondhand processing lines available UK Agents for new machines from Carso, Fatosa, Tecnotrip, & Robot Coupe

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UK’s first ‘Free From’ Porridge Pot The UK’s number one oatcake brand, Nairn’s Oatcakes, has launched a ‘Gluten Free Easy Porridge’ – the first ‘free from’ instant porridge pot on the market. Nairn's new tasty porridge pots have been developed as a convenient breakfast option. Easy to make, the pots simply require hot water and are ready to eat in less than five minutes. Breakfast is often the most difficult meal for coeliacs, or those on a gluten free diet, for which to find suitable ‘free from’ options. As a result, Nairn’s has created a convenient product which is simple to make with a great taste, as well as having all the natural goodness and health benefits of oats. The porridge pots are made with pure, wholegrain gluten free oats. Nairn’s gluten free oats are reliably sourced and farmed by a family of coeliacs, plus all of Nairn’s gluten free products are made in a separate bakery and are accredited by Coeliac UK, making them safe, healthy and tasty. Martyn Gray, Marketing Director at Nairn’s Oatcakes said: “Many coeliacs struggle to gain adequate nutrition, so a tasty, hot gluten free

meal which fits in with their needs is a great start to the day. The porridge pots are packed full of complex carbohydrates and are a good source of soluble and insoluble fibre, giving you a natural and wholesome boost to help you get the most out of your day. The launch of our porridge pots is not only a natural step into the growing gluten free market, but also offers those on a gluten free diet, a healthy, enjoyable and convenient option.” Nutritionist and ambassador for Nairn’s, Christine Bailey said: “Maintaining a healthy and nutritious gluten free diet does not have to be difficult and with convenient products like the Nairn’s porridge pots available, coeliacs can enjoy healthy snacks which do not compromise on taste. Starting the day with foods that provide slow release, natural energy, like oats, will sustain energy and blood sugar levels throughout the day and discourage the temptation to opt for unhealthy snacks. Porridge is an ideal food to keep you satisfied until lunchtime. In addition oats are packed with a whole range of nutrients including antioxidants to support your health.”

Contact Nairn’s Oatcakes on tel 0131 620 7000 or visit

Uppercrust launch seasonal gastro pies Master pie-makers UpperCrust have launched a collection of limited edition seasonal gastro pies in stores across the UK. The first to be unveiled in the ‘Seasonal Specials’ collection is the Chicken & Pesto Pie is a deliciously deep filled pie with tender chicken pieces and sliced cherry tomatoes in a creamy pesto sauce and encased in delicious short crust pastry with a light and flaky puff pastry top. Commenting on the launch, UpperCrust spokesperson, David Girdler said: “The Chicken & Pesto Pie is the first launch in a line of new seasonal gastro pies, designed to offer retailers and customers variety all year round, bringing seasonal recipes and quality ingredients to the frozen pie market throughout the year. The seasonal collection will offer consumers an alternative and is ideal for occasion purchase as it offers something different with its contemporary, fresh flavours.” Meanwhile Holland’s, the North West’s best-known producer of pies, puddings and

pastries, is giving consumers assurance that its beef products are 100 percent British beef with a new on-pack message. Its ‘British Beef Guaranteed’ labels are being rolled out across its fresh and frozen beef products. This front-of-pack British beef message is not only a guarantee from Holland’s on its meat sourcing assurance; it also demonstrates Holland’s support for British farmers and the importance of low food miles by sourcing within the UK. By reinforcing its British beef message, Holland’s is certifying the traceability of its supply chain and giving consumers a longstanding safeguard. David Girdler, spokesperson for Holland’s, said: “In recent months it has become apparent that there is an increased focus on British-farmed products. We wanted to ensure our customers know that Holland’s beef products are made with 100 percent British Beef. By clearly demonstrating a ‘British Beef Guaranteed’ message on-pack we believe that this will give shoppers confidence our products.”

Contact 2 Sisters Food Group on tel 0870 458 9700 or visit


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Winners of Free From Food Awards Coeliac UK, the national Charity for people with coeliac disease congratulates all the winners of this year’s Free From Food Awards which were announced in London in April. The Charity was delighted to learn that Pizza Hut, one of the first restaurants to be accredited by Coeliac UK, was the joint winner in the award for ‘Free from foods manufactured for food service’ being scored highly for both the base and toppings. In addition, the following winners are all licensed to use the Coeliac UK Crossed Grain symbol which is nationally and internationally recognised by those who need to follow a gluten-free diet. •Innovation award – Dell’Ugo’s Chickpea Fusilli; •Free from breakfast cereal – Doves Farm’s Fibre Flakes and Hale & Hearty’s Choco Jungle Cereal; •Grocery ambient/store cupboard – pasta, sauces, pizza bases, flour stock etc; Pasta – Rizopia’s Organic Brown Rice Pasta Elbows; General grocery ambient – Hale & Hearty’s gluten-free breadcrumbs; •Free from foods manufactured for food service – Pizza Hut’s gluten-free pizza ; •Sweet – Glamourpuds’ Hot Chocolate Fudge Pudding Pot ; •Ready meals – Freedom Deli’s Ham & Cheese Panini ; •Children’s food - Rizopia’s Organic Brown Rice Pasta Fantasia ; •Christmas foods - Hale & Hearty’s Luxury Mince Pies ; •Gluten-free beer (non barley beer) – Green’s Lager Dry Hopped. Sarah Sleet, Chief Executive of Coeliac UK said: “We are pleased for all of the winners of the Awards which proves just how excellent gluten-free food can be. We are particularly excited that one of the first restaurant groups we have worked with to reach our accredited standard has won an award. The business opportunity in catering is definitely there with a new market worth £100m up for grabs and our work in training and accreditation is helping access that market and drive up standards overall. ” Contact Coeliac UK on tel 01494 437278 or visit




Rousselot unveils Synergy Systems™ Rousselot®, the global leader in gelatine and collagen peptides, has announced the launch of its Synergy Systems™, a range of high performance gelatine-based functional solutions suitable for a variety of food applications. The Synergy Systems are composed of different types of gelatine, or a specific gelatine and other ingredients (such as pectin) that work synergistically: The functionality of each gelatine and each other ingredient, is boosted when they are combined. Easy-to-use solutions, the Synergy Systems open up new possibilities to the food industry, enabling manufacturers to develop innovative and enhanced products with new or additional benefits. They can improve texture, stability, or emulsification, for example, or be used to develop better-for-you options. The Synergy Systems also allow producers to enhance taste and introduce exciting new flavour varieties too. The Synergy Systems range currently includes: Rousselot AcidoGel™ – a gelling agent which allows for the manufacture of stable

Purac’s newly expanded portfolio at IFFA a

acid marshmallows, promoting new flavour possibilities; Rousselot NeutralGel™ – a solution to texturise, mimic fat, promote flavour release, and improve stability over time; Rousselot ResistaGel™ – an ingredient to ensure continued quality in confectionery which is used or produced in warm climate conditions; Rousselot EmulsiGel™ – a clean label ingredient which emulsifies and stabilises in an oil-in-water emulsion. “The food industry needs reliable, practical and efficient ingredients to bring innovations to the market,” explains Hans Langereis, Sales & Marketing Director, Rousselot. “Our Synergy Systems have been created to provide the inspiration and technology that food formulators need to create exciting and greattasting new food products. The range is the result of Rousselot’s unique expertise and know-how of the added functionalities that can be delivered through the effective combination of gelatines or gelatines with other ingredients.”

Contact Rousselot on tel +33 146 678720 or visit

Leading meat preservation expert Purac showcased its new range of label-friendly ingredients and an expanded portfolio to extend shelf life, at this year’s IFFA in Frankfurt, Germany. With a focus on shelf life, consumer-friendly labels and sodium reduction, Purac demonstrated how its ingredients can inhibit microbial growth, clean up product labels and reduce sodium levels. The highlight at Purac’s stand this year was its new Verdad® F range. The company unveiled several new ingredients for both cooked cured meats and vacuum-packed fresh chicken and pork. Labelled simply as “fermented sugar and/or vinegar”, the Verdad® F range enables processors and retailers to clean up product labels, while improving overall quality. Also on show were PuraQ® Arome NA4, specifically developed to enhance salty and savoury notes in a wide variety of RTE meat and poultry products. This naturally-derived ingredient allows food processors to reduce sodium content by up to 40 percent, while maintaining product quality and shelf life.

Contact Purac on tel +31 183 695695 or visit

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Sensient Food Colors Europe awarded ISO 14001 Sensient Food Colors Europe has achieved ISO 14001 certification for environmental management from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This important development is a significant step in Sensient's approach to protect natural resources in its manufacturing, logistics and administrative processes. Andreas Klingenberg, Technical Director, Sensient Colors Europe, said: “Our certified environmental management system will enable us to minimize energy, water and raw materials consumption as well as reduce waste and emissions to prevent environmental pollution.” Achieving this certification demonstrates Sensient’s commitment to environmental protection in all its processes. Comprehensive team training for all aspects of environmental management together with enhanced risk assessment are included across all departments. Contact Sensient on tel +49 4152 80000 or visit

Salt reduction toolbox from DSM DSM’s salt reduction toolbox allows manufacturers to reduce sodium in their savoury products by up to 50 percent without losing taste or mouthfeel. The toolbox is based on a unique five step approach that enables manufacturers to choose from a comprehensive portfolio of natural taste enhancers to develop foods that meet global sodium reduction targets and deliver the delicious flavour consumers demand. DSM’s sodium reduction toolbox includes a broad selection of 100 percent natural yeast extracts and process flavours to help manufacturers build unique and specific tastes for their product. Depending on the type of product and the salt reduction target, each of the ingredients in the toolbox can be added on its own or combined in five easy steps, which will enhance saltiness, restore the umami, add salty taste and achieve a homemade meat or vegetable flavour. By activating taste receptors, particularly umami, in the mouth and throat, yeast extractbased flavourings can help compensate for the taste losses that are usually associated with salt reduction. Tests have also demonstrated that 60 percent of consumers preferred the combination of sodium reduced tomato sauce when combined with DSM yeast extracts, claiming that it tasted less sour and had a richer, more authentic taste than the full salt version. Rich in natural free glutamate, Gistex® HUM LS strengthens bouillon notes and

enhances the umami character in soups, meat and fish products. Maxarome® Pure and Maxarome® Select contain highly neutral taste-enhancing nucleotides to provide a lingering salty taste in milder culinary flavoured products, while Multirome® LS contains less salt and requires only a third of the dose than other basic yeast extracts to deliver a long-lasting and well-balanced umami taste in soups, crisps and dressings. When paired with Maxavor® YE All Natural and the Maxagusto™ range of all natural process flavours, these ingredients can deliver authentic and intense chicken, beef, roast and vegetable flavours in a wide variety of low sodium applications. All the ingredients in DSM’s low sodium toolbox are 100 percent natural, Kosher and Halal certified, offering a natural and effective way of reducing sodium without compromising on taste. “Sodium reduction remains a key priority for many of our customers”, comments Dennis Rijnders, Business Line Manager at DSM Food Specialties. “Initiatives, such as World Salt Awareness Week have educated consumers and pushed the demand for low sodium products to an all time high. However, many sodium reduction solutions have not been able to deliver the taste consumers expect and manufacturers were often faced with difficult choices. With the DSM toolbox we’re now able to offer our customers a unique five step approach, allowing them to formulate healthy, yet delicious products”.

Contact DSM Food Specialties on tel +31 15 279 3474or visit

BHJ SCANPRO FCP 75/SF and BE 50 Global protein manufacturer BHJ Ingredients introduced the world’s first functional chicken protein at IFFA in May, in Frankfurt. SCANPRO FCP 75/SF will be particularly appealing to global poultry and chicken meat processors looking to add value and save on recipe costs without compromise on quality or flavour. It offers outstanding technical benefits such as improved texture, firmness and succulence with an excellent protein to water binding ratio 1-8. Allergen free, SCANPRO FCP 75/SF can also improve slicing yields and reduce purge in pack for manufacturers of reformed, injected, ground and emulsified chicken products. Ideal for use in a wide range of chicken applications including cold meats, marinated chicken, nuggets, burgers and meat balls. BHJ’s SCANPRO FCP 75/SF is halalapproved and available to all specialist meat


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processors and manufacturers sourcing halal ingredients for chicken-based products. “SCANPRO FCP 75/SF is a major development for the global poultry meat processing industry,” commented Asger S. Jacobsen, CEO and President of BHJ Ingredients Worldwide. He said: “Following worldwide demand for a functional chicken protein, we are confident there is a real appetite for our latest product innovation. “Our strong team of sales and technical experts will be on hand throughout the exhibition to show customers how they can improve their products and thereby strengthen their business.” BHJ Ingredients UK has also introduced its first heat stable functional beef blend specifically for use in ground beef recipes. GMO-free, SCANPRO BE 50 provides

proven technical benefits such as improved texture and slicing combined with reduced cook loss. It offers outstanding benefits and recipe cost savings for manufacturers of kebabs, burgers and other ground meat products. With its heat stable qualities, SCANPRO BE 50 will be of particular interest to meat manufacturers processing doner kebab type products where structure, texture and slicing are fundamental. “The demand for a heat stable beef protein based solution has been growing significantly,” commented Richard Parnell, Sales and Marketing Director of BHJ Ingredients UK Ltd. “We remain committed to expanding our protein portfolio and working closely with meat manufacturers to offer both technical and cost saving benefits.”

Contact BHJ Ingredients UK on tel 0121 521 4300 or visit

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All DSM’s Savoury Meadow Cheese production sites secures Halal awarded certification DSM Food Specialties’ Savoury production sites in the Netherlands and China have both been awarded the FSSC 22000 food safety certification. Gaining this certification demonstrates that DSM savoury ingredients as well as their manufacturing processes meet the highest level of internationally recognized safety standards. The certification reaffirms DSM’s commitment to its customers to invest in its manufacturing operations to deliver the best quality products around the world. Recently, the company also announced its investment of EUR20m in a spray-drying facility at its Dutch site in Delft to deliver consistent quality yeast extracts with maximum speed for the savoury food industry. FSSC 22000 is an independent food safety certification system that has been developed by the Foundation for Food Safety Certification. It looks in depth at how companies safeguard their food safety processes and asks for scientific evidence of their effectiveness. For example, the certification not only looks at if procedures for cleaning machinery and equipment are in place, but also requires companies to prove that these procedures are implemented to the right standard and have the desired results. Other elements scrutinized are, among others, the construction of the facility, the efficient supply of air, water, energy, and other utilities, the maintenance of equipment and the quality of waste disposal measures. The FSSC 22000 is one of the key food safety management system recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative and recently confirmed as a robust and transparent standard to cover the whole of the food supply chain. The DSM savoury ingredients production sites in Delft and China specialize in the production of yeast extracts and process flavours that give unique delicious taste to a wide range of savoury products, including snacks, soups, bouillons, and sauces. In this way DSM helps food manufacturers to provide consumers with convenient, homemade tasting foods with the option for reduced sodium for additional health benefits. Besides the FSSC 22000 certification, the manufacturing sites in Delft and China also hold the ISO 9001 quality certification as well as the ISO 14001 environmental certification.

Contact DSM Food Specialties on tel +31 15 279 3474 or visit

Leading dairy ingredients company, Meadow Cheese has secured Halal certification for two products used extensively in ready meals and pizza production. Meadow Cheese’s Cheese Analogue and White Analogue Cheeses – processed cheese often used as a replacement to natural cheese in a number of applications to ensure both taste and price consistency in the finished product - have been certified by Halal Food Authority (HFA). Robert Kennedy Marketing Manager at Meadow Cheese said: “There is increased demand for Halal certified products from food manufacturers keen to meet the needs of younger Muslims who want to eat Western food such as pizza but do not want to compromise their religious beliefs. We are delighted that the HFA has inspected the process of manufacture for these two cheese products and certified them in accordance with their Halal Standard.” Contact Meadow Cheese on tel 01531 631300 or visit


Kalsec® expands capacity and representation As a result of growing demand for naturallysourced ingredients, Kalsec® has expanded its manufacturing capabilities with a new finishing centre for its natural spice, herb and vegetable extracts. The finishing centre is named after Harry Todd in recognition of 50 years of dedicated service at Kalsec®. Todd began his career in 1963 with a variety of entry level assignments, eventually progressing to his current position as vice president of manufacturing. During his tenure at Kalsec®, Todd completed his education with a degree in industrial engineering and a minor in chemistry. “We look forward to supplying our customers from this state-of-the-art facility, and to honouring Harry Todd, who models the company's long-term commitment to continuous improvement, quality and customer satisfaction,” says D. Scott Nykaza, Kalsec Chief Operating Officer. The multi-million dollar investment will provide increased flexibility and automation in the standardization and packaging of the complete line of Kalsec® liquid spice, herb and vegetable extracts. Constructed almost entirely at the hands of local contractors, the

finishing centre includes significant resources devoted to ensuring the highest levels of product quality and food safety standards. Kalsec® also announced that Connell Brothers Company (India) are the new distributor of Kalsec products to the Indian and Bangladeshi markets. “Connell Brothers Company (India) is a very natural fit for Kalsec. With their experience, dedication to customer service and market knowledge across the food and beverage industries, we are looking forward to developing new relationships in this highly dynamic and growing marketplace,” said Paul Filby, Vice President of International Business for Kalsec. Connell Brothers Company (India) is an importer and distributor of specialty ingredients and chemicals for food and other applications. Established in 1999, Connell Brothers has been a valued ingredient supplier to the food and beverage industry in India and also in Bangladesh since 2006. The company is headquartered in Mumbai, India, with facilities in Delhi and a technical sales network across India.

Contact Kalsec on tel 01638 715011 or visit

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AkzoNobel and Givaudan collaborate In a unique collaboration, the world's leading vacuum salt producer, AkzoNobel Salt Specialties, has joined forces with Givaudan, leading flavour and fragrance company, to address the challenges of sodium reduction for processed meat. The resulting one-to-one salt replacer, Suprasel® OneGrain® TS-M100, looks, tastes, flows, blends and dissolves in the same way as regular salt. Using AkzoNobel’s OneGrain® technology the new product combines salt, potassium chloride and flavour in each single grain, ensuring the same processing and storage properties as regular salt. Universally applicable across a broad range of processed meat products the product can help manufacturers reduce sodium by up to 40 percent. Commenting on the launch of the new product Jan Svärd, Managing Director of AkzoNobel Functional Chemicals, which includes Salt Specialties, said: “This ground breaking partnership has delivered an easy-touse solution that will simplify new product development, reducing time to market for low sodium processed meat without compromising on taste and food safety”.

AkzoNobel Salt Specialties worked in collaboration with Givaudan to incorporate the industry leading TasteSolutions™ flavour technology in Suprasel® OneGrain® TSM100. The flavour has been specifically designed to restore the salt profile and eating qualities for reduced-sodium processed meat. Mauricio Graber, President, Flavour Division of Givaudan commented: “Working in partnership with a salt company such as AkzoNobel Salt Specialties is a new and innovative approach to reducing sodium levels in the food industry. Through this partnership we have been able to combine Givaudan’s flavour expertise with AkzoNobel’s salt delivery technology to create a product which brings additional performance benefits to processed meat manufacturers.” Suprasel® OneGrain® TS-M100 has been developed to meet European requirements. AkzoNobel Salt Specialties and Givaudan see this as the first of a new generation of sodium reduction systems, as the combination of technologies is applicable to many other areas of the food industry where taste, functionality and handling are key considerations when reducing sodium levels.

Contact AkzoNobel Salt Specialties on tel +31 074 244 9111 or visit

New flavour company opens in China Virginia Dare, a leading American flavour company, and We-e Flavors of China have joined together to establish a new full service flavour company based in Shanghai. The two firms signed a joint venture agreement on December 31, 2012. The new venture will allow both companies to better capitalize on business opportunities in China, one of the world’s largest and fastest growing economies. We-e’s existing understanding of the Chinese market will provide Virginia Dare with a turn-key operation in China. Virginia Dare brings its vast flavour portfolio, applications experience, technology base, and internationally recognized expertise in vanilla, tea and coffee to the joint venture. These strengths will be complemented by We-e Flavors extensive flavour portfolio and local market business knowledge. Virginia Dare President, Howard Smith Jr said: “A joint venture with a local champion makes our entry into China unique. It brings us closer to our customers in China and provides us with immediate access and cultural knowledge in a critical market.” We-e Flavours, under the management of founder Aaron Gao, has achieved strong

annual growth since its creation in 2006. Mr Gao has previously held top management positions at major international food and flavour companies, and will continue as the General Manager of the new joint venture. Commenting on the company’s success, Mr Gao said: “We can attribute We-e’s great success to the company’s deep understanding of its home market’s taste preferences and culinary diversity, full range of flavour products, regional approach to sales, and unparalleled technical support services.” The synergies created by the new venture will bring both companies’ customers a multitude of benefits such as exciting new flavour offerings, expanded knowledge of both global and Chinese markets and new product concepts for customers worldwide. The venture will proudly use the new Chinese name “wei yi wei de”, which references the strength of great flavour, along with the long standing Virginia Dare name. The company will operate from the site of the former We-e Flavors which is conveniently located just south of Shanghai’s city. The facility has full flavour creation, product application, and production capabilities.

Contact Virginia Dare on tel +33 178 414094 or visit


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Givaudan new savoury facility in Nantong, China Givaudan, world leading fragrance and flavour company, has laid the foundation for its new world-class, manufacturing facility dedicated to savoury flavours, in Nantong, China. Qiang Qiang, Vice Party Secretary & Director of Nantong Economic & Technological Development Area (NETDA) joined Givaudan’s CEO Gilles Andrier at the ground-breaking ceremony. Located in the heart of the most economically developed area of China, the new facility will substantially increase Givaudan’s current savoury production capacity and enable it to serve customers in China more efficiently. Representing a total investment of RMB335m (CHF50m) – it is Givaudan’s largest investment in China since 2006. The new site is expected to be fully operational in 2015 and will employ over 100 staff. Culinary flavour blends, snack seasonings, spray dries and process flavours will be produced at the new facility to meet rising demand from Chinese customers for innovative and creative flavour and taste solutions. The new facility will meet the highest global quality standards including adherence to the strictest allergen management principles. Speaking at the ceremony, Gilles Andrier, CEO of Givaudan SA said: “The Nantong savoury plant supports Givaudan’s global strategic initiatives to grow our business in emerging markets such as China. These markets offer immense market potential due to ongoing urbanisation and rise of disposable income. The new Nantong facility demonstrates Givaudan's 25 year-long history and commitment to continue to meet the growing needs from our Chinese customers and their consumers for innovative products and great taste experiences. “By investing in Nantong, we are building a world-class flavours facility with the industry-leading technologies and know-how, and we aim to be an employer of choice and a good corporate citizen in the thriving city of Nantong,” added Gilles. The China flavours market has a total market potential of RMB1bn (CHF149m) and Compound Annual Growth Rate is expected to reach 6.6 percent by 2015*. China remains one of the most significant emerging markets for Givaudan. *According to Euromonitor Report Contact Givaudan on tel + 41 44 824 2424 or visit




ULMA promoting total packaging solutions New drink is Upbeat and well protected Special sleeves incorporating UV protection from CCL Decorative Sleeves are being used to protect and enhance the quality of a new range of high protein dairy drinks, as well as creating a distinctive on-shelf presence for the brand. Upbeat® drinks – available in strawberry and mango & passion fruit flavours – have been launched by the Good Whey Co, part of Volac, a family owned British business with more than 40 years experience in extracting whey protein from milk. The Upbeat® drinks range is the result of an immense amount of R&D to create a great tasting dairy drink that is also full of essential protein. Each 250g bottle contains 20g of protein. The new drink is a high quality fresh product and it was therefore essential that its packaging projected a premium image and distinguished it from traditional UHT drinks. At the same time, the product needed to be effectively protected from UV light degradation, which could adversely affect its taste and shelf life. The Good Whey Co has selected a customdesigned PET bottle with a tapered waist. To protect the product, CCL Decorative Sleeves has developed a full body shrink sleeve label in white, cavitated PET that ensures excellent

opacity. In addition, the sleeve is printed with a UV absorbing lacquer. Equally important, the 360° landscape of the sleeve provides the space for the iconic ‘Upbeat’ cartoon design that creates an eyecatching appearance for maximum on-shelf appeal, while there is also room for essential product information and nutritional details. The sleeves, which wrap tightly around the contours of the bottle, are flexo printed in nine colours with a matt silk finish that is smooth to the touch and further reinforces the brand’s quality positioning. CCL Decorative Sleeves was selected for the project thanks to the company’s technical knowledge and skills and its ability to provide effective customer support during the project’s development. “Upbeat is a unique high quality drink and it was very important that the packaging reflected this,” explains General Manager, Ivor Harrison. “The high impact sleeves maximise the effect of the stylish bottle to create a totally different look and feel that help to convey an impression of health and fun, while also protecting the quality of the drink. We have been very grateful for Decorative Sleeves’ input and assistance throughout the project.”

Contact CCL Decorative Sleeves on tel 01553 769319 or visit

Ulma Packaging’s impressive range of packaging and automated line solutions were demonstrated at the Total Show, headlined by the first appearance at a UK exhibition of the Artic Horizontal Flowrapper with integrated Case Packer. Making its show debut, the Artic flow wrapper was exhibited integrated with Rama Srl’s (Ulma’s strategic partner) case packer to demonstrate shelf ready presentation. It is state-of-the-art equipment designed for fresh food products and comes with complete MAP for extended shelf life packaging. The Artic’s high speed long dwell sealing head, characterised by an ‘oval’ motion profile in the jaw, assures perfectly hermetic sealed packs at high production speeds. Also taking centre stage on Ulma’s imposing stand at the NEC was the Vertical VTC700, one of the most technologically advanced form fill and seal machines on the market. The versatile VTC700 vertical bagging machine wraps at speeds of up to 140 cycles per minute and can adapt to different bag formats and film types. It is ideally suited to high output, while the use of quality materials and advanced hygiene systems satisfy key industry requirements such as ergonomics, ease of cleaning and low maintenance.

Contact Ulma Packaging on tel 01909 506504 or visit

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The TLM Transmodule makes flexibility easy Research and development work on the TLM Transmodule continues unabated. Gerhard Schubert has announced new innovations to the freely programmable single-axis robot which moves on a section of rail within TLM packaging lines. Among other things, the design is becoming more compact, the maximum acceleration is increasing to 8 m/s2 and wireless data transfer via WLAN will be twice as fast in the future. Development of the patented Transmodule follows the same principle as all TLM system components: less machinery and more intelligence ensure maximum flexibility. The current development phase is complete, and the new performance standard will be in place starting in the summer of 2013. This includes the conversion to the Uni 5 VMS controller generation. The individual Transmodule will still be 600 mm long. Since its introduction in 2009, around 1,600 Transmodules have been in use in packaging machines across the globe. Despite the fact that creating solutions with the Transmodule has become routine for Schubert engineers, they continue to be surprised by what this innovation makes possible. When transporting products and packaging, the Transmodule is not encumbered by mechanical equipment

which is otherwise usually required for cycling in, buffering and backing up, for example. The autonomous robot can move on a section of path in sync and in coordination with the filling process and then proceed with the pickand-place process continuously and in a controlled manner. The processes involved are optimally decoupled. It is possible to fill four boxes, erect two more and close another one in a section, all at the same time. In addition to the transport of products and packaging, the Transmodule is essential for another Schubert innovation. During a fully automatic tool change, it transports the tools back and forth. The Transmodule also enables great flexibility in the TLM filling line presented in 2012. Among other things, it plays a decisive role in the gravimetric filling process. The possibilities of solving known challenges of primary and secondary packaging (and beyond) in a new and intelligent way are nowhere near being exhausted. Gerald Schubert is sure of that. In response to inquiries from the assembly department, he said: "The history of the Transmodule is still being told. I'm sure there are many more very exciting chapters to come."

Contact Gerhard Schubert on tel +49 7951 4000 or visit

Chadwicks Sleeves perfectly clear results Chadwicks, a Clondalkin Group company has developed a new shrink sleeve branding solution for the well-known Perfectly Clear flavoured-water drinks range. Following Contract Bottling acquiring the agreement to produce the Perfectly Clear range in January, it is the first time that shrink sleeves have been used on the Perfectly Clear brand, and include seven variants for its 500ml bottles of still and sparkling flavoured water. Mark Bell, Operations Director at Contract Bottling said: “This range was a significant investment for us and the product finish was crucial. We wanted to give the brand a refresh, but had a limited amount of time. We have a long-standing relationship with Chadwicks and were confident that their shrink sleeve solution would provide us with what we needed. “The shrink sleeves offered shorter lead

times and a higher quality finish than the wraparound labels, and meant we could utilise more of the bottle for branding. Chadwicks’ technical expertise and quick response means we have been able to produce the Perfectly Clear drinks range with a distinctive, addedvalue finish.” Decorative shrink sleeves offer a sophisticated packaging solution; applied to a container with the addition of heat there is no glue line and the 360 degree printing area allows for maximum shelf appeal. Claire Adams, Sales Manager at Chadwicks, said: “This was a quick turnaround project and we worked very closely with Contract Bottling to ensure we achieved the required look for the entire range. We are delighted with the end result which demonstrates our ability to deliver innovative, high impact packaging solutions quickly and cost effectively.”

Contact Chadwicks Sleeves on tel 0161 763 2100 or visit


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Award-winning Sick deTec4 Core The launch of the Sick deTec4 Core introduces the next-generation of safety light curtain, setting new performance standards in efficiency, installation and reliability for FMCG goods handling and packaging applications. As well as meeting the latest EN standards, the deTec4 Core has no blind zones offering optimum positioning and protection against unsafe access whilst enabling ongoing efficient operation. “Sick has been a leader and innovator in safety light curtains for more than 60 years and we believe the deTec4 sets a new best-in-class benchmark for singlesided access protection,” says Dr Martin Kidman, Sick (UK) Safety Specialist. “It is progress that has been recognised with an International Forum (iF) Product Design Award,” he adds. “The DeTec4 is very easy to install and commission with an automatic range measurement of up to 10m. Once set up it operates economically and reliably.” Through the space saving, robust design of the Sick deTec4 safety distances can be minimised to achieve best-possible machine integration as well as higher operator productivity. The Sick deTec4 Core offers protective field heights in increments from 300mm to 2100mm and a choice of finger (14mm) or hand (30mm) resolution providing protection against operator intervention in accordance with EN ISO 13855 up to 10m. In addition, it complies with performance level “e” (EN ISO 13849), Type 4 (IEC61496) and SIL 3 (IEC61508). As the deTec4 Core sensor works only in protective mode, configuration and range adjustment is automatic requiring no additional set-up; diagnostic codes are simple and additional functions can be set up via safety relays, or the Sick Flexi Classic or Flexi Soft safety controllers. A combination of the innovative mounting bracket configuration, semicircular contours and alignment LED’s greatly facilitate the alignment process meaning the SIickdeTec4 Core can be installed quickly and easily in seconds. The Sick deTec4 Core benefits from an IP67 enclosure and an operating temperature range from -30 C to +55 C guaranteeing operation in harsh conditions and a variety of demanding industrial environments. Contact Sick (UK) on tel 01727 831121 or visit

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New Re-lock packaging range As part of its ongoing strategy to increase focus on the chilled food and snacks market, specialist manufacturer of high quality plastics food packaging Færch Plast has developed a new Re-lock packaging tray with a convenient re-closeable feature. The latest innovation developed by the dedicated in-house design team at Færch Plast incorporates an integral peelable film rather than a separate or hinged lid, saving on the amount of material used, leading to cost-savings as well as the production of more environmentally friendly packaging. Produced using APET for its high clarity, the Re-lock products are ideally suited to cold foods and snacks, such as fruit, salad, dips and cold meats, where consumers like to see the contents in order to assess their freshness. The new Re-lock range features three variations on the re-closeable film lid principal, each designed to make it easier for consumers to peel back the film whilst avoiding the traditional issues experienced, such as the film peeling off in its entirety. Suitable for MAP sealing, and available in a wide range of tray shapes and sizes, the new products dispense with the need for resealing film. Depending on which of the three closures is used, consumers re-cover the product either by clicking a tab that is attached to the film into place or slipping a tab through a pre-cut opening in the packaging. Comments Joe Iannidinardo, Managing Director, Faerch Plast UK: “If the food from a Re-lock container is not eaten in one sitting, consumers will now have the option of re-closing the tray and saving it for another time, without the need for a separate lid or an alternative means of covering the contents, such as cling film or foil.”

Contact Faerch Plast on tel 020 8254 2301 or visit

RPC Llantrisant cracks the code for quality RPC Containers Llantrisant has designed and produced a custom-moulded 1-litre PET bottle for the market-leading DaVinci Gourmet range of coffee syrups as part of Kerry Foodservice’s move to create a global visual identity for the brand. The new bottle imitates the shape of the previous 750ml size but the additional volume offers enhanced benefits and convenience to operators. The choice of PET provides excellent clarity to enable the syrups to be clearly visible and reflect the premium image of the DaVinci brand, while offering light weight, easy handling and resistance to breakage, all of which are vital benefits in busy café and kitchen environments.

The striking bottle design features the DaVinci Gourmet name embossed onto the shoulder of the bottle. This is used to help position the main label on the bottle and there is an additional wraparound label on the neck. “As part of the rationalisation of the range, we wanted to create a standard universal size bottle, but it was essential that we retained a great looking pack that conveyed both quality and value,” explains Anthony Wilkinson, Kerry Foodservice Marketing Manager. “RPC Llantrisant has delivered on all our requirements and it is additionally pleasing that we have been able to source a solution locally.”

Contact Containers RPC Containers Llantrisant on tel 01443 225520 or visit

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Let’s go for a dip Two new dips in the TexMex range from Santa Maria, the biggest Nordic supplier of spices and tastes of the world, now come in a handy packaging solution – a 215ml SuperLock container with click-on screw lid from RPC Superfos. The products, TexMex Onion & Garlic and TexMex Chunky Salsa provide a great add-on to any Mexican style meal. Packaging Development Technologist, Åsa Yhlen from Santa Maria appreciates the new pot. “I believe that plastic as a packaging material will keep gaining ground. Glass is great but takes up a lot of space on the pallet. The stacking facility of the SuperLock pot makes it easy to handle in connection with the filling process.” “Another good thing is that we can skip a working procedure thanks to in-mould labelling, which means that the label is fused directly onto the surface of the plastic moulding. So the need for subsequent labelling is eliminated and this makes the filling process more efficient.” In-mould labelling has an additional advantage: The labels are in clear and sparkling

colours and not susceptible to peeling. Design options are vast and include a see-through area. And to find a suitable look for the dip packaging, Santa Maria worked with a design agency. As part of the pot is transparent, the colour of the dip has an impact on the overall impression: Garlic & Onion is white, Chunky Salsa is red and obviously each label design had to integrate the colour of the dip. Santa Maria is a very well-known brand in the Nordic countries for spices and taste sensations from Thailand, India and Mexico. It belongs to the Finnish Paulig Group and constantly works with product development involving all parts of a cooperation that is driven by curiosity, innovation and a fervent interest for good taste. As such, the SuperLock packaging solution is a great match: it is a multi-award winner specially designed to meet barrier demands. Convenience products can stay on shelf twice as long, or even three times longer, in SuperLock thanks to the combination of membrane sealing and barrier protection that is possible on all surfaces.

Contact RPC Superfos on tel +45 5911 1110 or visit

Ulma unveils flow wrapper As part of its exciting 2013 marketing plans, Ulma Packaging is launching into the UK a new horizontal flow wrapper which has been specifically designed for the fruit and vegetable fresh produce sector, bakery, confectionery, snacks and general food markets. The FR 305, is the latest development from the innovative manufacturer and incorporates a rotary jaw, a streamlined simple to operate console and an ergonomically designed cantilever to reduce debris accumulation, making cleaning and sanitising far easier. Building on the success of earlier Ulma Packaging machines, this latest model has been built around a state of the art PC processor which stores up to 99 different packaging profiles, enabling a high level of flexibility for different product changeovers. Key features include two independent motors that are synchronised electronically, easy service access and left to right operating direction. The standard in-feed conveyor is two metres in length, which is suitable for most food applications. However, Ulma Packaging can also offer bespoke options, for those packaging unusual sized products. Other innovations include an easy access reel holder to simplify the loading of heavy film rolls. When operational the machine produces a three sealing pillow pack, making it ideal for durable and non-durable items. This includes

packs for bread, cakes, almost all types of fruit and vegetable together with numerous nonfood items. The FR 305 uses a longitudinal sealing system with the cross seals being made by rotary sealing jaws, making the machine very flexible. Control of the FR 305 is managed via an operator console which enables the bag length, pusher position and the height adjustment to all be managed from a touch screen. All the machine status parameters settings and fault diagnostics are handled by the same screen. To support the FR 305, Ulma Packaging provides a number of different optional addons. These include a shrink film variant, a Dcam type jaw version for laminated films, a stainless steel model suitable for wet or high risk environments and also a number of different auto feeding solutions. Other options include a ‘no product – ‘no bag" function, a ‘misplaced product safety" function, a print registration photocell and various end of line printing solutions. Commenting, Ulma Packaging Sales Director, Derek Paterson said “2013 is an exciting year for Ulma and we will be making a number of important announcements as the year progresses. The first of these comprise the launch of the FR 305, a highly advanced food packer and the integration of automation and display machines into one single solution.”

Contact Ulma Packaging on tel 01909 506504 or visit


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Integrated ISO verifier means 100 percent QA Bar code verification procedures demanded by retailers to ensure label legibility at every point in the supply chain can now be carried out automatically to ISO standards as part of the labelling process, using a new high speed quality control system launched at Total by print & apply specialist Logopak. It allows all pallet and case labels to be verified, rather than samples taken from a run, and the labels graded to ISO or ANSI standards laid down by GS1, the international bar code standards organisation. "Up to now verifying instruments have required calibration and controlled lighting conditions such as a QA lab could provide, so manual sampling methods were employed on an off-line basis to ensure that labels would read and avoid severe financial penalties from retailers," explains Logopak Sales Director Howard Jagger. “Even so there was no guarantee that every label would meet the retailers' standards and rogue labels could pass through undetected, possibly triggering a penalty of £500 or more.” The Logopak system replaces scientific instruments with an industrial-quality unit using technology licensed exclusively from verification specialist Axicon and an innovative mechanical design that integrates verification with the print & apply machine, so allowing all labels to be checked continuously as they are applied. It provides full evaluation of the bar code characteristics as laid down by GSl, as well as diagnostic data for remedial action should a bar code fail to meet the standard set. “This ensures that bar codes can be read by different scanners in different circumstances along the supply chain, such as light levels, distance and conveyor speeds,” explains Howard Jagger. “Scanners typically fitted to print & apply labellers will only tell you that the bar code is the right code and good enough to be read by that particular scanner, under the conditions at that time, but nothing more. Only a verifier to ISO/IEC 15426-1, as used in the Logopak system, can give the quality grading demanded by retailers.” Contact Logopak International on tel 01904 692333 or visit

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Integration and automation from Ishida Focusing on some of the major areas where the company enjoys global market leadership, including weighing and sealing equipment and quality control systems, the Ishida Europe stand at the Total Processing and Packaging Show demonstrated how automation and integration can deliver improved efficiencies, maximum throughput and fast return on investment. Highlights on the stand included the UK exhibition début of Ishida’s latest multihead weigher model, officially launched in May. Also making its first appearance was a new semi-automatic tray sealer, alongside latest developments in X-ray and checkweigher technology as well as a high-performance snack food packing system. The new semi-automatic QX300-FLEX traysealer is ideal for growing businesses or new product development work. Offering the same performance and pack appearance as its larger QX Flex family members, the QX-300 combines high sealing pressure with precise control of the sealing time and temperature to deliver the highest seal integrity for optimum shelf-life and perfect pack presentation. Quality control solutions on display include Ishida’s latest checkweigher, the DACS-G, which features a new Ishidadesigned, exceptionally fast and accurate loadcell that is able to operate with great reliability in the harshest of environments. It can also switch between two weighing capacities to allow a larger product range to be packed on one line. The DACS-G was demonstrated using Ishida’s just-launched IDCS II (Ishida Data Capture System). This advanced system provides powerful data monitoring and analysis for every pack that goes across the checkweigher in order to help improve Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), monitor packing line performance, enhance the profitability of production lines and generally enable food packers and processors to manage their operations more efficiently. Ishida says that its new IDCS II can typically pay for itself with only a few weeks of use.

Contact Ishida Europe on tel 0121 607 7700 or visit

Holfeld speed up integrated soft fruit packing lines Holfeld continues to be committed to innovation and technological breakthroughs assisting the sector to maintain profitability with their latest auto de-nest technology. As a first-to-market Holfeld Plastics has developed a ‘one size fits all’ auto de-nestable range of punnets across its standard crate fit G81 portfolio. Holfeld’s G81 auto de-nest punnet range offer distinct benefits to the industry packhouse: Automation in packhouse for optimal filling of crates with empty punnets; Clear efficiencies in the packhouse through improved utilisation of space and product flow; Enhanced packhouse throughput optimising on packhouse personnel and reducing filling lines ‘bottle necks’; There is a Standard de-nest gap across the full G81 range of punnets (40mm to 85mm

depths) and as a consequence with no adjustment to the de-nesters line changeovers are speeded up; In conventional de-nesting punnet distortion can be a major problem with irrecoverable shape changes retaining a deformed memory – auto de-nest gives rise to a more reliable sealing jig fit and a more assured finished product. It is a major breakthrough for Holfeld Plastics and the Industry. Soft fruit packhouses, marketing desks, growers and distributors now have a firm and trusted partner in automation. Frank Coleman, Operations Director at Holfeld Plastics said: “In this difficult climate for everyone we are determined to continue to meet our customer’s expectations through the development of innovation resulting in significant packhouse overhead savings”.

Contact Holfeld Plastics on tel +353 4024 1234 or visit

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Ilapak at this year’s Total Exhibition New product developments were the focus of Ilapak’s stand at this year’s Total Processing and Packaging Exhibition. The company display included an upgraded version of the Delta 3000LDR flowrapper with enhanced sealing capabilities and new control system, the Vegatronic 4000 continuous film motion. The Delta 3000LDR is a well-established, inverted, electronic flowrapper designed to produce hermetically sealed modified atmosphere packs at speeds of up to 140 packs a minute. Feeding film into the machine from below the level of the product flow means that loose products can be placed directly onto the film, ensuring exceptional hygiene and efficient handling of products such as tortillas, sliced meats, cheeses, fish and bakery products. High integrity sealing is ensured by the Delta’s sealing head with ‘oval’ jaw motion profile to ensure a long dwell time and this has now been redesigned to give increased pressure and even greater reliability. The machine’s control system has also been updated and now uses only commercially available electronic components, an industrial Nexcom PC with ABB Servo drives and stateof-the-art B & R input/output. This not only improves reliability but ensures spare parts are available worldwide from internationally acclaimed component manufacturers. An iPhone or iPad can automatically communicate with the Delta’s computer to

enable remote access for production monitoring or maintenance. Also new is the high performance, three belt, lugless infeed system. Higher speeds can be fed ‘luglessly’ but require additional feeding belts – up to six belts can be used to give a maximum speed of 140ppm. Ilapak’s Vegatronic 4000 continuous film motion (CFM) vertical, form, fill and seal (VFFS) machine with open frame design is ideal for deep-frozen, wet or fresh foods where strict hygiene standards and ease of machine cleaning are a priority; the machine’s openframe design allows components to be constantly monitored as the frame is fully open and accessible. This ensures fast access for servicing and maintenance, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency and productivity as well as greater hygiene as dirt cannot accumulate. The machine’s continuous film motion concept allows products to be packed without pausing, slowing or stopping the product, ensuring gentler handling, faster production speeds (up to 120 ppm) and improved efficiency. A number of new enhancements have been incorporated into the Vegatronic 4000’s design including a new, more robust front safety guard, new rear and side safety guards providing easier access to the machine’s printer area and a redesigned, more hygienic cabinet design for easier cleaning.

Contact Ilapak on tel 0208 797 2000 or visit

Sacmi Labelling Formsleeve+ The new modular Formsleeve+ labelling machine from Sacmi Labelling provides a more versatile design, more flexible material choice and better management: Its efficiency allows the costs of plastic material to be reduced by up to 20 percent The Formsleeve+ machine is a true revolution in the world of labelling. It is capable of guaranteeing a reduction in the costs of plastic material by up to 20 percent, increasing productivity, reaching 20,000 labels per roll along with the labelling speed reaching up to 50,000 BPH. The modular labelling machine allows sleeves to be produced and applied from MDO (machine direction orientation) rolls of film. During the process, the sleeve is sealed with a laser source controlled by a high-speed scanner. A tunnel

placed at the labelling machine outlet completes the heat-shrink process. Remarkable quality combined with substantial savings are guaranteed by integration between label production and the labelling process while flexibility with regards to the various types of materials handled and production requirements is made possible by the Roll Fed technology. All this without producing any toxic gas during the process, thanks to the use of a laser. “The best solution currently available on the market,” said John Pasqua, Labelling Division Sales Director said. All Sacmi solutions are equipped with vision systems, incorporated in the line or stand alone to assure accurate quality control of the finished product.

Contact Sacmi Labelling on tel +39 045 634 7511 or visit


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Endoline’s latest high speed case erector Endoline’s latest case erector the 248 is designed specifically to handle SRPs. The fully automatic case erector is a high speed, servo driven machine incorporating a glueing system to seal the bottom of each case as it is formed. The use of glue is essential with SRPs as tape interferes with the functionality of the cases at the retailer, but it also supports the higher running speeds made possible by the use of servos while significantly reducing the cost of consumables by eliminating the need for tape. Cleverly designed, the 248 incorporates Endoline’s signature dual opposing vacuum case opener and a top hopper which results in an extremely compact footprint enabling the 248 to be installed as an upgrade in space constrained packing halls as well as in state-ofthe-art new production sites. “A well know multinational food producer recently informed Endoline that it will be looking for an incremental increase in productivity in the order of 25 percent for its next generation production facilities,” remarks Simon Taylor, Endoline’s Sales & Marketing Director. “The innovative use of technology and close cooperation with customers, suppliers and board manufacturers has helped us to dramatically raise the bar in terms of achievable production speeds for packaging machines. Endoline is well placed to meet this challenge with its new generation machinery – we are very excited to be demonstrating these machines at Total this year,” Simon adds. As the recession lingers on, the demands on business are unrelenting. On the one hand, the need to improve efficiency and reduce costs, on the other the need to innovate in order to differentiate from the competition. As a supplier of secondary packaging solutions to the food industry, Endoline is able to contribute on both counts with its high quality secondary packaging solutions. Innovation in this sector is driven significantly, by the retailer, whose productivity is determined largely by the efficiency of its supply chain. The current trend by retailers to make widespread use of shelf ready packaging is easy to understand in terms of operational efficiency, and Endoline has worked with both food producers and board manufacturers to engineer innovative new products designed to work efficiently at high levels of productivity with SRPs.

Contact Endoline on tel 01767 316422 or visit the

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Videojet® unveil expanded portfolio at Total Videojet launched a number of innovative customer confidence boosting additions at the recent Total Processing & Packaging Show. Videojet presented the new 50 series (1550/ 1650) small character inkjet printers as part of its 1000 series range. The Videojet 1650 and Videojet 1550 are designed to minimise planned and unplanned downtime and maximise printer availability. They are ideal for daily and multi-shift applications with line speeds of up to 293mpm and 278.6mpm respectively. Among the features are Dynamic Calibration™ for the optimisation of print quality in changing environmental conditions, CleanFlow™ print head technology to reduce ink build-up for longer runs between print head cleanings and a core life of up to 14,000 hours to extend run times between preventive maintenance. A CLARiTY interface reduces errors, a large, responsive 10.4in touch screen assures easy operation and a Smart Cartridge™ fluid system reduces waste, mess and mistakes. Also new is the compact and easy to set up Videojet 3020, one of the most versatile 10-Watt CO2 lasers on the market. Its scribing laser technology and large marking fields for high quality results on paper, cardboard, plastics and other materials handles both stationary and moving products without a dot matrix look. Features include focus finder for simple adjustment of working distances and automatic signal detection of the encoder and product detector. There is an intuitive operator interface on a touch-screen tablet for easy creation and editing of jobs.

Contact Videojet Technologies on tel 0870 240 5542 or visit

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CSL 24V non-contact accumulation conveyor Conveyor Systems Ltd (CSL) recently launched its new energy efficient 24V noncontact accumulation conveyor (Zero Line Pressure/ZLP) at IMHX 2013. The new 24V Motorised Roller ZLP conveyor is designed to handle most regular shaped products, but is ideally suited for providing smooth transfer of fragile, irregular shaped or high value goods, ‘singulating’ and accumulating online to avoid product contact or line pressure. The conveyors are manufactured with either extruded low profile aluminium side frames or from mild steel construction. Individual product “zones” - normally one per product, are created along the length of the conveyor system, each driven by a reliable, energy efficient 24V brushless motorised roller that is PLC controlled in conjunction with sensors located in each of the driven zones to monitor the path of the products along the

conveyor. These conveyors offer maximum flexibility to handle varying throughput rates, unit sizes and traffic patterns, including ‘singulation’ or ‘train release’ (slugs of products) to support easy and safe removal of packages to/from the conveyor. As specific conveyor zones only run when there are containers present on the line, this drastically reduces energy consumption and noise, whilst also reducing wear and tear of components and therefore contributes to increasing the conveyor system's operational life. CSL can supply single conveyor modules or designed as a complete turnkey system with full integrated controls, installed and commissioned for assembly, packaging/end-ofline and warehousing and order picking applications across a wide range of industries.

Contact Conveyor Systems Ltd on tel 01283 552255 or visit

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Pacepacker launches fast ROI pick and place

Carter Wong rebrands Unilever Cornetto London design company Carter Wong has completed the rebranding of iconic ice cream product the Cornetto. Created some fifty years ago, the brand is shaking off its roots as a seasonal, out of home treat to sit alongside snacks as something to enjoy at home and share any time of the year. The rebrand gives the product a more youthful appeal, aimed at a 14-25 year old market. The visual changes signal and support a range of innovations in the product and product range that will reposition the brand worldwide. The new brand design addresses key issues related to the global reach of the brand. It takes into account language differences, the variable printing capabilities of countries, and most importantly brand recognition. While not rigidly uniform, the new look signals that wherever you are in the world, the Cornetto range is part of a single family. The message across the globe is that the new-style Cornetto provides a full-on journey of tastes and textures from crown to tip, with six deeper flutes on the crown and the all-important chocolate tip at the end. A slightly suggestive strap-line, ‘Enjoy the ride, love the ending’ aimed at a more youthful audience supports much of the design. The visual changes begin with a complete re-design of the Cornetto logo. In its new guise, hand-drawn free-flowing letters reference the swirl of the iconic Unilever Heartmarque, also designed by Carter Wong and recognised the world over. The shaping of the logotype playfully mimics the shape of

the cone, with a large ‘C’ at the top end, tailing off to the ‘tto’ at the tip. This makes the logotype more playful and less ‘corporate’. The new logotype ‘owns the cone’ as it would on a chocolate bar, to become the main graphic element and primary interface with consumers. The easy-to-recognise graphic nature of the word mark avoids language issues. The Unilever Heartmarque appears white on red in a curved ‘swoosh’ on every pack. New colour coding of the Classic single cone and multi-cone packaging give a visual indication of the flavours. The packaging colours draw on familiar universal conventions: blue for Classic Vanilla, red for Strawberry, brown for Chocolate, green for Mint and so-on. The colours are linked to precise pantone references to achieve consistency in every market despite local production. Classic multi-packs have also been given a make-over. Again, these are colour-coded, with appetising images of the cones, ingredients offset against a swirl background. The cones within the multi-packs are given a completely different graphic design based on lively, modern typography intended to discourage the sale of the cones as individual units. Some regional differences have been introduced, without undermining the ‘family’ look, to reflect local market tastes. The re-design is carried across the premium Enigma range, which signals their different recipes with the aid of clear perspex coned lids that reveal an enticing peak of ice cream at the top and chocolate swirl patterns interwoven with their flavour colour coding.

Contact Carter Wong on tel 020 7569 0000 or visit


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Pacepacker Services launched its BluRobot Pick & Place range of second user automation solutions at the Total Processing Packaging Show. The reconditioned solutions, which are ideal for seasonal packers or low volume product producers, are typically half the cost of a new system and can be used to handle primary and secondary packaging including punnets, netted produce, cartons, retailer trays and sacks. The new range, an extension of Pacepacker’s Blu-Robot Palletisers, incorporate a second user high quality FANUC robotic arm, typically originating from the automotive industry, which is approximately 35 percent of the way through its expected 100,000 operational hour lifespan, helping producers automate arduous processes cost effectively and with a fast ROI. Pacepacker reprogrammes, services, paints and fits the appropriate end effector to the system ready for its new occupation before installing the system with a service contract, spares and a one year warranty. “I would defy anyone to identify that we have installed a pre-owned robot; it came delivered as new,” said Blu-Robot customer and potato packer Preva Produce Managing Director, Ian Anderson. The range, which are ideally suited to food producers handling fresh produce, snacks, ready meals and meat trays for example, was recently unveiled by their local Braintree MP, Brooks Newmark who cited, “Pacepacker is a great example of British innovation and technological excellence.”

Contact Pacepacker Services 01371 011544 or visit

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Farleygreene Ltd, Unit 8, Alpha Centre, Alfa Road, Aldershot,

PROCESS VESSELS Holmach Ltd, The Dingle, Pilsgate, Stamford, Lincs PE9 3HW. Tel:01780 749097. Fax:0208 9771818. PROJECT CONSTRUCTION SPECIALISTS TO THE FOOD INDUSTRY KDH Projects Ltd, KDH House, Millfield Road, Donnington, Spalding, Lincs PE11 4UR. Tel:01775 822888. Fax:01775 822892. PUMPS and PUMP MAINTAINANCE AxFlow Ltd, Orton Park, Northfield Avenue, London W13 9SJ. Tel:0208 832 1831. Fax:0208 280 0796 PUMPS-HYGIENIC FOOD (Maso Sine and Peristaltic Pumps) Watson Marlow Pumps, contact Geoff Sanders, Mobile:07799 665533 Office fax/phone:01255 863932. PUMPS-HYGIENIC FOOD Grundfos Pumps Ltd, Grovebury Road, Leighton Buzzard, Beds

Hants GU12 4RG. Tel:01252 322233. Fax:01252 325111. Gough Engineering Ltd, Alderflat Drive, Newstead Industrial Estate, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs ST4 8GE. Tel:01782 654770. Fax:001782 654771. SORTING MACHINES-COLOUR and SHAPE Buhler Sortex Ltd, 20 Atlantis Avenue, London E16 2BF. Tel:0207 055 7777. Fax:0207 055 7700. Radix Systems Ltd, 1 Moorside Place, Moorside Road, Winnall, Winchester, Hants SO23 7FX. Tel:01962 892530. Fax:01962 813354. Satake ESM, Horsfield Way, Bredbury Industrial Estate, Stockport, Cheshire SK6 2FN. Tel:0161 406 3888. Fax:0161 406 3889. SPICE STERILISING EQUIPMENT Holmach Ltd, The Dingle, Pilsgate, Stamford, Lincs PE9 3HW. Tel:01780 749097. Fax:01780 749098.

LU7 4TL. Tel:01525 850000. Fax:01525 853981


Starfrost UK Ltd, Newcombe Road, Lowestoft, Suffolk NR32

READY MEALS LINES Sealpac UK Ltd, Units 1 - 2, The Concept Centre, Innovation Close, Poole, Dorset BH12 4QT. Tel:0845 302 3056. Fax:0845 302 3057.

1XA. Tel:01502 562206. Fax:01502 584104. SPRAY DRYING PLANT European SprayDry Technologies LLP, Regal House, South Road, Harlow, Essex CM20 2BL. Tel.:01279 780250. Fax:01279 780268.




KDH Projects Ltd, KDH House, Millfield Road, Donnington,

Holmach Ltd, The Dingle, Pilsgate, Stamford, Lincs. PE9 3HW.

Spalding, Lincs PE11 4UR. Tel:01775 822888. Fax:01775

Tel:01780 749097. Fax:01780 749098.


F. Jahn & Co. Ltd, 17 Teddington Business Park, Station Road,


Teddington, Middx TW1 1BQ. Tel.:208 977 8822. Fax:0208 977

F. Jahn &Co. Ltd, 17 Teddington Business Park, Station Road,


Teddington, Middx TW1 1BQ. Tel:0208 977 8822. Fax:0208 977



Kemtile Ltd, Unit C3, Taylor Business Park, Warrington Road,

Holmach Ltd, The Dingle, Pilsgate, Stamford, Lincs PE9 3HW.

Warrington, Cheshire WA3 6BLTel:01925 763045. Fax:01925

06. 2 0 13


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763381. THERMOFORM FILL and SEAL MACHINERY Sealpac UK Ltd, Units 1 - 2, The Concept Centre, Innovation Close, Poole, Dorset BH12 4QT. Tel:0845 302 3056. Fax:0845 302 3057. TRAY and UTENSIL WASHING MACHINES Industrial Washing Machines Ltd, Facet Road, King Norton, Birmingham B38 9PT. Tel.:0121 459 9511. Fax:0121 459 9001. Newsmith Stainless Ltd, Fountain Works, Child Lane, Roberttown, Liversedge, West Yorkshire WF15 7PH. Tel.:01924 405988. Fax:01924 403304. Oliver Douglas Ltd, Amberley Works, Chelsea Close, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS12 4HP. Tel.:0113 279 7373. Fax:0113 279 1014. TRAY SEALING MACHINES Sealpac UK Ltd, Units 1 - 2, The Concept Centre, Innovation Close, Poole, Dorset BH12 4QT. Tel:0845 302 3056. Fax:0845 302 3057.

TRAY WASHERS Newsmith Stainless Ltd, Fountain Works, Child Lane, Roberttown, Liversedge, West Yorkshire WF15 7PH. Tel:01924 405988. Fax:01924 403304. Oliver Douglas Ltd, Amberley Works, Chelsea Close, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS12 4HP. Tel.:0113 279 7373. Fax:0113 279 1014. VIBRATORY FEEDERS Cox and Plant Products Ltd, Monument and Tabor Works, Balds Lane, Lye, Stourbridge, West Midlands DY9 8SE. Tel.:01384 895121 Fax:01384 893 611. WALL and CEILING FINISHES Be-Plas Hygienic Walls and Ceilings Ltd, Unit 2, Junction 8 Business Park, Ellesmere Port, Wirral CH65 3AS. Tel:0151 334 5133. Fax:0151 355 7970. Kemtile Ltd, Unit C3, Taylor Business Park, Warrington Road, Warrington, Cheshire WA3 6HT. Tel:01925 763045. Fax:01925 763381.

Raw Materials, Ingredients and Additives ANCHOVY (Fillets, Pastes, Flavourings, Canned Jarred, Tube) La Monegasque UK Ltd, The Priory, High Street, Ware, Herts SG12 9AL. Tel:01920 469107. Fax:01920 486646 E-mail:enquiries@the

Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 742242. Fax:01438 742311.

Meridian Sea, 10 Thornby Road, Estover, Plymouth PL6 7PP. Tel.08702 400172,

PE20 3DJ. Tel:01775 822389. Fax:01775 822443.

ARROWROOT The Essbro Co. Ltd, PO Box 10, 1 South Street, Rochford, Essex SS4 1EZ. Tel:01702 530329. Fax:01702 530331.


CHILLIES (Red and Green Fresh Chopped and Fresh Puréed) JDM Food Group Ltd, Monument Road, Bicker, Boston, Lincs CLEAN LABEL BAKERY INGREDIENTS British Bakels Ltd, Granville Way, Bicester, Oxon OX26 4JT. Tel.:01869 247098. Fax:01869 242979.

BAKERY INGREDIENTS British Bakels Ltd, Granville Way, Bicester. Oxon OX26 4JT. Tel:01869 247098. Fax:01869 242979. E-mail:

COCONUT-Desiccated Cream-Liquid and Powder)

BLUEBERRY, CRANBERRY & POMEGRANATE (AIR DRIED) Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 742242. Fax:01438 742311.

COCONUT PRODUCTS (Powder and Cream)

F.R. Benson & Partners Ltd, 117a New Road, Croxley Green, Rickmansworth, Herts WD3 3EN. Tel:01923 293160. Fax:01923 293168. Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 742242. Fax:01438 742311.


COLOURS (Natural)


Kalsec Europe Ltd, 7 Merlin Park, Fred Dannatt Road,

Markus Products Ltd, Murray Way, Wincanton Business Park,

Mildenhall, Suffolk IP28 7TD. Tel.:01938 715011. Fax:01638

Wincanton, Somerset BA9 9RX. Tel.:01963 435270.


Fax:01963 435271. E-mail:


British Bakels Ltd, Granville Way. Bicester. Oxon OX26 4JT.


Tel:01869 247098. Fax:01869 242979.

Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage,

06. 2 0 13

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Capol UK Ltd, Oaktree Court, Mill Lane, Ness, Cheshire CH64

Herts. SG13 7YH. Tel:01992 825555. Fax:01992 825566.

8TP. Tel:0151 342 8900.


DRIED FRUITS (Sweetened and Unsweetened (also


Fairtrade and Organic)

Tel:07771 716323.

F.R. Benson & Partners Ltd, 117a New Road, Croxley Green,


Rickmansworth, Herts WD3 3EN. Tel:01923 293160. Fax:01923

Food Network Ltd, Keepers Cottage, Chrishall Grange, Royston,


Herts. SG8 7NT. Tel:01763 837000. Fax:0208 464 1551.

EGG POWDERS –Whole, Yolk, Albumen (Also Organic)

F.R. Benson & Partners Ltd, 117a New Road, Croxley Green,

MAPLE SYRUP (Various Grades)

Rickmansworth, Herts WD3 3EN. Tel:01923 293160. Fax:01923 293168. FLAVOURS (Liquid and Powder) Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 742242. Fax:01438 742311.

F.R. Benson & Partners Ltd, 117a New Road, Croxley Green, Rickmansworth WD3 3EN. Tel:01923 293160. Fax:01923 293168. MUSHROOMS (Concentrate, Powder and Dehydrated) F.R. Benson & Partners Ltd, 117a New Road, Croxley Green,

Rickmansworth WD3 3EN. Tel:01923 293160. Fax:01923



Rigest Trading Ltd, Hipocampus House, Hulme Lane, Lower

Peover, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9QQ. Tel:07595 793224.


Kalsec Europe Ltd, 7 Merlin Park, Fred Dannatt Road,


Mildenhall, Suffolk IP28 7RD. Tel:01638. 715011. Fax:01638

F.R. Benson & Partners Ltd, 117a New Road, Croxley Green, Rickmansworth WD3 3EN. Tel:01923 293160. Fax:01923 293168. FRUIT and VEGETABLES (Powders and Flakes and Extracts) F. R. Benson & Partners Ltd, 117a New Road, Croxley Green, Rickmansworth WD3 3EN. Tel:01923 293160. Fax:01923 293168.

715031. Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 742242. Fax:01438 742311. NUT PASTES and Nut PRODUCTS Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 742242. Fax:01438 742311. ORGANIC BAKERY INGREDIENTS


British Bakels Ltd, Granville Way, Bicester, Oxon OX26 4JT.

Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage,

Tel:01869 247098. Fax:01869242979.

Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 742242. Fax:01438 742311. FRUIT JUICE CONCENTRATES and FRUIT PUREES Cobell Ltd, Alphinbrook House, Alphinbrook Road, Exeter EX2 8RG. Tel:01392 430280. Fax:01392 430060. GARLIC and GINGER (Fresh Peeled, Pureed, Chopped and

ORGANIC INGREDIENTS F.R. Benson & Partners Ltd, 117a New Road, Croxley Green, Rickmansworth WD3 3EN. Tel:01923 293160. Fax:01923 293168. ORGANIC VEGETABLES (Roasted or Pureed)


JDM Food Group Ltd, Monument Road, Bicker, Boston, Lincs

Beacon Foods Ltd, Units 3 and 4, Brecon Enterprise Park,

PE20 5DJ. Tel:01775 822389. Fax:01775 822443.

Warren Road, Brecon, Powys LD3 8BT. Tel:01874 622577.

Fax:01874 622123.

PASTA (Durum Wheat Semolina, Egg, Spinach, Tomato,


JDM Food Group Ltd, Monument Road, Bicker, Boston, Lincs

Food Network Ltd, Keepers Cottage, Chrishall Grange, Royston,

PE20 5DJ. Tel:01775 822389. Fax:01775 822443.

Herts. SG8 7NT. Tel:01763 837000. Fax:01763 838280. HERBS and CHILLIES (Frozen, Ambient) S. Black Ltd, Foxholes Business Park, John Tate Road, Hertford, PET FOOD INGREDIENTS Tech-Pet Ltd, 11 Hammond Way, Market Harborough, Leics LE16

06. 2 0 13


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7JW. Tel:01858 434545. Fax:001858 432828. PRESERVATIVES Rigest Trading Ltd, Hippocampus House, Hulme Lane, Lower Peover, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9QQ. Tel:07595 793224.

Beans, Blackeye Beans, Black Turtle Beans, Adzuki Beans,

THAI INGREDIENTS JDM Food Group Ltd, Monument Road, Bicker, Boston, Lincs PE20 3DJ. Tel:01775 822389. Fax:01775822443.

Pinto Beans)

TOMATOES (Canned and Aseptic)

PULSES-CANNED (Red/White Kidney Beans, Chickpeas, Bortolli Beans, Butter Beans, Flageolet Beans, Haricot

Food Network Ltd, Keepers Cottage, Chrishall Grange, Royston, Herts SG8 7NT. Tel:01763 837000. Fax:0208 464 1551. ROAST VEGETABLES and FRUIT Beacon Foods Ltd, Units 3 & 4, Brecon Enterprise Park, Warren Road, Brecon, Powys LD3 3BT. Tel:01874 622577. Fax:01874 622123. JDM Food Group Ltd, Monument Road, Bicker, Boston, Lincs PE20 3DJ. Tel:01775 822389. Fax:0775 822443. SAVOURY FLAVOURS and SNACK FLAVOURS Savoury Flavours Ltd, Units 2B/C, Riverside Avenue West, Lawford, Manningtree, Essex CO11 1UN. Tel;01206 399540. Fax:01206 393345. SEAFOOD POWDERS (all varieties) Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 742242. Fax:01438 742311. SEAWEED (Fresh and Dried) Meridian Sea Ltd, 10 Thornbury Road, Estover, Plymouth PL6 7PP. Tel:08702 400172, SEASONINGS Unbar Rothon Ltd, Radford Crescent, Billericay, Essex CM12 0DR. Tel:01277 632211. Fax:01277 830151. SPECIALITY SUGAR and SPICE Speciality Farm Foods Ltd, Cleave Farm, East Down, Barnstaple, North Devon EX31 4NX. Tel:0845 812 0129. Fax:01271 882843. SPICE OLEORESINS and EXTRACTS Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 742242. Fax:01438 742311. Kalsec Ltd, 7 Merlin Park, Fred Dannatt Road, Mildenhall, Suffolk IP28 7RD. Tel:01638 715011. Fax:01638 715031 SWEETENERS Rigest Trading Ltd, Hippocampus House, Hulme Lane, Lower


Peover, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9QQ. Tel:07595 793224 TAMARINDS The Essbro Co. Ltd, PO Box 10, 1 South Street, Rochford, Essex S64 1EZ. Tel:01702 530329. Fax:01702 530331. E-mail:

06. 2 0 13

Food Network Ltd, Keepers Cottage, Chrishall Grange, Royston, Herts SG8 7NT. Tel:01763 837000. Fax:01783 838280. TUNA (Pouch and Canned) Food Network Ltd, Keepers Cottage, Chrishall Grange, Royston, Herts SG8 7NT. Tel:01763 837000. Fax:01783 838280. E-mail: Website: VEGETABLE and FRUIT JUICE CONCENTRATES F.R. Benson and Partners Ltd, 117a New Road, Crowley Green, Ricksmanworth WD3 3EN. Tel:01923 293160. Fax:01923 293168. VEGETABLE INGREDIENTS-SPECIALITY (Dried/Preserved) L’Aquila Importers and Distributors, 860 Coronation Road, London NW10 7PS. Tel:0208 965 0666.. Fax:0208 965 0999. VEGETABLES (Freeze Dried, Air Dried, Spray Dried, Flakes) Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 742242. Fax:01438 742311. WILD and EXOTIC CULTIVATED MUSHROOMS L’Aquila, Importers & Distributors, 860 Coronation Road, London NW10 7PS. Tel:0208 965 0666. Fax:0208 965 0999 YEAST INACTIVE (Debittered Powder) Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 743242. Fax: 01438 742311. YOGHURT and SOUR CREAM POWDERS (Spray Dried) Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 743242. Fax:01438 742311. ZEST (Orange, Lemon and Lime) Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 742242. Fax:01438 742311.

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Ftr83 062013 978 june