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MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR What packaging can supermarket customers recycle these days? For the last few years there have been enormous efforts made in this country to reduce packaging materials used to protect our food and make it safe. We now have thinner cardboard outer packaging, thinner cans for our canned foods, ever lighter-weight glass containers without mentioning the plethora of plastics materials that have been reduced in thickness. There are now more packs than ever that tell you that they cannot yet be recycled, only in a few local council areas, or only at your local supermarket. So many jobs have been lost in the packaging and converting industries through quantity reductions in the UK. How much time is wasted by all those committees and government-funded organisations to arrive at this situation. We all want to do our bit to save the planet apparently, but we are stymied by regulations that do not necessarily work. We still want to buy a pack of food that does not fall apart. A pack that can be opened safely without the paper ripping, the foil tearing, or simply the weight of the product being too much for the container. There is still a great deal of work to be done. We are lucky in this country as we enjoy a British food industry that has a huge pool of talent from food technologists, engineers, packaging technologists and production people who make sure that our food is safe. Other countries look to the UK to lead in this area, let us make sure that it happens.

Adrian Binsted Editor

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Agents for New Fatosa, Carso, Atm Vacuum Packers, Robot Coupe machines

New & Used refurbished Machines With Warranty Bowl Cutters New Fatosa 120-litre Bowl Cutter, end of Sept Used Rex 200-litre S/S Bowl Cutter & Bowl New Fatosa 35-litre Bowl Cutter S/S Bowl Used Rex 45-litre Bowl Cutter Black Bowl Mincers & Mixer Grinders Used Laska 130 Auto Mincer S/S Used Butcherboy 8in Mincer, 50 HP Used Wolfking 140 Mixer Grinder Used Weiler 868 Grinder, 50 HP Motor Used Weiler Mixer Grinder, 11in plate, 50 HP Used KS 46 HP , Upright Bone Emulsifier Vacuum Packers & Shrink / dip mc’s New ATM Table Top Vacuum Packer, Single-phase New ATM Long Table Top Vacuum Packer for Fish New ATM Packman Single-chamber Vacuum Packer New ATM Large Single-chamber Vacuum Packer New ATM Double-chamber Vacuum Packer Used Cryovac CJ 51 Heat Shrink Tunnel Used Suman semi auto dip tank Used Ilpra Inline Tray Sealer, Model Speedy year 2003 Ulma Flowrapper, Model PV 350 Mixers & Tumblers New Fatosa 80-litre Paddle Mixer, Tipping Used Posentti 250kg Paddle Mixer, Tipping Used Lutetia 400kg Vacuum Tumbler Used Ruhle 56 Needle Injector

Dicers, Flakers, Graters Used Treif Dicer 84 x 84 Chamber Used Biro Bandsaw Sliding Table Used AEW 400 Bandsaw 3-phase, Used GMC Hydrauflaker, Frozen Block Flaker Used Butcherboy Frozen Block Flaker Miscellaneous Used Koppens VM 600 HS Former Used Vemag Robot 500 Vacuum Filler Used Vemag Sausage Linker LPG 202 Used Reiser Ross Meat Portioner GU 200 Used Ranger Apollo Skinless Sausage Peeler Used BCH 500-litre Steam Vessel with Mix Used Rapidaire 2-trolley Thro’ Door Steam Cooker Used Sprako Gas Cooker Trolley-loaded, Thro’ Door Used Electrolux Gas Combi Oven, Trolley-loaded Used Nilma Auto Pasta Cooker Gas Heated Used Talsa 120-litre Water Cooker, Electric Used BCH Steam Jacketed 500-litre Vessel, Mixer Used Do Boy Continuous Bag Sealer Used Vertical Bag Clipper New Lazy Suzy 1200mm Diameter Table Sabalpack Twin Linear Weigher Email: Unit 40, Second Avenue, Westfield Industrial Estate, Midsomer Norton, Radstock, BA3 4BH, England 490 490 Tel:

44 (0)1761 410345 Fax: 44 (0)1761 410332

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Supplied - courtesy of Grimsby Telegraph' Pictured shaking hands on the deal: Kate Williamson, Business Development Manager for PPS East Ltd and Jaines Seafood Director, Steve Little (left) and Production Director, Glenn Olley (right)

Seafood business goes green with PPS East A long-term deal between expanding Grimsby businesses Jaines Seafood and PPS East has been successfully completed. With state-ofthe-art production lines at the processing company's emerging new facility, it required a different type of product to those in the PPS range of reusable bulk fish packaging. Working closely together, PPS sourced 500 new white filleting trays to meet Jaines needs and will also provide box-washing services. Based on South Humberside Industrial Estate, it is the longest contract PPS East has signed in the seafood industry, as further steps are taken to bring the traditional industry into the modern business environment. Kate Williamson, Business Development Manager for PPS reported: “The three-year contract is good news for PPS because of the longevity. We worked together very closely to find the ideal solution and the new trays run smoothly along the factory lines, making them faster and easier to move about the factory when fish is being filleted. It was pleasing to be able to reach such a satisfactory solution.” Chris Sparkes, Managing Director of Jaines and Son, where the company is in the midst of a three-phase move and expansion from Wharncliffe Road to the Jaines seafood facility in Kemp Road, said: “We are putting best practice measures in. PPS offers a great service, which is an eco-friendly service as there is no waste and the hygiene element is very, very good. We have done a deal to be supplied for our

new lines, for product going on and off, as well as new plastic pallets for the factory and chillers.” The Grimsby Fish Merchants Association Chairman added: “All the good things they do we have bought into. We see it as a big help with what we want to achieve in the future and the start of a long-standing successful partnership. We are very pleased to be associated with them and it is great to see

companies in this industry moving forward. We have invested a substantial amount of money and are happy to have PPS as strategic partners.” Jaines's project has been on the go for more than three years and the business has undergone a significant transformation, with developments planned and more jobs anticipated in the future.

Contact PPS East on tel 01472 245554 or visit

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Dovecote beefs up production with Schoeller Containers from Schoeller Allibert have been selected by Dovecote Park, supplier of finest quality British beef, for use in its new cold store in Stapleton, North Yorkshire. Dovecote Park’s specialist beef processing plant receives Hereford, Aberdeen Angus, Highland and Welsh Black beef from more than 1,000 farm-assured producers nationwide. As part of the development of its new cold store facility, Dovecote Park was seeking a durable container to work with an automated handling system designed by Van der Lande, which could also be easily stacked and stored when not in use. Simon Knights, Schoeller Allibert Regional Sales Director – UK/Ireland, explained: “After extensive trials using a selection of Schoeller Allibert containers, we recommended our 180° Stack Nest tray. Usually made of high density polyethylene (HDPE), we also specified that Dovecote’s containers should instead be manufactured from polypropylene (PP) for improved performance on automated conveyor systems.”

Schoeller Allibert supplied an initial 32,000 180° Stack Nest containers to Dovecote Park, all in red PP and featuring the customer logo to suit the design of the new facility which also incorporated blue mood lighting on the racking. Peter Boyes, Technical Manager of Dovecote Park commented: “Compatibility with our new automated handling and racking systems were key when selecting containers for the cold store. As our usual retail returnable transit packaging (RTP) supplier, we approached Schoeller Allibert to run trials and their recommendation for 180° Stack Nest trays in PP has proved very successful. “The trays run well through both the automated system and the tray washing equipment we have installed, which is essential with around 3,000 trays entering the system each day. The trays are barcoded for ease of

Bowman on target for 100,000 tonnes Global food coatings specialist Bowman Ingredients is set to reach the 100,000 tonne milestone at its technologically advanced UK blending plant. The £7m production facility close to Bowman Ingredients’ UK headquarters in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, opened in 2012. To date the blending plant has produced almost 100,000 tonnes of dry cerealbased food coatings for major retailers and foodservice customers in the UK, Ireland, mainland Europe and the Middle East. The purpose built blending facility enables Bowman Ingredients to offer customers accurate blending and full product traceability, with automatic digital data collection and fast-track reporting. The ability to track and trace ingredients through the supply chain is a major focus for food manufacturers in order to protect brands. The blending plant has a total processing capacity of 60,000 tonnes per annum and features two automated blending lines, 20 automated ingredients hoppers, digital material weighing and automated packing. Bowman Ingredients Sales Director, Richard Easey said: “Achieving 100,000 tonnes of blended coatings is a major milestone for this facility and affirms our position as a market leader in the global food industry. As well as enabling us to increase

capacity and take product quality to the highest levels for our customers, we are also providing improved product protection and robust traceability.” Bowman Ingredients works in partnership with leading food solutions suppliers and processors to develop products for supermarkets and quick service restaurant chains. The company produces a full range of coating systems for frozen and chilled food, including breadcrumbs, batter mixes, pre-dusts and dry mix marinades for value added poultry, fish, potato and vegetable products. Richard added: “Brand protection and traceability is a key issue for our customers in the retail and foodservice sectors. We are committed to investing in our manufacturing sites, incorporating the latest traceability systems, processing equipment and cutting edge technology to ensure that we continue to achieve the highest possible standards.” Bowman Ingredients serves the worldwide food industry with a comprehensive global network of technologically advanced development and manufacturing sites, including its new operation in Thailand. In addition to its UK headquarters in Hertfordshire and a second processing plant in East Yorkshire, the company has technical and manufacturing bases in South Africa and Australia.

Contact Bowman Ingredients on tel 01462 422722 or visit


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identification and, where manual handling is required, have wide, easy-grip hand-holds. Since our initial order we have requested an additional 2,000 180° Stack Nest trays to keep pace with demand.” Featuring a smooth base and walls and manufactured to food-industry standards, the 180° Stack Nest container is ideally suited to the processing, storage and transport of meat and fresh produce. The containers stack when loaded and nest when empty by turning through 180°, giving the range its name, and is available in a bi-colour design to easily identify the correct position and prevent accidentally damaging contents by nesting while full. When nested, the container saves up to 70 percent of space compared with stacking, maximising vehicle fill on the return journey and cutting down on the number of trips.

Contact Schoeller Allibert on tel 0845 850 2333 or visit

FoodExperts given Outstanding Innovation Award FoodExperts, the leading fresh produce safety standards company, has received an ‘Outstanding Innovation Award’ from International Procurement & Logistics (IPL), which is part of retail giant Walmart, owner of the Asda supermarket chain in the UK. IPL, which has over 1,500 suppliers and sources fresh and prepared foods globally, chose Spain-based FoodExperts for the award from more than 170 companies attending its inaugural supplier conference. Dr Nazario Muñoz, Director of FoodExperts, said: “We were not expecting this award, given that we were up against hundreds of equally deserving companies in IPL’s supply chain. However, we are absolutely delighted and it will provide us with additional motivation to keep developing innovative solutions for our clients. The UK has always been a priority in our growth strategy and we are delighted with this recognition.” FoodExperts provides a wide range of services to retailers, importers and producers from around the world to help them monitor the quality and safety of the fresh produce they buy and sell, including the industry leading sampling and testing scheme for pesticide residues at origin and IT tools developed exclusively for the agribusiness sector. FoodExperts on-line supply chain

platform, helps retailers, importers and producers interact more efficiently, reduces distances between the production at origin and the market in the UK and simplifies the information exchange. The platform includes: • An advanced solution to manage product analyses. • Information on Acute Reference Doses (ARfD) and Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) for the UK and main production countries. • Plant protection product registration data for over 20 countries. • A module to manage suppliers’ Plant Protection Product Lists (PPPLs) and monitor compliance with declared PPPLs by automatically checking analysis results against the applicable PPPL. • Electronic report manager, including industry standards and bespoke solutions to capture the information on hand-held devices. • Agriculture sustainability indicators, assessment of supplier sustainability performance. Mr Javier Cilla, FoodExperts partner, added: “With teams in six countries, and expansion anticipated to reach 10 countries within the coming two years, FoodExperts works continuously to improve its services. In addition, it creatively develops innovative ideas that support our various stakeholders in the agricultural supply chain.”

Contact FoodExperts on tel +34 915 773728 or visit

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Future-proofing corrugated packaging Innovation is transforming the image of corrugated packaging, providing eye-catching uses beyond its traditional purpose for some of the biggest brand names in the food and beverage sectors, says the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI). One of the many companies benefiting from this type of innovation is Premier Foods. The business reported impressive cost savings and increased productivity at its Ashford plant, following an overhaul of transit and display packaging for its range of Batchelors dried foods. After implementing a corrugated solution, packaging throughput has increased by 50 percent, while the removal of other packaging materials has enabled the business to reduce its secondary packaging costs. Innovation is coming to the forefront in the drinks sector. MillerCoors has a novel pack design made from corrugated board, incorporating a water resistant inner lining. This enables a cardboard take-home pack of bottled beers to become a cool box when the consumer adds ice or water. UK corrugated packaging companies have also invested heavily in designing boxes which save on storage space and cut costs across the supply chain. Lightweight papers have resulted in a 7 percent reduction in weight over the last seven years, with no loss of strength. Additionally, the UK Corrugated

Packaging Industry is working hard to reduce its carbon footprint, which fell by 16 percent between 2005 and 2011. Looking to the future of retail packaging, corrugated’s flat printable surface is ready-made for exploiting digital platforms such as Smartphone apps and Quick Response (QR) codes to meet consumers’ growing appetite for instant access to product and dietary information. Innovative technology is also improving in-store performance through better print capability. High Quality Post Print (HQPP) has transformed corrugated packaging from protective transit packaging, into multi-functional, colourful, Shelf-ready Packaging (SRP), without compromising product integrity. CPI’s Director of Packaging Affairs, Andy Barnetson, said: “Exploiting other planned technological developments, such as print-on-demand and the ability to personalise packaging, will, when added to existing innovations, allow corrugated to stay at the very forefront of the packaging industry.” Thanks to these significant industry investments and innovative thinking, corrugated packaging is meeting future challenges head on and is being transformed from a simple brown box for conveying goods, to an attractive shelf-ready, environmentally friendly packaging, with eye-catching promotional graphics.

Contact CPI on tel 01793 889602 or visit



the subscription systems set up for orders and the PayPal payment system to accept all cards.

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International award for Ulma’s flowrapper Ulma Packaging has received an accolade at a prestigious international industry awards ceremony in the United States after developing the machinery for a project that created an exciting pack format for poultry. The company’s expertise in flowrapping equipment was recognised at the DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation, an independently judged competition that honours creativity in packaging design, materials, technology, processes, and service across the entire packaging value chain. In partnership with leading flexible packaging manufacturer FFP Packaging Solutions (FFP), Faccenda Foods, one of the UK’s largest food businesses, and high street giant Asda, Ulma developed the Artic Quad horizontal flowrapper for FFP’s Estercook® pack for the supermarket’s ‘Simply Roast In The Bag Chicken’ – a pillow style format suitable for a whole bird that can go straight into an oven from the retail shelf, removing human contact with the raw item. It was announced a Silver Winner by DuPont for exceptional packaging innovation and the material strategy that ensured the pack was reliable and safe at oven temperatures, including a series of stringent tests that covered the complete make-up of every component of the packaging to ensure it complied with food safety regulations. To meet the brief from the customer for a cost-effective, high value cook-in-the-bag solution for fresh whole chicken, Ulma designed

the machine to deliver an ovenable polyester film in quad pack format, which also comes with complete MAP for extended shelf-life. Artic Quad flowrapper is state-of-the-art equipment for fresh poultry wrapping. Its high speed long dwell sealing head, characterised by an ‘oval’ motion profile in the jaw, assures perfectly hermetically sealed packs at high production speeds. Once the chicken is wrapped, with or without a tray, the machine profiles and seals film on four corners for a box-like effect, adding value for suppliers by allowing printing on all sides of the pack and increasing the visibility of the product to shoppers. The strength of the hermetic seal created by the Artic Quad flowrapper protects the integrity of the bag, keeping juices from seeping out and contaminating surfaces and other products. Mark Armstrong, Packaging Development Manager Procurement at Asda, commented: "The project was a perfect example of collaborative working throughout the entire chain - machinery manufacturer, printer, product supplier and retailer all working from the same brief with a common goal. It is a fantastic achievement." Managing Director at Ulma, Chris Pickles, said: “We are delighted to have played a major part in creating an award winning product. We are committed to offering poultry processors one of the biggest ranges of high quality packaging equipment available anywhere in the UK.”

Contact Ulma Packaging on tel 01909 506504 or visit

BRC Grade A for Rieke China facility Rieke Packaging Systems’ factory in Hangzhou, China has achieved the highest ‘A’ grade rating in the BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials. The BRC audit, carried out by independent international audit company SGS, assessed Rieke for the moulding and assembly of dispensing systems (pumps and closures) for personal care, perfumes, cosmetics, household cleaners and food packages. BRC Global Standards is a leading safety and quality certification programme, used by over 21,000 suppliers in 90 countries. The standards guarantee the standardisation of quality, safety and operational criteria in order to ensure that manufacturers fulfil their legal obligations and provide protection for

the end consumer. The stringent requirements of the programme mean that BRC Global Standards are now very often a fundamental requirement of leading retailers. The audit was undertaken as part of Rieke’s continuing commitment to ensure its products are manufactured worldwide to the same strict specifications in line with continuing customer demand for costeffective, high quality packaging solutions. “We are delighted at the achievement of our Hangzhou operation,” commented Mark Box of Rieke Packaging Systems. “In particular, it underlines the capabilities of our Chinese operations and gives confidence to our customers that Rieke excellence comes as standard at all our worldwide locations.”

Contact Rieke Dispensing on tel 0116 233 1100 or visit


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Hanovia recognised by Chinese Innovation Award UV disinfection specialist Hanovia is delighted to announce that it has won the 2014 Ringier Technology Innovation Award (Food and Beverage Industry) at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre in China. The company won the award for its medium pressure, multi-spectrum UV sugar syrup disinfection technology. “This is the fourth time we have won the award since 2010, which is great recognition of the quality and reliability of our UV technology for the food and beverage industries,” commented Wang Tao, Hanovia’s China General Manager “The Ringier Awards, which have been held annually in China since 2005, aim to encourage technology innovation by acknowledging and rewarding those companies who have made prominent steps to innovative products and technologies. Hanovia’s medium pressure, multispectrum UV sugar syrup disinfection technology is an innovative technology launched in 2013 to provide effective disinfection for sugar syrup used in the food and beverage production process,” added Mr Wang. Compared with traditional technologies, Hanovia’s UV system effectively overcomes the problem of low UV transmittance in high viscosity liquids such as sugar syrups. It efficiently destroys bacteria, viruses and spores without altering the colour, odour, pH or stability of the final product or producing any unwanted disinfection by-products. UV therefore helps food and beverage producers to minimize chemical additives and preservatives while ensuring microbial safety. Mr Wang continued: “As a leading UV company Hanovia is dedicated to continuous innovation. Since we entered the Chinese market in 2005 we have successively launched a number of innovative products for the Chinese food & beverage industry, winning unanimous praise from industry experts. This makes us extremely proud of the work we do. “This year is also Hanovia’s 90th anniversary, so it is a very special time for the company. We recently established an Asia Pacific UV Application R&D Centre in Shanghai and we will continue to innovate and provide better and safer UV technology to the Chinese food & beverage industry.” At the award ceremony, Ms. Kathy Wang from Hanovia’s Marketing Department had the chance to discuss the company’s technology with fellow entrants and other guests and tell them about interesting research results and case studies of Hanovia’s UV technologies in the food & beverage industry.

Contact Hanovia on tel 01753 515300 or visit

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Tom Chandley helps ethical business expand The Organic Farm Shop of Abbey Home Farm in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, has invested in a 3-2-8-deck oven from Tom Chandley Ovens. The reconditioned oven is equipped with steam, digital controls and prover and was accompanied by a 60kg spiral mixer and slicer from Tom Chandley Ovens, the leading supplier of commercial bakery equipment in the UK. Abbey Home Farm, managed by Will and Hilary Chester-Master, was converted from conventional to organic production in 1991. Since then, the farm has gone on to win numerous awards, recognising their organic produce. As well as supplying a multitude of products produced on the farm such as fruit, vegetables and cheese, The Organic Farm Shop recently decided to branch out into producing their own baked-goods too. Prior to the Tom Chandley deck oven, the cooks in the Organic Farm Shop kitchen were using a commercial gas oven and were stocking bought-in bread. After many recommendations from other bakers, Tom Chandley seemed like the obvious choice for the Organic Farm Shop when making the step to invest in equipment to start baking produce on-site. The Tom Chandley bakery equipment is now being used to create a selection of savoury and sweet baked goods including; free-form sourdough, white, malt house, honey-oat and olive bread, tarts and cakes for the café and to take home, cheese rolls and scones. All the produce is 100 percent organic, and some items such as the tray-bake tarts are made solely from ingredients produced on the farm. Zero-miles food is something the farm is particularly passionate about and strives towards. Hilary commented on the performance of the oven: “From the start, the staff at Tom Chandley has been very supportive and knowledgeable. This is the first time we have used a professional oven to bake our own bread. The quality of the bake is really impressive – the new oven enables us to achieve a consistent bake time after time.” Martin Dyson, Sales Director at Tom Chandley explained: “Over the past few years, we have noticed a gap in the market to cater for smaller bakers. Reconditioned ovens

provide a wide range of choice for artisan bakers and kitchens such as The Organic Farm Shop. The reconditioned ovens are fully stripped and rebuilt to include new insulation, new seals and a six-month parts

and labour warranty, giving these bakers the opportunity to have a commercial oven and increase production levels with an internationally-recognised oven manufacturer.”

Contact Tom Chandley on tel 0161 336 5444 or visit

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Lorien collects 22nd RoSPA Gold Award

Royal Honour for Ishida Europe Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II congratulated Ishida Europe’s Managing Director, Graham Clements at a reception at Buckingham Palace to celebrate the winners of this year’s Queen’s Awards for Enterprise. Established in 1966, the Queen‘s Award recognises companies for their outstanding entrepreneurship and economic performance. Ishida Europe, the world leader in weighing, packing and quality control solutions, received its award in the International Trade category to

acknowledge the company’s outstanding export successes over a number of years. Ishida Europe is now eligible to use the Queen’s Award logo in its communications for the next five years. Graham Clements commented: “The Queen’s Award for Enterprise is a fantastic recognition for all Ishida employees who, with their hard work and dedication, have made a major contribution to our success. It also gives us further incentive to continue with our ambitious growth plans.”

Contact Ishida Europe on tel 0121 607 7700 or visit

B&M helps IML achieve recycling success A ready meal manufacturing plant in Manchester is celebrating the success of its recycling campaign. Iceland Manufacturing Limited (IML) contracted B&M Waste Services to deliver a comprehensive recycling strategy covering food, metal, glass, cardboard and plastics. In just two years, the site has gone from no recycling to more than 95 percent of its waste being recycled. B&M Waste Services is one of the leading independent waste management companies in the North West of England, employing 170 people at its sites in Trafford Park, Manchester, Wirral and Norwich. Matthew Stott, IML’s Environmental & Hygiene Manager, said: “We are committed to

investing in our environmental strategy and the recycling campaign is an exciting and successful example of this approach. “We have formed a strong partnership with B&M Waste Services and the results in the last two years have been impressive.” Wendy Mitchell, B&M’s Senior Accounts Manager, said: “IML came to us wanting to put in place industry-leading recycling practices and to go from no recycling to more than 95 percent in two years is testament to the organisation’s commitment to reducing its impact on the environment. “Prior to the introduction of the recycling strategy, only food waste had been segregated, but they now segregate and recycle metal, glass, cardboard, plastic and other items.”

Contact B&M on tel 0151 343 4600 or visit



Burton-based Lorien Engineering Solutions is celebrating achieving its 22nd RoSPA Gold Award, and 8th Order of Distinction Award, recognising its long-standing commitment to workplace safety. The awards, which were launched by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) almost 60 years ago, recognise a consistently high performance in Occupational Health & Safety in Construction. The scheme looks not only at accident records, but also entrants’ overarching health and safety management systems, including important practices such as strong leadership and workforce involvement. Lorien’s Health & Safety Manager Brian Youl, said: “This award continues to mean a lot to the people within our business. It demonstrates both the consistency in our performance, as well as our drive for continuous improvement. The award not only recognises a company’s health and safety record, but also how the business is developing its systems and people. “We are also very fortunate to work with clients who take safety seriously. They understand the need for competence, they demand the highest standards, and present us with interesting and challenging projects. More than ever, our clients are looking very seriously into the competencies of companies to take key roles in the construction process including equipment installations, and as a consequence of this our work in this area has been increasing year-on-year.” He concluded: “This award, plus our achievement in gaining OHSAS 18001 this year, shows that at Lorien we have a committed and talented group of people working within the business, who continue to push the bar ever higher each year. In terms of developing a designerled safety culture (as proposed by the HSE currently) we are also ahead of the curve.” The specialist skills provided by Lorien in other areas of safety such as CEMarking and PUWER reviews of production equipment, DSEAR/ ATEX assessment of potential explosive atmospheres, and HAZOP of process plants, are also growing in demand. The company also enjoys Safe Contractor and Altius accreditation. In this respect, Lorien offers its clients a reliable “onestop shop” when it comes to engineeringin safety best practice during capital investment projects. Contact Lorien Engineering Solutions on tel 01283 485100 or visit

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High accuracy product packing for Carbery Premier Tech Chronos has secured an order for a complete packing system for Carbery Food Ingredients at their site in Ballineen, near Cork in Ireland, which features a high accuracy Bottom-Up Filling system with two dedicated dosing systems, Compact palletiser, hygienic FIBC system and a Stretch–All stretch hooding system. The new packing facility is part of a major investment project that will help Carbery Food Ingredients maintain their position as an innovative supplier of nutritional and functional ingredients based on whey proteins. These products are supplied to leading manufacturers of foods, drinks and nutritional products all over the world. Operating in a hygienic clean-room environment and designed to comply with the latest EHEDG* standards the Premier Tech Chronos OML-2040-BFH1 Bottom-Up Filling system will pack high value powdered products into block bottomed paper bags with PE inner liners and pinch top closures. The OML-2040-BFH1 is a twin head bottom up filling system that includes two gross dosing and two fine dosing systems, which give dedicated product hoppers to prevent contamination between different products. It also features easy cleaning dosing hopper for optimum cleandown between products. The new packing system will also have product deaeration, bag top air removal, heat sealing with pinch top bag closure system for sealing the PE liner and activation of the pre-applied bag mouth glue. Filled bags will be transported to a CPL-600 palletiser, via a bag conveying system that will incorporate metal detection, in line dynamic check weigher, auto reject station and batch printing facility using an ink jet printer. The CPL-600 palletiser will incorporate an empty pallet magazine and paper sheet dispenser for bottom sheets. Pallet sizes 1200mm x 800mm Euro up to 1400mm x 1100mm including 1200mm x 1000mm will be handled. An innovative Stretch–All stretch hooding system will be incorporated for automatically hooding pallets. To supplement the 25kg packing system Premier Tech Chronos is also supplying a high accuracy hygienic FIBC Filling System. This will utilise a pallet dispenser to release empty pallets to the Filling System, which will also be located in the clean-room. A pre-inflation system will help to ensure optimum filling of the FIBCs, which when filled will be moved on a conveyor out of the clean-room to be transferred to a pallet transfer conveying system outside of the clean room environment. “We chose Premier Tech Chronos based on a wide range of criteria including Performance, Quality, Hygiene, Track record, Industry Reputation, Price and Follow up

Service. I was impressed by the various Premier Tech Chronos hygienic bagging systems and associated personnel that I visited and inspected prior to order placement”, commented Martin Everard, Production Manager at Carbery Food Ingredients. He concluded: “I was also grateful for the detailed

technical sales support that the company staff provided as we worked on the project.” Installation of the new filling system at Carbery is scheduled to take place by late 2014. * EHEDG – European Hygienic Engineering Design Group

Contact Premier Tech Chronos on tel 0115 935 1351 or visit

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OMS Horizontal Pallet Strapper for T H Clements T H Clements is a family-owned vegetable company, founded in Lincolnshire in the late 1940s by Harry Clements. The business has been developed by Harry’s son Alan and grandson Chris from a 16-acre smallholding into an industry-leading farming and packing operation, which is now run by a dedicated and experienced management team headed by Mr Chris Gedney. Although the fertile silt soils of south Lincolnshire remain their heartland, the company has also developed production capabilities in Cornwall, other regions in the UK and other counties. In total, T H Clements markets over 4,000 hectares of fresh produce from dedicated growers in Lincolnshire, Norfolk and

Cornwall. Long-term relationships with suppliers in Spain also provide quality broccoli and cabbage for year-round continuity of supply. Gordian Strapping supplied an OMS 06RP Horizontal Strapping Machine with a TR14 HD Strapping Head. The machine was installed in 2002, and the out-feed conveyor was modified in 2013 to ensure that two pallets at a time could be taken off. The Strapper applies three straps to pallets of green plastic trays that are supplied to one of the UK’s leading supermarkets, and four

straps to pallets of T H Clements branded boxes, which are supplied to wholesale markets. Edge Protectors are manually applied to the pallets of boxes prior to strapping. The OMS TR14 HD Head, which is compatible with a variety of different strap grades, only requires a full service every 200,000 cycles. Glyn Halgarth, Stock Manager at T H Clements commented: “We are pleased with the performance of the strapping machine. It has allowed us to redeploy two people, who had previously been engaged in strapping pallets using hand strapping tools”.

Contact Gordian Strapping on tel 01256 394400 or visit

Pennine Industrial Equipment taking extra stock A leading specialist supplier of plastic extrusions for the materials handling industry says that investing in a new purpose-built warehouse has doubled its stocking capacity for the products in the UK. Pennine Industrial Equipment’s £2m expansion of its Huddersfield factory provides for an extra 500sq.m of dedicated floor space for wear strips and guide rails to meet growing demand for the high quality UHMW-PE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) plastic extrusions. Used to prevent metal-to-metal contact in a


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variety of industrial sectors, Pennine has been supplying high quality UHMW-PE extrusions for over 30 years – its products having the greatest impact strength of any plastic. The company has over 100 different profiles available, many supplied in 152m coils, and all Pennine’s impact resistant extruded wear strips and guide rails are officially approved for direct contact with food, making them suitable for sectors such as bottling and canning, industrial bakeries and meat and fish processors. In addition to Pennine’s UHWMPE profiles

having outstanding resistance to wear and impact, their excellent physical qualities make them very resilient to corrosion by even the most aggressive substances, exceptionally important for companies conveying chemicals, pharmaceuticals and agricultural machinery in addition to being 100 percent water repellent. Pennine supply a range of special grades, all made in-house, alongside the standard White 1000 grade extrusions, including Food Blue Grade UHMWPE lubricants for high speed and friction applications, and for use where anti-static properties are required.

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With a selection of additives to increase performance also available, depending on individual applications and customer needs, most extruded wear strips and guide rails can be shipped for next day delivery in the UK or up to three days in mainland Europe. Boosting its holding capacity is part of the biggest expansion undertaken by the familyrun business in its 45-year history and means Pennine can now stock over 150,000m of plastic extrusions at any one time. Investment in plant, machinery and equipment is designed to boost Pennine’s production and efficiency in response to a growing order book, from manufacturers both at home and overseas, for its high performance plastic extrusions and silent chain and sprockets for hot end glass handling. Pennine’s Sales Director, Graham Womersley, said: “Everything is now in place to improve even more our efficiencies and production. We are constantly increasing our range of standard extrusions and the properties of UHMW-PE make it the most wear resistant, non-metallic substance available to the material handling industry.” Significant investment in warehouse space enables Pennine to carry larger stocks of its plastic extrusions, with a wide selection of profiles and grades to meet the demands of the material handling industry in the 21st century. Contact Pennine Industrial Equipment on tel 01484 864733 or visit



the subscription systems set up for orders and the PayPal payment system to accept all cards.

Allen Coding thermal jet printers for Fox’s Fox’s Biscuits has replaced old, costly and messy case coders with 14 robust and reliable TJ500 thermal jet printers from leading marking and coding specialist, Allen Coding. Installed at the biscuit manufacturer’s plant in West Yorkshire, the cost effective TJ500 was chosen for its clean operation, low maintenance, minimal operator involvement and consistent print quality. Allen Coding’s TJ500 thermal jet printers are being used by Fox’s Biscuits to apply a variety of date formats, such as self-calculating time Julian and calendar date codes, on to both outer cases and primary product cartons. The units, which are primarily fitted to Endoline case sealers in this instance, are operating at speeds up to 20ppm on the case code application and 120 ppm on the primary packs. Stephen Hannan, Print Manager at Fox’s Biscuits commented: “Our previous case coders were getting old and costly to run, as well as becoming very messy due to ink spillage. We chose Allen as it is a long established business offering reliable support and service, whilst the TJ500 thermal jet printers provided the high levels of cleanliness and hygiene required by food manufacturers”.

Stephen continued: “Every time we replace an ink cartridge a new print head is fitted which helps us maintain optimum print quality. The ability to automatically update date fields with minimal operator input once the format has been designed and loaded was a big plus as it ensures date integrity by eliminating the risk of the wrong information being inputted.” Allen Coding installed the first TJ500 printer after which the remaining thirteen systems were fitted by Fox’s Biscuits’ engineers after they received training from the Hertfordshirebased company. “The overall service from Allen Coding, their sales engineer and help desk has been good and we would happily recommend both the company and the TJ500 printer to other food companies,” Stephen concluded. Allen Coding’s TJ500 thermal jet printer features an easy-to-change ink cartridge which offers high quality 300dpi vertical and horizontal print resolution on both porous and non-porous substrates. Completely selfcontained, with speed and product detection adjusted using internal sensors, or expandable with the optional extras hub, the TJ500 is capable of printing up to five lines of text.

Contact Allen Coding Systems on tel 01438 347770 or visit

Oliver Douglas optimises parts washing A new parts washing system from specialist manufacturer Oliver Douglas has now been installed at one of the country’s most innovative manufacturers of snack food products. The equipment, a Panamatic 700, is fully operational at Humdinger’s manufacturing plant in Sleaford, Lincolnshire – one of four sites operated by the company – where the emphasis is on a range of nut-based products. “The success of the Humdinger range of snack foods reflects the company’s commitment to operational efficiency which has underpinned its dramatic growth in recent years,” commented John Glover, Oliver Douglas Sales Manager. “Their use now of the Panamatic installation is a good example as it means the full range of multi-head weighing

parts can be processed through a single installation. This ensures not only that the highest levels of cleaning are maintained, but that clean parts are continually fed back into the production process.” The self-contained Oliver Douglas Panamatic 700 is well designed to act as a focus for an application of this type. The all stainless steel fabrication features a large capacity water tank that minimises water changes to help to maximise processing efficiency. “Products at Humdinger are manually loaded into a wire tray that is designed to accommodate a number of different sizes and

configurations of parts,” continued John. He explained that this is then inserted through a front-loading door into the wash chamber where it is subjected to the action of two wash and rinse spray arms that ensure maximum cleaning from all directions and angles is achieved. “We have been able to position the Panamatic in the optimum part of the factory alongside the company’s existing manual washing facility. Whilst providing excellent results, the former system is now markedly improved upon in terms of simplicity and ease of cleaning operations,” added John.

Contact Oliver Douglas on tel 0113 279 7373 or visit

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Seafood expertise meets accurate mixing Producing the perfect seafood mixture, like any blending process, demands great skill in the selection and sourcing of ingredients, and accuracy in measuring them out. Seafood expert Cabomar Congelas has found the mixing accuracy it seeks in a special packing line using twinned Ishida multihead weighers. Cabomar, based at the port of Marin in Pontevedra, Spain, offers a wide range of services connected with the manufacture, storage and commercialisation of frozen seafood products. The company’s knowledge of different shellfish and crustacean species, and its strong links to fishing fleets and freezing plants in the world’s major fishing grounds enable it to select from different combinations of ingredients to produce any one of a range of different seafood mixes that are not just of high quality, but also consistent in taste and texture. A wide range of ingredients, some single species, others reliable pre-mixes, arrive frozen at Marin. Once the Cabomar experts have worked out which combination to use in order to produce the desired result, the ingredients are fed into a packing system that includes a pair of identical Ishida 16-head weighers, specially adapted to combine them with great accuracy. “These seafood mixes are very widely used in Spain,” explained Enrique Freire of Cabomar. “They can be added to rice to make Paella, mixed with a vinaigrette to produce a seafood salad or heated with stock to make a soup.” The products are very popular also in Italy and in fact, during our visit, the line was packing ‘misto scoglio’, used by home cooks and restaurants to prepare seafood pasta. The ‘misto scoglio’ was being made up from six different components including mussels with shells, clams, also with shells, and pieces of Humboldt squid. Rounding off the recipe were calamari rings, a mix of shrimp and calamari pieces and another mix of shrimp and mussels without shells. After quality control, each ingredient is fed into a vibrating trough that channels it to a belt system. Each belt feeds an elevator that takes the ingredient to the top of one of the Ishida weighers, delivering it to one specific section of the multihead. The multiheads are divided at the top into three sections in a ratio of 5:5:6, so that in combination they accurately weigh six different components into the mix.

The two ‘halves’ of each weighment are combined on a conveyor, which takes them to a thermoforming machine. Here they are delivered via a special distribution system into the newly formed trays, six trays being filled at a time. The thermoformer can produce thermosealed trays, vacuum bags or, as in the case of the ‘misto scoglio’, skinpacks. Another option open to Cabomar is to use the conveyor system to transfer the weighments to a bagmaker instead. “We originally bought the thermosealer intending to pack a single product,” recalls Enrique. “But the opportunity came up for a contract to supply a quality mix to a big retailer, so we looked into the equipment necessary to do this. Ishida and their Spanish distributor, CIMA, were very helpful and

installation went smoothly. “On top of that, they have reliably given us 99 percent accuracy, and when it comes to speed, we are only limited by the thermoformer. “After eight years of hands-on experience with Ishida weighers, you could say that this is now the only make of multihead that we use. As regards support, we have not really had much opportunity to use it, but it has been reassuring to have CIMA’s strong expertise available to us locally. “

Contact Ishida Europe on tel 0121 607 7700 or visit

Paragon is the cream of the crop for A E Rodda Cornwall-based A E Rodda has selected Paragon’s Single Depot and Fleet Controller route optimisation software solutions to schedule deliveries of its Cornish clotted cream and milk products to outlets throughout the southwest of England. Every day, the 120-year-old family-run business makes enough clotted cream to outweigh eight rugby teams. Currently


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optimising routes for twelve vehicles, when fully implemented the solution will be expanded to include a total fleet of eighteen vehicles. Prior to implementing Paragon’s software, Rodda’s evaluated a number of solutions. “From the first meeting it was clear that Paragon offered better route reliability compared to other systems,” commented Kurt

Sigrist, Finance Director at Rodda’s. “The benefit of using such a functionally rich system combined with access to the experienced team behind it made Paragon the obvious choice for our business.” After putting the Paragon solution through its paces for a week using test data, Rodda’s saw the savings that could be realised. “At first, some of the drivers were

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apprehensive,” said Barry Wilkinson, Transport Logistics Manager at A E Rodda. “But having the solution does not affect their jobs, it is just fine-tuning the transport operations.” Paragon’s standard solution enables the user to calculate efficient and practical transport schedules for vehicles based at a single depot. Running on a Windows platform, Paragon's transport optimisation system holds details of customer addresses, delivery quantities, time windows, vehicle sizes, driver shift details and other transport parameters. Using a highly developed algorithm designed specifically for optimising road-based transport operations, Paragon's software uses digital mapping to calculate the most effective delivery and collection sequences with accurate journey times, allocating loads to appropriate vehicles and drivers, while maximising productivity. Paragon Fleet Controller, which links the fleet’s in-cab vehicle tracking with the Paragon produced routes, enables real-time vehicle activity to be tracked automatically against the planned routes and schedules. This gives transport managers real-time visibility into how the day’s plan is progressing, allowing them to respond quickly to problems or delays that arise. It also provides an accurate picture of transport and service performance, enabling fleet managers to spot hidden inefficiencies. “My first impressions have been very positive, and I can see the Paragon solution being very beneficial for all of us as a company,” said Barry. The Paragon solution will be used daily for live operational planning and strategic modelling, with a view to helping Rodda’s to reduce its transport operations planning time, cut transport costs and improve customer service.

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Offline coders respond to ready meal shape Ready meal trays are cutting some sophisticated shapes, with tubs, round ‘bowl’ trays and compartmentalised trays an increasingly common sight on supermarket shelves. Whilst these shapely new designs add shelf appeal, they are causing headaches for the sleeve coding operation, according to Richard Pether, Director at offline coding and marking specialist Rotech. These were the issues facing a UK prepared foods manufacturer when it contacted Rotech to enquire about an off-line sleeve overprinting system. The manufacturer in question had just taken an order from one of the multiples for 3,000 units of a new product that was packaged in a tub with a cardboard sleeve. The manufacturer was applying date codes using an existing inline inkjet system, but because the code was positioned in a difficult-to-reach spot at the bottom of the sleeve, the line had to be slowed down to make sure the code was applied accurately. Rotech’s solution came in the form of its RF2, a standalone friction feed overprinting system that would enable the manufacturer to code the sleeves offline and bring them to the production line already printed. Engineered specifically for the food industry, the RF2 uses Rotech’s stack-to-stack feeding technology to pick sleeves from a stack, accurately print date or batch codes, and place the printed sleeve neatly onto another stack for collection, all at speeds of up to 400 per minute. Pre-coding enabled the manufacturer to deactivate the inline coding system, increase line speed by 30 percent and code the 3,000 sleeves in a matter of minutes. The beauty of an offline coding system lies in its inherent flexibility; one machine can easily supply multiple production lines. At this prepared foods manufacturer, the RF2 is also deployed for coding sleeves for seasonal trays of sausage rolls; the rest of the year the trays do not have a sleeve, so it is only in the weeks and months leading up to Christmas

that sleeve coding is required. The same system can also be used for different types of packaging, from watch strap bands to cartons, pouches and bags. Offline coders also come into their own when immediate additional capacity or superfast coding is needed. This scenario arose at the start of the year, when an RF2 offline sleeve coding system from Rotech got The Original Curry Company out of a tight spot. As well as supplying the food service trade with curries and dishes in bulk, the London company produces a retail range of Indian curry based ready meals, and in March of this year, received a major export order for 2,000 frozen meals. In order to meet his retail customer’s requirements, the producer needed to apply use-by dates to the sleeves of the meals – and fast. The Original Curry Company turned to Hertfordshire-based Rotech, who was able to supply an RF2 offline sleeve coding system at very short notice, enabling the producer to turn round the order. The RF2 can be used to print date and batch codes or simple graphics on flat cartons, sleeves, crash lock cartons, lidding materials and pouches. It is a compact stack to stack automatic system, which at high speed system can serve multiple lines offering fast change over between batches.

Contact Rotech Machines on tel 01707 393700 or visit

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Valuers &Auctioneers At the heart of...

Buying &Selling

LIVE e onlin s ion auct

Our services are designed to help both buyers and sellers maximise their experience while minimizing time spent dealing with idle and surplus assets.

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Müller wins Brand of the Year

Hubbard Systems relocates to a new site Hubbard Systems, the UK distributor of Scotsman ice machines, has moved from its original location in Otley, Suffolk, to the nearby Claydon Business Park, Great Blackenham. The new building is situated five miles north of Ipswich, only a mile from the A14, giving fast access to major trunk routes. The move is part of a restructuring strategy which has been in place since HTG Trading Limited (HTG), owner of Hubbard Systems and ice cream and frozen yogurt equipment specialists, Taylor UK, was bought by two former Enodis and Scotsman Industries Directors, Dave McCulloch and Dave Wench. The new building features purpose-built facilities. For example, there are dedicated steam cleaning and hot drying rooms, for refurbishing ice machines, and the high-tech, integrated IT networking includes the latest fibre-optic broadband. The Great Blackenham site also provides the company with extensive testing facilities –

in fact, Hubbard is already running tests on behalf of a major customer, using data loggers to check and compare energy consumption on different ice machines. Hubbard prides itself on next day delivery whenever possible and, in support of this, new state-of-the-art warehouse facilities include two Kardex picking machines, for quickly locating and dispatching stock. The aim is to give an even faster service than before, and as a result Hubbard hopes to be able to provide next day delivery for orders made late in the afternoon, depending on the destination. “Our new home gives us facilities we can be proud of,” said Hubbard Commercial Director Simon Aspin. “The old place, which was split over a number of buildings, was getting very tired and this feels a little like moving from mono to colour. We already offer marketleading customer support and this move will help us enhance that even further.”

Contact Hubbard Systems on tel 01473 350045 or visit &

Müller stole the show at The Grocer Gold Awards 2014 in London recently, walking off with the coveted Brand of the Year award. Judges said that it had been hard to pick a single winner in a category that included Arla Foods; Mondelez, owners of Cadbury; Heineken; PepsiCo and Quorn Foods. But the Müller entry, that highlighted the work done on category strategy, pack redesigns, new product development and investment in great marketing, and the significant changes in business performance and company culture, won the day. Separately Müller Marketing and R&D Director, Michael Inpong was also named as one of four short listed for the Marketing Society’s Marketing Leader of the Year Award, which recognises exceptional and inspiring leadership within marketing. Müller UK & Ireland Group Chief Executive, Ronald Kers said: “We are ambitious to be the biggest and best dairy company in the UK and we have much to do but this award is a signal that the work that is being done is recognised, not just in the dairy sector but in the wider food and drink industry. “This is a fantastic win for everyone connected with the group who works hard every day to make the Müller brand a success.” Contact Müller Dairy on tel 01630 692000 or visit

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IWM signs Australian distribution deal Industrial Washing Machines (IWM), one of the UK’s leading designers and manufacturers of industrial washing and sanitising equipment, has signed a major distribution deal with Global Machinery and Supplies, a highly regarded and successful specialist supplier of equipment to the food processing industries in Australia and New Zealand. Under the terms of the deal, Global Machinery and Supplies, which has its headquarters in Sydney, is appointed as the exclusive distributor for all IWM products in Australia and New Zealand. Global Machinery and Supplies will not only handle promotion and sales of these products throughout the region, but will also provide service and technical support for users, including the supply of consumables and spare parts. “With their enormous food industries, Australia and New Zealand are particularly important markets for us,” said Carl Hollier, Managing Director of IWM, “and they are crucial to the success of our on-going worldwide export drive. We are, therefore,

delighted to be working with Global Machinery and Supplies, a company that is well-known and highly regarded in antipodean markets.” “In fact, IWM has already had some success in Australia, with several machines sold to Western Australia in 2013, and orders for two new SAN100e sanitisers already received in 2014. With the support of Global Machinery and Supplies however, we are certain that we will quickly achieve much greater penetration of the huge food and beverage manufacturing market, which in Australia accounted for 21.6 percent of the country’s manufacturing value added in 2012-13.” “IWM machines are innovative, efficient, built to last and they offer excellent value for money,” said Mike Jackson, Managing Director of Global Machinery and Supplies, “that are exactly the qualities our customers want. We are, therefore, confident that the IWM equipment will be well received in our markets, and we are looking forward to a long and mutually profitable relationship between our two companies.”

Contact Industrial Washing Machines on tel 0121 459 9511 or visit

Luxury Packaging returns to the capital Luxury Packaging, the UK’s only event for luxury brands to source the latest in products, ideas and inspiration returned to the Business Design Centre London, on 30th September and 1st October. The two day show co-located with Packaging Innovations showcases the world’s most creative packaging solutions. Major names from Italy, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Poland flocked to sign up for 2014. The show’s international reach extends far beyond Europe. For instance Direct Source Packaging Company, from the USA and Ascent Group from Hong Kong, both showed their latest products and services. Another leading international exhibitor Dapy Paris, whose extensive packaging ranges have been used by many of the world’s most prestigious brands, stated through Project Sales Manager Marc Bruneau: “Luxury Packaging is the perfect show for us to expand our activity in the UK. There are lots of show features that make the event really valuable, including The Luxury Packaging Conference related to our target market, the Lion's Lair, and the networking we get to do with all the visitors. Luxury Packaging is not about today, it showcases what will happen tomorrow.” Cuan O’Callaghan, UK Sales Manager at Leo Luxe agreed: “There is always a great buzz at the show and a very high calibre of visitors. Our ever expanding luxury rigid box collection, uses lots of special finishing techniques and our

state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies are sustainable and profitable for our customers.” Gmund yet another major name returning to Luxury Packaging launched a brand new product at the show. James Cropper will be showcased its latest luxury creation – Cocoa paper, a confectionery wrapping made from a waste product of the chocolate production. Dempson, exhibited its revolutionary Dempson Bag, - a new paper carrier bag concept for high street retailers. Plus its innovative Box Bag range suitable for the luxury retail and gift markets. Paul Laskey, sales and marketing director of Dempson Ltd commented: "Luxury Packaging is the best vehicle to connect with people that are looking for these new ideas." Many other key names were also quick to sign up for Luxury Packaging, including Sappi and Crown Packaging. Show organisers, easyFairs, introduced its Luxury Packaging Conference, boasting senior representatives from Karl Lagerfeld, Diageo, Harrods, Procter & Gamble (Prestige Brands) and Hotel Chocolat. They will be exploring the vital role packaging has to play in positioning and promoting luxury and prestige brands. Luxury Packaging and Packaging Innovations also hosted an array of show features including inspirational learnShops seminars, and Lions’ Lair, show favourite, The BIG Packaging Debate, where panellists debate a controversial hot topic.

Contact easyfairs on tel 0208 843 8800 or visit


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South Caernarfon Creameries £8.5m investment South Caernarfon Creameries, Wales’ oldest farmer-owned dairy co-operative, has announced plans for a new cheese production facility with an investment estimated at £8.5m. The new facility will be on the Creamery’s site in Chwilog and will almost double production capability from 9,500 tonnes to 17,000 tonnes. Work started on the new build this Summer and is expected to be completed and operational by next Summer. The development will be phased. Phase 1 will cost £6m and increase production to 11,000 tonnes. Phase 2, costing £2.5m, will take production up to 17,000 tonnes. This second phase will be implemented as South Caernarfon’s milk intake grows to support the additional capacity. The new production unit will be ‘best-inclass’, efficient and flexible and will support South Caernarfon Creameries’ growth plans both with both existing and new customers. Current cheese production will not be affected by the new-build and the existing production unit will continue to be used until the new facility is fully operational. “As part of our strategic development, the Creamery initially announced plans for future investment at the site in autumn 2013. Since then, extensive due diligence has been carried out with the project gaining full board approval in June. The investment plans were communicated and discussed with our members in recent regional meetings and confirmed at our AGM on 16th July 2014” explained Alan Wyn-Jones, Managing Director of South Caernarfon Creameries. “This is a very exciting period in the next development phase of our business and we are extremely grateful to our customers and members for their continued support. We are also grateful to the Royal Bank of Scotland and the Welsh Assembly Government for their support to this project” The new facility will safeguard the existing 90 jobs and is likely to create an additional 10 jobs upon the completion of Phase 2. Contact South Caernarfon Creameries on tel 01766 810251 or visit

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STEF strengthens its position of NE Italy STEF strengthens its operations network and doubles its business in North-East Italy – the Trentino region through the integration of the business of Trentino Fresco. The integration of the Trentino Fresco business into STEF, completed at the end of June, has led to the creation, on July 1st, of a new company called STEF Trento, 51 percent owned by STEF Italia and 49 percent by Trentino fresco. Pietro Zeni, previously Trentino Fresco’s Managing director, is now in charge of STEF Trento. STEF Trento employs 13 employees (to which one should add the staff of the coop) and operates from a 2,400sq.m warehouse in the Trento Interporto, on behalf of the local food industry, mostly SMEs. With this new entity, STEF Italia’s projected sales in the Trento region will double to Euros 6m, and the company will become the benchmark logistics operator in this region, strategically located halfway between Verona and Innsbruck .

Award-winning malted ingredients company Muntons is to invest £5.4m in an anaerobic digestion plant to treat liquid waste from its ingredients business at its Stowmarket headquarters. The Suffolk-based environmental trailblazer will generate up to 25 percent of its base load electricity by treating waste streams from malt extract production at the new plant, which will be operational by summer 2015. A funding package to support Muntons investment has been structured with RBS Invoice Finance and Lloyds Banking Group with a £42.1m Asset Based Lending (ABL) package incorporating an additional £2.3m to support the anaerobic digestion project. Ingredients manufacturer Muntons, is already the first maltings company to achieve ISO 50001 status for its state-of-the-art energy management systems, only one of a handful to have the certification in the food industry as a whole. Muntons’ Manufacturing & Sustainability Director, Dr Nigel Davies explained that the high solids liquid waste from Muntons’ malted ingredients plant will be anaerobically digested at the new plant - a process by which microorganisms break down biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen. The process will produce a fertiliser substitute for spreading on local farms, cutting out the 3,000 tanker movements a year currently required to take sludge from the site saving around 340 tonnes in CO2 emissions from the lorries. Nigel said: “All of this sludge has come only from processing locally grown barley and our new AD plant will convert this into highly phosphorus-rich fertiliser used to cultivate

more locally grown barley – a really perfect example of local recycling.” The new plant will generate biogas that will power a Combined Heat and Power unit providing 500KWh of electricity, around 25 percent of Muntons’ base load requirement. Muntons has enlisted in the Government's Feed-In Tariffs scheme for the project, which means that it can be paid for the electricity it generates, even though it uses it itself, with the government favouring local generation and local use over export to the grid. Nigel commented: “For us, investing in environmental projects has helped offset the rise in energy costs, one of the key operational costs of our business. Green is not boring, we want to open people’s eyes and get a message out to our supply chain that cutting your carbon footprint is not as complicated as it seems.” Muntons’ Environmental Manager, Mick Cochrane added: “This state-of-the-art plant was selected after extensive proving trials on pilot plants over many months. It is being constructed to generate a significant amount of our electricity use on site that is vital when we hear of potential electric shortages in the winter months. It is designed also to de-risk our business by providing high-spec wastewater treatment.” Anaerobic digestion has been used for many years in the UK by the water industry. Some 66 percent of the UK's sewage sludge is currently treated in AD plants. Beyond the water industry AD is in its infancy, but growing rapidly. There are currently around 100 non-water industry anaerobic digesters in the UK producing bioenergy. Contact Muntons on tel 01449 618300 or visit

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Muntons plans £5.4m bioenergy boost

Produce World Group acquires TIO The Produce World Group has announced the acquisition of TIO Ltd. The company that is based in Forres, Morayshire in Scotland, supplies organic root vegetables into retail and food service. Neil Fraser, Executive Chairman, Produce World Group said: “The acquisition of TIO is a natural fit for Produce World, which is already a leader in the UK organic vegetable market. We believe that this will provide greater security both for suppliers and customers. “It will allow us to secure the future of valuable organic land and the expertise of the Scottish organic growers who supply TIO. We

will be able to secure the largest possible geographic footprint of our organic supply base and therefore the longest possible domestic growing season.” William Rose, Owner of TIO said: “Produce World has been a pioneer in organic vegetables for many years and has invested considerable resources into developing both its agronomy and a better understanding of consumers through its customer insight work. Becoming part of the Produce World Group will provide even greater opportunities for organic carrots from Scotland. I am looking forward to working with the Produce World team over the years to come.”

Contact Produce World on tel 01733 240491 or visit

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Labelexpo India on course for record Registration is now open for the seventh edition of Labelexpo India. South Asia’s premier label and package printing exhibition, it returns to Pragati Maidan, New Delhi from 29 October – 1 November and will be bigger than ever before. Covering 5,800sq.m, Labelexpo India 2014 will feature around 250 exhibiting companies including over 50 first time exhibitors. Underlining the growing importance of the Indian market, many of the industry’s leading suppliers have taken larger stands including Dupont, Esko, Nilpeter, Technova Imaging Systems, UPM Raflatac and Xeikon. Other leading press and material suppliers showing their latest solutions include Avery Dennison, Dragon Foils, Epson, Flint Group, Multitec Aids, Nuova Gidue, Omet, Webtech and Weigang Machinery. Aimed at label and package printers, brand owners and label designers, many new product and service launches are scheduled to take place. Visitors to the show will be able to see the next

generation of printing machinery coming onto the market as well as learn about global market trends and see live demonstrations of the most advanced technologies available, compare the latest materials and find out about the newest developments in flexible packaging and intelligent labels. In addition, Labelexpo India will once again play host to the LMAI Avery Dennison Label Awards at New Delhi’s Le Méridien Grand Ballroom. Jade Grace, Event Director said: “Labelexpo India is an important professional platform as it serves the needs of label and packaging printers across Indian and South Asia. Reflecting growth in the marketplace, the size of the show has grown steadily with each new edition, as has the number of products and solutions being displayed. With the increased number of exhibitors, Labelexpo India 2014 is no exception as it confirms the strong commercial opportunities that exist across FMCG.”

Contact Labelexpo on tel 0208 846 2740 or visit

Sidel services aims to create more value Sidel, the leading global provider of PET solutions for liquid packaging, has created a new services business unit that aims to deliver greater value to the beverage products, installed Sidel equipment and bottom line of beverage producers globally. Called Sidel Services™, the new unit is split into six teams: Maintenance, Line Improvement, Training, Spare Parts & Logistics, Line Conversions & Moulds, and Packaging. Together the teams, comprising experts located all over the world, are focused on increasing value in five key areas: Product quality, Efficiency, Flexibility, Cost optimisation and Brand support. “When customers invest in a Sidel production line, they need and expect high levels of service to support them throughout the entire working life of the equipment,” said Mart Tiismann, Sidel Chief Executive and President. “That is why, in addition to introducing innovative technologies to our customers such as the Sidel Matrix™ liquid packaging system, we have also been working hard to improve our services offering.” The company has spent the last eighteen months reviewing, reorganising and overhauling its services. One of the key inputs into this process was the feedback provided by over 1,000 individuals within hundreds of Sidel customers, that the company gathers using a comprehensive annual customer survey that has been running for the past several years. Now, following an in-depth analysis of all the customer survey responses, Sidel has

reorganised its services operations. The new service offering is designed to help customers add value to their installed Sidel equipment, their beverage products and their bottom line, by achieving more product quality, efficiency, flexibility, cost optimisation and brand support. From reducing downtime to quick line conversions or designing innovative packaging solutions, Sidel Services can help beverage manufacturers and bottlers get more from their investment and lower their total costs of ownership. In addition to internal changes, Sidel has also invested to implement practical changes that help improve the daily working lives of beverage production line operators around the world. Two examples are the new spare parts logistics and technical support initiatives that are rolling out globally in 2014. With these, Sidel customers will have better access to the people and parts they need, so they can quickly turn costly downtime back into productive uptime. The improved global logistics network for spare parts includes a new warehouse management system that enables three levels of delivery service, from emergency delivery within 48 hours to planned-maintenance deliveries within eight weeks of the order. The new technical support system enables faster responses to urgent issues through a new ticketing system that places customers in immediate contact with Sidel experts. Sidel Services is aiming to deliver more such results as it rolls out its new initiatives and delivery levels for beverage producers worldwide in the months and years to come. Contact Sidel UK on tel 01707 275200 or visit


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Ground breaking for Common User Facility A ground breaking ceremony held at the London Gateway Logistics Park, officially kicked off the construction of the 386,102sq.ft Common User Facility (CUF). The multipurpose, specialist cargo handling centre will enable occupiers to share warehousing and transportation, materials handling equipment and labour. Designed to operate 24/7, it will include cross-docking, storage, distribution and multi-user ‘pay-asyou-go’ value added logistics services. DP World London Gateway Chief Executive, Simon Moore, said: “London Gateway Logistics Park is ideally located for exporters and importers looking to optimise supply chains by reducing road miles and increasing speed to market. “The CUF will be a highly attractive proposition for SMEs that do not need a large standalone dedicated distribution centre of their own. However, it will also be valuable for larger businesses looking for supplementary capacity or an ‘incubator opportunity’ where they can build up volumes from an initial small start.” Simon continued: “In addition, the CUF will allow businesses with existing commitments and infrastructure to add London Gateway to their distribution networks as a strategic ‘devanning’ and collection point, bringing new agility and flexibility to their supply chains whilst significantly reducing costs.” Construction on the CUF is due to be completed in late Q1 2015, with operations starting in early Q2 2015. Tim Brown, Partner/Director of Buckingham Group Contracting stated: “We are delighted to have been awarded this exciting, high-profile contract. We understand the importance of this milestone in the development of the London Gateway Logistics Park and are looking forward to working with DP World to create a fantastic facility for logistics providers and their customers.” Thurrock Council Chief Executive, Graham Farrant, said: “With growth in new shipping lines calling at the port, the CUF building now underway and others in the pipework, Thurrock is set to become a hub for UK logistics companies.” Leader of Thurrock Council, Coucillor, John Kent, said: “We are delighted to see construction underway on the first of DP World London Gateway’s distribution centres. It is a welcome boost to the local economy and for local jobs.” With approximately 10 million sq.ft of warehousing and office accommodation, the London Gateway logistics park will be the largest of its kind in Europe. The announcement of the CUF follows another major development in May, that Prologis, the leading global owner, operator

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and developer of industrial real estate, would speculatively develop a 316,000sq.ft distribution centre at London Gateway. DP World London Gateway is connecting the UK with West Africa as a new service operated by Hapag-Lloyd (WAX) and MOL (ARN). DP World London Gateway opened in November 2013, with the South Africa Europe Service operated by MOL, Maersk, Safmarine and DAL. In addition, DP World London Gateway now has a South America East Coast and West Coast service operated by Hamburg Sud, Hapag Lloyd and CMA CGM, an India Pakistan service operated by Hamburg Sud and Hapag Lloyd, a North America East Coast and West Coast service operated by the G6 Alliance (APL, HMM, MOL, Hapag Lloyd, NYK, & OOCL) and a ICX service with calls to Dublin and Rotterdam operated by Xpress Feeders. Contact DP World London Gateway on tel 01375 648300 or visit

Mitsubishi Electric bolsters Turkish presence Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced that its local subsidiary Mitsubishi Electric Turkey has completed the integration of its former air conditioning distributor Klima Plus, acquired earlier this year. The move will strengthen Mitsubishi Electric’s market share in the region as the business evolves to fully incorporate Klima Plus into the fold. As of June 2014, Mitsubishi Electric Turkey now comprises of two business units, the Factory Automation Systems business and the Air Conditioning business with a projected annual turnover of approximately 270m Turkish Lira in 2015. Masahiro Fujisawa, President, Mitsubishi Electric Turkey commented: “The completion of the Klima Plus integration is a great step forward for us, providing us with additional opportunities in the market. We have experienced strong growth over the last year and this will serve to further strengthen our position as well as affirm our commitment to the region.” Contact Mitsubishi Electric on tel +49 2102 486 2150 or visit

Messe Frankfurt buys Modern Bakery Moscow Messe Frankfurt continues to expand its activities in Russia. The basis for this is the purchase of Modern Bakery Moscow from Nuremberg-based OWP Ost-West-Partner Fair and Exhibition Company with effect from 15 July 2014. “Russia is one of the world’s key markets for the fair and exhibition business. OWP has built up the biggest trade fair for the bakery and confectionery sector in Russia with great personal commitment on the part of its management and staff. Thus, the foundation for Modern Bakery Moscow could not be better”, said Wolfgang Marzin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Messe Frankfurt. “Modern Bakery is the only trade fair in Russia and the CIS that covers the complete spectrum of baking and confectionery products, including all associated fields. The entire sector, from small artisan pâtissiers to industrial bakers, manufacturers, service companies and the trade, meets at Modern Bakery Moscow”, said Wolfgang. Over the last 20 years, OWP has built up Modern Bakery Moscow into the market leader in Russia. The last event at the end of April 2014 attracted 212 exhibitors from 22 countries and more than 14,500 visitors. 53 percent of exhibitors came from outside Russia. “Modern Bakery Moscow is the most important information and contact platform for the Russian bakery and confectionery sector. Messe Frankfurt’s international sales

network will reinforce Modern Bakery Moscow and help make more effective use of its potential”, says OWP Chief Executive, Bernd Fichtner, outlining the perspectives of the fair. Bernd will cooperate with Messe Frankfurt over the coming years and strengthen the sales team for events in Russia. In this way, the two companies aim to develop new and existing themes with a high degree of dynamism for the Russian market. The 21st Modern Bakery Moscow will be held at the Expocentre in the heart of Moscow from 22 to 24 April 2015. Russia is an important market for the internationalisation strategy of Messe Frankfurt. At present, the Moscow-based subsidiary, Messe Frankfurt Rus, has a portfolio of eleven events and a staff of 39. Messe Frankfurt has many years of experience as an organiser of trade fairs in the food-technology sector. With IFFA, the leading trade fair for meat-processing, packaging and sales, it has been organising the world’s most important innovation platform for investment goods for the meat processing industry since 1971. Additionally, Messe Frankfurt organises ‘Tecno Fidta powered by IFFA’ in Buenos Aires, South America’s most important trade fair for food processing. These leading events offer an international transfer of knowledge on subjects of crucial importance to the sector, such as hygiene, automation, traceability and product safety.

Contact OWP Ost-West-Partner on tel +49 911 50 711-140 or visit

Yamato selects new agent for Norway Yamato Scale Dataweigh UK, the weighing and packaging technology people are now represented in Norway by Skala Foodtech, a division of the Skala group. “Skala has an excellent reputation throughout the Scandinavian region, they are a large and stable company with interests in many areas,” said Andrea Spencer, Commercial Operations Manager at Yamato Scale Dataweigh UK, “we are incredibly pleased to have them representing us in Norway.” As Yamato’s newest agent, Skala Foodtech is responsible for the selling of Yamato’s Multihead and Checkweighers in Norway. A key part of Skala Foodtech’s role as Norwegian agent also includes offering genuine parts repairs and service. Skala Foodtech was approached by Yamato to represent them late last year, having been aware of their brand and performance in the Scandinavian market, conversations developed at a tremendous pace, which have led to this

announcement. “We know Yamato very well: Most of the multihead weigher projects in Norway are interested in bringing Yamato to their table,” said Bård Are Hultengren, General Manager of Skala Foodtech. “The Scandinavian market - and the Norwegian market in particular, are very important to Yamato. We have had an active presence there for the past 10 years and are glad to be able to offer a continued and strengthened service. We look forward to continuing to grow and develop our relationships there” said Andrea. Skala Foodtech was founded in 1998 as BM Foodtech, by Steiner Erikson, before later being sold to the Skala group in 2011, “We look forward to working very closely with Skala Foodtech to further enhance our Norwegian operations, and will continue to expand our market presence in Scandinavia” said Spencer.

Contact Yamato Scale (UK) Dataweigh on tel 0113 322 1546 or visit

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Food is GREAT Britain campaign `Gordon Ramsay flew the flag for British food at the International Festival for Business (IFB), curating a Gala menu for over 100 guests at UK Trade and Investment’s Food & Drink Summit at Knowsley Hall. This dinner was the grand finale to the UKTI Food & Drink summit, which saw top British suppliers showcasing food to International buyers. The event run in partnership with the Food and Drink Federation, aims to maximise the growth of international food and drink exports for British suppliers. The GREAT Britain campaign is the Government’s most ambitious international marketing campaign ever and showcases the very best of what Britain has to offer to encourage the world to visit, study and do business with the UK. The campaign is in over 144 countries. A current focus of the Food is GREAT Britain campaign is expansion into the Asia. Last year, the UK exported almost £50bn of goods to Asia, of which £1.8bn was food and drink. Among the most popular food exports to Asia were the elements to make a Classic British dish – fish and chips. In 2013 over £100m worth of fresh fish, £7m of potatoes

and £6.6m peas was exported to the region. However, some clearly preferred a battered sausage, with £390,000 exported to the region. You cannot have chips without tomato sauce. £8m worth of sauces and condiments exported to the Asian market, including £400,000 Tomato ketchup, £730,000 Mustard and even £70,000 Soya Sauce exported to the region, somewhat a surprise for a condiment originating in China in the 2nd century Manchester based restaurateurs, Sweet Mandarin, have seen the potential of this market, exporting their Chinese sauces to China. Thanks to a UKTI mission to the region, led by the Prime Minister last year Sweet Mandarin won a £6m pound deal to export to China over the next five years. “The Prime Minister said he could help us to promote our sauces to China and he kept his word,” said Lisa Tse, co-owner of Sweet Mandarin. “Exporting is crucial for a business to survive. we really appreciate having UKTI on hand to answer our questions, make introductions and create opportunities for us to promote ourselves globally.”

For those who fancy a brew with their chip supper, over £8m of tea was exported to the homeland of tea. Those with the penchant for something a little bit ‘stronger’, saw 1.1bn of alcoholic beverages including £900m of spirits (mainly whisky) exported to the market. Dominic Jermey, UKTI’s Chief Executive, said: “It is clear that the Asian palette is not only accustomed to, but is now demanding British cuisine. This has led to a sharp rise in British chefs exporting their services to the market, with top British chefs like Gordon announcing the opening of their restaurants in Asia over the next year. “There has never been a better time for Britain’s businesses to break into new international markets and the Food and Drink summit highlighted the lucrative opportunities available and how we can help firms take advantage of them. “Exporting helps companies grow and research shows that exporters do better with UKTI’s help. I encourage all companies with global ambitions to get in contact with UKTI.”

Contact UK Trade & Investment on tel 0207 215 5000 or visit

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Two new proposed standards from ASTM Small group evaluations can be useful to any company that is attempting to evaluate products or potential products. A proposed new ASTM International standard, ASTM WK46357, Guide for Best Practices for Small Group Product Evaluations, will provide sensory professionals with a guide to set up small group evaluations that will meet objectives in the most unbiased manner possible. “There is a real need in the sensory science community for this proposed standard,” said ASTM member Lori Rothman, Section Manager, Kraft Foods. “Everyone who either leads or participates in these types of evaluations wants to be as unbiased as possible, yet there are not current resources on this topic.” Lori said that primary users of ASTM WK46357 will be product testers, particularly sensory or marketing research professionals. “ASTM WK46357 is being developed for situations where either larger scale, consumer evaluations or trained and experienced sensory panel evaluations are not warranted,” said Lori. “The goal of the proposed standard is to recommend processes and procedures to minimize bias and address the research question in as professional and scientific a


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manner as possible, either before conducting a larger scale, more formal test or as a final stand-alone evaluation.” ASTM WK46357 is being developed by Subcommittee E18.04 on Fundamentals of Sensory, part of ASTM International Committee E18 on Sensory Evaluation. E18.04 seeks participation in the development of ASTM WK46357 from anyone who plans or executes product evaluations in small group setting. Knowing that potential customers like a product, and possibly prefer it to other products, is clearly a crucial piece of knowledge for a sensory science and marketing research professional of any company to have. Establishing consumer’s hedonic response to products is most often measured by using a nine-point liking scale or a method that determines preference or choice. A proposed new standard, ASTM WK22268, Guide for Two-Sample Acceptance and Preference Testing with Consumers, will be the first standard guide to cover issues considered in hedonic product testing.

Once approved, the proposed standard will serve as a guide for less experienced sensory researchers as well as those with more experience. It will cover how to establish a product’s hedonic status based on sensory attributes alone, rather than brand, positioning, imagery or other non-sensory aspects. The guide will be used by a range of people who conduct product testing, on food as well as on other consumer packaged products. A flowchart featured in the proposed standard catalogues the process for making acceptance and preference testing decisions. Lori said says that using the flowchart in conjunction with the various sections of ASTM WK22268 will provide ample consideration of the major factors that guide acceptance and preference testing. ASTM WK22268 is being developed by Subcommittee E18.04 on Fundamentals of Sensory, part of ASTM International Committee E18 on Sensory Evaluation. ASTM International welcomes participation in the development of its standards.

Contact ASTM International on tel +1 610 832 9585 or visit




New Freeman Technology® powder processor website

New on-line resource from Hosokawa Micron Hosokawa Micron announces the launch of their new on-line resource for materials engineers and processors, The easy-to-navigate site is designed to inform and help plant buyers and engineers select the right equipment to meet specific processing requirements. Utilising the site’s dynamic search capability; by industry, brand or technology and application, viewers can not only find information and data to assist in defining specific operating criteria on their equipment wish list but also check out what’s available from powder and particle specialists, Hosokawa Micron Ltd.

Packed with information on Hosokawa Micron’s latest product developments, company news, how to get the best from your existing plant, toll processing, test and lab services as well as videos and downloadable brochures and information sheets, the website will continue to evolve over the coming months to create an extensive resource hub for those in materials processing. Designed in support of Hosokawa Micron’s experienced sales team, the site also offers a direct enquiry channel for prompt and expert response to customer’s processing and equipment questions.

Contact Hosokawa Micron on tel 01928 755100 or visit

Freeman Technology, a global leader in powder characterisation, has launched a new website, providing an authoritative knowledge base for formulation scientists, process engineers and product developers working with powders. The new site provides a detailed overview of the complexity of powders and the challenges they present, and uses industry specific examples to demonstrate how powder rheology has been used to solve processing problems. The website uses simple, straightforward language and introduces new videos and animations to illustrate the fundamentals of powder behaviour and the basic principles of powder testing. A comprehensive library of published articles, white papers and conference presentations provides easy access to the expertise that Freeman Technology has amassed over more than fourteen years of working with powders, and showcases inhouse research, industrial collaborations and unrivalled application experience in a variety of industrial sectors. Freeman Technology specialises in providing systems for measuring the flow properties of powders to directly support industrial powder handling and processing. The company’s FT4 Powder Rheometer® uses patented dynamic methodology, a fully automated shear cell and several bulk property tests to quantify powder properties that directly correlate with process and product performance. This instrument has been successfully used to develop new products and optimise manufacturing processes in many industries. Contact Freeman Technology on tel 01684 851551 or visit

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BRC Global Standards launches BRC Participate The BRC Global Standards Team is making a major change to its business model and subscription service. Shifting to an annual subscription online platform, BRC Global Standards is offering subscribers easy access to all BRC Global Standards, Guidelines and other publications. The new service – BRC Participate – will use the SAI Global Information Services i2i online document management solution. It features a new online bookshop that allows subscribers easy access to all BRC publications and linked supporting materials in one place. Mark Proctor, Chief Executive of BRC Trading, said: “BRC Participate marks a step-change in the way we do business, offering our members immediate access to a wealth of vital content via a dynamic online platform. It represents an exciting new point of interface with our Standards, Guidelines and information materials, designed above all to make it easier and quicker for people to access the information they need to manage their operations.” An innovative and enabling web-based platform, BRC Participate will facilitate the management of business-critical information in support of quality control, safety, technical requirements and business processes. Wherever they are in the world, subscribers will have 24/7 access to all materials stored online, with encrypted log-in and passwords ensuring total user security. The new platform will be launched at BRC’s European Food Safety Conference in October 2014. The conference, to be held in London, will provide valuable insights and discussion designed to improve food safety management in retail, food service and manufacturing. It will also provide a great opportunity for attendees to find out more about BRC Participate and preview its many functions and features. Anne Scorey, President Information Services Group, EMEA & US commented: “We are delighted to be partnering with BRC Global Standards to deliver new content delivery solutions for their subscribers and certification bodies. We are all looking forward to the new service launch in October this year and the release of the important Food Safety Issue 7 Standard in January 2015.” Contact The British Retail Consortium on tel 0207 854 8990 or visit &


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IFST Register of Food Safety Professionals The Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST) have launched their Register of Food Safety Professionals, a new accreditation scheme that will provide recognition to professionals working within food safety. Food safety is absolutely critical to every single food and drink business. Businesses want an easily recognisable and trusted assurance that their employees have the competence, knowledge and skills needed to deliver safe food from farm to fork. Likewise, those working in food safety want to be able to show their employers, or potential employers, that they are a recognised food safety professional. This is where the Register of Food Safety Professionals comes in. As an independent body, IFST is in the prime position to offer this seal of approval/accreditation and recognise food safety professionals in all aspects of food safety. IFST is offering a fourlevel professional structure that takes into consideration the numerous combinations of academic qualifications and experience. Those working in food safety can apply for recognition in one of the four categories (Technician, Practitioner, Manager, Principal) and develop and progress from their starting point. The Register of Food Safety Professionals has gathered a wealth of support across the food industry. Professor Chris Elliott, Director of the Institute for Global Food Security, Queen’s University Belfast and author of the Elliott

Review into the Integrity and Assurance of Food Supply Networks, has offered his support of the register, saying: “The food industry is of huge importance to the UK in terms of supplying our citizens with safe, wholesome and authentic food and also as an employer of nearly 4m people. The need for a highly skilled, well-trained workforce has never been greater. I very much welcome and support the excellent initiative to develop a professional registration scheme which will acknowledge the wealth of professional knowledge, skills and competencies that exist within our food industry.” The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) have also backed the register. Barbara Gallani, Director of the Regulatory, Science and Health Division at FDF, said: “Food safety and authenticity are of paramount importance for the food industry. FDF and its members recognise the importance of knowledgeable, experienced and committed people in delivering safe, nutritious and delicious food. Training initiatives and professional development of employees are critical to the continued success of the industry. The IFST Register for Food Safety Professionals is another tool available to companies to highlight the importance of personnel in food safety roles and ultimately help to enhance their professional development.” (This editorial is published as part of the Food Trade Review commitment to publicise the work of the professional societies serving the UK food industries) Contact IFST on tel 0207 603 6316 or visit

New British Safety Council qualifications The British Safety Council has launched a new range of accredited health, safety and environmental qualifications designed to teach employees how to keep themselves and others healthy and safe at work and to reduce the environmental impact of their organisation’s day-to-day activities. The eleven new qualifications have all been accredited by the qualifications regulator Ofqual in the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) and can be delivered by employers, private training providers, schools, colleges and prisons using learning materials provided by the British Safety Council. The various Level 1 and 2 qualifications provide existing workers, those new to the workplace or seeking employment, and young people preparing to enter the workplace for the first time with essential knowledge and understanding of: • General health and safety risks and sensible control measures for all types of workplace and business sector; • Sustainability issues and ways of reducing

their own and their organisation’s environmental impacts; • The risks posed by and precautions required for fire safety in the workplace, manual handling and work involving exposure to hazardous substances (known as ‘principles’ qualifications). Alex Botha, Chief Executive of the British Safety Council, said: “Health, safety and environmental qualifications allow existing workers and those entering the workplace for the first time to improve their knowledge and skills, which in turn helps make workplaces safer and healthier for everyone and helps businesses to act in a more sustainable fashion. “Employees who gain formal qualifications feel valued, supported and engaged within their organisation, and completion of accredited qualifications also helps to develop a professional culture at work. “Delivering our qualifications is very straightforward. Once an organisation has applied for centre and qualification approval,

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they purchase the assessments and manage their candidates online. Centres deliver the learning using the high quality teaching and student materials provided, and the qualifications are assessed though a multiplechoice examination that can be either taken online or on paper. Online examination results are available immediately and the results of paper-based examinations are issued within two working days. Certificates follow by post within two working days. “No prior knowledge of the subject is required, making all of these qualifications ideal for existing workers, those entering the workplace for the first time and young people wishing to gain health, safety and environmental knowledge. “Prices for the assessments start at just £6.95 per candidate, depending on the number of

assessments purchased and the examination method chosen.” The 11 new qualifications include: Level 1 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace; Level 1 Award in Environmental Sustainability: Level 2 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace; Level 2 Award in Principles of Risk Assessment; Level 2 Award in Principles of COSHH; Level 2 Award in Principles of Fire Safety; Level 2 Award in Principles of Manual Handling; Level 2 Award in Contact Dermatitis Prevention; Level 2 Award in Environmental Sustainability. Further new accredited Level 2 and 3 health and safety qualifications launched this month include food safety and supervision of food safety in the catering, manufacturing and retail industries.

Contact British Safety Council on tel 0208 741 1231 or visit

New 3M health and safety video campaign Defending health and safety decisions is about to become easier in the food and beverage industry as the Personal Safety Division of diversified technology company 3M launches its nationwide Wise Choices campaign, a series of parody videos reflecting a poor approach to health and safety. Famous for portraying Keith in The Office, Ewen Macintosh plays Barry, a lackadaisical Purchasing Manager at a fictional firm. Barry communicates the laughable but also highly recognisable opinion that health and safety and personal protective equipment (PPE) is purely red tape, and shares with viewers his personal take on keeping staff safe. With the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reporting that 19,000 workers in the food and beverage industry suffer from ill health caused or made worse by work every year, a fresh approach to health and safety is imperative. 3M Personal Safety Division is well placed to understand the issues that health and safety managers face in the UK food and beverage industry. It has developed a video campaign, after recognising that health and safety personnel were being challenged on their PPE decisions by other colleagues in their organisation. The Wise Choices campaign aims to help companies understand the various meticulous considerations that take place when it comes to occupational health and safety. Comprising a series of ten short videos, each Wise Choices snippet focuses on a different element including legislation, the selection of PPE, safety culture and whether PPE affects productivity in the workplace. Selection may be of particular interest to

Food & Beverage professionals as it can be a daunting task due to the need to balance worker safety with the strict workplace requirements due to high product contamination and infection risks. Every year 3M invest hundreds and thousands of hours and millions of Pounds into finding new ways to marry health and safety proficiency with industry demands. As a result 3M is able to offer products which are fully traceable as well as conforming to the relevant safety requirements and can help customers navigate the options available to ensure that they select the best product for their application. Adele Wills from the Personal Safety Division of 3M said: “The Wise Choices campaign is an amusing insight into a character’s flawed knowledge and awareness around the decisions that he is taking that directly impact the health and safety of his workplace. However for many it will also echo comments or opinions that they have heard before when a health and safety manager makes a decision which is not adequately supported by every function within the business. We envisage these videos being used as a prompt to ensure all stakeholders take safety decisions seriously. “In the Personal Safety Division, we have made protecting individuals in the workplace our sole mission for over 40 years, and we want to communicate to customers not only the risks in the workplace, but also the risks posed when individuals have a lack of knowledge or awareness in protecting the workforce.” To watch the videos and download a free ‘Wise Choices’ pack:

Contact 3M on tel 0870 608 0060 or visit

CC-Link partner using nature to inspire In a recent video made in partnership with the CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA), Festo explains how they take inspiration from nature to offer world-leading innovations in automation. A specific example of a robot dragonfly that soars and hovers just like the real thing has been inspiring engineers visiting exhibitions around Europe. The greater aim is to encourage designers to think about how to use automation to create solutions to manufacturing and process challenges, and then to offer enabling technologies and techniques so that ideas can be realised. One of the key enabling technologies that Festo has adopted is CC-Link, a highspeed, high-performance open industrial network technology that enables devices from numerous manufacturers to communicate, resulting in a fast, deterministic control system. CC-Link is among the most commonly used open networks around the world, so many engineers are already familiar with it. As well as the dragonfly, Festo has many other equally impressive models, such as birds, fish and a kangaroo that use principles from nature to provide inspiration for technical applications and industrial practice. More practical demonstrations include a wave surface, which changes shape to sort rolling items, and a hand or intelligent manipulator that can teach itself to manipulate an object it is holding, to a specified orientation. The need for fast, reliable data handling in such applications is paramount, and CC-Link often proves to be the protocol of choice. There are more than 1,300 control products compatible with CCLink including PLCs, robots, servos, drives, valve manifolds, digital and analog I/O modules, temperature controllers, mass flow controllers, and many others. Festo includes a CC-Link interface with its CPX Automation Platform, which is a totally modular valve terminal system for controlling pneumatically and electrically driven automation systems. Other modules available for the CPX include a motion controller, servo-pneumatics, pressure sensor, standard I/O and safety cut-outs. Like CC-Link, Festo sees the CPX as an enabling technology that helps make realising ambitious automation projects as straightforward and ‘designer-friendly’ as possible. Contact CLPA Europe on tel 01707 276100 or visit

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Tube guidance creates level playing field The revised guidance on selection of copper tube and fittings for use in refrigeration and air conditioning systems has been agreed by two leading industry bodies. The Institute of Refrigeration and British Refrigeration Association have collaborated on the important update, following a proposed change in the European Standard EN14276. Gordon Adams, Technical Manager at Climate Center 0845 270 8210, who played a key role in the revision, said: “The result is an increase in the maximum allowable pressure (PS) for equivalent thicknesses of copper tube, which will create a level playing field for the industry across Europe. "The revised guidance incorporates new design stress values for copper tube, which were not included in the original European Standard. A recent amendment, however, has proposed that stress values be included in a future review of the Standard, opening the way for a review here in the UK.” Following some detailed development work and discussion by relevant industry committees, it has been agreed that this new approach can now be applied in the UK. The changes, which have taken two years to implement, have implications for a number of key standards and practices used in the UK refrigeration and air conditioning industry. For example, the strength pressure test required on copper tube under the Safety Standard BS EN378 has been clarified, and

now allows - subject to certain conditions being met - for the test to be carried out at 1.1 times the maximum allowable pressure. The main change from the existing BS1306 standard to the European Standard EN14276 is a reduction in the safety factor, allowing the use of increased pressures for tube with the same wall thickness. Gordon Adams said: “It had been recognised for some time that the British Standard was very conservative. The revised guidance gives more latitude, allowing a stress value at 150 C to be used for discharge lines.” The new guidance gives clear tables for the maximum allowable pressure of copper tube for the common diameters and wall thicknesses. It also highlights the minimum design pressures for commonly used refrigerants, bringing key information into a single reference point. Gordon said: “Given the importance of the guidance for the safety and reliability of plant, we have gone through the data underlying the proposed changes extremely thoroughly. The key thing was to get it right, and ensure the industry could proceed to use the new approach with confidence.” He added: “I would like to thank my colleagues from both the IOR and BRA, who have worked closely to evaluate and agree the changes.” The guidance, ‘Selecting copper tube and fittings’, Institute of Refrigeration Guidance Note 25, is available from

Contact Climate Center on tel 0845 270 8210 or visit

GFSI releases Food Fraud Position Paper The Global Food Safety Initiative is proud to release a paper on the position of the GFSI on Food Fraud mitigation. This work has been led by the GFSI Guidance Document Working Group* with the Food Fraud Think Tank**, convened to further advance the food fraud mitigation topic. In line with the GFSI’s mission statement, the additional requirements and food fraud definition ensure a focus on food safety, rather than other factors such as commercial gain. The requirements specify that companies perform a food fraud vulnerability assessment and to have a food fraud vulnerability control plan in place to mitigate the identified vulnerabilities. In order to ensure transparency, the GFSI Board believes that the mitigation of food fraud is an integral part of a company's food safety management system, and has therefore decided to include new requirements specific to food fraud mitigation in the next full revision of the GFSI Guidance Document 7th Edition which will be released in early 2016.

GFSI commits to working in close cooperation with food safety management scheme owners and companies to ensure the risk to public health is appropriately managed and controlled until this revision is fully completed. *The GFSI Guidance Document Working Group is mandated by the GFSI Board to develop recommendations on all technical issues in relation to the GFSI Guidance Document. **In 2012 the Food Fraud Think Tank was convened to further advance the food fraud mitigation topic. The members included Eurofins, bringing insights into the changing needs in analytical testing as well as certification; Inscatech, bringing experience from the supply chain security area and the Food Fraud Initiative at Michigan State University, leading the academic field of criminology with a special focus on food fraud. Perspectives from manufacturers and retailers were represented respectively by Danone, Walmart and Royal Ahold.

=Contact GFSI on tel +33 182 009595 or visit


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UK Snack Foods Market Report 2014-2018 This Market Report provides in-depth analysis of the snack foods industry in the UK. In 2013, the retail market for bagged, savoury snacks expanded by 5.8 percent, representing a continuation of this market's impressive year-on-year growth. The increasing value of total retail sales in this market is spread across three market sectors, all of which performed strongly in 2013. Potato crisps remain the most popular savoury snack in the UK, with consumption heavily ingrained in many Britons' diets. Yet the potato crisps sector grew at a slower rate than either of the other two sectors; extensive use of in-store promotions based on the highly saturated nature of the sector has restricted value growth, as has the increasing consumer demand for variety. The latter has fuelled sales in the other savoury snacks sector, which is the largest category in this market and grew by the greatest extent in 2013. Although no single product in this sector is as popular as potato crisps in the UK, the combined sales value of popular new products, such as gourmet popcorn, means that the value of this sector represents almost half of total market value. The final market sector is also the smallest, but nevertheless the value of the snack nuts sector increased substantially in 2013. The popularity of savoury snacks in the UK ensures that new trends regularly emerge. This provides manufacturers with new avenues for growth in an extremely competitive marketplace. When combined with the highly established level of brand awareness and loyalty, there are strong foundations for further growth in this market. As such, this report forecasts impressive growth of 21.2 percent over the five years between 2014 and 2018. Key Topics Covered: Executive Summary; Market Definition; Market Size; Industry Background Competitor Analysis; Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats; Buying Behaviour; Current Issues; The Global Market; Forecasts; General Economic Forecasts; Company Profiles: Burts Crisps; Humdinger Foods; Intersnack; Kettle Foods; Mackie's of Scotland; Piper's Crisps; Seabrook Crisps; Tayto Group; Tyrrells Potato Crisps; United Biscuits; Topco; Walkers Snack Foods. Contact Research and Markets on tel +353 1415 1241 or visit

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red24assist launches new Gap Analysis Tool Product recall crisis expert red24assist, a subsidiary of the red24 group, has launched a new comprehensive Gap Analysis Tool (GAT) to help improve the standards of food safety on a global scale. The simple-to-use online tool, available to all companies who sign up to red24assist, is available on the company’s website. The service is available for an introductory price of £60 per facility, and will help food and drink manufacturers see how their production processes compare to industry standards. Once the questions are completed, manufacturers can then see where any possible improvements can be made to lessen the risk of a product recall incident. Eric Smith, Head of Food Safety and Product Recall at red24assist, said, “red24assist’s Gap Analysis Tool offers an ideal opportunity for food businesses to benchmark their performance and identify areas where support, advice and guidance may be appropriate.” The service is now live. The tool is comprised of 110 multiple-choice questions, which concern every stage of the manufacturing process. These include the extent of crisis management training provided to staff and how robust a company’s product recall plan is. Once the form is completed, an immediate report is e-mailed to the company, which will help to identify how vulnerable a manufacturing company is to a product recall incident. A list of the services provided by red24assist, many of which aim to help a company reduce that vulnerability, is also included on the report. The advantage of the tool is that it can help organisations to identify gaps in their own risk preparations as well as within their supply chain network. red24assist offers both a proactive and reactive service for food and drink crises, with a number of services in place to work with companies before, during and after a product recall incident. These services include independent evaluations of a manufacturer’s safety measures, arrangements for independent testing of any food involved in a product recall, and media training to help clients deal effectively with the public side of the crisis. Contact Red24assist on tel 0203 291 2424 or visit

UK Frozen Foods Market Report 2014 This Market Report provides in-depth analysis of the retail market for frozen foods in the UK. In 2013, the total market grew by 2.9 percent compared with the previous year. This growth was less substantial than in the previous three years, but was still impressive given the slump in demand for certain frozen foods following the exposure of the horsemeat scandal in 2013. The sectors for frozen meat and meat products and frozen ready meals were the worst affected by the scandal, but the latter was the only sector to actually decrease in value. In the meat and meat products sector, inflation in the cost of meat, and particularly beef, encouraged value growth, despite a reduced demand for processed red meats. The scandal also had positive effects in this market though: when combined with expensive marketing campaigns from companies such as Quorn Foods, demand for frozen vegetarian foods increased dramatically. The ice cream sector remained the most valuable in the wider frozen foods market, because by definition it includes both individual impulse purchases and larger tub and multipack purchases, the demand for both of which soared during the summer heat wave. The sector values for poultry and poultry products, potato products and vegetables and fruit also increased substantially in 2013. In the case of frozen potato products, this growth was primarily attributable to excessive inflation, but the other two sectors both experienced a surge in demand. This is linked to the growing consumer desire to eat both cheaply and healthily. In other sectors, the frozen fish and fish products and frozen pizza sectors experienced steady growth. Innovative product and brand developments made significant contributions to growth in these sectors, while

the lack of such activity in the frozen desserts sector explains the stationary sector value. The damage to sales following the horsemeat scandal appears to have been more short term than many commentators initially feared. Yet consumer confidence remains low and this is affecting the marketplace. This was exacerbated by the exposure of other cases of food fraud, such as the discovery of painkillers in Tesco own-brand ice cream and the widespread illness caused by frozen foods contaminated with pesticide in Japan. While long-term trends concerning price and convenience remain important drivers in this market, consumer desire for food provenance is increasingly influential and will require adaptation. Similarly the economic recovery in the UK is providing consumers with more economic security that is threatening demand for frozen foods. To prevent consumers trading up to more expensive fresh products, the frozen foods market must alter the perceived image of good value but low quality. The industry approach to these challenges will be crucial to market growth in the next five years and beyond. Between 2014 and 2018 this report forecasts a growth of 12.6 percent in this market with the potential for sustainable and exponential growth beyond that. Key Topics Covered: Executive Summary; Market Definition; Market Size; Industry Background; Competitor Analysis; Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats; Current Issues; The Global Market Forecasts; Company Profiles: Bernard Matthews; Birds Eye; Cook Trading; Delice de France; Icelandic Group UK; Kerry Foods (Low Low); McCain Foods (GB); Noon Products; Quorn Foods; R&R Ice Cream UK; Unilever; Yeo Valley Farms (Production); Young's Seafood.

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Are insects the future superfood? Insects are being touted as the healthy, sustainable food source of the future, but will consumers be willing to dine on bugs? Canadean asked 2000 UK consumers. Insects are predicted by many to be the superfood of tomorrow and are already popular in fine dining or as a novelty among more adventurous consumers. But will they be able to move beyond a foodie fad and be embraced by the average consumer? The European Union thinks so: it has offered member states USD3m to research the use of insects in cooking. Similarly, the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organisation has published a list of almost 2000 edible insect species. With 40 tonnes of insects for every human on earth, insects are an abundant, sustainable food source that is rich in protein, iron and calcium and low in fat and cholesterol. However, they may prove a hard sell among more squeamish consumers. According to Canadean’s survey, 65

percent of consumers say that they would not be willing to try foods made from processed insects. A major obstacle to insect eating is palatability. Canadean research finds that consumers who are given detailed, flavourfocused product descriptions are more likely to consider eating insects, with 46 percent saying they would be willing to try them. In comparison only 35 percent are considering trying insects when they are given minimal information about products. The way the insect-derived product is presented and marketed will be key in convincing consumers to give insects a try. According to Catherine O’Connor, Senior Analyst at Canadean, “Processed insects will be an easier sell than products where consumers can see the insects in front of them. To get past the disgust barrier, insect-derived foods must have a strong visual appeal and not be recognisably bug-based.”

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Another way to boost the appeal of insectderived foods is linking them in flavour and design to cultures where insect eating is more common, such as Africa and South-East Asia. Canadean’s survey finds that 6 percent of consumers who are willing to try insects would only eat them as part of a foreign cuisine. Moreover, receptiveness to insect-derived foods was higher among those who described

themselves as eager to enjoy food from different cultures, with 51 percent of them willing to try insects. Catherine explained: “Overall, these findings show that marketers of insect-derived foods will have to work carefully to convince consumers that insects can be a part of their diet. However, the interest is there, especially among those who are hungry for new and exciting food experiences.”

Contact Canadean on tel 01256 394200 or visit

Lipp Systems releases SST technology guide Lipp Systems UK has released a comprehensive technical overview document for its Lipp-system tanks, designed to improve corrosion resistance and reduce total life costs in storage and AD applications. The new technical overview document demonstrates the advantages of the double-fold Spiral Seam tank (SST) construction system as well as detailing the materials involved, which provide market leading levels of product quality and high yield in AD installations. The Lipp tank storage system is designed to be flexible with any size available from 3m up to 40m in diameter. The internal surface material is specified based on the substance to be stored in order to ensure wear and corrosion resistance, ensuring maximum service life. The tanks are self-supporting as a result of the award winning Lipp Dual-Seam System, which is a proven design with 40 years of reliable

service across the world, including an estimated 3,000 tanks used in anaerobic digestion plants and over 50,000 worldwide. These revolutionary tanks can be designed as basic open-topped containers, gas storage tanks, bulk-material silos, anaerobic digesters or as replacements for existing installations. The flexibility of design and construction allows each tank to be tailor made for the customer while remaining a cost effective solution that will provide superior levels of performance. With the facility to provide a full turnkey solution, Lipp Systems UK can design, manufacture and install any project from the smallest storage system to a fully functional anaerobic digestion plant. Using in-house design, engineering and fabrication facilities, the company can manufacture the tank on site and produce all the associated pipe-work and support structures.

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FTA Transport Manager on 2014 tour The Freight Transport Association’s (FTA) nationwide Transport Manager series of conferences has become an industry-wide established, ‘must attend’ event for all transport managers, providing the very latest information, guidance and best practice advice on forthcoming legislation and enforcement changes. At the 2014 series of events, which are sponsored by Goodyear and Volvo, delegates will hear from the Traffic Commissioner and representatives from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). During one of the presentations at the popular FTA conference, the DVSA will be unveiling their systems approach to recognising individual operator culture and their attitude to compliance, outlining enforcement priorities for the coming year, discussing how the Agency is working in partnership with industry, and providing an insight into the future enforcement of the seriously non-compliant. In addition, the Highways Agency will discuss pressures on the strategic road

network and how it deals with challenges such as minimising the impact of road closures. Other key sessions will include presentations on Trucks of the Future, understanding the new Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness, FTA experts will also cover the latest legislation and the impact it will have on operators. 2014 conference series keynote sessions include: • Presentation by the Traffic Commissioner • DVSA priorities and enforcement • Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness • Trucks of the future • The FTA Transport Manager interactive quiz • Road network contingency planning • The FTA Transport Manager Calendar 2014-15 The Transport Manager series will be on the road throughout the UK from September to December 2014. The cost for FTA members is £295+vat for the first delegate and £265+vat for subsequent delegates; for non-members £395+vat for the first delegate and £365+vat for subsequent delegates. Contact FTA on tel 0871 722 2222 or visit


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Websites emphasise Charapak group’s diversity Packaging specialist the Charapak Group is launching a new dedicated websites for its Charapak Integrated Fulfilment and Siliconpak divisions. The new sites help to emphasise the versatility of the Charapak offering, which enables the group to provide bespoke packaging solutions and a ‘one stop’ service encompassing design, manufacture and fulfilment. Charapak is a leading designer and manufacturer of corrugated and retail-ready packaging, and promotional displays. Siliconpak is the UK’s leading producer of high quality siliconised packaging suitable for many applications that require release properties, such as adhesives, waxes, oils and tapes, as well as a variety of baking papers for food applications. Charapak Fulfilment Services can make use of this wide-ranging expertise as part of its multi-functional fulfilment service, which includes design, copacking, assembly, labelling and rework. The two new sites have been created in the style of the main Charapak website and feature a variety of case studies to emphasise the capabilities of both businesses. The Charapak Integrated Fulfilment site will demonstrate how its services can help customers significantly improve and streamline stock management and fulfilment processes. A special facility on the site provides a portal through which customers can view the company’s stock management system to ensure that their goods are being managed effectively and efficiently. Both sites have been designed to provide clear and concise information with easy navigation and eye-catching graphics and images to attract attention and generate interest. “From the specialist manufacturing of Siliconpak to the strategic outsourcing services of Charapak Integrated Fulfilment, we strive to ensure that our customers can focus on their primary goals of sales, marketing, buying and profitability,” commented Charapak Group Managing Director, Richard Smith. “Together with our established expertise in corrugated, we are therefore ideally placed to devise and implement fully integrated and cost-effective packaging solutions. “Our new websites deliver this message and have been designed to help guide customers to the most appropriate solution for their requirements.” Contact Charapak Integrated Fulfilment on tel 01773 607967 or visit and

marketing and digital roles, Chris brings useful insights into consumer markets for nutritional products and his strong digital expertise will help the company to increase its profile and engagement with customers online. The company’s new global website combines a modern design, which visitors will find easy to navigate and will showcase Synergy’s extensive product range, sector expertise, insights and customer support. The new, updated website serves as the official launch of Synergy’s new logo. Its modern, multidimensional look conveys what Synergy is all about – natural, creative, innovative and trusted.


LOBAL PACKAGING AND PROCESSING SOLUTIONS SPECIALIST, TNA 01494 616087, announces the promotion of James Hosford to the new position of European Director of Sales. James will assume responsibility for the commercial operations in Europe, Russia & CIS, Israel and North Africa with an international sales team, operating from Birmingham, England and Wettringen, Germany, following the opening of the tna Central Europe office. This move is the latest in a series of initiatives to show tna’s ongoing commitment to support its customers in


S PART OF ITS AMBITIOUS GLOBAL GROWTH PLAN, SYNERGY FLAVOURS 01494 492222 has made a series of investments to enhance its capabilities and service offering to customers. The flavouring, extract and essences manufacturer has made a number of key appointments across its Innovation, Marketing and Operations functions in Europe and has set its sights on increasing brand recognition with a new, modern logo and corporate visual identity and a new, engaging, global website. New recruits across the company’s High Wycombe and Corby sites include Philip Ashman and Jennifer Connor in the Innovations team, Christopher Hendrick in Marketing and Mark Embery in Sales, John Needham, Peter Wingrove and Craig Hall in Operations and Andrew Phelps in IT. Bringing a broad range of expertise and skills, the new additions will help Synergy to provide best in class products and services and continue to forge long-term, collaborative partnerships with customers. Christopher Hendrick, Synergy’s new Category Manager for Brand and the Sweet Range comments: “It is a very exciting time to join Synergy and I have been really impressed by the level of knowledge and passion here for the food and beverage industry.” Having previously worked at Kinetica Sports in




Europe. Since joining tna in 2004, James has held a number of key roles, most recently as European Sales Manager. During this time, he successfully grew the European sales team and assisted customers in finding the best possible packaging and processing solutions to suit their needs. Commenting on his appointment, James said: “I am delighted to accept the role of European Director of Sales. It is the perfect platform to share my experience and expertise in the packaging and processing industry and help tna further expand and consolidate our operations in Central Europe. I am looking forward to the opportunities and challenges ahead.” Michael Green, Managing Director, tna, added: “With more than ten years of experience at tna Europe, James has gained valuable knowledge of our products, customers and the markets we serve. For this reason, he is the ideal candidate to head up our sales team there and we are confident he will continue to build strong customer relationships in the region.”


ONALD KERS, currently Chief Executive of the Müller UK & Ireland Group 01355 244261, will take over the overall responsibility for the Unternehmensgruppe Theo Müller as Chief Executive in

2015. “I am very pleased that we can recognise and promote talent from within the organisation to this position at the top of the management board. We followed the proposal of Heiner Kamps and are convinced that Ronald will successfully continue to lead the Unternehmensgruppe on its growth path,” said Theo Müller, the sole shareholder of the Unternehmensgruppe Theo Müller. Heiner Kamps, who has been Chief Executive of the Unternehmensgruppe Theo Müller since 2011, will work closely with Ronald to ensure a smooth transition up to his agreed retirement in 2015. Ronald Kers has been responsible within the Unternehmensgruppe Theo Müller as Chief Executive for the Müller UK & Ireland Group since January 2012. In this position, he has developed the successful yogurt business Müller Dairy and integrated fresh milk business Müller Wiseman Dairies into the Group. Ronald also played a central role in the acquisition of the Minsterley production site, where Cadbury chilled desserts are manufactured and distributed under license, as well as in the acquisition of the NOM Dairy UK Ltd in Telford (now TM Telford), which is key to the development of the Group’s UK private label yogurt business. Most recently under Ronald’ leadership, Müller entered the

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British butter market by opening its own butter factory in Market Drayton. Under the leadership of Heiner Kamps, the Unternehmensgruppe Theo Müller developed from a dairy company with over 2bn Euros in annual turnover and about 5,000 employees into an international food company with an annual turnover of around 5bn Euros and 21,000 employees.


EORGE RIVERS, SUPPLY CHAIN AND SITE DIRECTOR AT PRODUCE WORLD ISLEHAM 01638 780087 and Yaxley 01733 240253, celebrated forty years of service to the company on 1st July. George joined the Produce World Group in the days of Greens of Soham on 1st July 1974. Since then he has also worked under the company name of Hassy Ltd, Isleham Carrot Growers, Clem Tompsett and now the Produce World Group. Although trained in Business Law and Accountancy, George’s first job was as a management trainee at the Co-op in Newmarket. He then went on to join Greens of Soham, firstly as Assistant Transport Manager, and from there he progressed up through the distribution and supply chain ranks of the business. George has seen the site at Isleham under the management of three major fresh produce families. “During my time at Produce World I have really seen some developments, both in terms of technology and business. I have been able to work in all areas of the company from commercial to logistics, distribution, management and technology, which have helped me to work in my position of Site Director today”, explained George. “I am enjoying my work today as much as I did at the time I started. Things may have developed and faces changed but the product remains as dynamic as ever. “What I love most about the fresh produce sector are the people. Everyone has such a great attitude and passion for their


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work. I love it!” George went on to say: “I would encourage anyone to pursue a career in vegetables for any youngsters looking to get involved I would recommend that they get as much experience at every level as possible to understand other people’s jobs.”


EA HAS CREATED A NEW BUSINESS UNIT, Powder Systems Europe, to service its rapidly growing customer base in Europe for powder filling systems and powder handling components primarily for the food, dairy and pharmaceutical markets. GEA Powder Systems Europe is managed by Christian Rolf Jacobsen, who joined GEA in June this year. Although Christian is new to GEA he has spent much of his working life in the food and dairy industry with ingredients supplier Christian Hansen and previously spent many years working with BASF Nutrition. This means that he knows the industry very well and already has close business relationships with many GEA customers. “I am thrilled to join GEA,” he said. “It is a highquality company with a strong image and an exciting growth agenda. I am very much looking forward to working with the teams in New Zealand, Asia and Europe. Our aim is to extend the coverage and servicing of large customers within the dairy and food segments.” Powder Systems Europe brings together GEA technology companies GEA Avapac +64 7 849 3414 and GEA Nu-Con +64 9 276 2388 both based in New Zealand. Both companies already have a large installed base in Europe and have serviced their customers effectively from New Zealand. However, a rapidly increasing demand for GEA Avapac Ltd Intervention filling systems - boosted by the recent introduction of the company’s RBF 1000, 800 and 500 Li machines that can easily be shipped in 40ft containers - and the introduction of the new GEA Nu-Con Gen 3 RDS rotary valves, has required a more direct, proactive approach. “These brands have been very

successful in Europe and the new products are really making their presence felt,” said Christian. “The new business unit brings us much closer to some of the major players in the market and will allow us to focus increasingly on sales, customer support and aftermarket service. It is a major leap forward for us and I am very excited to be involved right from the start.” Andrew Wade, Marketing Manager for GEA Avapac and GEA Nu-Con said that he was delighted that Christian Rolf is heading up the team. “He has tremendous international business and management experience,” he said. “He is used to working with an international team and bringing the individual competences together. He is a great asset to us.”


LOBAL PACKAGING AND PROCESSING SOLUTIONS SPECIALIST, tna 01494 616087 is pleased to announce the appointment of Moataz Hafez as Sales Manager for its Dubai office in response to the growing demand in the Middle East. Moataz is the newest addition to Mukul Shukla’s team in the Middle East & India, responsible for further developing sales and customer support in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon. Academically trained in Mechanical Engineering, with a Bachelor of Science from the American University in Cairo (AUC), in Egypt, Moataz is fluent in both English and Arabic and brings over 16 years of relevant and valuable experience to his new role. He has spent nine years in sales and promotions for packaging solutions in the food industry, four years in the field of engineering, and three years in the sale and marketing of petrochemicals. Commenting on his new appointment, Moataz says: “I am excited to be taking on this new role with tna in Dubai. It is a position I feel well-equipped for, having had the unique experience of working in both the technical field of engineering, as well as sales and promotion. I hope to be able to bring this unique

perspective and broader understanding of the industry to tna.” Mukul Shukla, General Manager, tna Middle East & India, added: “The Middle East region is a fast-growing one, and we are seeing rapid market expansion. With Moataz’s length and depth of experience, I believe he will be able to lead us forward by providing strong sales support both to our customers and the business.”


ICROSCAN +31 172 423360 a global technology leader in barcode, machine vision, and lighting solutions, announced that EuGene Ng has joined Microscan in the position of Regional Sales Director for the Asia-Pacific region. Eu-Gene joined the Microscan management team reporting to Scott Summerville, President. In his role, Eu-Gene will have responsibility for all sales and applications engineering activities for Microscan in Southeast Asia, South Korea, India, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. He has eighteen years experience in the electronics industry including sales, sales management, and product management. For the past fourteen years he has worked with Kemet Corporation, a global passive electronic component company. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore where he currently resides and he will be based in Singapore. “Eu-Gene is a very people and collaboration-oriented leader with strong analytical skills. His experience in the electronics industry as well as his dual background in sales and product management will position him well at Microscan,” said Scott Summerville. “I am looking forward to working with Eu-Gene and having him lead our team in this important region of the world for Microscan.”


SISTERS FOOD GROUP 0870 458 9700 announced that Baroness Lucy Neville-Rolfe has accepted a post as a Business Minister and, in

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accordance with the rules for such appointment, is stepping down as a Non-Executive Director of 2 Sisters plc with immediate effect. Lord Allen of Kensington, Chairman of 2 Sisters Food Group, said: "On behalf of the board, I would like to thank Lucy for the contribution she has made to the board. Her good judgement, commercial skills and wise counsel has been much appreciated." Lucy Neville-Rolfe said: “I am sorry to be leaving this growing and vibrant company. I have very much enjoyed contributing to its development and wish the company and its staff all the very best for the future”.


OLAND ROTH, Chief Executive of the RKW Group +49 6233 8709 is joining the Supervisory Board. As of July 1, 2014 Harald Biederbick became the new Chief Executive of the Executive Management Board. Besides the personnel changes, the RKW Group is also undergoing a restructuring of its organization: Bundling the activities in three divisions is designed to ensure an optimized performance of the company. In naming Harald as the new Chief Executive of the Board, the leading manufacturer of plastic films and non-wovens is making a clear statement for continuity in the corporation. Since 2009, Harald has been a member of the Executive Management Board. As Chief Financial Officer he has been responsible for the finance, HR, and IT functions. Roland Roth is joining the Supervisory Board and will maintain close ties to the company. Even after stepping down from the RKW Executive Management Board, he will continue with his activities as President of the IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen e. V. (German Association for Plastic Packaging and Films). Along with Roland Roth, Franklin H. Smith is another experienced international expert in the plastics industry who will be joining the RKW Supervisory Board. Since 1998, Roland Roth has been a member of the RKW Board of Directors and subsequently of the Executive

Management Board. Since 2009 he has headed the Group as its Chief Executive. The new Executive Management Board should continue this international growth strategy. The RKW Group will focus more strongly on the global expansion of strategic product areas in the different growth markets and will continue to expand its leading position in the domestic European market. The conversion of the five Global Business Areas into three divisions became effective as of July 1, 2014. Each of the three divisions will be managed by one of the Executive Management Board members: The Packaging Division by Matthias Kaufmann; The Hygiene & Industrial Division (including non wovens) by Dr Manfred Bracher and The Agriculture Division will be headed by Harald Biederbick.


T ITS GENERAL ASSEMBLY IN AMSTERDAM, CAOBISCO +32 2 533 9466 elected Mr Patrick Poirrier, Chief Executive of CÉMOI, as President, for a two-year mandate starting from 13/06/2014. He succeeds Mr Tobias Bachmüller, Chief Executive of Katjes Fassin GmbH + Co in Germany. Born in 1971, Patrick Poirrier is the third-generation to head the family company, CÉMOI Group, a French specialty chocolate and confectionery manufacturer and cocoa processor. Patrick graduated from a French Business School, Ecole de Commerce of Montpellier. Following this he created and headed the Ivory Coast subsidiary of CÉMOI in 1996. He then went on to become Industrial Manager for the CÉMOI Group followed by Chief Operating Officer. He was appointed Chief Executive Officer in 2005. The company now has more than 3,000 staff in 21 sites across the globe. Patrick Poirrier is also a key figure in Alliance 7 (French Association), where he holds the posts of President of the Raw Materials Committee and Vice President of the Chocolate Sector. CAOBISCO Vice-Presidents are now Mr Tobias Bachmüller (outgoing President) and Mr

Alessandro Cagli, Director European Affairs, Ferrero, who will become President in 2016.


DWARDS & BLAKE 01760 720201 based in Swaffham, Norfolk, has recently appointed Caroline Thompson-Barr as Operations Director. The new role has been created to support Area Managers across East Anglia and contribute to the company’s quality offering and future growth plans. As part of her role Caroline will manage 85 contracts across both education and business sectors including the company’s first contract outside the region at the Royal National Institute of Blind in London. Caroline brings significant experience from the catering and food industry, previously working for Greene King and the Compass Group. Caroline commented: “I am passionate about quality and standards. I am a real foodie so I am relishing the challenge of this role. My job is to make sure operations continually move forward, build relationships and to travel around the region to manage and support area managers and their teams. It also means that the Managing Directors can focus more on growing the business.” Caroline Blake, Co-Director of Edwards & Blake commented: “Caroline is an asset to the team. Her experience, work ethic and enthusiasm for success means she will be a fundamental part of ensuring the ongoing development of new and existing contracts.”


HE BRITISH SHIPPERS’ COUNCIL (BSC), administered by the Freight Transport Association (FTA) 08717 112222, has confirmed its new Chairman and ViceChairman for 2014/2015 at its recent meeting held in London. Taking over as Chairman from Roy Bufton of 3M UK is Gillian Scott, Import Logistics and Compliance Manager for the John Lewis Partnership. Referring to the importance of

time–sensitivity in retail supply chains, Gillian commented on the BSC’s links with other transport bodies internationally through the Global Shippers Forum and across Europe, which provide a broad range of information for its logistics buyer members; ensured that Council meetings were invariably helpful either when negotiating contracts with its prospective carriers, dealing with operational aspects of the company’s supply chains and keeping up-to-date on regulatory matters affecting shippers. She added that it was also helpful to learn that other members had similar issues to her own and that valuable lessons could be learnt from discussions with fellow members of the Council. The newly appointed Vice Chairman is Barry Wallace, International Operations Manager for Marks and Spencer, who supported Gillian’s positive comments about the group, adding that the range of outside speakers and contributors considerably enhanced the value of meetings to members, in particular regarding economic intelligence and forecasting relating to current and future cost trends relating to international shipping and aviation matters, and in providing advance notice concerning changes to future European transport legislation.


YOUNG HORTICULTURA L SCIENTIST who has implemented changes to growing practices, which are already bringing financial benefits as part of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership, has been nominated for the prestigious Business Leader of Tomorrow Awards. Daniel Smith, who works for the James Hutton institute 0844 928 5428 as part of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) between the Institute and S&A Produce UK in Herefordshire, has been working on a project to define and establish optimal fertigation treatments for producers. Fertigation; the application of fertilisers, soil amendments and other water-soluble products via irrigation systems; is a key

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component in success for soft fruit producers like S&A Produce and Daniel’s project is already having an impact. Since beginning the project less than 18 months ago Daniel has delivered changes that have already yielded benefits well beyond what was anticipated when the KTP was initiated. Changes to growing practices like improved monitoring and precision irrigation have resulted in reduced crop losses as well as reduced inputs, like fertiliser and water, which have amounted to significant financial savings. Speaking about his nomination Daniel said: “I am delighted to be nominated for the KTP Business Leader of Tomorrow Awards and that my work is making a positive contribution to the industry. The KTP between S&A and the James Hutton Institute is a prime example of how the development of closer relationships between industry and academia can result in measurable benefits that can have huge impacts across a business.” The main aims of the KTP project are to: • define and establish optimal fertigation treatments to minimise inputs, minimise losses and maximise crop yield and quality. • develop and pilot assessment techniques and protocols for crop quality assessment. • define key parameters for fertigation protocols to impact flavour, quality and shelf-life and the transfer to new varieties. • define the interaction between fertigation treatment and prevailing environmental conditions to develop models for optimal fertigation protocols. Daniel’s project is being supervised by Dr Rob Hancock at the James Hutton Institute and Irene Geoghegan at S&A Produce. Knowledge Transfer Partnerships aim to help businesses grow by focusing on the development of skills, knowledge, productivity and innovation.


HE BRITISH COATINGS FEDERATION’S (BCF) 01372 365989 Chief Executive, Tom Bowtell, has won the Trade Association Forum (TAF) ‘Leadership of the Year’ Award. The award entry was put


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forward by the BCF’s Board of Directors’ Executive Committee, recognising the significant contribution made by BCF’s Chief Executive Tom Bowtell, since he took the helm at the Leatherhead based trade association in June 2012. In the last two years, Tom has grown membership significantly, reduced overhead costs and delivered a record surplus for the BCF, allowing the Federation to have funds to manage their pension deficit. Member satisfaction has grown in all areas, and Tom has spent significant amounts of time out visiting members, listening to their needs. Tom has brought his commercial skills to bear, with a significant growth opportunity through a new distance learning business and his networking skills have enabled the BCF to build stronger relationships with Government, and other trade associations up and down the supply chain. Tom said: “While I am honoured and so pleased to have been presented this award, it is really one for the team as I know full well that success only comes through empowering others. Although I may come up with the ideas for starting these new initiatives, these are delivered through the great team we have at the BCF.” BCF President John Falder commented: “Huge congratulations to Tom, and his team of course, for this award. I know that his infectious energy and passion to simply get things done led to an outstanding year in 2013, with a 30 percent growth in non-subscription income. I am looking forward to what else is in store!”




Traceability system gives a competitive edge According to food and beverage IT specialist CSB-System International, a fully integrated traceability system can offer companies a vital competitive advantage. The company says its latest software enables businesses to obtain International Food Standard (IFS) ‘higher level’ certification, meeting all legal requirements and providing an enhanced quality management system that helps to reduce costs and improve overall production efficiencies. The CSB system is also able to link to external consumer databases such as fTrace and Mynetfair to meet growing demand from end customers to check the authenticity and history of the products they are purchasing. The system has been designed to link all areas of operation – from raw material procurement through processing and packing to onward despatch - through a single central database that can monitor and report back on the progress or whereabouts of a product at any time. Each traceability system is tailored to specific customer requirements taking into account particular national and international standards or regulations, including EU hygiene regulations, HACCP requirements, ingredients and nutritional information, and COOL (Country of Origin Labelling). CSB says an integrated system also helps to reduce manual information inputting for enhanced accuracy and control of production, with online capture of data directly at source that in turn helps to minimise the costs of documentation and labelling. Central to the system is the use of lot numbers to link all parts of the production and supply chain. CSB carries out an in-depth analysis of each customer’s current operations and all areas that are to be included. This, combined with the amount of detail included in the lot number, determines the number of

check-points along the material and information flow and the structure of the data to be processed to create the bespoke system. The system links equipment, such as weighers and weigh price labellers, and finished packs, as well as storage facilities. The posting of information about the identified units is carried out in goods receiving, inventory, production and sales. RFID and barcode readers enable information to be readily available throughout the process for checking and amendment as required. The use of lot numbers helps to ensure identification of ingredients and components during manufacture and provides links to finished products to deliver a comprehensive overview of product origins. This includes identification of all suppliers of processed raw

and auxiliary materials. The system can also form part of an efficient logistics programme, with faster order picking, and information sent onto carriers in advance to enable them to plan loading requirements and delivery routes. “Our traceability systems help to ensure full transparency both internally and externally,” comments Thomas Kersten, Industry Specialist at CSB System International. “In this way companies can easily demonstrate due diligence and be certain they are meeting all legislative and regulatory requirements. “Such a system helps to generate an increase in consumer trust and means that should any problems arise with a particular product, the situation can be handled quickly and competently.”

Contact CSB-System on tel +49 2451 625430 or visit

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Morgan’s material helps pumps keep running Formulated specifically for dry or vacuum conditions, the new MAT-240 material developed by Morgan Advanced Materials is helping to keep pumps and seals running in challenging operating environments across the food manufacturing sector. Morgan’s MAT-240 material is ideal for extreme conditions that are intolerable to other carbon graphite materials, due to the special formulation that allows for selflubricating. MAT-240 transfers a lubricous film that withstands dry conditions, steam and vacuum applications, and a range of operating environments including marginally and fully lubricated. Prior to launch, MAT-240 was successfully trialled in mixer seals which featured a dry nitrogen barrier. Here, no other carbon or graphite material was able to provide protection without the presence of polar gases. Additionally, the new material has proved its suitability in methane gas, steam and air applications, including the most demanding dry applications across a temperature range of cryogenic to around 230°C. Its performance at high and low temperatures makes it ideal for use in food processing applications where extremes of temperature are used for cooking and freezing, and MAT-240 has been recognised as safe for food handling operations by the US FDA. Michael Ritter of Morgan Advanced Materials explained: “Extensive internal testing has shown that the coefficient of friction of MAT-240 is less than half that of other comparable materials, meaning it offers significantly improved wear resistance. “Additionally, when running in dry nitrogen, MAT-240’s friction values are again proven to be less than half the values of typical carbon and graphite materials. These properties help keep pumps and seals running for longer than has previously been possible in dry and other challenging operating conditions, maximising uptime and reducing replacement costs.” Contact Morgan Advanced Materials on tel 01299 827000 or visit


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Extension to MasoSine range of pumps Watson-Marlow Pumps Group (WMPG) has introduced three new models to its MasoSine range of sinusoidal pumps. Two of the new models – the SPS 250 and the SPS 500 – provide customers will an even greater choice of pump sizes for a wider range of applications. The third new model – the SPS 600L provides a cost effective solution for higher capacity applications. MasoSine pumps have an exclusive sinusoidal rotor overcomes the limitations of conventional rotary lobe pumps to produce powerful suction with low shear, low pulsation and gentle handling the performance and features expected from the MasoSine SPS range. Widely regarded to be the pump of choice for the food industry, MasoSine are highly reliable, economic pumps ideally suited to high pressure, hygienic operations. The SPS pumps also ensure superior viscous handling capability delivering powerful suction up to 0.85bar. This allows products with viscosities from 1cP to 8m cP to be transferred with ease. SPS series pumps offer capacity up to 99.0cu.m/hr and pressures up to 15bar thanks to their heavy duty construction. They can safely pump high viscosity products, while their innovative yet simple design allows economical in-process maintenance. With a

single shaft and rotor, there is no need for the complex timing gears and multiple seals associated with conventional rotary lobe pumps. Hygiene and product quality are two factors of paramount importance in food manufacturing plants. MasoSine pumps have a simple construction which makes them suitable for CIP, steam-in-place or manual cleaning. Manual cleaning requires no special skills or tools and can be performed in-place by a line operative. All MasoSine SPS pumps have a 20-year warranty on pump housing and cover. Customers also benefit from fully interchangeable components between pumps of the same size, which reduces the spares inventory. Commenting on the extension to the MasoSine SPS range, Andrew Ashton, UK Sales Manager at WMPG said: “MasoSine offers exceptional batch transfer performance, ease of use and suction lift capability for products as diverse as soft fruit and savoury pie fillings, as well as highly viscous products. This extension to our range can help even more of our food industry customers make significant improvements to their process performance and the integrity of the end-product.”

Contact Watson-Marlow Pumps on tel 01326 370370 or visit

Hosokawa Micron are improving plant performance Materials processors and manufacturers can now see for themselves how they can improve the performance of their plant and operations thanks to Hosokawa Micron’s new Performance Improvement Service’s online reference facility that intimately reveals a plant’s operating status. Utilising a unique condition monitoring solution, from partner company XpertRule Software Ltd, that monitors data 24.7 from key sensors on processing equipment within Hosokawa’s toll processing facility at Runcorn, plant managers are now able to see a practical demonstration of how even small adjustments to equipment settings, material feeds etc can affect plant performance. Able to highlight and identify in real time, individual actions and their consequences, the new on-line demo facility gives customers a unique understanding and appreciation of plant and process improvement options that are clear, concise and recognisably relevant to their own plant. “By installing the latest monitoring and analysis technologies on one of our own

existing milling plants within our toll processing facility at Runcorn we are free to showcase the technologies and skills we can offer customers for improving production from Hosokawa equipment,” explained Iain Crosley, Managing Director, Hosokawa Micron. The installed system provides users with advanced user displays capable of running on iOS and Android mobile devices as well as a Cloud based production monitoring and reporting system. The system also provides remote access to plant operating data for Hosokawa site personnel. “The expected customer benefits from improved remote condition monitoring and support are faster resolution of problems, decreased equipment downtime and more efficient operation of the plant and equipment. This new demonstration facility means our engineers can engage with customers in a practical way that clearly shows potential improvements available from even relatively simple corrective actions.”

Contact Hosokawa Micron on tel 01928 755100 or visit

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Interroll announces USDA equipment certification Interroll have announced that its Asynchronous Drum Motor (models 113i,138i, 165i and 217i) has gained approval from the USDA for compliance with the guidelines for sanitary design and fabrication of dairy processing equipment. The certification is based on equipment review and an examination of engineering drawings, with the participation of design engineers. The adoption of certain hygienic standards at dairy plants helps the operators to manufacture safer dairy products. Only dairy products manufactured, processed and packaged in a USDA approved plant may be graded or inspected and identified with official USDA identification. Interroll has created the most hygienic conveyor drive available on the market to ensure that food manufacturers are in compliance with strict food safety and material handling regulations. The Interroll Drum Motor is compact, easy to install and can be cleaned and disinfected regularly using high-pressure water, steam and chemicals. This helps dairy and food product manufacturers achieve the highest possible hygiene standards and provides for the lowest possible levels of Salmonella, Listeria, E.coli and other harmful microorganisms in the production environment. “We understand how critical food safety is in processing environments,” said Tim McGill, President of Interroll North and South America. “For this reason, we continue to evolve our products to be the best on the market so that our customers can focus on their business without worrying about the dangers of operating in a potentially unclean environment. Extensive R&D has been put into the Interroll Drum Motor and our participation in the voluntary certification process speaks to the confidence we have in it.” Key features of the Interroll Drum Motor include: • USDA Equipment Acceptance Certificate issued March 11, 2014 • Approved for models 113i, 138i, 165i, 216i and 217i • Configured to drive all modular belting applications • Complies with Part 21 CFR for US Dairy Equipment Guidelines • IP66 – protected from dust and against the effects of immersion in water to a depth of between 15cm and 1m. • FDA Rated Vulcanized Lagging • Leak escape feature in shaft. • Surface finish less than 30 micro-inches on shell and shafts. Contact Interroll on tel 01536 312770 or visit

Hot-dipped chain lubrication now available Donghua hot-dipped chain lubrication is now offered as part of its new UK Attachment Chain Workshop. Donghua, the UK arm of one of the world’s largest chain manufacturers, can offer a hotdipped lubrication service for its in-house built stainless steel attachment chain. Hot-dipped lubrication is regarded as the best type of chain lubrication available as it allows full penetration of lube into the bearing areas, providing optimum protection for the chain and reducing premature chain wear. Bob Wellsbury, Managing Director of Donghua, explained: “Good chain lubrication represents 80 percent of a chain’s wear life. Premature chain wear is mostly attributable to

poor lubrication and maintenance. The most effective chain lubricant is generally one that has a high viscosity (thickness), but high viscosity lubricant does not penetrate the bearing areas found in the centre of the chain around the pin and bushing.” He continued: “By heating the lubricant it lowers its viscosity, allowing full penetration into the bearing areas for long periods, providing optimum protection for the chain and extending service life, but it can only be applied when the chain is newly assembled and before fitting.” Donghua offers hot-dipped lubrication and H1 food grade lubrication for its built inhouse stainless steel attachments chains.

Contact Donghua on tel 01902 866200 or visit

New addition to Lab M’s Pinnacle™ As evidenced by a number of recent outbreaks and food recalls, there remains a need for constant vigilance in testing for Salmonella in foodstuffs. Lab M’s new Pinnacle™ Salmonella ABC pre-poured plates are designed for the isolation of Salmonellae from food samples and are based on Lab M’s established Harlequin™ Salmonella ABC medium. Performance is improved by increased selectivity against competitive flora, such as E.coli, and improved recovery of Salmonella. The medium also possesses an enhanced dual chromogen system that ensures colonies of Salmonella are always green while non-target organisms appear black or colourless, for clear differentiation. This patented chromogenic system reduces the risk of missing organisms that are present only in low numbers and results in fewer false positives.

Contact Lab M on tel 0161 820 3833 or visit

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Eaton robust high temperature safety switches Power management company Eaton have announced that its Crouse-Hinds division has extended its range of safety switchgear with a new series of robust safety switches that are suitable for Zone 22 hazardous dust environments and for high ambient temperature industrial applications. The GHG 981 series of switches are protected by an IP66 enclosure and by earth terminals. The enclosures are available in plastic, powder-coated sheet steel or electro-polished stainless steel versions and can be fitted with flanges and cable glands. The robust, corrosion-resistant switches are suitable for harsh industrial environments with extreme ambient temperatures from -55˚C to +55˚C. For extra protection, the switches can be locked in the “OFF” position by using up to three safety padlocks. The GHG 981 series is approved for use in Zone 22 hazardous dust environments such as flour and grain mills, sugar processing, woodworking, food processing, metal processing and other production environments where potentially explosive dusts are present. GHG 981 switches are available in 3-, 4- or 6-pole versions in sizes ranging from 25A to 800A. The switches provide full AC 23A motor switching capacity and isolating properties to EN 60947-3 with compulsory opening of the main current contacts. An optional ‘EMERGENCY-STOP’ version is available to EN 60204-1, which features a red handle with a yellow back-plate. For extreme switching conditions, additional leading or lagging auxiliary contacts guarantee safety. “Occupational safety is always a top priority for companies and so when maintenance, cleaning or repair work needs to be carried out, it must be possible to isolate electrical machines and installations from the power supply, in an absolutely safe, reliable manner,” said Franz Ruscher, Product Line Manager Switchgear, Crouse-Hinds division. “If safety switches are used, previous timeconsuming safety measures such as the disconnection of electric motors are no longer necessary. The GHG 981 safety switches are not only approved for use in Zone 22 explosive dust atmospheres, but also provide padlocking features that enables the switches to be used as load break switches to provide adequate safety protection levels. GHG 981 switches are also easy to install and provide easily-accessible connection terminals,” added Franz.

Contact Cooper Crouse-Hinds (UK) on tel 02476 308930 or visit


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Baker Perkins relaunches cereal cooker range Significant orders from customers in Europe and Australasia have followed Baker Perkins’ relaunch of its rotary cereal cooker range as the ‘Cook Master’. These high-output batch machines process milled or whole grain cereals including wheat, corn, bran and rice. They are used worldwide for traditional high-quality flaked and shredded products, making many leading brands. The re-launch includes an enhanced control system for all Baker Perkins ‘Cook Master’ machines. This provides full process visualisation, allowing operators to see every working parameter at a glance. It features multi-phase recipe editing for up to 16 separate process steps including charging, mixing, purging, cooking and discharge – several steps can be allocated for each phase. This completely flexible system allows all operating parameters to be defined for every stage of the process cycle; setting ranges are restricted to ensure safe and viable operation. The control system enables recipe recall for

absolute repeatability, as well as alarm management and history, historical trending functions, and connection to a plant-wide SCADA or ERP system. Another new development is the introduction of a cooker with a through-shaft, for customers who prefer this process option. Baker Perkins provides complete systems for a wide variety of breakfast cereals; the unique ‘Cereal Master’ concept allows any cooking or extrusion system to be expanded at any time. ‘Cereal Master’ systems comprise standard process modules, combined in different ways to make different products, which can be extended with the addition of extra modules to change or widen a product range as the customer’s business expands. For example a basic line making traditional wheat and bran flakes, can be progressively extended by incorporating additional units into the line. Multigrain products, corn flakes, and a range of coated products are all achievable.

Contact Baker Perkins on tel 01733 283000 or visit

Hi-line range of filter housings extended The extensive range of compressed airline equipment manufactured by Hi-line Industries has been extended to include filter element housings with 1/4in BSP connections. These products complement their existing wide range of aluminium filter housing with connection sizes now covering from 1/4in up to 4in BSP, offering a throughput flow range from 20 up to 1700cfm. For larger flow rate patterns, then a range of flanged steel filter housings can also be supplied for flow rates up to 15,000cfm. The latest 1/4in BSP additions, designated as part numbers HF20 and HF22 feature a robust die cast construction in high-grade aluminium. They also incorporate an overall Alu-Chrome

treatment that provides corrosion protection against aggressive condensates. The outer surface is also subject to a tough baked-on epoxy coating in RAL 5015 Compressed Air Blue. For OEM requirements, this final coating can also be undertaken in any colour. The HF20 and HF22 products are also fitted with a stainless steel condensate drain, upgraded from the original brass unit, to ensure improved condensate removal. They are also available ex-stock for next day delivery, and covered by a ‘no ifs or buts’ lifetime guarantee warranty. Optional electronic or pneumatic differential pressure indicators can also be fitted as required.

Contact Hi-line Industries on tel 01283 533377 or visit

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Spiroflow unveils new bin activator Spiroflow is launching a new bin activator into the UK market that will help manufacturers in process industries such as food, beverage, chemicals, plastic and oil and gas to eliminate material flow problems that can lead to potentially dangerous blockages in factory piping or tubing applications. Incorporating the latest technology, Spiroflow’s bin activator has integral vibrating blades to maintain a steady momentum and minimise bridging. It is exceptionally well suited to ensuring the steady flow of materials that are hazardous, toxic, require hygienic handling or are simply challenging, such as Titanium Dioxide. The blades are fully adjustable for accurate control of solids, while energy is imparted directly into the materials by the vibrating blades to ensure continuous flow. Effective shut–off is managed with close tolerance blades by the discharger control valve and these can be customised by Spiroflow to fit customers’ own specifications. Manufactured in carbon or stainless steel, making the equipment easy to wash down for applications like food processing and beverage bottling, Spiroflow’s bin activator is designed to minimise risk in potentially hazardous or explosive environments. Shifting millions of tonnes of potentially dangerous ingredients is part and parcel of many production processes for manufacturing companies, which must have systems and equipment in place that adhere to the European Union’s ATEX Directive 1999/92/E - implemented by the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmosphere Regulations 2002 (DSEAR) act in the UK. Spiroflow is a world-leading manufacturer of ATEX approved conveying and bulk handling systems that meet regulatory requirements for transporting and handling powders and other materials in environments containing a potentially explosive atmosphere, such as chemicals or oil and gas. Spiroflow bin activators, which can be tailor-made to suit customers’ needs, are exceptional equipment for facilitating the steady discharging of powdery or granular materials from storage bins, silos or hoppers. The bin activator ensures optimum feeding of the materials, avoids bridging and can also be incorporated into material handling equipment like dischargers and feeders.

Contact Spiroflow on tel 01200 422525 or visit

Interroll introduces new Multiprofile Interroll has developed Multiprofile - a new profile for its asynchronous drum motors and synchronous drum motors, that can be used to drive various conveyor belts from different manufacturers using only one Interroll Premium Hygienic PU Profile. Incorporating frequency converters, these drums and Multiprofile provide positive and controlled drive of various belt types. This translates into higher flexibility and increased efficiencies as customers can replace belts without having to replace the drum motor. It can reduce the time needed to retrofit and perform maintenance work on the conveyors quite significantly, whilst also

contributing to lower storage costs. The Interroll Multiprofile is manufactured using the “Interroll Premium Hygienic PU”, that is also a new development. This extremely hygiene friendly material complements the Interroll product line that meets EHEDG guidelines. This new material for rubber coating drum motors is particularly well suited for positively driven belts and is known for its extremely smooth surface that prevents bacteria from forming on the material. Besides the low operational noise level and its high resistance to oil, grease and chemicals, the Interroll Premium Hygienic PU also stands out due to its much lower friction.

Contact Interroll on tel 01536 312770 or visit

16 new languages and increased functionality Rockwell Automation has enhanced its Safety Automation Builder (SAB) tool to include new additions to the safety function library and 16 additional languages; opening up this incredibly powerful safety system development tool to new markets with new capabilities. With over 15,000 downloads, 3,000 of which have been in the EMEA region, SAB – which is designed to help machinery automation system engineers save time when designing safety systems – has been a huge success and was nominated at last year's SPS Drives as one of the top ten most innovative products at the show. The SAB software automates the safetyselection process to help speed system design and minimise human error. With the SAB tool, users import an image of the machinery they wish to safeguard and answer questions using a drop-down menu and help screens to identify and select the necessary safeguards. The software then compiles all product selections, generates a bill of materials, and compiles necessary data to populate Sistema. According to David Reade, Business Development Consultant, Safety and Sensing, EMEA at Rockwell Automation: “We have seen incredible uptake of this software package and with the additional functionality

and language sets, the download figure is sure to get even bigger. One of the biggest advantages it offers is that it can act as a multi-language front end to the IFA's Sistema software, a utility that provides developers and testers of safety-related machine controls with comprehensive support in the evaluation of safety in the context of ISO 13849-1. “As Sistema has a limited language set, the use of SAB helps augment the process of report generation in additional languages,” David added, “therefore developers in more countries can now use SAB in their own language and then import this data into Sistema where a final report can then be generated in one of the core languages offered by Sistema. This is especially useful for crosscountry projects where machines are being developed and then exported. Inside the tool you can have someone generate a file in Czech, this can then be sent to an end user in Spain and SAB will automatically switch languages. SAB files can be transferred back and forth and due to the cell-by-cell data entry, the translation does not change any of the functional data in the master file. “We are seeing major take up of SAB across territories within large multinationals,” David elaborated. “By utilising SAB they can accept safety designs from a variety of OEMs in a

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common format. Using SAB, they can generate outline safety concepts for a machine in local languages and then export them to other design offices around the world. This approach cuts paperwork significantly. I saw this first hand recently at an end user in Italy, using a Hungarian SI with a German machine builder. They all generated SAB data in local language and then simply toggled between the files and languages.” In addition to the enhanced language set, SAB also exhibits multiple additions to its extensive safety function library, a library of pre-configured, pre-engineered design documents containing detailed information

for many safeguarding methods, including specific functionality, Performance Level category data and required input, logic and output components. These documents also include parts lists, electrical drawings, a SISTEMA project file, and verification and validation plans. The huge uptake of the software has also enabled Rockwell Automation to significantly expand the help files based on extensive user experiences. New SAB Languages include Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Czech, Swedish, Danish, Hungarian, Finnish, Romanian, Polish, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Contact Rockwell Automation on tel 0870 242 5004 or visit

Revolutionary Dust Detection System A global fire, explosion and pressure relief solutions company has introduced a revolutionary product that will assist in the prevention of dust explosions and as such eliminate the risk of potentially devastating disasters occurring in the workplace. Fike UK, based in Kent has enhanced its already extensive range of high quality, safety driven products with the introduction of the Fike Dust Detection System (FDDS). The FDDS functions by signalling the presence of unusually high airborne dust particles enabling the prevention of explosion devastating the workplace. Keith Avila, General Manager of Fike UK said of the new product launch: “A dust explosion can be potentially catastrophic. We are very proud to be the first in the industry to introduce such ground breaking technology and be at the forefront of providing safety solutions like this which prevent devastating and irreversible effects.” Featuring unique technology the FDDS - a processor based device - can identify levels of dust that can cause explosive hazards whilst also having the ability to validate the protection of non-zoned areas. The advanced technology is installed in ducts and will alert a business to any early warning signs of potential contamination caused by nuisance dusts. The system works by detecting the normal amount of dust particles passing by with an easy ‘traffic-light’ notification system indicating the levels of dust concentration within the duct. Commenting on the benefits of the new product Keith said: “As well as detection, it comes with an additional layer of protection which removes any potential hazardous dust zones, whilst also being able to detect leaking filter bags. One of the key benefits of the FDDS for our customers is it requires little or

no maintenance – a feature that really appeals to them in terms of cost efficiency and resourcing.” The use of innovative Inductive Electrification technology sets the product ahead of other optical or tribo-electric devices by determining the background acceptable level of dust during normal process operation and triggering alarms at different pre-set dust concentration levels when these are attained. This is coupled with running advanced filtering algorithms that can detect the smallest of dust concentration variations and provide the most accurate dust measurement signalling. Dust is a serious health and safety consideration with a wide range of materials capable of causing a dust explosion. These include anything from agricultural products and metals, through to chemicals, wood and many more raw materials. Dusts can be caused through various means including transporting, handling, processing, and polishing; through to abrasive blasting, cutting and mixing. The dust explosion is caused by a sudden ignition of a mixture of air and a high concentration of suspended combustible dust particles. Fike has almost 70 years’ experience advising on fire explosion and pressure relief solutions with a team of in-house engineers, application specialists, and combustion researchers specialising to companies across the food, power, wood and pharmaceutical/chemical industries. Keith added: “In our industry, Fike has unprecedented expertise and is committed to providing quality safety products that are fully explosion tested. The FDDS has been developed over a considerably long period of time and carry the highest industry standards to ensure our customers have the safest potentially life-saving product.”

Contact Scarab4 on tel 0844 8002686 or visit


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Eaton extends linear LED light fittings Power management company Eaton has announced that its Crouse-Hinds division has extended its eLLK/M 92 LED 400/800 series of robust, explosion-protected linear LED light fittings with the introduction of new versions for both battery back-up and for connection to central emergency monitoring systems. The light fittings are suitable for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous gas environments and Zone 21 and 22 hazardous dust environments. The new eLLK 92 LED 400/800 NIB (battery back-up) and CG-S (central monitoring) series of linear LED light fittings are based on the well-proven design of the eLLK series of light fittings from Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds Business. The LED light fittings can therefore be installed in Zone 1 and 2 hazardous gas areas on ships, oil platforms, LNG plants, refineries, waste and sewerage treatment plants, as well as indoor and outdoor industrial locations. They also can be fitted in Zone 21 and 22 hazardous dust areas such as flour/grain mills, sugar processing, woodworking, food processing, metal processing and other production environments where potentially explosive dusts are present. The eLLK/M 92 LED 400/800 CG-S series light fittings can be driven by a CEAG central emergency lighting system as individually monitored luminaires. In the event of a mains power failure, the light fittings ensure that illumination is still provided. Compared to traditional fluorescent light fittings, the eLLK/M 92, LED 400/800 series of LED light fittings reduce energy costs by up to 20 percent. In addition, the design of the linear LED light fitting is based on Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds Business EVG 09 electronic ballast (driver), which has proven itself in the field for more than 20 years. The linear LED light fitting provides numerous benefits. These light fittings are shock-resistant, more energy efficient and are maintenance-friendly compared to traditional fluorescent light fittings. Furthermore, the customer receives all the usual benefits associated with a Cooper Crouse-Hinds LED light, including an expected operating life of 60,000 hours. The linear LED modules are also increased safety (Ex e certified), which simplifies maintenance and reduces the overall cost of ownership. As the LEDs contain no mercury or other harmful substances, end-of-life

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disposal costs are also reduced. The linear LED light fittings are available as wall, ceiling or polemounted versions. Ambient operating temperatures are from -25°C to +45°C. As an additional benefit, the linear LED light fitting is fitted with an LED module, which can be retrofitted to existing eLLK 92018/18 and eLLK 92036/36 fluorescent light fittings with electronic ballast EVG 09, converting these robust, traditional fluorescent light fittings into LED lights. Contact Cooper Crouse-Hinds (UK) on tel 02476 308930 or visit

Spirax Sarco introduces delivery within 48 hours Spirax Sarco has introduced guaranteed delivery for its Spira-trol™ modular control valves. Actual delivery times since the service’s launch are proving to be much shorter with over 90 percent of valves reaching their destination within 24 hours of ordering. Spira-trol valves leave the Spirax Sarco factory pre-commissioned for applications, enabling quick ‘plug and play’ installation. With over 2,500 permutations available and delivered within 48 hours, it is possible to match almost any system’s needs and bring it back into service as quickly as possible in the event of a breakdown. Spira-trol’s modular design with quickchange ‘clamp-in-place’ seat means its duty can be altered to match changing plant conditions, rather than the entire valve being replaced. The self-aligning ‘clamp-in-place’ seat also simplifies maintenance so no special tools are required and there is no need to take the valve out of the pipeline. This achieves considerable cost savings compared to conventional designs with screw-in seats that often seize in place, requiring the valve to be removed, incurring a lengthy plant shutdown. Both electrically and pneumatically actuated Spira-trol valves from DN15-100 up to PN40 rating are available on 48-hour lead times. With the complete Spira-trol range extending up to DN300 and ANSI 600 pressure envelope, Spirax Sarco can offer control solutions from HVAC, through process and power, to severe service applications.

Contact Spirax Sarco on tel 01242 521361 or visit

New Rocol® stainless steel cleaner A new stainless steel cleaner from Rocol is delivering superior smear-free, no-residue cleaning results in a wide range of production environments, including food, beverage and clean industries. The new cleaner and polishing spray, which removes grease, oil and general grime from metal surfaces and is particularly suitable for use on stainless steel, is receiving widespread praise from customers following its launch. Rocol said: “The feedback we are getting from customers is that we have succeeded in developing a cleaning product which surpasses their expectations – we have looked at other stainless steel cleaners in the market and produced an outstanding cleaner that does not leave any residue. “In addition, it offers a range of food safety, hygiene and traceability benefits, which make it ideal for use throughout food,

pharmaceutical and clean industries.” As well as leaving surfaces polished, and residue and smear-free, the Stainless Steel Cleaner Spray from Rocol is 100 percent food safe. Manufactured from only FDA listed ingredients, it carries NSF registration, making it ideal for use in food processing areas. The product’s food safe credentials are further enhanced through the use of the Rocol patented Detex™ caps and actuators, which are manufactured from x-ray and metal detectable plastic components to help food processing plants meet HACCP requirements. Rocol is offering customers the opportunity to experience the benefits of the new Stainless Steel Cleaner Spray by giving away a limited number of free samples. To be in with a chance of receiving a free 400ml sample, email Contact Rocol on tel 0113 232 2600 or visit


WWW.FTRTODAY.COM the subscription systems set up for orders and the PayPal payment system to accept all cards.

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FB Chain lube-free plastic combination chains

Trelleborg technology makes handling of hoses easier Trelleborg’s industrial hose operation presents Alikler G2, a new generation rubber hose specifically engineered for food processing. With bending force requirements reduced by 50 percent on a 50mm (2in) inside diameter, the innovative hose allows processors of oily and fatty foods to take advantage of the benefits of a rubber hose while enjoying improved manoeuvrability. This enhances manufacturing performance and most importantly makes the operator’s job less difficult and enhances their safety. Nitrile rubber (NBR) hoses are particularly suited to processing oily and fatty foods, having significant benefits over hoses made from PVC. They maintain pressure and flexibility over the whole of their operating temperature range as well as absorbing pressure impact. The disadvantage of rubber hoses though is that they are heavier than a PVC hose and are more difficult to manoeuvre. Manoeuvrability in food processing is an important characteristic as hoses are disconnected and reconnected at numerous connection points many times per day. Christine Dhiersat, Product Manager, said: “We asked our R&D team to provide our customers with a nitrile rubber hose that had improved flexibility. The challenge was compounded by the fact that the rubber hose would need to comply with the stringent regulations applied to any process product that comes into contact with foodstuffs. “Our reference in terms of flexibility is our

Citerdial, a rubber hose developed and recognized globally for its manoeuvrability in milk handling. The resulting unique Alikler G2 hose, with its significantly reduced bending force requirement, makes handling of food processing hoses much easier. This is really important when operators in food processing plants are manipulating hoses many times a day. This new hose will help reduce the strain on an operator’s back and undoubtedly contribute to improved safety.” ALIKLER G2 hoses are manufactured from food grade white NBR tube that is compliant to European legislation including French requirements, German BfR and US FDA standards. It is unaffected by fluctuations over its operating temperature from -30°C to +100°C (-22°F to +212°F) and is resistant to steam cleaning up to +130°C (+266°F) for around thirty minutes. Working pressure is 10bar/145psi with bursting pressure of 30bar/435psi and a maximum vacuum of 0.9bar/13psi. In addition it is capable of withstanding the most commonly undertaken cleaning processes and contains no phthalate or Bisphenol A. ALIKLER G2 is available with inside diameters from 25mm to 150mm (1-6in) and in standard lengths of 20 and 40m (10 and 20m for ID >100mm) (65 and 131ft; 33-65ft for ID >4in). It can also be supplied with Trelleborg’s own design of fitting systems suitable for all common connections and that fully ensure hygiene.

Contact Trelleborg on tel 0121 746 3621 or visit


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FB Chain have developed a new range of corrosion resistant chains specifically for the food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries that do not require lubrication for optimal performance and meet strict hygiene standards. FB Chain’s plastic combination (PC) chain is constructed from food-grade engineering plastic inner links, supported by 304-grade stainless steel bearing pins and outer link plates. The PC chain matches the strength of standard stainless steel chain but has a much lower friction co-efficient, eliminating the need for lubrication and increasing wear life. The PC chain is also much quieter and an impressive 50 percent lighter, helping manufacturers to meet energy efficiency and environmental targets, while enjoying a significantly lower total cost of ownership. Furthermore, the bushed design of the plastic inner link ensures that in wash down applications there is no risk of residue becoming trapped between the chain components and resulting in contamination over time. FB Chain’s PC chain is available from stock in food-grade blue. A generalpurpose white engineering plastic is also available, with both versions supplied in sizes from 3/8in to 3/4in pitch in pitch. The chain is dimensionally interchangeable with stainless steel chain, meaning no adjustments to sprockets or other existing conveyor components are required to accommodate it. Nevertheless, the company is able to supply a wide range of sprockets made from either stainless steel or food-grade approved polymers, as well as high quality thermoplastic chain guides as part of a total package. Robert Young, Process Industry Sales Manager at FB Chain said: “Plastic combination chain – even of the nonfood-grade variety – is currently only available from a small number of chain manufacturers. We aim to be the leading supplier in this niche, helping customers in the food and pharmaceutical industries – or indeed with any clean-room application – to significantly improve their safety, efficiency and profitability.” Contact FB Chain on tel 01462 670844 or visit

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Compact flexible chain couplings from Tsubaki Tsubaki, the world’s largest manufacturer of roller chain, has introduced a new range of flexible chain couplings to suit a variety of power transmission applications. The CR series includes 24 models using high quality steel roller chain, and a further 28 CN Series models using a lube free nylon chain. Each model consists of two dedicated sprockets with hardened teeth connected with a double strand roller chain. Designed for providing an economical means of positive power transmission between two shafts while occupying minimal space, flexible chain couplings are typically used for connecting power sources to driven equipment; such as motors to fans, pumps, conveyors, compressors and other plant equipment. With minimal transmission losses, chain couplings are also very energy efficient. The complete coupling provides excellent durability; the precisely machined sprockets and teeth are specifically shaped to fit the coupling chain, minimising wear. Maintenance is also extremely efficient as installation and removal is very straightforward, without the need for any special tools, requiring only one connecting pin and spring clip to be inserted or removed. Available in bore sizes from 16mm right up to 700mm, Tsubaki also offers 117 different dimensions of standard bore, allowing the customer to select the exact type of fitting and keyway to suit the application. This eliminates the need for additional, time-consuming, machining on-site and so reduces the overall cost of the installation. Depending on the particular application, Tsubaki also produces a casing for each model that improves the lubrication and service life of the coupling. Made from aluminium alloy and incorporating an oil seal, the two halves of the casing are bolted together to provide additional protection from dust and humidity. For applications where corrosion is prevalent, Tsubaki recommends the use of the nylon chain coupling, which although outright torque transmission capacity is lower than the steel version; it does not require lubrication and ensures that the environment around the coupling is not contaminated with grease. Use of the nylon chain also ensures quieter running when compared to metal chain drives. Contact Tsubakimoto Europe on tel +31 78 620 4000 or visit

Clean-in-place actuated valves Smith Flow Control’s IML lock is a safety device that prevents injury or product loss in the food and beverage processing industries. Specifically designed to replace an actuator mounting kit, it locks the actuator in a desired position, both remotely and locally. Under normal conditions in the food and beverage industries, actuated valves respond to process commands in a largely automated, predetermined way. During planned maintenance or clean-in-place, however, the

system managing the valves may still need to be live while work is carried out. It may therefore be necessary that a valve is deliberately held, so even if a remote signal requests the valve to change position, it will remain in a locked condition to enable work to be done safely. The IML Lock covers F05 to F16 ISO 5211 actuator mounting dimensions and can be operated up to a maximum torque of 1500Nm.

Contact Smith Flow Control on tel 01376 517901 or visit

Stable Micro Systems expands offering Stable Micro Systems has developed revolutionary testing methods for its noncontact laser-based volume measurement instrument, the Volscan Profiler. New features have been added to the Volscan Profiler, enabling bakers to carry out advanced calculations which will provide additional meaningful solutions in more specialist applications. With the Volscan Profiler, they can now measure the dimensions of their products to quantify their suitability to fit into the chosen packaging without difficulty. In a fast paced baking industry, rapid product measurement and the provision of automatically-calculated quality control pass or fail benchmarks are key to manufacturing intelligence and success. For the first time, manufacturers of sandwich loaves can verify whether their finished diagonally cut sandwiches will fit into the desired packaging, via determination of the bread’s maximum height and width. In doing so, the process ensures product volume and packaging are matched, helping bakers maintain cost efficiencies by reducing waste of both product and packaging material. In addition, producers of specialist breads can carry out full dimensional analysis. Bakers

of circular baguettes and artisan rolls, for example, can now measure the circumference of the section with the largest diameter to discover the minimum length of packaging material required to fit around the product to completely enclose it. A further calculation measures the minimum enclosing circle. The smallest circle that can encompass all of the data points of the largest scanned slice is virtually fitted to the finished scanned product. This enables bakers to estimate the diameter of packaging needed to contain the product without deformation. The addition of these unique calculations extends the use of the Volscan Profiler by encompassing automatically determined parameters and providing manufacturing decision tools, currently not offered by any alternative or historically available volume measuring method. Software that accompanies the Volscan Profiler allows flexible data reporting, displaying the finished test result as 2D and 3D profiles, as well as archiving all data to spreadsheet programmes for further assessment and comparison. The tests are also repeatable and applicable from one bakery to the next and maintain production efficiencies by obtaining results in under sixty seconds.

Contact Stable Micro Systems on tel 01483 427345 or visit

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Indicators support up to 14 weight sensors Avery Weigh-Tronix launches the ZM305 weight indicator. This IP69K dust and waterproof indicator model is available in two variants; the ZM305 GTN Inbound-Outbound, which offers inbound/outbound weighing and the ZM305 Standard, a multi-purpose indicator with built-in applications. Don Halbert, Product Manager for Avery Weigh-Tronix, commented: “The ZM305 is the latest addition to our popular ZM300 range of indicators. We have built upon the strengths of the existing range by creating an inbound/outbound indicator specifically for vehicle weighing, as well a multi-function version which includes the ability to weigh in-motion in order to further meet the practical needs of industry.” The ZM305 GTN InboundOutbound offers users the ability to store gross, tare and net weights for up to 1000 container or vehicle IDs. Ideal for use in vehicle weighing applications, the ZM305 GTN Inbound-Outbound can be used for any application where container weights need to be recorded against a tare ID/register. The ZM305 Standard can analyze, store, display and transmit crucial weighing data. The numeric keyboard and built-in functions fulfill common weighing requirements, such as counting, checkweighing and process control, while the ability to store multiple tare and IDs in its internal memory provides users with simple data storage and retrieval. The new indicators are extremely fast, accurate and can support up to 14 weight sensors. They feature multiple standard connectivity interfaces that include Ethernet, two RS232 serial interface ports and a USB port. Analog output, USB device, current loop, RS485/RS422 and wireless connectivity are also available as options. IBN display technology provides high contrast and enhanced viewing angles to draw the eye to the screen, even in poor lighting conditions, to help reduce operator error. With their unprecedented flexibility, ZM indicators accommodate the widest range of applications from general weighing and process control to applications subjected to high pressure or heavy washdown. Contact Avery Weigh-Tronix on tel 0845 307 0314 or visit


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Ready-to-use EZ-Fit™ Filtration Unit Merck Millipore, the Life Science division of Merck, has launched the EZ-Fit™ Filtration Unit, a ready-to-use, disposable filtration device for bio-burden testing. The system is faster and more efficient than traditional methods, resulting in increased reliability and streamlined workflows. The unit, which conforms to international standards (EP/USP) and water testing regulations, can be used for filtration of liquid samples including water, raw materials, in-process samples and final products. “The EZ-Fit™ Filtration Unit represents the latest addition to our comprehensive portfolio of products that facilitate and simplify the microbiology workflow while helping to reduce the risk of contamination,” noted John Sweeney, Head of Lab Solutions, Merck Millipore. “Bio-burden testing is an essential element of quality control. To meet the evolving needs of this critical process, we will continue to leverage our strong legacy and expertise in the area of filtration, delivering innovative solutions for QC professionals.” The EZ-Fit™ Filtration Unit delivers optimal microbial recovery and more reliable results. The shape of the funnel and the plastic material minimize sample residue to ensure that the complete sample volume reaches the membrane surface. The design reduces the risk of leaks and prevents sample from bypassing the membrane to allow filtration of the entire volume. Following

sample filtration, the membrane is perfectly flat; when transferred, the entire surface of the membrane is in contact with the culture media. Alternatively, liquid media can be added from the top and once the funnel is removed, the device converts into a Petri dish for faster, more convenient incubation. The EZ-Fit™ Filtration Unit is pre-sterilized and the lid remains in place during filtration to prevent contamination. To further maintain sample integrity, a rim prevents forceps from accidentally touching the membrane filtration area during transfer. To facilitate operation and save time, the EZ-Fit™ Filtration Unit allows one-handed funnel removal. In addition, the clear funnel with a larger diameter enables easier sample pouring and visualization of the end of filtration. Level indicators on the funnel eliminate the need to turn it when placing on the filtration support. EZ-Fit™ Filtration Units are available in 100ml or 250ml funnel sizes and are either individually bagged or packaged in bulk. Additionally, the units are stackable to save space in the laboratory. EZ-Fit™ Filtration Units are easily integrated with the EZ-Fit™ Manifold, a universal laboratory filtration system, and are part of the EZ-product family designed to facilitate microbiology workflow in quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) laboratories.

Contact Merck Millipore on tel 01207 581555 or visit

Sensorex adds conductivity to Modular S8000 Sensorex has expanded its S8000 series modular electrode platform with the addition of the CS8000TC conductivity sensor. The new electrode delivers accurate conductivity measurement for cooling tower monitoring and a host of additional processing environments. The CS8000TC sensor integrates easily into in-line systems. Its keyed flange facilitates sensor orientation. A detachable cable assembly eliminates the need to pull cable through a conduit and sensors can be removed without tools for cleaning and calibration. The sensor’s conductivity cell constant is k=1.0 +/10 percent for a wide measurement range within its temperature/pressure of 60°C/100psig. Temperature compensation is

included with a choice of four sensor types. 10K, 30K NTC, Pt100 and Pt1000 RTD options enable matching to existing conductivity transmitter or controllers. Sensorex’s S8000 series modular platform saves users time and money by configuring a custom system that can grow and change with process needs. The platform includes pH, ORP (Redox) and conductivity electrodes, a choice of mounting hardware, and a variety of electronics options including unity gain preamplifiers and blind 4–20mA transmitters. If monitoring needs change, users simply update the applicable module without replacing the whole system and only need to stock one sensor for a range of installation considerations.

Contact Sensorex on tel +1 714 895 4344 or visit

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Spiroflow equipment to tackle dust Minimising dust contamination when filling and shifting millions of tonnes of powdered ingredients through a factory is challenging for manufacturers, but there is innovative new equipment now available from Spiroflow. Initially developed for the handling of food and pharmaceutical ingredients, the T2 Angled Bulk Bag (FIBC) Discharger provides an air-tight operation which empties product with the minimum of residue and has angled framework, not horizontal flat surfaces, reducing settlement and saving time on cleaning. This latest equipment from Spiroflow is suited for a range of materials ranging from baby formula milk, sugar and flour to pharmaceutical powders and granules. Its unique construction stops fine dust sticking to any part of the discharger resulting in improved hygiene. Unveiled for the first time by Spiroflow to great interest from visitors at this year’s Foodex and Interpack shows, it is probably the first kit of its kind that has been especially designed in the UK to help avoid issues caused by dust residue. Dust in a factory environment can prove hazardous so manufacturers must have systems and equipment in place that adhere to the European Union’s ATEX Directive 1999/92/E, which has been implemented by the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmosphere Regulations 2002 (DSEAR) act in the UK. These regulations require that employers classify places where explosive atmospheres are likely to occur - such as in the form of combustible dust generated by processes such as flour milling and sugar grinding – and must implement protective measures and select appropriate equipment for use in those environments. Spiroflow’s world-leading products for conveying and bulk handling are designed and built to USDA standard and meet regulatory requirements for transporting and handling powders and other materials in potentially hazardous conditions. The company offers the food and pharmaceutical sectors innovative equipment that will help to eliminate material flow problems and dust contamination that can also lead to potentially dangerous blockages in factory piping or tubing applications.

Atlas Copco launches advanced SF range Atlas Copco has updated its SF compact, oilfree scroll compressors. The new SF Mono 1-6 and SF+ 2-6 ranges are complete compressor packages that unite the element, drive motor, after-cooler and starter in a super silent acoustic enclosure to provide 100 percent oilfree air for critical applications such as R&D laboratories, hospitals, universities, dentistry and food & beverage manufacturing. The distinguishing feature of these new compressors is the near silent operation – the slow speed of the air-cooled scroll compression elements ensures that the SF compressors are exceptionally quiet, enabling units to be installed close to the point of use. This proximity helps minimise the size of the air distribution system, reducing pressure loss and any potential for leakage. The new SF Mono features a ‘cool canopy’, designed for optimal ventilation and sound insulation - down to 53dB(A). It provides more breathing space for core components and better cooling flow, which results in lower outlet and element temperatures for improved operational lifetime. The extra internal space also means easier accessibility for component maintenance. Other major features include a totally enclosed air-cooled IP55 Class F insulated motor, complying with IE3 premium efficiency standards and capable of coping with the harshest of operational conditions. The air circuit comprises an oversized cooler for improved performance, aluminium pipework and a vertically oversized check valve to ensure a reliable delivery of high quality compressed air. Unloaded power consumption is eliminated thanks to the simple automatic stop that operates when the required working pressure is reached, thereby avoiding unnecessary energy costs. Another important feature of the SF+ models is the Elektronikon® advanced control and monitoring unit that displays an intuitive navigation system with clear graphics to provide warning indications, maintenance

scheduling and online compressor status visualisation via standard Ethernet connection. The SF Mono 8bar/10bar range, comprising SF 1-6 (1.5-5.5kW) and SF+ 2-6 (2.2-5.5kW) models with outputs from 2.9 to 7.6 l/s (6.116.1cfm) FAD, is offered in pack, floormounted and three receiver-mounted options. A Full Feature variant is also available with integrated refrigerant air dryer to ensure the delivery of dry air, preventing rust and corrosion in the installed compressed air network. The dryers are pre-wired to the compressor power supply, so only a single electrical connection is required. A range of optional equipment includes an electronic drain air receiver and a 500-litre receiver upgrade. The new SF Mono compressors, which are easy to operate and maintain with a minimal footprint to save production space, are designed to provide 100 percent pure, clean air, complying with ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 (2010) certification. CLASS 0 means zero risk of contamination; zero risk of damaged or unsafe products; zero risk of losses from operational downtime; and zero risk of damaging end products and company reputations. Conceived from the start for simplicity and reliability the Atlas Copco scroll principle has a minimal number of moving parts, ensuring a long operating life with the minimum number of service interventions. Air compression is achieved by the interaction of a fixed and an orbiting scroll. Air at inlet pressure enters the compression chamber at the exterior side of the scroll element. Once air is drawn in, the orbiting scroll seals off the inlet port. As the scroll continues to orbit, the air is progressively compressed into an increasingly smaller ‘pocket’. A continuous flow of compressed air leaves the scroll element through a discharge port in the centre of the fixed scroll. This process is continuously repeated, resulting in the delivery of pulse-free compressed air.

Contact Atlas Copco on tel 0845 601 0001 or visit


WWW.FTRTODAY.COM the subscription systems set up for orders and the PayPal payment system to accept all cards.

Contact Spiroflow on tel 01200 422525 or visit

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30 Sep & 1 Oct PACKAGING INNOVATION This annual trade show and conference will take place at the Business Design Centre, Islington, London, England.

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This annual exhibition and conference will take place at the Business Design Centre, London, England. Conference





30 Sep - 2 Oct PPMA SHOW This annual packaging and food machinery trade show will take place at the NEC, Birmingham, England.

OCTOBER 2014 7-9 OILSEED & GRAIN TRADE SUMMIT This 9th annual summit will take place in New Orleans, USA.

7-10 TOKYO PACK This 4-day trade exhibition with more than 2,600 stands, organized by the Japan Packaging Institute will take place at the Tokyo Big Sight International Exhibition Centre, Tokyo, Japan.

15-17 FOOD STRUCTURE DESIGN This first congress will take place at Porto, Portugal.

Entitled ‘The Future begins Here’ this annual conference will take place at the David InterContinental Hotel, Tel Aviv, Israel.

29 Oct – 1 Nov LABELEXPO INDIA The 7th edition of this trade show takes place at the Pragati Maidan, New Delhi and the Avery Dennison Label Awards will take place at Le Meridien Grand Ballroom.

NOVEMBER 2014 2-5 PACK EXPO/PHARMA EXPO These events will take place at McCormick Place, Chicago, USA.

19-23 SIAL


This exhibition of food products, food ingredients, wines and spirits will take place in the Paris Nord, Villepinte Exhibition Centre, Villepinte, France.

This exhibition and conference for food processing, packaging, ingredients, beverages, cooling and refrigeration, will take place at the Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC), Mumbai, India.

19-23 IPA

14-16 PACKEX India

This international trade fair for food processing and packaging takes place, as part of SIAL IPA in the Paris Nord, Villepinte Exhibition Centre, Villepinte, France.

This international exhibition on packaging materials, technology, equipment and supplies, will take place at the Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC), Mumbai, India.



This international trade fair for the fruit and vegetable supply chain will take place in Cesena, Italy.

26-27 NORDIC ORGANIC FOOD FAIR With 350 exhibitors this trade show organized by Diversified Communications returns to Malmömässan, in Malmö, Sweden.




This packaging, processing, printing and handling exhibition will take place at the Paris Nord Exhibition Centre, Villepinte, France.

17-20 SALON DE MANUTENTION This handling trade show is co-located with le Salon de l’Emballage which will take place at Paris Nord Exhibition Centre, Villepinte, France. www.comexposium.

Co-located with the Nordic Organic Food Fair, organized by Diversified Communications, this show takes place for the third year running at the Malmömässan, in Malmö, Sweden.




This exhibition of technologies and solutions for the food industry will take place in Parma, Italy.

This exhibition will take place at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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This trade show is dedicated to the production, storage and marketing of apples which will take place in Bolzano, South Tyrol, Italy.

Food & Drink Expo where it scooped top place in the innovation award. The launch range of products won an initial listing in Whole Foods Market, which is also stocking new products in the range. NO.G Brand Manager Sam Benjamin said: “We are getting a fantastic response to NO.G and are delighted that Ocado is stocking all the products in the range. “Customers love the high quality and great taste of our products and the fact that you do not have to be a coeliac to enjoy them.”

Contact Riverside Bakery on tel 0115 986 6462 or visit

Boiron Frères unveils six new flavours Boiron Frères of France, a specialist in fruit and vegetable processing, is enhancing its range with six new flavours, which come in a purée (butternut squash, green asparagus, beetroot and yuzu) or in a semi-candied mix (lemon and orange). The company already sells an impressive 70-flavour range under the Les Vergers Boiron brand, making it an international leader in frozen fruit and vegetable purées. Boiron Frères is a specialist in fruit processing that has recently diversified into vegetable processing too. The company, thanks to extensive research and innovation, is now diversifying its range of flavours and products. For its vegetable line, under the Les Vergers Boiron brand, Boiron Frères now offers three ‘homemade-grade’ novelty purées: butternut squash, green asparagus, and beetroot. All three are 100 percent natural and free from preservatives, artificial colouring and thickening agents. The vegetables are processed using a new, cutting-edge tool that delivers a taste and texture that are equivalent to the best of homemade purées. Packaged in 1kg trays for optimal food safety and immediately frozen, the purées are easy to use. This unique know-how, which is the company’s hallmark, makes a lot of sense when processing vegetables such as those, that usually require a lengthy and potentially tedious preparation phase. Regarding its citrus line, Boiron Frères found its inspiration in the Far East, in countries such as Japan, China and Korea, where yuzu is traditionally grown. A small, tangy citrus fruit from East Asia, yuzu tastes a little like grapefruit, with touches of lime and

tangerine: thanks to Boiron Frères, it is now available as a purée. Yuzu delivers a powerful and rare flavour, much sought-after by pastry chefs, ice-cream makers, chocolate makers and confectioners. The purée is packaged in 1kg trays featuring an inner grading scale (250g or 100g) for precise measuring. Yuzu purée under the Les Vergers Boiron label is a 100 percent natural product, with a flavour closer to the actual fresh fruit than that of existing products on the market. Yuzu can be used in a wide range of sweet or savoury recipes: Portioned desserts, fruitcakes, financier cakes, muffins, small tarts, wafers, soufflés, ice-creams, sorbets, granitas (a type of Italian semi-frozen dessert also known as granita siciliana), cream cakes, crèmes brûlées, mousses, ganache fillings, fruit pastes and jams, amongst others. Boiron Frères has filed a patent for a new and exclusive technological process in semicandying, which it uses to supply pastry chefs, ice-cream makers, chocolate makers and confectioners with semi-candied lemon and orange in 500g pots. While they are less sweet and smoother than ordinary candied fruit, these semi-candied mixes have preserved all the aroma, colour, texture and vitamin content found in fresh produce. Additionally, Boiron Frères’ semicandied mixes will retain their consistency and their freshness under high temperatures, without producing any exudate. When frozen, their texture becomes soft and tasty, and may be easily handled with a spoon. This new manufacturing process promises to revolutionise the use of candied fruit in pastries, brioches, sorbets, chocolate and more, whether the candied fruit is mixed in, or used as decoration, explains the company.

Contact Boiron Frères on tel +33 475 478700 or visit


NO.G, a new range of chilled gluten-free sweet and savoury pastries has won a listing with Ocado. The Nottingham-based Riverside Bakery’s NO.G range is now stocked by the online retailer. Ocado will stock NO.G’s launch range as well as the brand’s new products which include a Cheese & Onion Quiche, Crustless Garden Vegetable Quiche, Quiche Lorraine and a Lemon Tart, plus Mini Pastryless Quiches in two flavours: Cheese & Onion and Cheese & Bacon. NO.G launched in April at the 2014


and new products


NO.G Ocado listing

G’NOSH expands range and launches nationwide G’NOSH is expanding its lifestyle-driven ‘gourmet nosh’ product range with the launch of ingredient-led world food inspired Meals-in-Minutes into Waitrose and Ocado. The brand’s existing range of four award winning fresh Dips are also going on-shelf into Waitrose and, in an expansion boom, its tapas-style Pinchos will also launch nationwide into Sainsbury’s. Central to the brand’s lifestyle-led values is a celebration of bold, global flavours and simple, honest ingredients. Leading a new trend in modern eating, G’NOSH allows consumers to create joyful home dishes, catering conveniently for modern lifestyles: from non-elitist noshing to special occasion entertaining. G’NOSH Meals-in-Minutes promise to revolutionise part-scratch cooking, with creative meal solutions in a range of three delicious varieties, exclusively at Waitrose. Piquant Prawn & Chorizo in a Spicy Tomato Sauce uses Ecuadorian prawns and paprika spiced pork from Northern Spain, Mussels & Prawns in a Garlic Butter Sauce with plump Galician mussels, and a delicious slow-cooked Italian Sausage Ragu using Northern Italian sausage studded with fennel seeds. G’NOSH has also launched tapasstyle Pinchos into Sainsbury’s stores: a tasty combination of juicy prawns and chunky chorizo, with a lemon and chilli dressing. Pinchos are perfect for everyday noshing or enjoyable entertaining with friends.

Contact G’NOSH on tel 01737 064 6381 or visit

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Mega sour candy range Brain Blasterz Brain Blasterz was the first own-brand range to be developed by Europe’s leading licensed character confectionary company, Bon Bon Buddies, Since its launch in 2011 it is now sold in more than 20 countries across Europe and the Middle East. Initially Brain Blasterz was launched to the market with the mega sour ‘Candy Container’ but following its popularity, the range has been expanded to sixteen products available in a variety of flavours. Chris Howarth, Managing Director of Blackwood-based Bon Bon Buddies, said: “We are very proud of our Brain Blasterz brand. The face of the brand, ‘Brainz’, has already created a community feel online encouraging consumers to get involved with the challenge of eating the mega sour sweets. Aimed at consumers aged eight to 13 years old, Brain Blasterz has a strong presence across Europe and the Middle East, including the UK, the Nordics and UAE. Total annual sales for the brand in 2013-2014 were up 14 percent year-on-year in the UK, and 142 percent year-on-year in Finland, a particularly strong territory for Brain Blasterz. Chris added: “We saw an opportunity to create a new exciting brand for kids, having seen the growth in popularity of sour confectionery. Our understanding of the market, existing relationships and sourcing capabilities enabled us to move quickly to build a strong position in the category." Brain Blasterz are available from wholesalers and convenience stores, as well as a number of Tesco, Morrisons and Wilkinsons stores. The confectionery is also available from online retailers, including Amazon and Party Delights. Some of the candy in the Brain Blasterz range includes Gum Stick, Sour Powder, Brain Bitz and Brain Cellz, alongside the original Candy Container. Since the launch of Brain Blasterz, Bon Bon Buddies has developed two more own-brand ranges, space-themed Nanobytes in 2013 and, in January 2014, The Bon Bon Buddies. Own-brand products now account for 4% of the company’s business, and it hopes to grow this to 15% by 2018.

Contact Bon Bon Buddies on tel 01495 241600 or visit


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Readi-Bake launch ‘Halo’ doughnuts Readi-Bake, has launched an innovative new range of sticky doughnuts into the finished doughnut market following an increase in demand for ring doughnuts. The new ring shaped sticky ‘Halo’ doughnuts that are topped with coloured icing and filled, are available in mixed cases of 36, including 12 of each variety and in three delicious flavours; pink icing filled with raspberry jam, white icing with lemon filling and chocolate icing with toffee filling. Halo doughnuts are extremely flexible, they can simply be defrosted and served as they are due to their colourful appearance, or bakers have the option to be creative with a neverending combination of toppings, giving them a broad appeal to a wide target audience.

David Astles, CSM Product Manager, said: “Ring doughnuts are continuing to increase in demand with a recent 20.2 percent rise in sales during the last 12 months*, meaning sales now represent 34 percent of total doughnut sales*, so we know they are a popular treat for consumers. We want to grow the ring doughnut sector even further by introducing a new element with this exciting topped and filled variant. “It is sticky topping offers a simple yet tasty product for all year bakery sales, but also offers endless opportunities for bakers to get creative and theme them for special events. For example, the white and lemon variant can be topped with green and red sprinkles to create a Christmas themed doughnut”.

Contact CSM UK on tel 0151 343 1600 or visit

Wins for Wensleydale at Great Yorkshire The Wensleydale Creamery, producers of the famous Yorkshire Wensleydale Cheese has had another successful year at the 2014 Great Yorkshire Cheese & Dairy Show. The Creamery picked up the prestigious Wensleydale Cup for their mature Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese, as well as a ‘Best Territorial’ award. Held during July in Harrogate, the Great Yorkshire Show is one the North’s leading annual events, attracting over 100,000 visitors during the three day celebration of the region’s agricultural heritage. The ‘Best Territorial’ award is a celebration of the regional types of cheeses, from Yorkshire Wensleydale to Creamy Lancashire, Wensleydale Creamery’s picked up the award this year with their Traditional Double Gloucester. The Wensleydale Creamery picked up a host of medals across the event for their

handcrafted cheeses, beating a competitive field of dairy producers from across the nation. David Hartley, Managing Director at The Wensleydale Creamery, said: “We are delighted to have received the Wensleydale Cup and a ‘Best Territorial’ award! Our medal haul of five Gold, four Silver, two Bronze medals topped off a great day at the show. “We are passionate and proud of our Yorkshire heritage and it is a real honour to be recognised with these awards at one of the nation’s premier agricultural shows.” The Wensleydale Creamery is based in Hawes, in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, and prides itself on its PGI protected Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese, which is handcrafted to a time-honoured recipe using milk from local family farms to create a cheese which is rich, creamy and full of flavour.

Contact Wensleydale Dairy Products on tel 01969 667664 or visit

New Mini-Gratins offer big benefits Aviko is continuing to serve up innovative new products with the launch of its Mini Gratins with Parsnip & Jerusalem Artichoke helping to add a real point of difference to the festive dining occasion. The new 35g Mini Gratins with Parsnip & Jerusalem Artichoke feature specially selected potatoes, real cream, French Emmentaler cheese, chives, parsley and chervil for a side dish that it full of flavour. Ready in just twelve minutes using a

convection oven or twenty minutes in a traditional oven, the gratins are ideal for large groups, providing a great tasting and consistent result for the demanding Christmas season. Mohammed Essa, General Manager UK and Ireland, Aviko, said: “Our new Mini Gratins with Parsnip & Jerusalem Artichoke are a premium, ‘foodie’ side that will wow customers this Christmas. This new hassle-free, premium side will help create a seasonal offering with ease.” Contact Aviko on tel 01442 239536 or visit

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Leathams launch Baxters beetroot juice range You can now kick start your day with a tasty glass of Beetroot juice thanks to an exclusive partnership between Baxters and Leathams, which will saw the product launch this summer. The range consists of four flavours, beetroot, beetroot & orange, beetroot & blueberry and beetroot & cranberry and will offer health conscious consumers an amazingly tasty product, which is also free from artificial colours and contributes to one of their five a day. Speaking about the exclusive partnership Clive Moxham, Group Sales and Marketing Director at Leathams said: “This partnership with Baxters is an extremely exciting one and we are looking forward to working with them to roll out this innovative drinks range. They offer the active lifestyle consumer a convenient and refreshing way to benefit from beetroot’s healthy credentials without compromising on taste. We are initially launching with independent sandwich shops and delis in the South East which will be backed by a strong social media campaign, before rolling it out further in the UK.” As well as vitamins and minerals, beetroot is a source of natural plant compounds that are believed to offer health benefits. The antioxidant effects of beetroot remain whether the vegetable is eaten raw or cooked. Whilst in the past it was used by athletes for its performance enhancing qualities; Baxters has given beetroot a makeover to create a juice range that meets the growing consumers concerns with health and wellbeing. Richard Cox, Group Commercial Director, Baxters, commented: “Innovation is one of our key strategies; at Baxters we are constantly looking at ways to attract new consumers to our brand and develop new products that appeal to ever-evolving consumer lifestyles. Our new range of beetroot juices gives consumers a tasty way to enjoy the goodness of beetroot in a convenient 200ml bottle format”. Contact Leathams Foods on tel 0207 635 4000 or visit

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Joe Delucci’s – the company behind the brand Over the past ten years, Joe Delucci’s has been quietly producing their artisan gelato and sorbet in Turin, Italy, and supplying it to a growing army of distributors, chefs, hoteliers and restaurateurs around the UK. Add to that over 20 Italian style Joe Delucci kiosks in major UK shopping centres, with plans to continue opening more, coupled with a significant shelf presence in selected supermarkets, and it is clear that Joe Delucci’s mission to raise the standard of ice cream in the UK is coming to fruition. It is this mission and love of gelato that first united Richard Pierce and Nigel Langstone, Joe Delucci’s co-founders. “Hailed as the original ice cream, Italian gelato has a rich heritage that some say dates back many hundreds, or even thousands of years,” commented Richard Pierce. “It is a more sophisticated form of ice cream that boasts quality ingredients - a higher concentration of fruit and generally less fat, which gives it a much creamier taste and a thicker consistency. Add to this its versatility and you have got a far superior product, which explains why gelato is so attractive to hoteliers and restaurateurs and to anyone that takes their customer satisfaction and desserts seriously.” Whilst traditional flavours such as vanilla, chocolate & hazelnut, pistachio and strawberry are still some of Joe Delucci’s most popular flavours, there has been an increased interest for more exotic and quirky blends such as fruits of the forest, parmesan and even melon and chilli flavour. Richard explained: “UK consumers are certainly enjoying some of the

more exciting flavours of gelato coming over from Italy. They are clearly gaining popularity and we are seeing them being used to produce some delicious creations, which can also be used to make luxurious milkshakes and smoothies.” According to Richard, Italian gelato, with its ultra-strong flavour and its use of natural ingredients, was bound to win consumers over eventually, but the hardest part was getting people to discover the difference between ice cream and gelato in the first place. Nigel Langstone stressed: “There are many low cost products in the market claiming to be gelato simply because they are dairy-free. If consumers can not tell the difference between gelato and ice cream, they will wonder what all the fuss is about, which is why it is important that everyone's first experience of gelato is the genuine article, such as Joe Delucci’s.” Joe Delucci’s has positioned itself as the 'UK’s favourite gelato' and as interest in the product reaches an all-time high, their products have never been in such demand. The company currently has a range of own brand gelato tubs available in Tesco and they recently started supplying the supermarket with gelato for their range of Tesco Finest Gelato with plans to expand to other UK supermarkets. Furthermore, in March this year Joe Delucci’s also started supplying Brakes with a range of eight flavours of gelato and sorbetto. Joe Delucci’s website claims: “They are on a mission to spread the gospel of gelato and raise the expectations of ice cream in the UK”.

Contact Joe Delucci’s on tel 0844 557 1818 or visit

Award winning Delice de France Award winning Delice de France started 2014 in triumphant fashion, winning the Product Launch of the Year (Food) Award at the prestigious Essential Café Trade Awards 2014 for their new and innovative food-to-go Handheld Pizza. The awards celebrate the very best products within the café and coffee shop market focusing on supporting and expanding this vibrant and exciting sector. Thierry Cacaly, Managing Director said: “We are delighted to win the Product Launch of the Year Award for Food with our Handheld Pizza at the Essential Café Trade Awards. The award is a culmination of a lot of hard work put in by our entire team, from new product development, marketing and sales representatives. We continuously strive to bring the best and most innovative products to market supporting our customers helping

them stand out from the crowd.” The award winning Hand-held Pizza is an exclusive range introduced by Delice de France last October 2013. Made in Italy, the pizza is traditionally prepared with hand rolled Italia dough (flour type 0), followed by a tomato and rich mozzarella filling and finished off with hand laid toppings of ham. The pizza is pinched in the middle to create the perfect and delicious hand-held snack that is destined for cafés with smaller oven space and even better suited for customers looking for food on the go. With 39 percent of consumers relying on food-to-go and 59 percent of them wanting to grab-and-go at lunchtime, the Hand-held Pizza makes a useful addition to the hot food-to-go range. The British love eating pizza with eight in ten (83 percent) adults eating pizza in the six months up to April last year. Contact Delice de France on tel 0208 917 9600 or visit

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Spicy Thai Taste BBQ Sauce launched Empire Bespoke Foods is looking to turn up the heat on barbecues with the addition of an authentic Spicy Thai BBQ sauce to its Thai Taste brand, which is the fastest growing branded range in the Thai food category. A favourite in the North Eastern Isaan Province of Thailand, the Spicy Thai BBQ sauce is made from a mix of fresh herbs and chillis to create the perfect blend of heat and flavour. Integral to the famous grilled chicken and pork street food of the region, the sauce is ideal for dipping, marinades or even to spruce up salad dressings. Available in 450ml easy squeeze, non-drip

bottle, the authentic sauce contains no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives. Carine Gauyet, Empire Bespoke Foods’ Associate Marketing Director, said: “We expect this year to be a time when the Thai category takes another big step into the mainstream by invading British barbecues and our new Spicy Thai BBQ Sauce is perfectly positioned to take advantage. The flavour-packed sauce is delicious drizzled over grilled, barbecued or oven-baked meat and vegetables, and we believe it will quickly become a must-stock product.”

Contact Empire Bespoke Foods on 0207 091 3200 or visit

Danone launches super snack Danio Danone is bringing its super thick, super tasty, high protein yogurt Danio to the out-of-home market. Helping to profit from the 70 percent of adults who snack when on-the-go, Danio is a nutritious ‘spoonbendingly’ thick yogurt available in nine, low fat and 0 percent fat, fruit layered varieties including Blueberry, Strawberry, Mango and Cherry. Free from preservatives and artificial flavours, Danio is made to an authentic strained recipe. This amazingly thick and high protein yogurt is made with twice the milk as standard yogurt and is ideal for people who eat snacks when in need of an energy boost. Jill McCall, Senior Brand Manager, Danio

said: “Today’s consumers are time poor, spending less but still valuing quality and are brand aware. Danio slots easily into a busy lifestyle, providing a great tasting and nutritious snack option that also gives value for money with powerful brand reassurance. Danio is a yogurt with substance, delivering a great natural flavour through a layer of succulent fruit and super thick, protein enriched yogurt.” Francesca Brady, National Account Manager added: “We sold 21m pots in our launch year, and have driven the growth of the ‘natural and Greek’ yogurt market’ – consumers are voting with their wallets and we are confident Danio will get tills ringing out-of-home too.”

Contact Danio on tel 0208 799 1191 or visit expands gluten-free range, the online supplier of authentic Mexican groceries and ingredients has increased its selection of gluten-free products. The company has become the UK's sole supplier of Sanissimo products and a stockist of Del Fuerte salsas. The Sanissimo range includes slow bake tostadas, picaditas, nachos, salmas crackers and nopal tostadas. Sanissimo products are glutenfree, fat-free family favourites imported directly from Mexico. Del Fuerte products stocked by include the Salsa Verde Comaleña, made using arbol chillies to give it a distinctive green colour, and the red Salsa Molcajeteada. Both are chunky authentic

Mexican style salsas, made using the volcanic stone, molcajete. Using aseptic technology to keep the food safe, Del Fuerte salsas have no added preservatives. They remain fresh and flavourful for two years. Katya Torres, Chief Executive of, said: “We want people who are unable to eat gluten to have access to the widest possible range of products and enjoy Mexican food to the full. These new additions to our range are quintessentially Mexican and will bring any meal to life.” is an online supplier of authentic Mexican groceries and ingredients, offering products not generally available in UK and European supermarkets.

Contact MexGrocer on tel 01582 391511 or visit


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UK’s first hand-made superfood truffles Sweet Virtues, a forward thinking and health conscious food business, is launching the UK’s first super food luxury truffles into Ocado from September 2014 (around 10 truffles in a 115g box). Available in three varieties, Maqui, Chia Seeds & Lime and Baobab & Vanilla, each truffle is guaranteed to contain more than five super food ingredients. The raw centre of each truffle is uniquely made up of a blend of Maca, Lacuma, Carob, Ginseng, Agave, Sunflower Seeds and Ground Almonds mixed with 64 percent and 70 percent dark chocolate cocoa solids. The truffles are suitable for those on a vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free diet and each one is handmade by the world-renowned chocolatier Paul Wayne Gregory. The range will be targeted towards healthconscious consumers looking for a guilt free treat, those on specialist diets and the luxury gifting market. At the heart of the Sweet Virtues philosophy is the ‘Triangle of Health’, a balance of mind and relaxation, food and nutrition and exercise and fitness. One without the other two will never achieve optimum health. This philosophy is reflected in each flavour and the ingredients used: Maqui to Detox, Chia Seeds & Lime to Energise and Baobab & Vanilla to promote Balance. The beautifully created packaging captures the brand’s ‘clean living’ philosophy and is designed to stand out on-shelf with its stunning graphics. These feature light colours and feel-good imagery including the ‘nutrient dense’ ingredients for each truffle variety. Sweet Virtues’ Founder, Carey Davis-Munro said: “Sweet Virtues is an extension of my lifestyle philosophy, I have a genuine passion for great ingredients and the real goodness food can offer us and Sweet Virtues embodies this. We are confident that our offering will stand out in the current functional food and free-from market as we have concentrated on using the best quality ingredients, flavour, texture and overall look in order to give our product a truly high-quality and luxury feel.” Visit

range of products – Chilli Cor Blimey and Sticky Rib Marinade. The latter, a dry powder, can be used as a direct glaze or, when hydrated, as a wet marinade. In addition to generating flavour, it adds weight to finished products like chicken, beef and pork ribs.

Contact Unbar Rothon on tel 01277 632211 or visit

Enzyme squeezes all goodness from berries DSM has launched Rapidase® Pro Color for coloured berry juice alongside a report demonstrating the contributions enzymes make to a greener and healthier planet. Using enzymes in industrial fruit juice production typically achieves 95 percent juice extraction compared to only 75 percent without using enzymes thereby saving around 20 percent in production costs. Data from the report also shows that the use of enzymes doubles the amount of anthocyan an important antioxidant present in coloured juices, making them more appealing to consumers. The consumption of coloured fruits and vegetables is recommended as they are known to be supercharged with powerful nutrients such as anthocyans, which are flavonoid constituents. Anthocyans also give fruit and berries their vibrant red, blue and purple colours. Extracting more natural colour from fruit especially from the skin is no easy task. The use of enzymes helps to maintain colour, clarity and antioxidant activity over the shelf life of the juice, allowing juice producers to place appealing products on the shelves of retail outlets. DSM’s coloured fruit enzymes also help to obtain the highest possible enzymatic juice yield. By achieving 95 percent instead of 75 percent yield from berries, the use of Rapidase® Pro Color supports efforts to reduce water usage, energy usage and waste. All blackcurrant juice concentrate in Europe is produced with the help of enzymes*, which

results in a carbon footprint saving equivalent to all of the fruit and vegetables thrown away every year by 1.7m Europeans.** In addition, the increased yield possible with enzymes reduces the area required for crop cultivation equivalent to 17,000 football fields of arable land.*** Rapid processing is an important factor to maximize production capacity and avoid oxidation, which causes browning and loss of antioxidant effect. Because of their impact on yield, waste reduction and processing time, DSM’s enzyme range for fruit processing typically saves around 20 percent of production costs compared to juice extraction without the use of enzymes. While all of these products are intended for use in colored fruit processing from highly acidic berries like cranberries, blackcurrants and acerolas to mildly acidic fruits, such as pomegranates, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and cherries they have distinctively different properties. Rapidase® Pro Color is both Halal and Kosher certified, as well as suitable for organic certified fruit juices. * **The average fruit & vegetable waste per capita and year is 52.4 kg pdf ***Hume, A. et al. (2010): Greenhouse gas foot printing and berry fruit production, Wellington, New Zealand

Contact DSM Food Specialties on tel +31 15 279 3474 or visit


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Third generation flavours house Unbar Rothon is making it easy for butchers, manufacturers and caterers to stay on the right side when a new law is introduced later this year. December 13th has been set as the date when all unpackaged food will have to carry detailed allergy information and the Food Standards Authority has issued guidance notes in a document entitled “Allergen Information for Loose Foods”. Anticipating the move, Unbar Rothon, the Billericay, Essex-based flavours supplier, has moved in advance to publish all the necessary information relating to its products. “All the facts our customers will need are now incorporated within our specification documents so users will be able to see at a glance exactly what is involved,” said Unbar General Manager, Richard Rothon. This work has already been undertaken in connection with two new flavours that have been added to the fast-growing Butchers Pride


Advance information on allergen laws

Sensient extend range of caramel alternatives Sensient Food Colors Europe have launched a comprehensive line of colours that provide a natural alternative to traditional caramel colours. Sensient’s dynamic range of natural brown shades for food and beverage applications includes plant-based products that are available as colouring foodstuffs complying with the new EU guidance notes on colouring food. “One of the biggest challenges has been to produce rich natural brown shades for use in confectionery to meet the demanding product and processing conditions, such as in pan coatings and hard-boiled candies,” explained Dr Andreas Klingenberg, Technical Director, Sensient Colors Europe. “Sensient has developed the technologies and know-how to meet these processing and stability challenges, using natural components as building blocks to create high performance solutions.” Sensient’s new product range incorporates a variety of natural raw materials formulated for specific product applications. Sensient’s product line includes apple-based products offering several attractive brown shades particularly suitable for the beverage and confectionery industries. For dairy products, alternatives based on malt and burnt sugar are now available, and a range of oil soluble products are included for use in savoury and snack applications. Across a wide application range, Sensient now offers stable, attractive brown shades from milk coffee shade to rich dark browns, with products to meet Kosher, Halal and vegetarian requirements. Contact Sensient Food Colors Europe on tel +49 4152 8000 or visit

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Frutarom introduces liquid starter cultures

Givaudan introduce TasteSolutions™ Richness

Bitec® Starter LR 1-1000 and Bitec® Starter LR 2 ensure efficient raw sausage production and provide end products with a mild sensory profile Frutarom Savory Solutions introduces an alternative concept to the market for meat applications: Bitec® Starter LR 11000 and Bitec® Starter LR 2 are cultures in liquid form. After diluting, they can be added directly to the meat mass. The reactivation step, which is usually performed when using freeze dried powdered starter cultures, can be omitted and thus manufacturing processes can be more efficient. Frutarom’s new liquid starter cultures also ensure high product safety as they rapidly reduce pH values and develop a mild taste profile at the same time. The first liquid starter culture consists of strains of the species Lactobacillus sakei and Staphylococcus carnosus. It accelerates colour development and ensures colour stability. Furthermore, it improves the raw sausage’s fat stability and texture. Bitec® Starter LR 1-1000 has been developed for all kinds of firm raw sausages and raw cured food items. Pediococcus pentosaceus is the microbial strain used in Frutarom’s second new liquid starter culture. It is especially suitable for manufacturing pizza salami and has particularly proven its worth in salami toppings for American Deep Pan-style pizza. Bitec® Starter LR 2 generates a very fast pH decrease at high fermentation temperatures of up to 40°C. These new starter culture variants are aimed at industrial producers in particular, as they are available in containers suitable for processing batches of between one and five tonnes of raw sausage mass. Both new liquid starter cultures combine process efficiency, maximum product safety and a mild taste profile characterized by distinctive fermentation flavours. Dr Christian Hertel, R&D Manager Cultures at Frutarom Savory Solutions GmbH, explained: “As a leading manufacturer of meat starter cultures, we set high standards. With our liquid Bitec® variants, we are supporting our customers by optimizing production processes. Customers who trialled the prototypes were convinced by this alternative concept for meat starter cultures.”

Leading global flavour company Givaudan has announced the launch of TasteSolutions™ Richness, a new generation of flavours for the food manufacturing industry. The new technology includes a complex blend of taste and aroma components which work together to provide an authentic flavour profile for consumers, and offers a multi-layering of flavours beyond the traditional ingredients used in food service concepts, snacks and ready meals. TasteSolutions™ Richness is a remarkable innovation in taste that brings the time dimension back to prepared foods – recreating the taste complexity from traditional cooking techniques achieved through slow cooking and multi-step cooking processes into a new flavour approach. These Richness flavours allow for the creation of prepared foods that retain the balance and authenticity of homecooked dishes while meeting today’s demand for convenience. The offering applies principally to chicken and beef and will be expanded to include other key areas such as cheese, dairy and vegetables. “This new technology ushers in a revolution in Givaudan’s taste capabilities, going beyond aroma to redefining the taste dimension as part of the flavour design,” said Laith Wahbi, Global Product Manager, Savoury Taste at Givaudan. “In crafting a complex and multilayered identity, we are able to provide solutions that bring back the real taste experience at shelf.” The timing of this launch appropriately coincided with Givaudan’s 2014 ChefsCouncil™ that took place recently in New York City, as TasteSolutions™ Richness all started with inspiration and discovery from

Contact Frutarom Savory Solutions on tel +49 7150 20900 or visit


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previous ChefsCouncil™ events. Focusing on the culinary exploration of taste, Givaudan chefs, flavourists and scientists have partnered with world-leading chefs, to investigate taste effects in food, and translate the experience from restaurant, haute cuisine to convenience products. TasteSolutions™ Richness is a direct result of the learning gained through the ongoing collaboration with ChefsCouncil™ chefs, demonstrating Givaudan’s ability to continuously turn knowledge into tangible products and customer value. “Richness involves recreating the taste matrix of food to provide a depth of flavour and mouthfeel consumers recognise,” said Nikki Karani, Global Marketing Head, Savoury, Givaudan. “TasteSolutions™ Richness represents a real breakthrough in our Savoury capabilities and other areas as well. Consumers are demanding more sophisticated flavour profiles and through Richness we can now more accurately translate the culinary experience into soups, sauces or snack seasonings”. The intense and complete taste experience provided by TasteSolutions™ Richness has also enhanced health and wellness innovation. By designing flavours with the added dimension of taste and Richness in addition to aroma, an intense, complete taste experience is delivered, particularly in low sodium formulations. As yet another exciting breakthrough development from the company, TasteSolutions™ Richness enables Givaudan to embrace all dimensions of the culinary experience in its flavour solutions, bringing back the taste of home cooking to convenience food.

Contact Givaudan on tel + 41 44 824 2424 or visit

Spiced food now global preference DSM, the global life sciences and materials sciences company, recently published the third of its Global Insight papers, stating that their savoury consumer perception survey shows that spiced food is now the preference around the world in countries as varied as China, USA, Poland and Nigeria. The paper, which is part of the Global Insight Series launched last year, reveals that when asked to rank typical food tastes they prefer to eat or prepare at home, 66 percent of respondents listed ‘spicy’ as one of their top three choices out of a list including spicy, salty, sweet, sour, sweet & sour, plain or mild, bitter

and other. Consumers in the USA responded exactly in line with the average score with 66 percent saying they prefer spiced food. Nigeria tops the list with 81 percent, whereas Brazilians lag behind with only 37 percent saying they prefer intense and hot flavours in their food. Where once people may have primarily eaten spicy foods in particular settings such as ethnic restaurants, the survey demonstrates that consumers are increasingly expecting the same richness and intensity of flavours from their home menus, making spicy tastes a vital area for food manufacturers to explore. In addition, spicy snacks have surged in

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popularity. As spiced foods become part of people’s daily diets, they will demand the same qualities from their ready-to-eat dishes: fresh and authentic tastes with complex flavours that are free from unfamiliar additives and represent good value for money. The survey, which was carried out in the USA, China, Brazil, Nigeria and Poland showed that around the world, men are somewhat more likely than women to select spiced dishes as their favourite food (70 percent versus 62 percent of respondents). A study presented at last year’s IFT also suggested a correlation between the preference for highly spiced food and risk-taking personalities (sensation seekers).* For manufacturers, it will therefore be important to establish exactly which intensity of taste their target audience prefers, opening up opportunities for more ‘lifestyle’ marketing approaches. Frank Meijer, Application Expert at DSM Food Specialties’ Savory business explained: “Creating spiced foods is no longer a matter of adding a single ingredient such as chili or pepper: it is a process of building a complex and satisfying flavour with spicy qualities at its core. Layering is key to achieving this, as is an understanding of what each ingredient adds to the dish or snack’s flavor profile.” DSM’s savoury ingredient development strategy is based on a multi-tiered, taste pyramid formulation approach where the base of the pyramid provides an initial savoury umami taste that is rich and lingering. Following this, the middle blocks of the pyramid deliver specific taste directions (boiled, roast, fried etc.) by using natural ingredients to stay as close to the home-made cooking experience as possible. Finally, process flavours add complexity and intensity to the finished recipe as well as producer’s preferred top notes. It is the layered approach that helps deliver intensity, complexity and flavour richness that forms the basis for a spicy, lingering and delicious taste sensation. *

Contact Ajinomoto Sweeteners Europe on tel +33 328 2274 74/75 or visit

Virginia Dare protein products at IFT Virginia Dare showcased Pro-Mask™ a new series of protein masking flavours at the 2014 IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo in New Orleans, Louisiana. The versatility of ProMask™ was demonstrated in a variety of great tasting applications including ready-to-drink beverages fortified with whey and soy protein, whey protein fortified cookies, and milk protein fortified ice cream. The masking ability of Pro-Mask™ extends to pea, rice, and other new and innovative protein sources. Consumers have been continuing to change their eating habits over time. They have shifted away from cutting back on fat in foods and reducing carbohydrates. Consumer interest in protein is on the rise and the food and beverage industry has responded with a proliferation of new products.

At the Virginia Dare press conference at the 2014 IFT, LuAnn Williams, Director of Research for Innova Market Insights summarized trends in the protein beverage market. She indicated the protein-fortified trend has continued to grow over the past year with a significant increase in the number of new beverages with protein-associated claims. The proliferation of new protein beverages includes breakfast shakes, smoothies, milk, yogurt, cultured dairy, and dairy alternate drinks. Many of these beverages carry claims promoting the benefits of protein for satiety, energy, alertness and bone strengthening. There has never been a time of greater importance in providing great taste and consumer acceptance in developing products to support health and wellness.

Contact Virginia Dare on tel +33 178 414094 or visit

New Synergy beef flavour range Leading flavours and ingredients manufacturer, Synergy, has launched a new range of beef flavour solutions to support savoury food manufacturers meet increasing consumer demand for authentic and recognisable flavour profiles. A result of indepth market research and sensory mapping, the range has been designed to deliver distinct and ‘impactful’ beef flavour across a wide variety of applications including meat-free products, ready meals, gravies, seasonings and snacks. With demand for natural, authentic and home-style flavours gaining pace, Synergy has developed a toolkit of five new flavour profiles, designed to meet the flavour characteristics of popular cuts of meat and cooking methods. These include: steak, roasted beef, pan dripping, pan juice and tallow. The range offers food manufacturers the flexibility to recreate the effects of multi-step and slow-cooking preparations in a commercial process, whilst also delivering complex and authentic flavour profiles.

Available in liquid or powder form, the solutions can be used in two ways, to add depth of flavour in complex bases, such as in vegetarian products, or to deliver top note flavours for specific profiles. The natural range comprises complementary top notes and compound flavours. Vicky Berry, Category Manager at Synergy, commented: “Using our extensive sensory knowledge and expertise in savoury flavours, we have created a range of distinct beef profiles with ‘impactful’ and authentic characteristics. “The solutions allow manufacturers across savoury categories to easily and cost-effectively develop appealing products with very unique flavour profiles, setting their product apart from the competition. Using Pan juice flavouring in a gravy or snack seasoning for example, allows formulators to recreate the profile achieved in multi-step processes such as browning the meat, slow-cooking and reduction. As a result, consumers are able to experience the depth of taste typically associated with home-cooked dishes.”

Contact Synergy on tel 01494 492222 or visit

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US launch for Maverick Innovations’ flavours Maverick Innovations successfully introduced its range of Flavours with Provenance to the US market at the 2014 IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo at the New Orleans Morial Convention Centre in New Orleans, USA. “We launched Maverick Innovations, the sister company to Omega Ingredients, at IFT last year and it was fantastic to receive such a welcome back to the show from our existing partners as well as a lot of new interest and contacts. For just over a year we have been supplying a number of the major American manufacturers of household food and drinks products with our flavours,” Commented Steve Pearce, Owner and Chief Executive of Maverick Innovations. “Our Flavours with Provenance were extremely well received, particularly the fruit flavours. But it was our nut-free nut flavours that stole the show on the Maverick Innovations stand; these comprise Nut Free Peanut, Nut Free Hazelnut, Nut Free Pistachio, Nut Free Almond and Nut Free Pecan. The new innovative range of flavours with heating and cooling effects such as ‘Fire and Ice’ also proved very popular” said Melanie Evans, Technical & Creative Director of Maverick Innovations. “These demonstrate an initial heat followed by a cooling back note to enhance the various flavours.” The successful new Flavour with Provenance range includes an array of specific provenance flavours: Florida Orange, Scottish Raspberry, English Blackcurrant, Sicilian Lemon, Ecuadorian Passion Fruit, Tahitian Vanilla Extract, Brazilian Lime and American Niagara Grape. A number of traditional English pudding flavours, that are already proving a hit with discerning British retailers, will also be making their way across the pond. The new range of ‘Pudding Club’ flavours are inspired by quintessentially English dishes such as Eton Mess, Banana and Custard, Apple Pie, Sticky Toffee Pudding, Lemon Meringue Pie and Strawberry Cheesecake. Maverick Innovations’ specialist approach fuses biochemistry with natural materials in the creation of highperformance, organic and unique ingredients. Contact Maverick Innovations on tel +1 919 245 0609 Or visit


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Berry promising future for raspberry variety A new raspberry variety, with exceptional fruit quality and high productivity, was introduced recently in Dundee ahead of its official unveiling later in the year. The new raspberry, named Glen Dee, has been bred by Mylnefield Research Services, at the James Hutton Institute, with support from the UK Raspberry Breeding Consortium and the Scottish Government. The introduction of Glen Dee took place at Fruit for the Future 2014, the annual event organised by the James Hutton Institute to present cutting-edge research in soft fruit. Projects discussed this year look at the effect of climate change on blackcurrants and combining bio-pesticides and bio-control to protect soft fruit from pests and disease. Nikki Jennings, soft fruit breeder at the Institute’s commercial subsidiary Mylnefield Research Services, said: “Glen Dee is a new late season ‘floricane’ raspberry that represents our aim to produce high quality raspberry cultivars suitable for low input systems that can be grown economically. The breeding programme is supported by the underpinning science of the Institute and uses molecular markers to identify important traits early in the breeding process with the intent to reduce the long timescale of the breeding programme.” Glen Dee boasts a seven percent yield increase compared to the popular Glen Ample variety. Professor Nick Birch from the James Hutton Institute presented the four-year, multiinstitutional SCEPTRE (Sustainable Crop and Environment Protection –Target Research for Edibles) project, which aims to address key gaps in crop protection, especially those arising from loss of current pesticides due to changing EU legislation. “In general we show

that bio-pesticides can be combined with endemic and released bio-control agents to reduce aphid pests of protected raspberry. This is based on two-year glasshouse and two-year poly-tunnel experiments,” Professor Birch said. The SCEPTRE results add to the IPM toolbox for raspberries developed at James Hutton, including pest-resistant varieties and enhanced traps for precision monitoring of raspberry beetle, marketed with Sentomol. As well as field tours, networking opportunities and fruit tasting, the event also hosted presentations by Paul Sneyd from Haygrove in Ledbury on the latest developments in poly-tunnel technology, Dirk Aerts from Biobest in Belgium on pollination and the James Hutton Institute’s Dr Stuart MacFarlane, who talked about a newly emerging virus, the raspberry leaf blotch virus, and what he and his team are doing to understand this virus and its impact on raspberry crops. Dr Rex Brennan, leader of the soft fruit breeding group at the James Hutton Institute, commented: “This event showcased a selection of newly bred soft fruit varieties, some of which are disease resistant, and the latest research on a range of fruit-related topics. After record numbers of visitors last year and a hugely successful berry meeting in the winter, we had expected a lot of growers, members of the relevant industries and researchers to attend Fruit for the Future, and were not disappointed.” Fruit for the Future is an annual event hosted by the James Hutton Institute. It is intended for farmers, agronomists, representatives of the food and drink industries, scientists and others interested in soft fruit.

Contact The James Hutton Institute on tel 0844 928 5428 or visit

DDW’s oil dispersible colour benefits confectioners Developers of confectionery products have gained more natural colour options for fatbased systems. DDW’s newest proprietary technology has broadened the natural range of oil dispersible brown, blue, green, purple and pink hues that originate from water soluble colour. Applications include compound coatings for confectionery, inclusions and frozen novelties, as well as fat-based fillings. “Based on customer feedback from our initial launch in 2012, we redesigned our

technology to accommodate additional requests for simple label colours in compound coatings,” said Jody RennerNantz, Senior Application Scientist. “Customers in several countries have formulated the innovative DDW colours without emulsifiers.” DDW’s innovation has expanded the scope of colour derived from natural sources that can now be added to lipid systems and replace blends of artificial red, yellow and blue lakes.

Contact D.D. Williamson (UK) on tel 0161 886 3345 or visit

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Gelnex Peptinex™ Collagen Introduced at IFT Gelnex introduced Peptinex™ Collagen Peptides at the 2014 IFT Food Expo. This high quality collagen is 100 percent traceable to its raw material origins and produced with extensive attention to environmental and social responsibility. Peptinex™ collagen is an excellent source of bio-available protein, the same protein found in human skin, connective tissue and other parts of the body. It is a natural for use in functional foods and supplements designed to improve skin, joint, gum, heart and bone health. It is a stable, easy-to-use white powder with minimal taste. Typical applications are: Protein bars, as well as dry mix and RTD beverages and shakes, intended for consumers interested in fitness and wellness lifestyles. Peptinex can also be an important protein source in supplement capsules and in direct compression tablets. “We are very pleased to be able to offer Peptinex Collagen as a premium quality protein. It is a natural way to promote youthful skin, and healthy connective tissue, joints, gums and heart,” said Felipe Chaluppe, President, Gelnex/In3. “As with all Gelnex products we have paid special attention to complete traceability so that our customers have total confidence in the quality, purity and reliability of our products. We have also taken seriously our commitment to environmental and energy conservation as well as social responsibility in the areas where we operate.” Contact Gelnex/In3 on tel +1 312 577 4275 or visit

Is this the end of the high protein wave? While food and drink companies are currently riding the high protein bandwagon, there is growing evidence to suggest that this could be a short-term phenomenon. Almost a third (31 percent) of global consumers choose to limit their intake of meat. This is indicative of the trend towards ‘flexitarian’ eating; a dietary approach that champions the reduction, rather than complete avoidance, of meat. The reasons for exercising such restraint are varied, and include religious and cultural beliefs, ethical and environmental considerations, and rising grocery prices. An important factor is also that consumers are increasingly conscious of the negative health impacts associated with a diet rich in animal protein. “Greater consumer awareness about the negative health implications of over consumption of meat is a key factor driving the ‘flexitarianism’ trend by choosing to limit their intake of meat and animal products,” explained Tanvi Savara, Food and Drink Analyst at Datamonitor Consumer. “Three in

four global consumers who limit their meat intake claim to be making conscious attempts to eat more healthily.” Interestingly, restrained meat consumption is emerging as a popular mode of achieving weight loss, with half of all consumers limiting the amount of meat they consume when they are actively trying to lose weight. Food brands are capitalizing on the health ‘halo’ surrounding reduced meat consumption by letting vegetables and pulses take centre stage at mealtimes. “Research by Datamonitor Consumer shows a growth in the proportion of meat-free ready meal launches over the last five years,” said Tanvi. “This suggests that the segment of consumers adopting a flexitarian mentality will increase in the years ahead and become a significant concern for meat manufacturers.” The rise of ‘flexitarianism’ is covered as part of Datamonitor Consumer’s TrendSights: Moderation & Avoidance report. Other themes covered in the report include food villains, gluten-free, dairy-free, and portion control.

Contact Datamonitor on tel 0207 551 9000 or visit

New Treatt Tropical ConcenTreatts Treatt, the global flavour ingredients specialist, is introducing a range of concentrated alcoholbased natural flavours to the fragrance, food and beverage industries. The new ConcenTreatt™ ingredients offer high flavour intensity at low dosage levels and provide excellent solubility in water, meaning that the concentrates are particularly suited for use in clear drinks. The first products to be introduced are Pineapple ConcenTreatt and Passion Fruit ConcenTreatt, with additional flavours currently in development. Pineapple ConcenTreatt is sourced exclusively from Ananas comosus and provides a green aroma and juicy intense ripe pineapple flavour. Unlike traditional pineapple essences, which often confer cooked, candy-like off notes or an unpleasant metallic taste, Pineapple ConcenTreatt captures the true character of freshly sliced pineapple. Wholly sourced from yellow passion fruit, Passiflora edulis flavicarpa, Passion Fruit ConcenTreatt delivers a fruity character, tropical undertones and balanced sulphurous and ester notes to clear beverages, as well as a number of other

food systems. With sales of natural foods and beverages predicted to reach USD39.1bn by 2015, ConcenTreatts are a fitting addition to Treatt’s existing portfolio of 100 percent natural, FTNF (From The Named Food) clear concentrates. ConcenTreatts are ideal for use in a wide variety of applications, including alcoholic beverages, juices, carbonated soft drinks, smoothies, flavoured waters and more. “We have developed ConcenTreatts in response to customer demand for highly concentrated natural flavours,” explained Douglas Rash, Group VP – Global Sales, Treatt. “By entirely replicating the profile of the fresh fruit, the pineapple and passion fruit distillates impart intense and truly tropical flavours and lack the off-taste that has previously presented challenges for manufacturers when formulating with essences. We continue to expand the portfolio to provide developers with a variety of flavour types and botanical origins, with sugar, tea and coffee ConcenTreatts all currently in the pipeline.”

Contact Treatt on tel 01284 702500 or visit

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Pep up your performance with Glanbia Ingredient innovator Glanbia Nutritionals is expanding its portfolio of advanced, scienceled sports nutrition ingredients with the launch of HydrovonTM 195. A partially hydrolysed whey protein isolate designed for rapid absorption by the body, Hydrovon 195 can therefore help speed up post-athletic recovery while eliminating the bitter taste common to this type of whey protein. Uniquely in its category, Hydrovon 195 is the only partially hydrolysed whey protein isolate that confines the characteristically bitter flavour of hydrolysed proteins to the past. Offering a clean flavour profile and a clean label, it appeals to professional athletes and sport enthusiasts alike. Hydrovon 195 is rich in branched chain amino acids (BCAA’s) for post-work out lean muscle maintenance and accelerated muscle recovery and repair. Highly bioavailable, it is ideal for high performance post workout ready-to-drink (RTD) or ready-to-mix (RTM) beverages. David O’ Leary, Business Development Manager at Glanbia Nutritionals, commented, “The days of accepting poor flavours from hydrolysed proteins are gone. Athletes want advanced nutritional products that combine high nutrient efficiency with good taste and texture. Our proprietary technology has

eliminated the bitter taste resulting from amino acids and hydrolysed whey proteins, paving the way to a new concept of sports nutrition.” “Glanbia Nutritionals’ hydrolysed whey proteins represent next generation sports nutrition solutions and are an extremely attractive product to target the emerging market of multi-sport athletes.” Glanbia Nutritionals announces the official opening of its new food-grade ‘Next Generation Grain’ processing facility in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Setting higher standards for food safety, product quality and ingredient innovation in grain and oilseed processing, the 63,000sq.ft state-of-the-art ingredient plant produces industry-renowned MeadowPure® quality flaxseed ingredients, as well as a growing portfolio of chia, quinoa and other ancient grain ingredient solutions. The ‘Next Generation Grain’ facility is a fully enclosed site with closed-loop processing to eliminate any foreign material or contaminants from entering the facility or process. In line with this, grain handling is entirely internal, with no external grain

unloading or grain bin storage. This dramatically reduces the risk of exposure of raw material to potential contaminants. Safe Quality Food (SQF) 2000 certified, the plant accepts and handles only 99.9 percent pure, food-grade raw material, supported by a series of mandated quality checks and balances to ensure the quality and stability of the finished ingredients. The site is impenetrable to pests and rodents, thanks to its sanitary and solid slip form concrete construction. Designed to exceed the requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act, the facility uses MERV 15 filtered positive pressured air to eliminate outside air from entering the building, further protecting and preserving product quality. Special segregation zones ensure additional food safety and quality control through positive pressure HEPA filtered air. Furthermore, the facility stipulates specific entry criteria, which include dedicated uniforms and footwear, and cleaning tools within the rooms. The facility is also designed with distinct areas for deliveries, keeping the inside environment entirely separate from the outside.

Contact Glanbia Nutritionals on tel +353 5677 96000 or visit

UK firm targets booming S.E. Asia market UK-based food coatings specialist Bowman Ingredients has continued its global expansion with the launch of a new company in Thailand. Bowman Ingredients Thailand is the result of a joint venture with a leading food coatings firm based near Bangkok. The new company is dedicated to supplying breadcrumbs, batter mixes and dry mix marinades for the growing value added food market across South East Asia, including Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines and Singapore. Bowman Ingredients works in partnership with food processors around the globe to develop products for major retailers and quick service restaurant chains worldwide. The company produces a full range of coating systems for frozen and chilled food, including value added poultry, fish, potato and vegetable products. The launch of Bowman Ingredients Thailand forms part of the company’s ongoing global expansion plan. As well as increasing support for customers worldwide, the new venture will enable Bowman Ingredients to strengthen its position in developing markets. Bowman Ingredients Sales Director, Richard

Easey, said: “The value added food market across South East Asia has recently seen growth of over 10 percent year on year, with further expansion predicted. Bowman Ingredients Thailand offers the fast response, high quality and product innovation required by food processors serving this rapidly expanding market.” Richard added: “We are delighted to have partnered with an established food coatings company in Thailand. The firm has built a successful business based on exemplary customer service and product quality. By combining these skills with our own expertise in product innovation and market analysis, we are confident that Bowman Ingredients Thailand is the perfect partner for food processors supplying the retail and fast food market in South East Asia.” Bowman Ingredients Thailand is operating from two manufacturing facilities based at the Kabinburi Industrial Zone to the East of Bangkok. The existing factories feature a crumb plant with a capacity of 7,500 tonnes per year and a blending plant with a capacity

in excess of 25,000 tonnes per year. Existing staff have remained with the business and the operation is still headed by Min and Emchai Kamseang. The husband and wife team has over 70 years’ food ingredients experience between them, supplying a large customer base across five countries. A number of new positions are planned within the next year, including roles in finance, sales and new product development. Bowman Ingredients is dedicated to product innovation, with dynamic teams of food scientists and industry experts analysing market trends and developing new coatings technology. Bowman Ingredients serves the worldwide food industry with a comprehensive global network of technologically advanced development and manufacturing sites, including its new operation in Thailand. In addition to its UK headquarters in Hertfordshire and a second processing plant in East Yorkshire, the company has technical and manufacturing bases in South Africa and Australia.

Contact Bowman Ingredients on tel 01462 422722 or visit

WE NOW HAVE ON OUR WEBSITE: WWW.FTRTODAY.COM the subscription systems set up for orders and the PayPal payment system to accept all cards.


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Spanish sweets wrapped in BOPP film

Dempson Artisan 2 Tortilla solution Dempson, has introduced a new stockline of film-lined paper bags to support the Artisan 2 Tortilla insert from Anson Foodservice. This is the second time Dempson has worked with Anson Foodservice on an initiative for the food-to-go sector. The first time saw the launch of a paper bag to support the Artisan 2 insert for sandwiches. The addition of the Artisan 2 Tortilla™ bag extends the Artisan range and makes it widely available to the foodservice market, including smaller, independent cafés and sandwich shops. As its name implies, the Artisan 2 Tortilla insert and bag have been specifically designed to package filled wraps and tortillas, a sector of the food-to-go market that is experiencing sustained growth as an alternative to the traditional sandwich. Growth is being driven by consumer demand for new flavours, such as ethnic fillings, healthier (lower fat and calorie) options and smaller, shareable portions. The Artisan 2 Tortilla packaging solution

will help promote further growth in this sector through optimum presentation and preservation of the product. The tortilla or wrap sits within the rPET insert from Anson and is then placed within the purpose-designed bag from Dempson. The bag is film-lined for freshness and may be heat-sealed to promote longer shelf life of the product. The addition of the bag is the key ingredient in that it facilitates grab-and-go service, preserves the freshness of the food, extends its shelf life and offers bespoke presentation. The bag may also be printed with the retailer’s own logo if required. Paul Laskey, Sales and Marketing Director at Dempson said: “We are delighted to have partnered with Anson for a second time in the development of a family of Artisan products. I hope there will be more to come as, with our heritage of innovation and years of experience in paper bag production, we are perfectly placed to design paper bags to complement inserts for many other product lines.”

Contact Dempson Crooke on tel 01622 727027 or visit

Innovia Films’ fast sealing, Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) film is being used by a Spanish confectionery manufacturer to individually wrap its range of lollipops and sweets. Founded in 1850, Caramelos La Pájara is based in Hellín near Albacete and manufactures all kinds of confectionery including their own brand and private label, sold throughout Spain and beyond. In these Horizontal Form Fill Seal (HFFS) applications, the individually wrapped products are hard candy, flat lollipops and boiled sweets. “Caramelos La Pájara is very pleased with the Propafilm™ FFF range from Innovia Films. The films are fast sealing, have good barrier properties and are ideally suited for wrapping small units, such as sweets and lollipops, at high speed. The outstanding performance of the films minimises product waste, reduces set-up times and significantly cuts down on the amount of line supervision and adjustments required,” said Juan Jesús Losada, General Manager and Owner of Caramelos La Pájara. Propafilm™ FFB and FFC form part of Innovia Films’ Fast Flexible Films (FFF) range. The grades used here - Propafilm™ FFB and FFC - are coated on one side with water-based acrylic and on the other with a unique waterbased, low temperature sealing coating. Propafilm™ FFC is a transparent glossy film that is suitable for individual flow wrapped confectionery. Propafilm™ FFB is a white version of FFC. “It is great to have helped our customer Caramelos La Pájara choose packaging films to meet their needs and ensure their confectionery products have shelf appeal. Propafilm™ FFC and FFB offer gloss and transparency, a wide sealing range and seal integrity, coupled with superb machinability,” explained Susana Perez-Canales, Innovia Films’ Sales & Marketing Manager, Spain & Portugal. Contact Innovia Films on tel 01697 342281 or visit

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ULMA unveils new flowrapper Chocolate, confectionery and biscuit manufacturers in the UK are being targeted with the latest state-of-the-art flowrapping equipment by Ulma Packaging, one of the country’s leading suppliers of packaging machinery and complete automated lines. The latest addition to Ulma’s renowned selection of flowrappers for the food industry is the high speed FR 500 - reliable and robust equipment suitable for a wide range of films that maintain the texture and quality of chocolate, confectionery and biscuits. It can comfortably wrap single chocolate bars at up to 600packs/min using a multi-axis control system that synchronizes the main machine movements and comes complete with a variety of automatic feeders and autoloaders. Ulma’s flowrappers are ideal for the whole spectrum of different sized slabs of candy and chocolate, such as mini and fun sized, ensuring extended shelf life. Ulma has launched the FR 500 to meet increasing demand from confectionery manufacturers for automated packaging systems which not only provide slick pack

presentation but improved production as consumers’ appetite for all things chocolate shows no sign of slowing. This equipment can be integrated into a high-speed, automated line by Ulma, that includes row distribution systems, product buffering and recycling during production, product orientation and automatic indexing. Showcased at the 2014 Interpack Show in Düsseldorf, the FR 500 is ideal for high volume production lines, is easy to operate and maintain. It is a fast and efficient all inclusive flowrapping solution for the chocolate and confectionery sectors. Ulma’s UK Managing Director, Chris Pickles, said: “UK demand for chocolate and confectionery shows no sign of abating and this new model provides a much faster packaging solution. The FR 500 has been developed to meet the need for flexibility and speed for flowrapping of different-sized bars and multipacks. We can supply a comprehensive range of versatile and welldesigned equipment to meet all packaging needs in these growing sectors.”

Contact Ulma Packaging on tel 01909 506504 or visit

New machine for FC Cartons FC Cartons, a provider of specialist finishing solutions has strengthened its production capabilities with the installation of the new Iberica JR-105 Die-Cutter. As part of its business growth plan, FC Cartons expanded its manufacturing facility by moving into a larger unit on the Langham Park Industrial Estate, effectively doubling its capacity. Building on this growth, the company rang in the New Year with the installation of the new Iberica JR-105 DieCutter in February 2014. The new Iberica, combined with FC Cartons’ technical expertise, enables the company to offer greater flexibility, speed and accuracy to deliver all its die-cutting, creasing and embossing services under one roof. This model is versatile and can die-cut various materials including paper, cardboard, fluted, plastic and corrugated items. It also comes equipped with an automatic stripping unit. Speaking about the new die-cutter, FC Cartons’ Managing Director, David Woodyatt said: “The new Iberica has enabled us to diversify our services, and improve our efficiency and capacity. The machine gives us flexibility and ensures continuity in

production for our customers – we are now better equipped to meet their extremely high standards and fast moving demands. I believe that our strong market position, growing customer base and the promising pipeline of opportunities will provide us with a good platform for further growth.” “We recognise the importance of investing in the right people for our continued success. To this end, we have hired five new members of staff who include a Quality and Systems Controller, three production assistants and a machine assistant. These new additions to our team will help us build our competitive advantage based on the skills and competencies of the best candidates - people are FC Cartons’ primary assets; they represent our knowledge base and our competitive edge and they enable us to offer first-class service.” “We also recognise the importance of standards in our business and our achievement of the BRC/IOP High Risk accreditation in October 2012 was another highlight. Our customers can be assured that our new diecutting service will be produced in a safe and hygienic environment and the work will be produced to a high quality standard.”

Contact FC Cartons on tel 01332 850648 or visit


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Ilapak cuts costs for apple packing Ilapak has launched a new, automated feeding and trayless flowrapping system for apples, enabling packhouses to cut packing costs and improve efficiency. The new, integrated packaging system is based on the company’s Carrera 1000/40 flowrapper combined with a Burg feeding system and is capable of packing apples at high speeds of at least 80ppm without bruising or damaging the fruit. The compact, inline packaging line has a modular design, allowing it to be easily adapted to meet the packaging requirements of different pack houses. Because it is a complete feeding and flowrapping system, it requires fewer operators than a conventional packaging line, improving production efficiency and reducing costs. Designed to produce high quality packs with excellent shelf appeal, the Carrera 1000/40 packaging line is capable of delicately handling all types of apples without bruising. It achieves this by reducing the extent that the fruit moves around throughout the packaging process. Even if there is a wide variation in the size of fruit, the product control system’s features such as no-product-no-bag, misplaced product detection and 64 programme memory are designed to maximise packing line efficiency. To fully automate the line, Ilapak worked with NP Seymour, the UK agent for Burg, to integrate a Burg feeding system into the flowrapper’s infeed conveyor, resulting in a complete inline system capable of flowrapping apples in a variety of trayless pack styles of four, six, eight or ten as well as tray-less packs of three or four inline. Packs can also be produced using acetate or styrene trays or cardboard skillets. The Burg system can be fed in a variety of ways depending on how the fruit has been stored and transported. For delicate varieties of apple, a water-fed system with drying rollers is most suitable while for hardier varieties a dry box tipper or roller conveyor is usually specified. Reducing the use of packaging materials by eliminating the need for a tray has important benefits for pack houses. As well as cutting production costs, the tray-less format is kinder to the environment and more appealing to the growing number of environmentally conscious consumers. All Ilapak customers have a full customer service package available to them, including 24/7 customer assistance, a team of UK engineers, a full spares stockholding and a technical department that is open six days a week. Ilapak machines are built using commercially available parts, with no black box technology, so spares are always readily available. Contact Ilapak on tel 0208 797 2000 or visit

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Sidel participation in development of Liquiform™ LiquiForm is a patented blow moulding and filling manufacturing technology that uses the consumable liquid instead of compressed air to hydraulically form and fill plastic containers on one machine simultaneously, significantly reducing cost and waste. It has the potential to be employed for a wide range of beverage products. “Sidel is committed to providing the beverage industry with the most sustainable packaging solutions,” says Mart Tiismann, President and CEO of Sidel Group. “Where we see opportunities to develop innovative new technologies we will do so. Our participation in the development of LiquiForm is the latest example of this approach. Although still at a developmental stage, the technology has the potential to address some key improvement areas for our customers in the years ahead, including potential significant energy and cost savings. The LiquiForm technology is also the latest example of PET's flexibility as the most sustainable beverage packaging material. Together with Amcor, we are pleased to be one of the first partners to help develop this innovation for the benefit of the entire beverage industry. We now look forward to working with the future partners of LiquiForm to build and sell this technology for the benefit of all industry participants, including both suppliers and producers.” Other interested potential development partners can now get involved in industrialising and commercialising this technology by signing up at

Contact Sidel UK on tel 01707 275200 or visit

Barrier solution for nutrition supplement RPC Containers Corby has produced a convenience-size multilayer polypropylene bottle for Vegenat’s oral clinical nutrition range. The new 200ml bespoke bottle offers a more modern-looking design, ergonomic, effective product protection and preservation, and excellent functionality during filling and for the end consumer. Based in Spain, Vegenat specialises in dietetic food and clinical nutrition. Its oral range Nutrición Clinica is formulated with a unique blend of nutrients for people with different pathologies and special nutritional requirements. Vegenat products are sponsored by the Spanish National Health Services and sold exclusively in hospitals, nursing homes and pharmacies. The bottle has been developed for overthe-counter sales in pharmacies as well as in hospitals. The bottle is blow moulded using a six-layer construction, comprising PP for durability and EVOH for barrier protection against oxygen ingress and to avoid

degradation of the formulation’s critical ingredients. Its eye-catching ribbed design combines attractiveness on-shelf and easy handling for the end consumer with strength and rigidity during the aseptic filling and retort process. The bottle has also been designed to take a shrink sleeve for an all-over decoration that maximises brand identity and awareness. Further, the lightweight bottle is easy to transport and ensures no risk of breakages during filling or in use. RPC Corby has a long-standing relationship with Vegenat as a supplier of barrier packaging solutions. “RPC bottles have over the years delivered effective product protection, safety and end-user convenience,” commented Mariana Fuentes of Vegenat. “This latest pack also demonstrates the company’s design capabilities in creating a more modern looking bottle while retaining all the necessary functionality.”

Contact RPC Containers Corby on tel 01536 263488 or visit

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SPX Butter Unwrapper BVH: A new packaging Butter typically arrives into a processing facility boxed and wrapped in around 25kg units. Before any reworking, melting or other downstream processes can be carried out it needs to be de-boxed and unwrapped. Once de-boxed, which tends to take place outside of the processing area to avoid dust from the cardboard, the new SPX Butter Unwrapper machine takes away the manual lifting associated with removing the plastic covering around the large blocks of butter. Removing the need for manual lifting protects operators from injury, ensures compliance with local health and safety regulations, and simplifies operational procedures as operators do not need to changeover to avoid exceeding daily maximum load lifts. Typical regulations define a heavy lift as handling a load where it is required to completely or partially leave the work surface. A burden below 3kg is not deemed a heavy lift but, if repetitive, is monotonous work and this is also a consideration as it may cause repetitive strain-type injuries. Dependent upon working conditions, the maximum total load a person must lift during a day varies from around 3 -10 tonnes. SPX has developed the new Butter Unwrapper machine to remove logistical issues surrounding this process, simplify operating procedures and decrease the risk of injury for personnel. The machine is unique in how it handles the unwrapping process and offers real benefit and peace of mind to food processors. Designed and ideal for use with the butter bulks entering a processing line, the system can also be utilised for a multitude of other heavy packaged products.

The machine is controlled using a PLC with an intuitive touchscreen operator interface. Its ergonomic design ensures easy installation without need for additional platforms or seating. Conveniently placed panels with pushbuttons further enable safe and efficient operation of the system. The de-boxed butter is received into the Butter Unwrapper on an inlet conveyor belt. A table, operated by air, turns and manipulates the block of butter to enable the operator to unwrap it without lifting. Unwrapped butter then leaves the machine on another conveyor belt that is connected to the required downstream processes. The machine incorporates sensors to monitor the position of the butter bulks and communications to interface with upstream and downstream equipment. The system is deliberately not fully automated as this adds real benefit to the overall process. An operator can ensure that no remnants of plastic remain when unwrapping the butter that could potentially pass through to subsequent processes. It also enables the initial visual inspection of the butter entering the overall process to ensure there are no obvious quality issues. Assisting the operator and fulfilling the longstanding demand to remove risk to personal injury, the machine is also not over-complicated which assures easy operation and increased reliability. The new SPX Butter Unwrapper has already been well received by major dairies. It is an elegant solution to an age-old problem and offers innovation through its simplicity and well-engineered design. Contact SPX on tel 01293 527777 or visit

World’s smallest ethernet vision smart camera Microscan, a global technology leader in barcode, machine vision, and lighting solutions, announces the availability of the Vision Mini Xi industrial compact smart camera with embedded Ethernet. As part of Microscan’s award-winning AutoVISION® machine vision product suite, this tiny powerhouse is packed with features for closerange industrial auto ID, inspection, and other machine vision applications. Microscan’s new industrial Vision Mini Xi is the world’s smallest fully integrated smart camera with embedded Ethernet, measuring in at 1in (25.4mm) x 1.8in (45.7mm) x 2.1in (53.3mm) and weighing 3.2oz (91g). The Vision Mini Xi features both Ethernet and serial connectivity, a 24V interface, and optically isolated I/O in one compact package. Manufacturing engineers looking for robust inspection, colour matching, symbol decoding,

or OCR can count on the Vision Mini Xi to fit into tight spaces in assembly line manufacturing and component tracking applications. The Vision Mini Xi can handle dot peen marks on power-train components, laser markings on medical devices or PCBs, as well as traditional printed barcodes on packaging and labels. Together with the easy-to-use AutoVISION machine vision software, the Vision Mini Xi is the ideal solution for manufacturers who need to read barcodes, but require the flexibility to add additional inspection capabilities to their processes using a single hardware device. All Microscan smart cameras run on the same vision software with easy job portability, or upgrade to Microscan’s advanced Visionscape® platform with 50+ machine vision tools without the need to switch cameras.

Contact Microscan Systems on tel +31 172 423360 or visit


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machine concept Three years ago, Bossar initiated the design and manufacture of a range of full servo controlled horizontal form fill and seal packaging machines with numerous technology advancements and improvements in comparison to traditional mechanical HFFS machines. Further to the success of the new full servo range, Bossar have expanded the range of servo machines with a radical new concept, the BVH machine (Bossar Vertical Horizontal machine). This machine can form stand-up ‘Stabilo-type’ pouches, with the classic side gusset folds and a stand-up base combined with an added value characteristic, that the machine can insert top spouts onto the pouches, making it an ideal machine for liquids and free flowing powders such as energy drinks, baby foods, sauces, yoghurts and small granulates. This machine combines two different technologies: Firstly the module that forms the pouch body is based on a proven vertical form, fill and seal technology complete with unwinder, forming tube, vertical quad seal introduction and bottom seal to produce the square shaped pouch giving excellent pack rigidity. Secondly, Bossars horizontal technology is able to open, fill, spout insert and close the final pack. In this area it is possible to fill up to three dosing stations to complete the filling of the pouch. Both vertical and horizontal modules are perfectly synchronized via servo-motors, that enables for instance alteration to the length of the pouch from the touch screen interface without stopping the production process. Benefitting from several filling stations allows the customer to fill the pouch with different products or several differing ingredients, format changes are quick and easy with changeover times typically being in the range of twenty minutes to undertake. Another huge benefit of the full servo technology on this machine is the independence of each movement allows the filling, spout insertion, and final sealing to complete when the machine is stopped to ensure minimal product and packaging waste. As with all the latest Bossar machines, an intuitive touch screen HMI interface is supplied to ensure that the interaction with the operator is simple but at the same time gives detail, parameter, job and machine information. The BVH machine is provided with an exclusive system that returns to the electrical network, any surplus energy consequently decreasing the electrical consumption of the machine to ensure a more sustainable manufacturing platform. Contact Bossar Packaging on tel +34 93 729 7730 or visit

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New CKF robotic Pick and Pack process With shelf space at a premium, the increased demand for shelf-ready packaging from the major retailers has significantly increased the pressure on existing production facilities as manufacturers strive to meet the challenge. CKF Systems Ltd, the Gloucestershire robotics and automation specialists, recognised the need to automate this operation and developed a fully automated low-cost robot case packing system. The integrated system eliminates the need for manual packing and improves reliability, operates within a confined space; increasing flexibility and future proofing. The Robotic Packing cell uses an ABB 6-axis robot at the heart of the innovative new modular system: the robot is equipped with modular grippers for easy format changes. The system places packs into cases in a ‘penny stack’ configuration for optimum in-store presentation and with the ability to handle a range of weights and pack sizes with minimal changeover. It also enables the integration of case handling and labelling within the robot cell. Product infeed conveyors from existing checkweighers are complimented by a product conditioning and collation system for robot pick and box handling conveyors including auto flap control and closing. Integrated Case sealing and labelling and an intuitive HMI system ensure a simple product selection, easy operation and fast error diagnosis. “We initially undertook a series of trials at our factory to prove the concept and once built we followed this with extensive factory testing with various products,” explained Ian Schofield, Sales Manager, CKF Systems Ltd. “This enabled us to refine the design and identify change parts to maximise different pack configurations.” “The benefits should be immediate and substantial,” continued Ian. “Production output will substantially increase through day in day out consistency. The robots offer much greater flexibility and quality control. One of our customers has already noted Health and Safety benefits by eliminating the repetitive action of manual high speed packing and reducing the number of operations in one place.” Contact CKF Systems on tel 01452 424565 or visit

Chevler in the pink with new foil colours Chevler, the UK’s leading manufacturer of baking cases and tulip muffin wraps, has added two new popular modern pastel shades to its range of paper lined foil cases. Ideal for the wedding, christening and young children’s birthday party market Baby Blue and Baby Pink are the new additions bringing the total number of colours now available in the company’s foil range up to 14. Chevler’s Marketing & Business Development Manager, Garry Parker said: “Bakers and confectioners have to be more innovative than ever before in their cupcake offering as consumers constantly look for something a bit different and adventurous. He added: “Many, for example, thought that wedding cupcakes would be a passing fad but it definitely looks as though they are here to stay. Many couples have found that cupcakes brought a fun element to their reception with the added bonus of being more affordable than a traditional tiered wedding cake. “The sophisticated, rich velvet shades of Chevler’s vibrant foil cases allow baked products whether

they are cupcakes or large round, square or oblong cakes to be shown off to their best advantage. “There is now a colour in the range that is ideal for virtually every social or even sporting occasion at which cake is eaten, an essential part of the celebrations and foil cases add that certain little bit of extra glamour and sparkle.” Chevler’s foil cases have gained an enviable reputation for not peeling away from the cake during cooling and unlike some baking cases they retain their shape.

Contact Chevler on tel 01844 344231 or visit

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15 percent smaller and 10 percent faster ABB has expanded its family of small robots with the addition of the IRB 1200. Featuring a compact design, the IRB1200 is primarily aimed at materials handling and machine tending applications demanding flexibility, ease of use, compactness and short cycle times while still maintaining large working envelopes. As a complete solution, the IRB 1200 excels in situations that require a compact package without sacrificing working range or functionality. With no offset in axis two, it can achieve a longer stroke than other robots, enabling it to be placed very close to the work piece and still be functional. One particular benefit of this long stroke is that it allows for a much more compact installation when the robot is mounted on the ceiling inside a small cell. The IRB 1200 comes in two variants that can handle a wide range of applications and are cost effective due to commonality of parts. The 700mm reach variant can carry a payload of up to 7kg, while the longer reach 900mm variant can carry up to 5kg. Both variants can be mounted at any angle and come with IP40 protection as standard. IP67 protection is also available as an option. The IRB 1200 has been designed to be easy to integrate. Electrical and air connections can be made to the robot via side ports or an underline option. In addition, an Ethernet port makes it easy to integrate with other equipment. These connections are routed internally on the robot from very close to the wrist flange all the way to the foot, thus enhancing the compactness of the package. Another key feature is the use of smooth surfaces, making the IRB1200 easy to keep clean and maintain in environments such as CNC machine tending and materials handling in the food industry. Contact ABB on tel 01908 350300 or visit WE NOW HAVE ON OUR WEBSITE:


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Sainsbury’s and Schoeller Allibert industry first Sainsbury’s is the first UK retailer to recycle its old food crates into more efficient ones made from 100 percent recycled material. Recycling these crates to a more efficient crate type will significantly reduce empty crate transport – reducing the number of road journeys needed to transport crates back to suppliers. The crates, recycled for Sainsbury’s by Schoeller Allibert, are the first in the UK to be made from 100 percent recycled material and meet European Food Safety Authority Standards so they can transport food safely. How does it work? Two million old, inefficient crates are ground down into plastic flakes, which are washed and dried. • This plastic is used to form new, 100 percent recycled, food safe crates by Schoeller Allibert – an industry first in the UK. The process

produces minimal waste, creating a sustainable packaging cycle • Recycling the old crates into the new type means that all crates are standardised and stack together more efficiently • This change makes the whole transport chain more efficient - creating transport volume reduction for suppliers Simon Stokoe, Senior Strategy Manager for Sainsbury’s Supply Chain said: “This piece of work was not only about making the right decision for Sainsbury’s from an efficiency perspective - it was also about making sure we did it sustainably. A win win.” Simon Moulson, Head of Retail Sales for Schoeller Allibert said: “Schoeller Allibert’s EFSA-approved recycling and remoulding process has been developed to help retailers meet increasing stringent sustainability targets as well as strict food safety and hygiene standards.”

Contact Sainsbury’s on tel 0207 695 6000 or visit

GEA Avapac RBF-500 Li latest version GEA Avapac has launched the latest version of its revolutionary Limited Intervention powder filling line, the RBF-500 Li. The new machine features lights-out operation, GEA reliability, absolute product integrity, and a footprint that is at least 30 percent less than previous GEA technologies. The new RBF-500 Li uses the same technology as its larger sibling, the RBF-1000Li launched last year. This brings together the separate elements of the filling line – bag presenter, filler, bag preparation, de-aeration station, sealing and closing – into a single machine giving it a much smaller overall footprint compared with conventional technology with separate manufacturing units. The smaller footprint means that packing rooms can be smaller, air conditioning units less powerful and running costs significantly lower. The RBF-500 Li is suitable for applications requiring throughputs of up to 5.0 tonnes/hr and, as it has just two filling heads (compared with five on bigger machines), it is ideal for applications that require frequent product changeovers. The design offers complete control of the bags throughout the process and includes a deaeration station for improved bag stability and automated neck stretching, heat sealing and weight checking. The weight data from the feedback weigher is used to auto-tune the filling process and maintain the accuracy of the machine. The design also allows for the filling of gusseted bags as well as the standard pillow style bags. As with other models in the RBF range the 500 Li is highly automated and offers what is

often referred to as ‘lights out packaging’: the aim being to reduce human intervention, and therefore the risk of contamination, and human error, to an absolute minimum. Other features of the RBF-500 Li include: • a rotary design that maintains its hold on bags to increase reliability; • the continuous calibration of filling stations; • integrated dust control technologies; • bottom up filling, minimising product dam age and dust emission loss; • automatic preparation of bags for sealing; • automatic sealing of inner liners and final closure of all bags; • automatic height adjustment to accommo date variations in bag length; • easy cleaning. GEA Avapac believes the RBF-500’s smaller footprint and quick changeover will make it especially suitable for developing markets where a number of different products are produced in the same facility. Also, minimising human intervention increases product safety and reduces the number of operatives required to run the equipment. Two of the new machines are currently being manufactured for a milk powder processing plant in the Philippines. “The RBF-500 Li filler has been developed to meet the needs of customers where a smaller footprint, with high performance and easy changeover is a primary factor,” said Ivan Marovic, Sales Manager for GEA Avapac in New Zealand. “Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), a key factor in the purchasing decision for many customers, is very high.”

Contact GEA Avapac on tel +64 7 850 9658 or visit

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New Convenience for Pâté Lovers

Atlas takes sealing to another level

From now on, Patelina meat and fish pâtés will be packaged in stylish, resealable cups from Greiner Packaging International. “This packaging solution sets new standards in Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia. Its properties fit consumer needs like a glove,” says Kenneth Boldog, Head of Division K at Greiner Packaging International. “Previously, Patelina meat and fish pâtés were packaged in aluminium containers or cans. They had to be consumed very soon after opening the packaging. Our new packaging makes it possible to reseal, preserve, and enjoy it in several stages,” Kenneth was happy to note. The barrier packaging, which holds 90g of content, offers excellent protection against oxidation and prevents the contents from drying out. These properties are made possible through the use of modern plastic material combinations and well-engineered production technology. Cups are produced using

thermoform technology and lids are produced through injection molding. Patelina meat and fish pâtés are convenience products of the traditional Serbian brand, Neoplanta. With a modern and trendy image, it is geared towards the needs of young adults or young families, especially in urban areas. Patelina stands for refined taste, carefully chosen ingredients, and high quality. There are currently eight types of pâté available: ham, salmon, liver, chicken, chicken with herbs, turkey, tuna, and tuna with corn. Neoplanta is one of the oldest food brands in Serbia and its history goes back to 1885. Neoplanta attaches great importance to traditional meat processing practices. Today, its product line includes 85 different deli products, produced by around 700 employees. Since 2007, Neoplanta has been part of Nelt Co, a leading trading company in the southern Balkan region.

Contact Greiner Packaging on tel +43 7583 72510 or visit

ICE revolutionary print and apply labeller Coding specialist Interactive Coding Equipment (ICE) is launching a major breakthrough and significant advance in print-and-apply labelling technology, offering print speeds up to three times faster than traditional machines. The new ICE Vulcan print and apply labeller is the first of its type to print and directly apply the label to a pack – both traded unit boxes and shrinkwrap packs - in one continuous action without the need for a tamp applicator or compressed air. This means the machine can print at the speed of the line, even when packs are very closely spaced, without ever missing a pack. Key to the success of the Vulcan is its Intelligent Motion™ drive system that has eliminated the friction drive operation. This delivers faster and more accurate labelling with no creasing or label dropping and no chance for labels to become trapped in the system. There are also fewer moving parts, which makes the system more reliable. The Vulcan incorporates a ‘solid state’ print head mechanism – a unique feature for thermal label printers – which allows the force on the print-head to be controlled electronically with great accuracy, for enhanced performance and print quality and

extended head life. The print head can also be removed and replaced in less than a minute for fast changeovers. Another feature unique to print and apply labellers is the Vulcan’s solid-state ribbon drive that combines high performance and reliability with zero maintenance. Like all ICE equipment, the Vulcan uses the company’s Clarity intelligent and intuitive interface, which offers ease of set-up and operation and simple integration into factory systems. The machine’s compact dimensions mean it can fit easily into existing packing lines. It can be positioned to print on any side of a pack and also produce wraparound labels on two sides. Label sizes up to 110mm x 250mm can be accommodated and the machine can print all types of codes, including 2D bar codes, as well as intricate graphics. “We believe the arrival of the Vulcan has introduced a new era for printer applicator technology, one where labelling is no longer the slowest part of the packing line,” commented ICE Director, Chris Simpson. “The benefits of this machine can be seen not just in day-to-day operations but, equally important, on the bottom line, with a fast payback on investment.”

Ishida Europe has introduced ultrasonic technology into its Atlas range of bag makers. The new Atlas 203-USS, as shown on Ishida’s stand at Interpack in May this year, offers significant reductions in film and energy consumption to deliver excellent cost savings and sustainability benefits. Ultrasonic technology uses sound pulses to agitate the molecules within the film; this causes them to vibrate and creates the heat required to seal the pack. Packs are sealed from the inside out to provide an overall stronger and more homogenous seal. As well as consistently high quality seals, the ultrasonic technique requires less power, delivering energy savings of over 40 percent compared to standard heat-generated back and end seal operations. At the same time, film usage is substantially less thanks to the sealing depth of the bags being reduced on the end seal from typically 10mm to just 3mm, and on the back seal from typically 13mm to just 6mm. This equates to a film saving of 11 percent. Seals have an improved strength, integrity and consistent appearance even at high speeds. Like the rest of the Atlas range, the Atlas 203-USS features a user friendly, easy-to-maintain design and is simple to set up and operate. Sealing operation and time can be easily input on the touch screen, allowing the creation of optimum seals for many snack film types. The machine is available in either a single or twin tube configuration, with a top speed of 140 bags per minute, per tube. The Atlas 203-USS is available with integrated iTPS™ software, which supports linked operation with Ishida mulithead weighers, throat metal detectors, printers, seal testers and checkweighers to maximise line efficiency. Contact Ishida Europe on tel 0121 607 7700 or visit

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Contact Interactive Coding Equipment (ICE) on tel 01159 640144 or visit

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GLUTEN FREE CEREALS (FLAX, QUINOA AND CHIA) F. R. Benson & Partners Ltd, 117a New Road, Croxley Green, Rickmansworth WD3 3EN. Tel:01923 293160. Fax:01923 293168. E-mail: Web:

Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 742242. Fax:01438 742311. E-mail: Web: COLOURS (NATURAL)


Kalsec Europe Ltd, 7 Merlin Park, Fred Dannatt Road, Mildenhall,

S. Black Ltd, Foxholes Business Park, John Tate Road, Hertford,

Suffolk IP28 7TD. Tel.:01938 715011. Fax:01638 715031.

Herts. SG13 7YH. Tel:01992 825555. Fax:01992 825566.

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British Bakels Ltd, Granville Way. Bicester. Oxon OX26 4JT.

J R Food Consultancy

Tel:01869 247098. Fax:01869 242979. Email:

Tel:07771 716323. E-mail:

Web: Capol UK Ltd, Oaktree Court, Mill Lane, Ness, Cheshire CH64 8TP. Tel:0151 342 8900. E-mail: Web: CURRY POWDERS (Triton Madras, Mild & Hot) The Essbro Co. Ltd, 1 South Street, Rochford, Essex SS4 1BL.

IQF/CHILLED MEATS Food Network Ltd, Keepers Cottage, Chrishall Grange, Royston, Herts. SG8 7NT. Tel:01763 837000. Fax:0208 464 1551. E-mail: Web:

Tel:01702 530329. Fax:01702 530331. E-mail:



F.R. Benson & Partners Ltd, 117a New Road, Croxley Green,

DRIED FRUIT (SWEETENED AND UNSWEETENED) F.R. Benson & Partners Ltd, 117a New Road, Croxley Green,

Rickmansworth WD3 3EN. Tel:01923 293160. Fax:01923 293168. E-mail: Web:

Rickmansworth WD3 3EN. Tel:01923 293160. Fax:01923 293168.


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F.R. Benson & Partners Ltd, 117a New Road, Croxley Green,


Rickmansworth WD3 3EN. Tel:01923 293160. Fax:01923 293168. E-mail: Web:

F.R. Benson & Partners Ltd, 117a New Road, Croxley Green, Rickmansworth, WD3 3EN. Tel:01923 293160. Fax:01923 293168. E-mail: Web: FLAVOURS (LIQUID AND POWDER) Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 742242. Fax:01438 742311. E-mail: Web:

MISO (POWDERS AND PASTES) F. R. Benson & Partners Ltd, 117a New Road, Croxley Green, Rickmansworth WD3 3EN. Tel:01923 293160. Fax:01923 293168. E-mail: Web: MUSHROOMS (EXTRACTS, POWDERS AND SLICED) F.R. Benson & Partners Ltd, 117a New Road, Croxley Green, Rickmansworth WD3 3EN. Tel:01923 293160. Fax:01923 293168. E-mail: Web:

FOOD ACIDS Rigest Trading Ltd, Hipocampus House, Hulme Lane, Lower Peover, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9QQ. Tel:07595 793224. E-mail: Web:

MUSTARD SEED AND FLOUR F. R. Benson & Partners Ltd, 117a New Road, Croxley Green, Rickmansworth WD3 3EN. Tel:01923 293160. Fax:01923 293168. E-mail: Web:



F. R. Benson & Partners Ltd, 117a New Road, Croxley Green,

Kalsec Europe Ltd, 7 Merlin Park, Fred Dannatt Road, Mildenhall,

Rickmansworth WD3 3EN. Tel:01923 293160. Fax:01923 293168.

Suffolk IP28 7RD. Tel:01638. 715011. Fax:01638 715031.

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Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 742242. Fax:01438 742311. E-mail: Web: NUT PASTES AND NUT PRODUCTS Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 742242. Fax:01438 742311. E-mail: Web: ORGANIC BAKERY INGREDIENTS British Bakels Ltd, Granville Way, Bicester, Oxon OX26 4JT. Tel:01869 247098. Fax:01869242979. E-mail: Web: ORGANIC VEGETABLES (ROASTED OR PUREED) JDM Food Group Ltd, Monument Road, Bicker, Boston, Lincs PE20 5DJ. Tel:01775 822389. Fax:01775 822443. E-mail: Web: PASTA (Durum Wheat Semolina, Egg, Spinach, Tomato, Cooked/Chilled) Food Network Ltd, Keepers Cottage, Chrishall Grange, Royston, Herts. SG8 7NT. Tel:01763 837000. Fax:01763 838280. E-mail: Web: PET FOOD INGREDIENTS Tech-Pet Ltd, 11 Hammond Way, Market Harborough, Leics LE16 7JW. Tel:01858 434545. Fax:001858 432828. E-mail: PRESERVATIVES Rigest Trading Ltd, Hippocampus House, Hulme Lane, Lower Peover, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9QQ. Tel:07595 793224. E-mail: Web: PULSES-CANNED (RED/WHITE BEANS, CHICKPEAS, BORTOLLI BEANS, BUTTER BEANS, FLAGEOLET BEANS, HARICOT BEANS, BLACKEYE BEANS, BLACK TURTLE BEANS, BLACK TURTLE BEANS, ADZUKI BEANS, PINTO BEANS) Food Network Ltd, Keepers Cottage, Chrishall Grange, Royston, Herts SG8 7NT. Tel:01763 837000. Fax:0208 464 1551. E-mail: Web: ROAST VEGETABLES AND FRUIT Beacon Foods Ltd, Units 3 & 4, Brecon Enterprise Park, Warren Road, Brecon, Powys LD3 3BT. Tel:01874 622577. Fax:01874 622123. E-mail: Web: JDM Food Group Ltd, Monument Road, Bicker, Boston, Lincs PE20 3DJ. Tel:01775 822389. Fax:0775 822443. E-mail: Web: SAVOURY FLAVOURS AND SNACK FLAVOURS Savoury Flavours, Units 2B/C, Riverside Avenue West, Lawford, Manningtree, Essex CO11 1UN. Tel;01206 399540. Fax:01206 393345. E-mail: Web: SEAFOOD POWDERS (ALL VARIETIES) Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 742242. Fax:01438 742311. E-mail: Web: SEASONINGS Key Ingredients Ireland, Units A3 & A4, Annacotty Business Park, Limerick, Ireland. Tel:+353 61 358977. E-mail: Web:


SEAWEED (FRESH AND DRIED) Meridian Sea Ltd, 10 Thornbury Road, Estover, Plymouth PL6 7PP. Tel:08702 400172. E-mail: Web: SPECIALITY SUGAR AND SPICE Speciality Farm Foods Ltd, Cleave Farm, East Down, Barnstaple, North Devon EX31 4NX. Tel:0845 812 0129. Fax:01271 882843. E-mail: Web: SPICE OLEORESINS AND EXTRACTS Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 742242. Fax:01438 742311. E-mail: Web: Kalsec Ltd, 7 Merlin Park, Fred Dannatt Road, Mildenhall, Suffolk IP28 7RD. Tel:01638 715011. Fax:01638 715031. E-mail: Web: SWEETENERS Rigest Trading Ltd, Hippocampus House, Hulme Lane, Lower Peover, Knutsford, Cheshire WA16 9QQ. Tel:07595 793224. E-mail: Web: TAMARINDS The Essbro Co. Ltd, 1 South Street, Rochford, Essex SS4 1BL Tel:01702 530329. Fax:01702 530331. E-mail: Web: THAI INGREDIENTS JDM Food Group Ltd, Monument Road, Bicker, Boston, Lincs PE20 3DJ. Tel:01775 822389. Fax:01775822443. E-mail: Web: TOMATOES (CANNED AND ASEPTIC) Food Network Ltd, Keepers Cottage, Chrishall Grange, Royston, Herts SG8 7NT. Tel:01763 837000. Fax:01783 838280. E-mail: Web: TUNA (POUCH AND CANNED) Food Network Ltd, Keepers Cottage, Chrishall Grange, Royston, Herts SG8 7NT. Tel:01763 837000. Fax:01783 838280. E-mail: Web: VEGETABLE INGREDIENTS-SPECIALITY (DRIED/PRESERVED) L’Aquila Importers and Distributors, 860 Coronation Road, London NW10 7PS. Tel:0208 965 0666. Fax:0208 965 0999. E-mail: Web: VEGETABLES (FREEZE DRIED, AIR DRIED, SPRAY DRIED, FLAKES) Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 742242. Fax:01438 742311. E-mail: Web: WILD AND EXOTIC CULTIVATED MUSHROOMS L’Aquila, Importers & Distributors, 860 Coronation Road, London NW10 7PS. Tel:0208 965 0666. Fax:0208 965 0999. E-mail: Web: YEAST INACTIVE (DEBITTERED POWDER) Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 743242. Fax: 01438 742311. E-mail: Web: YOGHURT AND SOUR CREAM POWDERS (SPRAY DRIED) Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 743242. Fax:01438 742311. E-mail: Web: ZEST (ORANGE, LEMON AND LIME)

Unbar Rothon Ltd, Radford Crescent, Billericay, Essex CM12 0DR.

Kanegrade Ltd, Ingredients House, Caxton Way, Stevenage, Herts

Tel:01277 632211. Fax:01277 830151.

SG1 2DF. Tel:01438 742242. Fax:01438 742311.

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