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Taste of Yaletown

October 10 - 16, 2013 |



Thanksgiving tips 10-11 Living with an eating disorder


GASTOWN Its faces, places and past


O.K. Boot Corral’s Everett McGowin has seen 30 years of Gastown evolution. Rob Newell photo

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October 10 – 16, 2013

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the week ahead

Oct. 10 - 16

Dammit, Janet Calling all lovers of fishnets, show tunes and sweet transvestites: The Rocky Horror Picture Show (and its cast of kooky players) is touching down on Vancouver’s Westside just in time for Hallowe’en. When a flat tire brings newly engaged college kids Brad and Janet (Will Hopkins and Erika Thompson, pictured) to a spooky castle in the middle of nowhere, they’re hopeful a quick phone call will send them on their way. The castle inhabitants — including the sexy master of the house (that aforementioned sweet transvestite) Dr. Frank N Furter — have other plans. Cue “Let’s do the time warp again!”

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The film version of the cult classic musical is famous for its midnight screenings, and Vancouver theatre company Fighting Chance Productions is embracing this tradition with midnight shows on Oct. 12, 19, and 25 (with 8:00pm performances, too).

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At the Jericho Arts Centre until Oct. 26. Devan Karringten photo

40 years of new music

Blueprint Events is turning 16 and they’re throwing themselves a party in a venue big enough to hold thousands of their nearest and dearest friends. On Oct. 13, Blueprint will bump and grind into full-blown teenage-hood with a blow-out electronic dance show at the PNE Pacific Coliseum — all in celebration of sixteen epic years throwing epic music and dance events. Revelers will groove to performances by electronic dance dues W & W and Australian duo (in work and in utero; they’re twins) Nervo (pictured), as well as Adventure Club, 12th Planet, Kill Paris and Trevor Guthrie.

Vancouver New Music Festival is celebrating its big 4-0 with a whirlwind musical retrospective. From Oct. 16-19, the festival — which showcases cutting-edge contemporary music — will present a series of anniversary concerts, each dedicated to a different new music format and featuring many of the composers and musicians who’ve contributed to the festival over the years. Concerts include works for small ensemble and solos on Oct. 16; electronic, electroacoustic, and new media works (including a performance by Jackson 2bears, pictured) on Oct. 17; opera excerpts in concert on Oct. 18; and works for large ensemble on Oct. 19. Performances take place at the Vancouver Playhouse and the Orpheum Annex.

All ages with 19+ beer garden. Tickets at

For single tickets, passes, and the full schedule, visit

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October 10 – 16, 2013



The future of Gastown What would Gassy Jack say? By Gen Handley


f “Gassy” Jack Deighton were alive today, what would he say about the neighbourhood named after him? “Well, I think he would be quite happy that there are still some very good restaurants and pubs around where he could get a pint,” speculates Robert Fung, founder and president (and visionary) of the Salient Group, a development firm that helped revitalize Gastown. “I think he’d be proud to look at some of those preserved buildings and immediately recognize them and say, ‘Yeah. I know the guy who built that.’” Real estate developer and Vancouver native Bob Rennie, who was instrumental in bringing SFU Contemporary Arts to the Woodward’s Building, also believes that Gassy Jack would be happy with the progression of the area. “I’d think Gassy Jack was a progressive man and he’d be really supportive of it,” a contemplative Rennie says. “I think everyone wants Gassy Jack to have said we sold out. We haven’t. This is what happens when economies change and demographics grow older. New demographics are going to come along.” Gassy Jack would probably be most impressed with what has gone on in the area since 2000, when the city launched a revitalization strategy transforming the area into a hub of shopping, tourism, business and housing. “I saw a tremendous amount of waste and lost opportunity, from a human standpoint, from a commercial standpoint, and from the standpoint of buildings that tell the story of where Vancouver came from,” says Fung, who with the Salient Group, were responsible for giving Gastown a distinct facelift while preserving the rich heritage of the buildings. “It was recognized as our historic centre, but, frankly, most of the area was headed straight to demolition by neglect.” Thus, Fung and the Salient Group sought to combine the best of the past and present architecture. “We brought in some of the best architecture of today and married it with really cool buildings that were [Vancouver’s] architectural strengths from 100 years ago,” says Fung. “There’s so much charm there.” Kevin McNaney, assistant director of planning for the City of Vancouver, says it is important that Gastown holds on to

Development visionaries Robert Fung (Flack Block, Paris Block, Taylor Building) and Bob Rennie (who brought SFU Contemporary Arts to the Woodward’s Building) ponder the implications of their Gastown revitalization projects. Doug Shanks/Supplied photos the charm that Fung mentions. “Gastown is our first neighbourhood and a key area of Vancouver’s heritage; it’s important to retain that character,” McNaney says. “We really want people to be living, shopping and working in the area, and it’s come a long way as a destination for retail and tech businesses.” Fung says Gastown’s story is a romantic one. “It’s a story of the Wild West gold rush that fired up a boom in mining, which is still a major component of our economy today,” he says. “We’ve been a resource-based centre for well over a century. Really, Gastown was the start of what became Vancouver — it was a through-point, it was a centre for trade, where people brought stuff to trade when they found gold. “It was the place people came for some R and R,” he continues. “A lot of the hotels in the area, the rooming houses that are here, were places for miners, fisherman and loggers looking for rest and relaxation and then, ultimately, retiring. The hotels here were where the resource-based workforce hung out. It had a booming local retail and commercial economy, but that definitely declined through the decades as it changed.” For Rennie, the tales from Gastown are quite personal, from when he was 14-years-old working at the Old Spaghetti Factory to when his company restored the Woodward’s building into a bustling Simon Fraser University campus. “On Saturday nights — late — I’d be walking over to catch a bus at the corner of Powell and Carrall to get home and never thought anything about my safety,” he says. “There was poverty, there were people between jobs, people looking for

a handout of food, but there weren’t the social challenges there are today, that are mental health-related and drugrelated. They may have been there, but in much, much smaller percentages than what’s visible today.” Rennie and Fung say the cobblestone streets in Gastown have witnessed a lot of change over the years and are going to see more as present-day Vancouverites make it their own. “The fabric of Gastown has a very entrepreneurial, creative spirit that’s always moving and will continue,” Fung says. “I think it’s going to be a model for the re-identification of a neighbourhood; the re-characterization of historic downtown… which every old city has. A lot of people look to models like SoHo or Tribeca or South Market and say we want to be like that. I don’t think we do. I think that we are evolving our own model of what a mixed-use, dense but creative downtown community is.” Rennie says the direction of the neighborhood is a complex one with a less car-dependent youth culture, baby boomer spending and tourism as well as the need for affordable housing and services. “You see youth walking the street, from place to place, from eatery to eatery, from bar to bar and there are no cars,” he says. “So as that demographic changes, Gastown has to move along with it.” Rennie agrees with Fung in that Gastown should embrace its own unique self and avoid other trendy-community models. “There was an innocence to it back in the day and now there are higher rents and more expensive buildings, and you see a restaurant trying to be New York. “We’re not New York. The worry I have with the Gastowns or Yaletowns is that people say things like we’re just like Chelsea or like SoHo. We’re not. We’re Vancouver.”


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October 10 – 16, 2013


Montauk showroom a tale of two visions Montreal sofa designers embrace the beauty of earthquake-proofing By Kelsey Klassen


t’s a quiet fall morning in Gastown. That Vancouver light — so grey and all-revealing — travels leisurely down through ceiling-high warehouse windows to glisten off the polished concrete below. Under its steely glare, the Montauk showroom shows no signs of the wild night it just had. Having quickly become one of design week’s annual blow-outs, Montauk’s third annual “Crazy Little Party” on Sept. 21 saw silver foxes jumping on couches (Prosecco and mini Yorkshire puddings in hand), and friends air-kissing hello only to lose each other in a sea of Vancouver’s most stylish. While the crowd would have looked effortlessly at home at Montauk’s Boul. St-Laurent location in Montreal, or Mercer St. in New York, the Vancouver showroom clearly speaks the Gastown vernacular. But head designer Danny Chartier wasn’t always on speak-

ing terms with the brick-and-beam heritage location. Rewind five years: Chartier and Montauk owner Tim Zyto would spend their mornings standing near Aveda on Water Street, staring at the Abbott Street space and watching the walk-by traffic. “We were not sure when we saw the outside if it looked like a church or a restaurant!” Chartier laughs. The cavernous and abandoned erstwhile Chinese restaurant had rats, pigeons, asbestos, an unauthorized “groundskeeper”… “We wanted to be close to the big guys here in Vancouver, not to name anyone,” he winks goodnaturedly, his french accent rolling gently past a dazzling a smile. “We love the essence of Gastown. It feels for Vancouver that there is a soul here. And I like to modernize old things but keep the essence, so it was the right area.” And thus the struggle began. First, the property was not for sale. Negotiations, which included Chartier flying out to personally work his magic, dragged out for two years. Then, reality sunk in: everything had to be updated. And, painfully, construction was forced to halt for the 2010 Olympics. Discovering, also, that the collapsing building was heritage protected (“I’m not sure I would

Montauk designer Danny Chartier recaps the struggles of restoring their Gastown heritage building to its original glory. Rob Newell photo have not run away when they told us that”), was almost the last straw, but it was their original budget that crumbled instead. Chartier jumps up, gesturing past the yards of air above him, to the gorgeous exposed steel beams that draw the eye ever higher. “There was a lot of structure involved that we were not aware of. We don’t build for earthquakes in Montreal, so there was a huge learning curve. “All that structure was freaking me out, I didn’t want it,” he says passionately. “But, without it, the building would have twisted. We knew what we wanted but we were

not aware of what we needed.” Now, Chartier says he loves the look, but admits it was a constant battle of wills between him, Zyto, the architect and the building. The two storey masonry structure was originally the Cosmopolitan Hotel Rooms and Alcazar Saloon, and one of the first brick hotels built after the fire of 1886. Chartier and Zyto stripped it back to its original features (but drew a budgetary line at restoring the exterior brickwork) and now the lofty space showcases Montauk’s sofa mastery: sustainable, down-filled luxury, made in Canada and wrapped in fabrics

that feel as natural as clothing against the skin. Chartier has been with Montauk since its inception in 1995. His story differs drastically from Zyto’s, though, who was already building and selling sofas out of a space in St-Laurent in the early ‘90s. Chartier, on the other hand, dropped out of law school to join the army. It wasn’t until 1992 that design school caught hold: “At first, I didn’t want to go into design because I thought it was too gay,” he chuckles, rolling his eyes. “So here I am.” And the Hickey Block thanks you.


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October 10 – 16, 2013



Tour reenacts Gastown’s gothic adventures A macabre sojourn deep into the heart of Gastown visits Victorian Hotel, Byrnes Block, Gaoler’s Mews, Homer Arcade and more By Gen Handley


he’d been feeling ill for a couple days. I didn’t really think much of it,” George Turle says in a sad Southern drawl, describing the days before he lost his beloved wife Elsie to smallpox. “But Hackman, he knew it immediately. He caught a glimpse of the beads, underneath her skin, crawling up her neck. As soon as he saw that, he wrapped his hands and face in linen because he does not want to catch this vile disease. “ Turle, who moved to New Westminster in 1862 with his pa, looks at the crowd of people listening around him in the shadowed Gastown alley. “He drags my Elsie out of the hotel and brings her right down and locks her up in this storage room.” He points to the door of an old brick building. “He nails a yellow piece of cloth to wall – you can still see the hole where the nail went it. Yellow was the symbol: quarantine for smallpox.” No, I didn’t find a working time machine or take some LSD. George told his story as part of the Lost Souls of Gastown, a theatrical walking tour that took myself and 12 other people through the dark, but fascinating past of Vancouver’s first neighborhood — a past that


October 10 – 16, 2013

includes an impressive amount of murder, fire and other surprises. “The idea is to weave a path through the city’s earliest history in old Gastown, through smallpox outbreaks to the great fire to coming of the railway to the Klondike Goldrush,” said Will Woods, founder and “chief storyteller” of Forbidden Vancouver, the local company that organizes the tour. Woods was inspired to create Forbidden Vancouver after taking part in similar tours in Edinburgh and Seattle. “[Those tours] had big doses of theatre and drama,” the London native said. “They share the city’s history in a nonacademic, very accessible fashion. As I went on these tours I thought to myself, ‘I would love to do these tours as a job.’ So I started Forbidden Vancouver and enrolled myself in acting classes for several months to build up my abilities in theatre and drama to make it work. I spent a ton of time in the library archives researching the city’s history.” Woods called the work “wonderful.” “Every tour’s different and there’s not many lines of work where you finish a shift and you get a round of applause. I totally found my calling with it. I’ll be doing these tours in 40 years for sure.” And after the tour, there was

applause for Mark Turpin, the actor playing the gold-and-women-chasing George Turle on our tour. “It’s a lot of fun,” Turpin said, now drawl-less. “We get so many different people out — from other countries and from around Vancouver. I’ve had a good time playing George.” Woods believed it was important to acknowledge both the light and dark sides of the city’s history. “We’re a port city and bad stuff happens in port cities,” he said laughing. “There’s always a lot of transient people coming in and out and there’s a lot of goods being transported through the city. It’s always been that way and it hasn’t always been just picnics in Stanley Park... We had bootlegging, opium dens and brothels lining Alexander Street.” “There’s diverse history in this city and we’d like to share that with people here,” Woods continued. “We’d like to take them back into the city’s past and tell them the good, the bad and the untold and to celebrate that and not hide it any way.” Until November 9, the Lost Souls of Gastown will be showing locals and visitors the area’s dark history several times a week. To book a tour or learn more go to

Forbidden Vancouver’s Mark Turpin plays on the drama of historical events set in Vancouver’s oldest neighbourhood. Gen Handley photo


Musician, hockey pro open Gastown gem By Kelsey Klassen


t’s not your typical business case: Dane Stevens, 24 — former professional lacrosse player, bassist for Chiinatown and Peak Performance finalists Tough Lovers, international gem dealer. Keith Seabrook, 25 — former professional hockey player, graduate of the Gemological Institute of America. The two childhood friends have joined forces to carve Cavalier: The Fine Jewellery Shoppe on West Hastings out of nothing but a blank canvas. Stevens, a third generation gem wholesaler, is carrying on a tradition passed down by his uncle and grandfather. As his uncle’s life was being tragically cut short by ALS, Stevens began making trips to the gem district of Bangkok to learn from him while still a teenager. Since their opening in July, Vancouver’s newest bling ring has cultivated a unique West Coast buying experience: easy-going, warmly lit, beersy. From affordable ($20) to extravagant ($50,000) they’ve got it: current local designers Foe & Dear and Broken Promises/Army of Rokosz sit enticingly alongside other artisans. A percentage of every piece sold goes to a local charity, such as the ALS Society, and you won’t be dealing with commission-hungry sales clerks. You do business with Seabrook or Stevens, sometimes Stevens’ mom... You’d perhaps expect the friends to be a bit cocky, having pulled off such a coup at their age, but in a room full of friends and media at a launch party Oct. 3, they were welcoming and excited. Stevens spoke with WE the next day:

There’s a great opportunity as a third generation wholesale company to incorporate the changing marketplace with the traditional way most retailers buy. Over the next five to 10 years, wholesale companies and independent stores alike, that are owned by people in their 50s, 60s and 70s, will be looking to get out of the business. And unless there’s a generation willing to take over, I’m not sure a new business grad would be able to simply purchase that business and continue on the tradition (or business) successfully without fully understanding the jewelry trade. My family’s contacts were passed down to me and I couldn’t even imagine entering the wholesale marketplace without that goodwill. • Tell me about the gem cutting district in Bangkok? Bangkok is a pretty overwhelming place, and the gem district is an easy place to lose your life savings. Bad deals happen every day there and it’s not the same business mentality — it’s the bargaining system on steroids and sometimes it feels like an endless game of high stakes poker. I

still have stones from my first trip that I’ll probably never sell — I’ve chalked that up as a learning experience. If you know where to look in Bangkok you can have success but, to be honest, I’ve had it a bit easier than my uncle and grandfather, who started the business in the 1970s. They would go to Brazil, Colombia and parts of Africa to purchase gemstones — bring them to their cutters in Bangkok — and then bring them into Canada to sell to retailers. They opened doors for me that I never would’ve been able to come close to on my own. •What was it like working with your uncle at 18?  We worked side by side for about two years buying and selling gems. He was an amazing teacher and mentor. Some of the best memories of starting so young have nothing to do with work — but more about the stories he would tell me about how business was done in the “old days”. I can remember thinking on numerous occasions how intimidated I was by our suppliers; it was an education that’s for sure.

O K b o o t co r r a l

• At the party, we briefly spoke about how local gem wholesalers are retiring. How you see yourself filling that void? DS: I think it’s a pretty common thing in a lot of industries.



Friends Keith Seabrook and Dane Stevens (not pictured), are the next generation of Vancouver jewelers. Rob Newell photo



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You bet your boots When Everett McGowin opened O.K. Boot Corral in the ‘80s, he was counting on two things: the popularity of Western wear, and that Gastown would rise again

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By Kelsey Klassen


hey came from China in the 1880s, nestled as ballast in the holds of great ships next to fine teas and spices. Or they came from the Bowen Island Brickyard.... Whichever local lore you choose to believe, the bricks of Gastown are the oldest in the city, and it’s a privileged few who get to work within their walls every day — especially given what they are witnessing lately. O.K. Boot Corral owner Everett McGowin has been at his highly photographed Maple Tree Square location since 1991. Prior to that, his Byrnes Block space was occupied by Woodward’s department store, and he was clocking in just across the street. A shoe man since his days at Agnew Surpass Footwear in 1959, McGowin says he chose Gastown for his burgeoning boot business in the ‘80s in the hopes that the neighbourhood would return its ‘60s glory days of great stores and restaurants — a place tourists and locals “came to hang out.” And if you follow the history of Gastown, you’d see it was only a matter of time before his prediction came true: The city’s first downtown core, Gastown was historically the site of industry, rabble and rouse. Built around “Gassy” Jack Deighton’s saloon in 1867, it was a trade centre and playground for transient loggers and seafarers. When all but two of its 400 buildings were destroyed in 1886 by the Great Fire, the area quickly bounced back, rebuilding and continuing to thrive. Then, in the lead up to the 1930s, it found new purpose as the centre of the city’s wholesale produce distribution, while remaining the centre of the city’s libational life (picture 300 licensed establishments within a 12-block area). But then came the Great Depression and Gastown spiraled into an overlooked confluence of cheap beer parlours, flophouse hotels, and logger halls. By the 1960s, Gastown had reached a nadir of disrepair. Its pulse was thready, but a revival began brewing anew: The area slowly became a popular shopping district by day, and a place to drink and dance late into the night. When its distinctive and historic architecture, like that of nearby Chinatown and Strathcona, was at risk — scheduled to be demolished to build a major freeway into downtown — a passionate campaign led by concerned businessmen, property owners and political protestors caught figurative fire, and the provincial government declared the area a protected heritage site in 1971. By the early ‘80s and into the ‘90s however, as crack cocaine flooded the market, businesses again began leaving en masse and the drug and sex trade strangled the area for at least two decades. At the start of the 2000s, a new movement took hold; an advancing guard of restaurateurs staked

O.K. Boot Corral owner Everett McGowin. Rob Newell photo their claims to the cobblestone streets of the besieged Downtown Eastside stronghold, lured back by cheap rents, inspiring canvases and new development. First were Salt and Chill Winston, in 2006, and then Boneta in 2007. By 2010 it was being loudly touted by local media as a culinary ‘it’ district. In 2012 it was named fourth most stylish neighbourhood in the world by Complex magazine. “It is all very exciting,” McGowin shares. “Gastown certainly has evolved back to like it was in the late ‘60s. It is also a welcome sight to see that the area is inhabited primarily with independents.” For some, though, Gastown’s grittiness is no style statement, and anti-gentrification protests began in earnest in 2013, marking Gastown as a hotly contested territory. Through all of this, McGowin has seen his own ups and downs. His business grew steadily after opening: line dancing surged in popularity and the Western scene was en vogue. “Everyone was wearing western boots in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s,” he recalls with a smile. During the early morning of Oct. 7, 2007, however, his store sustained a near-fatal blow. A speeding car, being chased by local authorities, ended up losing control and hurtling inside the store. The shop sustained in excess of $20,000 in damage, and, consequently, was closed for months. A year later, another car, again speeding through the reedy morning light, sheered off a lamp standard and the pole catapulted into the store, causContinued next page

moved to east of l commercia drive

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Take a bite out of Yaletown

ing approximately $50,000 in damage, rendering the store inoperable for two more months. But McGowin says he is still sold on two things: his vocation and his location, and as result, is at ground zero of Gastown’s fifth epoch — the Feastocene — unfolding all around him. More than three dozen new restaurants have opened since 2010. Restaurateur Mark Brand went into retail with Sharks and Hammers, and the Secret Location retailers opened a concept restaurant. The iron couldn’t be hotter. Even McGowin’s Byrnes Block is now fortified for the next century by restaurants Peckinpah, Six Acres, Vera’s Burger Place, L’Abattoir, Cork and Fin. “I welcome the restaurants. I’m open now until eight to capture some of the passers by and it has been working. It’s my understanding that others are considering this avenue, as well. “My only concern is that, with the influx of the restaurants and bars, rents will probably increase substantially. But I am going to hang in where I am as long as possible,” vows the 72-year-old. So for some, there is the danger of having too much a good thing, but it would seem Gastown is betting on the old saying — that the best way to a city’s heart is through its stomach. At least this time around.

60 restaurants gear up for area’s premiere foodie event

cont’d from page 8

By Anya Levykh


t’s that time of year again. Oh, you thought I meant Fall? No, I was referring to Taste of Yaletown, back for its ninth year of feasting and frolicking. Many might think that Yaletown is no longer Vancouver’s dining mecca, but the many established and new restaurants that have made their home here have kept this former warehouse district thriving with restaurants, lounges, cafés, bakeries, and choice retail outfits. “It’s interesting to see how it’s changed over the years,” says Neil Wyles, owner and chef at the Hamilton Street Grill, and past president of the Yaletown BIA. “When I opened the restaurant over 17 years ago, there were just a handful of places here. Now there are over 60 restaurants and cafés within a few short blocks.” This year, the festival is featuring lunch menus, as well as multi-course dinner menus for $25, $35 or $45. Three are also special events this year, like the beer, bacon and chocolate pairing event at Xoxolat, or the farmers’ market dinner at the Roundhouse, featuring some the city’s top chefs. And, for downtown workers and residents, there will be a free lunch

trolley running every Thursday and Friday during the festival. Here are some of my top picks from the established dining spots in the neighbourhood. Stay tuned next week for my top picks among the new arrivals. Hamilton Street Grill 1009 Hamilton St. 604.331.1511 It’s not just about the steaks, although those are pretty darn tasty. Look for options like the exotic mushroom tart with local goat cheese and a hearty cassoulet with roasted pork loin, Toulouse sausage and duck confit. Provence Marinaside 1177 Marinaside Cresc. 604.681.4144 Consistently outstanding Mediterranean cuisine with a focus on southern France makes this an annual favourite. Don’t miss out on desserts like their famous clafoutis or lemon tart. Brix Restaurant & Wine Bar 1138 Homer St. 604.915.9463 Contemporary Canadian cuisine, over 60 wines by the glass, and a fantastic year-round glass-covered and heated courtyard patio that reminds one of English gardens and starlit nights. For full details, visit YaletownInfo. com/TasteofYaletown

taste of yaletown feature

1239 Pacific Blvd 604-684-4446

Braised Short Rib Bánh Mì



Beef short rib braised with 5 Spice, garnished with a sweet hoisin apple and raddichio slaw.

For $2 add: Vietnamese Iced Coffee OR Lime fizz Drink OR Thai Tea

October 16 - 27, 2013 Media Sponsors:


Brewing Craft Beer since 1994 Distilling Gin & Vodka in 2013 October 10 – 16, 2013


eat & drink

Here’s a toast to our coast On Oct. 18, the Vancouver Aquarium is throwing one doozy of an after-hours party. Their annual Toast to the Coast features food from Ocean Wise restaurants, libations from BC wineries, live music and a

silent auction of high ticket items. It’s a party with a purpose: proceeds from the event support the Vancouver Aquarium’s conservation, research and education programs. Tickets are $95 at

Fresh Sheet

Local Food & Drink Happenings By Anya Levykh Homer Street Café & Bar has launched a very comforting and value-priced Sunday brunch with re-imagined classics like the maple chicken cobbler, a fresh take on the traditional chicken pot pie. Pulled chicken (cooked on the in-house rotisserie) is cobbled with the usual suspects of potatoes, carrots and other hearty ingredients, then topped with puff pastry balls and a slow-poached egg. It’s rich, creamy and the pastry balls do a good job of soaking up the runny egg and creamy interior. Or try the banana and Nutella Montecristo sandwiches, pan-fried golden and sweet. The rotisserie also delivers the pork belly, served with potatoes that are cooked in the drippings from the meat, toast and two eggs for $12. Most dishes are under $14 and hearty enough to stand on their own.

Natural gas. Good for easy warmth. With a simple flick of a switch, you can enjoy easy warmth and ambience with a natural gas fireplace. And save yourself the hassle of hauling firewood or cleaning ashes. Rebates are available. Discover the benefits and cost savings of a natural gas fireplace at

Chef David Hawksworth of Hawksworth Restaurant and his team just returned from cooking at the legendary James Beard House in New York. Inspired by the experience, chef Hawksworth is recreating that dinner here in Vancouver for the next two weeks. The James Beard five-course tasting menu is $98 per person and focuses on contemporary Canadian cuisine such as Pacific sablefish with chanterelles, corn, scallions and bacon dashi; roasted Peking duck breast with chestnut, squash, prosciutto and fig; and Dungeness crab, Brooke trout roe, green apple, horseradish and brioche.

Rotisserie pork belly (and all the fixings) at Homer Street Café & Bar. potato fondant and cranberry jus; and pumpkin flan with spiced cake, caramelized pear and orange chiffon. Yew Seafood Restaurant & Bar is offering a three-course dinner from October 10 to 14 for $51 per person. Look for turkey breast and leg confit with crab and chorizo stuffing in black truffle jus; sablefish in maple, soy and lime-butter glaze with shaved carrots and golden puree; pork belly and spot prawns with hazelnut granola; and pumpkin pie with peanut caramel ice cream. YewSeafood. com

Looking for a Thanksgiving dinner you don’t have to cook? West Restaurant is offering an eight-course tasting menu for $68 per person. The turkey-forward dinner includes kale and Brussels sprouts salad with turkey crackling; Glen Valley squash soup with turkey croutons and maple crème fraîche; braised turkey leg cabbage roll with black truffle froth; sage roasted turkey breast with candied sweet potato,

Maple chicken cobbler at Homer Street Café & Bar.

FortisBC uses the FortisBC name and logo under license from Fortis Inc. (13-342.10 08/13)


e Sands Hotel Come and join us at Th giving Dinner. for a Traditional Thanks

er Turkey Dinn gs and with all the trimmin slice of Pumpkin Pie



Available at The Park or The Bayside Lounge. Reservations accepted.

95 + tax



The Park at English Bay

1755 Davie Street, Vancouver 604-682-1831 Reservation on Open Table

@parkvancity @baysidelounge1


October 10 – 16, 2013

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For more details go to In the Granville Island Hotel, 1253 Johnston St, Granville Island 604-685-7070 Valet parking available

Bistro Pastis is offering a three-course dinner on October 13 for $45 per person. Options include spiced butternut squash soup with citrus crème fraîche; crispy duck confit salad with golden beets, slow roasted turkey breast with pear and onion stuffed leg; salmon Wellington with mushroom duxelles, celeriac puree and béarnaise sauce; and vanillaraspberry baked Alaska. Campagnolo Restaurant is serving up a porchetta roast on Sunday, October 13 for $25 per person. The classic Italian rolled roast pork is served family style with seasonal sides. Anya Levykh has been writing about food, wine and restaurants for more than a decade. Hear her weekly food segment every Monday at 5:50pm on CBC Radio One’s “On the Coast”, follow her on Twitter @ foodgirlfriday and catch up at

eat & drink

Shake up your Thanksgiving Follow Me Foodie by Mijune Pak


anadians celebrate Thanksgiving on Oct. 14, and there’s no better day to feast with family and friends. Although I typically look forward to a traditional turkey, sometimes it can get a little repetitive. I’m not suggesting you swap the turkey out for tofu, unless you’d rather celebrate Meatless Monday, but there are some simple things you can do to revamp the holiday menu.

Find an alternative to cranberry sauce I love sweet and savoury so I’ve always been a fan of cranberry sauce, but for a change try an apple or pear relish. They contain more natural sugars than cranberries so you don’t have to add much to sweeten it. If you’d like more tartness add some lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. If you like the red colour and want some texture, add pomegranate seeds.

A Bread Affair put a new spin on stuffing. Martha Perkins photo

Recipe: Apricot Walnut Stuffing

Change the bread for the stuffing Day old white bread works fine, but why not explore? Just make sure you’re choosing a bread with tight holes so it absorbs the butter, liquids and flavour. You want the stuffing moist, light and fluffy and some people swear by potato bread croutons. For a Southwestern twist try cornbread, and for something sweeter use challah bread or brioche. Remember to toast the bread to dry it out and cook the stuffing separately. Cooking it inside the turkey causes all sorts of problems since it is prone to bacteria and the turkey will finish cooking before the internal temperature of the stuffing is reached.


hanksgiving came a little early at the WE Vancouver office when A Bread Affair dropped off a sample of its Apricot Walnut stuffing made with JD Farms’ turkey stock. Unable to wait, it was devoured in minutes, sans turkey. We loved it so much we asked for the recipe.

Make a smaller portion of mashed potatoes

Ingredients 1 loaf of A Bread Affair’s Apricot Walnut 1 cup diced onion 1 cup diced leeks 1 cup diced celery 4 TBSP minced parsley 1 cup JD Farms Turkey Stock ½ TSP minced garlic 1 TSP salt ½ TSP pepper 2 TSP poultry spice 1/2lb butter

Smaller portion anything on Thanksgiving sounds taboo and I could never ditch the beloved mashed potatoes. However the Fall harvest is here and parsnips, squash and pumpkin are great alternatives. I actually bake my stuffing inside acorn squash halves, so you can eat the bowl too — talk about sustainability. If you’re not into cooking at all, consider dining out at one of the many lovely restaurants serving Thanksgiving dinners (for a sampling, see page 10), including Graze Restaurant (3910 Fraser), which offers a Vegan Thanksgiving on Oct. 13 for $30/ person. Happy Thanksgiving!

Method Cut bread into ½ inch pieces. In a 4 quart pot, melt butter on low heat. Add in diced onions, leeks, celery, and sauté until tender, stirring constantly. Add in minced garlic, parsley, JD turkey stock, salt, pepper, and poultry spice. Mix together, stirring for 5 minutes then add to bread and mix well. Transfer to a baking dish, cover with foil, and bake at 200° C (400° F) for about 30 minutes. Uncover and bake until top is browned, about 10 to 15 minutes more.

Find Mijune at the Taste of Yaletown kick-off on Oct. 16 and at Vancouver Aquarium’s Toast to the Coast event celebrating sustainable seafood on Oct. 18. She will also be at the Vancouver Home and Design Show Oct. 18 – 20. Find her emceeing cooking demonstrations at the show for chef Makoto Ono from PiDGiN at 11:30am and chef Matsu from Miku at 4pm on Oct. 20. Find out more about Mijune or follow her on Twitter @followmefoodie.

Feast food safety Turkey poses particular food safety challenges because it can be contaminated with bacteria such as Salmonella. Health Canada offers up some steps you can take to help ensure your feast is a safe one: • Store your turkey in a leak-proof bag or container in the refrigerator or freezer immediately after you buy it. Thaw turkey in the refrigerator or in cold water. Don’t rinse raw turkey before cooking it. • Use a digital food thermometer, and cook turkey until the temperature of the thickest part of the breast or thigh is at least 85ºC (185ºF). • Refrigerate all leftovers within two hours of cooking. Use leftover cooked dishes within two to three days or freeze right away for later use. More at


AUTHENTIC Thai Cuisine Flavoured with Chef Grace’s own


SIMPLY THAI Join us for a great dining experience

Celebrating 13 years

1211 Hamilton St. • 604.642.0123

There’s more online: SPECIALS FOR OCT. 10-17






865 Denman St.


Fresh Free Range Turkeys available now! Call 604-681-2121 to reserve.



We offer online home delivery, for more info visit

Farmer fresh

Buy 1 entrée & get

10 off



Licensed Restaurant

1602 Yew Street • 604.558.1602


your 2nd entrée One coupon per table. Valid until November 15.






0 1 BL E

Vancouver Farmers Markets might have just the fresh, local ingredients you need for your Thanksgiving spreads. Check markets around the city for locally sourced, healthy fixings, such as: • Organic, free-range turkeys and hams • Artisan breads • Fresh, in-season produce for side dishes, salads, pie fillings and desserts (pumpkins, sweet potatoes, squashes, apples and peaches, cranberries) • Ready-made pies and cakes



Our pizzas are made with freshly grated mozzarella cheese and our own special crust & tomato sauce. Gluten Free Available.

Serving home made pizza, greek, pasta, steaks and more family recipes since 1989.



Double_D_Pizza October 10 – 16, 2013


eat & drink

Notes from the open road City Cellar

from Vancouver Island’s own Unsworth Vineyards (

by Kurtis Kolt



Over in the windswept Similkameen Valley, I dropped in to see my pals Rhys and Alishan at their Little Farm Winery ( I’m thinking their new winery is a contender for “Smallest Winery in BC” (it’s smaller than our one-bedroom Main Street condo), but it’s destined to churn out fresh, expressive wines in what will be their third vintage (they previously borrowed friends’ facilities). It was a race against time for them this year, as finishing construction of the winery sprinted towards the finish line, neck-andneck with the earliest grape harvest in BC history. Happily, the winery was finished and licensed a mere two days before they started harvest, with Chardonnay, Riesling and Cabernet Franc Rosé ferments now humming away just fine.

just came back from an epic tour presenting wine education seminars on behalf of the BC Wine Institute ( all over the province. While much of my time was spent on “official” business, I did get a chance to catch up with some friends and colleagues, Instagramming all the way (as one is wont to do these days).


Owner Don Triggs (of Jackson-Triggs fame) and winemaker Pascal Madevon hosted our intrepid wine columnist at Culmina Family Estate Winery in Oliver, BC. Kurtis Kolt photo

I began my tour in our capital city, where the carpet was rolled out for me and a group of Victoria wine trade reps at Little Jumbo (, the hottest new restaurant in town. Owner Shawn Soole was the barman extraordinaire at Clive’s Classic Lounge at the Chateau Victoria for years, so you know the cocktail program has some legs. To go with an array of sharable small plates, there’s a fantastic wine program as well — something that often smacks of a back-burner priority in cocktailforward joints. No sign of that here. There’s a smattering of global gems and plenty of the best of BC, including a juicy and opulent Pinot Gris

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Members of the Victoria wine trade dining at Little Jumbo, a popular new restaurant in the capital city. Kurtis Kolt photo

Call and book your complimentary invisalign consultation and see why our service stands out!


604 801 6669 | 1050 Hamilton Street |


I finally got to pop in and see the brand-spanking new Culmina Family Estate Winery ( In fact, I even hopped in the truck to get a mountainside vineyard tour with owner Don Triggs (of Jackson-Triggs fame) and winemaker Pascal Madevon, who’s recently come over after years of knocking it outta the park at Osoyoos LaRose. Their 2011 Hypothesis red ($48) is a big, juicy Bordeaux-style blend, but my money’s on their $26 Dilemma Chardonnay, a citrus-bomb of minerals and rocks with a perfect (sashimi available) lashing of French oak.

! t a e n a c All you FEATURING:

• 100+ dinner items • 60+ late night items




HIG HL IGHT S Prawn Tempura Spicy Salmon & Tuna Sashimi Korean Salmon Sashimi Fresh BBQ Meats

Sashimi options Lunch Bento boxes Unagi Fried Rice Avocado & BEST Dynamite rolls VALUE LUNCH


9:30pm onwards

HI GHLI GHT S Salmon & Tuna Sashimi Hokkigai Sushi Massago Sushi Fresh BBQ Meats

starting at:

Adult $1095 Child $795

Adult $2195 Child $1095

Late night specials!

Adult $1395 Child $895





• included with Dinner AYCE • 50% off with Lunch/Late Night AYCE

A la carte menu available • 20% off takeout menu


201-1128 West Broadway 604-677-0434


205-4231 Hazelbridge Way 604-279-9077


October 10 – 16, 2013

And after wine tasting in Oliver... ...a good craft beer always hits the spot! The new(-ish) kid in town is Firehall Brewery (, who’ve properly dubbed themselves “The Beer of Wine Country.” The two ends of the spectrum are a Backdraft Blond Ale and their Holy Smoke Stout, but nestled in the middle is my favourite, a hoppy, toffee and citrus explosion known as their Stoked Ember Ale. After a long day of wine tasting and work, Chief Brewer Sid Ruhland was my hero. I’m currently hassling the guy to send some of his ales this way.

If you need any follow-up or just want to say hi, find me via or Tweet me @KurtisKolt

GVHBA honours members at Awards of Excellence The Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association has honoured some of its members at their Awards of Excellence, which took place on Oct. 2. “The awards honour association members for their exceptional level of volunteer commitment and dedication to enhancing the professionalism of the homebuilding and renovation industries in the Greater Vancouver area,” says GVHBA CEO Bob de Wit. Among this year’s winners was ParkLane Homes/

Bluetree Homes for Builder Member of the Year and Cressey Development Group for BuiltGreen Single-Family Builder of the Year. Mosaic Avenue Construction was the winner of the BuiltGreen Multi-Family Builder of the Year award. The RenoMark Renovator Member of the Year award was given to Miles Wittig of Basil Restoration Ltd. Black Press was honoured with an Association Marketing Award. Other awards included the Technical Excellence Award, given to Naikoon Contracting, the Supplier Member of the


Year Award given to Kitchen Craft of Canada and the Gary Santini Education and Training Awards, given to Portrait Homes and Kitchen Craft of Canada. For a full list of winners, visit The GVHBA also elected its 2013/2014 Executive Committee. Lynn Harrison of Harrison Marketing Resources was named Chair, with Ron Rapp of Morningstar Homes and Rob Grimm of Portrait Homes named as First Vice-Chair and Second Vice-Chair, respectively. Avtar Johl of Platinum Group of Companies will serve as Secretary/Treasurer. Immediate Past Chair is Blake Hudema of Genstar Development Company. The Board of Directors will be Peter Andronopoulos of TD Financial Group, Rob Currie of Basement Systems Vancouver, John Friswell of CCI Renovations, Candy Hodson of Black Press, Richard Kaufmann of Picasso Mouldings, Dan Noel of FortisBC, Ralph Belisle of TQ Construction, Darren Cranston of Polygon Homes, Dan Glavind of Dick’s Lumber & Building Supplies, Deana Grinnell of Bluetree Homes, Ian Moes of Kuhn LLP, Gregory van Popta of McQuarrie Hunter and Bobby Colburn of WBI Home Warranty Ltd.

Submitted photo

SOLO District’s second phase, Altus, will feature Club 55 on its top floor, with a barbecue area, full kitchen, media area, and billiards, poker and ping-pong tables, as well as outdoor deck space. SOLO District is rapidly becoming an iconic part of the Burnaby skyline, and will eventually include four residential towers.

Redefining North Burnaby at Appia’s SOLO District By Kerry Vital

Appia Development has deep roots in North Burnaby, and this continues with SOLO District, which will soon become an iconic part of the skyline. SOLO District, which stands for South Of Lougheed, continues to draw potential buyers into the presentation centre every day to check out the condominium homes, amazing amenities and

RENO ME! with

FortisBC Describe what


community feel. “People are embracing the community concept,” says Lisa Murrell, sales and marketing manager for Appia. “Everything about SOLO District is about quality, from the retailers to the suites themselves.” The latest phase at SOLO District is Altus, which will become the tallest building in Burnaby at the equivalent of 55 storeys, with office space on the first 14 floors and homes from 200 feet up so every homeowner can enjoy amazing views. The homes range from approximately 534 to 1,709 square feet in a variety of one-, twoand three-bedroom floorplans. The threebedroom homes are a new plan that Appia is proud to be able to offer buyers at Altus. Inside, you’ll find luxurious finishes such as nine-foot ceilings, laminate wood flooring in

the living areas and the choice of two designer colour schemes, Grigio and Noce. The kitchens feature imported Italian Armony Cucine cabinetry, polished quartz countertops and a quartz slab backsplash, complemented by stainless-steel appliances and under-cabinet task lighting. The relaxing bathrooms hold their own Italian Armony Cucine cabinetry and quartz countertops, as well as a luxurious soaker tub and large porcelain floor tiles and wall tile for the tub surround and shower wall. Select ensuites feature an enclosed glass shower. One of the most exciting parts of Altus is Club 55 on its top floor, with a barbecue area, full kitchen, media area and billiards, poker and ping-pong tables and a large outdoor deck space. The office tower will hold a fully equipped gym, and a multi-sport court on the

third floor, while the 15th floor will include a roof terrace with outdoor seating, a barbecue area and a wet bar. SOLO District itself is one of the most exciting properties in the Lower Mainland real estate market. It will eventually be comprised of four residential towers and over 1,400 homes. Construction is currently ongoing for the first and second phases, Stratus and Altus, with future phases Cirrus and Aerius to follow. The community will also include Burnaby’s first Whole Foods, commercial opportunities, office space and tons of green space. SOLO District is perfectly situated for transit, shopping, education and leisure activities. The Brentwood Skytrain station is just steps away, along with Brentwood Town Centre. Golf courses, parks and fitness facilities are also nearby. “People will be hard-pressed to find a more complete community of this calibre,” says Murrell. SOLO District and Appia is currently offering a fantastic promotion they are calling The Perfect Home Ownership Plan. The next 75 qualified buyers will get savings of up to 60 per cent on mortgage payments for a limited time, discounts on transit passes for those who commute farther than three kilometres on a regular basis and no payments for up to 180 days after the purchase of one of the select homes at SOLO District. This promotion is being offered to buyers who are Burnaby residents, plan to live or have a family member live at SOLO District or will be attending a post-secondary institution in Burnaby such as Simon Fraser University or the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Homes at SOLO District start at $293,900. For more information, visit www., call 604-298-8800 or visit the presentation centre at 2131 Willingdon Avenue, open daily except Friday between noon and 5 p.m.

$10,000 to transform your space with natural gas... Does your great room, kitchen or outdoor living area need a makeover? Send us a photo of your existing space and tell us why you'd like to renovate. Briefly describe how including natural gas would transform the look and feel of your space and you could win a consultation with a top designer and $10,000 in cash and prizes towards your complete renovation.


Enter a photo of your space:


Presented by: click on RENO ME! Contest open October 7th, 2013. Winners will be selected and contacted no later than Dec 15th, 2013. $10,000 cash and prizes must go towards renovation.

October 10 – 16, 2013


Luxurious Single Family Homes on Burke Mountain



H a r p e r R d.


Highland Drive

Kingston St.

ee W a


David Ave.





Coquitlam Centre

Southview St.


Open noon to 6 p.m. (except Fridays) 1508 Dayton Street, Coquitlam 604-942-6370


Coast Meridian


Pine A







PDF417 (ISO/IEC 1543




1 2 FA I R V I E W T O W N H O M E S

These are homes with a clear view to life in an ideal location. Starting with 6 studio garden suites Alder

QRCODE H QRCODE H - COLORE Crossing will be Fairview’s next favourite address.

Above are 6 two-storey townhomes with gorgeous roof decks and brilliant views of False Creek and the downtown skyline. All homes here will be constructed with close attention to detail, befitting a connected Vancouver address.

MOVE IN NOW Studios from

$290,000 Two Bedroom & Den Roofdeck homes from


604.600.5405 This is not an offering for sale. Any such offer can only be made by disclosure statement. E.&O.E.


October 10 – 16, 2013


Sale and listing activity continues to follow historical averages


ome buyer and seller activity in the Greater Vancouver housing market continues to far outpace 2012, yet is in line with the region’s 10-year averages. The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) reports that residential property sales in Greater Vancouver reached 2,483 on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) in September 2013. This represents a 63.8 per cent increase compared to the 1,516 sales in September 2012, and a 1.2 per cent decline compared to the 2,514 sales in August 2013.

Last month’s sales were one per cent below the 10year sales average for the month, while new listings were 3.5 per cent below. “While sales are up considerably from last year, it’s important to note that September 2012 sales were among the lowest we’ve seen in nearly three decades,” Sandra Wyant of REBGV said. New listings for detached, attached and apartment properties in Greater Vancouver totalled 5,030 in September. This represents a 5.5 per cent decline compared to the 5,321 new listings

reported in September 2012 and a 20.2 per cent increase compared to the 4,186 new listings in August of this year. The total number of properties currently listed for sale on the MLS in Greater Vancouver is 16,115, a 12.2 per cent decrease compared to September 2012 and a 0.5 per cent increase compared to August 2013. “It’s important to remember that stronger sales activity does not necessarily equate to rising home prices. In fact, home prices have not fluctuated much in our market this year,” Wyant said. Sales of apartment properties reached 1,018 in

September 2013, an increase of 50.6 per cent compared to the 676 sales in September 2012, and an increase of 10.4 per cent compared to the 922 sales in September 2011. The benchmark price of an apartment property decreased 0.5 per cent from September 2012 to $366,600. Attached property sales in September 2013 totalled 442, an increase of 79.7 per cent compared to the 246 sales in September 2012, and a 20.4 per cent increase from the 367 attached properties sold in September 2011. The benchmark price of an attached unit is currently $458,300, which is unchanged from September 2012.



1250 Burnaby, $320,000, Sat 3-5 1208 Bidwell St, 2 bdrm, $569,900, Sat 2-4




1313-1333 Georgia St, $335,000, 16 Sat/Sun 2-4


707-1010 Howe, 1 bdrm, $339,000, Sun 2-4 213-1177 Hornby St, 1 bdrm, $364,900, Sat/Sun 2-4


Sub P/H:1603-189 Davie St, 2 bdrm + den, $608,000, 18 Sat/Sun 2-4

CHINATOWN 253-35 Keefer Pl, 1 bdrm + den, $468,800, Sun 12:30-2



403-138 W. 1st, 1 bdrm, $300,000, Sat/Sun 2-4



410-2828 Main, 1 bdrm penthouse, $358,800, 17 Sun 2:30-4

The Mike and Will Team

Downtown Vancouver and Patio Property Specialists “The Mike and Will Team are not like other agents. We have worked with other agents before, but never again!” Todd. G West End, Vancouver

The Mike and Will Team Mike Wilcox 604 782 3545 Will Pratt 778 772 4252 STUNNING 270 DEGREE VIEWS!

PH3401 1255 Seymour 2 bed 3 bath, 1360 SF City/mountain/English Bay views 2-level Yaletown penthouse 3 parking & a locker $1.438M


403 138 W 1St


Medallion Club Award Members and Top Team Royal LePage City Centre

3057 W. 7th Ave.



707 1010 Howe


1 bed 1 bath, 531 SF 9’10 ceilings, great layout Solid upgraded building Locker & parking

1 bed 1 bath, 454 SF Brand NEW HST paid Olympic Village (Wall Centre) Great ammenities $300,000

3501 833 Seymour St. 2 bed 2 bath den, 1010 SF City, water, and mountain views Premier Capitol Residences Extra-wide parking stall $799,000

3 bed 2.5 bath, 1900 SF Renovated contemporary luxury 50 ft private yard, huge patio Half duplex, 2 Parking $1.895M

213 1177 Hornby St. 1 bed 1 bath, 668 SF Completely renovated/redesigned Steps to Davie, Burrard, Granville 2 lockers, parking available

Open Sat/Sun 2 - 4 Open Sun 2 - 4 $339,000 Open Sat/Sun 2 - 4 $364,900 North Shore News Complete listing details online at Search only properties with patios online at VP NorthVertical: Shore News 1/4 Page 5.0833 x 6.9167 North Shore News 1/4 Page Vertical: 5.0833 x 6.9167 1/4 Page Vertical: 5.0833 x 6.9167 # 1 in Office Top 3 in Company

A Completely Refreshing Real Estate Experience Unlike Any Other! Please Read Our Client Testimonials at

Crest Realtor 2012

• Company Rookie of the Year 2004 • Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist • Certified Elderly Client Specialist • Hundreds of Homes Sold






183 Wollny Court, $2,188,000

• Stunning newly built 1.25 acre estate & guest house • “Castle-like home” – Perched atop an exclusive 7 lot, 1+ acre homes cul-de-sac • Forever views facing west down forested valleys • 5 min. drive to Newport Village • On the edge of “Heritage Woods” • Built 2012 - No GST! 2-5-10 New Home Warranty • Private greenbelt, 1 block to transit, schools and shopping close • 7 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 1 bedroom Nanny/Guest suite in main house • Heated driveway, Viking professional appliances - state of the art home • Whistler inspired sweeping ceilings, must see • 80 photos on my website!

BY APPOINTMENT 2438 West 8th Avenue, $1,098,000

• Like new triplex in best part of Kits! • 1 level living! 1500sf 3 beds, 3 baths • Luxury heritage conversion with rainscreen • Built 2011 offering 2-5-10 warranty • Unique design ground level suite • Viking and Fisher Paykel appliances • Stunning silver oak radiant heated floors • High ceilings and tons of light with french doors to south patio • 1 LCP double-gated parking stall and nice private patio off living room

JUST SOLD ANOTHER! 806-1277 Nelson Street

• 730+ sf two bedroom on south west corner • Lovely water and mountain views • Georgie Award-winning designer building – best in the West End! • New gym equip., re-piping building, new landscaping – well cared for by owners. • Best central location in the West End – near NElson Park! • I am the “1277 Nelson Specialist!” – sold 6 of the last 8 units! ***Call me today for more upcoming properties in 1277 Nelson!***

SOLD FULL PRICE IN 4 DAYS! 3661 Commercial Street, $618,000 • Quiet, tree-lined Commercial “Street,” not “Drive!” • 7 years young stunning Brix II 40 home gated community • 3 level 1208sf townhome, 3 beds, 2 full baths • West facing on quiet side of building • Private entrance opens to gated inner courtyard • Designer home with sleek lines and colours, light maple wood floor and granite counters, spa-like bathrooms, 2 large decks (rooftop deck) • Serene location, peaceful and sun filled home • Walk to gorgeous Trout Lake, many shops on vibrant Commercial Drive • Underground parking and elevator




3617 West 21st Avenue, $1,278,000

• Incredible price west of Dunbar! • 102’ frontage x 33’ deep laneway RS-5 lot • Sunny south-facing –great fenced yard for gardening • 2 beds up and 2-3 beds down • Easily suitable downstairs with separate entrance = rental income! • Partially renovated throughout, but needs work • Drive by property first please! • Newer roof, windows, furnace, paint, lighting • Great for downsizers not wanting strata! • Sold “as is, where is”

Top 1.5% of All Realtors in Greater Vancouver for 2012

Crest Westside Ltd.






12 Years

1483 East 20th Avenue 806-1277 Nelson Street 114-2336 Whyte Avenue, PoCo 2006-2789 Shaughnessy Avenue, PoCo 312-1655 Nelson Street 201-1277 Nelson Street 506-1277 Nelson Street 506-1720 Barclay Street 301-1250 Burnaby Street 2348 Anora Drive 2501 & 2503 Burian Drive, Coquitlam 2605-2789 Shaughnessy Avenue, PoCo 3275 Marmion Avenue PH3-1503 West 65th Avenue 1603-821 Cambie Street 302-868 Kingsway

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604-787-5568 October 10 – 16, 2013



DEXTER ASSOCIATES REALTY 604-689-8226 604-263-1144

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Francoise Robertson

Sue Johnson 604-263-1144

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Sheila Sontz

Gurdeep Stephens

Larry Traverence

Sarah Thompson 604-263-1144

$759,000 2701 – 909 MAINLAND ST

$428,000 1901 – 928 RICHARDS ST

Esther Twerdochlib

Barb Vogel

Laurel Wood

Matt Magee 604-790-6589 The Power of Two


Mike Rooney

$689,000 1313 – 1333 GEORGIA ST




Fantastic T/H in the heart of Yaletown/ Downtown with 1190 sq ft, 2 bed and den, 2 bedrooms, with 3 patios including a 130 sq ft patio facing a quiet lush courtyard. Stainless appliances, granite counters, laminate floors and more. Great space for city living.


$409,000 1403 – 1575 BEACH AVE

William Lew 604-862-1966 Live-Dream-Play

310 – 1435 NELSON ST



Enjoy Life in one of the Best Buildings in the West End. The Westport is centrally located between Robson & Davie Street. Walk to all your favorite restaurants, coffee shops & shopping stores. Stroll down to the seawall & Stanly Park. Move in condition for this extra large 1 bedroom w/ walk in closet. 2 person soaker tub, enclosed solarium for either a home office or lounge area. 1 parking stall & storage locker. You will fall in love with this suite location. Cosmo. One Bedroom and Den with city and Mountain views. Rentals Pet & rental friendly building. allowed.


VANCOUVER’S PREMIER ENGLISH BAY OCEAN FRONT LOCATION SHOWCASES A STUNNING TWO LEVEL MAGESTIC PENTHOUSE OF OVER 2,000 SQ.FT. WITH BEAUTIFUL VIEWS OF THE OCEAN, BEACHES & CITY! Completely Renovated to the Highest Standards with Custom Finishing Throughout and a Sensational Architectural Contemporary Design. Suspended Glass & Floating Wooden Staircase has Floor to Ceiling Windows, Large Gracious Rms for Entertaining, Spacious Private Terrace, Wide Plank Peruvian Walnut Flrs, Custom Kitchen with Calzalta Baglia Marble & High End Appliances, Wood Burning F/P.  Two Oversized Bedrooms & Den with Soaring Ceilings plus Stunning Ocean View Marble Spa Ensuite! A UNIQUE PRIVATE HOME IN THE SKY THAT REDEFINES THE ULTIMATE IN LUXURIOUS LIVING!

Ed Gramauskas & Reid Dewson Cell: 604-618-9727

2804-1205 W. HASTINGS ST



Unique and exclusive in Coal Harbour with great views, nice balcony, air con & 24/7 concierge. Your lovely 2 bed, 2 bath home in Cielo awaits. Live in Vancouver’s #1 waterfront neighborhood!

commercial team will answer all of your questions and will help with all your commercial needs. Whether you need office space, somewhere to set up your business or retail store, or are looking to buy an investment property we can help you. Call us at 604-689-8226 today.

1102-1720 Barclay St • $259,000

Second floor 2 bedroom corner suite in South Granville shopping district. Bright s/w exposure with huge living room, renovated kitchen, solid oak floors throughout. House size rooms in this mid century style building. Pets with permission. MLS# V1030941

Top floor 1 bdrm corner suite in concrete bldg close to Denman St. shopping. Renovated open concept floor plan. Bright, sunny open balcony off lv/rm. Maintenance fee includes heat, hot water, property tax, mgmt, caretaker, cable, o/dr pool. Parking & storage included. Sorry pets not allowed. MLS# V1015975





103-2776 Pine St • $399,000

502-1888 York Ave. • $384,000

204-1055 Harwood St • $175,000

Best price in Kits Beach area for concrete mid rise strata building! 665 sq.ft. 1 bdrm corner suite with mountain view. Hardwood floors, gas f/p with new surround, open kitchen with full size appliances, soaker tub, insuite laundry. 1 u/g parking. Pets permitted. MLS# V1014080

Great opportunity to own in the Westend in this classic “Art Deco” style bldg.. Ultra quiet location with western exposure. Classic oak flrs, renovated bathroom. Cat permitted. 3 blks to Sunset Beach. MLS# V1012901


personal real estate corporation

Bob Moore 604-506-8965

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Details & Photos of all lofts for sale in Vancouver


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Yaletown Park II. One bedroom & den with great views. Close to all amenities. Rentals allowed.

Fantastic Investment opportunity in Coal Harbour. Nicely updated with paint, new lighting and window blinds. Nice hardwood floors and great outlook located in one of Canada’s most exclusive real estate markets. Seawall is steps away aswell as world class shopping and restaurants.



LET’S MAKE A DEAL. BUY w/ confidence in a well established bldg. w/ a stellar maintenance record. Quiet, tree-lined street in most desirable pocket of the West. 1 ½ blks from the beach in one direction + restaurants, shops, transit in the other. SPACIOUS 1 bdrm (665 sq.ft) w/ 1 parking & NO RENTALS. But bring your PETS. Adult bldg. By appointment.


214 – 1355 HARWOOD ST


It doesn’t get any better than this! Custom designed, during construction, one of a kind suite with city, mountain and peek a boo water views. Luxuriously appointed throughout, with 9’ ceilings, floor to ceiling windows, slate w/granite inlaid floors. Gourmet kitchen with separate dining room. The master bedroom is truly a sanctuary with inlayed h/ w floors, fireplace, spacious walk in closet, and a decadent ensuite bath. Gas line for BBQ, full size w/d, 2 car private garage, and 2 storage lockers.


Marilou Appleby 604-318-9566


Joyce Geisler 604-551-2996


604.617.7934 RE/MAX Crest Realty (Westside) 3215 MacDonald St. EACH OFFICE INDEPENDENTLY OWNED AND OPERATED


October 10 – 16, 2013

SOLD IN 1 WEEK! 1301-499 Broughton St • $2,298,000 Unobstructed water view. 2 bedroom and den, 1739 sq.ft., a/c. 2 side by side parking and 2 storage lockers. MLS# V1005072


Rob Joyce & Sales Associate Roger Ross

West End Specialists Nobody knows the West End better! MLS Diamond Master Medallion Award 2012

West of Denman 1924 Comox #205 PETS

Top quality renovations in this Stanley Park and English Bay deluxe strata suite with 9’ ceilings, gas f/p & 727 sf. $434,900.

Patio! Patio! 1928 Nelson #104 PETS

Luxurious and beautifully renovated 1 + den, 780 sf in prime Stanley Park strata. Lavish kitchen, large private patio & quiet. $484,000.

D L SO New Listing 1995 Beach #201 SOLD 1 DAY Classic renovations. Water views. $579,900.

& er f f O

New Listing 2015 Haro #303 Heritage Postcard views to Lost Lagoon and quality upgrades at this 803 sf suite at Arniston Apts. Red oak hardwood and skylight. $429,900.

Dg L kin O s a Sver

up k c ba

1850 Comox #302 West of Denman SE corner 651 sf suite at The El Cid. Indoor pool. $234,900.



Sales Associate Roger Ross

West End Specialist Rob Joyce



1879 Barclay #203 Studio West of Denman bright heritage suite with parking. $179,900.

New Listing 1816 Haro #405 West of Denman Renovated West facing 1 bdrm + den. $329,000.



Sutton Group - West Coast Realty


W W W . L I A N A S H O W C A S E . C O M NEW LISTING PARK 360, $348,000 2005-7088 18TH AVE, BURNABY

• This 1 bdrm plus den is Cressey built with all the premium finishing including 9’ ceilings, open plan kitchen w/ SS appl., granite counters, engineered h/w floors, custom built-ins & more • Enjoy the large balcony for BBQs & gardening, the unit has terrific easterly views • Building amenities incl. fully equipped exercise room, sauna, steam room, swirl pool, lounge & recreation room w/ billiards table • Great access to transit, be downtown in minutes • Shopping is convenient with Metrotown, High Gate Mall and Big Bend strip mall on Marine Way.


• Rare & Unique Townhouse Opportunity in hot Crosstown • 2 level, private entry, one bdrm+den townhome with lower terrace & upper deck plus insuite laundry, parking & storage • Flooded with natural light, space, peace, and greenery • Accessed through a gated landscaped courtyard, enjoy the benefits of a large complex (secured parking, storage, exercise facilities & low maintenance fees) & all the tranquility & privacy of a detached home • Steps to park, shopping, cafes, grocery, skytrain, theatres, restaurents, perfection!


• Stylish, 1 bdrm penthouse at Domain with enormous sundrenched 20 ft terrace & quiet, tree-lined exposure • Privacy, views, designer inspired beauty, modern upscale finishings: cork floors, spa-like baths and tiles, 9’ ceilings, white engineered stone counters, imported Italian chrome counters, s/s appliances, insuite w/d, warranty, parking included • This is the best of South Main living!

THE OLIVE $428,800 406-3225 TUPPER ST

• Great 1 BR + den w/ gourmet kitchen w/ granite counters, quality cabinetry, KitchenAid s/s appl. • Fabulous north views & a balcony ideal for BBQs • Unit has a cozy living room with wide plank h/w flooring & fireplace • Great lifestyle unit in South Cambie steps to transit, shopping, cafes & restaurants • Pets & rentals welcome


Must see, one of a kind, custom built, Yaletown, VIEW SKYHOME @ The 501! • This luxuriously appointed urban oasis combines 2 units redesigned into a spacious 1 Bdrm plus Den • Loads of extras: Home theatre surround sound, 2 gas f/p, s/s appl., a spa-like bathroom with granite heated flrs & built in sound system, separate tiled shower & 2 person jetted jacuzzi tub. The open concept 340sf living/dining rm includes a custom millwork desk, double sided built in wall aquarium, large master with fireplace, English Bay, Marina & City VIEWS & a lg walk in closet • Outstanding building offering 24 hr concierge, 2 guest suites, indoor/outdoor pool, exercise rm, sauna, jacuzzi, 2 parking & 2 lockers!


# D1 1100 W 6TH AVE $986,000


L O S D SOL 305-2988 SPRUCE $499,900


201-66 WEST CORDOVA $310,000




RECENT SALES 2809-501 PACIFIC ST 201-66 W CORDOVA ST 901-188 KEEFER ST 4487 EPPS AVE D1-1100 W 6TH AVE 1107-2770 SOPHIA ST 808-1367 ALBERNI ST 1702-1331 ALBERNI ST 2109-788 HAMILTON ST 1401-501 PACIFIC ST 1204-1252 HORNBY ST

OPEN SUNDAY, OCT 13, 12:30-2PM



October 10 – 16, 2013


Vancouver ller’shome _ buyer’s agent specialist


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living I seller’s _ buyer’s agent specialist



cell 604.767.0959 | office 604.714.1700 | ann@annlok.com604.767.0959 Medallion Club Award Member com Medallion Club Award Member rd Member p |rresales e s a |l investments e s I a s sspecialist ignments I resales I investments presales | assignments


Sutton West Coast Realty | 301-1508 West Broadway

Over 10 years experience working for You.

901-1501 HOWE ST.

2201-1500 HOWE STREET THE DISCOVERY: $849,000

OCEAN I investm e TOWER n t s@ 888sBEACH: p e$4,567,890 cialist


2103-1438 RICHARDS STREET AZURA I: $969,000


Beautiful 1126 sqft 2 level Townhome boasts 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, large kitchen island, granite countertops, electric fireplace, outdoor patio & more. Just steps to Robson retail district, Granville street entertainment district, entertainment venues & just mins to the seawall & marine recreation. 2-5-10 warranty, Rainscreened – Completed 2008. Ultra modern, sleek & feels like a home in the city! 1 parking, Rentals & pets allowed. Great investment property too!

SUBPENTHOUSE – 270 degree views of N. Shore Mtns. as far as you can see • 3 bdrms/2bathrms, 1179sf, open & modern floorplan w/ flr to ceiling windows, only 3 years old • Oversized bedrooms, dream master bedroom w/ its own balcony, den , walk-in closet & 5pc. ensuite bath, granite countertops, S/S appliances, laminate flooring throughout, 100sqft+ outdoor balcony for bbqs w/ views, NE corner unit with sweeping views • Location Location Location – steps to Canada Line to YVR, downtown, across from Lansdowne Mall (new Target store), Kwantlen University & more • Guest suite, clubhouse, media rm.

THE MARK: $399,900

CONCORDIA II: $659,000

OPEN SAT. & SUN. OCT. 5 & 6, 2-4PM

al harbour I downtown 9E-139 DRAKE ST. 2707-1372 SEYMOUR STREET “Assignment” - Water & park views! Yaletown’s most exciting new luxury highrise, The Mark - Redefining elegance, cosmopolitan & luxury • Gold LEED certified, sophisticated interiors & 10,000 sqft Wellness Centre • Steps to waterfront parks, seawall, marinas, Urban Fare, seaside restaurants & central to downtown’s best entertainment & shopping districts • 460 sqft 1 bdrm exquisite finishings: granite & quartz countertops, wide-plank hrdwd, A/C, Nuheat elec. flrs in bathrm, softclose oak flat panel cabs., rollerblinds, S/S appl., gas stove, balcony, 1 prkg, 1 lckr & more • Rooftop O/D hottub & pool, gym, guest suite, media rm, clubhouse, yoga, boardrms & more • Move in November 2013!!


Sherree Mitchell 604.240.0762 Frank Zomar 604.377.5728




RARELY ON THE MARKET • Affordable 2 bdrms + 2 bath in the waterfront master planned Marinaside neighborhood • Everything at your doorstep: Urban Fare, seawall, Roundhouse Centre, Yaletown & marinas • NE Corner 787 sqft 2bdrm + 2 full baths w/ ensuite in master, beautiful views of marina from living /dining, overlooking lagoon & city views too • Fabulous floorplan, new stainless gas stove, granite countertops, marble in bathrooms, full 4pc. guest bathroom, large insuite storage, hardwood flrs throughout, balcony for bbq’s, 1 prkg, excellent condition! • 24/7 concierge, I/D pool, hot tub, sauna, lagoon, club house, theatre, gym & more • Don’t miss this one!

TuRkey DInneR with all the trimmings. Sought after West of Denman location steps to Stanley Park, Lost Lagoon, Coal Harbour, seawall, shops and services. Massive 1140 sf second level corner suite features grand piano size living/dining area with mahogany inlaid oak floors and bedrooms twice the size of modern buildings. This 40’s charmer has been meticulously maintained and is in tip top mechanical condition so you can enjoy comfort and value in a special neighbourhood where most only dream to visit! No balcony, but lovely common roof top deck for sun, bbqs and gardening. Great storage and various parking options. Too many features to list. Check this one out and talk turkey! $479,000


611-1500 HORNBY STREET 888 BEACH TOWERS: $438,000


Waterfront seawall & marina location – a private peaceful seaside enclave of downtown • Steps to Aquabus to Granville Island Market, miles of seawall, 1st class restaurants & miles of beaches • SW corner with views of False Creek & Granville Island sprawling 771 sqft 1 bdrm recent renos & in MINT CONDITION – show suite quality • Gas f/p, granite counters, S/S appl, front loading W/D, marble tiled entrance, new light fixtures & paint thruout, beautiful floorplan w/ generous rooms for king size bed and house sized furniture • Ultimate quiet and tranquil home • British inspired gardens, 24/7 concierge, I/D pool & gym • 1 prkg & storage • James Cheng Award winning design & solid concrete construction.

5487 West Boulevard, Vancouver

ThanksgIvIng sPeCIal Top floor end unit with spectacular outlook over all the fall colours of westerly treed inner garden courtyard, sun and sunsets, some mountains. Suite is smart no waste space floorplan accommodating full living room and dining furniture and bedroom with walk in closet easily takes queen size bedroom suite. Square kitchen with passthrough great for urban chefs and entertaining. Generous storage, underground parking & bike room included while insuite laundry can be installed with permission. Only one common wall, large covered balcony and big picture window overlooking peaceful open vistas. Super convenient central West End. Pet and rental friendly. $339,800


Beautiful floorplan N, E & S corner 1079sf 2 bdrm + 2bath + real den • Across the street from Elsie Roy Elementary, seawall, David Lam Park, Roundhouse Comm. Centre, Urban Fare, Canada Line & Yaletown • Generous rooms, master fits king bed, granite counters, window in kitchen, marble in bathrooms, H/W flrs & new carpet in bdrms, views of False Creek, city & courtyard, Iarge insuite storage, excellent for entertaining w/ spacious living/dining, den w/ windows. Solid building, best managed in Yaletown w/ onsite Mgr. I/D pool, hot tub, gym, bike room.

Highly sought after – Pomaria, sleek European design by Robert Ledingham and developed by Qualek Landmark • Ultra modern high end luxury with open floorplan for the most discerning buyer, 703 sqft, 1 bdrm + den (windows) featuring high ceilings, Bosch Stainless Steel appliances w/ gas stove, black granite countertops, insuite storage (pantry), corner NE city views, balcony for bbq’s, 1 locker & prkg • Steps to seawall, Granville Island market aquabus, tranquil marine culture, marinas and parks • Geothermal heating / cooling (Air conditioning) • Guest suite, gym, concierge • Don’t miss this one!

of unobstructed water, park & as far as you can see in a luxury waterfront Masterplanned community • Steps to the seawall, million $ parks, Granville Island aquabus, seaside restaurants & marinas • SW Corner 1138 sqft 2bdrm+2bath+real den • Features hardwood flrs throughout, S/S appliances, gas stove, granite countertops, flr-ceiling windows, lots of natural light and views from every room! • TWO PARKING STALLS & storage locker • Mint condition and show suite quality • Resort amenities: Club Viva pool, hottub, concierge, squash courts, theatre, gym, guest suite & more.

SUB P/H: 1603-189 DAVIE ST. AQUARIUS III: $608,000


802-1455 HOWE STREET POMARIA: $509,000


Born and raised in Vancouver – let our local knowledge move you.

false creek north I yaletown I coalSpectacular harbour I downtown 180 degree views



604‐638‐1041 |

Sherree Mitchell & Frank Zomar

Sprawling 1311sf NW corner 2 bdrm + 2bath in a waterfront seaside highly desirable location • Right on seawall, aquabus to Granville Island, mins. to beaches & parks • Generous rooms thruout, perfect for entertaining & house size furniture! • Reno’d kitchen w/ new S/S Fisher Paykel, Miele & Bosch appliances, lovely kitchen island & windows in kitch., h/w flrs, gas f/p, king size bdrms, Master has 5pc. bath w/ sep. shower, jetted tub & W/I closet • Outdoor covered balcony for bbqs, real laundry room, 2 parking & storage locker • This is a jewel in the sky. Clubhouse, guest suite, sauna, hottub & gym • Exterior paint & sealant completed 2011.

Unrivaled splendor. Vancouver’s premiere waterfront residences combining two suites and conceived over 2 years of design & construction • 270 degree views flr-ceiling views of marinas, False Crk, Granville Island & cityscapes • House size 3255 sqft complimented by a 360 degree elliptical flrplan centered around a glass wine room, 4 bdrms, 4 bathrms, 5 parking & 2 storage lckrs • Featuring: 12 piece Miele & Thermador S/S appliances, Capolavaro granite, Zebrano book-matched cabinetry, 2 home theatre systems, surround audio thruout, marble & onyx flooring thruout, T5 wired, video security system, Lutron one touch light & shades control, all rooms are a unique design & statement, Swarovski chandeliers, 6 piece master bath with 273 spray & steam shower, air jet tub, his/hers sinks; W/I closet, a ‘pink mosaic Bisazza’ bathroom, family room, great room, formal & informal dining areas, formal living room, dual entry, two balconies, two gas f/p, nanny quarters & much more • Simply spectacular!



Have you addressed your Depreciation Report requirements yet? The December deadline is quickly approaching! Contact NLD Consulting for a no obligation proposal today!



2916 E. 41ST AVENUE $729,000



2301-969 RICHARDS STREET $399,000

West End Neighbours

Spend some time giving thanks for your community and neighbours. Learn what is really going on so you can be informed and discuss the real issues with your friends and speak up for the future of all. Learn the difference between real life and political spin and what really impacts daily life. Much info at

TALK TO LIZ CARNEY 604 685-5951/603-3095

803-2968 GLEN DRIVE $388,000

5999 OAK STREET $1,018,000 • Century 21 In Town Realty • 421 Pacific • 1030 Denman


In Town Realty

false creek north | yaletown | coal harbour | downtown



WAT E R F R O N T B Y S TA N L E Y PA R K . FT Q. S 46 12









SO • West End bachelor w/sep sleep area • Leasehold to 2073 Rent for $900 • Green outlook over park & gardens • Steps to Bay, shops & Davie Village • Live in/Rent out. Balc+indoor pool. NP



-5 T3 A S

• Fully furnished 625 sq. ft. designer apt • Rent for $2000+per month no restriction • New bath, vanity, sink, rainforest shower • Lacquer kitch, Caesarstone, stainless steel • Close to Davie Village & Sunset Beach

• Best deal on freehold West End 1 BR • 710 sq ft w/ windows on 3 sides • Original oak floors & pink Lucy bath • Huge LR, sep Dining area–begs for reno • Concrete Mid Century Modern Co-op




-4 • Rare SW corner oceanfront 1 block to Park • Grand 30’ living/dining room for entertaining • 2 BR 2 bath1246 sf Beach Townhouse Apts. • New kitchen w/stainless steel appls, granite counters T2 A S • Lovely view corridors to English Bay & Kits • 2 king-size BR, formal entry, tons of closets • House like feel right on the water. • 1 secured indoor parking, large private storage • New engineered oak HW floors, new baths • Jaw dropping common rooftop deck & BBQ area

1949 BEACH




• First time ever on open market • 1000 sq ft sunny 2 BR 2 Bath • Dazzling city lights & Beach in your view • 2 large decks for BBQ & sunset martinis • Complete reno incl gourmet granite & wood kitchen • 10’ vaulted celings, gas FP in living room • Loft style open plan 1 BR + sundrenched balcony • Small pet, 2 PARKING, storage • Commercial glass doors thruout, spa bath

1251 CARDERO $189,000 1250 BURNABY $320,000 1315 CARDERO $239,900 1208 BIDWELL $569,900 2055 PENDRELL


• HW floors, granite bar facing sandy Bay Beach • Granite FP, custom lighting, max storage • Adjacent to Stanley Park, pool, common roofdeck • Seawall, Beach, golf, tennis courts at your door



BC pioneers residential care for eating disorders By Kelsey Klassen


ou wouldn’t expect laughter in the living room of a family affected by eating disorder, yet it’s bouncing loudly off the pale walls. Sisters and roommates Melissa, 23 and Amy Quinn, 27, are seated next to each other — one on a stool, the other on the window seat of their Burnaby basement suite. They blush when it becomes apparent how loud their parents, Gerry and Nicky, have to speak to be heard from where they are seated, on a couch far across the room. Everyone laughs as they apologize, and then the story of Melissa’s survival begins. A “go-getter” from birth, Melissa excelled at sport. By grade eight, soccer had emerged victorious, leaving dance and figure skating in a spangly heap. Her family was a busy 21st century paradigm: Amy had a job and Melissa played soccer at night. Dad worked in construction and mom as an office manager. Dinners couldn’t always be eaten together; the sisters weren’t overly close. So when Melissa graduated in 2008 and moved to Victoria to play varsity soccer, the family vowed to make an effort to better keep in touch. But constant contact didn’t prepare them for a first semester phone call from Melissa’s coach, saying their daughter couldn’t play soccer any more. Her eating disorder had taken that away from her. Melissa was in full denial, but on her last day as a University of Victoria Vike — the day she was officially deemed too weak to play — she had eaten the equivalent of half a piece of fruit, some celery sticks and a spoonful of tuna. For the team coach, it wasn’t the first time she had been forced to make that phone call. For Melissa’s parents, the suspicions were all but confirmed when their formerly fit 18-year-old daughter came home in November, gaunt and 30 lbs lighter. Just beginning to grapple with a disease that had been secretly seducing their daughter since she was 14, the family was set adrift in a sea of best practices: Privacy was a forgotten privilege as someone stood by the open door each time Melissa went to the bathroom; every dinner was taken together; they went for nightly walks to distract her from her obsession. Yet her condition rapidly worsened. She would find ways to be sneaky and manipulative, and believed everybody was trying to make her fat. By May, Melissa was dying. After months of electrocardiograms, blood work and waiting for her to be medically “sick enough”, her doctor advised them to rush her to the hospital. Melissa wanted to go to her dentist appointment and go home. Her heart rate was 22 beats per minute; her parents were terrified. In the hospital waiting room, two ambulance drivers and two nurses with a crash cart never took their eyes off her. Melissa’s organs, memory and speech were failing. Gerry took two months off work so he and his wife could spend shifts with Melissa through that first hospitalization. They were quickly becoming experts on the disease insiders nickname Ed. Melissa was in Langley Memorial for a month, St. Paul’s for eight, Vista House for another four, and then she attempted to go back to school. It wasn’t long before she relapsed, however, and found herself in a Victoria psych ward for seven months, under the care of Dr. Cliff Duncalf. “I was so anxious to go back to school that I did everything in a rush,” Melissa says, somberly. “I thought [the eating disorder] was just slowing me down; I was ticked about it. Until I saw Dr. Duncalf and realized that this was my life.” Eventually, she was given a choice: back to St. Paul’s, or off to Woodstone, a new residential treatment facility — the first of its kind in Canada. She didn’t want to return to St. Paul’s. While it had saved her life once, she had seen people there for their third and fourth times and it scared her. She couldn’t picture it being any different for her. And her parents were skeptical — every time Melissa had been far from home, she had got-

ten worse. But they had seen progress under Dr. Duncalf, and trusted his advice. So they placed all their faith in a facility that hadn’t even opened yet and Melissa became one of the first 10 patients to check into the Looking Glass Foundation’s tranquil Woodstone retreat. “Our mantra was, ‘Would you leave your child here?’” says Looking Glass Foundation president and co-founder Deborah Grimm. Grimm and two others, whose daughters had eating disorders, had all sent their children out of country for treatment. At an expense of $1,200 to $2,000 a day, some even had to mortgage their homes to do so. They came together to create a level of service that didn’t previously exist in Canada, and formed the Looking Glass Foundation in 2002. It began with summer camps and support groups, and in 2010, grew through fundraising to include medically supervised, round-the-clock residential care. “We finally found a beautiful property on Galiano Island, which had formerly been an inn. We had raised enough money that we were able, with assistance, to buy it. All the way along we were trying to have a conversation with the government. Eventually, a relationship was created and the light bulb went on. Everybody could see that this was a win-win. We started with 10 publicly funded beds with the knowledge that there would be 10 outof-province and other funded beds down the road. We’re in the process of expanding our services.” Care at Woodstone focuses on young people, ages 17-24, who suffer from anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, or eating disorders otherwise unspecified, and centers specifically on early intervention. “Eating disorders have the highest rate of death of all mental illness,” Grimm cautions. “We’re a hand to hold in the moment you’re trying to find your way.” Having completed the program in September of 2011, Melissa is now two years recovered. While the competitive environment of university-level soccer is what propelled her disorder into overdrive (“your push ups are numbered, your sit ups are numbered, and your timing is known to everyone”), it began slowly and insidiously, years earlier, around body image issues, fad diets, graduation. Melissa turns to Amy and admits for the first time that it was also partially wanting to be like her “beautiful, skinny” older sister. The triggers are personal and, in some cases, chemical, the disorder rooted not in aversion to food, but rather serving as a quick fix for an understocked emotional toolbox. “I know I can be anorexic and I know where that gets me and not being like that is still really scary. As much as I’ve been out of treatment, it’s still hard, the thought of being completely... normal?” She avoids mirrors and goes to therapy twice a month (sometimes once a week when she starts feeling the call of Ed), but she’s working at a restaurant part-time — something she never thought she’d be confident enough to do again — and studying business at SFU. And she’s gone back to Woodstone a number of times to speak at the house. “I’m so passionate about it because I never had that. Being in St. Paul’s and seeing the people who were there again and again… You never see the people who get out. That’s why I felt so negative about it a lot of the time — it was either you’re in the hospital or you’re dead. No one lives with an eating disorder, right? [But] you can get better and live a normal life. It’s not rainbows and butterflies, but it’s possible.” Resources: • More information on eating disorders can be found through the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA), National Eating Disorder Information Centre (NEDIC) and National Initiative for Eating Disorders (NIED). • Local support programs include Looking Glass, Jessie’s Legacy, Kelty Resource Centre and Project True.

health & wellness

Melissa Quinn, here with her sister Amy, began suffering from disordered eating at the age of 14. At age 18, she nearly died. She speaks about her journey and how the Looking Glass Foundation helped save her life. Rob Newell photo

Live Comfortably... No matter what’s out there.

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178, 21300 GORDON WAY, RICHMOND | 604.270.1488 | GIENOW.COM October 10 – 16, 2013


seniors not problems


MOVING? Madden Solutions family owned and operated movers would like to take the opportunity to thank our many senior clients and their families that we have been able to assist with their transitions over the last years. We will continue to provide specialist and experienced support in that process for years to come and work with you to make the transition as stress-free and smooth as possible.

We welcome any new clients and please mention this ad when you wish to make a booking.

• moving • labour • storage• 604.831.7548 “I’d put down a dish of cauliflower and say, ‘Try this. You eat this food, you’ll never see a doctor again,’” says Nuba owner Victor Bouzide. Rob Newell photo

To good health and hummus By Martha Perkins


t wasn’t so much of an epiphany as a directive from his family: instead of selling food that he thought other people wanted to eat, Victor Bouzide should sell the food he loved to eat. He sold his pizza chain and opened La Mishwi, using his mother’s Lebanese recipes. But not many people in his hometown of Windsor, Ontario, wanted to have mjadra, baba ghoonij and lamb hushwie for lunch. The university professors who came to the cafe told him that if he took the concept to Vancouver, it would be a winner. And so, at 61, he convinced his wife Carol to



move across the country. With more optimism than cash, he started a company called Sans Souci (“without a worry” in French) and sold homemade hummus to grocery stores. To build the brand, however, he knew he needed to introduce people to the chick pea dip that is now so ubiquitous it’s hard to imagine a time when it wasn’t every host’s go-to offering. In January 2003, he opened a little 15-seat space on Hastings at Hamilton. (Part of the reason why he chose the name Nuba, which has Arabic roots, is that the Lebanese war was raging and he didn’t want a Lebanese name. Besides, it was easier to have just four letters to paint on the sign.) Continued next page

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seniors Back then, the neighbourhood was a long way from where it is today in terms of popularity. Everyone who came in just wanted chicken. Chicken, chicken, chicken. He needed to convince people to venture further afield in their culinary journey. “I’d put down a dish of cauliflower and say, ‘Try this. You eat this food, you’ll never see a doctor again.’” Today, as the co-owner of four Nuba restaurants, Bouzide goes through 15 to 20 cases of cauliflower a day. Gently spiced and quickly deep-fried, drizzle the cauliflower with lemon or dip it in baba ghoonij and you have one of the most popular dishes on the menu, Najib’s Special, named after his father. That little space on Hastings? It’s now La Taqueria and Nuba is downstairs at Hastings and Cambie, where on a recent Friday night, the tables turned over five times each. There’s still a hole-in-the-wall Nuba, but it’s on Seymour. The bustling Nuba at 3rd and Main is also the site of the 5,700-sq.ft. commissary kitchen, which prepares much of the food that is delivered to the restaurants in the morning. (Bouzide boasts that there are three things you’ll never find in a Nuba kitchen: a can opener, since everything’s made from scratch, a microwave, or an aluminum pot.) The newest location, the multi-storied Broadway restaurant with its light-filled, Mediterraneaninspired decor, just added Sunday brunch concerts with three Vancouver Symphony Orchestra musicians. Bouzide and his business partner, Ernesto Gomez, who joined him in 2007 before moving Nuba to the bottom of Cambie, are working on a cookbook. Bouzide’s work ethic was both born out of circumstance and embedded in his genes. His family’s story is one of survival, from the ancestors who lived in the mountains of what is now Lebanon and found creative ways to cook with chick peas and fava beans, to his own childhood during the Depression. As a child, his mother’s mother left Lebanon in 1893 and moved to Cuba. Her parents died in the bubonic plague that hit the country and, orphaned, she moved to Mexico to live with a

relative, which is why you’ll find Mexican influences in some of Nuba’s dishes. She made her way to Chicago, where she cooked Lebanese food at the World’s Fair, before returning to Lebanon. Once again, however, she had to flee religious conflict — they were Christians at a time when the region was under the control of the Ottoman Empire, which was Muslim. Her daughter, Victor’s mother, was born in Cape Town, South Africa. Victor’s father was born into a Christian family in Lebanon and was taken prisoner by soldiers during one of the many conflicts. He escaped in 1911 and eventually made his way to America. He met his wife at a Catholic shrine in Ohio and they ended up in Windsor. “It’s bizarre but it’s reality,” Bouzide says of the complex maze that is his family’s history. Victor was born in 1936, the middle child of seven. They were tough years, not only for immigrants. Even when they were in public school, the children were expected to work. Their father woke up at four every morning and drove to surrounding farms to pick up fruits and vegetables. He’d bring them home and when the kids came home from lunch, he’d nap while they unloaded the truck. Needing to help his family, Victor never went to high school. He sold pizza at the first restaurant he ever owned but didn’t like eating there; he’d go home to his mother’s instead. Bouzide’s father “retired when they put him in the ground”. He was 100. It can therefore be expected that Bouzide, who’s still out at six every morning to buy the freshest produce, will be at it for a few more years. They have 115 staff members, most of whom were customers at Nuba before they worked there. Bouzide’s made it his mission to educate people about the health benefits of Lebanese cuisine, turning local school kids on to eating cauliflower and working with the St. Paul’s Hospital heart health program to encourage heart-healthy menu choices. “In 300 years,” he says, “Burger King will be long gone but this [Nuba cuisine] will be here, just like it was here 300 years ago.”

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Changing the lightbulb By Gen Handley


details under wraps”) — wants applicants to be confident about their ideas, despite what age they may be. “I really want to inspire kids to be beyond what people often think young people should be,” she says emphatically. “They should realize that at 16, 18, 20, or 25, they have the power to start a viable business or a viable charity organization that can change people’s lives and the community and the world. We’re looking for awesome creative ideas that could be great businesses or great non-profit endeavors.” Cruikshank admits she’ll be keeping a special eye on Vancouver applications. “I’m a very tough critic and I’m not supposed to be biased towards Vancouverites, but you guys have a soft spot in my heart.”

had a lot of different ideas growing up. Some good, like my design for a four-person version of a GT Snow Racer (right?). And some not so good, like the two-week enterprise with my buddy Brent to sell discarded chicken feet from his family farm to school classmates — you could move the toes by pulling on the exposed tendons, appearing like they were waving (but they also started to smell after sitting in a desk for five days). Whether they were questionably great or charmingly silly, the only place to display my ideas was on the fridge door. There was no place to send them. A project called Start Something with Alesse is on a mission to find those ideas. Named after the Alesse birth control pill (Pfizer Canada is the major To enter an idea, go to sponsor), it’s a nation-wide contest for business not-for-profit project proposals; the prize is methingwithalesse. $5,000 and a mentorship to get the ball rolling. The deadline is To help pick the 10 best ideas, Start Something Oct. 31. with Alesse recruited Vancouver-native, actress and former MTV host (The Hills: Live After Show, anyone?) Jessi Cruikshank and singer and entrepreneur Caroline Neron as the judges for the competition. “When I was growing up in Vancouver, I had all of these ideas, as so many young Canadians do, about ways I wanted to change the planet or my school,” says Cruikshank, who attended Point Grey Secondary with Seth Rogen where she was the only female member of his comedy troupe, in a telephone interview from her home in West Hollywood. “I never knew how to make them a reality. I had all of these dreams and I didn’t know where to start.” One of these ideas was a campaign to help clean up her elementary school in Point Grey. “It’s kind embarrassing,” she says with a giggle, “but I remember making all these signs to promote it and ended up throwing them out in the end, which is not good for the environment at all.” Cruikshank — who is working with Former MTV host Jessi Cruikshank is one of the Rogen’s appropriately titled Point Grey judges of Start Something, a contest for good ideas. Pictures on a new TV project (“It’s still Ricky Middlesworth photo in development so we have to keep the

VIFF: The best film you’ve never seen Author Robert K Elder asked 35 filmmakers to champion a movie that they love, but which had either been overlooked or reviled by critics and audiences. The result, ’The Best Film You’ve Never Seen’, is fascinating both for what it reveals about the directors he talked to — they include Richard Linklater (Same Came Running), Danny Boyle (Eureka) — and for their insights into some seriously neglected films. Case in point: Frank Perry’s The Swimmer, based on a short story by John Cheever, starring Burt Lancaster as a man who decides to swim his way home across Connecticut, one backyard swimming pool at a time. Elder will be on hand to introduce The Swimmer and talk about his book. Screens Oct. 12; 8pm at Vancity Theatre.

culture Squamish up for best of the fests The 2013 Squamish Valley Music Festival has been nominated for “Best Overseas Festival” at this year’s UK Festival Awards. Public voting for the awards is on now until Nov. 1 at Every voter will be entered to win a “Dream Summer”, which includes a pair of tickets to every winning festival at this year’s awards. Other nominees include world renowned festivals Lollapalooza (USA), Roskilde Festival (Denmark), and Montreaux Jazz Festival (Switzerland). The 2013 Squamish Valley Music Festival, which ran August 8-10 in the shadow of the majestic Stawamus Chief monolith, celebrated its most successful year to date with performances by Queens of the Stone Age, Vampire Weekend, Macklemore with Ryan Lewis and more.

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Captain Phillips a masterful thriller CAPTAIN PHILLIPS Starring Tom Hanks, Barkhad Abdi Directed by Paul Greengrass High tension on the high seas prevails in the gripping true tale of Captain Phillips. Director Paul Greengrass (United 93, The Bourne Ultimatum) brings his sometimes frantic docudrama approach to the story of the 2009 hijacking of the U.S. container ship Maersk Alabama by a crew of Somali pirates. Academy Award-winner Tom Hanks tackles the title role, displaying his best work in years, and will surely receive another Oscar nomination for his emotionally complex and beautifully nuanced performance of the reluctant hero. Greengrass excels at drawing the audience into every single scene, no matter how seemingly mundane at the start of the film, and once the renegade pirates appear as tiny blips on the

Alabama’s radar the filmmaker never releases his relentless grip. The brilliance in the presentation of the antagonists is coupled with the story’s mission to convey them as more than clichéd, one-dimensional characters, and the jaw-dropping authenticity in which they are portrayed. Few films capture the pulsating immediacy of a plot as well as Captain Phillips; when Hanks is finally taken hostage inside a cramped lifeboat with four pirates pointing guns at him the sights and smells of the ordeal are palpable. Thor However, the most powerful scene Diakow in the entire movie is a quiet moment between Phillips and a medic in the film’s final minutes. It is an exchange wrought with suppressed emotion that has no place left to go but burst forth and Hanks displays his finest acting to date while barely uttering a word.

Applause for BC filmmakers By Sabrina Furminger


fter a year of bumps and bruises, the BC film community took a moment to celebrate its shining stars. A capacity crowd of filmmakers, actors, funders and cinephiles gathered in the Vancouver Playhouse on Oct. 5 for the inaugural presentation of two cash awards geared towards the province’s top moviemakers: $7,500 for Best Emerging Filmmaker and $10,000 for Best BC Film. Director Matthew Kowalchuk took home the Emerging Filmmaker prize for his first feature film, Lawrence & Holloman, while The Dick Knost Show won the award for Best BC Film (actor Tom Scholte accepted the award on behalf of director Bruce Sweeney). The awards were handed out as part of the Vancouver International Film Festival’s Spotlight on BC, which sought to bolster the province’s filmmakers in the wake of the widely reported industry slowdown. The ceremony was followed by a screening of Down River. The drama has close ties to the Vancouver film, TV and theatre communities, inspired as it was by the passing of legendary actress Babz Chula. “The hometown love is the best kind,” Down River director Ben Ratner told the crowd before the screening. VIFF continues until Oct. 11.

Director Matthew Kowalchuk (above) and The Dick Knost Show star Tom Scholte accepted awards at the Spotlight on BC ceremony on Oct. 5. Sabrina Furminger photos

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6 12 |



1 Director of stores John Andromidas, second from left, and staff welcomed shoppers to the grand opening of the newly renovated Brick on South Granville on Oct. 3. 2 Chef Brett Turner and owner Bill Kerasiotis at the Oct. 3 launch party of Blueprint’s latest venue Bismarck in Crosstown. 3 On Oct. 2, the Museum of Vancouver handed out City Shaper Awards to architect and city planner Ray Spaxman, Vancity CEO Tamara Vrooman, and Mountain Equipment Co-Op (represented by Chris McNeill) at its annual Legacy Dinner. 4 Lucky Peach art director Walter Green and editor-in-chief Chris Ying with Jay Jones of the soon-to-be-open Blackbird Public House at the magazine’s gender issue launch Oct. 3. 5 City librarian Sandra Singh, event co-chair Susan Knott, and development director Jenny Marsh at the Vancouver Public Library’s TOUCH gala on Oct. 4. 6 Vancouver International Improv Festival performers Kirsten Rasmussen, Daniel Maslany, Matt Folliott, and Lucy Hill. The fest ran Sept. 23-28 on Granville Island. 7 Oliver Hockenhull, director of From Neurons to Nirvana: The Great Medicines, and wife Paulina Nelega on VIFF’s Spotlight on BC red carpet on Oct. 5. 8 Vancouver Magazine’s Deanna Bartolomeu and Jenny Murphy at Cavalier Fine Jewellery’s media launch Oct. 3 in Gastown. Erin Cebula, Global BC

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am Dorteter y L

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Thursday, October 10, 2013 WE Vancouver

Free Will Astrology by Rob Brezsny r8FFLPG0DUPCFS

ARIES (MARCH 21-APRIL 19): Sometimes you quit games too early, Aries. You run away and dive into a new amusement before you have gotten all the benefits you can out of the old amusement. But I don’t think that will be your problem in the coming days. You seem more committed than usual to the ongoing process. You’re not going to bolt. That’s a good thing. This process is worth your devotion. But I also believe that right now you may need to say no to a small part of it. You’ve got to be clear that there’s something about it you don’t like and want to change. If you fail to deal with this doubt now, you might suddenly quit and run away somewhere down the line. Be proactive now and you won’t be rash later. TAURUS (APRIL 20-MAY 20): Jugaad is a Hindi-Urdu word that can be translated as “frugal innovation.” People in India and Pakistan use it a lot. It’s the art of coming up with a creative workaround to a problem despite having to deal with logistical and financial barriers. Masters of jugaad call on ingenuity and improvisation to make up for sparse resources. I see this as your specialty right now, Taurus. Although you may not have abundant access to VIPs and filthy riches, you’ve nevertheless got the resourcefulness necessary to come up with novel solutions. What you produce may even turn out better than if you’d had more assets to draw on. GEMINI (MAY 21-JUNE 20): In accordance with your current astrological omens, I authorize you to be like a bird in the coming week — specifically, like a bird as described by the zoologist Norman J. Berrill: “To be a bird is to be more intensely alive than any other living creature. Birds have hotter blood, brighter colors, stronger emotions. They live in a world that is always present, mostly full of joy.” Take total advantage



of the soaring grace period ahead of you, Gemini. Sing, chirp, hop around, swoop, glide, love the wind, see great vistas, travel everywhere, be attracted to hundreds of beautiful things, and do everything. CANCER (JUNE 21-JULY 22): “The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired,” wrote Nikos Kazantzakis in his book Report to Greco. I’m hoping that when you read that statement, Cancerian, you will feel a jolt of melancholy. I’m hoping you will get a vision of an exciting experience that you have always wanted but have not yet managed to bring into your life. Maybe this provocation will goad you into finally conjuring up the more intense desire you would need to actually make your dream come true. LEO (JULY 23-AUG. 22): “It is truly strange how long it takes to get to know oneself,” wrote the prominent 20th-century philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein. “I am now 62 years old, yet just one moment ago I realized that I love lightly toasted bread and loath bread when it is heavily toasted. For over 60 years, and quite unconsciously, I have been experiencing inner joy or total despair at my relationship with grilled bread.” Your assignment, Leo, is to engage in an intense phase of self-discovery like Wittgenstein’s. It’s time for you to become fully conscious of all the small likes and dislikes that together shape your identity. VIRGO (AUG. 23-SEPT. 22): “I’d rather be in the mountains thinking of God than in church thinking about the mountains,” said the naturalist John Muir. Let that serve as your inspiration, Virgo. These days, you need to be at the heart of the hot action, not floating in a cloud of abstract thoughts. The dream has to be fully embodied and vividly unfolding all around you, not exiled to wistful fantasies that flit through your mind’s eye when you’re lonely or tired or trying too hard. The only version of God that’s meaningful to you right now is the one that feeds your lust for life in the here and now.



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LIBRA (SEPT. 23-OCT. 22): The advice I’m about to dispense may have never before been given to Libras in the history of horoscopes. It might also be at odds with the elegance and decorum you like to express. Nevertheless, I am convinced that it is the proper counsel. I believe it will help you make the most out of the highly original impulses that are erupting and flowing through you right now. It will inspire you to generate a mess of fertile chaos that will lead to invigorating long-term innovations. Ready? The message comes from Do the Work, a book by Steven Pressfield: “Stay primitive. The creative act is primitive. Its principles are of birth and genesis.” SCORPIO (OCT. 23-NOV. 21): Two years ago a British man named Sean Murphy decided he had suffered enough from the painful wart on his middle finger. So he drank a few beers to steel his nerves, and tried to blast the offending blemish off with a gun. The operation was a success in the sense that he got rid of the wart. It was less than a total victory, though, because he also annihilated most of his finger. May I suggest that you not follow Murphy’s lead, Scorpio? Now is a good time to part ways with a hurtful burden, but I’m sure you can do it without causing a lot of collateral damage. SAGITTARIUS (NOV. 22-DEC. 21): Grace has been trickling into your life lately, but I suspect that it may soon start to flood. A spate of interesting coincidences seems imminent. There’s a good chance that an abundance of tricky luck will provide you with the leverage and audacity you need to pull off minor miracles. How much slack is available to you? Probably as much as you want. So ask for it! Given all these blessings, you are in an excellent position to expunge any cynical attitudes or jaded theories you may have been harboring. For now at least, it’s realistic to be optimistic. CAPRICORN (DEC. 22-JAN. 19): Capricorn innovator Jeff Bezos built from the ground up. He now owns The

Washington Post, one of America’s leading newspapers. It’s safe to say he might have something to teach us about translating big dreams into practical realities. “We are stubborn on vision,” he says about his team. “We are flexible in details.” In other words, he knows exactly what he wants to create, but is willing to change his mind and be adaptable as he carries out the specific work that fulfills his goals. That’s excellent advice for you, Capricorn, as you enter the next phase of implementing your master plan. AQUARIUS (JAN. 20-FEB. 18): Here’s the horoscope I would like to be able to write for you by the first week of December: “Congratulations, Aquarius! Your quest for freedom has begun to bear tangible results. You have escaped a habit that had subtly undermined you for a long time. You are less enslaved to the limiting expectations that people push on you. Even your monkey mind has eased up on its chatter and your inner critic has at least partially stopped berating you. And the result of all this good work? You are as close as you have ever come to living your own life — as opposed to the life that other people think you should live.” PISCES (FEB. 19-MARCH 20): “It’s an unbearable thought that roses were not invented by me,” wrote Russian poet Vladimir Mayakovsky. You’re not as egotistical as Mayakovsky, Pisces, so I doubt you’ve ever had a similar “unbearable thought.” And it is due in part to your lack of rampaging egotism that I predict you will invent something almost as good as roses in the coming weeks. It may also be almost as good as salt and amber and mist and moss; almost as good as kisses and dusk and honey and singing. Your ability to conjure up long-lasting beauty will be at a peak. Your creative powers will synergize with your aptitude for love to bring a new marvel into the world.

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B.C. Cert. Business teacher with strong skills in accounting, entrepreneurship & economics required for Abbotsford private school. Exp. in P.E. an asset. Apply to

INTERIOR HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR SCHOOL. NO Simulators. In-the-seat training. Real world tasks. Weekly start dates. Job board! Funding options. SIGN UP ONLINE! 1-866-399-3853

Designer For The Web The designer will be proficient in conceiving and creating digital advertising and site design from a user perspective. The successful candidate will effectively schedule and manage requests to meet high-productivity objectives. They will also have a willingness to learn new systems and software. Main Duties: 1. Create digital advertisements and complete website design production to deadline. 2. Assist advertising sales and editorial personnel on digital sections & promotional materials. 3. Work w/ senior sales personnel on client & promotional materials. 4. Provide CMS support & design services on a project basis. 5. Respond and resolve helpdesk requests as directed by management. 6. Provide strategic input on new products and content channels. Required Expertise: • Ability to navigate content management systems such as WordPress, Limelight, or others • Proficiency in HTML, HTML5, CSS, and JQuery if possible • Facebook developer or Bootstrap knowledge or development • CS6 and strong design skills in Photoshop and Illustrator • (Flash, After Effects, InDesign, Final Cut Pro, are added bonuses) Work portfolio and references will be requested of the final candidates. This salaried position is based in Surrey. Hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30am - 5:00 pm. Full pkg. of competitive benefits are included. Competition closes October 15, 2014. Please submit your resume to with the subject heading: Designer For The Web



Power sweeping,power scrubbing and pressure washing. Must be hard working with a good attitude. Burnaby based. Must be available to work nights and weekends. Good driving record & abstract required. Experience and Air Ticket beneficial. Email: or Fax: 604-294-5988

CLASS 1 HIGHWAY LINE HAUL COMPANY DRIVERS Van Kam’s Group of Companies requires Class 1 Drivers for the SURREY area. Applicants must have a min 2 yrs industry driving experience.

We Offer Above Average Rates! To join our team of professional drivers please send off a resume and current drivers abstract to: For more info about Line Haul, call Bev, 604-968-5488 Van-Kam is committed to employment equity and environmental responsibility. We thank all applicants for your interest!





TRAIN TO BE AN Apartment/ Condominium Manager ONLINE! Graduates get access to all jobs posted with us. 33 years of success! Government certified. or 1-800-665-8339, 604-681-5456.






CANADIAN TAXPAYERS FEDERATION ( has an opening in its Sales Division. Aggressive Commission Scale. Door to Door experience an asset. Email: or 1-800-667-7933 Ext 111.

TREE WORKS Call: 604.787.5915



AUTOMATED TANK Manufacturing Inc. is looking for experienced welders. Competitive wages, profit sharing bonus plus manufacturing bonus incentive. Full insurance package 100% paid by company. Good working environment. Keep your feet on the ground in a safe welding environment through in hole manufacturing process. No scaffolding or elevated work platform. Call Cindy for an appointment or send resume to: 780-846-2231 (Office); 780-846-2241 (Fax).


EDMONTON BASED COMPANY seeks qualified & experienced (or experienced) Mulcher Operator. Fort McMurray, camp work, 21/7 rotation, flight in/out provided, safety tickets and drivers abstract required. Fax 780-488-3002;

FRASER SHINGLES AND EXTERIORS. Sloped Roofing / Siding Crews needed at our Edmonton branch. Great wages. Own equipment is a MUST. For info contact Giselle @ 780 962 1320 or at email:




German Shepherd pups, vet check, 1st shots, own both parents, father

reg., gd tempered, farm & family raised in country, good guard dog/family pet. born aug 9. $700. 604-796-3026, no sunday calls

NEED A GOOD HOME for a good dog or a good dog for a good home? We adopt dogs! Call 604856-3647 or


From 1, 3, 5, 7 & 10 Ton Trucks Licensed ~ Reliable ~ 1 to 3 Men Free Estimate/Senior Discount Residential~Commercial~Pianos

DROWNING IN DEBT? Cut debts more than 50% & DEBT FREE in half the time! AVOID BANKRUPTCY! Free Consultation. or Toll Free 1-877-556-3500 BBB Rated A+ GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877-987-1420



329 PAINTING & DECORATING Prestige Painters •Condos •Townhomes •House Interiors Free Estimates!




PAINT SPECIAL 3 rooms for $299, 2 coats any colour

(Ceiling & Trim extra) Price incls Cloverdale Premium quality paint. NO PAYMENT until Job is completed. Ask us about our Laminate Flooring & Maid Services.


AAA PRECISION PAINTING. Quality work. 778-881-6096.


Starting from $199.00


STEEL BUILDINGS/METAL BUILDINGS 60% OFF! 20x28, 30x40, 40x62, 45x90, 50x120, 60x150, 80x100 sell for balance owed! Call 1-800-457-2206

6 - 50 Yard Bins

Delivery & Pick-Up Included Residential & Commercial Service • Green Waste • Construction Debris • Renovations • House Clean Outs

FLEETWOOD WASTE Bin Rentals 10-30 Yards. Call Ken at 604-294-1393

Hauling Anything.. But Dead Bodies!!

604.220.JUNK(5865) Serving Metro Vancouver Since 1988


THREE STAR DRYWALL LTD Boarding, Taping, & texture. Small jobs welcome! Kam 604-551-8047


HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837

STEEL BUILDING - THE GREAT SUPER SALE! 20X20 $4,070. 25X26 $4,879. 30X32 $6,695. 32X40 $8,374. 35X38 $9,540. 40X50 $12,900. One end wall included. Pioneer Steel 1-800-6685422.

20 YARD BINS AVAILABLE We Load or You Load !




• Furniture • Appliances • Electronics • Junk/Rubbish • Construction Debris • Drywall • Yard Waste • Concrete • Everything Else! **Estate Clean-Up Specialists**

MILANO PAINTING Int./Ext. Prof. Painters. Free Est. Bonded & Insured. 604-551-6510

Need CA$H Today? Own a vehicle? Borrow up to $25,000



Running this ad for 8yrs

CRIMINAL RECORD? Don’t let it block employment, travel, education, professional, certification, adoption property rental opportunities. For peace of mind & a free consultation call 1-800-347-2540.




Call: Chris 604-351-5001

604.339.1989 Lower Mainland 604.996.8128 Fraser Valley






WE BUY HOUSES! Older House • Damaged House Moving • Estate Sale • Just Want Out • Behind on Payments Quick Cash! • Flexible Terms! CALL US FIRST! 604-657-9422

YOUR ELECTRICIAN $29 Service Call Lic #89402 Same day guarn’td We love small jobs! 604-568-1899



Lic. Electrician A+, BBB member Expert trouble shooter, All types of Electrical work 24/7 604-617-1774

• Tree Trimming • Fully Insured • Best Rates

Difficulty Making Payments? No Equity? Penalty? Expired Listing? We Buy Homes! No Fees! No Risk! / 604-786-4663

removal done RIGHT!



BOAT OPERATOR NEEDED for 30’ Herring Punt on Fraser river near Chilliwack. Great Pay; previous experience needed; email resume to: EDMONTON BASED COMPANY seeks qualified & experienced Buncher Operator and Processor Operator. Fort McMurray, camp work, 21/7 rotation, flight in/out provided, safety tickets and drivers abstract required. ax 780-488-3002;



GUARANTEED Job Placement: General Laborers and Tradesmen For Oil & Gas Industry. Call 24hr Free Recorded Message For Information 1-800-972-0209

We are currently seeking a Tree Climber with a min. 5 years exp. Also require a Groundsman with min 3 years chainsaw experience for tree service.



*Pros *Reliable *Refs. avail.



1PRO MOVING & SHIPPING. Across the street - across the world Real Professionals, Reas. Rates. Best in every way! 604-721-4555.

If you own a home or real estate, ALPINE CREDITS can lend you money: It’s That Simple. Your Credit / Age / Income is NOT an issue. 1.800.587.2161.

SUTCO Contracting Ltd. requires experienced flat-bed highway drivers. Min. 2 yrs exp. hwy/mtn driving, loading and tarping. New equipment, satellite dispatch, e-logs, extended benefits & pension plan. CANADA ONLY runs avail. fax: 250357-2009 Enquiries: 1-888357-2612 Ext: 230



Canuck Roofing All Roof Repairs Any job big or small. Free Est. *WCB *Insured *BBB 778-772-1969



An Alberta Oilfield Company is hiring dozer and excavator operators, Lodging and meals provided. Drug testing required. Call (780)7235051Edson,Alta



We are your trusted choice for reliable, professional and residential moving services, serving the Lower Mainland. Local and long distance. (778)378-6683


PSYCHIC MIRACLES by Call and get a free reading by phone. Love money job family, restores broken relationships, solves all problems permanently. 1-866-229-5072.

MOVING & STORAGE Moving & Storage Visa OK. 604-628-7136

JOURNEYMAN AUTOMOTIVE Service Technician(s) in Hanna Alberta. Hanna Chrysler Ltd. offers competitive wages from $30/hour, negotiable depending on experience. Bright, modern shop. Full-time permanent with benefits. Friendly town just 2 hours from major urban centres. More info at: Fax 403-854-2845; Email:


EXCAVATING - DRAIN TILE Old Garage, Carport, House, Pool, Repair Main Waterline, Break Concrete & Removal Free Estimates!


Commercial & Residential • Parking Lots • Driveways • Garage Apron • Speed Bumps • Potholes • Patchwork • Tennis Courts • Repair & Resurface Over 10yrs of exp. Free Estimates Insured + Great Rates + WCB



WEED FREE Mushroom Manure 13 yards - $180 or Well Rotted 10 yds - $200. 604-856-8877

283 GUTTERS & DOWNSPOUTS ALWAYS! GUTTER Cleaning & Roof Blowing, Moss Control,30 yrs exp., Reliable! Simon 604-230-0627



CRESCENT Plumbing & Heating Licensed Residential 24hr. Service

• Hot water tanks • Furnaces • Broilers • Plugged Drains 778-862-0560

10% OFF if you Mention this AD! *Plumbing *Heating *Reno’s *More Lic.gas fitter. Aman: 778-895-2005



CALL, 604-761-1743

Become a PLEA Family Caregiver.

10% DISCOUNT. MG Roofing & Siding. CB. Re-roofing, New Roof Gutters.



GL ROOFING. Cedar/Asphalt, Flat roofs, WCB Clean Gutters - $80. 604-240-5362. .THOR CONSTRUCTION .Thor Construction 604-836-7102



AAA SCRAP CAR REMOVAL Minimum $150 cash for full size vehicles, any cond. 604-518-3673 The Scrapper




BRO MARV PLUMBING 24/7 Plumbing, heating, plugged drains BBB. (604)582-1598,


PLEA provides ongoing training and support. A young person is waiting for an open door...make it yours.




** SPECIALIZING IN RENO’S ** ~ Framing . Sundecks ~ ~ Stairs . Rooms . Garages ~ ~Sheds . Patios . Bsmts ~ ~ Interior/Exterior Painting ~ ~ Tiles . Laminate Floors ~ ~Vinyl Siding ~



•Licensed •Insured •WCB




Airedale Terrier pups. P/b, ckc reg., microchip, health guar, 604819-2115.


CATS GALORE, TLC has for adoption spayed & neutered adult cats. 604-309-5388 / 604-856-4866


FILA Brazilio Puppies (Guard Dogs). Families best friend/Intruders worst nightmare. All shots. 604817-5957

FLEETWOOD 164/78 Surrey 2751sf, 4brm, 1den, 2.5 bath, 7120sf lot nr Fraser Hwy. NS/NP 778-322-7426.




LOOKING TO buy 24-30’ herring skiff/aluminum landing craft, call 604-941-8817

HAPPY THANKSGIVING 100% BC Owned and Operated Prices Effective October 10 to October 16, 2013. We reserve the right to limit quantities. We reserve the right to correct printing errors.

Grocery Department

Meat Department

assorted varieties




400g • product of Canada

Uncle Luke’s Organic Maple Syrup





31% Sun Rype Juice assorted varieties




Mighty Leaf Artisan Tea

142g • product of USA


Gather Red, Green or Yellow Pepper Jelly



product of USA


assorted varieties









300-400g product of USA

assorted varieties

Kettle Brand Krinkle Potato Chips assorted varieties


8” Pumpkin Pies

Organic White Quinoa

from 6.99

made with real whipping cream





Genesis Today Organic GoJi 100 Juice

reg 9.99


Hero Yummi Bear Multivitamins


All 6 and 8” Pumpkin Pies or 6” No Egg or Dairy Pumpkin Pie

2.00 off regular

retail price

283-454g • product of Canada

90 capsules

This original, great-tasting Yummi Bear Vitamin is now better than ever! Now with more of the vitamins and minerals that youngsters need to grow up healthy and happy. Fat-free, no artificial colors or flavours.


Seminars & Events at Choices Floral Shop & Annex 2615 W. 16th Ave Vancouver


Monday, October 21, 7:00-9:00pm.

Cooking Class: Roots & Fruits: A Local, Autumn Feast

Look for our


with Chef Antonio Cerullo. Cost $20. Register online or call 604-736-0009. 2010 - 2013 Awards. Your loyalty has helped Choices achieve these awards. Thank you!


Goji 100 is 100% pure, wild harvest, organic and kosher. The 4,000 year- old recipe also ensures it’s free of gluten, soy, corn and sugar.

480-530g • reg 4.99

Rice Bakery

500g • product of Canada


Andalou Naturals embodies beauty in action. They infuse the best of nature and knowledge into mindful and effective products that are good for people and the planet.

Organic Country French Bread

Stalbush Island Farm Frozen Organic Rice and Beans or Lentils


397g • product of USA


3lb bag product of Canada

Bulk Department

white or 60% wholewheat

assorted varieties, various sizes



Bakery Department

375ml product of Canada

Liberté Méditerranée Yogurt

product of USA


Andalou Naturals Shampoo or Conditioner


Frontier Organic Package Spices

from 2.59



5lb bag product of Canada

Health Care Department

orange brandy or Shiraz



20% off regular retail price

The Funky Gourmet Cranberry Sauce

2 rolls

Organic Table Carrots from Fountainview Farm Lillooet, BC

bags or bins

product of Canada

Stahlbush Island Farms Frozen Vegetables

1L product of USA

Cascade Extreme Paper Towels

Choices Own Cranberry Sauce, Cranberry Stuffing, Specialty Turkey Gravy or Vegan Miso Gravy, Stuffed Specialty Turkey Breast, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Roasted Winter Root Vegetables and Grab & Go Specialty Turkey Meals.



15 pack

Pacific Foods Organic Creamy Tomato Soup





8 oz package product of Canada

Organic Ambrosia Apples from Harvest Moon Cawston, BC

Everything You Need to be Thankful for the Extra Time!

750ml • +deposit +eco fee product of USA

assorted varieties


Deli Department



3.49lb/ 7.69kg




1L • +deposit +eco fee product of Canada


Boneless Toupie Ham

R.W. Knudsen Sparkling Beverages (Apple, Pear, Cranberry)


3.99lb/ 8.80kg

cheddar or sour cream & chive

product of Canada



1.66L product of Canada

Boulder Canyon Vegetable Chips

assorted varieties


Organic Cranberries from Quebec

assorted varieties

from SAVE from 29%

J.D. Farms Grade A Specialty Turkeys

Breyers Ice Cream Creamery Style

Salt Spring Organic Fair Trade Coffee

Produce Department

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