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2nd Graders in a Music Video at Houston's 5th Ward Jam

WCS gives back in a project for the 5th Ward Redevelopment Corporation


03 Head of School's Welcome

44 Athletics

07 Numbers That Count

52 TAPPS Athletic Honors

09 Academics

54 Wildcat Hall of Fame

04 Top 10 Reasons to Choose

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Westbury Christian School

Students and faculty share ten secrets that separate WCS from other schools in Houston.

16 Lower and Upper School Teachers of the Year

This year we honor distinguished teachers, Mrs. Turner and Mr. Zhao for excellence in the classroom and for their impact on students' lives.

28 Spiritual Retreats: Our New Favorite Tradition

Fun activities, bonding with friends, and spiritual renewal are highlights of the Senior Experience and yearly trips to Camp Cho-Yeh.

21 NCSA Teacher of the Year 23 Spiritual Life 27 Power of Prayer 30 Changing Lives in Honduras 32 Outreach & Ministry 38 Library News

34 Fine Arts Continue to Shine

Student activities see a boost with the addition of Mrs. Dena Swasey as Fine Arts Director.

40 Charlie Ward Tribute to Excellence

2011 Honoree, Bobby Bowden shares his thoughts on the value of Christian education and athletics, Coach Ward, and his career as an NCAA Head Coach.

42 Our New Wildcat Athletic Complex

Using your smart phone’s camera, capture the QR codes that appear throughout this magazine. You will be linked to videos, web pages, and more to supplement the stories you will read. Download a free QR reader app to get started. Give it a try! This code links to the video WCS in 60 Seconds at:

We proudly announce the recent acquisition that will soon become our new athletic complex. Learn how you can stay informed and get involved.

westbury christian School magazine


westbury christian school magazine


2011-2012 2011-2012 SCHOOL MAGAZINE

At Westbury Christian School, we are dedicated to providing a distinct, three-dimensional (3-D) philosophy to education that allows us to nurture the growth of the whole child - Academically, Spiritually and Socially.

MISSION STATEMENT “Westbury Christian School exists in order to provide each student with the opportunity to acknowledge and respond through faith to the word of God while participating in an educational program, which stresses academic, social, emotional and physical development.”


Mr. Greg J. Glenn Principal Upper School

Dr. David M. Lacey Principal Middle School

Mr. Casey Farris Principal Lower School

Established in 1975, we are a unique private educational institution offering working families the opportunity to give their children a private education, taught from a biblical perspective. Enrollment figures parallel the current populace of Southwest Houston, serving families representing all religious faiths, ethnicities, races and social-economic backgrounds; a fact we are proud of and actively work to maintain. Academically, we provide a fully accredited college preparatory curriculum for students in K3-12th grade. Our faculty and staff expect excellence in the classroom to further academic growth and act as partners with the home and church to provide students a strong spiritual foundation, in line with the principles of Kingdom Education. Academic excellence and spiritual training coupled with participation within our broad range of student activities, also integrated with Christian values, fully equip our graduates to excel beyond the classroom and become future leaders in every aspect of their lives. The opportunities allowed through a Westbury Christian School education give us reason to celebrate. When you walk through the front doors, there is a difference you can feel, and I believe that difference is the presence of Christ. I invite you to uncover the best kept secret in Houston private school education!

Mrs. Jennifer White


Vice-President Secretary

Randy Glover Gary Adams Rosemary Martin

Polly Farrar Jack Gray

Sharon Rossum Leallen Smith

PRODUCTION STAFF Advertising Manager

Janice Pearson Managing Editor/Head Writer

Blair Moon Graphic Designer

Michael Fonville Production Assistants

Loa Glenn Rachel Matthys Trinka Sandahl


10420 Hillcroft Ave Houston, Texas 77096

(713) 551-8100 (713) 551-8117 Web Site: facebook: WestburyChristian TWITTER: @WCS_Houston PHONE: FAX:

In His Service,



(713) 551-8100 ext.1012


WRITE TO US: We’d love to hear your perspective and we welcome your letters. The editor reserves the right to determine the suitability of letters for publication and to edit them for accuracy and length. Letters should include the writer’s full name, address and telephone number. If an alum, please include year of graduation or attendance.

ADDRESS: Letters, Westbury Christian School


10420 Hillcroft Ave Houston, Texas 77096 (713) 551-8100

westbury christian School magazine


westbury christian school magazine

} 10 reasons


the best kept secrets of private education

in Houston, Texas -

we couldn't wait to shout!

to choose Westbury Christian School 10.

“The academics are very strong, and we have excellent, qualified teachers who really care about us doing well.” Lia Li, 12th Grade


“Our students get to foster meaningful relationships with our faculty and staff and develop friendships that last a lifetime.” Mike White, Upper School Counselor


“Minorities don’t exist here; we are all equals.”


“Students get to work, study, and compete with like-minded, Christian people, in a Christian environment.”

Casey Lankford, Bible Teacher

Janice Pearson, Executive Assistant


“There aren’t too many students, so we all act like one big happy family. It’s like having a school full of brothers and sisters!” Lindsay Turner, 8th Grade


westbury christian School magazine


“We encourage participation and figure out a way to allow every kid the opportunity to find their niche.” Catherine Tinkler, English Teacher


“We get to do a lot in our art and drama programs. Our teachers are creative, and we have a lot of fun!” Annie Lowe, 6th Grade


“We have a very welcoming and friendly student body. There is so much diversity at WCS, and no matter who you are, everyone is welcome.” Jeannie Sandefer, 12th Grade


“This is a great place to raise a family. I get to work where my kids go to school, and I trust the valuable lessons they are learning from their teachers, who are my friends, everyday.” Casey Farris, Middle School Principal


...and the number one reason you should choose to be at WCS....

“Because being a Wildcat is super cool!” Drew White, 1st Grade

Log on:

WCS Admissions Site Scan this QR code for more information about becoming a Wildcat and to begin the application process, or you can go to:

westbury christian School magazine


westbury christian school magazine





559 K3




graduates in the c/o 2011 who went on to attend college

100% total minutes spent in lower, middle, and high school chapel during one academic year







These numbers highlight a few of the secrets that lie within each area of our 3-D approach to education. We believe the most important aspects of educational training are found through attendance at Westbury Christian School. It’s time we let the ‘Cat out of the bag!

WCS students commute from Houston-area zip codes

WCS students

to TEACHER ratio

Numbers reveal a lot about a school. We are proud to share ours with you.



Student computers in the Upper School and Lower School Libraries, PC Labs 1 and 2, iMac Lab, and on the MacBook COW (Computers on Wheels)



f reign



westbury christian School magazine



Academics Dr. David M. Lacey UPPER SCHOOL PRINCIPAL


Westbury Christian has a proven academic track record. Quality teachers, a challenging curriculum, and a multitude of study resources help prepare our students for college and the workforce.



Gracie Greer Upper School ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL


Small class size and balanced student-teacher ratios enable us to strengthen the curriculum and move further and faster than most programs to heighten academic growth, while ensuring that we encourage and supporte each individual student. Core and elective curricula are taught from a Christian perspective and provide for the education of the whole child. The successful academic preparation WCS provides leads to impressive student SAT scores, which compete favorably with the best private and public schools across America and allow our graduates to attend prestigious educational institutions including Baylor, Cornell, CarnegieMellon, Rice, Stanford, University of Texas, Texas A&M, and the U.S. Air Force Academy, just to name a few.

westbury christian School magazine


westbury christian school

Kingdom Education

Advanced Placement

Our administration, faculty and staff believe that God’s plan for educating future generations is outlined successfully through the idea of Kingdom Education. Kingdom Education links parents and educators with the church to provide a strong biblical foundation for every boy and girl.

Academically prepared and willing students are invited to take Pre-AP classes, beginning as early as 8th grade. Upper School students can enhance their education by taking one or more of the 15 Advanced Placement courses we offer. These courses allow students the opportunity to earn college credits while still in high school.

We apply the principles of Kingdom Education daily and whole heartedly believe in the tremendous value this idea lends to the successful development of our future leaders. Reinforcement of Christian ethics and values is essential, especially in today’s world. Whether you are a parent, educator, or minister; each of us play an important role in effectively “Preparing Youth for Here and Eternity!”

Advertise with us! Westbury Christian School Magazine is a great place to reach the entire WCS family. Advertising in Westbury Christian School Magazine offers a great opportunity to consistently present your message, products and services to a wide range of readers here in Houston and across Texas. For information on rates and requirements visit: publications or call (713) 551-8100 (ext. 1012)



westbury christian School magazine

Our overall philosophy of offering a challenging curriculum aligns with The College Board’s method of rigorous training to thoroughly prepare students for life beyond the high school classroom. In addition, our standards for graduation reflect the standards recommended by the State of Texas, making each student who meets graduation requirements and receives a diploma a Texas Scholar.

Technology An important component to maintaining excellence in academic performance is keeping students actively engaged in what they are learning. In this new digital age, we are excited to implement a new program at Westbury Christian that will follow this trend and keep us up to date with technological advances. Beginning in the 2012-13 school year, WCS will become a one-to-one technology school. Each teacher will use a MacBook Pro, and students in 8th-12th grade will use a MacBook Air. These personal laptops will be used in lieu of textbooks for some courses. Select members of the WCS faculty have already implemented the use of this new technology through a pilot program in class curriculum and instruction. To bring to life novels students selected, English teacher Mrs. Catherine Tinkler assigned her 7th and 8th grade classes a project that required the use of Macbooks and programs such as Garage Band and iMovie, to create a book trailer. “I feel the project went very well,” she said. “I was immediately encouraged by the work that took place in class as they built their projects using the Macs we have here at school. There was so much fun (and learning) taking place that I even built a trailer myself to advertise Fahrenheit 451, which is the next novel that the 8th graders will read.”


National Honor Societies NHS, NJHS, NEHS Scholarship, Citizenship, Service, Responsibility, and Character the 5 pillars of measure that students must display and maintain in order to be selected for membership into an honor society. Governed by the National Honor Society, students in both public and private schools are recognized for their outstanding academic achievement and demonstrated personal responsibility, to provide meaningful service to the school and community, and to develop essential leadership skills at an early age. Currently, there are 49 Westbury Christian students who are members in the National Honor Society, National Junior Honor Society, or the National Elementary Honor Society because of their outstanding performance in each of the above categories.

CollegeEd Every Monday for 8 weeks in the fall, WCS 7th-12th graders take part in a CollegeEd class. Administered through curriculum compiled by the College Board, CollegeEd is a college planning and career exploration program for Middle and High School students. The program is designed to help students develop their capacity to succeed in college and in life. The recently revised CollegeEd program is a rigorous, standards-aligned curriculum, consisting of three levels, each with its own student workbooks and corresponding educator guide. The new program includes a unique blend of instructional materials and online resources that connect students to free tools and information on college planning and career exploration. “The CollegeEd course is an excellent opportunity for students to gain knowledge of college life, especially because the lessons are geared toward a specific audience, broken down by grade level, and the information is more advanced year-to-year as students get older,” said program director and Upper School Counselor, Mike White.

Alumni Employees Trey Austin - class of 1997 Wildcat Basketball stand-out, Mr. Austin now works in Admissions and Coaches the JV-A Boys Basketball team in his first year at WCS. “Being back has been a wonderful experience. I am excited to offer our prospective students and families a firsthand account of the benefits a Christian education can lend and the positive effect it has had on my college and professional careers.”

Joshua Bailey - class of 1994 While at WCS, Upper School Assistant Principal and Girls Varsity Basketball Coach, Mr. Bailey was a member of the 1994 state championship Basketball team. He continued his basketball career at Lubbock Christian University. “Being an alum and knowing the impact WCS had on my life; I almost feel obligated to be here and continue the strong tradition of this school.”

Charles Baker - class of 1998 Mr. Baker teaches Upper School History and is a part of our after-school extended care staff. During his time at WCS, Mr. Baker was a member of the Varsity Basketball team and helped the Wildcats win 4 straight state championships. “It’s a very rewarding experience to come back where I started and experience WCS in a different way.”

Casey Burton - class of 2001 Miss Burton is an Upper School English teacher, assistant Varsity Soccer Coach, and Varsity Tennis Coach in her 4th year at WCS. “I love the diversity in our student body and having the opportunity to talk about God. Our personal spiritual experience is also a perk. I enjoy learning from our students and teaching them the few bits of wisdom I’ve learned along the way.”

Kayla Jones - class of 2005 Miss Jones teaches K4 and Coaches Junior High Volleyball and Varsity Softball. A graduate of Texas A&M, Kayla is excited to be back at WCS. "This school has meant so much to me over the years and has always had a very special place in my heart. I felt like I was coming home, and I am so thrilled with the opportunity that I have to work with great children in the preschool all the way through 12th grade."

westbury christian School magazine


westbury christian school school magazine academics


Department Spotlights “The English Department strives to prepare students for college level work by the time they graduate. We want to develop reading, critical thinking and writing skills so that students can comfortably and clearly express themselves through academic writing. Our Christian worldview brings a unique approach to analyzing and studying literature and media, modeling a solid perspective for students to carry with them in the future.” – Nathan Wagner, English Department Head AP Courses English Language and Composition


English Literature and Composition

“Our desire is to provide students with a comprehensive education in Science using course work and co-curricular activities as a vehicle. We believe that this education will provide the background needed for students to make informed decisions, whether about the environment or their own personal health and well-being. Our goal is that students see the sciences as a way of understanding the wonders of God’s creation. Having AP courses in biology and chemistry, our curriculum also provides a strong basis for any student interested in continuing their science education in college and beyond.” – Gracie Greer, Science Department Head AP Courses Biology Chemistry

westbury christian School magazine



westbury christian school


“Each teacher in our Math Department hopes to motivate students to succeed at their highest ability. We have discussed how to do this through relationship building, encouragement, and proven teaching strategies. We hope to grow students who are responsible for their part of the learning process so they may be successful in their future math classes.” –Tammy Farris , Math Department Head AP Courses Calculus AB



“The History Department is dedicated to providing our students the opportunity to become familiar with the history of our world. By becoming aware of what has come before, we hope to equip our students with a cultural and spiritual awareness that will enable them to be active participants on the world stage. We want our students to believe that they can make a difference!” –Ruby Parker, History Department Head AP Courses Human Geography Macroeconomics Microeconomics World History United States Government and Politics United States World History


Seeing the possibilities It’s a windmill today. Tomorrow, it’s a solution for alternative energy. School is a place where children can explore new ideas and imaginations can soar. Westbury Christian School, you’ve encouraged our children’s creativity. Bonnie Gunnels • Business Relationship Manager • 713-217-5934 © 2011 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. All rights reserved. Member FDIC. 122912 12/11

westbury christian school





The Westbury Christian School faculty is comprised of talented and faithfully committed teachers who strive to offer our students a top notch education in a Christian environment. Each year a Lower School and Upper School Teacher of the Year are selected to represent our gifted staff based upon their efforts and positive impact throughout the school year. Mrs. Annette Turner was selected as this year's Lower School Teacher of the Year, and Mr. Wen Zhao took the 2010-11 Upper School crown. 16

westbury christian School magazine

Mrs. Turner has been a teacher at WCS for the past four years and has worked in the field of education for more than 25 years. She graduated from Spelman College, with a Bachelors in Psychology and Child Development, and earned a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Texas Southern University. Aside from her responsibilities in the classroom, teaching 6th grade Reading, she also serves as the Coordinator of Lower School Curriculum and Instruction, sponsor to the WCS National Elementary Honor Society, and Head Coach of the Middle School and Upper School Cheerleading squads. She has successfully mastered the ability to garner her students' trust and respect,


while maintaining high expectations in the classroom, to help them foster an interest in education. She consistently displays her tremendous faith in Jesus Christ and reinforces the WCS mission of Kingdom Education through her attitude and actions. “My hope is to inspire my students so they develop a passion to be lifelong learners!” she said. “I encourage my students to expand their minds and always strive for excellence using the special gifts with which God has blessed them.”

When asked what is most fulfilling about his position, Mr. Zhao said, "I feel rewarded when I get to witness students grow, whether through positive or negative reinforcements. To see students learn crucial lessons ought to be a teacher’s greatest joy For every compliment or detention I give, I pray that becomes an opportunity for the student to learn an important lesson.”

“Mr. Zhao is a tremendous asset to WCS,” said Mr. Glenn, Head of School. “His willingness to continue expanding his knowledge of science is an awesome example and will lend benefit to his continued success as a teacher. He has helped transform the Science Department, heightening expectations and opportunities for our students, and we are extremely blessed to have him.”

According to Middle School Principal Mr. Farris, “We are blessed to have Mrs. Turner at WCS. She has an incredible passion for teaching kids and provides a godly example to not only our students, but also our faculty and staff.”

Upper School teacher, Mr. Wen Zhao, teaches Pre-AP and AP Biology and Anatomy and Physiology, and has been a member of the WCS faculty for two years. He holds a Bachelors of Sciences in Microbiology and Biotechnology from the University of California, Davis, and earned a Masters of Sciences & Engineering in Engineering Biotechnology & Molecular Cell Biology from the University of Pennsylvania. Mr. Zhao takes academics seriously and continues to broaden his knowledge of Science and instruction. In the summer of 2011, he participated in a Science and Engineering Program for teachers, at MIT. Out of over 1,000 applicants, he was selected to fill one of only forty spots available in the program.

westbury christian School magazine


westbury christian school magazine making this a tremendous honor for all who are recognized. Candidates are then invited to take the ACT or the SAT, alongside collegebound 11th and 12th graders, which allows them greater insight into their academic abilities. Through Duke TIP’s talent search, gifted students and their families gain a far better understanding of where the student stands in relation to his/her gifted peers and what level of educational challenge is appropriate. According to Upper School Counselor Mike White “Involvement with this program is a big deal. These students have great talent, and we are blessed to have them at WCS.”

Twelve WCS Middle School students qualified to participate in the Duke University Talent Identification Program based on his or her Stanford Achievement Test scores from the 6th grade. The Duke TIP 7th grade Talent Search identifies academically gifted students and provides them with innovative programming to support their development. Out of over 69,000 applicants, only those students who score in the 95th percentile or better, compared to the national average, qualify for a spot in the program

“This program helps families provide gifted students with tools they need to reach their academic potential,” said Mr. White. “This will also support the families of these children, enabling them to excel in Middle School, High School, and in life.”

Students Honored: Peyton Anderson

Bailey Perez

Justin Curtis

Raye Story

Edward Davies

Annaliza Suerte

Robert Davies

Sydney Valentine

Jordan Hallard Morgan Harris Matthew Hopkins 18

westbury christian School magazine


wcs links

a community of learning

NHS Buddy Program

Senior Audrey Redd reads with 1st Graders

Although we serve grades K3-12, our small class sizes allow for frequent interaction between Lower, Middle, and Upper School students. We hope to create a unified atmosphere to help students adopt the idea of family and learn lessons in support and trust through interactions with their peers. A few examples of how we foster this idea include: • Each Friday, members of the National Honor Society read stories, make crafts, and play games with students in 1st grade.

We join in worship and celebrate • The Campus Ministry team invites students in all grades to ‘Movie special achievements by students Night,’ select Fridays throughout and faculty members. the school year. • Middle School Girls Basketball • The WCS mini Cheerleaders, made Coach Steve Hawley selects a • Wildcat pride is promoted during up of K3-2nd grade girls, cheer each of our all-school pep rallies Varsity Basketball player to be an alongside the Junior High and and homecoming week. During this assistant Coach each season. This Varsity Cheer squads at Varsity week, WCS is celebrated through year, University of South Carolina Football games. Lower School shared participation in special commit, Senior Tiffany Davis, students are invited to participate dress up days and fun contests. has supported Coach Hawley by in an assortment of fun half-time offering additional instruction and activities at home Football and direction in practice each morning. • Upper School students were surprised to get a visit from 1st Basketball games. and 2nd graders during lunch this • Middle and Upper School students • Following each 9-week grading November. With help from music are invited to try out for all school period, the entire student body, teacher Mrs. Cindy Fletcher, the plays. 8th grader Trè McLeod Lower School students performed faculty, and staff gather together starred alongside Senior Taylor a choreographed flash mob to the in the Westbury Church of Christ Ricks in the fall drama production Little Shop of Horrors. “Turkey Tango.” auditorium for All-School Chapel.

westbury christian School magazine


SCHORRE & ASSOCIATES Certified Public Accountants Providing



Phone: 713-776-0957 Fax: 713-776-0539

8323 Southwest Freeway, # 440 Houston, Texas 77074

westbury christian school





In March, WCS Bible teacher Steve Hawley was named for 13 years, delivering the word of God in his classroom the 2011 National Christian Schools Association Teacher daily and filling students with the knowledge of Christ. of the Year. NCSA member schools across the United According to Head of School Mr. Greg Glenn, "Steve States nominate one member of their faculty based Hawley has been an amazing presence on this campus on his or her outstanding contributions to Christian and has earned a respect from the students and faculty education and their demonstrated that is second to none. Along with Christian impact on the lives' of being a fantastic classroom teacher, Steve Hawley is without students. The candidates are then his influence continues way beyond a doubt one of the most evaluated by an independent, ninethose walls and into the hearts and member selection committee before minds of our students to make a gifted Bible teachers ever. a winner is chosen. transformational difference." He was a great influence

Steve Hawley played basketball at Coach Hawley learned of his on my son & daughter York Junior college, and earned both nomination in front of the student when they attended a Bachelors and Masters degree at body at All-School Chapel. Amid the WCS. It is truly an honor Harding University. He received his applause and cheers from his WCS to call this man friend teaching certificate in Social Science family, Coach Hawley revealed the and brother. with no intention of teaching Bible. moment as being the first time he A 32-year teaching veteran, he was ever "speechless". - Donna Runnels came to Westbury after working at "We have an incredible, diverse Georgia Christian School in Valdosta group of kids which makes teaching and Friendship Christian School in here the greatest profession in the world," he said. Lebanon, TN. In Tennessee, he was asked to teach a Bible "I appreciate how WCS allows us to teach from our class — and found his calling. strengths and be creative. This is a wonderful honor, I am Coach Hawley has been a blessing to Westbury Christian very humbled."

westbury christian School magazine



SpiritualLife The Campus Ministry team is responsible for organizing Chapel, coordinating service projects, and acting as mentors to students in all grades.

Kenneth Okwuonu University of Missouri - Rolla BA - Electrical Engineering Campus Minister, Varsity Track Coach, MS Football Coach, Boys Bible Teacher

Laren McCormack Lipscomb University BA - Computer Science and Flute Performance MA - Divinity (in progress) Director of WCS Interact Club, Band Assistant, NJHS co-sponsor

Casey Lankford Oklahoma Christian University BA - Communications and History

At WCS, we are dedicated to educating our students according to biblical standards, based on the idea of Kingdom Education. We believe it is essential for educators and parents to be in accord with the church in order to provide a strong foundation for our youth, especially in today’s world.

All members of our administration, faculty and staff are committed Christians. Everything that takes place on campus, including academic classes, social and athletic activities, as well as spontaneous events, are conducted with Christian perspectives in mind. Bible is taught every day and Chapel is an integral part of school life, providing students and faculty a special opportunity to worship together. Parents who take biblical instruction seriously in the raising of their children, as well as students interested in spiritual training will find their opportunity at Westbury Christian School.

6th and 11th Grade Bible Teacher, MS Boys Basketball Coach

westbury christian School magazine


westbury christian school

In need of prayer? Submit prayer requests concerns at our Prayer Board web page. A group of 12 people in our community have committed to praying for the students, parents, faculty, staff, and activities of WCS for the 2011-2012 school year. There is also a box in Mundy Hall located near the elevator where you may drop off written prayer requests. “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.� Philipians 4:6-7

spiritual life

westbury christian school

spiritual life

National Day of Prayer Last May, our students, faculty, and staff participated in the National Day of Prayer. Students were encouraged to submit personal prayer requests, which were collected and nailed to a cross. The Campus Ministry room was dedicated as the Prayer Room for that day. High School students, faculty, and staff were invited to pull one sheet from the cross and pray for that student. According to Campus Ministry leader Mr. Kenneth Okwuonu, "We all recognize and believe in the power of prayer and know how valuable powerful it is to pray for one another, especially our students. Satan wants our kids, but I know that we want them more. I enjoyed dedicating the day to lifting WCS up in prayer."

See You at the Pole Yearly in September, students from all over the country unite in a show of faith with See You at the Pole activities. WCS participated in the day’s celebration of prayer during Chapel service and with a special morning devotional. The Lower School and Middle School students joined for Chapel and formed prayer circles before Mr. Farris explained how the movement was started. In 1990, a group of Texas public school children wanted an opportunity to worship openly and demonstrate their faith at school. They decided to begin "See you at the Pole," which is one day when all students are allowed to join together around each participating school’s flagpole, to pray for the nation, their classmates, and their school. Mr. Farris went on to pray for specific topics and paused so the students could pray for that same topic within their circles. “It is a tender moment to hear the children volunteering to pray and opening their hearts to God,” Mr. Farris said. Upper School students were invited to join members of the faculty and staff around the WCS flagpole in the morning on that day. School Chaplain "Doc" Farrar led a devotional and participants then took time for prayer.

westbury christian School magazine


retreats at camp

CHO-YEH & SENIOR experience

Soon after school begins, students in 5th-9th grade head to Livingston, TX for an

overnight trip filled with fun and fellowship at Camp Cho-Yeh. Established in 1947, Camp Cho-Yeh is a premier Christian camp and retreat center, dedicated to providing a fun, safe environment, and helping people to grow spiritually. The students enjoy a morning worship time and student-led scripture readings before heading out to the camp grounds for an afternoon of outdoor, teambuilding activities. The schedule includes kayaking, hiking, archery, swimming, a ropes course, and the infamous BLOB, an enormous water toy built for launching adventurous children into the air. WCS is in the third year of building a new tradition for the Senior classes. Senior Experience is a two-day excursion spent at the Forest Glen Retreat Center outside of Huntsville, TX. Favorites of the trip include flag football, the male vs. female water balloon/shaving cream fight, capture the flag in the dark, and canoeing. There is also time for devotionals and reflection where the seniors are encouraged to refocus on God and to make preparations for the future. According to Senior sponsor Mrs. Catherine Tinkler, “This is a great tradition that really allows the seniors to let loose and have fun while interacting with classmates and creating lasting memories before heading off to college!””

“It was fun to go on the BLOB and hang out with my friends before school started!” - Jon Zalud, 7th grade

“I had a really great time getting to know my classmates and doing a lot of fun activities! I want to do this every year!" - Raye Story, 6th grade


westbury christian School magazine


What is a BLOB? Check out the Best Blobs of 2010 video at Camp Cho-Yeh's YouTube channel. Capture this code or watch clip at:

westbury christian School magazine



westbury christian School magazine

An integral component within our approach to education comes from student involvement in community service to help develop a servant-minded attitude and recognize the value in assisting others.

Beginning in 1998, WCS Bible teacher Steve Hawley has made 12 trips to Honduras to work with TORCH Missions and SHINE Missions. In conjunction with his trips, Coach Hawley spearheads the annual Westbury Christian School Penny Drive and calls upon the student body and faculty/staff to collect spare change. This year was no different, and our students truly answered the call, collecting $9,800 to be divided between Jovenes en Camino and Mission Lazarus, two Honduran orphanages.

to families identified by the local preacher as needing assistance. It was an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling trip, and I am so thankful my daughter was able to travel and serve with me!”

Hawley stated that, “after thirteen years of helping underprivileged children in Central America, it’s fair to say our Honduras project has become part of the fabric and culture of Westbury Christian School.” Since 1998, WCS has collected in excess of $120,000 in this endeavor.

To assist with the Honduras coin collection, WCS fourth grader Cana Matthys enlisted the help of her parents and held a garage sale with all proceeds going to Mission Lazarus. Her efforts raised $175.45, which she presented to Coach Hawley during Chapel. According to Cana’s mom, Mrs. Rachel Matthys, “Cana collected all kinds of stuff to sell - everything from clothes to toys to furniture. She made signs and coordinated her helpers all on her own. It is a blessing as a parent to see her understand the benefit of serving others - it meant a lot to her.”

Several Westbury Christian School students, faculty, and staff members have travelled with Coach Hawley to serve in Honduras, including Head of School, Greg Glenn and his wife, Loa, Athletic Facilities Director, Ben Johnson, and Guidance Counselor, Mike White. This summer, WCS English teacher, Mrs. Catherine Tinkler, and her daughter, Senior Alexis Fuller traveled to Honduras to present Mission Lazarus with the money collected through the Penny Drive. “We went to Mission Lazarus as part of a group with Cinco Ranch Church of Christ,” Mrs. Tinkler said. “Our purpose was to work on two continuing projects: 1) to assist with the building of a school and 2) to conduct vacation Bible school in various small towns. We also spent time making food deliveries


The Mission Lazarus Trailer Scan this QR code to watch this and several more videos at: or at :

westbury christian School magazine


westbury christian school

spiritual life

NHS Supply Drive for Fire Victims In the wake of the devastation caused by the Texas wildfires in early 2011, the WCS National Honor Society sponsored a supply drive to collect goods and necessities many of the displaced families desperately needed. Organized by NHS President Audrey Redd and WCS English teacher Miss Casey Burton, Honor Society members enlisted the support of the student body to provide aid to our neighbors in Central Texas. Donated items included dust masks, Band-Aids, eye drops, nose spray, granola bars, crew socks, boxers, work gloves, Gatorade, safety glasses, cough drops, Tylenol, Aspirin, and much more.

“It meant a lot to the families and firefighters who were in the process of cleaning up the damage,” Miss Burton said. “Our students do such a great job of thinking outside of themselves to help whenever there is a need. Thank you to all of the families who participated in this effort!”

Wildcats Support Namwianga Mission in Zambia WCS will soon make a donation of almost $2,000 to the Namwianga Mission in Zambia to buy formula for the babies living at the mission, many of whom are HIV positive. “This is money left over from our Honduras fund this past year,” explained Bible teacher Mr. Steve Hawley. “We are also in the process of adding Hope for Haiti's Children to our fund, and our new bank bottles will reflect the addition.” This summer, WCS Junior Hamilton Frye traveled to the Namwianga Mission in Zambia for a medical mission trip with his father, who is on the Mission's Board. “Everyone we met was struggling. There is extreme poverty, and many families are broken,” Hamilton said. “Our donation will help to sustain the workers and children and will help spread the message of Jesus Christ.”


westbury christian School magazine



westbury christian School magazine

student activities

fine arts


t Westbury Christian, we hope to meet the demands of students and parents looking to take advantage of a top-notch Fine Arts program within their school. We offer instruction in chorus, drama, band, and art, with opportunities for a more advanced curriculum in classes like AP Art, or through membership in one of our Honor Choirs.

An exciting new addition to the Fine Arts department is Mrs. Dena Swasey, who was named the WCS Fine Arts Director this summer. Mrs. Swasey has worked with several different theater groups, currently serving as the Production Manager for the River Oaks Chamber Orchestra and Event Planner for Door 64 in Houston. “I am blessed and excited to work with Westbury Christian School in this capacity,” she said. “Together with the amazing Fine Arts staff, I hope to take what is already a welldeveloped group of disciplines and bring them into a cohesive department, dedicated to allowing students to glorify the Lord through artistic expression with excellence. I hope to support the faculty while working to improve our facilities and equipment and heighten our exposure in the community.” Fine Arts activities have seen a boost with the several special presentations, performances, visitors, and productions that have occurred this year and with the exciting projects slated for the spring semester.

Band Director, Mr. Michael Smith, has enjoyed seeing the natural leadership that has developed throughout the 2011-2012 year within his group of musicians. “It is an awesome feeling to see students begin to take pride in what they are able to accomplish, and then set their sights on greater goals,” he said. The WCS Big Blue Band, made up of 7th-12th graders, is present for athletic events, including Football games, pep rallies, and Varsity Basketball games, which feature the WCS Drum Line. They also hold several concerts throughout the school year, including a winter Christmas show and a solo recital in the spring. “Many students are beginning to reach a point where they can be competitive in individual contests during the year, and I look forward to seeing them step up and perform at each new level of ability. Our solo recital should be an awesome time this year.” Through teaching, Mr. Smith hopes his passion for music is apparent to the students and will positively affect their love of the subject. “I would like for all of my students to realize music does not have to simply be part of their life while in school but something they can enjoy forever. Music is a creation from our soul, and the ability to share this part of ourselves is always a timeless adventure!” westbury christian School magazine


student activities

fine arts

Some Fine Arts activities to date: Musical Theater Summer Camp A comprehensive camp for Middle and High School, including a full performance at the close of camp.

Stage and Facility Improvements 3rd and 4th Grade 'Hoedown' Performance Cirque Du Soliel Performer Visit International performer Jef Johnson visited the Middle and Upper School Drama and Chorus classes.

Choral Performance at Katy Rice Harvest Festival

Little Shop of Horrors with Guest Star Henry Edwards Music Video Shoot at Houston’s 5th Ward Jam 2nd grade students recorded a music video with Music Express Magazine and in partnership with the Houston Arts Alliance and Fifth Ward Redevelopment Corporation.

Veteran’s Day Choral Performance 2011 Tribute to Excellence The Honor Choir opened this year’s Tribute to Excellence event with “Peaceful River.”

Turkey Tango Flash Mob Field Trip to the Hobby Center for a Production of My Fair Lady Christmas Card Contest

Middle and High School students submitted original artwork. Winning designs were printed, packaged and sold in the school store.


WCS Flash Mob Turkey Tango

Scan this QR code or watch video at:


westbury christian School magazine

westbury christian School magazine


westbury christian school magazine


George F. Schudy D.D.S., M.S.


Library Program Continues Growth WCS is blessed to have two libraries and a qualified librarian, Mrs. Diane King, to provide library services and resources for all students. A variety of reading programs and author visits introduce Lower School students to literature and research in the newly renovated Jackie Scarbrough Library. Upper School students find resources and research materials in the Joan Partain Library.

"I enjoy the variety of my job and am always on the lookout for new ways to promote life-long learning for our students and staff." - Mrs. King WCS parent, Mrs. Rose Lowe, visualized, designed and followed through with upgrades to the Lower School library. She painted different scenes and characters from well-known books along the walls, created a Reading Rain Forest, complete with a massive, animal filled tree, and observed Mrs. King's interactions with visiting classes to utilize the space in the most efficient way possible. A reading corner with wooden cut-outs of WCS staff and student's family pets as well as Clifford the Big Red Dog and his dog house provide an area for visitors to read and study quietly. Students and staff provided favorite memories of their time at WCS, which Mrs. Lowe then illustrated on the library walls, making these new additions personalized and special to the Westbury Christian community.

Building self-confidence and encouraging youth through esthetic dental health for over 25 years. 909 Dairy Ashford, Suite 201 • 281-493-9243


We're Proud of Our Wildcats! The PTO is always hard at work to generate funds, fellowship and fun for the whole school! Helping out with the PTO is a great way to keep in touch with what’s happening at WCS as well as getting to know other parents. We'd love to have you join us! We are here to help you! Please contact us should you have any questions, concerns, or desire to help! Jana Gaddy


Christy McDonald

VP of Fundraising

Kelly Braun

VP of Student and Family Events

Lynnette Okwuonu

VP of Teacher Appreciation

Kristi Jeu

Secretary/Treasurer 38

westbury christian School magazine

westbury christian school magazine




10 l l l l

l l l l



20 l l l l

l l l l

Sunday, October 16, WCS Varsity Football Coach Charlie Ward honored Hall of Fame Coach Bobby Bowden with the 2nd Annual Tribute to Excellence Award. The Charlie Ward Tribute to Excellence recognizes individuals of distinction, commitment and faith. 40

westbury christian School magazine



30 l l l l

l l l

This event is held in conjunction with school fundraising efforts to assist with the build-out of recently purchased facilities that will soon house Westbury Christian School athletics. This year’s event, attended by over 300 guests, was held at the new complex and emceed by former Houston Rockets Head Coach Jeff Van Gundy. “I am very excited about the new athletic complex, and I cannot wait to utilize the space to further develop WCS athletes and strengthen our programs,” said Coach Ward.


I’ve been blessed with a career that has allowed me to coach, mentor and share my messages of faith and belief in God with hundreds of thousands of people all across the country for more than 7 decades.


The Charlie Ward Tribute to Excellence

Watch Coach Bowden’s speech and other event videos at: h20zpU2V_Ks




40 l l l l

l l l l


l l l l

Guests filled the gymnasium, which was transformed into a formal dining room, before the WCS Lower School Honor Choir opened the ceremony with “Peaceful River.” Former WCS Head of School, Mr. Bob McCloy, blessed the fantastic meal before Coach Ward introduced the 2011 Tribute to Excellence honoree, Coach Bobby Bowden. “Coach Bowden’s willingness to help kids grow into the men that God has called them to be makes him an incredibly deserving candidate and a true representative of excellence,” Ward said. Ward and Bowden have a unique relationship of success to which both men credit their faith and devotion to Christianity. Under Bowden’s direction and with Ward at quarterback, Florida State lost only two games and claimed the coveted national title in 1993.


l l l l


l l l l


Bowden and Ward were both inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2006, and currently, Charlie leans on Coach Bowden’s lessons in leadership as he directs his athletes at WCS. “As I direct the young men of the Westbury Christian School Wildcat Football team, I am dedicated to demonstrating the same Christian example Coach Bowden constantly displayed in the five years I was privileged to play for him at Florida State. I am honored for the opportunity to recognize his efforts though this event, provide more opportunities for enrichment and spiritual growth for members of the Brays Oaks community, and in turn, help benefit the student athletes of Westbury Christian School.”

westbury christian School magazine




ATHLETIC COMPLEX We are thankful to announce an exciting new addition to Westbury Christian School. Through the acquisition of nearby facilities, we are now able to provide WCS students with a dedicated athletic complex, while also serving residents of the Southwest Houston community.


Visit our athletic complex blog for photos, videos, and updated information on our construction and renovation progress. Register to become a member for exclusive information on our Campaign Kickoff and Athletic Complex Community Open House scheduled for February 11 and for chances to win contest prizes and giveaways!

Wildcat athletics have previously been without a home field, and thus without the ever important Home Field Advantage. We are grateful to be able to serve our students and families, alumni, friends, and neighbors better as we embark on this new stage of growth! At WCS, our three-dimensional approach to education aims to develop the whole child - Spiritually, Academically, and Socially - and we are confident this complex will allow for more opportunities within each of the three dimensions. Your support in moving forward with this exciting endeavor is encouraged and appreciated. To support the Beyond the Vision Campaign, you can call (713) 551-8100 or give online at:

Quick Facts • Complex of 14+ Acres • Within 1 mile of WCS Campus • Baseball and Softball Fields • Football/Soccer Field with a Track • Stadium Seating with Press Box • Lighting for Night Games/Events • Practice Gymnasium • Fitness/Training/Exercise Center • Offices for Athletics Staff • Locker Rooms, Meeting Rooms, Storage Areas • On-site Parking


Beyond The Vision Scan this QR to see our vision for the future athletic complex or visit: or watch on our blog:

• Main Entry with Reception and Seating

westbury christian School magazine


PHOTO BY Brent Borgstedte

ATHLETICS Athletics generate another avenue for WCS students to learn essential lessons in teamwork, dedication, and accountability. Our Coaches act as Christian role models and reinforce the spiritual foundation taught in the classroom. A tradition of success allows us to mold champions with humility and drive. 44

westbury christian School magazine

Westbury Christian School athletes have a lot to celebrate following the achievements earned in the 2010-11 school year. In total, sixteen student athletes committed to continue their athletic careers on the collegiate level after receiving athletic scholarships in their respective sports. Eight programs - Volleyball, Girls and Boys Basketball, Track, Softball, Golf, Tennis, and Baseball - were represented in the TAPPS 4A post-season playoffs. Girls Basketball stand-out, 2011 WCS Valedictorian, and current Stanford Cardinal, Amber Orrange, was selected to play on both the WBCA and McDonald’s All-American teams. Amber also was named the 2011 TAPPS Athlete of The Year, a first for Westbury Christian School Athletics. Varsity Baseball players Cody Glenn and Dillon Thomas were selected in the 2011 MLB draft, another first for any Wildcat. “2011 was a successful year in Wildcat Athletics,” said WCS Athletic Director, Mr. Russell Carr. “The best news is we are only getting better!” To match our excellent athletic programs, premier facilities currently are under construction and will be available for practice and competition in the spring of 2012. Tremendous prayer and support have been put forth to further this ongoing effort, and we are thankful to now provide our student athletes a true Home Field Advantage! “The goal of the WCS athletic department is to reach kids through a different experience than can be achieved in the classroom or through Bible and Chapel. I think the coaches have done a great job of using their specific sport to supplement our 3-D model of education. It shows in the overall team and individual successes we've been blessed to earn at Westbury Christian School.” - Coach Carr


wildcat athletics

go cats


The Lady Wildcat Varsity Volleyball team made huge strides in 2010, advancing to the regional playoffs and finishing with a record of 24-5, the best finish of any team at WCS in the past thirteen years. “Going into this season we knew we had a lot to prove and would have to work even harder,” said firstyear Head Coach Blair Moon, who assisted the team last season. Seniors Emma Hulsey and Juliana Rosolino, along with All-State Junior Autumn Arnold returned in 2011. "These ladies consistently performed well and worked hard to make sure the newcomers bought in to the program, showing the dedication they have to WCS Volleyball.” Sophomore transfer Brianna Lynch earned 1st team All-State honors and brought excitement and power to the middle blocker position. Senior outside hitter Tiffany Davis earned 2nd team All-State honors. “Brianna is going to be a great Volleyball player. She is dedicated and really wants it. And Tiffany is just an athlete, plain and simple. She can do it all and has a winner’s attitude. Both of them had an immediate impact this season and added two more powerful weapons to our offense.” The Wildcats finished 2nd overall in TAPPS 4-A behind the 2010 state champion Concordia Lutheran and advanced to the regional round of playoffs where they fell to this year’s TAPPS 4-A State champs, Fort Worth Christian. Coach Moon hopes to continue showcasing premier volleyball at WCS, saying, “People should know that the past two seasons weren’t just a stroke of luck. We are an advanced program with a lot of talent. I’m already pumped for 2012!”


The Wildcat Football team worked hard this summer in preparation for the 2011 season. Third-year Head Coach Charlie Ward had high hopes for the team’s success. With the addition of new coaches and several talented transfers, he and his staff worked hard to prepare the Wildcats for the fall. “The team showed a renewed focus and passion in our quest for a playoff run into the state tournament,” said Coach Ward. The Wildcats added twice daily summer conditioning workouts to their training regimen. Several key members from last year’s team returned this fall including seniors Chase Kimble, Marcus Williams, David Ojo, and kicker Andrew Smith.

loG ON:

Wildcats Athletics Find team information as well as links to schedules, photos, media and event news at: athletics

In the best finish for the Wildcats under Coach Ward’s direction, the team finished with a record of 5-6, missing the playoffs by just one game. “Our guys fought hard and showed a lot of heart every week,” said Coach Ward. “We won 2 of our last 3 games, finishing the season on a positive note. We hope to take that momentum into the off season as we prepare for an exciting 2012.”


Last year’s outstanding performance from 2011 graduate Nicholas Hall set a high bar for the future of WCS Varsity Cross Country. Third-year Head Coach Nathan Wagner leaned on Junior Cody Rowe, and Senior Alexis Fuller to lead his crop of newcomers. “Although this year we had

westbury christian School magazine


wildcat athletics

go cats several freshman and a few transfers, our two returning runners brought a voice of experience and valuable leadership to the team,” said Coach Wagner. “They know the routes, the workouts and the expectations, and they helped maintain a high level of consistency in practice and competition.” Junior transfer, Alison Ondruseck made an immediate impact and joined Alexis Fuller, Austin Fuller, and Cody Rowe at the State tournament meet at Baylor University. “I am happy with our performance this year, and I’m excited about the upcoming possibilities we have now that there is an established group of dedicated runners. Cody looked his best this season, and Alexis really pushed herself to improvement on all levels. She brought loyalty and constant encouragement to the group, and when you run in the Texas heat of August and September, that support is invaluable. I am confident the team’s hard work and focus throughout this season will carry over into next year.”


Last season, the Lady Wildcat Varsity Basketball program adopted an attitude of “Doing Ordinary Things, Extraordinarily.” Their incredible success proved the team was capable of reaching that goal and much more, finishing the year with their third straight TAPPS 4A State Championship and a final record of 40-1. As this year’s team prepares for another title run, second-year Head Coach Josh Bailey will still expect quality effort and plans to set his team’s sights on “Making Excellence a Habit,” especially as a group of leaders emerge after graduating several starters. “Our team has a new face this season,” said Coach Bailey, “so I will rely on the experience, maturity, and talent of a few key contributors in order to maximize opportunities and capitalize on the success of last year.” Led by senior guards Tiffany Davis, Sylvana Okde, and Juliana Rosolino, Coach Bailey believes the Wildcats backcourt will carry the majority of leadership responsibilities. He will look to juniors Imani Smith and transfer Alison Ondrusek to play a significant part in helping the Wildcats rebound and finish in transition. “We’re looking forward to tackling the challenges in front of us in order to carry on the rich tradition that is WCS Basketball.”

Boys Basketball SCHEDULES: Scan this QR code or log on to get updated team schedules and directions to games:

The WCS Varsity Boys Basketball program has earned a reputation of consistently developing highly-skilled, competitive, and dedicated basketball players. Fourth year Head Coach Russell Carr is committed to providing his athletes with superior training and expects they adhere to three key principles. Servant Leadership, Championship Effort, and Team Attitude challenge both the players and coaches to find ways to "serve our teammates by giving our whole self and striving to be excellent in all we do.” The Wildcats outstanding performance last year, finishing 16th overall in the state of Texas, 67th in the nation and with a final record of 37-2, has led to opportunities to play on the national stage.


westbury christian School magazine


Coach Carr credits “hard work and a refusal to lose mentality,” for the success last year’s squad was able to achieve. “We did everything as a team,” he said, “and we were never really interested in the score; we just wanted to be good at the game.” Returning three key players in power forward and University of South Alabama commit, Delvin Dickerson, and guards Julius Mitchell and Arta Turner, the team will travel to tournaments in West Virginia, Missouri, and Hawaii to compete against basketball powerhouses from around the country. Notable transfers L.J. Rose, who is ranked the #12 point guard in the nation for the class of 2012 and signed to Baylor University, Devon Turk, Brandon Jones, and Darin Minniefield will add depth to the Wildcat roster.

Follow Us: @WildcatsWCS

Follow our athletic tweets and find several of our teams at:


The main goal of the WCS Varsity Cheerleading squad is to provide positive encouragement through their support of various athletic events, as well as the promotion of positive fan support and participation. Additionally, Head Cheer Coach Mrs. Annette Turner requires her squad to set a Christ-like example saying, “Cheerleaders are in the forefront as ambassadors of our school. We will set a positive example and represent Christ first through behavior, attitude, speech, and actions.” From football in the fall, basketball in the winter, and baseball in the spring, the cheer season spans from August until May. “We definitely try to support as much as we can and heighten the school spirit among the student body,” said Mrs. Turner. “Being chosen to represent Westbury Christian as a cheerleader is a privilege. I hope the experience is rewarding and exciting, but I also hope my girls will learn lessons in dedication, discipline, teamwork, and leadership.”


After graduating several senior starters, second-year Head Coach Nathan Wagner expects the 2011-12 Girls Varsity Soccer program to have a new face, and he is confident in the group of players he has to fill the void. “We will be a different team this year, but fortunately we have five or six new seniors fully capable of stepping up and converting those differences into strong performances on the field,” he said. Coach Wagner will look to Senior Haley Chance and Sophomore Sarah Galena to carry the offense this season. “Haley played a key role in our offense last year. I expect her to command the midfield and distribute the ball to Sarah, who should make a big difference at forward for our program.” Overall, Coach Wagner looks forward to working with the girls because “it is rewarding and they are great people. I like the challenge of coaching girls,” he said. “Winning is fun, but these girls have taught me a lot can be gained from the friendships built on the field. I hope that through soccer, the girls I coach will have a better understanding of who they are and what God has planned for them.”

westbury christian School magazine


wildcat athletics


Last year was an exciting year for the Boys Varsity Soccer team. Several starters and experienced upper classmen will return this year and they hope to run with the momentum from last season into this one. “Our goal is to remain focused on hard work and playing together for another chance at the playoffs,” said Coach Sam Abels. “Soccer is not all about scoring. It is also about having fun with your teammates and reaching team and personal goals. We have a special group and I look forward to watching us continue to grow in 2012.”



Athletic Team Media Find high quality versions of the team photos in this magazine, videos, and media to download at:

Last year, the Varsity Swim Team looked to re-build after graduating 8 seniors and went through the 2011 season with one participant on both the boys and girls teams. Head Coach Mrs. Karen Keese believes the mix of new and veteran talent on the 2011-12 squad should allow for the Wildcats to be more competitive this year. Coach Keese will rely on newcomer Jaylen James to fill a leadership role, as he brings a lifetime of club swim team experience to WCS. “Jaylen has a lot of strength, knowledge, and skill that will absolutely benefit our team and allow us even more success,” she said. “As a whole, we’re made up of some very good athletes who challenge each other every day in practice. I’m excited to see what the team will accomplish this year.”


With the recent addition of Middle School Golf to WCS, the boys will rely heavily on a few experienced freshmen to help build this year’s squad. Freshman Austin Fuller competed favorably last spring, and Coach Chandler Vester will look to him as a key component to the boy’s success this year. “I am excited to usher in a new group of talent to the Boys Golf program,” Coach Vester said. “I’m hoping to key in on our strengths and elevate the program even more.” The boys season kicks off February 13th with an appearance at the FBCA Invitational. The Lady Wildcats will begin this season as the defending TAPPS 4-A District Champions and State runners-up, after finishing second in last year’s TAPPS State tournament. “We have all four members of last year’s state team returning,” Coach Catherine Tinkler said. Christina Curtis, Alexis Fuller, Jayln Kuykendall, and Senior captain Audrey Redd are aiming to capture the state title this spring. “Each of these young women has made great improvements and constantly displays tremendous team work, which lent heavily to the success of last season,” said Coach Tinkler. “Coach Vester and I are confident that the 2011-12 season will be our best yet!”


Last season, the Lady Wildcat Softball team earned a playoff berth for the first time since 2006, finishing fourth in the TAPPS 4-A district, and ultimately falling to Fort Worth Southwest Christian by only one run. Key returners on offense and on the mound should give the Wildcats a great chance to capitalize 48

westbury christian School magazine


on that success this spring. “We will rely on our senior veterans, infielder Juliana Rosolino, and UT Tyler commit Nicole Caputo to contribute offensively. Our starting pitcher Victoria Silvas and catcher Shannon Murphy were both on the team last year and are solid in their respective positions,” said first-year Head Coach Kayla Jones. An abundance of talent within the freshman class, led by infielder Ruby Ramirez, will also help elevate the team’s chances for another playoff run. “I am excited to lead this program,” said Miss Jones. “My prayer is that I can be a great example for a new generation of athletes to follow. Regardless of what our record shows, if we work hard to represent our God and our school well, and play together as a team, we will be successful!”


Under the direction of third-year Head Coach Ricky Watkins, the 2010-11 Varsity Baseball team saw more success than any team in WCS history, earning a spot in the state semi-finals where they fell to district rival Second Baptist. Several players earned individual All-District and All-State honors, including pitcher Cody Glenn and outfielder Dillon Thomas, who were both selected in the 2011 MLB draft, a first for any WCS Baseball player. This year, the Wildcats hope to go even further, returning three starters in outfielder Chase Kimble, catcher Andrew Dunlap, and pitcher Darius Boykins. “We had a special group last year - guys who were committed to elevating this program - and thankfully we were able to do that,” noted Coach Watkins. “My upperclassmen have adopted that same attitude, and I know they will expect the same dedication and effort in order for us to be successful this season.” The team will focus, once again, on being a group of CATsaiming for Consistency, Accountability and Teamwork every day. “On and off of the field I expect my guys to work hard every day, hold each other accountable, and expect each other to make the right decisions and to be good teammates.” Wildcat Baseball kicks off in February with a game against Concordia Lutheran.


The WCS Varsity Track & Field team competed favorably last season, with multiple appearances on the District, Regional, and State playoff levels, including a 1st-place finish from Junior William Washington in the State shot-put. Varsity Head Coach Kenneth Okwuonu anticipates taking more players to the State tournament this year if the team can stay healthy throughout the entirety of the season. Returning six key upperclassmen in Angela Dyson, Princess Ogidi, Gabe Simon, Marcus Williams, William Washington, and Vincent Turner, the Wildcats hope to capitalize on the success they achieved last Spring. “I believe we will stand out this year. We are a more athletic, well-rounded squad in both the track and field events, and we are more experienced than previous years,” noted Coach O. “I plan to stress principles like hard work, perseverance, and dedication to help mold my athletes into strong leaders, and hopefully, that will translate into competition and help us go even further than last season!”

westbury christian School magazine


wildcat athletics


westbury christian School magazine

go cats


Head Tennis Coach Casey Burton is excited for the possibility of a return trip to Waco this spring to compete in the TAPPS 4-A State tournament. “We have more seniors this year, more seasoned players, but also the promise of several new additions,” she said. “As with any facet of life, our focus will be on foundational principles and quality of play.” Coach Burton will look to Seniors Tyler Tolopka and Kellie Keese to front leadership responsibilities, and seasoned tennis player and volunteer assistant Coach, Miss Emalee Burton to bring her knowledge and experience to practice and competition. “Tyler went to state last season. This will be his senior year, and I anticipate a return trip to Waco,” explained Coach Burton. “Kellie is going to be fun to watch this year. Last season, she stepped out of doubles to attempt single rounds—it was a brilliant move for her! And I’m thrilled to have Emalee with us. She is just as excited as we are for this year’s competition!”


Preparation is the key to success, and few other experiences allow a student athlete the chance to successfully transition to the varsity stage than participation on a Junior High or Junior Varsity team. The tradition of championship athletic programs at Westbury Christian School holds true on all levels, and our coaches are committed to developing a comprehensive program that athletes can carry over to the next stage. Junior Varsity Volleyball and Basketball Coach Miss Lindsey Loxterkamp enjoys the importance of teaching and detailed instruction that goes into training her athletes. “The Junior Varsity level allows me the chance to break down the technique and specifics of the game to make sure our athletes really understand the sport they’re playing,” she said. “It’s also really rewarding to see how much the team develops from the beginning of the season to the end.” Girls Varsity Basketball Coach Josh Bailey believes “it is a great advantage to be able to witness an athlete mature on the court at different levels, and monitor their potential before they fully develop. I encourage interested students to try out for any team they want. You never know what talent you could discover!” Junior High students and Upper School Junior Varsity athletes can participate in Basketball, Baseball, Football, Cheerleading, Golf, and Volleyball.

westbury christian School magazine


tapps honors FOOTBALL



First-Team Offense All-District: Honorable Mention All-District: First- Team Defense All-District: Second-Team Defense All-District: First Team All-State: Honorable Mention All-State:



First Team All-District: Second Team All-District: First Team All-State: Second Team All-State: Honorable Mention All-State:




Kiley Hirl Betsy Kelly // Haley Munoz // Sarah Galena Allison Crouch // Taylor Ricks


First Team All-District: Second Team All-District: Honorable Mention All-District:

Fransico Arsenio Garret Guarino // Chang Won Oh Andrew Smith // Chang Min Oh // Soren Valverde


First Team All-District: Second Team All-District: Honorable Mention All-District: Second Team All-State:

Nicole Caputo // Victoria Silvas Jeannett Cody Fallon Ellis // Juliana Rosolino Nicole Caputo


First Team All-District: Second Team All-District: Honorable Mention All-District: First Team All-State: Second Team All-State:


Anthony Collins // Delvin Dickerson // Cody Glenn // Tyler Guidry Vasquez Haynes // Saro Ntagha // Hasani Sumbry Johnavon Linton // Warren Muldrow 1st Team Anthony Collins // Delvin Dickerson Tyler Guidry Cody Glenn


First Team All-District: Second Team All-District: Honorable Mention - All-District:


Fallon Ellis // Amber Orrange // Brianna Turner // Rachael Strom // Ayramis Glenn Juliana Rosolino // Imani Smith Sylvana Okde Amber Orrange // Fallon Ellis // Brianna Turner Rachael Strom Ayramis Glenn


First Team All-District: Second Team All-District: Honorable Mention All-District: First Team All-State: Second Team All-State: Honorable Mention All-State:


Alexis Fuller // Austin Fuller // Alison Ondrusek // Cody Rowe


First Team All-District: Second Team All-District: Honorable Mention All-District: First Team All-State: Second Team All-State: Honorable Mention All-State:


Autumn Arnold // Tiffany Davis // Brianna Lynch // Juliana Rosolino Emma Hulsey Brianna Lynch Tiffany Davis Juliana Rosolino


State Meet Qualifiers:


Ryan Darby (OL) // Marcus Williams (RB) // Chase Kimble (WR) David Ojo (OL) // Ryan Berger (QB) // Andrew Smith (K) William Washington (DL) // Joshua Flowers (LB) // Gabe Simon (CB) Chase Kimble (DB) Chase Kimble (WR) // William Washington (DL) Marcus Williams (RB)

Cody Glenn // Keegan Sanford // Dillon Thomas Chris Lopez // Mike Davis // Andrew Dunlap // Darius Boykins Caulin Cragle // Louis Gonzalez // Michael Bonner // Stefan Crawford Cody Glenn Keegan Sanford // Dillon Thomas


Girl’s Team - Tournaments: Girl’s Individual - District: Girl’s Individual - Regional: Girl’s Individual - State:


District Tournament (1st) // Regional Tournament (2nd) // State Tournament (2nd) Audrey Redd (T2nd) // Jayln Kuykendall (T4th) // Alexis Fuller (T4th) // Christina Curtis (T7th) Audrey Redd (2nd) // Jalyn Kuykendall (8th) // Alexis Fuller (11th) // Christina Curtis (13th) Audrey Redd (4th) // Jalyn Kuykendall (8th) // Alexis Fuller (T14th) // Christina Curtis (17th)


District: William Washington (2nd Discus, 1st Shot Put) // Gabe Simon (2nd - High Jump) // Angela Dyson (2nd 800m) // Nicholas Hall (3rd - 1600m) Regional: William Washington (2nd Discus, 2nd Shot Put) // Gabe Simon, Vincent Turner, Johnavon Linton and Julius Mitchell (3rd 4x100 Relay) State: William Washington (1st Shot Put) 52

westbury christian School magazine



hall of fame

The student athletes listed below are individuals who distinguished themselves in athletics while attending WCS and went on to compete at the college or university level. The college or university listed indicates the institution where the athlete finished his or her collegiate athletic career. We apologize if anyone was overlooked.


Fallon Ellis ‘11 Iowa State University

Moses Reiner ‘86 Manhattan College

George Russell ‘06 McNesse State

Courtney Epps ‘07 Gardner Webb

Chris Rhodes ‘01 University of Mississippi

Correy Washington ‘06 Abilene Christian University

James Ewing ‘06 Hendrix College

Luis Rojas ‘07 ITESM - Monterrey, MEXICO

Danielle Farriel ‘03 Univ. of the Incarnate Word

Waltia Rolle ‘09 University of North Carolina

Michael Francois ‘06 Central Christian College

LaTonya Sam ‘97 Rice University

JJ Garrett ‘06 Universidad de Las Americas

Modesta Sanders, Jr. ‘90 Ohio Valley College

Brandon Greene ‘06 Univ. of Texas - Dallas

Nick Shepherd ‘10 California State - Long Beach

James Harris ‘96 Memphis State University

Shannon Spriggs ‘92 Univ. of Texas - Arlington

Brandon Hernandez ‘96 Hardin-Simmons University

Candace St. Julian ‘05 University of Texas -Tyler

Ugo Ihekweazu ‘03 Cornell University

Justin St. Julian ‘99 University of Texas – Dallas

Greg Arnold ‘91 Ohio Valley College

Andy Ikeakor ‘00 University of Houston

Chad Starret ‘92 Louisiana Christian College

Stanley Asumnu ‘01 University of Tennessee

Obi Ikeakor ‘05 University of New Orleans

Peter Stein ‘05 College of William & Mary

Marcin Cierniewski ‘98 Oklahoma Christian Univ.

Nikki Ikeakor ‘00 McNeese State

Hasani Sumbry ‘11 Univ. of the Incarnate Word

Jose Garcia ‘96 Oklahoma Christian Univ.

Roy Johnson ‘00 Univ. of Texas - Arlington

Miyuki Terry ‘99 Texas A&M – Corpus Christi

Richard Glenn ‘09 Harding University

Brandy Jones ‘97 Texas A&M

Julie Thayer ‘96 Chadron State University

Kyle Huckabee ‘09 Oklahoma Christian Univ.

Ian Maddison ‘04 Palm Beach Atlantic

Sonja Vuong ‘09 Faulkner University

Ashlei Huggins ‘03 Sterling College

Rafael “Lalo” Mancilla ‘07 ITESM - Monterrey, Mexico

Jason Walker ‘96 University of Texas – Dallas

Billy McGough ‘03 University of Texas – Tyler

Melvin McClay, Jr. ‘90 Goshen College

Tina Ybarra ‘01 Trinity University

Cody Moles ‘09 Schriener University

Mike Davis ‘11 Texarkana College Cody Glenn ‘11 Louisiana State University MLB - Toronto Blue Jays Chris Lopez ‘11 Texarkana College Keegan Sanford ‘11 University of Houston Dylan Thomas ‘11 Texas A&M MLB - Colorado Rockies


Trey Austin ‘97 University of Northern Iowa Josh Bailey ‘95 Lubbock Christian University Charles Baker ‘98 Binghamton University Jeremy Barr ‘05 Northwood University Matt Begley ‘00 Haverford College Tydus Bennet ‘90 Greenville College Jason Boeker ‘95 Texas A&M Darryl Bowles ‘96 Friends University Anthony Brancato ‘10 Lubbock Christian University


Josh Meadough ‘97 St. Gregory’s University Jakeveya Mitchell ‘09 Faulkner University Amber Murray ‘99 Blinn Junior College

Larry Carwell, Jr. ‘90 York College

Kavin Nauls ‘90 York College

Chris Caudle ‘01 Austin College

Saro Ntagha ‘11 Centenary College

Sean Coleman ‘05 University of Houston

Cami Olson ‘10 Colorado Christian University

Anthony Collins ‘11 University of South Florida

Charles “Rye” Olson, III ‘07 Colorado Christian University

Jarmon Durriseau Collins ‘01 University of West Virginia

Amber Orrange ‘11 Stanford University

Paul Connolly ‘03 Univ. of the Incarnate Word

Craig Merrill Parker ‘91 Abilene Christian University

Greg Crump ‘90 Houston Baptist University

Tony Phelon ‘91 Texas A&I

Leticia Cuellar ‘10 Faulkner University

Michael Pierson ‘00 Univ. of Texas - Arlington

David Dixon ‘97 University of Washington

Wendell Preadom ‘05 Houston Baptist University

Ndudi Ebi ‘03 University of Arizona NBA - Minnesota Timberwolves

Arturo Prieto ‘07 Universidad de Las Americas

westbury christian School magazine

GOLF Kelsey Haynie ‘10 McNeese State University

GYMNASTICS Paula Chang ‘97 University of California


SWIMMING Zach Brown ‘04 University of Evansville

TENNIS Daniel Chavez ‘07 Oklahoma Christian Univ. Alyssa Leyva ‘08 Houston Baptist University

TRACK Kassie Gurnell ‘10 Air Force Academy Jarrick Jack ‘10 Texas A&M - Commerce

VOLLEYBALL Kelly Spriggs ‘02 Baylor University

Blake Sadler ‘03 Texas Lutheran University

FIELD HOCKEY Betsy Kelly ‘11 Hendrix College

FOOTBALL Ope Amosu ‘06 Truman State Ashton Fontenot ‘10 Clark Atlanta University Harold Gordon ‘06 Greenville College Gerran Harris ‘11 Grand View University Ryan Hayes ‘00 Southwest Texas State Univ. Ryan Heughan ‘03 Sterling College Kelly Okorocha ‘06 McNesse State Kevin Perry ‘09 Univ. of Texas at El Paso

Karla Zelaya ‘03 Sterling College

SOFTBALL Kacie Fry ‘01 Alvin Community College Shonta Garr ‘85 Sam Houston State Univ. Ashlei Huggins ‘03 Sterling College Kelly Powers ‘01 Trinity University Gina Rosolino ‘10 Lubbock Christian University Shanna Rutherford ‘06 Howard Payne University Julie Thayer ‘96 Chadron State University Jessica Tumlinson ‘05 Faulkner University Karla Zelaya ‘03 Sterling College


wildcat athletics

go cats

Heisman & Heisman Charlie Ward poses for a photo with 2011 Heisman Trophy winner, Robert Griffin III of Baylor University. Coach Ward is invited to attend the annual Heisman Trophy selection ceremony, held in New York City each fall. Ward was recently selected to serve as an assistant Coach to the Under-19 USA National Football Team. He will direct the wide receivers in the 2012 International Bowl set for February 1, 2012, in Austin, TX.

Boy's Basketball Tournament in Hawaii “This trip turned out to be a perfect blend of athletic, academic, and spiritual experiences, in accordance with our 3-D philosophy of education. The guys had an opportunity to visit cultural and historical sites, and got to compete against some of the best schools in the country. We attended an evening church service on the beach in Waikiki, which provided a unique opportunity for team bonding and fellowship, in a beautiful setting. It was an amazing trip and I am so thankful for the experience!”

- Head Coach, Russell Carr “Hawaii was amazing! My favorite place was Pearl Harbor. The scenery was breathtaking, and we got an up-close view and account of the historic events that took place there.”

- Paul Chevis, 12th grade “The Pipe Line on the North Shore was really cool to see, but my favorite thing about the trip was bonding with my teammates. We’re like a family, and it was awesome to experience such amazing things together!”

- Zach Freeman, 12th grade


westbury christian School magazine



April 16, 2012 THE LAKES at WILDCAT GOLF CLUB Updates and Information: As the largest fundraising effort of the Westbury Christian School Athletic Association, the annual Wildcat Golf Tournament provides a tremendous benefit to the student athletic program. There are a variety of ways that you can join us in making this a successful tournament!

FOUR PLAYER SCRAMBLE SHOTGUN START Refreshments/Chick-fil-A Lunch/Wildcat Burger Buffet Dinner Included












Some of the 2011 Wildcat Tournament Participants


12000 Almeda Rd., Houston 77045 . 713-413-3400 The Wildcat Golf Club is a non-metal spike facility.


westbury christian school magazine


As a reward for selling more than $300 in the first phase of the 2011 magazine sale fundraiser, 5th grade student Jack Beach was the first of seven students to serve Middle School Principal, Casey Farris, a pie in the face during lunch. Shoot the QR code to see the photos in sequence.

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westbury christian School magazine


School Magazine 2011-2012  

Westbury Christian School Magazine - The Secret We Can't Wait to Shout. Highlights of our "Three Dimensional" approach to Christian educatio...

School Magazine 2011-2012  

Westbury Christian School Magazine - The Secret We Can't Wait to Shout. Highlights of our "Three Dimensional" approach to Christian educatio...