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Winter 2011 Vol. 4 Issue 4

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Erica Taguchi

Defines the spectrum

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Dwayne Adams Erica Taguchi Enrico Morales Elon Meles - Ashley Lombardo - Brian Breslaw, Ashley Lombardo, Matt Beck, Seth Schere, Elon Meles, Karen Reinstatler, Amanda Linton, Nancy Brown, Beatriz Barlow, Jill Slaughter, Ghost Writer Dwayne Adams - Creative Director: Graphic Designers: Luis Samaniego, Rob Smith, Jonathan Zorrilla Julio Salvat - Web Designer: Kris Starry, Elon Meles, Allisha Goncalves Photographers: Vaughn Reynolds - Event Coordinator: Concert Promotion: Felipe Goncalves - Alexandra Aloia, Bethany Lee Auchter Proofreaders: Michele Barenfeld - Research: Holly Metzger - Account Executive: Videography: Official WeMerge DJ: DJ Stevie D - Official Food Truck: PS561 - Justin Rotkowitz - Custom Fonts:

12 Ben Morey

Those Entering Are Expecting To Be Changed

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Win Lose or Die

30 Hair On Fire Taking Florida By Style

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36 Marcelo Doldoce

Water + Color = the liquid fuel of all vibrant beauty

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40 Joseph baca Bio Mechanical Impressionism

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Erica Taguchi

from the Publisher W

inter is upon us again! You can now break out the 3 jackets you own and proceed to the nearest art show. Because if an art show is what you’re looking for...South Florida has something for everyone, no matter what city you live in. But don’t take my word for it, just keep reading. This issue is filled with artwork from a variety of different artists. We like to call it our Art Basel issue. So we tried to showcase as many different artists as possible. Bringing you more eye catching artwork and giving more artists the exposure they most certainly deserve. We have been very busy here in the office as well. Restructuring the magazine and getting everyone comfortable in their positions. Publishing a magazine is a tough business, but if it wasn’t, everyone would be doing it. Right? We don’t publish the magazine to make money; we make money to publish more magazines. To bring more exposure to the arts, because this is what we love to do. Our magazine gives exposure to a variety of different artists. We help to bring photographers to new models, painters to new walls and events, musicians to new venues and contacts, all the while printing a quality magazine bring the most current art to your fingertips. We don’t just let it all roll by in a weekly manner. We make sure everyone knows about our artists and the work they have put into their passion before we publish a new issue. We want to make sure the word is out there and everyone gets a copy. In this issue we decided to give something back for the holidays. In the center fold there is a free 11x17 poster which can be taken out and collected. We thought it might be a nice gift to our readers. Also showcasing the amazing work of our local artists. On a side note I would like to express the importance of family. However you describe your family, keep them close. I can’t express enough the need to have others in your life. Kiss them, hug them, love them, for they could be gone at any moment. Make sure to take advantage of every day to let them know. Finally I would like to give special thanks and let everyone know about our amazing staff. I personally feel that each issue they have grown more and more and that I need to express this to everyone reading our amazing magazine, which would not be possible without these people. You are the core of this operation and I thank you for that. Without further ado, I present to you the wonderful world of WeMerge Magazine and hope you enjoy your visit. “Support the scene, or there will be no scene to support.” Thanks,

Dwayne Adams President/Publisher WeMerge Magazine 4


We Can’t Change the World, but We Can Change Our Ways

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Erica Taguchi L

ittle is known before she arrived in the new world. Like most adventurers, she’s modest in recalling her tales. Some regale her heroic excerpts, others the dedication to a mystical craft, but all engage her name: Erika, A bloom from the rugged mountains of Japan – altitudes that will not suffer folly. Right, wrong, dark and light are sharply defined in her art – in her very DNA. Some credit this to an ancestral association with a king named Arthur – other’s the love of a determined mother. Regardless of this source of divination – clarity defines the spectrum that appears in all of her work.

Erika was born of one culture, and traveled through many. She’s not the first to challenge collective thinking – but she is the first to harness this single, unbridled imagination – exercised daily to allow the beasts, beauties, fears and love of life surround us each day. Erika is a steward of the known and unknown desires in all of us. Having refined her craft many years after graduating from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Erika works full-time from her Delray Beach, Florida studio under the direct supervision of her Bassett Hound, German Shepherd, and loving husband. t

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LULA Lake Worth Arts is a vibrant arts community that is transforming downtown Lake Worth into an art and culture destination. The Lake Worth CRA will be building over 12 artist live/work townhomes in this unique neighborhood. Visit today to discover why so many people have chosen to call LULA Lake Worth Arts District home! For more information contact or visit our website

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“Rx” - 2010 Digital website, LEDs, motion sensor, nail polish and enamel on air-dry clay, wood, found objects, audio soundtrack

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Those Entering Are Expecting To Be Changed G

rowing up amongst Disney automatons and retirement communities in sun-bleached, colordrenched South Florida left an impermeable appreciation for the absurd in Ben Morey. It was this false-paradise, doubling as a tropical oasis of pleasure and a final destination for the elderly, that would drive him to create reflections of illogicality in an ever expanding spectrum of traditional and non-traditional media.

Information about “Rx”


clinic is a space in which those entering are expecting to be changed in some way, leaving treated or cured by the forces inside. In the scenario generated by Rx participants are asked to inhabit both the role of the doctor and the patient in order for this transformation to occur. Whether the installation is moved through sequentially or investigated at will, its initial intention is to inspire a state of child-like play and imagination-based exploration within the space. Under its sugarcoated surface, Rx attempts to discuss darker matters concerning selfmedication, coping mechanisms and the consequences of excess escapism. By essentially playing doctor, signing in to the clinic log and performing a randomized procedure on “the patient”, participants are asked to “cure”

various incurable realities of adult life with the provided arsenal of fluorescent, toy-like items. These medical tools, substances and objects, which visitors are encouraged to interact with, all either represent or facilitate common means of self-medication, from benign distractions to potentially destructive “quick-fixes”. The experience facilitated by the installation is ultimately intended to inspire those within to reflect upon their personal methods of self-medication. What we ingest and the habits in which we become lost in order to divert ourselves from our trials and tribulations can become destructive cycles. And, over the course of the exhibition, as the installation is altered by each new “doctor”, this cautionary point is meant to be illustrated in all its absurdity. t

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by Karen Reinstatler ~

intage and Retro items are so near and dear to us, and inspire many independent designers to recreate and reconstruct the early eras. The ever-developing world of fashion is full of dynamism, change and a constant flurry of action, and Indie clothing draws on people’s love for being unique and totally different. Style is the way you express your individuality & uniqueness and your freedom to mix & match. Your wardrobe may consist of a special Vintage item, that one of a kind upcycled handbag


from the Indie Craft Show, and your favorite mini mod dress purchased on sale at your local small shop. Embracing your own sense of style, the non-mainstream mentality gives value to your independent thinking. We find it wonderful and awe-inspiring that there really are people out there making so many things that we can choose to buy instead of something mass-produced. Whether you buy new, handmade items, or something upcycled, recycled or repurposed, you are doing the planet a favor, and helping to support an artisan. What could be better than that?

Reasons to Shop Small

Shops & Buy Handmade:

1. You make 2 people happy (buyer and seller). 2. Boost creativity: everyone loves to see and have handmade items around! It makes people feel special! It inspires! 3. Customized items: how many times do you like something someone is wearing and then you go to H&M and notice it was bought there?...and then, everyone is wearing it and they all look the same. With handmade items you can be sure THIS will never happen! 4. Builds a higher appreciation for things that are made with quality, devotion, time, and care. 5. Rewards creative thinking, entrepreneurship, and craftsmanship. 6. Inspires collaborations that progressively build upon interesting ideas and products. 7. Celebrates the inherent variety in handmade goods that allows the

buyer to more accurately express their own style and personality. 8. You are not just buying an item, you are buying a piece of the artist. You are supporting the love, sweat, tears, future, family, confidence, mind, body and soul of that person. 9. You are not just a customer, you are a supporter, a fan, a collector of art. 10. A person who shops locally, often known as a “locavore,” helps to sustain not only the environment, but also the economy. Buying locally not only supports your community, but also reduces the amount of carbon emissions and pollution because goods do not need to be transported across wide areas and consumers do not need to travel as far to obtain their items. Consider becoming a locavore. As a conscious consumer you will live a more sustainable life and help your community grow.

Pink Slip Threads is rooted from handmade. Opening up shop 3 yrs ago, full of inspiration for fashion, vintage & art. Encouraging and supporting local artists and crafters helps build the industry and scene that we live & crave in. Inspire & Be inspired, together we can make dreams come true. t

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ant to build self-confidence, enhance your talents and take your music career to the next level?! Fonda Cash is the person to help you do all of that and more. Once you become a student of Fonda Cash’s and are ready to perform live you can be a part of the Fonda Cash’s Teens Who Rock Show where you will be showcased in front of live audiences and get the experience of performing on a stage. For more advanced students who are ready to be shopped for a major record deal she offers song writing lessons, studio recording sessions, music videos, EPK’s and more. Fonda has won several song competitions for her song writing and performances. Her music is getting radio airplay globally and she has placed in the Top 10 on numerous music charts worldwide. Fonda’s latest accomplishment is her new music video entitled, GOODBYE which was written by Fonda Cash and Todd Deason, filmed and directed by Dream House Studios. You can view it on You Tube at To find all the latest info on Fonda and her talented artists visit,,,, 561-308-9406 “Fonda Cash has a commitment to her craft and to teaching it to her students that is worth a standing ovation. The world needs more people like her, a one woman army fighting the good fight for the future of music. “ - Renda Writer, Poet / Promoter /Arts Activist / WeMerge Magazine (Jul 30, 2011) “I’ve never seen any vocalist own the stage like Fonda Cash. With the dynamic blend of a sensual voice and a confident attitude, her presence is mesmerizing. As much a treat for the eyes as the ears, Fonda is “vocal fireworks.” Joel Lee, Strategic Marketing” - Joel Lee, Strategic Marketing (Jul 29, 2011)


lyssa Marie is six years old and has loved to sing since the age of two. She is the youngest student at Fonda Cash Music and making great progress already. She likes all types of music but her favorite genres are country and pop. She enjoys singing a variety of songs from Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and many more. In addition to singing, Alyssa is taking piano lessons. Alyssa loves to read, play soccer and she enjoys spending time with her mom and dad fishing, playing baseball and hitting golf balls. If you ask Alyssa Marie what she wants to be when she grows up, she will tell you that she wants to be a singer and a sheriff. For more info on Alyssa Marie please visit or

FONDA CASH MUSIC Artist Development & Management Specializing in guitar, piano, vocal & performance training


elinda Elena is a talented and soulful 18-year-old singer/ songwriter, from Wellington, Florida, currently being managed by Fonda Cash. Melinda knows exactly what she wants out of life. She has one main focus and that is to become the world’s next biggest music sensation! Since the early age of three, she’s been singing, performing, acting and studying music and is now ready to take her career to the next level. Recently, she recorded a five song demo CD and has put together a sponsor and investment packet. With this, she hopes to raise funds which will enable her to record original music and have her own music video produced. Melinda Elena is looking for band members between 17 and 33 years of age to form an original band project that will tour the US and perform locally. She is available for hire to perform at weddings, clubs, concerts and special events. Please contact Fonda Cash at 561-308-9406 if you are interested in auditioning for Melinda’s band, booking or sponsoring this artist. For more info visit:, or


ictoria Rose is a 9 year old singer, dancer & performer. She is an honor student who attends The King’s Academy in West Palm Beach, Florida and is currently being developed by Fonda Cash. Being a company member of Fame Dance and Performing Arts as well as Fonda Cash Music, Victoria performs at a variety of venues throughout Florida and has earned the following through her hard work and dedication to the performing arts: 1st place for Title Young Miss Access Broadway Nationals 2010 Orlando, Florida and 1st place for Title Young Miss Access Broadway Regionals 2011 Orlando, Florida. Victoria Rose is also a platinum award winning tap soloist and the current Regional Soloist Title Winner 2011 for Sophisticated Productions, Miami, FL. She has an amazing voice, incredible stage presence and is progressing at a great rate. If you’d like to have Victoria Rose perform at your charity, fundraiser or special event please contact Julie Hockton at 561-756-1678. For more info visit

Support the Scene or There Will Be No Scene To Support 15 WeMerge Magazine “Fonda Cash Music- proudly sponsored by Air One Air Soultions Inc. and JC Western Wear Supply” 15


roject Audio Inc. is here to provide our clients with unparalleled service. We utilize our team’s professional background and experience in the audio industry to always produce projects of superior quality. We strive to be the only company that serious professionals come to when they need the highest quality audio work.



954-675-2435 954-773-9895

Pro Tools HD 3 Apogee Converters Universal Audio Solid State Logic Tube Tech

Logic Pro Reason Genelecs ns10’s Etc.

Recording Mixing Mastering Pre Production Post Production 5.1 Surround Mixing Audio Transfers Jingles Commercials Voiceovers Sound to Picture

Live Sound On Site Recording Studio Design Studio Tech Support Freelance Engineering DJ’s & Events Sound FX Music Production Engineering lessons 16 Support the Scene or There Will Be No Scene To Support

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n artist’s signature is often defined in several different ways. It can either be a name, a mark or an indiscernable scribble or a way of setting an image in a familiar fashion, recognizable to their audience. My signature lies in my brush stroke. Applying paint on canvas can speak volumes without ever saying a word. The art of capturing an idea and transforming it to a visual plane has always pushed my thought process. Sometimes the idea or message is more important than the finished product. The inner workings of the mind can truly represent an artist and define them. My name is Gina Bentivegna, and for my entire life I have pursued my passion for creating works of art. Before I was able to read, my parents enrolled me in art classes at a church near my home in New Jersey. My early love for art was instantly appreciated and fully supported by my parents. As a daughter in a family supported by a working musician father, my creativity and artistic vision was gently nurtured and encouraged. In the third grade I enrolled in a school for the arts in New York State. I learned how to mix paint and hold a brush properly; important lessons I would never forget. I followed my dream South to Florida Atlantic University, where I pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Here I learned that in order for my work to reach the next level, it was going to take long hours in the studio, sometimes late into the early morning hours. Deadlines, harsh critiques, and satisfaction of my dedication paying off, helped drive my art into what it has become today. I left my fear of what anyone might think at the door. I toughened my skin to deter any negative feedback, because frankly, this is what I love, and negative opinions no longer mattered to me. My body of work really reflects my deepest thoughts, desires, dreams, and ideas. I love to play on contrasting elements such as dark imagery with bright color pallets, or an iconic subject matter with a signature twist. Love, death, lust, despair, and anger are common themes I tend to play with throughout my work. Often times the obvious is simply a metaphor. You should not look at deconstructing an image as making a mistake. It is simply a reminder that nothing is perfect. An attachment to a finished product is not important. Being able to step away from an image and understand the meaning is much more powerful. The common drip application of paint in my pieces reflects the need to detach the viewer from the commonplace and norms of how we view art. Anyone can study the masters and regurgitate a replica of some famous work, but what’s the fun in that? I believe that as an artist, it is imperative to push the art world any chance you get. And that is my goal. t

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The Who’s Next Gallery

Vote for Your Favorite

David Alan Sincavage - The Rape Of Lily White Jorge Heilpern - Young Admiral

Lucia Garcia - Hansel & Gretel

Dino Max Russo -

Scott White - Grrr

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WeMerge WeMergeMagazine


ere, in the “Who’s Next Gallery,” we provide you with some samples from artists we are considering for the next issue. We invite you to email us and tell us which artist’s work you like best. The winner gets a free 2-page spread in the following issue. Email us your vote today! t

- What Time Is It

Randy Captain Guerra-Soul Unsafe Danielle Artness - Reginald

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Same as it Always Was

n Judaism when a young girl turns thirteen she becomes responsible for her actions, and invites friends and family to a ceremony to watch her step into womanhood. As a native Floridian, a woman long since admired in the community, Art Enthusiast Myra Wexler, a-k-a yo Momma gathered with colleagues and friends at Wynwood Kitchen/ Bar for her invitational Musing with Myra. With the same enthusiasm of a teenager addressing an audience from the bema (as is customary at a bat mitzvah ceremony), Myra shared how her own ceremony to initiate womanhood was aborted by a family tragedy so many decades earlier. Myra’s annual “Musing” which first began in 2009 as “Jammin at Joey’s”, speaks to how gratified she is to witness the renaissance of a neighborhood, once home to factories and the pungent smells of immigrant lunches. With an audience of associates, colleagues and friends, instead of a family clan eagerly waiting to slip checks to her in honor of a birthday, Myra did what she does best, and brought people together to exchange information and ideas. Jane Hart – Curator of Exhibitions at Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, and childhood friend of yo Momma, shared her belief that collaboration is what drives her, between institutions and community, and/ or community and the artist. As the featured speaker Ms. Hart outlined her approach to curating. If Jane likes it she will share it; she will preach the gospel for it. Her curatorial efforts have showcased some of the most original and thought provoking exhibitions in South Florida, resulting in shows of the “highest standards of artistry and diversity.” Instead of a choice of entrée, followed by a Viennese table of desserts, guests munched on delicate appetizers and were introduced by Myra saying, “Welcome friends. What should I say about you darling?” She went on to introduce Executive Director of PechaKucha, Carl Hildebrand, author Summer Hill Seven; New Media Art Dealer, Darren Kart, Founder/Creative Director of Miami’s Independent Thinkers, Kerry McLaney, Artist/ Filmmaker Jah-LINX; Artist-Thinker ImaTMNK, and among many others, painters Ernesto Kunde and Michael Enns. With the Wynwood Art District now home to seventy galleries and known internationally, Myra Wexler’s raison d’être continues to be bringing people together, just as she did as a child on the Miami Miracle Mile when she gathered her posse at Howard Johnson’s to dish the dirt. While her assemblage of cohorts probably doesn’t spend Saturdays face down in a sundae anymore, we all still want to hang out with Myra to find out what’s going on. If you haven’t ever been to “Musing”, friend Myra on Face Book to RSVP and come, where she will ask you, “What should I say about you darling?”

Jill Slaughter Always Candid. Always truthful. Sometimes funny. Third Wednesday of every month through May. 6:00p.m-9:00p.m. Wynwood Kitchen/ Bar. 24 Support the Scene or There Will Be No Scene To Support

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How To Make Enemies and Irritate People


By: Brian Breslaw

ver go through your closet and find that “clubbin” shirt from 2003 and thought, “I can’t believe I ever wore this?!?” Yep, you sure did. EVERYBODY’S 2003 wardrobe was wack’d. Follow along and let’s push the clock forward saaaaay seven years. Now look at your arms, back, legs, ears, chest, etc. What the fuck are you gonna do about those tattoos?!?!’re all screwed. Now, unlike that $75 club shirt you bought in ‘03 from the stupid hot girl at Buckle, you can’t just drop those tats off at Goodwill. Nope, those be forever mon! How awesome is it going to be to see people in 20 years wallow in regret about how they destroyed their bodies? And it’s not just the metalheads or guys in the navy like the days of ‘’s EVERYBODY!! What have you done!! And really, it’s only been like 10 years since this trend really started to strike under every roof, and already it’s like, “haha, nice tribal bro....haha, dumbass.” Some of the “artwork” people have chosen to engrave into their skin gets more and more ridiculous. It started with a simple dolphin, butterfly, lion, tiger, or bear... and now it’s like, “I’m gonna put an entire African Rainforest on my back, and I’m gonna show the evolution of man going down my arms, and I’m gonna put a portrait of my grandma on my calf.” Yep, you should definitely do that. Oh and don’t forget to stretch your earlobes out far enough that in ten years your kids can play peek-a-boo through them. If you are following these trends, and listening to Iron and Wine, and drinking Pabst Blue are no longer “indie”. You are trendy. People change and trends die. This generation was struck with a trend that their skin will never let them forget. Imagine if black people could never ditch the afros they grew in the 70’s and white people were stuck with their caeser hair cuts of the 90’s. Do you get my point? And the only thing stupider than getting a tattoo is trying to have it removed. Good luck with your “Everlasting Jobstoppers”.

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WeMergeMusic WeMergeMusic


in, Lose or Die” is all about important life decisions. “No matter the outcome you have to keep moving forward... by any means necessary.” The self proclaimed “Voltron of Hip-Hop Fusion Funk” draws from each of their distinct backgrounds and experiences, always doing it with the sun soaked Miami flavor of their current home base here in South Florida. From their first show back in December of 2007 to their incredible Debut Album Release Party November 18th at Caffeina Wynwood to their upcoming shows December 9th at ArtWalk and December 11th at the Miami Marathon, Dangerflow ignites and excites the crowd like no other act in South Florida today. There sound captures the ear of every generation, with children and grandparents alike, sharing the uplifting melodies and inspirational lyrics they create and convey to the masses. Led by both a conscious wordsmith in Angel

Ocean and soulful vocalist in Eric “E” Stinnett, the danceable sound doesn’t come without substance. Their melodic flows are strongly supported by the funk laden beats and rhythms provided by the gifted Kevin Callo on guitar, Nate Stanford banging expertly on his bass and Mo “Money” Estrada pulling out all the stops in the percussion section. They are all experts at absorbing the culture that surrounds them and are tapped into the pulse of Miami’s music scene. Their very impressive resume of show stops includes some of Miami’s hottest live music venues such as Caffeina, The Stage, Eve, The Clevelander, Transit Lounge, Bardot and their resident gig at Jazid every Monday. Dangerflow is also the official band of the Miami Heat! With the home team a perfect 8-0 when they rock during the pre-game and halftime festivities, they have become a favorite of the players as well as the throngs of fans that take in the games and festivities. Along with creating the song and video

26 Support the Scene or There Will Be No Scene To Support

“Lights Out” that plays during Heat games and on Heat TV, the have been a staple at various other events such as the Annual Family Fest where Lebron James and Udonis Haslem sat in as their rhythm section. After 7 months of unrelenting hard work and practice, this November they released their fulllength album debut, ‘Win, Lose Or Die.’ The album features stellar songwriting & production from a myriad hit-makers such as Miami Beat Wave, Low Key and Jae Durr, whose credit lists include names like Outkast’s Dungeon Family, Ludacris, Dead Prez’s M1, P.Diddy & Rick Ross. “The comfort level that comes with working with such passionate professionals, makes creating our music together such a fulfilling endeavor.” Fans can download the album from iTunes, & other digital outlets. Download the single The Crown for free at For more info visit t

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Classical Explosion No one is doing what we’re doing.

Chug wine to iconic composers.

Learn more at

arts garage

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Hobbit skate Park 1st Annual

skate Jam 505 SE 5th Ave

in Delray Beach has been an extra-curricular destination for the Community’s youth for over 50 years. Formerly the Delray Women’s Club, now the 505 Teen Center, it has provided a safe facility open to all community teens, for recreation and fun, while at the same time helping them develop a positive self-image, enthusiastic attitude, greater self-awareness, and constructive peer interaction. The mission of the “505” Teen Center is to make a difference in the life of each child and the youth of today. Hobbit Skate Park is a 10,000 square foot fenced in park including half-pipe, quarter pipe, fun box, grind rails and more. On December 20, 2008, the “505”Teen Center’s Skate Park was named after one of the center’s Recreation Supervisors, Jason “Hobbit” Weinstein, who passed away on September 5, 2008. Jason worked hard and built the Skate Park up to what it is today. He taught the skaters the importance of wearing the safety gear as well as gave them tips and tricks to improve their skating. His love and dedication to the skate park and teens will be

greatly missed and he will forever be in our hearts. Schtank Skateboards, Ozone Clothing, Stoner’s Skateboards, Nomad Surf Shop, Flipside Skate Shop, Peter Glenn and Red Bull joined forces with the 505 Teen Center to put Hobbit Skate Park on the map as a top skate competition destination, at least for one cool and cloudy afternoon in Delray. The First Annual Hobbit Park Skate Jam brought skaters from ages 5 to 17 to put their skills to the test for great swag and top-notch board gear from the gracious sponsors. Competitors were split into groups based on experience; beginner, intermediate and advanced, so everybody had an equal chance to shine. A Nose Manual and Best Trick contest finished off the afternoon’s festivities with a pair of teens taking home the gold. Overall it was a great day at the park. The skaters got to strut their stuff for family, friends and the serious skate fans in attendance, and nobody went home empty-handed. While the

28 28 Support the Scene or There Will Be No Scene To Support

winners did get the major spoils with almost a dozen brand new decks doled out to the top spots, tournament emcee and organizer Christian Smith made sure that nobody was left out. Most of the skaters stuck around to put some more miles on their decks, but those who left, went out with a smile. The 505 Teen Center and Hobbit Skate Park sets a shining example of how a recreation program and community center should be run. The next event at Hobbit Skate Park is on Friday, December 16th @ 6pm. For more on this funfilled evening and more exciting and community supported events, please find them on Facebook @ 505 Teen Center & Hobbit Skate Park or search “505” @ They will be having Winter skate camps as well as full-time instructional programs over the Summer so please contact them to reserve your spot. t

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air on Fire is really heating up! Now with TWO convenient locations to fulfill all of your haircare and personal styling needs, their classy and sexy designer cuts and dazzling color services are even more accessible and as always, extremely affordable. Their 100% organic coloring and certified Keratin treatments performed by their expertly trained and extremely accommodating staff of stylists and color experts, together with your valuable input, will help you fulfill your every hair care and style desire. You will be pampered and pleased and go home completely satisfied and looking HOT! Whether its a party at home with family and friends or a New Year’s Eve extravaganza out on the town, the holiday season is just around the corner. So let HAIR ON FIRE wow you with their sophistication and flair and help you heat up the Winter months in style! Walk-ins welcome 7 days a week or call us today for an appointment or consultation. t


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Here is a list of hair dressers at each salon location. Boca Salon: Stephanie, Karen, Jill, Kim, Gen, Blanca, Erica, and Amanda - Margate Salon: Joanne, Debbie, Rachel, Nona, & Linda - Special thanks to Gari and Nanette. You’re the best.

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Daldoce WATER & COLOR. At the age of 17, Marcelo discovered the two elements, that when combined in just the right ways, would guide the flow of life for me.

WATER + COLOR = the liquid fuel of all vibrant beauty. WATERCOLOR: “the river that cascades from within onto my ever-evolving palette, changing as I change, growing as I grow, becoming art as I become an artist.” Water gives life, and life revolves around that source. 75 percent of our brain, 70 percent of our body, 70 percent of our planet. Sustenance, cleansing, electricity. Water’s power, however, can sometimes be tempered by sheer force. A perfect wave or an overwhelming tsunami. Wild whitewater or a raging flood. Water is beyond our control, existing on it’s own terms, bodies of energy inspired by moods both internal and external. When painting with watercolor, Marcelo controls very little of the process. Most of it is accidental, and tries his best to guide the spots and gradients into a cohesive image. Marcelo has learned that in order to express himself he must allow the water to do the same.

Together, they work to reveal beauty. “As the tides of my life ebb and flow, I ride the winds in any direction, discovering new courses to follow on this voyage. I transfer the fluidity of my watercolor technique to other mediums such as acrylic and oil. The paint is my compass; I go where it leads me. I started learning to paint when I was 16 and dropped out of school 3 years later. I stayed home to paint by myself. A year afterwards I applied to an art school called Núcleo de Arte. I didn’t just study , I also lived there for a year. Then I interned in a design studio and an illustration studio for 12 months, and after that I started working at an ad agencies in Brazil. I stayed there 4 years. During 6 years I worked at my own illustration studio MACACOLÂNDIA with three partners. Today I’m living and painting in Miami Beach.” - Marcelo Daldoce t

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Recently Planted Roots


Words by: Beatriz Barlow

outheast Florida has fast become a fertile ground for local artists looking to leave their mark, but even further proof of the growth and sustainability of our art scene is the influx of new talent. Brandon Paul, better known as BPaul in some circles, recently planted roots in Fort Lauderdale following a nomadic period, adding to the tropical foliage of our art community. “I’ve made a tight knit family here. I grew up on the island of Guam so South Florida’s weather, access to the beach and tropical surroundings make me feel right at home,” BPaul said from his artist nook in Victoria Park. “Also, the ability to network and become a part of the budding SoFla art scene is pretty fucking awesome.” BPaul has been painting since childhood, but the public first began enjoying his craft when he started painting live on stage, first with his Hip Hop act Elevated Poets, and then touring with jamtronic band The Malah. Since settling in the 954, BPaul has been featured in the Miami-filmed and produced Charlie’s Angels TV show, painted live at the Roots Live at 7th Circuit Productions in Miami and showcased a zombie art series at The Arts Garage in Delray Beach. BPaul also chose South Florida as the hottest spot to launch his new clothing line, 2611 Clothing, created in collaboration with girlfriend Niko. “It just fell into place. It’s like we had to do it, you know?” He said of the new venture. “It’s like...serendipitous, man. And it’s a perfect way to spread Niko’s craft, my art and a message without restrictions. Maybe as we grow larger as a company this can be our mark, our way of showing we can produce things without the help of the corporate world and bring back that sense of community that’s been stolen from the art world.” t

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DJ FASE 1 By: Ashley Lombardo

lthough we still remember rock, and we’ll never stop with Rap, there is a new genre of music that’s also captivated today’s youth. Giovanni ‘Fase1’ Pina, spins House: a type of electronic dance music that has been popular since the 1990s. Transitioning from an underground subculture to common radio mixes, House music is taking over and linking those who want to experience good music, and share in Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect (PLUR). Fase1 was introduced to EDM (electronic dance music) early in his life by an uncle who also aspired to be a DJ. “Instantly it caught my attention way more then the stuff I was hearing all around me. I remember being 9 years old, listening to artist like Darude and Tiesto.” The reasoning behind the name Fase1 is clever and apparent. Playing at nightclubs such as Cinema, Mekka, Nocturnal, Club Boca, and X-it are small steps to what Giovanni sees in the future. This is just the beginning, Phase One. He modestly aspires to one day be able to travel and produce more of his original tracks. Fame is not the goal, it is only to share the music. Having played in Las Vegas this past New Years Eve, and with shows booked in Georgia and Alabama, his dream of travel is slowly becoming a reality. But it has not been an easy journey. Fase1 demands variation in his music, he needs to constantly find new and interesting samples to incorporate into his mixes, a concoction of the well-known and underground bootlegs. Utilizing rock as well as hip hop, he favors combining two beats to have both songs playing in sync, without the crowd noticing the mix, which he prefers over the general fade in and out method. “I think it’s boring and cheating the crowd out of a good show.” Describing his sound as energetic and positive, he spins multiple subgenres such as tech house, progressive house, electro house, and Dutch house that many don’t know even exist. He gathers inspiration from many top House DJs, such as Kaskade, Nicky Romero, Hardwell, Alesso, Avicii and Porter Robinson. Having the privilege of spinning on the same stage as some of these greats, Fase1’s most memorable experience was at Club Cinema, looking out into a crowd of over a thousand people, reflecting that “It’s an incredible feeling to know your the reason everyone is having a good time.” Giovanni ‘Fase1’ Pina has not yet released an EP, but is soon putting out a full-length mix CD. Very down to Earth and against the conceited, he is just another House lover. He appreciates those who listen to the mixes and come out to the events, where he say “Connecting with fans and other music lovers is the most important thing.” Learn more about Giovanni ‘Fase1’ Pina and his upcoming events Be sure to check out or, where you can listen to or download free mixes. t

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Evan Sheres S

inger and songwriter Evan Sheres’ rhythm driven music plays like a blend of John Mayer’s acoustic roots and Maroon 5’s affinity for funk. Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, his musical identity took shape in the Fall of 2007, during a six-month stay in Strasbourg, France. With his home a continent away, Evan began writing songs after purchasing a guitar from a local arts festival. From that moment on, his writing and guitar skills grew exponentially with the European lifestyle as an inspirational backdrop. Upon returning home to Montreal, Evan spent three years playing in an acoustic cover band, The Generator Joels, while finishing his undergraduate degree. Finally, in the fall of 2010, he moved to Fort Lauderdale to attend law school, marking a return to his solo roots. The duality of being an ambitious law student and aspiring musician has led to a unique lyrical pragmatism that reflects in his succinct yet soulful storytelling. Since his arrival, Evan Sheres has become a staple of the South Florida indie scene, playing gigs ranging from Davie’s Stage 84 to the Miami Art District’s Bardot, and lending his talents to local charitable fundraisers such as “Transformations 2011.” He is releasing a new EP “Italy” on December 1st, produced by Jason K. at Daydream Studios. You can check Evan out at sheresmusic, on twitter as “@evansheres” and live at Bardot in Miami, on January 25th. t

Evan Sheres is a law student at Nova Southeastern University WeMerge Magazine -

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io-mechanical impressionism is a form of painting or sketching, in ink or digitally, which produces asymmetric structures and symbols that suggests more than it actually illustrates. I started painting in oils and acrylics roughly 15 years ago and began my life in the South Florida art world with the encouragement and brotherhood of two prolific artists, Emilio Remior and Esteban Corbo. We all met on MySpace, and together created Against Galleries: a certifiable guerrilla operation that consisted of setting up multiple large white boards sporting our work across Wynwood during the Artwalks in the summer of 2007. The positive response helped launch both Smoke Gallery and The Hyve Gallery. The Hyve was a wonderful experiment and solidified my involvement in the South Florida art scene. One of my fondest memories was of the 2007 Basel after-party at The Hyve where my work received the highest of praise! In my admittedly small and egocentric universe, this was a huge deal. All of those people who shared such a strong passion and appreciation for art, went out of their way to let me know that they appreciated me as an artist as well. Running an art gallery is a hectic yet passionately rewarding dream come true. Encasing myself in the gallery forced me to paint constantly, a wonderful affliction I still have to this day, despite being a full-time biologist for an environmental consultant agency. After I left the Hyve I fell in love. Then out of love, then way back into love again. During this time I painted less, but balanced it out by beginning to paint live at events and body painting models with fellow artist Nicholas Romero. Romero and I ran a genuine art and party house, Der Haus, in which I created

my most recent work and finally solidified my confidence. Today I paint with the support and in support of Grey Area Gallery in Wynwood. I am continuously producing new work there, including murals and some special pieces for Art Basel. The gallery is run by a very passionate group of talented young artists, musicians, and

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models and I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with them towards the common goal of sharing our artistic expression with the masses. I also often paint live at various dubstep shows and events, including canvas, murals and body painting. Keep an eye out for upcoming events at Grey Area, and the monthly Artwalks and Basel. t

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Chris Riccardo

fter receiving his BFA in sculpture from the College of FIne Arts at Boston University in 1990, Chris Riccardo returned home to start work at a local bronze casting foundry, with the idea of learning the bronze casting process while continuing to concentrate on my own sculpture. It did not take long to realize that bronze casting was not your typical 9 to 5 and the long hours and difficult labor made it harder for me to concentrate on my own work. In 1995 Chris opened my own commercial bronze casting foundry, RDK Studios in WPB, FL again with the idea of casting bronze for others so that he could afford to cast his own work. Over the next three years as the foundry began to grow, his sculpting became less of his own and more for his customers. It became apparent that Chris would

never have the time to concentrate on his own work as long as he was casting and sculpting for others. In 1998 Chris was asked to teach figurative sculpture at the Armory Art Center in WPB. Shortly after he decided to sell his foundry, and began to teach and concentrate on his own work. After teaching for a few years he was named Director of the Sculpture Department. Chris set up a small foundry at the Armory and he began teaching the fine art of bronze casting. It was during that time that Chris was finally able to concentrate on his own work. Chris has dealt mainly with the figure his entire career and it is his true passion. The majority of his work has been in bronze. In 2002, Chris was honored by being asked to create a memorial for CeeCee Lyles, a flight attendant who was onboard Flight 93, on Sept. 11.

The memorial is located in Ft. Pierce, FL her hometown. While still holding true to the figure, Chris has recently started to work less in bronze and more in clay. His work now tends to be one of a kind, fired clay with underglazes. For years the only thought about color in his work was what patina Chris would use on his bronze. The unlimited color palette available to him with glazes has opened new doors in his work. t


CONSEQUENCES - Fired terra cotta with underglazes. The see saw is hand made oak. The dimensions are 5 feet long x 32”h x 22”w. Creation was made in 2011.

Chris Riccardo


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is currently being represented by the Mindy Solomon Gallery in St. Petersburg, FL. His latest show at the Solomon Gallery was entitled “Head Shots” and featured some of his large clay heads. Chris Riccardo has been published in the book, “The Worlds Greatest Erotic Art of Today” volumes 2 & 3.

Paracidic Hem

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Miami local artist, born in São Paulo, Brazil. Moved to the United States in 1993. Got involved with the arts and received her Bachelors in Fine Arts from New World School of the Arts/ University of Florida in 2006. Xibie has been working in her field as a graphic designer since 1999 and became part

of “Art by Girls” from 2003-2007, where she curated exhibitions as well as showed some of her own work. While absorbing influences from street art, graphic design and the comic/cartoon world, Xibie is now working in developing her artwork to a new level, while curating independently. t

Mediums: 1. - Acrylics 2. - Photography 3. - Graphic Design 4. - Mixed Media


2011 – Artist Collective Extravaganza – Local Radiation (The Stage) 2010 – Art Basel Group Exhibition (PrecisionArt) 2010 – _glitch. – Xibie Productions (Chirinos Sanchez Gallery) 2009 – {exposed} – Xibie Productions (Color my Gallery) 2009 – Images of Voice – Art by Girls (Color my Gallery) 2007 – The Little Show – Art by Girls (Color my Gallery) 2007 – The Devil Made Me Do It - Gallery 138 2006 – By Nature – Art by Girls (International Institute of Fine Arts, Dance) 2006 – BFA Show – New World School of the Arts 2004 – Jazz Band CD Cover + Label – Design Contest Winner (NWSA) 2004 – Miami-Dade Tie Design Contest Winner (NWSA) 2004 – Rising Stars (NWSA) 2003 – X-mas Show – Art by Girls (Color my Gallery) 2003 – Ruff Draft – Art by Girls (Color my Gallery)

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Illustrated Illusions: The mind of Paul Caprio By Nancy Brown


ne might think that their vision has gone askew; it might even take multiple glances to truly capture the essence of a Paul Caprio Illustration. The human eye is brought on a journey from top to bottom including a side detour of hidden secrets. At that seventh glance, one might see a new dimension to the work including hidden words, symbols and meanings. Caprio describes the hidden messages as a way for him to release his own communication through art. When asked about his work, Paul describes his art as, ‘A transformation of the mind, but in reality it’s just me and the medium. I let my mind go where it wants, and I

don’t have a goal set for a certain piece.’ Caprio, a student of the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, has been progressively growing as an illustrator and he works toward trying to capture new depths of his mind in the upcoming years. “My mind has this journey along with my pen…and I’ll go where it goes.’ Paul Caprio created a world of his own in his illustrious illustrations; it’s now the viewer’s opportunity to see what this new world has to offer. t To find out more about Paul Caprio:

- Media Monster

Hidden words, symbols & meanings

Can You Find Them All? WeMerge Magazine -

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ince 1999, Who Can Roast The Most? has grown into one of the premier B-Boy (BreakDancing) events in the world, proclaimed an absolute “can’t miss” exhibition by fellow dancers and fans in South Florida and beyond. The 15th installment returns home after a 12 year journey consisting of exciting stops in Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC., Orlando, and overseas to Switzerland. Its roots began here in South Florida with its founder and organizer, Miami resident and International B-boy Champion Bebe Breakaway, of the famed “Ground Zero Crew.” Bebe being both a competitor and promoter gives the event its unique edge that has fans captivated by its statement to the art form. The event derives its name from the terminology

used when a dancer or crew are outdone in a battle, or lose in a competitive dance situation. “Oh damn, you got roasted!” Who Can Roast the Most? boasts its exceptional popularity among the B-boy Global Community for its unique formula and approach. It is recognized as the greatest example of the Oneon-One Battles format, bringing together talent from every corner of the world, culminating in an energetic experience of stylistic dynamism. This year WCRTM went back to where it all began, The Polish American Club in Miami, where the best B-boys and B-girls in the world faced off on the dance floor for hour upon hour of exciting dance battle action. The Russian and Belgian squads did their best to bring the International flavor and Seattle, DC., Boston and Orlando represented

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their cities with pride, but by far it was Miami’s own Ground Zero Crew getting the most support from the crowd. The live music performances got a late start with local Hip-Hop heroes like Name Brand and his MPC magic getting it started, Jabrjaw & Dubbs interacting with the B-Boys and girls, Saheed & DJ Heron dropping knowledge off the new Take Heed album, and culminating with Miami’s own iMAYDAY! shutting it down well after 3am! Ground Zero Crew will be celebrating their 15th Anniversary on Friday, December 9th at Discotekka in Miami. For more information on this event and future Who Can Roast the Most? events go to or t

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Erika Taguchi

WeMerge Magazine Issue 14  

Erika Taguchi