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Pg. 2 - Letter from the Editor Pgs. 2-5 - Marc Paper Scissor (Cover Story) Pg. 6 - Power Nap Pg. 7 - From Cardboard to Classrooms Pg. 8 - Getting Lyrical Pg. 10 - The BLP Babble Pg. 11 - Footwork 4 Self Records Pg. 12 - Teens Merge Pg. 14 - WeMerge Talent Pg. 15 - O’Malley’s, Grass Root Studios Pg. 17 - Zachary Knudson, The Glass Artist Pg. 18 - The Steampunk Circus Pg. 20 - CD Review - Needless to Say Pgs. 22-23 - Prison Art Pgs. 26-27 - Turn off the TV Pgs. 28-29 - Brent Miller Pgs. 30-31 - Who’s Next Gallery

Pg. 32 - Angelo Lumas, DMAC Student Pg. 33 - DMAC Pg. 34 - WeMerge Comedy Pg. 35 - WeMerge Poetry Pg. 36 - WeMerge Events Pg. 36 - Spoken Soul Festival Pg. 38 - Show Review Pg. 39 - Free Pizza Pg. 42 - Kevro’s Art Bar Pg. 43 - Fonda Cash’s Teens Who Rock Pg. 45 - The Monterey Club Pg. 48 - FAT Village Pg. 49 - Artwear Pg. 54 - Dan Hazelton Pg. 55 - Tattoolapalooza Pg. 60 - We Asked Pg. 61 - Graffiti

Dwayne Adams

To the left is an image I decided to make one night. I’ve never attempted such an art piece. I’m fluent in photoshop, but use it more in a graphic design sort of way. Now the point of this is, if you put your mind to something you can accomplish anything. “Ye are gods,” Psalm 82. Meaning we have power to create and do anything. “The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light,“ Matthew 6:22 I try to live my life like this and run this magazine in the same light, that and, “Go Big or Go Home.” This is the reason Renda and I have made it as far as we have. We got an idea, did some research, and just went for it. Same with the picture. Just did it. Never looked back. Focus on what you want and make it happen. Yes, lots of hard work and losing friends will be involved in your success, but everything comes at a cost. Even when you pray, energy you don’t want to hear you, does. Always the Yin Yang. Always be prepared for Murphy’s Law. It wasn’t coined a phrase for nothing. Taking each day one at a time, helps to understand the true nature of this industry. It takes alot of effort and suffering to accomplish a 64 pg magazine. Next issue we’re gonna do 80 pgs. Gotta stick to your mottos. - Cheers, Dwayne

Celebrity WeMerge Magazine readers (L-R): Ron English, contemporary pop artist; Ricky Williams, Miami Dolphins football player; Steve-O, comedian, stuntman, jackass. WeMerge Magazine -

Renda Writer

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Letter from the Editor M

y name is Renda, and I’m a workaholic. Having said that, it feels like now should be the part where you all say, “Hi Renda,” just like at a meeting for any other type of addict. The first step in handling an addiction is admitting it, and I admit to being a workaholic. I am addicted to working, but I also believe in the saying, “When you do what you love, you never work a day in your life,” and I only do the things I love to do. I love publishing this magazine. I love producing, promoting, and hosting events. I love writing, recording, and performing poetry. I love pursuing my dream of performing a poem on The Ellen Degeneres Show (RendaWriter. com, These are my addictions. These are my passions. I’m addicted to life itself and the opportunity that life gives us all to pursue our passions, our dreams. But nobody ever said that pursuing your dreams would be easy. It takes lots of work. That’s why I’m a workaholic. In my head, I kind of justify my addiction by saying, “Well what else am I supposed to do? Just sit around? This is all I know. I’ve always been this way. I’m just trying to really rock out with this thing called life, and make the most of it. I want to be everywhere, meet everyone, and do everything – all for the sake of connecting the arts community.” Like with any other addiction, it has taken over my life, affecting the way I prioritize things and leaving me to neglect things like personal finance, health, and my relationships with the people in my life. But in the end, I still somehow label it as a “healthy addiction” because despite all of the imbalance, I’m just doing what I love, and that’s because I literally don’t know what else to do. It just feels right. My point is just to let you know that when you’re addicted to, obsessed with, or passionate about a dream, you will reach it. So go for it. This magazine is one of my dreams, and it has just been made real, for the 11th time. So I hope you enjoy reading it, and I hope something in it inspires you. Go rock out with your life. Be on the lookout for the Summer issue of WeMerge Magazine, due out on June 1st, 2011 . It’s going to be an 80-page monster, the byproduct of a severe addiction, an immense passion for life, for the local arts, and for bringing it all together to create a scene. “Support the scene, or there will be no scene to support.” Peace,

Renda Writer Chief Editor WeMerge Magazine


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out. It’s all just part of the balancing act. These

what I said to the artist known as

past few years have taught Marc the value

Marc Paper Scissor as I walked

of balancing his ideals with reality, and he is

through the doorway of his Delray Beach

actually handling it a lot better than he thinks.

apartment and gave him one of those

Like most artists, Marc is pretty hard on himself

handshake/hug combos. As a longtime friend of

and admits to never being satisfied, but at the

Marc’s, I meant that in the most casual way, but

same time he does allow himself a pat on the

as a journalist I also meant it in a very literal way.

back for some things, like buying a booth and

Marc was the featured artist in our first

setting up at music festivals to sell his art.

issue, three-and-a-half years ago. Now, eleven

Setting up at festivals such as Big & Hearty

issues later, we are proud to have Marc as our

in Gainesville, Aura Music & Arts Festival

cover artist and happy to fill you in on what

outside of Orlando, and Bear Creek in Live

he’s been up to since 2007. For starters, he

Oak not only allowed Marc to further connect

graduated from Florida Atlantic University

with the people, but it helped to further

in Boca Raton, and landed a job as a music

indoctrinate him into the jam band music

therapist for children. Additionally, he has also

scene, which is definitely where his heart is.

done several solo art shows and group shows

He even had the honor of creating the official

that have helped him to get his name out. But

poster for the Aura Music & Art Festival (see

beyond the facts and the resume building,

pg 10) and the unofficial poster for Bear Creek,

Marc’s deeper answer to the question of what

and while at Big & Hearty, he had a chance to

he’s been up to resonates with the insightful

play with his band, Gypsy Tears.

introspection that commonly comes from this artist and armchair philosopher.

Marc has also become a mainstay at Miami’s Wynwood Market for the monthly Art Walk

“I’ve been trying to eliminate my idealism.

event, and his involvement in December’s

Been chewing on reality. I’ve got to pay the

Multiversal group art show for Art Basel really

bills, so I’ve been working on turning my

catapulted him forward in the arts scene. It was

paper… into paper. I’m more focused… more

at this show that we first saw the piece used

balanced. I’m getting better at the balancing

for this issue’s cover, which Marc working on

act. I’ve been learning to let go of my pieces

having made into an animated video. Other

too. I’ve been kind of coming out of the forest,

videos are on the way, too. One of Marc’s goals

like Buddha Siddhartha. I’m in the city now.”

is to document how his art is made, so that

Much of our conversation relates back to

people can really understand and appreciate it

Buddhist principles and parables, a reminder

for what it is and the work that goes into it.

that Marc is much more than just a guy who

Not only has Marc been up to a lot, but there’s

makes art with colored paper, a pair of scissors,

also a lot more to come. In April he will be a

and a glue stick. He’s a conscious person who

part of a cut paper art show at Harold Golen

really cares about the world, the people in it,

Gallery in Miami, and in May his art will be on

and what’s going on with it. His ideas on the

display at a Gainesville restaurant called Tasty

deeper things in life have long been reflected

Buddha. The Tasty Buddha connection came to

in his artwork, but another thing that he’s been

Marc through his brother, Josh, a member of

up to is learning to create pieces with more

the Gainesville band, J2K. In speaking of family,

simple messages, which are more likely to sell

Marc says, “You’ve got to develop a way to look

and to appeal to the masses. Marc explains,

at yourself from outside of yourself. That’s why

“My early works were very based on politics,

it’s good to have a loving, supportive family to

with deep messages, strong messages. Lots

help you do that. They’re everything to me.”

of commentary on the rat race.” Now, Miami

I remember him mentioning the importance

Heat players, animals playing instruments,

of family when I interviewed him in ’07. Marc’s

and Bob Marley can be found among Marc’s

been up to a lot, but obviously one thing hasn’t

subjects, but it’s by no means an attempt to sell

changed. He's still got his family's support.t

WeMerge Magazine -

See more of Marc’s artwork on the following page and at Support the Scene.

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WeMerge Magazine -

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By Brian Breslaw -

Rap Attack I was thinking about classic rock the other day and how it can’t be reproduced because it’s “classic.” Are you with me so far? Then I thought, “you know what, Hip-Hop needs to be thought of in the same sense. Sometime around the mid-to-late 70’s, the long hair Rock-n-Roll scene had kind of run its coarse. I’m not saying that rock died, trust me, I would never say that. I’m saying that it had stepped aside in order to let other styles of music evolve and develop. They were all shitty styles of music, but none-the-less, shit changed...and white people discovered cocaine and whatnot. Anyways, back to de rap. By the way, I have a shit eating grin on my face because I know the demographic of this magazine, but I was told I could say whatever I want here. So let me tell you about shit hop. And I’ll try and be fair. Guys, Hip Hop is dead. And if I had to pick the time of it’s death, I would say it was the Master P era. How many rappers are going to tell the same story over and over again? “Oh, nah man, Current Freelance Opera Singer For Hire this guy is original. He likes girls with fat asses.” “Nah yo, this other guy has really been to jail and now he’s out... and he raps about jail.” “My boy ova here, he has rims on his personal jet, and he has ice all up in his grill” I mean, am I stereotyping too much? I’m not. This is what’s really going on in hip hop today. But I know this genre isn’t going anywhere. Probably EVER. Mainly because it’s a money generating maniacal monster of a machine. Yeah, look up the 50 Cent episode of Cribs on You Tube. Disgusting. All 50 said was “I’m into havin sex, I ain’t into makin love.” WTF? I said that 15 years ago. What I wanna know is, what’s the next guy gonna do or say to help this scene evolve into something more. Where’s the talent? Who’s not acting like they’re in 8 Mile? At least this year they stopped saying hay-yerr. I hate to ruin the ending, but Puffy shot Biggie. t


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Cardboard to


by Seth “Brimstone” Schere,


ducation has been essential to the growth of Hip-Hop since day one. Older hip-hoppas (not necessarily old in age, but in dues paid) passed on foundation moves, styles and skills for younger cats to learn and develop their own flavas. Every great master was once a student, and I learned the ropes from people who were masters of their crafts. During the 80’s, I learned to dance from seasoned B-Boys. In the graff game, I racked paint for famed writers who helped what kind me develop my of sh*t is this, teaching classes like own style. As an it’s school. MC, I promoted Anonymous parties for other rappers, learned to make beats and work in a studio. I have countless memories of carrying crates full of records for DJ’s. These relationships gave me the skills and knowledge to teach others. Can Hip-Hop culture only be learned in the streets? Hip Hop is a growing topic of interest among educators in public schools and universities. When Hip-Hoppas take it into classrooms, they reach youth through the elements of Hip-Hop coupled with creative, life, interpersonal and critical thinking skills. Hip-Hop education is a combination of street smarts, book intelligence and creativity. As Hip-Hop is utilized more as a “means” to teach content in schools, Hip-Hoppas should be actively involved in shaping how it is used and taught in order to preserve the authenticity of the culture. As generations change, we may have to take it further than the streets to ensure the survival of true Hip-Hop. My generation was outward (in the streets) and human-interactive; my daughter’s is more reclusive and gadgetoriented. Although the was realest Hip-Hop remains once a student, and I learned the in the streets, classrooms provide a relatively ropes safe, drug-free and structured environment - Brimstone 127 for youth to learn about the history, culture and business of Hip-Hop while learning the other skills and knowledge that they need. Some of the earliest jams were in schoolyards and auditoriums, so why not take Hip-Hop back to school?

“ can’t learn hip hop by going to classes,

That aint hip hop.”

“Every great master

from people who were of their crafts.




WeMerge Magazine

reiterates Brimstone’s emphasis on education, as it is a consistent theme in this issue. Brent Miller (pgs 28-29) runs an art school. Fonda Cash (pg 43) gives vocal lessons. Angelo Lumas (pg 32) is a digital artist learning his craft at DMAC (pg 33). Theatrics (pg 25) has makeup classes. Grace Café & Gallery (pg 25) has dance classes. The tools are all in front of you. Contact these people if you want to learn. t WeMergeWeMerge MagazineMagazine - -

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Daysleeper is a band that formed in late 2008 in Miami, FL by Alfred von Blume (Bass, Lead Vocals) and Emery Cowan (Keyboards, Vocals), who have collaborated on various musical projects since 1999. The two were later joined by Jackie Ransom (Bass, Vocals) and Will Roman (Drums). The focus of this new project is musical simplicity, distinction, and substance. Genres describing their music range from post-punk to ambient to indie rock. Daysleeper’s influence comes from a wide range of musicians, many of whom combine ambient and minimalist tones with post-punk sounds. t



By Renda Writer

This is a new section in our magazine where we give you the lyrics to a stand out verse by a local artist. In this issue, we have a verse from Newsense, from the Miami funk/hip-hop/jazz band ArtOfficial, taken from their song, Big City Bright Lights. And I’m in tune with it The city’s heart beats slow I can feel it cause the streets got a concrete pulse Watch my feet grow roots I stand so solidly Buildings keep growing like time lapse photography Scrape the sky Scratch heaven’s belly Come to the city of God and catch seven deadly Sins, it’s like chaos with electric heat And dead at night The city lights give me restless sleep Pardon me It’s hard to be Within arms’ reach Of where you really think you ought to be Trying to be at the top Part of me wants to stop Curiosity killed the cat Ignorance ate him alive So I’m a keep wondering why Until the day that I die But I’m staying alive That’s my echo in these city walls Ringing forever Or at least until these buildings fall


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WeMerge Magazine -

We’re Getting Played By Rocksire –


ave you ever wondered if music, movies, radio, newspapers, magazines, sports, religion, politics and war are all somehow connected? Ever wondered if the heads of major labels, movies studios, sports leagues, and multimedia corporations were working in unison to make you feel and think a certain way? To amp you up… or calm you down… drum you up for war… or turn around and make you like the same people that your country went to war with just a generation ago. Keep in mind, entertainment was not meant to only entertain us. Growing up in the 1980’s, I always thought Russia and China were the enemies because I watched a lot of Chuck Norris movies. That was towards the end of the Cold War. Life is as simple as a WWE wrestling match. They can make the audience buy in to the “heel” (bad guy) or the good guy. A few months later they can make you believe that the heel is now the good guy, and the good guy is now to be hated. They can predict our every move because they create how we feel. We are all the instruments that get played. Music is one of the most powerful things known to man because it creates emotion. If they (major labels) can control music they control your emotions. Turn on the radio today and you’d never think that millions of people lost their homes, income, and way of life. The music in rotation on the radio no longer reflects the times we live in. It seems they have phased out anybody with anything real to say. Now you may think while reading this article, “It’s me. I have something real to say.” Let’s see how far you get when you don’t follow their agenda. t

Grow Radio By Brian Breslaw -


ou don’t even KNOW what’s going on in Gainesville, FL. I’m gonna tell you. It’s a musical revolution. Since every radio station has decided to turn it’s back on everyone who gives a sh*t about music, we turn to commercial-free internet radio. And in the heart of downtown Gainesville, in what would appear to be a bed and breakfast, lies Grow Radio. You’ll find over 60 shows to choose from with a set list that’ll have you dye your hair green or put diamonds on your teeth. And listen to this.... It’s profit free, and the shows are run by (drum roll)....VOLUNTEERS!!! I had to grab my 2011 Webster’s Dictionary and look up this word...vol-un-tir. WHHAAATT?? They’re doing this for free? To me, that’s inspiring. Nobody is doing that for music today. I met up with two of Grow Radio’s veterans, Beez and Mr. Bambu. These boys are 5 years deep in dis shit yo. They can be heard on The Styrofoam Cup on Tuesdays from 7pm8pm and The Bigga Mixx Show on Wednesdays from 7pm-9pm. Knowing the struggles that an independent artist goes through to get air play, they’ll play anything submitted to them. Pretty sweet, huh? I was also informed that you’ll never hear the same jam twice. So if you like listening to Gold Digger every 30 minutes., this is not for you. You can send your homemade masterpieces to, and next time you visit the internet, be sure to check out t

His Only Outlet was his writing Jermaine “Maintain” Mitchell was born on March 13, 1985 and raised in Hollywood, Florida. The Ranches, as the area where he lives is affectionately known by the residents, is where Maintain learned respect and loyalty. Maintain & Marcus “Ranches Kid” Cooper, aka Pleasure P., produced Feel The Rush, which has over 4 million views on YouTube. His passion for music seemed to be lost while his hunger for fast money grew. As everything happens for a reason, his fast lifestyle came to an abrupt stop. At the age of nineteen, Maintain was arrested, then was incarcerated for three and a half years. While in prison the respect and

WeMerge Magazine -

loyalty he learned in The Ranches was forgotten by his crew. Maintain spent many nights frustrated with his life and feeling betrayed by the snitches in the streets. The only outlet he had was his writing. In 2007, he was given the opportunity to showcase his talent with performances at the Rush, Hypnotize, and Late Night Special Tours. His first single, Look At My Ish was produced by Thunda Tracks and is now available on iTunes and Rhapsody. His Fresh Out Vol 2 Mixtape was recently released and has been circulating throughout the Southeastern region of the U.S. t

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The BLP BABBLE By Matt Beck, founder of Brotherly Love Productions


What’s great about Alfred Phillips is that he has a story behind every one of his paintings. For instance, Armondo in 3 Parts (pictured) was inspired after Alfred saw a picture of Armondo and contacted him with the idea of using him as a subject for a Located in Downtown Ft. Lauderdale painting. It was originally done as a nude, and then Alfred’s neighbor in FAT Village, artist Francisco Sheuat, came up with the idea of putting a pair of leather underwear on him. And it’s not painted on. It’s an actual pair of custom-made leather underwear that the canvas itself is “wearing.” Some visitors to Alfred’s studio have even stuffed dollar bills into the underwear, adding more substance to the painting’s ongoing story. Painting it on 3 canvases was also part of Alfred’s plan of doing more paintings on multiple smaller canvases, rather than single large canvases, because of the ease of transportation. Being able to easily transport his paintings is important to Alfred, since once a year he does a solo show at Art @ 830 ( in Key West. When he’s not exhibiting elsewhere, you can find Alfred at his FAT Village studio (113 NW 5th St., Ft. Lauderdale), where the monthly Art Walk on the last Saturday of the month has been good to him. He has sold at least one painting at every Art Walk since moving into FAT Village about a year ago. We suggest stopping in at Alfred’s studio to see more of his work and hear the stories behind them. Be sure to ask him about the painting of the man with the pig. “Young people really like my work… some of the edgiest, coolest looking people. That’s really validating for me.” Email: t

The month of January is always a busy one for the Sunshine State. However, this year a dream for many was brought to reality. There’s an underground movement of interconnected circles throughout our tropical peninsula converging to produce and support a counterculture lifestyle for many of the disenchanted individuals of this corrupt digital age. Much like the efforts of WeMerge, Aura Music & Arts Festival was produced for the people, by the people, with an understanding that if WE don’t support IT, IT won’t happen. Truly a first of its kind, AURA was completely staffed by local musicians, promoters, sound engineers and volunteers; enabling it to very comfortably claim the term “Grassroots Festival.” To mention ANY of the amazing musicians or visual artists in this brief synopsis would slight every other one of the countless others who brought their A-Games... surrendering their souls to the stage and emitting their energy to the ethers. However, I WOULD like to take this opportunity to thank the BLP Fam who sacrificed their passion for music to help make it all possible. You provided the BEST information, coordinated musician and artist relations while hustling their merch, diverted 4,400 gallons of recyclable materials from the landfill, documented the event, and provided that Brotherly Love Vibe. I LOVE each one of you for it... yeah, you know who you are. And to Aura Music Events, an all-encompassing Official 2011 Aura Music & Arts Festival CONGRATULATIONS! I have Poster By: Marc Paper never before witnessed a sold out festival and man, what a community feel. *Note for next year: Dubstep licensing. t 10

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WeMerge Magazine -

WeMerge Magazine -

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Teens merge by Ashley Lombardo -


he most appropriate way to describe They Cage The Animals would be to refer to them as an unlikely, yet astonishingly integrated, foursome. Laid-back New Yorker Phil is the lead guitarist, hardcore–loving Argentinian Joel is on the drums, quirky Mission is the vocalist and dual keyboardist, and charismatic Raffaele is on the bass. They deviate in almost every category, and although it may be their biggest challenge, it also defines the group and gives them the flavor needed to blend numerous genres into something with substance. And with that being said, they have given birth to an aggressive, experimental poppunk/pop-rock sound. Although their band is based off the ability to compromise, each member sees their style differently. According to Phil, “

It’s like pop-punk had a few drinks, and decided to jump into a mosh pit, and made love to synths, and recorded beautiful female vocals over it! It’s like an aggressive melodic harmony between

guitar, bass, drums and vocals, while creating an energetic explosion of beautiful distortion.” Yet as Mission views it, “We blend a lot of different influences and get a great sound, but it’s a little hard to describe since you could really still pick up on those individual styles if you wanted. A bit of a bouncier sound, not so ‘chugga-chugga-chugga I’m-so-hardcore.’ I think that gets monotonous, and I don’t like boring music.” With influences seated in every corner of the musical coliseum, the band cites Motion City Soundtrack, Aaron Gillespie, Brand New, Jimi Hendrix, Rancid, Bloc Party, Regina Spektor, Kurt Cobain, and Jay-Z, as well as being inspired by traditional art, like Dali, and even tattoos and street art, like local graffiti. Despite their eclectic backgrounds and variations of style and preference, they all agree that their differences are in favor of musical and artistic creation, and they hope those differences can be recognized through their music. They want to provide a portal into the human experience, and the spectrum of emotions that come with it. As well as wanting to express their understanding of humanity, they also include historical and cultural references in their songs, which illustrate a snapshot into something meaningful to the group. Specifically, their song Somewhere In West Egg is written about F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby and Atlanta 1864 goes back to the burning of Atlanta during the Civil War. Even their name is a reference, chosen because prominent themes found in their music, like over coming life’s hardships, are found in the popular novel They Cage The Animals At Night. Having played at traditional venues, skate parks and roller rinks, the group has a love for performance and they do not discriminate on any level. Make sure to check out their debut EP, Subject To Change, which covers perception, change, loss, longing, love, and more themes left for those to discover individually. They Cage the Animals can be found on any social networking website, and they put up no walls between them and their fans. t 12

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WeMerge Magazine -

by Renda Writer

The Nobodies Crew is a crew of definite “somebodies.” This 8-member B-Boy crew is a refreshing reminder of the impressive break dancing subculture from within the worldwide Hip-Hop culture that exists right here in South Florida. One trip to their website,, will quickly prove to any viewer not only how much talent this crew has (watch their videos), but also how professional their presentation is. They’ve got a great logo, management, a cohesive sense of branding, and even a hotline. Give them a call. Tell them WeMerge Magazine sent you. t WeMerge Magazine -

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WeMerge Talent

This section features artists who have submitted their information to our magazine to be featured. Due to the high cost of printing we are unable to feature every artist that submits their info. With this section we can list the artists and their contact info just as it has come to us... unedited... to give at least a small amount of exposure to create a stir and see if enough people would like to hear more about these talented artists. If you would like to read more about an artist, send an email to and let us know.

Name : Alejandra Montoya Stage-Name : Ale Montoya Category : Photographer - Crafter Where-Find : Email : About-You : I’m a full time Graphic Designer for Corporate america, but I do what I love on the side. Photography and Crafting, I hold a monthly photo contest on I would like to get people more into both =) Hope to talk to you soon Ale Montoya

Name : Danielle Veit Stage-Name : Cupcakes In The Lobby Category : street art portraitures Where-Find :,, always doing live paintings! Email : About-You : Cupcakes In The Lobby is a South Florida artist active in the community for numerous years. As a portrait artist, Cupcakes In The Lobby combines whimsical landscape and intricate detail on the surface of a face. When a subject is picked, Cupcakes In The Lobby disects each portion of the face becoming closer and closer to the subject...possibly a more spiritual interaction than conversation. She is always bending the line on what the face can display.

Name : Mitch Myers Stage-Name : Hear Hums Category : Experimental/Visual Where-Find : Email : About-You : Hear Hums is an experimental/visual band started in West Palm Beach, Florida. We will be a trio up until August when Marcos moves to New York for school and Kenzie and I (Mitch) move to Gainesville, Florida to begin work on our third release. We’ve been playing since Early 2009, we began making visuals to accompany our live performance and projecting them as we played. Instead of stopping between songs we transition and the visuals do simultaneously as well, synced with us playing. Name : Marquis Whaley Category : Photography Where-Find : Email : About-You : I’m a 17 years old photographer. I attend G-Star SOA where I major in Acting for the camera, Journalism, and Film and entertainment business. I’ve been doing Photography for about Three years now and I have never taken any classes. I am a person of unusually keen foresight and I have a creative optimistic mind that I hope shows in my work.

Name : Hannah Mayo Category : Photography Where-Find : and Email : About-You : I am a portrait, fine art, and editorial photographer in Palm Beach. I love working with artists and musicians to create unique photographs for their promotional materials.

Name : Gillian Smith Email : About-You : HI! I am a self taught painter. I paint mostly nude women. I had to put a lot of my painting on hold to go to school. I went to school to become a nurse, which now I am a RN, however there are no jobs for new nurses. Fun thing is my art has been doing better than the nursing thing so do what you love right! I sell my art local in Delray mostly by facebook and word of mouth, some days it pays the rent but it doesnt matter too much I’ll still be painting. It makes me so happy:) It is just something that is apart of my being that I don’t know what I would do without it.

Name : Stefan Vale Category : Writer Where-Find : Email : About-You : Published 3 books, 1 screenplay & many articles on various artistic genres. I would like to write an exclusive article on local Latin artist Humbert Benitez for WeMerge. Check out

Name : Ty Michael Email : My name is Ty Michael. I came across your mag today while waiting for a blowout at the Fade Factory. I thought it was awesome. I’m a photographer and I’ve been wanting to move into shooting artist for awhile now. I appreciate your time, Ty Michael Robitaille

Go to 14

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Name : Darwing Flores Stage-Name : Zulu King Image Category : Hip hop Revolu-shon South Florida Zulu Nation Where-Find : Email : About-You : I am Zulu King Image president of the Universal Zulu Nation (Revolu-shon South Florida chapter). We stand for knowledge, wisdom, understanding, freedom, justice, equality, peace, unity, love, respect, work, fun, overcoming the negative to the positive, economics, mathematics, science, life, truth, fact, faith & the oneness of God. Name : Camile Schneebeli Category : Pet Portrait Oil Painting Where-Find : Art Galleries, art shows Email : About-You : I’m a realistic pet portrait oil painter, I paint from Photos. Name : Jonas Fleuraime Stage-Name : JustEvolve Category : Graphic Design-Typography Where-Find : Stage-Name : Good Self Category : Indie/Acoustic Where-Find : Email : About-You : I am about to release my debut EP, ”The Wolf That Brought Us Lava” under the band name ”Good Self”. I was wondering if there was anyway that I could combine my cd release with a WeMerge event, or add it in addition to a previous event. -Michael Name : John Caignet Phone : 786 439 5807 Email : Message : Great to know about an honest magazine here in South Fla!!! I run an online radio station out of my apt called jolt radio. I was wondering if we can meet some time it would be amazing. Please let me know. Thanks guys Name : Frank del Real Email : Message : hey whatsup my name is Frank. In the Winter 2010 WeMerge Who’s Next Gallery you posted a picture that my older sister drew, Sole del Real. I just wanted to say that that is the coolest thing ever! She’s had a pretty rough life and for you to give her a well deserved chance to be featured is a blessing. She is honestly a diamond in the rough, her personality is a people magnet she gets along with everyone and is super fun to hang out with, which is hard for some siblings to say. All I’m asking for is give her a chance and feature her and hear her story because honestly she’ll blow you away and bring tons more readers to WeMerge. If there is anything humanly possible I can do to make this happen I will do it, yes even running around naked in the mall! She means everything to me and this feature means everything to her, so please do what WeMerge stands for and support her and the scene she’s in, or there won’t be one.Sincerely,frank. :) (check out page 24) t

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WeMerge CD Review By Richard Foshee –

Exploding from the musical haven of Lake Worth, Everymen describe themselves as gypsy punkabilly. Hailing from diverse backgrounds, this misfit band of brothers puts a unique spin on their music, incorporating instruments typically found in indie bands and classic country: stand-up bass, mandolin, accordion, washboard, violin and banjo. Combined with a little magic and an inventive world view, their debut album’s sound is nothing less than original. It culls from Deep South country, gypsy ballads, bouncy rockabilly, and rebellious psychobilly. The album’s tracks showcase musical versatility while maintaining cohesion through elements such as scratchy baritone singing, a prominent banjo, raspy washboard, and throbbing bass lines accompanied by deftly written guitar riffs. Although it sounds like it could be a terrible mash-up, that’s the rub, the album is absolutely delectable. The songs simply grab you with their eccentric yet straightforward approach. With tales of train hopping and sleeping from couch to couch, these tracks are quite dour and discordant, yet their sound will leave you happier than ever. They will make you dance, sing, and just have a good time. Stand out tracks are What You See Is What You Get and Bottle of Tears. To get the full effect, listen to them online, then go see them live; the album is the only way to prepare you for the torrent that is an Everymen live show. t Album Cover Design by Adam Sheetz



Taken From the Blue Bike Project Manifesto on Facebook


I was putting out art for anyone to look at or have in the downtown Fort Lauderdale area when, as I was driving on Las Olas Blvd., I saw an old lady’s bike in front of a “Country Store.” This gave me the idea to paint bikes one color and put them out around town. I went home and went out on the railroad tracks, where I had seen an old bike (sort of an English racer type bike) that would meet my needs. I brought it back to my house and started to look for a good color in my paint stash. I had just recently been out on a job painting lines on handicap parking spaces. This seemed like a great color, as it really glows and is bright, plus I had quite a bit left in the can. That was it, a done deal and the first Blue Bike was painted, and after drying put out in front of Rush Street martini bar. The bike started to draw attention and talk about what it was all about started. The bike was drawing so much attention that more bikes needed to be “installed.” They started to multiply, and bikes sprung up in some pretty interesting places. Read more on Facebook page. Search: Blue Bike. Now you will start to notice more bikes around town. Happy Blue Bike hunting. t


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Carved Lighted Glass Sculptures Paintings Murals Faux Finish Custom Lighted Fixtures l



ut on the West end of Coral Springs, a young artist and entrepreneur named Zachary Knudson runs his successful glass etching business out of a storefront studio, a workspace filled with framed original art from Zac’s portfolio and several glass etchings and sculptures. In speaking about a recent commission for an 8 foot tall deep glass etching of Elvis Pressley for a fan of “The King” in Miami, Zac continues with more stories about the types of high end clients that enlist his creative services, including a very wealthy business

l l


“Icons in Glass” Have your favorite band or iconic figure

etched in glass

tycoon in Davie who had Zac etched an underwater scene that continued throughout every glass door and window in his home, over 137 panels of glass, close to 12,000 square feet. To his credit, Zac was also featured on the TV show, Color Splash Miami, hosted by David Bromstad on HGTV, and was later commissioned by Bromstad himself for a job that involved covering the television star’s entire living room with colored white glass. Despite his A-list clients, Zac humbly works one-on-one with all clients and has a “no job too big, no job too small” kind of attitude, which is why he invites everyone reading this to stop in for a free consultation and tour of his studio. See address below. t

Zac Knudson (2nd from L), David Bromstad (3rd from L)

WeMerge Magazine -

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WeMerge CD Review By Kyle Willis -


or over a year now South Florida rock band Needless To Say has been turning heads and making waves. In their freshman year as a band NTS took the stage at the 2009 Warped Tour. Although some might categorize NTS as a Heavy Metal band, the band’s symphonic arrangements and Julia Formica’s operatic, and at times ethereal, vocals certainly broaden the appeal of their sound to a much wider audience. NTS are likely to appeal to those that like harder edged progressive music as well as art rock bands like October Project. The band is strong instrumentally, generating significant, at times almost overwhelming, power from guitars, keyboards and rapidfire percussion yet it is complimented with equally sweet operatic style vocals. Tracks vary from heavy metal anthem to operatic ballad demonstrating significant virtuosity and range. The band’s blend of harder edged metallic rock arrangements with Julie’s stunning vocals is highly original and has likely led to their swift local scene acclaim. The album opens on a tenebrous brow, with tracks like Redemption (Take Me Away), a dark introspective look into the mind of a lost soul, and Carry Through, which touches on letting go of someone who can’t seem to learn from their mistakes. The overall feel of the disc is that of a band you always wish was playing at a local show or bar when there is, in fact, a talentless cover band trying to fill the shoes of some drunken predecessor. The album packs the right amount of punch, and I think you’ll agree that the release of their 5 track EP only serves to punctuate their presence in the local scene. These cats aren’t going anywhere. The EP thrusts the listener into a galloping storm of metal. This album makes a real music lover want to punch Amy Lee in the face and pour Iron Maiden in their morning coffee. Right away, one thing is notable: Needless To Say is on the verge of something really cool here, I recommend you join them. Check out the band’s Reverbnation page: R t


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Prison Art

Written by Renda Writer Layout by Dwayne Adams

- see ad on pg XX Illustration by Justin “INVI” Vilonna -

a six month Another YouTube clip had an inmate serving said, “Maybe sentence for multiple DUI charges who er watching art can replace the alcohol for me.” Aft le, where I a few more clips, I took my search to Goog er “Kaliman” learned about a talented artist named Rog ” from Mexican Golden who got the nickname of “Kaliman d after the gang members while in prison. He was name arts, yoga, and Latin comic book hero who uses martial ube YouT on seen art Mexican gang - Excerpt from piece of prison hypnosis to fight the forces of evil. The hing of bring the bangers taught him art, in exchange for him teac The point of this article is to just sort ussion. I’m just them yoga and meditation. topic of prison art to the table for disc ers and to prove how looking to open up a dialogue with our read We can’t ignore stories like this. They e imat as a legit t of ways and acknowledge this artistic counterculture art can connect people in the unlikelies if even , unity can be seen and beautiful section of the world art comm in the unlikeliest of places. Roger’s work . walls Not only do I it is locked up behind bars and cement and purchased on lost like Redhot suggest checking it out, but I also suggest getting Art is art, no matter what, and inmates for create, even for an hour or two by surfing through the internet Handyman Tony will always find a way to to be bars of soap, prison art related content. Doing so will prove when all that’s available are prison-issued great a hundreds of entertaining, inspiring, and enlightening, and also or as Tony puts it when talking about the ated, “They’re way to understand just how expansive art really is. soap sculptures he made while incarcer our asses it needs all made out of the same stuff that we wash Art is everywhere, but when it’s in the dark from Tony, ’s what I’m with.” Check him out on YouTube to hear more someone to shed a spotlight on it, and that to went I did. I for our readers and to check out his art. That’s what doing here. Consider this an introduction idea the got for them to YouTube to start my research when I first to the genre of “prison art” and an invitation soon began to getting more to write an article about prison art, and get more involved with us and our plans for interview with as this issue find all sorts of relevant footage, like an involved with the prison system. As soon of out r guita it out to as an inmate who had actually built an electric drops, I’m heading to the post office to send r othe with lar connecting the smuggled contraband. He soon became popu many prisons as I can, with the hopes of rs guita them e mak to with the inmate inmates, who started paying him art and the artists of the outside world in a news and sculpting like his. He sold one to an inmate who said artists on the inside that are painting, writing, been interview, “Learning to play guitar has as a means to stay sane and stay alive. a It’s life. my in one of the high points a talented I also hope to maybe feature the work of shame I had to do it here, but inmate artist in a future issue of WeMerge it’s a miracle I did.” Magazine, so this article just may lead

to 82 years “Art means life. In 1999, I was sentenced my life in their in prison. I decided I would not live out . Then I began cages. I was determined to self terminate to every day to paint as never before. I now look forward imprisonment. with a passion I never did, even prior to my up my brush I now live to paint, and cannot wait to pick day.” and see how far I can bring my art that

to that. t

WeMerge Magazine - WeMerge Magazine -

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BEAUTIFUL MERCHANDISE AFFORDABLE PRICES Designers Include: We Carry: - Betsey Johnson - One of a Kind Boots - Juicy Couture - Handmade Jewelry - Dolce Gabana - Designer Clothing - Louis Vatton - Wedding Dresses - Lilly Pulitzer - Summer Dresses - Ferragamo - Designer Purses - Versace - Vintage Jewelry - Coach - Unique Belts - Alfani - Art - BCBG Mention WeMerge for Discount - Turk

(561) 274-PINK

393 NE 5th Ave - Delray Beach, FL 33483 Across from Walgreens. Corner of NE 4th St & Federal Hwy


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By Renda Writer


ne thing that the artists in this magazine have in common is that they are all goal setters. Aside from having talent, what distinguishes these artists from others is that they put energy into setting goals, in order to bring direction to their careers. Brent Miller, our Who’s Next Gallery Winner for this issue, is quoted in his bio as saying, “My goal, all along, has been to create a new concept, something no one else has done or seen before. And I hope I’ve accomplished that with this series of paintings, which I call Flowers of the Mind.” What do you think? Did Brent reach his goal?

We certainly think so, and with the mountain of emails that we received from readers who enjoyed his piece in last issue’s Who’s Next Gallery, it is safe to say that not only is he doing something that no one has seen before, but when they do see it – they definitely like it. Beyond his obvious talent, what’s great about Brent is that he also teaches. During a recent interview at his house he brought up just how rare it is for artists to find someone of a certain level of talent that can also teach. I agreed, now seeing Brent as an even more valuable member of the local arts scene. I asked him more about how he got started with

teaching and private instruction, and that’s when he told me about how he met Max Shacknow, of the Shacknow Museum of Fine Arts ( in Plantation, and asked if he could run his Rembrent Academy of the Arts out of the museum. Not only did Max, a noted philanthropist in the community, think this was a great idea, but he also jumped at the opportunity to give it a charitable spin, telling Brent that he would take 25% of income generated from the classes, and then donate it to two charities, Joe Dimaggio Children’s Hospital and Women in Distress. Brent and I continued talking, and while typing my notes, my imagination drifted toward

Abstract Fusion: Cubism, Surrealism, Realism: A little bit of everything


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WeMerge Magazine -

picturing myself taking a class with Brent. Just as the imaginary scene in my mind began to fade, I noticed that Brent had left the room and come back with a sketch of an egg. “Once you learn how to draw the egg, everything else falls into place,” he said. The simplicity of this statement piqued my interest, and before I knew it Brent had already given me an impromptu lesson, where I learned the basics of light and shadowing and terms like core shadow, cast shadow, mid tone and reflected light. Very adept and comfortable with explaining the techniques behind the talent, I wondered where Brent himself had learned to paint, and his answer was Larry Gerber (, who Brent had met at The Coral Springs Center for the Arts. Finding Larry, just like finding Max Shacknow, was probably pretty easy for Brent, because he’s one of those people that people just kind of gravitate to. In short, he’s cool. He’s a cool person, and people like to be around cool people. Brent has been amassing cool points his whole life, having spent a length of time as a butler, working for Donald Trump in New Jersey, catering to

wealthy businessmen and celebrities, arranging for their helicopter pick-ups and cooking private meals in their suites. Clearly, Brent is a people person, and his relationships, coupled with his talent, will guarantee his success as an artist. He has also forged a relationship with Dan Epstein, president of the Artists and Crafters Association (, which has lead to several show opportunities, and his relationship with Johnny Valdes of ArtWay 66 Gallery ( has made his work visible in the bustling Coconut Grove arts district. Selling prints and originals of his art at shows and galleries has worked well for him, but he is also looking at new ways of merchandising his art, like putting it on coffee cups, kitchen trivets, and mouse pads, in order to make his art functional and available at a lower price point. Hearing this made me think to connect him with the folks at ArtWear (ad on pg 49), who can print art on any surface. Brent’s got all the right people in his corner, and that’s why he’s reaching his goals. t -

“They say that everything in art has been done before, but I disagree.”

Brent Miller, with his dog, Osito

WeMerge Magazine -

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The Who’s Next Gallery


ere, in the “Who

from artists we

email us and tell

a free 2-page spread in

have your work shown in

Cary Polkovitz - Zachary Knudson -

Nikki Copeland -

Carlos Cesar Alves - www.artccalv

Eddie Arroyo

30 Sceneor orthere Therewill Willbe Beno Noscene Scenetotosupport Support 30 Support the scene

WeMerge WeMergeMagazine


o’s Next Gallery,” we provide you with some samples are considering for the next issue. We invite you to

l us which artist’s work you like best. The winner gets

the following issue. Also email us if you would like to

n the Who’s Next Gallery. t

Enrico Morales

Marcelo Holzinger -

WeMerge WeMergeMagazine

Matthew Milone -

Support thethe Scene or or There Will Bebe Nono Scene 31 Support scene there will scenetotoSupport support 31 31



DMAC Who’s Next Gallery Winner


hen it comes to art, no matter how much natural talent an artist might have, it never hurts to get an education to help foster and guide that talent in the right direction. Digital Media Arts College in Boca Raton is home to hundreds of young artists who are channeling their talents through the school’s curriculum and preparing for careers in the arts. In our last issue, we premiered The DMAC Who’s Next Gallery, where we featured digital artwork and photography from seven DMAC students. We invited our readers to email us with their votes for the artist who should be featured in this issue. The winner is Angelo Lumas, a talented and goal-oriented artist who clearly deserved the win. Here’s how he did it. I’ve never entered in a competition before. When I saw that my design was qualified to win a full page in WeMerge Magazine, I set a goal to help me win. My goal was: ‘ I need to get 5 votes a day’. No matter what, I said to myself, ‘Lets get to work Angelo!’


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WeMerge Magazine -

WeMerge Magazine -

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he creative simplicity of a witty one-line joke is sometimes underappreciated as an art, so we take this opportunity here to give you some zingers from two of our favorite local comedians, Kirk Meadows and Nhan Du. Game shows confuse me. The winner gets a trip. The loser gets luggage. A friend suggested I meet women on line. So I went to Disney World. I’m burning the candle at both ends, until I can pay my light bill. My girlfriend is a runway model. OK, she works at the airport. I went to a wedding and a funeral. One’s not going to last. I bit off more of the hand that feeds me than I can chew. I had an epiphany. Now I know what the word means. Confession: Those programs on PBS. They were never sponsored by viewers like me. t

6th Borough DJ

I got a tattoo that’s written in Braille. It says, “Please stop touching me.” It’s a polite tattoo. I have an anti-social security number. A hand model… is a glove model, who poses nude. It’s hard to tell a DJ with chicken pox to stop scratching. I bought a shrink-resistant T-shirt. And I haven’t met any psychologists. This girl thinks I’m stalking her, and I know that cause I read it in her diary. I was on a date with a girl. She asked me, “How do you make an eggroll?” I said, “Push it.” I was driving past a mattress store. There was a big sign that said, “0% Interest.” I thought, “Correct.” It’s OK to ask a tall person to reach for stuff. And it’s OK to ask a short person to crawl under stuff. But it’s never OK to ask a fat person... to crush stuff. When I was a kid, my dad gave my brother a lucky rabbit’s foot. And then, he gave me... a lucky 3-legged rabbit. I went to Butterfly World for the first time. But I got there way too early. It was just a bunch of caterpillars. t

By Renda Writer

It’s been said that South Florida is New York’s “6th borough,” because of the massive number of New Yorkers that live here, and one particular Yankee that we’re glad made the pilgrimage south is none other than DJ Vinsane. Born in Brooklyn and raised in King’s Park, Vinsane started his career by booking gigs at venues across Long Island and Manhattan at age 17, and has kept his talents in high demand ever since. His sets include a mix of House, Party Breaks, Hip-Hop, Mash-Ups, Electro, Rock, and music from the 80’s and 90’s. Known for his signature song selection skills, DJ Vinsane is looking to take his show on the road, and he currently holds down a few residencies here in South Florida, which can be found online. Go check him out next time you’re looking to make plans to go out. Giving you the info you need in order to meet the artists in this magazine in person is a big part of the reason why we publish WeMerge. We’re here to merge you with the arts scene, and the cultures, subcultures, and countercultures that surround it. t


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WeMerge Magazine -

By Renda Writer


here hasn’t he performed? Spoken Word Poet, Mr. Wispers has been honing his craft all over South Florida for the past decade and has amassed quite a performance resume, one that reads like an all-inclusive directory of every event and venue for Spoken Word Poetry throughout South

Florida. With two independent CDs to promote, The Passion of Expression and The Flame Within, Mr. Wispers is wasting no time in making sure that his name is known and his poetry is heard by everyone. That’s why he’s everywhere. Visit his Facebook page to find out where he’ll be performing next. t

Bowery Poetry Club – NYC

Cleopatra’s Place – Hollywood

Nakava – Boca Raton

Bar 13 – NYC

Café Now Art – Hollywood

The Wallflower Gallery – Miami

BCC – Ft. Lauderdale

FAU – Boca Raton

Peace in Da Hood – Miami

The Goddess Store – Hollywood

Melt Da Mic – Miami

Club Play – Miami

Elks Lodge – Ft. Lauderdale

Starving Artists Café – Bronx, NY

Resta – Delray Beach

Art Buzz – Miramar

Miramar Library – Miramar

Gaby’s Lounge – Pembroke Pines

MLK Festival – Miami

Lounge 46 – Miami

Off the Trax – Oakland Park

Opened for Pretty Rickey – Miami

Dixie Hall – Hollywood

Satoro – Hollywood

Java D’Lites – Coral Springs

Mahogany Grille – Miami Gardens

Club Paradise – Naranja

Opened for Brazilian Voices

The Coffee District – Delray Beach

Tuckers Lounge – Miami

NuYorican Poets Café – NYC

LMAO Comedy Show – Hollywood

Kitchen 305 – Sunny Isles

Tempo Lounge – Hollywood

Mellow Mushroom – Delray Beach

Art Serve – Ft. Lauderdale

Top Chef – North Lauderdale

Mega Bite Cyber Café – Hollywood

Deco Lounge – Hallandale

University of Miami – Miami

Women in Distress – Ft. Lauderdale

The Literary Café – Miami

Carlton Beach Hotel – Miami

Grace Café & Gallery – Dania Beach

Back Pack Giveaway – Miami

Nova Southeastern University – Davie

Joseph Caleb Center – Miami

Mello Mondays - Blusters – Hollywood

Ginger Bay Café – Hollywood

Delray Idol – Koffeeokee – Delray Beach

Dave & Buster’s – Hollywood The Stage – West Palm Beach

Sister 2 Sister Tea Party – Ft. Lauderdale Recovery Got Talent – West Palm Beach Voicez & Vybez – Troy’s Lounge - Sunrise Harvesting the Voices – West Palm Beach WeMerge Wednesdays - Stage 84 – Davie The Gardens Memorial Park – Boca Raton Sailboat Bend Artist Lofts – Ft. Lauderdale 15th Judicial Circuit Court –West Palm Beach Boynton Beach Family Day – Boynton Beach New Way Fellowship Church – Miami Gardens Opened for Trina w/Stop the Violence – Miami Frederica Wilson’s Victory Party – Miami Gardens Broward General Medical Center – Ft. Lauderdale The Funky Buddha Lounge & Brewery – Boca Raton WeMerge Thursdays – Kevro’s Art Bar – Delray Beach Free Your Mind – Atmosphere Café - West Palm Beach Broward Center for the Performing Arts – Ft. Lauderdale Increased Violence in Stressful Times – West Palm Beach Greater Love Missionary Baptist Church – Miami Gardens The National Poetry Conference – Ft. Lauderdale Bigger & Better Fridays – Write Side Poets Café – Lauderhill Spring Variety Show – Ocean Manor Resort – Ft. Lauderdale Opened for HBO Special – “I Feel Black” with Devin Robinson African-American Research Library & Cultural Center – Ft. Lauderdale The Variety Show – Sea Escape Cruise Ship – Ft. Lauderdale “A Place Called Home” Church Play – Koinonia Worship Center - Hollywood LS 1426 Fashion Show – “Fashion Under the Stars” - Crowne Plaza – Hollywood

WeMerge Magazine - Support the Scene or There Will Be No Scene to Support 35

Events Where the Magazine Comes to Life!


WeMerge event Host, Renda Writer Hosting WeMerge Wednesdays @ Stage84 Photo by

Guitarist/Songwriter, Anthony Scott Performing at WeMerge Thursdays @ Kevro’s Art Bar Photo by

Artist, Carlos Solano painting live at WeMerge Wednesdays @Stage84 Photo by


Support the Scene or There Will Be No Scene to Support

his section is an open invitation 2008. In 2011 the event will be made to all of our readers to come bi-annual, with another edition at check out our two regular Kevro’s Art Bar in August, as well as events, WeMerge Wednesdays a special Broward edition of the event (2nd Wednesday of every month) at at FAT Village in Ft. Lauderdale (see Stage 84 in Davie and WeMerge their ad on pg 48) on May 28th, with Thursdays (every Thursday) at 50,000 square feet of wall space for Kevro’s Art Bar in Delray Beach, and artists. Those interested in wall space for to also check out our periodic special either event should contact Renda ASAP. events. Both WeMerge Wednesdays and Thursdays bring the communities in Broward and Palm Beach Counties together, creating an atmosphere and a scene where artists, musicians, creative Flint & Friends types, and all kinds Performing at WeMerge Wednesdays @ Stage84 of people hang out Photo by together, networking and making new friendships. It’s like the real live For those interested in combining version of the magazine. a unique microbrew beer experience Both events feature an open format to their absorption of the arts, Stage Open Mic, special booked featured 84, an official Holy Mackerel tap performances, live art, and featured house, provides the perfect backdrop photographers, and are hosted by of a craft beer venue, mixed with Renda Writer, a professional host a New York City lounge, perfectly and poet with 8 years of experience complimenting the vibe that our hosting and producing Open Mic magazine brings to the venue. Local nights, special events, showcases, and artist Carlos Solano, who created charity fundraisers. Artists interested an original piece of art on a recent in being featured at an event should WeMerge Wednesday, which is still email Renda -, hanging up at the venue, had this to or just come out to a show to discuss say about his experience participating bookings in person. in the event, “I love the flavor of Stage If you’ve seen American Idol, then 84. It’s the right vibe. The right vibe you know about Boca Raton singer/ for creativity, and keeping people songwriter Brett Loewenstern. entertained and involved.” Carlos not Before leaving for California, he was only painted his own original piece a regular at WeMerge Thursdays at for the show, but he also put out a Kevro’s Art Bar, singing every week canvas and a few colors of paint and to a crowd yelling, “Encore! Encore!” invited the patrons to get down on a We wish him luck as he continues with collaborative piece. the show, and we’re proud to know WeMerge events are where the that he got his start at our event. magazine comes to life, where the This event has really developed into actual community comes together, quite a cultural epicenter, with past creating a scene that makes a live artists including Katie Sottak, magazine like this necessary. We invite Rei Ramirez, Katya Neptune, Mo you to come out to our events to be a Brenner, and Priscila D’Brito. Kevro’s part of the scene. Art Bar is also the home of The WeMerge Magazine South Florida Graffiti Expo, a yearly showcase of the best local graffiti artists, started in

WeMerge Magazine -

SPOKEN SOUL FESTIVAL 2011 MARCH 25 – 27 Support Women Artists Now!

On its 4th year, Spoken Soul Festival celebrates

Michelle Massanet,

the international holiday SWAN Day (Support

Veronica Barrios, as one of the top 5 events

Susan Alvarez

Woman Artist Now). The holiday’s founder,

in the world that celebrates SWAN Day. This

Martha Richards from WomenArts, personally

year is set to blaze with upcoming women

selected SSF and the production team; Aimee

artists on March 25- 27, 2011. Visit www.

Novaton, Amy Baez, Deborah Magdalena, for full festival details.




Revered for her dynamic freestyling aptitude, Poettis has shared the stage with some of the best; from gospel comedian Jonathan Slocomb to neosoul’s sultry duo Floetry. Her roots in Gospel, R&B, Jazz, and Fusion Folk rock have enabled her to develop a unique musical spoken word style.


Photo credit:

CRYSTAL ALEXANDRA - POET A Miami native, Crystal’s music fuses together a mixture of poetry, soul, and hip hop. Influenced by musical artists such as Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, and inspired deeply by authors like Zora Neale Hurston, and Toni Morrison her artistry is interwoven with soulful melodies and is written always with the intention to inspire and express her passion and love for sound.

SANDRA GARCIA-PARDO – FINE ARTIST Sandra Garcia-Pardo was born in Barranquilla, Colombia, moved to Argentina to finally realize her dream of getting a Fine Arts Bachelor’s Degree at “Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes Prilidiano Pueyrredón,” the most prestigious art school of Argentina. After graduating as Fine Arts Sculptor, Sandra Garcia-Pardo came to the United States where she has exhibited in various galleries all over the country.

VALENTINA RAMOS – FINE ARTIST In her Miami studio, this Venezuelan artist spent countless happy hours playing with her paints and her Rapidograph Pens. She enjoys working with different materials, but black ink is one of the mediums you will always find in her original prints, paintings and drawings. Her love for artworks with little intricate details are a signature of her own drawing style.

SUSAN ALVAREZ - PHOTOGRAPHER Susan Alvarez, professional stills photographer specializing in portraits whose photographs and digitally enhanced artworks are exhibited in private/ public collections in the U.S. and Europe. The recipient of two grants/fellowships, her life as an artist began in NYC theatres as an actor and dancer. Her LA experience includes directing and producing. Through it all, she has always had a camera at her side. WeMerge Magazine -

This online community is devoted to serving as a network of female artists in the music industry worldwide. It was inspired by 5 local Miami female DJs: IQ, Kaprah, Lady T, Laura D and Medley. The objective was to create a global network of talented female DJs and artists.

TIFFANY HANAN MADERA - DANCER Drawing from an extensive technical background in acting, writing, contemporary and ethnic dance coupled with her diverse ethnic make-up and global experience, Hanan is one of the most unique and compelling Middle Eastern dancers in America today. The Miami Herald describes her as a dancer that possesses “powerful body and skill”.

NIKI LOPEZ - PHOTOGRAPHER Niki is a graphic designer and conceptual visual artist. Her acrylics and oils are emotional vehicles for the universal human story. Every artist explores creative or expressive ideas representing the self. She shares, “we have a responsibility to bridge the human connection with the soul, so that we aren’t totally lost to the coldness of technology.”

TERRIBLY GIRLY PHOTOGRAPHY BY JANETTE VALENTINE - PHOTOGRAPHER Miami’s own pinup photographer! Specializing in classic and modern pin-up photo shoots, retro boudoir photography, burlesque photography, vintage & glamour photo shoots, couples photography, and fun pin-up parties. Founder Janette, who was raised on sunshine and café con leche, pours her own sense of humor and love of kitsch into her photographic work.

MIGDALIA PACE – FINE ARTIST Migdalia’s fashion illustration style has been described by many as powerful, sexy and most recently, “green.” Her new fashion forward recycled tote bags are unlike any before. Each bag is designed from reclaimed shirts and fabrics and features her signature dolls. Since all shirts are recycled, no 2 bags can be identical.

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WeMerge Show Review Written and Photographed By Elon Meles –

The South Florida Local Soundcheck Showcase returned to the Culture Room in Ft. Lauderdale on Dec. 11 with a talent-laden showcase and roofrattling concert of drastic rock proportions. Originally to be sponsored by the now extinct 93 Rock, a sudden format change forced them to back out before the day of the show. But with the proceeds benefitting The University of Miami – Nova Southeastern University Center for Autism and Related Disabilities, the stellar bands soldiered through and put on a tremendous show for the rockstarved fans in attendance. The roster contained a heavy dose of mid-90’s inspired alternative rock from seven of South Florida’s best hard rock stars in the making. Kicking off the evening’s festivities were two wellrespected local cover bands,

Coral Springs based School of Rock ( and Fort Lauderdale’s own Kamantra, who recently changed their name to R’lyeh ( They jammed solid sets of classic rock with a metal twist, mixing in some harder stuff throughout. The first group of original rockers was Coral Springs’ Marvlec (, a fresh young trio of rockers with an old soul and brotherly feel. The lead singer, Dave Hamilton kept the crowd rapt in his smooth lyrics, while Scott Dotson and Ben May jammed on their guitars while wearing their skivvies, like Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers. They earned a new fan in this guy for one, and the thunderous applause let me know I wasn’t alone. These guys are just getting started. Look out. Next up was First October (, a selfdescribed power-pop punk band led by the bodacious Tammy B. on lead vocals, with Tom Braga, Greg Smolla and Joey O. rounding out the talented quartet.  Tammy dazzled the crowd with her sensual stage presence, while the rest of crew blasted out a sound somewhere in the ballpark of No Doubt on Red Bull and vodka.  While Tammy delighted the eyes, the music backing her was a sensory success to say the very least.  More big things are on the horizon for First October, and all the bands that participated in The South Florida Local Soundcheck Showcase. t

David Hamilton of


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WeMerge Magazine -

WeMerge Magazine -

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Who loves pizza?

Everyone does. But what do people love even more than pizza? FREE PIZZA! The Free Pizza compilation CD is a free promotional CD (1,000 copies) produced by WeMerge Magazine and Reverse Polarity Studios that features 21 songs from local musicians and artists of all genres of music. Come out to our events (see pg 36) to get yourself a hard copy, or download the entire album at

Download the entire album at

Be on the lookout for Free Pizza, Volume II, to be released along with our Summer issue, on June 1st, 2011. Artists can submit songs for consideration for inclusion on the CD by sending MP3s to Businesses interested in having a commercial on the CD can also email us for pricing and more info.

This is Luigi.

Free Pizza was duplicated by DUB Hub. See their ad on pg 16, or visit


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WeMerge Magazine -

WeMerge Magazine -

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WeMerge Magazine -

Fonda Cash’s Artist Development, Vocal & Performance Training Fonda Cash

Want to build self-confidence, enhance your talents and take your music

help guide you along your path until your goal is reached. Fonda has won

career to the next level? Fonda Cash is the person to help you do all of that

several song competitions for her writing and performances. Her original

and more. Once you become a student of Fonda’s and are ready to perform

songs are getting radio airplay globally and she has placed in the Top 10 on

live you can be a part of the Fonda Cash’s Teens Who Rock Show, where

numerous music charts. To find all the latest info on Fonda and her talented

you will be showcased in front of live audiences and get the experience of

artists visit

performing on a stage. For more advanced students who are ready to be

shopped for a major record deal, she offers song writing lessons and will

Fonda Cash 561-308-9406

Meghan Ritmiller

Lexi Luca

Savannah Morgan

mallory Blue

Meghan Ritmiller is beautiful, has a soulful voice and a dynamic stage presence. She has recently recorded original music and filmed two music videos which has taken her music career to the next level. Meghan performs live throughout South Florida and in addition to maintaining a 4.0 average in school, she continues to take on new projects and is working on writing new songs and recently recorded a demo CD. Her latest project is co-hosting a new teen talk show called FML (Friends, Music & Life) which airs on Tuesdays at 7pm on Meghan is currently seeking major record label and producer interest. She is available for studio, club work, private parties, and special events. For booking and more information, contact Carey Ritmiller at 561-307-8899.

Savannah Morgan is a 14 year old talented young artist with a love for music and performing. Savannah has a beautiful, unique voice and wonderful stage presence that really shines every time she takes the stage. Her genres are Pop/Dance and Country. Savannah’s dream is to some day be seen, heard and loved by millions of people!

Brandi Lynn Collison

Brandi has been part of Fonda Cash’s Teens Who Rock since 2008. Since her time with Fonda she has started writing her own songs, recorded several studio tracks and is now learning how to play the piano. Brandi is seeking music producers to co-write and collaborate with. She is based out of Wellington, Florida and is a published author. To contact Brandi visit

Hannah Mahoney

Hannah Mahoney is a singer/songwriter from Royal Palm Beach, Florida. She has already recorded her first solo album which features hits like Luke Bryan, Superstar, Pretty Boy, Barefoot Princess and more. She is currently getting radio airplay globally and is number #5 on the Reverbnation Country Charts. Hannah writes new songs often, enjoys collaborating with others and is extremely talented. Her songs are catchy, meaningful and heartfelt. Hannah’s dream is to become a major country recording artist and tour with her friend Luke Bryan. She is currently traveling between Nashville & Florida to promote her music. To contact Hannah visit WeMerge Magazine -

Lexi Luca is talented, works hard, is dedicated to her dream and it shows! Her new original song entitled, Love You Right, which she co-wrote with Fonda Cash, is currently getting radio airplay globally and charting in the top 10. Her second album, I Believe, is set to be released in the Summer of 2011. She has already landed her own jewelry line with, which is set to debut in the late Spring of 2011. While working hard on her music career and school work she also finds time to help others and get involved with her community by cohosting a new teen talk show called FML (Friends, Music & Life). It airs on Tuesday nights at 7pm on Lexi is available for club work, private parties, studio work and special events. For booking, live performance schedule and more visit & You Tube. Management - Theresa Luca -

One part country and one part Rock ‘n Roll – Mallory Blue does it all. This 13-year-old will tell you she’s felt music deep in her soul since she was three. Mallory has one strong focus, to make it as a singer, and she believes working with Fonda Cash is going to make that happen. Keep an eye out for this beautiful little girl with the great big voice and watch her grow as a singer, songwriter and performer. Become Mallory’s friend on Facebook to find out where she’s performing next, see her live videos, and more.

Nikki Marie

Nikki is a 13-year-old singer new to Fonda Cash’s Teens Who Rock. She is currently enrolled in the Bert Reynolds Institute Of Film, where she studies acting and voice over. Nikki’s dream is to become a successful actress and singer. She loves dancing, spending time with her friends and outdoor activities. Visit Nikki Reitano on Facebook to find out more about this artist. Management: Joanna Reitano (561) 577-5443

Dominique Marie

This is Dominique Marie Miller. She was born in 1995 in Toms River, New Jersey. Dominique has wanted to become a famous singer since the moment she could speak. She moved to Florida 7 years ago and recently started taking vocal and performance lessons with Fonda Cash to enhance her talent. Dominique loves to sing all types of music but her favorite is Country/Pop. She is an actress, singer, performer and very creative. Keep an eye on Dominique as she grows and watch her become a star. Visit her on the web to watch her self-produced videos and more.

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WeMerge Magazine -

The Monterey Club

is where different cultures live. A distinct gathering place for people interested and involved in vintage car culture, bike culture, tattoo culture, live music, and the whole lifestyle. This is where the scene is. Support the scene.

a bar More than n a a th and more e n music ve u

No Night is Ever the Same Check out DJ Sensitive Side every Tuesday Ft. Lauderdale home of the Saints and Sinners Car Club Connected to Kreepy Tiki Tattoo and Orange County Choppers WeMerge Magazine -

(954) 598-1887 Open 7 Nights a Week, 11am-2am 2608 S Federal Hwy, Ft. Lauderdale, 33316 Next door to the Gold Coast Roller Rink - Also on Facebook Support the Scene or There Will Be No Scene to Support 45


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WeMerge Magazine -

WeMerge Magazine -

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48 48

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521 N.W. 1st Ave Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 954-916-7351

Custom Printing on over 100 exciting products NO SET UP CHARGES - LOW MINIMUMS

WeMerge Magazine -

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ART SHOW ing show




2608 South Federal Highway Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316



Come check out this great art show, filled with pompadours, bouffants, leather jackets, hot rods, pin up babes and more! WeMerge Magazine -

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roject Audio Inc. is here to provide our clients with unparalleled service. We utilize our team’s professional background and experience in the

audio industry to always produce projects of superior quality. We strive to be the only company that serious professionals come to when they need the highest quality audio work.



954-675-2435 954-773-9895

Pro Tools HD 3 Apogee Converters Universal Audio Solid State Logic Tube Tech Logic Pro

Reason Genelecs ns10’s Etc.

Recording Mixing Mastering Pre Production Post Production 5.1 Surround Mixing Audio Transfers Jingles Commercials Voiceovers Sound to Picture Live Sound

On Site Recording Studio Design Studio Tech Support Freelance Engineering DJ’s & Events Sound FX Music Production Engineering lessons


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WeMerge Magazine -

DJ Stevie D The Host

By Renda Writer

Co-Hosts: Jock D, DJ Crash, Kelly V, & Milky the Shape Sponsored by WeMerge Magazine & Mob Ink in Boca Raton “We’re off-the-cuff with the production of the show. We’re having fun with it, and it seems to be catching on.” In a recent phone conversation, DJ Stevie D says this of The Future Retro Radio Show, the internet radio show that he hosts and produces, playing everything from new Mos Def tracks to old school De La Soul, and James Brown and Funkadelic, mixing it all in with requests, an interactive chat room, local submitted music, and talk with DJ Stevie D and his co-hosts, about music, DJ’s, sex, clubs, events and more. Independent artists can submit music for airplay by sending MP3s to sffmusicinc@gmail. com. DJ Stevie D will be on the wheels of steel at the Hip-Hop Elements B-Boy Pro Am event on May 20-22nd ( and will be cosponsoring the event with his entertainment company, South Florida’s Finest. More info at Stevie D is an official WeMerge DJ and the host of our DJ to DJ Interview Series on DJs can submit interview requests to Catch the Future Retro Radio Show Broadcasting Live at Club Boca Mondays - Club Boca, 7000 West Palmetto Park Rd, Boca Raton Live Party Broadcast, Interviews, Performances, Cypha Lounge in the 2nd Room, Live Street Art on the patio is the flagship web presence of E2 Project Inc., a creative directive organization founded and operated by Emmett“Deuce”Gatson based in South Florida. This creative journal is a gathering of multimedia expression that invites an audience of those who love and appreciate creative works in web + graphic art, photographic imagery, music and video­­­—a comprehensive website that targets no age group or creative faction. Although it may take a level of experience to understand some of its content, it is neither esoteric nor enigmatic. All viewers with artistic attraction and curiosity are invited to discover, comprehend, and appreciate the works within. Initially, served as a vehicle for graphic art and web design, but gradually progressed to other forms of creative expression. In development are plans to open the E2 Project store, which will sell exclusive one-of-a-kind prints, exclusive clothing, collectibles and select music. “Expect top-quality work in all mediums showcased on this site, with an urban feel. And, expect E2 Project to be an ever-changing, ongoing project,” says Mr. Gatson. WeMerge Magazine -

Tap into the energy and follow the progress of E2 Project’s journey as it ventures into the future of digital creative. Visit often and be sure to subscribe to our mailing list or social networking sites for updates.

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WeMerge Magazine -

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Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota has a longstanding reputation for sending some of the brightest and most talented young artists out into the world after graduation, and artist and 2005 graduate Matthew Mattox is definitely no exception to the rule. Practicing in virtually all mediums, Matthew’s creativity knows no limits. Whether he’s creating in the two dimensional plane or sculpting three dimensional masterpieces, Mattox is always attracting attention with his art.


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WeMerge Magazine -

Has brought you the following books

Three very compelling looks at the tragic epidemic that is domestic violence.

Raw, Uncensored, and Unapologetic - REAL.

“Funky Gorilla Fist” - A novella by Anthony Pepe reviewed in the 1st issue of WeMerge

“Walking from Memory” - A novel by D. Tori Morgenstein reviewed in the 6th issue of WeMerge

“That Defines the Light” - A book of poetry by Anthony Pepe & Tori Morgenstein reviewed in the 7th issue of WeMerge Magazine

All Books Now Available For Purchase:

WeMerge Magazine -

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WeMerge Magazine -

WeMerge Magazine -

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What is the Sly Ones brand all about?

What is the Ground Zero Crew all about?

Sly Ones is an urban art business coming out of kick-back South Florida, created in late 2008. Coming from our street art roots we started it as a graffiti crew trying to make a name for ourselves. Since then we been striving to plant our name in the minds of society. As time started to pass we realized we can expand the crew into a company, a company which produces unique urban art forms from all genres of the industry. Now, in 2011 we are a group of clever young ninjas united to change the game and become one of the names on top. To make it in this industry you need to be a Sly One!

The Ground Zero Crew is a B-boy (Break Dancing) crew that I started in 1996 with chapters in Miami and Puerto Rico. Since then the crew has made an international impact, putting Miami on the map by battling all with superior swag and originality. We have won many world titles and visited many countries throughout Europe, Asia and more. Today you can see us perform all over the greater Miami area, at clubs, events and several other jams all over the world. In addition to performing, battling, judging, and competing at jams, we also produce large scale Hip-Hop events like the world famous Who Can Roast The Most? series, an event that endeavored to put Miami and Florida’s top B-Boy/BGirl talent vs. the rest of the nation in a grueling 10-round exhibition. GZC is dedicated to the elevation of the sacred Warrior Dance, originally called B-Boying.

Shaun “Kuote” Honekman Sly Ones Crew

Alejandro “Bebe” Fernandez Founder/President

Would you like to be featured in the We Asked section of our next issue? If so, send us a high resolution headshot and a high resolution version of your company logo.

What is the Whateva Works brand all about? My company was inspired by one of my favorite Woody Allen movies named Whatever Works. Born and raised in New York and other urban cities, surrounded by words like “Fugetaboutit” I felt that “Whateva’ Works” was more relevant to my work. Whateva’ Works caters to both businesses and independent artists in the entertainment industry. We customize our services to cater to our clients’ needs and our core competencies include event planning, marketing, booking, hosting, photography, videography, project development and budget preparation. We do whateva’ it takes to transform our clients’ vision into reality within

the given budget. Our ultimate goal is to help your business grow. Our motto is Bringing fresh Flavor in a Cultural Way to Create Positive Change. We donate 10% of our fees to charities such as Mission of Hope for Haiti, Susan G. Komen, as well as significant resources to the Write Side Poets (youth poetry program) in Lauderhill, FL. We would love to work with you and help give back to the programs of your choice. Peace, Love & Light! 1 Love Melissa Capo Founder/Operating Manager

60 Support scene toto support 60 Supportthe thescene Sceneororthere Therewill WillbeBenoNo Scene Support


Lighthouse Point Barbershop Is An

Art Gallery, Too! By David Citron –


t the new Masterpiece Barbershop in Lighthouse Point, master barber Lenny Spano treats his cuts like fine art, sculpting bald fades, fohawks, blowouts, and hot lather shaves in an environment that includes fine art by local artists alongside reproductions of great masterpieces. Masterpiece Barbershop’s cuts range from traditional gentlemen’s haircuts to trendy precision cuts, and women are welcome too. Amenities include five antique barber stations, free coffee, music, cable TV, and overstuffed leather couches. Stone sculptures, by Lenny’s father, John Spano, are among the art on display at the shop, and several exhibitions by local artists are planned. At a Boca Raton art show, Lenny was asked why he combined art and barbering. “As a kid I loved drawing and wood burning, but I wanted to be a business owner. Everyone needs a haircut, so I decided on barber college. Haircutting is the bread & butter of my business, while art is for the community.” A graduate of Florida Barber Academy in Pompano Beach, Lenny has been a precision barber for four years and managed a Coconut Creek shop. Originally from Brooklyn, the Spano family has lived here seven years. “My brother Dominick, a recent MBA, is the brains behind our business plan” says Lenny. “Dom says you should mention WeMerge magazine for $6 off any haircut.” Masterpiece Barbershop is in Venetian Isle Plaza, on the NE Corner of Sample Road and Federal Highway (3640-6 North Federal Highway, Lighthouse Point, 33308). For information about haircuts or displaying art, call (954) 623-7204 or e-mail (See ad on pg 47) WeMerge Magazine -

WeMerge Magazine -

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WeMerge Magazine -

WeMerge Magazine Issue 11  

WeMerge Magazine is an independent free quarterly South Florida art magazine with distribution (20,000 copies and 64 pages) throughout the t...

WeMerge Magazine Issue 11  

WeMerge Magazine is an independent free quarterly South Florida art magazine with distribution (20,000 copies and 64 pages) throughout the t...