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TABLE OF CONTENTS WeMerge Table of Contents Pg. 2 - Letter from the Editor Pg. 2-5 - MAYDAY (Cover Story) Pg. 6-7- Unplugged Pg. 8 - Just a Short Power Nap Pg. 9-11 - Editorial Pg. 12 - FW4S Las Vegas Pg. 13 - Steampunk Circus Pg. 14 - Teens Merge Pg. 15 - The BLP Babble Pg. 16 - The Byrds Pg. 17 - Editorial Pg. 18 - Q&A with an illustrator Pg. 19 - Patrice Moretti Pg. 20 - Tom Parker Pg. 21 - Local Businesses Pg. 22 - Carlos Marrero Pg. 23 - Local Businesses Pg. 24-25 - DMAC Pg. 26 - Local Businesses Pg. 27 - Inked Productions Pg. 28-29 - TREK 6 Pg. 30-31 - Who’s Next Gallery Pg. 32 - Mike Devries Pg. 33 - TattooLaPalooza Pg. 34 - Editorial


Pg. 35 - Grace Café Pg. 36 - FAT Village Arts District Pg. 37 - ArtWear Pg. 38 - Local Businesses Pg. 39 - Pylon Press, Kelly’s Cottage Pg. 40 - Glass Artist, Stone Sculptor Pg. 41 - The Monterey Club Pg. 42 - Leaf House, Project Audio Pg. 43 - Fonda Cash’s Students Pg. 44 - Charles Trainor Jr Photography Pg. 45 - Kevro’s Art Bar Pg. 46 - Album Review - City of Treason Pg. 47 - Local Businesses Pg. 48 - WeMerge Talent Submissions Pg. 49-53 - Local Businesses Pg. 54 - DJ Stevie D, The Malcriado Pg. 55 - Pyro Fusion, Groovolution Pg. 56 - Purple Haze, Nicole Esposito Pg. 57 - Plane or Island, Rock N Faces Pg. 58 - We Asked...They Answered Pg. 59 - For Art Sake Gallery Pg. 60 - WeMerge Graffiti Page Pg. 61 - Poetry Workshops, 1420AM Pg. 62 - Propaganda - The New Regime Pg. 63 - The map to hidden celery Just a Side Note:

Another amazing issue filled with local art and entertainment. Again we thank you for all your support. We had a survey recently with lots of feedback which we tried to implement into this issue, so thank you for your submissions. They were greatly appreciated. If anyone has anything they would like to see, like an artist, a band, a local venue, email us and let us know. This is what we do - WeMerge. Tons of amazing events this past couple months, one thing for sure is that you can never run out of events or things to do around here. I hear people say

“There isn’t much to do” and I think to myself “you must be on the wrong email list”. There is so much going on around here we don’t have enough people or pages to cover them all. I even notice the other publications around here having a rough time reporting all the events. My point is get out there and support the local scene. Most events are free and you can even wear a t-shirt and sneakers. Just make sure it’s a WeMerge shirt and you’re in. - Thanks, Dwayne Adams

WeMerge Magazine President Creative Director

Dwayne Adams

Vice President Chief Editor

Renda Writer

Contributing Writers: Brian Breslaw, Maritere Taveres, Dillon Mitchell, Jim Fredrick, Aaron Wormus, David Citron, CR Bauman, Ashley Lombardo, Matt Beck, Carol Ann Conover, Seth Schere, Mickey Steinberg, Casandra Tannenbaum, Ron Catronio, Kyle Willis, Elon Meles Graphic Designers: Craig McInnis, Rob Smith Promotions: Andrew Ackerman, Dillon Mitchell, Matt Beck Official WeMerge DJ: DJ Stevie D Cover Art: Jeff Dekal ( Proofreaders: Bethany Lee Auchter, Maritere Taveras Webmaster: Brian Dillingham ( Research: Michele Barenfeld, Nicole Esposito Videography: WeMerge Venues: Kevro’s Art Bar, Stage 84 Copyright©2010-11 WeMerge, Inc. All rights reserved to WeMerge, Inc. All content included in this magazine: text, graphics, logos, icons, & images, are the property of WeMerge, Inc. and/ or its content suppliers (writers, photographers, illustrators, and others) and protected by US and international copyright laws. No content is allowed to be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission from WeMerge, Inc. WeMerge Magazine contains the opinions and experiences of other people and the publishers do not necessarily approve, agree with, and/or condone those opinions or actions. WeMerge, Inc. cannot be held responsible for these opinions or actions. We provide a community service to our readers. All collaboration or verification of event postings are the responsibility of the reader prior to relying on such information for any action that may be taken on their behalf or on the behalf of others. For all legal issues call our lawyer. Special Thanks to Michele for her guidance against the cheeze & continued support in this adventure. Nicci “Bean” Loren for helping with imagination. All the haters for giving us motivation. Nicole Esposito for all her support. Jack Licata for giving a shout out when it’s needed most. Garrett J. Cohen for helping to spread the word. And last but not least, the Bonus Red Dot for always being an extra free bonus.

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Celebrity WeMerge Magazine readers (L-R): Robert Van Winkle (Vanilla Ice) and Wes Cain, stars of The Vanilla Ice Project, airing Thursdays on the DIY Network.


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Letter from the Editor W

ith this being our Winter issue, it’s very likely that you might be reading this during Art Basel, the yearly art event in Miami of worldwide significance. If you’re in town for the event from somewhere else, I’d like to just take a minute to say Hello and introduce myself as Renda Writer, the Vice President and Chief Editor of this magazine that I hope you’re enjoying and seeing as a representation of what South Florida has

to offer the art world. Flip through the magazine, and you’ll see that I’ve made it a point to use bold text whenever mentioning any of the cities in Florida that we’ve written about, as well several cities, states, and countries outside of our area. I did this because I think it helps to further the point that here at WeMerge, that’s exactly what we do – we merge. We not only merge the artists, the arts, the businesses, and the readers, but we’re also trying to merge the actual art world. Paris, New York, California, Italy, Las Vegas – you’ll see it all in this issue. The best way to put our plans, and my plans, for national expansion into effect is to mention them in writing. It’s the ultimate way to manifest something big, which is why the Letter from the Editor in our last issue focused on our national plans. With so many Art Basel visitors reading this issue, I feel it appropriate to mention these plans again to you and invite you to be a part of our growth. Take our magazine back to your home, and email me. Keep in touch. Maybe you can help us to get a branch of WeMerge set up in your city… or country. As a proponent of making things happen through writing, intention, and visualization, I should mention that I am using these techniques to reach a goal I’ve had since 2007, to perform my original poem, “Half Hearted,” on The Ellen Degeneres Show. The pic below is from when she shot an episode in Orlando. I was right there in the crowd, just feet away from her, and having that pic really helps me with visualizing myself on her stage, performing and living out a goal that has turned into a giant dream. You can sign my online petition at and go to to let Ellen know that you support me. There is literally nothing else in the world I want more than to reach this dream. Just thinking about it makes me cry. t Peace,

Renda Writer Chief Editor WeMerge Magazine

We Can’t Change the World, but We Can Change Our Ways


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Lil Wayne, sporting a Mayday T-shirt. Photo by

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hether you listen to hip-hop music or not Mayday speaks directly to you, the South Florida artist. Far removed from just about everything, the bottom of our peninsula state sometimes feels like an island, which might account for all the transient movement and the jaded attitudes that sometimes linger around the creative scene. Sometimes we feel stuck. This 6-man hip-hop band is doing everything in its power to get unstuck, and it’s definitely working. Their latest release, the 19-track independent CD, Stuck on an Island, is a thematically cohesive exploration of this idea of isolation that also takes a serious look at our planet’s rapid movement into the future and the notion that not everyone is completely ready for it, and it does all this while making you just plain want to party. The best way to get unstuck is to use a song to openly declare that you’ve already done it, which is the feeling on the album opener, I’ll Be Gone. The track is like a manifesto, letting the listener know right off the bat these guys will get unstuck at all costs. This is the mentality that guarantees Mayday’s success, and their talent backs it up. Short of writing a whole album review right here, suffice it to say that every track on the album is a potential hit, and every track portrays a clearly thought out idea or concept. It’s almost funny to think that Track #9 is called On 2 Someth’n, because they are clearly “on to something” right from the beginning of the CD. It’s almost a humble way of the band admitting that they know their sound is different, that it’s like a cross-genre soundtrack for urgent, rapid change. It’s the sound of the future happening now, with the feel of New Year’s Eve party music, and everyone at the party is ready to do big things in the New Year. It’s a fitting description for the vibe of the album, since the band will be playing on New Year’s Eve this year at Transit Lounge* in Downtown Miami. If you haven’t seen these guys live yet, that will definitely be the night of all nights to catch a Mayday show. The sentiment of the album title matches the concept behind

WeMerge Magazine -

the name of the group, which frontman Bern Biz explains by saying, “Mayday is like an urgent call, a distress signal… a call to arms. We see ourselves as the worker bees. We’re kinda of military minded with our work ethic. The name represents our frustrations, and our efforts to change them.” The urgency of getting unstuck is channeled into their music, which is what makes it so meaningful, so powerful, and so much more than just music. These guys push the concept of growth and progress, which they back up fully with their own track record, having grown from being an ambitious young duo to an all-out band that draws major crowds, as well as respect and collaboration requests from artists like Lil Wayne, Tek 9, NORE, Wiz Khalifa, Mac Maine from Cash Money Records, and Cee-Lo from Gnarles Barkley. Hooking up with Tek 9 for the Independent Grind Tour not only helped them to gain yet another powerful ally in the music business, but

it also inspired the guys to keep pushing toward their goal to become one of the major independent powerhouses on the national music scene, much like Tek 9’s immensely successful independent label, Strange Music. During a recent interview with the Mayday messengers before a gig at Transit Lounge, I asked each of the members to tell me their favorite memory from their recent mini-tour in New York. Unanimously, everyone said that it was the show they did at a warehouse in Brooklyn, an official CMJ after party sponsored by, where continued on next page

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they shared the bill with legendary hop-hop producer/MC, Large Professor, and a slew of other acts from all over the US. A followup email with Plex Luthor soliciting his take on the Brooklyn gig yielded a refreshingly honest and candidly humorous response from the bearded ringleader, “That was def the highlight of the trip. The overall vibe of the night was crazy. People were having sex on the only couch in the place. It was smoky (not common for a NY venue). It was inside an actual warehouse with coolers on the ground filled with cans of beer for the artists. The lighting was grimy, the place was packed with an eclectic bunch of people, and it was cold… a good night for some Mayday music.” Soon after the interview the guys performed, and even treated the die-hard lip-synching fans in the front row to shots of Jack Daniels during the show, which seems to be the band’s signature drink. DJ EFN from Crazy Hood Productions was there to introduce them to the party people who packed the whole space between the venue’s outdoor stage and the back wall of the club. When Plex’s post-it note set list was blown off of his keyboard and into the crowd from the wind, Wrekonize jokingly made a comment on the mic that a lucky fan could put it on Ebay and maybe make a few bucks. But Mayday fans are not opportunists or fanatics, they’re conscious partiers who dig the Mayday vibe and fully support it. So it was no surprise that the set list was returned to Plex within just a few minutes. Even if it hadn’t been returned, the band would have still rocked the show. They’ve got a seasoned background in freestyling and making improvisational music, which is how they initially got started, back when they were doing their resident gig at Jazid on Miami Beach, rocking out completely improvised collaborative late night sets. The freestyle element of hip-hop culture seems to be alive at Mayday shows, as it’s a given that Wrek and Bern always dedicate at least a few minutes to constructing an improvised song to really give the crowd the unique live experience that it deserves. At another show at Eve in downtown Miami, put on by the guys at, the band cranked out a powerful set that started with a theatric instrumental opening, complete with Gianni Cash and Nonymous banging on the same set of conga drums, before Gianni ran over to his keyboards to lay it down over there, all with a bass guitar strapped on his back. Moments later, Wrekonize and Bern Biz hit the stage, Bern with a burning joint in hand. He took a deep hit, exhaled and got down to biz, spitting out the opening lines to 4x4, a throwback hit from their self-titled debut album which had all the long term fans bopping their heads. The energy continued throughout the set, 4


hen asked about joining Mayday, percussionist Nonymous said: “I saw Mayday and it hit me hard. With the music, there’s an urgency. It’s a new sound and a conscious sound, but still simple enough for the people to relate to. It’s always a performance. It’s not just playing. This has been my childhood dream. It’s beyond amazing”

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ho played Lil Wayne’s going away party before he left for jail? Mayday did. The band has worked with “Weezy” several times, and by the time you read this, they will probably have worked with him even more, now that he’s a free man again. See clips of the band backing him up at

making it yet another successful Mayday night. A conversation with Gianni Cash, who originally played percussion in the band and now plays bass and keys, served as a reminder of what is really at the core of the band, and what keeps them together – the musicianship. They’re all hip-hop heads, and they’re all multi-talented, real musicians. (Other talents include cooking for the group while on tour. Bern Biz and drummer JT Hopkins are the band cooks, or culinary artists, when on the road). Their collective talent as a group of real musicians is just one of the things that is providing a virtual guarantee of their continued success. They’re also intelligent people who clearly put a lot of thought into everything they do, even on down to their band logo, which contains the actual Morse code for “Mayday,” and an upside down exclamation point that definitely brings an air of familiarity to Miami’s Latin listeners, and an upside down “A” that was the creative decision of a graphic designer in New Zealand. Now that’s a logo! Navigating a path for a music career in what Wrekonize referred to on stage at a recent show as, “a sunny state with shady people” is never easy, but Mayday’s making it happen, and by next year they’ll not only be off SoFla Island, but they’ll most likely be off the whole island of North America, with a tour of Europe in the works, under the keen direction of La Rue Management, which also represents popular bands Ketchy Shuby and Suenalo. The inside of their CD says, “Thanks to all who have attempted to rescue us off this island,” and we here at WeMerge Magazine our proud to do our part in helping these hard working worker bees get closer to where they deserve to be. Having them on the cover of our 10th issue is a mutually beneficial way of showing that we are on same page with the idea of getting unstuck, as we prepare to go national with our publication, and Mayday continues to expand on its national and international plans too. Let’s all enjoy the ride together. The future is now. *Transit Lounge is the only venue here on the island of South Florida that has a vending machine stocked with cold cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon, cigarettes, blunt wraps, and copies of Stuck on an Island, by Mayday.

“I’m walkin’ down the shore / Bonfire in the sand / Besides this little rock / I can see no other land / I’ve been talkin’ with the shade / Who’s a slave to the sun / Trapped in his cage by the time the day’s begun” Wrekonize, of Mayday From the title track, “Stuck on an Island” t WeMerge Magazine -

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hy don’t we all just unplug and connect? Although the ironic impossibility of the question might make it sound almost like a riddle, it actually makes total sense if you think of it like this: Why don’t we all take a moment to unplug? Let’s unplug from the deeply impersonal and intangible cyber world, for at least for a brief moment, and let’s connect… as people. Let’s connect through a real, tangible medium… print media. This magazine is a tool for connecting, something that you can actually touch and feel, hold on to, read at the beach or while just hanging out on the couch, maybe pass on to friends, or bring with you on a long plane ride. (We recently got a random IM from whoever runs the Facebook page for the popular local band, Astari Night that said, “I want to thank you for your magazine. It kept me entertained while recently flying from Florida to New York.” They signed off before I

WeMerge Magazine -

could respond, but I typed a colon and a closed parenthesis in my mind. Then it showed up as a real smile on my face.) Let’s unplug and connect for a moment, but still keep in mind that being plugged in through the cyber world is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s there to enhance the connections that we make in person. So let’s all meet and connect, and then let’s also get plugged in, and stay connected in the cyber world, a great place to keep in touch. We are re-launching our website on January 1st, so even in the plugged in world we can all stay connected and turn WeMerge into the name that unanimously represents the bringing together of people from different cultures, subcultures, and counter cultures. For more on our plans to keep everyone plugged in, read what our webmaster, Brian Dillingham had to say on pg. 58. As a brand, we do more than just publish a magazine, we also produce a variety of weekly, monthly, and periodic special events that do a great job at really connecting people in person. That’s where it all goes down. That’s the scene. Support the scene, or… you know the rest.

In the spirit of unplugging and getting connected, we would like to announce that we are planning a series of events called The WeMerge Connect Four Challenge, to be held at various venues. Those who sign up to participate in the challenge will be pitted against a challenger for a “best of 5” series of games, with the winner advancing to the next round, until a 1st Place Winner is determined. The winner at each event will receive a cash prize and gift package, and will be invited back to compete at the finals, where one final winner will be crowned The 2011 WeMerge Connect Four Challenge Grand Champion. If you would like to host a WeMerge Connect Four Challenge event at your venue, please contact “Even with all this technology / My friends still find it hard to talk to me / I’m out of reach / Even with all this technology / The closer that we get / The farther that we seem... Even though I sleep withoutcha / I can see you in my dream / They say that we’re so connected / But I can’t even hear you scream / Even though I sleep withoutcha / I still see you in my dreams / They say that we’re so protected / But we’ve been locked up by machines” - Wrekonize, of Mayday From the song, “Technology” t

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Slow Down. Snail Crossing.

Full Length Down The Albums Go Hooole...


s it for better or worse that the full length album is a dying breed?? Or shall I say a breed that should be an innocent bystander in a drive by shooting. I’m totally torn when it comes to this discussion. Side A says, I DON’T WANNA WAIT 2 YEARS for your band to get in the studio, get drunk, do drugs, the label approves their songs, cover art, hit single, announce the album will be out “this summer” promo tour, overdose....then...dun dun dun....THERE’S ONLY 2 GOOD SONGS ON THIS SHIT. Side B (also known as B-sides and rarities) says, these better than average songs need to be compiled on one disc and listened to in order and in its entirety, start to finish. Like I said, B-sides are rare. I don’t wanna name drop artists, but you know you only have a couple CDs in your collection that you can look at and say, Ia lov love this whole shit, from start to finish. You know what, screw it...I will name drop...a band that deserves some bad publicity, a band that has repeatedly taken $11.99 out of my wallet with each release, a band that delivers one or two creative tracks on a twelve track album....yeah...I’m talkin to you WEEZER. If I met Weezer in a room, we’d have the same dialogue as Robin Williams and Matt Damon in that Hunting Good Will whatever movie. “It’s not your fault, it’s not your fault, it’s not your fault” Remember in 1991 when we used to ride our bikes to Peaches or Specs music and buy cassette singles. Yeah, I know I bought Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch...but ‘91 was a f***ed up year for all of us. Mp3 is giving artists that opportunity to take their time in the studio, let’s say a month or two, and just release one or two good tracks at a time. Songs that you can be proud of. No more meeting record label deadlines and NO MORE FILLER SONGS that all sound the same. Oh, and if you are gonna purchase a C.D., please do not buy from F.Y.Evil. in the mall. They’ve managed to put all of the good local shops out of business based on their convenience factor. And yes, this article title is a tribute to both “Plucky Duck and ‘91” Every great comedian ends his set with a joke that references a joke he told in the middle of his set. Just go with it. So, you do have to go SOMEWHERE to buy music because digital music is too much like getting laid, but you were too drunk to remember. Then you have to lie to your friends about the details and such. Because if you’re like me then you want that album art, you want that 6 page foldout of lyrics, and most need that plastic jeweled case in your collection. So if you do happen to have a decent locally owned music store in your hood, support’ sucks when they’re gone. So in the meantime, we will continue to buy albums 12 songs at a time, every 2 years (every 5 years if you’re a Tool fan) in hopes of getting that rare gem that’s good from green to red. Just try and be aware of where you’re buying from. Because even Robin Williams will tell you, sometimes.... “It IS your fault, it IS your fault, it IS your fault”. t

Yeah, I know I bought Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch... but ‘91 was a f***ed up year for all of us.


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TMusic urnoff!

by sodacanashtray -


usic is supposed to shape our generations, to bring meaning and understanding to our lives. Ours is pretty twisted, not much of a shape at all. And not because good music doesn’t exist (it’s alive and well all around you, even here in South Florida), but these artists have nine to fivers, and it’s hard for them to sustain their everyday living expenses by doing what they love. So what is really going on? I refuse to be acknowledged as the generation of synthesizers and auto tune! Who’s to blame? Is it the record labels and the media of today? Not entirely, but that still doesn’t give them a get-out-of-jail free card. They’re just profiting from what they can get paid on, they’re a business and that’s what they do. It’s more because of the listeners. Who started this anyways? Last night I saw a really amazing band performing at a local venue when their hooker-boots-wearing manager asked them to turn it down and play something softer. They were playing funk! I’m sure if it was P-Jiz on their speakers or a Lady Gaga cover, she would’ve been shaking her ass on the bar. It’s sad, but not unfixable. I guess we’re just gonna have to turn up our jams and make a commotion together, revolutionize music and bring back what already belongs to us. Anyone interested should send me an e-mail. We all know that when a bunch of people get together and start making noise others can’t help but turn around and look. t

Who anyways? started this

The Unity in P.L.U.R. by Dillon Mitchell –

This is for everyone who wants to be a part of the UNITY in the word, “P<3UR” (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect). Recently I’ve had the pleasure of working with a lot of wonderful people, traveling all over and hearing a wide variety of music… camping at music festivals, where I got to spend the evening with famous artist Brock Butler from Perpetual Groove, having dinner with STS9, and kickin’ it with Big Dillon “backs up” what he says Gigantic. I spoke with these artists and found out the real meaning of why they do what they do. They each said that they can’t wait until the day when everyone loves everyone for everyone and we’re all here to love each other and stick together for something we all love… music. I began exploring what was right there in front of me in South Florida, diving into a scene that is beginning to make a serious impression all over the world, the electronic music scene. Newcomers, you are wanted and you should know that this scene is about openness; WE ALL share a bond, the desire to groove to a beat all night long. No man is an island. Everyone needs friends. The outside world is tough enough. Open your hearts and let the good feelings flow. Open your hearts and minds. Ravers unite, and represent the unity in the word P.L.U.R. t

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Altruism â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Alive & Well By Renda Writer -


took a short ride over to The Hurricane Bar & Lounge in downtown Delray Beach on a recent Sunday night for two reasons. One reason was for the vibe of their Sunday cookout, put on by Brotherly Love Productions, and the other reason was to chat with the venue owner, Pasqual Ranich, about his altruistic efforts to help a local kidney transplant recipient. A civic-minded entrepreneur with a cheerful demeanor, Pasqual took great joy in telling the story of two life-long friends from Boca Raton, Lisa Grant Kaputa and Lisa Iannazzi. When Kaputa, a school teacher and mother of two, had renal failure, her friend Lisa Ianazzi volunteered to donate her own kidney. The transplant took place on June 18th, 2009 at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, and both Lisas recuperated just fine, but with $1,250/ month in medical expenses for the rest of her life that insurance will not cover, Lisa Kaputa can thank the kindhearted Pasqual for organizing a yearly fundraiser to cover her expenses. Last yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fundraiser was co-hosted by Billy Black and Aaron Murphy, and included the highlight of a $5,000 anonymous donation. The next fundraiser will be on August 1st, 2011 at The Hurricane Bar & Lounge. t

A civic-minded

entrepreneur with a

cheerful demeanor


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WeMerge Magazine -

(a participant’s perspective)

by Jim Fredrick -


ctober 16 was a huge night at the Funky Buddha. Both shows (8:30 and 10:30) were standing-room only. No fan of crowds, I sat out front, keenly aware of the challenge in writing an article about a show I wasn’t watching. During the 8:30 competition, Nhan Du was the first comic to get an audience response that registered outside. The laughter and applause was explosive. A few performances later, I was actually in the room when Joe Dwayne was on stage receiving steady audience reaction. Consensus was that these two were the favorites of the 12, so it was no surprise when they split the win. I was on 3rd in the second show. Comedy competitions are a pain in the ass. They’re also strangely necessary. It takes discipline to set up a tight 5 minutes after performing with little-to-no-time constraints. It’s no exaggeration to say it builds character. You can be a different performer in 5 minutes than you are with a half hour to fill. The best I can say was that my 5 was tight. Other comics assured me that I had a great set, but I know when I’ve delivered a winner, and was pretty sure that wasn’t it. A few comics later, I was outside when Artist Treece, one of the few performers there with whom I wasn’t familiar, received 3 applause breaks. “My set didn’t get that,” I said to no one in particular. No one else did either for that show, and she was the clear winner. Of the 30 comics who performed that night, Sean Grant went up for a guest spot that laid waste to the place. On just about every level, it was a phenomenal success. Kudos to Rich Leis (aka “Richy Lala”) for assembling such a remarkable night. I have much more to say, but only 250 words commissioned by WeMerge. Oh well, I’m already known for going over my time. t

Gratify Gastropub

Restaurant Review:

Slightly off the beaten path of downtown West Palm Beach, Gratify Gastropub on the east end of Datura Street, opened for business in February 2010, and is a trendy new addition to the downtown dining experience. By Aaron Wormus The first thing you’ll notice when entering Gratify is the unique curved bar which circles around the open kitchen area. The bar is perfect for seating a group of 2-3 people. Even though Gratify is usually fairly busy, the atmosphere is quiet and relaxed making conversation easy. Also offered are tables both inside, and on the sidewalk. The outside seating also makes a great place to view one of the many open-air concerts which take place in the Meyer Amphitheater, directly across from Gratify. Offering a varied cuisine, Gratify’s menu exemplifies the meaning of a “gastropub.” Where in a pub you’ll find a variety of beers and a selection of pub style food, in a gastropub you will find that the standard pub food menu is supplemented by a variety of other unique dishes to satisfy your gastronomical desire. On my first visit I tried the Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup, which offers a delightful twist on the classic grilled cheese sandwich. A daily special I enjoyed was the Mahi & Greek Salad. Also available are “Small Plates” which are perfect for sharing & trying the exquisite menu. Prices are average, ranging between $8 and $12 for a lunch and between $20 and $25 for a “Big Plate” entree. t

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by Elon Meles -

hat happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Wrong! Not when it’s my blazing report on Footwork4Self Records’ Halloween weekend performance. You are about to get first hand knowledge of what went down in Sin City. A short trip off the strip and local hip-hop hideout Boomer’s Bar awaited our arrival. It was time for Footwork4Self to start leaving tracks in the Las Vegas desert. Multi-talented host and lyricist HighDro ( was our gracious host at Boomer’s, where his Fresh Talent Entertainment’s Tuesday night Hip-Hop Roots soirees are quickly becoming legendary in the local underground scene. It was time for Footwork’s first warrior to take the floor. Protoman (ProtomanMusic. com) was announced and his Protoman presence was felt on impact. Far from the prototypical MC, his electric energy lights up any stage. Aside from the verbal onslaught of unflappable rhymes, his stage persona speaks volumes. He worked the crowd with ease, eloquently changing pace and laying the lyrics on each beat with perfection. Detroit’s own Mr. Chief ( ) was next to take center stage, and his hardened subject matter and hometown loyalty were on display for the Las Vegas locals to soak up and settle into. Representing the streets of Detroit was a top priority, but recognizing his new home in South Florida was also evident throughout his stellar set. The frenetic bars flowed fast and furious and before I knew it he Mr. Chief was done for the night. Mr. Chief had laid it down and knocked them out. The Footwork4Self family came into town and left an indelible mark on the burgeoning underground Las Vegas hip-hop scene. We represented for JabrJaw and DJ Dee Dubbs, Lox Tha Rippa, Serum, ShawnWayne, Rob Riggs and Cadet Yo who were supporting us from back home in South Florida. We made new friends and great music. We let everybody know that we were here to stay and ready to take our sound across the country and the world. We received an open invitation to perform in Vegas any time and showed that we are a superstar squad not to be taken lightly. A special thanks to the following artists, whose talents joined Footwork4Self on stage at the show. Beat-box extraordinaire Verbal Ase (, Vegas hip-hop legend Sab The Artist (, New Jersey’s own Kosha Dillz ( and underground icons Phil A. & Hassan ( Find pics and videos of the show, information on all of Footwork4Self’s talented artists, and our jam packed schedule of upcoming shows and events in South Florida and around the country on t

(L-R) Sab The Artist, Kosha Dillz, Hassan, Chief, Protoman, HighDro


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A Variety of Music


Weekend Radio by David Citron -

If you like to listen to weekend radio but don’t care for sports or religion, you’ve probably discovered there’s not much to listen to on Sundays except substitute DJ’s and pill peddlers. But there are hidden gems on South Florida radio. You just have to know where to find them. Here are some suggestions: Blues: On WKPX 88.5 FM, Sundays, 11am-1pm, The Sunday Blues With Dar is the star of creative local radio. For over 17 years, Darlene McCauley has been the host of this popular show on school board station WKPX. Also listen on Dar’s website, Big Band/Nostalgia: On WXEL 90.7 FM, Sundays, 3pm-5pm, Dick Robinson’s American Standards By The Sea may be the only show regularly broadcast from a yacht. It originates from Robinson’s hightech radio studio on his yacht, Airwaves. Dick has owned radio stations and is founder of Connecticut School of Broadcasting, listen any time at Classic Rock: On WBGG 105.9 FM, Sundays, 9pm-10pm, Led Zeppelin fans will enjoy Get The Led Out. Nostalgia/Rural/Comedy: On WLRN 91.3 FM, Saturdays, 6pm-8pm & Sundays, 12pm-2pm, Garrison Keillor’s Prairie Home Companion is a long-running music & humor program. Keillor has produced many books, CDs and DVDs of his humor over the years. I would mention Lake Wobegone, but a review of his web site reveals that he has trademarked almost every word he uses on PHC. Oldies: On WMXJ Majic 102.7, Sundays, 10am-11am, Joe Johnson’s Beatle Brunch, airs and is a long time fixture, full of Beatles trivia and rare music and interviews. Keep listening! t

Let them Play with Your Mind

by CR Bauman -

I have experienced the mind-traveling magicians known as Telekinetic Walrus and The Pride of Ions at places like Jazid and Transit Lounge, but best of all, rocking out a blacklight-filled living room at a Coral Gables house party. The Time Zookeeper, who sometimes goes by Jake Fletcher when in the presence of normal people, spun a light at the end of a large stick before our glowing faces in apparition while reciting rhymes of a Digable Planets depth with butt-shaking authority, complementing the hard-nature of Ydiz’s beats. And the icing on the electronic cake, a bassoonist by the name of Aleah Axiom, whose actions and contributions to the band go way beyond words. Take your time with the Walrus. Let them play with your mind. Download the album for free on their MySpace page and let the beautiful mind-melting mess with you for a little bit. Get some of that bassoon-wake-and-bake, the bioluminescence within the whales, and find what it’s like to be from “a city that never sleeps with schedules you can never keep”. Then see them in person. Wherever, whenever. Surround yourself in the painted faces shaking and throwing themselves before the screaming speakers, let the zookeeper shine the light through your eyes, see Aleah put down her weapon and mosh with the crowd only to go back up to make more madness. Telekinetic Walrus and the Pride of Ions is a gift from the stars rising from the soil of the 305, spreading energies from a stage that clash against all consciousness itself. TelekineticWalrus.comt

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he SteamPunk Circus is a traveling art show curated and sponsored by WeMerge Magazine, which will feature original artwork, prints, photography, sculptures, and other merchandise from a roster of artists geared toward the steampunk genre. The circus will run from Miami to North Carolina. We will be stopping in different cities to do shows and meet the different artists and galleries. The Circus will also be picking up artwork from artists along the way to exhibit in the different cities. The show will set up at art galleries, coffee shops, tattoo shops and other such venues, hosting special one-night-only events, “pop-up” art shows, where art is sold and the members of the local art and music communities are introduced to the WeMerge brand. Doing this allows us to lay the groundwork for a presence of our national publication in the cities where our traveling art show has visited. Keeping the local community involved and bring artists together.

Coming to a City Near You - 2011 This will be an amazing wonderment of delightful artistry. We hope that you choose to be a part of this movement.

It’s Not Every Day The Circus Comes To Town... Email us to Book a Show or Just Take a Look See Website has all show dates, and our newsletter to stay updated on events and our travels. Hey, even join the circus if you’d like...

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Teens merge by Ashley Lombardo -

Hot New Music




t’s 9 o’clock on a Tuesday night and let’s face it… you don’t really have a whole lot going on. You find yourself ruminating over how you’re going to spend the next couple of hours. Sick of trolling your favorite forum, tired of reading what’s on everyone’s mind (the answer is nothing) while it instantly pops up on your newsfeed…you find yourself asking “Hm, What to do?” After much deliberation, you settle on passing your time with your headphones in your ears and your feet on the coffee table. What comes out? Brooding, doleful lyrics dragging through your ear canals compounded with flaccid melodies and weak rhythm?... Or maybe, you hear Nate Smith, lead vocalist for South Florida’s own Count Me In, as he hits you with his confident, unrestrained vocals expertly combined with a thrilling tune that forces you to crack a smile…even when you’re feeling disheartened. For the few who were in agreement with the former, perhaps you should take a listen to Count Me In’s single If I Were You (I’d Act Like Somebody Else). As you like, the lyrics contain an emotionally significant message, nothing vacuous will escape from Nate’s lips. But unfortunately, for the former, their sound is not a dull, faint hum, but an electrifying pop punk bravado. Known locally for their stage antics and fresh sense of humor, Count Me In guarantees high-energy performances and a night well spent. Comprised of Nate Smith, guitarist and lead vocalist, as well as Mike Boyet and Kyle Witkoski playing guitar and belting vocals, Cody Tapoler on bass, and AJ Lino on drums, Count Me In provides the masses with auditory climaxes and five aesthetically appealing faces for those swooning girls to hang on their walls. With a name like Count Me In (short and sweet, you won’t forget it), and a make-you-hopout-of-your-seat-and-move-to-the-beat type of sound, this band will reach their ultimate goal, which is to get their music to as many ears as possible and to make a life out of what they love. And they’re already on their way, they are faithfully under the management of Rogue Entertainment and they self-released their debut EP Can’t Hide This in November of ’09 tangibly as well as on iTunes US, iTunes Australia and Amazon mp3. Individually playing at venues such as Culture Room and Revolution, as a band, they specifically boast their performances at club Lyrica in Orlando, where they’ve built a relationship with the knowledgeable sound engineers while reveling in the vastness of the place. But despite the fact that they’re on their way up, Count Me In remains true to one of their most fundamental principles: to truly know their following. To keep a good relationship with their devotees, they make it a point to respond to the influx of messages they receive and to become familiar with everyone who regularly attends their shows. On October 23rd at Rocketown in Pompano Beach, they shared the stage with The Summer Set, one of their most profound influences to date. Coming straight from the band, they’re inviting everyone to “Come Party. ” They can be lurked or contacted at and, followed at, and gazed upon at t


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The BLP BABBLE By Matt Beck, founder of Brotherly Love Productions


ur society loves to label. Good or bad, everything must be defined. Labels both categorize and explain while at the same time limit; invoking opinions, leading the uninformed to make assumptions. But how do you label something that defies definition? I’m in the business of promoting music events, so describing bands is what I do. I’m often asked what kind of music I promote, and this is where it gets tricky. The term I constantly dance around is “jamband.” I guess I’m known as a jamband forte kinda guy, but you can’t just throw around that label without instant judging…it’s a love/hate thing. This spans from fan to band to music business man. Some bands embrace the label whether they fit the broad meaning or not, while others that most certainly jam slowly back away. Gregg Allman is quoted as saying “The Allman Brothers Band is not a jamband, but a band that jams.” Simple semantics. Some media outlets cringe at the term and refuse to cover our shows. To many, this term means meaningless noodling and drawn-out over extended songs. To others it describes musicians that dominate their instruments and melt fans’ faces. What exactly is a jamband? I’ve always considered jambands to be those that meld genres and are anchored by improvisational jazz. Often for this reason jambands are better known for their live performances than their albums and have difficulty translating their sound to a studio recording, therefore receiving very little commercial success. It is this spontaneity that draws the rabid fans that have severe cases of F.O.M.O. (Fear of Missing Out). Each performance being unique inspires fans to travel (or tour) with their favorite performers so they can be a part of the experience and live in the moment with the band. Another common practice of the jamband community is the taping of their performances. Since each show is unique, there is a demand to be able to later relive the experience. Trading these recordings helps grow the fan base. In this modern music era, bands cannot rely on selling albums to survive. The most successful bands make their living on the road. So whether you hit the road with a jamband, or come out to a local show, the best way to get behind the label is to actually see a jamband jam. t

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Respectable street 1/2

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Byrds” Come to Florida’s East Coast


ritten and drawn about seniors, for seniors by a senior, this rhyming comic strip began around Naples and Sanibel Island ten years ago. Created by artist, Gus St. Anthony, it’s now showing up in weekly newspapers in the Dade and Broward counties. “Ben and Brenda Byrd,” Gus says, “are active middle-agers enjoying their golden years in the sun. Their interests run the gamut from golf to boating to early bird dining. From grandchildren to bingo to social security and everything in between. They are becoming icons of the senior citizen set!” St. Anthony is a snow bird himself. “I’m originally a New Yorker,” he said. “I moved to Florida about twenty years ago. Lived most of that time on a tiny island near Sanibel called Matlacha. Now, I’m in Hollywood, but that old New Yorker in me still shows up from time to time. The Byrds like to make occasional wise cracks as a part of their views on the vagaries of life. It’s an Alan Alda-ish style from M.A.S.H. TV days. Some of that smart ass stuff gives the strip a little spice.” The Byrds are also a weekly online cartoon with a growing list of subscribers. Plus, a line of Byrds items like T-shirts, tote bags, coffee mugs, and other products can be ordered online and from participating retailers taking part in promotional events. “We put on special events,” Gus says, “where a gift shop or art gallery will have a ‘Byrds Night’ with T-shirt signings, free wine and cheese, a drawing demonstration with a few quickie caricatures of guests and, with enough wine, I can be goaded into playing my banjo-mandola.” t

Saluting Chrystal by Carol Ann Conover


For more than 20 years, Chrystal Hartigan has been called South Florida’s Music Maven because of her dedication to local musicians and her diligent work in advancing the art of singing and songwriting. An avid promoter of the local music scene, not only does she promote and produce concerts and festivals featuring local artists, she has helped expand musical education with the development of school programs that reach all age ranges, from elementary on up to program offerings at the University of Miami. WeMerge was able to catch up with this fast-paced dynamo at one of her recent Singer Songwriter’s Showcases that she hosts monthly at the Broward Center for Performing Arts where impassioned musicians can participate in an open mic and then relax and enjoy performances by her hand-selected featured artists. This month’s live show featured the lovely 16-year-old Marquis Singer, a budding talent with an enticing vocal range and expanding piano skills, the well-known owner of Fort Lauderdale’s own Mercury Studios, Adam Wesley, and the sultry and provocative lyricist and performer, Laura Bradley, who’s music is on rotation with Clear Channel stations, one song of which was the theme song to a short film at Cannes Film Festival in 2008. If you’re a music lover or an aspiring talent and you haven’t been to Chrystal Hartigan’s Songwriter Showcase, then you are truly missing out on a royal opportunity to support the local music scene and advance your own career. Check her out at, and check out live footage of her events at t

Contact Gus to subscribe to The Byrds -


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Cardboard to

Classrooms by Seth “Brimstone” Schere,

Miami, Florida – 1984: Bustin’ outta Queens, NY, invading youth’s boom boxes around the globe, Run DMC! We breathed rap, exhaled B-boyin’, pieced our Bibles (graffiti books) and made mix-tapes on double cassette decks. Hip-hop made us one nation under a groove. Over 2.5 decades later, I’m still repping this beloved culture. The difference now? I’m teaching youth and adults about the foundations of hip-hop. In 2006, I founded PATH (Preserving, Archiving, & Teaching Hip-Hop History). The goal of PATH is to instill leadership skills and community values, and to encourage youth to pursue their passions. Over the past 3 summers, PATH has been doing just that. As an educator in the field of hip-hop, I am grateful to share the many lessons I’ve learned. My experience as a B-boy, graffiti writer, emcee, DJ, producer, engineer, promoter, label owner and hustler is all I have. No hip-hop degree or handbook prepared me for this path. The knowledge was passed to me from hip-hop pioneers, KRS ONE, Grandmaster Dee, DJ Maseo, and other practitioners of the culture. I’ve also learned from those that have worked against me. From Cardboard to Classrooms is a section all about building future leaders in hip-hop. Many thanks to Renda Writer, and to WeMerge Magazine for the opportunity to share in upcoming issues. Hip-hop’s not a game, it’s a hustle! Brimstone is a Hip-Hop educator, artist, practitioner and proud father. He is currently expanding PATH (www.pathtohiphop. org), writing a book and working on his fourth album, “Molotov Cocktail.” t

The Ticket to Being Different By Renda Writer -

What are you doing to market your website? Better yet… what are you doing different to market your website? We’ve all got business cards, flyers, and Facebook accounts that we use to market what we do, but only some know how to turn the whole idea of marketing on its side and hit their target markets in a way that will make them open their eyes a little wider. Case in point is Collin Fraum, the man behind, a website with more concert footage than you could possibly imagine, most of it shot right here in South Florida. He came out to a recent edition of WeMerge Thursdays at Kevro’s Art Bar and handed me a concert ticket, which was actually his business card. Now that’s thinking outside the box. We should all strive to be as unique as Collin. Our hats off to you, Collin. You got our attention. t

For more information please visit WeMerge Magazine -

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Q & A with an - How did you get started as an illustrator? I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. One of my earliest memories was tracing He-Man directly off the television. I have worked as a caricaturist for many years and continue to pursue a career in comics.

- Are you self-taught or did you go to an art school? I’ve been drawing all my life, but I did go to the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art in Dover, New Jersey. I went there to further my studies for sequential art.

- What are your goals for 2011? I started work with Oregon based writer, Michael Leal on a comic book called “Billy Gamble: Grade School Paranormal Investigator...and Pete!” Once it’s completed we’ll shop it around to some comic publishers. I also hope to draw more interest in the Art Nouveau art shows I participate in.

- Any local artists whose work you admire? Eduardo Mendieta blew me away with the work he has on the side of Respectable Street, that left a pretty big impression. There’s quite a few other artists whose work I admire and who inspire. Migdalia Pace, Justin Vilonna, Mo Brenner, Jake Lawson, Teresa Korber, Danielle Osmanski, Hector Martinez, David Gonzalez, I could go on, but I don’t want to risk leaving anybody out. t


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is dream is to open a tattoo shop in Italy. His name is Patrice Moretti, and you can find him inkinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; people up almost any day of the week at A New Dimension Tattoo in West Palm Beach (2930 Forest Hill Blvd, SE corner of Forest Hill & Congress). Born in France to a French mother and Italian father, Patrice moved from Paris to Italy and then to Florida, where he settled in and learned the language of hip-hop culture before learning to speak English. He soon latched on to the allure of the four elements of the culture and took to graffiti as his medium of choice. Under the name Smog One, he covered more than his fair share of walls, exercising



expert can control and furthering the 3-D realism style popularized by New York graffiti legends like Dime and his personal inspiration, Erni Vales ( He stayed active as a member of the graff crew, BSK (Blessed Style Kings) and soon parlayed his skills with the can into a tattoo career, after meeting artist and shop owner Phil Blast. On the grind every day, Patrice will keep grinding until he finds himself in Italy one day, living the Patrice Moretti, tattooing Robert Van Winkle (Vanilla Ice) dream. t

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arrero’s illustrations appear in magazines and newspapers including Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Newsweek, The New York Times, Glamour, Mademoiselle, Entertainment Weekly, In Style Magazine, and People, as well as on book covers and calendars. His corporate illustration clients include Helene Curtis, Lancome, Revlon, L’Oreal, Bloomingdale’s, and Abercrombie & Fitch. A graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, he has taught illustration there as well as at Miami Dade Community College and The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. His artwork has been showcased in galleries throughout North America including New York, Miami, Chicago, Toronto, Palm Springs, Puerto Rico and San Francisco. He published his first book, “Wake Up Romeo” in 2004 with Green Candy Press. Born in Puerto Rico, he now makes his home in Florida and at t

22 22

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hat better way to celebrate

our growth than to increase the size of the feature for the Whoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Next Gallery

winner from just one page to a full two page spread?

l 28 l l

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e’re all familiar with Facebook. That’s an understatement, right? In fact, many of you WeMerge readers are downright Facebook addicts. According to the Social Media Revolution video on YouTube (look it up), if Facebook were a country, it would be the world’s third largest. An impressive fact to say the least, but now here’s another fact, one that’s just as impressive, but also especially relevant to the local art scene. When the men and women that run this third largest country in the world take a break to unwind in the recreation room at the Facebook corporate headquarters in Palo Alto, California, they will soon be looking at the artwork of this issue’s Who’s Next Gallery Winner, Trek 6. He will be finishing this esteemed commissioned mural job this winter, and then will begin working on making a reality out of his goal of exhibiting at the Brooklynite Gallery in New York. Oscar (Trek 6) Montes was born in Puerto Rico and also lived in Germany and different parts of America, but has called Miami his home for most of his life. Like many artists from the Miami underground art scene, he derives much of his inspiration from his early years as a graffiti artist. Trek also derives influence from odd music and oddball musicians, such as composer John Cage, who was known for playing a prepared piano (a piano with its sound altered by placing various objects in its strings) and Aphex Twin, the electronic musician who incorporates lucid dreaming into the music making process. In addition to all of his talent as a visual artist and the credentials that he‘s gained since the 1980‘s, Oscar is also a musician, and in the spirit of really merging our different readers together, we’d like for Oscar himself to tell you more about his music, and have him do it in Spanish. Para los fanáticos del ruido y la melodía chequeen la música de mis projectos antiguos Oruga y Terrence Winthorp. Los dos eran parte de la colectiva Elastic Module Laboratories desde Puerto Rico. El sonido de una fanfarria post moderna tropical, mezclado con robots. t

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The Who’s N H

ere, in the “Who

from artists we a

email us and tell

a free page in the follow

work shown in the Who’s

Hannah Disparti - Brent Miller -

Vaughn Reynolds - www.v

Cha Phil Carlucci - Oopsi Cake -

30 Sceneor orthere Therewill Willbe Beno Noscene Scenetotosupport Support 30 Support the scene

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Next Gallery

o’s Next Gallery,” we provide you with some samples

are considering for the next issue. We invite you to

l us which artist’s work you like best. The winner gets

wing issue. Also email us if you would like to have your

s Next Gallery. t

Katya Neptune - Sole del Real -

antel Schott -

WeMerge WeMergeMagazine

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Mickey: Can you tell me a little about your art background and training?


Mike: I have always been fascinated with art since I was a young kid. My parents collected art which caught my attention as I went to different galleries as they bought paintings. Most of my art in my early days was just me messing around on paper and drawing all over my bedroom walls. I took some basic art classes throughout middle school and high school. My best friend growing up was a very good artist and watching him draw, taught me a lot. After High School I went straight into the family owned construction business and figured that was it, but I was always looking for something different, I was heavy into to the tattoo scene, even before I knew I was going to try and tattoo. I had full sleeves, my hand was tattooed and I had a lot of other random tattoos, and that started when I was 16, when I look back on it now, I say that my tattoo training started when I was 16, even though I had no idea that’s what I was going to do when I got older, I remember paying close attention to the process of tattooing and I was getting tattooed a lot. I turned 18 a couple years later and now I was legally allowed to have them so I spent a lot of time at the local tattoo shops continuing to collect and still paying attention to everything they did and what they had to say, almost knowing in the back of my head it was going to happen one day. Then in 2003, when I was 24 I ran into a good tattoo artist named Jim Hayek, he wanted to tattoo me because he remembered me always going to the shop he used to work at. The first piece he did on me was a tattoo my cousin drew up for me, and Jim asked my cousin if he ever thought about tattooing, because Jim was looking for an apprentice, well my cousin turned it down but I jumped all over it, and I started my apprenticeship within a week. It was a very short apprenticeship and Jim taught me all the basics and I watched him a lot which I think is key. He was a good mentor, he says he didn’t really teach me that much and is surprised and happy for me on how good I got, but he was that kind of mentor that said what needed to be said and nothing more, almost like wax on; wax off. But it all clicked. I was always intrigued by portraits and realism, and I meshed what Jim did, which was bright color New Skool, and he did some pin ups at the time, so I took the bright color tattooing and transitioned that into portraits. Then Later I started getting tattooed by some really good tattoo artists and learned quite a bit just

from picking their brains. Once I started tattooing I took two formal art classes, a figure drawing class and a class that just focused on the head and hands, which was really cool. I’m hoping to get myself into another class soon, I’m always looking for ways to get better as an artist, and still feel that there is so much to learn.

Mickey: You have come so far in such short time in both tattooing and in business ventures. What do you think made this possible? Mike: I was always that kind of guy that if I did something, I had to go all in with it. I was taught growing up as a kid that you had to work hard for the things you wanted, so that’s what I do. I guess I could say I’m a workaholic too. But when you love what you do then I don’t think being a workaholic is a bad thing. Another thing growing up, everyone drills into your head about being successful and making something of your life, that has stuck with me. I guess it really did get drilled into my head.

Mickey: How much of your time do you dedicate to painting VS. tattooing? Mike: Lately I haven’t been dedicating anytime to painting, it goes in cycles for me, for a couple months I’ll be really into painting and then the next couple months it gets put on the back burner. I get caught up working on so many other things that it’s hard to make time for everything, and after tattooing all day and producing art, coming home to paint is not usually the priority on my list, but it’s definitely good to keep that active because it helps you as an artist and a tattoo artist, because you take things you learn from one medium and apply to it another, it really goes hand in hand, okay I’m going to start a painting today!

Mike: I would like to see tattoo supply companies stop selling 20 dollar tattoo machines and 80 dollar tattoo kits, if someone is interested in tattooing they need to go about it the right way, get an apprenticeship at their local tattoo shop, and not just buy a kit and learn on their own, because they will thrash on people and there’s that possibility of cross contaminating and spreading disease. They could harm their friends or clients and also themselves. It’s not something to take lightly and other companies need to back this up, I see legitimate on-line websites and good magazines, allowing advertisements for this, and it gets to a point where these guys need to put their foot down and say sorry we are not going to run that and not let it be just about money.

Mickey: Who would you say is your favorite tattoo artist? Why? Mike: It’s hard to narrow it down to just one; there are just too many good tattoo artists out there now.

Mickey: If someone handed you a million dollars cash, would you quit painting and tattooing? Mike: No, I’ll never quit tattooing, but I would tattoo less and make more time for painting. But first I would have to go out and buy a few things.

Mickey: If you could ask any person one question, (living or not) who and what would you ask them? Mike: I would want to ask the guy that just handed me a million dollars why he gave it to me.

Mickey: Tell me about your new project,

Mickey: What advice would you give to anyone aspiring to achieve the things you have?

Mike: Reflected Art was started by me

Mike: Stay true to yourself, stay humble,

and a good friend and client of mine John Pyles. Reflected Art is an on-line website offering unique fine art books, DVDs, and other artistic products that promote and expose great talent within and outside the tattoo industry. A number of tattoo artists have published their work either on canvas, in a book or on a DVD, we aspire to promote these achievements and hope it helps others reflect on what they might be able to achieve through their own creativity.

don’t get greedy, and work hard. Make some goals and do what it takes to achieve them.

Mickey: Is there anything you would like to add? Mike: I’m looking forward to attending your show, Tattoolapooloza in 2011. I’m honored to be a part of the world’s best tattoo contest and to be judging it along with some of the other great tattoo artists that are in the industry. t Check out both of Mike’s websites at:

Mickey: What changes would you like to see made in the tattoo industry in the next 5 years? Support the Scene or There Will Be No Scene to Support WeMerge Magazine - 32 Support the Scene or There Will Be No Scene to Support WeMerge Magazine -

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High Performance Season by Casandra Tannenbaum, -

Dance moves indoors this winter. But before you get buried by snowdrifts of sugar plums, take a look at the veritable buffet of companies and masterworks touring South Florida this winter! Both the Kravis Center in West Palm Beach and the Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami are hosting dance delicacies this season, starting with the Legacy Tour of Merce Cunningham Dance Company December 2-4 at the Arsht Center, a 360-degree tribute to Cunningham, composer John Cage and visual artist Robert Rauschenberg, three giants of modern performance art in the 20th Century. The legendary Hubbard Street Dance Chicago sashays into West Palm Beach on December 11 for a performance cycle of repertory and debut pieces to strengthen our palate before we succumb to the saccharin of “holiday fare.” Once we “de-tinsel” the kiddies, there’s a lot to get excited about in the new year: Miami City Ballet presents three unique performances, while a number of folkloric companies from Brazil, Peru and Buenos Aires blaze our stages with plenty of red-hot Afro-fusion and Tango to heat up the crisp winter nights in January and February. DrumLine and Rennie Harris Awe-inspiring Works bring the funky sound of marching bands and hip-hop to the performance hall, retracing the trajectory of professional dance from the street to the stage (Think: Breakin’ 2, Electric Boogaloo). And I’ve saved the best for last… Pilobolus (HOORAY!!!) literally flies into the Kravis Center January 15th, and Alvin Ailey presents a five show Miami engagement in February involving South Florida debut performances alongside a celebration of the 50th anniversary of masterwork Revelations. Who needs drum circles in high performance season? I’ll see YOU from the front row. t


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Music, The Arts and Bikers by Ron Catronio -

You may be asking how do bikers fit with this music and arts magazine? Well let me tell you. We met Dwayne Adams at a Broward County Chamber networking event. His personality was magnetic. He asked about Big Bike Riders Children’s Foundation and what we did for kids. We were thrilled to oblige. We said that BBRCF is a philanthropic group of bikers that enjoyed riding and doing special events that helped local children’s charities. Mentioning a child in need is music to our ears. That’s when BBRCF springs into action. We provide toys, hats, custom-made quilts, candy and the hugs of a biker at local organizations that serve the needs of special children in situations where they have no control. Always with a smile we venture into hospitals and make our rounds as doctors of smiles. As far as the arts are concerned, well we’ve got you covered. Being one of the founders of this organization, I have a grandson that has cerebral palsy and he is what inspired this whole movement. Dalton is the son of my daughter Andria. Dalton has a twin sister, Madison who is not affected with the condition. He inspired me, with a little push by my daughter, to start Big Bike Riders Association back in 2004. Since then we have helped hundreds of kids to smile when it was most difficult. With that I started to write coloring books that were based on special needs kids. The first was about a little boy; Scotty with cancer, the second about a little girl Lexi with Type 1 diabetes and the third is about my grandson Dalton. Each story is based on a character, Big Bike Bob who is a motorcycle that loves to help special needs kids. The fictional characters are motorcycles coming to aid of children in need. Each book tells a story with an imbedded lesson. So you see that we are really musicians and artists creating a better world for kids that maybe otherwise would not be able to smile and enjoy some of life’s most basic things. We help kids smile by being there and providing the music to their ears and the arts to their hearts to inspire them that they are worthwhile and there is love that abounds them even by a big burly biker guy or gal. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. t For more info visit Big Bike Bob

WeMerge Magazine -

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521 N.W. 1st Ave Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 954-916-7351

Custom Printing on over 100 exciting products NO SET UP CHARGES - LOW MINIMUMS

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Pylon press 1/2

BEAUTIFUL MERCHANDISE AFFORDABLE PRICES Designers Include: We Carry: - Betsey Johnson - One of a Kind Boots - Juicy Couture - Handmade Jewelry - Dolce Gabana - Designer Clothing - Louis Vatton - Wedding Dresses - Lilly Pulitzer - Summer Dresses - Ferragamo - Designer Purses - Versace - Vintage Jewelry - Coach - Unique Belts - Alfani - Art - BCBG Mention WeMerge for Discount - Turk

(561) 274-PINK

393 NE 5th Ave - Delray Beach, FL 33483 Across from Walgreens. Corner of NE 4th St & Federal Hwy

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WeMerge Magazine -

The Monterey Club is where different cultures live. A distinct gathering place for people interested and involved in vintage car culture, bike culture, tattoo culture, live music, and the whole lifestyle. This is where the scene is. Support the scene.

a bar More than n a a and more th e u n e v c si mu

(954) 598-1887 Open 7 Nights a Week, 11am-2am 2608 S Federal Hwy, Ft. Lauderdale, 33316 Next door to the Gold Coast Roller Rink - Also on Facebook WeMerge Magazine -

No Night is Ever the Same Check out DJ Sensitive Side every Tuesday Ft. Lauderdale home of the Saints and Sinners Car Club Connected to Kreepy Tiki Tattoo and Orange County Choppers

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roject Audio Inc. is here to provide our clients with unparalleled service. We utilize our team’s professional background and experience in the audio industry to always produce projects of superior quality. We strive to be the only company that serious professionals come to when they need the highest quality audio work.



954-675-2435 954-773-9895

Pro Tools HD 3 Apogee Converters Universal Audio Solid State Logic Tube Tech

Logic Pro Reason Genelecs ns10’s Etc.

Recording Mixing Mastering Pre Production Post Production 5.1 Surround Mixing Audio Transfers Jingles Commercials Voiceovers Sound to Picture

Live Sound On Site Recording Studio Design Studio Tech Support Freelance Engineering DJ’s & Events Sound FX Music Production Engineering lessons 42

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I am Fonda Cash, daughter of the incredible Rockabilly artist Bobby Cash.

performing live visit the Fondamusic You Tube channel. For more info on

After a long successful career in music I am now dedicating my talents to

me, what I do, to find out our show dates and listen to my artists and their

teaching and helping others to succeed in the music industry. I specialize

music visit -

in Artist Management & Development, Vocal & Performance Training,

Song Writing, Talent Showcasing and work with several record labels. If

you are a venue in need of a great show that brings in a BIG following

contact me about booking our Teens Who Rock Show! To see my artists


Hannah Mahoney

Hannah Mahoney is a multi talented young lady from Royal Palm Beach, FL with a love for country music. Her talents include singing, songwriting, and guitar. Though her music genres includes pop, her real love is country music, which shines through the songs she writes. Hannah takes frequent trips to Nashville with the single minded focus to make her dream of becoming a lasting Country Icon a reality. Please check out Hannah on MySpace, Facebook and YouTube, and join the fun.

Lexi Luca Sultry, soulful and unique, this is Lexi Luca. She has incredible tone and a controlled, powerful and dynamic voice to back it. Lexi is currently being shopped for a major record deal and hopes to start touring soon. Her genres range from R&B, Blues, Rock and Pop to Country and Dance music. Lexi has already recorded her first solo album and is currently getting radio airplay globally. She is available for private parties, studio and club work. For booking, contact Theresa Luca at 561-951-5512, or Fonda Cash.

Dominique Marie

This is Dominique Marie. She is a 14-year-old whose passions in life are singing and performing. She attends G Star School of The Arts, where she studies acting and video production and is currently taking vocal & performance lessons with Fonda Cash. You can see her perform live once a month at Connolly’s Sports Bar & Grill in West Palm Beach at Fonda Cash’s Teens Who Rock Show. Visit Dominique’s MySpace page to watch her self-made videos, hear her sing; find out all the latest info, show dates

Brandi Lynn Collison

Imaginative, sweet, pretty and talented, this is Brandi Lynn Collison. Brandi is a young aspiring singer/songwriter from Wellington, Florida. She is currently forming an eclectic band and is in need of a bass player. To hear Brandi’s studio tracks, check out her videos and find out where she will be performing next, visit her on Facebook & MySpace.

Taylor Renee You Tube: Taylor Renee is an amazing singer and performer with a four octave range. Taylor has the ability to sing a soft smooth ballad, belt out a powerhouse rock song, perform a sultry soulful R&B song, and has the heart and emotion to own a country song. With Taylor’s ability to sing so many genres; there are no limits to how far she will go in this industry. Taylor is available for private parties, studio, benefits and club work. Taylor is currently looking for the right band perform with, so if you are in need of a talented singer, please contact Krista McNevin @ 561-436-7498

Savannah Morgan

Savannah Morgan is 14 years old and resides in Boynton Beach, FL. She has been singing since the day she learned to speak! Her genres are Country/Pop/Dance. Her dream is to someday be seen, heard and loved by millions of people!

Meghan Ritmiller

Shay Marie is a young rising star on the local music scene, having recently joined Fonda Cash’s Teens Who Rock. Shay’s passion for performing and her unique vocals are destined to lead Shay Marie to her goal of becoming a major country music recording artist. Shay is currently looking to form a country band, and is also seeking sponsors to help her launch her career. For more information, please contact Lisa at (561) 635-2852. Check out Shay Marie at: Meghan Ritmiller is an aspiring young artist with a beautiful, soulful voice and a dynamic stage presence. She is currently in the studio recording her first solo album. Meghan has already released her first music video entitled “UR the 1”, written and produced by Alex Weir of DreamHouse Studios. Her second music video is in production and is scheduled to be released by the first of December, 2010. Meghan is currently seeking major record label and producer interest. She is available for private parties, club, and studio work. To find out Meghan’s live performance schedule, hear her tracks, see her videos and

more visit t

and more. For booking info please contact Fonda Cash.

Shay Marie

WeMerge Magazine -

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Charles Trainor, Jr.

has worked as a photographer for The Miami Herald for 26 years, covering diverse stories including numerous hurricanes throughout the Caribbean, the Florida elections and the 1994 Flotilla of Cuban rafters. Born in London, but raised in Miami, he studied photography and computers at Miami Dade College.

305.796.7076 954.768.0682 44

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WeMerge Magazine -

WeMerge Magazine -

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WeMerge CD Review

City of Treason - EP by Kyle Willis

Fort Lauderdale rock band City of Treason just put the finishing touches on their self titled EP. I got my hands on a copy and I have to tell you, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s definitely the sort of album you have to listen to with some volume. The album takes you down a repaved six-track hard rock road with an overall theme of independence, overcoming and taking off social blinders; a message they hold fast like a secular rosary. What I loved most about the EP is that the songs (which are just as obscure and left open to interpretation as any metal song is expected to be) are diverse; itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no cookie cutter album. Each song is a different message; a completely different ride than the previous track, perfectly juxtaposed on this debut album. City of Treason makes their mark with the EP, using the medium of music to convey life and death, love and loss, and the power of the human spirit. For details on their CD release party December 11th at the Culture Room go to cityoftreason.


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WeMerge Magazine -

WeMerge Magazine -

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WeMerge Talent

This section features artists who have submitted their information to our magazine to be featured. Due to the high cost of printing we are unable to feature every artist that submits their info. With this section we can list the artists and their contact info just as it has come to us... unedited... to give at least a small amount of exposure to create a stir and see if enough people would like to hear more about these talented artists. If you would like to read more about an artist, send an email to and let us know.

Name : Stephanie Rodriguez Category : Illustration Where-Find : About-You : I began my career as an artist through illustration, focusing on developing my own unique style inspired by children’s book art. I create an expressive and whimsical appearance by juxtaposing a classical photorealistic technique through drawing or painting. I am currently working on several series in various themes that explore music, folklore, legend and portraiture. Name : Kent Lawlor Stage-Name : Blue Category : Internet radio Where-Find : Email : About-You : Host and Dj of the weekly Vinyl Sound Sessions broadcast worldwide on Mixing all vinyl every Thursday 10am-2pm, and providing the answer to the horrific monster that is commercial radio. Name : german ruiz Email : Message : does your magazine feature only musicians? i am a photographer and am seeking exposure for myself. would you be interested in a partnership where as I could shoot for your magazine? some of my work is on www. Name : David Carmo Stage-Name : David Carmo Category : Illustration/Design Where-Find : Email : About-You : I am a 23 year old BFA graduate year of 09\’ from Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota Florida. I\’ve been doing band art, apparel, posters, and similar media since then and am looking to expand in the south florida area. I grew up in Lantana my whole life and I want to take the next step into becoming even more active in our art scene. Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy what you see! Name : Emery Cowan Stage-Name : Daysleeper Category : musicians Where-Find : Email : About-You : I am writing on behalf of my band, Daysleeper, for possible feature in your magazine.

Name : Hannah Winston Email : Message : Just curious to know if you still need writers... Name : enmityone Email : Message : hello i am a local graffiti artist from broward been in the game for quite some time now .. was wondering if i could send you some pics for the next issue. Thanks Name : Micah Kvidt Category : Photography Where-Find : Email : About-You : A lot of my work is very concept based and tends to have a narrative to them with elements of humor and irony. I’m also brand new to the South Florida area as I just moved in from Minneapolis, MN. I had to get away from 30 below weather, but am really loving South Florida a lot, as well as a new market! Hey Dwayne, I just picked up my first “WeMerge” Mag last night while downtown Delray Beach at Jazz on the Ave. I really got into it a lot! Not trying to sound late on the times, since I know this isn’t your first issue, but I just moved into town about 2 months ago, and feel relieved that South Florida has a Mag like this as well. Anyway, if you all are ever in the need for some more contributing photographers, I’d like to talk with you about it. Name : Jennifer Robison Stage-Name : Jen Mont Category : Jewelry & Accessories Designer Where-Find : Email : About-You : Born in PA, raised in the island of PR. Try to implement the colors of my land in my work. Name : Mike stow Stage-Name : Mike stow Category : Fine art / tattooing /oil pAint/graphite Where-Find : Face book. Mike stow Email : About-You : Masters in fine art. Tattooing for 12 yrs Name : order cheap wellbutrin sr Stage-Name : Where-Find : New York Email :

Go to 48

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Name : Cody Lueck Stage-Name : Codyac Category : Music Artist Where-Find : Email : About-You : As an artist I cover all aspects of creating a piece from writing music, Directing, Producing, Acting and Performing. As a child I often created my own world from a never-ending imagination that is still spawning ideas for the future. My work is inspired by positive and negative life experiences in the Marine Corps, relationships with family, friends and previous love interests. My work is a direct representation of myself and it has allowed me to reinvent my life the way I see it. I want my work to inspire others to use their imagination and create their own dreams in life. Name : Danny Ae Stage-Name : Danny Ae, Danny The Wreck, Danny Martinez, Danny Izaguirre Category : depends! musician? dancing? or modeling? Email : About-You : Hi! I recently read for the first time ever We Merge magazine and It was the freshest most in touch magazine for locals that ive read. I specially like the article about the Artist that works at the liquor store 40 hrs and makes music at night. I related to that article as i also have the same split monikers. but aside from being a musician, and restaurant manager I ALSO do go-go dancing for an alternative party \”The Fetish Factory\” i model and act. Im very interested in exposing my solo album or band or any of the other stuff i do! I would love to be in your magazine more than any other local medium. i feel it holds the integrity and love for art that i would want to be part of.. Name : Ryan Brann Phone : 772-538-2399 Email : Message : Hey I just wanted to get in touch with you guys and let you know how much I really like your magazine and how organized it is. You published an article on a band called Sunset City not to long ago and I was stoked to find out that my pictures were used for the article, and I justed wanted to let you know if you ever need someone to shoot some material for you I\’d be happy to get in touch. Dwayne, Good afternoon. I just wanted to touch base with you with some great feedback in reference to the WEMERGE MAG. I am finally please to see that there is a magazine in the south Florida region that stives to support struggling local artists, small business owners, and musicians/ bands. This all comes with a price, which I understand. Keep it up, I will spread the word to as many people I know in the scene. For future requirement, I would like to get an add in the magazine for the band I am involved in: www. I’ll keep in touch, have a great holiday. Semper Fidelis Respectfully Submitted, ANDREW MERSCHEL t

Submit Yourself WeMerge Magazine -

Has brought you the following books “Funky Gorilla Fist”

Three very compelling looks at the tragic epidemic that is domestic violence.

Raw, Uncensored, and Unapologetic - REAL.

- A novella by Anthony Pepe reviewed in the 1st issue of WeMerge

“Walking from Memory” - A novel by D. Tori Morgenstein reviewed in the 6th issue of WeMerge

“That Defines the Light” - A book of poetry by Anthony Pepe & Tori Morgenstein reviewed in the 7th issue of WeMerge Magazine

All Books Now Available For Purchase:

WeMerge Magazine -

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Kyle 50

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WeMerge Magazine -

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hen the time comes for their big break, the guys in The Malcriado will be ready. Talking to them, seeing them perform live and even just checking out their music and their posts on the different social networks makes it obvious that these guys have the right mentality for success. They seem to be keenly aware of the fact that almost everything they do is in a sense, a form of practice, and that practice makes perfect. 54

The more gigs they do, the more songs they record, the more fans they gain – it’s all legwork, it’s all practice for the big time. When Cintron, Jimmy Black, Kevlar, and Pino get their big break, they will be more than ready for everything that comes to them. These guys are enjoying the journey just as much as the anticipation of the destination.

Support the Scene or There Will Be No Scene to Support Booking Hotline: (561) 3-ROCKIN WeMerge Magazine -

WeMerge Magazine -

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How did you get the idea to start Schtank Skateboards? I’ve been skating since 1984 and have always absolutely loved the sport, and I just wanted to do something for the sport. I’m all for small companies, and I got tired of paying big companies $50 for a board. Skateboarding is all about going out and getting smelly and getting raw. That’s how I came up with the name, Schtank. We’re kind of in-your-face, no rules, no laws, just skateboarding. I like providing kids with great boards for less money, and I live in Delray Beach and enjoy putting together skating events and contests for the kids in the area.

What do you enjoy most about having your gallery centrally located in the bustling Downtown Hollywood Arts District? We fell in love with Historic Downtown Hollywood in 2001 when we moved our home from West Broward County to the Hollywood Lakes residential area. We felt a strong connection immediately. So to have our family business downtown is a dream come true. The diversity and unique spirit that envelops Hollywood is not only urban, but small town at the same time. Our neighbors were so welcoming and we have a real community feeling. You can find anything you are looking for without leaving the area. Alan Becker For Art Sake 954-921-2533

Christian Schtank - President Schtank Skateboards Facebook/SchtankSkateCo

In a nutshell, what does your company, Crossed Over Entertainment, do to help get artists airplay on the radio? We promote major & independent artists to all formats of national radio. Our radio campaigns cover commercial radio, satellite radio and online radio stations based on format. This includes service on the MP3 and hard copy to all supporting stations nationally. We have weekly listening sessions with new material sent to our office. If we feel the track is marketable and radio ready we move forward with the project. At Crossed Over Entertainment

we fight for the indies to get airplay, we create their radio campaign and hit the various markets hard with our promotions. We are dedicated to breaking new music and helping artists with their careers in the music business. Crossed Over Entertainment is a full service national radio promotions company, #1 in Mediabase tracking for an independent radio promotions company. If you’re an artist and would like to submit your material to us please email us your MP3 and visit our website. Our listening sessions are held on Friday so get your tracks in. Brett Deutsch President, CEO Crossed Over Entertainment

You recently hit the road for a few months with your Miami based band, Alukard, traveling as far as Los Angeles, doing shows everywhere in between. What would you say was the most memorable experience from the tour? I’d say the most memorable experience was when we did the morning news show on the UPN in San Diego, CA. We walked on the set around 7:30AM and it all seemed surreal. I saw the main two reporters in the front, I saw the weather man section with the green screen, and all the dude reporters were covered in make up. Everybody was nice but super conservative like Pleasantville or the Stepford Wives. I understand that’s the way it is in the news casting profession but it was still odd to see it in person. So they sit us down and mic us up when it was our time to do the interview. I was still hungover from the night before so my eyes were barely open when they start rolling the camera. Level, (Alukard‘s lead singer) was smart because he was wearing sunglasses. I kept on thinking to not curse because it was live. I also couldn’t stop thinking about Ron Burgundy, being that we were on the San Diego Morning News Show. I even mentioned one of his quotes during the interview. The interview and live song came out really good. If you ask Level he might tell you a different story because his voice cracked once during the live performance, which he crucifies himself for, but if you ask me I will tell you that shit was awesome! Most likely in those exact words. E Grizzly MC / Synthesizer Man

As the webmaster for WeMerge, what are your plans Creative Showcases and More, we are bringing you rich media. for utilizing our new website (to be relaunched on The motivation to provide exposure only grows stronger with the January 1st) to keep the local scene connected and expansion of WeMerge’s media outlets and resources. e look forward to your readership and submissions at “plugged in?” The Internet is a great source of information. WeMerge is a great source of local entertainment. By having the novelty of WeMerge expand its reader accessability across the web, I feel we are contributing not only to those who are currently plugged into the scene, but to the collective community that is the world wide web. WeMerge has alot to offer, and luckily so does Internet technology. Through Videos, Music, News Feeds, Event Listings, 58

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the new and improved January 1st 2010. Thank you again.

Brian Dillingham WeMerge, Inc. Webmaster Facebook/brian.dillingham WeMerge Magazine -

For Art’s Sake Gallery Honors Dia de Los Muertos


owntown Hollywood’s Historic District is dedicated to evoking the appreciation of art and music in the community and there is no better showcase for that vision than For Art’s Sake, Inc., a hub for all things art, located right in the heart of Harrison Street. Alan and Debbi Becker front this family-owned operation and are proud to offer a minimalist design to lend an open and airy museum-style gallery for local artists to display their work and for aspiring artists to learn an array of mediums. For Art’s Sake made excellent use of their 1,400 square-feet of highceilinged space to bring to life an age-old ritual that has its origins in Mexican indigenous culture and has been celebrated for more than 3,000 years; Día de Los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead. Alan and Debbi went all out to host a memorable Live Art & Crafting event that truly captured the spirit of this ritual meant to honor and commemorate those who have passed on but who, according to Aztec theologies, live on and return to visit during the month-long celebration.

WeMerge Magazine -

by Carol Ann Conover -

Complete with an array of traditional Mexican foods, lively and emotive Day of the Dead art displays, a special collection of Debbi Becker’s art to celebrate the dead, live art happening in real time by Mo Brenner and Jennifer Pappas, face-painting of traditional Day of the Dead symbols by Pam Trent, of Way Wicked Art, Skull Art by Lisa Palladino and a candlelit altar provided by the Hollywood Craft Mafia. All of these people helped make this free event a spectacular celebration of art and the celebration of the cycle of life. This event is just one of many offerings at For Art’s Sake, where art gets a breath of life and the artist is free to live their dream. Check them out on the web for gallery showings, classes and information on studio space at and visit their gallery to support the artists and tell them WeMerge sent you! t

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WeMerge Graff i ti Page

Graffiti Font 4 the Haters


his 3-panel custom graffiti piece (pictured left) was created by Rob “Droz” Herrera. It was started at Kevro’s Art Bar in Delray Beach during an installment of our weekly live art and Open Mic event, WeMerge Thursdays, and was finished at Rob’s home studio. Rob is an incredibly talented and committed artist whose work can be seen at If you have graffiti pics or drawings, send submissions to

Look for videos and interviews with artists from Multiversal, at this year’s edition of Art Basel Miami on t


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WeMerge Magazine -

Aspiring poets needed to create poetry about Broward County, Florida! A chance to write about a terrific chef, a fine museum, a brilliant sunrise! Poet Anastasia Clark introducesâ&#x20AC;Ś

The 2010-2011

Broward County Poet-In-Residence Anastasia Clark

Poetry Workshop Series: All About Broward! project FREE Poetry Workshops:


10/16/10, 11am-1pm - Hallandale Beach Library, 300 S Federal Hwy, Hallandale, 33309, (954) 437-1750 l 12/4/10, 10:30am-12:30pm - Dania Beach Paul Demaio Library, 255 E Dania Beach Blvd, Dania, 33004, (954) 926-2420 l 1/8/11, 11am-1pm - Southwest Regional Library, 16835 Sheridan St, Pembroke Pines, 33330, (954) 538-9956 l 3/5/11, 10:30am-12:30pm - Miramar Library, 2050 Civic Center Place, Miramar, 33025, (954) 437-1806

Clark will be conducting free poetry workshops at libraries throughout Broward County. The focus of the workshops will be to create poetry about the memorable people, places and things that participants have encountered in Broward County. Workshops will feature writing tips, writing prompts and discussions to enable participants to generate a wide variety of poetry, and ultimately create a poetic snapshot of Broward. Poetry created during the workshops will be eligible for display at several Broward County libraries during April, 2011: National Poetry Month. Participants will

WeMerge Magazine -

3/16/11, 5:30pm-7:30pm - Main Library, 100 S Andrews Ave, Ft Lauderdale, 33301, (954) 357-7443


FREE Public Poetry Readings: l

4/13/11, 5:30pm-7:30pm - Main Library, 100 S Andrews Ave, Ft Lauderdale, 33301, (954) 357-7443

l 4/16/11, 2pm-4pm - Miramar Library, 2050 Civic Center Place,

Miramar, 33025, (954) 437-1806

also be invited to read their selected poems at public poetry readings during the same month. Poets will retain copyright to their work. No payment will be received for the poems. Libraries will have final discretion over poetry accepted for display. Program schedule listed above. Visit to verify final schedule. Funding for this event is provided in part by the Broward County Board of County Commissioners as recommended by the Broward Cultural Council. (Pending final FY2011 budget approval). Clark is also pleased to thank WeMerge Magazine

for discounted advertising rates, The Goddess Store ( for advertising assistance and postage stamps and Fort Lauderdale Stationery and Design ( for supplying 1000 sheets of fancy paper for the poems to be printed on for final displays. Special thanks to the libraries and their staff for their time, commitment and help with this project, as well. And a big thank you to the Broward County Cultural Division ( Contact Anastasia Clark for more information or to schedule an event:, 954-536-8311, t

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WeMerge Magazine -

WeMerge Magazine Issue 10  

WeMerge Magazine Issue 10

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