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Julie Eskridge, Wellness Advocate/Distributor #3358037 Young Living Essential Oils 678-457-0245

Have you ever done something so rewarding your heart almost bursts into a thousand pieces? That is what a Young Living business can do for you as you watch people thrive on their wellness journey and reaching their financial goals and dreams. Young Living has worked tirelessly over the last 25 years to produce the PUREST essential oils and products found on this earth, which is why they change lives! I’ve seen it time and time again! I’ve receive many texts, emails, and calls on how Young Living Essential Oils have made a huge difference in wellness journeys. Many hugs have followed for introducing these little miracle bottles to my friends, family, ...anyone God graces in my life path. Not many business owners can say that! Here is a video that explains why you should choose Young Living. Being a part of a GROWING billion dollar company will assure that these miracles will be around for a long, long time! The SUPPORT you receive from Young Living, and our dynamic TEAM, will keep you GROWING to achieve your dreams beyond anything you have ever imagined. Check out this short video explaining the endless opportunities available with a Young Living business. What does it take to start a Young Living business? A Premium Starter Kit for $160.00. Yep, that’s it. A million dollar business starts with $160.00! And some gumption!!! You will want to use your kit oils everyday to become familiar with them and fall in love with their goodness! Then you can’t help but share these Therapeutic, Grade A oils with everyone you meet. When you get someone started on their own oil journey with a Starter Kit, Young Living will send you a $50 Thank You check (just make sure you have a personal order of your own of 50pv placed in that same month.) So if 4 friends get a Premium Starter Kit in one month, you’ll receive a check for $200 the next month!!! Once their passion for the oils grow and they begin sharing the oils, you will want to place a monthly order of 100pv to receive commission on ALL of our Downline reorders. For the first three months of their membership, you receive 25% commission on their reorders! After 3 months, you’ll receive 8% commission on their reorders. Don’t have a Premium Starter Kit yet, click on this link to order one and to make sure you’re on our AWESOME team. Then let’s talk about the amazing new adventure ahead of you. Ready, Set, Grow!!!!

Every entrepreneur author will tell you to first define your WHY before beginning a business. Check out this video by Sarah Harnisch explaining her WHY. Now it’s your turn. Why are YOU starting your own Young Living Essential Oil business. To get out of a job that is no longer satisfying? To be your own boss? To establish financial freedom? To help others? To gain more flexibility? To get your oils for FREE? Take a few minutes now and write out your WHY. Then email it to so I can share in your WHY and encourage you to hold fast to your passion. Your WHY will change slightly with the seasons of life but remember, it’s your WHY, and no one can take it away from you.

Every month, hundreds of Young Living EntreprenOILers are realizing their dreams. Take a moment and click on the Royal Crown Diamond link and read a few bios. These are normal, every day people who never gave up. Did they have challenges along the way? Oh yeah! Did they overcome them through perseverance? Most definitely. Now take a look at the Income Disclosure Statement above and follow the last line on the graph over to the Median MONTHLY income that Royal Crown Diamonds receive for their perseverance. Some got there in a few years, some got there in 20 years, but the important part of their journey is...they GOT THERE...starting with the end in mind. Who doesn’t succeed? Those who gave up because they forgot their WHY! See you at the top!

Before we go any further, grab the Essential Edge Young Living newsletter that came in your order this month and open it to page 3. (You can also find it at Scan down the page...all these names belong to people who ranked up just THIS month. Next month’s newsletter will have different names listed. Some ranked in a few months, some in 10 years. But they stuck with their business through thick and thin and are being highly rewarded for it. The only names who won’t be on Page 3, are the ones who quit. If you’re ready to achieve your dream of independence and security, Young Living’s generous, industry-leading compensation plan will help you get there. It’s all about caring for their Young Living family, and another example of their commitment to total body wellness. It’s so EASY to begin!!! 50PV OGV 500

Build Your Foundation Each month, you have the wonderful opportunity to help someone begin their oil journey. As you share the goodness of Young Living EO, the blessings will start pouring in. Some monetary, some verbal, some by a great big hug! The first rank is STAR. Whoo hoo!!! Selling a kit or two or three will get you well on your way to reaching an OGV of 500. To receive a commission check each month, a personal order of at least 50pv is required. To be a business Leg, you will need to put in 100pv each month.(Even RCDs only have to put in 100pv.)

100PV OGV 2,000

Build Your Business Once you’ve seen the benefits of being your own boss, you’re ready to share this blessing with others. Build on your foundation by adding others to your team to achieve shared success. Ask them to join your team because you are taking this to the top! Share this document with them and remember, I’m here for you! Second rank is Senior Star. A personal order of 50pv and an OGV of 2000. Remember, this OGV can come from your orders, friends and family orders or your downline. Now is a good time to begin ordering 100pv/month on Essential Rewards if you haven’t already. Become a Leader With an established business and a passion for inspiring wellness through Young Living, you’re ready to take the mission worldwide as you lead others to success. You are cheering on two of your business leaders, a personal order of 100pv, OGV of 4000 and 2 Legs each at 1000pv. YOU GOT THIS!

100PV OGV 4,000 2 Legs @ 1,000

Tracy Black does a wonderful job explaining how to build to Executive in this video.

ESSENTIAL REWARDS (Monthly Wellness Box) Essential Rewards makes it easy to reach your 100pv every month to earn your commission checks. And to get amazing FREE products! Click on this link, Essential Rewards to learn more.

As you can see, the perks really add up.

Introducing Adam Green The Youngest Royal Crown Diamond at 25 His inspirational talk will help you start your Young Living business the right way.

YOU’VE GOTTA HAVE A GAMEPLAN The GAMEPLAN system by the Oil Ability Team is an excellent starting point. Sarah Harnisch has 25 Days of Bootcamp videos that are FREE on her website. Want to invest a few more dollars in your business? Sarah has a Gameplan book and workbook that coincides with the videos. It’s an extra layer of help to get you to the top. Let me know when you are going through the book so I can come alongside you and answer any questions.

Want to keep yourself organized and working toward your goals? I love the Gameplanner. There are many other excellent planners out there too, even a calendar from the Dollar Store will work. Each day, write out 3 business tasks that you want to accomplish that day and do them. Once you are done with those, invest 30 minutes in personal development. Never stop improving yourself. Here is a great video…..Eric Worre—Rise of the Entrepreneur

One of the best ways to be successful is to teach classes. I would love to come help you host your first class or two. Or if you prefer, we can Skype together and I can show you how I host a class. It’s so easy! Remember, you don’t have to be an expert. I certainly wasn’t when I began my business in February 2016. When you host your first class, your friends or family will be able to give you great feedback on your delivery, organization, and enthusiasm. Remember, the more excited you are about the product, the more excited they will be about starting their oil journey. For ideas, check out Sarah’s PPT, my PPT, and Jen O’Sullivan’s class under 20 minutes.

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” - John C. Maxwell It takes consistent, persistent, DAILY work to be successful. If you actually intend to generate income, your daily work must be income producing work. It is all too easy to get caught up in time wasting “busy work” that really doesn’t do anything to grow your Young Living business.

Top 5 Income Producing Activities (IPA) 

TEACH OIL CLASSES in person and on-line. It has become so easy to invite people to learn about essential oils because everyone is looking for natural alternatives. Then Teach 2 to Teach 2. This is how you build your business. As your team teaches others to teach classes, your business grows exponentially.

BUILD YOUR LIST – This is an ongoing process. If you have a blog or a newsletter, you want to grow your list of subscribers. If you have a Facebook Business Page, grow your list of Followers. Create a Prospect list in Excel. Your list is your most powerful business asset.

CONNECT with people in your daily life and use your oils in public. Before going to the store, school or Post Office, apply Stress Away or Thieves on your body. This is a great way to use your oils every day and build prospects.

USE SOCIAL MEDIA REGULARLY with a 1:5 ratio (1 oil post to 5 personal posts) You must be regularly sharing VALUE: oil tips, recipes and things that will benefit your members. Value posts will keep them coming back and eventually sign up. I’ve had people sign up for a kit after months/years of being introduced to oils.

FOLLOW-UP with 3+ existing members/team per day. Stay in touch with your members and prospects with letters/postcards, email, text or message. Help prospects become members with the 3/10/30 new prospects 3 days,10 days, and 30 days after connecting with them. After that, you judge when to follow up with them. Write down when you contacted them and what was discussed. I use an Excel spreadsheet to keep organized and others use a notebook..

BE INTENTIONAL IN MEETING PEOPLE - Networking Groups, Meet Up, Interest Groups —- Just apply Valor on the back of your neck and walk in. Everyone else there is new too! Bring lots of business cards and hand them out to anyone inquiring about what you do for a living or what “perfume” you are wearing. As you share your contact info, try to receive their information so you can follow-up . The important thing is to have a plan and focus on getting several top income producing activities done EVERY DAY.

Are there going to be tough times in this business? Yes. Are there tough times in any business? Oh yes! But the more you persevere and push through, the more you are going to see the fruits of your labor come to fruition. Click on this video link and watch how Stevie Baggs Jr. overcame many of his struggles in life by pushing forward. (He is a Brand Ambassador for Young Living and really loves the Ningxia Nitro.) How do you make it to RCD? By NEVER EVER quitting, working hard/smart, and increasing your practical & personal skills every single day. And of course, our team is always here to cheer you on and remind you that YOU’VE GOT THIS with God’s help!

Here’s the reality. The FDA makes the rules on what you can and can’t say about drugs and supplements. This includes essential oils and pretty much anything that is taken into the body. Their goal is not to drop a wet blanket onto your fire of essential oil love, it is to protect US citizens from being mislead. Remember the snake oil salesmen of old? We can’t use the words cure, treat or heal; neither can we diagnose illnesses, diseases, or conditions. Always recommend that they work with their medical practitioner and use essential oils to compliment the doctor’s recommended protocol. Remind them to tell the doctor about any protocols they have implemented to support their health and wellness, including essential oils, supplements, diet, and exercise. Communication is key. Suggest they do their own research to learn more how essential oils can support the body. Is a great place to start. Here are a couple of great resources to learn more about sharing compliantly. Sharing Young Living The Right Way PDF Hannah Crews Explains How To Share The Right Way YouTube

You will soon find your favorite websites, Facebook pages, and blogs. Enjoy the discoveries! (Feel free to add any of your members to the FB pages.) Here are some amazing websites: Young Living Essential Oils - Official YouTube channel FREE YLDIST Graphics Experience Essential Oils The Oil Posse Ancient Secrets of Essential Oils Movie Life Science Publishing (product information guides and accessories) Recipes with Essential Oils Abundant Health - Great websites for YL Distributors - $$ (I have several referral names) Facebook Pages Wellspring Of Hope Essentially Curious Essential Oils For Professionals The Mix Life BLOOM: The Ride To Wellness {Young Living} Grits & Grace Co Business Pages Oiling The Gears (Team members only) Janell’s Rockstars The Dream Team Team Hustle (Blog too) Twelve Days of Diamonds Monday Night Brewing Company (Monday Night training calls) You will discover many more that will soon become your favorites. Please try not to get caught up in the rabbit trails of social media. Use these resources to educate your members and prospects on your own social media. And once you find some favorite resources, you can copy and share them on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest, and more. Soon, folks will be sharing your posts too!

I never make a product for a profit, I make it for a purpose.—D. Gary Young We love the HUGE hearts of Gary and Mary Young who started this mom and pop company 30 years ago. Their main purpose for building this billion dollar company comes from their passion to see essential oils in every household because they have witnessed firsthand how these little miracles transform lives...physically, emotionally, and financially. They ALWAYS give back to others through The YL FOUNDATION! (See below) (Gary passed away in June 2018. The blood disease from the Ecuadorian forest, heart puncture during jousting, and his tenacity to find one more oil to share with the world, finally took it’s toll. We are grateful to this maverick of a man who worked tirelessly to get oils into every home around the globe.) Jared Turner worked alongside Gary for 5 years, learning Gary’s passion and making sure Young Living continues it’s strict Seed to Seal promise to members. He is the new President and COO for Young Living. Mary Young continues as CEO of this amazing company.

YL FOUNDATION Every time you round up your order, 100% of your donation goes directly to the foundation because YL absorbs ALL of the administrative costs.

LET’S TALK I’m looking forward to helping you achieve abundance with your Young Living business. Call me anytime a 678-457-0245! Can’t wait to hear from you!

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Young Living Business Training Manual  

Owning a Young Living business is so rewarding, but where do you start? Hopefully this booklet will help you begin your journey to helping o...

Young Living Business Training Manual  

Owning a Young Living business is so rewarding, but where do you start? Hopefully this booklet will help you begin your journey to helping o...