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Wellspring Wellspring provides housing and supportive services for adults experiencing a psychiatric crisis, and those with severe and persistent mental illness.



A message from the

CEO and BOARD CHAIR Wellspring celebrated thirty-four years of providing housing and supportive services in our community in March. Our founders were audacious enough to believe that our first program could really make a difference and thirty-four years later, we still believe it to be true. Much has changed over the decades but severe mental illness has not been cured and the need for community based services is stronger than ever. Folks living with severe and persistent mental illness no longer live in institutions—in fact hospital stays are typically no more than a week or two. This is as it should be as no one should have to live a life apart from their family or community. Wellspring is committed to assuring that individuals coping with severe and persistent mental illness have the dignity of a home and a life within our community. We don’t have all the answers, nor should we, as life is all about trial and error, joy and frustration, achievement, loss and hope . One highlight of the past year was Wellspring becoming the first provider to have independently licensed and accredited Crisis Stabilization Centers in Kentucky. The volume of clients served through these effective and cost efficient programs continues to rise (10% in FY15) and we are experiencing an even higher volume in FY16. Another big highlight is that Wellspring is now licensed as a Behavioral Health Services Organization. This is a new licensure category implemented by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services to better meet the behavioral health needs of Kentucky’s citizens. A third highlight is our completion of a research study funded by a Passport HealthCare iHOP (Improved Health Outcomes) grant. We found a total gross savings per client of $19,700 (with an aggregate savings of $2.2M) across the 110 participants. When we added the cost of housing and support services after entering PSH, the total savings went down to $628,000. Supportive housing still saves money even after you add the cost of housing and services! Cost savings are important but even more important are the many ways that these programs reduce human suffering, foster recovery, enrich lives, and strengthen our community. Recovery is our guiding concept—everyone is entitled to a home of their own, their own friends, and a meaningful role in society. For most of us, meaningful roles include work and this is equally true for our clients. This leads to one last highlight to share: we received a grant from the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation and are very excited to be developing an employment program geared toward our clients finding competitive employment. Stay tuned! We hope to share the good news of lots of our clients finding gainful employment over this next year. If you are an employer who would like to work with us, give us a call. Our staff will work with you to find a good fit between your needs and our job seekers.

Meet Cliff – he went from homelessness to hospitalization, then a step-down stay at a Wellspring Crisis Unit before moving into Wellspring’s Affordable Housing. With the tools available to him, Cliff grasped opportunity with both hands and worked his way to a Peer Support Certification. He now works for Wellspring, helping formerly homeless Wellspring clients in their recovery.

Nick and his father are active in leading a DBSA support group, and the entire family is enjoying spending time together.

Crisis Stabilization


reduction in days of hospitalization

445 clients served


experienced a reduction in depressive symptoms

Julianna is diligently working to boost her physical well-being so she can meet the demands of her dream - pursuing a career in cosmetology.

Supportive Housing

150 clients served

Average Length of Stay –

3.7 years

occupancy rate %

An Ardery House “grad,� Woody works for Wellspring as a Peer Support Specialist and helps others, especially veterans, find housing and recovery.

Affordable Housing 9 Sites

93.2% Occupancy

84 Units


Crescent Hill SE Jefferson County

Fairgrounds Semple Shelbyville



Westend Germantown

Peerless Court

South Jefferson County




Clifton Volunteering



In Your Neighborho

Old Louisville



Shively St. Matthews


Shelby Park Churchill


SW Jefferson County

al Business District

Hikes Point


Taylor Blvd


Dixie Hwy Corridor

Shawnee Terrace




2015 by the numbers Expenses




Client Services & Supportive Housing 82% $3,699,935

Federal, State, & Local Grants



Management & General



Apartment Rentals






Client Services

5% $228,144

Contributions & Special Events



Metro United Way



Investments & Interest



Total Expenses


Total Revenue


LEGACY SOCIETY (We honor donors who have informed us of future gifts.) Meredith Wilson Brown Nancy L. Doctor Cissy Mills Alexander H. Moore The Ethel H. O’Brien Designated Fund George Rapp, Jr. Melissa Routt Jefferey & ZoeAnn Yussman CORNERSTONE CLUB (Gift Total $10,000 and over) William O. Alden, Jr. The Gheens Foundation The Humana Foundation Kosair Charities Fred Greaves Ralph & Cissy Mills Wendell & Joanne Overcash Passport Health Plan Elmore & Cissie Willets, III INVESTOR COUNCIL (Gift Total $5,000 to $9,999) William O. Alden III Anne S. Ardery Meredith Wilson Brown Marie E. Dever Sandra A. Frazier Vincent E. Johnson Clarence Rode Bosworth & Sue Todd Todd Asset Management CHAIRMAN’S FOUNDATION (Gift Total $1,000 to $4,999) Sarah Acland Anthem BlueCross BlueShield Medicaid Bernard F. Block, the David J. Block Foundation Robert & Elaine Bordogna

John & Heather Boyd Atlas Brown Cecil & Gillian Barnett BB&T Insurance Services, Inc. Bennett Lee & Judith Ann Bertoli Edith S. Bingham Karen Blair Dennis & Nancy Boyd The Brook Hospitals Barrett & Lauren Brown Brown-Forman Corporation Mark & Kellie Carter Kevin & Mera Corlett Charles H. Dishman III Family Foundation, Inc. Larry & Liz Curtis Deming, Malone, Livesay & Ostroff Nancy L. Doctor Fifth Third Bank The Ethel H. O’Brien Designated Fund Bob Franck Jean W. Frazier Richard & Laura Freeman Frost Brown Todd LLC GE Foundation Matching Gifts Program George Fabe Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation Hardscuffle, Inc. Frank & Paula Harshaw Mary Ann Henry & Brian Moore Frances L. Jasper Diane M Laughlin Humana CareSource PayChex Inc. Neil & Jane MacDonald Alan & Joyce MacDonald Mark & Susan McCullough Lawrence & Phyllis Mehler Alexander H. Moore Laura Moore NAMI - Louisville Nancy Neill

Paychex Insurance Agency, Inc. Our Lady of Peace Gary & Margaret Pennington PNC Bank Norman & Chris Radtke George & Lynne Rapp Eugene & Joyce Roos Alan & Bea Rosenberg William Russell Kenneth & Karen Sales Seven Counties Services Melissa Barrett & Mitch Shirrell Siebert & Johnson PLLC John & Lucy Spickard Dick & Jackie Swigart Tilford Dobbins Schmidt Today’s Woman Joan H. Todd Thomas Wampler Carlos G. Wehby Wellcare Paul & Cathy Wessel Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs, LLP Yum! Brands, Inc. Jefferey & ZoeAnn Yussman Zoeller Company LEADERSHIP CIRCLE (Gift Total $500 to $999) Ursula Barber Doris Bridgeman Christy Brown Miriam Burich David & Valerie Casey Lee Cochran Paul & Liz Coomes Patti Cosby Richard Dentinger Katharine R. Dobbins Robert & Joy Eberenz John & Martha Guarnaschelli Paul & Alice Herrington Lauren Hines

William Hower Richard & Joan Humke Steve Kerrick Tim Manning Martha McCoy Robert & May McFadden Krista A. Mills Jackson C. Mullins Andrew Naugle Michael & Pat Payne Ray & Carol Pryor Sheldon & Edith Rein Richard & Janet Rink Morton & Kathleen Hart Sachs Patrick Schmidt Dan & Ann Siebert Noreen Speckman Bryant Stanley Franklin F. Starks John & Renee Westman Jon & Stephanie Wolff SPONSORS (Gift Total $300 to $499) Garrett & Lane Adams Paul & Renee Andrews Joseph L. & Anne Ardery Don & Valerie Battcher Donald & Joy Bell John & Theresa Bondurant Howard Bracco Elizabeth A. Brown Archie Carrico Greg & Barbara Chapman Thomas & Margaretta Chessler Bonnie Cook James & Dianne Dailey Rif & Peggy El-Mallakh Mayor Greg Fischer First Baptist Church of Middletown Lee & Amy Garlove Arthur & Annie Gleason Brad & Amy Glotzbach Marian Harrell Francis Cam Hagan Eugene Jaegers Phillip & Nancy Keller Fred & Cheryl King Lilian Kittower Kenneth & Kathleen Loomis Stanley & Sally MacDonald Beverley Marmion Eduardo Martino Terry & Nina McMahon Jonathan Moyer Mutual of America

James & Becky Nelson Alton & Elizabeth Neurath The Hon. James & Sarah Nicholson Thomas & Margo O’Toole Lisa Prewitt Andrew Rapp John & Nancy Reed James & Rhonda Reskin George & Claudia Robertson Mary S. Sachs Ellen H. Shapira Bradley Stofferahn Thomas Taylor James Todd Jack Trawick The Village Anchor Louise R. Wall Alan K. Whitworth Octavia Wilkins Hon. Barry Willett John C. Wright Cornelia Yankovich Steve & Gail Zeh SUSTAINERS (Gift Total $100 to $299) Rachael Anderson S.P. Auerbach Edward & Nina Bonnie Elaine Bornstein Craig Brownlie Andrew & Mary Bryant Theresa A. Burks Alexander Campbell Perry & Anna Carrico Dennis & Carol Carrithers Kathryn Christopherson Leigh Clark Anne Dischner Jane A. Disney Charles & Joanne Dobbins Mark & Jenny Dobbins Michael Drury Carl & Roberta Fischer Myra Garon Doug & Kim Gaskins Mark & Mary Goeing Edward Sloane & Heather Graff Craig & Merrell Grant J. David & Marlene Grissom Sandra Guion Sandal H. Gulick Paula Hale Frank & Alma Haluch Mindy Heck Joseph & Louise Helm

Edgar Herrington Katherine E. Johnson Diane Kelton Paul and Sally Kleinknecht Joan Kmetz Kroger Clifford & Connie Kuhn Nick & Elaine Lanning Richard & Penny Laughlin Robert & Marilyn Lawrence Robert & Cheryl Lindner Mark Linton Ann Maenza Jane Bell McKune Darrell & Karen Morris Patti Ogden Paula Parkerson Debra Peffer Anne L. Pope James Prentice Joe & Jane Roehrig John F. Rose William M. Schreiber Karen Scott Alan & Dawn Shrebtienko Fred Silhanek Nicholas X. Simon Julia H. Stanton Joe & KayVandrick Lowry R. Watkins, Jr. Jane Feltus Welch Patrick & Sheila Welsh John Wharton Frederick Witten Deborah Woodward Michael & Kathleen Wright GIFTS IN MEMORY OF: S. Spafford Ackerly Mr. Clyde Warner Jr. Philip P. Ardery Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Ardery Mr. and Mrs. John T. Bondurant Mr. & Mrs. Phillip P. Ardery, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Phillip & Isabel Hatchett David Barnes Katharine Dobbins David J. Block Bernard F. Block Paul Byron Killion Mr. & Mrs. Morton & Kathleen Sachs

Redd Crabtree Mr. & Mrs. Morton & Kathleen Sachs Leo Culligan Mr. & Mrs. Morton & Kathleen Sachs Markie and Charlie Dobbins Katharine Dobbins

Dick & Jackie Swigart Robert & Mary Webb Janes Feltus Welch Jane Meyer William O. & Fran Alden

Mary Beth Frazier Doheny Morton & Kathleen Sachs

Steven Miles Morton & Kathleen Sachs

John Patrick Hagan Ms. Linda Martin

Kate Moyer Octavia Wilkins

Kris Hansen Katharine Dobbins

Dylan Nolan Nancy L. Doctor Lauren Hines Paul & Sally KleinKnecht Beth Maley Lindi Miller Edwin Nolan David Quesenberry Jane Roberts Corwin & Ann Short

John Heyburn Morton & Kathleen Sachs Bobby Jasper Frances L. Jasper Norman Johnson Mr. Jefferey Yussman Betty Kantlehner Morton & Kathleen Sachs Jean Marlatt Morton & Kathleen Sachs Judge Henry Meigs Anne S. Ardery Joseph L. & Anne Ardery R. Bruce & Catherine Bass John & Theresa Bondurant Ned & Nina Bonnie William Brittain Christy Brown William Camp Gordon & Geraldine Davidson Benjamin Few Carl & Roberta Fischer Sandra Frazier Myra Garon Downey Grey J. David & Marlene Grissom James Host John & Joyce Kannapell Lynne Kelly Mimi Lewis Ann Maenza Charlies Moore Linda Rush Fred Silhanek Paul SMith

Tommie O’Callaghan Morton & Kathleen Sachs Nell Otis Ann Anderson Ray Carrico Anne Dischner Richard Goetz Jodi Goodwin-Hughes James Prentice Ann Stosverg John Wharton Whitney Overcash Wendell Overcash Sandra Guion

Mr. & Mrs. Morton & Kathy Sachs Samuel Bosworth Todd Julia Stanton James Todd Luke Whittaker Mr. & Mrs. James R. Hopkins Kenneth Winfield Joan Todd Milan Robert Yankovich Ms. Cornelia Yankovich GIFTS IN HONOR OF: Anne Ardery Ms. Joan H. Todd Robert Brodbeck Ms. Nancy Doctor Meredith Brown Ms. Lee Cochran Ms. Nancy Doctor Paul Clemens Mr. Alan Whitworth Kathy Dobbins Ms. Nancy Doctor Ms. Mary S. Sachs Nancy Doctor Mr. & Mrs. Duane Murner Dr/ Rif S. El-Mallakh Mr. William Russell Bart Gootee Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Gootee

Robert Irving Patton Carol Thompson

John Hagan Ms. Linda Martin

Tina Rolfes Charles & Dorothy Duckworth

Rev. Richard Humke Ms. Paula Hale

Cornelia A. Serpell Allan Atherton Cornelia Yankovich

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Carol Thompson Cathy Wessel Center Stage at Jewish Community Center George Rapp of Louisville Mr. & Mrs. Craig Grant Charity Fundraising Mrs. Louise R. Wall China Inn Mr. Andrew Rapp Churchill Downs City Check Advance and Pawn/Dan’s City Patrick Rhodes Pawn Ms. Nancy Doctor Clodhoppers Clothing Boutique Cocina de Mama Martin & Patricia Schiller Congressman Yarmuth Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Welsh Dan Dry Danny Alderson Jackie Swigart Debra Peffer Ms. Sally Kamps Derby Dinner Playhouse Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Roos Nancy Doctor Diane Wilson Bosworth Todd Olivia de Havilland Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Barnett Donna Lilly Ms. Lee Cochran Donna Sharp, Inc. Dr. Heather Wright, DMD Joan Todd Earl Thieneman Greenhouses and Nursery Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Bell Edgar Herrington Mrs. Lona Crockett Eleanore Brown Mr. & Mrs. Norbert O. Grohmann Elements Massage Ms. Julia H. Stanton Elizabeth’s Timesless Attire Elmore A. “Ack” Willets, III. Jeff Yussman Ernst & Young LLP Hon. Barry Willett Eyedia Faith Lyles IN-KIND DONORS Fitness 19 Actors Theatre of Louisville Flat 12 Beerwerks Aesthetics in Jewelry Frances Lee Jasper Oriental Rugs Alan MacDonald Frazier History Museum Anastasia Austin Freshta Marcum Auction Shake Up by Beth Hinkson Gail Milsap Auto Zone Gary & Margaret Pennington Balfour Company Glenda Neely Baptist East/Milestone Wellness Center GlitteringPhotos Barbara Peffer Graeter’s Belle of Louisville/Spirit of Jefferson Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest Greg Bayers Hadley Pottery Co., Inc. Bernoulli Ice Cream Happy Hounds Blue Grass Motorsport Harvey Roberts Bluebird Heaven, LLC Heaven Hill Brands Bluegrass Brewing Company Heine Brothers Coffee Bluegrass Indoor Karting Hidden Hill Nursery Blush Boutique Hilton Garden Inn East Bob Bordogna J. Harrod’s Restaurant and Bar Bradford Renaissance Portraits Jack Fry’s Restaurant Bravo Cucina Italiana Jack Trawick Bunbury Theatre at the Henry Clay James Todd C88 Holdings, LLC Jarfi’s Catering Cardinal Wings Aviation Jeff Rogers Photography, Inc. Carl T. Fischer Jim & Mary Oppel Carmichael’s Book Store Karen Dahlem Ms. Brenda McNeely

Karen Goldsmith Kathleen Wright Keeneland Kentucky Center for the Arts Kentucky Derby Museum Kentucky Horse Park Kentucky Kingdom & Hurricane Bay Kentucky Opera’s Belle of Louisville event Kevin Sachs Ladyfingers Catering Lanier Siewertsen Lauren Brown Lee Ann Vessels Lilian Kittower Liz Coomes Louise Turpak Louisville Bats Louisville Blinds and Drapery Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau Louisville Marriott Downtown Louisville Metro Police Louisville Orchestra Louisville School of Massage Louisville Science Center Rev. Lucinda Laird Maker’s Mark Bourbon House Marc Murphy Mark Linton Marsha Busey Marriott Louisville East MaryJane Aboud Massage Envy Mayan Café Melinda Allen & Steven Stogel Meredith Brown Merkley Kendrick Jewelers Mike Linnig’s Restaurant Mike Schlierf Mr. & Mrs. Elmore A. “Ack” Willets, III. Mr. & Mrs. Wolff Ms. Lucy Spikard Muhammad Ali Center Nordman Sara Office of Congressman Yarmuth Oliva Bella Olson Remodeling & Painting, Inc. Papa’s Pilar Rum Patscinators Peacock Boutique Perfect North Physician’s Center for Beauty Power Creative PNC Broadway in Louisville Rhonda Reskin Primo Oils & Vinegars

RobertLindner Ron Ford R&R Limousine Service Rich Freeman Robert P. Bordogna Romaro’s Sachs Investment Group Sam Swope Auto Group Scout Shears Salon & Spa St. Charles Exchange Stained Glass and More STORY Magazine The Brown Hotel The Eye Care Institute The Fresh Market The Great Flood The Hat Girls The Irish Rover The Louisville Ballet The Louisville Zoo The Original Impellizzeri’s Pizza The Parklands of Floyds Fork The Sports & Social Club Third Lutheran Church Tinseltown Cinemark Tom & Greta Chessler Tranquility Salon and Spa Travis Cox Trevor Dering Twisted Hair Salon Two Chicks and Company UPS Flight Training Center Varanese Restaurant Vincenzo’s Waddell & Reed Walnut Grove Nursery Watson’s of Louisville Why Louisville William Wetterer Xplosive Rhythms YMCA Yum! Brands, Inc. Z Salon & Spa Za’s Pizza Pub

About the Art

“To err is human; to forgive, divine” - Alexander Pope

You might be surprised to learn there are many ways you can help Wellspring while minimizing your taxes and leaving an inheritance for your loved ones.

Every effort was made to correctly acknowledge the thoughtful individuals, groups, foundations, and corporations who supported Wellspring’s work through gifts given between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2013. If a name has been omitted or misspelled, we would appreciate hearing of any needed corrections. Please contact the Development Department at (502) 753-1453.

Art Therapy is part of our CSU & supportive services programming. “Art therapy is the application of the visual arts and the creative process within a therapeutic relationship, to support, maintain, and improve the psychosocial, physical, cognitive and spiritual health of individuals of all ages. It is based on current and emerging research that art making is a health-enhancing practice that positively impacts the quality of life. Art therapists are credentialed professionals who purposively use specific art-based approaches with children, adults, groups and families to support, maintain, and improve overall health, physical, emotional and cognitive functioning, interpersonal skills, personal development, and quality of life.” Resource: Malchiodi, C. (2013). What Is Art Therapy? Retrieved from: http://

Expressive Therapist Stephanie Clemmons

Interested in making a planned gift?

Planned giving opportunities include anything from estate intentions, to gift annuities, bequests and IRAs. To learn more visit

Get Involved

Volunteer Opportunities • minor repair, painting, and landscaping at our housing sites • deliver a meal, dessert, pizza, or treats for client gatherings • do a drive to collect household supplies, personal care items, or even furniture for clients who are moving into their new apartments • collect small-denomination gift cards for our clients’ basic necessities • throw a party for a program • sponsor a program or an individual for the holidays • serve on the Derby Preview Party Committee or any of the many other volunteer committees that help make Wellspring a better place • choose Wellspring as part of the Mayor’s Give a Day week of service Have an idea that’s not listed? We’d love to hear from you! Call us to get started: (502) 753-1453

Leadership Officers and Directors

Paul A. Coomes, Chair Dawn Franklin Croft, Vice Chair Phillip J. Keller, Treasurer Meredith Brown, Secretary Robert P. Bordogna Rif S. El-Mallakh, MD Rich Freeman

Honorary Lifetime Members

William Friel Alan MacDonald Cissy Mills Nancy Neill George W. Rapp, Jr., Jack Trawick Jefferey M. Yussman

Philip P. Ardery (1914 - 2012) Founding Board Chair Nancy B. Bell (1923 - 2016) Barry Bingham, Sr. (1906 - 1988) Roberta Fischer Rev. Richard H. Humke Clifford C. Kuhn, M.D.

Malcolm R. Mathews, Jr. (1922 - 2013) Cornelia A. Serpell (1917 - 2011) Jackie Swigart, Ph.D. Bosworth M. Todd, Jr. Frank Gaines

Management Team Katharine R. Dobbins, LCSW Chief Executive Officer

T. Patrick Rhodes, LCSW Director of Programs

Robert L. Brodbeck Chief Operating Officer

Nancy L. Doctor Development Director

Annual Report Team Production Coordinator: Nancy Doctor Design, Layout, & Content Development: Joanne Lloyd-Triplett Photography: Scott Gilbertson Printing: Mr. Nicholas X. Simon and the team at Publishers Printing Co. Additional thanks to the many Wellspring Board members, staff, and clients who contributed time and talent to this project.

Wellspring Mailing Address P.O. Box 1927 Louisville, KY 40201-1927

Wellspring Administrative Center

225 W. Breckinridge Street Telephone: (502) 637-4361 Fax: (502) 637-4490

Annual report  
Annual report